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■ ■
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• ; th I ithcr?
I ' ■

But the liiti
it, oi ■
;inii -
-<„ i thi in the
world When life foi . ;:i 1
alien forci he < iann

v. ;!! • nd foi hei ■ li She will in
burden to an\ of hei friends She i i hold
her head itanc 111
for sh • ■ 'No
om i hall i
■ hide ■•■ • I ■
Anruh and Her Wonderful Voice
"Dill ■. ml to t< II you »bout Annah, dear, wholi -
oi i ' •!.;• ouled Annah '
You see. 1 can't i ■ n Annah
and 1 weri I I ■ ■ I her pretty thor
ough! Sh- is the best I >r ol rnal n
nii iii' then i
Hei -i >li '
and isn't it ... irl hard, too;
but Annah iheery, working lor thi < hllh 1 1 -
dren, then ire three, darning the littl< sucks,
making and mci i :,d making ov< i .
will come off, and baking and nd (lusting
and all the innumeral I Annah i p< rfe< M\
■ intent and happ) ry li t thai life
can gi . i • ■ to knov it and be
Bi:t !i<ii i • ■ ■ ■ r» plai ed „ Ann ih wa would
be ' ontenl to live her hi i luded life 1 '
tenl would i reeu in on al< ■ nobly balanced woman,
and he would i.-c wreti lied thinking of th< life thai
might have been hers And when di eont< nt ci
in, somel imi Lo c creep out
Ye Annah and I were schoolmate* and. though!
WHAT is a Bohemian? At KIH; Island, in
New York Bay, where the overflow ot the
earth's people is poured out on the shores of a
growing land, the inquirer will be told thai a Bo
hemian is a native ol .i small country in Europe un
der the overlordship oi Kaiser Wilhelm; but u|>
around Broadway and izd-si , whose towering land
mark i> in sight <i! the bay, he will be told thai the
Bohemian is a native of all countries Oddly enough,
too, both answers are corret ! tor t here are two Bo
hemias, physical and p ychical, om of which is on
the map .<'i<i the other is on the What' Who
said "bum"? Souk- crabbed crustacean, you may
be sure, peeping oul of the shell of his convention
ality to see the broad sunshine silvering the world,
and dodging back in ill humor because he sees it so
seldom that it hurts his eyes.
Tins latter Bohemia, oi which I write, is a land of
dreams, of aspirations and inspirations, of temper
and temperament, of poetry and poverty, of music
and misery, of genius and gin, <>t virtue and vice, <>i
had . A h

I • had always s<
•f m gre
Annah r'had full) i

to Our Town and '
Th< ■ ' I rei
her L:
.irv.r. , :..-,•!! In : : of 1 future. 1
: And h( i never said a w< ■■
\ ■ nah studied hard for two
lity, and the i i r stud)
ler the world's a!>!^ t 1 rs '
ha<l d< veloped wonderfully It thi
beau I iful v oi< c it has evei
I don't ay that because I love Annah i ithi r
The Boy Pal Cime
r>i 1 the boy pal came into Annan's lifi
■*-* longer a boy, and she discovered her ld< il Gom
in a Hash were the plans for European Stud
all thought • ot a brilliant career! She - :
hav< ■ ' I think thai was beautiful, don't
you? But I simply could no! undersi md ;■ then
Sht i ime ton ht, all in white, an I loveh
her cvi wit h a nn »1 y tendero
.ill „' ii ml it IV" •!' A■ ■ i I disapp< ■:■..••
truth was, 1 was aghast, dismayed.
■ VVhy, Annah !" I cried V. . -r m
areer, your futun ' You 11 give it all up for tl
Annah placed a h ind on each ol my shoulder .
• into my eyes " Betty dear, she
said, "surely you will not say thai Love is the less* r
Then she added softly, And I've not i
given up anything but publicity I shall have nay
music and my career and nay future all in m\
home wit hA i
'But I ■'•! weakly, "your beautiful, beautiful
voice! You ought nol to deprive the world d it.
Annah! And it would bring you farm and w<
rhinl of th • good you « ould «io?'
•"Betty, B tty!" her voice was so soft and coa
bui somehow I thought there was a hint ol tears in
it, "wli.it <!<« , the world care for me or my .
And whai do 1 care, Betty, for fame and wealth?'
Then she added, in a tireH way, "You can't under
stand I h id di appointed h< r so!
Vi ! then, all at om c, 1 und» rsl >od And I won
dered ho'v !' could be thai 1 hadn't sooner Indeed,
in !eed, !.. • ■ m ver was the l< sser part!
i hat was i !even \ ' I i you < ouM see
By W. J. Lampton
mind and matter, of sunshine end shadow, oi idleness
and indu try, ol art and artl< ness, oi faith and
futility, ol love and lure, the land of the lotus and
the upas It is the kingdom into which the rich may
enter at a price: the republic of the moneyless,
where the wicked do nol cease In >m troubling nor the
weary are at rest It is a paradise ol paradoxes, this
Bohemia, and while those who are in it may leave
when they wish, those who are of it may never I>iv.-. k
the ties of the spirit that directed them thither and
holds them fast.
Cant Be a Backslider
/"""\\rK a Bohemian, let me spell it with a capital,
the only visible capital of Bohemians,— always a
Bohemian; once a near- Bohemian, always anything
that promises a different divertisement. The true
Annah now! You'd think 'twould be ; ; hurndrun
existence for a woman like Annah. — a country j hys>
cian's wife, with many household cares, .>:.■: three
lively,! healthy, wholesome children to cart- for, — but
it isn't — not a bit <>f it!
Aikl those children! !: is not because I love
them ili.tt I say they are extraordinary i ir'dren.
They really art-. They art- superior to the >ual
child, though it the usual parent willed it w« uld not
be -o Those children have been love!. — yes, all
Annah's life. Ami they respond with such a wealth
of wholesome affection. both fraternal and filial, and
■• extends beyond their family fireside to the strange*
within their gates — yea, to the stranger outside the
There's young Alan, the image of his father, aged
nine, the sturdiest, manliest little fellow! And a
regular little knight errant he is. too; as careful of
his mother as he is of Elizabeth, who is five, and
Raliy Boy. who is two You"d think the whole bur
den of the family lay on his shoulders, to see the care
he takes of those three
And httl Elizabeth, loving and shy, — the dearest
of little girls Yes she was called for me; but to
that •.•■'. I am always Betty, and Elizabeth is
< all- ■: by her full name, so we are never confused.
And Bo) How !do love that two-year-old'
And when the office gets on one's nerve-, and a
bachelor girl grows a bit weary, as bachelor girls are
sometimes prone to do, there's nothing like ■■ w
hours at Annah's home to drive "that tired feeling"
away. She opens up the next day refreshed ::. I "dy
and mind, and works with renewed ze-t.
The Same OIJ Question
Dl'T when I read those articles to Annah, I asked her
■*-' the same question, idly; for I was quite positive
1 knew what her answer would be. She was >:ttirg
by the window, mending a torn coat of young Alan's.
and 1 sat opposite^ with the papers on my knee.
She paused a moment, and leaning back !> ofced
dreamily out. I looked out. too. from habit Alan
was there on the lawn, with young Alan :r:!i,'imj
sturdily by his side They had been «>n al< >ng ramble;
and father seemed explaining something of great in
terest; for Alan was looking up with earnest atten
tion. I turned bai to Annah She Fooked so proud,
—so restful, calm, and happy! Pot a moment I
thought she had not heard my query; for she ■hi r.ot
answer in words at all. — only her eyes were glowing.
Suddenly she turned and looked Straight intornj
eves I don't know whatever she may ha\ ■ \ .id in
my lltale lace; but hers seemed shining out fronia
beautiful nn-t She dropped her sewing and cane
to me, and put both her strong arms around me.
holding me close. Her eyes wei so soft and tender!
1 never in a!! my lite admitted to Annah--' t any
one— that 1 did not find bliss unalloyed in ::;• busi
ness-woman areer
Do you suppose six knows?
Bohemian is a gipsy genius in whom the reversion to
type is renewed in every succeeding generatioa «•
i-an never gel away from him>e!t; he is bohernian
i/eil to the finish.' The lexicographers list V s u*°"
bemtans artists, writers, musicians, actors, ami their
fellow spirits, which, generally speaking, include *J
legally honest persons living by their wits The word
"erratic"' appears somewhere in the definition gi ve
in the book; but it would not if the dictionary was
not conventional.
New York, being the most cosmopolitan >■' '.v'. v '
cities, and the largest, contains the greatest tiumoer
of Bohemians; for the Bohemian by nature is a gre
garious cosmopolite. Although New York contains
the greatest number, San Francisco contains tne
greatest ratio to population, because the Bohemian
spirit founded and built the city by the Golden Oate.
Time was when 'Frisco was the fairyland of the do
hemians. Chicago possesses her legions, and tnere
are not a few in every other city of size in the con»
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