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find* Mexico Attractive Field for
Investments Xoxc
. H. Hepburn, j.resident of the Chase National j
Rank returned vest«rday from a trip to Mexico^
- »tich he started with a. party of friends on Feb
- jj_ -i^ was primarily a vacation trip, but Mr.
' e "i>;:'-n. while in the City of Mexico and other
Jgel of the rep'^bii;- south of the Rio (Jrande, met J
' j, egj (!? of many banks of which the Chase Xa- ;
*f r j p Fr /ti is tlw* loi-tl correspondent and discussed I
f Vr.cia' « n <^ business conditions with them.
Tt.* party went by rail from New York to :
Vr.iE- • 8 K'*}"* I '" IS - < on Tile extension of Hie Florida '
f-^i Coa*t Une. » nt l then<-e across to Havana, .
-v e r-e they stayid four days. From Havana they '
pr^c^« v<3 Jl >' a VarJ line steamer to Propreso and !
y tr i Cl'iz. the latter <Mty. which used to have a !
hpx reputation from a sanitary point of view, being i
fpucd bealtntu! as well fls attractive In app-^arance. j
From \>ra Crux iin SnterestiiiK railroad trip over j
tfe« mountains brought the party to the City of !
jlfii- where ever? hospitality was shown them. !
Tb"* Mr - Hepburn met President I>iaz. whose per- \
ffina jj,y preatly Impressed him; Beftor LJmantour, j
the Minister of Finance, and other notable men.
jj ? retum»<l by way «>f Tampicb. near which city.
fording t (> dispatches a few days ago, he killed
TTr iasuars. an exploit which lie preferred yes- i
t frf2y"not tn discuss.
JJr Hepburn hw a great many American four- !
„■ . In Stexic". some of whom were visitinp 'the '
ewißtry with ■ **"*' *° making investments. M.-xi- i
Is an attractivi field for investment, in his opin- |
Jen; but much depends on whether or not the
present illWtT] of its government will be mum- j
toined by th« racceseor of President Diaz, if a !
strong government. etiaranteeitiß security for j
frrf.^n Investments, shall be continued, a jrreat '
lrf.ow of American capital Is likely.
In fp«akin«r of opportunities for capital. Mr. Hep- j
turn said thai :i ■■'"■•■ jilantation of about eighty .
tfceusand acres lmd been offered to him for £50,000 j
•aid Ther» wet-.- it-n thousand acre* planted to j
tt&tt Bn(^ cv '' '** Pl^-ntatlon were excellent iuiild- ,
{eps, as«! there was alsn a chapel capable of con- •
tatntiv two liunrtre.i persons. Although there were j
many BglMW iunlttea for desirable investments in |
ccStf etid rubber lands, mining properties and ,
rich BfrirujTural tracts, it was necessary to scrti- ]
tioli* clisely. he added.
At Orizaba Mr. Hepburti paw a tnibt of t<-ti or
tuf've cars of a large Western railroad, which had
trcupht a party of prospective investors from the j
|MM States, wh<>se fare had been paid by '
Air.er'. - promoters, it was said. These tourists, ;
ij-.rff- own farms were probably worth $10fl Jin '<
tczt, could buy at Jo an acre 'and in Mexico which
wt pwbaNy of richer yoil t!:an their own. But ;
1$ they «fr? Ignorant *of the lanKimge, unaccus- j
t»>m*<! * " the climate of Mexico und ■■■'■ 1 to j
Escsee the peons who are the <arm lati«>rers of
Mexico, it was tar from certain thai investment ]
«rm;'3 r rr>v * advantageous 10 them. j
Railroad Men in Conference with Interstate \
Commerce Commission.
TVashir.rfr'. ... I— A conference on the ques- j
t ri of car service and i!*»rm:rrajr<» V'twpfn the lead- j
er railroad authorities and The representatives Of |
■-, Interstate < toramerce Commission p.t.<\ the rail- i
nat <■-■■- of a!', the states began to-day in :
the offices *>f th« Interstate Commerce Commission. \
It -Be? calif <? by »"nmmissi'ir.rr I^ane a? chairman I
if the committee on car service ami dcnnirr.ipc of ;
the National Association <<{ Railroad Commission- i
«rs. The railroad representatives arc Arth;;r i [ale. ;
p»r.»ral agent of the American Railway Assocla- •
tlcn; C. W. Sanford. "f the Chicago demurrage j
t>ur»au. nr.d J. Y. Hapkell. of the Southeastern i
e>riuTTaj:e Lureat:. W. 1^- Eaton, chairman <'f the ;
tarn Railroad Commission, ivas present!
>•!' I>ane and others present expressed confi- |
dence that thJ conference would eventually lead !
to 'jniformny ;n rules and charets by all commls- ;
liens •»■ carriers.
Chicago.. April 2.— Eight ir.ilMon dollars will be j
spent for the electrification of the tracks used for ;
its Chicago Eiiburbaa surface by the Illinois Cen- I
tral road and sevra! times that amount for «*lec
tiityixig certain through passenger and freight ;
tracks, accirdins to figures fubniittcrl to reyre- :
■cstatives of the city by officials of the iaiirt>ad j
campaay. No mention is made of ihe «uc;pfsts<>n
cf E. H. iiarriman that T.:e city pay one-hall the j
Albatiy. Ai'ril i.— Announcement was made to
(.;■ bar the Public Service Commission, Sd Dis-
Met. that an extension .... days had been
fiven to tbe Erie Railroad Company in which to
accept th<? rrovisions <if the commission's order <>f
March 2 regarding the application for authority to
bKM J3 r '/-'-.'»'"j in gold bonds. The ..rdt-r provided
that the company should within thirty days notify
the commission whether it would accej>t the or
£tr which authorized the issu*, subjwt t" certain
miscellaneous securities.
Div. Bid Asked- 1 Wv. Bid. Atked
Aa B?i F. - ." <>' ILaoka Steel...— ::'» :tt
ir, fref... 7 8" '.'/. lord A Taylor - 1>" 11"
A3i Bra*» S 112 117 j do pref •; if.l wi
V- Chide. J2 I^-t l'.ir. jlyirtnanl pf. . . 8 ll'» 135
do mi . ... «! 3<«i li»4 i Nat Cash 11 t.f 7 11<» 12-">
Aw Coal P.. .V« ti7 72 IXll*-s-»eniI Xll*-s-»eni i 1i 1 . « '••"» 1«Q
•Aa pr«*s... « — 1"2 : -, d. ;.ri-f «: !C. ]IH(
AnTr-rn4r! 4 4» 5 |Oti« Elevator. - 3.1 52
Am Tvp^ Fd. 4 :i4 39 , do prel « S3 87
<- ertf 7 W ;«7 [old Dom SS. <I 1«H 115
F«bc» »&97 : yj2 105 Pratt A.- W pf.— ••'•"' 113
«rr*y A- s<: 4 tA '.•]> !:a.k Powd. 8 l."-<» 1«'.O
0e pref s *-.". I do pref '! MO 109
»>rt-r» OM» 1» 133 *~af CH A \. s 12.' 1.'.0
do iiref « lor, ins 'standard Coup T, -' ■
Bu»h T*rm ..— 35 4" Standard Mill. - ■ 7 Sri
Cob Bab T..— r, tp, •!,, „r * f 3 .--• r.::
Ci ir^f — 3s S :Tp\ks Co 12 I4r, 152
(haa R& L. • «6 7;» Tr«-ntcn Pot..— 3 7
I" lr»f 4 V". «-7 : rt.. l.ref — 4-. .".'I
■CeOtlsM .. « 1^- l^' ' do f.iy -e r .. 4 40 <>»
Brnswes*!— <5 in T rr.w I'irec...- :• , Si
_«• pr«f.... 4 ««. M j- c rinishimr 4 su >-.-.
«*'.! - «-» — xo .".'. j do -7 •-. ■<•-
H*rr-a-M ..- 33 4r, [fnlon car'.ld.-- l«5 us
Ir.t Nkk-1...- KM lirj i-nlon Ferry.. 2 22 Si'
«i rr»f « -■ >.>. |rti<n Typew. r, r.7 i;i
''■■'- — v 12 I do !?• pref. - 11« US
«o •-•' ... 4 70 -- j d-. id pief.. <; :ov :i.i
*.!!*}• Lu?r...— 11. 22 I I'nlted Pk re .. 4 tn 40
<S» rr»f... — :.-. o I do pr*f «i •'••( .'.-;
«c i l tf ' ,52 ,25
'Ar.d »xt,-a.
' Ir.t 1^(1 Asked! In. Kid Asked
. - iui| U '- .■ ''•' I'""' NveK c R Is; .-, -•, —
i r *
-*» '*' i f . r . '■ » oni Power l*< r> r-2 r>7
m T , F et " •• lnA I<IS P C&CIBS3. 5 35
" *" J " J '* ? • I«W I"!* Stock Quot T»l R S. r , —
r»: c. 1 ."" 1 Ut 5 '"♦ - - «km CCo ■'•;:■ 7> IT,
•Bt 61!\ <T -.• .- .. f ,t^ jr* jf n carb Is 1 . . H »s ire
, tf> "' '• '■• fi« :in T^-^d dbt. S <■?. r,n
v!i 'Hi '''• * '<•* |C S Finishing 4 h- XT.
J . *■»•:•• 4 ,- fa I pref 7 ar. mo
VT"» *1 " s fc " '-«" I Va-Car Chern. 5 101' i —
T F. ■.
l^TPlthrt br n I-. D»v & «;.,.. No . 37 Wall street »
P"n & Xihi A y - 1 - Arl - - i A r>i 1 ApL 2
B'vraE^f D> - r:!/ P '""«'••" Cta" 115 * »*i
» t rK»| 1 2-l* ! -» l »^U>ntennlal Mln. ! .■Wi'i Si.^i
W>fV»«Si. ■«, !; «9«4j Franklin Mm . . 1.-.' IS
1. P^V r " 242 4 1J Mohawk Mm fi-S n2
'-:r. f-51m,,",,;. '* Hutte 72'» 71
<•> rr.r ' , » "i "f ••.U M.if. I^<» 1^1)
»t»Uti*U n - «*! Tamarack Mm::: 7« 77S
&^';r ;: •;•:- g*
,lrv'^ I ' I : r ::::::::Vi\ S
*A«li»<. •
••. - ;
H. O. TO SPEND $10,000,000.
j Will Bui) About 10,000 Steel Cars
and Many Locomotives.
; Baltimore, April 2. — It is authoritatively reported
j here to-day that th« management of the ■ iltiraore
Ac Ohio Railroad is planning to buy a larpe amount
of equipment, which will call f. r the expenditure
of about SIO.OOO.OUU.
Tentative plans lave l>e»-n prepared which call
I for six thousand 10 ten thousand steel freight cars
of various types and a large number of heavy
K. > v :ininj;ton, president of the Minneapolis, St.
Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railway Company, the
rSoo*' road: W. L Martii., second . ioe- preside nt
and nera! manager of the same company^ and
A. ii Bright, Its general counsel, were yesterday
i elected directors of the Wisconsin Ceni . Railway
Company, which was recently leased to the "Soo."
Subsequently Mr. Penningti was •lejteil 1 resident
of the Wisconsin Central and Mr. Bright v(< e
president. -Newman Erb will continue to act as
chairman of the hoard for the present.
The Wisconsin Central has given ;■. first and
refunding mortgage, dated April 1. '*», '■' the
Empire Tr^ist Company and Leroy \V. Haldwin, as
trustees, securing an issue of $60,'>00,<iOO I per tent
gold hands, maturing on April 1, !955. These bonds
wcre,Vocently authorised by the directors.

Chicago. April 2.-Xew hi) lecord marks for
the season for all deliveries were established in
the wheat market to-day, when the May option sold
up to 1121 and the July $! v-, The new high
point for May was within 'jc of the best price
touched during the celebrated Gatfs deal in l9oti
The market closed strong, with prices ■■„ to '?r
lower to %c to ie higher, compared with the pre
vious close. Corn, oats and provisions also closed
Rail; from a rather weak tone at the start,
the wheat i^arket became exceedingly strong and
prices were forced beyond the high point of the
season recorded on the previous session. The ma
jority of traders In the pit expected a reaction from
the high prices which prevailed yesterday, iind in
this respect their expectations were realized, as
the market opened at declines of l c to ' 4 c to 'ie
to Sc. The weakness at the start was due to the
heavy tone of European markets, particularly that
at Liverpool, which vaj bearisl affected by un
expectedly liberal exports for t!'e week from Ar
gentina and Australia. Leading hulls Rave thft
market good support early in the day, and a firmer
tone soon developed, which became stronger as
the session advances!. More crop damage reports
were received, which helped to strengthen the mar
ket, but the chief reason for the buoyancy was con
stantly Increasing demand for cash grain, i'as!i
sales of 100.0U 1 "' bushels were closed here, and a char
ter was close, l t.i ship 100,000 bushels more -it ill
opening of navigation. St. Louis and Kansas City
also reported brisk bidding for the cash grain.
From $1 19%, the l"\v point at the opening, the May
delivery advanced to f\ . '. while July sold up from
J] ('Tip t<. fi os-V There was some reaction late in
the day. owing to profit taking, but tlie market,
with the exception of th~ December delivery, in
which month there was very little trading, closed
firm. Final quotations on Ma were at $1 and
on .July at J. OS to SI OS 1 *
The corn market was helped materially by t!i«*
bulge in wheat and by the popular bullish senti
ment prevalent in the pr.iln markets fjeneiHlly. Til"
deferred futures w>re relatively easier than the
May option, which was In good demand nearly all
day by leading bulls in The wheat pit. Wet w.-ather
In part- of the corn belt was responsible for much
of the demand for May. The close was firm nt net
pains of i.c to «4r« 4 r to a s c. May being at 67V- and
July at C6'~2C to t",6- B r.
<>ats exhibited considerable strength, l.ems influ
enced by the advance in wheat ami corn. There
was a genera] commission house demand for the
May delivery, while local shorts bought ih- de
ferred futures owing to the strength of the nearby
option. Tyical receipts were small and prices at
the sample tables advanced ' 2 c. The. market closed
flrm at n-t pain? of ' 4 c to \c to >.-, with May at
."w^c to &'. ssc,5 s c, and July at 4<n Isc1 s c to i&\ t c
Provisions were e.isy early in the day because of
realizing by local holders, but became stronn later. !
Trade was native nearly all day. At the close
pric*s wen 2 ! iC. to 5c to 15c higher.
Activity in r.ew building operations is one sitjn
of Imsiness revival. This gives riep to a con
siderable .-Irmand' for structural products, a fact
tliat rfelievea th^ depression otherwise t.re\a!llnK
in the iron «n<l siee\ tra-le. Tiuit. 11l *:>H" <"'f !n
fhistrial uncertainty. i>e«.pl— still have the mfans
and the Inclination to supply their warns freely
is evidenced l»y the heavy imports, which in the
latf-Pt week aeprppateii jo, 401, 599 rimrf tlian in
19"S and $3,145,705 more than In 19"6. although
considerably lc^s than In l<<"7. Exports continue
on ali'iiit an e'ltiality with last y«-ar bitl with
1900. and are much heavier than i:i 1907, bo that
the toi commerce of New York comparen favor
ably with t!ie record of tho lasl tlir^f years. Bui
with conditions as mixed as they are. with tli*
r\up*tion «>f prices and wiH»es Ptill undetermined
in Important basic trades, with the tariff ptlll
under discussion In Washington, the final vote
being some time distant, it Is not Purprislng that
there is plainly manifest a hesitation about mak
in»r commitments long in the future. Neverthe
less business confidence is on the rising ti.le. a
fact reflected in the strength of the se.-uritv
market, which, so far as it !.«■ free from manipu
lative Influences, is often a pood prophet. The
€-heapne.«s <>f money. ... Illustrated l»y n re
duction in the Hnnk (if Kntrlnnd rat,- of disci, is tit .
pives opportunity f'.r rapid expansion whenever
the period of industrial .-(infusion ends and the
process of re-establishing confidence is completed.
The agricultural situation oml the agricultural
section': of the .-ountry aie stronper than the in
duetrial and mercantile; and this is true not
only in the promise which domestic crop condi
tions hold out. but ii!s<> in preset;! market f;ict-irs.
Wheat prices have been carried to new high
levels. The railroads continue to make >m ex
cellent showing, all things considered, and report
an increase of 7 per cent over 19"S for three
weeks of March, a percentage „f jj ; ,ir. more than
duplicated by the hank rlearings. The statistics
of business failures for the first three months of
the year wlien critically examined reveal the in
rreased power of American business t<> recover
from slio<-k a:i<l disaster The stlmulatiaig effect
of fine spring weather is shown In the reports
from nearly nil the principal ... even those i:i
the Kavt. which are tinder the influence of indus
trial conditions, sharing somewhat in this respect
with the agricultural centres <,f the West.
P.radstreet's pays:
Trad-- and crop reports nrp Irregular, and busi
ness the country over Is still quiet as a whole.
There are. however, evidences of a. growth in opti
mistic feelinK. partly due. no doubt, to mote spring
like weather conditions, expansion in retail trad*
due to this and to ihe advance of the Kaster Reason;
the opening tip of spring activities in outside in
dustries and a higher level of stock and commodity
prie<-s reflecting speculative discounting develop
ments looked foi In the future. Current demand
ot wholesale Is of a between-seasons character an<i
fobbing distribution is confined lnrge!> to filling in
"orders, hut there is reported in several markets
a disposition !<> take hold more freely for next fall.
tall demand hns expanded where weather has
permitted, and Easter trade so far Is classed as
fair to Rood. The crop situation .-;tlll lacks form,
with ■•.■•■• outlook rather spotted.
There is- talk of winter LiUlriß In pan of the
wheat belt, and tlie absence of rain in Texas is
reported to have had serious effects. In the mass
of conflicting reports it Is only possible to titf'ire
out that winter wheat conditions are not much
different from what they ... in December, hut it
will he recalled that the condition Mien was very
low and tin area planted reduced Farm an«l field
■work tlie country o\er if? a little inter than normal.
Rerorts from leading Industries are n«i materially
different from last week. tVasre reductions are
more numerous, but strikes are not frequent. In
iron and steel there is more business reported, but
midently at the .... of prices'.
Chicago. April 2 - ■••ATTI.K — Receipts estimated a'
!.!«!<• head; marKt-t steady; mecrs. S.". .',o'.jJ7 1.".; .oak,
*41i?.". 75: hfifeis. $."( T'i r o^''- bulls. $3 75© 55 23; calves,
y.i ."hi^js; stackers and feeders. $330jtf5 "■■> ,ii »:.- -
Receipts estimated „• !7.""i' head: market strong: choice
heavy shipping. ?7 i>-">««s7 I.V butch, is. $i; :>r,-ii S7 1'"; light
niixf-d. (ii H>{)s<> t-.*: cbol<- lißhi, (A --:.v, : pai-klng. M BO
v. plus. .«.". .-.d'iijc, ;;.-■; bulk of aalei. ji; 'inf/ST 0."..
siii:k!' -Kecftipts «-stii:i;it.-<i emM head: market generally"
."♦!'>' lower; Fh«-»-;., J.Tj/S7 ; lambs, $7SSS 40; jearlins*.
$:. .;..'a.«7 ....
(Tincinnati. April 2. M<><;:° -Receipts. 3.051 head: mai
ket generally !«'• higher; selected shipper*. ■ne . ar. '^f»s
11. V 7 4.".; butchers and shipper*. $7 50&f7 33; common.
$5 flUfif (l .lo. 1 7ATTLK— Receipts. .V.'o head: market slo*
an.i barel] steady: fair t,, »;...h1 shippers. 5."p •J.".' i ifl ir>;
common, *• _ 7."' f ''i<-" 7.'. SHEEP— Receipts. 221 head; mni
ket steady, at $1' 2. "i '>/?."• 7.">: latnl.s «:<■»• I. ",f;lTic lower, ;!t
i:ast PuCTalo. April 2.— CATTLK— Receipts, 223 head:
market slow an I a shade eaKi«-r; prime st.eis. (0 35®
S<; 7.". VKAI-S R»-i-elpts. I'.frfVt h«-ad: market slow and
I3c lower, at ; ; ifU 7."> H< ":.- Receipts. 7.7ix> head:
market active 3tid 5«10c higher; heavi and mixed. $7 .-.."'«
*7 4'i Yorkers. $7 10ft $7 25; plgF. *f. <hji,s<; 7.1; roughs,
$•• -j.-. -<].«<; <i> : dairies. ?7fis7 :<n. SHEEP AND i.amus
Receipts S.<*io he;i^; market slow; wethers l'io lower;
..Ihers htr-adv: lambs. Writs .M». vearlltißs. $7«J$7 •'•".
"ethers. t>\ r.o'u?<; 75; ewes, >:■ 7.'.?is(i W»; sh«-«-p. mixed.
S4'oiH". 50.
Kaiihas <"i:y. April CATTLE- Receipts, 7'« i he.id.
Including K>" Southerns; market steady to strong; chol<-e
► xr>"rl and .Ireh.veJ heef Ktc^rf. $66 58 ft): fair to good,
(3&55 8U: \\'e«t.-in stf-e,-s. (4M)fis6Sfl; *t'. Verx and fn»-d
ts. $4fcV. «t; Southern steers. $4 «•*&s o-3*: Southern
cows. F3 25(754 79: native cows. f:>50«?5550: native
heifers. $:t 7.*i'7i*';; l.u'l*. 5:; .V i ',;*:. .a! • - *!ft*7 si.
IKm;- - He.-«.i;,t s 6.000 head: mnrke; strong t.. Be higher;
top. $7; bulk of sal"». SR (SMi&t 05: heavy. *i!;«>«7<7.
pickers and bqtcriers. *''. 7."fis«( ft.">; llcht. JSrt • •;*•: S 7 '* ;
p!2». ?*■ .V!siSi; sHKKI' - Receipts. :.<-■.■ market
stea.i^ to |iw- loaer: lamb*. $SAOSfSIA; v«:irlliiKs. Si> "J."i
«!*7«.i: wethers, f:. T^fii G; ... ._■....• stockera
apH feeders t3 50e«5&rt.
fn'on St.K-k Yards. IM'tshuts. April 2 - -TATTI.K- He
■-eijits light, steady; thoice. <■• 4M/*Q KS prime ?•> 2'ifi
$<; 40. ;-HKBl'- "uppl; light, steady; prlmo aethers,
Ka3sQs6Sn; culls »nd .ommnrj. |[email protected]; I.\MI!S «•■.-..««.:..■
VEAL. 'AI.VKK «- ■,'«,(:. h. up i.-.. e!p«« llirht. Meaily;
prim* hra\le». v7i'.*7;' mediums. f7 3Tfls7 40: hea\ ]
Yorkers. (75395735: lieht Yorkers. «7 -«7 r>; j-ies. ?'i .Vi
«ts«i7'»; roughs, |e«|«CO
Toledo. April S.—iTjOVERSEBD-^Cash, ?'•<". April.
*t, r.r.. ",-f.ber. MSS: necewber, *«?.•« No 2. >SB2Hi No
3 jr. r,.-.; rejected. K ls; n'gi-oted $4 »> TIMOTHY—
l'nme. |1 (M M.-IKK Prime. JS 25. »
New York. April - ISWB.
Buckwheat, bush.... 7.-00 Cheese, rKx" 1.0.1
Tea?, bush *>fi» B -•;--. l^kes ■- - : ''
Upans. sark« ... 4 :<'.:■ Drtsi=.'cl ptultr}. fkS» -:'■•■•
15n;«. ba!r» .-:•■■ l^al^s '- I ;.>
OU -.>'.:• . sacks 7"" 1!' . la!t- 90
Hay. ions 73)iI«Ue. l.al^s ••"'
Straw, tons 40 • Apples, bl Is - '•*'
rornmeal. bbls •"•• Ai>!'les. box«s I. ■)■;'_>
Cornmeal. sacks I.o3S)Lemon^ (Cal). tox**.. •'*-'•>
Mlllfeed. t'.ns/ .. UOiOranges iCali. tn.xes. 7.< C)
Oatmeal, M>"s S'»' Oranges .l'lrti. boxes. -.Xi->
Whlsksy. U:!s ISO'Cniqna. bbH 4.273
Hams, pkRF .......' sacks '■"
Ha-nn. •■■■-..... 65| Potatoes, bbla ->T.>
Bacon, r!^ ss .... 1 " > " Raisins, rasps i -""
Lara, tier.-es I.2S«.Rice. i kts 1 2 4 ! 1
Lard, kegs ifiO Copper, bar? ■ '■'■•"
B^pf. bbls UK Lead pig 5,92j
Canned tiecf. cafff.. 1.288J Pitch, Ibis '■£>
rubricating oil, Ibis. 27*1 Rosin, bbls «'•"
Cottonseed oil. bbls.: •_- r.<-^ln oil. bbls 133
Oleo sto. k. tien-5... ■ ■:•' .-: Irtts icrp. bbla IS«
Wheat, buth . 80n Tar. bbla ... 180
< - nrn. bush 53.87S Hififs. bun. lea l.Mtt
oats, bujh 12.2f>0| Hnlasseß, bi.is 675
Harley. hi:sh - 923 Suftar. bl la 30
Malt, bush T..Viii'.-Ulns. bale* 50
Fl3xs-<r.i. busii . .. ls.«Mi Tobacca hhds '•"
Flour. Ibis :.>4«i Tob?c?o. • tercei ::'•
Flour, sacks in 1112 To! n ■■ ■■. pkgs s-ss-5s -5
Butter, pkgs 4.ol6! Wine <<^»!>. bbls •"•'<•
Whrat. bush R.o4l|Tar. bbls 133
Corn, bush 74 17fl ; Refined pet, (ja!p. ... 37.H50
Oats bush i ; fi44: < "(.tt-niseed oil. ftals. "•!.■-•(».*■
(■.(.. tiush 3.1141 Lubricating oil. .=?" _14.::7"
bean?, bujh 10.*tjP<rk. hbli 1.3 M
Flour, bhls 1.632 Beef, bbls 1.131
Flour, sacks 11.4"0 n»ef. trs . . 7«
• •..ninieal. ifiSs ."."-7 Bai r>n. Tl 48T.775
Feed, rb 84.8001 Hams, IT' . . 14,000
Grass ser-,1. hrfo-i. . 141 r.:4r.v rt. 1.057.1W11
Whiskey s-U- 1.0501 Tallow, Tl . . >■■-•<■■>
nilmeal. 11. 1-J4.« _- <!r«a!=e. tti . 13».1N«
Spirits t.irr. (tals.-. 1 Kin Butter. '' 13.0011
no=in l.bl« Ifl Cheese. lt> 6.420
ritel bbls 14.*
Iron. Nor. No I fdy.slosfl ICnttcn. middling . ■' ■'•'■
Iron. So. No 1... .. 1600 Coffee. No 7 Rio s %
Steel rails "s 00 ! Sugar, ■ mulal .1 . • ■'•*■
l.nke copper, insnt^. 12 !'.". Molasses, OK, prin>e 40
Tin 29 40 j Beef, family 115 2
Exchange lea.l I <I7S • iieef hams 25 *h1
Spelter 4 fun, .- Tallow, prime ?>\
Wheat. No '2 r^i... 1 ."< 7 - fork mess 18 75
Corn, So ! mixed..-. 74 : Hoes, dressed, H'.o It) !•',
■ >at» Mto 32 Iti ... "'7 ! 7.ani. prime '" 4(» ;
Flour, Mpls pal its 590
New Y..r!>. April 2. IIKW.
' t'OFFKK— The <»tl»e ma.»ltel appeared to be steady
ing, aftf-r the r.-a.-tioti of the last few .la>s. .lurlntr t..
day's trading. Th* opening whs Irreeular at an ad
I vanrc of ."> |.<.ints t.. a decline of ."i points, and the mar
j krt closed st<-a.ly. net unchanged, t.. r» r<iini hiprher,
comparatively few months hsiving shown any change
I from "the closing: figure! of th* previous day Business
was moderate, sales be|n E i»|..,rte.i of :«4.r»ii» bass For
' <-ij;ii iiuirkfts ma l<- a generally steady showing and Bra
! 7llian receipts continued llpht. while warehouse dellv-
I ,-iles from New Toi were liberal, and th" rfsult of the
I combined llnht receipts and large dellveriea durlnß the
! month of Mar.h wa« a decrease ot P53.333 haps In th^
I w-.rlds vlsihl* supply, which on April 1 was 13.JW2.JKM
bags i>f this amount, •:-....-..■ ; . aie said t'.
I be held under the valorization agreement, of which only
s<Xl.o»m bags can become available to the trade during
the r«-?t of this season In the evpin of the price
! reaching 47 francs for th>- spot month In the ' French
I market At present April contracts In Havre are srllln«
' around 4r. .">o franrs It is hardly expected that New
I York warehouse d«-liv»r<*!« will run as heavy during
April as they did during March, but there is as little
I prospect of an Increase in the Brazilian receipts Re
ports thm the provisions for a coffee duty ar« ...
dropped In the tariff bill seemed to have exened thoir
full Influence on the market for the time being:, but there
la stlil more or less uncertainty with regard to the pitua
tl^n In this resj»ect. Nothing further Is heard r--»;,ir!l[ie
th» tiTe^t on th« Aintos crop of 'he hailstorms which
wero reported tat.. last week and whlMi »t Hi" bull
factor of Monday and Tuesday. Sr«" coffee quiet: R '°
! v . 7. •*'■>• . nominal. The ranne of contract prices in the
lo.al market to day wa.>. as follows:
Opening. High l*.»w. dose. day.

May 7 ..,, ; ...i B.W «»ffj.«» «£;
juiy '••"• '■" «'•" ;:;;■!?- *:'-,
l^nU-:::::::::::,^ is <■„> S?'| U
■ . • ■ ■
i .
; Uonary tendency In the late trading to-day b«rctoM4
Mes.lv In tone and 1 t.. 4 points n-t higher^ »> "> '^
I was active at time? through th» day. nnl there. mcd
to be a broadening of Investmenl Intrmit'ln the market.
I wMrtt was -.arl-ush attributed to expectations of an earl>
i damaglns. while continued dry *•***" ""?'«' , r" J " ', "
err,, xr-y susceptible W d.im««e In lh« *venl of v dry
»un?mer Th- market t-r-"""' ■«*•*' »«:» n a ' *?'*' „"'
3 to 8 ii nts nr. 1 sold 5 'o H points tie! hlßher durina: the
I .any trading on bett« cable, than .-.,- 1 ."
f 1r» o-.Vr-t «nl st.pl"" l orders lUallxlng *•« »er?
■ }fn-"f n -" but a r>- H reaction ->f only :: or * point* the
! market firmed up again, r-a. him 'he '.lv!-.: »int dur
; ir.g the e:ir!y' afternoon, when May c.ntracW «M« "■ ••• c
and October a< B*2c. or about :c. .-. 43 points abov. he
low 'rvel of the Ihsi week «'»! within 5 t '-> points of the
high rewnls n»4< toward 'he end of last January. n
i ttf. !a^r hour d-mand ... a little less janMri ve «mm
mlsslon house clients ««re taking proMU foi over t c
' eJv and the clone was at about the !.<u<-«t i" tut
i,f the day Fouthem *r"< markets, as offlrlally t.-port.d
early were l-lfl«He higher. Fo^e. points renorted^a
\~-.'r d»man4 a; the advance, and private »lr« .f this
character ha.l . sustaining influence during the day.
while Manchester triid- accounts were decidedly more
i favorable Fair weather wns predicted for to day In the
• Bouthwest.
I The weekly figures of the New V-rk rotton Kxchange
follow: Port recetpta, UT.BTiI bales. »K«in« l-u ..... X. .. *
1 la* 1 vaf overland to mills and Canada, J"i»U ba!<s
i «aii s • 14 ICT i«M >•■■•»: Southern mill takings estl-
I mated x:.<"> hales. . agatn»t 4s.'h«» !n»! Vir: !■ •.- ■
Rto.-U. «i Interior town* i". 7>"ji i.h!«s. againsl 12.5P1 la*l
ye??: brm.ght'lnto .~ht\ for th« week. 124.J.M bales
against 1.'»3.40» lasl ;.»r TotaJ croi* . m<.v*m»nt : V-."
rJceinte - .;>;4 T.TT bale, again*! 7. ir.7.4.f7 l».-t >•-'■ ove
| land to'mtlU knd Canada, I.<ifi3.lis bal-f against WBM
la«i year Southern mill takiniis. 1.77:. "•"<• bales, against
' i c,4» iko last v-t; mock :.t Interior towns In r>xies» of
I September 1, 801.108 bales. Ri:alr,«i :u>: >77 last yearj
brought Into sight thus far for Ihe season. 12.0H3 «37
bales 'against 10.04."..2«t hale* las! v-ar: brought li;to
tlght'for the month of March. 077.271 bale*. »K»ln»t 7-1
' S-] !h«i ■ <ar The total crop movement !m for -14 >l.v *
•his M-as. n. a<nln».t 21 « di-ys last season
The ranee of .-. nir.t.' prices in 'he local market to da
i ••■« ■■"■ roUow.: V) , yf „._
Opening, 1.ig1.. Urn. «J 9
M^ r " 8«o •...;:. 5..M1 :..-...;, •„.■.! »:.ii
June ... p.j» •...-.-. ; . .-..-. »:««»:5i ■• 4s
Vugusl 04<! '■'•"■" •■' •'' ».45f19.41 !».4.1

November U ::>; '.• M\ •.>:>>•. ».3.1f1«.t.5." ....
I mher »".*«! »•»» »-3.'t !' •;';;«';' JJ a-t
jfaVch?".." .' .'.".■).".' U*32 »!32 ».3O ».2Vss».3O '.' -7
The local market for snot cotton was quiet and iiij
changed at ».»Sc for middling upland and Hi -jo.- f..r mid
.iliriK <:ulf Sales. 224 bales. Southern soot markets
were telegraphed as follows: Mobil* Hun and '«.- higher
at V\c; sal's. 30(1 Uii"s Savannah tirni and l I'"
higher at :i ! .r sales 549 halfts. Norfolk firm nnd •»<■
higher at {>■,•■' sales.' -<;7 bales rialtlmoro nominal ;>nd
'»<■ higher at !*'<.<-. Augusta steady nnd \%c lower »'
:."».• sales. »71 hales St. Louis steady nnd 1 IBe higher
nt ••'-••- Mttie Rock quiet nnd unchanged at S«c i.al
vrston liteadv and '.«• higher a« SI 11 Iflr; sales, bales.
V.-W Orleans nun and '-• higher at !• !i -Irtc; sal.s. 5.2*1
I 1.-; Charleston linn and 1 l«o higher at !i :; li-c Wil
mlngton gui« and I 16c higher at •• :! If. Memphis
"t.-.dv i.".l it higher at •.!'-<■ s.ilhs. s,3ihi bales. Houston
steady and M«c' higher nt'liOltV; saiei,. 1.132 bales.
Ratlnia'ted receipts -<t 1-ndm^ rjolnts for Salunlav: \t
Hal vest on from fi.O(iO to 7.0(10 bales, against „1M ln*.t
week and" .7.380 la: t -.ear: at New Orleans from i ,M,, to
•>->ik bales a«»lnst 5.1f14 last week nnl 3.t(70 lust year
~ Cotton Exchange special IJveri I .able: spot <;o«on
•toarller- sales 1" '•"*> bales- speculation nnd exjHirt. i.'Kin.
American. o.ortn:»lmpnrta. S.OTH); American. 1 onn : mid
li'ni.- nt. land n.l3d. Futures orx-ned Brm. •; points up on
near and ". i.luhci nn lste months: closed tlrm «t a net
!^ „v or .:>-* I-"- Intl. Aoril, r.MM;. April-May.
f. «C.*'-d:' May June. .". OTd: .run.- Jtilv. 5 "'."-I : .lulv All
••list "'. ll'-d August-September. D.KVHd: September-Oc ,
7. u-r v ' ''••'• -n October-Nov«ml#r. .% «n'..,1: Noven.ber- 1
Tw^mher 4 m'l'id: I >••' ember .latiuarv . 4 Hit 1 : Janusrj
v r iaiv I.«s4«l: February-March, IW -d: Manli
', ''l! "V^H.'.d. *Mamh.ste r: Yarns- The higher prices
asked check business. Cloths A fair business doing
Comparative cotton ytatemrnt for the week ended Fri
day. April 2. 1009: Ra|^_
N H W elptß at all United States .^p.qta_,d.i'rliiii K..4M
Nrt'risseipu'ii alVi ; Ftafe, p,,rt« same week „„, T n
• • :ir ■ V.!,U
Rxports for the «- .;, -.. .
stock at all rnlt«i Si , , . """ -'
<t.,,1< at all United States ports same lime last .. s ..^
Stock' at* aVi 'interior towns ;: ."'"; ; -": iti- in'l
s-o.k Bt an Inu-.ior towns same tm« last year... -. HIM.
FtocV a« IJverpool same time last year... 1.02(<00
Stock of American afloat for Cms, t Britain same
time ml year K..W
The r.llowliiß •"•• Hi* tntu! net receipts of cotton .it all
ports since September l :
|!.->les : Hales
Ralvestnn . .'. .8.242. «48! PMi Towr.sen.l 7; •..;:
New Orleans. ! n«, M 8 H«i«a i>la I.H>.S->
Mobile S2»>«3! Portia ore. .... ::<"i
Savannah 1.517 "17 Port Arthur and Sa
■,w,'«on .... l»1.«14 bine Pass 1W».042
Wilmington 3«3.43B!Jackßonvill» 2* «i«
VoJ-fotc . urn -' Kagle Pass, T.-x... '-'<•:•
Baltimore".' Kit ' ; '- El I'aso Tex 'i"
Nev York -. 14,3171 Laredo. Tex 1.379
i^oHtfiu 14.374| iJulfport ... 20.221
Newport Kewa . < 1.." fleorgelown -'.-'••.
Philadelphia 4,540 Texas <-itv •■■• -'-
Shu Francisco ■•■ 64,f*« Minor ports 7 '.7.1
hruriswlck . 805.072 c,-/w
Tntai ....... R. 670, -i* »
II.OIK AMI MKAI. i'l -ere \v as a .niict local tra<le
in flour to day. with arlces flnnlv maintained. Buying
continues of Hi* hand to mouth character. Rye flour w.i s
In better demand :•! in-haii'.-ed quotations. The follow
\n S arc prices quoted on tin N-w York Produce Exchante:
Fpring patents 55 «ofts« 7." . winter sti-alKhts. *.'. :c>«i«.~i :.5;
wnirr pataits. sr. .'.o-ii *•!. spring clears, H4t«! 7".;
. xtra No i winter. ?4 3u9f 4 65: extra No 2 m- •■ ■ H B
|4 "5- Kat'ss^ straights. (5 ■■/*."■ 4:. RYE I'l.- h ii
rirm. guote4: l-'air tn pood. <. 2.lfis4 50; choice to f-incv.
S4 r..'i'<iS4 7.". mi|!>;mi.\i, -.-"tear.v. Quoted: Kiln dried.
$3 42tfrt3 7.- ' \,; \ii-.N i. Steady. (Jutted: Fine w i ,-.
nnd veliow. $1 554(1 60; coarse. II 50(3*1 .'.5 IKEI '
Western steady; city steady. Quoted: Wtnein spring.
t'M\ ;{."■: Ma-vUrd intddllntr. $-J<! :'..%: flour ,}... J'j«i s;.; red
dr«. .«nit 7.'«; rltj bran. $C"> 1 ulk. f2K racks; middling. $L.i
n(20; I'd do;r. $3ASA, all March shipment; hominy < - hop.
> . ■ bu!V. ?^7 20 sacka; niimeal. $X<
' I.UAIN — WHEAT -The upward course "• v^ h«at
pricer. was continue! to-dnv. iltlni In another set
of rerorrle on May and iii! at New York. R»n izinc
took place n»ar the close howewr. su that fln:il
Drices. olil:ous!i HO We over tlie Drevious nicht. were
a little 'under high point of the day. The pronounced
strength of cash wheat in the Southwest and a re
newal of unfavorable crop advices in some sections
of the belt chiefly explained the strong upturn In
the market. At ilie immediate opening there was a
show of weakness, following larger Argentine anil
Austral shipments than expected, hut supporting
orders were present '« large numbers and prices goon
rallied. It was reported that a group of Me traders
were operating at Chicago through a leading commis
sion house, making" the market exceeding y nervous
and promoting wide fluctuations in prices. Outside
interest has become a conspicuous feature of all grain
markets in the last few days, stimulated by the bull
ish news regarding supplies and crop prospects. The
"Modern Milter" had a lest favorable report, stating
that the condition of winter wheat was generally
lower than the high average of a year ago. It was
announced that next Wednesday at 1" o'clock the
government report oa winter wheat condition would
be issued instead of at ■-■ o'clock as has been the
custom, a change In time that met the pentjral ap
proval of the trade The Liverpool market closed
partly >;d net lower, 1 Bueni d by the Argentine
shipments of 3.505.000 bushels, compared with 3..112.
000 bushels the previous week and t1.216,000 bushels a
year ago. From Australia the weekly exports were
1.456,000 bushels, or about th- same as the week
before. There was a decrease .of 1.200.000 bushels in
the Argentine visible, which brought the total down
to 1.720.000 bushels, or 4.500.000 bushels less- than
for the corresponding week last year. Complaint was
made that Argentine wheat was grading poorly.
Wor d's shipments for the week were estimated at
8.213.000 bushels, compared with 5.304.0410 bushels a
week ago. Cash wheat at New York closed as fol-
Inws, no business being repotted for export: No - red.
$1 2T» S '«.«l !•.<»<, elevator, and $1 IS",, f o i> afloat:
No 1 Northern Duluth. $1 2R. ami Xo 2 hard winter.
(1 2S r „ 1. afloat. ciiRX-Ttn> continued light move
ment, together with reports of small country offer
inns, because of active farm work, produced a strung
undertone in the corn market, attended by an ad
vance „f about > 3 c. part of which was lost near the
close. The local market was finally unchanged to >»o
net higher. he weather was quite favorable for
farm work, except for scattered rains, and a liberal
acreage via expected. Liverpool dosed ",'1 higher.
At interior points only 297.000 bushels were received,
compared with 401.000 bushels last year. No "_• corn
nt New York closed T.'.Uc elevator and 74' 2 c fob
afloat; No 2 white rominal and No •_' yellow. 74-.c
f obo b afloat. OATS— There was an active trad* in
outs and a strong advance in prices resulting from
giioti commission house demand, a better 1 ash trad*
nnd light receipts. The local cash market was quoted
as follows: Mixed. Ji; to 32 !!.. :.: 'a :.-.■ natural white.
2<i to :;•_' lh. r.Sifir«2c. and clipped white. 34 to 42 Ib.
•"■"•'.".;• RYE Market dull No 2 Western. R7c nom
inal, f n b New York. BARLET — Market steady:
malting. 78079 c, am! feed 74® 73c c i f New York
Wheat. Including flour, exports for the week, accord-
Ing to Bradst reefs, aggregated 1.41".."ft:: bushel*
against 2.n35.713 last week, and 2.01 1.384 • last year;
so far for the season. 147.322.R00 bushels, against
1i;:>.4.-.<- H7 last seasoa. 'Corn exports for the «eek.
1.11C244. against 1. 133.734 last week iinU 1W6.527 last
Whent. ..,w. n nigh. •—■■• Close. di-
May ■ $1 23V, SI 24 fl 23«« V -•'i ?1 "-.T,
.lily 1 V\ I 15 11 Irt 1 1 ::*- I IS , I 13
Jl'ly T4 74 ! , 7 1 -:, , 74
7 1 7 1. 7 1 7 4 ' , 7 4
September 7.;\ 7 .. . 7.-.S 7.i-« 7:'. \
y.-\\ fi '•■ ♦ SI 21 >! !■• . (i jo , *1 ill.
lull 1 07', 1 >"*■■- ! "7 . 1 "v ! "7 -
September ...:.. I'd 1 . li•> , . '-. IwH I <»<■%

Ma; . . l)-,\ <> B7*i ' 7 :i ■ »:73,
July 47 ** 4- - 47 s *^'^ »7' 2
September . . .. '■■ >;r,' t r,i; >>'■'* 66
( iMt.-:
Ma\ .... "4 « :■ . :-4\ .".■•'■.■ B4\
July 47%. -i- . 47. 4^'» ;- 2
September ' '■ 4 »■• , '•■•'■ 4' '- .-,ri%
1 ..: rd :
May •■ 00 10 12 • '■■ '■' 10« Ci
July 10 12 loJJ 10 10 1020 1" l-'r
Mny :>S< „ 12 „ 22 9 3" D 23
July ■• -7 ■■>*'• ■■ BTi •■ IS '■> »■
Pork ■
May .' ...1777 1 7 •>•■ 17 77 17 >- 7 1772
.Tilly 17 7'» !7!>=> 17 7" 17-7 17 7U
Mi I\| - TIN- Th- London tin market uas loner
to day. with spot quoted at £ 1.T4 and futuies nt £i:t."
Tlie local market was outlet at 2V ;viv,.-.. ,-•'■■. COPPER
declined t.> i."« 7 *s for spot nnd £:.7 17s »;.! for fututes In
the Is>ndon niHrket. Locally the market was ijuiet and a
shade lower, with lak<- quoted at l2.KT*iSl3c. electrolytic
at 12."."'j12 t;2'jc and casting at 12.37&& 12.50 c. DEAD
was unchanged at £13 13s !M In London. The local mnr
k.» was steady at 1.07V»{x4.1»c. SPELTER was un
changed nt £■_•> 7k «d in London anl at 4 77 '?■?» i •»2'; c!n
the local ijmrkft. IR«>N «as hlgh-r at 47s 4 l id for
Cleveland warrants ir, London. l.ocall> the market was
dull an. l easy, with No 2 foundry Northern quoted at
*!.". 7". ii*l •;_•.'.. -i-.ie m.-rk-t "for i<lg Iron certificates on
the New York Produce Exchange was .lull and un
changed, with re^Mliiro quoted as follows: «'ash. $15
n«k-"l. April. .*l4 !?•. May. $13, and June, .«!.". 2.*.. a!!
MOLASSES AMI SYBITS— The market for molasse,
and syrups was rtrm arid unchanged, with u'--d Jobbing
ilemand for grprery icr«d»s of mi'!a.t-rs. Quotations fol
low; MOLASSES, New i»~!^ans centrifugal, common, l^i'
lit, . fulr. I'.i'i2:'c. Er.oi. 22826 c: prime. 2.)'a.'".tk-: New <> r
leans open kettle, rj-fr 42- ■: SYRL'I'S. common. 13«17ci |
fair. lftff2oc: good. 10822 c; prime. 2tfi2r>c: fancy. 27©3t>c.
Mil Cottonseed oil was K**n*"raHy a shade lower
yesterday, un!fr efforts of lopkw to let X" some of their
holdings. Buying was by slKrt.« anil commission house*
for speculative account." Demand from ■ onsuniers still
very disappointing. Sales: 1. 100 h!>!s May. Nt ft »•>'<*•
.-.4;.. 4 m-i bbls July, a' .*• 7»i» .'..»;•.•<■. and 1.800 hhls ?'-p
■..--. oil was unchanged. It*
tliio! petroleum continues st'-nd-y at recent prices. We
quote: PETnOUKVX standard white. New York. bWs.'
>• r.ii do bulk. Be: do t'hlladeiphla. SO. do bulk. 4.95 c:
refined. .nse«. NVw Y.ir'*. lo:«i,-- do Philadelphia. 1<» >>.*>.•:
water white, N-» York, bbls. \<* . do bulk, •".. "■<><■: do
Philadelphia, !<!".'ir: .1.. bulk. «.45c; »nt<>r whit--, cases.
.N.» York. 12 4oc: do I'hitadelphla, 12 M.v COTTON
REEL) OlLr^-Prltne crude, 4 20514 27c: prime summer yel-,
lon gpot ri.31f15.39c; April, ."> :rt'n :.:<:..•: May. &.43^5.43c;
July. f> IMV, '.'«'■; SeptemlMT. .'. *>2f(.'. -<3 ■. October. 8.739
.'• 7'i-. and November. 3.2393. fiOc; off summer >»lln«-.
April "> 2.Mi."> 3,V: good <>fT suniitirr y^ll >w. 5.25fr5.35c;
r.rlni- white. .'. :::.iiC, ><„■: prime winter yellow. S.4OS.YD3c.
l.lNsri:i> nil. American sev.!. city raw 4.;Y747. : out of
town raw. 43fi40c; Calcutta ra". 7.'.c. I..\m> oll^MV.
I1KI)M>IONI 1 KI)M>ION> — Heavy sales of ribs by packing In
i<-i^'.s and >arl\ Felling through commlsHion houws
waakened provisions aft-r the opening, but subsequent
covering n»\>- tb« market a sharp rally, and the close
wan i|iiltr steady. Receipts nt Chicago wer.- Ift.OOil !"',{>,
at Kansas City 7.00 H. at Omaha 6,C0tl and at ail Western
points r.7 '•»• I'ORK— Steady. Quoted: M«n. $ 1 ">.'•<• 7
$1!' family. flSsotjsl» 60; short cNai. $ll»'as2l. REEF -
"■jiil^i. ijtuiJed: M.«k. *1» .'.ii-.jH 1 : family, $l.*.fi«l.'> !«<:
pa.ket. $14Q$14S<>: extia ln.llH ine^s. $ •.--■ .*.' *j 5 2':. HEKF
HAM.- Steady. Quoted at -- J '..• *.H. DRESSED HOOS - |
Firmer. Quoted: Uac«n», US 1.->i It.. U\e: IHO fb. S'i^: 1
14'» !!• !>'■:■ . pigs. !'V 'IT MHATS Pickled rellle* 1
firm. Quoted: Smnklnjt. UV; li> -■•,••
in.- Ci, klr-1 hams mm Quoted at I" I*'"1 *'" TALLOW -
ltarely steady.- Quoted: city. h\c: country, :.■.■;•;
!.AKI< Firm. Quoted: Middle Western. 10.35i510.45c
.'ln i.ird .!iii<*t Quoted, -at lo'k'.i |o' 4<4 <- Refined lard .
firm, tjuiited: South America, 11 '■<*<■. ronflnent. I"*:
Hr:i7.il. k<KS. 12 r.">- Compound <iii!< t Quoted at RflS'ic.
STEARINK— Kteaily. <„•!!.. i^i: Ol«». l^c: dtl lard stear-
In-. ll'jc
UK I; The mark'-t fr.r ric« was firm, an/i quite :
active in former prices. Quotations follow: Screen- !
Ings. -'», '1 :'. V • ordinary, :i\'i4',c: fair. »» 4 4?."c: |
good, ordinary. .'. ', '■! •". k < ■. prime. •"• \ft ' \ <- : choice,
«;•>>»•»';. c; heail Japan. 3V4'S4>ic; Patna Hnd Slams,
.'• 'n •! ' •. c . Java. .".';.-: Rangoon, I■. '-1 .".. •.
SI4.AR— The refined sugar market was steady but I
• inlet and unchanged. The following ar-- lesy ■"• and !
.-. p. r 100 Ib from Invoice an.i 1 per cent for cash;
no further discounts whatever: i*rvstnl domlnos, i
7.:s«>c: Eagle tnt!.-rs 8.2."Vc; cut b>af. fi.7sc: rrushed, i
.'.••.:.•. mould A. ."■..".0c. cubes. Kaple 3-lb bags pow- !
drrod and K.iel*- confectioners' granulated. 5.2« c; I
NXXX powdered. S.lOc; powdered and roars* pow
dered, 5.413 c: fruit powdered and Eagle coarse and
extra fine granulated. 4 !»."«•: Bagle 2-h cartons of
fine granulated, S.I.V: 2-11. baps do. .".2."..-: :!< s -lt>
bHKa ilo. .-.j0, : r,-|l. bans do, -VI.V; 10-11. bags do,
r.. l"c; it. and :.o 11, hags do, sc: Eagle fine or standard
granulated »vi diamond ,\: A :>:«■: confectioners' \.
4 7.%.-: No 1. 4 t0... jco -z 4 »;.-„■; n..,. :: H n,| 1. »..-..-„■; No I
:. ) .-,•>. . No i). ♦4r,.- : No 7. 4.4i>.- ; No k. 4 :t.-,c; No
i>. 4. ::<'c, Nr. 10. . 2:..-: No 11, 4.2«» c: No 12, 1 !."•<•: NO9
1.1 and It. I in.-; N<.» 13 nnd if., 4.10 c. withdrawn.
The raw sn K :ir m.irket dosed har.lv steady, with re
finers Indifferent buyers: prices a shade easier, hut 1
ilkt« \jh» no ««ll!riB pressure. < - li>sin(.- prices for spol !
Kiigars were as follows: Centrifugal. "H test, :i.!>S',c;
muscovado. s;i test. :!4si,c. and mo'asses sutrnr. ">>! i
tost. 3.23'ie. Sales wrr.> O.OIVI bags Cuba centrifugal,
afloat, to \rhu.-kle Brothers, at 2S«". basis !••"• test. \
coft ami fr^ißht. pqiial to .1 <in '„• ' duty paid. Tli>-
London market for b. .-t BUgar was '«'.! hißlier for
spot month, but otherwise iinchnnccd, and this nn/1^
April and May los .-.', d. with August lOs f.\d. \Yil- i
leti & Oray: "Total stock of Europe and America. I
.1..">00.71<; tons, ngalnst 3.435.431 last year at th«- sama I
uneven dat.s The Increase of stock is 42..113 ton*. '
against a decrease of 1:1. n;j tons last week. Total !
stocks nml n flouts tt )>: r.ilirr show a visible supply of '
:i ".'»■ 7 ■(' tons. Hgnin.it 3..V.5.431 tons List year, i.r
an increnfe of r.»*.:!ir> tons"
m I
Son York. April 2, ]:*■:>
BEANS AMI II iS Keceliua t"-daj «.J»IO
h'nns anj 1.127 ►a,),'; p<-.is There If no change in the
situation of the market foi domestic leans The trade i
pn.-slna is light, but the little business accomplished is 1
at former prices foreign leans s,jmewhat unsettled; best
pu.des of both nwdlum pud |*v me held alioui us hero !
ttifoso. but there is hmii. prcsnur* to sell tl rf gradrß. :
11:. ire of which hay« iwni« forward of late, and Ibt-W can '
l.» Inm^bt ch*ap«r Scotch --as v»rv Blow, We in !■■• I
FEANP, marrow, choice, ( .er bunh $3 SO: do fair lo good '
yj .!".'(/ $2 1."., do medium, choice, S2 43ft $2 47 W ; do r pa. I
i hoi. -c. $2 3u: <lv Imported mamw, *2 C."sfi?2 ;«>; do pea I
t"2"Gs23il; do medium, .«2'>iS2 2<t; white kidney, rhoice] '
$2 »••"■■*! s2 7". do fair to v 1, $2 4nss2l'4>: red kidney,
choice. $2 42'jift$2 47',: dr, common to good. $2 2:.iiS2 :C; I
•••How ...... cliol.-.-. $:MS^s3lU>; bla. k turtl« »oun, . hot- e !
*.' 2.'.i/»2 :i.»: lima. < •;.llf.i nil. choice. I2WKSJ2SJ; l't;\s.
Set. li. lag.-, per bush. $2 Infi-J IS
111 TTKR Receipts to (!a- . I. "If, pk«s. Rather un
expected weakness was noted to dny. Quite a gcod rlra!
of fiesh sto.lt «as available, some of it being carried
over last night, and buyers refused to take any more K"od!i
than they needed f. 1 tiie momi-nt. The weakness that ■
vas shown at the opening increased as fie day pawed !
and it «,<k easy to buy this nft»rn<x>n al our Inside i\g '.
ur.F. ThN angles chiefly lo creamery butter, which :
composes the larger part of the offerlnics Fancy heM ;
cteamerj Is nearly out of rirst hNnds. but thfre Ik not ■
much rail for it Considerable old st.-tk r.t |nf< ■ 1 «i to
k.«"l quality remains, for which \ alues are Irregular, i
Process is wtal.t;-. particularly the trades from extras ;
downward Factory quiet. 1 inly « little packing stock ,
<•■ nilns here. «> <i >wt-- - Creamery, ti.e.iais. i-r n.. 2*.»' i '
«i3lir; do extras. 2SU«;29c; firsts. 2tjf/2s, ; do seconds. 24
..,■-■:. : di thirds. 21Q2:ic; do heii>j» ureclalt, ■':'. do
extras. 2"'</27 l v do firsts, t!4^2(ic; do seconds, 221523e;
di> thirds. 20'«21i : jtatc .latrj. common to fill. II»?i24. :
process, specialn, 2.'t'j<-: rto ran 21';.'u22c: do firsts.
I'.i., jii. : do seconds I7Q18c: do thhv!*. ITiAlrt.: Western
factory, tlrstis. ls'^l'tc; do seconds, 17'a<il>>c: co thlri!.-.
It;*/ 17c: packing stock, V> 1 held 18018'ic; i.. No 2. 17-:
io N-> n. l.'i&Hic.
« IIKI->K Hi ■' Iptt 10-.la; 1.071 bov«-s The market
continues In BtroilN healthy shape for Jll trades of full
cream cheese and better grades of skims , but cheap skims
gelling slowly. Si,.. of full cream are working Into
small compass. e?pe< [ally colored, and predictions are I*
coming general thai there will 1.. an actual sh.»rt:ige
before th" dose of the FiMumn. No change warranted in
Quotations, but some holders refusing to sell especially
attractive quality .colored full cream below IBe. and we
hear of some exceptional f alfs at that ripute All grades
.•r skims from good useful qualit] .ii. to fancy arc in
K cod demand and nnn. Exporters re lii »ant of g.,.,,1
\nloe. under priced cheese, but firmness „f holders In
this weeS ar« only Ml boxes, nf which I7|i ho\es were on
diiect consignment. Liverpool cable; Finest Canadian,
new f."is H,J for colored and «">2s A I fi>r «Mt« We quote
State, full cream, specials. lt : ?7l7c: do lgic- or "mail.
..Mood or white, fancy. ISVc: di> good to fin*. I.'i'.-c;
do winter iDH-le. host. 14S<: do good to prlmfl 13^0
I4'.c- do common to fair. 12ft 13c: do sklir.s. 1 1 , rti. soe
cl-ils 'i 2' do fklms. fine DVtffllUe; do fair to road
7\vr>> l i.-: do common. 463 c: do fuii flJms. 2'..6;!'i!'-.
FOGS— Receipts to-day. 12.2"?> 1 afs. Trade oo iiiet»'
sn .i somewhat freer nrffrinjts from the TVett and an
fH'\c< mark*! herr Soles Of firsts on "fhange wore al
"oii'ii 1 ,.- as to se. lion N»arbv goods rrorr plentiful
and 'lower closing weak. We auota £tat». r*nn^-l\anla
and nearby selected white, fancy. 23©24 c do good to
choice. 21^220: do brown and mixed, fmcy. [email protected];
do pood to c^ol'-e, 20621 c: Western storage packed, se
lected. 21c: do ... Southern, firsts. 2»c. do
seconds. Ui l -»<§lJ»* 4<-;4 <-; dn Thirds. lt>sl'.»'-4c: dirties. IS-?
19'? c: checks. 1761SHc; du:K e?c«. 2»5532c; - - -•' "St»
60£65 c
FBI ITS —FRESH— Apples in active demand an*
firm. Cranberries tjulet and easy. Strawberries more
plentiful and lower. Orances and grapefruit in cooi de
mand and rirm. PlneappVs firm. We quote: APPLET,
j-pitzen^rs. -.f-r bbl. $411$": do Northern spy. J4'B*o 50:
do Baldwin cold storage. J( »?SJ »; do common stor
age. $3 s'ras4 75; do Greenlne. fancy. 55 s<?3V> 3°. do
fair to prime. $4il«"> 85 do russet, choice. *.'. .V>3?4 .<">;
all kinds, common. $2 siv& .i.t S»J: CRAJfBERBIE*. Long
Island. Howes, per bbl. $IU v s*lii: do rape Ccd an.i J*r
sej. f»50; do Jersey, usual kinds. $*: do Jerse) an-3
Long Island, Howes.' per crate. *2 7.". do J«ra« usual
kinds. $.1 76CJ2: STRATCBEKBIES Florida, refrigera
tor, per quart. 20fi25c; do cpen crate. l>"-^3<.ic.l > "-^3<.ic. ORANOEj,
Florida, pineapples fancy. t»!ected counts, per box. *.<1?
$4: d» mixe.l counts. J2^J2 75; "dp Indian Biver. fancy tf
lecte.i counts. $2 7."W*4; do mixed counts, in !in«s. JI .3
gs-_'sO do other Florida, choice lines. <2 IP: do fair to
prime. $1 r><>§s2; do Porto Rtco. fl .WSS2 25. TANGER
INES Floilda. per strap. SSSfSi ORAPEFRriT FJ^tda.
per bnv. JI23SJM; flo Porto Rko. 1123CJ350; PINE
APPLES. Florida, per crate. % 1 90013 15; do Cuban.
$1 «S«M 10: do Porto Rico. Jl s<>«s3.
HOI'S — The markati have been at an almost com
plete standstill tho last week in most all sectlort-.. both m
this state and on the Pacinc Coast, and in absence of
business prices are little more than nominal. «c hear of
come contractirir . n the Coast it 9c foi '">ne rear and i"c
for a term of three years, which prices are fully lc
ion»r th:in ri^ures .jnotfd fortnisht or so aeo_ \\e
Stare. lfHiS rrir.ie to choi-e. per rb. ISfjl.c: O0
medium to pood l«©l2c do 1!>"7, nominal; do Pac'nc
roast. l!«i>.. prime to choice. 11^12c; do medium to ROM.
c; do 1007. 3®6c: do Germans. 1908, -'-"a2bc; do
Pa 18. ""oa«t. ]!¥)t>. 2f7.".c.
HAY AM) >TRAW— Receipts continue liberal an<J
un. ier slow trade all grades of timothy hay rule easy, and
the market has an unsettled tone Rye straw firm ana
slisrhtly higher We qucte: HAY. timothy, prime, large
bales. 'p«-r Km rb. *2>-.c- do No 3 to 1. «f>SS<V: do ship
pins. 55*57 He; :!o racking. .Vi^4f>c; rlovtr and clover,
mixed, .v.'/,;:.. STRAW. Inns: rye. $H*Bn 17' i: ««
sho-t and tunsled ry »^ifi7n.-: do oat and wheat. 4.yg..T"c
rori.TKV— A LlVE— Receipts to-day that w»re lin
load^d f.H.t up IS cars by fr-Ight and about 1 car scatter
ing lot* .... express. This makes !*> cars by freig.it un
loaded this week, and 18 cars more have arrived, but
still on the tracks 1 • llnjE so far has been very mod
erate for the holiday, but heavy buying exr*'"»d between
this and Sunda-. nieht. with demand mostly for prime
iieaw fowls We au Me: rHICKEXS. broilers, rer rb. Jo
<tiX\,-: FOWLS. ier Tt>, 15"i*17c: ROOSTERS, old. r*r Tb.
11812 c; nii'K.- 5 . per rt>. I 1 * 1 ": GEESE. Western. i#r lb.
ti'a'.i'jc: do p->or. Vestern. .Southern and Southwestern.
S. GUIXEA FOWLS, per pail Uk . PIGEONS, per ->air.
POCLTRY— DRESSED — Very f»w fresh killed fowls
ar.lvlng to day and while tradin? is slow the market is
sraduallv cleaning up and ,ies:rabl# grades fir.v n?n
Very little other fregh killed rrf.ultry arriving Frozen
has" ha I a fair outlet during the week, more e«pe,-.aiu
fowls and stocks of d«»irable trades of turkeys, large
resting chick»n* »>id fowls working into small compass
V.V quote: Fr«-sh killed FOWLS. Western, dry ricked,
fancy. 12 to box. medium sli#. l«'^c: do sejeetcd. ;*'-'^; r
1-rge boxes 18c: do heavy weights. l.>'-c: do fair to god.
bbls. 1.-fil.-,',-; do Southwestern. 13*01*?: *»
IK'sc: do Ohio and Michigan. seaMed, l«c *> ' e?te. n.
Bral.le. average best Ml Hl©H 1 © 16c: do Western or Scutrt
western, Iced. IS«ISSc: do Western, dry pi. k-d -r
scalded. sm.i!l a.id poor. i:«U>i >' r> <'^>. ""!• 1r '
f icked or s.ald»d. per It,. lU',c: S<jl AE.- ; P»™fi ,o rto
white. p«r d.zen. $^«li.; do poor. Jarx. *1 ■** < **\-«> w _an
.-■ills. &i&Me. »Fro«en— TURKEYS, young ' r ' n^ v ,, 1 -;?. V.' :
do vo.mrr hens. 1.V&2?.-: do old toms. Z^i'Sic f'HI KENS
broilers, milk fed. 2/"525.-; rl? fed I««2*f^«" i??£Z
Ing. milk fed. 2<W2sc: oo cofn fed. lM?«e; ™£}£- *g
picked 11^15'-c- ROOSTBRS. "M. 12."-: DUCKS. I»
l«c; GEESE, f-si4c; CAPON'S. .4^27.-
supply and rirm; new and s«cond crop selling well
«Hd onions poor and dragging. Nt» meeting a good
demand. Asparagus active and grm. Artichokes firm
Roots and carroty show irregular quality. Cafebagea:
selling well «"*elery steady. i.Vurab'rs rirm for
fancy. Chicory and escarole in light supply Kez
plqnts firm Kale and spinach plen'y and »»ak. I.e'
tu.e flrm for fancy, but quality very irregular P«>is
In Koorl demand. Beans plenty ar.-J weak Feppers
slow. Parsley weak and lower. Radishes »a?!»r.
Tomatoes In liberal supply Other vegetables as quot
ed We quote: POTATOES. B-rinurti. new. p^r bbl,
$5 30**7: do second crop, |sfis«sf»; do i"uban. new.
p.r .'rate. 51 MQsl 7.'.; do Maryland. Virginia and
North Carolina, late crop. per bbl. $J-sf^So: do
Maine in bulk. |.»r ft lb. $3 3s:: 12, do per bag. $2 . •
'.; ?2 >.'•: do state, m hulk. p«r 1 40 lb. $2 HJ « Si' - do
per bag »2 50fe$2«5; do Enßiish. per I«>-»-:b bi«[.
... do "Scotch, $!• r..-.^?^ ■»'>. do Irish. «2 :.">ff
$_•;:.". do Hei^iar; an) German, $22."?»52 30: <lo for
..•lgri. «a.'iy. p^r bag. $! «? i SWEET POTATOES.
Jersey, per basket. 7-",c'gJ-- do Easter:: Shore per bbi
i.^i*:: ASPARAGITS, South Carolina. per dozen
bunches ? I ."»'n « 4 ■"•■>: d" North I'aroiinn. M2T.OS>TS;
do California. gr»en. $:t r.n^ jr. lt.; do white. $2 30054:
ARTICHOKES, California. Frer.^h. per drum. $r>^
57,".0 : BRUSSELS SPROUTS, per 'juarr. 3©lsc;
BEETS. Sout*i I'Hr.ilma. winter, per !•>•> bunches. $2^?
$:: do New Orleans. *2'r:s4: do Bermuda, per eraf.
$1«S1 23; do Florida, per bushel era" or b.isker. 7.V.-
-.".: i'ARRoTS. South Carolina, per irtfi bun<hes.
$1 .".» rt?": cio New Orleans, J2'as4; do Bermuda, per
< raf. $lf£sl 23: do old. washed. p»r bbl. Jl 2-": do
unwashed*' p«-r bhl or bag. 7.'>«.*5112. CABBAGES,
South Carolina, white, large, per crate. $2 V> ■Ss $:i . do
sma'l. $2 '/s'_• 7.'. : do Florida, white, per .-rare, f 2 23
3|r.T.»iio red. *:!';$»; CELERY, Florida, per stand
.,•■-'-'. ?2 "_'">: do per lf>-jnch case.
SI 2.-.fi*l 7.'.; do per S-lnch rase. J! IT.S?.ST .".": CATLI.
FLOWERS, Florida, per basket. $1"T«2: do Fr<r.-h.
per box ..f 12 to l«. fl r."<i $4 .v>; CCCUMBERS. Flor
ida, per .rate. J^'tJl; I'HICORT New Orleans, per
bb!. $2?r«4: do Florida. p-»r basket. Sl2ss|lTs: ES
CAROUE. N«-vv Orleans, per bbl, $2 r.ft'a $.">: do Florida,
per basket. Jl 23«11 T5: EGGPLANTS. Floy-da. per
box. *.Ts*.-.: do c,,ban. $:t<isJ. KAI.E. Norfolk, pr
»bl. 7Scftsl 12; <Jo rtnltimore. f>rtcfiSl: KOHI.RA3I
New Orleans per limi hunches. ».".•*s.-.; [.F.TTI>'E.
Florida. |>er basket. Si fi?2 .'•">; do South Carolina. $10
*2 SO; do North Carolina. SI^SI 17, ; do Norfolk. S»clr
SI; LEEKS. New Or cans. per lAO bunch^. $2'o?S:
OKRA. Florida. p»r carrier. $1 r."S?::: do •üban. $1 23
Cs"i: ONIONS. Connecticut anrt Eastern, yellow, per
bbl. $1 73«*.2.V>; do red. SI RAe>2; do ftrtte" an.i Wej-t
ern. white, tier crate. $1 SOSS2; do yellow. p»r 14"
it. bag. $2«|2 37; do per mo-Ib bag. Jl 234*175; do
red. tier 140-lb bag. $1 SftOSl 75; do per ino.jh bag.
DflcSH '-': do Orance County, rellsw. per bag $1 2"> ■?
S2: do r^d. 51 6 515": do Bermuda, p-r rrate. «2 r.o;
do Tet«s. p«r summer cra'e. SI 7"<¥S2'- 1 ": do Cuban.
per crate. $2«5335: PARSNIPS old r"r bbl. SI 23
B*l SO; PEAS. Florida, per basket. Jit/f.iT.V PEP
PERS. Florida per carrier.. %\ 259»2: do Cuban SI
*;S2: PARSLEY.: f>rl*ar;<i. curly, per bb'. S2?
SIM: do plain. J7 3«t752: do Bermuda, per crate
73c«r$t; ROMATNE. Florida per basket >I«StS3;
rio Bermuda, per box. T.vssi; I .': RADISHES. South
Carolina per basket $I^/51 ."a>; <in North Cirn'i-a
Jl/8J12.'.: do Norfolk, per bnnket. 114111 SHAL
LOTS. New Orleans. p-r !"»• hunches SCSSi.'-.n
SC A r.I.IONS. Norfolk, per basket. MtH77.c do North
Carolina, per .rate. .-.rtcffSl. do South Carolina per
100 bunches. Sl<jsl.-.ft; do Riltimore. per basket sn.-
STP.IN.; BKAXS Fl-rlda creen or wax per b.T*k»'
■•r .rate. SI 504? S3; PPIXACH, Norfolk per bh! St' "'»
Bsl 7r.. PQKA.SH, Hubbard o r marrow, pe r bb] sti?
si r.o ; ,«o Florida, per box «tOO«*2 sn: <jo Cuban,
uhite. per .-rnre. Jl 25e?«* 2.1; TTRXIPS Canada,
rutabaga. p»r \me. !»K 7-. SI 10: rio other rutabaga, per
bid or air 7.~><-'(/S1: do white o'rt. per hhl K>~> ft s.'c
TOMATOES. Florida rer rarrier. Sf) c aJ2: do Cohan!
'.VflJI 30; WATERCRESS, per !•«> bun^>-e^ «i Ci
Jj $2 2."..
New York. April 2 IjIM
BEKVK* -Ref»-rts were iL'rt cars. o r 2 224 h^iii
Including lirO .ars for slauchterer" and 11 for the market'
making, with th« c«ttle h«-M rver fr«rn previous arriv
als. 1% < ars tn be sold Steers w*r* s !o» but steii>
bulls heM un to Wednesday's prices and -bin cow", a is :
medium and «ood f«t cows slow t« Iftolsc lower' rh»
pecs were about cleared. Ordinary to r>rim» st*ers s-->M
ar .«.-. ltvfijß ,;r, r . r NYI ih bulls at S.T .V»ij.<4 75 with tall
ends a« low ax ?■?. and rows nr *2 I."tS4 <".. with 1
i \tra fat cow bringing t-T* 2." r'r.s.---.l beer was rathT
slow a? S'jffirN. r ., r i t>: a Dttle fan.-v beef exceeds
.(■ioiHtio!>s Llrermol and Tendon cables quoted live
cattle steady; refrlgi-rator fvef higher at !V«i»lo^4f per
I!' F.xp^rtrrs received information by cable from I.on
don that the embargo against the shipment of u~, t ,- a t
tie from Now York had h?en li'ted. to tak» effect at !2
n'clork in night. Shipments of dressed beef from "his
port l«v-mormw «;li Include 1.100 quarters in the M*«ab.i
for Schwar7Schtl'l X- Sul*berger. in the St. I mils 1 414
nuartet!- for the Morris R?ef Cnmpanv and W2S omrfs
for the Armour Ti-ef Conirany. and t^e Morris F«^f
Company win put r.7S quarters on the Cedric for Liv
erpool, making the totals from this port for th» week
7.42.1 quarters ..f beef, ai! to ports of Great Britain.
Salts— McFherson .<• Cm : 15 Ohio seers. 1253 tb aver
i>c«. Nt Sr. t:i> per Imi Jh; 1!> rio ir.>2 lb. Ht .«»» O»: 25
Pennsylrnnta .'■■ 1012 lb st ?•". 1«: I b-ill lisn Ih at
ti~ 1 do. I'-^i H>. at *4 70 « lie 1.-.T^ lb. st M.V- 1
An, lb. at *4 2-">: 2 <!«. 1075 at S.l >.".; 1 do Ts<"» ]b
n* SI BO; ;>> n-e^l red Pen tunrl rant* rows 11170 ih at
.<!>-.-. 1 cow. 12.t«> lb nt S."> IV 7 di. Hll Ih. it ** 4rt;
S .'•• iiWß> lb nt *4 f> do. I<>l ■ lb. at 5.7 7^ : 4 d^ r>7.-. jh.
Bt J3flf>; 2 do. *•-'"• 'h. at MM: IS do i>7jH lb. at ST |O :
1 d • f*ii> 'I. a' SA: 2 do. 105 ft Ib. a' $2flrt- f> do 8M ih
i.- S^ 7.V !i do *72 lb, ii *2 .".i>. 11 d\ :■' Ih al $223;
1 do, 77>> Ib. al *2.
S Sanders: tf> Illinois st*er-. 12?^ fN nt ** >-T> 21 A n i.-.
do 1174 •' at $<: 2": 1, bull, 10V> tb. at S4 lf> ; I Ha
iii.« rb, at S3; 1 row. 14 c rh it .«."■ ::">: 7 do 11<^4 Tb •!
c t .-». It do. HIPS r»- at «4 *"* ."• do. 1t\»«» n !lt *4 ••
1 do. >■!" r»>, :tt S" "3 8 do. lftS3 Tb at S.I I<V 15 do !V.-,
I>> at M XV. 2 rto. 1000 n>. ,• S-T. ."> do -• . ■■ at S2 SO
1 do. 7.-." It. at *2 J ": 1 d* H"- rt M». at *? I*.
Nawtan * Co : 21 • M. ago Fteers. ll«1f> Tb ar $fi 4O 21
dr>, 1103 It., al «'. 4"
Kerns f*ommi»son Com pan* : 20 Chicago steers. I_V7 Tb.
at .*•; «.-,. 20 do. nru rh. at .«»•.?.."
Tobln Shannon: 20 Ohio ste»rs 1177 Tb »t ti» ">
«■ XI VI-> Ke. -eints «.-^re 707 he»d lnrlad<na
fr butchers mh.l .">4" frr thf market Demand was active
and piles nrtn to •_•-„• higher. Common to rhr>>ce veals
► oi.l Ht £>: MifiSto per H"«> Tb. enlls «t ••: Indiana fed
ralven at *.". Dressed calren sf»ad- at -i fo .-if.
dpessed vw'i, with some sales at ir.c nnd ccnotrj dressed
sold «t S«lSc
Sales- S SBti.'frs: <eHI«. 184 rb a- »'age »< *1n p»r
imi !!•: <!4 d". 12^ rb. »t ?ri 7.*. r> 14? ?*• at srt so
W P Mum- 4 veals 1 4" ■• at Sli">. r.7 d.^ 12:> IT. at
<■:• 75; 41 do. 12". rr> at sr»*7'j; 2 tuV*. n*> lb. at $*
Kern<= Cmnilssion Companf: 4*> Tr>dian>» veals 133 TN
nt Sf»"".l4 do. 127 Tb. at Sti -ft : <> Indiana fed calves. 37S
Tb. at $.'•
(SHEET »>»» ' AMRs — Receipts wer- 2'; i, .--..-« r,r
Slrti head, inriudlnii 21 cars for s'.Tichtf-rers ii.l 2'? for
the market, mnktrg. with 'he sti'e stock. 7' ; enrs on
t ,lf. sheep were i>i limited sui.plv md sf»r,,; v I.irh,
!l .111.1 .<!►«■. .I- j « it:
About !•!« e*f* ■>tp lifcr'T tn he held over ' A f-w i-'irrM
Khem*»»ld »« ?."> .v> ncr liiii rh; fair r.-. e ood (dipped i-i"-h«
»» *'7S'fi«7 2.V goert to c^oire ursh.-rn 'arob« at < - 2.">^»
«v.-'»i 2: , ;; .^ cv"« at S3JIA, T"T".«sed r^utton sow at
P«M1( fer rb ,) r «>s?^! l«mh« at liH4ttC; co-intrv <Ire?sc?
doth.iuse limbs »t S4««« per carcass
Sales- Kerns Comrrlssion r.-.mnanv US clinfev' Indians
Inn'bs. ~"i Tt> ,T»r-ce at S« 7."- pr IV* n> 2 c]ipp»d .
lndlnm sheep IC> Tb at $.". 50
f SHn'lers: "M unshorn stare lambs. fiO ff> s' S« 2i» li>
illl ped do, 7!> Ib. at S7 2.V. .". culls. 43 - at 5.% ,iA
shii-prr*' comirijsion i^r-n,!!,. ilat- . ...^ roa ,. «>\<?
untn lambs. PI > s rb. af S« "2'i : s-^s -^ do. W, rb. at c. «C'^
I'llll- -Receir.t« wer« l»i.. <-4rs n- 2 «SS hnd i»>-
Hudlnc about ha'f ,i nr for the marker Feelin S f..il
•tendv. but no shlp": hid been reported up 1.1 1 111 fccvr
fountrj dressed h.ogp iin'-t-arged
Liverpool. April 2 -closing: WHEAT— Spot steady
No 2 red Western winter. 8s 4'» d: futures steady: Mar!
8s .V«d; July. S.« S%d; Septemb-r. >_« T §fl Ci"»HN — Spot
iiuiet; nev\ American mived. loi^d; ftitures ouitt
May. .-.!> !i-,d; Jut: ■"•- 4\d PEAS— Canadian firm 7«
:p: p ! 'I. il'R - Winter patent? strong. ;i2s tH. HOPS in
London i Pa. "•■ Coast), steady. £2Jt!2. PFFF Rxtra
India in*** dull. 1". «id PoßK—Prlme mess. West
rtn. dull. 7"? HAMS— Short cut. Jt f.-> is ft.
■trad)', 4*» >• BACON— <*uriifcerlan<l cut. jt; to in ft>'
steady. 4S*. fhort rib, •■■ to M n steady 4ft* ]m x
ilear middles, liuht. 2« to 34 rb. tlrm .".iV ftj !„„- ,■„,
niid.ilfß heavy, ar. to 40 rb. firm. r.Oj . shert clear barka
Ifi tn 20 lb. Meadv. 4!'«. clear L.-Hies. 14 to It} rt> stei>dx'
51s r.d. SHOULDERS— So.u«r». 11 10 13 rb stead] 4"«
i \i |. — Prime W*men», In n»r >■!■ ste<i/<v sis- Amert
.an renned. in pails, steady. S2i> «d rHEBSEr-Canadlaß
finest white. ftnn Kid r,.; Canadian rinert colored fir-i
•••.v ii.l TALI.AW - rrlme city. steady s, TT'RPEJ?-
TINK--Spirns linn. 2tis fid RO'I.N-rrmman steady ' •.«
Id. PF.TKO!,I"I"M- -Kenned steady. 7\<l LIN'SF.FD OIT
- Stendv. 22s 31 .■
Spring Resort*.
And *r.joy th? fielis^ts "f earSv Sprta*
Th» A-orld famoaa boarrt-.va;^ and its procesjtoa ot
r"l!»r chair* is never more enio-.efl than at tut» seasna
of th» yrar The Casino. Piers an<l Country Clh»
arc at their t»*t
Mainrains an üßcbs'-uT'-i Tlew 'it 'h» "ctao »ni
boardwalk, i" m<'*t liberally app"in'<?<l and con4uet«il
•■>n tb« Amortcan Pl=»n
Hot and cold sea \vat»r in privari" an«i outlic bstna.
Write t!ir?.-tlv to the owner and rr.->prirt..r far la
forn-.atlon and rat»». , WALTER J. BT"»BT
On the Beach. Fireoroof. Send for Literature.
The Leeds Company
Atlantic City, M. J.
Th» Arm- of Mmlrrn Hotel Eqnlpmant and La»urr.
Chas. O. Marquette. Mgr. D S. \Vhtt». rr— 't.
- __^__^__^^_^^_^^_^_______^___^ ,
I Jr "■■< •. m Xi,] .00 . ■»! «c. po«M» *r M ;•<•
J/iVuf.-f sen, «r> r«wi. r.ur H*p*>*4*U»nnetira<.
P^t-^t rr-> S. 4 Ml B-.r-»u. Ros MS. Atluitl* City, ■. J.
On "O*:'!«l ' - ••>... j,:1«. C.-.pTr!t«l»d.
Address above or rail at R»-».->rt B'ir»«ij. 11S0
»r.->a.lway for full pa»' t '«-'^ la »'* about »p*cla!
$10 ... offer for 4 full days at lf^-Jinf AtlaatJo
City hot*!" mttt Easter. Am Plan.
VJrjrinia Ay». n-ar heart Atlantic Otv. N. J. — Open »3
tlile >'<• Fine table. fe-:lte* »-i' crlvate bath. Hand
somely furnished. P«rf« sanitary arrang»m«»t». Bar
vator to al! ftoor3 Special rates for winter. Capaf tty 230.
MRS. N. R. HAINES. Owner and Proprietor.
r.rean En'l Mlrhiian An . Aftanfir ritv. v J.
Alwavj or°n. K'-erv h..->t«i appointment.^niJ eonjfqrt.
Rooms en sntta rrivat» bathA ESevafor. steata
h»ar. 9-jn parlor, etc. Fr»e tan;- W. X- HOOD
n »>• r:« CITY. N. J.
"SirlboroßSb = Hen Dcii
ATI.A>Tir fITV. Nt -t
Particularly attrvHv* <lurin» .Atlantic* «reat
?prlns season ft F*bn»rr March. April an<i Mar
AtUmf.- City. N .1 : Fenn% .i.e. i»ar Beach. Or-n
all j«ar B-«klet. HFINRT PARNTUL
Br^nwille. tVaatrtMaaea f".. N. T
on a mi ihi YEAR.
Itost Delightful spriny and Summer
retort within T^» minute* r>f Xeir York
Ac-ommArfateg. 4Ort O'iest» 120 Private F;a'h«.
i F I IV\l\! i• 1 1 PTJIIP^
J J I \nmn ♦t. Prove.
The Most AVagnificent Hotei
in the South
lioam* »!C(le auii en suite, <\itta anil wUbout tatSv
Hairs 51 50 pea day and upwards.
For „.,.. .. . c Jt ..^ H. fRT. Misi.-ar
P i£- FRY Mi:.i»r
■_L men] Print::^ > <f?.ce. Washington. D i . February 16.
I yjai>t — Sealed irej>-sd!s «i!" be re»e:^ed at this .rHce until
2 o'clock p. m.. MuNDAV. APRIL. 1-. 19091 tor furnishing
j suitionerv. fuel. tee. hardware, plu^'bir.s and >?U»i_tr:c sup-
Vlies, luntT. etc. for the use of the ««>verr::iient Priatm^
Offlr* duriti« the flacal y-^r endln* June 3<>. I»H». Tli»
1 rt*ht to reject any and all btda an.l t>> waive Jrfeoia la
i rticrve-i. L'etailrd scht^lulcs ol th^ stationerj. rue:. !c«.
I etc.. retjulrxj. accompanied by blank proposals^ aai gi\ir.fi
'■ the r*«ulat'.' 'tis with which bidders 'ivust comply, may b«
j obtained bj a-id.'e;sing this ofße*. >AIIL. B. DOSSQCUX,
I Public Frtnttr.
1 Printing Cffite. WniMrnf.tn. I» C., February 1»>. 1909.
I — Seal.-! proposals nil! 1«• rreeKed at this offite until 1©
! o'clock a. nv. TfESOAT, APRIL 13. T.»>«». for furnisbia*
' material *tc. (Of the mWic printimj an.l binding to th«
I Gov«rßro«ni Printing office durme the fisK-ai year »nd;ar
S June •». l.l" The rtchr to reject any and a.'l bids 3n5
jto waive defects 1* reserved Deta!!e.l schetlul*s of ta»
I material, etc . r*^uired. Acc.unpanie.l by blank proposals.
' and j:vin« the regulations, wi'h which bidders must com-
I ply may be .)btain^.i by ad.lre*»ma; this .•<'.'■• * -AM L 3.
: DOXNELI.T. Public F-lnter.
I ijrtoposALS.— r. s. department of a>;ricult
' X t"RK. Ortice of th» Se-r«tJr>. Washinstton. D. C.
: February- \n. tBOB — Sealed prnp. sals in tapUeatm will -„
re.-eive.l a? the office of th- Disbursing i-'.ern. until 2
p m . Monday, April 12. lyfV for furnishtr.gr misc*' —
laneouf supplies •iurtnc the ft?-a! year ending J>:-* 30.
r VJV». as fallows: f-aN.ratory materl.il. In.lu.iin* ohera
l.-als. packine b-tjos: oar sea!.«. tie^. and me»t bramilnt
devi.-*s. .-leantn* carpets and washir.* tn»»ls. m-*
• r*rff. meteprolocical Instrtimenrj!. toweriL nfn'y: fiayj;
and r'in'i^it ani Itthogxaphte material F-i?t infaraa
! tlon fumshe.l on s v1..-atton to th.» Ptsbursirs: Cl»rk.
1 B!dy nm«t te. se-i'e.- and addressed t« the 9 f
i .» £t i 'Ul"ire. tp a-". ■ i inre with in^Tru»-ri.in3 given on
■ »>., ?rhelule>> JAMES WTLSOJJ. Serreiarv.
: \J :«f> Whitehall Street. N*w York city. N T.. Mar-?i
2r>. Ifif*. — Sealed proposal*, in duplicate for furr»!*iitr.«;
an,i -leiivering rabttstnsrc stores in this rirjr'at itu->j
times ns m»v be required by the I. - linfrnment. on
I or before May 31, lftio m acroittaaca wtth the specifica
tions sum! conditions set forth in circular No. 4. Wai
Department. OfTi< c of the commissary «;enera!. Washing
ton. March 27. t9o9t will be re.-ei\«.i ar this office until
i 1" o'clock .n m . April .V 19>«» Inf irmati^n furnu^e-i
I en application Envelops nmtaiaiasj btda abovti ■-•♦
• marked •proporils for subsistence S'-%r»s opened Aa-tl
; .'.. l;io1>." and addressed to A. I- SMITH. Colonel AC
I C . U. R Army
Office if the <v,nst:uctina Quartermaster. New T^on
i don. r.inn . March l<» i:»^. f*w>d proposa'.a f?r mo\ln)r
! the pr^sen: pump house, and r"pa:nn.g. plumbing. he«t:ri(r
! and rtaetrtC wiring satne. at Fort H. *~i. Wr-.*hr X! v .
»i!l be recetve.l h*re until !■• •» A M. April in !f>o<».
I and >h^n opened Informatifin furnished on application.
I Envelopes «onr*inlns rrop>^sais should be »ndo'se.l "rr>-
I pcsald for Fubhc Buildings. ' and a.*dre»s»<J ' <~ri3» T.
I Baker Capi . Qr Mr . V S Army. **' 111 m IHn Qtisr-
I terma«ter. New London. Conn "
For Both Spxps— City.
TIIE Hum Html of I\>r.C*GE3.
M >di! -n ?.Ti:»re 1 1122 Broadway*
Harlem Branch. .143 Lenox Aye. near »27th St.
Brooklyn " 21"<-220 I.ivtnsston St
simmer school at AsVBt'RT PARK jt j.
Teachers sent to all places within hundred miles.
SIE] »n4 def'Cthe speech cure-i. lip re»d!nj
_ and articulation taught. MIS* SMITH. 170 sTaac 73tS st.
School Agencies.
Supplies Profr*«.?rs Teachers Tutors. iiot«rs«wM. «M..
to rotlejres SchnoV iri Families. Apr" >■
Ms M J. TOUNQ-n 23 Ua>?a Sahara.

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