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- S^gested to Prevent Increase Here of
"" Undesiratle Aliens.
„,„, o f The Tribune.
2»*^£-r~u of ImmlsraUon tell, that
S5S 5 * ~*< many Imxnlsrants reached the
-& **** ,n, n vprif of this year as in April. 1308.?
j^E» ecntiibuted the 'ar^ert number of
tA** 1 _. '. \\ n c! ue iriay add they cam*? from
&*' /'-art of Italy. Xow that we have a
& !**"Vr~ f j n „niETatK_ of -whose tried ability
qjßS*^ 0 er ___isai «* had oomplete assur
f3 d _*y^-j^ MM _ f tc-rvice in the t>atne offior?. may
tS* a J^., soaie Improvement in the mn-ter of
ma* €i '-^eii«-!> Of this Incoming tide of aliens,
t&Vfa Oim members of the Black Hand, fere
•:■-•■■ tv he for us not a benefit, but a curse?
f!! **«tt Er. Bc*a__ler, the president of the Xew [
**' fyv Vlssion Tract Society-, is right when he '
V<^ °V .**i« sioppaee <'f a!! immigration for a.
»** rr * t V len ~ years po that the coßintry could as
_^rW« present pouulaUoo.- Mr. Williams, the j
ir? ■* Cgaa^aOmet of Inimi?r_tio:i. declared
J **serr:n3 ln tlli; ' <>ffi "-"« >«&r s -a^ o - tha^ * AVp
*** aslo"' for nifre jjecuniary gaSn to endang.3l
'^nioril idea.?, institutions and character, and.
**" t^g. earners ir.usr not be' driven <>ut of
j£aßT_*«t *3" «"<''^r''- i ' 3c>r >' coinpietttloa wiUi for- 1
'^-j'rf _n und-u'v low standard «.f Jiving."
*^*" a t ti"^s time, when in this grea'i overcrowded
%C^h«oon?* sli "'" l>f population is ■ .direct cause
*^«_c^ tqimc— to— - and criminal degenerates to
r<«ac«ra 10 ♦=" ■•-■.' T -''^ i'i'- 1?t Ueedlesa of our citi
*** ori* * =° l - " <v — - € ptenntog to :»eL-ure a pcr
*\^t~c'ts co~_mls_k>n. aiso j^an for
tstr " tev^ re restrict]' c measures as to The entrance
* » <v ir city of any -"md all untit aii—is? Indis-
X^iaat* -° a * yea Ualf restraint.! JTr<migra.tion
-"«irrng this Etate raflttaas cf dolla-rp in caring
(£!»__• sad otber-ise defective sMeiiß
*"tv ffisres" (ft- Pet rosin o, the able d^ilecrhe. and
_M«_tTV-* -i' 1 " 1 aided In v'»nnir!g his funetal
has s?!oKkrd our people's faersse of hu
__ry _n-3 i^ 1 ' 'iealjnp. A lav forbidding under
lie larding of any Italian »tio could not
* n«- » certiSci Hf- from the Mityor or Jtieacl of the
"« of fIW town from wliich he r_n»: that he is
vc^r" to be a r_s>ecta_le man and un _?r no ban
cf «ss~i w « nJ S* II nell ' lo so "" nr " a sarkma problem.
J-J3, 1 Tvcsild propose a measure to compel all
■- L gßßir «_o come here with no iraerstion of be
p^w_Mse_g'^-- «r_o f_tl within a certain time
to ta* 1 fcr natutaUatloa to pay a tax.
tn,.-,_?v I ask- Ehoald avy one be allawed to Bit
«t»a-t» bs€ of I>"li:nt;es1 >" li:nt;es aci - share in eqr national
cfcates* aslets he bfl c'othed with soa-Jewhat of
e^r^t and b- wflltag to act a? a self-vcspecting
j>««. is c principle '-I self- protect ion inherent in
iB catioas. ia which there is no fcisot;;y or pro
errptioc of any la-n -a^:c;ing• class, _T:d SJBB] as a
... : .. must irat this principle into action now b«-
ViK -f.-«rse things niay I'rfail us.
_nr Tcrk. May VL B*S
Ffcjadss Wants It Use Prevented is Con
ducive to Consitmption.
ffo the Ediier of Th- Titbune.
Sit: The axtenticn of the public }ihs ho«n called
to tie increase in this cUjr^of ihe *-white plague." 1
Mr. ytfVT Straus i.- rej»rted to bava declared
tVjjt it Las v-05' the cltl 3SST? than a billion dol
*- tsn. .This is the expense estimate j think of the
' suffering ar.-J Borroxsr^ Tlios'S interersu-d are looking
to every direction for mctiods of rrevenuion ami
' tMaas of cure, while one of the most prevalent
ra ctr_j_ti __'_ui__l Ifl enjLftely _ j>v«rk>okedJ To it
the ej-es cf the cetkera for a i-ulutiim of the prob
lem seem Kb— _— teljr tJvS€«l— tobacco ke! A
. protected erfl.
Toba«>o. causijig. as it <k»e?, physic— l prostra
tmj. deterioraticTi of tissu^. Jisturbanre in the
Wvod, c_ai:gt? in the re«l rxa-puscle—, enlargement
E_d s<ire_t?s of the ixmsilf', do^flity and irregulariry
rf heart action. Irri:atlon of the mucous surfaces
Df tie Ikzlsz ar.4 parvi^l paralysis of the glandular
rrru.n-jrr -.--.• tte nervais exert a coutrolllng
io-ce. has * great fleal t-j <3c with the ■ i<*rin_
r* the ETste:n _n easy prey i" consumption.
I*. The power of l_e tystem to rts^t disease is
«imin_.n_l ay th« narcotis -lid other conditions
t>roduced by tobacco smok« and albo by tobacco.
The boy _»1 growißg m_n aty deUUtated. de
pressed and made anaemic by it. a.:id conseq.oently
more r-asceptiVie to all Giseaa-s. including tnber
rulosis. And of the oider raw- to tobacco
• end having so far escaped the uiidrrtakc-r, in a
Bullion of thtm you ceu hajtily find ten entirely
-•ell. Tobacco smoke does Tuft destroy disease
r r-Tin>, but it does destroy ardiraJ life. T?ie large
- amount of carbon nionoxi'e g_s in toh&coo £iooke,
to say Dot— his of other ;wisons. eboold l>o t>uJn
• • ri»nt ti< condemn it.
Will the authorities do anything Icm king to wlp
r Jng out this cvii, tobacco awoke" If so. we will
* _« a Ion; way on the road to wiping out the
-, -*"«*ite plague."
.- Sew Y«rk. May n. 80.
. To the Editor of The Tribune,
*ir: "Whether H_rrk-t Eeeciier Stowe's "Uncle
Teai's Cabir." nlUnjately worked t_.e duwr.Tall of
fravery by its inherent logic aud argument I will
not undertake to say: but lata events in Russia
-ad Turkey ia tha worklii? of the "niills of the
troi^ reroir.d "js that it is now s-ome sJxty years
■ •SBC* the first edition of that volume appeared,
and. as a student. I rt-coliect the. great awakening
WUS by the p_bUc__on, boUi ■:-:.:.. South,
and recall its ttro_g impression uiM>n my youthful
- nind; and that, particularly, or the concluding
faience: "For not surer is Uie et«irnal la.w by
*_icb the millstone einks In the oc*an than is that
«troag«r la-w fry wh'eh injustice and cruelty thall
irraf on nation* the wrath of AJmighty God" 1
K»w prophetic these words, _nd hrrwr literally ful
«W. ye need cot lo^k far around "us to discover,
•r pause to uitrent the execution of the inexorable
3»w •which «BW:: - mil!ior.s of the horaan race.
Aad so. to-day, f.m'.d th« shock and turmoil of
ti* tiac. t_e a_tuianoe ■•■: . .iilr.s to us that the
•Alßig: ■ "Shall net fall, nor be discouraged until
• <Be hath set judgment in the earth"; while we
P- nneiaber that He has eaid: "1 will ehake ail i.a.
: **■•» and the Cesire of all nations shall come!**
Tork. May _U 1303.
Jcijt Haugjj Ei ST1 -■: an order in the United States
~^i« Court yesterday on the application of JDis
"*=* Attorn-y "vVis* directlDe the clerk of the
Cfc " i t0 tapound and retain tn his custody _ii the
[^f^sst books-, check books and papers of Otto
_ Co. which were turned over to th« fed-
srasd jjijy by Receiver Lindsay Russell in
tC* 1^ r»;orfis ana documents were used by
-* •***'- j_-y _j connection with its inquiry Into
__^«adal op*r_tiors of F. Augustus Heinze.
t^^iCTS. Erea_-_7 an* 84th rtreet. advertises a
**•«! fa_porte_ natura.l color Eii&ntuuss and prir.t
*= ieaaajs la the lsiest designs. An catering or
£Js**"** robes <■* sheer L-tiste and lav: com
-=atJoa« Is announced. Women's knit underwear,
***•■» . tra!st« ar.d handkerchiefs are on sale.
3CtARr> v>-*cr 2S<S .street has a display of mii-
s***X 14th street. west of Fifth aveuue. rails
-. i^ 1100 to * closing ***• of spring stock, which
{": ~»«a3«s French batistes, silks. •women's ellk
'dresses, muslin curtains, tailored euits, plllo-*
•■^asesaaj kimonos.
Bt *>OSGXGDAI>E ?, Third avenue and BO
«••?» a sale of Irteh crochet lace at exc«p
■^~al vahi«s. As annual sale of lingerie waists,
-*--or_t_jr trimmed. i« artaounced.
■*-_». 21A.TTHE7SVS* 6OJ.S. Brooklyn, advertlM
» i :'-:-: '- : -- collection of Royal -•-- nigs at _o
**« ■bcdCM.
-j^^AßaM & BTBAUS. Brooklyn. caU.*t:»n
05* ■■ a bbfljet of tarsaln*. .. )
Church Mat Go After Sinner*, Mr.
Converse Tells Presbyterians.
Denver. May _2.-Less stateltn^s and more de
mocracy. lops lounging- in the luxury of the, church
waiting for the sinner to approach and more evan
gelism among tiie lowly, -were the keynotes sound
ed at to-day's ami to-night's sessions "{ tlie Gen
eral Assembly of the Ires:> •• ••..>ir/i.. TVi*>
les.l in advocacy of this doctrine ms taken by
John H. Cjonver^c, president of tiie Baldwin Looo
motlvt Works of Philadelphia, who. in nulling.
liis report as cba !rm__ qf the committee on evang^.
listic work, said that the church had been alto
gether too dignified to go out after the sinn«-r and
lia.o been contest to rest in state awaiting the ap
proach of the seekor for solace.
A noteworthy feature to-day was the gathering of
the "Blue aud Gray" veterans, who were addressed
by Dr. Barkley. the Moderator-elect, a former Con
federate vt-teran.
It Is regarded as probable that the next assembly
will meet at Atlantic City, although Lids far the
meeting have been nia<le by Cleveland and Seattle.
To-morrow there wili be devotional cervices, a
sermon by the new Moderator in th« Central Pres
1 byterian Church and a. parade vf Sunday school
children in th« afternoon.
"Get out in automobiles, in carte, on the curb
stonet-. anywhere, only be pure you «srin men to the
. church." was the advice given by Mr. Converse.
"There was a time when ive ■,- the Presbyterian
Church considered it Vrnath our dignity to preach
the Gospel fxoept In the i_<>?t luxurious churches."
be said. "But that time has passe« 3. It is time
! now to go to the tinner, and not ask the sinner to
cow:'? to you."
Other i-epcrt? were submitted, and the following
important eomirirtee chairmanships were an
: -noun-^ed .
Judicial — The Rer. J. Gray Bolton, of PiiHadel
Education — Dr! i"d?*"- P. Hill, of Chicago.
Foreign Mission? — The Rev. Howard A. Johnston.
of Colorado Springe. Col
Ministerial Relicf — The Rpv. Josiah \lc.ljpari.\ l c.ljpari. of
Salt Lake City. -
Finance— Joseph 3yK_rpa«oe, <-f New Tork
Jiome Miss'or.F — "vV. I^. MeEwan, Of Pittsl-urg
Bi'lF and Overtures— T>r. P. P. FuTWrrton, Of St
j _Tb» Rev Morns T>. Kd'varas. of St. Paul
1 Colleges Th« Btev. H. I Mendenhall. of Msw
[ York.
\ Bf-Tievolenc" 3 — Dr. H^rb^rt A Manchester- of Bos
Narrative— The Key. Fountain Tt Farrr.nd. r>r TA
Synodlcal Home Missions— Th» Bey. Tlzra B
Newcomb. of Cedar Pvapi'ls, la
Brotherhood — T A*. H. Scott, Of Philadelphia.
Sanger Had Lost His. and He
Didn't Look Well m a Skirt.
Jacob Sanger Is eighteen years old, small for hi*
age and cf an economical turn. He lives^ in a fur
nished room at No. ... 113 th street, but the
adjective Is a misnomer.
• --day morninp Jacob put on his rainy day
trousers, which are likewise used for workinsc
wear and for Sunday-pro-to-mee.tiru:. The reins de
scended and the Hoods came »•• dampen thctse troni
sers. so that when Jacob 4- •■— tied home tn th»*
iift^rrnon they had to be hunt; out to dry. Jacob
•went to. bed. it l*ins the only tiling he could do.
H> fell asleep also, whi-h was entirely unnecos
sary. however, and cxcee»iinc!y unfortunate. a.«
later events i-r<">ved.
He jiwoke to find that some one had appropriated
the nether garment of his outfit. His landlady had
peen no suspicious person nN.'ut the house. tsh«>
was very eorry for her roomer's inisfortline — and
would a skirt be of any help?
Jaix-b tnoußht that it would— at least, until he
could report his loss to the police of the Kast lMth
street station. JDotiiiiiifj th" hybrid attire, he
liastened to the station and explained his pred'.c;*
jr.ent to Lieutenant I'onnf-rs. The latter turned
cut the reserves, hut as They lined up before tho
desk H was seen that all th« )it;htwe:ght« were
either on patrol or ofT duty. S.r^ioin Krwelatui
wa.-- t!:e EJnsJlest DM in the «roup. aful he would
outweigh Jacob two u> fine. ,
"Tills is terrible." said tho Ue.utenut.t- 'You're
the smallest man in the pls^-. sergeant. Produ.-*>
a pair of your trousers fur this. lad. end turn out
your men ard find the inissinir pair-"
"Say. lieutfiiant." eaid : S*-rg<jaiit Kk': after Jacob
had departs, "do you think the boy look* uny
better froin^ th— _ he did t-oiiiingV" .
"Six of one and half a dozen of the other," re
plied Connere.
Compressed Air Tank on the Ida
May BloiLs Up, .Killing One Man.
OgtSen^burs, N. V., May 2- .— The compressed air
task of the powerb oat 10a May blew up this
sifteroo'JCi. killing Peter Wfcdenboff, of Jiridgeport.
Conn.. BbohMl engineer , # and fatally injuring- Harry
Purtell, of Oereljtnd, chi»"f engineer.
■WadenhofT was blown through a partition ajrainst
the hull, his right arm Vt-iiur torn off and his
hea.'i crushed. He was '>-,! when found.
Purtell was blown through a partition into the
cabin, lit bad recently returned from 'Monaco,
where he handled the engine on the power b'._t
raier Standard at the international rejraita.
The explosion opened the wans of the boat,
which settled on The bottom at the river.
X— 4 Ida May is the largest power boat rruiser
on the river, being- 80 feet long-, of &jO horsepower,
with a double-acting motor, started by compressed
The cause of the exoloElon is not known
Actions for Separation and Breach
of Promise Filed.
Dr. Isaac Stiefel, who practice* medicine et No.
68 Ist street, is suffering a legal affliction that
might easily be responsible for a compound fractuT«
of the heart In the strongest man. His if?, Mrs.
Minnie M. Stief^l. is suing him for a separation.
and Miss Kate Davis Auerbach Is suing him for
bre-ich of promise, asking- $25,000 damages. Jus
tice Dayton awarded Mrs- Stiefal yesterday 125 a
week alimony and $230 for counsel tea.
Mrs. . Stlefel charges that her husband assumed
the name of Charles Goldstein on the day she mar
ried him in Jersey City In May. 1905. £he says
that she did not discover at the t.'mer that he as
sumed this name because she could not read Eng
lish Subsequently, however, one of her wo chil
dren by a previous husband made tho discovery.
LORD & TAYLOR. Broadway and 2Mb street.
Fifth avenue and 19th street, announce a sale of
women's gowns and dresses, consisting of rajahs,
pongees, foulards. cr*pe meteors and inessallne
silks, at exceptional values.. An offering is road?
of princess lingerie dresses of French mull, elabo
rately trimmed with Val»nclenn«»p lac« and medal
lions in all colors. v
STERN BROTHERS. Welt 23d street, advertise
a tale of tailored walking suits and dresses. An
offering at decided reductions Is made of women's
cloaks, including-" pongee, paletots and si'.k-lined
materials. An annual clearance of misses' anri
girls' •tt-earirg apparel and a sale of assorted lac^s
at exceptional values are announced.
ARNOLD, CONSTABLE & CO.. Broadway and
19th street, call attention to an unusual sal* of
printed foulards of Imported and domestic maket.
An offering of Tconen'* tailored suits of serge*,
mohairs and English worsteds, adapted after for
•icn models. is displayed. An assortment at Eng
lish eraln travelling ' Tags and an eUotneat of
summer bedding are also advertised.
When fajs ■wife complained to him of the alleged de
ception Dr. Siiefe! explained, It is said, that he as
sumed the name of Goldstein because his parents
objected to his marriage.
- The wife charges, among: other thing*, that her
h'^'banJ treated her cruelly. She says that he has
an income as physician for lodges and societies of
KOO a week, besides having an extensive private
In the breach of rtrotnise case Miss Auerbach
says that she and Stiefel worked together as "op
erators" In a Broadway cloak house about ten
years asro, and she advanced to him the money for
imp medical education. He proposed marriage to
her, the plaintiff say*, and she accepted him, giving
him Hi! her savings. But when Stlefel got h«s
medical degree he apparently forgot her. M'ss Ausr
bach complains.
The present Mrs. Stt-fel wa? the widow of Max
Singer, a restaurant man.
Builders Are Busy Along This
Popular Thoroughfare.
The prominence of Tremor.t avenue es a great
business thoroughfare has been further accentu
ated by several recorded leases recently. One
lease, affecting the northeast corner of Tremont
and Washington avenues, a three story brick
building. 40x100 feet, was made by John Finger to
Hegeman & Co., the druggists-, for twenty-one
years, at a rental of over J^.<>'(» » year. They will
remodel and occupy the premises at an early date.
Another leaee, covering a five story brick apart
ment house, with stores, on tho north side of Tre
mont venue, 28 feet west of Washington avenue,
40vi..i feet, was made by Sarah Hart and Marco
Brothers to Clement H. Smith, for ten years, with
option ... purchasing the premise?. Mr. Smith.
•nho o^ns the adjoining corner parcel fronting on
Washington avenue and also property in the rear,
now ..-ontrols a plot 62X153 feet at the . northwest
corner of Tremont and Was-hingtnn avenues, which
he v 111 improve by the erection of a first '" las?
store and office building , . .
No .- . Tremont avenue, 20xlW feet, on which.
w; is en old building, has been leased by Uement
H Smith for a loner term, with the option of pur
chasnE. The building has been entirely reinoa
elled by Mr. Smith/ and will be occupWO as a
branch .■ a downtown retail store-.
At the southeast .-orner of Washington and ]r»
Trmnt avenues, 100x10) feet, ov.-r.e-1 by C. A. Booker.
president of the Bronx Borough BanK. the o.a
frame buildings are now being remodelled ana a
modern store and office building is being erected.
whi--h will h<" ready for occupancy in about tniri>
Rents on Tremont avenue, between Third and
"Webster avenue*. hay* advanced, it ia sal nronj
*0 to 100 per cent in t_S '.as' five years, and all
new leafc*f; are <nad« on the basis of aoout si^j a
front foot tor inside stores and 1200 to 1250 a fout
for <-orn»r?.
Richmond Hill and Hempstead to House Great
City Overflow.
The Jump ahead taken '-■' Jamaica and the
place* In the same realty zone is strikingly tHM
trau-d in the improvements in the Richmond HI!!
and Hempstead sections. They will roon haveth*
eml-owered green app'-aran^ ■•' Shelton «rvetiu«.
■"here the architectural beauty ..f the houses ■■
much enhanced by the wealth of foliage and lav.r
decorations. These are but a few of the far
reachtng improvements that have been made srd
nr* making !n the attractive Jamaica section
Arthur F. Dv Cret & •0.. J^e sold a large
improved parcel fronting en Harold avenue, at
Ocean Side, BaMwlns, Long Island. Jt includes a
large .welling:, several fin*- s?ahl*s. a bowling alley
and boatbruae. The buyer i? a -Wall Street broker.
• i. - will occupy th*. pr»ml-eF
The same firm also sold N«. 1375 Pacific street,
Wrooklyn. a throe story and hewmrat brick dwil
ing, to a Manhattan c'.ient. Also sold the Coding
ton farm at Bound Brook, N ,i . constetinf ■>!
about one hundred acres of land. Also «oM to ■
ChlcagD client No. 22U West IXaI Hreet. and rpscl'l
lor him the property. He tooK In pa>Twent a tr -'
Of land on I. "pc Island.
Adam* & Keelrr have leay.d at RMir*fi<«l<J, ronn.,
a house un West l_*ne f<T Mrs. 1.. 1_ t'empw-y to
Mis* Mabel I>. Hyde, a house in Rlflp« »v»jiu» for
Mrf. UeDoug-li nawkea to Mrs '>• L. Pos»>
thwaite.'a lii>u*e fur tfn» liockvici! osta'e to M.
Myn_le_4 and a h'Hip* f>n y?e*i Ijmi* for Mrs. I_
L. S:nilh to C M lns«rsoll.
■ ■

4, ....
T.on S wfX>4 «*<■. ■ m ror Truit.in »t »«M; lUn
nah V Lh-jirs'^r loan» Truiiun r:-_:t>- Co
E".i».nn ay«- r • 838 ft 11 <»f Marrl.-i »'. 'jr.xH"'.
Commercial Kmano. i"v loans ili<- _*••—« Im-
BuS3o-c« ! B.">'-a;*S»*Vt"i"it iii-rin «. 3ixi6->.
C Butler anj Wr!_hl C OSMI. ej«"jtors .
Bt jß<*O_u ' avV. ' « ' '*'. ' -SMI ft '■ or 1 45tU 'et .
.'.<>.\l«J<> Frrdcrlrk Or»Brau_£ loans Swtri BsUd
Irs Co
T^ead the announcements of \
European Hotels, Resorts ]
and Shops appearing in 'Übe
tribune Wednesdays, Satur
days and Sunday*, and earn}
a ropy of the paper as a
reliable and handy guide.
Long Island Heal Estate for Sale.
On «.-H-h- '• ooawsafetit to Now York, tlfw ; acre of
land- re»-1y now; n\ c laxse rooms *n<l bah: One i*thniK
beach. A. P. H.. P O. BOT 1387. X. Y. C .
Unfurnished Apartments to Let.
■ """A— A.— T!
jt-4 st Nicholas »v«, corner ISUt St.. elwator apart
roent- elegantly dec-orated: five, six room*; exceptionally
55_tr rents $45 and $48; day sad night e-rvlo*. POCHEH.
I2fi West 54th St.
Summer Cottages for Bent. v
_»1 taee for rent for *»ason: 11 rooms aad bath: Brielle.
M I ' larse plarza: tor and stable; mod KttpWVO
rnents; near ocean end station: rent greatly rrduced to
rSeponslble tenant. AparUngnt 3 We«. gSO V. ■ f*4th »t.
bungalow: Avon. X. J. CRAIG. 1* r...:-T -; St.
jßt'a/ Estate for Sale — New Jersey.
L> land large house, slats roof. brick lined; U.rg«
outbuUdic«f; fruit trees, rut.be , t>«au<ifu! lawn;
Hfaax »tation; 2S znUes out ob Peni_ylv__i» Railroad,
eacr'ire for $4,000: easy terms.
WC. REEVES _ CO.. 121 East Ztl Et .. Manhattan.
MAN. fir«t class reference as to .-haruc
t<?r and business ability, with health anil
<*nerisy to accomplish wiaat he undertakes. i
ING preposition that only needs rerwun <■«
v<?ir>pm»m io make It a big profit pay«r: j
wants ■ 3rr . either man or woman, to fUT-
Tiirh the necessary funds. - fcr which -b*!f
interest will be. given: will take less thav.
S 1«.000 to put r'tvjxf-rty in share to PET
large earnings for years to come: MW- j
tiser can manage and run th* properly to j
gt-t best. results :' this is a rare opportunity |
tor person seekins a good yearly mee~»
from ■ ccnvv&thel; pwUJ Investment: in
fact Jt is a fortune for It* man or woman
who can rut up the morey: (_£e'.*W WJ
thinj partis or asftnts to deal *Rn. "fwJJ
Information. a.«sa>s and references trtfl h«r
furnished to responsible persons Of au
iressinir A- O. lfic«r, car* of Succras Ad
vertising Co.. F. O. Eox KJ. Albany. N. T.
FOR SALK, by owner?, a COOjO-acriJ tract
of «oo<l a«ri«;u tv d' pralrl« land?. ..>' ar *'>
under cultivation: - s«ts of bulHiinSE:
one mile from rx-autiful growing rai .n.n u
vt!lagp mi the Northern Pacific Rainvai.
with a largp n»w creamery in PPJt*9°°;
This trart Is located In fn? of the l.e«*
da in districts of the Northwest, -y^.c r.avt
severs Mstrrlre.l head of Fpl*T.inj PW«
rows and heifers, ronsietlnp of bhcrt
horns. Rla r.v.:= aivl Hei-eMrda: also.
hoisea and machinery. We t.oulil. prrf«r tt
sell this as a wh'.le to parties witaang v
for colonUa purpc-s?s. or viii ?eU -tn
anmJler tra..t?. w.ifr. thp amount of otflCK
end rnachln<-r>- thai purchaser a*s:ve?. it
the rl"3\-- proposition int'Tfsts >»« write
us an.l ■»• will M-nd you rrap shov. n ■ i '\~
oa'lon. or any oilier inf«3_-tian ■nantefl
Good, lire apfnti «-«n_ri. .sd'irtss I. <_>.
Box 253. St. faul. Minn.
advebti semi: NTs and subscriptions for
Tl-e Tribune received at their Trplown
Office No. 1304 Proadwav. between Mrii
md S7th sts., untii 9 o'clock p. HI. Ad
wtisenwoti received at the folios-inn
bran-h Offices at r^puiar effioe ra'es until 8
o'clock p. m.. viz.: - • Mh aye.. s. c.
ror 23d Bt j 1f.3 «">th By*.. cur. 12lh :»t. : 104
Kast 14th rt.: i;ST W«« 4^d ft.. _etwe»
7th anti Srh s^s.: 2fiS West 125tb Ft.: 1035
Rd aye - !"'-^i S<l a.*.. n»ar rtlst «=' : 1703
Ist aye . rear 88t* at .: 1"7 raft 12. .th st;
-i& r< >^,-,-! a-.- • 6T.0 3d ay«
bo.vi;i> .\>l> BOOMS
I MADISOK AYE H7". ff'4 r*G. —suites and
'. sincle taar. r>'l^-atp baths: exce!k-nt
i board; t»l(=phon^. block from Central Park.
I ROCKHI'KPT, Spuyten Dnyvll-oti-H—lson:
r 30 mtnul tir'Th ypir. ' Misses L's'.ey.
! 227 th st Tel. 1041. — Klr>?sbn<Jg«.
i 71 M \ PIS' >X AVE.i-De»lrabH» !ar«rc *rA
• sr.:a!l rforr.s. with <>r without I card, f.ini
ilies or per.tiemen. summer prices, refer
' BnAl'TTFl"^ PARLOR, v.-lth a!c^-.o; I3r?»I 3r? »
front nv>m. rur.nins: wafer, bcth; also
! «mall rctrni; reasor_ble, riuiet hcuse. 14S<
1 West loth si
I , : ___
Square, near fiist l^.th >;.-Ttra rooms;
j ovenocklng r'ark. Tc! 21C7— Stuyvesant.
I TVAVEJ?--^ PI-ACE, 103. — Beautifully
furnished: ore room, with privats bath.
i fir. ,*r week.
I .
I LARGE FBCXT ROOM and alcove; lots
cf clo«et roo^i. convenient to all cars; in
I rci-ate hrijfP: ?."» tve«-k 3!4 W»fi s?th ft.
"M Cromwellian Gate Table, size
, 5 f«,.t t 4 ifl r.a«t ?4'b f
: FIRST <"LASS r~rencn <srpssmakin<r: eve
nlni?. ball. Street, -ae^-inc Ur^sses. lates:
r<^%rii<«.^: remodelUn_.<" 623 Le_taiton aye..
r>.i- f<''- »t
MANHATTAN HoQ—j Ci^«R !r! fr ard Rer.o
ra'inj: Pureu'J •Jarr.es K. Garner. Prop).
M! ni^n^cr of hom»e_*__us« att»r.dod to.
??' V■■ • . £ f!i ft 'Pr^rne «60— Chelsea.
1 (Ml §' hair pprssiyc.
ANNA M CONSIOINB, 15 Wftt 4Mh »•
"-iar Dth a.«. "Pbone 4£C3— Itrj-ant.
! MsnlrurlrF. Marcel wavlnfr sralp ani faco
j ir.twag. _
' MORRI! S CRI.'PAIN. H3 I^enox ar e . Tel.
' 515* — Mornlr.*»!':<v Kur llceJ ,oat«. over*
ccsts and rising h«b!ts
_ LiVB POCX.TRT U.-.ißht for
f~-^n rash. his!. eat _tarkrt prtces: t*r.-<
j f»^7 rrf*-rcnces. Vfr *V, a?! -In-Js !1«
>i/ bcultrj; tron;pt «]«-_v.ry. .SKM-
I > i m~i. * poi.i^ck. eu n. iMh
jat.."N. T. T*. V-3— Ors:rercy.
LOfT «• BTO—E!?.— BanVbot* No 6Z7.808
«.f !h* C— ilprorrt Industru! Hantijrs flank
l-njrtieitj »vpp«nl ri'B"* return -book to
bank. N". ."1 «"h»ml*ra !<t.
AI'VKKTISEMENTa and xut«rlpt!ons far
The Tiliiii'"- received at th»!r Cptowa
Offlcv, No. 1554 T?ro»dway. between 3'"th
in^ irth «•.».. uatt! 0 ocicck p- ni - Ad
vcrtlaamenta received at tbe foliowioc
branch o"-.ces at reyu"ar • fri-e rates until S
o'clrrk r>- ci.. v:--: if* • »v« ■ '
; yiarillNXKV. "•» - A 3tn_MOliia>.
I >s ! _2:n : _. ______ ... '^" r
nins T*V»I ~. »r*cl»* mariilnery. sh»et
metal apeet»»_««: model leaking puns
j 4ev«ioi.ec; K«-n •«»: nuvaufactujtor: -_ new
if«ct'.n; inod-rn too!.-. C.r^TAVI S A.
I 81-BriCH. 1"C 4«th St.. Broclclyii. 'I'tone
: Hlt—liay iad«e.
MAfHINBST.— Cp-to-data marhine sin.;.,
»f l.uiM nil kii'da "f lU'h: n.ac.Mnery.
dies manufai t'ir«-rs' ii«!- s:jr::r.lng. work
i In* 'mod*- is. Jfcc M. J R'^ce. r*4 Hudson
»t. l'_o:;« fcCu — CheJaaa.--; __
WO leather t..-I'inn for il»at J.sd drive, all
sizes- every iwh jtuaran:»«d Kxr*l!o
EeitinK Co.. » r ' Haft >'h st.. neaj.wJßruaa
wa>. *Fhana ttw— Pprtog.
rxrrrJMKNTAi. ur.rk. ciodcl luakirts;
Im-er.tors" ld.-u» .U-vel.pwl ; reajtcmnbi-a
CfC r O.. :i! Eaii •"•-•! ill
EXPCTtIMENTAL »nd r.r»l et_ aa toolmork.
•u_r.ufjrturcrs of metal specialties. Mod
ern Tool a Byacialty 7^__^ n: -' Kjßt " lst •♦•
'hHlZF.'l'l^KT AL- GOODS 83.J pate-.ted artl
rl«-« rr.ai^ ■«> contract; decnat.'-l tlr
work Stsn'lard t;t_:i,tiluK * TX* Cu., 1M
33U st . Brooklyn- _
THlo" MIKTZ & WEISS <".a« sn.l Oil Tfi
mint aua M»r'.r:«-. "2 «o 806
B. P." Aim Mietz 12S Mutt •'.. X. T.
A p VBBT-E - ENTS and subeirli.tions for
The Till'iiii"? received at their Uptown |
OfTi.f. So. KitM Eroad»av. between 3Rt* .
and eu.. Uiitil V O'rioek p. ni. AJ- {
•ver'lN'mrrts rrvt-Jved at th« fullowlnK |
branch ofTic?s at regular cfrtri) tates ur.tll 5 :
o'clock p. m.. viz.: -'■< >•*" al .<-- ■• • i
cor 23d rt.; I-'-"- Bth aye.. cor. !2tn :t.; 1«> ;
East 14th *t.: i'."T v.-st 4.M ft., between
-tt: ard fth «vff.; 2'T. w>n lrr.th st : 1«W .
Si ay.- i:_«J ::.l a-.-., war ni F : s-.: 1.703 1
1«t ivi> '. nr-tT *Vi\^ ft : J57 East 12T.th St.;
75« Tretroct ove : • '" " 4 we.
n ttfTTiKn" 1^ B ISth st.. nr. 4tli aye
'— i;phol*t<-r> Fabrics and Curtain M:ite- !
rial. Tapestries, Iwrn—riui. l'ins!i»-s. Ye— !
lours Real and b— ttatiOß Leather. H»«tr
rloth, Cretoones. rnnc^s. Cords. Gir.ps.
Ta«.selfc. Burlaps. SiTinss. etr.
ADVERTISEMENT? and Bubscrlptl' n? f.-r
The' Tribune received at their Uptown
Offlce No. 13<v» Broadway, between ."nth
nni -"th St.- . un-1! !> o-.lork p. m. Ad
rertlsmeema recriv^d at the folliva-inr I
brand) Ofllcei at r*>^uiar cfMre rates until >■ ;
o-clc.k |.. m.. vte.: 254 ?th avt.. a. c :
cc.i 2iJ..12 iJ ..I s'.: IS2 *"th nve.. cor. ]Tt!-, rt.: l(Vi .
F._'t I4Os it: ;."•: v.-e*t 4-:j »_. between !
7th and Sth nvt-s. : ?'*3 Wett 12*'.h ?t. : l'"> C"i ,
3d aye.; !'"-•■ M are.; near 'at •'. : 1 ri " j
, Ut aye Ti*tt FO?h Bt : •'" F_«Et l_sth si : i
TIG Trernont im : •"'» 3d a-,
j _ —^^.
rot" t- TK V. a>*J i'^'J 1 ' s J^* l J>__,
TTIV Doe*, rueons. Phnjarts. Pea
Fowl ' swsn. D*"*. C__mr_w, Coid
««b i'iip ecp? for hatolilng. VVrito f_.r
pfc~s _The. Cnlted t'» ■»» v >^ey £ t
• oitir.NTAi.
no Yol' nar.t to save monn" Then let
me ret that Oriental lup for • m '• Ir.ccnt
a^ifp.^ ypA>r. ■■■■■ nr.H».v.
i OOTJKTE33 AMKI.IA. 'wonde-ful rlairw-.
„,. tnedlotn: turism. ime, marr-tx*. ;n
»itment« famity tro-W«_ »*«rytai--: sv - ;
ceMfui: MnsuluUoß SL 214 West 2Ctb st..
rVar S'.ii a\e.
---PF'VVRITER BARGAlNS? —Pemiostons.
Smiths. rn.:*rwoocs. others: c uaranteed :
*15 up- "X"** l «old. repaired. Atlantic
Exchange. 240 Bmssl»»r.
VICTOR VISIBLE. 1* Nassau St.: cata
logue free: all makts taken part pay
ment: bargains in Underwoods. r..:ro!risto__
Oilv.rs. Smiths.
ijjVFKTISEMENTS and svioserir-tlons for
i The TrlW rfcelvta at their p«>»r
p.,, 14th at.; C 57 West -_d Ft., betweei
nffi^e No. 1364 Broadway, between 86th
and 'JTth st! until 8 e'clock p. m. Ad-
TC-tl^eroents rncefved at th? foßowlnß
branch ofHww at res" 181 " office rates until d
«• clock p. m. viz : 264 Bth me., s. c.
cor" 23d St.: 153 6th aye.. cor. tCth St.; lft*
7th and Sih »"«.: :>-..> West 12Mh Ft.: iOXi
£■ aye • 1626 3d aye.. near <ilst St.; 1703
Ist «ye' near Kith s'.; 157 East l_?t_ St.;
758 Trexor.t aye., CIO 53 ay«.
AGENTS.— Distributers, either sex: <lis
ttibuta samples ointment; £1 per 100;
eelf-»d-ir««sc;fl envelop*-. Star Ointment Co.,
Altoona. J*enn.
AGE? ••..inirtß money sellici? guaranteed
UCKVAN; a_oa in home, office, factory,
shop: ocher npfirlnltlci: oxeiuslv* territory;
writ" for catalogue, Burvau Supply Co,
Etmwoixj. in. . - - ••-
AGENTS. — Tske <M-,iers for Irult and orna
mental trees. p!ar.;s. etc. : experience un
nfrces«»ry: hiKU«-st' ptKnfpJsi—eaa. payable
weekly: no delivering ."or ■ collecting: outfit
frw: steady employment, men and women.
Perry Surseritz. Koehipster. X. T.
AGENTS.— The b^t thini? - .- Oth«rs «re
ms>ane ■ n cJay. So SB! you. Pat—
OcuUira free. The Jd»al ?p*cialty Co.. Earn
V.orh^v-r. N. Y.
HfcLl- W \NTtD.
MANAGER for branch
house. One capable of
taking entire charge.
high class, responsible
position for an energetic
man of sterling moral
character. One ac
quainted with butter
and egg business pre
ferred. Address, stating
age, experience and
qualifications, R. M.
Box 8,- Tribune Office.
CAPABLE SALESMAN to coi»: territory
oatFKl*- Gre<)t*r >'•■ York wlti jtapl*
l:n« ; r.igh rommisslciis. with *100 montblr
a<l'an.«" permanent position to riplit man.
.Ip;?P II «M!TH CO..
» Detroit. Mich
KSCRAVKHf.—Fint ciass w.-x>! *osrav
rrs. at $i."i to *3i weektj • stf-aOy potd
tlaes: fjre ailvancefl. Address, pri'.ft,
H?v.-rjti BmtraTixti: icnmpany. Ctasmgo.
I MADE SSO.OOO ii. five y»-ars in the mail
order Liislnt-ss; U^au Witt K>. any on*
can «T3rt a mall order business et BOM
Jenj tor free baoklvt Tells how. ll»*cocV.
W4. Cpekport. (P. T.
I Male
n «\ r«r ff\ cm fC rs" nyr i-otment ;
i QiJiaA'J" iki L\l! L£ © « EUKI
S"6 CUi avt. Phone 30C-9 — lir.-act. B*«t
Jaianeft 6*rvß!.-.s fnrnlahed to prjvat.
fan.il-ts. hctels. cli.b*. etc.
BOOKKEEPER. ItCTWerafhej and B* ri » r » 1
o »f : ce a«ei«ar.t: th<vrr"j?!i!y capabi*: seven
,r. n *c- e-rr/>r !en re; with irhabie firm: no
» r T," Ci ~; A-Idre?s P E-. Box 15. Tribune
Office. — —
CUAUJr'* KLH.— Am«rl<a». g: exr-rien--e.l
"o-i Lo"«- car; with privau famtly: ..... «
-.ears- faaorv and drtvirse eiperierxe; any
car. Chas. \V Amia^n. Fiatt^l-rg. >■ T.
CHArFF-'CRr "colored. 2«: »tn?ie; four
y^ars driving; o-a-.i tr.erhaci- be*- refer
ence. M»Jor». i--'i West *oth at
CHAirrFECß.— Colored. 20: refewnc*: ow_
" re-^iirs <..i3 cverhituliig; rhr«e years* ex
pcrlOTce s!"P &"d r-ai; te_.^rat ?: no to
hacco: =o anj-wtar*. l-_vid Lncss. 22 1 —
■v eat l4Ut st. __________
f~n AfFFEUß— Married. poeitl.jti with
VrivaM r-m-r: «t«>d medianic; careful!
druer on ail makea f .f cars, r^d r«^r- ,
encct. TTalter Kohlhase. g>ft TBT-rt. 115 th -t. |
CHACr*rErn-ti--M«— i»nlc, _?; wrrtefl:
yean drtra ary car; -lo Oira re
paS woik. two jfcars- experience: --artful
enver ac<3 vsttul workerj beat rvfercaees;
heneat sob<r. dcis not drink or stnoke.
mtz.6r i.<9iU->n: will «c- anywh*r«. B. K.
fl __« St.. Flushing. X. Y.
CHAUSTECB. — First -'lass man: country
.. preferred: wlllitir. obliging. W. tomer
\U>. S'X! Wost SSd St.
CHAUFFEUR.— CoIored : .:itr cr country:
no Hn'ior cr icba^co habits, not afand of
work: -*liaH<-; reference. \T. T3. Hart, care
cf Harry. 34S> Vest i'jtb M.
CHAI'FKECK. tr.echairlc. graJuaJe from j
tcblDOll aatwioobile ecsin«er. with pm.-ti- |
cal eipertoire: Franklin. C-_o_w, WBM
c_r«- aito •v".:!tnp to n-.n taxical-. Ad^r^«« |
Tancab. JL*.7 East 125 th st.
tow^d In! Amerk-n. -T.. (!v. \f-ars tao- i
rorj- an<l sar-se; sober, reliable: J_.; any
",«r. N. I*. H-x 2.*.. Tribune C'iTire. _
CHAT.KFEUR.~Not afraid of •"..rk: rg- \
me famllv prefsrred. wher- Rood nftn i
-uui.l t* a;ar'-'<":3'>-': <«" retatrs.
1* ivach a.c.. M_r_aronec_. N. V. » J
OXALTTEtTR. — Kxp'rienced: careful driv- t
I »r ten jears- r^fer«-tK-e from m, flrrn: .
' flnrt riMi iTatcrini.-'. «J- Box I*. Trtb- I
uw" Oifflt*. "_ ' .. 1
riIACFFEI'R. — Kxrf-rifnced; .unra_rrte-l. ,
• ■ "4- Al references: wltn prtrata riKi.y !
iohiJsnn. _I."> K;st'->tlt «.__
CUKRBSPONDEXT «nd offic- aa_«_urt:
' ichly coir.pt tent, thorough, en-rretj?
w"rlter: 12 years' »u<.ee*sful e«pertene«,
with exceOem record. Ad_reaa ller.ry F.
COB 3, o:3 West l^lrt at I
ENgTx-ER or fireman. Sam. Kalner. 237 !
Vest t-d st^ i
r» — YFtn I VK.— Coofldentlal investUratlait. I
,v,_te___t !Ic-rsed. bonded I'-ean 3;»2
W!iu««.. Brook!:- n. Telephone 343«—
Bedford. ■ . !
driver or tratdwnaa: by »***£ a? *'|
„"„. »1__1«: thoroughly re'.lableT eoi>d
worW* reifectly »t*r; first, clas* refor- :
Jlr_»sThai security. Christian X,< £=ox 31. ■
Trtbuiw Office. (
VTf'EmTn or OII.KR— Best r»f*r*rv-e K. '
Tiernry. 3i* V.tst 17th St.. care ef Me- j
c.aiian^ !
M vmiIST?T.— Vlw real** eTr»»rieTve on i
* lifh* and flrUl: ander»ta_4» onvlr.« _tit.>- i
m__ies roriflfflce Ho« irn. whue nou»*. ;
n J. __■„— |
PA— -KB rorter or a-?:rtar.t in Mxtek. :
uri.l'.c "tore, by mtelll«em "Jerruan: ;
Mronc. wflitaK; reference* •eeurity. Kri-w. !
t47 Lexington aye. ;
PATVTEB paperhanger, decorator w ishos
«t«_.!v position; own toots. l"aiiit«T. 21. j
__»t K»tt» et. !
lords: rtty '>r country; nuKlerate was«-s. j
Crubc. - 445» West 43rt St. I
PAIXTJNO. paper*a_lt*B« an<l Bpbol»t«_Jg ;
<!ine ft.r landlards: only first PtaSM wuri.. j
John Wanh. :^" ttwtor «.
pARTTfia "I'APKRHANT.EB .~Go<»J n"> ;
.haiiir: un.lorstands i.Uvt^nnr. ple^-tncsi ;
«.i,'k- with »<»>lk: food references. I. •
Ha'jb.iriser. ' XH E.^t KWh st. .
PCRTEB CtoTored man aa'parter in cf
nee bulUling '"t hov-!«etnan tn ba<+eic/r>
place: sof"l cleaner. Christopher WeMer. ,
i::7 Weft _T.th «t. i
TIMEKKCT'EK-.-'-Bt mi'MV u«^ t l tnarrted |
,„„ or any clerical work; jr<vl a- Oit- ;
ur's- h-'"e_t. sober: l**t r-fereoeee. A. P. I
Tlur.t. nOl E"Ji« n«0 '• '
TTTOK —Mathematics lunpuan^s. ulua.
analytic*. triß..n.>tn.-tr, : conJillons re- \
m...eJ; all u'litics: .-xi>-rienr-*l jxist-nrraau- ;
b r. s;.-cl3!i»t: vurnm«-r «<-rV;. ctty or,
camp: prtnte. Before -Wedneadar; em"*, j
243 '.Vest 11 th St.
iVXNTEP — ExeiruUve position, by jounc 1
msi 80 years of Bite, who ha« had 0» '
y-srs- taalJ order experience with two erf I
Cnlca_»'a larceat baatesi tnorou«bjy uoCer-
Etanda sv«teii!.itizir-= work, convepondrtice. j
stock ahipp— i« ami hiring b«rp; hns been
<;i;r-erlr.tcliJont f.ir thr«- years. PinployinK !
"c* ii«or>Ve Wish to locate •:"■ grr«wina; :
eonooft. AC-tom A. Q. S . Trit-uue OPem. \
VnT'N'O AMKRK'AN. 21. < hristian. if ex- ;
)K.-rt ur nal .6^l? of_c»: *peaKs excelli'i 1 ! !
tcan-linavlau: low uaso- to >tart: pityara
10 ,. y yrt^i edQcation. Cedar. Pth aye.
Tel««— OBa _.'»>— Chelsea.
TOUKO MAN. 23. mervHic sn-l honest, j
■»ish«is clerical or outdoor position, ref- J
»^ on> . e « raoderau salarj. Address Peter ■
S Blake. 306 WelrfleM st., Brcklyn
TOCSG MAN. -'». Ca—wJJe, as clerk;
b-i"'nt. active: five 'ears' eip^rlence: ac
e"ate ut nsur*^; BOod r*nraan. ei"eljent
refVrt-nce? X_U-k. 417 East «Snh Bf I
ynrxc MAX. colored, as switchboard i
operator, m^'enwr or Btaoa In club; ab
gr.iut"^- honest ajfd reliable, best r^f^r
fn-?s '" PCOtt rare et cper^er, 2M West j
4f*th Rt I
lOL'-NG MAN 1n auto repair shop or ?ar- i
aroE-.t'ious. Illstingr. 252 West mi st.
YO_2CO MAN, "'. ambitious; in office cr
stcr?, vith utM vt adi_cceir!_— • |
Cleaver. ■■■•'- U7th «.
TESS.—By En b :ish genticwornan ; «:perl
eo__T trswalkur; fcood s-Uor: kno-s Ecrope
SSw^-r:^-"""** reference* 3C«ss I
Eut». Tiov 8T IJjrristown. y. J :
rWpASI'iN. &f — Refined. educ*t«d |
'^•"rr.frip woman 23. as uselul co-.^parooa
or nS?s_c^_™verness: Germas and E_sll«tt:
to tra-voi- iw June 15; '-*■ r«Jer- ;
g_^» B 33S Lafayette are.. Broo-rrn.
rr>MPANION'. &c— l wish to find a sltua-
U«n ''w a Vouns la2r «s conpanloo cr
"*'-«, (E'Kiisii branches only>. whom I
SfSufhiy r,-.-omr, M d. Address Mrs.
Andrew H. Smith. UeiMrra. N. "i .
TiPESEMIKER. — Campbell, robes. **33 Am
«Vd_ir »ve^ perfect fit:, latest styles;
lakes'^o-n mateilals laafle up; prices res- I
__^^^^_WORK_WAXTED. j
DRESSMAKER would like a IMP more '
customer*; Jl 75 a day Address YVltkov. :
101 W. m at. .Mrs. Ntelson).
GOVERNESS. — Piano ieiu-h«r desires n»t- !
tion after June 4; wiliins to b* jri-ii-raliy
usetul. to iror.iote best satisfa-Aloa an<J sue- j
cess in the work: funiculars and retereace*
exrtianfi?(J. A'Jilit** jiiM Helen M.
Fiausiikc. care of Shenaa-icah Music School,
Uaytoo. Va.
QOSXKWaS to chlidMn from 4 year* up,
by Uem.an rraJieiii. sptaking Kpsii«ii.
Freuci: «ity or >vumry: t>t«t refereiM«i
Mi*. Mv,de. .14 «r< - liith «.
Gm'KKXKPS.-By. G^rn^in prl; bast of
r<-f«?r»-nr»-s ; tan tea>-h Oman; ihUJ muv I
I* „(.«■ 3 vrars i.d: ?2i tv *». J
W*-;d'a BiiM £24 ftluaiuus aye. Ttl. i
COVERXES, *.v_Refln*l. mi<l.l!*-ac«4 !
woman a.- s"vern*s3 pr to take en:ir« I
ehaxge <rf children in ex<-hanp« for t'oa.rd
for heryfilf and b.>y of j« fnr s.;njTcer )<^>ur.- |
try: munlr, «iernian taught; v-.uJ metliOls: !
p»>"<i reffr*-nc*s. I. P.. s;a> 54ih at.. iSrook- I
2b -
MlUl>tß-A<ic:i>. refined North Utrroan
»«'jy. with fluent French. IlayMgh. Ger
man, elementary music. ee*4leworlt. £»- ]
Fires «uaim*r josjtiuo: dis*r.jcaa»<l June I; '
comfortable roum to her fit jurf coafnia!
Biirioun'liDgs mm* appreciated thaji salary;
excel l*nt referen.-e*. Addrew li V.".. I}..*
». Tribune Office.
OFTICB {xrsitwn in aummcr hotel: by r©
rtr> ' 3 ourvj woniaa: t*"st pcuu'na! refer -j
ence; »ii»!l talary. R. Anrjeiscn. ZXi V,»»t I
lith st. (.fctter oaiv>.
—By a r«sp«ctat-.:c» Toung ia.lv. Is. living •
■^■Ith parents, well re. omineri<i»<l; rortipe- '
rent: »atary inoueiate. Adirfss II . Box 21. j
TriU'iDe OfSce.
SHAMPOO and fa. Sal massage. m»c!"ir». '
mending. v r i-aie for cnill. by latfy in :
family: city or country. Mr*. Mvrgac. 171 j
'■Cfisui a-* Procklyn
— Six years" exp«rjci>c«; fiMnj. livlexir.g. |
excellent re'erer»ce»: aaJarv $1>) ■ week to
•tart X L. Connelly. 3<.v» East 7»th »'.
FANION'.— By co!W- (?raaujte; e»cell«r.t
reader, musician: Maoert referer.c»»; would ;
♦ravel Adlrers F. W.. Box 17;:. V,'e»twnod. I
J __.,
position: by your.* la.jv il«>: h»s had !
tfcre* years' experl»nc» ar ■:!!> an"l df.ut;« !
board?; highly re*-"rnm«n^*'l Vr la »t * vr -~ '
p!---.-' T C-abb. f.f'l Tark a--* ' ,
DOMESTIC KlTr*Tl«>>>» \>TKB. '
a i a>tth:n'-. - Tta-.s man. 80. slaai«. j
tn p.-i-.a-^ fartujv. i-itv <-r country; f.rsf- .
class references. Kit*, S.i CoI-iJEbus »■ * . |
•rare of Kelleraacn.
BUTIJER — Enslish: • di«er.zare-l: tmr
ouc:*' underjianos hi* 'luties: ticelent
refersncea Mh>s Marsw*-' Hrr!^o ? Bur^.iU. !
2j "VlesT 4iJ »t. Pacne 8.-.act.
EL'TI.ER — By youag Ir!ssrr^c; has first j
cla?s reference*: tnoroujhiy e^mp«teat. ]
sefct-r. r.tat. willing. J eievln. 22* t2sc •
'.tf'i' 6t ,
CAP-STAKER9.— Vacant house war.tel by |
coup!-: no children. 31. r>rls.-oi!. 3ii*\
East &kl at
COACHMA-V— Married; no enc:mbran:»s. |
CTEt-Ciass reler«ncea. c!ry or CUUSUJ
Pb?ir*. U~3 Eighth SVt
COACHMAN — Sir.g!e: thoroughly unaer
st»rds his <Jutie»; fober. near. t«a y»efaht%
trustvrcrthy; smart and ob'.ljrinz; Cnt clasa
references: isst err.floyer wnl f^rsf'r.aliy
recorr.ru»r.<l V , Tricuae I.' r town Office
1364 Broadway.
CoACHlLAN.— Tboro'jraiy ur..l»r«tands his
bviMness; befi if reifr?nc?s-. Aidr««s
Ah»am. 17* Last 7'rh st
untfersrar.:* all kinds of work on geB«!«
man c esta'.*: atrtctly rocer. can t<»tc» full
charge (jfrgn Hiii-.oy. J«f£Tson aye .
L-vcbrook. Lon« Inland.
COACHMAN— iVotch. niM> as^a. Jingle,
understands horsr<«. rarrist*?: 'an <=i-
g»Tjtie^iar* »mal; r'l»^* e -.ir 'en. ';««-■". g»r>
era'lv- uiefu!: re'» rcn'-». A<t-lres» Thrir.^s.
Tajiors Hotel. I<W Fart Row.
COACHMAN. — ?v? v neat. tidy, smooth-face-l
\\>Uhman. careful and lellatle. will t»
usef'j) at anyt'.inz nrtiiri; t*st reference
Carper.'.er's Eureaj. 154 fcth «t».
f COACHMAN. — S:r.g'.e: thoroush'v expert
•r«*l: r-numrv preferrM. ear«fol city •
drtvpr; wtil:nr airl cbiljir.g: emrl"'yerl at :
rrfsea:; naff t3t>; t*sr r^f-rences. Ad
dress P. TTaU Sl2 JTas: i^-l -«t.
(t'^'liMAN. jarde-ner. penerallv useful:
elderly German; U»st rfferfr.res from iast
employer. C. M>>hr. i<>3 St. Mark's Place.
GOACHXAICr-Cenßa*; sinsie. thwoughly
u*i | i£rs?** i '2s cit*i lino r.ois^«. •*3 f T!i>?*"s.
h»-r-es«; .artfjl .Irlver: »o^ r . henejt. wii:
tr.K r<-Uat>!e. h»at refer»nc»s. country
i pia'-e- ■<T*g»9 rea?cri*tl»- Coachman. i"*3
' 3d ny«. .
CO.VHMA.X ■- -Ptrk-'W re3?r*rate. ob'.lg
lug: nndervtantl* fc"* br.r*-s: <om;»ten:
nl] Lranclfes: rnrea v»r« 'a.«t employer,
just dlsenjagwd aoc-junt uivirs- u;> bor»»ai:
l-«- r«-ccnfroen'iatlon«. J . Tribi:n» T'r' >>ir n
Ofßm 13t ; 4 Broa£«ra>.
CQACJOtAJf-^-Swede; el.lerly man; slrs>,
thoroughly ond»rMand» care f!i:i- hor?e«:
wiring l» *be useful, her.* mere than
w*£ps: b*»t rcf-ren.^ M. F.. f.\~. '-ih aye
CO^'.'HMAN - GROOM — Colore.1: ex?ert
*iir*.i: un-ieretarrt' hors»>i. Rn<- carria«»?:
oMisir.g. lr.-e;.TT.achab!e reference. V\'i!lins.
Tribune fptown Office. ISC4 Knia^lway.
<O*<"HMA.N". USEFUL MAX. — Inder
srana* c»ra <>f nn- hocae»; careful driver:
-i»!fitinif. »-v e*nti»£rsn - 5 r.'a<-»: rro<l
rrf-ren^e R. ZlmmrrU, Tribune I'ptown
O3i':e. 1?<>1 B»o«dwBj
COACHMAN —Single: reat ai'&«aran.e:
*«:l experienced: r*liab'^ worker: fi/st
riass driver and a!l detafll te-orging !•■>
Ivisiness: «oher. h,o.i?«t ar.iJ ..bilging: i*r
•onal referencs N. M . Trttrane t ptowa
OClce. SSS4 Brodwy.'-
CO \."HM 4N - Sou thrrter.-4- Sober: c«r*ful
driver with prirat*> famiU : no objection
to nlfc-htwerk; 8-< * reference, r. C-
Stonr. 114 Wert <^h Et
rOOif" or BUTLKK — V-y ytmtg r.an: flrsl
c'aVf hotel an.! private famiiv eiperien.^:
rood haMt«: temparate: «oo,i r«-fer-nce»:
Vtty or country. H Ta*rix.3Eog Broadwar.
COOK OB BT:TLKR. -Japan- jo; young, i
u*c:oi man; faitrtfu! at work: good ref_
erence. l«»*t ihr<-* >ears. J-^ Miyamoto. S»'« ;
W.-tft T!Hh et. I
COVFLK -Kr'-nrh. competent: butler-valet
and useful. l»dy> miiJ. chambennald or
paxlarmald; neqiiestlonattla reference* from ;
coiipete-.it Ye» 1 Y..--k fair.iUes a^ t.-> «o»,n- •
■:y »ad ability. Couple. Tribune I ptown •
office. 13»4 Broawaar. !
Cori'UE— Man ?»•] coachman: win take j
.•»re smill place: b* seneraTly WB»: !
v.ife rook or !aur.dr.-ss: axcellent rrf»renc<=s: :
f\.e >ears srltl la*l «;PJ«T?r. K. r . Mi.^ .
FttaQ«rakr* Bur*^iu, r^i3 sth. aye.. cumier ,
4T<l st. j
COCPtE— Ton** lt»rhr celond c"P> »t;h.;
nrst .!;i^ fa:;;i.y; rfok and uw-tui. ouil^i; i
n:y or seashore: r eferen.-M. Banks. .*r. ,
\Ve»t a%.l St. <«iPe of JohirWW. I
FAI:MKR cr GAKT'EXKR — Scot.-hrnan. ;
marriod: tw.. ohil.Jrrn. frown: Una Teg j
•table Krr.wr. slaas. eU-.: »ou.«l»eat <lair> )
man- ro<vl t-utfr mtxker: suc-ssfu! with j
poultry: board hel^: well recoouneiHlea
i'..rf#nKr'* IJureau. 154 Cm aye.
K^]T>TKH an-T CAKPfCNER. — Married:
small family; with cottage; exi*rl«ae«|
on rez"taMes>. flowers, oattl? an! p-J.trv; (
gocJ in a!l branches: raference. Trlmpe.
158 East 112th^*t.
O A RPF-V !!R.— < Jertnan. single: «i,or|cn<-f.l
in America: fn» veeerabl* pmnwer: not- i
beurergtan fVmtoe*. frutt*. Bower* teneral
work best inference. Carp»nt'T» Bureau.
I.VJ Ct'h <i\>.
refer^n. -e « . two. four ar,.t six '--art- w:ti |
pr'vate fanL'ltes: Kn«; h»s bu-itw-s, lv ,
„, rak- rh-rse ff leiWlwnan'* c-a'e. E- |
1, . CSB .~hl ove j
iT* RPEN EB -Stuefe :~"«>ter. iruiLMtrtou-: '
' D-rlrxn^U prfrtM Pla.e: U»e - ; w«e ,
erounn.. Howe's, fruit?. '™*g£* x *zL£?Z2 !
partiCTilars H^nrv Ba^r. jV^JV^lbWhJt. (
G~VRDENER ar.d FLORIST.— 3>n«!- tler_ j
i^^aS.*^ ,^ b ™ftr^- |
J^-WEfE YOINC. MAN— Good O>k. i
bu'ukr general touwwrk h** b..t r^
pmnienflatira frem lart fmi'lcvr. X . . J)
Uast".TTth at.' •
-712 L»xir.Btr>n aye ,
riEFIX MAX.— Handy with t<v>ls: pwl
,-!^anVr V-oors «"ir.<le«s. brass: v. H'.inr. !"v- ,
t*r. hone»': wages U.. riiTx 15.
Tribune Ofilss)
cnuntrv; care fcr borrca arrt mak-, hino
—if wcnera.iy u«*/ul ot Mattenafi s ccun- !
rfVvtac* sampan & KfTaaa'i Bnnssa, 412 j
-seh-!. MA:-".— Han<-.v .-Lth t-arpen.ter«
tools »nd houf« pa'.ntinx; good IrUer ari
care of herses. ref»-r-nces: c-^ontn- pre
jTTa* H. Best. £Z1 «>.| J4th st
rf--EFTL MAX.-I country rla.-e.. |
undenrtanJs ,*«tab> Barren. te»r», ,
dr're»; csrefui drlTer. a:«e irarate expert- -
en^ U'Jt*- - O'Brien. "k5 Xln-.h aye. j
care M'-Carry. j
; ~ ' ' ' i
x_A — HOr3IATER-S Eropio; mer.t Bu
reeu. 153 West 23.1 st . R far one month
Tel»phon« conaecUon.
ATTENDANT- — Hy r»ftne« younf woman.
exr*r**uced. wltb invaM la*y cr ABO:
moderate salary: city references. A*lr»s«
Idlw Carter. 24T "Rest 107 th «.
CARET.\K£Bd — Ejf«>ri«!. TtapMSStl*
ccutW (no «.*iMifu> <leslr4 -an of »n
>at« uoase. f-ji-ulatMU or ur. «.■■!■>!!<. WiS
references. AuUtcm Heu*«k*«j>«r. 151 Vaat
KM «t.
">' w*a .•-■■j,:B«a>4 *oiii»a. would,
care for unvote a^rtaiaai; but refsnooss.
Mary ttauu,. use 3,, «... .
, J*«:cin to ti»« L-uuntrjr ; beat r»f««nc« froia
-t?J* m ' rJ " to **•. "••«* Barest.
t~» 6tq mvc. x»i. B3»*— 3il«>.
fißaish girl; beat uf r<<we.«ce»; couatrr
cJily. m]»o oth^r *irl». v.eiij U-T-au. 334
• clainbu* »'« T«i 7T5>-Rj-»«r.
_->*» *-l!lirj. *>h!&T<g *.)c«a; e*ceti»flt
r^coraaveniatjiin; tu<«ther «r a«:«zat<>; ettr
WmtXu' ' ' Str "" '■ Mmtn A «^"J. 13
• HAMrtERaAIXI. — Lady r>ioc sbroa*
wl.'r.es to pla«*e her chamtwrmald. whom
•h« can .-v ••}.: T«r.,i htjchly: »i"jr< to a«
fl^t with yaiTla t SO We* 51m «i.
CH.WBEKMAID- Trar.* Swedish «Jrt:*»
crilent Jt>»i^; na^errtar.4i' gwtag; »t;::r{
to B«i.<t tuth olis*r work; ran t^ke v tJ ~
\*m»nl'm p.*i:tij!:: be«f r*f«»nce« Os?»t
)*r5 •« Bur»aa. "14 l.ei:offu,n *••. TsL
I '.--«— Plaza.
y.u-- .--v-'..*:. ?ir\. frood wattresa; beat
reler»T!>e!»; frl-ii<l ki'dwuniU: win »- - r
•RUi; ci:v iic rutmtrr OsVrrfarrW'a Kurea'J.
Tl>! L-'xiapua aye Tel. 10C"»- Flara.
trHAMRERMAU*.— North cf Ireland rrct
• »'"tant. wlKir.g a^l übiielr.j. Stat!OTJ«T»
i"!<!' Tiiri arm
CI.EANIXG — TWr-e-*aM« wt4— r «iurt>!».
»n:«twort: j. wimi.i* »otr» •jnp'.eytcent.
i ra« or ran •*i#rlns». «p wtil i shr h«or«
I ?• t>> 6. b<*«t of i^ns«N Srr««. or emp!oT-
It« ran 1- *e»r> A(llrec> a 11 . 17t3 ZA
I «>e.
yojrg Irt»h rrrt»«»m: tail, naar; wen
' r «.o«t. f.2 ?_■ . r> . Uefa«3rer'a B-JT^an.
ta v.>»t nd »» I>!nher» I*o*— Ch*!a«a.
I «TM.)K._c»patle r. i ;•.-. ocderaraada all
hrrnci^e? tf cxiklo*: f--\ l *r/-r. 2S
| rear*' rr?>-r«no» fmm •TBpso»«r MSW
I x"i:zCiera:-l i Itureax Mt >S »'* cor. 4ii-
CO*">K — «>m~e»»nt t^obb Scetca woman;
b'.te'. <-:ni ur boarilrx bouae; can t*ks
; fu!: clja.T'r- cf ktt.iben a..J S>«*s; fcest ref
r er»r<e« '""oprm Bweas. <K7 t»h ay»,
i COOK . — Prct««rant: execliant cook; n»«t,
, wllliiyr: ?->*l r«f»r»cca. O. Hnf^a^i'r**
' Bureau. IZ4 W«»t ;il «' T*:«rto»M> IS**—
| CttoTiea - •■■.;
! C«>-»K.— Oorxl with or wtrJwit plafn »v- -
I Ary. ty an Ens:<ah Protestant mcM :-i
; »tna:i tacd'.-r vt a«iult»: eouitnr Tele esrm.
i WUttasud ISO v.'«*t ;:-h at.. *it tear.
I CTX*K — A "lAiv w!it)»»» "» plac« r^ceHant
I TfHinj Stv«<it»h c«ok «h«B «t» can hljtit»
re^o.tar.esi. nraxe* *■»• .' *»'<a«*l Jun« t.
I Present «n- jriojer 914 ■ ».' « - al.»a 1 . »
! COOK. — A «,rr.p»:<Mit wosiaa a* cook:
I •■■*•» «^0 r»f»r*rw» f-«a> praatnt era
j jricryers. 2^ VTrf. T^th •?
i COOK. *-— Two N'"rw»|rlaa nn» cook.
I so~l baiter. asfWleat .i:-.-i:*at tttiurr
awatbemald and waiire?»: lllcea c?i!l<Jrei!:
I rlrv <>r <~>«r.try ?.fi!<» M-Tfjw ■ B'ir'aa.
i 721 LeTiagtca ti«.. cor. t«ti.
j .
i COOK — 'VrrrMTi : r*r~r yvyl irm=a»"*: win—
ir.r. rr'ir.rj; <"x"»!'»nt r»f»reice»; pr«?er*
th« <--:r.rry. JtUm l!arga-et $;nUh'a Bo
reau. 15 U>«t *2>l »t. rhona ST39— Bryaar.
CO'.'K. *c. — Tw-> sist«ra: »iok ac/5 c**ra
oer:ra!l ani ■Kaitr^?*. t-;:i 'Io ectt»« worle
fcr s: .*:t ?aml!r: erst ciaaa ffferen-ien. .
Miss M.-!r?a-*t ?rr.l;h'» E-ir«at>- 25 W>»e
42S «t Y~ i * «o*»— Eryaat.
Cr.OK. — Firrt c!as»: test r»'»-«--.*»». also
chambermaid a.-i t2!:t*is. sejararei7 <ri»
•-K?th a r; city or cour.t— . . Llnii a Eirplor
■ •!•-!. ■ ;.-;r- ... - i'.^uui *.« . Aeac t-"1
; r» . ar-i l^T-th . j^ l ! Mai:scn aye.
: C*"""": - V.-r r.ea» Swxilt), r*r;: «-w»1 »^»*.
baker, •*- : tikt-p »nt!r» runrp* cf kitcfr
ten: bes' i>fl.>lx«« H O. O»rerber« »
i Brr««a. "1* Ij»xt::»ti» r». TW. l'V.J—
j »j*=|
COOS — F*-**. class mit«-i tarntlr: arna!!
betel; rl-r rr co»arrrj-: very b«s» r»fer
enc*!' <^:t Centra! £ti-»a3, «•» «t> it*.
T»2 3S^-AS^
Two ni»-e js-we-i!»h firi": trtr«T.tT.t work
er*. t»»t rcfor-- »* «af»». rook »C«. waif
re.-s ?~ f't»r^ r »> Hur?aa. "14 liei!n*-«
ton a-.« T»l I<TM — PlaM.
COOK. At — TM r.eat ymr.K Irtah «+r'a:
roc*. W3;tre»» Tnil p»r!«rm»l«l: be.> com -
pctoct; eoro* htrhly reoi"mjnan<letf: rirr w
ou'. - s« >?-T r> » » P'w^a'i. TJI t^T'.rKT-n
ay» . ror Mill
CO*>K. — iln<;*»i< Pr^e?'«3t; etrier!r Brrt
.-;a.«» riirie't r»f ••••Ti' <-» : .-. «r-< *■"•*"»: flr»
cr crjr^ry K-. Mrs C->t!l*r» Ajenry. It 2
■W e«t 2C4 «t.
l i noi;.'- Neat y»«ifjr wott««t»- oc«!»r»tan«l«
aH k n.i-» i>f tirsr < ,2.« <-««klns: r*«» r»* -
C-rnces; eitj- or courtiry «.. *«r» i-»jI11*t«
>f»nT. 1^ H>»t Sit at
' COoiT~ar.<J LAI-XURt.-.-- ' H.» rtHEH -
MAID and tVAITELS!! — Two ycnrir Ftn-
I ni.-h girl*: CJH» "*■ ■-■rvr.'ry. i»rr n»^? an<J
i vill'ry K— «t HftriafW J'is«;!-» Bu'»3H.
i Oi> LextßStoa «• • TV! «*Ji— n»a.
r-ir-1 min«i»f: «:*» .-taw in aJ! r.-«pe-t»;
i b-«t rettrvnef »a<»a *2> CM«rbm •
; Boreaa. Tl« L»»injr.-vr» a" Teb W»
j F!aza :
COCPI-E. — Toust Panlsh cnupt*; aoM
wi!Ur.«. rfcorocjrhiv r»fl»bte: *s<-«ttert
r<v!k: t^itler. n»-ful: w^!! recom
,n*rHe^ SJirtacn * w««wia Bur-au, 4t»
4th avt. PtMoe ISO — Jlat! ?•<
cr»l'f-UE V/'iaao «■»!« sad tetindr**".
' jc'iol taker- roan fcutlyr. jtfnerallr u»»-
Ifrt; unrt»rrt«n^ «■««". h«rse«: «*od «»?-
! (tenet Jlir* Vorrow's Fu-«au. TTI Lexier
ton ay». cor. &Bta-
COT.'FtX— Onrtn: ■wrrnan cork: *am*
. Ktb c>n-p*:ect; lose ex;*n«ir»
1 fn first i 13.«-« fanill'f": 515 1- > try •!)*:»:!«••. Jls*»
) MonoWa Hurcau. 721 L^xinyt' o a»« . <s>r.
HOf-ftrwoRKERS. -Twft jrouti*. Wp;
ti.ma'ly i.i'-e Swedish f^rls wiU ** eat!**
wt <?••*.•.:> iwi'y; "!«-»» Fr.gUsti:
)T) T r<?.-onit=<D.ie'J; wa*ea *C^ *i-. fcamrs 11 "
& Nelson's EWCSA ■♦'- 4ttt aTr _
Hr»fSEIVORKER. — C* Prot»st«t
iffM l*k»r: exceilrtit r«^erenr!e»: wa«e» •
n-'t so mwt a* tfrnsanent place. •a X
! llrs.. Cooß«r*a Bureau. j»r7 Cth «.ve . "ftti.
• HOrSEffOKKPt-«Wt ■*•! ?«nr*
irlrl: »«^i co.^k: «v bake: r»m?»tei>t
I waitress: fx.ei-tnl .-jiamtamKUd: mend.
Kne'.ish Pr»>:i>i«a3:. exp«rif-nceJ aurse. M:.»a
M«rn.->w'» Uureau. "il Le-Ticg; -n aye.
HOCrrErvrORKER.— By KTairfsll «lrl: best
! «f references; wa«p# $!!*__ Weiilß Eurra-i.
• Colurr.fcus aye. Tel. TTit)-- Ki»er.
I HOCSmrORKEH.— Ka»t roroj«e»t. r,wis
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