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irN TRADING— Foreign house? cold
fO*-*- ■■'. loC j,, market to the <=xtr:.t of twenty
sjsoi» ' 2 chores on balance, the heaviest dealings
in United States Steel and fnjon
»** **i f [-.e last two -weeks London has b*en
*»r» r ictPnt seller here. and. accorditig to advices
•^ i from th- other side, the speculative ele
lfCf "!t the British capital is bearish on our stock?.
sj«< sto th- hifh prices at which they are peiiing.
•"^r^don ... inactive and featureless.
•• "heavy tone In tncyt departments. Russian
Tsrane^e „««, were a trifle higher. Call
•" vas t*MS a»c> discounts -nere firm at un
ffoT";^d cuotation?. Paris exchange oti London
"**Hon»er- Trading .... the Continental bourses
**[ H-ht fa volume.
. -, FN p~ DECLARED -Dividends have b^n
11 4d as f'-'Ho"'*': Calumet and Arizona Mmmc
* "r" r ' " r»c-!la; quarterly. $i: International
C< *veless pot. 5- r and Chemical Company, regular
* rt»r!v three-quarters of 1 per cent on the com
*'" 1V July 1; Quinsy M;nins Company, rer
•*,■„..',.«»-' Jl. . table June 21: Old Dominion
•*" ;. Mini"? and Smelting Company, of New
STy rerular quarterly. Jl. payable June IS: Old
pinion Company of Maine, regular quarterly. 50
J^c payab June 19.
tVESTMENT BONDS.— Williams. McConnell
riienisn. of No. « r ' v-*ailv -*ail Street, have issued * dr
i r z*ivi:is information to SnveFtors of a ll^t of
"^ 5( .;.. bonds which th» firm Is offering. The
•;?, 'iudes th- central mortpnre B per cent bonds
>»he nrawr Ca? and Electric Company, the col
?Va.l trust 5 per rer-i hond? of the American Gas
~V E ]ectri.- Company, and the Montcomery Ueht
' d Watrr Power Company, of Montpomery. Ala..
fl<L consolidated 5 per cent bond?.
CT l EL« TRADE CONDITIONS.-The unfilled ton
' %,f the United Steel Corporation is expected to
*nir a material increase in the <-urrent quarter.
rL. of the gtrongest features of the iron and (Steel
rtuation is the heavy demand for wire products.
rhich has incr-ased notwithstandinf: an advanca
this -week of $2 a ton in prices. General prices In
t i,» steel trade •-»• -well niaiiitjuned. and on th
vgcjF cf current indication? many steel men believe
t t,j trade will be normal by fall.
GOLD EXPORTS.— In addition to th« goM en
need for export to Europe, cold coin to the
atnouTJt of J30G.000 was taken yesterday for ship
mfnt to Argentina by the National Bank of
Comia^rce. making the total movement to Buenos
Avrts since January 1. Jl?.Trifl.oO). and to all coun
£jj 5 *545,7P1.r.73. Sterling rates were strong yester
tßMxA farther heuvy thirments of the metal wore
HAKRIMAN DIVIDENDS. — The directors of th»
t'nion Pacifi't and the Southern Pacific will meet
tomorrow tn take action or dividends. It is ger.
era!^- believed that the regular rates will be de-
r j aT? 3 t thoi:ph there have been reports that Union
IVtfiC w-iti be increased to a 12 per cent basis
gnj Southern Pacific, to a 7 per cent itisis.
dividend of J2O a share has been declared by th«
Barer National l>ank of New York, which is In
jinx-ess of liquidation. Payment will be made to
ftockl.olders on May 20 and May 21.
report of the Cleveland & Pittsburgh Railroad for
ISPS abows ?toss c arr.in^s of 55.400.2n4. a „■-;!•-<•■„ ■ -;!•-<•■
tS-lU.".*! from l!? 07. Net earnings were 1 . ! >»'.7.424.
ecaia^t J3.C0.3?? In the year before, a loss of 21 4*
p?r oent.
ELECTED—TIie. newly re-elected board of IMB-
E^trs of the Delaware & Hudson company met ye?
lerday to organize, and re-elected the old officers.
cuit. cf the firm of Kissel. Kinnicut i; Co.. has
been ejected a director of tho Columbia Trust Com
sfOKBT MARKET.— Money on r- a ll openr.l at 2
ji»rcnt: highest. I per cent; lowesjt. 1 & « p^r rent:
1:-- loan. '.', r«* r '"Tii: closins. I^ktf3 per cent:
ruling rate. l = i r>rr rent. Tim- money was prac
tically unchanged. Rates. C»i p*r cent for sixty
day!».* C^S-^ per rent fnr ninety 6ny> 2%93 P<r
«-ent for'f'iur month?;. 3^r."\» ppr cent for six months.
"S J -'3i :: t per cprt for right tnonths, 2*'iTil per cent
fcf.nhM month?. Mercantile papt-f came iiito the
Trisrket with morierHte freedom. an«l ni^t Wth fair
ly cr.- - absorption. Rates. ?.^ 4 r o" 3 * per cent fOr
Fisty and nircty days' lndoia*)d Mils receivable, W4
<54 per cent for choice four to fix months' single
names. 4 1 v«5 for thosp loss well known.
FOREIGX EXCHANGE.— The foreign exchanp"
market opened steady with rat=s virtually tin
charged at 4.SST>3!74.SSI» for cables, 4.5T^54.5755 for
demand st<=r!inr and 4.«54T»54.s« 121 2 for sixty-day bill?.
Short francs were quoted at s.l.j r i - ■-<== l-"2 and short
reichsmarks at r<" s plus 1-H2. The market was
Pteady in the afternoon with rates a shade off
from "the top. Cables were quoted at ■■ ■* WC.
demand sterlir.s at LS7SO bid and asked and Bfarty
day bills at i.i-AZ'a 4 .?ifti. Short francs held around
?.15»% less l-« and short reichfrnarks at 95 7-1S
lesS" -M •
" Bar\k«rs" posted rates -were as follow-;:
- . - Sirty da-.-s. Demand.
E'alins •»>! ♦gjj
Oermar.y, reichstnarks ■'••.. JJm
Paris, tranes •.!•*■ B.l*
B*!giuni, francs rr k |«S Bl«Vi
f-«-iTEerlard. francs .'•!*'* 5.15
Holland, guilders : tOJO 40 fs^
DOMESTIC EXCHANGE —Boston, par: Chicago.
ISr pr«n!urr; Fan Francisco, sight ",c premium.
telegraph T^ 1 " premium: New Orlear=. <-ornmercin!
C r .c divrount. hank Jl premiim: Charleston, baying
jigr. f-ei«np \-2'v premium; St Louis. 4 n r. premium
hid, -^"c premi-.ira iked.
RANK CLEABUfGS.— Xew York, rx'-hanses
J413,5£.3.7ir. ha!ar,c*s ?l«.104.:oS; Baltimore. «x
changvF I*;.3"..SrT. balances ?*'-4r<."44 : Chicago, ex
rhartgCF 1i2.159.39?. >al-inc*>s J4,354. c c,S: lladel
phia. exchanges t2i.~*2.~-''2. balances 52.1C9.".6:;
Boston, exchanges 128.327.521. ha'ancps 51.419.00 C.
PIT ■'« MARKET.— Commercial bar silver.
£24« c Mexican silver dollars. 44c. Bar silver In
Txmdon ciofed at 24 3-!<>d. a decline of '-.'1
GOLD PRBMUM-In Madrid, 11.75; Usbon. 17.
MEXICAN EXCHANGE -Mexican exchange on
He« Tork is ?t ?.oi>i.
T»j-ortedl Cmm 'U'aiJur.gton, J1. 025.72:- : internal rev
■an - receipt?. J3?r..!' t ;9. rrJsce:ian<--ou? receipt!". J5?.
*s' Receipts for the .lay. ?1.:.2i..*?0: expenditure?.
il.fsO.OM. I>c«ipts for the m<--nth to date. 130.
ext*nd!t-jrf ?, {34^90.000; excess of ex
peudJtnrejS. JS."KS.<tf>:'. Bccdpta toe tlie fiscal year
t»» da' ■ 5i23.7C-t.OSS. expenditures, J'-1?, 722.1^7; ex
cess r.f expendituret. J3s,''tg.<:>4?.
BUB-TBEASURY.— The S-jb-Treas'iry ?■»? debt
pr to tfee House $1,(51.641.
bcttaijO. ko^hepter « fitt?et;ro
IW l»oe IVI7
Eecoßfl -«e*k ir *lav ?14?, ««« (110.061 H5^.645
.W'-lt^Jim 6.417,2"* 7,219.274 7.2»'7.741
Btessa sreek in liar .-.,,«•) 209 (vy. si.ssvono
J?\r 1 tr, Mgv 14 <?..fe42.725 «-'j««C.°n7 61.459.116
fecaea week In Hay.*. $245 <&?■ ?22:' f '*o $247. o*l
•'* 1 tr> JJiy » 13.272.55') 12 675.410 11.r»«».7<?4
fertpd t-»1j in May.. Siai.nfiO ?K'7 <ViO f 131 / Mr)
WtT 1 Hay 14 7.2<-I.I»LT «.431.527 7.fc12.3«A
jeseena -ire-k la May.. Mr. *>7 *4" 427 f n .~*7
.'•a<«- Ito May 14. . . ;.642.67? 2.<s»i'i.7S.''. E. 788.108
TBwoaa w? ,» k ln ijg,... $H4.81«t (35.508 X 71.152
•JUy Ito May 14. .. v . . 3.526.02-"' 3J92.383 5.3.'.7,4"4
I--' '■ «f miles 1.29S 1.293 U2M
-t..v. 1^ May.. ««trt.v»4 $140."*^ Slftfi.t?*!.-,
■«Wy 1 to May 14. .."... P. 119.457 f.i M4. .'><*.* 5.5H3.277
f-t«Ba «e.k in May.. 5252.22t $1X..r;42 $2sn.s;*i
JW7lt» Iky 14.-.i.-»; 12.662.678 125 Th.448 14«57.905
«»«k in May 531.782 $2.«.4"1
J '* Ito May 7 1 ,62«.M'l 1.«i32.^4.-.
■i"T- m ** k m May.... J2T. 2-tt $2« leol c 0 — — ■
<^9 If* Hay 7 1.a21.0'?2 1.42!<..W4
1 "Hi* rejwrt of all the Ass=ociut«»ri Bfll Telephone
c P^raUng , -.mpauies mot including the long di.-=
**!»» Ur.es, of thp Am«-rican Telephone and Tele
*'*■* Company for th. month of March follows:
j^ewfc of March- laofi. IMS Ci,anges
JTl** *«rnln»r* $in.K.7,sfio Jin.'.Tn(.WV) inc. f(n*f.r-K>
x r** r ' f <* 7 «l". ••<«-. 7.:<7!t.700 Inc. 329,800
-■. Nm '-arrjinEi f2.ii77. £ <«» f2>2l.l(Vt Inc. J15»i.70i»
* El * T wt 013.9U9 «r74.1««» IXf. 61.000
?"W?» (2.SKS.M»> 146 200 Inc. $217,700
c-£r ' «" Man-h 3!
J.r™ 5 earninc:-. $:t^.l<rr inn f:vt.:rrK.4<*> r.51.WW.700
pr °«» I SS.anoTUO "77 :««• Inc. LSSS.BOO
Iw I*'1 *' *'* r nln«» »X58(l.«on $5.'.»n0..-4i<) inc. $3fS.9CQ
™' Te « '.. 1.738.&00 I/J73.fi00 Dec 175.100
:6btt,lu* $6.7(;7»H> ?<J.^.t;.'.»<JU Inc. $541,000
•^nrnlthed ty TV l» Day i Co , No. 37 TVai! street 1
»,.-, yay 17. May 18.; May 17Mav IS
»r"J'" * A1b.. 230 ran I nostpn Cons .. v *jr,'.
SHt|B<»r— «127 •127».i!«-a! & H-c .\!in..r,4.-. MS
»- -v » ** P*ef.t3l 131 ntennial Mln . :!«• 30
■H *. 11 -172 'I7T. ...•■ Rsng« Mm .80
!g*J "'" ' ....l^» '••■ti I Franklin Mm . 15 15
aT EKt r: » -" v<4 * C 4 Oranbf Mm I".'. 103
*lf«*J?"----- *11» Ma«s Cons Mln. 14U 14
Z^* race «v J *. I3 : i 13 | Muhaf.t Mir. . .. m (a
7 7" So Hutte •;:: Cl*i
*™ Pneamatic. S J i » o*.nla Mm ....1.-.4 355
oorsrtf ,5,^ j,, | oi( j r>, m i n i on M . ••« v 54 '«
*n» Trl &T. 1..135 * 1. l«l^ ! rrot Mln . ...34% 34*«
X*2« 1V1..133 1.T2 JQulncy Mir. SO 1 ; SO
* l * Tel '- 12 I Tamarack Mm 63 70
• i"'' I***1 *** . W *>: i Wolverine Mill 1«S 14?
«r if? S! *'" h r ' "'*- -7'ilf S smelt c 0... 47*4 47*4
itZJ?* 1 2" -"'''•! do rn-f 47 7 « 4^U
Mi "- Vi ' •** «• «OH . 31% 32
■*£*"*' Mln... io>. :t'i!Ma»H «J»s «4 <M
rrmnron « m .. 1.-.i, ils%j ,lo prcf •QO'i •ml',
'^"^ 5 "-«Jit...J37',i 137 I Utah 41 4<> :
»A rA
Nat, York. May 13. IP"?
Corn, bush 12.375 Tallow bblt 4<>
Oats. b'jFh 4«.Soo;Greai:» bWs 7"
Rarlev. bush Grease! t«s . 100
Ry<\ bush 1.150 Butter, tubs . ... . 14.«5*7
Mjlt. bush .. .. in :.i *. Cheese, box** s.S2>>
Hoar, bM* 7.«i4«| ! E£irr. rase* 32.512
flour, sacks Sl.nTSlUreftsed poult r^ES 4 I*W
Lubricating oil. bbls no ut« poultry. <rate?:. 851
Cottonseed oil, N»ls.. .V>j Cotton, bales . ... . 7.380
Soap nock, V'M* .... '£■ I Wool. baton . . 2&u
Oleo stock, trs 434 [Wool, sacks .... . .•>4<»
Peas, bush ."iOii Appl'S. bbl» '_ 825
Bean;. sacks 1.215 Prunes «0al.». hr>xe=.. I.TOO
H pa bales 74 i Lemons (Cal >. boxes 37."
Oilcake. sacks . . 574 Onions, bbli . l<>>
Ha>. tons &*K>| Oranges "'*; I boxes . 14.263
f»trK»-. t"ns GO peanuts Facks . 1.20n
< .'crnmeal. bhls 3»> ' Potatoes, bbla .. 7.22W
forameal, sacks .... r.. ■.•»■_■ R-r». pockets . . . 1. 37 A
Miilfeed. tons .... MS] Copper, bars . .. 4..">
<>»tm»ai. bbta 3»oi Copper matt ». sacks.. 1.023
"Whisker, bbls 2H.V Pitch, bis .^<>
Pork. bM* *> Rosin, bbls KO
Hams. t<-.<= 7."> i Spirits turjv. bb1a..... 1,230
Hams, pkir<; •>- i Tar. bb's MS
Bacon, pkes KOI H ldas, bales 23
T«trrt. tcs JilOiHlies. bundles 1 -"'7:.
Lnrd. k»cs . .. 7.124! Tfbaecr.. hhds 175
Canned b««f cases.. «V 75;7 5; Tobacco, tcs "J.i
H«>ef tcs -'i'Tobacco. pkire 5*75
Tallow, tcs sr.. wii •« •'■»'>. bbls ... S2S
•■ ■ •-!• bush 214. «« I>ubricating oil. ra'.« 112.7."0
Buckwheat, bush... 4.SSi>i Pork, bbls -I
Beans bush '••"• Beef, bb'.s 85
Flour, sacks 2,200: He^f. tien-^s 560
>>«.; n< .' .. 6<V<VXV Bacon. Ib 299.250
Hay. bales 1.«O I.ard. TT- 1.«>5.1*0n
Ollcak". n> «AO.mofOreaae. 1b 29.200
Rofln^ii p«t. pals. . .1.S70.»»! Cheese. Tb 1T.«40
Cottonseed oil. pals IJN
Iron, Nor. Xo 1 fdry.JlS 2T. | Cotton, ml^dllac ■• 11.63
Iron. So. No 1 ... I*oo j Coffee. No 7 Bio 8
Pt».>l rails 28 Art i Sugar, granulated .. 4 I."'
I-ak« capper ingots. IS 25 Molajse*, <> X prime. 4<i
Tin ." S3 BO ,1 Beef, family $13 7:.
Kxchar.ee. lead .... 4 32 T t ! I^-ef hams 2500
s»r«elt»r ft 15 I Tallow, prime ■"•'«
Wheat. No 2 red... 14.". | Pork, mess 10'"")
corn. No 2 mixed... M^iliost, dreesed. 16t> Tb f*\
Qats, 26 to S3 Tb . ■ rtt 4,Uril, prime l"-' ft
Flour, MplF patents. I M ;
New York. May 18. 1909
COFFEE -The coffee market opened steady ;it un
changed pri'-^s to id advance et ."> points. In sympathy
uitli sligiitlv higlu-r European markets, but l^st th« lm
p<^>»-eiiicnt under siatlerrd liquidation and modeiate trado
holilne. whlcb were probably dv« to talk of «n easier
market f«r prompt Bhlpment from Brazil. The market
<U.sed steady. «»'t un..hanp»-d. Baiea were reported of
3P.0U0 bn«s. ■Kith sp^ulative Interest in the coffee mar
i... restricted to the minimum by the various abnormal
conditions noted in the situation, the trade seenia to le
rhi-fly Interest--' 3 In th«- ...i!.-.<m<~ of near month manipula
tion and the effe. tor the ta crop movement. Futures
are already diboounting a graiusl easing off in the prk<)
of spot coffee a? re-eipts from the »•" ■ ! "i' b*coa>«
available, in increasing volume. For Install July i-on
tracts aro celling 4n points. September H>o points and
December 110 points bc'.ow the <fuotations for the spot
month. The question is hs to whether th«ee discounts ar«
sufficient and as to whether ths near month bulls ran
maintain their ground by absorbing whatever excess new
crop receipts may provide over asm crop requirements
with the near months selling at a premium. Yesterday
11 was reported that Kio 7s had Mid it the for prompt
shipment from Brazil, coffee which should arrive here
within six weeks, whereas the present pric quoted tor
Rio 7s in the sin.? 1 for spot delivery is about 8c Santio
Is olTerin? July shipments to Knroi^. but not In Fin-h
volume as to suggest the presence of any Inrs* remnant
of old crup r:ee in the Interior of . K ao Faulo as a remit
of th« limitation of exports. The market for spol cone«
was quiet, with quotations en the. basis of 8< for Ktu
The range of contract prices in the local market to-day
was as follows:
1 ester-
Opening. High. Dow. <"os*. day.
star 7 1.% 7.15 T.l.'' 7.15&7.20 7.13
June . . C.^.l '• « •■ S5 •-■■-■ i: so
July . . ,-. rST, 6 «'«"> 8.85 k u<i'u<; r,.»a>
Ausust - '• I-:"' -• i; 15
sertember «15 B.IS «13 8.10C8.18 8.10
October 5 05 5.95 b.W> .•.'.">■•.■.■.!>:. .■•••<>
November . .. — 8J»©5.03 ■"' '•"''
rv^ratvr 8.9S 5.96 5.0.'. B.OOCFS.SS 5»0
January . — — - .V.isfi. ■■'•'•■ •_''''
February :.;<:.':■;"•• »!v»
Murch 8.00 6 00 6 00 '■"■ ■■ •■"■ <; f<n
April - - 8.0(1 .;.:. 6.00
COTTON— After a higher opening. July and May
making new hi?h reeorda for the fi».'n, t!i» cotton mar
ket turned easier under reports of itiijiroved crop cpnal
tions in I>xas and realizing, with.t'n* olos* st.ady in
tone. b';t «• a not d~ei!r;» «f 3^lo points. Th» marlwl
opened steady a' an a<lvan<*e of 2?? d points. In ■-► n se t.i
higher rabl^i with th^ r»ar niont:is lea.llng the luKan'*
on renewed covering of shorts, who raid 1 1.39 c for May
and l!O4c fo r .Inij. The ap; earance of further ralv.p In
th» Southwest restrfcted the ffi\ano- <m the Imter i»oßl
tions. and shortly af-fr the opening the whole list eased
off and r heavy- realizing .in.l pressure from 10.-al |>m
fessionalf Afier »clUng about ~'<!« j.oirts net lower <~n
th» new cop months. ther<» was a Flight tally or. support
from Chicago and covering by early sellers who reared
m.re aggressive support Jrom the b-ills <l'iwng the after
noon, but the market weakened ag«in after the publica
tion .>f the weekly weather report. »hs:!i tend fnvoraivv a*
the* Into trading. Tbera were big buyln* orders in the
•• trading. There kt" big I i
market at the decline, and new crop positions railiea o »r
4 points during the last few minutes In consequence
Southern spot markets officially reported were mi'-nanped
to '»c high -r. Reports are rca'-hlr.ff the trade tliat grow
ers in come RAction« of the South are willing to contract
for the delivery of thflr prospective crops nrounrl tho
present level of prices, but. generally speaklnK. spot news
reaching the market is eonfllcttn*. Tf." Knglish spot
market ia= 7 r-oints higher on sales of e.ftrxi bales, «nd
while, the advance in the near months her" !■= attracting
ton*:* cotton from the South arrivals* so f.'ir have U-^n com
raratlvfly Ugh?, and the continued new c:oi> premium.
Fr-o-vs r.o weakn-ss on t!;e ,art "f the long Interest or any
desire, to avoid tenders.
The range of contract prices in the- io^al market to-<lay
was a, follow.: Test , r _
Opening High T.oir. Close. day.
Ma- 11 Ss ]l.?f< li 21 11.90tf11.2a lISW
j, ]r ,» ll<'.', 11.03 11.08 1.-:.4ftlii!«i loss
j-jiv 1! T. li.o* 10.90 i<>:>i'aK'O2 10.95
% ..; UB "t" I".S>7 10.PT 10.83 l"-.',vrl><^ 1">.
Septeniber I-* l" fil ifl S1 Jf> ?" '" ~ y ' u '' ~ 7 v *
l'iß<» 1- If >" l^ 7 ! I<'74-7K'.7.-| V >".
N-«w>mb-r". 10.Pf> 10.80 W.W 10.786W.W 10.OT
SSeSber lOW !O»] 1^75 lop^iop 1- 7
TVntiaiV . ." I«>M M ' o - 7 " 1"74«1'.75 1" V?
March ...'.. 1^« l"S-5 10.7* 10.75©10.74 10.81
The lc-%1 market for spot cotton was quiet and ur.
r l,ji:»f- »' 11 *;*« for middling upland und 11 y»z f^r rr.ll
dll"? ''Julf Sales SS2 bales Southern ipot markets
wen? telegraphed as fol!cw«: JtoW> fcteady an-J V- high- r
at 10 f »c Savannah steady end l-l*c higher at I>J>-:
",v. 1 < »" bales. Norfolk firm and '.■ higher at lie;
sales ■ «(»2 bales. Baltimore nnmlril «nd unch«n«»d at
11<-' A'Ji'isra Steady ar.l l-l«tj We higher. *, 1O:»3
1015-l<tc- «•!«■ I.M bsles St. Louis s'eady an.l He
hlJTher et in*,r- fcilef. 2P^ bales. t-itt'e l-.ock firm and
Sc higher a« 10 5-lfic. Houston Quiet and uivha!ie*d at
l«i»ic- tales ;<7S bales O-lvcstrn firm and unChanred at
io»»e" New' Orleans steady and 1 l«c higher at lOjic;
sales" "<«»> bales Memphis firm ar.d um-r-ange-1 «• 10Hc;
r9 i?i ''i.nnn -.-.-. E"-!mat*d r»ce|p»« «♦ lesrling POlntJ
for Wednesday : At Oalreston, from :{S>-) to 4.6 M bales.
against 5 027 ia« weUt and I.6fia last y»ar: st New fir
leans from S >*> «o C ..W bales. aea:nst .'..»»4 last we»k
".^o^Excna-^ social Llvrpooi caMe," ?r <* c«ton--
Fair icineas doing, sales. E •"•' balef sp-rulatior. arl
SpOrtTMO; American, 7.O00; imports. 29.000; A mer!-an.
22.W0 mirdiinz upland. B 65« L Futures open-d steady •'
sci". rinints advan<-»; Cosed barely steady a' * r>fT ad-
; a ;-/ '' 'iSl'! points May and Mav-aur... ».«•><!:
tJ—VjuiV ."•71 I jd; July-August. S. ,« ! :d. AUKU»t-Sep
t^ber^S.74H«: 6eptea>ber-Octo*er. 5 7.M; Octooer-No
'tWV f.7l^d. November-December. BTOVjd: - • :nbei -
lir,;,arv and"j.inu3rv-r>brufiry. 3 70d. rebniary-Maroh
end March-April. B-TO'Ad. Mancbesttr— Tarns dull; Moths
""tLOCF AM> MEAI^-Theie, «M a moderate local
demand foV flour to-day, best ■«•■ being In *P rln «
craTe" low grade winters and Kansas s'rai s hts to
arrive Prices wtre unchanged and steady, Ry« flour
continues dull at the cM pri-e. level. The following
a?« p"? '. quoted on -he Sew Tork Troduce Er-hanse.
Snrin* oateni Sfi 20W$7 2n: winter straights. $rt©
St l i?Jlt«t-.>«isV»: spring cie 3 rs. $45"3;
JV'O- extra So 1 winter. $4 TO ©S3 10 extra .-.•■ .
vir.'t.r V/'sfl? t «ft: Kansas straights. e^-1 *' 50 9
ITSS irora- -Dull. Quoted Fair to good. *4 503>
I4 70 choice to fancy. J4 75 %$V .F.V.MKAT. -Firm.
Quoted- Kl'n dried $S »0. BAG MEAL— Firm. Quot
ed Fine white and yellow, (1 -.■•.•!?' . '. coarse. *1 Mfl
kiss FEED— Western easy city stead:-. Quoted:
n-.«t.™ swrina $28 -"■ s'andard middling. $2SS."i;
no!£d" *"«io?'red dog. $32 3.V City bran $27 SO bulk.
$§?s»Ck£ middling. $27 10©$:;i; red dog 182 ..... all
prompt shipment; hominy chop. |28 bulk. $29 20 sacks;
"'c.RaVv— AVHEAT—There wer» some big operations
m the wheat market to-day, one of them invoking
ti\. «]- «f upward of 800.000 btl«h#ll May wheat in
Chicago according 10 reports. b«- the leading holder.
£L l fdS ' a million bushels of other futures. Another
i'arge Jnter'sV'in that market «. -redlt-d Mb.Ul
ff a nd l Ch\ ! ca\r^ IS MaI--con\r:. hh t e e;Vl > ?? > i ; h ,^
Session mad a .n^ high records, selling at $139 here
and at M r,O in Oiicago. Toward midday there was
a strong; upturn in the whole market, due « was
cer^n tO covering for tbe aecouat of a suspended een
"rn in fs.'t r-f- much an the forenoon the
reneral market had ■ Brm ondertoiM*. and at one time
„-,.,■ net hlghei on the J'r'tistk of foreign
««1 vires'* Llvemool ramf '» -!J Id higher. Berlin was up
lUr and Ttudapeot SH™ these advance, reflecting un
favorable crop conditions In Europe. Russia and Ar
'".,_- The unloading movement began In the early
*f,°V"on. and was continued right up to the .io ? ».
U«t prices here being * 3 c higher on May and \lt\r
net lUer on other positions. Western crop news was
of the usual conflicting character, some dispatches
reporting much inu-rovement as a result of ; rain,
while other rrop experts seat in unfavorable news
regarding conditions In Kansas and Oklahoma. The,
rash situation remained atrons. Toedo report. r-jt .in
. of 2c a bushel, whll^ offerings wet* [|ghl
!S\SLirr ™in. ■'■!■ buying In Minneapolis. There
n.cordlng to Bn.dst reefs, compared with a decrease
l4«t via- of r>.159.000 bushels. The European stock
showed an increase for '-«■ week of lion bnsheta.
The Drinvary movement v.«s somewhat lighter, rsp*
ciallv at winter wheat points, the total aggregating
im.noo bushela. compared with *S6, Lnsi-.
,rthw*«l had 1!4 '^r F . against -J.._
car. a year igft wsD« the Minneapolis stock shoM.l
a decfMM of »7».OO0 busbats for three day^ Th«
cash market in New York was irrrpul-.r closing as
f, Mnvi No 2 red $14.. elevator and $1 4.. f<■ 1.
laort- No 1 Northern Dnluth. «33«. and Xo 3 hard
t"n?er Stt 33ttff o b ulioai. COHN^-Sborts were
JtMttm ict'iv^'ln th* corn market all day. and at .me
?ime Prices were Uc net lusher, followed by partial
reactions nelr the" close, with wheat, leaving final
nr'ces about '.«**; c higher Than the previous night.
The movement was light, although a little above ex
53,«M." cWnr was otfsrln* but little
corn owing to the activity of farm work. Bears
evt.rct".l that the movement would begin to show
material increase faftor June 1. At primary points
onH- •*!,• IS) bushels were, received, compared with
410 000 bushels for the same day a year ago No
2 corn here w«s qu.te.l Me elevator and BIHc fob
u'l ,-.!■ Vn •' white. S4'ic. and No '2 yellow. J>2' 2C2 C
fob' AfioaT. "all Nominal! OATS— was con
i'derable huvin? of oat* by commission house-, and
Tbe market had firm undertone, which it held moat
of the day. closing within a fraction oft*e tgBV&C^K
„,„ ip v- rw York were quoted as follows: Mixed. _«
"o"-J n ibTo.:«,«lc: natural wMte. -•:,';•.:- tb._«l«B
.;t» 4 and clipped white. Hi to 42 Ib. •■''"'... RTK
Market Hull- No ° Western. 94.- nominal rob New
York TJARLEY-llarket steady: feeding. We c I f
New York.
hjMtt ■ orn^ninc Ill«h T/?w. 8% wijSR
■■; ■• . . 121K 122 l » 120H 1 2<Vj 121-4
September 113P-ISII4 1123-15112 1 * 1 13V«
December .. ill"* 1 11 » 1 10 1 1 »•* 1117
Corn: „
Mlv - • - - 741, '* l *
July — — — 76 »
pepternber .... — "5H lfiV *
M^- hh * at: SI 294 5130 HSM $12SW |1»>
July 114. 1 US«* I 13S 1 18*4 1 14 l *
September .... 10SS I«f !«•» t«% ''""'»
May .'. . 72* i73 72-2 72-4 72H
JnlT ' <«n '-<.^ rJS '» « B '* "•* ! *
eeptemt«r7:v;' «'•'- •*■ "'* Rfiß « -' rtl4
July ."..■::::::: m MS m »^ f^
September .... *-'• 4S\ « v » 4 "' *- *
„, I ,"' 1 MT 9 1«7.% 1"57 10 57 »2
EepteiibeV ""110 87 K»W l«7a 10 72 loss
July .' . .10 12 10 12 10 02 10 02 10 IS
September ....10 20 W2O 10 10 10 12 10 22
.Tub"™' 18 47 IS 47 1833 IS 33 18 52
Septenbar ....IS 4.". I*4B IS 40 1*- 40 IS 53
HIDES The market held to ■ firm basis all the
\r..- A . with* good demand. Offerings were moderate
Holders seem to be quite confident of the future, ana
the leading: buyers cover their requirements trom time
to tints without any l-apc!ir>fr as to prtcea. .
LEATHER General demand for all kind* of le a t n «r
has beet) up to the average, and some new buyers ar«
looking in th« market. Hence, there is -i steady to
firm undertone, with limited offerings, and full prices
are named as the selling basis
METALS TIN — The London tin market was lower
to-.iay. with spot quoted at flSl .'s M and futures
at U:?2 2s 6d. I.ooallv the market was easy at 28-75
"S^SN'c COPPER was <"■ !M lower in London, with
spot quoted at £.'.'.> and future* at £.-.!> 13s 9d. locally
the market whs quiet and unchanged. with lake quoted
at 1*.12U©13..T< Vie; electrolytic at 12.75(3 13c, and
casting at 12-62H©12.87Hc LEAD was unchanged
at £13 <>s 3d in London The local market was steady
at 4,:ii> j i.3,v. EI.TER advanced to £22 In T.nndon.
Locally the market was firm and ■ shade higher a'
.'. l^>-.-(;.-..l,>. IRON was unchanged at 47s !'d for
Cleveland warrants In the London market J»cally
tii< market was steady, with No 3 foundry Northern
ouoteri at $lS7r*osl<2.' The market for pig Iron cer
tificates on the New v-.vi; produce Exchange was dull
and banged No sales were reported, and regulars
-losctl as fellows: Cash. $14 7.->rt »13 50; Hay. $15«
$1380: June. Si.", vj $1:. 7:.. July. Bir.©*l6; August and
September, Jl.'S Sl<; 2."«. and October, November and
D'-ceniher. si.-, -2:,' t Sir. -,r>
MOLASSES AM) SYIUTS— The market for syrups
was barely steady and quiet. Molasses ruled steady,
with fairly good business at full prices, the market
closing firm. Quotations follow: MOLASSES— New
Orleans, centrifugal, common. I<;it 10c; fair. 10'3'J'J''.
good. 22926<-; prime. S3@3oc; New Orleans, open
kettle. •_•■<-(, 4... SYRUPS — Common. 19917 c: fair. 16
.;■•.• good. 10QS2c; prime. Jl'^2."v-. fancy. 27®30c.
-Cottonseed oil was active and higher to-day
on strength of crude at the South, covering of shorts,
demand from compound lard manufacturers and in
<-reis»<i outsl speculative buying. Receipts continue
light Sale*: ion -,• ■• fl.OOc; non May. .VS7l} 5.J>0,- ;
40(1 June r..««^ .*..«!•<•: poo July. MU)9.'i.Nc; 1 500 Sep
tember. 8.160i.1Ae; l.ono October, •>. IS 06. 1.400
November. 5.7303.79 c. and 700 December, 6.55t Lin
s»<-d oil was firm, with prices 1c a gallon higher for
both city and out-of-town. Calcutta oil M unchanged.
R.'fi'fi petroleum reported ?'^ad^ a' ref^nt pri rf: **
We quote: PKTHOI.KI'M- Standard white, bbl* 8.50 c;
bulk. :..-: Philadelphia. R.4.V; bu'.k, 40.'..-. refined cases.
New York, lo.r»0c; Philadelphia. lO.SSc; water whits.
New York bbls. 10c: bulk. SOc; Philadelphia. P.O.V-;
bulk. «.4."c: water white cases. New York. !2.40c: Phil
adelphia. 12.3.V. COTTONSEED OlL— Prime crude.
4 800; prime summer yellow, spot. ..».". -'.'■)■•. May.
5.K5«5.8-Je; .June, r. <■■:> •;.-.••.-. July, B.»S««c; August.
B.Os'i'fO .I.V: Sep'emiier. •■•:■; .; i«c October. *.iiit
fl.ir>c: November. r>.7>>'9 ,"..7nc: December. 5.65©5-«*2<":
pri:ne white, « 1 2 3 <'<■ ; prime winter yellow f». 1»17
« 4". . LINSEED Oil ■ American seed, city raw. :,TG
.'.<!,•. out-/>f-town raw, .Vj 3 57c ; Calcutta raw, Tse
LARD OIL — snfiS.ic.
PROVISIONS Ps were large sellers of ribs and
lard, giving the market a weak undertone most «>f the
session. It closed easy at substantial declines under
the previous nisclit. Receipts at nil points were 80.000
hogs, of which 12.000 were at Chicago. XB.OOO Ht Kanras
'•Ity. an-! "■»> ai Omaha, Chicis'o expected yO.OO'I
boss 0-1 Wednesdnv. PORK— Stead' Quoted Mean.
flii7sc?sl9 2.1: family. <■■■<. short clear. »13.'.0
■ i $L'l :.i' BEEF— Quiet Quoted: Mess. $10 Jofsl I;
fanulv. $13 "■'• :*: i packet. $rjg $12 r.O; extra India
mess. |21 Ctrl ■'." PKKF HAMS — Quiet. Quoted : $24
■vi «-•<"■. D!:KSSh;r> W><lS_SteHdv. Quoted Bacons.
»*»'•: 1«"* l!> 0»;<-: TC.ii lh. I>5 4 c: 14' i lh. !i\r: pie». 10c.
ITT MEATS— Pickled h.*;i|e a tlrtn. Quoted: Smoking.
I1« I! He; H> 'X n^ll'ic; 12 !h. 11 11 ' 4 r . 14 '*.
]l«ilP,r. T'irkl-d hams firm. Quoted: H'ic. TAI.-
LOW — Q'iiet: city. r<*<,c; country. B»t«3*4C. LARD—
Ea^y. Quoted: Middl* Western. In. S."i ft 1 0 011 City
lat'.l barely steady. Quoted: lO^c. Reft #tl Isril easy.
Cjuotr-d: South America. 12<- ; Continent. 11. ;.',/■: nrartl
licg». 13e. COMPOUND— Ste-arty. (.'noted: 7N '•(«', r.
BTEARINE-^-Easy. Quoted: olon. 12Jic; city lar-l
stemrine, 1 ■_■';<-.
i:l« V. — r|c» market ruled firm an>! active, pan
Taiiiiace's Sot;;* Company. New Orleans, telegraphs
Louisiana ernji movement tn drte ss follows: R*celpt«,
1-oußh. 1,40-tHftfl sacks, airalnst 1 71« Zr.Z last 1 ear. Sa!e.«,
clr:incii. 1.."1fi,<.1l pocket., agsirnt 1 4:>7 :.i4 !•• xear.
Market quiet an 1 only ope m |l| running. Ta'RUJ',
Charleston, telegraphs 1 c-i-«-i jit* of Carolina rice tn ilm*
a* c,7 "."..1 d< kern. . . >ckets. Ma
ket mtidlnr firm Ou":»llnn5 follow: S reenlr.gs. :>. a
Sic; ordinal-:.-. 3HO4UC: f«lr. 4','.?4*.-; good ordi
nary, r.n.'.'ic: prime. .'. 1, n .", »»<- . i-ho|c». «'»6V;»- : head.
.Tspan. "\i<i4'-. Tatna. ft.-; J»vn. ,". 14 ; P.angm.n.
4'i^T.V; Sinin. 4 ', 'it '• ',c
M*<;Al{ — Arbuckl* Brothers Mv» withdrawn their
SP"-la! discount of I.V a bM for refined r-Jimr on direct
shipment to out-of-t.>» n buyers Tl-.^ g'tiera! jt-.Jirket
for refined sugar wa» steady and unchanged, with
graimlnte.l rj;iote,| a* 4 «.*.<■ n»'. !-*« 1 per rr r t cash 'or
granulated. The f.-!]o»lng are !•••» PC anil r>rr liio
:h from Invoice and 1 per cent for .«•!» No further
discounts whatever Crystal dominon. In mr^t, eoataln-
Ine- f.O :-Jh rartotid s "0c ; dt« in ••iiih c>t.t*lnin» 2\
f.-lh cartons. 7 *». KNgle f«b!efs. d^.'.c; rut lonf. 5.7.'':
crushed. SdV; mould A. •'■ HOc; cubes. K»eie B-lb ><«•■■■%
powd<*r«d and K«g?e <orfertioier!«" gr»nu!at«d. "i'Or;
XXXX powdered. .",'JOc: powd»red nrwl "-oarse rjow
der<;d. 5 0."..-; fruit powdered and Kngle ensrw »n<l • %x
tra flue pnimi^ated 4 J».S<- ; F.«kl» i'-!b <-nrfoti« of flne
grj'niil.-nted. S.ISc: 2 -lh baf« do, Sl>: Su-lb ill do.
?:'2<*r; r.-!b bf-gs d«, f! \'r; 1(1. lb • •:■• do. 3 lOc. .•• and
M» ih hugs do. :.c: I (l« fine or «tntid«rd »r»r.-il«te,t
and diamond A. 4.0.'.<-; . ■•■nfc-tlnners 1 A. 4 7.""..-. No 1.
4 7"-- No 2. 4.fl.'e; N'os .". «nd 4. 4 .■.V-; No .".. I Jftr ;
No «. 4 4^c: No 7 4 4'lc. ■-. < 4SV; So ■• I.XOC: No
1". 4 I".--: No It. 4?0,-; N,, !; 4 l.'.c. Nos IS «!id 14,
4 10c. Nob 1." «nd 1«. 4 We (withdrawn) The market
for ram sugar cjo.ed rtrm «nd I-S2 hlsl.er F(:i«l
jirl^eji were 3 i*.">o f<»r Ort test centrifugal, - 1 .- fen «■>
test muscovado and rt ::0e for Kit te»f molasae* sur^r.
The higher nrtces were I,. •»»•-» nil -«o>ii of 14 mm bees
Cuba pcntrifuyal, «hlptn*nt ia»t week nf May. «t
3 10 -3™e_ h»sl« of J>l t'«t. cost i«nd fre(i!,t. equal >o
TiM'f. duty paid. A'so sales of ahvjt 12,'ocm bnts Cuttaj
•■rt.trif'ical. spe-lfied shipment during June at 2S'-.
ba?i« of '.If. t'St. cost nnd • •lit--' ejjijal ro S-OS^tC, duty
paid At the clo»* ■eras straight June shipment
sucar." (without !>reciflcatlon 1 were offered at 2Sc. but
'['■■ »old Tlie London market for l>eet sugar '.va»
barely maintained, with ipot months »4d» 4 d lower, buf
other pomtlons unchanged Mar and June were quoted
■ • io« fli 4 d snd » .r:>' »• 10s S'»d. ?tock of « :c.i In
the I'nited Kingdom Is 87,'XW tors Recording to \l"ll
lett ft (Jray. tlie mtvament of sugar at the sis princi
pal ports of c-jb*i sho^§ a rather bullish situation
there Heavy r,iir« «r» t»n»ral In the Island, and this
b a ? cau?ed m.iii"- T*lwtit#^tions tr> stop grinding. H nr^
"7 <*«n»ra!« went out nt e-->mrr.'ssion during the week.
and only 83 are row gri'idlr.c rainst 7-"^ la«t week, 1 "
last year and 14 two vmr> «c» Re,-el:>t« at the portt
for the week were 2fi 000 tons a*»ln«t 55.000 the week
before 10.000 a year ago and 16000 •■ years aro
Exports were 33.000 tons, romnared with 41.000 last
Stork Is :«-Jl. O'ifi t-n.«. compared with "STOfift n r»«k
ejn. 15^000, v , e^r ago and 40VOOA two year* nto
Fnr the w*ek ended Tuesdaj-. Ma* 18. 1000
It CANS AND TEAS— Receipt* for week. 7771 bag*
beans and 1.063 bags pens, exports. M bigs beans an S8
bags peas; imports, 11.711 oags, beans and. SO bag peas.
Tl.© market has be*n Qul*t bar^ of state marrow bcun*
all the n-e»k. and prices in consequence have further ad
vanced. c!ostr.j firm at about $.1 for choice stock. Medium
and pea h«\e not changed: 'here has been rather a firm,
confident holding, but requirements of the trade have
been small. The bulk of th» demand, both local and out
of town, is bf-inz suppled, with foreign stock, arrivals of
which continue qalto heavy Business in thtse roods ha*
been of sufficient volume, however, to warrant "irn« a.l
vance in the price of fine stock. particularly marrow and
rea. which «re. at least Be nigher The off grades and
i-.ft beans are being pressed for sale because holders are
unwlUti a: to carry them Into warm weather. There '*
therefor'- a wide r«i:s* 'n values Red kiln*:.- hay» had
g'liet snle. and expoiter* have niled their orderß without
difficulty b'. $2 424 Yellow eve and turtle -I-.' about
steady.. California lima in very moderate supply and
firm ■ Scotch peas steady. v.> quote: BEANS, marrow,
choice, per bush, $2 05013: di. Mir to good, $2 00952 85,
do indium, choice, f2 7Otfs2 72' i; to pea, choice .*2 7.V
do imported marrow. *2 20992 40. do pea. *2 369*2 35; do
medium. • .-jj.. white kidney, choi— . $2 rt.V*r*2 70; do
jTlr to gooJ. $2 4'«i^2»V>; red kidney, choice. $2 40(3
*l'42'j do common to good. 81 7501230: yellow eye.
choice $3 43:553 s' l bt.trk turtle soup, choice. $2 $2 3.
■...-.. choice, S3£?3 0,-.. PEA?. Scotch, bags,
per bush. S2 O.VRJ2 10.
III'TTEK — Receipts for week. 42.230 pkg« last
week 4>,.5.'-!0 pkgs: exports to tropical countries'. 257 pkes.
There was a pretty good clearance of stock following our
last weekly report, and the market held steady up to the
close on Friday On Saturday the sentiment wa« so
strongly In fa\ or of tome reduction that the quotations for
fresh creamery were lowere-1 lc per Ib PoastMy this
movement ■■•'*. little premature, because we have hod
scarcely enough ytotk since then to meet the requite
merits of the trade, and the feeling at the present writing
Is rather firm Of course, tbis Is only momentary and
due to !<n expansion of the trad--- and some falling oft in
supplies. The weather has been cold and backward, and
there has not been the Increase In production that was
genernllv looked for. Besides this. New Tork State Is
turning a goo-1 deal of milk in chaae* factories, ar.d there
?«re Increased shipments of market .ream Sales at
„i^s(.|;i writing are at 2<><7?2<i I 'iC for creamery rpedals and
25 '-c fcr extras, with other grades ranging from 25
down to about 23c: very seldom below that. Old crtam -
erv about gone Process is not .li •■•- on the si si rar
tii-ularlv the high yrades. and valu"« are sustained In
consequence. There is slow dragging trade for qualities
from ISc to 20c. Ruther more factory coming this »ay.
hut receipts are being absorbed pretty well on the basis of
20-- for the l«.«t irVs. Picking stock easy. V.V <juot«:
Creamery, special?, i-r TT.. 2ȣ2flH< ; do extras. 2."'? c: do
rir»t>! im : -«-J.';'-. do seconds. 23<5c24c: do thirds. °.l<T?22c:
ttale'diiry tubs. flne«t 2.". l tC ; .1 1 ami i to choice. 24W25c:
d.- common t.> fair. SI'S::;.-; proceas. specials. -."> id do
extra'- 22li<*; do first 20021 c: do seconds, 17flli»c; do
tliinls !.'.'■> I<v. Western factory, firsts, 20c; do seconds,
isi-'u'ifi-- "do thirds. lK<r/17'a'-: packing stock. No I.
1,,-:." 'No 2. IK 1 *" ■■ 'No ••:. I"" \-,,.
CIIKKSB Receipts for the week. 14.:.-.:: boxes; ex
perts to f" n-'ipf. 2.083 boxes, and to other countries. 83
boxes. Supplies of new full cream small colored cheeso
have •-•• i' fairly liberal and while demand has shown
i.r>: ie Increase it has not bean sufficient to absorb all of
the offerings, and receivers were compelled to carry over
more or teas stock from laat week. Country prices hay«
kept up fairly well and while receipts are »iii: tending
to in,.,-.. demand has been rather better than expected
and holders inclined to f^el fairly steady In their views
and no changes have been made in quotations during the.
wrek Ijlixc full cream chees<> In light supply and
steadily held, but demand limited. Small n«w full cream
white cheese, however, has been in moderate proportion. In
thfl receipts, and with a Rood, demand there has hardly
been sufficient supply of fancy grades to fill all the orders
h-,.1 market is in quite firm position, though prices un
changed. Many of the cheese arc still arriving green,
having been shipped close to the hoop. Quite a good
many lots are also SSiowlng defective, quality and such
have to be cut deeply to attract attention. Skims have
had a fair demand for moat all grades from good useful
quality upward, and. with supplies not large, prices have
ruled steady to nrm. especially on the higher grades.
Very cheap Vklms sell «lowl>. Exporters have shown fair
Interest the past week In under priced new full cream
2nd good value skims and have taken a fair quantity,
mostly In the neighborhood of 10c. thougrh ■ few lots •'
new full cream of better quality sold for export at l<>'
ft lie and sorea cheap old cheese have also '-en shipped
erT ,n.i cable: Finest Canadian. t7s M .'or colored
and <J4s .11 for white. We quote: New— State, full
cream specials. 133'13'ic: do colored, larat- nr small.
fancy ' 12'ic- do white, small, fancy. l'JVjc: do common to
fair V3Uc;' do skims. 14- It., specials, lie: do sklini.
fine. 7»*'J9?ic: io fair to goo<!. 9H#THe: do comraon,
"?.'..- do full skims. 232»*c.
EGGS— Receipts for the week. 147.238 cases. Th«
market has gradually sained a stronger tone on high
grade eggs under strong reports from the interior and a
relatively high cost of stock arriving and in transit
At the close storage packings of fine ta fancy ti 1'"
are reaching 22 1 il!2-V and the best Western regular
packings 22522.C. with fair to good -Western going at
?l'S' > ll I*c1 *c and Southern ranglßX from 2le downward.
The market is rather slow for tha under grades and
dirties and -.hecks have ruled easier, We quote: Stste^
pannsvivanip and nearby selected waki fancy. M«M
"«.-•• ,10 g->ol to choice. 24'ff2'>c: flo brown and mixed,
farcy 24c; do good to choice. 22'it?23Sic; do Vv^stern
ft.rage packed. 22 1 *32.V: do e frs firsts. regularpac»e.i.
2"522 1 -c. do firsts. 21'a21'jc: do seconds. 2O«2»i!C.
Southern, best, aOSSEIc. o'o lower gt»4f, ••»«.
dirties. 1701* check?, ISifflSc.
FROTS— FRESH — Receipt* for week. T.PI2 bhls
«PPle« \ppTaa have been in fair supply and market Close.
sftghtTy lower. Peaches filing promptly. St wbe 2*!!!
have been plenty an-1 low. sales y-sterly making from
Se to ]>v but supply lighter to-day «nd prices higher
Florida oranges and grapefruit continue In light supply
and firm" Florida watermelons quite plenty and selling
• "it Pit eapples in heavy supply but matins an active
demand We quote: APPLE r. Northern Spy. per bbU
llfrtdi r-r carrier. $3 »^M »>; STRAWBERRIES,
iS^per'S?. $2* iMilf. »MT«B
variitie ■ WATKriMKLON?. Florida, I1 ''- bWj^ e 4 ch
?MB ERME3UONS rtorida. In bWs^eae^
So«7?r- PINEAPPLES. Florida per crate. «1 >O0«3; do
i-,.t v . f«csi SO do Porto i;: V.3?-* Adv.c, from
th"?-^^ continue .0 report coH. drr w«.^
i, a-ea -e rood rains ■'^'' omplainlng ■■■ a
weather and with a repetition cf Tn- dry spring and sum
mer of last year their crop will be considerably £"**•»"
in New York State the vines ai conslderabtar backward
SSHdC! !
, . ,-.-,,-' ;,„.! iocs! rhtly nrmer tone Local
, „„ hare been a. f»«- transactions at . •»«J ltl^ J 1 «^
in/nY 190« 21ff24e: do r»cii Coatt, ]«(>**. *33r.
ffliv 8 - prime, large bale,, per I^o^Jb. : ««£L&l K < i»
to mo 1. 7O«flOV: do Phlprin^.h^m'"-.*!,!*^' •
do cloy. - an! "- 1-'
fl iOfifl4S: do short and tani ' ■ '"
' hl " " a ; .rt orUv
o^ ew thouT drJV£V^^&3£S*
„ f « w . - 1 lad 10 i- 1
'."*, S mv~ cars -f late receipts were carried over
„^;r,^u ^ 'ir^r;^ •"? n *-\*
n.and enough to clean ui> the receipts. Broilers ha>e
rule.l rather slow, with most Ml"" from »Sc to -'=:
Ihouarh well Brown nearby lots b; aspress have -.',««
80c ?er ib. I\> quote: Hir-KEN^S, I pw m, J3«J
r.0.-: FOWL?, per tb. 17-al7 : -.--; ROOSTERS, old ani
youn K . lou-ffiic; DUCKS, per Ib. is-:; '• t;^ t'"r- w^:l^"
v poor Western, Kouthern and south" ■**<* m. << ■
guinea fowls, per pair, BOej PIOBONS. per P*ir
" POIT.TKY— DRESSED Receipts for the we.U 15.
Bio rks^. gupplies of fresh killed fowls wor- i.»ode *t
durinar the latter portion of la-t week, and the m f'^« c
was firmly held .' 1;.-. but ,'e^and was mat-rlallv re
stricted at that price. «nd it «ns somewhat ■"■ :*: * strain
to ,-lean ur. This week opened on Xoadvrwttb^re
eelpU showing up a llttl- larper, while ''",-J'"'r i( . *;'"
• !iowe.i some Inctea^e. of stock to arrive durtn? tne r -
.uaindcr of th- week The high so deeply thai ■ ir*rt
wc»k cut the eoaaumpttva trade so deeply thst "">»"
have r*en Inclined to take l.old very cautiouslj and a
tle.-Vledlv weaker f-liiiK develope.i »:, Mon.iav. with
prices cut He on a:i B rni-3. The larce crotx>rtlw «»
Mondays arrivals -lid not sell. atv. U.i ■ ' u "^. ay . in *
further decline of 'ir had to b- made, th, market CX*™*
we,k. with outlook uncertain. Fr»<i killed broilers !,av<»
beei in better demand and a shade firmer. A !<•« ■ »< a'
te r m^ lots „f Western broilers are, arrivinc. and l (.r>
pi.k.-t brins 2R-&.7N-. l^r.g Island and other nearby
sprlns ducks continued dull an-1 declinln« throughout u.n
%v f .-k. uattl priM settled nt 21- for Lou* Island and -_ -
for state. Pennsylvania nnd other nearby !"'« f» fa^
this ».-i- the tre.i, arrivals h>^e been moderat*. and
vvHl* tra.ilrz ha« been tath-r !<!|pw. no further Cbaxu^a
lave 1.,-Mi mad" In l>rl.- ea . hn'-n heen more
ff-n.v. dull 1 easier.' Kronen p^.ltrv is In *ood .hap^
fetocks of turkeys. lar R e r.-asM»« chlrkens andL heavy
fowls *re very light tn first hajids, with heaj> ' *»*»
especially s.-ar.-» and firmly l.eld We iuote:Kr*sh killed
ficVs>— BROILERS, Philadelphia, faafy
Ko. iT .V: do Bn> t.. pair, per Ib. W?."""^ d n Uv"\Vr. ' "rv
fan.-v. Zib to pair, i^r n.. UOStHe; 'V' c hv." »2
picked, 2M>r.<V; rOWLS. Western. dr> r'-rk*"'- **>.*. "*
lfir no b'al.led. ir.«lf H -. Southern. b»st lots 15 /»«W7»^.
et.- . 2-^-: SQUABS, prime. i«rp-. l' r z *■'._. *7, J
J. 7 7ft. poor. dark, ft 86: rulls «"•- FTo x^t I—Tl ft
KEYS, rauns to-.ns an-l her.*. l»tf:-v;: o.i ' '„•„ • ,J, ,V;a
CHICKENS, broiler*, milk fed. tO«23c: do -orr, "^
230- r^-.stin^ mltic fed. 2t*f2V- do corn f*-<l. J4TOi-c .
FOWLS, dry pick^l. 11-aUc KO-.'STERf. old. 13c;
•11 nil..ti ni 1 weaker Onlor.s have b*-n pli-nty anl
?irv \ol. V.',t clSilri ashaje flrmeV. Market cv«-
Stocked with asparaituii and very low, Be-ts "J f*2K2
dwerfn* f>bba»as 1...... been plenty airf l- •■ *)£*
makinie nwln'.y tron. 75c down. .^'.^Fiortd.
down, i.ut supply short ot,d pric ■■■* hish'r '>-'-«•> ™,»zl
rVlery t.-.r Rnrlda corn In liberal supply and se.Mn*
wiTP Murket ha. bin h.avilv supptied jK&~2«*53
an', prtcos deellnini'. Stotaßta-ta «ood demaod and

1 ;. *ln !^iv* demand Ind ,M-*g^ggS
i-Vs»V d. n-w re*. *2a4*2S: do Georgia and Bouth
$i;s. do foreirn. wamv. per bac $ ;jsl .^. ?El
N?w oTtaan^flSw: CAwfom SouO, CaroUß-. ijrW
hunches HfiKW: do New Orleansv « ♦2B*4;- do old.
wiihed." per bfcl. Jl.--3*i: do Uttwaatted. P «^hb. or bs*
«i-..n vi c*r.n\GES rijtrrn Shore, Var>land ana
VlrrmU.' rer rrale. 7V-iJ*l » : "? Vlrginl.. T^r crate
,ua^ savannah P*r ggg^g^^Ui? box!
STfjfiKa- oVrIIC New Orleans, per I<X> rb. $.%BJC;
HORSERADISHrpirioO Ifc. «««! StTUCE. nearby.
S,m tramC ii"bbl Jls'HSs-ftO. do Southern, pe r basket.
S5«--.-ovfoNS Texas. T.hte r er crate. JIfJH ."W: Uo
ve^o« • M«»f» : ".-!o Bermuda, per orate. $1 lo*r*l 15. fia
New Or eaiis. t-r bar. II I^""' '
-ir do I'xvrtlan. per bar. $2 650*3 73: PAKaNTJ t-. «a,
r^ <ii M ras. Baltimore, iarsre. per ba-ket.
?!»««»: do small. StsWlß: dc ' Ka«ern Shore.
a r>tnd and Vir^iia^ T- I ? s^ iSS
■ ««{
•i 4 pißti.rv N-w Orleans, early, per bbl. '•>"- :IJ-
do Plain v>". esl SO: RADISHE? nearhy. per lOOJunyhej.
r* r '' ..,, ■ . rr V«i 7Sv«sl 25; if South
Kioto. M>; : do Florid.
' ' rolln *lJii lio : ' »« Orleans
™^W V>r ■ ir*r. r' f bb
51" M./'niV hr,- ;vfl.<l :v do yellow. crcokn«ck. $1-^
tI£o"TURNIPS*'CaSSa. rutahapi. r-r ba K . WeaM 12:
VV ,v,, r rutahags par bW or b«<r. SO«flOc: do white, re'
1^ bunches 2.VT7.V; TOMATO t tori 'Aii« r carrier '
Hw" WATERCRESS, p-r 100 bunches. -'-*-,
■ ', $310. - - * ' ' "'r"v
prim-. "$1 so. AieiKE. prime. $7 7.".
\ ' *
New \ork. May is. lf>0!»
ocevrt- R«'lpts Bl cars. Ol ."iL 1 bf*<i J : ', ff>r
- n^t^efcr;
BS^h« «a » in:
S *r"»Il-ES Receipt! »«re 330 headL including 196 roc
demand ai par !b to.
• Trad* waa "erv light, for lack of stock, but prices
»ere Jtead* "mmon to good sheep sold at Js<8 J« per
?«»!*• a few unshorn do at $« 75; lambs at f8 Jer«ey
1 . ' i^mb* at W i.t head; a bunch of fair Indiana
Sffin^S 1^ rb- Dr^sed mutton steady at 10«13c
,V dossed lambs firm at 1801« country Pressed
r,th.^use lambs unchanged at $1 60®$6 per carcass. „a
ie? at •«'•• 7.'. par J'W tb; 28 Jersw ■print ''»">»
«•" i irr , }\\\ A . ' i Indiana sprts* lamb*
- V;, : ";u $: r'l - ■ *ns lambs, 93 n,, at jv
17 Indiana sheep. 110 Tf. at $•: - bucks. 153 IT,, at ?...
•' ? { Rr c *lSts*tere 10 cars or I.S4M head all for
"^^'Va^er^Oat^yesterdav): 84 stat- no B s in*
r,.u B h ? . Iso n.. at $6 73; 4 40. t» Ib. at $*5*,.
Chicago. May IS.— CATTLE— Receipts, estimated,
l 500 head; market steady: «eer». X 25,? $7 2..: cows
aiASS7S- heifers. $:: i»" ■; 7.. . bulls 14 *•■••:
halves $bO»T.V»; stockerl ...id feeders. »3 3ti «s.!«-->.
Receipts, estimated. 12.000 head: market
steL.lv; choice heavy shipping. $7 K>ol7 30; butchers.
|733«*57 47ft: licht mixed, $7 I*»«g7 SO; choice tight
17-0©$"S»: "packing. »7 25057 :•..'.; pigs. *•"• 2..* $6 5...
bulk of sales. $7 15«»7 40. SHEEP— Receipts, esti
mateU. 10.000 head: market steady to 10c lower;
sheep. «:» 7.". ./»•••"■"•. lambs. M9e««a>S»; yearlings.
*'','-''n.'. «n.!''i May 1«.— CATTLE-Recelpts. 1.'.« head:
steady fair to good shippers. $.*• v .". '' |« «". common.
S3SO«S4AO. HO«H Receipts. 1.123 head: active and
Be hlirher: butchers and shippers. $7 ISO (7 •"' ; com
mon s.-. .-.m v, $■; ■_•.-, SHEEP— Receipts. IKJ head;
steady. $2©s4 73; spring iambs steady. (30*8 70.
East Buffalo. May 18.— CATTLE— Receipts. 100
Summer Resorts.
i-»"'««»™»— «■»»■— —————^ A famous ?uir.m-- Resort Hotel In *-en»»r rf Natural
» /%TV"S? /<n*iini AYIVT Par* of 4"-" --• *■ ---» t»(I«« b*i»w rutr»our*.
LAKE CHArvIPLAIN » j• on main line of D &II R R All wrtdeSc
sports complete auto (tirade Attractrra s«~1al life.
riinfnn i~ % **••«««. M V open* jult i. Illustrate*! booklet an-i full Information.
<LIIJI*OII county, n. *• Delaware & Hudson C« . owner?. Hohrrt }larnf . Mr .
~_ 24S sth At*.. N. V.. until Julr lit. Two particularly
•^■■■^■i"""""""""""""""^^^"""^^"^"^^""" fin» cott»sfs to rent.
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outdoor pastime* and charming social features. Op— «■» *-> m m.. _.
S^% sr&r^3 SSI* *F- * & I Warren County, N. Y.
of Orancs. Sulllvac. Ulster and Delaware Counties. S. T..
en tha
SIMMER HOMES In a region of abac.
2.000 fas* above the #ea; pure air. pure water, jure milk,
no malaria, no mosquitoes. Thre« Hours .'ro 11 New York —
recommended by physicians; send 8 cents to the und**
ilgned, or call and git free at offlets below the SLFfcRB-
page*. It gives a lUt of Hotel*. Farms and BosnJlnj
Bcrsea. location, rates cf board, attractions. Ac. Infor
mation Bureau. 436 Broadway. N. Y.
IN NEW YORK— I4I. 425. 1534 Broadway, 245 Colum
bus Aye . 279? 3d Aye.. 111 W»st 123 th St.. l 2 sth
Aye. Ticket offlc«s. Desbrosaes and Weit *Z<\ St. ferries.
6«i Beaver fit. _..
IN BROOKLYN- 4 OJUrt St.. 479 No»trar.4 Ay«.. 390
Broadway. The Eagla Information Bureau.
May 20tb. SOth «nd 31st. txcttraWfl tickets a* reduced
rates will be gold, eivln? an opportunity of personally
■electlnr a lammtr home and also enjoying a day s ns»-
Ing in this delightful reglen. TlekatS S'^oi retumlns Mr/
SO- 31 or Jur.e 1.
Gtni Pass. Agent. M Beaver St.. ?C. T.
"STTT.PT ny Mor?*TAi> BREEZE?."
Elevation l.« 00 f»et Cool, dry climate
I'uri mountain water. Fi»hlng. «olf and
all «munement* Electric ll»tht#: all city Improve
ments. Booklet!, and Information at the Pears3ll
Bureau 2<V> Broadway. N»w V-tK. and all newspaper
resort bureaus B«s Urger advertl»«ment in Sunday
|i>sii». Riving list of hoteli.
The Hotel Frontenac
V macntn'-»rit Hotel, delightfully situate* en an Island
in tj-« m U«r«nn River. »tth an exclusive • as« or
patronage Th« fsvortt* water tor saater beats and b^at
racire. " Fishing, rowing and a'! aquatic gports. An e»
tr«m»ly r.i.-tiir»"»<jue nine-hole g"lf -our»» fr«« to «ue*t»
nf th« hotel; also tennis and other jp- rt». L n«jua_l!e«i
bass and fresh water fishing near hotel For -v>«l«t
and full Information address C O TRi Si-Ki.:.. Mgr.
Town and rountry. 390 Fifth aye.. Ne.»- Y«rk.
• Also Mkt- Bon Air. Auru'i '"" ■
Open* .Tun» 24. ElsvatJon 3,000 feet. R«s«r.sM«ns of
room. m.d. HAMaoy .. DOWNH .
BERKEI.CV IYCEIM. Tele? I*^ Bryant
19-31 West 44th Bt. Opposite Sherry*.
head: steady; prime jteers. ?«30ff?7. VEALS—Tt«
relpta '.T.o head aetlr* and steady. HOOF —Receipts.
ISiMVh-ad: KCttre: pigs steady: others. 6^l'V- hig.ier:
h«a*y $7 7.-.vjfS7So: mixed. »7 708*7 «0; Yorker^ $7 4.>
aIT7S; roughs. .»« 4i«T SI T": dairies. »7 359*7 V>.
SHEEP AND MBS — Receipts, 4.600 li«ad; sh««p
fi-t.-.- a:. 1 *"-i i- . lamb* slow and S#MV lower:
"Sc-nsif '"cl? May l».~<-ATTr.E^Rec. t p,,. \XM*
head, inc'udinir .100 Southerns; market steady. •■■••-1
weak to 10c lower, calves. 2.-.C lower: yea HI n£»-. $ V" :
choice export pr-d 4resse'l beef ste«rs. %r, "Oft*,; fair
to good! »:.50«Jt»25: Westeni steers. |at3o»»Ta;
stock-rs and feed-rs. $.173«$STS: Southern steers.
<4iV)<ts.lHn Southern »■,»-«. $3 2."» « s.*• -•"' • n«»tv# cows.
HCljDii; native heifer*. $4 2o09««O; bulls. 53 300
*,-,--, calves. $3 755J7. HOGS— Receipts, CC.nno head:
market r.-fftoc 'oner: top. J7 .15: "''* "' sales. »»g
ifjJ!7.lo- heavy. S" 20 jr? 7 ."»3: packers and butchers. *■
«»7:>'i. U«ht Sti7r>s*7 10; pfs; 9 . jr. 758*«70. SHEEP
Receipts P.ooft head: market f«r best steady; «»h#rs.
101915 c lower; lambs, $MAO9<9 00: yearling*. $."i75»
J7.-.0: wethers. $5 25tt$«00: ewes. $»,'.o^;s'- sto-kers
and feeders. ?3 253 25; Texas mutton?. $4 30 J J.I «
fnlon Stock Yards. FUISSJSSg. May I*. CATTLE —
Receipts light; market B'«ady. choir*. |<«sa|7. prime.
t«ffOAs699 SHEEP— Supply fair: market steady;
prim* wether*. »•« io*rs«2«; culls and enmmon. %1 *■" -f
1890: tombs |t.-.«*»S veat. CALVES. *7 .-.'.. HOC.S
—Receipts light; market steady: prime heavies. *7 «...
mediums »7»»: heavy York—, IIWSITM; light
T«rk«rs. $7 15057 23: pigs. J6BSSS7: roughs. «•!>!•
Liverpool. ifav I* — '^losing: -vtheaT— No 2 red
winter mixed, nominal: futures qui«t : July. 0s: :*?r>tem
ber. )** .">4d; December. P* 3» 4 1 CORN— Pp"t strong:
new American mlxei fvta aab-»ston) 6s M; nitures
firm July. 5s ,-.', v PEA."- Canadian firm. is tod.
FLOrR— \Vtnt«r patents strong;. •'<«• HOPS— At London
,p ..l-i r <>>ast> firm. ITSI3- BEEF— Extra India _ moss
dull 00s PORK— Prim* mew Western «tn»n«. *7« «d.
ham- Soon cut, 14 to 14 m. stronf. .=i4-« *1 BACO>— -
Cumberland cut VI to 30 Th. strong. 575: »h;»rt rib. 1*
tr 24 Ib strong. Ms «d. long clear middles, ltrht. M ':
.*!4 rb string, Ms long clear middles, heavy, .ij to 40
H>. strong. tS)s; shor clear becks. 14 j»»ft*JHjf:
clear bellies 14 to II A strong. .Vs *V! >HOl LJDER.-
Square 11 fo II Ib, strong. 4»s a* I-AF.D Prime West
, in m tierces strong. *4« 3d: American refinel tn pails,
strong. M« M. CHEES>E>-Canadlan finest white firm.
«4« «d- Canadian finest colored, firm. «>•» ♦"! TAI-LOw
f : Prim* city firm 2Ss. LINSEED OII^-Firm. 2ts.
T"t ? RFEN4ixE-S?lrltr Brm » M. PETROLErM-
«*»d- 7-1 ROPIN — Common. *-.e*dr, **» »d-
Bo«*on 1* -ThS boom in the wool market cen
times with the New England mtU situation ••• 1
favorable condition Transactions are largely ■- wool
to arrive, and heavy dealings are reported In I tah
flip, on a sound basts at We. with Arlsona selling m
the grease from 212T26c. Reports from the nest show
thi' 70 per cent of th* entire clip of the county
ammintina to R00.000.000 pounds, has been contracted
for. the early buyers reaping the benefit of tha rising
market Only a few bags of old wool remain. The
leading domestic quotations ran«. as follows. Ohl«
and Pennsylvania fleeces: XX. 34019 c. S_ ->-3 «< No
1 washed. St>^4oc; No 2 washed. 39*i0c: fin« un
washed " "43 2.ic: one-half blood eombinir. 31JJ32.
three-eighths blood combing. Sl#S2e: one-quarter
blood c"ombing. 30JSCC. detain* washed, S»ff4oc.
Michigan. Wisconsin and New T<»rk fleeces: Fine un
washed ''■*S-4' - delaine unwashed. 29iJ3Oe: ono-half
blood unwashed. 30081 c: three-eighths bloc-d un
washed Sf»<s3T": one-quarter Mood. 291T30c. Ken
tuck^- Indiana and Missouri: Three-eighths blood. 309 (
Sic: "one-quarter blood. 2Dff3le. Scoured values—,
Texas- Fins twelve months. Mff«Tc. fln» six to eight
months. 33 ••©c. fine fall. 53ff.VSc. California: North- •
crn 83#«Wc: middle county. .VI 9 Me; fall. fre«. 45 ff 1
4?c Oregon: Eastern No 1 staple. MJ?7Oc. Eastern i
clothing fin?jiv> valley No 1. S3 35&. J"errltory |
Fine staple. 70»>79c: fine medium staple. 6S^f7oc. fine j
clothing. «s«J**c: -V.c medium clothlnif. IRT*-V; one- ,
half blood. «s£«7e: three-eighths blood. «2«63c: one
quarter blood. H.ia'Wc. Pulled — Extra. T0372?; fine A. ,
63 3C6c; a supers. 55360 c. \
Chicago. M.iv 18.— Wheat prices broke sharply to
da--, following a substantial bulge early in the
session, when the May delivery touched a new
high record mark for the- season— sl 30 a bushel.
At the close prices were He to 'Sic below yester
day's final quotations. Cora closed fairly steady,
oats firm and provision* weak.
Th« wheat market displayed decided strength dur
ing the first half of the day. and prices advanced
more than lc above the previous close. May inci
dentally rising to » 30. which is %C above the
previous beet mark for the season, established on
April 15. During the final hour, however, senti
ment became extremely bearish, and prices receded
IV- to 2 l «c from the high point of the day The
July delivery appeared greatly congested during
the' early trading. A leading elevator cc-neern was
an active bidder for that option, and the total pur
chases credited to that Interest during th« da
were estimated at fully 1.C00.000 bushels. There w«9
also considerable covering of . short lines for th
account of a firm which went into the bands of a
receiver yesterday. In addition to these influences
the market derived strength from an advance of
i ..1 to I'-.l at Liverpool, due. it was said. tr> un
favorable crop reports from Russia. Germany and
Hungary. General rains throughout Kansas and
Oklahoma appeared to have been ignored at the
start, hut. were undoubtedly Instrumental In a large
degree In causing the elurnp late in the day Th*
range for July during the day was $1 13H to $1 i..X
The close was weak at almost the bottom, with
July at 51 ISNi and May at a aa 1 *.
The strength of wheat and active demand »or tne
July delivery by cash interests caused bullish sen
timent in the corn market early In the day. Much |
of th« demand for the July option. It was claimed,
was for the account of the firm mentioned above |
which was in financial trouble. The market was j
also bullishly affected by reports of Offal accept
ances in the country. In the final hour the market ,
lost much of its buoyancy, mainly in sympathy ■
with the break in wheat. During the day the July
delivery sold between 6S*ie and IB 7 »c The close
was about steady, with prices fee lower to V
higher than the final quotations of the previous i
session. July being at 6S^c.
Oats were strong all day. notwithstanding the ,
severe break in wheat prices. Independent strength
developed during the final half of the session on |
buying based on unfavorable crop reports from ',
Nebraska. Trade, however, was not extremely j
active. The market closed strong, with prices Me
to %c higher than yesterday's close.
Provisions were weak the entire session, owing
to profit taking brought out by increased receipts
of live hogs at Western packing centres. The close j
was weak, at net losses of 7*aC to IT^c. compare*
with yesterday"* cloe*
Summer Resorts.
Opens May 2* Select family hotel. Superior aeei«n»
raodatlons; excellent cuisine. Golf, "■■• ■•« ••■_■ 51
miles from »•» York ntr via N V .v Harl'tn R. R.
and If Y. * Putnam r R Telephone Illustrated
Booklet. EMERSON CXJkJUE, Prop.
reaeh-1 by th- ILSTEB * DELAWARE Railroad: a
paradise for children A sanitarium for everybody.
See advertisement in Sunday "Tribune."
"On th« Mountain Top."
Beginning Mar 13»b
Fresh )In*hroom» daily from
Hastings — Chickens and Steaks.
For Information aad Booklets, apply t»
li:: Broadway. »w Task Cl»».
Main hotel now open. Largest and most raoderv
Orchestra. Social diversions. Table supplle* ttvm
own farm and greenhouses. Garage. Writ* for Pbs
rial Spring rates and booklet, showing hotel. Kitta
tinny Park scenes, auto maps. Klttatinny <-.->arh me«Cs
all trains. Q. FRANK COPS. •
For these who seek the best In location, appoiatmsttt.
servics and comfort. Pal»— mh Water dap. Pa. Jlsjar
npen. Hemains open to December. Bn'->k;«t an<l Ama
TTiorou^hlv modern. Superior table and oervlc*; staaaa
h«s>>; all diversions: orchestra, <»rdxe. Booklat. I. 9.
IVIiON. Prop., lit. Tocono. Penna.
Information at 42t> Broadway. N«w York City.
opens jine »TB. IMS. ■* ••
New York Otßce with Town * Cauatrr.
Astor Trust Bids.. 3*3 nrth A»».
O. D. SEAVET. Manager.
Magnificent Scenery. Beautiful r>r!Taa.
Invigorative Climate. Pur« Water.
Finely- Equipped Garage and Stables.
Ba Sites for Sate. /^f
Se: for booklet, also Auto Koad Map.
elm shade form,- - Ki'tgeield. C->nn.: op«n «TI
year; M- J. H. FBRFY Ftoj>. All /^vantages of
B«rkshlro 'tills found within l L i hours «f X»» Tork Ctrjr;
altltti.i# *X> r«et; pur« warer: best of everything tor th»
table anO c>r>-l service; accommodates 2.1 cuests. Cottars
on grounds for rent.
Cu»hing * I«UDd.
Opens June 2tsth. Copl. invicor*tinf cliiaiite. Pur»
M t»r Booklet. Address BOTCE & HAiriEUX Ho«I
Martha XVa«>hinirf«n. Ne--^ York.
Csnada's id»»l resort, on bemutif-il M.i.^sa»:rp! Lalsa, ea*
r.tght {'cm N»w York »- -. Ecstort <no ch«nge>: four Sours
'-"m Montreal an,l Qu»b«-: 3X> gruests: S3 sn-J »♦ ye? d»r :
we*k'.v. $U up. Casino Orchestra. Gel*. Tsnnls. B»w!tnc
G-ee-" Bathim Good Fishins. H^rse?, Boats an* Caaoo.
Booklet* '-, A LE BAROX. Pr?p . North ebsbbbT. 0a»-
N«w York Offic*. 1123 _^ _
C/fi; UoteU.
I>iattngu!sh4.i for its clientage, appointments and
location. Ecjua.ly attractive to permanent an«
transient gueats. Perfect quiet
Summer Hotel. "Whit* Mountain*.
Spring Resort^.
yrw* jebset.
, Atlantic City, N. J.
The Acme of Modern Hotel Equipment and LvnrT.
Chas. O Marquette. Mgr. D. S. White. Prasft.
\riA\Tir CITY. >. J.
Situated directly on the ocean front, surrounded *▼
I Its own spacious lawn, which Jotna the beaca anal
boardwalk. Meat lib*ra:> appointed and liberally can
ducted hotel on the New Jersey Coast.
On the Beach. Fireproof. Send for Literature
The Leeds Company
Plreetly on the ocean front, with unobstructadl
view Salt water in a!l batfts. Hot »nd cold watsr
in most bedrooms. Always op»n. Booklet.
SGarlboroogD - SlenDeftn ;
Particularly attractive durtas; Atlantic's rreat Sprtai
and Summer s-asorm: Hay and June are moot dallfJMr
[ rui months josiAH -\%'httt: jc soys . OMPAJIT.
■A. The Tribune received at their Uptown OCScn. No
1364 Broadway, between 3t«th St. and 37th st_ ■■*«. »
o'clock v m. Advertisements received at tb» Mssvvssj
branch otflcea at regular office rates until l • o'clock p. m - :
vti . :*• *th aye.. a s. cor. 23d jt. ; 133 «th aa»a,. <or.
12th St.: 104 East l*th at: 257 West 4*l St.. t«tw««a
«th and ith arm . 2«1 West 123Ui st; MB 3d ■*«. . ,

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