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Preside*; - '-ft Buys First -To Go
an Sale in All States.
Washington. April li-President Taft paid a
penny on Saturday afternoon for a "votes for
women" Etamp, the first cf an issue which is to be
put on sale at or : ce in every state in the Union by
th» Co-Oporative Woman Suffrage League. T:.o
transaction took place at the White House, the
Co-Operative \Vi>ir.un Suffrage League belnc repre
sented by its president and vice-president. Mrs.
Helen Hoy Greeley and Mrs. Rheta child Dorr
Thc-y had called by appointment with th© intention
of presenting the stamp to the President, but he
Insisted on paying for it.
"Your stamp is inter.dcd to make money for
v>rr>an suffrage-," he said, "and It would bs a bad
precedent to begin cy gtrtos away the first one.
"Of course, Mr. I'rcsident." said Mrs. Greeley as
Fh« took the penny, "we wouldn't dream of dic
tating what you should do with, the stamp, but If
you should feel like putting it on a letter, say a
letter to Africa"
"I'll pat it on a letter to Mr?. Taft," interrupted
the President.
The second stamp was presented to Bens I>a
Crane an, the M.ses K a th,rine Mahar. Marjorie A Cart* *« Whltrid^ Bdn. BK - U
ason. Adah and Pegsry Marks and Pau)ine Robinson.
Fol'ettA snd the third to Justice Brewer, and Mrs.
La. Toilette, wife of the Senator, purchased the
first sheet of one hundred imps.
The etamp Is in royal blue and white, with bal
anced scales of justice in the centre, an.l above
and below them are the legends. "Votes for
Woman" n:;<l Taxation Without Representation
Is Tvraiinv." In each of the four corners 5s a star,
f vmbolic Ot the four states where women vote. »nd
tie names of these states-Colorado. Wyoming,
Idaho and rtah-tor the liorder.
The Co-Operalive Kcjua! Suffrage Lfasue was re
cently organized in New York, with a membership
of men aiij women. fo«- the purpose mainly of
raising a. large sum to spread the suffrage propa
ganda. The officers arc: President, Helen Hoy
Oreeley; vice-presidents. Bheta Child Dorr and
Marj- Holland KinkaM: secretary, Reba I* Frail,
and treasurer. Eisa Keed Stone. Among Olf hon
orarj r vice-rrcwdonts are Mrs. Carrie Chapman
Catt, president of the International Woman Suf
frage Aliianop; WilUaiw M. Iv:iip, John Spargo.
Charles Edward RuaseH. Mrs. Henry Villard, Mrs.
Lillie Devereui Blake arid the presidents of most
of the larger suffrage organizations of Xew York.
The circular skirt made with a box peat at the
back and overlapped at the front !s one of toe sat-
or cibcd

trtaiming o:
Seen in the Shops
Utility boxes made of Japanese bamboo are much
used to hold shirtwaists or children's starched
frocks. They also make convenient hat boxes.
They are nnishad w ith brass trimmings and sell at
SI 71.
3_i r .pv- fillws, # ith colored aider slips, are a
lad cf the season and s«-il from CIV OP, according
to the w0... on the eovfr. Some arc quite elabo
rate in butterfly nnd rose designs.
Hanirs»cx pads. tS-r^e looped tostther and covered
la denina of different colors, cost from 12 75 up.
They ir* also us-hI ioi steamer chairs and porch
>I:s<. Tiind screens, in three and four folds, are
eeUins l»^a « S9 «P- They have half nets of
t-urcis!:e£ leather.
Cedar <rhests, the Oell^lit of housewives, are «ell
ing at $5^ Rpiece. They are fitted In brass and
have good, slroi.g locks, i
<->-.• work tables cost from ?2 ZJ uo. They are Jn
odd shapes, some with drawers and others witii
thelves, and are appiopriate for the summer cot
I-arre-t in the World. K»rrj detail.
K'-.inv aoU «filh M.. N< - .v Vo'V. I'iione 776 I'.rTHiit.
Krif anf! sth si*.. ,ln>fi ( "if jr.
V I • T tfr;'' r 'ft ttif til* Tf^il T.^ f'flij^ '~*i «»
13 the combination shown, but eerges are to be
worn and there are a great many novelty suitings-
The model suits are of the?* and also linen ana
1 The^quantity of material required for the medium
size is 7 yards 24. 6% yards 27 or 4',i yards 44 or &-
Inches wide, with BH yards of braid. The wldt.i
of the skirt at the lower edge is 3"4 yards. TO
pattern, No. 6.305. is cut in sizes tor a 2-. 24. 36. -3
and 30 inch waist measure, and will be mailed to
{:.-.- address on receipt of 10 cents.
Please give number of pattern and waist measure
distinctly. Address Pattern Department, New-York
Tribune. If in a hurry for pattern seed an extra
2-cent stamp and we will mail by letter postage is
sealed envelope.
Miss Morgan and Others at Trolley
Men's New Club.
The Third Avenue Railway Company is going it.
First It went into a receiver's hands, and yester
day it went into society. The receiver. Frederick
W. Whitridge. gave a pink tea for the employes
in the clubrooms furnished for the latter in the
company* new building. «U 130 th street and Tnird
avenue, and conductors, motormen, shopmen and
their wives, daughters, sisters, cousins and aunt*
had the pleasure of receiving: large blocks of varie
gated ice cream and nice things to drink from the
hands of Miss Anne Morgan. Miss Eleanor \Vh!t
ridge, Mrs. James Roosevelt, Mrs. Clement A. Gris
com an<l others, ■anil. Landers's Orchestra sat in a
corner behind the billiard tables and played all Its
best tunes.
It was a great day for the wives and daughter*.
Tea flowed from noon till midnight, but since the
public must be carried the men drifted in as they
could, the greater part of them arriving at night.
Bat the men were there early, and had a lovely
time sitting at tables eating ice cream and asking
one another which was Mrs. Roosevelt and if that
tall lady in blue was Mas Morgan. One work worn
woman in a shiny black alpaca couldn't be happy
till Miss Morgan, who was late in arriving, ap
'•I always like to see them that does pood works."
he explained. Bitting down after bO{ twenty-ninth
trip to the door. -There!" popping up again as a
little woman In a pink Directolre gown came along
wUh some Ice cream in pursuit of a bashful motor
man who obviously thirsted for ice cream, but
didn't dare ask for it. "Is that Miss Morgan?"
But It wasn't.
"Mr Whitridge has done a sight of good on this
road" said a conductor's wife who was adminis
tering spoonfuls of ice cream alternately to the
conductor's sturdy twins. —.*.«,.
"First putting up those nice signs about Thou
■halt not Steal' in the cars, and then fixing up
these rooms for the men."
"When is he going to stop men spitting in the
cars?" asked a scoffer from the outside.
"My Lord'" The conductor's wife waved her hand
disgustedly. "Them spitters! Not even President
Roosevelt that was could stop them. Seems as if
they're always big men. and when the spltter a bis
and the conductor's little what Is the conductor to
do' :, husband's a little man, and he knows.
The clubrooms. which had their formal opening
ve«terday. are on th« lowest floor of the company s
new red brick office building, and both these and
the offices are large, light and airy. The club
rooms include reading rooms. game "»"»»*»
billiard room, and a branch of the New To* Pub
, lc Library will be installed there and will be open
to all members of the Employes' Benefit Associa
tion On one of the upper floors Is a physician s
I;";,, where the men receive medical attendance
from the physician employed by the association
"™c Third avenue elevated line had its profits
B weUed by its rival's tea party, some of the guest,
preferring that mode of reaching the scene of the
fe'mitU One happy guest tried to make an ele
%1 u rcoUrny U don't give you afternoon tea,"
■■■Y,,ur company don't give you afternoon teas.
h "Don'f want 'em. Beer's good enough for me,"
•aid the philosopher in the blue cap.
. ..hm 170t>- St 103-*x752: City
WarehouM Comp^tiy ' mim
'Desk sets, covered in old blue brocad* or rose.
bScln Loui» XVI period. «Hh the edges fin
ished with gold galloon, .cost $12 75.
Wicker fern dirties, gilded to resemble brass, Bell
from X 49 up. according to their size.
Cake dish covers of'nletTace on a delicate wire
frame and finished •** little u»MI.. to pro
tect the cake on the outdoor tea table, cost SSS9S.
Those more elaborately trimmed are S3 35.
A cane and bamboo tea wagon, with tray costs
5549. -The outdoor tea tables and bamboo chairs ar«
attractive and sell at $30 a set. Bamboo porch set
tees sell at $11 5 apiece.
Bedroom water coolers, zinc lined, are covered
with either rose or old blue brocade. In quart sizes
they oust $4 95 apiece.
Book rick*, ho'.dtng from twelve to sixteen small
book* ara covered 'n ross or old blue brocade and
■ell at WKS. They can be had In Japanese b;!k
> as well.
Birch bark covered garden e#ats, chairs and ta
h:e* are favorlt-s of the season for outdoor uee. A
fall eized lamp post to match can be bought for
Fin* polka dotted or crossbar muslin 1b selling
from 13 cents a yard up. and is used for summer
rislugown* an.l petticoats. The latter are mads
with a dee ( :ieri : me-'i ruffle, headed with a double
twttpnfcojejl border; thro i«'i which white suHn rib
bon is run and tied In large bows at either side of
■the front.
Two Apartment Houses Near the
Drive Change Hands.
Several large deals affecting property in mldtown
di-'cte wtre reported yesterday. There was also
it,!!- Mussel of the premises No. 133 west ..in
SSit to th« Realty Holding Compswr
aiso o.ns a plot with . c
g-"' to 6*6 West lS6th street, two six ston elevator
S E. &^I E. Bernheimer. Mr. Kopllk gave East
Slae properties in part payment. lttailum to
Plans lave been filed for two five story houses to
h- built at No,. 109 and 111 East 79th street, from
LSi" br Foster. Gad. & Graham, architects, tot
t£e M McCoon and Edith T. Martin. The houses
a Ho be of limestone, in the EngHsh Goth^c sty^e.
finished with muilioned casement bays of Tudo.
pa crn and having formers in the pca«d roo..
Each wi!l be equipped with elevator service, and
ca ;L: iU hr Sr\^ n *« - . on, «
warehouse, to be built for Henry G. Heinl as owner.
at No. <-4 East lOSth street, at. a cost of $3,000, from
plans by David W. Kingr. nrchitect.
Plans have also been fi!««d for Ptilarjrlnpr the fix
story loft and store building at No. 213 to 217 Grand
street, adding thre-? stories nnd rebuilding tho
existing interior entirely of fireproof construction.
The projected improvementa arc to be made at a.
cost of $30,000 from designs by Richard Rohl as
architect for Mary Fuchs as imnrr.
Plans have also been filed for remodelling tho
ptpe-fltttng shops of the Consolidated Gas Com
pany, at Hester and Elisabeth streets, at Tliinl
avenue and 114 th street, ami at Avenue A :ni<l 25th
street, and instnllinß rain shelter canopies In earn.
The improvements will be made from designs by
W. Cu!l**n Morris as architect.
I. B. Wakeman has sold ' sant the
A'lbii •■. a .■-•■■. '■:; Btory I
29S W
Investor. 1
Cornelius >:. Kolll for Mj
Burry for a term I QaT pi' r "
• tide of
Muple avenue, near the rallroa< I lifion,
Staten Island. I' feet
Also with Malcolm Ta
Taylor to Michael Trai northwest i
of Richmond avenue m ■
States Island, a pot 65x100 feet
tends to Improve the | bulld
8- Osgood Pel! <t Co. have leased Mrs. Henry S.
Kerr's country estate at Oreai Neck, Long Island
for the coming season to Miss Ida E. I
Th* Kerr pro] crt ■ water
front r>!a-.'os on the JCorth Shore of Long [sland.
It was at one time occupied by John W Grace.
Tho property comprises a large modern house,
outbuildings, stables, garage and Bquash court.
Post <& Reese have sold for the Rapid Transit
Subway Company No. 49 Park avenue, northeast
corner of 37th street, a four story and basement
dwelling house, on a lot 28x80 feet The buyer will
alter the house into an ' tasement dwelling
house for his own occupancy.
The KeVldcaiyßaiUard Realty Company has solo!
for Paul Slioiiaml the three story and basement
prlvato dwelling bouse No. iw East 37th street, on
a lot 14.8x80 feet, to a client for occupancy.
The Ostend Realty Company 1 reported to have
sold the (isteni, ;i seven story elevator apartment
house. No. 2889 Broadway, northeast corner of U-rh
street. It is on a plot 100.11x100 f<
Kurz & Uren have sold to Edward RJdeman i-ix
lots at the southeast corner of McLean and Mount
Vernon avenues. Also, two lots on Katonah ave
nue, betwe»-n "list and 243 d streets. Also. ;<il<l for
B. Gellar No !•,;•* Washington avenue, a Bye story
triple apartment house, and for the Tulore Realty
Company two lots. jn.\U4 feet, on the south aide of
236 th street, between White Plains avenue and
Byron street.
John M. Rtid sold to Lee. Holsteln for a client
No. 213 to 217 East 37th street, between Second and
Third avenues, three dwelling houses, on a plot
about 50*100 feet.
Martha C. Whitehead arid Frances J. Duncan
have, sold the two three story and basement dwell
ing houses Nos. 211 and 213 West 138 th street, each
on lot 16.6x99.11 feet.
Wiiliam A White & Sons sold for Marie F M- -
Queen No. 135 West stith street, a four story dwell
ing house, on lot 20.10x100.10 feet.
Jane A. Reynolds has cold Nos. 119 and 131 Watts
street, two three story buildings, on plot 4O.6xt>4x
Irregular, adjoining the southeast corner of Wash
ington street. The buyer will improve the. property.
L. J. Phiiip* & Co. have sold for the Palisade
Realty Company No. 31)0 West 71st street, a four
dory American basement dwelling house, on lot
16x100.5 feet.
The firm of J. B. Ketcham has sold for Stang
Hyman No. 167 East 127 th street, a four story dwell
ing house, on lot 21.6x99.11 feet. The buyer will
alter the building for business purposes.
EL L Brown's Sons have sold for the Baptist Min
isters' Home Society to Edward A. and Arthur J.
Barry the entire block front on the north side of
179 th street, between Daly and Yyse avenues, a plot
815.6x120. feet, containing over sixteen lots.
The purchasers will improve the property with
apartment houses.
Lewis V. Lavelle has sold the two three story
dwelling houses. Nos. 1474 end 1452 Bryant avenue,
each 30x100 feet, to Herman Singer and Charles) H.
*«liow s, respectively.
The auction saies yesterday at tho Real Estate
salesroom. Nos. H and IS Vesey street, resulted aa
By Herbert A Sherman.
205 SM st. n „ 60.10 ft « o>. Ttb'ave, 15*88.9: B»ty
D aW
121,453 70; taxes, ttc. $2.57164; withdrawn.
-»rh P Day.
120 20th St. sa. 2M.8 ft Wof Kth are. 25x92: 7 «y
$17,332 72; sub to two nuges aggregating S6S.3W S. ana
100 7 8 sty tenmt and stores: Samson Uchmn agt : Frank
to the plaintiff for $33,684.
The auction offerings to-day Will be as follows:
By 'Joseph P Da;-
US West End aye. n c cor S6th St. 27 .2x100; 4 sty
and basement dw S ; John McKee a c : MVV BBEWMrrine
«.!; Roelker. B & C. attys: RET Rig**, «£ amUue,
$2,671 78: taxes, etc. $SOl T5; sub to a mtsje •>'♦« OW.
307 07th '■-. n 5. 150.2 ft c of 2,1 aye. 38x100- llx-4 .11x
100.11: 4 sty taunt; Rector. Churchwardens, etc of the
p E Church of St. Mark's in the Bouwerle agt V, 8 Fer
rari .' al: S S Glbooney, atty, Gsorge Ekert. re. am.
due. - > S3S M taxes, etc, $250.
Douglas Robinson. Charles S. Brown Company
have sold for Payson Merrill No. 41 East tilth
street, a four story dwelling, on lot C0x100.3 feet,
to a client who will erect a new house on the sit*
Pease & KHiman have rented for Arthur S. Go id
win liis country place at Pelham Manor. K. V , to
C Harold Collins.
"Sohmer & Sonnethal have f='>ld for William
Sohmer a plot BBxMB feet, at Fifth and Washing
ton avenues. Belle Harbor.
Herbert A. Sherman lias leased for th« estate of
H. O. Havemeyer t<> Robert C. Watson, secretary
of the United States GoM association, cottage No.
] a' Bayberry Pom . lalip, Long Island.
The Charles F. Noyea Company has !efi??d space
to the Caledonian Tire Insurance Company in th<>
n# . Golden Hill Building, at the northwest
of John anil William Btreeta
Tli<? ground floor r.f th« Caledonian Rt.ii'ling on
Pine street formerly used by the Caledoniai
pany, has been teased to N W. Harris & Co.,
William P. Rooney has leased for M>Goodman
the entire building No. 705 Eighth avenue for a
term of years.
Miss M. Monahain has leased offices in the Cush
man Building, at the northwest corner of Broad
way and 111 th street, to Robinson & Bo and
David Schneider.
Jared W. Bell has leased his property at the
southwest corner of Madison avenue and 31st street.
an old dwelling' house, on plot about «xSS feet, to
William F. Wanner, who will occupy the premises
after making extensive alterations. The lease is
for a term of sixteen years, at an annual rental of,
$13.r«30. Joseph H. Tafi was the broker in the
Denz<-r Brothers have leased for Henry Wendt
the entire building No. 62 Centre street to Schwartz
& Co.; for Cammann. Voorh< - & Floyd the entlro
building: Xo. C*> Canal street tO the International
Wine and Liquor Company: for Hi S. Ely the
store at No. 633 Broadway; for the Levy estate
the store and basement at No. 41 Mercer street;
for the Ruland & Whiting Company* '3.ooo square feet
at No. 143 Bleecker street, coiner of West Bro«-1
way; for John Vlcarlo 2.500 square feet at Nos. 130
ami 132 Worth street; *\>r -Miss Kli^e Chalmers
2.500 square feet at No. 117 Mercer street; for
Benjes & Goerlitz i.o'') square feet at No. 10
Wuverley Place, and for th-> X'nion Mutual Real
Estate Company the store and basemen! at No.
235 Mercer street.
Braisteri & Bettmann have sold for Katie F.
Tucker N<>. -? Dai Koven Court. Brooklyn, 40x120.
E. Sharum has suld U» the Armor Realty Company
for John B. O. I'ounnell Nos. €3. <56. 57. 71, 73 and
77 Wyokoff avenue, arnl Nos. IS 1332. 1335. 1345.
125°. ICVI and 1356 Wlllotijjhby avenue, Brooklyn,
trirtern tlir»-r> story brick tenement houses. The
houses on Wyck'off avenue ar.- C'.x'S feet each. an<i
th.i»o on Wllloushby avenue 25x100 f«et each. Four
hundred and fifteen acres <>f land in Centre county.
Pennsylvania] an.l seventeen other parcels of lots
and arrange wore taken In part payment.
Charles K. Heymann Is the buyer of the (welling
hou?n No. 3t West 71st stm>t, recently sold by L.
J. Phillips & Co.
Mrs. 1.. Mack is the buyer of No. 2SQ West 86th
street, soM recently by Julia G. Watson through
Sl.iwii.ui .-. Hobba.
i the recent
t the i
•■ - P

-. ■

• by K.
. of the Ann
Estate Company, and by H
preside ■• Henry Morgenthau Company.
m building
I trolley • .ira
■ . to Park Hill, Soi ■•■ rs. l>m
nill be served at the I'ark Hill Inn.
Outlook More Favorable than in Several
Years, Says H. S. Black.
H. 8. Bis ■ president of the United States Realty
;.■•! Improvement Company, expressed yesterday
an optimistic view of the outlook for the building
Industry and for genera] business. He said:
"So far as general building conditions are con
cerned the outlook Is more favorable than it has
been In several years. I look forward to a pro
nounced expansion in new construction for some
yrara to come. Confidence In many branches of
business has been completely restored, and in other
lines partly restored It will not be a great while,
in my opinion, before people will have forgotten the
depression and will be looking for channels of out
let fr their surplus funds. For several years new
construction lias been confined largely to New
York. It is now becoming more general, partic
ularly In the Middle West, where some very large
contracts have been closed and others are pending.
"There is no question that lower prices for steel,
particularly structural material, have given an im
petus to new construction. This readjustment in
steel, as well as prices of other material, has in
let for their surplus funds. For several years new
projects Which have been held up for a long time.
The reduction in steel prices will not only help
building, but other branches or industry upon
which steel manufacturers depend. This in turn
will bring about a substantial increase In steel pro
"Another important factor which has recently
coma to light is the large amount of capital seek
ing Investment in real estate ventures."
The report of the Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Chicago
& St. Louis Railway, a part of the Pennsylvania
Railroad system, for the year ended December 31,
shows gross earnings of J30.912.855, a reduction of
$6,733,703 from 1997; net earnings of 55.132,«90, a de
cline of S3Go,9bsi and balance after other Income
and deductions for rentals, interest and miscel
laneous items of $4,042,570. against $4,794.585 in the
year before. After dividends, sinking fund require
ments and payments on principal of car trusts
there was a surplus of $429,132. From th; 3 amount
$308,000 was appropriated for extraordinary expendi
tures, leaving a balance of $71,132 to the credit of
profit and loss account, which stood at $C,S6S.7it on
December 31. 1908.
Though the gross earnings decreased 56.733,703 55
for the year, the state, county and municipal taxes
increased $141,655 S9, an Increase of 11.68 per cent
over 1907. Taxes consumed 4.33 per cent of the
gross earnings for the year, as compared with 10.33
per cent paid for maintenance of way and struct
ures. In the year 3,249 tons of new steel rails were
used by the companies, while 573,873 cross ties were
absorbed into the track. The total mileage on Jan
uary 1, ISOO, was 1,414.92, of which 517.24 miles was of
two tracks, 85.77 miles of three tracks and 26.97
miles of four tracks, in addition to 954. 52 miles of
company sidings. Thus the entire trackage of the
line was 2,995.72 miles, an increase of approximately
twenty-nine miles for the year.
The passenger train earnings of the lines op
erated by the company were materially affected
by the reduction in the maximum rates of passen
ger fares and in the compensation received from
the government for carrying the United States
mails. Had the same rates of fare and the same
rates for carrying the mails prevailed as in the
year 1900 there would have been an increase from
these two sources alone approximating $700.00t>; on
the other hand, considerable Increased expenditures
were forced upon the company by reason of com
pliance with federal and state enactments restrict
ing the hours of labor and prescribing the number
of men in train crews, and by the requirements of ,
state and Interstate commission!.
Auction Sales of Real Estate.
The Growth of New York City
Is steadily northward. During the last two years traffic on the ele
vated and subway lines from the Battery to the upper end of Man
hattan Island has increased largely. New transit lines may carry
the overflow population into the suburbs, but those persons only will
go who cannot find accommodations on Manhattan Island.
Construction on Washington Heights
has been quite extensive during the last few years, but good rents
and practically no vacant apartments indicate a supply of housings
in no way equal to the demand. The population of New York City
is increasing faster than ever before. There is no doubt that the few
remaining unimproved plots will be absorbed by builders in the im
mediate future.
An Unusual Opportunity Is Offered
therefore, to investors, operators, and builders to obtain highly desir
able, well developed Manhattan property at the
to be sold without protection or reservation at 14 Vesey St. oa
Tuesday, April 20
to dissolve Fort Washington syndicate.
This Property Lies in a Section very similar to the westside
between 72d and 86th Streets. It is bounded by
18 1st- 177th Streets
and is intersected by Fort Washington, Pinehurst, Haven and Buena Vista
Ayes. Direct transit is had by the Subway, with an express station at ISUt
St., almost adjoining the property. It is at the highest point on Manhattan
Island and overlooks the Hudson River and the Palisades in New Jersey.
Nothing Like It Has Ever Been Offered
at Auction. SEE IT!
Of the purchase price there may remain on mortgage for 1, 2 to 3 years
60% at 41/2%4 l / 2% 70% at 5% 80% at 5£%
JOSEPH P. DAY, Auctioneer, 31 Nassau Street
JOSEPH P. DAY, Auctioneer.
At Absolute Executors' Sale,
Borouich of Manhattan. Borons* of Brooklya.
416.418-420-422 459 Sackett Street
_ . —r A « c?i a i Two-»tory and ba«em«nt brick and br»»nr.?aa
East 2otl\ otreet dw»nir.c on isa »is« 201100.
b^!:^ o^ Tl %*™^^<£°' stOTT ! S. W. Cor. Herkimer
8 West 113 th Street St. & Utica Aye.
Three-story and basement brick private an Ten lota on p ot ilx# 123xl?18.
Ire. with ono-story frame extension in rear. S!se. ' To bs »o!<l teparatelT.
It.oxlOO I
Thursday, April 15, 1909,
A . 12 o'clock noon. EXCHANGE SALESROOM. 14 V«»ey St, New Tor* City.
MA/V can remain on morteajte for 1. 2»r 3 year* »* 5%. ITDriT
/ U^) Tltls insurance polices of Iks Lawyers Title Ir.»ar«nc« & Trust C*. " M\C*L»
Slap* •nd further particular* from above Atty». or
JOSEPH P. DAY, Auc'r, *ewy O rk u c .™
To Let for Business Purpotet.
# a y *4 BT m J The Centre ot Transit tor
H $*% ft &±\ the MetropolitMM District
*~* "L M Stations
Large and Small _ A
Entrance to
offices ■ Brooklyn Bridge
Single or en Suite j^ u ithin a SUp
Absolutely Sotfe
**W* • II Fetst-Rtinninf
1 riDtine elevators
<rioas*r Typ«>.
¥5 *« 1 1 2 g< Electric Light and
OtlllCling I Janitor Service
154 Nassau Street j Open E-Verjr Day
Opposite City Hikll Park tfl the
Apply for Terms to Renting Agent, Room 607
Real Estate.
The Least Flaw
in a title is an embarrass
ment; costs a lot more
than a search- And in
surance is much more
than a search.
Lawyers j Title
Insurance and Trust
CAPITAL - - $4,000,000
SURPLUS - - 6,500,000
($5,000,000 added to surplus In last 17 jean)
ISO Broadway. Sew York.
188 Hsntasae Street. Brooklyn.
Established iS(J7. Incorporated 190—
.A. The Tribune received at their Uptown Office. No.
1364 Broadway, between 36th »t. and S7th st . until 0
o'clock P «»»• Advertisements received at UM foilowtn*
branch office. « r«fular efflc. rate, until I clock p. m..
Auction Sales of Real Estate.
To Let for Business Purposes
Country Property to Let.
HOUSE. 1© ROOMS; ALL MODERN O 'S^TijHifsat * ■]
restricted park; Yoniters. r«nt »«>■• A«i'lre» »•* j,
27. Ardaley. N- T. . — ■'"*
I*)* RENT— T. N. J . ON SEKFp"^
I Road; a new two story and attic. «««{> "-4^,
house; laundry in th» basement. PALL hiuus*
Country Property for Sale. H
Aceesaibre— 4 hours from N«w Tork. 2 froa Bcno* .r
Cool— Salt water on three »Ue*. _.*., r*M V
Drlnictnx »*»sr— CSSSdMSBI .apply pur» iprtM. "-— _••*
Pr i£cep'Uona! Mail. Telephone- and W^T^^iSat J
Macadam Roads. Electric _tgat», *->••» =•* v*u * *^^ ,
Boatir.s acd FUhins.
Absolutely safe surf ba:hin«
Unexcelled Golf Links and T«nnl» Courts. -jfl
Cottages fully furnished for houstke«pm«. *•-*• £jj
to $4,000 »»asoa. At other nearby Oceaa SSar««. •-
to $1,000.
For particulars and de»cripi!oni writ*
6 High Street. Westerly. R- j____^ J __^i 1
Unfurnished Apartments toLe^
JL 1 aye.. city. May Ito Oct. 1: can b« ■*•**"*
15. between • in! 11 »g» g m.: «**- } j
rruiE BowxErrn xo. n west BIST c j?E^I A fuS
1 apartments !«ft. facing: Manhattan 1 *
particulars of A. K. COBURN, on premises. — ,
"advertisements and 6CMctstwss *£
A The Tribune received at their Upt««S «B^ f ,, ,
J3G4 Broadway, between 3*th .t. -d **£-,££&
O'clock p. m. Advertisements received at »• wu« s
branch offlcea at regular ofllc* rates untU«
viz.: Z6i *th aye. ■. c. cor. 2M »t.. 1» «n
12th St.: 10* East 14th st; 257 WMt ,^f,jl Tfc .

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