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Lord & Taylor
Cold Storage Department
Plant on Premises
Furs, Wearing Apparel
oi every description.
and Oriental Rugs
This plant is modern in every detail and
affords complete protection against moth and dust.
The cold dry air is maintained at a uniform
temperature, keeping ftlfs and woolens in perfect
We Use Both Compressed Air and Vacuum
System tor Cleaning Purposes.
This department is under the careful super
n of practical furriers who thoroughly under
stand the care of turs.
is are insured against loss by theft, or
damage by tire or moth, at moderate rates.
Some Special Values
/;/ Plain and Stamped Writing Papers
Fabrique Linen Fabrique Bond
B quires paper. 100 envelopes. 5 quires pcT ' 100 envelopes.
Ssc— value 51. 25 50c— value $1.00
tin colors only, white Colors, all white and blue and
and gray, white and blue. whitf
London Cloth Princess Crepe
4 quire* paper, 100 envelopes; 5 quires paper. 100 envelopes.
45 C — value 95c 35c — value 85c '
colors, white, blue, gray. White only.
Yassar No. 2 Springtide Boxes
: quires paper envelopes to 2 quires paper., envelopes to
match. match.
19c— value 35c 23c— value 45c
Mourning Papers
Odd lots of our Finest Qualities
a quires paper — envelopes to match.
50c and 75c— value £1.25 up to $2.00
One Quire Boxes 19c— value 35c
Special Stamping Offer
Any 4-.' the above paper stamped with one of our
single or double initial dies or with a L. £ T. die
ur I our own die if we arc holding it for you
5 quire boxes, any one color '.for —5c
5 quire boxes, gold or silver for *>5c
1 quire boxes, an y one color for i c
1 quire boxes, gold or silver .for 15 c
7^5 Oriental Rugs
will be sold at less than cost
n\ irnnortntion
Our gaiarantee accompanies every rug.
Positively At Retail Only
Sizes from q.bxb.S to 2 1.5x1 3.10
Prices from $37.50 to $295.00
Be sure to bring the sizes of your rooms.
Broadway & 20th St.; sth Aye.; 19th SL
( ;<:iu n Seriously Affected bit
Knapp Brother*' Failure.
Ailai; C. Hoftman, director of the Outing Publisii
lr.g Oomi»kny. who devotes iiis time to the affairs
of that concern in this city, said yesterday that
the f»:!uie of the private Kink? of ICnapp Brothers,
In CalicooTi and Deposit, would, of course, have a
eerJuus financial effect on the company, but that
plcus were bein? made to obtain other financial
backir.?. He said it avas the present intention, to
continue the business.
"I would like to i.avf it stated." said Mr. H"ff-
Riar.. "that the "Outing Magazine' has never been
!n a better conJltion from a circulation and adver
«is!ng point of vi-w than it Is to-day. But the
publishing companj tried to «Jo too much."
Some five jesrs ;;ko James Knapp Heeve started
in the publishing business In Deposit with "The
Bohemian" and "The Or,ey GtK»s^.' # fiction niontli-
Iles. Later be bought "Brains," an advertising
publication, and renamed it "T!ie Iletail Adver
tiser and Brains." His company started to pubiish
"Outing." and foL;r years ag<. ilr. Reeve decided to
get control of the magazine, the main offic?s of
ufcicJi w«»re m..-. • to Deposit from this city. He
organized the Outing Publishing Company, and C
P. Knapp, of the tankit.g riria of Knapp Brothers,
became its president, and Mr. Ileeve became secre
tary and general manager.
Tfcis company took over the three Reeve mag
azines and branched out extensively in the publish
ing .-:'-.-■• A 'arse printing plant wa* acquired,
and considerable book work and job printing ui;der
t;iWe,n. There ;«!» r.» Mxteen large cylinder
presses, an equipment of typesetting machines and
* bock binding plant. The- expenses of the i*;uu
ha\e betu beavy am', the company has had labor
There is to b- a rnettiug of The directors of the
company within :i short Ume, when ways and
mean* for continuing the business will be dis
ci^scd. Tiiere lua;. be a reorganization.
ls^**dl!tion t« Mr. Knapp. Mr. Reeve and Mr.
><tr=A^ the directors i>re J. Henry Harper an.]
CaJ-:>«r Whitney, who for many years edited Out
tng." I^ast year Mr. Whitney resigned ;is edit.ir
»■::■! ha? be«'ii connected in an rditorial capacity
w:tlj *Col!i<r's Wo^kly."
ilr. Hottmqp faid that the financial affairs of
Th*; Outing Publishing Company had noihin« to do
with Mr. WUtney'« retiring as editor, and that be
*li;i peUdned his interest in the company.
<:i Bmchamtcn it is said that *-ighteon months
a«o an «-ffort ... a holding com
pany for the aecurlttes of the Hill Publishing
Cony-'-- anJ t<> s«" MOO.OOO worth of bonds and
tie tame amount of stock. The plan^ were not
carried out, howevr.
Claris William*. Staua Superintendent of Hanks
fc^id last night Uutl lif- »as receiving frequent re
port* irom Us examiner in charge «,f the Hinghiir..
r-ju TruM <."*'mjiiu!j wr.ich ivas forced io suauend
•n accoutu of tiif failure of the Ksiapi. liroin^rs
batiks Kx-<.'on^r»-ssma:i t'trarlea J. Xi:.: „f
X I*l BmUiers, Urvher of the head of t|j»- Outing
Publishing Company, is president of the trust cora
Superintendent WilliJta-.s tiii<l ii^ had Uf-nni notlj-
Imc afejut «m not*-* of Jiie outing conijioiij which
the banks in l*eposit i.'allvonit .th said :■• hare
*ol«! ~'» '''*" trua company. He had no tuper
vJ*iors over ili»- banks, as tacy were pri-.uu ba.nk
lS4 lneututiuE*.
Brooklyn Man Forty Years in the Service Ac
cused of Stealing.
Charged with stealing money from letters given
to him^or delivery. Benjamin F. Holland, of No.
2<>s Maoon street, Brooklyn, for forty years a letter
carrier, was arraigned yesterday before Commis
sioner Shields and held In $2,580 ball. For many
>ears Holland had a route In the "Swamp' district.
He was known as "Old Man" Holland, and was
esteem. j by every one in the district.
A number of complaints have been received by
the posiofflce authorities ab»ut letters omi money
being stolen. Teal letters were tried on a" carriers
and clerks who handled the mall for the district,
without res ill Holland was not suspected When
hi« name was mentioned as the probable thief one
of the Inspectors became Indignant, and said:
-Do you think that '"old Man' Holland, who has
been with US for forty years, and is now sixty
years old. would try any such funny work?"
Despite one of the inspector's protests, letters
containing money were yesterday turned over to
Holland for delivery. When placed under arrest
Postofflce Inspectors Jacob and James said they
found J- ''• In marked money that Holland had
taken from two envelopes addressed to merchants
in the •'Swamp" district.
MACY'S, Broadway and Sixth avenue, offers
Si.ei'ial values this week in women's underwear,
v.ash blouuea. wash Roods and white goods; also
Invites att'iitiun to a sale of a arge assortment of
rugs an<J furniture - t .er-aJ«.
O-NEILL-ADAMS COMPANY. Sixth avenue, 20th
to 22d Btr*et. directs attention to .i sale iota we-k
„' women's salts, cotton and linen dress goods and
white and ivory laces, at reduced prices.
ABRAHAM A STRAUS, Brooklyn, advertise a
sale this week of evening and street dresses at
reduced prices; also linen waists.
A. D SIATHEWS 1 SUNS, Brooklyn, ■•«• goods
for flats, houses and hotels, both city and country.
at special values.
BOXWIT TELLER * CO Wesi Hd »\r'~: an
m for to-morrow In women ■
an<J jj, ... .ta snd three-niece costume suits
HKAKN. 14th street, west of Fifth avenue, offers
inducenienta for the bargain hunter in a sale of
a-omen'a t«o ..i.<i tlire« piece suits of all textures.
Announcement is made of a clearance of lace cur
taint, in« luding Marie Antoinette, colonial. Renala
isanoe- and Arabian designs. A complete sal* of
■women's under was i aiM »n assortment <> f babies'
short • ■aks a: •■ adverllsed.
bLOOIIINGDALE S. Third avenue' and Win
Stern Brothers
Will {'lace on sale To-morrow, Another Purchase 0*
* Shantung Pe-ngee Silks
. , r- - - — „- .- t lanre assortment of the
2/ inches wide, Superior q>s~- v. W a large a
newest .colors, also Natural and Black, V.'gc
Regularly H. 25 Yard a
Satin Finish Crepe and Satin Ondoyant.
45 inches wide, in the latest colors, at 2,4©
also white, ivory and black.
Value $3.50 Yard
Colored and Black Dress Goods
Just Received from Paris
Two Extraordinary Values
2000 Yds. Imported ' i r7*=yc
Black Shadow Stripe Mohairs I J^ yd.
and V
1500 Yds. 50 inch French White Serges, )
An Important Offering of Cotton and Silk Mixed
Dress Fabrics
Greatly Below Prevailing Prices
Fine Sheer Zephyrs in -.tripes and checks, and . ,_ c
Silk Stripe Tissues in new and desirable j. £ „ .
colors for street and evening wear, at
Value 25c to 40c Y and
Poplin Suitings, Satin Finish. jl A c ;
in a great variety of new colors, a ' 1 ,
Value 28c Yard
Rough Pongees, 26 inches wide, extra bright finish, .^ c
medium weight, silk warp, in all new and desirable £ &
colors, and Grecian Border Pongees, 45 inches wide, at
Actual Value 75c to $1.00 Yard
Unusual Reductions In
High Class Embroideries 5
Nainsook, Cambric and. Swiss Edgings . 2Q
and Insertions, 1 to 9 in! wide, 6c, 1 lc f • 18c, 23C, i2V£
Value 12c to 50c Yard
Batiste, Nainsook and Swiss Edgings and Flouncings, -^ „«.•
with Bab) Irish lace combinations, 4to 27 in. wide, SB I ->-^
Value 95c to $5.25 Yard
Insertions and Bandings, to match, 2to 6 in. wide, 25 c ..to $ 2- 2 A
Value 45c to $3.50 Yard
Clovers, to match. 18 in. wide, $3.45 to 5.25
tto match, IS Values 54.50 to 6.50 Y r ard $ 3.45 '■■ 5.23
Values $4.50 to 6.50 Yard
Hand Embroidered Linen Robes, at 56.50, 15.00
Value $7.95 to 19.50 .:.
Hand Embroidered Batiste Robes. at $11.85, 18.50, 19.50
Value $) 4.50 to 25.00
Lingerie Embroidered Robes with Valenciennes %
Hcc and eyelet embroider-. at $6.95, 11.50, 15.95
' ' Value $8.50 to 19,50
West Twenty-third Street
Mr. Harriman's Old Expert Suggests a Plan
to Save Money.
The heads of various institutions discussed the
project yesterday of a central purchasing agency
for forty r flve hospitals in greater New * ork . which
was proposed by W. V S. Thome at a meeting ,of
the hospital conference held on Friday night at he
Vcademy of Medicine. The plan is generally favored.
Mr Thome is treasurer of the Presbyterian Hos
pital, but a few years ago he was purchasing agent
for the Union Pacific and the Southern Pacific
railroad lines. Should the plan be adopted Mr
Thorne expects to use tnc methods he employed
while purchasing agent for the Harrlman roads.
The supplies would be bought on an order author
ized by the agency and at rates granted to the asso
ciated hospitals. The bureau would thus save the
time now wasted by the hospital officials In pur
chasing, and would supply them with Bamples and
specifications of the goods bought. The mainten
ance of the agency would cost about (24.8W a year.
In Mr. Thome's opinion, and the hospitals would be
assessed according to the amount of their expenses.
The agency plan does not Include city hospitals, be
cause they have their own means of purchasing.
Moreover, a central purchase plan has been recom
mended by the Casstdy legislative committee for all
city departments. '
In the forty-five hospitals included by Mr. Thorne
In his outline of the project it Is hoped to sava
Jlt;i,:nß out of the $2,000,000 spent annually. Before
the Idea could be put Into practice the trustees,
directors or executive committees of the hospitals
would have to consider the proposition and give
their approval Of it. At the hospital conference
meeting on Friday a resolution was passed favor-
Ing Mr Thome's plan. Many members of the hos
pital conference are heads of the various hospitals
in the city.
street, directs attention to a variegated lot of un
d> rniusiins. meaaaline sllka, prtnceaa gowns, silk
thread boatery and hats. A clearance of Oriental
rues 1? also announced.
STERN BROTHERS West 23d stret. advertise a
rljotre selection of ■women's suits and dresses,
suitable for early spring anil summer wear. Com
plete assortments of high grade cloaks and wraps
for evening, carriage, motoring and steamer wear
are especially announced. An offerinc of wearing
apparel for infants, boys and misses is displayed. .
" 1/>M> A TAYLOR Broajdwaj and BOtU
Fifth avenue and I'.nh street, call attention I ■ an
Importation of Oriental rugs. Furs and wearing
apparel are advertised at redi* ed pi
GREENHUT i CO., Sixth avedfce, lSt t» to 13ih
.. announce « special sale of men i f«» j half
saks A CO Broadwa) and JV.n s\i^-. Invite
attention to their closing oul sale of I
blouaea; the atoo offer s sale of suits for women
B«m dreaw ■ »"•• gowns, parasols, apparel foi m ssaa
and women.
ARNOLD, CONSTABLE * CO.. Broadway and
19th street mention a special display of women'!
tailored suit*, misses' suits and dresses, infants"
apparel, parasols, jjlovej. and neckwear at as ■.
ktonaJ value*.
An interesting Indication of the beneficial in
flueni-e of motoring on the hotel business Is found
In Uip ai.nouni cmfnt that the Hot'l Wendell, at
Pittsfteld, Muss la to be doublet! !n slzp. The
lii'iis*" w;i.s built In L897-'9B, of tnoclern steel con-
Btructlon, ami had seventy-five rooms. It was so
far in advance "f the nxwt4iig demand for business
that Its success was problematical, and f"r several
years it was not a paying investment. A few years
at;. Luke .1 Mtnaban leased the house. He at
ted the patronage of people visiting the B»rk-
Bhiree and especially 'he touring motorists. Plans
lmve been prepared for an addition of ninety
Announcement is made that ih^ .t'urbiae steam
ships rale and Harvard will resume .passenger
service on the Metropolitan i.me between New
York and Boston on Monday, May 3, and that the
service will be continued weekdays and Sundays
until Saturday October 3i>
Sunilse B^a>;Sunaet « Moon : '•• - ——.Moon's age 21
A M — Sandy Hook ll:08;Gov. island 1i.1.". 1!.-.. Gate 1:06
P.M.— Sandy Hook ll:44|Gov. Inland ll:4S,Hell Gate I:3S
The St Paul, reported us 27."> miles east of Sandy Hook
at lt):30 a ■" yesterday, is expected to dock about' S a m
The Columbia, reported as tV><~> ml'ea east of Sandy
Hook at SMS a m yesterday, is expected to '.oi r about
« a. m Monday.
Vessel. From. Line.
•St Paul . Southampton, April a ... American
. tita dl Messina ... Palermo. March 23 Italian
Monts-rrat ••adi;. March 80... SpanUh
Yumurl TampJco. March 31 Wa.-.l
NorJ America Naples. March ■_>* ... l, Veloce
ircauoli • ! Pinion. March -S s v Co
Georclc ' Liverpool. April I White Star
Wells City Swansea, Much -'.. ■. Bristol
Bud Oalre«ton. April & south >■• ■
iampaa- Mobile. April 4 Maliory
•Rotterdam... Rotterdam. April 3 Hollanj Am
•Columbia Glasgow. jiSrtiV:::::::::::::iVw l 1
• a — n.^X* Harba.los. April f. jj W I
•Carolina San Juan - April 7 N V * [• R
•Trlnl'la.l Bermuda, April 10 Quebec
•Pr inceOeorße Bermuda, AjjrU 10 Her-Atl
•Maracaibo Curacao. April 4 R,.<i D
.2,. rE i D t- .... Rio '"• Janeiro. March 15 ... Braatltan
..,.,, I N>w Orleans. April 7 So Pacific
KroonUnd Antwerp. April 3 Red star
M'nneliaha London. April 3. ...... .At1antic Trana
•Krtaprtn'n Bremen. April *.... N c. Uoyd
.^'iila Kingston, April 8 Ham;. Am
.Saratoga Havana. April 10 Ward
•"semlnole Turk's Island. April 7... .q yd .
Van U Olo'*ani.i.'.'".'.V.'st ra Mkba^U. Ar'rlV V.'.'.V.'/.'.W.'Ualla,,
SnG^Mni ..81 Micbaela, Mm! B rtattan
?L? L Luckenbach . . Porto Rico April 8 Peninsular
City of Atlanta Savannah. April « Sa.annah
•Bring" mall.
Mail Vessel
Veitcl. Kor.' Line, ■ •'■>*'•>' sails.
Trim Joachim. Jamaica. Uamb Am... 6:3oam t.mjaw '
Ooi-penaiiie. Ea..bados. i> W I 11 (»' a ill 1 '«. j, ,„ . j
Kronprinr Wilhm. Pi— i»il. Pi Q Uoy4 0:30 a,, lO.r»ia m I
Koordam. Rotterdam, Hollan-1 V- 1" ■«» a m •
it ltv "f Savannah. Satxannan. Savannah - 8:00 ; , m
M...ha«>K. Jacksonville. ' !><lr I '"• pm
LxaUnallon and »traiv.er. - Close In New Yoia. ,
Ha" hi. Japan Cr»a and China i»i»
oau Vram.Ueo>— ChUo M*ru To J*y. 6- JO pm <
St<erin . Blotters
Women's Suits and -Dresses
Suitable, for Early Spring and Summer
T^Sr lkln£ 5 " -24.50, 2P.50. „.50 1 1 10.00
Three Piece Walking Suits. - ..
:„ various fabrics, *25.00, 37.50. 48.00 to 138.00
Fancy Costumes, in all 4n nn __ nn
, predominating materials, $64.50, 89.50, 110.00 t0 225.00
One Piece . Dresses,
in a variety of silk fabrics, $ 13.50, 24.50 K. 54.50
Lingerie & Linen Dresses, 15.75, 24.50 to 98.00
High Class Cloaks and Wraps
• For Evening, Carriage, Motoring and Steamer Wear
Special for Monday
Copies^ Imported Models, at $25.00, 35.00, 55.00
Automobile and Steamer Coats,
lined throughout with silk, at 3>^s.oU, 30.^0
Broadcloth Top Coats, braid trimmed. $ 18.50, 20.00
Women's Waists
H?GH & NECI& LONG AND three-quarter sleeves,
Unusual Values, To-morrow
Lingerie Waists, $ 2.35, 3.95, 5,50, J ,95
Closing Out Sale of
200 French Hand Embroidered
Formerly H. 75 to 7.95 \ at $3*25 to 5.50
Wearing Apparel for
Infants and Little Children
To-morrow, a Special Offering of
•Domestic Dresses, from 2 to 8 years,
At Prices Much Below Their Value
Dresses with Hand Embroidered .Yokes.
FOR INFANTS AND UP TO 3 YEARS, at 65C, °sc, $1.25
Boys' and Children's Clothing
At Much Less Than Regular Prices
BREASTED SUITS, in Stylish Mixtures and Blue Serge, . *» s v
Value 56.50
BOYS' SUITS, with extra pair knickerbocker trolaM • A> 7*
Norfolk and Double-breasted styles, .in Mixtures and Blur Serge, KJ*J%J
' v Value 58.50
Hisses' & Junior Tailored Suits
Exceptional Values for Monday
TWO Piece Model, of Serge. Three -quarter 1 9,75
Length Coat, peau de cygne fined, \ aiue 5-/ -o .
Three Piece Model
of Serge, trimmed with braid and buttons, '_ c ,-/i, IJ.OU
shawl collar with tie. 14 and 16 yrs, ' s - -•■ ■" $25.00.
(Hlis' Suits, Coats and Washable Dresses
Three Piece Model. . ■. -„ . *--
of Serge and Shepherd Check? shawl collar, „ 14,/5
inlaid with silk, plaited skirts, 10 to lo yA. \ atue $19.7?, 14 ' ; -
KeeferS. of Fancy Mixture- and Stripes also 6»50
Shepherd Checks and Serge-, 6 to 14 yrs .
Washable Dresses,
Exclusive Model, of Satin Stripe Check Ginghams, Ku.--.:an style, Q rs'Z
■ in light blue. tan, cadet and gray. 6to '.-' yrs, Vain $13.30. O»> »-
West Twenty-third Street
J ",S£ :•.. V VV ,,v : r and Victor.* 8 y g
„,; ..land, an.l Ne« w
\anro.ner and rra»f-A.an,e.ia i Apr V, 0: W P m
Hawaii -vu Ban i"an.:»-o a..i .. -'
Japan. Corea and China ivla Seattle)-^^ M
roaa Maxu ..*
New Zealand. Australia -.except West*.
H i! K:^;:-o;"r' n s^ l r,n^rr i - 30. 6:30 p .
J *EanfLr d ..^.'^ £%&? - •*? -
Tahiti Marquesas lalands New Zealand
and Australia .except Uest.. (via >»" •
Francisco. MarlpOM Md^ "• « :3 ° » m
Port of New York. Saturday, April 10. 1909.
Steamer E.t.'«;rar.xa, Rogers, Vera Cruz April 1. Pro-
rr'»> 3 «i.l Hati.aa I to the New York, and Cutra Mai!
Si •o, with IV passengers, malls and mdse. Arrived
at the" Har at «:1O a m.
Hteamer Romanby iHr'. Jones. Bu< MM Ayrra Starch
.', Monte' f> and St. Thomas 1«>. via B<«ton April 8.
to It 1* Houston A. Co. with md*e. A^rl^ed at the liar at
2:30 a in.
Steamer Jamestown. Nelson. Newport News and Nor
folk to the Old Dominion Ss Co. with passengers ar.d
milßf Passed la Quarantine at 3:20 yin
Steamer Melderskln (Nor). Jacobien. Pel Ambor ■to
WesaaJ, Ouval t Co. with uv'."- r.i»«M la y-iarantlne
at 4:31 p m.
Stea-n-r Nord America dial. Carbon*. Genoa March
2;.' .nd Nnples 3S. '■ HartSeld Solan A Co witjj pa. -
■•men an.l mdae Southeast of r tre lslan.l at K33 i> "
Steamer. Manna Hata. Charles Baltimore; to > »he New
York and Baltimore Tn»i.»iv)rtatlon Line, wi-.h ■*•*
Passed In Quarantlna at S:H» ■ m.
Steamer Mohawk. Pevereux. Jacksonville \pn! 7 an-1
ih.rleZn "to the Clyde Ss Co with ,>as»en K er, and
■edse Pasied la Bandy Hook at !• 10 a ■
steamers »n»«rika iGef>. Hamburs; Caronla inn
and < ■rltl. (Br>, Liverpool: California mr>. «;:-»«. >w:
KoentKln Luise MSep. Naples; Philadelphia, -'i'ttanip
ton Zeeland .Hr • Antwerp: Bermudas i»ri Ber
muda twmlnlf ißri GaKmton; Rrasoa. ualveatAfi:
Ku.rt deall .\bru»*l <Hal>. Genoa: BI P»ae New in
leans; San Juan. San Juan; Ptitta>lelphta »ni Julia
1 uckenbach San Juan; Havana. Havana; Hur.->n.
Charleston Alc>nquln. Turku lslan.l ;• ft \ndrew ißr..
An' » cry Ida Uuiti. PlilUUelphia. Wtttcklnd 'ier'.
T>a!tim<jre; i" .1 Lnckenbach, Fence Toltsrxto i Kr>.
Mamburg: Jefff-rson. Norfolk: New York C*O ' Br> *
Bristol; i»iesnnile (Ger>, Hah:a" EH Mar i;«!>eston:
v-aii..: Georgetown; Delaware. Phll».J*;phU: La C»»-
COgn« iFrt. Havre; City of C.ilurnbus. savaoaa-i:
Drumcairn tßr>. Burnoa Ayres Isthm'.ar.. Fuerta
Mexico: prim WiHem II , Dutch. Port-au-Fri3C».
Bremen. April liV— Prir.x Frir.lrt.-h WUhela lG«ri "*
York \ U PITROUth und v herl.our*. ,-
Taicahuaro. April 7— I-Vxton HaH ll*»>. Sen Tort warn
Newport News \la St I.U.U. etc. for •♦'•.){«>: ? Mi:ni.
Plymouth. AND H>— St Lo-;*. New Tork Cos Cbwooura
and Southampton.
Newport, April >-.\!f INor>. New Tork \ U iia-' .
Suez. April S — Karoaga \li?>. Calcutta ?>-•" i>^:.'3 •••<»
New York
Astwerp, April i>— I-jki.nia tf»r>. Ne» V.>.-:.
SaiKt) H»)k. S J. April li>. W::X» v i:: Wl»3 BOTUIW*"*
fresh brt'cie: c'*ar. moderate sea
King»tt>n. Jam. April »— Atrato .D:' from >' wl.Tork,^w I . Tork ,^
Colon, etc. anJ govthaDoptoa; Mas^ ?"■*■ ll>rv - "
Southampton. Colon. Mr. for New V rrfc
I»in»''i». »t>-l! !>►- Mlnneaj«ll> «t:r>. New V^»
Movilie. April 1O — Furnr^jia (Br>, .'iom Oia.»s >'- v ' l%r ~
Hotterdam. April JO— RyaOsja lDutch>. N<*« Yor ' t vi *
Bermuda April H> -Prtec* C.eorge <i;->. New ><>r..
Venice. April •— ABCttMe |.\USt>. N-« Tort »
Palermo, .\prll T— Oceania ,Aust'. Urotß rrte^ie'.
ChfrVour*. .April »— Kalserin Auififta *\ ictoria iGert.
Ch'rr>.^. ■. „%|
,fr.in Hamburg anil Southampton. NY" T.-r« ,
Shie'J*. April l»- I'h.rtms ttie!». ifr-tTi lUu'lui'*'.
f»ermui!a. April li> -Tnr.i.lad USri. Sew TorU. fc
!M.-r. April V-«>ru K !;i .Hr.. t ?rom G.;....«. >/**?:*
Cbrlmlaiuand. .rr^rii to— United |Dan>, ifro
penhaicen>. Ne»v YoiK. ,
Genoa. April I<»— <;:*!■<• Kur?u:it .C.eri Ne;» Tor*.
Havre April li»--I.a StoTeia iFr>. Ne»v Torit
Queeastown. April lo— Baltic (B:>. (from UverpooK. >•»
Bnlmoaoaekl. Aprtl ft-Imtr»»-.art:ha .!tr>. •'-"» T '»*"
l:anu>. New Tofk. -. -*,
Southampton. April 10— New Tcrk, N*'» T«wi *»tB»r"
Gibraltar. Aoiil H- -ocf»n" ißr>. N«- » Tor* •
. Hod*WU Sin*ar"»r*. «tc. p , rt
rert-n. \prt! I»-Konuu» <»r>. New YorK » 4 ■>
SaiiJ for Singapore. Hen a Ko-.8. cii T »»k
I>unnet ICart. April l»» -'iellltt «»!-^ »I'«n». New »<*™J
for Chn»tlan!«an<l ami C«p«f»b»«ta . .
t taard April .... t'aails \»r>. -"*••» Tt> "' •
■ « ' ■ '
l.izar.l. At.ril » ! „»unlal.» <X'> N'« If- r "' ' ; * m
li!e or ntchl. April •> Memnon • Br>. Ne* \oT% »*
' Norfolk -for Rotterdam.

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