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New-York tribune. [volume] (New York [N.Y.]) 1866-1924, October 10, 1908, Image 13

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Eirrfion Xotice.
rrrrT-THXKI? ASSEMBLY DlSTßlCT— Continue.-.
% Vwt Oje Hunired and Sixty-»lxth street and
jj^sor K.y»J _^^^ Certipn TJtstrict 1* bounded br n nd
The - Hundred and Seventy M»euU> street.
•n-Jsta vwl U >tt One TTun.!t-ed »n.l Peventy-wvemh
X>ei>ct jaw- • west One Hnndr»d and Seventy-fifth
• — tx^'jlZi^a ■ *-;■>.- Wa.lhir.ston Bridse. Harlem
freet. >r^ c«» Hunared and Sevesty-first street and
v-jc^rr. F':v^j,vi--*F ' :v^j,vi--* X3» r tlrti Dtstrirt is bounded by and
Tts T! *Pn-e Htjndrea ar-i SJs.sry-f.nrt street. Brc.a.l
w-.tliitl " sr **"~l. H-.:r.dr.!<i p.nd Seventr-ninth an*!. Am -
mIT TT«< one n^^ Hundred and -. - -\ fr.'-i
■•erJ»r: » r t J 2!Tv We-t One Kundre.l and Seventy-seventh
»^**- ?^^ U='«. "*>* : <>r « H- n ="d and Seventy-sev-
■ ll Z r ?nZ*Vi-«£ti<£' District is bounded by ar.d
c k! by Rrd
*"* So^ Hundred and Eighty-third street. Am
"^2 «Tttiv-. Vest one Hundred ar«i Seventy-ninth
*'.-~ '."^.Sr^n^EVciion District I- bearded by and
tv» Tl " tr 2i""«.-4t DvcVrr.an street. Harlem River.
•f^lSmoSi «'"«» E'-Bao-nrst «reet Amsterdam
lew **SrS^S2 liundre-i and ElsfctT :fcird .street,
•"•SaV wSfWt. Brtdire ar.d Hud«-n River.
»K*«»2.' „*".«•«• Elect lon Patriot is bounded by ar,3
Jl * SSf^nai PpuytVn I>«yV.l Creek. H*riem hlver.
•*g^s,^Xa«S *n* ««> Hudson Biver.
• . - ■ 1 by and
* . «*J*f?^J^5 I Wi£ST*« bounded by and
-n<l avenue. East
E bounded b, and w,,Mn
g?^3^4J^^^r?/ l .Tul and kasi
yiztanh 5!Tf* t r2^ < . tJo n ... . bounded by and
V* T"»st ■"-•reic-third strt-eu Second avenue. Bast
r ;t...n _ a -,, % "_t'-e*t F!r*t avenue. East Ninety-first
y*yaSSfl ivSSV; Et-t Ninetieth street to Third
r U? c. ■ Tail ll— i line from the corner of East Nto#
- corner ef East
"'^ v Btath street ar.d l>px!=«rtor. avenue. Lexington
*••%■.'.■ "j-iit N'."ety-f.n«t street and Third avenue.
* v l, Tr-o n Election District is bounded by and within
_ street. F:-f avenue. East Ninety
h ' '»T-eet. East river. East Ninety-second street
* r -i v^'^'. h Election District Is bounded by »- " within
_ -~ street. First avenue. East Ninety
55 atreet and Third avenue
*-^L ceverti Election DWrirt is bounded by and
'-►— Va*^ N"!cety-Sfth street. Serond avenue. East
f^^rtTti- *treet. East river. East Ninety-fourth
•.t*L,t*a-d Third avenue.
E-">-*h Election D'.stri.-t is bounded by and
S rk»; »Cinety-»even-r. street. Second avenue.
street and Third avenue.
-^m. ' N'.-ta Election District is bounded by ar.d
(•v-« "v>*t Ninety ninth FT.net. r-ast river. East
street. «e<-ond avenue. East Ntnety-«ev
" :>""c;reet a=d Third aver.ue.
~~* Tent* Election District Is ho-ynJed by and
- £ a j; Oae Jlm<ire<J and First street. East river.
r[zSxin«tX-nmfli street and Third avenue.
*^-t« Eleienth Election District is Lounded by ar.d
--■^"t Ea« One Hundred and Flrrt street. Third ave
'r~V-Ft N:n*Ty-nirth *treet and l>csir.gton av-nue.
r >i, :«■«:?:!> Election District is bounds by and
Esk One Hundred and Seoond street. SreonS
«\i»rue. Z.z*'- Om Hundred and First streeL cr.d I-ex
*FCu, Thirteenth E>ction ...... bounded by and
„■>"., rr a 5;a 5; Ore H'jruJred and Fourth street. LexinK
.^■jv^ue. Em: Or.« Hur.dredth street arc I ark
* — *» rr>"rteeJith Election D?*trict If boor.ded by snd
.IC.. Tj T; e st One. Hundred and Filth street. Third
-.'■£.'j# ~Eart Or.c Hur.dr-d and Fourth street. I 'ark
averiae" Ett One Hundred and Fifth street and L<ex
"^^TP j-ifteeiith EI-ctlpti D!it-ict is bounded by and
■r&tbi East One Hundred and Fourth street. Third
avss'je East Or.s Hundred enc! Second street ar.d
Lexiaftea atwaaa. -!.'_. , „ ,
"-»-e Sixteenth Electton District !s bounded by snd
wnfeta Ea»t Oce Hundred and Fifth street, Secor.d
avecae. East One Hundred and Second 5----: and :
■rsiia avcr.je
*"^ T , i^rer^teentr: Election District is bounded by and
vttais East Or- Hundred md Sixth stre-i. East river.
*"!*• C-Tc K--cred and First street ami Second avenue.
"se First Ee-ti"r.. riftnet is bounded by and within
Chares street. West fourth strett, Christopher street ana
iftbfeesma Elec-i-n District is bounded by and within
-rjj- T?_?\emh street. West Fourth street, i^harle* etreet
m-rr r-**^*.r street.
r~%tTttirt Elecilon District iF bo ur .de,j by a r,d within
TTejt rounh street. West Eleventh s:r«-et. Eleecker etre-t
«ai Erf:.".;n aver.ue.
Qh iounh Elt-.ri^n District is bcun^ed by and within
Zs.ri r.r^x. Greenwich etreet. Bank Ftreet. Waverly [lace,
Vect E'sveatn stre*t ar.d V."est Fourth street.
•tj., T-;.'t:-. Do I 111 1 ristr:-t is h.nund»d I v ar.d w^th'.n
TvJ^ jfie^'^r.— Btreet, Wavearly piac-. ISark street, Gre*n
wicS* aven-je. "»Ve«i Twelfth street. Seventh avenue,
Q-^J-«r;ef; averue ta Ttrry etre-t. a diacir.ai 'inc. froni
•-» cori*r of Greenwich ave^a- and Perrj- street to the ,
cr~tr cf Wav»r:v p'.z « and v"haries street, char'.es strt-et
■Si Vest PoortJj iliwt
•-v. g;x:r; Ejection District is bounded by end withlr.
T,"«r." T>t:".': Eire-t. Gree-iwjch avenue. SeveuUi aver.ue.
■yv,^ T*e£ft3 •treet. avenue. Greenwich avenue,
rwftm^ir rtreet ar.d Waveriy rlace.
~ie CwtilUl DeettesS District is bounded by and within
rjiir.es Btreat. to Wz.v-rly jijc*. a diagonal )me irom tne
csE»r of tkailea str**x ar.d Wa-«riy placn tv the comer
tf Perry etreet tr:d Greenwich avenue. Ireenwich av-nue,
tr«; TtEtf; rtreet. "TTaverly ice. Christopher street and :
r?n Ffcgrffc Btreet.
Tht 2ifi::^. Ejection Clrtrift 1= bounded by ar.d within
ctrat^Ser street. Greer.wich averu-. Sixth avenue, TT-«t ■
Tftiii^Ton p:a-e ard West Fourth street.
Tie Sfcrtt E>^t!-n District is boor.cied by and within '
TT-»: vTas.ilnc-; n -. ace. .Macaouaal ttre«t. waveriy piace. \
Tirrrcsity r.;ac». rcast Etxfath s-treet, Broadway. Ea»t ,
err»eT. Fourth" trrence. Lafayette sweet. Weet ;
Tcuri street. Ercadway. We»t Tnird etr*-t and Sixth j
Ha Testa E'-'ttlDr. District Is tyvjrded by and wtthm j
*T«B E^rrh street, East Elß'th etr-tt. I'nlversity plß'-e. |
Warer); piare. Macdoujja; street. West Washington piace I
-aai Siiti a-.»nu«.
Ike Deresth EHrttm r'tstrict !« b->ur,cev3 by ar.fi with- j
lr. si"eil Kinti! str-*-.. Firth aver.u-. East Tenth Ftr-et. !
Cd«<Bs2y place. Ilaet Faaneenta etr-et. F"O'jrth avenue. :
Pjjx ~\^:h street, Broadway. East Eighth btreet. West .
Erb'i stßel ar. I Sixth avenue.
Tt» Z-x*'".\ Ejection DiStriCl is hcrundei by and within i
Tr tt ; Tweim ■tr-et. Ea^t Tw-!fth rtre-t. Cniverslty :
t'jui Lart Tenth ctreet. Fifth avenue. Wen Nir.th street .
tz* EJrta «vcr.-.i-.
Th- rfahteeEtS vT'-'icn District is V-cj-:r.ded br and :
»ttr.:a Wen Foorteenth ■treet. East F"t:rteenth street, i
Trr^rr-r 7ia ~- Ka-- Twelfth itr«-«t. West Twtlfth street ;
*Bt Feuneemls E eetteD Dtatrlct is bounded by and !
with!- "vV>v FonrteetrHi fereet S^ver.tii avenue. West ;
T«t:'-J; str?*-.".jrevr;wl_h avenue. Jar.c street and Elphth ;
T r . t-;~»»--- t--,,- : or - pp s !s bcur.ded by and w:rh
1"! ?"?r ElgUteenUi street. Fixth ■venue West Fcur-
Jsecfij free- ?-? a'-eru'.
Ti« Fixtcectt; Election c strict is bound-* by and
•KHa Vest Tweaty-third .... F!ith avenue. West
3tetter- r »•--*• i-»: Seventh ?-. «-r>u*.
Th* 5.- (:rt ,»^-i. t- District t* bour<Je!« by pth!
«aia r.-r- Twenty-third sireet. Fif.h avenue. West
FDErieer'.n «r7-i«r znf 9 xth a"-nue.
■ T^*- Etefcteejiith K ; e^^ion Difltrict i? bo'ir;ced br arjd 1 .
*iaaa E»ei Twearj -first street to l_exir.;ron »»-er.u-. j
tfecaei » toe from i>xlnsruin avenue ard East Twer |
*r« st-~- tnronxh Gram'Tcy Park to Irving r'.ace and j
Ecu Tweatietli street. Irrlzg pizce. East Fourteenth
am ar.i FlTta aye- tie.
7.h. Vtntp-mh Ejection Distrlrt Ea bounded — «!"!
■tthia I^f- Slaetoenth street. Tblrd avenue. Ea*t Fif
t**trt w . rtmei ess Irrtag plare.
rjta Tweadetii Eleetloa Dl?Trlct is rounded by and j
•2te I^?t Twenty-taird atreet. Tblrd a^e.-.u/. Ea-;t j
SCsetßestfe sireet, Irrinc r'.ace to E?-st Twentieth street. ]
*h«ri « . freci Irvinx r'a~e an«T rraft Twentieth ;
•*»-• aiumt Graajerey Pr.ri* ta Lex-r.ir^r avenue and j
Ej«t T*enty-«rst street ird L«rtn«ton avenue.
TV Tweaty-erm Etertten Dlntrlct :« honnded by and 1
Mail West Tsr-r---"-,!r-i street. Seventh avenjf, West
Tv»r*— -»»• nd Street a*al Eigt)tli simn*
-v« Twenty aceand r.ie—i-n .... bcurdei by and
•HhJn v.Vt- Tw*aty-Ofta street. ff-.--nth avenue. West j
T^iuj-rtrtrfl iiTe»i »"d nierTh «ver.u-.
Tr» T^en'v-triird Ce^tion rn*rri(t le boend'ed by ard !
t:*:i Vwt Twot; sixth ptrest. Fixtn avenue. West i
T«»r;tT-.h'.'^ •' :ttr -.r.l ?' ■ «-r.- h avenue.
Vn* T»*nty-fc«nh £3«'-tlua UiEtrict i" bCJtded by ar.<l I
•SUb jTCert Tweniy-«-!#rhOi street, Sixt:; aver.ue, "West 1
rtr— : an.J Pevent'i avenue.
Tv Twerry-fift* Electl-sn PiatHct is bour.3ed bj rid
JUMa Wert Twsßty-nteth street. Fifth avenue. West
i»-r.tv-Tr; ; - r-'— ar» Flxth avenue.
Tl» Twena - "• 1 Election r-s:t-!cr i« botrr.S^d >y and
■SMi East Twesry-nlntß «t-<* : . To«rth a\-enu». East j
Tji-Tr aa mm itreel and Firth aver.ue. ,
T!ieT«ew ->- ■ ••• •'- D*etion Dlntrict '.* boun^M zxn \
J*"Ja'Sir- '■?». — - ceonad street. Fourth ar-ri,e. East j
j**et--»-v«ri-»- street. Lexlneton avenue. "" •' Twenty-
B»t rtrert aid Fifth avenge ,
TV Tscsty-x ttth r-i-— »;ot! Die'ri'-t 1s bounded by and ]
*'•••>, Ctttti! "<■- etrert. Pourth avenue. EaatTWKy- I
try r.~*' lyxirijror. jvertu" F.a«t Tacull • '■—•'.•'
";♦«•. Founi t-f- ue r>?t Twem v -nir.th street arid j
r-h nvsof .
■TS« 7«f-.r cth F'.ectlon District Is brur.fled by ar.a
♦■^j- •*>»- t-t,;^. v " e.^--^- Ij.f»>»-t'.e ftre«t. Grtat Jones j
«"»«:aad Broadway.
7U r:ret Oectkm Dlatrict is bounce! by asd within
«*■- KMv-tesna nrect. Tun avenaa. £a*t >metj- ;
*^n Braes asd L«-x^.gtan av*.Tue.
Xhe baesn! i".-. uwi LMstriei !--• bounded ty and wii.i.,. ■
"« Tmm as 1 mill etreet, Ttird itveniie. Em: Ninety- ■
:rjrt.. strart aad Leziarusi avenue. _H.»,t^ i
_-^* ";i^rt Qecti a Jjistrict is boucSed by and witnin
—*"• If -•:«:■■ -»-£*■.' a t'r^ei ilidUon avenue. E^st Ninety—
*^ f «.-.t E «u-e»t I^exu-gtiin avei.je. East N.nety-slsth street
rJ'iS A". tii,e
„*'£< t'otsth decdoo District la ho^r.i<i by ar.d wMhtn
t** <-z*. ii_ii-^at^ ctrett. Lexington aver.ue. Last
£;^;r-r..:.th Krt-t. Ttirfi avtnue. East Mnt:i>-*«rv*crn
I?* JTra Election I)J»trtct is totn.itd b> and wit tin
rf^ Oat BttßgweOi s-r»et. Park avesue. East Nlnety
_^^E street and ila.i:soi; avenue.
. £i2-i Orrtton r»iytrtr« i» »»anced by end within
f*^ One Hundred e-4 B»-obJ ...... avenue.
C-ce Busfired a-i PM Btreet. Pur* avxaufc. East
L2L?" I>Ct * at ' •treet. llacisor. avenue. £Ust Sinety
"V ' rT: '"' and Fifth avenue.
r -a* e*v«r.Th E".ec«:,'n restrict r« fecun<-ed by and within ;
r e . 0:> Hundred BSd Third rtret-'. Madison Bvcnse. La«t
=■< Rj^w Br . j Frurtn er**t. Part hvhim. East <Tie
= —-.-»•-; ar.<i Firet street. llac:!»on avenue, Kan Oi.e ,
tfid s.ccri<i etr^rr and Fifth avenue.
i£**EJ**ls Election rissricr ta bound*-! by and w!«!::n |
fes Hssextsi an.! Fixrh rtreet. Mad:s'n avenue. n»«t ■
S**Baadred aru Tifth sirret. I - ark orenut. Hast Ore
n«Mlr-n »r : .i Dunt »tr-*t. Mli'«';r, s venue, East >'n^ •
.5S"i! *■" ""^:rd etrert «m< Kif'h aTeswie.
-.•-c aurD E3ertlen Dtstiirt is i-ot^adwi by ani within 1
r"* 61 #lr -* Siur.ire^ ar.i .'■'Jxth etr^t. i'atk aveni.e. Easr
BadMd a-.d Eijrhth Rreet. I-exinrt«'n ave««e. Ea*t
■^ -l-3ncs—i ami PCth rtr**t .-ir.-i iladlsT ov»-na«.
TV*** Ttr.th Kier-t:on restrict is ixiur.d'-d by ar.d within i
I -"" jJVßdred ar.d Seventh ■treet. i'ark avenue. Eaat :
iHl:T^rt-di Hl:T^rt-d and tixth *tre-t and Fifth e\et;ue.
j-^nin^- i>e-Uon Di«rtri<-t :, hcuad-i »>>•• ar.d within .
Jf*. *>ne -...; -n; ; str^t. Madieon nveniie. I
if* '->r» Hur-;~-fi «nd FJ!jrht n street. Park ai»nu', East
■"^ •''«•'.!«! in<; Ba«a«h tstre<rt and Pifth avenue.
«.\7* *e"Tli El*cuon T>: m rl«-t is l>r. ul njed by «rd «ri'h!n
J££ ; ''•*" ffttuAied n*>/1 Teritt! *rr*-ef. Park avenue. East '
Jl* Kvr.*T*<i rT .\ v-.-,,^ -feet ITodspon a-rnue. Eu»i •
•^ *,"3r*!-~« and Vint'i «'.ren ar.d Fifth evenue
•■• Ti:!rteemh rs^eticn District )-« bcund«d by and
£™5 C*« Oi- I-iindred and Twelfth ►tre^t. Mj.il^i .
ZZt'*- r-a*t o^e Hundred and Btevesth 3-reet. Park
*s»r. ' T '- t ' n * Hamdred a/sd T«r.(h street and Fifth ',
■ Z?"* rVu«-.opr.th K>c:ion Dl«ri^t j-. bnun<!f<l by snd I
•^ n 5 * !ft ri1 * Hundred en.* Vcit-teonth I'arit |
'r-'-* Kj.n Otw 54un<ir«i^ and F.!i?\eTuh «tr**t. Vad:F«n j
«ii^ r * fjL ' 1 °"* Hundred and Twelfth t-'jtet a&l Fifth '
»-^ '" r**'** rilh K! »^'i r Ti TlisJrVt |s bounded Iv »-.d !
"•; ' test Orm H»r.3re.l «-t« Fifteenth *trrrt. Sfadleon !
ftvW *" Or ' c llun<ir<l<l an 4 Thirteenth street and '
•??■" Elec«> n r>t«fr l 't Is rounded hy and L
p, . ; ?.^»' [ t "ac Hundred tr-i Fifteenth stre-t. f>srk «'c- 1
„ n**»*Oß«n **»*OB« H--r.ared ar.J Th::i-ec-.j Hrrrl ar.d Madi- !
** Beiaalerath Elemiic District is boufjled by •--
Election Xotice.
I T\ykntv <=i\TH ASSEMBLY DlSTßlCT— Continued.
■■'thin Ea*t °^" " u ,"' < '"r<" »"<* Btrtetnth street. Park
Fifth avenue Hundred and Fifteenth street ar.d
wllhS. SS^rSJ'wS^I 5 "«^« l» bounded by and
•with.n Ea^t One HumJrej q r^ Eieht— — h .t»i »',ji tlm
av'e^;: Eaat °" c Hundre<l =^ ana S
wlThtn 'rLT, 1^ 11 r : ! " n Dlittrirt 1, hounded by anj
Tve-ue E^.t o H ™^ and Eljrht-entfc street. Park
Martian ifenue nC Hundred and Sixteenth street ana
■TUhta SS^qS Sf^JS r>i * tri^ »» bounded by and
■venSe *£„ r. "^ ;5 '--(I end Nineteenth B'.re»t. Park
F.fth .Y.'nte Hundred and ElEhteenth' street and
wlThln T r*™r~ TT ' t J :i '"' VV ' m district is bo^Bdea by aad
«venle Ea S ' ('e Fl " <lr / r1 »"" 1 Twentieth ««•** Park
Fifth i'v«ct Hundred anj Nineteenth street anJ
• W>S" fo"^e^ : ' CC V :n P'"" 1-*1 -* i» bounded by and within
T^V J^^- move ' We£t Thirty "
W™ Fom" \f 'r tion D1 » :rl « is bounded ov and within
SS a^nu e SeVCnth aVeRUe - F ° rtiCth
! wj< hh t9t 9 F^i 1 " 11 EI " ctton Dlstri-t is bounded by and within
thjr| 5 ' a 8 n I I th El^ t av|nue emh a¥eDUe - *<" **?*T
' wLt j-... urlh Election District >« bounded by and within
' "'.l' .3. 3 T orty - nln; h street. Baventh avenue. West Fortj
; "S2S "- nd Ei «^'h av-nue.
; T.-" ac £JI l " El^ction District is bcunded by and within
. , • ■ street, Seventh avenue, West Forty
: ninth street ar.i Eighth avenue
! The Bfxtfa Election District Is hounded by end within
v\"st ilfty-reventhi lfty-reventh street. Seventh avenue West Fifry
third street ar.d Eighth avenue.
: -he Seventh Election District is bounded by and within
. Went Fifty-seventh street Sixth aver.ue. West Fifty-
I fifth street and tfeventh avenue.
i The Eighth Election District is bounded by and within
, "Went Fifty-flftn --...• Sixth avenue. West Fifty-third
, street anri Seventh avenue.
I The Ninth Election District is bour.ded by and within
( West Fifty-third street. Sixth avenue. West Forty-ninth
; street and Pever.th avenue.
I The Tenth Election District is bounded by and within
I West Forty-ninth street. Sixth avenue, to "West Forty
■ seventh street, a diagonal line from the corner of West
: Forty-«evenih street and Pixth avenue to the corner of
i West Forty-sixth street and t-ventb avenue, and Sev
enth avenue.
The Eleventh Electicm Dial I is mded by and
■within West Forty-sixth ..... sixth avenue. West
Fortieth street and Seventh avenue.
The Twelfth Election I4strlr-t is bounded br ami within
West Fortieth street East Fortieth street. Madison aya v<*
' nue. East Thirly-eighth str~-t. West Thirty-eighth
street. Sixth avenue. West Thirty-sixth street and Sev
enth aver.ue.
The Thirteenth Election District I? bcur:d»d by and
within West Thirty-sixth street. - avenue. TAest
Thirty-firrt street ar.d Seventh aver.ue. -
The Fourteenth Election District is bounded by and
within West Thiriy-rirft street, Sixth avenue, west
Twenty- eighth rtreet anri Seventh avenue.
The" Fifteenth Election District is bounded by and
within West Thirty-sixth street. East Thirty-sixth street.
Madison avenue. East Thirty-third Street. Fifth avenue.
West Twenty-ninth street and Pistil avenue.
The Sixteenth E.ec'lur. I>l?trict Is bounded by ard
within East Thirty-third street, lladisrn avenue. East
Thirty-f<-'.:rth street. Lexington avenue, .st Thtrty-fi-^t
srr-et. Fourth avenue. Eaist Thinieih street and Fifth
avt ivjc.
The Seventeenth Election District is bounded by zrA
w-thin East Thirty-ninth street. Thin! avenue. East
Thirty-fourth street and Ijcxington avenue.
The Eighteenth Election District la bound* br ar.d
within E«ist Fortieth ■—.. Third avenue. East Thirty
ninth Etreet an.J Lexington avenue.
The STnetecnth E!ec;lor District Is bound*-.! by and
w!th!n Tt-.sr Thirty-eighth street. East Thirty-eighth
street. Madisr.n avenue. East Fortieth street. I.exinirr^n
avenue, yi&si Thirty— fnorth s;re«.;. Madison avenue. Bast
.... street. ,West Thirty-sixth street and Slith
The Tw»r,«i"t), Election District Is bounae.3 by snd
within East Forty-ninth street. Park avenue. East Forty
■hrth s-r-et_ Lfxingrton avenue, East Fortieth street and
Fifth avenue.
-- The Tw-«-r.ty-f.r«t Ejection District is hnund<M by and
within -CTVEt Forty-sixth street. Fifth av-nue, We« For
tieth str-et xnd Sixth avenue.
Th- Twenty eeccad E>ction District is bouTi led by and
■nithin West Fiftieth R ;reet. Fifth avenue. West Forty
sixth street. t-> Bevcntli ittmn, a dla^'-nal line from 'he
cr>rr.<»r of Seventh avenue p.nd West Forty-(!i■^t^ •tr'wt tjo
the corner of West Forty-seventh street sitd ?ixth ave
nue, nn.i SlxTh errn»
The Twenty-third nie^tlon Distrl.-t is bounded hy and
/jrithta West FlQy-third F : r «»t. Fifth nv-naf. Ka« PSfty-
str»et. Psru ave ru e Es«: Forty-ninth street Fif'h
avr.ue W-*t ptr-»»i a--! Pixtii avenue.
T^e Twenty-fourth Kl».-Tlon r»i--rlcT Is bounded by and
Trithin We-t Fifty ■eveaili street, Bku<t Flfty-serenth
street Park avenue. East Fifty-fifth street. Madison are,
ri'ie. Eist Flfty-fnurth street. Fifth aver.ue. West Fifty
tblra stree* »nd Pixth av-noe. .*.
. T iTf T T r p "*- v - f "-tb E>ctim District la bouni-d by »n1
J*ani East Fifty-fifth F tr<rr. Lexington avenue ' Ea«
F«rty-!.fTth street. Park avenue. Ea«t Fifty-fourth street
a?iri Jiwwison avenue. !
Th* First Ei-cticn District is hnui-ded by and within
East One H^Oed ari Eighth street. Thini av-nue. Ea^-
Owe HmKEred ar.d Sixth street an.i I>-xin?t^r! avenue
■•;* >-*-' t!^ >--!ecTi.. ri I. Strict is bounded by and within
eS« rS -v - T aJ E! «s ti " *treet. Second .r.eni.-.
--ast On. Hundred ar.l Seven-.h street. First avenue. En ;
One Hundred and Sixth trtreet. Second aver.ue. East One
Wur.crea £C<J Fifth strc-t and Third avenue
Tye Third E:ect i or , Dißtrict is bounded by and within
Last One Hundred ari Tenth street, Harlem river Sist
One Hundred and Eixth erreet. First avenue. East One
Hundred ar.i Seventh street. Second avenue. East Oae
Hundred art-i Ninth street and Third avenue.
.»« Fourth Election D;«r!ct is !xrur.d»<i by arid withi"
East One Hundred and Tenth street. Third avenue. East
'*« Hundr»d and Ninth street, Second avenue. East One
Hundred and Eighth str~t and I^exin^un aveue.
The Fifth Election District If bounded by ar.d within
East One Hnn.lr*d and Tenth strp«t. Lexmston avenue
Ea*t One Hur.creri and Eighth street find Park avenue.
The Sixth Election Distri-t is bounded by and within
Kas-t Or- K'tr.urei} ar.d Twelfth street. Third avenue, Ssat
One Hundred and Eleventh street. Lexington a\enue, East
One Hundred aad Tenth street and Park avenue.
The Seventh Election District U bounded by and
within Efist Or.c Hundred ar.,l Twelfth Croat. Second
sverue. East Tie Hj^drw aacf^ Tenth s!r<*-t, : xtngl :'.
avenue. East One Hundred and Eleventh street a-d
Tr.!rd avenue.
The Eighth E!-ctioti District !s bounded bj- and within
East Or.c Hur.dr.-d arid Fourteenth str—t. Second avnt;»,
East Ore Hundred and Twelfth street, to Lexington
avenue, a dlaeonal line from the corner of Lexington
avenue and East Or.c H'in<ired and Twelfth street to X'r.e
corner of East Ore Hundred axd Thirteenth street and
TMrd avenue, and ThiK avenue.
The Ninth E>ct!cn District is bounded by and within
E*?t One Hundre.l and Fourteenth street, r irst avenue.
East One H;:n<ired and Eleventh street. Harlem river.
East Ore Hundred and Tenth street end P— -end avenue.
-The Tenth Election District is bounded by ar.d within
Ea=t One Hacdred and Fifteenth etreet. Pleasant avemje,
Ee.=t Ore Hundred and streef. Har'.em river,
Randall's and Ward's Islands, East One Hun I and
Seventh street. First avenue. Ka>t One Hundred and
Fourteer.th street cr.ti B<-cond avenue.
The Eleventh Election Dlstrift is bounded br urA w.t^.ln
E^^t On* Hundred and Fourteenth Ftreet. T.-xington ave
nue. Eart One Hvnfir*! and Thirteer.th rtreet :-, Third

Hundred ar.d Th;r»»eT:»>i street uni Third avenue t-> The
,„,!„,-, C { East One Hundred ani Twelfth -treet sri'l
I^xin^nn sveuuej East Ob« Uandred ar.i Twelfth street
s»r»i Park avenue.
The Twelfth Elertloß District 1» bootujed by and «-'?"rin
7E,.7 E ,. Or- Suo4red anfi Fifteenth street. Third avenue.
East One Hnndr^d and Thirt*e»itii ptreer. Lexington ave
m:' Jaft One Hundred and Fourteenth street er.c Park
•"[-^ Thirteenth Election District !s bounded by and
Titfcin East One Huntfred and Fifteenth street. Second
aver-.je. East One Hundred and Fcurteer.tii street and
T v ii*"''i fl'cnuc.
■ The Fou-teejvfh, E3ectlon District Is hounded '•• and
r :rhin a dia^nnl line froi-. the comer <t Eart One Hun
(=red and Seventeenth street nnd Ivexittpton avenue to the
corner of East or.c Hundred and Eighteenth rtreet ard
Third avenue. Thirl a-.er.ue. East One. H-jr.JrVH -jr.JrV and R-v
erreen-fi strset Second a'.er.ue. Ki*f < ">e l-.un.ired an.l
Fi'te-iith ?tre-'t. Third avenue East One Hundred sai
Sixteenth ntre*t ar.d Ufjrtagtoa avenue.
-T-w,, Firteer.th Eiection tDistrlcr :r Iwjiickl Vy snd
w't^ln Fa«t 'me Hundred and Seventeenth street. T^t
rn« n avevce E«st One Hurired and sixteenth street.
Thir.l avenue." Esst One Hundred and Fifteenth street
a: Tb» Br^i^eenth' Elertfon District !« boTO««d hy and
-■r - -
•rtrhln East Or.c Hundred and Sinete»ntil street Third
„,„!, . c Ean Or.- Hundred and CTghWnta street, a
aS^Stl litSrSwa the corner of Third avenua ard Kast
rST H-- 'd-fd and Cirhteer.th strert to the corner of Lex
1-rt,n aveane and Kost One Hur-ired and Seventeen: 1 -,
F-'-eFt E««t One Hundred ard Seventeenth street and
Park avenue.
T>-e Firßt Flection Dts»rh-t is bounded by and w!th!n
•n-est PixVv-.eventh stre-t. Ter.tra! Park West. West
e-xty-f.fth ... ana coiumbus l»«ni»
' T h, Second Eiection District is bounded by and
»Hr.''n V.>Ft Bixty-flfth street. ' entral I'ari West.
Jr. sixtieth street ar.d Coltuabna avenue.
Vi '"C ThTrd Ei'ction District is hounded ... and
within W'st Sixtieth f-treet. central PjJtffat Ea*hth
avenue. Wot Fifiy-eiscth itr^et. Ninth avenu? and
Cciumbaa^ »^"- h nae . , Pr . )#}r D ! Slr i ct )B bounded by and
within Wet Fttty-nlnth street. Seventh avenue. West
Firty-»eventri street. Nlrtii avenue. Wast Fifty-eighth
Slr Ti-« ?"-h E^tio a n' e District 1. bounded by and within
treat Fifty-ninth street. Sixth avenue. West Flfty
stve-ith street and Seventh avenu-.
Tie Election Di»tri<-t is ooun-lcd by anj within
We« ' nrty-ntatfl «re«. Fifth avor.ue Enst Bixty
.*""d street, Madison avepue, East Flfty-seyenth
ii-fcet "West F'fty-s.-'venth itr«et an.i Sixth avenue.
Vh~' Beventß Election District is bounded by and
wi : hin E-st Hlxty-Crst street. Lexloftcn avenue. Kssr
F'ft'v-flfth "treet. Park avenue. _Ast Fifty -seventh
• iree- «•.! Madison avenue
n « Eichth Ejection District i* bcun^fd by «ni
w-iiVin E^u-i ' Fifty-ninth street. Third avenue. East
F'fi' -sixth «tre<st anJ Le«3n«toa avenue.
Election D!«tricr Is bounded by and with
'n *Eas' Sixty-fourth etr-et. Third av-nue. East F:fty
nioth fctreet .md Lexir-Rton avenu-.
' Tl'*- Teeth Flection Distrlrt Is iKiurded by and with
in East "sixty-f.fth street. Lexington avenue, E<«st
StxTy-first utreet. Madison avenue, Ea?; Slxty-seconJ
jtrei-t an.l F.ftU avenue.
The Eleventh Election District !s bounded by tc.i
• ithin East Sixty-ninth stre-t. Thir.l avenue. East
<--'it'v -fourth street and LexniKion avenue.
*"Th- T«elf«'i E3eetion District is bounded by and
«rIU n T-an«v«-r»^ road, from Csn'ral P»rk West and
t-.-Vs*" Seventy -ninth street to Fifth avenue, Fiftn su
nue East S.-venty-s<-,-..nd street. Lexirffton avenue.
Sjfl Slxtyflfth Btreet. Fifth avenue. V.'«at rifiy-r.lr.th
iire«t and Central I^rk \Wst.
The Thir'eentn El«?cii"n DlFtrict !!• bnun«i<-d by an.l
within Fast Ber«nty-«««ond mrt-ct. Third avenue. East
"-vxeT.-ieth Firf-t and Lexington avenue.
" Th^ Fourteenth Election District is tx.ll". !e.» by and
'•1 In E*»t Seventy-fourth street. Thir.l avenue. E»rt
K.t,rtv-««cond »t.-e»-t and L*xlnctan avenue.
Th~ "Fifteenth Ei*-< tton District la tiour.deti by and
within CM»t Feventy-flfth street ■ l.rf.r. s u. n aver.ue.
rVf Seve ntv-secon 1 aw! Fifth nvcr.-je.
"ij,. ciTtfeuth Electloa Dlnrict in bcarnded by and w-f -
; , «-«» i ,>ieven»y-»i*h'!» 'feet, I^iingion avenue. East
L ; veT^v-nfTli Mreet ard FUUI avenue
- r T , ~>Ven«eert!i Kife-'tion Pistrlrt Is bounded by and
-^ hH 'Tranivw ro«'t- f'" lr - « 'emral Pmrk West and
W>s-^ V4r.ty-«ixth street. M Ftfth evenue. Fifth avenue.
v>l?i ElKhiVeOi street, y^i.t-m avenue. Ea.t Cfl«hty-ar«
™. liiing!"" avenue. Eaet Seventy eighth B tr«wt.
S.fTh »v^n<" V' E** i*-vcntj -ninth stre«i, TnwavwM
Li to r"ntr,l Pork West, and Onlral Park Wet.
IO *; 1 Election Dl>tri.-t is boun.l«d l.y end
.'tnm East E3BTSty-«h'n> tlUttt. I>-K]nfftr.n avenue. £«•
rl-ht.-rti^ street. Madison a\fi:ue.. East Eightieth
""tT. " Nln'irenrh *E^t"on I'l^ri-t Is boua&d by and
ri lin EMJ Elßhi- ■■t'.y.th street, l^xiaftan avenue. East
bcun.e, b y and
wiThTn *£S Eifhty-j^^-tr^^a'-rll -venue. East
E Tne' Twey l^*""' tJ«* :cn tJ '* lrlct l " bounded by and
Election Xotice.
within Ea.«t Eljrhty-eitrhth street. Park avenue. East
Elchty-slxth street and Fifth avenue.
l he Twenty- <«econd Election District 1« bour.ded by and
within Ea-t EiKhty-ninth street. •, i:ntton avenue. East
E.is>i*y-«ixth str~t an.i P=irk avenue.
11" twenty third Election strict Is bounded by and
within Elast Ninetieth street. I'ark avenue. Eait Elshty
eiehrh street and FIRh avenue.
Tie Tti-enty-fourth Election District if bounded by and
v-Khin : -■• X!nety-f.r^t street. I>>xin« on avenue. East
* :;i £!] l "" r: " th "treet and Park avenue.
Th« Twenty fifth Election tM.nrlct U bo«nd»d hy «nfl
Bant Xlnety-third street. Park avenue. East
Ninetieth street and Fifth avenue. •
Ihe Tr.enty-?ixth Election •tr:r* in boundei by and
within Ea«t Ninety sixth s'reet. Uexii - av-nue. East
Ninety-firs: jtr-vt and Park avenu-.
The T^.-erty-sevenih Election lilstrict Is bosnoea by and
Within Transverse road, acnjss Ontra! Park at w«at
Ninety-sevrnth Etrpet. Fifth avenue. F.ast Ninety-sixth
■tract. Park avenue. East Ninety-third ptr-et. Fifth nve-
BO». Transverse road, a^rrsi Central Park at westw est
E.Sr.ty-sixth street. zn£ Central Pa"-it Weet.
The First Eleetloa District Is bounded by and within ,
Cast One Hundred and Nineteenth rreet. Seccr.d avenue. !
East One Hundred anj Seventeetnh strtet ar.d Third ,
The Bacon Election District is hounded by and within \
East One Hundred ar.d Nineteenth -•• •• First averu-. 1
East One Hun/ired and Pixtcmth street and Peccnd avenue. 1
The Third Election District is bounded by ar.d within ;
Esst c>ti - Hundred and Sixteenth street. First avenue, i
East On? Hundred and Seventeenth street. Harem river, j
Fast One Hundred and Sixteenth street. Pleasant avenue, j
East Or.c Hundred ami Fifteenth street and Second j
The Fourth El»ctlon District i 3 bounded by and within .
East One Hundred and Nineteenth tree Harem river.
East One Hundred and Seventeenth street and First ;
The Fifth El-ction District Is bounded by and within I
East One Hundred ar.d Twenty-first strict. Harlem river.
Bast One Hundred and Nineteenth street ard First avenue |
■ihe tMxth Election District is bounded by aid within !
East Cn» Hundred end Twenty-first street. Fin-t avenue. ■
East One Hundred and Nineteenth strset ar.d Second
The Seventh Election District la bounded hy and within i
Kast On" Hundred and Twenty-fourQi street. I"irst aye- |
n i-. East One Hundred and'Twentv-Krst street ar . ; Sec
end avenue.
The Eiiffkth Ejection PisTlct Is bounded by and within i
i-a*t One mdred and Twenty-fourth street Uarlem :
5, rer< East One Hundred and 'Twenty-first ■ reel and
r irsi avenue.
Tiie .Mnth Elpction District li bounded by and wUhln !
£.ast One Hundred an.l Twenty-ninth street. Harlem :
EeiTond 'c-^ ne Uundred and Twenty-fourth street and f
The Tenth Election District Is bounded by and within ;
, r ( i n " Hundred an.l Tiiirtv-secnd street, Harlem S
.Z,i: 'T" 1 "" 1 av «*nue. East One Hundred and Twenty- '
T^L"- " T***^ Thlrd ayen 'J p . East One Hunlreti and
Twen y-ninth street and Lexington avenue.
wlThh, J- cV t' nt , h El * rUl ™ district is bounded by and S
rl\"\ n East fln ° "uadred and Twenty-ninth street. ■
an.fLSfnnttenue"'' HaUdr< " d End «reet ]
_.?,' he I w f^'h Election District is bounded by and ;
T'Jl 1 On " Hundred and Twer.ty-fifth street. Third i
Lexlng'on ave^l* Hundrt T d and Twenty-first street anJ ,
».Tv h *i Election District ]k bounded by and i
' 131 ?" c Hun<ir<i J and Tweaty-ifljrth stre-t, Sec
enc; rhfrTaven^. °^ HUadred and Twer.ty-thrd 'street
tut!? Jl;rlP<ln 'h Election District in bounded by and !
*-r..n East Or.c Hundred and Tw»ntv-third stie^t. Sec- ;
and T.v"'.l U aV^r ° ne H'"ndre(lH '" ndre(l and Twenty-Brat street, '

-SZt f if " eent I' jaection District la bounded by and i
w..h.n East un» Hur-rir-,1 and Twenty-flrsi street Fecnn.i :
LeSon E avenuf " Un<lrefl anl Nineteenth .treet and !
?l iyx "? lh ?"i<^ticn District is bounded hv and :
jwihin East One Hundred and Twentv-seeond street T.-x- :
snd'^rk^vrnue^" 9^ Hundred ar.d nineteenth ' street
'!""if rlf ' ?en t' 1 .. E^ctlon Dirrrict is bounded by and i
*'], 2* '£*'"■ ?r "7 c fro;rl thp «>">« "f Madison avenue i
and Ea.sr Or^ Hundred and Twenty-fourth street to the '■
• v';rrj f V aik , av * r ' « and East one Hundred ard Tw»n- ;
tj -third street. Park aver.v-, Ea«t One it. ;n, lre' mii
Twentieth street and Madison avenu- Hundred and
LTSI Elertlon DUttrict Is bound-i by and :
within East One Hundred ar.d Tweaty-flftti s^et. Lex- :
within E
££°pj ens Handr^ Ma^Tw«2ty^fthire^l
The Twentieth Election Dist-!-T is bnurded by «r.d ■
Tver." ??%, Olm n 5? X £ F ~l and TTr-ntr-n:nth %tret Park •
■venne .to East Ore Hundred and Twer.tv-rbl-d .... '
Hection Distri t h ...
■ ■ .
»*diaoit avenue. East On^ Hundred and Thirty-second
s.r»«-!. I>»x!ngton avenue. E?.?t O:;e Hundred and Thirty
first street snd Fifth avenue. j
, 7 ?.'* v. w ' < ":t" :tv -* hi ~~ r S Election District i 3i 3 vended by « n d
within East Or.' Hundred ar.d rorty-flral street Harlem
river, Lexingt avenue. East Hundred and Th ; rtv- :
«ec«id street, Madison avenue. East One Hunired"and
Thirty-third street ar.d Fifth «ven::e.
Th- Twenty-fourth Election l>lstrict Is bounded ty ard i
West One Hundred wn.i Thirrv_«ever.t i etr-et
Fifth avenue. Vv>st One Hundred and Thirty-fifth street j
and Iyn^x avenue.
The Twenty-fifth Election District is hour.dec: by and ■
within a (!!azon3!»l!ne from the " of Leno^ avenue !
and V'p<t One, Hundred and Thirty-ninth street to the ]
corner of Fifth avenue and \\>?: One Hundred nnd Ft- i
tilth street. Fifth avenue. Wept One Hundred and Thirty- !
seventh Ftreet arA Lenox avenue
The Twenty-sixth Election Pis'ri'-t Is hounded by and I
within West Or.o Hundred and Forty-eixth Ftr-et. " Har- i
!ern Hiier. V.'est One Hundred and Forty-first street.
Fifth avenue to the corner of West One Hundred -md
Forti-th street, a d\-\grr,a\ line from the corner of West
One. Hundred and Fortieth street and Fifth avenue to
the corner of West One Hundred and Thirty-ninth street :
and Lenox avenue, and Len jx avenue.
The First Election District !s bounded by an.l within !
West One Hundred and Twelfth 6treet. to St. Nicholas :
avenue, a diagonal iine from the corner of West One ;
Hundred and Twelfth stre-r a nd St. Nicholas avenue to !
-...■ I'crrer of AVest Oue Hundred nr.d T^irteer;lh street i
an.'. I^snox avenue, r>enox avenue. West Cne Hun!red and :
Tenth Ftreet. an<i Seventh avr-n'ie.
Tne Second Election District is bounded by an.l within !
TTest One Hundred and Thtrteerth street. St. Nicholas !
ave-ue. W(st Or.c Hundred and Fourteenth stree-. Lenox I
avenue to West One Hundred ar.i Thirteenth Htre°t. a J
riias'jr.al Hue from the corner of Ler.c.s avenue aii West
One Hundred an.i Thirteenth Ef-eet to the c rrer »t
West One Hundred and Twelfth rtr^et ard ?t. Nicholas :
arvaue. West 0r,9 Hundred ar.d Twelfth street end Sev- '
enth avenue.
■ The Tl:!rd E;action District is bounded by ar.d within •
West One Hundred and Twelfth street. Filth av.-nue,
U>st Or.c Hundred and Truth Btreet and I>er.ox nvervie.
Th- Fourth Election lMstri<-i Is bounded by an-1 within i
c diagonal line from the corner of Lertnx avenue and :
West One Hundred ard Tti-elftn street to the orr.er of
Fifth avenue and West One Hundred ar.d Ti:irt.^r.th
Btreet, Fifth aver.ue and Wrst Be Hundred and Twelfth !
Elr-et. \
Th« Fifth Election District !•> bounded by sn.l within '
Wrst Or.c Hurdred ard Fourteenth street. Fifth avanua '■
to West On« Hundred an.l Thirteenth str-et. a ilagonal !
line from the corner of Fifth avenue and West o n - Hun- i
ere^ 1 and Thirt'-enth street t>. th- corner of !x-r.. ? avenue
and* -.Vest One Hundred and Twelfth street, and Lenox |
The FiTth F;"e^ti^n District is funded by ani within.]
W'pEt One Hundred arid Fifteenth str«ef. Fifth avenue, j
"V«t One Hundred and Fourteenth street ani Lenux
T? c Seventh Election Pistrict Is bounded by an 1 within
West °ne Hundred ar.d Fifteenth ftreet an.i Lenox av«
nue, We«t One Hundred nnd Fourteenth str.— t. 81 |
Nicrioips avenue. West Or.c Kumirei tr..l Irteenth
street and Seventh avenue.
Tt-.e E3irhtn Elfti..n Dißtrict In bounded by snd within
n (tsacor,«l !lne froir. ti.fc correr of Seventh avenue an.l
West "no Hundred aru! Sevemeerth stre-t to th» ccrnor 1
of lenf-i avenue a::.i West Cnr Hundred and Fiite«.nth :
street. I>tnc.x avenue. Wo«t One Hundred and Fifteenth
t.*r*"-t an.i Seventh avenue.
The Ninth Election District Is funded by and within a I
diagonal i:tic fro-.-, the «r.rn»r of I^-n-x 6 venij» eril West i
One HundreO nnd ,-ixtrrrr:-; 'treet tc trte ccrr.fr of Fifth '■
avenue an.i West <me Hundred and Seventeenth stre.-r !
Fif'h avenite. V,"est One Hundred and Fifteenth street
an.l Lenox avenue
The Tenth Election r>*ctr!ct in ho'in^sd by ar.d within a !
diagonal Une from t^e .-orner of l/>noi avenue «tiri u'est
One Hundred md Eighteenth street to the .-orr,<-r ■-.( Fifth i
avenue an'l Weft One Hur-'.re.T un.l Seventeenth street
and thence a Ulasonal 'me from the corner of Fifth ay»- ;
t:ue tnd T .Ve"t One Hundred zr.d Seventeenth atreet to the i
corner of W*St One Hun^rfrt and Sixteenth ;t:eot anj
Lenox nvent.o. et.-I Lenox .i\enuc.
The Eleventh Election District is bounded by and with- j
in h diiC'^n-l !i;^e from the corner of Lenos avenue and j
West One Hundred ar.d Eighteenth street to the 'ornerof !
Fifth avenue 3nd V.vst On« H'jndr-rl and N'inoteenth '
street. Fifti avenue U> W-?t ijne Hundred and Seven- ;
teenth street, a diae'.nai Jin? from the coi-r,»-r tf West ;
One Hundred ...... street and Fifth av.--nu- ■
to the corner of West One Hjndrea aaU Eighteenth I
Etrest ar.ri Lenox aver.ue.
T^e Twelfth Election Oistrfct is hounded by an f -with- i
in West t.'-n* Hundred and Twenti»th street, * Len m aye- ;
nue V."c»t On.- Hundred ar.d Nineteenth street to Fifth !
avenue, a diagonal li::e from the corner of Fifth sver.ue 1
a-J Wtit One Hundred' ar-i Nineteenth str-et to ire. cor- j
ncr of West One Hundred ar.ii Eijrhte»'nth street and |
Lencx avenue, West One Hundred er..] Eljhteeniii st:eet '
ami Seventh avonue.
Tr.'i ThirteeaiS Election Dlstr'ct !s bounded hy and
within West One Hundred and Eighteenth street Lenox
avenue, ta West One Hundred end Sixteenth i-treei. a I
dta* ■',; : nno from the corner i.f West One Hundred and ■
i^litc-'iith s'rect and' Lenox av.nue to the earner of West i
One Hundred and Seventeenth nr.pi and Seventh a-enue, J
West Ona llunirtd and Sev« ntt-enth street and St. !
Nicholas averue.
The Fourteenth Election District 1s bounded t?v ar.d !
'vlthln Y»>Bt Ore Hundred ar.i Twentieth street. Seventh i
avenue. West One liuii.lre.i an.i Eighteenth strtet. ijlsr:it r> !
avenue, West One Hundred tnd Nineteenth strict and :?t. ;
NlchoU" avenue.
The Fifteenth Election District la bound-d hj- and
witnin West Qna Hundred and TwenUeui it'»t-t. 1
Nicholas rv.t.u ■-. West One HuaSred and Nineteenth ,
ftreet. Eighth avenue, West Ore Hur.iirei] at.l Eigh- 1
t^eiit'i rtreet anil Manhattan avinue.
Tin- Sixteenth Election District is bounded by and |
within West One Huivfred arttl Tv.enty-first "treet. Lenox
avenue. West One Hundred tnd Twentieth strert and '
l':!.'iritt!tan avenu*-.
T],. Seventeenth El».:li^n District le bounded by nnd i
within West One Hundred ani Twenty- third Ftreet, '
i-;:rhtri arenas. Weft Ono Hundred mil! Twenty-fint :
■tract; Manhattan avenue. West or.c Hundred anj Tncn- •'
iiefi- street ar..d Mormtißslde Avenue Kail.
Th.- Eighteenth Eaetlon Dlstriel i.-< o-ninded ty an.l
within West One Hundred an 1 Twenty-semrvl etreet,
;^ n nx a-. cnue. West One— hundred nn.i Twenty -first Btiect ■
and Eight;! avenue.
The Nineteenth Election I'istrict in bounded 5y an<l j
within West one ti-indre.i »nd Twenty— fourth street, to I
Flfih a-.enue. ther.ce a line tnroush the .-entrc of M»unt j
Morris Pork. Fifth avenue. West cne Hundred And Nine- j
te.rtn streej an.l J.en'-x syenite.
Th- Tw«r.tieiii ET.ertion District ts b-unded by and j
wltMn West Ona Hundred urd Twenty-third street, j
I cm i avenue) West One Hundred and Twenty -woend |
street «-"r; !2 h -!'h avmu-.
The Twenty-first Election riiPtrW fs hojnded hy and
within West One Hundred ari.i Twenty-fourm »tre.et. ;
Lenox nvei.ue, West One Hundred a:id Twentj-thlni strew. |
and i'lKhth aver.ue.
The Twenty-aecond Election Pi-sir!, t is txunded ty and :
within West Our Hunrtr-e-1 snd Twenty-seventh »trK>t. I
Seventh avenu*. West One Hundred anj Twenty-fourth •
ttreet <»r..l Fiis!it!i nM-u\ie.
The Twrnty-ihirU Election District is bounded fcv and
wlthtn West One Uondrcd ani Twenty-seventh str-ft. I
Lenox avenue. West <~>r.e Hundred and Twenty -fourth '
ttreet an'l Beventh avenue *
The Twenty-fourth Election District Is bounded hy ami 1
w'lttiln V>n On« Hundred «nd Twenty-seventh streft. )
Fifth avanue, We*t ur.n Hundred and Twenty -fourth
itrwct and I^-nox avenue.
The Twenty-fifth Election District Is bounded hj and '
Election Xotice.
within East One Hundred and Twenty-ninth street. Maili
sin avenue. East Uno Hundred and Twer.v.eth «tr««- to
Fifth avenue, a line through the centre of M>unt Morris
ParK and Fifth avenue.
I E.O. Location.' Occuri-d as
27. IM Lincoln aye Barber shop
! 2*. 157 Alexander art Candy
21. :■:- c. ;;:;: st . .. CphoistenF
130 145 Brock are Barber :;";>: ;";>
31. IRS Wliiis ive...., Tall Etore
S3 N. E. •• ■-•: 13Ctfi «• & Brow:i pi Uart.-r shop
33. 120 Cypreta aye Bakery
M 614 E. I3*th st Warehouse
THir.rr-sECOXD assembly district.
ED. Location. Occur. I'd as
L 2KB Third aye Plumbing
2. 2.- Third aye - Barber shop
3. US Willis aye Barber " h p
4 m Alexander aye * allor " or *
5. 346 E. ÜBth st Station-: stcr*
8. 171 "Willis are ". 5K&5 S J"££
I S irov^av" ::E::: VV^Jtery
•i 291 iv:;;» |,c Barker atop
io. 4fH> c. i4i« st tK525^52b
H. 4-14 E. 143J ft £S? Hho?
12. «M Brook are Bar >>£ ™°P
13. 459 Brook aye V^ISSXS
14. 379 E. 1451h st rL±rTroP
15. 476 Willis aye Bar ,*r£r%
}* g: i^^rr::::::::::::::::::::^::;^rH
IS. 835 E. 138 th St ***" "^ifcSSr*
19. ««O E. 141.«t st stationery
21. 630 E". I3Sth st" ".'.'.'.■.....- Re* l r r "shop
.•2. 61 • i- l.wh ft. Bakery
23. 4*7 Rabbins aye . Barb*- *b<»P
«• 7.- Souths Boulevard .V.7.7. Vacant rtor.
2j. fj.S E. l.»fith a>.. ........... Taller store
26. BSO Lcngwool aye vacant store
27 lino VTestehester ••• Avate house
£9 14!>1 CoramonwMlth aye ■_ '•"•* , r^aier*
20. Wenrt,est*r & Cartle HHI »'v
30. 1212 Havemeyer •'" " ' Carriage factor-.
31. 2MI Zulette aye • f^n- «hop
32. 11- Wllliamsbridse Road.. vacant* "tors
33. 1318 Leland aye ■ ■ rear store
R4. 1738 Vnlonport Road r.i!ra'P3-»n store
33. 1123 Walter aye Barber shop
84. 847 Morris Park aye... " ' V.V.V.' P'alns
,37. S. E. Corner Bartboidi at. & hail
• v <* Ua'^er shop
3*. M 42 White Plain* aye. ; • ■ Law office.
38. White Plains aye. & 220 th si ..Start
40. 810 E. 224 th st ■■■■■ ■ ■ • '.' iC,".".'ve" " ' Flumbins
41. rr.rneT or 234 m st. & White Plains » ve VikCa ™ store
4-. 4306 White Plains aye .-.-•--.■ • ■ C:~ar store
43. City Island aye. & Orchard at «-« (
Occupied as
E.D. Location. Barber shop
1. 514 Morris aye club house
2. 3«i» E. l-t&th st 'confectionery
3. 525 Brook av<- - Bakery
4. ' Bus Brook aye Confectionery
5. tZf Westchester eve ■ • - shoemakers
<",. 64« Bobbins avt Barber shop
7. 877 Union *ye Tailor stor«
«. 7*o T*nion aye Barb* shop
!». 707 E. 15«tfc st - . . e t|oner>
10 8664 Third are Barbershop
11.-.' Westchester aye - Ctftar stor( ,
12. SO2O Thin! aye Barber »hop
13. 703 Elton aye '' ' Shoes-tor
14. 72'! 'ouniarrit ay- Bar?-. - shop
IT.. .',«".> .-ourf!ir.dt aye Flumbinß
1«. «7r. Courttandt aye Barber shop
17. 897 Teller aye _j, gtore
is. 715 Courtlmndt aye Tallar etcre
-:. 883 I ourtandt are stationery
20 77) Courtlandt aye •_• •• ; Cl^ r More
21. 7.VS Melrrse aye Barber shop
22. 406 E. 138 th st •.:".".".■. ."teamfltterS
•?■ HSJt-JS?*. "* '... ....Barber shop
24. 3216 Third a^.e ." .'. . . Barbershop
* *» " If M .1 : ./.■.Riai ' sta te office
a 3^^rd C -iveV/.V.-.-. V".-.-.-.-: ... Barber shop
E.D. t oration Occupied as
fc-.U. T ..|. F ctore.
1. 7!W E. lrtlst st - Srbe^ahop
2. 83R E. Ittst St. i^ess o'fflce
I h... arest ar r ■.•.■.■.•.■.•.■.■.:■.■.".■-■.■...... "-^"takers
S: m c i«=d%t::: VBCR V^
- :\r^ sf ;:::::::::::::::::Barr*r -boB
ad :
¥. na ■
10. 1192 Stebbias aye -^ 6tor ' a
11. (Ml Home st Butcr-r shop
12. 14.11 Ho- aye ° g , a: ; on ery
IS. 791 Jenr.inps _■' ,• Tai'.or etor
14. I3lf» B«sron Road Florist
15. 1388 Boston road Trunk «tore
1«. 033 E. 16»th it Plumbing; shop
17. 139T Fnltoa aye - lurn g,^
18. ::>:.■■ Third a^.-- R-«taarant
IB ISM Boston Road - ".■.'.".Shoe .tore
20. i«rr Boston Road ....... Barbe- shop
21, 732 Tremont aye " j, estate office
22} 134 Park aye r " * r , car Bt(>re
23. 447 EL l.ith at barber shop
24. 2135 Arthur aye ".""Barbershop
25. 753 T. 180 th at "!".'.'.„ Grocery
20. BiK) E. 11-' l*I 1 -' l* at Barbershop
27. 703 B. 18Sd Ft ""' .Barbershop
■2% 833 E. ISM st Talior store
29 r.OO E. 183 d* l ' Candy store
30. 41"3 Third aye '
. Occupl-d as
E.D. Location. ._. Florist
1. Mi E. l«»t «t." '".'... Barber shop
2. H)6O OKden aye _ .Vacant etore
3. 168 I'nion it..-. Confectionery
4. 1021 College are ."..'.'. .Phonographs
D 8423 Third aye ... . "."'....... .Ba-ber shop
6. 352 D Third aye ' -p,^ estate offlca
7. 361^ Third aye Barbershop
f>. 1338 Webster aye Barber shop
9. 14" Brook - " ""'.Real estate office
30. »W7 E. l.lPt st Laur.dry
11. I^o2 Washington aye Laundry
12. ITI3 Webster «v .Vaiior store
13. IT* Monroe aye. . . . - ' Barb' shop
14. 1272 ? hak "'«r > a% * :::::: :::nesA estate ofsce
15. 2417 Jerome aye _ ..clubhouse
!«. r-Wt Mnrrls are Barbershop
17. ir»<K> Webster aye .._••• -- - ' ' Bmch -r
1«. Cor. Kyer aye. and lPOth »t grocery
18 108 F. 153.1 ■tf-.....-.--- Bicycle - ra
20. 822 E. KinzsbrMse Roai Xndr store
21. 24<!3 . ...... Barber shop
22. 47HC Third aye Rovai" Vrcar.'im Hall
23. 2713 Webster aye . Tailor store
as «24 4^ a - .- „ ahop
~ ay. . 3
Si 2TO.V, «. ar . d Kiverdale aye Barber"at«S
2r>. Sri» c. 237 th Ft .Barber shop
30. 053 Morns aye
"rVT-Vv ftfth Btreet Lincoln avenue. East One Hundred
Ind Thirty-sixth street. Third avtnu. and Harlem
rt% Th- Twentv-eUhth Election District Is bounded by
I'-VTe" Vl'U aVerATe East Ore Hundred and Thirty
fourth street. Alexander avenue. Harlem river ani
Th ': <l 3TTe"Tv-n-nth3 T Te"Tv-n-nth Election District Is bounded by
* I wlth*n Eas- Ore Hundred and Thirty-fourth street.
and x T-^'avenu'<.. East Ore Hundred and Thirty-second
street "Lewis place. Bronx Kills. Harlem river and
ATha»!lTO'-'i-TK>ctlonA Th a » !l TO'-'i-TK>ctlon District is bounded by and
„.,;,.,., p".; oAe Hundred and Thirty-fifth street. Brook
avenu- Ear,r One Hundred and Thirty-fourth street
an T*-I V Th?rtv'-n"«* Election Dtotrlei Is bounded by and
„.;,;';" Fast' One Hundred and Thirty-sixth street. St
'nn-s "«"r.- East One Hundred and Thirty-fiXtb
Str T he Tnhir^-"e1onT n hir^-"e1ona cn El«ctlon District I, by
aid withlT-East One Hundred Thirty-seventh
Street's?" inn's avenue. East One Hundred ana Thirty
"^ '^;;^W !^X District is bounded by «nd
wiSn fonV Hundr-d and Thirty-sixth street.
TutKhM East One Hundred and Thirty-third street,
repress avenue. East he Hundred and Thirty-fifth
St Th*e *Thtrtv.fourtn Elaction District l« bounded by
•%« within one Hundred and Thirty-fifth street.
rJSreMT avenue E^t One Hundred and Thirty-third
SHTt *East riv"^ Bronx Kills. Lewis place. Eaat One
Hund-e'i I md Thlrty-secon.l street, ft. Ann's avenue.
East One Hur.dr-J and Thirty-fourth street a:. . Brook
Th- pint Election District Is bounded by and within
~'."on» Hundred and F.irty-rJnth street. Paris ave
r?" East One Hundred and Forty-Mxth street. College
avenue 'Mo'rts avenue. Third avenue. East Ona Hun
rtr-.l an.f Thirtv--iKhth street and Harlem river.
The Second Election District ts bounded by and with
m Vas'One Hunired and F-rty-sixth street. Third aye
"' Morris a'enue ami College avenue.
The Third Election District :s bounded by and within
Ftj* One Hundred and Forty-seeon 1 street. Willis are-
Ea-t One Hundred and Fortlnh street. Alexander
avenue. ~Eaft On*; Hundred and Thirty-ninth street and
T1 The Four Election I>i«trict is bounded by «nd within
Eait One Hundred and Thirty-r.inth street, wints ■venue.
Et« One Hundred aad Thirty-elshth street and Third
aV Xhp e F'fth Flection District is bounded by and within
East On- liimdred and Thirty-eighth street. Willis
avenue. East "ne Hunir;d and Thirty-sixth street sad
' Tr^ Sixth Fl.'ction District Is hounded by sn-1 within
East' Ore Hundred and Thirty-sixth street, Willis avenue,
Hast One Hundred auJ Thirty-fifth street and Alexander
Seventh Election District is bounded by ond with
in Ea«t One Hundred ani Thirty-eighth street. Brook
avenue. East Ona Hundred and Thirty -seventh street an.l
I'Y/hta^Election Piatrict U bounded by and within
Eas« One Hundred anj Thirty -ninth street. Brook avenna,
East O-;e Hur.ired un.l Thirty-eiKhth street and « iliis
Election District ta bounded by and within
F.a«t o'nn Hunir*'.! r.n-1 Fcrtieth streel. Brc^oK avenue,
East Cr.e Hun'ireii and Thirty-ninth street and Alexander
ai The"'Tenth Election Distri-n U bounded by ani within
East Cie Hunrired and Forty-flrst axrs«t. nr^k avenue.
East Onu Hundred and fortieth utrvet and \MI.s aye-
The Eleventh Election Di^ritt Is baWtded bj ani with
in |-j»s: One Huncrad and Forty th;ri street. Brook
avenue. East One Hundred and Forty-first sireet and
Tr'e Twelfth El-ction Dtstrlct Is h.,unde.l by ani with
in East owe Hundred and Forty-nfih street. Br.K.k ove
nue East One Hundred and Fmty-thtnl raal aH \\ 11-
n Thirteenth E'.wtlon District is bounded ■v aril
wi-rin Fa«t One Hundred and Forty sixth street, bt.
Jin'J °a«nue. East Ona Hundred ar.a Ft-rty-nfth street
tn Th- V Fu'rt a ; c rith e-K.ectlo»e -K.ectlo» District i. bounded by'Vnd
within Fa-st One Hutidrert and Furty-rlghth utrfer, nil
lts aJenut &Ut One Hundred and Forty-second street
nli nJr ! i r fieenu" UE:e,tlonU E:e,tlon District is bounded by an.l with
in East One Hun.lred aad Farty-eisith •«"**i*S'Vulis'
nue. Kaat one Hundred nnd Furty-»lxth «•-■ and Willis
"^The^Hljlrenth Election District la bounded by a- : with
in Eatt One Hundred and Forty-eighth itieet. St. Ann
Election Xotice.
avenue. East One Hundred and Forty-sixth itreet an I
Brook avenue.
The Seienteenth Electlcn D!«:rict Is bound^l ->- and
■within Ea»t ■«< liur.dre.i end Forty-fi.'th street, tt.
Ann's avenue. East one Hundred and Forty-first str-ei
and Brook avenue.
The Eighteenth Election District is bounded br m*a
"itfcin East One Hundred and Forty-first street. St.
Arm avenue. East ua« Hundred and Tr.irty-««venth
■Cmt an.l Brook avenge.
The -Nineteenth Etectlon Distrl-.-t i» bounded by a.-..'
wftJUn gt. Marys street. Cyprtaa avenae. East 'On« 11-in
dr«-r! and Fcrtr-Orat s;r»et and »t. Anc's aven'-W.
1!w Twentieth tl«-ct!cn District 13 bounded by an-:
»lthin il%st une Hun<iie<l and Forty-first street. Cypress
avenue, East en-.. Bosdrcd and Tblrty-ntstn s:re«t an.l
Bt Ann's avenue.
Tim Twenty-first Election Pistrirt is hounded by and
w lthic East One Hundred nr.i Thlrty-eiirnth str-et. Cy
press a\enue. Eaat Otta IJondred anrt Thirty-sixth street
a.id St. Ann's tifnct.
The Tiren:.v-«econ(l EC-?ctlon District is bounded by and
witnin East ijne Hna^xvd fend Thirty-nines «;reei. C»
pre»s avenue. East One Hundred and Foriy-Crs: street.
Locus; »^ni.» Kast One HunJU-e.i *nj Fcrl:^h atrtet.
East river. East One Hundred ani Thirty-s ! xth rtratt.
Ci-tress^ avenue East One Hundred and Thirty-«l?hth
street, St. Ann's ftvmnt and also North ana South liro
th«r islands.
The T«enty-third .... is bocailad by ar.l
w.thin East One Hundred an.i Forty-n.n-.h sfreet. East
river. East One. Hundre.l ar.il Fortieth sre«. L.x;»:st ave
nue. East Or> Hundred and Forty-first srr»er. CiTresa
av f. nu *- P-- Mary> «;reet ar.d St. AB.Vs av»TK;-.
ln * Tvmr.ty- fourth Election District is bmimle.; by a-ri
wif.in Lonr* evrnue, V/hlilocis avenue. East One
rfundrf-d and Fcrfy-nlsiij street Prr>»r«;: avenue aa 1
Ke!!y street.
The Twcnty-flfth Electfnn District is bounded by ani
»Ufcln Macy place. Hewitt place. Lonirwood avenue. Keily
str^et and Prospect jvkw.
The Twenty-sixth Election District !s b«und«<l br
and within K»!!y street. few ■anil avenue. Htm :tt
place, nacy place. Prospect avenue an*: V."estchest*r
The Ttv»nty-sev»nth Electi/m Dlatr'ct Is bnurrded by
and within Westchester aver.ue. Bror-r River East
?-VT'i" , East One Hu=<!r?d and Forry-ninth street.
WhltJock avenne. Lcnswood avenue. Kelly stre-t. also
Hikers Island.
The Twent^-eiffhth Election District is bounds ry
and within West Farms ronfl. Beach avenue. VT^x
cries.er avenue. V.-jlkln's Cr»#k. Pur«>v l.Veek. East
Kirar or Lon* Island Sound and the Bronx ritrr.
me 1 w^ntv-nirrh Election D!»trtct is by
nnc! within Westch»ster avenue. Castle Hill arenue.
Jf'* y^ r *" k aa ' ! WilKs'l cre-k. .
,~ , T '? lr " ! ' > *f 1 niection District Is bounded by and
witnfn WettcheMe- averue. Seftbivy creek, Vfestches
t«r creek and Ca«ti- KoI avenue.
"n-ir^-first Election District Is bound-* by *n1
w.,. K n o:ven s creek. Hurch;n E cn's river. Eastches'er
creek ' errr ° r LorK Is:and £^"3<l a=>s Westchester
■ rJ he . , I ? !rt £'"' cand Election District is bcnn-led by
ana within Pelharr. parkway. Westchester cre-Ic «-a
brey creek. We St cheste r avenoe Zer-ra av»r.u«. C.'-b«
•ZZ 2S. iniamshri.lsre road.
-..hf ~hl rt y-t*ir4 Election District is bounded br and
within West Farms road. St. Pet ers avenue. Gfebo
avenue' **''" avnue. WritrhitM avenue and Beach
-,r,"S h " .7. 7 ! h . l '" t - v-*ourthv -*ourth Eleetlrtß D'str'ct is bounded by
W.,t W Tr- " MorT ; s Part «»»bw. Bear Swamp road.
xl VF"'* rna<l arKi Gw<teW street.
.-1" *•-, '"ty-fifth Election Diat- 1 Is .- taa hr
".."' Boston Post road. White Plains nad.
We., p"" road - Morr;-. Park avenue. Carfleld street.
W S? F i r j na ro *"5" 5 ««" Bronx river. -
■■■ • «
and w.ihln Emr.i and Pelham parkway WQUam/
SwfSfJSSj !iVer " treet ' W-rt k F a rm«'roal . TS-ir
WWtl'piSft ro°ad riS rark aVeCUe ' T -' nio^ ort -ad M .I
h ,” y 7T';y e: '* ;'; ' 7^'"'"-ion Dietrtct is branded by and
%-?* _ 2S? c Z th "*"**• Rns ="n P"st road. East Two Hun
t>°«? vv r r iv Tw^nty-^^o^-l street. BrBMT iTOIft B;ack
p/h,m ."■•' cr *"*• W<^tcheste r creek. Ercnx ar:d
P tv am Partway and th« Bronx river.
wiTh*-, F'' r .. ty ~e!~ c! - h H 1 Ei^* i0 ° Dlatrlct is bo.jn-!ed hv and
. Tlkien atraat. .
_JJ?, a Thirty-ninth Eie^tinn District !s Iy-uwi«rt tv ard
S^iL'r Ea " T £° Hundr-4 and Twetifv-r.lnth stre-t.
a^Tfhe^nx-rfv^r TW ° Htmdnd a-. . Nineteenth street
The Fortieth ESection District Is hounded br and within
Ehrt Two Hun.'red and Twenty-ninth street Gnnth-T
arepne Boston Post mad. Eait Two Hundrej'and Thlr
t-enth street. T'.lden rtrert, Bronswood avenue. East Two
tiunared and Nineteenth street and Barnes avenue.
win •" • E T? rt r f £" E: *" Tton District is bounded by and
w thin East Twc Hundred and Thirty-seventh stree-
Digney av»nue Busjsin* ave--i». the northern boan-iarv
° f ?' I^s Yorlf - H^tchinsca's river. Glven's
cree». Eiack I»ce brcck. Braaer a-.«r.ue. East Two Hun
flred and Twenty-secon-1 s:re»t. Gunther Brants, East
Tw ? Hundred and Twenty-ninth street and th« Brocx
The Fortr-geconi Election District is bounded hy aM
Trlthin the, northern boundary of Th» City o' V»w T<^rk
Mundy's lane. Pesetas avenue. Dier.er av"e- v '». Ea st t w o
Hundred and Thirty-seventh street and the Ercnx river
The ....... Distrirt is bounded by and
within the northern boundary of The City of New York
Lor.g Island Sound. E*Btchester Bay. H-itchinion's rive
«n<i G->ose. Hunter's. Peal's, The Twins. _-.-;. Hart and
City islands.
The First El-ction District is bounded by and wi'Mn
East One Hundred ar. 5 Fiftieth str.et. Mr.rrta avenue
East One Hun<ired and Forty-ninth street ront'iu"'*
avenue. East One Hundred and Forty-eighth s're-t Volt
an^ Parn-ve^e: °™ ™>«*^ '-^
The Second Election District In bou-ded br and w"Mn
East One Hundred and Fitty-Crst street. Meirn* .7™"°
Ea-rt On-, Hun.lred and Fifty-second" street. Third avenn •'
Kast Om Hundred and Forty-sixth street. Co ;>„ av"ue'
Wt avlnu1 U:ldre<i Bad f**-**"** ««« andTcSrt:
The Third Election c District is tounded b, and wl'K'n
East One Hundred and Forty-ninth «t-—t S? j~'. n
Th"d Ue .veifue: 0119 nundreJ and Forty-eighth street an<!
The Fourth Election District Is bounds br a^fl BAM.
East On, Hundred and FUt*+*23~S£R^k^S
mie^We»tchi avenue. St. Ann's avenu. e1« o^l
Hua&red and Forty-ninth street an.i THrf £»e~Z?
The Fifth Election District U av-n"e"V by a^d w-thm
The Seventh Election Dl«t^*ct v X m „j.^ v
- ror.j -ninth areet an<l
dred B - . •■ T3 "' ar - - *** "
Ea^"n :
Caui<rn-e:i avenue " uaa * ec an^ Fifty-sUth street and
ral^ O^^n^ l^,. I^^^^-^ »-
East One Hund-ed and "«!Its^; l h 3t -"" tt * t - E " 1 * «">nu»
n,. E fl3 t „, Hu^ SMS^^gjKSfS
The Eleventh Ejpotl-n r-i^t-w i» k j
The Tweli
Ea« On,
nue V.-eE: c .h^ ster a ver. Uf . B r rck »,■ 1 "J *""' Ana s av *~
ired ani 1 nfty-weoni st-e r and S East Oaß Hon-
Tfce Thirteenth Eecticn DS^-riT. lll^ ££""£,
Within Ea it One Hundred ani F:ft, r^'^^f 1 t7 an<l
Me= avaaaa "* "^^ »■ »r.d
w££ Sff^jSST^SS £tS°SS ««
SSSKJSSS. Ons Hundrs<J aad I^S^gff SS^S
avenue, fast :i w Hundred V& SmSSr^SL,* I^^
an<l Mcrrfs avenue °"L" L an>i Fi.ty-fourta street
PaT:V.^e" ° ne HUndre^ «M? street
w^; ss^swariSr^sa
avenue. East Ona H.ndre.i and Fifty-sixth s^ "^^
PaTk a^uT E23t ° ne HUnfired a^ «««ta2 s:.-eet ani
iaSfftS? . 1 -^

Third avenue. East One Hundre! acd Fi-v-.-'th iPeit
and UettOM avenue. *"• '" tri ■!■•!
The Twenty-seccnd Electicn Dl^rtct is bounded by a-d
within East Ore Hundred and Ftrtx-nlnth street t>.'m
avenue. East Ona Hundred and FlSy-«even'h s-~"ee» h" J
Ilflroaa »»-■ ■*•■*» »aa
The Twenty-third Election District ! s bou— '?* a-*
within East One Hundred and Sixrv-fjrst .feet Tv'-dT v '-d
aver.ue. East One Htnci.-ed ar.d Fifty-r. : n*li s:-ee* anr 1
Melrose avenue. '
The Twenty-fourth Election District is bounded br and
within East Or.c Hundred and Slxty-f^rth street "Thirl
avenue. Ea«: One Hundred and Sixty -third street' Fa*!*
av-n-je. Fast One Hundred and Ftfty-elthth street Thi-»
avt-nue anil Washington avenue.
Th>- Twenty-f.rth Ele-tlcn District !s bcu-..led br an.*
within nro-k avenue. Washington avenu?. East One Hun
dred ar.l Sixty-first street and Park avpnu-.
The Tv.enty-sixth Election District is lound^d tr -t-d
within East One Hundred and S'.xty-fifth street Third
a\e n ue, E<t*t One Hundred and Slxtr-tourta street. Wash
ington r.venui and Block avenu*.
The Twent>-sev-r.th election D'strlcf !s bou-T(ie<i a-*
wlrhln East One Hundred ar.d Slxty-«lxth street. Itosten
ronfl. Caul.i-xei; avenue. East One llun.irefl and Slxty
tiiird s-.reet. T*ird avmue and FranklinVcvenue.
The First Election District la bounded >>y (»nd within
E^st On* Hundred and Sixtieth Etrf-et. Trinity avenue
East Oi)8 Hundred and Ptxry-first street. Prospect ave
nu-. Westchester avenue. East On- Hundred and Flfty
nlr.tU street and CauUwell avenue.
The Second Election District Is bounded hy and with
in East Or.c Hundred acd Six!-, -third street. Forest
avenue. East One Hundred n.n<! Slxty-flrst *tre«t. Tr'n-
Ity avenue. East One Hundred anj Slxrl r-hr -h »tr«-<t
Canldwsll avenue. East one Hundred and ?lxty-Crai
street and Eagle avenue..
The Third Election District is bounded by and
within East One Hundred and Sixty-sixth •tree* Trin
ity avenue. Ea3t Or.« Hundred and Sixty-Ufth "street
Forest avenue. East Or.c Hundred anU Slxty-thirj
street and Caaldwell avenue.
The Fourtli Election Tistrlct is h^nnde,] by and
wltMn East One Hundred and Sixty-fifth street. Union
avriiue. East One Hundred an.l Sutv-third street Pro<-
■.rests*. East On« Hundred and Slxty-flrst' street
.... Fore»t avt-nuo.
The Fifth E^cti-in Dist-ict is bounded by and within
Eift Or.«- Hundred and Sixty-fifth street. Inte.-va'e ave
nue, \Y>atche*ier ivenue. Prospect avenue. Ea*t One.
Hurdred and Sixty-third street and I'niwn avenue
The Sixth Election District Is bounded b» and within
East One ifundreU and Sixty-seventh street. W-sreh.es
ter avenue. Interval*: avenue. East. One Hundred and
Sixty-fifth street, i*ro*veci avrnua and Stebbina ave
The Seventh Election District Is boursdeu b r aa »
within Bast Or.c Hundred and sixty-sixth street. P-os
pect avenue. East One Hundred and Jjixty-flfth' street
and TritiUy ITinm.
The Tlchth Election D*3trlct l« bounded by and
within East One Hun!: •».! an.l Kixty-sever.th str— t
Fulton avenue. East One Hundred and Klxty-el^nth
»" — * "* 1 -• »vaiiur-. Home street. Jackaua avtau*.
Election y
East On* Hundred and Sixty-iixtJi street. rnaUlß
aven'Jt? and Thfrd avenue. _
The Ninth Election Ptstrtct •» V>TJ3<;e<l b- an*
within Home street. Forest arenu-. E*s: One H-inrtr»a
ar.d ?!xty-ei S hth street. Ucion »inw. Eaat Ona ti-io^
tired an.l Sixry-s'xrh street and Jackson avenu*. .
The T-r.th ELcticn Dfstrlc- !.» botmded by and »"*M*
East One Ilrn-ir-d and Sixty-niath str»<t. Tiffany srr**t.
East One Hundred and gap mufl street. s:e-t>»«
a-.eoue. Ka.'t. Or.c KuacfretJ as>i SJt:j-aixta *U-eet aa*
Union avenue.
The Eleventh Ejection D:»trict i» bomi4:»d by aaa
wit.^.n Freeman street, iloe avenue. East ©■■ li^inrtrwi
«nd Sixty-3«ver.th street. Tiffany itr-«t. Eaat Oaa Uu»
dre 1 and Sixty-nimh »tr«e; aa.l Lynsaa pl»«». -
The T-reifia Electi-.n D-jtrict is fco>ir.'i-d Br * Ci *
w'.thia tb* Twenty-uj^-d Ward line. Erci P.m't. wess-
Cftest^r are.iu^. E^st On* Hundred ar..i <ixZ7-!»-rr*-a
strfe;. He# avenue. Freetnaa strett, laterva> aveca*.
Jerr.iniri. street an.i llinf-.irft place.
The ThU^e«nth Eiecticn Diatrtct i» Sarmd'd "7 «"
irithin t*>* Twenty-ttird Ward line. ilia^>rd p.ace. j«*-
Kir«s street. Iniervaie a«vrtue. Fr»»m»n <rtr»»«. riu»e*ua
sUw:. J-. .:-..-«. v««t. pro«x)*^t ivrnut. Ei«JC On« Kaa
'i^rT ar.d H-\«>r.t>th street v . : Crctooa arrr.i*.
The Fcurterroin Efc^tjon Cistrlct Is bounce! br aid
within JennlßSS street. Oituhi.Tn streer. Freeman iir^t.
I-J'man t-Uc. East On« Hundre>l and Sixfy-nictn -«r*«!t.
I'nicn avenue. East One Hundred- and Slx:y-«i«3th jtr«e«
Tlnrcn avenue. Kast ■..-:..:...--: : ~. i sisty-ciuth, iire«t
and Dceton read.
Tiio Fifteenth Elertier District J» bcurded by an*
within the Tweatv-thiM TTarl line. rrot<na avenue. Eaac
One Hun<lr«d aa-I S<>Tent!erh «r-»et. . Prr*p*^"t avense.
Jenr.insts »tr»e*. fc~m r >»-i. East On* H>i£»«ir*'l *aa
SixTy-iiinth street ar.d f.'Lntna avenue.
Th» Sixteenth tle<rtJ<»i I_'l»trict in bounded hy and
•wiUiln the Twenty-third Ward iinK Clintnn arenue. Kast
One Hur.dre.! and Piity-ntnth street. Tlr.t.-n aj»no». Eaat
One Hundred and i!ixty~»;;rt*.th street. FranA.ifJ a'.Tau*.
East On« Ht^idred and stTcitietix street airt F-Uca
The Severr>—nr^ E'ertlon District !« bounded t-y an 4
with:n the Twenty-third Wart l'.nff. Fuit^a avenue. *-«t
One Hundred an.i Seventieth s:r~"t. Franitlia »vmm.
East One Hundred »nd Sixty-eishth street. Foltao »'--«
""•■ Kast Or.- Hundred and Sixty-seventh street »M
Third jv-.-. ;•».
T>e Eiente-nni FTe-tton risfrict U roumled fc» sr.d
wltnln East On* Handred and tevtnty-lrmrtii .itr»»t.
Fulton avenue. Eait On© Uundr^i and aeveflty-iftis
street. Arthur avenue. Protona Park JGirQ*. Cmtina av«—
nue. th« T*rr.ty-»hlrrf V.'arJ Iln* «n«l T^iirl irenu".
Th« N!r.eteenth lOt'nn D:»rtr+ct !a ho-md-»! o» a'ntl
■^JrhlT rrot.mi Park X^rcb. Marmioc av-rtue. Ea*t On*
Hundred and S»venry-»ixt(i str»e-. !:rmt r"-"-er. tao
xw-nty-thiM Ward line and Crotom av»rra».
• T*e. Twentieth Eiefticn District is bounder br and
: within East Ore Hundred and S«Tenty-e««nth street. Ecs
• ten road. V.'est Farms roal. Brccx rtv-r. East On* liis
drcd and ?e',ersty-«>x:h street. Jtirniion avenua. Crot-na
Park North »nr; Frosrect tifsne.
The Twenty-Cr«t Election LUtriet bi (xniKlad b-» aad
within Trerriort avenne. or Kam OrM U.-.r.tinrt arj ?«.»
enty-serenth street. Prcspect avenue. Crotona ParSt N"ort!l
ani Arthur aver.-je.
T".i<i Till 111 J woinii ~e»tion District ;» baooAsd br_ana
within Tr»mont arrrae or Kast On? nundred 1 and 3^*
er.ty-jevent:. street. Wisjirctoo avena*. ..^ =i On* Ki»»
dred ajid Seven y-firth str«»t. FTiiwri ■ ■■tt». East On»
; Hnr;.lr«.l ar.d Srvnv-frurth stre« and Park ar-ntie.
Th- Twec:y-th:.-d Election District la boor-ded" br «aa
I TT:thin Ea«t On«v Hundred and Eis'itlet.-. street ThtrJ
' aven-i-. TrenHHd avenu- or E;jst One Kr.mired acJ =<r*
! enty-severth street and Park avenua.
Th<* Twentr-fr.urth E3sc*Jea District is taBBdM 6"^ aiw
I within Quarry road. Ea-t On» Hundred and K!*hty-e-«-oaa
j stret. Husrh€3 a«im». Treraont avetin- :r &.« On« Hua
; dr-"d ajvi ¥c% enty— sevntn stret Kr<*. Third »v»nn».
The Twenty- fifth Election District is baoadafl or and)
I w!:h:n East One Hundred and Eijhtj-second street. P"l*
i peer r.venue. Tren:ont avenue or East Ona BaWaMi *«•
j aeventy-sevecth street and H'«S« aveau*.
Th^ Twenty-sixth Ejection District is bctjrided b7 *aa
i within East One H^-dred and ELzity-secor.d street. Bos-
I 'en roa<!. Ea3t Oe<» Hundred ai;d E'«hty-Crst str»?t.
I Bronx riv«r. West Farm« roart. Eoat^n r-.*i. East On*
i Hjr.'lrerl and Seventy-eUhth street and Prr»p«ct »»«ni«.
Th"» Twecty-s»\ enth Election D!srrr!.-t is trended ty
I and within Pelharn "aven-j«. Bronx river. East — Hum-
I dred and Eieh'y-flr-t street. Ensfn roa.!. Ea.'t 0r.811u3
|<ir»c! an<! F~lgTilj — < imU s:re«i and Eelrr.ont avenu*. !
The Tw«MlfHEt<fttß Electicn District is bounded br *=*
: within Peih.im avenu*. Be!mont avenu«. East On» Kn»-
I d.-e-i ani Elßhty-aecocd street. Q-jarry ma*. Eaat On*
Hundrfv! and EiKhty-fiurri »tr»et a^i Koffir.an »tr»«t.
Tbe Twer.ty-nlnth Klecttoa Dl-«trlct la boiind»d hr and
I within Ea-t One Hundred and E!«rhty-fourTh «rr<seV
. Quarrr roid. Tb-rd avenue. East One Hundred aad IHa>
! tieth street and Park avenue.
The Thirtieth Election District la bounded br ar.d wttl*
j Irs Tr»rr.^nt avenue, o- East One Hundred and Seventy—
I «.verth -»fr=et. Arthur avenge. East One ...- :r*.-i aid
Sever.ty-Cfth street and -vTaahlisst^n ave=ae.
The First Election District la bounded by and wffMbj
West One Hundred and SlxtT-fir«t street. Submit +■ —r.M*.
j West J2 aca c Hursilr<-(1 aad Sixty-fourth street. Netaoa st«
. nue. v.cst One Hur.dred and clity-crth street. Jerorss*
; avenue. M'-Clellan strf«r. Grand Bottlrrajd and Concourse.
I Mott aver.ue. Ea«t One Hundred and Forty-alaiii streot
I and Har'.em Rlv-r.
The Second Election District la bcand^d by and wtthia
' "VT«st One Hundred and Sixty-^erenth str~>t. Lind are—
' nue. West Ore Hurired and Sixty-sixth street. J»m*n<»
avenu- 'West One Hundred and Sixty-fifth stre-r. JZ'iaaa
aver.v". West Ore Hundred and Plxty— f jurth iitreef. Sum—
; rr.it avenue. West O=e Husir-d ani Sisty-firat street ansi
I Harlem Kiver.
The Third Election District is tcunded b" azd within
I W«t One Hundr-d and Sixty-eishth street. Easccbe! ar<s
! nue. West On* H mdied and Sixtv-nisrh str«wt. J>roni»
! area the Tw-rty-thlrd Ward Ktw>. Crand Bonle-.-^rf
and Ccncours«. SteClcQaa »fre— t. Jerome avetrae West
' One Hundred and Sixty-sixth str—t. Lied avesiie and
West Or.c duudied and Slxry-se-reinh street.
The Fourrh F/iecticn t'tstrict is bounded b^ an« with!a
East One B ir. .- ar.d Slxtv-ninth *tr»er. 'Web<rr»r ave
nue. East One Hundred and Stxty-m-veith street. ClaT
; avenue. East One Hundred and sixty-fr>urrh street, Sh-rl
cian aver.ue. East One Hundred ani Sixty-fourth, street
ax-1 Grind Boulevard and Coneonrs*
The Fifth E>ction District Is bcur.ded br an.l wlthht
East Otm Hund'^'i and S!xtr-^event:i str»et. T^ird are—
nae. East One Hundred and Sixty-ftfth str»«t. PxrU ay»-
I nue an-^ Cay ave-ue.
The Sixt!^ Erection r>i«tri-t is bounded br ar-i wiihla
Fas: One ITun.ired and F:xty-e!?hth street. Park avenue.
Raat One H'-ndr-.l an.i FlxTr-nJnth «r»et. Third at-Trn*
East Or.c Hundred and Sixty-aev«Etii street and Webst!?r
Th« Ferenrh ETeptlon District J» hounc**? f.? *~A w.*hin
the Twenty-third Wari line. St. Paul's rl* I*.1 *. Third ave
nue. East On» Huadred az*l Slity-cinth street and
, Brook, avenue.
The- Eighth ETec'ion District Is bou.rd=d by and w!ihtn!
Ea" Or.c Hundred a=l sever-i-th !«Tr~t. "th- Tw-— tr—
third Ward line. St. Paul's place. Br-?ok aver.ae. Eart
One ITunr!red an#l s!xty-nirth street. Par!? irpau*. Sast
One Hundred ztA S:xty-e:*hth str-et. Webster av»--jo.
Ea?t On-> Hundred and Slxty-nlsth street and Grani
80-ilevari and Cssmwil ■>
The Ninth ae^»lon District li bcurule.l by anr< w«tht»
i Belm^nt street. i";t evnue. W^b=T-r «ve-:-j» Wen;->veT
; avenue. Washington avenue. »h« Twenty-thJrd Ward ':.?.-*.
1 St. Paul's piace ard Teller tTtme.
The T.'Bth Ejection Dis«rJ"t Is bounded by and wi-hls
I East One Handrad and Seven*v-»econ.i stree», Thi"l av^
i rue. St. Paul's piace. th* Twtaty-diri War! Un« aa4
■ 'Wa?hln*r'cn av- nue.
The Eleventh Eif-f.rii District la tcCTd-d t~ anil
! within Etist O->« Hundred and ?e-rentv-f,-!3rTh .«tr<»et,
i Third avn-:e. East One Hundred and Seventy-sucomx
str-et ani Pir* avenue.
The Twelfth ETectlcn District fs bocrtifad! br as.i wi^ia
East One Hoafired and fmwmuty — tiuq^ gtrwet cr Tr-mcns
avenue. Park avenne. East One IIUU&Vj sr.d • ■■tarw
p-conl street. Washington airtnu*. Wendnrer sveau*
■Vv e v s t^ r ave-ue. Clay svenie ani Anthony avenue.
T*i«» Thlrte— nth ETteTlrn DbtiKt ?» bcrjTT-!ed by and
within Mount Hire plac*. Grand BouJe-vart ar»d C.->it
: -ourse. TV'eeks av»nu-. Ea."t One Hundred and .^renty
f fifth street, A-.thony avenue. East Ona Hundred airf
! peventy-thiri street. C!av av-?ru-. Pelrrotit stre-t. ti»
Tw*nfv-th!r^ TVari liae. Teller aven-i». Efest Cns HurtirwJ
and Seventieth street ar.d Jercoi* avenu«.
The Fourteenth F.'ection I'Ssirlct Ik bounded by sat
within We=t One Hnadr-d «=d Seventy-seveoth streat.
Treraont avenue. XTeat Or.c Huridr-d and Severrrir-sdventjj
street. J-ro«ce avenue. West Or.c Hunrfr-d *r:4. =Ixtv-R!nri
streer. B.^«c-bei avenue. We^t One Htin'ired and « x'-r
,-jTh street. West One H:i2ire<l cad SisTy-se*eai2»
street ar.i Hariem riv»r.
The Fifteenth Elc-t!o-i District !• botmded by asi
wlthlr Forehara roaii. Jernna avenue. W-st On» H-^n
dred and Etsrhty-fourth str««t. r«vii3c.n aveane, Cliaton
plan* Jeron-.e avenue. West One Hundred and S^-recry—
persnth str-et. Tr-mor.t are-iue. West On* . .•:.--_: and
Seveity-seventh street and Harlem river.
Th» Sixteenth Election District is bounded br aaS
witnin Burr.si.Te avenue. Anthony av-nue. Eaat On»
Hundred aad Seventy-fifth sireet. Weeks avenue. Hraml
Boulevard anil Concuurse, Mount Hop« 3l*c» and Jaroa*
Th^ 3erer.teenth Etoetkm District !a bounded by aa4
within Bum«i<le avenue. Ry-r avenue. East On* Hu»»
rtred and Eightieth sTro*t. W-bsrer a7ectie. East Ob«
Hundred and r^shtieth s'reet. ■ ark avenue. Tremont
I avenue and Ar.thcny revenue.
The Eighte-nth Election District la bounded by aad
! within Cm Hundred and Eighty-fourth street. Park jt»
| nue East One Hundred and Eight l«»th street. W*b«te?
! avenue. East Ona Hundred and Eij-'-ti-t!! street. »y«»
; avenue. Bornaicie avenue ani Grand Boulevard aiul Oon
T.i* Nineteenth E:ect!on District 1» bounded br aa<S
1 within West One Hundrel and ESsrhty-four* street.
Jerome avtnae. Fordhasi road. Valentine- aiaaae. East
One Ilundreti acd E;*aty-fourth street. Grand Bc\il»»iri
and Concourse. B'irr.*!(iß avenu*, Jerome avenue, Clln
: ton pLac- and Davi.Taon avenue.
TN> Twentieth Election District is boundatf br and wit -
in Evi One Hun.lred aa.! N.nery-aixth «rre*r. Jltnaa
avenue. East Ona Hundred an.l Nir.ety-nfth str— t. D«—
rmtui avenue. Kordhara r^a.i. W-bater avecue. East On«
H Jcired and Esfbty-sevecth err««t. Marion avenue. *«•
One Hundred and Eishty-founh street. Va>m!a« aT«a«sV
Fordham read anj Joroir-e avenue.
T»"« Twe=tr-tirst Election PUtrlct Is bcT^-.iJed by and
within East One Hundred and Elzity-sev-r.ih street.
Hoffman street. East On« H^iired an.l E'ghty-fourU*
street and Marlon aver.v*.
tj, Twenty-s«ccnd Election Dlsrrict Is bcur.ded by and
wlthla East "Two Hundredth street. Sotithern Boule-rard.
I'e r; oa*m avenue. Hoffman ?tr«ct. Ea« One Huntr-a a_ii
ES-V.ty-seventh street. Webster avenue. Fardham r-ad.
Hx-catar avenue. Ea-«t Oa« Hundred and N:a«ry-ar:i>
-t™-» S.R i \Y*b-«er av-nue.
■ The Twe=ty-tMrd Electinn District is ftoundad by
and w'thin Kast Two Hur.dr»dth »treet. Wetstrr aye
rue East Ono Hundred and No?ty-flfth street. Mirion
#.veiue. East Oc« iiuadr«J and Niserr-ai-Ttii street aa.l
" J *T^«'T*v*--'y-four»h Election District la bounded by
and within KiSt Tt^ H-i-ir-d and Fourth str—t.
Mn*heta Parkway Swath. Webster avenue. East Two
Hundredth street an.J Jerom<» a««naf
TV ■{'•roiv-cfrh EtoctlM DtstrfcM i' bounded br
.ndwittotaAaa C«rUaa« Part South. «V:n Hi:! r-v«d.
„ .' ." , V V- p^lhain avtcue. BMttkBTO C ulcrrard. Ca«t
*N. Ilin.ir--.Hh street. W«*«t«T •»««»« »*»«*«
! pp M k*»» S..u:h. East Two RndMd and Tenth street.
'•-'"=.• avenue. U> s ; On. Kunrtr.d an.J Ninety- M^rtlt
street. CUStta terrace. Scdswick avenua and Ditto
?°Th« Tweoty-atstt" El*rt»"" D ! «trict N •xvisrfet! by
and witnin Van .Vrt'.afu't Park South. DUUlnscn plact.
BeSarwtrt avra«.e 0*039 UlT*e». W«-SI Or.c [ItmdriKl
and Nin»tv-fourth ».r»«c. Jrn-m- »nss« Fr.r,lK a n»
md, )iar!«i r:.«r. SpCTtca D-yMI creek *={ Uraarf-
V *^ n , — we-»v-»«>v<T'h ETertlon r>:^trtcr ts hound**? by
.-j ,v"'«in"\\Vsr T-v- '•.■.,-■■■— > ->■■■•! Ti i 'r^V-tiutr—.
t:',. jm smiimi West Two Hsinareit ait.l Thirty-s«»*nt!»
•tre-t Spuvt -n Duyvt: p«rkw»T. lL.ver.ll^ »nm
w7« T »" Hum!.-'J <?-^-t Thlrtv-*!i-b.th street. WatcJ*
•Venn*, West Two Bendrvd *r.d PwrsmaJ *tr-«.t.
t..,,^,.^^..- r'.puytcn i'uyvil creek. !U:.«n river a=(S
~Y** Twerty--lcbt*i Elecxlcn Dlstrtct Is boendetj by as 4
within the northern hotn lary rf T"»sj C.tr •< N»w Tjr«t.
nroartwav V.vst Tw» liundre-l zna «V.r»-»ecnn! *r-^t,
Waldo avenue. We«r T»' ■> Dsadrod an»J Thfrtv^.-hm
street. Kivrdal« »!«•;•. ripa>ten Duvvil rsritway, w«i
T».> Hua<ir*H» and Tbirty-s«vtr.:h strwrt. Toaiiers *vjni;«.
V».-st Two llundrfci and Thirty-sixth str.et ani UuU»oa
, fbo Twenty-ninth Es"rt!on District \a bouadad 5y »aij
r if"-.in the ncrt*»em brnwiary r>t Tfc« «*lly <>f New "T^rit.
r.r. Nx rtvrr. Urn Hill road. Van Ortiandt Park Esotii
•A<l Hr»»>iw»y.
The Thirtieth TTectiin fils^rict ta b.-»und?<J ty and
within East ifus 'lundrert and Sbtty-ft»irth street. ?h«rt—
dan aver.as. East One Hcadrw* aa: t>ixt>-'ourts street.
! Park tnau'. Es"t >in# l!iin.;lr*J a^vl gixty ■»t;>od »tr»»r.
Morris avenue. Fast On* Hundred and ilxty-Crac straat
acd Grand r*>u!<?vaxU and « •orvourss.
* ' v™—*u ™—* *" JOnS T. DOOMNr..
.lAMf^ KANT.
i RITM>LPH C. m-t-ETt.
I_ . v Coraraiaaioners of. Election* -
Octc*«r 4. 390»

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