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4- VA
Lord Scrthcliffc Still Thinks Ameri
can Journals Too Big.
. vorthcllfr*. "who Is Mttar known la this
■^fl-rjis Sir fred Harmsworth. owner of
2*; pailr Mail." and several other English
"l^ffLpaa. arrived her« yesterday on the Lu?J
r**" * H e paid he came here on a vacation and
" r 'hablv would be in or near New York for a
»**"7; of month*. Lord Northcliffe expects to
2^ tli9 M Canada and will vtatt Washington,
1 1 probably will spe^-d h lO - 1 oi his lime in New
T^rk vAi'i friend?. his wood pulp interests in
J>«-fot:r.c!and wiU take up some S< hi? tine. a-.
sfcoea to see what rroKre»»« has been made
ktiai ;plant. He will watch the election closely
md wffl rlvdy th« newspapers for new ideas, al
t-nuirh b« is already nmwually well posted on
.-.f.-lran papers.
hr-i Northcllffs has been watched with irreat
Ir *f.-^t *i<y rrwspar-er men rec-ntly on account
ct the creat f.:-r.«P of "The Daily Mail." which
Brit Bn^Usb paper to be sold for a half
r-^Ver -^Ye heve had a d'lipMful trip. fog. of cours-.
a^<» the ridiculously unnecessary delay at Qusens
tewn "a«a!nsr which an «tr.:atJon should be raised
by both New York and London business men." he
Hid to a Tribune reporter.
•The LuFitaria has revolutionized .ocean travel.
None* of o'jr party, consisting of I.»_dy Norih<-lifTe.
Tny mother. Mrs. Harmsworth. and Mrs. Algernon
I>ouElas-F*T.3ant was the leert ill. for the first
.;_. j n many Atlantic crossingrs. The Lusltania Is
jverfec t. as a house, a restaurant and as a speed
-Ij-^ve rr.m<» fot a little holiday, to look on at
ir .«> ejection and to talk with many old American
"I jiotic^d th*t c- m » of the American newspapers
are «na*l«r in Fize than they used to be. and I
fancy that not even yet have they reached the
Jinit in that direction.
••■".rfcit* par*r must inevitahly ----- pric<».
j>->d:ca! "xtravapaaw in the cutting down of for
tfis. font* Sres and th*> increased demand for the
n-ood of She -■•*. caused by the prowl h of
-ewFp* T VC ' T " !: a " i«r the vorM must have only on»
*nd. uril^ss e^me of your inventive cnitises can
jie'p U»e situation -••. discovering a substitute for
Ticxi rr 1 -'^- ?°rn«" five thousand diffT^nt materials
tax* b^-r\ tested, but vainly. There is nothing like
"lyFinp. ss 1 do. publications at 1. 2, 3. 12. 14 and
I c^nt?. I have no castiron views as to price. Your
isOßthlT rr.afrazir.»s have varied tbelr prices with
cm' injur?" to their sales, and your newapaper may
har» to fdkrw suit. So Ear as I .»: aware, very
fe-a- Aroeriran newyj»aper owners have any indi
virina3 tool ret cf psper supply. Practically a " of
Th^ra purchase from middlemen, and even these
Tr.:iil f '^fTi d.-> net in all cases appear to have
ssScSent polp :n sirht to feed their mills. Even
Arne*ican r^.-iurcefulness and initiative cannot grow
a par-er tr*^ :n fe^-er than thirty-fire to fifty year?.
Therefore, in my opinion, many of your daily jour
r.aJF mnrt reduce their size or increase their price
in the future.
"I am ir. favor of the osaßer rather than tha
dearer newspaper, ihough I have no rooted preju
di~« e:ther way.
"The statement that ' have gained control of
"The London Times* is as true a* it -w nld be
ti sa;" thct I control the Mississippi, to which Lin
coln oace compared it. 'The London Times' has
never or.cc In its history been contro'lM by anj'
me fafllridaal. Its opinions are a.<: they always
hare t»^r.. the consensus of thought of a staff
whirh fe in da!!y communication ■nrjth th» ■w-nrid's
toverr.m<=r.ts. The editor in o!ii*>f. Or. E. Buckle,
ha? ss rnanajrer in chief Moberly B^ll, who is T-ell
l:r r -^T: on tbii" sid* of the Atlantic. And the chief
uf th« JnreigTi department. in which 'The Times'
j* ro d:sTir^uisV:ed. is VaJenrine ChJroL
"It is no secret that for many years I desired
in become connected w-ith The Times.' Tt is the
i>ot tinr : »iTural ambition of an Ensritsh jnumaJisT.
It if a rood many years since t rnad<? ray first
rrppofition In r»srard to our leading newspaper,
»?v3 FrerrroaTly, early in the present year. I a'
<jni-ed an ;r-er°st in "The — ... by reason of a
ftßtonged ''cal spot amone the seventy-nine
cnrr!« ! -c o* n a>s t" Th^ division o^ i*s profits.
" The Tlrr;es' ha? always piveri more cable nf?
«nd in^r^ Ameri'-aTj than an? ._._.
7*t*-'. and arra ng.em»nt< are b*ine made by which
«r«?r a miHioii -=-•.--- political, financial
f T ) | 3 ague. i*l mttb «ill b" cabled to IjOrsdon durine
*?"?. H;tbe-f« the i=<-.ie. American offco <-.' -The
Tr-^ey- i-gn •-•e«r> In Washington, but the director?
rar«> (---Hed that ------ effleep phouid he
opened in New York, on Fifth kVwrae and in the
r'Hrhhor---'"'? r.' T^'aU street.
"The prji» of th» Journal Is sli -•>-• = d%Oy, and
jc more likely to be iT-regse-j to - - "" or ten
cer.ts Thsn It is t^ *■» reduced -- rwo cents, as
»"T.' Of ... a p# r e have sue?e=ted It
wjntld t» impossible! t<-> p-jblish the journal art leaa
than flt «-" Ton must remember that, in sd-
to its •. n-'iminous J«tt«rs — public men
i-r sr«=^i?'! ...... other euppleinects and its
va«T arr.r.-r? of genera' news. "The Times* <-grrie<!
•toes s« fnll * poli'^al report at your 'ConzTf?
nonal Record." and its commer'-ial totdllgenoe is
FqaaJ to that of your 'Financial Chronicle-"
"I «-gn d» very little to t;?ive 4 l the mystery of
Th« Tbne*=." A? to Ita writerF. ■ knoT>- little more
r' then- identity than does the rest of th<=> world.
AlWDymity has a?-=rays beert r-arT of the F •ret of
itit power. Vr.'i wil', flnd an article on "The Times'
tr. a forthromlTu? i.=sue of your 'Outlook.' which
w*2l t<=:i you as much as can he learned by the
BELlfONT— General and Mrs. C. H. "U-ellF. Ma
jor ann Mr? J. A. Moor*. Wa?hiP=-t"n. HOLLAND
- P.i;:s*=l \. AJfpr Detroit. MANHATTAN— H.
Cktddard. Bti Louir. SETHERLA) H. Brand.
N"rr«. Alaska. PLAZA— I < ". Knight. JCewport.
BAVOr— A. B. HunTington. id^lphla.
I"r»» »-;- :f«.)n to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. the
bnrricaa M-j-w-jrr" cf Natural History and the Zc*>!os
tes] Gardens
CaTeßiEg of tbe T-'orcane ChriKtian T'Tnp»ranr» Vnion
''•uitair. .^amT.'E Harr.e. No. COB W**t »:reet. 2:3<>
r to.
U'etic? rf :•■• IVomir.'s National Profreseive L*zra'. No.
W Vnillaia jr'reet. 2:30 p. m.
free icexms of 'he lioard of Edaratlon, >> p. m. — Public
S'-fco-.! 1 lie-.rj- ana f'stierine streets. ••Colonial Life,
AriKir.jt the t'nnan*." Louis H. Cornish; I'ublic
B boo) ;tf.. 3t<»<th Him and Amsterdam avmu*. "In
"•■ ■ zr.ri Beln-.ont."" Krank Htvphens; I'ublir School
IM. ll«th «re«-t anj Fifth »v»nw, "Natural Sejec
". 1.: The fe>'»r Idea." iT.f'inor .-a-r.uel C.
Pfluaa«jLer; lluseum of Natural History. 77th street
sad Cctanbu* avxnur. "<artxiti and Its \.'omyoMrA*."
Tjt :;haT'.»ii Bask«-rvli!e ; Pub.i-- r.ibrarr. No. 121 Ksn
st>tli M'e»-T. •"Fundajnentr.l Notions 5n Eronomlcs."
Prof«j» r Wa'rer k. Clark: Public Library. No 503
T««t I*ith rtreet. "Sir V.'a!t»r S"^>tr." Ijr WlHlam
Bayard lin!>-; St. Bartbotbmew'a Lyceum Hall. Nc.
SIS "jirt t3 iu»n •iieasuremeiii u l H»-at Qoalt—
Of " FyoCeasor William I*. Kr.r.is; T»ub!!< Sch-jol .'<".
HSUi s'reet. ea»t of Willis a-enue, "Jreiand." ThotTUf
M"V«urh; 8.-or.x '"hurf-h House. 171»r street an 1
y --" .1 menuf. "Di» WalkUre." Rubin SoMnerk;
PsbUr I.lbrar 1 ", 176 th street end Washington avenue.
"VrriHe-i;» r,r T'opula'ion and Po-.erty," Professor

■aWsl Baessd and For«-r»«t. — Washlacten. Oct. 9 —
T?:e <i!»-^-!»i •)•-». Thet app"»''' w ' rf ? the Carolina rratt nn
T^-jndsy i* now central over the interior cf the south At
l»sti<- states. Attending thl« <JJsturt>an'-e rain as fallen
t*i* *a^? t w^n ty— four hours Jn the Atlantic states
* 4 *^h <jf I*"ti3»}!var.la and in A!a'K>»r.a B.ri ■■BWSBa*
*■.-"***' hsve a!«m o'-'-'irred on the New England coast.
J-*»»J -*»» ij*re the weather has b»»n fair.
"Tizi' raturt hi« falien in the A'Sar.t'c and Gulf Kates
• r.'l ttiLM risen in the centra! %s!ler«.
Rtaßwua »UJ conrinue Siaturday in th» s^uth Atlantic
s'«-'-s. an<l al*.i icilcate^ Tor the ttates or the upper
*-s&jur: »r.<l extreme upper ilis*i«»lpp( valleys. In all
•'.':«-r ■*(-»!,«;» the wea.lli»r x;-ill r* fair, with slowly risirnc
I *":p^r».tjre fr^m !.',» M!>«slßi=!r'Pl Vali»y nutwan!
Irwimn <i»-pa.rtir:s t-a'ur>lar for Kuropean p<jrl« ■».- I .
*»'-c iigr.r t4 fresh cortn ■wir.j« an-j fair weather to the
The ».in'i« e'^rgr the >.>*- Kr.gland roast and miiliJle
>titrHi»- <-<j»tn «rfa t-e tr-tb from norther!}-; exith Atlantic
***»! and G«:lf oc*«t. ligftt umi variable; on the b«r"T
***". l'-*rht vsrUtbl*. stiiftinx to fr»«ii *r>uth. «r..J upper
«■»«. ?re*h ».outh.
F«^era«l f«r '•pnrial LaaMMaj For New England.
utstcn New Torlt. Kufra IVnrjrlvw* anj New Jer-
* f -v. fair Saturday and Sunday, warmer s^undsy; ligh! to
• r '-».'i corth wliida.
5* W«SUhi Penr,«y!vßr;i» mnd Western New York, fair
*•'■- »amtr Si'.artav and Sunday; winds rhiftlr.c to
••*'»S *otth.
'•'-■>■ Official Bff«rd.-Th» following official record
**«-- the Weather Bureau «horn» the <-)jar.g<"« in th« ten.-
X-'rstijre ff.T Qm> last twretr-four houre, in comparii-on
*Itii j»,« corr^sj^n^^j^- date 0 » t^gt year;
•» _ _ JS»i7. IS**.} I*o7. IS)*
r ■ • m _ 4!i d 6 p. m U e.~
;' "■ tn az KSj ■• p. m it a
,i *■ ni 4H C 11 p. m SO Gi
4" 51 »n pm «■<
4V- rr. fti; «;g;
H:si,*Bt temperature yesterday. «» d^trw.«; lowest, W.
:«f.: «f. 64: averaj* jMnj^rature for '-vrrefporLJliiu rial*
"■« :»-ar. &t. a;».-s e e temperature fir cjnrrp,,rulios dale.
«""t 'hin;--»»:r«-? >mn. TA.
If^+i Knswriai- j-\,tr ssarurday • ••a buaday: wanner
° <ma ** Ji«fct to Ir-«b aorta winds.
Archbishop Farley Home- 7\io
New MOnsigfiors Probable.
Archbishop Farley returned yesterday from a
three months' vacation abroad, durinc which he
time he visited Rome and had several audiences
■with the Pope. The Archbishop seemed to be In
fin* health, and rominc up the bay he said ho
■was glad to be home again: that there was no
country in the world as good as America and no
city to compare with New York. While s*iroad
he was not unmindful of the good work of the
clergx and the encourapinK aid of the laity, and
to mak* an ample and substantial token of his
appreciation he requested the Pope to confer signal
honors on several of th.- cle.rpy and the laity. At
least two well known priests will become rnon
signora throush his efforts. "While the Archbl»iop
would not announce their names last night, a re
porter for The. Tribune learned that the Rev. James
J. Flood, rector of St. John the Evanßelisfs Church,
en the upper East Side, and ex-Justice Morgan
J. O'Brien were amon;? those specially honored by
the Pope at the request of the Archbishop.
Father Keane. of the Holy Name Church: Father
Matthew A. Taylor, of the Blessed Sacrament
Church, and Father Driscoll. president of the
Diocesan Seminary at Dtmwoodte, are favorably
mentioned for special boaora. Father Flood is a
member of the Archbishop's council and the only
one in that body not wearing: the purple. He is
popular with his fellow clergymen.
Ex-Justice O'Brien is an intimate friend of th»
Archbishop and the Iwadilll spirit in the unofficial
council of laymen he gathers about him. on im
portant occasions. He was chairman of the recent
centenary celebration, and in that capacity as
sisted the Archbishop in making the celebration
the moat successful gioiia gathering ever wit
nessed in this country under Catholic auspices.
It is thought that the Pope has made Mr. O'Brien
a member of one of the exclusive papal bodies
carrying with it the rank of knighthood Those
who have been remembered in this way will be
formally notified at a reception to be held in the.
Archbishop's residence during the coming weak.
The list will probably be made public to-day.
Archbishop Farley arrived on the Prinze^s Irene,
of the North German Lloyd l.ln*>. and was accom
panied by his secretaries, the Rev. Dr. J. V. l^ewis,
the Rev. Dr. Daniel J. htelfaclrin and Father
Cassidy. of St. Peter's, New Brighton. state-- Isl
and While those who travelled to Rome with the
Archbishop »or' careful not to express any post
tive opinion concerning honors in store for that
prelate, the belief was gon»ral among those not
in his official company that he might be made a
cardinal in November.
Early in the day a laref- assemblage of priests
and laymen went down the l>ay on the steamer
Rosedale. to welcome Archbishop Farley. In the
party were Auxiliary Bishop Cuaack, Monsignors
I^avello. Murphy, McOready, Mooney, McGean,
Burtsell. McKenna, Freri, Kearney and Hayes,
and many friends.
Cardinal Gibbons inspected the new Brooklyn
College, conducted by the Jesuit fathers on Crown
Heights, yesterday morning and made an addres3
to the students. He was introduced by the Rev.
F. X. O'Conor. president of the college, who
accompanied the Cardinal on the trip of Inspec
The Cardinal spoke of the pleasure it gave him
to visit the institution.
•■I have just come from thepres"ni-» of the Holy
Father." ho paid, "who has commissioned nr.o to
give his blessing to the assemblage? of the Ameri
can people before which I appear. As it happens
that you are the first gathering which I have
addressed, this blessing ! will now bestow. "
Do you want to lose your vote this year?
If not. you must register. Do it to-day. The
booths will be open from 7 a. m. until 10 p. m.
Get your name on the books before you go to
business. Do it now.
Meiroae Mass.. Oct ?.— Elbridge Henry Gom, ■«
thor and banker. Sled to-day from pneumonia. He
wa= feventy-»ight ears old. Mr. Soes had been
iroflcurer of the llelroae Bavfngs Bank for twenty
fr-ur years, i:» was the author r>f numerous his
,-_.-,■ wnrk=. the ttetrt known '-■■ which is his
'"Life of colon .-■ Paul Revere.** hi two volumes,
which be wrote In VSL ll* also wrote "The Mei
-. «- Memorial." "BiWiosTaphv "' Melrose." •'His
tory of Melrtw*" and "Early Bells of Massachu
setts.' and contributed *° various mae-azin»s.
Mr. Oos? had be* a member of the Massachusetts
Legislature and had filled many local offices hi
M^lrose. He was for many year? chairman of the
public library and belonged to the New England
Genealogical Society, the American Historical So
fietv. the Bostonian Society and the Bunker Hill
Monument Association.
Xpwp was* received in this city yesterday "f the
death of R*<-hard "Webber, one of the largest re
tail butchers in the country, on board the steamer
«Jt_ Louis, due her« to-day. His death, which oc
curred on Wednesday, according t.> a wireless re
port received by his son. Richard "Webber, jr.. was
due to heart disease. Mr Webber eft this city on
August 12 for a tour of Europe.
Born in England In •-" Mr. Webber came to
this country at the age of twenty-one and started
in the butcher business in partnership with James
"\V. Fjvars in I S 7". !'t:t three years later he openf-d
on his own account at .\u. "134 Third avenue. The
following year he removed to No. 2"">S East 130 th
f-tr^t. His business grew rapidly, and it soon be
came nn<? of the largest retail concern* in the city.
In .— Mr. Webber married Miss Lucy Ford, a
daughter of Charles Ford, of this city. who. with
two sons, one daus"-'-t?r «nd a sister, survives him.
Mr. Webber was a trustee of the Harlem Saving-
Bank and a liberal contributor to educational
and charitable institutions. His funeral will be
held in the Trinity Methodist Kpiscopal Church, in
East list street, on Monday, at l'"':30 a. m.
The Rev. Israel Leander Townser.d. chaplain of
the House of Representatives from ISTo to 1 877 died
on Thursday from old age in St. John's Hospital.
Brooklyn. He was born In St. John. New Bruns
wick, eighty-two yi»ars go, the son of Jacob Town
send, and was graduated from Columbia University
in IMT. He was th»"- oldest member of the P?i Upsi
lon fraternity. In 1550 hf was graduated from the
General Theological Seminary. At Columbia he
was a classmate of I>r. Morgan I'' 1 '- He was
curator of Grace Church, Cherry Valley, N. V.. In
3Sj<\ After being then two years he went into mi.-
sion work, later becoming rector of St. James's
Church at Danbury. Conn., in 1554. whore he re
mained until ISCJ. From 1574 to ■6 he was in
charge of the Church of the Incarnation in Wash
ington. Dr. Tovinsend retired from active work in
l£»j, and since that time he had lived with his son
:- -.i Walter .vl. Wilson, at No. 2>3 Greene ave
nue, Brooklyn.
Washington. Oct. 9.— General Ira C. Abbott, for
merly collector of internal revenue in Michigan, and
for many years a clerk in the Pension Bureau,
died at his home here to-<lay. He was eighty-four
years ol<i. Genera! Abtxitt was a native of Burns,
K. V. : was for some years postmaster at Burr O.ik,
Mich. : served throughout the Civil "War, and was
brev<-tte«! brigadier general. He was president of
th^ Michigan .State Association, in this city, ami a
member of the Grand Army of the Republic, the
Military order of the Loyal Legion and other pa
triotic organizations.
THOMAS R. HODGE sixty-five years old. former
Register of \\>ctchester County, died at his home
in Mount Vernon yesterday. I£c-cent!y lie confided
to his relatives that on a recent visit to hia native
home at Penzance. in Cornwall, he had married
his cousin. Mis* Kate Reahed. His bride »a?
cabled to. and reached here a few days go. Mr.
H'xige leaves an estate valasd at more than JIOO.GOO.
CHARLES KRUCHEN, one of ii- oldest anJ
best known Germans in Paterson, died at hi*
home. No. Z\ Van Houten street, that ••!(>•, yester
day, from heart failure. Ninety-one years ago lie
built Helvetia Hall, a favorite place for German
gatherings, and was proprietor of that hall untii
his death. He is *'irvived by a wife.
JOSKPH PAINTER, bead of Joseph painter &
Sons, iron founder* at Mjrentown, Penii., died
yesterday. He was eißhty-six years old. and was
cue of the best knowu nun men la the state.
(Taken un board t' a Roatdale.)
Insists He Is Fit for Active Service
— To Be Retired Soon.
Washington. Oct. 3.— The army retiring board
which has been inrestigatinjr the case of Colonel
. .lllam F. Stewart, the "exile of Fort Grant."
finished its work to-day. It is understood that the
board found Colonel Stewart to be so seriously
afflicted with valvular disease of th« heart as to
incapacitate him for active service.
The. finding will bo reported to the Secretary of
"War, probably to-morrow, and it is considered
likely that Colonel Stewarts retirement -by the
President will follow. If not retired. Colonel Stew
art would still have more than four years of ac
tive service, and as he is one of the oldest officers
of the artillery corps bis friends contend that he
would stand ■ good chance of reaching the grade
of brigadier genera!. If retired he will receive
three-fourths of his regular pay, or about 1400 a
The board to-day heard ■ statement by Colonel
Stewart relative to bis record in the army, and
listened to brief arguments ry his counsel and
Recorder Howland. Colonel Stewart was not per
mitted to go outside his medical record, and when
his attorney made an effort to' have li!m relate the
circumstances under which he was transferred
from Fort Barrancas. Florida, to Fort Grant. Ari
zona. Captain rtowland objected, and was sustained
by the hoard.
Colonel Stewart said he had b»en in the habit of
taking horseback rides of from twenty to thirty
miles i day for many years until his removal to
Fort Grant, a year a«ro. He found only one horse
at Fort Grant, and as that animal was a rripple
-, was deprived of this opportunity for exercise.
While st Fort Grant, however, he had substituted
walking for riding, and generally covered from
eight to fourteen miles a day. He had never felt
any ill effects from walking or -iding. and up to a
month ag« he had received no warning from any
physician against these forms of exercise, not
withstanding v. had been under the observation of
army surgeons ff»r thirty-five yaw Tie had known
sine* -.-i that hi? heart m affected, but paid no
attention to that fact H« added that he had b'en
in th« service almost forty year* an* there were
only four officers hiving a longer record.
"Do you wish to be retired?" asked Mr. ■Latim»r.
the colonels counsel.
"No." replied Colonel Stewart with emphasis.
-Why do you wish to continue in. * ho B ervicer*
a?ked th" lawy-r.
••Because 1 have spent my life in t'l* army and
am fond of the service. I was born at a military
r , - T ' jj,.,,^- „p on the frontier, and when T grew up
eme^i tn , a rn,y. 1 pee no reason why I should
be prevented from remaining an Brer until the
arrival of the time for my retirement as Sxed by
the law." ,
Mr Latimer spoke briefly of his client service.
he paid, had been the «=,ibj«-ct of much
favorable comment, the only criticism being by
General Grant, who said that Colonel Stewart was
an able and efficient officer, but his efficiency was
marred by irascibility.
Capfain' Kowland said there was only one Issue
Wore the board, and that was whether fnlonel
Stewart i- now so seriously afflicted by heart dis
ease «•= to bo incapable of performing his duties as
an officer, and that notwithstanding Ma long rec
ord he had spent only six months in the field.
[From The TrlboiW Bureau |
Washington. October *>
ORDERS ISSUED.— The following orders hay»
been issued:
Major BASH. H. DUTCHER ir.edical corps, from
Plainfloi.i to P'.attuburg Barrack!".
Captain SAMUEL D ITALLISTKR. const artillery.
found incapacitated Is retired.
Captain HARRY BCBGESS. corps of aagmeers. to
l-ir«t Ja Llfu°:"na'nf THOMAS MA|'M:N FOLET. medical
W. PATTERSON. medical reserve corps, from
Philippines to Par. Francisco.
.^cond Lieutenant JOHN PiI.LMAN Li Cavalry, to
Second*Ll«ttenant AKTHDK BRIGHT MARSTOX, de
clined appointment to M Infantry. m — rmmr - „
leaves of absence: First Lieutenant I?E\ ERLT C.
' I, X 1 v 13th Infantry, six month. .'sprain CI.TDE
B FORD, medical corps, six months from Dec«m
ber 15; First IJ.-uter.ant WILLIAM S. BAREICER.
Bth Cavalry, four months.
Mi-lshipman O. B. BRTAX. to . a Academy for ex
nation for promotion to ensign; «ait ordrr«.
Captain ' W. 1. JOLLY and Second Lieutenant F. B.
GARRET! detached marine brigade. Manila;
Asstat*n*' SurK^on H. T.. SMITH, detail-* the M!«
souri: to the Villalobos.
"ks-istant ?ars«on M- E. HIGGINP. detached the Illi
n..is: to naval hospital, .anacao.
\»«!star.t Surgeon F. X. KOI.TES, detached th« Con
nectlcut; to the Wilmington.
movements of vessels have been reported to the
Na- v Department:
Orf s— The Choctaw. at Waatli : • th« Alabama
and the Maine, at Pants l)e4ga.U.
Oct $_The Tankton. from Manila fir Yokohama: the
' Bl'minifham. from Newport for Bostr.n; the Pena
ct-ok from Norfolk to destroy wreck; the Charles
ton 'from Bremerton yard. "JfUh insi.. for AHiatic
station via Honolulu anti <;uuin. t" replace, the
Rainbow flagship .".d Squadron. Parlflr Fleet: th«
Sai«-m from Boston yard. 15th lnst.. for Ou^ntc
iiaino Bay. thence to Kocklan'l. Me.; tfce mum.
comniissiuned at tiavy yard. Mare Island.
Chicago, Oct. 9.— The appointment by the Presi
dent of the United States of national guard offi
cers as "additional second lieutenants'" in the reg
ular army was urged in resolutions adopted yes
terday at the annual convention of the Illinois
National Guard and Naval Reserve Association.
It is planned to introduce a bill in Congress cover
ing the HUbject. •
Included In the resolutions was ,i rfcomendatlon
that officers of the naval reserve be appointed en
signs in the United States Navy.
Utica. N. V.. Oct. | ifajoi J. Warren Pond, chief
gams protector for the state, was tried in the City
Court h^ro to-day for grand larceny in the second
degree in the appropriation to lib own us» of Jl"0
b^lonßlng ... i;,. stats Special City Judge Lewis
discharged the defendant on the ground ol insuffi
cient evidence. „
Pittshurg Church Refuses to Accept
— Would Go to Brooklyn.
[F.y Telegraph to Th» Tribur*.]
ritt.s'ourg. Oct. The Rev. Dr. S. Edward Tounsr.
for ten years pastor of the Second Presbyterian
Church, announced his acceptance at a congrega
tional meeting this evening of a call to the Bedford
Presbyterian Church, of Brooklyn.
Since the offer was made some time ago ■- Dr.
Young two factions have developed which have
almost disrupted the chur< n hero, The majority
faction favored retaining Dr. Young. His salary
at the Second Presbyterian Church i? $7,000 a year,
and the Brooklyn congregation offered him Vt,Ms.
The majority faction of th» church voted to in
crease the salary of Dr. Young to $10,000 if he
would remain in Pittsburg. Bitter circular; were
sent out by both faction?.
[■!■ declared, ■ 1 ! "*' " "^ - •- *■
nation, that hp would not have accepted t u o Q.MJ
additional salary, even though r.e remained in Pitts-
At a mooting which onded a- midnigM tl -
grofjation of tho Becoi teriai Church do
rlded to refuse to accept tho resignation of Dr.
8 Pr. Toung refused towil ra 1 resig
nation, and the n tter ■«« 1 'he Presby

Tn the Bedford Presbyterian Church. Nostrand
avenue and Dean street. Brooklyn, a reply was read
last evening from the Rev. Dr. P. Edward Young,
accepting the call extended to him by the church
on September 1«. Dr. Young expects to enter upon
his new work on October IV
The congregation of Bedford Church has ha-1
plan? drawn for a largT edifice, and It Is expected
thnt it will begin building operation* anon °n th«
sit* Bwned by me church adjoining the presem
building The Rev. William -' Huf'nins left the
Bedford Church sixteen months ago to accept a call
to the theological Beinlnary at Oberlin. Ohio.
German Singers Begin Real Work Under Hans
Steiner— Mr. Dippel Pleased.
With Andrea? Dippel, administrative marse-r of
th« Metropolitan Open? House, living them a
hearty WiUkemmeri. the new German chorus,
which arrived here two days ago. he^an real work
,» ? i P Ma-. under the (direction of Hans Sterner,
tho new" chorus master from the Conft Theatre,
in Munich.
Mr. Dippel =3id h° hoped and believed that th°
chorus, the first all-German gathering since the
regime of M"??:?- Damrosch and Seidi, would
prove itself equal to th° he=t in Europe. After
the rehearsal Mr. Dippe! said he felt confident
about the standard of the choral work this
fea«on at the Metropolitan. From now on th» Ger
man chorus will be actively at work on "Parsifal,"
among other operas. This work is to have its first
production on Thanksgiving Day. with Mme. Frem
ptad and JIM. Burgstaller, Fetnhals and Wither
spoon in the cast, and Alfred Hertz as conductor.
Giulio Gattl-C^asassa Is due to reach this city
to-day on I«» Touralne. Thirteen members of the
new Italian chorus are on the same steamer, and
forty-nine others will reach here to-day on the
Dues degli Abruzid.
First Appearance with the Symphony Or
chestralnterprets from Memory.
•p. Telegraph to The Tribune]
Boston. Oct. 9.— Max Fiedler appeared / for the
first time this afternoon as conductor of the Sym
phony orchestra. He interpreted the Beethoven
"Leonore" overture. No. 3: the Br:ihm« C minor
symphony, the "Tannhaussr" overture — everything,
in fact, on the programme, with the exception of
the f-xcerpt from Strauss opera, "Feucrsnot." from
memory, without score.
Mr. Fiedler conducted with authority and free
Among the passengers who will sail to-day for
Europe are:
Mia. Mabel Even. IA. W". Mnrris. '
■p »1 Hall. I Bertram Webb.
Mr. sad Mrs. T. I^. Hansen. | Henry V. Usj.
KOKSir, albert ram NAPLES.
P r camllo Call»ja. jMr and Mrs. William A
Mr? William R. Hall Manning
Mrs J C. Harrison. :Mr kad Mrs. C. W. Mar-
Mrs E. C Kobsoo. snail.
Mr. and Mrs. Tamil C Mac- P. J. L>*ahy.
b«th. • I
Mr. -«••: Mr«. Henry Bacon. Mr« C. 11. Ta.vlJr.
Rob»-rt Hrucß. Mi ar : Mr*. ii L, -v.ih-
M' aivi Mrs. Frani E. , in«ton.
Flaadsra. iJ. L. M>crf.
Mrs. Gertruii* S. Cosher. !V- Moncrieff Pattlir>n.
William A F^a::s. ' Munro* Stlner
W". B. Fairbalrn. ! M..-« & I>. Wlllctmoa.
Bumnar Ar:-. I Mr». >t. 31, St*j>h;mon.
Frank B. Hall. i Mrs Penaral Hlbbet.
Mri (•'■"' 1. rlnrriion. > "Jack" Ojnstenc*.
Mr an.i m.- H M Bemll • U Sweet.
MM \>:n» Cook. ! Mlm Uu<-v Ij^e Snope.
Mr«: O. L. Kvan«. ! «"olon»l anil Mr* I. \. Kip.
Travellers who arrived yesterday from abroad
Mr an-1 Mr». David Ccolter. jMr. and Mrs. Frederick
Mr! and Mrs. John W, .lack-: Rogerp.
w>n Jamrs l^awther.
I. H. Unton. :
Mr» Ceorge <>. »lM IJ. C Havemeyer.
T».e Itev i.Tisrl«" A. •'■» Mm. 11. I!. »'(t.len.
gtjy ' ! Mrt r.. 3. Pom.
Mr*.. Catherine Draw. 'Mr. as : Mrs. A. M. Parktr.
AjtChbUttop Farley. I
Mrs » M. ■an '»"•' I '^ r nn<l Mr - *■ R - ' -"* — '
Mr and Mrs W. A. M. i li'im.
Mr r"' ST. .1 <terieaitl.lt. M. Tobln.
Vv J( . iMrt. V. K. Van.Wbl!!.
Mr Ut'd Mr*. KKtii O. '■ Mrs. < tiir'e;" " 'lark.
Itiilc' ! Mm. .MRirm-n Dou«lm»-Pea-.
j Jr f: t-nni* ' :rny ' |llr n "aaa Mm Allan Hughes,
lisbert W. ■• Cairo* - • - 4
Comminnoncr of Account* Call* on
Him for Evidence.
John Purroy Mitchel. Commissioner of Accounts,
at the budget exhibit at No. Ml Broadway yester
day replied to Bird ■ Coler's criticisms made the
day before. The Borough President of Brooklyn
had accused th« Commissioners of Accounts of po
litical favoritism and of having knowingly condoned
and concealed the commission o' crimes in the city
Mr. Mltchel stated that Mr. Coler's charße* were
not true, and that tail borough had not ham dis
criminated against. Ho added that If th» Commis
sioners of Accounts had condoned crime* and "Mr.
Coler knew of it. h<- was compounding a felony, and
the Commissioner called upon him to fan hi*
evidence. " be bad any. «> that a proper investi
gation might be made.
Mr. Mitchel discussed the Investigations made
and the wills l©7*ng special emphasis on The
Bronx findings, lie defended the expenditures, of
hi department, and said that In 1307 %Xt,— was
expend.--! hi Manhattan. *'-■ I hi the Ashokan
Dam case, J2.0"0 in th«» (;A cent (ras case, and
$11,500 in The Bronx Investigation and $33,000 this
Taking up the charpe of political protection "'
certain persons and ill pa 1 1 111 I Mr Mltchel de
clared that the commissioners were unhampered
and ready to proceed at any time or place where
waste or incompetence was shown. The original
plan for 1909. ha said, would be carried out to the
letter. It included an investigation of the I>epart
moot of Water Supply. Oas and Electricity, th
Board or Education and the Dork Department.
Mr. Mitchel said: "Mr. Coles courted, solicited
and longed for investigation. Now he lias inves
tigation, and some of his bitterness. ■■ dv» to that
Investigation. It Is not true that the Commissioner^
of Accounts attempted to have Mr. iv, ■ indic^J."
Mr. Wtehsl challenged Mr. Coler to make his facts
known. "It is his duty to make the facts public."
Mr. Mitchel said. "or. In the slang of the day, he
stands convicted of making a cheap bluff."
Commissioner Binsrham will speak at the noon
meeting to-day.
English Actress to Appear in Di
vorce"Justice Gay nor Back.
The Cunard liner Lusitanl.a. with a large passen
ger complement, arrived here yesterday from Liver
pooL, after a passage of almost continual rain and
fog. Harry Lander, the Scotch comedian, who comes
here under contract with WlUtam Morris, was a
lISIIIIIIHIir H»> was greeted down the. bay by a
delegation of Scotchmen and members of the White
Miss Marion Terry, the actress, a sister of Ellen
Terry, was also a passenger. She comes her* to
play the. leading part in Paul Dv ■■■(** play.
"Divorce." which will be given first in Montreal,
under management of F. C. Whitney. Miss Terry
said her sister Ellen told her on leaving England
that she would not realize what hospitality really
meant until she, had played in the United States.
Miss Terry said she was not in sympathy with the
suffragettes and hoped they would never get into
Justice Gaynor. of Brooklyn, who made a flying
trip to England to put his daughter in school there,
said he had heard of the exposure of the Standard
()!! letters by Mr. Hearst. "If the Standard Oil
wrote four or five letters to politicians la the
country," be said, "and sent money to them. th»re
are ten times as many letters to be discovered."
Robert W. '•aims. one of the leading brewers of
England, who Is interested in brewing properties
in Rochester, arrived on the I.u?itania. He call
he was opposed to the British ltcenstng bill ami
believed it would never pass the House of Lords.
"Prohibition." ho said, "Is BoOi for business, be
cause It increases the bottle manufacturing."
Mr. Cohan The American Idea" Provides
Varied Amusement.
The populace Has again commended by it? pna
ence, in large numbers every nieht Mr. «~-nhan\=>
distraction called "The American Tdea." which
was presented for the first time on Monday nlsrht
last. ' it calls for no special comment. j>ln<-» it is
ail. Its author intended It to be, a mixture of fan.
sons and milllnerv set hi pretty scenery forth*
amu<=»ment -■* the public Tb- performer? do all
that is orpecto.l of them, some better than oth 01 -?.
and all with a enrnmon desire to make the- audi
n-e happy. Oeorg Behan. remembered for h'«
comical personation of a Frenchman in "The irl
Behind 'no Counter." appears as a Fr»nch r.o~.!».
man invented for th« occasion. There are a num
ber of good pones ad a good looking chorus.
"Sullivan.'" an TH eh -American "come-all-ye." la
already in high favor in all music hall*. Trixi»
Priganaa, Robert Dalle* and Hugh Mark ar»
leaders in the merriment.
_ - .. .-.!
"■■■"■"' ■■;■■■
Th« Mysterious Mar. RfcKrt fa^r
- ■ • - • - «<»
Henry Budmerer fh-' ! Farvl
Charlie SuWtm ••• • • y/;/. 1 ,^ 1 SteS
lrxlJ ' . ■..:... Richard Tobtn
app ' r: : •• • ■ E^iisTSs^ss;
J^nJtl^^: :::::::: ?2s m B SSS
vto?e«;- •:.■'.'.'. '.:::::. w:::::. '::::::::.'• "^^ v™*^
William Gillette Received with Enthusiasm at
Rochester by Large Audience.
[By Telegraph to The Tribune-1
Kochester. Oct. ■ -a law audience witnessed the
nrst performance of Henri Bernstein's new play.
"Samson." presented at the Lyceum Theatre to
night by William Gillette under the direction ol
Charles Vrohman. The play was received with en
thusiasm, there being tea curtain calls after the
third act and Insistent calls for a speech from Mr.
Oillette. which he declined to make.
Mr Gillette hi supported by Frederic De K-.ie
ville' \rthur Byron. George P. Robert. Mane \\ ain
wright Pauline Frederick and Constance Collier,
the leadinjr woman, who is an English actress, just
brought over by Mr Frohman.
Mary Mar.nerinj? la rehearsing at the I.yric
Theatre a new play by E. B. Tilton. culled "Mem
ory and To-morrow." which will have its first pres
entation out of town m two weeks. Mr. Tiiton
is a new writer. The character Miss Mannerir.g
will impersonate gives her. it is sai-i. an opportunity
xo display her power of "emotional acting." The
company rehearsing with Mlsa Mannerine includes
Frederick Truesdell. John Wertley, »{ele n Mac
beth. Carlotta Gaunt. Addi.son Pitt. Henry West.
Robert Vivian. Ronald Ernest. Gcrtrcde Clfmen*.
James Dickson and Master Stephen Davis. M:
TruesdeO was seen here as leading man with
Cartotta Nillson in "The Three of Us."
Joseph 11. Choate. chairman of the comrr.ittee to
plan for a celebration of the 100 th anniversary of
the birth of Abraham Uncoln, Ft-bruary U-. 1309.
has named this executive committee, wh.ch will
have charge i.f the genera! plans: Hugh Hastings,
chairman; William B. Brl?tow. Alderman B. W. B.
Brown, Jacob A. Cantor. AMerman Reginald S.
Doull. Job E. He^lgej., General Thomas H. Huh-
I>ard. I', 3. V.; Robert Underwood John*t>n, WTO
H. l^".r. Patrick V. MoQowaa, Controller Metz.
Captain Jacob W. Miller. Corporation Council iVn
dleton, Herman Ibddar, Charles R. Skinner and
Henry I- StodJarJ; ex-offlcio members, the Mayor
and Joseph H. Choate.
Arrangerr-ents were made last ni^ht ft>r a reunion
and banquet of the I>-«?ion of Honor next Saturday
at the Hotel As',.: On the preceding ilr»y a busi
ness meeting will be held at (ha same hotel, after
which General Frederick D*nt Grant. U. S. A..
Will entertain the legion at luncheon at Governor's
Republicans!!! Every Republican vote in
this city should be cast this ysar. To vote you
must register. Register to-day, that you may
*at* for Taft and Hughoa.
Marrtec'- «•*!*•• iwlm la IUS TKIBtM wtflr
be rn»ibli«h«a la tbo Trt-TVeeMy TlMlsas wlthns
extra roars*.
DAN'KER- n*rvnTr«— On Qetr,c»r « 1900. at CfctrreS «a*
the Inrarnatinn. nr*K>k!yn N V.. by the Rer. l~Z.ri O.
Eacrhu». T>. I> . rather of -h* fcitde. Mary .-'rrvrbbrttas
to th* P.«v Fredrrlcli Harrison Danker.
"WII-LJAMs* — GRAHAM- In Tanmtttn* Conn. Orrt©N»r •»
J»fl*. by the R»v. wi'.lUm H. MoTTinon. Tr~&*fi?! Waiew
William?, of Fore«tvi:ie. and • lax- Fnadi ■' -nmt+lm
Graham, of ?an 1-Var.- i«--o tKM
Nvtlrra of =u»rrltcr« on.i VtlQI most »*» ladonc4
with foil name sad addrew.
IVarh notice* appeartox la THE TKIBT~XE «■ b«
rrpabU»bed la tb« Trf-VTeekly Trlboa* wttasot extra
Brown. Jam»« jr. Haws. * * - - i J. g.
Ercm.»r. M..:; ■- L. Hilton. Ed^aM B.
<*tjiche^ter. Jeremiah IT Ti^^e. Tir^Tnai '."-.
Cryaa. Munro* It. l.yman. 'i»ort» C
t>trm;«r«, farn'.la* E. t» M*flon*;.l. Ai.fe R. JX
Il'lvranJ'. Ja-kwjn. I'»!m»r. Carrie M. T .
>'reyr-nh»ren. Dru«!iii. S^o<ifen.">ur?h. Ilerihaat* 2>
»;rifflth-. i.iiza i- •". Jtorri". TKlLujs, Georj*.
BROTTX — At TT~n<lcViX~'m-ltvi<!i*m. October «. Jsxae*
J?. Brn-srn. at«-l *.". j.»r», ar M* r«*Klenre. >.**. »."»
Flroa.liray. Funeral «»r--!<-e» Sunday. Ortoh*r 11. «t
1 " a. m . from I 1!'I 1 !' «rhar>er. VfnoatrtHT-'m-
Hnit*in. r.e!arlv-« frieijil* are tev'.t»<j. . T«i»
Vi-ar. *2il »;.-e«t ferr-y and tntfier ear. latena«st a«
th* convr.le nc » o » ?»,«, family.
BRiMLKT-On -n"ir<i.; a v. at fM* —frt.ien^- of Mrs. Tn*
mil*. No. -2BT» Kass l>^h rt.. She-p^^ead Bay. sJof'.t«
I- Itmrnley. Funeral rasuriar. O«-toN>r 1-r. at 2p. m.
rfIIt'IIESTKR — In Fordham, N. T. -sV~»re«<laT. O-to
her 7. ir«"». Jeremiah X •"ht<?he«- e ». «t - arfaos.
• 'nun. Kur.eral private. Bnrta! In New Harasw
i-iIiAN r?n Frid^j", v ; - - » It**o, »-iii or _A . . -i • -«. a»i»
tNe.larw riO»<m« Munro- Reed ''Tyim. .-■-! 9 aaM
Fureral Midday. (>rt iher 12. at 1«> «. «»-. «*
• South Brnarjway an.i \Th; ' * ar«. White T^alr.m. TralTX
leaves Oran.i Onrral Sration *&* a. m. Intermeat
at Wovilawn. V.*^9^ omit ffo"«er».
DITMARS — On Thr-.r'-'.a.j mnrr.ir.g. <v»-N»r •. » f Tier Jtnam.
No. w*> Carroll »t.. Brooklyn. Can>t!a« E:tsa£«t!l TJa
lnjrton. he'iover! wire of John Ditrrar*. In it* 57rh T«"'
"f her az». Funeral derrioe* will I* held ->n - v jiilaj.
Ortiber l", at 2p. m. Intenr-ent prttate.
El>W.vr»r>?— <Vt«i*er «. ir»)f. J*cWjton M*»rt". be»wd
h'i=bar!<l of a:;<-« F>twar>is. Funeral -unJar. ZB. «-.
from hi* late residence. No. 3.V 2f>th •» BrooicJr=-
Int-rrnent Greenwood. Engllah ar*! Ijou An«»l«a p«p«i»
plcaaa copr-
FRET EXtt\r,Frs— On October ». t»n»'.:U Fr«7»tiha«ea.
iri^ow of John ?. Fr<>7enha«en. FMner^l •ervlc** it
her iafe residence. Lawrence, on Monday. Octosar IX.
»' l:3O p. zn.
GRIFFITH?-— Or. TT«^ne^»ar. rv-->tver 7. 19**. *H**>*ah
Morrla. »H«w of Krtjour E. OrtSttw. Fun«ral »«-rJ«e»
si:; b« hei.l October V>. at 3 ■>cto* p. m-.
at No. 817 Prospect Paw. Brooldyn.
HAVIL.AXr>.— At P»t^er»nn. N. T-. Ortober ». TSMI*. »ie»
ar.i Town-r Havilani in hia V*h r*»f- ?^=*rai CW
his late residence. Monday. Cwrtober li at X > XX
Tralc leaves <Jran.i Centra: Depot a-. I ■ a. m.
HATVS — Bar a (l^.ort nines*, at h«r resU»nc«. Ko. W
South St.. Ptamrord. Dill* on "Wedne»day. Oct-)6-?r
7 l»o« Ija^in:» J. S*an.!s. wife ->f ta» lat« H«arr J-
F Tfaws azed <52 year*. Funeral nerrlces wEI b«
held at th- Church of the -^.t!l>iii aljaa, Uss
Tork city, on Saturday at 2:30 p. za InMraal
Green-atotxi i>m»tery.
HILTON— At Milan. Ita . «n Ortober 4. **»■. IVraar*
Bir.ker Hilton, eldest win of the late Hasrr HUttns.
la the s?th 3'ear of hi» a»».
HODGE — At Mount Vfrnos. ■: T.. Ortntmr 9. 190*.
Thomas R. H'Vljte, «*1 *3 -ear*, l^inerml »ci »1^«
will he held at St. Pau!"» r^iurrh. Ean rasaaas ■>•
■an.-:-'. Catcher 11. at Z o'clock p. m
— Suddenly. August 7. at ■Woo.!»to<-k. Vt.. ta Bi»
ASth rear. George Claris l,ymas. son of ' -i—pfi aed,
Mary Clarlc I.yrnan. formerly of Er>.<!e»ood. IS. S.
Funeral services In the chap*: of the Preab/terlaa
Church. Ensr*ewr»j<l. on Saturday afternoon. October
1". en arrival of train leartn^ foot of 234 St.. S»»
Tork r\ty. at 1:10. and Chamber* «- 1:20 p. b.
<Erle Ferry).
MAfTX^NAT^D-— On Thur*!3^. October S. V* • ••r a
lin^ertruc Illness. Alice p»-i.» liulton. wif» of Jnaa X.
Martor.aU. Furernl private. Intetmetjt a: Woodlawa.
Florida papers p!ea.-«» copy.
FALJU Thursday. Octn^e r a rarrfe m. Finch, wtt*
of Gilhert F. Palmer. Services at her late -•stifasaa,
No. 122 Van Bur»n »t.. Brooklyn. 2 o'clock Saturday
afternoon- Interment at convenience of family.
STOt'TEXBt'RGH— At Toms River. N. J. October 9.
R>-uhama E-. wi-io-BT cf the lat» 'Win^si T. ?rout»n—
bursrh. of Net» York City, an'! rtaua-hter [tiM lat»
John Hall, of Vreehold. N. J. Funeral at thm r«*l
rier.ee of h*r scr. in Tom« PJrer Saturfia-r. O-tob-r
li> at Sp. m. Interment at Freehold at «oleaßß
. * family.
■w r us>^> n—
ST VTK?. - -'"v>ttinanJ«rr -,•», •» of N»t» Tork. - oaalaaa
are informed of the death of P»rma*t»r i>rg» Wilson.
l'n!fe<i ?tatf(» N«vy. F'ine-a; »ervi'^^ will fc« held thi*
■ fternoon ar .1 ■rdoch a. T No. Sf"^ Gneaa »v»si», 111*11 a.
I'nmp^rinn* are r"«vje«ire^ f., a'teni. By or-ivr of t5»
Commander. A. NOO, BLAKEMaN. Recjrier.
li reaiiJjy •••■-> fcr Harlem MM H'jim "■-■•-;' l OB
tral Station. "Webster ■=<! >r^» av-nc-s tT^n-ya and s»
carriage. Ixrts tIGO up T»>3bon» *SZ3 ■'■,•*
Book of Vieir» or r«presentatrve.
Of3c«. M East 23-i St.. Mas Tark City.
wmaam ■ CASIPBEXL. mi i T7»«t 23.? ■ ~^aa«ia>
Pi-Irate and public embulances. T«l 1324 Chelsea.
Special Xotic-i.
To the En»9loy*r.
Do yon -rant desirable help QtTICK?
SAVE TIME AND EXPENSE by rrrr.sn\ttnm
the file of applications of selected aspirants fop
positions of various kinds which has Just bee*
Installed at the Uptown Office of
Xo. 1354 Broadway.
Bef.veen ■Ml and 27th Streets.
Cfflce hours: 9 a. m. to i p. a,
Tribune Sub«rrtptina Haifa
THE TRIUL'NE »1T! b« mm by niaa to «ay a*r--i« m
t2tla cou~. cr acr^&d and addrsa* cnan^ed ■• cftsa SSI
desired. Subscriptions may be at»«n to your rscnlmr
(jea.er Lercre leaving, cr. 1" more convaciail^ bsail 12«»
la at TUB TRIBUNE (M -
gU.VDAr. * cents I WEJXLI 7ARliii«. • *Ot4
DAII-T. * .ena TIII-WSSjLL7. 2 S«Sca)
PiTitln Rate*.
For ail p.-!" tn ts« Ucltetf States and Mexico MataMa
of th* Borou«r.» cr llanha'.uia and The Bronx). Xiao, tot
Oib* Porto Rico. Hawaii and ;!:• Fhilmla— wtass*
extra expense for foreign postage.
On* Moniij. 0»t Ma MoatSia. TS
■;;. :M Mi — —l S3 60) Tweiv* Uoct&a. 115*
Six Monlr-a S3 OUi WE2KLT 7ARJI3R:
Twe've II r.tia. Sll>oU| .-.'li Moct^a. 39
ETTNDAr ONU : I Tw«lv» Montis. DM
TwelT« Moats*. $2 OOj TRIBUNE ALMANAC*
DAILY ONLY: i P*r Cot>7. ~g
DAi v ■ Booth. SOiTP.iaUNS UfDEXj
TT-ree Montas. C 00: far Copy. fiat
Stx Moa'.hs. i- »>
Twe!v- Months. $8 00!
Mai. »uD»crlpUa«Xi la New T3T*: C!ty to t!t« DAKiT
•nd TRI-WEEKLT will "•• chsx»»d on« cent a coca
extra soiugt la addition to iba ra^s Baaad iDm
Canadian Rates.
Thre« Moctts. 1102 Thr-« MoaclM, II
Six Months. S2<H{ Six Mootaa. 19
T*e:ve Montis. (4 - Twsl'.-b MootlML . UK
***££%£** A
Six Months. SIM)
:«;!v» M-ntS*. »•»»
■••as to Foretra Coontrtea.
Fcr t>c!nts In Europe and all countries ta th« *"ni7«Ksas
Pc«:a! Cnlcn Tllli TRIBUXB wi;: m —a' «d at to» tat
dliLv^'an'd SCNDAT: I DAIT.T OXI.T:
CneMon'.S. *1 s =j Twn Montis. S2 «a
'fn.o Slontt*. S3*»i Three M.^ntha, *." I
Three Months. 5 ! fix Month*. *7 la
$^^!triT^^ ylT«'y I T« « l *2*
DAIi-V ONLT: > Moata*. rj m
■LaXK Or"FICn — No. I' 4 Nosaau «»r?et.
5-\a pT7IE:;T OFFICE— No. IS WU.-lan, street.
T-prOWN OFFICE— No. 1"« M ETri^idwaj. or any Am«fl<
caa Dtstritt T'l^i-aph Office.
lUr.LCM OFFICES- N^. 1." Eaat :25:S street. Xo 28»
\V#-»t l^ l^ »tr*et arul No. 2Hk West I23th slreot.'
WABHIXOTO!* BURCAC — Xo. 13~ F »:re«t.
So. TJ4 lirmii strwt. r -
EHLSSKLS— No. 63 ilontajue d» U Cour.
UOXIXOX— O!Bc»_of_THE TRUtCXE. « Case, u^
Hous**. No. Jim i?t.raii'X.
AlLCrtcaa tLxvre*. Coaipaay. Noa. 5 and • H*y--~
m»rk»t. _
Thomas Cooii & Son. Tcnrtst Offlc». Lujga:» Ci-rn«
Brown. Shipley 4 To.. No. IX. y* n Jla:^
fcfpver Uix'-h-rs. No. 7 LpthVa-y.
Thr London offlc* of THE TP.IBCXE t> » eoßV«al«ai
rlace to iei^» ad\ rrtl»etr.en:s and BubsinptUjna. "
PARIS — Jjhn Mjnro* A Co.. >o. 7 Eu« Sirtb*.
Jofcn Waisa^iialirr. ?:o. •«■» r.u« a*3 l'*ilt«a EUruriaa.
Juac-« Bar%«u. No- *•- Hu* Canioon.
VI .i.i:i. l!irj«» * Co.. No. S3 Coulevarj niiaj
n^ nn.
Cxi-i.'. aaaCa Bureau ]«« Ctrmc^m.
'"ot.isni'atat Hotel Ne»s»txnd.
". he ilsata office
f>aar!>(«cti's SMti Exchange. x«. • Rt>» St. .*>ras>
Amerk-an txpreas Curapany. No. tl Km Scrttja,
BrentarMi*. No. 37 A»«nu« d* rOpera.
NlCK— Cr*dlt Ljunnafct.
GENEVA — UmlunL Cn!>r & Co.. and Union Cank.
FLORENCE— Frecca. litaon a Co.. Noa. 2 aad I Via
JJj<|iu»> * OOk, I!ank»rs.
MILAN— Baart-acfc's N«w« ExL^sn**. V!» '• Moafortx
HAMBI."RO--Americaa Express Ci-mp*ay. Xj. 2 7srO
mm<CE- ■aaartia.rti'a Neva KadMcx*.

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