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Expicsscs Indignation— France Mai;
Drive Him Out.
Fort d* n— I. 11. April 7.— Cipriano Os»U«, ex
s*r**ldent ef Venezuela, arrived here la<«t ni*ht
"on tr.e F—'-'-l- ptraaier Guadelpup* and unwill
tti*\y bbbim ashore to-day, owing to th* British
- (ovfrrm'-' refusal to permit him to disem
' baric at Port of Spain. Trinidad.
«" AS the j.'tt authorities here had received no
eMntounica,t*ssi from th» French government re
• parting Castro. •-'" permitted him to land
! without appoattfam. considerins: him simply as
■ a private Individual. Hft mam accompanied l»y
{ Ml secretary, but hat *!> and th» othPr mem
( bers of th«» party continued their journey to La
I Gua>-ra. He has taken apartments at the Hotel
I Irtnes. to -which he withdrew immediately, and
<s»' »<1 himself to all visit
•. Castro was greatly VcTOua^t up over th» ac
) tl^r- f>f th« British rnrr.pnt, and when pp^n
or board th«: <;uadcl<tupe boob after the arrivfil
I of tin \-es.*el repressed himself as having been
•-;OUtra£*d by th* trp?tm*»nt accorded him by th»»
P'.groverEmcnts concfrn^d in his intfrdittion. He
preot indienation at th« action of
t» President «onifi. fayine: "It was I who placed
JJbim In his high position, lad I have been very
* badly recompensed. ' But justice is imminent.
I an« tfc« only *&ti?faetion that 1 rlesire 1* that
i light Shall i* thrown on those infamifs which
\ have been eurir"jt*>d to nip."
; Cartro called the British governments action
| & violation -' the rictus of man. He- ■ also
f furiously angry with th*» American government
! end the French Steamship Company, the latter
f having: refused to M him continue on board
1 the Guadeloupe to Colon.
c He pr*>t**ro,i n|r*in?t th» bCtIsMM Jntrntions
Im-ith which he has beer, credited, and said that
| hit only purpose In returning to Venezuela was
£to give his attention to his private business.
\ H« appears still to b* in ill health.
\ The Guadeloupe sailed at noon for Tort of
\ Epain and Venezuelan points. Fhe was followed
|out of the harbor by the cruiser Montana.
j "When h* bade roodby to his wife Castro
jjehowed much emotion. Then, turning to the
I agent of the steamship company, he thanked
him warmly for the attention which he had re
t chived at the hands of the officers of the Guade-
I loupe, and expressed keen rejrret that be was
f not able to continue the voyage.
Oactro treated the captain •' the Guadeloupe
to a farewell discourse, la which he darkly
hinted at possibilities. He referred frequently
to Providence, who alone, he said, was capa
" ble of extricating Venezuela fr«>m the. political
storms. He appeared still possessed of a belief
In his star which could not be shaken.
"When told of Gomez's intention to abandon
-power temporarily, be smiled silently. Then.
bis glance falling on the United States cruiser
Montana In the offing, he pointed in that direc
* tion end said: "Patience; I am not yet ready
to pail to St. Helena."
• Castro (]"'■« not disguise the fear that the un
expected intervention of the United States and
Great Britain may Mart a revolution at Caracas.
Venezuela Again Talks kith World
— Mr. Bacon's Thanks.
Caracas. March ?*.— M. Brun. representative of
Ith- Frtr.Ch Cable Ccmpany. who recently arrived
hwe from Martinique for the purpose of making
a. new contract with tin Venezuelan povernment.
four.d the disused cables to be in good . on<iiti«Ti.
R.n4 the government Is nat only being informed
daiiy as Xs> .Oastro's movements, but M. Brun is in
_^ <lirect iMSniBJIIIiIi Slliill with the headqjarterg of th»
j\ company. H. Paris in regard to his negotiations.
wj with the Veneiueian government.
r Luiz de Lorena Ferreira. Brazilian Minister, win*
aided Commissioner Buchanan In his negotiations,
,-«..•- received the following letter of thanks from
ex-Secretary Bacon:
Department at State. February £3.
Sir: The mission of Special Commissioner Bu
chanan bavins; be«i lin ■■Hill. concluded by the
signature of a protocol In adjustment of the diffi
culties between the United States and Venezuela,
■with a favorable prospect of an early resumption
cf. American diplomatic representation at Caracas,
it affords me pleasure lo express the cordial rp
rreciarlon of the government of she United States
(--,-■-■ representation, with the consent
of your government, of the interests of :he United
States in Venezuela during the cessation «if diplo
xnatJe relations between the two countries, pun also
for your friendly assistance to Mr. Buchanan dur
ing his recert Kay in Caracas. The. government of
the United States" has been highly gratified at the
- efficiency and fidelity which have marked your
charge, and Its cordial thanks are extended to you
|sr the zeal, Int»ilieen ■•* and ability which- you
>»»-.-«. displayed in lookinc after Its Interests. In
making: thin known to you I bee to, assure you of
my personal |wi "i"i*he<> for your welfare. I have,
th* honor to be. sir. your .-bedient seivant. x.
Trestdlent Goroex has appointed the four Ven
eruelaa sssaaswfa of The Hague Permanent Arbi
tration Tribunal. They are Dr. Nicomedes Zuo
lifT,. Dr. Francisco Arroyo Parejo. Dr. Carlos Leon
and General Manuel WVntonio Mataa. Dr. Arroyo
Parejo was for many year* Attorney General, and
it r.-ae he who prosecuted the New rorli and Ber
irudez Company ana the. French Cable Company.
Geseral Mato» led the revolt several years ego, and
It now living in Paris.
France Considering His Expulsion
from Martinique.
Paris. April 7. — Th» French government will
cnd»rtak» to prevent Ciprlano Castro from
using French territory as a base of operations
e^alni-t the present government of Venezuela.
Thlp undertaking: foiltw«« «=xchanpes, and ie in
full accord with the wishes of the Washington
Etrrernment. ,-\
Furthermore, the French government is con
*' tM»Tin«r the advisability of expelling Castro
from the Island of Martinique. No decision on
this point, however, yet has been reached.
Th* Venezuelan correspondent Of the "Si£cle"
• t&yt in a dispatch to-day:
ITh«- present situation in Venezuela Is critical.
Clpria.no < 'a«tr" has many partisans in high
places, even among the men recently appointed
to «fSce. snd all are secretly anxious thai hp re
turn to Caracas. Public opinion l* hostile to
Castro, hut the Gomez .-rniii'-tit is th< object
o? a bitter campaign by the leaders of the old
parties, suppressed by Castro ten years ago.
The correspondent adds that unless the varl
['■ r.ue factions fink their differences Castro will
[ r'°St or anarchy wili supervene. He is of the
I opinion that intervention by the United States
[ Is the only solution of the difficulty.
The Venezuelan eover'iment sounded France
i *- to ascertain whether objection would be made if
> Castro was arrested on board the Guadeloupe
I V "|* JhwiiJiiiM>ii?M~~l I A '""-hour train re rj hour on <b* E3
V,*'- tUmTIM MJ* if I f hour, from 7 A.M. to « P.M. from Liberty B j
\'*^&2B f^Tm\ I^^ K. *,/ I £•-. in addition to olhrr train*. 7>n roln- ft?
WgV^ HiUPI BCg&iy 7 % 3tM h«?for^ the hour from V «■«! 2:*<l Strwt. E
VV //j&K^^mr*. '\fy/ f^ Parlor ears on all trains. Pimsc e»i» Eg
■ XaSK/ *" i-J *S&W I fflprnttiit. noon, aud nishi. Sleepers ra ES
V^ QMaJjLt irate. _-«^^^^h^S*
at a Venezuelan port. The reply of France in
dicated that she would make no protest.
Consul General Febres Will Turn Over Oflice
to Gomez Appointee.
The expected clash between (1. P*e«a F>bres,
Venezuelan Consul General hi this city, ■who has
been holding over under upf-ointment of ex-Presl
«3ent Castro, and Jaclnto l^opet. who came her«
on Tuesday to !?im?eed him after an appointment
by President Gomes., di.l DOt take vino- yesterday
when the lßtt«r tver.t to the consulate to take
After a ion* conference Beaor Lvopez »al<l that
he expected to compl*t> the transfer to-day or to
morrow. Besides Mi exwjuatur, which man be
issued by the State Department at Washington,
Senor Lopet came frrtiri'ii with A letter from
President G6me2 authorizing h!m to take Immedi
ate charge of th» consulate.
Ap Beaor Febres expect.* to return to Venezuela
in about a month he honored the -greaT seal" mid
surrendered the consulate.
Excitement in Port of Spain— An American
Cruiser in Harbor.
Port of Spain. Trinidad. April 7.— There is mud:
excitement in the Venezuelan CClony here over
the Interdict Issued by the British Government
against ex-President '"astro. Before the announce
ment that Bettor Ostro *ou!d not I<► permitted
to land in Trinidad the coming of the ez-PresMeat
to this port hail been rrpar«led by the Venezuelans
here with Mwne uneasii ess. and ho« the Interest
is centred in the question how long Castro arill be
permitted to remain In Port Ac France.
The United States cruiser North Carolina ar
rived here this morning, and the cruiser Montana.
it is understood, will follow the Guadeloupe to
Port of Spain. v )i«re the commanders f>f the ?«o
warships may have * consult** ion. Reports re
ceived here «ay that t'-» rnitf.i States gunboat
Paducali Kill r.rrh* at Laguayra to-morrow.
Washington. April 7.— The French Ambassador hfi«
a conference Isatinfj over fin hour with Secretary
Knox to-day, when Castro's presence on French
territory was fully di«r\i!«>:fd The ambassador
said tßai the French government * L Oul(J see thai
• 'astro did ri^t :ndu]lt» in any military activity
while at Martinique.
Stormy Scenes Within and Without Parlia
ment Owing to Crime.
Constantinople. April 7.— Hassan Fehml Eff»ndl.
editor of Oi» Liberal newspaper "Srrn'?tj. ' was
Fhot and killed by an unknown pi; n as he was
entering liis offsce to-day. A government official
accompanying ::,«- editor was wounded. Th» crime
Is believed to be political. Th« "SubWl ' has
been carrying on a campaign Ecainst the Commit
tee of I'ninn ami Progress
The murder hSM caup«Hi a great sensation here,
ami it is hoped that the wounded official. Shakir
Bey. may re-cover and assist in tracing the mur
i- is a f**e.i that Rifaat Bey. another member of
the "Serbesti" staff, nap th». intended victim, and
it f= rumored that several other editors have re
ceived threatening letters.
Violent demonstrations occurred to-day a both in
side the parliament and In the streets adjucfnt.
The Grand Vizier and the President of the Cham
ber were <->i.!ip«-.j to harangue the crowds outside
end assure them that justice would be none. The
Chamber accepted en interpellation denouncing the
crime as a political murder, and calling on the
government to take necessary steps to apprehend
the murderer. All the leaders of th» Union ana
Propress party disavowed any knowledge of the
crime. .
Sir Edward Grey Tells of Advantages Gained
I, -i ■■ by Great Britain.
London, April 7.— Sir Edward Grey, Foreign Sec
retary, replied in the Hou«*> of Commons to-day to
criticism of clauses agreed upon by the Interna
tional Maritime CwK?renc%r »H« 7 contende'l that
Great Britain had Rained mors'tkan she had lost.
The advantage of an ii»t*rnatl^ia! ciurt to Great
Britain was Incalculable, as lh«> decision of prize
courts never had been satisfactory to her, and
there had been no way of appealing from UMBB.
It was of enormous advantage to Briti.<-h shipping
t'r.at a definite agreement had been reached on the
subject of contraband. The British proposal* with
regard to blockades had been adopted, and consti
tuted Great Britiain's most formidable weapon
ai-ain^t an enemy. Sir Edward added that h» re
garded the declaration afi a great step toward
Meeting of French Episcopate Expected to
Outline Political Attitude.
Paris, April 7.— The meeting of th*> French Kpis
m^;i',c, to be heLl in Rome on April IS, on the occa
sion of the beatification of Joan of Arc, is expected
to result In several important decisions regarding
the political attitude of French Catholics. it is re
potted that disciplinary measures are contemplated
against Consignor Amiette, Archbishop of Paris,
for a passage in a diocesan add ress rn-jneatijrijj re
spect for the laws of the republic, and against Mon-
Flgnor sUgnot, Archbishop of Toulouse, an-i Mon
glgMOr Fuzet, Archbishop of Rouen, for modernist
Mechanism of French Vessel Adjusted so as to
Prevent Return to Surface.
Toulon. April 7.— Th« "Republique dv Var" says
that the machinery of th«» French submarine Circe
recently was tampered with. Commander Raroux
received an anonymous letter of warning before an
intended trip. Inspection showed that the mechan
ism had been adjusted so that plunging could be
effected, but return to the surface would be impos
sible. Police investigations throw suspicion on sev
eral notorious members of the anti-military or
It is reported that part of the crew of th*> sub
mnrine Clcopne refused to go out for manoeuvred
alleging that the commander"* Incompetency had
b^eri proved by several accidents, Which made dis
aster certain.
London. April 7.— The British destroyer Black
water was sunk at midnight laet night off Dun-
n r.«:« by collision with the British steamer Hero.
The crew of the Blackwater was saved. The Hero's
bOWS were stove in.
The Wadrwater had a displacement of 55- ) tons
and was B5 feet lung She had a complement of
seventy men and could make twenty-five knots.
Lisbon. April General BaaaMlao <;u.«todio de
ttoosa Telles, whs was Minister "t War in th»
Hrnrlques Cabinet, which resigned on March 30. has
succeeded in forming a new Cabinet as follows:
ITemler -and Minister of -CSBMSJ BOUSA Tki,-
L1 \Tlnl«tT of\li.st!.»— JHAO A!,ARCAO.
Mtnlnt.r .■♦ Finance m-aRK.> RRANCV)
Minister ef the Interior— ALEXANDER I'AVtftAl.
Minister ■-.• Foreign AfTaire— CAnLOS DV BOCAGE.
Minute- of PubHr Works— I.' ]y. CASTRO.
Min!«ter of Marin*- -AZEVBOO • <>I TINHO.
The Limitless Repertoire of
The Emerson- Player-Piano
And Our Small Monthly Payment Plan
..j-l'Hip*— Jf| 0 the average person, who cannot play the "Piano, i* there
anything more hopeless than a desire to play— or to hear
f/?r^^33 good piano-music— with that instrument "standing mute
hWJ against the wall." AND NO ONE TO PLAY IT!
L VSjS'i? Even if we liaVtM a Performer in our family, he is hardly
|K^s^~2Js2i in Paderewski's class.
And if he Here, his repertoire— like PaderewskiV
With the EMERSON-ANGELUS, all this is vastly different, for. we
have, first and foremost: a "SWEET-VOICED" EMERSON PIANO
Second: As an integral .part of its mechanism, a PLAYER— WHObt.
Third: Variation of tone and expression AS WIDE AS AN
We may find solace in its music in our solitude— or share it with friends;
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Pianoforte Salons, Second Gallery. Adjoining the Auditorium, New Bldg.
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Art Exhibitions and Sales.
<|Vt j\s\s\s\f*s\s\f\ f-is\s\/~KS\j'*.r\s\ jv»» rkjxf* #\/\j*% ruv^ry'h* u~- **S
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546 Fifth Aye. (45th St.)
Collection of
Ancient and Modern Paintings
(removed from Wtsbington, D. C.)
the property of
Senhor Salvador de Mendonca
Ex-Envoy Extraordinary and Min<sicr PienipottniUry from Brtzil to the
Untied States,
and Valuable Paintings
from other collections,
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings,
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Cal* roues SMiiied on AopiiCAtion.
French and English Bankers Say Germans
Disregarded Agreement.
Paris. April 7 — The French and English bankers
who competed unsuccessfully for the 15,000.000
Hankow -Canton railroad loan to China have made
a strone protest bpalnst the German banker*, who
presumably have been successful. They say that
the Germans waived the "'Tlcn-Tpin conditions"
by Which hankers afrroed in the future not to loan'
money to Chirm, except on the understanding that
the. lenders be allowed to appoint » representative
to oversee the expenditure of the atone) in ques
Christtansand, April 7. — A 300-ten schooner
for Walter Wellman's polar expedition was
launched here yesterday. The vessel will be
taken to Spitzbergen in May.
Constantinople. April 7. — A storm has been
sweeping the Black Sea for two day*. Sev
eral Turkish vessels have been wrecked and
a number of lives have been lost.
Friedrichshafen. April 7. — Count Zeppelin's
airship made a successful twelve- hour flight
to-day. It went first to Wanqen, in Wurtem
burg, and returned to Friedrichshafen by a
different route.
Southampton. April 7. — Dr. Hamilton
Wright, one of the American delegates to the
International Opium Conference at Shanghai,
sailed for New York to-day on the Kron
prinressin Cecilie.
Punta Arenas. April 7. — The missing cap
tain pnd twenty men of the British steamer
Oak Branch, vhich went down in the Strait
of Westminster a few days ago. have been
picked up and brought here.
Mfczamst, France. April 7.— The strikino
wool workers of Mazamet threaten to causs
serious disturbances. A regiment of dragoons
and a detachment of gendarmes have been
sent tc reinforce the garrison.
Winnipsg. Apri! 7. — Mechanics signed a
new agreement with the Canadian Pacifir.
Railway last night, the company and unions
having made arrangement for a new schedule.
Pensions were restored to all the strikers of
last fall who resumed relations with the com
Mexico City. April 7.— Representatires of
the American conductors of the merged rail
ways of Mexico and the heads of the system
Have reached an sgrees/ent regarding the
dispute over train inspectors. Both aides
marie concessions.
St. John's. N. F., April 7. — The sealing
stesmer Virginia Lake, which was caught in
the ice off the mouth of Notre Dame Bay,
has been abandoned in a sinking condition.
Her crew of two hundred men is safe on
other vessels. The other steamers caught in
the ice are expected to be free to-morrow.
The total catch is expected to be as high as
that of last year. 213,000 seals.
Art Exhibitions and Sales.
Dirigible Fails from Height of 1,200 Feet-
Aeronauts Uninjured.
Bchio, Italy. April 7.- Th« dirlsriMc balloon Haifa's
trials to-day ended disastrously. After manoeav
r!n« for some tlm* at a height of twelve hundred
fe/t. the engine broke down, and th« balinnn rte
s.en<l*>d precipitately, It was badly damaged, but
the aeronauts wore not hurl
American Plan to Build Canal Well Received !
in Belgrade.
r*»nilon. April 7.— A dispatch from B*!ftra<le says
that there is much t *!«f»» ti'Ti there over the pro- ;
"•>*«! of an American corporation to build a navl- ''■
paruMo waterway through Bervia and Macedonia! ,
along the r<>ur«e of tho Morava and Vardar rivers, !
connecting the Danube with the <;uif i>r SaJonlca I
This enterprise is expected to brine now rapitnl !
into that country to promote trade and agriculture, I
and to create a cheap ■yttetn <" transportation f"r i
Servian products i" ft neaport. j
Ac I'idlnir to the publish^] accounts of this
scheme th« preliminp-> derails have i>fen v.ork*d
out by Prince I,«z«rf>vteii Hr«pettanovlch ofStervla:
N. I. Stamenkovitch, <»f Belgrade L nlreretty, »«n'i
F > role^sf>^ Cvljltch, who is h member of the
ceoprapliicsl societies of Vienna, Herlin and other
cities. The American Engineering Company wfts
recently Incorporated in v^v Jersey for the pur
pose of undertaking financial arrangements f<^r th»
construction nf the waterway. Among th# Ameri
can directors «r« Charles 1. Atterbury ami loijn
Totter. Of New- York. it la *Bid that a Philadelphia
capitalist will be the official head of-th*- company.
Court Gives Physician Who Had Contract to
Attend Her Judgment for 1,600.
Washington. April 7.~-Ex-Qneeh I*lliuokaUn! of
Hawaii, otherwise "Mrs. I.ydia DomlnK" mu.«t
r«j $11, 600 to her "court physician."' tinder a juris
input rendered by Chief .Justice Ctabaugh. of the
Supreme Court of tiie District of Columbia, i.>
day. The judgment is la Caver of Dr. Charles H.
En^il«h. of thin city, who declared he had a con
tract to act as medical adviser to Mrs. Doniinis
for two years at » monthly salary <>f i:, r->>r ->> and it
bonus of $5/00. At the end of two. months, during
which he received his salary, he assert;*! she made
it impossible for him to fulill his contract. The
former Queen made no defence. The papers will
be forwarded to Honolulu.
Lieutenant's Funeral Will Take Place To
The h«dy of Lieutenant Jo*eph Petrfisino. who
was asMjEinated by the Black Hand in Palermo.
Italy, on the evening of March 12. is expected to
Arrive on the Cunard steamship Sl«vonia this even
ing. The ship will be met at Quarantine by a
police boat and the body taken to the police pier *1
the Battery. From ther* It vJff^e, accompanied by
a guard of honor and the police band to the resi
dence of the widow, at the corner of Spring and
Lafajette streets. • •< v
At Police Headquarters yesterday it was said
that, even though the body should not arrive until
Friday morning, the funeral would he. held at old
St. Patrick's Church, in Mott street, at noon to
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accompanied by rumors of a "melon cutting" in
the form of a ittoek dividend, and an unconfirmed
report of a movenmt among .-ome ef the directors
for doubling the dividends, which, beginning with
1906. have aggregated 20 per cent a year. The
l.a< kaufinna is operating under a special charter,
granted in 1&49 by the Pennsylvania Leßislature.
and an increase of it» capitalisation would re
quire an amendment of (he charter, a step which
the directors are understood to be averse to tak
ing at this time In view of th« fact that the
If ever a man's appearance is
subjected to captious criticism,
it is in the Easter Parade.
Happy he who can court de
tailed inspection of hi? top hat.
frock coat, gloves and necktie!
But he can't, unless he is Ml
of their correct style, as well as
their proper fit-
be sure of your good style.
Begin with the TOP HAT—
Lincoln-Bennett —
here in splendid
blocks, approved
b y Englishmen.
standardized for
New York tastes.
Then the all-im-
IT. No need
longer to seek
urse to a cus
tom tailor. Even
if you have put off
buying until now.
you may be fitted
today — without
alteration, if you
are one of nine
men out of ten — to
a frock coat that is
faultless in design
and sunerb in fit
l Supreme Court of the United States hag not yet
' handed down its decision In the commodities <-!«u»«
I case. . - »
Th« Lankan-anna's capital stock is only SJftJPO.OW.
a sum very far below the actual value t>t th»
property, and the yearly earnings on thlt r-un
have of late years been from ♦> to* 6n per cent.
San Francisco! April 7.— The Official closing quo
tation? for mining' stock* to-day were as fallows:
Alpha Con "- H«le * XorcrtM J*
Andes 1« Kentucky Con: , 2?
. Belcher •... .♦s!M»x«e«n J*
; B«»t * Belcher *" OccMental con ■*'
I Built.* ... «W!Qphlr ■J.:..--1-Yl
Caledonia li! Overman """ J?
i challenge C0n.... WfPotosl ~.... VI
< hollar urt;:«avaf* •":
» - onnd*nce *»! Bag B«lcher — I™
Con »'al * Va «3i • r» Nevada *J
Con Imperial O2't"nl«n Cen »•••"■*'£?
Cro«n Point . S3 Yellow Ja:Wt •• w
..*. .^ ■ UIT.V ."DB| /
■ ■
"Van Asten's* Visitor.' by Allan Braflhamptont
a story of a "doctored" will, in next Sunday*

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