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L t i
Clarzc Federal Prosecutor xcith ■
'Fishing for Information." \
•"■it*? 3 . t>ct " 12.— Counsel for the Standard Oil j
*^VjL ;r-d*r accused the government counsel |
. puit la dissolve the Standard Oil
*^^p. of "fishing Tor Information" to assist In
L6 ""Ct«*cution of criminal cases against the de-
cc-rnp^-y- The tilt «'v..-.- counsel fame
* -^j direct examination or Henry E. Felton.
*^-j trafllr manager of th- Standard Oil I .-m
**}^C concluded an«l the crops-examina- .
J * S^k*fi fcegun. Mr. Ke;i"ira\ special government
** ~ cfked Mr. Feiton to describe the meth«vl
•^" "^feridar.fs trade department, when Mr.
ff "" tt w4l,w 41,4 l, for the defence, objected, declaring that
c" * c " was simply fishing for testimony to j
"[ ' »5S» :ar:t D^" 01 Attomej- Wilkerson, who ,
tt tr -,- It »pparer.t th«t you are simply fishing for |
_ Bl yaa are atmpty aabtas far
"j^f-'x to assist the Assistant restrict Attor- j
ci»rg«* °* "- 1 * criminal prosecution*. araa j
Tt vcur e^bow prornptingr ycu~ said Mr. !
>. i
V- KellfSP rn&de a ypeedr denial, and Mr. i
' -t- then ifft* liriTTj charged that Mr. - iV . .-.
r^p"" ~. s v^"^-^-^^ l"*l "* <s'J«stior.p. The counsel
"". tfee defesc* declared that an instance of taking
Ptjrr-atipn from r* case to another. !r. spite of
♦v. msierOoo of O** ro^err.ment's counsel that it
~, not so assisted i" criminal -asec appeared in
gti««wH»nt frcs the ■■■••-■ Oi! Company of
'-diana. which was "u^^d br the District Attorney :
*7 .y e United States Circuit Court cf Appeals in !
' tr> inrreape the lapaßßaaaßa bond j
<- •^e^case te which .dp-? Landis fined the oi! i
y-pggi tssmJßßa ;
' TTisr ••- Oct. 12.— A motion to dismiss the
petl cf the TVcters-Pierc© Oil Company of St.
11 _ jis frcta the decisions of the Texas courts Ottst
... that rnmr"T *rom doir.g business in Texas
_» *^e£ iz\ -he United States Supreme Court to
■« tr Attorney Oer.ercJ Davidson Of Texas. The
is r.ased en the ground that no substantial
question is Involved in the case.
Presidfnt blather Reports Brighter
Indications for* the Future.
At the enr.iisi irje*>ting of th« stockholders -' the
- ... Island company, held yesterday in Jersey
Crr Ogfea M!!:s ard T>. G. Boissevain. whose
trr _j, ?x~;rei. were re-elected directors. Robert
JSstSer. 7r r ?:3e-n of the company, said that the
rear 808. for which the report wi"! iv» issued In a
*«* days, had not b*»«*n encouraging In Its pros
ptcis far a resumption of dividends on the pre
jtrrea Etack, on which th- last payment was made
After <=x?:a:r;!r.g that the Rock Island company
erpcrds far its earnings entirely on the dividends
pEli to it by Tii» ra:!road line? it controls, he stated
titt ir; r :&-■«> of the surplus «f $f. 475.397 earned by
tie Bock Island lines. th~ "Frisco. Evansvill^ &
Terrt Baste 2r:<3 Chicago & Eastern Illinois in 1907.
tier wj'.d show a surplus for IS*"* pf iittie more
Mr IZaxber said that the ir.dications for the foi
sre, hewet^r. were much brighter, and that h2
i*l»ved the industries in the Rock Island's terri
tory woui-i be operating at their normal capacjty
tpJr: by tr.e time Urn infisenc*' of --■-.: move
r.«r.t had ceased to be felt in earnings, and that, on
tie whcle. the ccmir.g year promised to be far
ahead of the on* just closed. H" said also that
Bm p«r.pril feelir.g toward the railroads was better
isc fr.ruld result in a readjustment of rates more
a^oraoie to profitabie or«era.tion.
ZStere wer» 363.514 shares of preferred scr.d 553.393
tier*? of conimcr. stock voted at the iv.eetir.g. Out
£d- -f the re-election oj the two directors men
tor«d on'.y routine business was transacted, it wa*
asferd to Head Board and Tuttle to Retain
Presidency. Report Says.
:3y Te'.e-rapVj t , -j-j^ r :ti Uri c. ]
Be?:*?-. Oct. 12.— 1t is announced to-night on au
ior.-.y :hat John Biilard. of Meriden. Conn., will
bercTr :» chairman of the board of directors of the
$eEUffl & Maine Railroad at its anr<uai meeting on
tje&Ksdiy. Presider.t Tuttle. it is said, will re
txzi £• Use he-ad of the road, and John F. Stevens,
■lCf luuidcnl of t!'<= Xe-vt- Haven road, will become
rtee-jjresMeiit of th" Boston & Maine. Xcne of the
!^c;c.:r here will discusa the report.
. 1
a. .-. .•■ - f tha
r Xc« ! ■-. aa 1
hr the v .r.;aers of the bend issue of S7iOOS.«M of
ti? c ercrid Avrue Railroad Company, brought
rr*. ytFterday to for»ciose on the property of the
pi'liwnj — <^neacred to secure the bonds. The Bort-
Esr» -a^r= cated January- 2". 1558.
Thf rr~r--ty asainst -which foreclosure proceed
=P havr brought inciude* the southwest" cor
sw "f S-rrrnd avenue and !T7th street, the block
s«'jsdrc by First and Second avenues. 96th and
£"-£ Etreeta, tracks in Second and First avenues
ittz. Etr. street and through rariou? streets to
I^tti EUp. rolling stock and rights and privileges.
&"r.;"«. Team. Oct. 12.— The East Tennessee
►wlijMTty to-cay removed its telephones from th«
*>• cf .; r. Western I'r.ion and Postal T«<egraph
•=s*.n>s !a This city and Chattanooga, ac the
••»-■■ o* the T»-ie«rTEph cr>2r.par:i*E* refusal to pay
fc* tefepaoße '^Trpany commissions on business
fc*3£fed over the local telephone wires.
02ciaj< r? tfac W>«era Union Telegraph Coxn-
J*2r BM yesterday that the <?orr:pariy had ad-
to tta contract arranK«me:!ts with the East
T^iepfaone Company, and that, if it be
<* =2*2 * necessary. 21 would defend thes» rights ir.
l***f*2 a- ■ v. ansctrr.r^c ysterdny that, in con
. caaß *'■'*■ Speyer Bros., of London; Lazard
f^jer-Eliis a. of Fwrkfon-on-the-llain: the
£***?* Bank, of »er::r.. and Teix»-ira de Mattes
•<?' Cf Am' : * >r<^^- <-^?>' fcad completed n^BOtia
*^ srs.OOfj.W.- thirty-flve-year 4U p*r cnt
- f U2 j g^.j^ boy,,}* of the recently formed
tar the Enrocra^-Tnent of Irrigation
and Development cf Agriculture In the
l =-teri Sta-et r ? Mexico.
-^t Sinonii City Bar.k has Joined Sr*yer & Co.
•~ EBc purr-has*, of trjese bon^ds. the capital and
_-• M fcrj£ cir.kiaj' fund cf which arc uncondi-
P'-i:-i.r.te<H3 by tne Mexican govemmfrt
«* bcajis fcr * *' so payable In Merlin?. riich*markJ>.
ii*^ 2^ g "*- : -''* rs *- t fixed ra'es cf exchange, sad
j^J tie te«ajoß of the backers to make -an in-
bsae. Th' public offering in this conn
--> *i 3 fc, q^ b; . g & Co ajjd the jc atJcr . al
F« Bask.


° Ct 12 ~ A conv^^" of miner, |
Si* « l hT^ tnlbratfiT * di«rict e of the Unltad ■"
S?. 01 ?* 1 " b<gan h ~ r * to^*y t« formulated- :
i*C; ™ ' Pnmmt^i lo the coa! operators ahortly '
**^ " Cfr «P*»»M» of the present UuWyear
la ApTji ,_ m An ej^ ht . hour Aay foj . . ■
£ £?;* eT " 3mi;si? * c<Jramin^ « Tedc-ntul, '
(aT^" adjourned until ttMnorroir, p^-i- (
w ** na of a* totsventloa. i
Coachman Expected To Be Chief
Witness in Erb Trial.
fEy ->graph :e> The Tribune.]
Philadelphia. Oct. 11-Eugene Pouison ccarh
ma« and bodyguard of J. Clayton Erb. the victim
of l* !t Tuesday* tragedy at Red Gables. w ho was
mysteriously mining: unUl lie appeared at the fu
neral yesterday, had been secreted in the home of
Captain Erb a sister, in this city, where detectives
had kept him under cover, so that the newspapers
could i«it reach him.
He will be th« chief wltaeas for the prosecution
IB the ca.-e BSalMt Mrs. Erb and her sister. Mr?,
Catherine Beisel. and. It la said, will tell of pre
vious attempts upon the life of Captain Erb and
furnish other evidence upon which the common
wealth will base its contention of premeditated
Although Poul*or. could not be seen to-day, his
wife pave a graphic story of happening at Red
Gable*, part of which she knew from personal ob
servation and part of which" she had been told
by her husband. Among other things she said that
Mrs. Erb had once fired a revolver at Captain
I>b. that she elept »>th a "revolver under her
pillow, that she was always the aigiiwni in the
fights between tin couple, that she once ■track
Captain Erb with an lee pitcher, wounding him en
the head, and that Captain Erb asserted that he
had been poisoned as soon as he had swallowed a
"high ball,*" alleged to have contained a deadly
drug, some two weeks before his death.
Bond Feature for Imported Birds
Before Federal Supreme Court.
Questions lmui»tag the constitutionality of cer
tain parts of the forest, fish and game laws of. this
• •ire win be settled by the I'nited Stares Supreme
Court in a case which will be presented to that
tribunal to-day. The question Involved is, in a gen
eral way. whether or not the state has a right to
pas=s -a law requiring a person to put tip a bond
as one of the requisites for holding property.
The case is that of August £51::. of Kings County,
an extensive dealer in Imported game, who on
March S^', 1505. was arrepted by Sheriff Hesterberg
on the charge of violating the game law in
hating in his possession the bodies of a golden
plover and a grouse. in MM Congress passed a law
by which all imported game fith»-r for purpose of
consumption or storaee cam« under the game laws
cf the state into which it was brought ju?t the
same -1? if it had been produced in that state.
The plover c«mf from Bnr:*nO and the grouse
ttom Russia, an.l had been .brought i Into King*
County in the '-•p« r ii season there for such birds.
The duty was regularly paid. The birds were held
by llr. Silz over Into the closed season.. The law
provider a penalty for possessing a plover or a
grouse between January l and July 15, but states
that a man may retain possesion of such birds
as he carries over from the open to the closed
seasons 1" he gives a bond not to dispose of them
in the closed season. Mr. Si^z had no bond, and,
although he made no attempt to sell the birds, he
was arrested.
The case was taken to the court? on a writ of
hab€a;= corpus, it being declared that the law was
unconstitutional, as it deprived a man of his prop
erty rights. The law was upheld by the Court
of Appeals, but an appeal was token by E. R.
Finch, counsel for Silz. and the case will now be
considered by the highest tribunal of the land.
Thr fine which might have been imposed on Sill
was only $50, but lie has spent thousands of dol
lars in fighting for what he considers a principle
and on behalf of the many game dealers in this
city and other para of the state. Assistant Attor
ney General James A. Donnelly went to Washing
ton last night to uphold the state's side cf the
More Rapid than Budget, Says Law
son Purdy at Exhibit.
Lava Purdy. the Tax Comraisnoaer. told] a
i "a- ■ gathering at the Budget Exhibit. No. 165
! Brcadtvay. yesterday about the work nf his de
partment, frequently rpferrir-s to the exhibit pr»
! pared hy hi? employes. Speaiine of the xhirit
\ showing the relative increase in the assessed value
J of New York real estate, he said:
"The assessed value of realty Is increased much
j more rapidly than either the total budget or the
j Tax Department appropriation. The cost of the
i Tax Department and the city budget have in
j creased upon almost parallel lines." He said fur
! th«r that bis department "under th» new law had
• bills re«.<iy for payment on the Srat Monday In
' October on over |M •■ ••' of real estate, which
' under the old law could not have been ready until
j from two weeks io four months after the tax was
j payable. The present tax Jaw, be declared, had
j ended many hardships, notably the compulsion to
j pay penalties and interest on raxes because per
' son^ were unable to obtain their bills before De
i cumber i.
The »iv Fork City visiting committee of the
j Sta"e Charities Aid Association has an exhibit this
I v>eek showing the disadvantages of "cheap help"
• in tlie Department of Public Charities and the Belle
' vue and Allied Hospitals The exhibit has one
i chart which shows that the total number of em
j ployes in the Department of Public Chanties on
! June 30 of this tar "was Z.ZW. —Of that number.
1 'LiAZ received less than V. a day and "keep" and
1.15S received less than 50 cents a cay and "keep."
1 As the result it is stated that 2.956 employes were
j sanaae in 15C7 and the number of resignations
j ivas S&i. a total # of S.SoO employes leaving the ser
i vice of the department in one ear out of an
j average number employed .' . XX
"Would any private business succeed if it changed
its force every few months?" hi a question on the
! placard.
John H. O'Brien. Commissioner of the Depart
ment of Water Supply. Gas and Klectricity,- will
!TM?ak at noon to-day at the Budget Exhibit.
A representative cf the Erie Railroad Company
raid yesterday that the report of plans of the
management for electrifying Its suburban lines was
unauthorized, premature and to a great extern ex
ajrgerated. He added that while the company had
had expert? lookin* into the advisability of electri
fying the main line from Jersey City to Suffern. a
distance of thirty-two tailes. this investigation
had not been completed, and formal estimates of
V.;e expense had not been made. He s>aid it was
not proposed to make an expenditure of anything
lik* 04,000,000 for Rome time. it is understood.
however, that the investigation ail! be carried on
actively and erhnentaJ work taken up as saon
as p'ssible. l"itimat«-ly it is ....... .as certain
that al! of the Erie's suburban lines will be
Petitions in bankruptcy were filed yestr-rday in ;
lh« Tnited SaTes District Court us follows: j
Involuntary ngi^rift tbe Association of Motor Car
Owners nlmh for an »nnu! Fee of CO .ihtained
dis«-ount9 on automobile supplies. rerl\:cv<i esiim.ntes
for repair* an<l Kp'-'-is! rates for the iifs*- of gar- j
agvs, iiy Jai'iej? D. l!umf"M and dth-rs. for ser
vices rendered an* l ?"<><** boM air! rielivcr»-»j amount- 1
jr.K to C!o«.'.iS. WilJiard U. EHifon was appointed !
-Involuntary sssinst th»« Standard Churn Manu- j
facinrlne Company, of No. 127 Franklin f-tret-t.
by Andrew Cone and others, whose claims aggre-'i
gate 'fjCi.L9. , . !
Involuntary acam*i J<;hr. J. Wancr. grocer, of |
%-„ 41, ya*i 4"'h Hrwt, by Palnier A Pierce and
others wt.ose claims amount to 51.152.0.
In'oitintars' against Jacob D. Fisjcher, milliner, j
-f Vo' 135 Rivington ftreet. by Heinschrtmer i
Brothers and another, whose ciaim* ire JTL'fi 25. I
Alfred Roelke. jr.. «a> appointed rerHver. The,
stock ifc faid to tf-. w-rth .r.'W an- the «.ut«tand- ;
Voluntary ' Chark-s A. Lefevre. No. 443 V**t 83th
ctre*A» liabilities. t'-.^V.; BO ataetz. Ho owe« Joseph ;
... llaWlW ti.47161; assets, |250:
Volunt-irv Herman Frlshman. lud Rlove .leai>r, j
r ' Ko « Trenne B: Uabilities. !.Ci: ; no assets.
Th- acnedul** nt William H. l>->nohu«. florißt. of
S 7, r K*~i 2Sth ftreet, give liablUties nt r,'.32l a. j
*lj!? *r2hesiSi« of DaviJ Snlomo.i chow liahilitie"
Z7?? fflatnV»M«U of IUGBSW tha latter inrjud
l^rfmb Insurance pilicy for J1.0.W. parable to his j
*TThi «^i^!;ile.< of Schuimaa -t GcMst«in, makers I
o < cuJintnd Witt*, show HabiliUca of $43,133 09 and
asset* of H&aV •
New York. October 12. 100 S.
Peana. cbls 125; Ist!--, bales 200
Peas, bush 33! Wool, bales
Or3ss seed. sac.« 815; Wool. sack:? „ 118
•Heps, bales . . . 253 Almond*, sacks .. . 3fO
Oil cake, s^cks 3.WXI Apples, bb!s .^ «.R7;«
Hay. tons 350 j Potatoes, fcb!a 13.400
Straw, tens ....... 50) Onions, bbls v «w 0
Oornmeal. sacks . ... 2.375, CrsjiberrlcE. pkgs 3"C>
Mill feed, tons UliOranses. Fla.. pkgs.. 2,060
Oatmeal, bbls 1.514 ; Peanuts. ,acks I.OJO
Whiskey, bbls tea Pecmi sacks 1.77:,
Pork, bbls «; Raisins, pkgs 5.800
Hams, boxes 1381 Rice hbls 25
Bacon, tea 40 [ Rice, pkts S,MU
Cat meats, pkmi . 672! Grapes. 'Cal. pkys... 27.475
Lard, tcs l.OitS! Lemons. Cal., pkjrs. .. 3M
Lard. keß» ;i7:; Oranges, ("al., pkgs.. UM
I^rd. cases l..::. Peaches. CaL. pkKs... 14.S»^>
Corned beef, cases.. BBS Pea Cal.. pkss 3.375
Tallow, mis 7; Plums. Cal.. pkgs 5.57 T.
Greasp. pkai 470, Pineapples. Fla.. itm '• ■•
Lubricating oil. bbls 285 1 Copper bars 0.550
Cottonseeti oil. bbls.. !.'...• Ccpper matte, sacks.. 1,3.".0
Soap stock, ■ -is . .. 25 ; Pitch bbls . .. VS.
O!eu stock, tcs 71"' Rcsln. ! .!- a ...... 1,475
Wheat, bush 37.900 Rosin oil MMa •'■
Corn, bush .-.. . 8.675: Sp. turpentine, bbls . 4U>
Oats, bush 76.51.« i; Hides. No X 1,250
Barley, bush 75.800 Hides, bundles 1.87r.
Rye. bosh 2.1)25. Molasses, bbls
Malt, bush . -•■■;.. bale? ■ J«O
Flour, hbls ». 145; Mustard seed, sacks.. U<U
Floor, sacks 47,347[ Suear. bblF .. . 3M
Buuer. ;iiw 6.284 : Tobacco, hhds 42T.
Cheese, I ltd ■!:•. Tohaci-o to? 175
Bap, pfcaa . . 7 ■. ■ Tobacco. pkg« 2.77r>
Pressed poultry, bbls 902 1 Wine Cal. bbls . . £"<>
Live poultry, crates.. 4::7 ; Brandy Cat. bbls . . '.'■•
Cotton bales 7,275
Wheat. bu«h 460.3a9iRosin M ■ . i<o
Oat.«. bush . ... lG"jPit.-h bbls CO
Rye. bush S.tfoTj Refined pet. . sals. r.3.1."a.5T.7
Barley, bust l-i .'■"« Naphtha. Rils . . i.fKiO
Flaxseed. bu.«h 41.3<?3 Benzine, gals ::.<««>
Peas, bush 3^2 ; Cottonseed ell. gals. 27.Ki">
gjoor. bbls ... . 1.297 Lubricating oil sals «iu.«r.<)
Flour, sacks 27.401 i Pork bbls 3T.2
Cornmeal. bbls . • this 2T>3
Feed. Tb . 53 *00 Beef! tea 2.'!S
Grass seed, t>a?s... 1.2G5; Bacon. n> 3SSUSSS
Whisker, gals 4*>o:lard. - LliS.l%
Oilmeai. " ITo.OOOlLard oil, ci a " ■•
Oii'-ake. in 1.52J,700 1 Grease. 7b uz.wu
Spirits turp, gals.. _.7- •>.
Wheat, bush " $>si.rM*;'Pitch. bbis .T.*>
Com. bush ■ .'•.7 f> 2 : Crude pet. sals 2,-1?3..'H7
Oats, hush 12.933 j Re«ned pet gals. . .6.003.714
Rye. bush a3.tvUi Naphtha, sals 1.500
Barley, bush ... .11.916, Benzine _. 2.o<>!>
riaxseexl. b us h »l.o0ri! Ga*olen« ;•• a i 2">l
Peas, bush ;i.74fi> - ottonseed „11. jral'- Xi*.'S.¥>
Pear;- ; nsfa 2.fc«'.s! Lubricating oil. sals.l 077. 1."«>
Flour. bM= I6,loS:Pork bbl* 1,133
Flour, sack- . 71.2"' j Beef, bbl? 781
<"orr<meal. bbls.^. .. tcs >W3
Feed. Th l>»o.4o<>' Bacon, It S.S.lft.S'V*
Bran. T^ . z4.TK>Hams. It n3.Bf)
Grasß bags... 3.fu;> Lard. n> 4,512..1'<.'>
Hay. bales 178 ! Lard oil. trals 7"n>
Hops. hal-?3 Sin ' Stearlac m 23 "•'
Whiskey gala 1.311' ! Tallo-tv fb 7G,r««
Ollrneal.'tb 47..'- Grease.' ™ 1.172,400
Oilcake. Tb 4.2lS.^'Hi! Butter. U. 17.aV)
Spirits turp. uala . 3.900 Cheese, rb . 234,600
Rosiq. btl3 1.134
Iron. Nor. No If:.' S;u I Cotton, middline 9 1">
Iron. So x o i jtf s7' s j<'ofree. No 7 Rio C,\i
Steel rails 2P 00 I Sugar, granulated S
Lake copper. Ingots. 13 Z*l JMolas^es. 0 K. prime 4"
Tin .28 30 Beef family $17 I*4
Cxcfaaiura lead 4 42 V Beef ham? Jij .<">
Spelter . 4 ~ | Tallow rritr.e <;
Wheat. No 2 red... lOOTilPork. mess IC 7S
Cars, No 2 mixed IjlHogs. dre?sed 160 7t>.
Oats. 38 to 82 Tb.-v. p-.-'ilLard. prime ,10 0
Flour. Mpls, patent? 555 | >
_^ New York. October 12. 1903.
' OI"F"KIi — The coffee market was more &ct.iv^ t.j»
j day and generally steady, with prices rernvering a sligjt
, early loss and closing net unchanged. Sales were r.:
ported of. 27.500 bag:. Th» market opened unchanged :o
. 3 points lower In response to lower Kur^pear. cable*.
' Havre being % franc lower and Harr.burg '-♦'g'-j p"ac
lower at the hour of the local opening. Later Have
, recovered «4 • inc. but Hamburg closed at the Initial
..gures. so that there was not.iing In the European a I
vicea to create fre«h eer.titnen: in favor of the mark-n
i locally. Neither was th«re anything to encourage pur—
. chases in the Brazilian news apparently. Of the primary
' markets Rio was unchanged. whKe Sarrtos way 75 r?l3
■ l'.uer >.n -• and 6<i reis lower on 7s. Re<-eipts at tlia
; two p<-rts were 79.000 bags, azainst 02.<XK) two ;. .-ars ago,
j and the rain reported in Sao Paulo was eimsldered
! favorable from a new enp standpoint. The buying he-e
j appeared to be ,-hieriy for local acccuct. and pan of it
j wa.« by brokers with Important Wall Street cjr.nectior.s-.
I but whether It represented covering of shorts or venture!
I on the long side was considered uncertain. Trade interests
j were moderate sellers daring the day. presumably against
! purchase* in Brazil. The market for spot coffee «is
I quie:, with quotations on the basis of 66 I4Cl 4C for Rio No 7.
The total warehouse deliveries in the United States fjr
1 tne •reel amounted to 12;<.5. r KS bar?, against 110.75S last
I week and 82.631 bags last rear. Of the former amount
I New York had 107,<120 bags. The weekly movement of
coffee at Brazilian poinlts warn as follows: R:o clear
ances, 132,000 bags, including 43.000 t o the Uni-.ed States.
I 84.000 to Europe and North Africa and Z.i**) to ■.'are.
i River Plate and west const of South America. Sant js
! clearances. (46.01 bags, including IW,(*N) to the I'nit-d
I States, 25t">.000 to Europe and North Africa and 2,<*jo to
< 'ape. River Plate and we«t coast of South America.
Santos shipments. 575.000 bags. Including 201, 0Q0 ior ie
. T'r.ited States and '• >•'■"..■■■ Victoria, clear
ances. 21.C110 -.o Oie Cniied States. The Bahla weekly
i movement follows: Receipts. 3.000 begrs: stock. .i-<.<X»O
bags; clearances were 2.i*x> to (iTmanv and 2.000 eia*
t -where. The receipts at Rio and Santos for the week
totalled 509.000 bag?, against 300, 0u0 last w»ek, 37fi <hj«>
las: y«-ar and 500.000 in 1".*O»;.
The rangr of contract prices in the 10-aJ market to
day wa.« as follows:
Op?nlng. H'gh. Ij-.w. r~[o*i>. day.
October 5.55 5.63 5.55 5.55Q5.60 5-55
Novemtwr 5.43 :.■-..•»:. i4s'sj s.s<» 5.43
j December 0.45 ,"j.4."> 5 4." 3.4593.50 r-.45
Januar.- — — — . 5.401&5.45 5.40
I February . — — .".3T.Gr. 40 5.35
I March SSaf 5.33 5- [email protected] 5Js
April — — 5. ,->..-.{! r,.4i> 5.35
! May v.35 5.33 6.35 5.35fi 340 5.35
June — — — 5.33#0.40 5.35
Juiy •'■ +■ 5.40 SSS [email protected] S :t5
rust ...S •»" 5.40 6.40 5.4055.43 A.4(t
September 5.40 StO 5.40 6.40Q5.45 T..40
COTTON— The cotton market lost part of a Fha-p
opening advance, but closed steady :- tone, with pricea
h«l3 points net higher. Sales for the day were ~stimat»d
at loti.oc.x) bales. The upward movement was due to
. better Liverpool cables than expected and reports that
i Lancashire operatives had agreed to accept the 5 per cent
j reduction in wages, providing the question couid be r^
i opened in three months. Later, however. <-at>lr>s were re
ceiver! saying that the masters shewed no s j^ nB r ,{ ae _
j cepttss this proposition. It was considered In l.x-al circles
I that the proposal of the ; . ■■--.. indicative of a
I weakening on their part, which would be speedily followed
j by a settlement of the troubles and a renewal o" activity.
I This lew at the situation found expression in the shape
of covering and snrne buying for in\ esiment account, which
I was offset to a large extent by continued Southern h"'i^e
j selling and realizing by old lungs. The market opened
log 17 points net higher. Fold off to within :5 or 4 points
I of Saturday's close, then steadied again with last prices,
] only 3 or 4 points off from, the best on active m>nt^s.
; The big -.-.■■■ receipts at lea,j;n ?
I points helped the decline during th" ... hut dv Is
I r'aimed that these rene.-te<3 & much larger forward buU
j ness tnan the trade ha.i imagined, and. while advices frcrn
I Southern markets were more or Ices conflicting, the quo
tations officially reported were unchanged to .1-16? higti' r.
' Wires from New Orleans said that short? had covered.
j The weather map was somewhat uisapp.>inting from a
I t«ulli«h standpoint, in that no fros:s were shown over
; Sunday.
The range of contract prices in the lotal market to-day
: was as follows:
Opening High. Low Close. day.
October 8.03 8.03 >.m B.*tf»@» 00 s. Hfi
November 8.72 £.72 8.72 5.74@^.7« f-.fid
December 373 5,77 g _qq R.75«fi.78 S.W
January 5.55 8.57 S.4fi 8.M98.55 R. 45
! February 8.30 S.'M 5.50 8.53Q8-55 ». 42
[March 8.65 vSO » 4.1 KZIQ — - yj.
! May S.4S 8.4S S4" 84" I - 4fi S.3G
j July 8.48 v«- *4" ft.sSOß.aa 5.34
The local market for spot cotton was Quiet, with
, prices 10 points higher at D.200 for mid'Hlne upland
and 9.4.* pc for middling Gulf. Southern spot markft«
»fr«. telegraphed as follows: Mobile steady, un
rhangeo at Sll-lfic; tales. 2no bales; Savannah steady.
) 3-lfic higher at S\c: sal«s. r..fisC bales: Chariest in
[ steady, ',c higher at S^c: sales. 4i«» bales. Norfolk
steady, i»c higher at J»c. sales. ."4« t.ales. Baltimore.
holiday; Augusta steady. 3-ltic higher at S" s c; eal<«3.
I 715 bales; Little Rock quiet, unchanged at SUe; St.
i Louis qai< unchanged at f»c; oaleo ;!i>4 bales": Wil-
I mlugtou tjulet. higher ..■-■, Gnlveston steady.
! unchanged at !»c: sales. n..TTI bales; New Orleans
! steady. 1-lHc higher at S* s c; sales, .I.:ion bales: Hous- I
! ton steady, unchanged at 8c; sales. 1.470 halfs: Mem- i
j phis quieu unchanged at S"«c: sales, 4.C00 hales Es- I
i timated rec-ipts at leading points for Tuesday: At I
i New Orleans. 12.000 to 14.000 l a!es. against t<.043 last ■
■ week and 10.6:>N last year; a 1a 1 Hou%ton. 83,000 to 34,000 !
; bales, against -- last -n*-.»k and 11.047 last year:
I ai Galveston. SS 3Ofl to 37.500 bales, against. 35,007
; last veeic and 11.030 last year.
Cotton Exchange special Liverpool cables: Spot cot
ton dull: sales, 5,000 bales; speculation and expo-t, 1
30O; American. 4.00 receipts. 17.000; American.
16.000; middling -jj.lanii ,"..O4<l. Futures opened steady,
10 points higher on 't r and s points up on late
-months; closed barely Heady, at a net advance, of
JH.gs points Octobar, 4".M: October-November, '
4«4'rd: Novembei-Dei-embe.-, 4.58 d; r>ecember-.lanu- j
ary. 4 sS'id: Jan<n:ry-reiiruary. February-March.
llat"h -April and April-May. 4.."M: May-June and
June-July. 4.T.7V1: ...... Manchester
— Yarns quiet ani! firm: cloths dull.
Pl.orit .1M) 31KAI-- Flour was in poor demand to
<in\. with 1 noes U!icnangf:<j Wlnfr .-traights rompiised !
tlie bulk of the sales. Kye flour %ui»-t at ild quotationj
The follovlsc are pri.-es quot'd v.n the New York Prwiuce
Ki^hark?; FLOl'R— Spring patents. J."> 4"tj S«> '•<•: winter
straigiis. ?4 .".'.9*4 5": winter patent*. f4 f.ii a J4 S%: spring '
■ lean $4 203*4(15: utra No 1 wlntf-r. f.'( n.-,«Js.'l !«t-
No 2 winter. J3 BOCI3 80, BUCKWHEAT FIX)CK-fM*r
ket ntetdy. Quote.!: $.". l^fij:! 2T> per ]0O n.. in
IvYE FLOUR — Steady. Quoterj: F<«lr 10 good. $4 2T.<?
$i <V> clroUe to fancy. *4 ?i«3s4 «!0. rORNMEAL— Steac>
<jno'ed: Kiln dried. ?4 15 li.Ar; MEAL— fitfsdy. Qnoted:
Fine white and yellow, *1 70: c.-.arae, $1 «S. FF.r;!»—
Western and city fBF> . C'uoted: Western. s,>rlng. J2S s r . ;
standard .niddling. 52:', *=."•: flour dn. J27 fir. ; red (jo?.( jo ? . |2» h.'.
cltv t-rsn, 522 2Ti in bulk. $23 35(9J2." «J ;n sa.ks; rr.M
d:inj< *-"7 O: red dos. f2»W, all Ortot^r ihlpmerU; lion-
Iriy 'hop. fS>SO in bulk, $30 70 In Barks; fiilmeal, «f.iL' SO
<;ifAIN— WHKAI The wheat market had a weak
opening nt c decline cf V»c. This loai waa inc:?a*f-d to
><«■. Th» early n»akn'«ii was accounted tor by poor
cable*, a g'rf.-d advancM In jmprnved politiral
■findltlins abroad and heavy Xorthu»'!crn receipts. »ltn
Minnean^ilU stocks In-reiuiM 750.0D0 buah v. ithiti a mat
ter cf two day*. Then «m» c jally of *•»■•. This v\as
due to cofjtinucd dry weatii*r In the .vir.ler wheat tj<-lt
und predictions cf more of It for thp next twenty-four j
ho'irs. art<] a ruins temperaturf-. at that. Asaln ne
market ;i!rne<l easier under o bearish promise from tne I
Ani^rlcan visible fignr^f. whlcji. when complete], showed j
»n Jncrraa* of 3.371.(X'i0 bush. The rnaiUet thereupon Isat |
the advance «nd ruled f'-ehle. The amount of wheat <m j
j>«s«sge sl.cwed an in.-r»>ase .if 1.000,000 bunh. Tha vifl
!>'» eupplv is now S7,<S3SjOOO bush, against 4ZOIZOOO latt
ear Total on r-as^MCe and visible. "1,012,000 bum.
aci!n»t 75..V:2.i v V) bush last y«ar. For the remßtlMter of
th« »e««|i)n the market vup featuielen.s, eloalßC easy at
a net dedire cf s «@Vjc. The Inntllry from exporters v u,
iii«app«irt!::g. A commission ROttsa liati reports 'milcat-
Ing Ihf following rpdtlCtima in ncrepge: Ohio. 24 per cert;
Ukia&oma, la i«« ceut; KatMaaast 12 per MaVj Kaatasa t
8 per Cent; Missouri; ff per tent; Illinois. 7 per
•MR, and Indiana, « per rent, while Texas »i»»i
an increaao of 5 per cent and lowa an incrfise of
W per cent. On total icreai these returns suygeit a
decrease of 7 ! i prr cent. The statement of the l>omtn
ion ffovemnicnt based on, the thrashing returns fo far,
makes the average yield of xrh'"at \~\i bu?h. ami the
tota.l crop ll.'.Bul.mxi bush; barley. 20 bush, with total
oro:> ,V>.723.u<j<i bush: oats.- 23 huih, with total crop of
257.631,000 bush, and rye. i- 4 bush, or 1.883,000
bash crop. A disratch from Winnipeg rej^.rts a gteat
deal of difficulty in handling Ie Manitoba cn.p this year
at terminal elevators, owlr-s to the fact that »it!> the
large, movement the great number of grade* is making
it extremely difficult to handle their terminal facilities
to advantage. Cables rtiHirte.l tne weather In Great
Britain as hrie; matber in northern France fine, forecast
cloudy; southern France fine, forecast fine; wt*ath<?r in
i U«riin an.l Budapest t-plenuid. CMmb wheat closed a? fcl-
Iowr: No 2 red. *1 O7 T s©*l •>>» in elev»t«M and #1 <»>'» f o
b afloat; .No I N'artherc Duluth. $1 lo^t. and No 2 hard
I winter. SI 10, fob aßoat. CORN — Corn iiai a feeble
I opening West and nominally that here, Dut locally corn
is m-gieet'ii: the market weakened with tlie West only
! to raily on th« same leadership, ("cntinaed .Try weatr.er
' In the corn belt, favorable to curing and marketing the
crop, give a generally poor ur Jrrtone to the outlook, and
In tlie afternoon phase* or the field were in buyers'
favor. The clcsins was Ir^ireiv steady at a net ctcime
of We Visible supply of com. 3T2.0C0 bosh leaa than
last week. Total com. vis.bie »n passage. 14.:»:)0.iHi0 bush;
last year, lo.mj2.oto> bush. Caali corn iocaliy closed as
follow*; No 2, *•-!■ nominal in elevator and .M'jc nominal
fob afloat, to arrive OATri — Oats ruW easier, with
the general downward tendency In corn. The market
for the cash property clos«*l as fellows: Mixed. 2t> to :t2
tt\ "2553 c; natural white, 38 to 31 rb. 53054 C and clicped
white. 32 to 40 Tb. 54^i 2-"S9'*;. Visible supply of oat.'.
377.000 bush more than last week. Total new, S,l*stt.t««>
bush, asainst S.«U7.i)U<> bush last year. KYE — Market
duli: No S \Ves?tem. £4\c nominal fob afloa?. UAKLEY
— Market quiet; maiting. «st'@6Sc c i [ Buffalo, and feed
ing, *Ri%c c i f »w York.
Wheat: Opening. High. Low, Close. day.
Dc-ember . . ?1 104 $lfl : - $1 10H Jl 10% $1 lv*»
May 1 10's 1 IIS 1 l'! ; » 111 1 11-*
Dcceniber ...... — — ' — "* Jjj ♦
May — — — 73* i 73 '»
December 101U 1 <rj;* 1 oo'i I*l I MH
May I(4', lor," IIS * lf>3:» IMi
.'ulv 08 1 , 100% &S : * y» 08*
Corn: , _
December M 4 64 » 644 C4S o4 4
May 64-4. MS 64', 64 J » '-* -
July »«^ C 3*4 &3H tGS '"' •♦
December tnhs 43H 4&H 49^ 49 1 *
ilay :,!'* ■"■■ , M : <» 51H ol 1 *
.lu.y 47 47 46^» 46T» 4 i
January _ 9 30 9 40 930 9 32 9 25
May .......... 8-2 »32 OZi b27 8-•8 -•
January S3O 533 525 S C 5? SO
May - 27 - 37 * 27 - -" S*>
January 15 52 15 67 15 52 15 5T 15 £7
3lay 15 4' • 15 55 15 10 IS 40 1^ sl>
METALS— TIN— London market m lower,
with spot quoted at £132 12s «5d and future* at £134 2s «...
The local market was quiet, with spot quot»d at J9.lJ!i^
21 30c. < "OFFER a^rvanocJ to iZ'.* 15s in London for spot.
while* futures were quoted at £H0 12s Od. The local mar
ket was dull and uncaar.p-d. with lake quoted at 18.37 •*«
13.62»,c. eiectrolytic at 13.12^^ IS."7Sc anrt pasting at
12.57^513.12 I2C.l 2C. LEAD was easier at £13 T.s »d in Lon
don The. local market w.is dull ana unchanged at 4.4!>#
4.4 V. SPELTER advanced to £19 15s in tne «£" d0 °
ir.arki't 1-ocally" the, market, remained <i\iU a' 4. i-»(?
4.77 Mi: IRON— The English market was Idgher. wit.".
standard fenndry quoted at 49s and Clerelana^warraati
at SOn TN" looa! market v.-as unchanged. >o - iiur.ctrr
Northern was quoted at $loHsl6 73. PI? ir"n c»rtlflcatfa
on tho Priduce ExchanKe continue dull and unonane-*.!.
with regulars quoted as follows: Cash. $1.. ■^•6,s\ft: Octo
ber $IS6OfiSIS73; November Jls .".""SSI'S, and tiecemV.^r,
$15 iSIB 25.
MOLASSES AST) fSYRITS— The market for syrups
wai strad. %rd unchanged. Molasses ruled firm and un
changed. 'Qu nations follow: SIOLA^SES. N>» 2<J^. S .
f^r.tnfjKal. ccmrocn. 16®I*-: faiT. 19«S2e: g^^l. ~«-t'
primp 23Q30c- New Orleans open kettle. 2."-y4li-;
BYBUFS. common. 15517<- : fair, l'i#2oc; food. ll>-a— c:
prime 21@25c: fancy. 27@30c
OILS Cottonseed oil was a shade easier for spot.
but steady for futures on scarcity of <-rud# offerings
and scattered rnmmirmon house demand. Sales: -'<<)
spot 38%e; 1 700 October. 38%f138%c: UiO November.
38Uc- 300 December. SSKe; l.c'O January. 3-^ 41".4 1 ". ana
1 000 ' May, 5.30 @ 5.25C. Refined petroleum continued
steady at rec-nt prices. Linseed oil was unchanged.
We'auote: PETROLEUM— Standard white, bbls. S.SOC;
bulk. Zc; Philadelphia. fe.4Sc: bulk. 4 O.V: refined.
rases. New York. 10.00 c: Philadelphia. 3° s - c - W 9,',° r
whit» Yew York. bbls. lftc; bulk. 6.60 c: Philadelphia.
».S3c; bulk. 6.4r.c: water white, jenaen. Jig* nr ' i
12.40c; Philadelphia. 12.U5C. COTTONSEED OIL—
Prime crude. Sue; prime summer yellow, ****-**(£s.
- .
: -
old, 59@30Uc; new. 3-20®5.Z8c. and May. *-H--'' c >.
off summer yellow. October. 3S @ 3S-c; S'»od oIT sum
mer ye;iow. 374©3S»ic; prime white. *oO*^*^
pnme winter yellow, 43' s «44Sc LIN.-KEP OO-
Amertcan «e-d. city raw. «3©4Sc; ont-of-town raw.
UO4Sc; Calcutta raw. 70c. LARD OIL. i-c.
PROVISION'S — The general market for provisions
waa weakened by a Bevera break in October r^rk and
libs at Chicago; prices wer« generally lower and the
tendency at the close of the majrket waa »tiu '' own .
ward under heavy re^iris of hogs an.! 'actual ar.,l
prospective. Receipts of hoes at Chicago to-day were
28,000 head Kansas City hxl 13.000. and "maiu 4.'«f>o.
with 69.000 at aii Western points. FURK- Barely Etendy.
Quoted: Me-*. $15 S.msl7: family. *&&& *>! i^PJnSjSf: '
5203522. BEEF— Steady. Quoted: Mess. »13 ofK&JI*.
family Jl6 756*1730; par-ket. $15©516; extra lnd.a mess,
*21 a'xgSin. BEEF HAM.'*- Quiet; quoted at *-?^8»-^-
DRE?SED HOGS— Busy. Quote-i: Bacons. S'-c; l^i) IB
hSc; 160 rb. S»*c: 140 It). SS r»o;r »o; plus. «'-»••. (IT JIEAiS
—Pickled bellies quiet. Quotfd: Smoking. ll**c: 10 ID,
U«cl 12 rb. H«c; 14 lb. IH4C. Pickled harr.s steady:
quoted at Ul-'g-12c.U 1 -'g-12c. TALLOW-* Easy. City 60: coun
try s%@6Hc LARP— Easy. Quote.i: Middle Tl extern.
» flr.*??!!) !'.-.<-. City lard easy; quoted at ft'U&l 0 *' nominal.
Refined iard easy. Qu-ted: South America. 11 ..W; <_ont>
nent. lf>.«r.o; Briil! keps.<lSe. Comp.-und lult: quote,,
at 7%eßc. STEAKINEJ— Barely steady. Quoted. Oieo,
13U@13"ic Cjty lard s.ear.ne. 12S12 1 ! 1-'1 -'-
UK E— The rice market was steady and unchanged
he-e with slow demand, and ai Southern points there
was 'a quite Rood movement at full but unchar.K-d
prices and the general temper of the market was |
firm 'Quotations follow:: Screenings. 2-V <» .>c: prdi
r.a'rv 4fj4' 4 c: fair. 4U®i\c: good ordinary. .>■?..^c;
prime. •'• v w :> % c : chcice, 6@6 : *c: Patna foreign, o® |
6c; Rangoon. 4^?? sc. ]
>l'<i ; %B The market for refined sugar was diTl! arsd |
unV'ianged. The following ar» list prices, subject to 1
a rebate of !■> points and a discount of 1 per c?nt I^r :
.-ash seven days Crystal dominos. 7..V ) c; £.ag!e tar>- .
lets'7.3n<-; cut lent. .">.<SOc: crushed. .Virtr ; mou.rl A. ,
->",jr- <-übes Easl.-' r.-lb bags powdered and Eagl-^ I
confection.- rs- granulated, 5.250; XXXX powdered, j
.', 15c; powdered, coarse powdered and trttlt powdereri. ,
.". 10c; Ea«r!e coar?e and extm fine pranulate<i. «-,
Easle 2-!b cartons of flnA (franulateil. .>-0c: --ID
ba?s d" 5.30 c: .".'--!b has* do. 5.25 c: 5-1!. bags d- •
5.20 c: 10-Ih tutu do, 5J5c; Eajle fine or standard I
c-anulated and diamond A, sc; 2.. and ..n Ih bacs ,
of fine granulated. 5.01 confectioners' A. 4.SOc; No 1
I. 4SOc: Nos J and ?.. 4.7."<-: No 4. 4.7 dv: No 5. 4.«-k-: ■
Xo 6 4We No 7 4.55 c: No 8. 4.r»o<-; No f». 4.4r.c: No I
in 4.33 c: No 11. 4.30 c; No 12. 4.25 c; So 13. 4.2'K-; j
No« 14 15 and 16. 4.1.".c. London cahW a firmer ,
market 1 beet sugars, with a rise of \d In quoted |
priceF This put C>ctober and November at P» v»d and j
May at 0» ".•'«d. The local market for raw susrar was
Still inactive, with refiners indifferent. Hone; • the •
cheapest sugars offered are some Javas in store at I
Tils «d. which is the equal of S.USc. duty paid l>asis^ j
But the quoted prices an> BtUl more or less nominal j
ir. the absence of business for more than a week
Duty paid prices were thus quoted: Centrifugal. !'«
test' 3.»3.'5-:i.r«S.-: muscovado. Kit test. 3. 43 ©3.43 c, and
molasses augar. 89 test, 3.13© 3.^C
New York. October 12. 190S
BEANS AND PEAS There is a little m^re pressure
i to sell new domestic medium and pea. and slightly
i lower prices ar« h^insr named, but otherwise the mar
; ket is quiet and without change or feature. W,- quote:
; BE\NS — .Medium and pea. l'.ms, choice. $2 :'.2>^ $■--'>•"•;
' do imported marrow. l!>07. $2 03fr$2 1">: do pea. 19<>7.
' JIOOSJ2 10; do medium. 190 T. $1 SiiflJU: white kid
! ney IW7. choice. $2 30 iff $2 35; red kidney. 1»"7.
, choice, dry. Si' ll>Ss2 15; do common to pood. 51 7.T?
j $2; black turtle soup, choice. $1 7<J's Jl 73: do corn
1 mon to Rood. $1 HfQ%l 6,".: do lima. California, choice.
!$3 200 53 25. TEAS — Scotch. 1908, bags, per bushel. $-.
BUTTER — Receipts to-day. C.234 pkjrs. The market
: opens with rather a quiet trade. The weather is
bright and cool and favorable to the use of Jtorase
goods, which are supplanting to some extent the
trade in fresh. The supply of strict'y fancy fresh
. goods, however, is Bmall und for such there seems
to be demand enough to maintain prices on the. line
of late quotation Some receivers, however, report
' rather a quiet market even In the best grades, and the
I secondary anil lower grades of creamery are moving
, slowly at very irregular prices, thest being In com
i petition with h»ld kooils and with the better grades
lof process. I'roc«-sn butter meets a fajr demand in
i the highest grades, but the lower qualities an- dull.
! Factory auiet but steady. Parkins stork held with
i some confidence under firm Western advices, but the
; demand Is not active. We quote: Creamery, specials.
! per lh. 28028>4e: «io p'xtras. L'7 ! -c: firsts. 23 ©28 c;
seconds 20 14 (fr 22c; do thirds. lS©l»Hc; do hel.l.
specials. 26 H ©27c; <lo extra*. J."> » ~ W2«k- ; state dairy
i tuhs. finest. 'J.*»-: do good to choice. 22<)24e: do com
' mon to fair. 18©2lc: process, specials. 23c; <!o extras.
I 22c: do firsts. l(t@2oc; do seconds. 17jfil«.-: thirds. 15
I (ilfiUo: Western Imitation creamery, firsts. ISUfI
I 'JOe; Western factory, firsts. I!>"jl9Uc: seconds, IVQ;
I 18<~c; third?. 17^17'-c: packing sU>ck. No 2. 17@
I 17i\<-; do No 3. ICY.C
CHEESE — Receipts to-day, l.lfirt boxes. Trading
i continues very quiet, but holders are still Inclined to
be arm in their views and wilMnc to ai-r-umulate the
present fancy good keeping quality September made
cheeses. Receipts are still keeping Tip fairly though
beginning to show some falling off. and supplies will
naturally show increarins shrinkage from now on.
! Roth local and out of town dealers appear to he
pretty well fljied up for the tlm« beinr. and chow
little disposition 11 operate While fancy grades are
i nrrnly held all eraden b»'f.w fancy show a little easier
I tone Th.> higher grades of skims sell fairly and
I pneen firm'y belj. but cheap skims *e!> fairly an.l
caMe: Finest ("ar.adian. new, fils for colored and SOa
for whits We quote: Ptat«. fall cream, sptviais. 13 Vi
814:4 c; 'lo small, colored or white, fancy, 13c: do
larse. colored or white, fancy, 12 l s«-: do good to
prime. 12®12Hc: do common to fair 10^£Oll%c; do
I skims. I'j lb. specials. JO\e: do nkims. fine. S '« f?
I !> : <c; do fair to good. rifiTi,c: do rommon. B^O-tHc:
I full skims. 2f?.".c. Note — The cUssiftcatioti nf 'specials
; incinile* Toting Amerlcaa. Daisies and small sizes of
I flats of very high quality.
K»;<;s — Receipts to-day. 7.114 cases. Arrivals are
ligh' an.J high grade fresh eggs continue Fi-arce ami
firm: bat th* market is quiet fur more seriously mixed
'iualities. for whicb values show a very wi.l» rar.^e.
Storah" tSf are in moderate demand and srt-ady. We
nuf.to: State. Penntylvania end nearhy selected white.
fancy. :;r, <? :!7c -, do fair to choice. 2.5t!.:.v-: do lower
prade*. 2."'i(-7.^: do brown an«i mixed, fancy. :tOft:;-jc;
do fair to choice, 2«©2Bc: do lower grades. 2.T '«■ 2?f :
Western firsts, 2TO2Sc: <lo Rrsta. '24Q-i\<-: do
seconds. 22023 c; do thirds. 19921 c; dirties 14<H:»r;
checks, i-fti'r; refrlgeratDr, April packed. 21fti:_"-;c;
uo May. 2iC^S"_'2c; IJO summer. l'jtfpiz\r.
FBI ! i ■ FRESH —Apples flrm and higher for fancy.
Choice pfnrs selling well. yui:n-en steady. Ivaches In
li^ht snrpiy and steaiiy. Not many piums arriving rjrap:-s
plenty, but rneetink, a go.>il outlet 1 "ranb.>rrieii higher, but
movtnc vatlier ■lowly. Three ;-ar« nf musKr^elons arrived
and -■■ ias quoted. t?rar,t;es held stea.i). Grapefrall plenty
and .-l-i.-r i-ia'apil'j weak. We ., note: APPLES. Mclntosh.
I*r double head btl. |2SCOS3; do Alexander an 1 Graven
itein, $'J TavQs3 50: do Snow. $28M?$4 25; do Maiden lilujh,
t2SSCS3 9: .1" Strawbernr, S2iasZoO. d,-. Twenty Ounce.
f2.V>OS3; .lo Twenty Ounce Pinpli. J2 25i!*.t: do Wealthy,
$2 2.'.'tfs.T sf : <lo l>n Imvls. J2lts2 80: do King J2 2T.'i»
M2S; dr. Baldwin, SI7SOS37S; .I^. !lubbar<lson. *1 7Jt?
$2 7.'.; da Ho!!*n,i. Fall or York Pippin. (2 354.53; do
Creenlngi!, 11341X2 90; do Pound Sweet. J! S4»-'f?2 50; d.i
R!b I'lppln and oiher ordinary lorta. Jl 50: i<o double head
bhln. p<«r to fair. <l-.;*l 80; .'.j oiien h-ad hM*. TScfiJl ,',i»;
do far Western. P'>r Uuah fx-.t. |12.V?J$2 2j. i'HAB
large, prr bti). *2 sutisr 1 ; do cranll. $.*>-if*7;
PEARS Pnrtleit, per libl. R.tgiTi; do per 't hi\ basket.
Jl 254M2: do per bush handle basket, TSc'tTtl .'.fl: do per
keg. JiftSl .10; do Socket, larpe. per bbl, t4O|3j «!o email,
f^(«*4; <1o per 4 bhl basket. flriHl ,V); do p<-r hush handls
baekit, T&c'jjl S7; ao yer Keg, TScSSI 23; do Detu-rt Dote,
per bbl. $2 50^54: flo Effurre d'AnJoa. $l.v>«s2V <!»
P-eurre tfra***. *i *'**- do «iii«l<ion.- $1 75^52 iO:
(jo Le Conte. Jersey, $1 s««si 75; do Kieffer. per doub;»
hpaJ bhl. ?lfls2 2.".: io op*n *■••»■•) bbl. 7.Vv;»: 50: do per
basket jO4rTsc- do other onlinarv varieties. p*r bb;. $19
?1 .'.'•; QfINCES. per btl. $2 s*rtx?4: PEACTIKS. VtUttn
New York p-T carrier. SItjSI 7r>; <li> per basket. 4<>6H.">c;
do "high hat.'." 40re$l 70: «k> fennsvtvanla. per bask-t.
Wr«|l do uprlver. per basket. 4l*"ft Jl : .io West Vir~ln,a.
per carrier, 11*1*17.' do per ha«k«t. iocS*l; PLfM*
Western New York, per »-» basket. ir,-**'. . GR-\PES.
Western New York. Delaware, p-r 4-Itv bask't. "31-c:
[ <!o Niagara. VHllc; do Sakrn, »#t»c; t;o foncord, per *-n>
basket. 17gl»-.-: do 4-n> basket. 881 lc: do Bprtrer.
Ix-laware p»r case, »mk-©sl: do per 2!VR> hanker. EOBVC,
!do t *r 4-It> basket. O^llc; do Nianara. per case. 5t!37--:
( do other white klndu, per case. 4«-'S6O.-: do Niagara, per
f 20-n> basket 3CC3.V: do t>«r 4-tlj basket. ■ do o tfl '£
I white, per 4-IT> basket. 73**- : do Concert. p?r case. ■••
I Xc: do rilnton r^r »-rb basket. U*iiK*-: do <;cn.-ofJ. per
2it-lt> basket 3-"fz4Oc: ,<,. per 4 It basket. "f»Oc; do white,
in trays, per ton. *35§*4<>; do black. $406 54.1: CHAN
rnRRJEP. Cape Cod. per bbl. $<J#s!*: *J p-r crate. SI .5
«I 225 do Jersey, prime, per bbl. $7ef*7oO; /Jo per crare
$2 2f MI'FkIIELONH (S)lorado. per standard crate. J- 25
os4r da per pony craw. $1 »tis2 oO: do per Mat arate,
TSefiti W- CITRON p«r bbl. 3.')«7r»c: ORANHES. Florida,
per box $1 75«52 75rGRAPErR!:iT. FlorMa. per box.
fl*tST,: do P-rt. Rico. $2S$4 S*»: PINEAPPLES. Florida
per crat» SI 25^375: Jo Cuban. $1 2Sgs3 M; do Porto
P.ico. per' crate. ■ —■$.'<
HOP-? — There i% little If but chance In the general
features. Jr. this Mate tfr-re have beer, seme *ai*s re;^rte.i
at from lln to ICic, but the top r^ l^* oni >' P" l ' s for a
f«w lots On the Pacific Coast now business rer"rte<l in
tior.crr.a st «c ard a few sales In other Cal.fornU sec
tions aroun<l 7c, while in Oregon some buying has be- a
doir; at 7®7>-c, with «c hW for choire. but O* b'l^.nd
i pretty clo»el>- confined to operations of t*o dealers aa
! mates ... have been ren*e,f. as . he croj
has come down lighter than anticipated, and !v..n00 bale,
l now consid-red a conservative estimate. In tris state it
is sen»rallv concede.! that. The crop has come down gen
erallr heavier than expected an* estimates now placed at
I 40.000 hairs We quote: State. 18«;l?-*^,£>5 t «ES; Xl
rb. 13g14c: do medium to gcod. 10«12c: do 1 907. 3 «^|, ! t?
Pacific Coast. 1908. prime to choice. Italic:** rned^m
to pood, fcgpc; do 10»r?. 437.-;-; db Germans, 190J*, 2uSo— '.
do Pacific Coast, I»>6. 29^- , . „ w .,_
HAY AND STRAW- Trade op-ns with "'fh'^
hiitner pricrs than ruled U«t week. Rere^ts are mr.n^s
Ilßiit and buyers Inclined to^ a»k even higher pr^es. \\«
ouotn: KAY. timothy, prim-, large bales, per 10f» R>. W«
S7Hc: do No 3 to l. H7%-&.vV: do .hippir,£»V: to^
trj. 33MSe; clover and clover. m:x»d\ 65«75<-j^TP.AVJ.
!ons r-e. SOCSOc: Uo short and tangled rye. Jyg^x. to
cat arei trh-at. 45c. ,
PQIXTKY— ALIVE— Receipts to-day, -1 cars M
■Western by frfight and .^.^3Ut 2 cars scattering Icto -M|
express. Advices indiCET- a AeSflfd Increase in rec'lpts
this week, hut an active ,iemand exacted In v.ew «f tne
last Hf br-w WUdaT* for l!»s. whim will occur en r«;
iav and Sunday n-xt. but surrt^s » fP m? * O i 3 , rg K£- nn
were r^niced to 14c en fowls and ehfciKSM JP***££JP
52SS 3gSsfiEW?«&^s! fiMg
and Pcutl-.western. lie: GCINEA FOWLS, per pair. ~oc.
PIGEONS, r* 1 " r-a!r. 2 1 *".
rOIXTKY— DRESSED — The market cleane*! up pret.y
rlnselv at the c\e<* cf last week on fowls and chis-xen--.
end with cSoter weather the fee«n S is perhsjs , a shade
steadier, but trading moderate, supplies fairjy large utu_
If nnv improvement in quality and nothln; to warrant
charg- In quotations. Spring tcrkeys ln . m^ ri< ' rate^5 > . ? h 'v
and choice prades in ROOj demand and flrnv.
r^ultrr and squabs nominally urchanperf. U» tVMSt^.
IcPd— TUKKKTS, spring, dry picked, average, per T^.l'
! fftco.-- do scal^fd. Hal*; do old. hens and MM. ™»~fj
j SPRING CHICKENS, broilers. rbUar>!ph.a. 8 n> an..
ove- to calr 2252*-: do 4 It. and under to r-air. 22c: 'lo
average yr,de«. l««»c: do Pennsylvania 4 n» and under
to rarr 2G<-- jo nveraee best. 15ffl<Sc: do pcor. '2®'*c
do A.V«le r r.. dry picked. U.3lSc: do Michigan, sca.d*^
: 14Qir»-- di other V.v P t«»rn. scalded, ay-rage best, lac; >io
i dry picked or scalded. 12514 c; do Southern, average run.
■ 12»12Kc- FOWLS. West-rn. <In' parkcl dry r'--'ked.
; fa'no -! 4 rh each and over, in *«-»■ J^ »• l- V: , d ° ' S^s
' rh eaeb acl under. In hoxes. 13H?14c: do .irj- ricked.
selected, over 4 R> each. bbls. 14e. .Io R> to 4 tt each.
! lS%eV«> SH Pb and under. 1^: do dry ideked an.ls<-a.d
ed "liei"''- Southwestern, dry r^k?^. averap- best .n
I bhr ,-r !K 1.1r: rto South-rn. l^i:ic: do Wotem sca»d
• "i IH3I3 1 "'-: rones. oM. dry pi.-ked and scal.^e-i. per
1 rh'flW- DtTCKIJXGS Lor.sr Island anrt Eastern sprtr.s.
! £4170 doit"; and Pennsylvania, tel*^. So We£
■ -
r, \mi ' '" ,
— »w
We'q^nte: PAKTRIDGES. per p«lr. $4: OROrsa p-r
_-._ «•» -iii^ST- ■vTOnrx'n^TC. per pair. fl 2.> - 3s: f-w:
pl!rD\- E-Fr;))p-E -Fr; )) p-4 3 dozT r./$r ./$r !S $r..5.. *^™:%JZ
(^ozpn *">7.".- do yellow I*2. per dozen. S_Ss_ •••. KAILr-
SRDS. *W dcSen! 7Bc«*l: WOD Dr^KS canvas r^r
Pclr $2^s2 50: .io redhead. $1 5»gJ2: do mallard $1 =..»
f 1 »: do raddV. 750©5 l l.»: do teal. Moewln*. *\J*^
'„ 4«. ntt i r i;"wg;:,c: VENISON, sa^idlc-. per Tb. 2«a
SBc; do whole deer. IT;*-Jl>c: RABBITS., per pair. 4wc;
■ ■- l o lack r^r pair. tvi'^'t.H*.
j POTATOES AND VF.GETABI.ES— Potato-s in fair
: demand and steady. Southern sweet potatoes more PKMf
I end lower; Jersey steady. Onions firmer for yel.ow. rr?a
steady white weak. Cabba^^s eas:.-. Cau!ifl.iwer» MSB*"
: rurun-ibers and pickles lars*ly poor ar.d prices low. lrz
• plan - dull. Lettuce Fteady. Urn beans show irreFU.ar
qua and value. Mushrooms duli and lower. . eas
;In light supply. Strins beans very plenty from TO
' pinia ar.d lower. Peppers in exe-ssive supply and low.
i Norfolk spinarh b<"slnniTV to arrive. Tomatoes higher.
! Other vegetables as quoted. We quote: .POTATOES.
■' Maine in bulk, per IS-O Tb. $2 12^*2 2T.; do per tasr.
: J2«s2 10: do state, in bulk, per l-ii rt>. $2«52 12: <:o
• Lonsr Island, in bu'.k. per bbi. $2 37 ft '- 62. .io Jersey.
1 round, per bhl. $2«J2 1"; co lonjr. Jl 75f $1 fl<>; d.. .i»r
j «ey. round kinds, per sa.»k. $1 TT,nt2: do lonic kin-Is.
i Jl GO^SI ST.: SWEET POTATOES. Southern, yellow, per
! I>M_^sl 2.'551 ."7; do Jersey, per double head bbl. $1 7r>^
is 2 s<': do r*r basket. Wc#sl: BRUSSELS SPROCTS,
f per quart. .luIOc; BEETS, per bbl or basr. 73c351: CAR
i ROTS wa«h»d. p-r bb?. 75-<Jsl : do -unwashed, per bbl
j or tac 60@73c; CABBAGES, state, per ton. $I4'gsl*:
do Flat Dutch, per 100. $4frs."»: do small. $C3S4: do
per bM. 7ScQSI: do red. per bh!. $1^*125: CUCUM-
I BERS. state, per basket. sft®7sc; do Long Island, per
bbl. Jl s<Kiss: do Boston. No 1. per box. $4@i'">: Cp-
CCMBER ■ PICKLES, state, tiill. per basket. 60g7.V:
<io other sizes. 75c"ii$4; CELERY, per dozen stalks. \"Q
4<V-: CAfLIFLOWEP^J, I»pb I3:and. short cut. per bbl,
$1 73-952 7."; do lor.X cv:. JlSsl7.'.: do cnlis. W^TTk-;
do state, per crate of one dozen. 505?75c: EGGPLAXT3.
| Jersey, pc- bbl. JlfflSl 00; do Florida, per box. $!: GREEN
I CORN, ij^r 10<\ 23c©$l: KALE, per bbl. 25350 c: LET
| TVCH state, per ba?kft. 2T>S7.V: do per box. SSCSOc;
I do nearby, per bbl. 25<"fr*l: LIMA BEANS. Jersey, po
j tato. per basket. ,".oci?sl 25: do per has. .VwgSl: do Sat,
j per basket. 50c^?$l: <io Lonsr Inland, p^r ba.s. ~t>)C?tsl 1-;
I MtTSHROOMS. per rb. Mo(tf*". ONIONS. Connecticut :
| and Eastprn. white, per bbl. $2 V^S.T: do yellow. $1 25
esl 75; do r»<3. si 2T.es 1 50; <?<•> stat* and W»s:em.
I wbite. p»r crate. TSrQ'Zc: do white pickle, per basket.
' WV-gSI; do yellow. r er 140 r> ba?. $1 2T.SSI 73; do per
I 12." rb has. SI-Ssl 25: do per im in bag. 7.Vgsl: do re-l !
per 14'"> Ti> has. $1 .173*1 62: 'In per 125 In ba*. $1 25: I
j do Oranze rvmnty. re.i and yellow, per bns. Jl 2T>fisl 5O; |
! do Lonjr Island and Jersey, yellow, per bbl. II 25S$1 62: I
' do re<j. ,^l li'gSl V»; <jo Jersey, whir- pickle, per basket, i
7T.<-Tr?l 25. do lare» white. p»r basket. .VV«$!: PEAS.
Virginia, per ba>ket. SI r.SJ3: PEPPERS. P.ullnrse. 1
i red, p°r lar^e bbl. 7.V5-11 '-Z>: do per small bbl. s<>c# |
[ $1; do Bulinose. preen, per large .bbl. r/IcSSI ; do per
small bM. 30£65 c; do long. red. per small bM. &>cg?l; |
do green. 30@d0e: do t'heese. r-d. per small bbl. 35@ |
75c: do ereen. 304Z60C: POfPKINS. per bbl. 50C75c: i
PARSNIP?, per bbl. 75cQ$l : ROMAINE. per ' bbl.
23950 c: do per basket. 15033 c; STRING BEANS. Vir- i
sinia. wax. per basket. i'S'ff'W-: do gr»»n. 25'33<V: do j
state, wax. per basket. 23060 c; do preen. 23£50 c: do }
nearby, per bb! or bag. 2Xifi4oc: SPINACH, per basket, j
21>54(V; d'> «tate. nearhy. per bbbl. 4O<g<*>c; dr» Norfolk. '
per bW. 7.".cf/$l: SQUASH. Hubhard. per hbl. 75c©$l; '
do marrow. 50(575c: TTRNIPS. Canada, rutabaga, per
bb!. $1; <io other rutabaga, per bb! nr bas. 7.">c6sl- do I
white, rer bbl. .T4V.gsi : TOMATOES, state, per bush bas- :
ket. SObeSl 2."c dn Jersey, per box. 5iV-!Tsl 50; do hot- !
hout-e. p^r ni. SOlOc: WATERCRESS, per I'M bunches.
$1 2.'. -SSI sf>.
New York. October 12. 19QS.
Beeves. Cows. Calves. Sheep. Hog*. !
Jersey City . ... -•*> — L 4481 22.72 T. 12.613 ;
Sixtieth street 2.s*;t> 40 3.61S 11.120 :
Fortlern street 15.117 '
Lehiei: Valley 2.ZM 1.405 11320 "— '
W^-ehawken SB ' •
West Shore Railroad.... 6SU . '
Scattering — «2 125 $73 3..V>0
Totals O.fllO .--....
Tctaia last week 11.401 llii C.ytW ■ - 30,<Xl ■
Live Live Qrs. of
attic sheep, beer. J
SV;hwarzsohW«i~& S. ss Mesaba MS 1 0"O !
J. Sharaberp A Son. «s. Mesaba 343 ' j
J S ham be re * Son. ss. St. Andrew.... luo i
Morris H.-ef Co., S f>. Adriatic — . . ] s.'hl
Morris Beef ( j 0 .. ss. New 1.... — — 575
Morris Beef Co.. ss. Cedric — _ 1325 I
Swift Beef Co.. s?. Adriatic — _ 1 t»o !
Swift Beef Co., sB. Cedric _ f.75 1
Armour & Cos.. bs. New York — — 1 lot)
Cudaiiy Packing Co.. ss. Odrte — — 430

Total exports r 7it> .«.525
Total exports last week 1.42rt "0 12!«H«»
Boston exports this week 2,723 Z.XS
Philadelphia exports this week ,r.i
Montreal exports this week «...3.1<« 2>7
To Liindon 3.013 _•■- 7.525
To Liverpool ........ 2.4*4 — C.?AS
To Glaswnr.T .">4i
To Ma nchester 92i»
To Antwerp 100 _ —
Totals to all ports . 7.<rJ7 2^7 14 303
Totals to all ports last week 9.850 3.900 15.523
Good t.i choice native steers $3 2T>£S6 30
Poor to fair native steers 3 73f? S 15 j
Ox^rn and stags 2 75^? 5 *H> I
Bulls and dry cows 1 \3Q 4 2»
Gooi to choice native steers one year ajt° • ■ ■ SKI 9 c6O
BEEVES — Receipts for two days were 302 cars, or
5.i:03 heaj ir..»!udlng 1!U cars for slaughter*™ and 111 for
the market, making, with the singie car held over Satur
day. 112 7ars on sale. Prime and choice heavy steers
were. In fair demand an.T prices steady: other grade*.
"iene<i slow an<l lOfittc lower: some sales of f.edium
rt^.'rs were rat-d 2f>c off: several cars were held ever. I
Isu»>'!i an.r cows were rated steady at Jersey City: at rtith
street yard." bulls and thin cows were luc higher than
l.i^ W«infs;lav: nnedium and sood cows firm, with a *;.-■;
cl.*jrar.ce. Common 50 choice native steers soli< at $4^
J« 30 and 2 cars Jt $<: 4fKj?»> 50; U head" at $rt7s; a few
little state steer« at $3 75:, i ull* at $ - J st>£s3 35- 1 choice
fat bull nt $»:"<►; «o-A3 at $1 15JJJ3 50; heifers at *4 V>d
jr. Dressed leef was in la:r demand at 7L~©10»»c7 L ~©10»»c fin
native Biii-s and fi®7 1 ;.- for Texan beef. Liverpool and:
Lrndor. i-ati>s unchanged No shipments cf cattle or bee*
lrom ti:i-» piTt either t.><i.iy vr Tuestfay.
. C'ALVKS — Receipts for 2 days were 5.150 head In
cluding 1.676 lor slauKhterers- and 3.5CH for tt-e ma-kei.
"f wtlcb 2.t»7>* at Ki/th street yards ar.d fCR at Jersey
<"lty. Prtma ami choice veals were wanted at Just abo{i»
steady prices, others were weak to 2.V lower; g:a;sers
and fe<J calves wern *tmr.;r. r.o^ lo».-r \\><'i>t!s 34
s<ti- off: a car of We-term likely to be heM over "com
mon r> etertw veata «oM at $3£sa 7r> Vfr ia> id. and «n»
bunch at iHtsS ,. U 1 s at H<aU 5..; graisers and fed
2iS"_s' *?s*i*J : nw ' rM at tS-am»: yearling at
sJfis2 .- L're*^.l calves slow an* weak ex-, en" for
prime stock. City draned ool.i at row
trV..^r- e r SSeii at 151 -^ c: dressed grassers ami f«a calves
*H1 El AND L IMBJ Receipts for two Jay. w*r«
143 cars, or 3_.1.. head, including 71 cars at JersVv City
37 at the Hith street yards and 35 a t the l>-hli;h Va!!»y'
tiie heaviest receipts on r»cord for many years for »ny
two d^ys. ('punting the utale stock, there were 7>4 cars I
eg sale, with tffiU cars constjrnM direct. Sheep WPr * not !
in such excessive supply. Uut fell off 2V»3<V I^mbs '
wre badly demoialixe.i. ne'.'.tns 50^17.'..- lower than on '
Saturday and $lffsl 2S lower than on Frl lay last. Ten i
or fifteen ,-ar* ncrt; likely to be held over. Common to
>hol,-e sh«-»;> soi.i at $2 4H4JJ4 per I(X> ft, a few he*tl af
M 25: culls nt $1 5<HJ$2 25; lambs a: JISVJSS, ciillj at !
$3Ur.954. Drrgg^U mutton was quoted lower, at 7*ft*'-e }
per H.: JresfM iamb* at h^ailc. with a few hoif-Jre S3 «. i j j
larr.b* neerdtng quotation?.
IK >■ , - Re<-Bipt» for two .lays were 70 tin or I^o4o !
head. Including about H cars for th« market. Pr!c»»
•till further declined ."to ■*!»<•<• from last Fr'.daVa flsnres.
<a!es wore at $Sty>ffSrt per 100 lh. with plr«i selling
at ?* SO and lesr. Country iiresse<l hogs weak.
Chl-aso. Oct. 12.— CATTLE— Rt-cetpts (estimated ab>>ut |
2b,wu head; mai-jitt (Of choice *'.taJ>. otners, it>^l3c '
Inw»r: steers. $4 4<vsj7 ffy : row?, r: VSST, ZZ: ftei'^r-. tSUf
Mi" bcli*. mmi SA: <ral-re«. S3 Srt^*S fa*-. »to<h>r» «n4
f««Jrr9. *2«i©J4«s. HOJ*-P.ec<»tpt» <esttmat<wJ> abfl*.
i 2x.ff)o h»*rt; marlc»i Iffßlsc liwer: ehrico. h-«*y tftrppiot.
!*H2sg*«3s: bttrfcers*. »« Is*tfi 30: lixht mix-!. I+IW
JSW; choice !I^»!. %* W%t*. Si; «S «i«*; 05;
piss. $3.'<»Q»5.V(; bun, nt aaix. XZ'MyHl*. SH£:E?-3»
cplpts ab<)ut 32.»*» ho»d: m»r*t»t for 3h«-«i> itM*;
hmtw o.T I<>3l.V: sheep. f4 .V"H*T». Umbs. *4 ~Z*£*fl 151
year!in)r». SZ <-IltZ.
.C»nr!rnatt Oct. li — HOC?— S.'oir. lftg3fV- l--w»r: tnteH
| ers - an.J jhjpp^rs. *rt 3Stf»*J 30-. common. $*Qs4 «•">. «~\T-
I Tl>E— Dull ant !<rwer: fair to tnni nhipper^. ?4 l-"f**-">:
I common fC3$- !■*>■ SHEEF— dttady. II SSJI3 w. LAHZ3
i — ?:ea(iv. Jl'."-'. nV
East Duffalo. Oct J2.— CATTLC— Receipt*. *.*^> f-sa^i
•I»w an<l (ten*rally steady; prim* st*»r». <STJB*»J3S:
shippirir. t~'-r:i'.'-. butchers". $4 2Strls ."<*►: h»i.'#rs. V- -ViO
$.">: coves asd bulls. .«2 T.Vj; *»•—"".. »tt«-kem and f»*l«r».
I- —•'B*4 .V»: M- h»i/»r^ t- "><it%3 2Ti; rrvah mn and
»prins»r^ stran*. t^SirH. VEALS — Receipt*. l.^K) Ii»a!:
active «n>- I'lr- h:sher. «*^*9. H"«;h — n«ceipt». s.<>r<>
heal; tilow mvl tt^nrty: h»avj-. S*9** I*: mixe«i. t" ''■ 'i
*« 10; Yorkers. |5 »S»iJ; pl«». *4«*.'» 25; rw*!vi. J4 T1&
«5 1": »JaK». *4 ; 254i"; d3ine» and ?rass*r». X "S?"i 9> .
; ?HrE? AND I^AifETl— Receists. 2\.*T«> h«*?l; «!:•«»
'. steady: limh; «inw: lambs. w»ther» «ruJ rwr*. 5c w«r.
: lamb? $4.^*." "5; ye«r!jn«». H^M .V>; wether*. *4Q$4 33;
j ewe*. S3 7J3J-I; steep. mix»"l *I^(S4
Kansas City. O:t. 12. — «.'ATTt-E: — f>'-i»iprs. v».>'4M> aasA
' Incladins £■.(*«> h*ad ?;nth»ma; mark«t steady ft f*
, hii?r*er; choice export »nrf f!r«TU»M fce^f »r^r« *■;* .*■"• ~ .
• fair to jrno.l. f4 sf*3*~> W : XTesfrn »rr«rs. I". .".. >«; 5 ". j.^r*
er* arA feeder-, «2 r«rs*-» 65: Southern ie-r%. $; jn^H 2>:
Peuthern cows. tZ9t3 CO; ra'i-r* cows. *23*4 .V>: ratlv*
h#!rer«. -. 2i-trt3: hulls. *23J.'5 25: ca>-«- X.-!2KW«Sa
; HOGS— Rece;pt.«. «.fkO hea.l; marxet 7©lf>c lower; tip.
J^2T.; bulk of sales. $.'. <!(K<»« lf>: h»a^, *»5 y™tl* S3:
rarkem sr^ batcr-r-". $R «ft»*rt CT ; lirht. «s»e»H«r.:
plrs. *-fS*3<!s. SltSnP— Receipts. ».on<> fcea-i; marsi»t
ote^i.iy ar.rt acive; iamb*. $4. r <«i^C»>; erresi an,; y«arlin«su
•$S >><r?s4 2." : ■Western yearlings Si', » i :-■• 'W»st»rn shesp.
i $3 4<lf3s4 2T. , stocXers an-i f~>ner^. *."*. ZZtft* "O.
Tnion <trvck Tarr!!i Pltt.«h jre. CVt. 12.— CATTtg fttp
i ply fair, lower; choice. jr> Ti?sß. prime $.'► XVWJ." >?3.
' SHKKP— Pupflr fair. lrm-»r: prime werfc*-,. sn «.'l/Ss3 »'-:
:' pi!!s ani c-mrr<?n. JI2J-: iarnlis. r,:i>BsJi). v*al
calves. *<* 5O»*» ~ HOOj* — R"»c" '■!?. Ifl^er: -rfcr*
I heavies. »« I<V5»« 15: mediums. $3 "><i«?W: hear- TorHertu
: SIS^M 73: light Turkers. |5 2S^S3 *>; pi»s. J3. rouEha.
Toledo. O<-t. 12 — riOVT:R?EEr — Cash. f. 10; O<~sl>er.
: C(C4 : Deren-.her. J.". 1O; Marrh. JT. ITS; N-> 2. J4 9"; N»
I 3, HIT 1 .: r-«ectfrd. »4 S3. AT.3IKI-:— Pr-.me. $6 fO
Chicago. Oct. 12-— A liberal lr.creas* in the vU:S!s
! supply cf wheat In the United States and Casa/la
i caused weakness In the- wheat m-irket her* to
i day, closing- quotations showinx net declines cf
i V4C to *~c. Corn, oats and provisions were , 10
i weak.
■\Vh<»at prices wer» advancer! early in the ses
; sion. despite lower Uver;3ool cab>» and th» rr:or»
i -■>■■ regarding' the- Balkan affair?.
| Loading bulls w»r« active huyer» and had things
I their own wav for a time, as "- — ft .- the pit
| after th«» first few minutes were so light as " ■
: interpose Urt> resistance to the -advance. Cot»
i tinued dry weather in th- Southwest, as the »-
I suit of which th«* ne^v crop 1? said to be making
j a poor start, with the indications that th<* acre
i age will bf much re«Jure<i because of delayed 9e*<3
! ing. was th» factor upon which the buU3 r*ii'*l
chiefly to carry on their campaign for tish*"
I prices. Buying was eh!*fi>" in the> July delivery.
| the price of which a<Jvar.c<vi precisely 2c from th»
I low point of th* day. During th^ latter p^rt oC
th<* day th»re was a great d«»al cf realizinar in evt
! d»nc". as a result of whi^h primps ?'urnp»<J eharr>
| Ir. October declining from C 'XT* to C »*V Thi*
| sel!insr was inspire<l chiefly hy an increase of
I tStUOOO bushels in th» available stoc'&n at w*»e>at
In th«* T'niterl F?tat<»s and Canada, whi^h rau3»«T
! the attention of tradV-s to revert tr> the big North
western movement of the ne-w crop. Minneapolis
I to-day had receipts of Bft> can. Duluth CO car*
and 'VVinnipeg: £^T cars, a total st the three points
of 2.417 cars, against 1.447 cars th» rorrespor.dir.^
day last y**ar. Rumors of ratr; in th<» Sonthwest
al;«o caused some s^lhng. Advices from Misneap—
I olis stated that th«» milling demand for whent
continued good, with flour sales large, but that
export demand wa.-« indifferent. Kxport lietnar.J
in general was slack, although 12 boatloads wer<»
reported '"worked" at New York, which report,
however, was not condrra*^. Th» market closed
weak, with December and May at almost the low
est point. Clearances of wheat and flour w»r»
equal to tSJ.'XHi bushels. Th<» amount en passage
Increased TSOJBM bushels. Primary- receipts wer*
I.STi'DOO bushels, compared with l.'-CtV** 1 h«sh«»!s
the corresponding day a year ag^. ilir.neapoMs.
Duluth and Chicago reported receipts of I.i3> car?,
against 2.CCO cars last week and Ml cars a year
Corn developed moderate firmness early In th*
I day as a result of the advance in wheat, but sub
: se*juently weakened on selling by small holders.
The weather continued ideal for putting th- n«*
crop in shape for market, and the prospect o* a
libenl increase in movement in the near Ctatarw
offset small current receipts and a large decrease
in local stocks. The close was easy, at declines
of 3^c to Sc. Lo«~a.t receipts were 117 cars, with 2?
I of contract grade.
OaTs were steady the early part of the day. but
eased off late in the session, owins to th* weak
ness of other grains. Trade was quiet all day.
There was a good demand for rash oats, and
l prices ■■ the sampie tables were steady- At tho
I ciose prices were unchanged to 14.cl 4.c lower. Local
! receipts were 2C» cars.
Selling of provisions was general, and prices
! slumped sharply. October pork, which hati a sen
sational rise a: the close on Saturday, was offered
j down to JI4, or a decline of $IZ>> a barrel. Th*
! extreme fluctuations in this delivery caused talk
to the effect that the bcart! of directors woulrj b»>
a«kerf to rcak" an investigation. A lOC to I. r -c de
cfine in the price of live hog* was largely re
sponsible for the weakness of the market in gen
eral- At the close prices were unchanged to II -»
lower. -m,-o- vl
Estimated receipts for to-morrow: ; . s>
cars: corn. 171 cars; oats. 33 cars: boss, 13,'XJ
j!V\a 11*17 ****
First w-ek in CW *■ ?1~7v3
July 1 to Oct. 7 2!>.350.0d<> 2UW&00O 1?...1.*-W
First week In Oct *2**.»o» $tS2.«« *JS-HS
July Ito Oct. 7 2.*M.«V»> 2.*x>..->0» L9BTJW>
Flr?t w r —"k U? 10-~Z.l O-~Z. ■'.'.'. SK'l^ $3».5M f2»O.Sr«
JalT Ito Oct. 7 4.096.530 Z.SSL2S 3.455.17*
Number of mi!»« 574 574 iW
First w*«k in Oct 53C202 *>C.04.-« JCPSt
July 1 to Oct. 7 772. 7&1 t.»47.ft>7 JH2.6SO
N'nmbcr of miles 2.352 2-**> t.«2S
First week in Oct $437.*»» H7\~t** «423.* X»
July 1 to Oct. 7 3.747.R00 " «.31<>.0«» .<?.^37.45T. < ?.^37.45T
Number nf mll«a 4.«X"> 4.0«2 4."«3
First week In O<". t<27.<^4!» SXB.HM !_<«!. »2)t
Juiy Ito Oct. 7 10.367.1->* C.0%24 12.136.54T
Number of tcile^ 3Ti» 55S ai
Fi-st week in Oct JTA37>> S«3.niO tfC. 27*
July 1 to Oct. ; 820.«W sG>.U«> §33.514
Fir?t w«ek in oo c t e15.411 flS.Oot - "af
Juiy 1 to Oct. 7 23U.300 31. «W 213.043
First week In O«-t 504.0Z7 553.9T.7 S7t.7»rr
July 1 to Oct. 7 1.153.3"8 T.l*/TOS 1.<)«>.3C3
Number of miles t.f>42 I.SH i.aaa
Fir3t we*k in Oct «.■■-■■•. *+!> CTT.^Ot
July 1 to Oct. 7 3.7MX723 3L9OLSS 3.«513.91*
Number of miles 7.23.T 72M 7 4S.^
First week in Ovl Sl.<«S.3^l *1.177..75(> $t.075..34»
July tto Oct. 7 13.6ItS.D<>t 13.7>5.474 14,773.574,
Number of miles -'- . 24« sal
First w«k In Oct Jl^.l+T. »23.541 XT. *>7
July 1 to Oct. 7 312.C52 30>».3^: 327.415
First week in Oct J34.H.33H $sf>7.7<W K593.512
July I to Oct. 7 7.233.155 " 5.<H» ?2S 7.7D?.313
Fourth week In Sept.. *57.4*K SZS.tSt* —
Ju!y 1 to Sept. 3o 497.46* 37:>.O<£: i
Fourth week In $-i7.33<> $jo.K2 — «
July 1 to Sept. 30 420.253 510.771 —m
Month of September —
Gross earnings- *i"4,.2<>rt $l!rt.tr{S $11^.333
Expenje* 72. J0 52.7'» TJ.iK*
Net eam'.css jat.27-1 $32Z.31& $2D S3T
Other tnccme 2.K»> 4.73S
Totals J3'..".Tn JC;.34rt J29.»8r
Charges 23.« i» 23,3«>S ii.!Mi»
p»rrla-» r^.'MS $14,378 $3.7^»
Jaly 1 to Sept. CO — _
Gross earning* S2^7. *^ J«l3 «>|
Expends rt7.<73 2*5>.475 39.3«t
Net earnlr.r* 18W.259 JtV.nnT $74,244
ptlutr tneca*: 3.7H i«.7'rr
T-tal Income $S4.rt»> $«3-.ftl4 $71244
Chirses 71.«CH 71..*»2 72.«»»
rjeScit *12.376 $:i.«82 $5,133
Month of untac— W*V>. W7 rr.a.nr-^.
OroM eamlnirs $127.!»43 $t4-1.2f2» Pec. J17.43
Ex:*Rsts >4."!ti'. it*i<£4 v+c. 2;.ssd *
Net earn lns» S-12.P7* $3.^.414 Inc. $4.5«H
CbarCSl 32.33 23.323 Inc. 3.333
Purplns SI" 71* J10.083 Inc. ■an
July t to Aur. .11 —
Gmu earning* $2St.*r;t> $2!»«.3P0 I>r. $1«.«7T
Expanses tT5,1»7 2C9.2«> E»c. 34,073
Net earn'nfs $1»»V442 $<<» t>it> in- $fr 4!^3
t-harge» «4.525 S<3.<* Inc. 7.SKT
Sarplus $41.iH7 $C2.U02 tac. $9.3^i
San Francisco. Oct. 12. — The> offlcial closing quota
tions for mining stocks to-day were 33 fallows:
Alta . B3] lla:» A Norcro«» *T
Alpha Con Cs|JaUa a
Andes 13 Kffntu.-ky Cori* C 2
l>lch-tr 2liM«xlcan .»3
n«-Ft H. Delchrr 41 '■ >Vrt.*.rr.:a'. Cnn 1»
BuHlcn 14-Orhir j <t
r»!«!onK ..." 12 tKerman VL
ChaSlense Can 11 *'o:<?»J IB
rholtar 2i> Savart- *x
Cor.CJer.ee 4»iSa« l^lcher i>j
Onn »*al A V» KiSicrra NeraJa fgt
Ooa ftarerial Oil Union Con 2?
«Y?wn Point » SdU'Un Cten , s
OeuW & Curry 17|T«Uow Jsciet .*

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