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George C. Dithl ~Advi*e* ! >>nr and
Motorist to Join Force*.
Opt** C. r>l*hU of nuffalo. now chairman of th«
rood m*&» board Of the Am»^lr«n Atltomobi> Ar
roeiJitlon ard enirin«T r.f Krl- «v,unty. who li an
expert r»n hlftmy construction end an important
contrir-uirr to the f«ucce»!i of the National r.oo«l
Ro*i!a Conrrntion h»"ld lnM July, t^lleves that the
*utorooW> la to rUy 'h* Mm* r»rt in th* road
r^ulMirg- of th» rest t«*nty-ftve or fifty yrarn that
th« locomotive playM t}iree-qu«rt«*rs of h r«>nfiry
•r-». No man. In bin opinion, ran «-«n nn »'.:tonT>
*.:•• »n1 flrive it one mil's without bo
eoTr.ir.i: * »u<huwu kOv«eat« of r »fi mart".
That the United P^ate* is h#-Mn.l liurope in road
bu'Win*: sr.d maintrnance he l»!lpve« due to im-
X~rl*rt rt*>» la» ». ln«»ffl.-ter.t an.l tnutfoptr P'lmin
to?rstU>n ■R'l taMa*ttat«xA of roml*. I»rnornnre on
the part of !i*-al n»a«1 butlrter* of th* rrlncirW » n d
mPth«'Hi» of r(»il construction. Ignorance of the
<ju*i!:lr» c«jt»T!tj.-il t.i r"»'l baO4ln« mut^rials and
lack of r*c!lUl*-» for nucrrHilnlnE i>nci\ qun!iti^!> ar.A
Uck of KiSetest r^^rarrli and exp'rlnrntal work
to «!»M!>e rUr;r* or Improvement* in mad mn
tert»l» or exmttr.r nietho.J« rf ron«>tructl..n fjffl.
d«it to m»rt m.xl'rn ron.lltlrr.<«. reduce cost or in
cr*"an» •■ffii-i'-r'-y.
Th« national «irpart:r»>nt of public road* Mntes
that of thm tXtajW milen of public r<>sd« In this
eoantrj- *>can^ly 7 per c*nt can »*> Mid to l>e im
t«tned. Th^ object of th«» (rood roatda niovrii-nt la
the e*t*MiKhm*nt of rr. ■j-rly developed ■7««n«
of i^prov»-,l main «n.! lnt.-rnl road* thrOOglhoat «■»
the r'.nf* in Uw Union and the rar<-f»l an<l svs
tematl<- malntrnanr* and pitujyatloa of BUCh *>!«
ten:* tiVn completed. FmrTMn n:id raotortet*. Mr.
L>i^h! mv!>. rrcrh- vilrrct benefltt from th« eon
•trurrion of poo-i road*, and nlthou X li cv.ry on.>
prirtictl, recetrei «i>rert or Indirect benrflti the
»OM active apeni-lr* for obtaining P'J r<mds tn-ist
b- farmers »nd motorl.«ts. a» oismalaed in Urn Na
tional r.rar.sr. tviTh It* hundreds of individual and
■nxbsSdUrr e»x«ni«mtfcmi: Uie American AffltomobUe
AM'K'Jatli.n. icpresesniKg the motorlata. and the
National A.-f-ciatlon ..f Automobita Manufacturers.
the Association of Uceased AutomoML? Manufact-
Xirers and the American Motor Gar Manufacturers
Association, repr^rnting th^ automobile makers.
T^. <-^ Pra i X .v.d roads .lepartment at-serts tltat
the direct nrtnc 10 the farmers Of this country
In properly constructed roads would lw $iV>.K«V«W
•rnuaUy: that th*T« wauld be a saving of over
!&&OQi*M in market lnt the \»h<-at crop alone, of
over SU.4OO.<X» in tnarke;i:iß the corn crop and of
«... in marketinß the cotton crop. However
preat tie money value of pood roads may appear
to be. it is not «=<• important as ihf- educational
snd radal advant.isrcs •.., be derived therefrom by
the residents of rural communities, contends Mr.
Bad roads restrict educational facilities, limit
the rural tree delivery service and prevt-nt tIM
proper development of social life In the jr. Try.
" Good roads permit of prade schools in the coun
try, extend the rural fr<*e delivery autiloa and
check the exodus of ytrang men and vmbcii from
the farm to the city. Already in localities arbara
roads have l>een improved there is a movement
from Hm city to the farm. As a rul<» the fanners
are more wid* awake to the necessity of good
roads thar< the KaMfntn of cities, as> proper high
vcajra affect directly the comfort and prosperity
of the former. This la not a praMen for ■ single
locality, but concerns vitally the states and the
. nation.
Sever*! of the richer Eastern states are enpatred
In extensive improvement of their road systems.
Mary towns are too pool to improve Urn lateral
roads, and must depend entirely on state aid. In
turn, many state? are too poor to carry on the
•work ateoa and require national aid. It appears
reasonable. If r. IMehl arpues. that such aid should
be extended thr'-vic'i state authorities, under na
tional supervision, rather than by tho construc
tion of natfcaal trur.k lines. Motorists and farm
ers, by frequent pood ro.ids conventions, by con
tiruing campaigns of tatktfi and by tudlvidua]
and ©rcanized ttMiltf can brine about sufficient
appropriations by towna, counties, states and the
nation. It is a part of their duty to f»» that these
moneys are expended ■»•=«■'•.-, under competent di
rection, and la accordance with systematic and
well orpanized plans.
The ■jnaaaaa now in operation in the State of N>w
I Tork can be commended highly to many of her
sister states, particularly as to the classification of
roads outside of cities and villages. THese, roads
j are divided into state, county and town roads. The
. stato roads are the main traffic lines connecting
"the. larger centres of population. They comprise 4
per cent of th= total mileape of the state and are
- to b» Baa)Stmef*4 and maintained directly by the
etate and at state expense. Thf- county roads are
-those which form within each county a properly
: developed system of main market roads, taking into
account their use for the purposes of common traffic
and trave.l. Thi-se roads compose about 6 p»r cent
'■ of the total ml'eape of the state and ar« construct
. cd under state supervision and at the joint expense
- of the sta'e, county and town. The town roads
compose the rest of th* roads of the state, con
stituting ••.-■• ■-' of the total mfleava,
They are built and maintained under the direction
of the local authorities, but with Btai» supervision,
th»» cost bHnK boraa Jointly bg tho state and town.
The national pood roads board of t:;^ American
Automobile. Association, thlUMgli Its different state
poo<i roads boards- and in 00-operatioii with the.
many local a'itomf>bi!» club pood reads commit
ioif-s. acts aa a LJwailin house on all good roads
problems and complaints. The board furnishes
copies of the most approved pood roa-ds laws to
the BMtoriata in the different states, all of -whom
. are encouraped to ask for pood rcada information
and la register "kick?" directly to the pood roads
boards rather than protest indiscriminately and
unavailingly. All complaints are forwarded to the
appropriate hichway officials In the several states
•where road departments are sufficiently orpanized.
In Itaßtea where there is not sufficient orpaniratlon
statistics are furnished to the resident member of
the pood roads board, and he is urped by co-opera
tion with allied pood roads bodies to stimulate pub
lic aentlmeni to an appreciation of the necessity of
, proper highway laws and proper organization.
The f.rst national pood roads and legislative con
vention called by the American Automobile Asso
ciation, co-operat*-d in by tho National Grange, the
Amen<-an Road Makers* Association and the entire
autcimoblle industry, heid in Buffalo last July, was
productive of a better understanding amniH 1 the
various orcanizations, which has resulted in ln
'. «ittence that another similar, but broader and
kVprr. go»>d roads and legislative convention bo
fceld this year. All the above mentioned and many
' other good roads orjranizatior.s wili join in this con
vention, which will be addressed, by experts from
all over the country, describing the best method of
proper organization of road bureaus in the sev
eral states. The necessity of adequate national and
state appropriations will be empetaafsed, and the
convention w-JU doubtless urge upon the legislative
representatives Bt Washington and the various
etate capitals the demand for carrying on road lm
provement more extensively and Intelligently than
Automobiles. "
**• P»Ke#. Free for a '2c. stamp.
No matter what car y»u «-ant we
h«v» it. W» buy and sell for SPOT
CASH OM.Y. TV> tak« your u»p<l car
an«l ullnw spot casn for it. TVe have
th^ larjjext output and ar<» the
215-217 W. 4«th M.. ;: 1332-1334
r -..(••,' B'way.l: MICHIGAN AYE
yiutomobiU Club Uo Be Host
Reception and Smoker for Trade, at Which Carnival Prizes Will
Be Awarded -Word from the Pathfinder.
on the evening of May I. the Batui evening
of carnival week, the Automobile Club of America
will throw open Ita doors and provide an enter
tainment and smoker for the New York auto
mobile trade. The prizes and trophies won dur
ing the week will be awarded at thil time. The
eight cash prizes, amounting to J2.OiX), will be
given to the winners In the decorated section of
the carnival parade in the form of certified
checks. As UM parade takes place Saturday
afternoon, a notice will be displayed in the win
dows at carnival headquarters. No. ITS 9 Broadway,
at Columboa Circle, giving the names of the prize
winners, so that the lucky ones can be on hand at
th« Automol Club in the evening to receive the
The carr.iva; beadquarten have been formally
opened and Secretary W. R. Lee. or hla assistant.
will be there from now on prepared to answer all
questions regarding carnival events. Entry blanks
for the parade and the various contests will be
ready there for all applicants. This will also be
the headquarters for the receipt and issuing of
the coupon votes for king and queen.
Colonel K. C. I'ardee. chairman of the carnival
hiil climb eonunittee, announces that the hill cl:mb
classifications and rules wiil be similiar, with one
or two slight exceptions, to those of ■ year ago.
He has already received a number of entries, pend
ing the formal Issuance of the blanks, which will
be out about the middle of the week. General John
T. Cutting, chairman of the general and finance
committees, reports good progress in the matter
of subscriptions, although considerably more money
than has thus far been pledged could be used.
Klse where in this paper there is printed a coupon
entitling the reader to cast a vote for king or
queen of the carnival These coupons are to be.
sent to carnival headquarters before noon on
April 10. A year ago Mrs. Joan Cuneo was elected
queen and L. K. Clark king. More than two millloa
votes were cast In the contest, and there were sev
eral hundred candidates for the honors.
Among the candidates last year who received a
gOOdly number Of votes were H. N. Allen, Edna
May Spooner, Eva Tanguay. Kvelyn M. Buckman.
<-olon«l A. K. Rose, General John T. Cutting. Miss
Elsie Janls, Colonel K. C. Pardee, Joseph Murphy,
Colonel W. F. Cody (Buffalo Bill). ex-.ludge J. H.
Faulkner, Dr. J. P. Thomas. Montague Roberts.
Sidney B. Bowman, Beatrice Morgan. Corlnne, K.
C. Howell, Jr.e Tracy, Paul La Crolx, Mrs. S. B.
Bowman, M utimei' Kaphan. Bamuel N. P.utler,
Fire Chief Croker, C. R. Teaboldt, A. <" S<;uth
worth. Mabel Taiiaferro and Lotta Faust.
The coupon printed in to-day's paper will appear
only once. Hereafter they will be <>n sale at the
leading automobile and supply houses and else
where throughout the city, In any quantity, at 1
cent each. Announcement of the progress of the
voting will be made from time to time in these
columns, and conspicuous placards will also tell
the progress of the voting, in the windows of the
carnival headquarters. The funds raiaed in selling
th<» coupons will be -;sed to help defray the many
expenses incurred in conducting the carnival.
""Why not have an ami'i;ii tour for dub members?**
asks a member of t!,>- Automobile Club of Roches
ter; not a race or a dealers' or manufacturers'
contest, but a to<ir of owner members and their
families, he explain*. It is the right irj^a. and
one which, if brought to the serious attention of in**
prfirxr commttteea in scoree of automobile clubs
tfaroughoul the country, ougfat to be n ' bieatimable
good In broadening the avcraitfl motorist's ideas
of the delights aid sociability of touring.
The riinV'ilty of getting a Inrge club representa
tion, nrd especially of the women and familks of
members, hitherto !,r;s been so marked t ;,at even
toe so-oa!lfd tours are speedily resolved into rac»s.
While hf-ipf';! as showing the endurance of rarious
cars, sociability aa well as personal comfort is
usually reduced to a minimum. The t'-nu>noy of
many club members to do their own touring when
and wh«>r<? tlipy pifaso is, of course, a problem
which the committee planning an enjoyable tour
will have to ta<-k!f>, but there nr« undoubtedly
many of the American Automobile Association
clubs throughout the country where a members*
tour as s'jggest»d by the Rochester club could b»
iuily organized this season, with beneficial results.
The Harry El Houpt fnmpnny has occupied Its
r.ew Bjoartera, Rt Broadway and fiKth Btreet. and the
The King and Queen of the Carnival Week, April 26-May 1, will be elected by
popular vote the same as last year, and will preside over the Big Carnival Parade to
be held on Saturday afternoon, May 1.
Fill out the attached coupon and send it to W. R. Lee, Secretary, at Carnival
Headquarter?, 1789 Broadway, voting your choice of king or queen. This free coupon
will appear but this one time only. Hereafter the voting coupons will be one sale in
various sections of the city, the list of places where they can be bought in any quantity
at 1 cent each to be announced later.
WKEK OF APKU, S6 TO MAT 1. 1909.
This Coupon ia roid unless presented at tho Offic* of the Secretary. 1789 Broadway corn*»
Columbus Circle, before noon April 10th. 1909.
j ibis Vote is C*s< for , . King or Qaten
S ""” . ■ wZTER R. LEE. Seaeto*
WALTER R. LEE, Secretary.
salesrooms will be formally opened on Wednesday.
The Herreabofl oar will then be displayed and
within two months th« new Houpt cars will also
be on show. The opening of the now Houpt place
is the first step in the expansion of the Houpt
ixmpany long contemplated and carefully consid
er..]. In fact, it was led up to by five years of
Investigation In repair shops and by exceptional
activity in racing. The experience thus gained was
poughi because of the company'a Intention to do Its
own manufacturing.
Henry Ducasse & Co, it Is learned, have received
the exciisive agency "f the Darracq car in America,
with Balesrooms on West iZd street.
The Mitchell Motor company has opened a for
eign branch in Paris, which is in charge of Rene
M P< m:'!. *e!l known In Parisian motoring circles.
I p to March 27 the Keo Motor Company had
shipped MS cars of Ita new model, a record to be
proud ■ '
The following message has been received from
Oeorge Miller, who is driving the pathfinder
Thomas car over the route to be followed by the
contestanta in the endurance run from New York
to Seattle:
Arrived St. Louis T p. m.. after -air 1 nc«' day's
run— l9 l "' miles <:ir ivrkine fln< So troui ■■ wnat
fvcr. not even a single puncture. Got a rousing
v elc'ome.
At the recent hill d r can ■
power White steamer made the 1 teat time going
up the ' Ine — 1 minute 121
m la
Th« Columbus Automobile Club is to have a
"eign raising day." This is a raggeattoa for other
cluhe to consider In localities where road informa
tion is scanty, if not utterly lacking The Corora
bus club has ordered one hundred galvanized signs,
and they will be placed at important pr.ints on the
favorite touring roada adjacent to the city within
the next month.
"The American Motorlat." which is the official
organ of the American Automobile Association,
mude its first appearance last -week, being published
promptly on April 1.
Feature of the Indianapoti* Motor
Speedway Work Begun.
T! building of the India n poll« Motor Speedway
■was begun last week. Road machines, scrapera,
scoops, rollers and n tractloa engine, are Included
tn the Implements that will speedily shape ■ fifty
foot course in the straightaway and sixty feet on
the ,- irves. A I.'irge squad of carpenters Is erect
ing the several buildings necessary to this auto
mobile racing course, which will be known as the
Brooklands of America,
The nutßide course is now two and one-hnlf miles
long. With curves which will allow racing cars
to travel seventy miles an hour around Ihem. re
making the oitside c :r«« longer it. was possible
to eliminate the W s,.ni)e of the InatoVa course.
Inder the present arrangement racers wil] pass
the chief grandstand three tlmr>.«, and it is po?
sible tci gee cars on any j>art of the five-mile tra.-k.
Within a short time pij>e frr>rn the gas plant of
the Indianapolis Gas Company will liave h«en ]aM
to the tilling space at the grounds, and aeronauts
entered in the national champtonahip balloon rar«
of the Aero Club of Amer!'-n, w iiirh will utart a',
the Ppcedwav grounds on June 5. will be able tO
make trial triDH.
Th« I'av Shore Horse Show Association has
changed the dates for its show from the first
week, in August to the third week in July. The
show will be held on Thursday, Friday and Satur
day, July 22, 23 and 24. The committee, having the
show in hand this year consists of I narles F.
Hubbs, chairman; Samuel T. Peters, Simon F.
RothßcMld, George A. Ellis. Jr.. J. Adolph Moilen
bauer. Edward C. Blum, H. Rockwood Krincker
hoff and Allan Pinkerton.
Crescent A. C. Takes Bcnsonhurst
Field Club Into Camp. .
Columbia's association football players, who, in
view of their record of four straight victories, are
the prospective intercollegiate champions, played a
match with the ele\en of the Staten Island-Foot
ball Club at The Cove. West New Brighton. Staten
Island, yesterday afternoon, and, continuing their
•winning streak, carried off the honors of a well
played game by tha score of 2to 0. The collegians
tallied once in each half, and kept their own goal
Intact throughout.
Favored by a light breeze, the Blue and White
players kept the ball in Staten Island territory
most of the first half. After half an hour of play
C. E. Dwyer, !ast year's captain, dribbled the ball
the entire length of the field, and shot a brilliant
Fifteen minutes after the start of the second half
G. Murphy, right halfback, scored by a clear shot
from the centre of the field.
The line-up:
Columbia t2). Positions. Staten Island (0).
Spencer Goal P. R>»s
Grimes Ri(?ht bark St»inthal
G. Dwyer - I>>ft back Van Der Zee
G. Murphy Rlßht half Jenklna
B»mp!<» i>ntre half De Wild*
Kistler l>rt half - W. Smith
P. Billingsley Outside rlKht Van Laar
pmtth Inside rl ht Panter
IMaz Ontr* Ivigard
C. K. Dwyer Inside left Kaught"n
O'Brien.. Outside left Humble
! Referee — M Rndfonl. Unesm»n -F. Browa and E.
}:arlow. Goals— C. E. Dwyer. G. Murphy. Time of
halves— minutes.
At Marquette ' >val in Brooklyn, yeaterday after
noon, the association football players of the (res
cent Athletic <"lub met and defeated the eleven
of the Benaonhurat Field Club, by the score of 3
to 0. Throughout the first half the Crescents
played without their centre halfback and in the
6econd half R. P. McNulty, the Vale 'varsity cap
tain, was rendered helpless by a collision in front
of the opposing goal, but he played the game out,
being withdrawn from the forwird line to left half.
H. J. Charlworth, with a long shot about thirty
yards out, tallied first for the Crescents ten min
utes after the start, and the second half gtnrted.
with the score l to 0 In the Crescents' favor. Twice
the Bensonhurst net was penetrated by If. M.
K«rr nnd W. < \ McClelland, respectively, but
neither point was allowed. Finally. M. J. Beaxley,
f> llowing up a long kirk by L. J. Charlwood at
outstrip right, arrived just in time to head the
ball past th» goalkeeper and Into the Bensonhurst
net. The work of R. Armstrong in goal and of
Captain W. I>. Andrfvvs at left back was con
The line-up:
Crvaeenta (2). Positions. Baiiaonhurat (0)
R. Armstrong Goal < \ H. Wltworth
W. McClelland Rlßht hack A. E. Davy
W I 1 Andrews i.eft back...J. O. P. Humphreys
R. Baiter 'S nt half. R. E. KUroe
}l Armstrong Centre half A. Martin
J Jeffers L»ft half T. Watson
I, J. Charln-ood OuUlde right C .1 Gaba
H. J. Charlwood Inside right J. W McPhee,
H M. K»rr ''entre forward A. E. v\'ar«
M. J Besasley ... . Inside lefi ■' G. Tltl'jr
R. P. McNulty Otltatda left —A. Nlxson
R,.f PI> — \v Harding. Linesmen — A. Ry<lb»rsr. Cres
cents and .1 Lewis. .Hensor.h'irst. Goals— H J. Charl
wood'and M. .1 Beailey, Crescent A. C. Ttma of halve*
— 45 minutes.
Haverford, Pcnn., April I— Haverford defeated
Cornell at soccer here this afternoon by th» score
of 5 to 0. Despite the fact that the field was
eoggy from a heavy rainstorm, the game was well
played nnd interesting.
Royal Tourist
announces the opening of their
Broadway and Sixty-second Street
(the Southeast Corner)
where patrons of the company will enjoy the advantages of
dealing directly with the factory representatives in charge.
The motor public is invited to inspect the new model.
Home Office, CLEVELAND, C. Members A. I, A. M.
Warner Instrument Co., 1902 Broadway, N. Y.
Telephones 4756 and 4757 Columbus.
E. M. Mills Orders Yacht for Sonder
(lass Trial Races.
Boston. April B— The German-American race
committee of the Eastern Tacht Club has been In
formed that Chicago will send a representative
boat to compete in the trial races of the Sonder
class, to be held off Marblehead In August, to
fchoose three boats to compete against three from
Germany in a match to be sailed in the same
waters the first week in September.
The CTii^ago boat has been ordered by E. M.
Mills, vice-commodore of the Chicago Yacht Club,
who Is well known in yachting circles on the
Great Lakes.
Win Rice Chess Trophy Custody by
Defeating Rutgers.
Ry defeating the team of Rutgers College, in the
deciding match of the Interstate Chess Leatrue at
University Heights yesterday, the New Tork Okli
verstty quartet, consisting of F. F. Russell, W. E.
Rudolph, H. Love and H. Goeltr, succeeded in
clinching the championship of the league with a
total score, of 12 '^ points out of a possible 15.
Stevens Institute is sure of second place, and
Rutgers, not having won a single match, brings up
the rear. The score of the deciding match was 2^
to 1 >•? in favor of the champion team. The sum
mary :
I F. F. Russell 1 Russum 0
Z \v. E. Rudolph 1 Blsjett 0
8 .. H. I/rre '4 Bascora **
4 H. Goeltz 0 Voorhee» 1
Total X* • Total IH
The New York University players at the first and
third boards had the white pieces. Winning of the
interstate chess championship by the New York
University players entitles them to custody of th«
Rice trophy.
Julius Finn, ex-st£i.e champion, played against
fourteen of the chess players at the New York
Athletic Club, at five boards, on Friday night, th*
single piayr being 1 blindfolded throughout the
seance. After a brilliant display of chess sans volr
Finn emerged with a score of four wins and one
drawn game. At the third table the oppoaing play
ers succeeded in making a draw.
Commodore Towen Lays Cornerstone with Ap
propriate Ceremonies.
With appropriate feremonlea ICommodore W. C.
Towen laid the cornerstone of the new horn* of th«
Brnnklyn Tacht Club at Westlawn, Bensonhurst.
yesterday. A largo numb»r of members were pres
ent, and. notwithstanding th- weather, the affair
was a merry one. In a short speech ths commo
dore told what the club had been In the past and
what Its plans for the future were.
Tho new home of the organization will be an ex
ceptionally handsome one. The plans call for a
cl ibhouaa and pavilion „ontalnlr.,j a large dining
room, sleeping rooms, locker rooms, a theatre, bill
iard and pooirooma, a bowling alley and other up
to-date convenleacea for the members. The club
will go Into r.immis'lon on May 29, and Jt Is ex
pected that the new clubhouse wil] be ready by
S P E, C I F Y^ee
r H 1 i ■ I
b * \^ JL JL JL ■
Auto -Meter
when taking delivery of your car.
We are the Pioneer manufacturers of high-grade
speed instruments in this country.
There are no side lines to detract us from mak
ing absolutely the btst speed indicators on the market.
We are prepared to show you a mass of evidence
to back our claims.
Will you give us the opportunity?
A postal card or telephone message will bring
our representative, who will call and show you why
you should have the best speed instrument on your
The call places you under ho obligation to buy.
F. B. Stephenson Wins lt—Takei
March Cup, Too.
The gunners of the Crescent Athletic Club closed
their sea.«»on at Bay Ridge yesterday, with eight
well contested matches. The isitors Include!
John Philip Sousa and Jack Fanning.
The feature of the day's sport was a novaJt*
shoot. In which twenty of the best shots in the doj
competed. Two weoden loving cups trimmed with
stiver were the first and second prizes, offered hj
George 7. Stebbins anu Charles A. Lockwood, re
spectively. The conditions ere most difficult,
each contestant In a squad of five being oblige ta
fire at command of Referee Sykes, when his narae
was called, after the trap was sprung and whU#
standing on one foot. Firing while walking toward
the traps, while seated, while kneeling and from
the hip were some of the other conditions. Fran*
B. Stephenson won the match, with a score of 17
out of a possible 25, and his brother. George Q.
Stephenson, and H. W. Woodcock were the only
ones able to break their targets while shooting
from the hip.
Frank B. Stephenson was the winner, of tht
March cup, his best three scores for the monti
having been 23. 23 and 24. making a total of ;j
W. C. Damron was second man. with ■ total of 53'
It required two "shoot-offs" to determine the wia
ners for the season of the team shoot. \r. 'W.
Peabody and Charles A. Lockwood proved t-> ||
the winners, with a score of 43 out of ' ■•>. heatlnf
M. Stlner and L. C. Hopkins by one target af «r
both had tied in the first shoot off wttfe 43. H. 1L
Brigham, besides winning the "scratch" shoot,
captured a 25-target- trophy, both with full scores.
J. H. Vanderveer. M. Stin»r and H. W. Woodcock
each won trophies. A clambake at the shore club
house followed the shoot. The. return match wits
the N<?w York Athletic Cub's gunners wsl be shot
at Travers Island on April 17. with teams of twen
ty-flve men on a side, if possible.
The scores follow;
Name. H"cap.T*l.| Xinw. H TV
T. B. Stephensoa... 1 24jA. EJ. Hendrickaon. . 2 21
G. O. Stephenson.. 3 24. T. I>>ahv » a>
W. W. Marshall <i 24 G*"rr- Brow.r 2 -v>
J. P. Fairchll'l 1 24 *»'. W. Peabody. Jr.. 1 r*
J. H Vaf.derveer. . . 5 23 H W. I»reyer 2 »
H. W. Woodcock... 3 ZVM. Stiaer 1 jj
W. C Damron 1 23 :
W. W Peaboay 1 23 T>. T. TTllff 0 Ii
C. A. Lockwood l 22 G. G. Stephec.«on 3 ;j
Total 45; Totil «j
M 6tiner 0 —j A. E. . Hendrlcksoa.. 2 n
L." C. Hopkln* 1 25: A. R. Allan 0 a
Total ,- 47i Tot-.I a
X M. BriKham ... « 23
I* M. Palmer. Jr... 0 20;
Total 43|
XT. W. F-aNxsy. jr. 1 25' D. T. Leahy 0 2S
C. A. Lock-w00d.... 1 2i> G. G. Stepfcenscn 3 3
Total 45; Total 45
VT W. Feabody 1 24 D T. Leahy 0 3
C. A. Lockwocxi 1 24 G. G. Stephenson ... 3 30
Total ...< 4S! Total 43
F B St?ph«ns©n 17 G. G. Sterherson „11
B Steams l« J P- Faircbild K>
H. M. Brlrham 14 >f. «=ttner 10
D. T Leahy — -• 14 H. W. Drey-r 9
L. M Palmer 13 F. a Hyatt 8
A. E. Hoodrickson IS'J- J. Aiarns . 8
"Veorge Brower 13JA. R. Allan 8
J H Vanderveer 13 W. C. Da.-nron 7
W. W. Psabody, Jr 12 L. C. Hopkins «
H. ■w* "Woodcock 12; C. A Lockwood $

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