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rnrithmed from tlr<rt pexe.
j t asesnvi nsnt many ■would be kept away
rXC ihe earl'- rain and the tnreat of more to fo1 *
** md indeed, there were empty seats In the
tp exp« nf: ' vp pnSMass that sroadd have b«=er.
#n»fl to overflowing had the sun shone all day.
rat liJJt . bPf' l^ ' o'clock a very torrent of hu-
Bttr befrsn to pour in. and. taking into ac
r- V«**> thottnanesi of f-eats added to the
un(3s fince last Wwtr. It is ante to smr that
thirty ■ isaknwi |M«w«na were there to
*^ T Bt Yves tf) victory. On Coogan's Bluff
, h^ «en thousand watched the men flght
■ cat.
' n l<v*e<J HW s oasebnli day at first, but as
pot infide and minKed with the crowd there
■*» a different 'lament \V6men were not so
* tttfoai a? they often are at baseball pamff.
v" t there «rt a good many. Their hat.« were
little Mt ahead of even the present amazing
* jljonj, and tßey struck a note in Siusa. in
~«-ner srd in Fr.ee,-h different from that one
*v*?nes among feaninin* devotees of the na
tional pame.
la<pectrr Thomr?™ sjeait a squad of patrol
rea to ,v,c *-ritrance at 1<"» o'clock ln the mr>rn
' At that time three hundred men and boys.
ioae of whom had hren about the place since
fiavlicht. were on hand. The floors were opened
it "noon, by a-hlch. time extra details of police
vtfl arr'ven Several men who reached the
c-ounds before daylight got into cars Btmndidaf.
ca a . : V.ne. l"t Wnen the early morning rush
be?an they w«re routed out.
yii* crowd cra-thered slowly at llrnt, but In
ever incrcasine numbers as the time for the
race approa It rained f■- a time, but
tries the start came the weather (Oda were
kind. uinrflUs rasne Oosrn and Bverjrbody set
tleflb«-"k to enjoy the Marathon feast.
H ' W ai a crowd of enthusiasts. Every sprint
*roni start to finish of the long race had its
tarft of wild applause-, and every runner had
j.-r not* Of adherents. For a favorite, L<>ng
j££t evoked surrriringrly llttk enthusiasm, per
fclps because he gave his hTlcrra So little
fiicce to irtfcpeir -.im. The wildest ■■ ■ iStasriX
vrtaps. was for Dorando. Tnere were not any
more Italians in the stands than Irishmen or
Americans, but they «pbTb more demonstrative.
Jlost of Shrubb's support came from good
Americans, who had given up hope, apparently.
c . E victory for Hayes and wanted to pee
Aoglo-Saxon supremacy upheld. There was
■riid cheering: when Shrubb took the lead, but
£t Yves, unknown at the start, won a hosA of
friends by his amazing running, Dd waa a
popular victor.
The crowd area BOf so cohesive as the
one that 6*W Chicago win the pennant from
ti» Giants la«t year. It WSMI too varied in Ita
Fvmrathies. and mv, in a way. .a colder as
fcafcls?P- ita units w«re enthusiastic enough.
a ht.- been jajpntcd. but ther fnil«d to form
jrtat groups. Still, it was a crowd even more
■tetestlnc in a way. than one at a hasehall
garae. and it expr^st«ed Ita varied and divided
faßnags in a mariner ti-. i". ooaM have been heard
Each runnei had his camp, designated by a
big flag representing his nationality, and at
these points the handlers of the respective men
doled out from time to time liquid refreahmenta
£-•: coached their men in the running of the
race Beyond urging him on faster and faster,
ft dot who watched over th» fortunes of Bt.
Tves had nothing to do until the Frenchman
had passed Into the twenty-second mile. At
that point h" was r c freshod with a mild shower
from the sponge, and later he had a swallow or
two of sorr.e stimulant. The other men did not
lack for attention, and it was Bimpty a cane of
th»ir not King good enough to defeat the new
comer. St. Yves is rather short in Btatun but
his legs are stocky and his dient massive. At
the fini?h he was hardly dra* % a long breath,
which proved his remarkable lung eapadty and
IneDent condition.
St. Vies Wore Opponents Out by
Continual Spurts.
With the crack of Tim Sull!van"s pistol the pack
wt oat as If they had to .-o only a quarter of a
aile instead of a heartbreaking Marathoif. Do
r*nao dug his toes In the turf and promptly t< ok
the pole, closely followed by Bt Vvrp Shrubb
anne next, wita Longboat akmiesfde. Then came
Maloney. with Hayes last From the Hart Hayes
t*£an to los«» ground steadily, and Maloney slipped
tack a few trdt Before the mile had been com-
Jfcted St. Yves printed into the lead. and. same
sstprkM arai manifested waul Ph?:i.h made ao ef
swt to stfty rlth the Frenchman. Instead. BnrtiMi
t**med rontent to lay 5n behind Dorando. «rhi!e
tflSjckoat <iune to the Italian's heels. St. fves's
tbn* for the oaAe was s:l4— fast on that track.
T^O laps further St. Yves lapped Hayes, tnd a
UtUe further SB Dorando. Shrubb and Lwngnoa* sJJ
P»s*ed tbe Olynsp winner. At two and a half
laile* Maloney a\m gained a lap en Have?. The
tetter »-as running; utrder orders, his trainer, Ernie
Mjertberp. teliing him to go easily and pay no at
tention to the others. It was also evident that
E^rcbb was bent nT! running a far different race
than when ba ran bsbsssM into the ground scalnst
MBckaa* at the Garden last winter.
The same order was maintained to the two-mile
J'W. wWrli St. y. r passed in 1...41 They moved
Naaaj «n the aaaae order, with Hayes always drop-
I H back, and at tnree miles, whseti the French
man covered in 16:25. Dorando. Shrubb and I>onc
boat •K-ere a Quarter of a. lap behind. At three wad
« half mile* St y v( . lapped Hayes twice, and the
Ma M likewise a little later. Half aml f'irthor
ft. Yvw lapped Ifaloney. Th« Frenchman covered
lie four rr.ll^* in 22:16 4-.".. About that time Shrubb.
*aable to restrain himself any linger, let out a
lak and s»t E ail after St. Yvr-j= At five miles,
• th* Frenchman covered In 28 pnSMte* flat,
tlirubb wig <iftjy a few yards behind th* leader.
«>raado and Longboat were not more than twenty
yards behind the Englishman. ■./
*a« ia»t named drew up two laps further,
* r ' lv to have \he man rrom France rush away
" *aother sprnrt At afai mill a St. Yves continued
W'** 4 " ln 1 " S * wlth the other three close up.
A-*«A -*« ttat time btfmnoo t«v.k N Into hi»< head to
r«. «ft*r the Frenchman, but when he caught up
1~, Tv *« ' al! »* a >' ai ; aln after th^ snaMsa of
n2iab la h<« memorable race with the Indian.
At *»r» n mHrs St. Yves wag leading his nearest
*^»?«ilors by 13 yards, the aman's time
■ Sa<Ji " S - Vr> "> thmt ssaas Heyes'was three
t ! °,halr, halr 8 behind. and-Mcioney a lap and
lull. St. Yve« i sasnd the eighth mile In
x, ■*■ an »h*Ti hnd Itay4 by four laps and
or.ey by two. Another aprti • by St. Yves
-aT* ," P * dear >a<l of IC>) yards oi ths pack
An* 7^ k: " ■ i ' m l^" remarked nn e!d athlete.
r ' - c ; * Men Longboal cut loose, and amid a
Ih/J lh " cro *' 1 IT!a(1 " an <fT " rt " overhaul
»eacnma!.. last * her, the latter looked over
"•«»«»»«• and Mw «hat was goins on. rs also
j^i <.n mr>r* s)*r; A 1 n!n# mllee he UA b 40
Mn» betetSi ■
tri* I? T** St Tv<bi wa " «« '«J'"S m R ■•,4-5.
K*i *l w farlh " r Snrubb not only rew up
***££«*- TVe '' bJI actuaUy »' ass " <l th "
•'L*!f * t * rrlWf W< "*- ana D( *anao showed
-Jjsof r-.. reMsbJn* the »ork by slowly dropping
{. V "* w"" iBBr hal ■ i:!! behind Bhrubb and
.xZ r££? , ' Wft * lX2A2 - vhlch Bhow^
t^Vo'^iT^T" " nth an<l venth hnd
»«J.ithtoJl, V' nlr !M by half a
"ki n^r^. ** hlnd lh * »"<«»". Hayes
-*» ****>! «U »*»* back and Jiatoney four. Tin*
Stimmciry of the Marathon Tierhy
THE MARATHON IK.KBT Of |14>.000 divMM a* MlSwa: |S.wM to the wlftaer, $2..v>f> la UM e'corwl. Sl.C™ to
th? third ar'l Ji.u* to the fourt.t. TSaoe run ever six lap track at P i" GrounJs for full di»tanc» of It
mill's 3*3 yor.ls. Tim* simwr, 2:4"-V>»s. which Is acreptM n« a record IMrtnnce «T»'>'i n s n "-* n lnd«
■ at».i In var-Js.
I . ■ — Dl6tanee ln n-ll»s. ,1
Bta ten ] 1. i 2. j 5 ! 10. I IS I 10 i 22. I 24. | 25. ! Finish. I Tlrre.
Henry St Tv« francs..... I T» |Ti'*» I J Td I »' !~ i"* ~1 J""1"T»"*"T~J ""1 "T»"*"T~ l""> ; l l *"| 1 * -""i 2:*o.T,r>H
ggar«s3 r .v i" r ;•- r p - j ||F
John .1. Hayea. Am-rlva I C • \J .. • M fl i « ! ■ !4'l S' | 3«*» |4»«
M»tt Mslnre, i-..;,-; | .'.'•'♦: «»•• T." S** •*■"" 6»« *•** 5 ; 4 ; 4 2M:W
A".-.,- pt>ru\ - . S I 2'" 2" 1'- f*f ■:■•- T-"'< •
Tr>m I^nßboat. ransda ... ! l»* i ••• I 4**'\l.* t ' 1 i , ; . ••*' ' 4«»«| _^_ I \_. I l_ — ~
•Dfc-PrM out 9n rlid not fltristi St. Tvx m»i- th<» running for t»n m»t«s. lav Jvhlrid Shrubb for nejtt »l«
aM then h*w away to win a« he pleaecd Ivranio Iropped out "f it afte» K-ing twelve nrrile*. 1 -it flnt*he<i
Ftr^neij an-1 was weond b»st as rae? waii rim. H«y»« '<irr»-1 several tlmc« In «-arly part of Strug*;*, runnlnit
»pjj»rently t<-> irj=iru.-ti-n. Stirabb founi th-» ! BWtiee I-• far. Lon*beat ran well f« twelra mil»» «nd tr-en ha-1
trouble with M» f**t
was faster than any of the other Marathons. s»
cept the Dorando-Longboat nfr.-.'.r si Buffalo
Another long and sustained sprint enable Shnibrt
to lap Doran<3i> soon after passing the thirteenth
mile post. St. Ivea waa there v well, and they
brth lapped Longboat a rtl« lateT ShruH time
for thirteen miles of 1:14:12 '■'.;■? ahead of the pr*
vious marks for the same distance.
T; y the tini* the fourteenth BttU hail br«»n ov
errrl Sbxubb and Bt Ives ha<i continued to Increase
their cad to a lap and a quarter on Lonpbn.it nnd
T'orando.' while Maloney and Hayea ■ • ntlnued to
drop mck. The time of the leaders. .--■.=
a world's record f,. r races of this kin I
About this time Hayes began tc Increase his pace
and «lraw away from Kalonay. who liad been his
running mate ror ceveral milo?. The crowd Rave
the Irish-Amerleaa plenty of enrournß-'ment. al
though he was Fix and f>. half laps behind the load
ers and six behird Longboat and Dornndo. Bhronbs
time for fifteen miles, 1:26:23. was ilso a record.
.Dorando began tr. draw away from Longboat, who
appear to be in distress. Bbrubu and St. Yves
covered sixteen mi efl in 1:32:22 L-5. and a little
later they lapped M^ngboat Bortas second tirr.e.
Dorando ari Hayes were moving tOgOthi al
though there was the same «rfd« otarate betwe.-n
them Up to this time Shrubb and Bt Yj.es had
shown bo signs of weakening, the Frenchman es
pecially moving along with the same sna« strli"
that marked his jori at the atari. TM flair „,»,;,
the enteen Miles in 148*»S-S. and four laps fur- j
ther Longboat •-■•..■■■■ stopped -• hi* training
quartf-rs and received a vigorous nibbing. he
utarted up neain. however, but not until all the
others had gained two laps.
Altho . - Bhrubb led at eighteen miles. St yes
there started a spurt that even Bhrubb failed to
hold .inst before .the leaders had covered nte-
teen m«e* Longboat again aai down and wanted to
auit but liia handlers persuaded him to continue.
U nineteen miles bi rv, led Shrubb by three;
quarters nf a lap The former's tln.e wns 1:,'>:.4
.way ahead of the record. Continuing at Oi3 aanw
kffltag Pace. St. Tvw lapped Sfcrubb at twenty
miles, the Frenchman's time being US7JBI-5. more
than two minutes ahead of the record.
'ju=t before this Longboat, who had started in
the rare a ravortte. stopped for good. Dorando lost
a little ground by nkpptag to put on a »w«t»r.
=t Tve«s tlmd Mr twentjr-oae mile.« was 2:<tt:-«5 fc
* The crowd mad- a great din of •ncoura*.
when Haves regained a lap on Dorando and
Shrubb, and the tumuli again broke loose when
Shrubb .lowed down to a walk. The Briton also
donned a sweater and started In to run ag.iin.
VTith a brflllaat spurt Bhrubb flrew away from
Have- but a. moment later the Engllshstan again
Stopped to a walk, but soon started up again, run
ning along with Dorando.
St Yves covered twenty-two miles In 2:1>V41 •-■•■
Th. Frenchman was more than two laps ahead of
Shrubfc while Dorande was third, with twenty-one
miles and three laps. Then came Maloney. with
tw-niy-ohe miles and one lap, with Hayes brineing
up the rear. The Olympic winner had run twenty
■dies and five laps.
Continuing with the same choppy little stride.
Ft. Yves r»el-d off featy-three aaOes In I:lf:J«.
Thta was away ahead of all records, nearly Fix
minutes better than the time for the same distance
in ti- Dorando-Longboat race at the Garden.
I>orando mored Into second place by paf^lns Shrubb
in the -eoond lap of the twentjr-Courth mile.
Shrubb* made a game effort to stay with Uie Ital
ian but the Briton had to stop t.. walk for a brief
spell He started up again, trying to keep ahead
of Malonev. Another and final halt on Bhrubb'a
part gave third place to Maloney at twenty-five
miles St. Yves's time was 2:32:113-5.
Soon after twenty-five mites had been run Hayes
passed Maloney and took third place. It • as then
a questiM if Hay^s would not overhaul Dors
When the r^"°l was fired for the last lap St.
Yves spurted away in rare fashion and won the
race by four laps amid ■ roar that fairly shook the
6t Oorando spartefl Bli v— his last lap and
brat Hayes l.y more than two laps. The Italian's
time was 2:45:37. Hayes got third, his time oe
tng '-49 -2". and he beat Maloney by more than a
lap IThe flatter got fourth, his time being 2:30:29.
The leader and time for each mile of the race
M«>s. Lea^r Time.
1 ::::::: st y.: : »i«
ill iiiii l l
7 bt- !»«■ „ .ml
I: r «■ RS :::::::::::::::::::::: ggj
.£::::::::::::?: v r .::::::::::::.: : •$}«*
g ::::::::::.Hh«li* . :::::::::::::::::::::::: «f»}=«g*
«: «;h.n» ;::::: :»:{;; s
» :::::: £X ::::::::::::::::::::: :: |5»»8
1?;;;;::^:;:|^ I::;:::::::::::::::::::::: |1P
g:::::::::::::g3* :::::::::::: :::::::::::::i:fi7!»v4
p:::::::::::::^ E3::::::::::::::: ,:...... ijwai*
|«:::::::::::: Bt. T«l :::::".: •• |:^:ff^
rißiih":':"^: we.::::::::::::: - 4 " ; ' fIS !
Princeton. M J.. April 3.— Considerable money
was won by Princeton studeata on St. Yves, the
winner of the Marathon In Kow York. A! Cope
land, trainer of tiio university track team, has had
the Frenchman at University Field for the last
thr*v« wislnT. cr-d aach day the atadents watched his j
work. Bevwal of the university's long distance j
runners occastonallj paced St. ryes in short re
lcys. The Princ?ton students cot bis odds in the
Letting and aie jubilant over His. result.
From left to rlpht Sfcrubb. Dorondo, St. TVeS, Longboat. TTnr«» and Maloney.
Games in Armory Marked by Many
Close Fifrishes.
(.""lose finishes prevailed in the sixth annual (aniea
of the Brooklyn Central Young Men's Christian
Association at the 141 Rei ment Armory last
night. One Young Men's Christian Aj BoclstV n
it-cord wns broken, when J. A. Blller, ut the c«n
t-al as.">i;<-]atl"!i. rlear«d 4 feet 11 inches In fh*
staadlng high Jump. The former mnrlt was 4 feet
10»» In h.s. he!d i f K. Diehl. of Buffalo.
A lar?e number of spatai Including several
hundred women, sa« the games, despite ths In
ciempnt weather. ar.<i as tlie Brooklyn clubs nnd
Young M'-n's Christian Association branches had
their rooters out In force, the noire was tinuoas.
In tiie 70-yard dash, handicap. J. Paul Heeve.
with a 14-foot allowance, won th« flnal heat by ■
■light i margin from R. Mulllner. only recently
Reeve received, Djs release from the Trinity Ath
letlc Club, and last night he ran his first raca
under th> Acorn colors.
r". K. WalHn won b good race from acrat In
the 1.000-yard handicap closed to member* of the
14th Regiment. Starting from scratch, Wallin con
tented h!m»e!f with holding lack for the, first half
of the rn«.>. but thereafter he picked up his n*i<l
rapidly and. taking the leud half ft lap from home,
won bj three yards from O. Lars*m. oi Company v
The one-and-a-half mile handicap drew out a
large fi'-U, ; ,nd in the absence of a ycrat'-h man
Bdward Fitzgerald, of the Holy Cross League, with
t<> yards, had the position of nonor. D. v. Nome.
..f th^ New fork Athletic Club, had an allowance
of 100 yards, and A. G. Knight, of Hi" lribh-Am»r!
can Athletic i "lub ll't yards.
The summarl"s folli
Om-mll« Intercompany ror'.ay race (handicap*— TVoa by
Company <« (13 yards); ixtupany D (coratch). second;
Company X <;>• y*rd»). third. Tin • 1:42%.
Two -huivirtj-arid-twenty- yard • Young lien <v-.rHt!an
Aasoclfttioa hnnfiicjii— \\ on bj- Nell Munro, Brooklyn cen
tral V. M. <■ A (17 yanlso: E. A. Carlacn, Brooklyn
Ct-ntial Y. >I C A (18 -.arts.. -■•• i, 1 , C. Schlolt, B«'l
fn.-J Y. M. <". A. (13 yapi!>). third. Time. ■ -JS
Tuf. l.un-ireil and twenty yard dash iharvl;. ap) -VV'ort liy
J. J. HUr, Irlsh-Ainerlcan A. C, i 7 yar<lr>; K. ilulilner.
Irish-Aaiprifan A. C. '14 yardsi. s-ioni. A. McDonough,
Xavier a. a. (IS rardt), third. Tim-. o:2.'iS
itne and one half in'le run <hnn<licap> — Won by l». V.
KoMc Nev. York A. C. O«>> yards); A. G. KnlKht, Irljli-
Amf-lcan A. <"■ «'IO yards). »c •:. Edward J. Fitz
g*r-.t\i%. HOI 3 OOSi baagtfS ilh> yar'isi. third. Time.
Kou"-hun'lreil-«r.J-f"i'y-y«rd run Inovloej — FlnaJ heat
non by Harry H Gray, Jr. Bmart P*t A. C\; F. A.
l!»uilhn«" Bt. John* rivjiaratAry. ,••;■: 'i li. Zom-
IMil N*« lorh UnlversltT. th^J Tliiit. O:MH
EUht hundrti and rlxhtj yard Sunday bChOOl_ A• h -
letic I.*j!s:!i>- i' '•-rm^ilHt* r«l»y mi» rti»mllcap»— bj
livilf m«r Protestant Episcopal •.*■<» yard.*); llamnn l'U\c«
Methcxltst KpliH-«val <3»» >auis>. stionJ, Sumin«rlltld
\ A (!."<> !*rd«l. third. Tim*. l:;l" *.
Twents '■■'■ hundtnl yard Brooklyn ißtfrclub r«lay
ra<-» ratchi Won bj A orn A. C iPterte, •'har'toii,
Jiolm.s and JauiKMt; caytor a A. AVickers. L«-rnken.
Wilh»rft ar,.l Itowcsj. woinl; Brooklyn Central l. M.
C. A. iCooke, solari. Murphy and Kortar), tt.lil Tlm»,
St'-hundre.i-yard novl«^ lelssadi Yon by O. H.
Downle cr.mi.any X: J M '■•■■• Company O. ■•eoodi
E. J. I-avln. • n pan) 1. third Time. 4:01".
Puttlnß iwei-.o poun<i »li • (handicap) Won by J.
Frank 301 awk A. C. (» tf'>. with a put o* 44 ft. 4 ir:
A Krtler I. A. A. C 110 >»-t>. aecood, wi»h a put of
43 ft >j In : J. a Rlller. Brooklyn Central Y. M. C A.
■10 fc-u. third, with ■ rut of U ft. ii in.
Standing hlch lump rhandlcap» — Won by H M^Knass.
Tn!«n V v < \ A- iS lnehefi. »'th a lump of 4 ft. l> In.;
I A Hl"-r llrooklyn <>ntral Y. M. C. A. (acratch). «ec
ond- C C Kanlrell. Urookiyn Central V M C A.
<2 f«. • third, with a Jump of 4 ft. Bln
ElKht-liundred-snd-eiehty-yard run (hnndlcnpi -w on by
j F Rehennaem Fordham L'slv«r»lty (44 >-ards) Carl
Walther. New York A. C. yardm. «erond|^ J. B Hell.
Mnhank A C '4>- yard!«). third. Tim" 1:»<V
y"ventv-flv. yard "<lai.h (novlc*.— KJr.al heat won by U
rfrklnn * unattarhe<l; w. O'Rourke. unattn- kcobM;
W. Laux, 14th Xe R !me,nt. third. Time O:0S%. .
eeventy-nve-vßrt d«*n (handicap)- Final heat won by
J.V'au? Reeve." Acorn A A (14 «Bet>: L. Roy B. Murphy.
I \. A. C. in feet), atcaatf; R. Mulllner. I. A. A. C.
"EUrht-hundrrd el«nty Manual TnUnhis: Hljph
school Tnterclawi relay race— Won by tsesnd Orad« ffiS
yards (Pwrtne Pchwalbacb. Van Al.t and Ward): TMtl
/.■l'',, (sVrat.-hi (Ptrvf-no. Fine K an. Baer and M.Ternan)
sr™n4 Feventh Orade "■■ -rafhi fflnyd«-. Harding. fmlth
■•SnJSSSSad ru T n ii H handicap,-- J« o n hy F
X wallin. Company D (»fr«tch> : Q Lar«B CnmpanjJ n
,h yard*" second; J. G Doll. Conpany B '■"' 3 nrd«>.
th One-nTl™''M 2 m«ry Athletir LASKue relay* (handicap)—
Won by JM Rejrlment; 13th nefilnient second team
Record: '2?d Keßlment. thIH Time. 3--f»i.
Midler, of Mohawks, Victor at
Mercury Club Meet.
Charles Mtiller, of the ICohawfe Athletic Club,
won the open fifteen-mile run of the Mercury Ath
letic Club, held on n wet track at Wakefield Park.
Yonkers. yesterday afternoon. Muller's time was
1:2G:51, which was considered g"<-"i for the heavy
r,!ne. James J Lee. of the Mercury Athletic
Club, led the pack of thirty-one starten from the
crack of the Run until two laps from home, when
Mtiller fefgvd to the front at ■ pace t/ttt could not
challenge. Muller won by some thirty yards. J
G!ib<»rt, of the Mohawks, was third. The four
Mohawk Athletic Club r.innera made themselves
conspicuous by cajpMrtns; three of the first four
places. The Mmmary : * ,
I— Charles Muller. Mohawk A. C 1:24:51
2— J. J. Lee. Mercury A. C I:M:S9v-s
:j— J. Olibert Mabawk A. C
4 —P. Dwy.'r. Uohawk A. <"
7, — E. Carr. JCavlM A. A
i! n. i". Tuckar. Mercarj A. C.
T— s. A. Mciior Mercury A. c
S — H. Stroilyio. Mercury A. c
B — .1. Fclnherp. Mercury A. C
io-\v. «>rhnfkky. Mercury A. C
11— ■! :. Edwards. Pastime A. C
1" — C. Ithohm Mer< .'■ C ...
11— J. RMr«l< <■!: Mercury A. C
34^-!'. tVainh. M<*rcury A. C . ...... '
l.i — S\ Florio. BCarcarx A. C — — .
Nezo York University to Row Mile
and a Half Race Against Middies.
The managers of the New York University and
Navy crews have reached an agreement on thS
distance for the eight-oared race between the two
litailiiillniia oa April M ai Annapolis. Although
the Navy has never before rowed less than two
miles, the midphipmen consented to Ne T^ Tork
requeit for the shorter distance.
The mlvsrstty has a lighter crew than the mid
shipmen, sad for this ras Son n short race was
much desired by them.
The 'varsity will, In all probability, leave Uni
rerotty Heights the Thursday before the race, and
the next day they will row over tlie course on the
George i'ynn, '•«. has. been elected acting min
ager of the ••!•■•< il Edward C. Taylor, '09, has
been critically ill with pleuro pneumonia.
In preparation for the ra« Edward S. Connell.
of the Union Boat Club, who is coaching the crew.
has had his hands full. Only oms member of last
year's crew is back in college and tne crew tMs
year had to be developed from practically raw ma
terial. Frequent shifts in the boat during the last
few weeks have been found netfessaiTi and there
■.., - been little opportunity for the men " Err ' r ac
customed to each other. During the time reMsin
ing l^fore the nayy race the coach will 4#vots
Ms en»lre «lme to getting the men to row tn form
and to the perfection ■•■■■ rotee.
Despite the ninny handicaps proapscu are
brighter for a well balanced crew than in former
years, anfi it Is also lerabiy heavier. The
blade work I* cleaner.
H Anderson, who is etroklng the 'varatty, has a
longer, steadier Ftroke than \V. Weynolds, last
year's stroke.
The second 'varsity crew has been boated and
will glv.? the 'varsity many brushes during the
nert week or so. The "varsity rows «s followa.: C.
Flynn. bow; A. Piddle. N.. 2; A. M. re, No. 3; W.
Heteed. N>>. 4: li Bai imann. No. 5; J W. Deutcher.
No. <5; W. Sharwenke. No. 7; H. Anderson, stroke;
y. l; Bltven, caxs\viln.
A miual Indoor Games of Boys' High
School A. A. Hard Fought.
Harry Brifhnm, jr., of the Pawlllng School, of
Pawliny;. N . V . on th 9 Interscholastle open one
mll<» run, thS feature race at the annu.il indoof
ti>« nf the Boys' High School Athletic Associa
tlon, held at th» Uth Reniment Armory. Brooklyn,
last ni«M.
In wtnninc the event, which was faal and In
tstinji on», Brigham went the distance in 4:34 2-0,
which Is th» f««-*f:t time mads by an lnterscho
la*M-' runner ln some half donW yenr=.
Ilrigham l«d Major to the tape by some thirty
yards, fum'shin* a surprise to the spectators, who
expected the Boys' Klga Bohool runner to win tho
ev-r.t aaaQy F. Eberstadt, of the Newark Acad
emy. w£« third.
Major Jumped ln front at the start and held the
lead for a short distance, yielding to Gllmore.
With DC Grouchey. of Erusmus Hall, following,
the trto alternated In aettlnc the paos up to
within four laps from home, when Brlghsm went
out and set a terrific pace to the tape, leaving his
opponents behind.
J. 3. Rf.senliergfr. the crack sprinter of the
Irish-American Athletic Cluh, by a sansational
100-yard ftntahiaa sprint in the 600-yard run handi
cap, closed to the i'i,'iment, beat out F. Gardner.
of Company K. bj a foot. Roaonbarcsjf also took
third plscs in the 75-yard dash handicap, open to
< x DM DBbSrS.
The half-mIU? faculty r*lay race, closed to the
Manual Training High School and the Hoys' High
School, was sn easy victory for the former school.
Th« swaaraarlea follow:
One-half mile rim (handicap)- ■*'<* by H. Fonda j»
f.^t.. H Van Riper (10 feetV. aecond: J. OllmoHi (B "•»»>.
third. Time. 2.i*;H.
cme-huMr-d-yanl dn»h u«aiar)— heat woaby A.
Howtt <1 foot); £>. Cutler t-S f-et>. ••CO*!; M. Lonen na
feet), thirl Tlm<\ 0:11*.
«>ne-hundr-<1 yard da*h isenlor>— Ktoal heat wen by C.
NirholKon ita f»«-t> : O. Olsen (13 «*t), wcand; H. I-
Wauoner .17 feet>, *t»* Tim*. S:lOSj
Seventy Bra yard dasH (90-pound clawV-Wod by M.
Bhnmerman & feet), I>. McCrum «S feet), second; 8.
Oreeafldd (semtch). third. Time. 0:SB%.
S*r*nty-nve-yard «aM (.x-meir\ber«i-Klaal heat wen
by v. H' Hav-n. (4 f*rt): R. C. Samson lS««>. •econfl.
J j Rosenberger (2 feet), third. Time. 0:07%.
Twc-huniircd-nr.d-twnty-yar.l dash --Flnnl l-.eat won^
A. Vftn Wlnkla i« feet); B X Taylor (scratch), aaeoaa;
M. Wiener «12 f<-»t». third. Time. tr:UiVi.
OaS-adM run (open) -Won l-y H. BrlKham. '£>«"%*
BchooT;Ce*ic Major. Boys' His*.saeaad; r Eb*r«tant.
Ne^r^rk AeadNny. third. Time. 4XS
inter-^nncx rrlnv race (oaa hair mile)— Won by Bed
f,l bm in I' ■' -1a^t.,,,. McOulrk. FrleK. Hanln, Waasksr
HoiarT^hVn and 1.,.vi-, : Belmont Annex. Jfcowl (Ber
liner. Fi!"-!.'er Strrnfleld. Itaaenbtm. OtnsbSta an.l
Baca'low). n«e. I:4*V».
Slx-hundrfd-yard run (closed*— Won hy J. J. Kosen-
V.erger Company X (10 feet); F. Gardner, company B
ill ; feet ). Ttccnd: F. H W!l»y. Company E lIS feet..
thlnl. Tims, 1:16*
rme-mlle run (closed; handicap)- Won by . I<,.1 < „ *.n. n
Rer"? ™f«t); B 8. L-*kamo (<«• feet), sseana; W. ■
Baer ■•■" feet) third. Tims, •:•*
(juart-T-mlle rel-»y (KW-fouml clam; Of>«n»— W on l-y
Hamilton Institute (Yrager. O. Proctnr. Soliram and E.
rrrvi,,r>- Manurtl Training Hl K h School «2 "^ -S?":
Ol Bo n and Talmer). : *Mtt|Wia«t^aiih' Schcol
(Tl#«renlon. Ftlltwater. Schmuckkr and llrotherton). tniru.
Tim 0:.'.2 i.
Half -mil* faculty relay i Manual Tratnlaa vs. Bnya
H'«-r. Won by Manual fMesler, f»obin?..n. Ms«eworta
'„.! McCreary): Beys' Hlrti <l.e«ls. Cohen, Pollock ami
( rookM. second. Tima, 1;S<)*».
Running hl«h jump (handicap)— Won by A. C. GouUen
tscrntch), a, tiinl Jump 5 fi .'. in., W. 3. nus»ell '•
inchfpi. ■rconO, actual Jump 4 ft. I in.; B. Booaina (4
Inches), third, actual Jump •» ft. in In •
Now Holds That Title for the Columbia Uni
versity Clvb — Dcßperate Play.
Frank Kidde won the anongli ehampMßtntp of
the Columbia University dub. Gramercy Park
South, yesterday afternoon. In one of tho most
Hubbornly contested matches which this city has
seen he defeated H. H. Boyesen after five games
cf gruelling racket work by the score of 15—17,
C-15, 15—10, 15-€. IT— IS.
Mcßurney Plays Brilliantly 'Against
Two slashing squash natehos landed Malcolm D.
Whitman and Grenvllle Clark, respectively. in the
final and t^ml-final rounds of the championship
tournament on th» court* of the Harvard • Inh yes
terday. It waa la9t work In both matches, an<i th»
surprising thins was that Clark, the title boMar,
came near losing a game to Malcolm Mcßurney.
who was mnner-up to him a year ago. It was ft*
the narrowest sort of marsrin that Clarlt got away
with his opponent, for the flnal aeSTC of th* contest
WitS 15-». tt-
It took Mcßurney the first game to get warmed
up. Then he started tvell and by playlnff 6peedy
returns to th« front wail nn<l the sides with the
nort of angl* shots which he was able to work ln
al times he kept closo to Clark, and It was all that
the latter could do to keep the lead up to 13—9.
Mcßurney did the kind of racket work that
sapped Clark's utrenßth. and ha pulled up to deuce
at 13 all. Then Mcßurney set the champion five
ac*s and rattled ott three of them while his oppo
nent was settling tat« his stride once mom It was
16—13 acatnst Clark when he began bis sensational
rnllfes which brought him the victory. Placing
straight to th« front wall an-1 hittin? hard, ha
earned five h.-»s running and took the gam« and
n stcn at IS— ir> what was tIM most remarkable
game of the championship aortes
ConsMeraple Furprise was occasioned bfcni of
.1 Vt. Prentlss forcing 'Whitman, the famo'is e\
t atlor.al lawn tennis enaniplon. to ths limit of
three games. Prentlss toot ths first game rißht off
the reel at 15—1?. playing his gptnning Ota off th»
hack wall much better than Whitman had any idea
that bi could. It wnf> after losing the np«-nins:
game that Whitman went out after the ball witit
oonsiderabie show of speed. He hit hard and placoal
at all times brilliantly. Prentlss kept on even terms
with him in the aceond game, ju*4 nilsslits; the set
ace at 13 — 12. Whitman pnlted out thai gam^ at
U -11 and, |n»M**»aj to his work, although at all
times pressed to hi 3 limit, won the game and
match at 13 — 10.
T tesday afternoon Dona'ii Scott, the clever youn?
payer, aril] meet Oraiiville Clark for the lower
final bracket, and the winner will face Whltrran
for the title and cup ai the end of the week.
The eummary:
Chmnvler.'ihlp iruurtb round)— Oi>inWig i "a-y d»f»aN4
Maicnltnn JlcDumcy.
ffrnl flnai r"iimt -Mal<viijrn D Whitman »f«d C
W. l'r«nt!.«s. 12—13, 15— 13. IS IS
i • ■ ,
Grinnell Wins Leg on Stoll Cup at
T ravers Island.
Hiph scores were the featnrs of the first Satur
day of the final mnnth of abootms; at tns Travers
Island, traps Of the New York Athletic Club yester
day. The day was excellent for the aport There
was hardly any air stirrinc. and the light was just
right for the srunners. A'! of the regular events
wers won with full scores, and in many casn the
winners shot from scratch.
O C Grinnell. Jr.. dtd excellent work. He won
a leg on the Stnll cup after an lnt*r»»tlng shoot
off in which F. A. H-MieiTian siso did fine ah jtinsr.
In tlie original Shoot each Of tiies* gunners br.>ke
every tnr<»*t of his strin? of twenty-five. Th<j
shoot-off. however, went lo Grinnell. with I score
of "4—20 Grinuell was also the winner of a l"<
on the Haslin trophy. in thSB event he a#Sjia aaads
*C. T. Durham P R. Robmson tied wli full
scores for the Owen cup. and the former to<k th<>
,hoot o« In the weekly shoot for the BillinßS
cup the winner was T Lonane, Jr. This dinner
«lso took the club trophy shoots. Although el«ht
■unners all made full scores of 25 in the race for
the Saver prise, the lep «ras rJven to F. A. Snaiif
fler as he ma the only mark.«man to MtOOl fro.n
scratch. The first lear for the April cun furnished
pxcellent sport After a double »hoot-off with \\.
j. Ellas. Georae Bechtei Jr. finally won.
The scores:
H*cap Ti ' Heap. TI.
Tv T Ellas -.2 2s!Dr. L>e Wnlfo S 24
( , riecvil -2 2.-.IJ. O. mtt^raon ... 2 24
a^. f r: .*■ 2.V O. c c.rtnnell. jr...l 23
T Ty. «n<- Ir - •» 541 rA. Phanffler . ... 1 22
g r wi™: ."."... i :« r. a. Hod^mii o to
C. w. Bllllnsii 2 24; p. P Robinson B M
vi M Owen '■i -4 r T. Purhim 4 21)
Shf^t-^ff-O Rerhtel. 22: W J. Ella*. CO.
r a nfcfin .(* 23JW. J. K!la< 1 25
0 : c Grinnei!. jr.. 2 »P. R. Robinson 5 24
T. Lenane. jr 4 25 G. F. P-lham 1 22
Dr. De Wolfe .. 3 29 R. M. Owes 2 22
C. T. Durham 4 »O i W . KnebWr ....:• 22
J n Batterson. . . . 2 251 C W. Plllinsa - 21
O. Bfchtei ...:.... 1 »Ir. A. lloO^nar. .... 0 20
F A Hodrman . " 2T. R, M Owen 2 22
O C Grinnell. Jr. . 0 2r»p. p RoMnoo j» --
a. F. Pe.ham 1 »|A Bechtel 1 ---
n r D« Wolfe 3 23 F. A. Shaafllsf .... 0 _1
rT. Durham 4 2313. W. Kuchler 3 2>
C. W. nilltnes,,... 2 -'4.i O. Batterson 1 PJ
T Lemne. Jr 4 S XV. J F."- 3 2l>
O. C Ortnnall. Jr.. 0 24 iF. A. HoOsraan .- " 20
r T Vjurham 4 25! G. fc«tht>l 1 V,
s r. n nobrn^ : ::-:- 8 Rr/vi±r s s
n r Grl^nel! Jr «• 24 |F. A. Shauffler 0 21
V r,ni" f" . ' ' * 24 !G. F. Pelham ... 1 20
c. w. "niiiinj;::.:. 2 24! f. a. n^jrman o a>
G. W. Kuchler . S 24! R. M. Owen - Is
J G Patterson.... 2 24
\V. J. El!ait ■- 2 24
<■ T. t>urham . . I 2.'. P. R Robinson 3 C 3
HA?I.!S rtT -:. TAROETS.
O. C Grinnell. Jr... 0 25 C W. Biillnss i 22
C. T. Durham 3 251 R. M own . 21
T l^nane. Ir . . » 241 F. A. Hod«man 0 21
F A ShauSleT ... 0 23 G F. Pelbaw 1 2l»
P. R. Raalnms B a Pr. Dc Woh>.. 5 n
bnxrKoa CUP— distance handicap 2s TARC.ET3.
T«» fl Yiia. Tl.t
T. l>nahe. Ir 2<> 23 X J. Kiln IS 19
O. C Grinnell. Jr .19 22 1 1' R. Bobtasoa is 18
J. G Ratteraoo.. l.» 21 1 C. W. Hilling* 2O 16
«■ T Durham IS 21 ! Dr. lie Wolfe !l> IS
F. A ' PhaufTler tf> JO F. A. Hodgman .21 1*
G. r FUbani 20 i'»
Th€ annual foil competition if the senior csasa in
fencinaj «nsa h-id at l>i Savage's arymnaslum ysn*
terday sftsmsssi There were seinrate prizes for
the youngr aromssl and yov.ng men in the daajh
Miss Laura Anderson won the girls' championship
svnd L. J. Jones took the men's.
Vale Wins from Virginia' in Brilliant
Game— Other Scores.
[By T»!eip-iph Si T*-e TMlwilW. ]
Princeton, N*. J.. Ap'll 3. -F"or»iham shat onff;
Princeton this afternoon in a five inntns; gara» lay
a score of 2 la • The air was raw Anal <Jamp. and
rain besan la fall ln the fourth inning- The team*
kept on playinsr. however, for »n>th->r Innln?.
The T:«ertt w*vs feesyOaaa before the pit<?hW»aj at
Kcan. Iks Fordham twtrl«r. and did not s*«eure a>
hit. On the other hand, UM Netr Yorkers hit Cun
nir.sham almost at will and secured nine cievi
drives. Their hita W*r# well bnncheil. ei^ht at
them comlna- in the firnt thre* innln?a. It was oniy>
th« fattest kind of fteldlnsr and the acctirate thro-w»
Ing of th« Princeton nine which |aaa« the scor*
Two Fcrdham men were thrown out at tfce> platat
and MWcnU on bajies. Dawson caught a fine ffimas
for Princeton. His throwing to the bases »anl
p*rf».' Th«» New Yorkers al.*-> fielded well, taklsjfi
•«« yUifna; that came their way. Dillon and BarcS'
w«r« th* only Tit*r<» to reach firs? b«*». and thagf
got no further. Cunningham's work in tr» to*
•o f»r hiu beer? a disappointment to Princeton. /
The «core: rj
r :t> po a • r 1& p» a. at
Oanan. If ■■•>>> 'i.Banl rf . Oft O O f
Cr.ffp-». ■■..1111 0B«!!!n. If O 0 I 0 I
Mlh"B»r. r{ ...» 1 I » « Pliicn. 2* -i 0110
E«»n. p <> 2 0 0 o' Sides. 3t> O *> O X Cc
Pcanlrn. ff „..» I 1 » »» Warwick lb . . . .9 • a I a
P<-hl»«». IB ...1 3 4 0 0 Pttman cf 0 •» 2 0 «i
X f>rhl«s». 3X.0 O 1 2 i> R«-«4. m ... O O I • O<
Jacitson. c .i l 6 1 Da-.v«.->n o ... ...A O T 1 O
Mcrarr«T«y. ISI.O 112 I'.Cunnimjftam. p1..» O O I Q
Totals 2 » I!» « l[ Totals O OIS «"■
'jftjrAaaß 1 10 © i — a)
Princeton .. O © • © 0— 0)
B4*«a rv >M'!s — Off Ecso. 1. Struck oat — By Ectn, 9m
by Cunningham. 4. L^f!. on baa«w — Fordhan*. 7; TYrnosa
ion. 1. Sa^rtl htt — E. 3eMaaa Flnt base on «iror»-4r
F"rdh»m. l: Prtnreton. 1. Hit t>y pltcber — Scadoa. la«
plr« — M*rrlty. Time — 1 . 1." ,
[By Telegraph to T?» Trfbon*. #
Norfolk. Va., April .1— In on* of. the> prettiest aa<fj
fastest baseball a^im»<» «Ter seen hers belw>*iu oas<(
lega n!ne« the University of Virginia went 4owq|
in defeat before Yale th!« afternoon by th* seora|
of 4 to 2. I««»apite the muddr field and w*t isa.ll, thac
fielding; of both teams waa of a hi«h order, and as|
times brilliant work brought th» spectators chsss »
Ing to their f-et. 4
Captain H.-(T and Honaker, Vir»lnla's fooCba!^
star, did brlliant work at third base> and shortstop^
resippctlvely. Hoff took a hot grounder on th« dsadk
run, and without taking tirn© to balance htmswl^
shot it orer to first In ttm« to retire tbe Brae fcat3-i
man on what seemed a sure- safety. Honaker aladt
ni^de some clever pick-ups and his thxowinar waa^
deadly. For the Blue Ma.lory, Murphy, Fela aadt
Blackney did star work in the fleld. I
Both Carl "VValker. of Virginia, and B«as» osH
Yale pitched elit ed^ed ball, and thar» waa IlttlsK
to ptrk between them. "Walker held Tala to- flbaaja)
sSnfjMßt -while Virginia, gathered a brace of aaß *j
sackers and a double off Rose. Walker sassßSa]
worried by the wet ball and waa not up to hlsn
usual form, although his rwirling «-as (ood! rnortgr^
to win any ordinary game. >
Virginia scored first. In tho second trintrtg Roa-»
hit Fitchett. Pearson lined out a neat doohls andf
Cushman made a mess of a grounder, th-* set re^
suit being two runs. Yale came back stronj in hesf
half of the third. Two errors and singles by Pmi»:
bin. Murphy ar.d Jefferson resulted la four zons>
and a Yale victory.
The line-up and summary:
YALE. I vmactlA. :>
at> r lb po a c at> r 1!> po a •
riii'.iJtn. C....4 119 2 OjHTakAr. 53.. 3 0 © 1 © O
Slclntyra, 2b. + '> O ■» 2 0 Blsokner. 2t>.. 3 •■»'><>» 9
Murphy, rf. .4 1 2 2 O O Dtbney. lb. ...3 0 i> I* 0 1
Jeft^nton. Ih4 •> 113 •• 0 H T. 3b 3 O O t X O
Mullory. if .-3 ■• o 3 O l>:Fltch*tt. cf. ...3 i o © s> 1
llf.swr. rf...3 'i O O 1 0;c-Mbanis9. rf...4 O O 1 O l>
fusnnian, 31>.2 ■> " 1 4 2; H-iTTie. If 4 I «> O © O
Fei.t «s .'IOO3 OjPearsnn. c 3 •> 2 7 5 O
nose, r 3 1 U V 3 ' Waaase, p I » 1 • » O
Totals .... 4 427 17 2: Tota!s 23 2 3 2*14 3
Ta» O I 4 • n O o 0 »—-*» — -*
Virginia 0200©©»tt o—3
T«o-b*»e hit I*— ia»a Left on ba»»»- Ya>. 3: Vir
ginia. 3. Stolen l-ls-» — Murphy. SacriacV hits — Fels.
I! -„iW»r Bl»ckn»y and Fitchett- Wtra out — Bt
Walker. S; by Ri>s^. ■». Bases on toalTs— Oft l;
off Ros». 2. Batter hit— Fitchett. Tirat? of ,-;ime —
1:45 Attendance— l.«<»»>. U-nptre — Mr. Fender, staff
•I Virfima League.
[Py T-l-erip*! t.-» The TMbUM T
■ Washlnfrton. Aprff 3. — CorneTT teat " Oorscetown.
\ her* to-rtny fry the «<-nr<? of <? try 3 tn a. cool w».\ther
1 garn<». cf th*» visitors* runs cam* aftT. the- slda
tbouid hay«» b<»en retlrai anrl everj' one was un
earned. Car.tw-ell pitched a gor>l. »t°a»fy game for
(^eorK^towTi. but his suprxirt fell (town badly.
H.<\rves. the visitors" slabman. T.-as hit harcl --1 th»
sixth for three runs, but h<?M ss tscaas well in,'
check at all other stag<»s o th« game. Th?, score:
ah r »li f !'■ r" » '
Maaatr, si .-..•■■ I '<■ * Murphy. cf..-3 ©«> »s> 9 :
Matrhn^r. IK4 0 0 » •> »:^ha>> rf....4 1 5 ? Z 1
ON-rlln*. rf..4 t» It 1 II i> ?lm. n. '.41 1 I 0 ©
i-aldwell! cf..4 O ft 0 O OJUvert. Zi> 4 1 1 2 1 ?
■Williams, c.4 2 1 13 '► • M- P-maid, 1b.4 © 1 9 © I
Oahli- If 4 2 I •> 1 •> «'alUihar. t5...3 f> O © 2 ©•
Htiwari 3b. « 2 2 3 2 "'/"pnn. -tt> ■ 3 © 1 1 * 2i
Fulton " "*b 3 •►•»•>» «•: Brkf-nrorie. c. .2 ■> 0 4 © 9 .
llawp..'. p. ...4 l> 1 1 O <> tmrry. c 1 O O 4 O »J
-cart well. p. -.3 » © O 1 »-
Totals 3« « ?2T 9 o'llunt 1 O O_°_^_2^
• ' | vr. T.:-fa!« I I «27 • ffj
•Batte-1 fnr CaHahan In ninth innrng.
.. -. „ o .> 3 i* ' I
Ftr»t b«u«» en errors— f>rn»ll. <:. Left on - BnSst '•
nel! S: G*>-TK*Vmn. X First bas« en balls — Off Harwes.

1,1 ( 3i_F, ! lt f >n H«otai ixtj Mirwoafit Passed balla^ — .
Wniiams. Cm»li» Bttta. Time of name— l:3O.
The op^nln^ gsme of t'olumbl-i's baseball season
is still to be played. Gaaasa were scheduled for j
last Saturday and last Wednesday, but they wers ;
called off because of th<» wnrk on South Field. Th*j
C^me that was scheduled w>i^h Pratt Institute yea-,
tcrday had to be postponed on account of rain. !
It la not likely now that any canes will be played !
by Columbia before the team IsstswJ for the SouOb :
on Thursday.
Annapolis. April 3.— McClure's pitching <-ontrtb»
-Jteii greatly to the defeat of the Annapolis mid-..
Phirmen by tho Amherst College baseball nssn*:
here this afternoon, by a score nf 1 to 0.
McCl-ure allowed ri<>i a. single hit and retlrsdl
nine men on aflrahssl
At rhnttanooara — Brooktyct I**: Ch«ttanoo«s, 3.
\t Atlanta — < ; nica^«. «: Atlanta. '2.
At <harleatnn. > «*.— Bosti.n. !»; Charleston. 3.
A". y«w Orleans — rieveland. 6. New Orleans. • fix
At M-:'.' l» Memphis, .V Pit'sburß. 3.
At Richmond. Vs.- Newark. 2: Richmond. 0 (can«<t •
cn'l r* ' flftb innine r>n »f«an' "f Tatnstorm).
At R-wnoke. Vn. — noarcKe. 4: Altnona. 4.
H a Curtice is now showing his
new models for
Motoring & Driving Coats, etc., and as^i
the honour o! a visit from American ladies
cominz to London*

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