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g>r. Wilhclm Bode on Some Sculp
tors and Painters.
.burins a long period Dr. Wilhelm Bode, the
director of the Royal Museum at Berlin, has
keen a f.^ure of prcat interest to students of
the historic schools cf art. They have looked
on with admiration and amaaeraeirt whilf he
has prodigioasly Increased the scope and value
of th< collections under his care. His energy
and r<snurcef ulness hay passed into a legend.
While the heads of other public galleries in
Europe are making plans and laboriously trying
to Ond the mone: for the purchase of some
masterpiece that has coaae into the markot. Dr.
Bode moves swiftly on to the scene of action
with ample funds iti his packet and presently
canies the treasure home. Nay, it is said that
h« does aot always need to wait for news from
the market aforesaid. Some power of divina
tion takes him to a hidden work of art. and his
rivals first learn <;f its existence when they see
ii on Itis walls. Those walls, moreover, offer a
lesson ! y th< Ives to t!i«- museum director.
Tl ■ ■ •:• ■■■. building at rtin is Ix-autifiilly
planned nd its ( untenta ar. a- autifu :ir
rangvd. Dr l;-!. lias had. in his publii- ollio-.
quite enough to ■ runj all llh ■•• ngth •■: -v.
ordirarj administrator. t'-.H h< has also been,
fr.-m the start a z«:il<>us student "f tiis sub
ject :in<! ■ fairly prolific wril-r.
Translations ••! t\\" b«»«-ks by him have just
1 ... mported »>y tli«- Sciibners. Tl • first <>f
these n produo s thi collection <>f miscellaneous
liajM is on "Florentine Sculptor* of thi Renais
.*-•;.:• ' v.!.i ti he |.:it together wveral ><;irs ago.
It is Issued in that series of "Classics <<:" Art"
in which, not long since, v.. noticed th< trans
lation cf P.«rut«"s ••'. . las iui .- Th< second
volum< now i ut into English, "•'■■• a 1 Masters of
Dutch and Flemish Painting," is an additii n to
th< well known "Library of Art." IJoth books,
it may •-. ..I .-■ rved. ar<- freely and admirably
illustrated. Th«»j ar< wclcomi !->r their us.
fu'ti ss. Dr. Bod Is posses»-d "i « id< knowl
edge. He always has something to say, and lie
Bays it with great frankness and • •.... pun
jency. ll<- would not know how t" write a thin
or dull book. I ' is Mudy ol th< Dvi and
Flemish painters is precisely what it ought t<i
be-a convenient manual, systematic, f.:l! of
accurate information, and marked on • very | ai>
by syini't" ><t,ic insight. Treating first of Kem
lirandt" and Hals. h<- th< n passes to the L>utch
gonre picture, traversing Buoh t y |:< as Macs
Bi:d V. r Meer in brief sketches that are models
of their kind. He goes on to deal with the
pa'.nters of landscape and still lift-, and closes
ivitli some pages on Etubens and Van Dyck.
His remarks an fresh and illuminating. The
'jt!l< book ia full of stimulus. I! it could be im
proved at all it would be by thi addition of a
Ehapt< r on Jurdaens.
ijr. Bodi 's book on the an of the Low Coun-
tries is certain to be appreciated hero as a prac
tical aid to study. His work on divers aapaeta
of Italian sculpture is of livelier interest, inas
much as it gives a better idea of his character
as a critical historian of art Be has the beset
ting foible of that familiar type in modem lit
eratim — a tendency to lay down the law with
more or less pontifical assurance. It is unfbrtu
nati . anil a little puzzlinjr. Why is it that men
who have given their Hvea to research in a find
„f interests eswntialxj urbane should U af-
Qirted by one of the unlcveliest forms of Be»
eonceit, truculenlly or scornfully assaiHne thoae
who do not happen to subscribe to their own
views? Tin papal attitude is especially unbe
coming .n Dr Bode, for MoreUi, in his suave
and humorous way. long ago exposed his faßk
bility We need recall hut a single instance of
that bis ascription to Jan Score] ol the flae
portrait of a woman in the Staede! Institute al
Frankfort, which the Italian critic gave to So
doma. It is true that I>r. Wetmacker has cata
logued this painting as a Parsniaianin©, bat that
is a guess only a shade more plausible than Dr.
Bode'a it is hard to see now either can have
any standing in the face of Morelli'fl argument
I>i:. \\ 11.11 M.M RODE.
■•■■'. >
• BodM is not always hospitable to argu
■ . m Ai' ■: I i g In t!.< i!■ sent volume to that
[ortra.il • : . > young man holding a medal
h !■:• '. . ■ :••- fantastically regarded
portra I I • tla Mirandola, be tartly says:
"Tli. painter ol ih. picture baa hitherto been
nameless, but recently then has been pome at
••-:i-t t<i make Sandro Botticelli responsible for
if ;!:;it ur. it artisi could 'V i haw drawn
hands .; v tbesi rlaws, and that .it ;i time,
t o, when he patau-d th< "Valour 1 and the small
Mi •:" of thi I "'!: i " In this
rned a veiled uneer at More 1 11, who
poi i rait •■■ .i- paint* d ' y U >tl i
■ i m. and an cquallj ..i\.i!i.r indifference t>> the
ol later ;: il - It is to bi presumed
thai It Rod< is a wan of Mr. Herbert Home's
■ ■ ■ i • • , ak on !'i- irt (»f BotticellL
■■■ th< !■ • v ental and <i Bnitive
:;!• r mim 'i on!; ac epts the
I <»r1 rail I <•!" his works, but
tidiou > designed

Nil on ' . Dr. Be ■■!■ ■'- i [ght to main
t.iit s;;r. Ij v riters like
i ! m- are ful i i i:h en
titl< dto i i • doubt ."i mi as -
ure nf vehei I even of I impa
ar engagi d
troversy. it ia as much his duty In the
: : al of th< philoso
l>hi rln thi ' morals so ;. n ■ i in that
n \;i:l But whj wax ill ter
n■ n excelli nt ttiitiir
r, : 11,1 1, i:..,i. tn overhaul M Marcel EteymansVa
:im b« ulpl un . and, for a
littl- » hili , ono I ii • ■t ■• the i rocess. It was
a mistaki !■ exhibit it at great length in this
book. Such ■ tiding lil comports with the
btill air of delightful studies Bj the same
Angio- American
Fine Art Co.
J. D. Ichenhauser, President
523 Fifth Avenue
{Eri^een 43rd & 44h Slrtets) Ne'kt York
Old Masters
of the larfy It&lran, Flemis'i, Spanish, Dutch,
(ierman and English Schools.
Galleries Op*m, <> o'c. <.! IM —6 o'c. T. M.
tokec it would be not only ungracious but un
just to place further empbasfs on that mocd of
arrogance which, after all, Dr Rode Fharei with
but too many modern critics. Be has plenty
of virtues t. 'counterbalance this defect. Head
his pa^es on Donatello, and ♦•specially those in
which he protests against the exaltation in cer
tain mattei at that great artist's expense, of
his comrade. Michelozzo. Nothing rooM be
naon convincing or in b< tt. r humor I;. li,-!:t:'.:'.
too, are llu chapters on Florentine bey bast!
and putti; and similarly suj;i?estive ari the es
says «sn T> # onardo as a sculptor and the figurines
and edal< <-f Bertoldo. In these chaptei and
elsewhere Dr. Bode is just the eager scholar
:md connoisseur, looking at things that be loves
with an open minJ, advancing th»- independ -nt
views llrjt he has about them in friendlj fash
lon and very skilfully marshalling the evidence
for the faith that is in him. It is »hin he is
thus disinterested that the reader feels thankful
f.>r the putting «>f his writings into English,
r C.
The l-'iii' Art.-' Build-
Ing Tb< Spring Academy.
T! 1 - Hispanii Mus un Paint ngs l»j Ignacio
V. iktaga
Tfi.' Montross Gall< ry.. W< Ten
American I ten
The Nati >nal Arts
C3ub Porcelair and Pottery
by i '■■ mbi i b <■' the
tmic Arts.
527 and 529 Isih St..
I>eal*rs In fine PainttnM of all schools. HnicrsTtaKa 8 «
Pun iK-robranJr. \vtiu«ti<r liadcn. Merron. nri^.^.
Brae, Btndines and Rare Books.
Ainsue Art Gallery
ONE ST., C:r. Brojdwxv.
Exhibition of T«n Cattle and Landscape
Maker of
33-25 John Street, cor. Nassau, N. Y.
The Knoedler Gallery.. Portraits by EHtzabeUl
<i. Baker, and w;itt-r
colors and oth;.-r
MMkl by F>rnani
The sfacbetli Gallery... Paintings, old and r.c»,
l>y Louis Lot-b.
The Daaer-Fblsoan Gal
lery Paintings ty Kmii Carl
The Dnraßd-Rnel Gal-
j cr v Paiattega by Vi?tor
The Photo - Secession
<J.il!ery Sketchi in oil by Al
fred ilaurer," anj
water colors by Joha
The Kalston Gallery.... portraits by Zelma
N. . York Public Li
r>rtiry. I,' nox Building Prints of Anil Is by
artists i.f many
Th; Wunderlich Oa!-
I, ry Etchings and itho
graphs by \Vhi?t!er.
The Schaus Bery Etchings in color by
Fritz Thaulow and
The O'Brien Gallery. ...Engravings ol naval
eelebr and f;ini
ous battles.
The Berma Photo
graiihi:- Company Reproductions of mod
i m Dut art.
The ricaa Art Gal
leries Siamese and Cambo
dian antiquities.
"What is the explorer's aim?"
•'i'stially to gather material for a ler-ture."
•"i wonder if that in why my wife exr'torrs
my private papers." — Louisville Courier- Jour-
OFVom tliv bronze by Vfrrocv.hio.>

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