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Son of Voter Gallops to Easy Vic
tory Over a Heavy Track at
Belmont Park.
James R. Ke*-ne did not fend all h!s pood horses
to Enelsnd last fall. With the racing season only
five days old, he has wen two of the three im
portant fixtures decided. On Thursday Maskette
rax-ed ts impressive victory itx the Ladies* Stakes,
while yesterday Hilarious galloped home an easy
winnrr in the thirty-sixth runnire of the rich and
Wrtoric Withers Stakes at Helm<-nt Park. Mr.
Keene m not on hand to see his good colt per
form. aX the Etona kept him indoors, but some two
thou?nrd ptrpons ch^rf-d the v.-inner with a show
of enthusiasm that was as s-triking as it was sur
prising:. \n view of the northeast eale and drizzling
rain, which m.«de •veryr*><iy shrink up and wonder
whether it was Pecembrr <>r May.
Hilarious, a ?on of Voter — Harpsichord, which
ha 6 filled out and developed over winter into a
tig. upstanding three-year-old, with every indi
cation of quality, raced to the front in the first
Quarter. and. making all the running, won easily
by four lengths fmni S. O. Hildreth's Joe Madden.
Three lengths further back John E. Maddens
rayette, quoted a slight favorite over Hilarious,
brought up the rear. It was not an exciting finish,
tout the race Itself was full of interest. While
Hilarious appeared to be galloping along 1 easily In
front. Fayetta and Joe Maiden -were- ■within strik
ing distance and looked dangerous for a time turn-
Ing for home. When Hutwell phook Hilarious up,
however, at tha las=t furl<-ns pole, the v.' colt
jcame right away sad won with "plenty in reserve.
The race tree run over a sloppy track, so that
th« time, 1:411-5 for the mile, was Blow, but the
three-year-olds had their weight up, bo that the
performance was a creditable one. The gross value
pt the stake was $13.:20. of which the winner's share
jwtis 511.220. This, added to Maskette'B winnings in
til© I^adles* Stakes on Thursday, gives Mr. Kc-rm
18. good start toward duplicating his success of 1907
fend 13V&. when te beaded the list ol winning owners
for the eeaFon.
John. E. Madden was supremely confident before
the rc.ee that Fayette-. which ran second to King
■James In the Metropolitan Handicap, would v.in.
J3a has always considered the son of Ogdm —
jtcga. Belle one of the best horses he ever bred, and
Jjjot far behind Sir Martin, the second choice for
)the Epsom I>erby on Wednesday, which was in his
fctabie a year agro. To all appearances, however.
CFayette could not Show to advantage in the going,
IBS according to Mclntyre, who had the mount, he
Sprawled badly and never falny settled In bis
: Jimmy Howe, who trains for "Mr. Keene. was not
tUeposed to make any predictions before the race.
|»ut U. looks and actions counted for anything he
Was evAi more confident that Hilarious would win
than Sir. Madden wa» that Fayett« would win.
&owe Is a past master in preparing a horse for his
Erst start and Hilarious went to the post yesterday
tt and ready to run to his est form and made it
Wear that Kayeite •will not nave a dean, sweep in
the big three-year-old special this year. It is quite
possible that over a fast track Fayette may turn
the tables on Mr. Keene's three-year-old but that
fcercains to he seen.
Hilarious won the United States Hotel Stakes
last year and two other races, but he did not earn
k> particularly forward place among the two-year-
X>los. although this may have been for lack of
opportunity. Jimmy Rowe always thought well
Cf him, however, and yesterday's race Ff-emed to
Justify his confidence that the son of Voter would
train on into a goad three-year-old. It was the
\ tecond year in succession that the colors of Mr.
* Keene were carried to victory in the Withers, a
race run for the first time at old Jerome Park.
' away back in 16M A year ago the unbeaten Colin,
which is new in !T:iglar.d, made his first appear
ance as a three-year-old and won the classic.
Only three borees went to the post In the Whit
ney Memorial Steeplechase, named In honor of
tat late William C. Whitney, but this race, too,
proved interesting, although Sir Wooster won
eas-ily at the end. Kentucky F.oau made the early
runr.ing:. with Grandpa in close attendance for two
niiles and Sir Wooster trailing. Going ip the back-
Etretch for the last time Sir Wonsurr worked his
*-ay to the front, and after that was never in
C&nger. Robert Neville, who owns the winner, is
tianrnng to eer.rt ths g«vd Jumper abroad to run
In tha Grand National Steeplechase in England
Hex' year.
The crowd ■was remarkably Me all things con
sidered, as thfe howling northeast wind penetrated
to every nook and crevice of the stand and made
Sine cut of ten of those present wish that they
had Ftayed'at home to toast themselves before a
good, hot fire.
The heavy track and the cold weather caused
Snany withdrawals from the other races, so th-it
the fields were small and badly balanced. Next
to the Withers, the most interesting race of the
day was the handicip at a mile and a sixteenth.
X.ive Wire won 'after a spirited drive with Don
: Creole, and was distinctly lucky to earn the purse.
UB the latter was much the better. Don Creole -was
©ff badly and had to run round his field to work
iiis way Into a contending position. He was closing
strongly through the last Flxteemh. when Valen
tine, for tome reason or other, dropped his head
tor a moment, co that the colt hung and swerved.
JXhis was quite enough to cause his defeat by half
it leagtb.
SriEST RACE. — For tsm-yaar-eMa: f*M addel. Four
and a. ftaJf ftrlr.gs. st;aight courts Start pood.
, Wen crrrtag. Tiro*. o:s*. Winner, br. c. by Oplen
— Ondurdie. Owner. J. E. Madden. r
:V Closing
' Hers«. Wt. St. 4 £tr. Fin. Jockey, betting
•Big Stick 110 1 =' -• I 1I 1 Mclr-tyre.... 13-10
Jre IIS 2 I : V- -' Dugan 65
Interri>ee 110 4 3* 8' 3J3 J ■ !•.-■ ... U
-llwiliri....- lis 3 4= 4 : 4« Nlcol 13-10
gSaTTTi '.. . 110 5 t>° 5' b-« m- i ..niei. .. «> --.
DrandUsiiao... 110 b 7 7 7 Howard M
. "MaCden entry. +3«=:j£oi:t ertrj". „ * ,
EECC'XD RACE- HanOi Jor e-year-a!d« and up
wars- $600 aflied. Or« rr.lls and a six'<renth. Start
I roo-3. Won easily. Time. 1:43. Winner, b. c. by
i Haridse'.— >' Bunch. Owner. J. F. Bartlett.
■%-' • ' Closing
- Eotf*. V.. St. »k» k Str. Fin. Jork»y. betUr.jr.
tlveWlr* 131 2 I 1I 1 I 1I 1 1* Seville 6-5
fcor. CMels '■'- 8 f- 1 -" 2* Va>mir.e... 7
■BjsxapßßMry. .. 11« 1 313 1 3' 8* I'ucan 8
hUrk Actony II M 4 C 1C 1 6 1 4» Fain 10
KaUoc Plate.. K-6 5 2' 4' 5" H. Smith... 2
Wift ...... . 34 7 717 1 7 : tH Lani? 9|
KJUittrankie... f7 8 4- 6 J i 7" A. Smith... l"i
•Tbe Gard«>n«- . 93 6 8 6 8 Ura! 5
fHIRD RACE — For tno-y ear-old*; $4f«> add"" Five
furlongs, rtrcigbt cours*. Start gorA. Won «^si!r.
Tini*. 1:01. AVinnfr. cli. c. by Hastings — Sunflsh.
O»ser. AiifJ« Ilelmor.t.
t~ <~lo«!nj
■??,-.. f. Wt Ft. *• **• Fin. Jockey. bettine.
•gttrbottl* .117 1 1» ... Puean 12
Katnpton O^urt i! 2 - 2 ; » 2* 2» Mclntyre... 9-5
y.aiiun;S--'er... 1"» 3 3103 10 S'« 3'» Oeerr ■ 12
attoerlD* 100 4 4 4 4 lioward . P ."•
•Sladdcn entry.
FOrRTH RACE — THF. •WITHER?: for thr^r^r-rMii;
JioOOO Bd^»>d. One mi!«. fctart ro>l. Wen easily.
TMt-:». l:*m. TtEß*i eh. c. by Voter — HarpMcl.ord.
Orar. Jarres R. Keene.
r • rising
H"<r«» BJI gt S Ftr. Fin. Toelwy. b*ttinp.
s»Usrlcß» IM 3 1- V I* I>ir«i: 75
;*<■« Mender. 12« I 3 '.'• 212 1 I>:ican 7-2
rarett* 12« 2 212 1 3 S V-Intyre... 6-5
TVV9. HASE: fT four-ysar-nlds an.i unti-aM; %<s><\
ai3*a. About two mile* end a ba!f. Ptart prevj.
•<\-<i!« »asi!y. Tim' 1 . r-:3». "Winner, b. c.. ty Ardlr.^
toa—Lady Woort«r. Owner. H. Kevflle.
} '"'Wrie
Hott*. TCt. Ft. IV Mr Fin. JcrV^y. bettlni;.
TlT 'VTongimr «8 3 3* lf 111 Psviflston. .. -5
K»rtuck> Braa IVS 1 2* 2* 2-» A'-. 4
3iinipa J«M 2 "3 S 3 fcainp»"n ... 4
EIXTH ItArr. — For ... -»r:r ««Mk and ■ur«" l »''d; VV r-<>r -<>
adflM. Fix rurJorip". m»!t» <-"ur*«. Start (tovi. Won
t-HfV-y. '<>•. lilP 1 * Winner, eh. c. by C'esarloa—
Ondaian. Owner. <^ne-k Ftable.
I' •'* Tl"t- Et. H fstr. Fin. Jockey, bettlrr.
Cohrrt 107 1 I* 1*» 1" IT Smith... 1 «
JyiO«iMSTj tAfXt. 107 4 4* 44 2H F'-ovi'.le 12
Tj*X~rlr I'i7 2 2» 2 s S 6 1 '-r! . . . . . 12
Clan-naw*!!.. JOS B S 5 4* P ran 7
■luck Rak* . 107 3 SH 3H 5 Llfbert 15
Fbilfcde'.ph!*, May 22.— The V nrverc'ty of P"nn
rs'l-"Sri!a-Col'urr.bla track rne*t scheduled on Frank
lin Fi"sa.this afternoon wat declared off en ac
cotist of rain.
HI! Welcome Sunday Afternoon
•jT-.e Vatloaal Bowlta« A«t^ctatinn exien«l» a co*~3!a!
«rnt«ttnn to th« rrtsr ttai liibllc to l=sp»rt the 24 ideal
alley* JUFt i by the B. B. C. C*». for the S*atlonal
Bwiißir '-"TsawploMhlp, :r. HaMsaß Square Garden. May
I* ln U» Jane 12»h
Manning Out pitches Powell and
Helps to Win His Game.
[By Telegraph to — Tribune
St. Louis. May 22.— The Yankees took their turn
to-day at winning a game by a boot* of 2 to 1, and
beat the St. Louis nine by that score in a well
played game. Manning and Powell had a warm
battle in the box, but the Yankees would not be
painsaid. and made the scries an eves break. They
have now yon six games on this trip and lost four,
and every game since the two disastrous opening
ones in Detroit has been won or l'>st by a shigie
run. M» Alow is said to have formed a new opinion
of the Yankees, a team be said he ooald not se« at
mil before the p^ai-on opened.
Captain Willie Keeler, of the Yankees, stayed out
of, to-day's game, and will probably not be back in
the game before the team goes East, as he is
Euffering from a strained tendon in his leg that
has caused him a lot of pain for several day?.
Demmiu went into right field to-day, and got one
hit, in addition to taJdng the only By hit in his
direction. Kngie is still away, of course, and Cree
stayed in left field, with Hemphill -in centre.
The St. Louis nine was shaken up again to-day,
Bin Aln r deciding- to try the effect of a course of
days on tHe bench on Williams and Jonos. T?nth
veterans got back in the gam*-, and Griggs and
I'atterpon to. a rest.
The Yankees were full of determination to win
to-dny's game, and backed Manning up pretty well,
tliouph one of KlberfeM's two err.-, s. the only mis
piays charged to the visitorp, probably robbed
Manning >>f a shut-out. The mi. c play came in the
third luring, an.! gay» St. L>6ul^ a lead that looked
big in view of the way Jack Powell was pitching.
Jimmy Austin covered himself with glory to-day.
Ho was all over his territory at shortstop and
played better ball thai Knight has shown at any
time since he joined the team."-: Austin .had- eight
chances, and accepted them all without a br^ak,
several of his stops being really brilliant. In addi
tion to the general excellence of his work, be
started three double plays that cut off several
good chances for the Browns to tie the scon He
didn't get a hit. but, as he didn't need to, that
made little difference.
liar!. singled for St. Louis In the Bust inning
on the first ill Man Ing pitched, ad Hoffman
followed with what looked like a single to left, but
Austin was in front of the ball, touched second,
forcing Hartzcll. and doubled the fleet Danny Hoff
man at first with a fflpt throw. It was Austin's
Inning, for he threw Ferris out also.
Jirniny Wllllama singled with one out In the Ffc
ond Inning. but again the tireless Austin snuffed
out the- rally by ;t double play. There was trouble
in "the third Inning, however. McAleese grounded
to Kibcrfeld, and looked like en easy out, bat the
throw wag too wild for even Chase, to get It. and '
McAleese reached (bird base. Stephen* filed to
Hemphill, whose good] throw held McAleese on third.
But Powell singled to right, and the run came,
though Manning got the next two batters on easy
Laporte walked in the fifth Inning, and SCUM ted .
down to second on Austin's sacrifice. Blair raised j
a fly to Hoffman, but Manning got even with Powell
for his single in the third inning "by lining out a hit
to almost the same soot that brought Laporte home
with the run that tied the score. Manning went to
second when Hartzell's throw to catch Laporte got ;
away from Stephens. Cree, as usual, was ready
with a single, and that scored Manning. Cree ;
stole second, but Jimmy Williams stopped the trou- :
ble with a good stop of Hemphill's punch.
Hoffman tripled In the ninth inning,, but never j
got home, as Manning tightened up in the emer- i
gen<-y. as he had done all through the game. :
Stalling* got a letter from Fred Glade to-day, In j
which that good pitcher said he would report on i
June 10, ready to get Into the game without fur
ther training. The team goes to Chicago to-night,
to wind up the tour with a series against the "White |
Sox. McConnell is likely to pitch one of the games i
there, and Stallings is undecided between him and j
Jack Quinn for the first game.
The ecore follows :
ibrlbpoa »i ab r lb no a •
C.-»». If i 0 2JIO Baruell, rf.. 4 0 1 2 U 1
H*mphlll. cf 4 0 0 1 0 Clnr.frman. rf. 4 0 1 2 0 0 '
Cha*». 1t). .. 4 0 013 0 0 ' Ferris. 3b... . 4 0 0 2 4 1 !
r>emmitt. rf 4 0 1 '. '» 0 Wallace, s». . 4 0 1 2 0 0 i
E!b«Tt>ld. 3b 4 0 0 3 2 2; William*, 2b. 4 0 1 3 C 0 I
L«r n "*. 2b. 3 1 1 2 8 9 Jones lb . . . 3 0 011 0 0 I
Austin, m.. 2 0 0 2 C OjMcAleeso, If. 3 1 1 i 0 0 !
BUlr. c ... 2 0 0.2 0 n-?.« r hPns. c. 3 0 1 3 2 0
•Manning, p. 3 1 10 4 0 Powell, p 8 0 2 0 2 0 I
Totals ...30 2 C 2716 2 Totals ...32 1 R27 14 2
New Ynrk 0 0 0 O 2 0 0 0 O— 2 j
ft. I/.-:!.s , 0 0 1 <• 0 O 1. <• 0 — ]
Three-has*; hit — Hoffman. Sa>-r!flc«» hit — Au«tln Double
plays — Williams and Jones.- Austin »r Cham (2), Au«ttn.
J-BpTt* m' Chase. Btol«a Laaes — Cre<j, TVal'ace. First
ba?» on bails — Powell. 2. Struck out — By Powell, 3; by
j'anniM*. *• Left n bases— St. Unda. 4. New York. 4 '
Time — 2:03. Umpires — Connolly and E»ran.
Cleveland. May 12.— Washington broke even la
the series with Cleveland, winning to-day by a
score rf 4 to 1. Easterly's error and passed ball j
let "Washington have three of it? four runs, while !
a misjudged fly allowed the other. Johnson became I
e!«-k and retired in favor of Hughes, who was |
very effective. Hughes struck out eleven men in !
fix Innings. Twenty-two men struck out in the !
The score follows:
cb r lb po a I ib r lb re a « ,
Pmwaa, If.. T> 1 2 3 0 0 Gon4«, rf 4 0 0 10 0
Ooeroy, Sh.. M 1 1 1 0 Frailly. 9b. . 4 0 0 1 0 O i
' I«eM>»nty.2h 3 <"> 12 10 ! Turner. *3... 4 0 0 8 4 0 '
Ponoh-je. lb 4 o Ii 5 i.i 0 Lord. If 4 0 1 1 0 0
Milan, cf 3 2 I • 0 OjLaJole, 2b... 4 0 2 0 2 0
Clymfr. rf.. 3 0 0 0 0 OiStovall, 1b... 4 0 18 •> 0
Meßri«se. f-s. 2 1 2 1 2 3 Easterly, c. 4 0 010 2 1
Ftreet. c 4 0 014 0 0 J If tnrhmsn, cf 4 1 12 0 0
Johnson, p.. 1 0 0 1 1 0| Ferrer, p.... 2 0 1 1 I 0
Ilughes. p.. 2 0 1 0 1 0; Rk-«ii* p.. 0 0 0 0 0 0 i
•Gray 10 0 0 0 0 tClarke, ..... 1 0 0 0 0 0
Totait ..32 4 27 0 8 . Toiala 85 1 627Tl ~1 '
•Batted (or Johnson in fourth Inning. tßatte<i for '
Berg»r in the seventh inning
Washington 0 112 0 0 0 0 o—i0 — i I
Cleveland 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 o—l j
Hits arportloriefl— 7 off Berser In eeven Innings. 1 ..ft
Tthoafles In ttro tnntnpi. 2 alt Johnson la threw lrnlr.j:«, 4
hits off Hug o in fix Innings. Fim tvt*. on error* —
Cleveland. X. Two-base hits — Berper, Pelrhantv. Thre«-
Uf« hit— Hin?»-.2>an. Purrtflre htt— Clyrrer. Btoteu baie
— Mr,Rrl<l«. Doable piavß— Delehanty and Dooohue; Tur
rer. Stov«J! and Bradley. Fir»t base on ball* — B*rfcct 1;
I»ho*.'»j>. 2 Hit by pitched ball— B*rir»r. 1 (Milan). I>rt
on bas«a — C!6v«!an-1. 7; ' I Ve*hinir+'>r>, 0. Struck out — By
Beirer. 9- bjr Johnsin, 2. by Hughes. 11 i'at»~3 bail— > ;
E; %i'r'Y- Tim»— 2^>s. Umpires Kerln and Sheridan. I
.Standings in 'Baseball P^.ace
No Jjauie* •rheilnlrd
mtsbnrjt t». »w York (r»in>. .
Cincinnati vs. Brooklyn (rnln>.
Chicago vs. Boston • '•In".
St. Louis t*. Philadelphia (rain).
W. L. V.(. W. L. r.r.
Plttsbure . . . 18 11 .62lTinr!nnfitl 13 11 ■»•!(»
Cht.rt«o 19 18 .5041 York . 12 14 .462
I'hllatielpkU . 14 IS .538 St. LouU 14 18 .438
Brooklyn 13 14 .4*l Boston 11 17 .393
Athletics Jump Into First Place by
Beating Cham Again.
I Detroit. M.iv 22— Detroit played bad ball all
through to-day' i came, and went Into second place,
loping to the Athletics.* who £oo*( the lead, by a
j score of 7 to 1. Hoffman's errors w«»re especially
costly. Bpeer and Plank both pitched well, and
the difference in support ha.l much to do With the
result. Washington will play the Sunday game.
, The score follows:
PBnjnmpuii i' DETROIT.
ab r l\) po a c; ab r lli ro a c
I?artr»!. if. . 2 1 « 1 " OlMclntyre. If. . 0 0 4 2ft
Gimley rf. . I 0 6 II 0 Olßuth. us 4 12^*1
ColMn*. 2h.. 3 0 3 5 2 0 Crawford, cf. 3 '• 2 1 0 0
I Murphy, rf. ft 1 2 2 1 f>wv*,h rf 4 0 0 3 0 0
Fail*, 1b... 4 2 114 0 0 RA»«m«r 'X 2 0 : fi 0 2
raker. 3b... 6 0 1 1 4 0; Mortality, lb. a 0 0 2 0 0
Parry, H...0 2 3 0 3 OlO'Ltary. Bb.. 4 C- 0 ! 1 <•
Th«ma«. c. 4 0 2 4 2 ft ~rhn«f»r. 2*311 3 8 O
liank. p... 4 1 2 0 5 Oi Ptanage. c... 3 l» •• a I 0
Bp**r. p 3 0 0 0 2 1
ißugg*, p. . 10 0 9-10
Totals ...39 714"' 17 0| TotaU 30 1 027 1* 4
rhllaifiphia 020123 0 0 o—7
Detroit 0 0 000001 o—l
Two-base Murphy PhVt ';■•« <••• -,»» r , 11 ;
off ■ c«! 3. At bat — A(tair.!>t Fr»er. IS Pukjii. li
FaTlflfA inf." — Hartzel. Jlurphv. Ganley. Plank. Stolen
bases — Collins, Barry Th«mas Doubt* ploys —
Parry. Oolllas and Da-rti I^eft on b»»e»- I"tro|t', 5:
I'hile..!«lphia. 1.1 First base on ball* —Hy Fpe«r. 2; by
Pure. 2; by ptank I Hit br pltcb#f— Bjr Puck*.
Thomas; by' Plan!*, Mclntjre Etru-k «.ii» —By Sung*.
1. by Piank. 4. Tim* — ] :."5 t'inplr's — Cvar.s and
» I
Chicaeo, May 22 Cl Icago won the final game of
the series with Boston here this afternoon by .1
score of 2 to L Smith held the visitors to four
well scattered hits, while tha home team pounded
Wolter out of the bos.
The ecoro follows:
ab r tb po a c ab r lb po a a
Hariri, rf . 4<• 1 2 " OJMcCOnnen. 2t< 4 " 0 2 2 0
White, cf ...3 1 1 2 0 «' G"«s!er, rf . ..4 «* 0 0 0 0
I>"i»heny If 4 0 4 10 <• .-; Jeer, cf....4 •» 1 1 0 "
Davis, li SO '"'l4 i> 0 Hooper If . . .4 0 0 4 1 0
1 ■:!-"•'! 8b "1112 V ?«ahi. i: 3 " "12 1 1
Tann^hlli. nil 1 3 I 2|Kllaa. 3b 3U1040
Atz 2b 3 0 0 12 0 Vaener n ..8 1 0 2 « < l
Butlivaa. c ..1 0 1 3 1 O Carriean -i .3 " " 3 1 ]
Smi'h. p 2 0 0 O 2 oi\Voli«r. p ....3 0 2 • 8 <>
. —— ! Ste-le. p ... 0 'i 0 0 0 v
Totals ....23 2 57 11 2 ,
I TotaU ...81 1 424 18 I
Chicago 00010010 «— 2
Pnm.iti 00000001 o—l0 — 1
Tv -> b««« hits -Doual^MtT /2). Walter Thr«a baM
alt— Whlt« Hlt» — On W"!t«r, 0 In turn »r)4 one
thirds inntng*. oil Bt«el« re M In tiro-thirdß Inning.
F^crlflc» hits — Tann»htn. Davis Ftol»n base — Nll-s.
Douhie plays— Hooper. Mcronrcll and Etahl; >>ts and
lVavU McConn»ll 'Wagner and Stahl. Left on bases —
Chicajro, 7; Boston. 3 Bases on balls Off Wolt»r, ."?
Ftrurk out — By Smith. 3; by Pteele, 1. Time — 1 "5.
Vmplres — P;?rrin« and O'l>oughlin.
Dalilmoro at Montreal.
Jersey City. 4; Hocbe*ter. 0 (first Kirnr).
llochestrr. 5; Jersey Cliy. 4 <»rrond (nine).
* Buffalo. 3: I'roi iilenre. 0 (rlrst came).
Buffalo. 4: Vrn\ Ulenre. 8 1 m^'iiiiil game).
Baltimore, 4: Montreal. 1.
Toronto. *>i Ni'wiu-k. 4 (13 innincM.
W. l. R.c.i IV. 1.. p.c.
Rochrtitrr . .. . 1? fl .flfl7i Buffalo 12 II ..VI2
Toronto 13 7 .650 Baltimore ... 8 12 400
Montreal.. 10 8 .S.WNenurk ... 7 It .3(58
Jersey City. .. 11 10 .524 Providence ... 6 13 .816
Utlca. 6; Albany. 2.
Troy VS. Syracuse Cram).
Elmlra. 5; Biniriici.-nton. 3 rfirsf pame).
Elmira, 4; Binphamton 2 (second game).
Lawrence, 2; Lowell, 2 (called, elahth inning, cold
weather. 1
All other games postponed by rain.
All games scheduled were postponed on account
of rain.
FIRST RACE Ft maiden two~year-ol<sa. Four furlongs.
uraight course.
Name. \Vt.| N'a.me. Wt.
Gl upp'r 110|I>r. Wick ..11<>
Dahratlan UOjgandrUn 107
«.Vl!n»t ll«i|rrojeceile 107
Bis Stick 1 11 fa r f'aiherlne 107
Senator Brn<-ken 11<>| Semicolon .107
Cap'aln Swanpnn ■ 11" HudA'f Sl«'»r 107
- ''.vi' BACft— Selling: tot three ytar-olds and up
wanl. fieven furlongs, main course.
Don Creole 1141'riemln* 106
Berltel«y 11 1; Queen of the Hills 104
Beymour I ! f.itl»r »M<-Oarter „ 3114
F:. Joseph innl'Golonnda 101
Ff-a Wolf !"•■ ' V !•...>... irv,
I-ad "f T^ans'Jen ........ 1 001 •Racquet >. 1
Woodcrafl lOftj»Ruof# .......tt
The UTr««tier iffll'Hp'lihrHind {jo
THIRD RACE— For two yea.r-nlrls. Four and a half
ftirlonrs. MrMprit course.
Rocky O'Hrien 127IBrnahbroom 122
N'Tvrnnrket 12.*> F«Mt* I>uaan ...US
Ha-! i • :i Heart 122 Christina u<>
fT.ator Bn^kati riiznteThan Jl9
FOURTH RACE— Handicap: for three-year-old* and up
vfird: weights not yet amount. One mile.
Don Creol* — lArasea —
Fashion Plate — : Grar» Cameron —
H!ll T-r — IPummer Night
The <"!nnl»ner — Murk Anthony II ..
Kin* James — ! ne»tij;oueh«
Montgomery — Fitx Herbert —
The. Wre*rt!er — I
FIFTH RACE — SeUin«. f«r three-yeer-olfia and upward.
One mile and a sixteenth. ■
Montgomery ..... . SSI| Polly Ppanker 103
St. Jr«etih N>9i«Pft.n<ler ' 00
Norbitf : :.... w!
BtXTH RACE— F6T maiden three-year-oiaa and up
ward. Six and a half furlonfm. main oource
Mclodeon llOlObadlah 107
Panly £>ixon ..., 110 Gene X . . j<)7
Kedlitn • ■ 110 Hammerless .....Jgß
Markham 107IO«tlen Lam jo t %
Judg-e Ermentrout 107'Tiana .105
"Apprentice ailonranco.
New York nt CMI <**■■ _. _ - ,
U<-"t"" at St. I/onls.
yew York. 2; St. I.ouln. 1.
Phlladrlphia. 7: Detroit. 1.
(lilt-ago. 2; Boston. 1.
Washington. 4: Cleveland, 1.
wire! • w. l. P.c
Philadelphia.. i: 10 .(WO.Cliljajro 13 17 .433
New York.... 17 11 .821 St.lxjuU. .11 18 .429
»wVork... 17 11 .607, Cleveland 11 " •»•»
Boston 17 11 .607 [Washington... 8 19 -98
Arm?/ Beats Lehigh by a Single Run
on a Wet Diamond.
fßy Tf>Kraph to The Tribune ]
Wed Point. N V.. May 22.— With a drizzling rain
making the field and ball slippery, the cadets de
featej L^hißh to-day by a ucore of 7 to fi. N'f'fh^r
pitcher had mucli control, but the fielding on both
Bides was good, considering the field, with the ex
cepllon of Rose's poor showing at shortstop.
Neal's wild pitching in th» sixth Inning al
lowed !.fh!ch to tie the score Meyer scored the
winning run in the Khth inning, offer getting
TrM on an error. He Bt 4e third nnd beat a throw
to the plate.
r lb ro a c rlb ?» a ©
Merer, lb 2on 1 0 ROM. •» ■••• *> °8 i I
Montfort. rf... 11100 Wolfram. !f • 1 0 3 0 0
Snrle*. 1f...!!! 12 3 O n;Has:in. |. , n O JJJ
Taylor. 2b <• l 3 - l iptfßvart cf.... <> 1 0 0 o
1 vinnn c 1 2 6 1 f> fcltenw*. -" • • " '-' 4 « "
T>*i+i*'. ... 0 0 1 2 1 H»!»t. Sb S 3ft 0 0
X-Iloa. rf 1110 0 ; MoM-irtrie. C... I 2 3 0 0
■UMt<..«l,l«, Sb. . 1 12 3 0 Serfasa, r'. p... 1 1 2 0 0
}Ivait. p 0 1 0 2 0 Anrierg.in. 1b.... 0 1 I* 1 ;
ili»\*a:. p 0 .i 0 0 0 Btaraar, c 0 0 2 3 0
Totals .... ~T - HI! I Totals «784 10 3
Army 1112 10 0 i «— 7
I.,.hj s v, 01021200 — 6
Tnn-bai«» tilt<>— fpteicrafT. H«iat. Three-ba»« hit —
riloa Firm bu<- an balls— off Hyatt. 1: nit Mc>"«»l.
4- off nawon 2- f-ff S»rf»R«. 1 Str«>k out — By Hyatt,
3 : by M<-.\>»l. 1; by Kaßip. 1; by -•rfa»». 2. Double
play— AH nn<l Ar.d'rson. WVA rttrhej— McNeal.
•. ' I»a«ne.l hsll — ...... Hit by pitcher — Mount
forJ. Whlteside Ftrsn bn«« on <!rror» — Army. 4; L«
h!sh. 2 I-*ft on b«»«-3 — L»hißh. 7 . Army. 1.
Hanover, N. H.. May 22.— Bunched hits and their
opponents' errors In th« eighth Inning pave Dart
mouth to day's game from Amherpt by n. pmrm nt
6to 2. Mitchell, for Dartmouth, allowed only two
hits, and his team played errorless ball behind him.
The jrame was even up to the eighth inning, when
Dartmouth i .i\e.] Vemon's pitching and. aidt-d by
Ajnh< st'a errora, scored four run*.
The «cor« followaj H £
Partinouth 0 1 0 ft 1 0 0 4 x-6 I 6
Amherst 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-3 I I
Patterle*— Mitchell and Chadbourrse; Vernon and
Henry. Umpire— Jvillourhy. Time— l:W.
[By Tflegraph to The Trlbune.J
Rochester, May 22— In a high scoring game.
loofely played because of the cold weather prevßll
lr.rr, Rochester University defeated the Union Col
lege baaehall team her» this afternoon by the
score of 11 to 8 in a championship game of the New-
York State Intercollegiate League. Rochester won
the game in the sixth Inning-, when a combination
of hits, and errors netted her five runs.
Th« ecr-re by innings follows:
Rochester 2 10 3 15 0 0 0-11
Union 0 4 0 8 0 10 0 o—3
Batter!**— Union. Steward. Dunn and Berber..
Rochester. Hramaker and Morrison.
{Tew Haven, May ?2.— The Vale (reshmea baseball
team defeated the Princeton Freshmen this after
noon at Yale field, in a rather one-sided contest
by the score of 11 to 3.
The game was the second In the series between
the teams, and it was played In the rain and cold,
and was marked with errors on both sides. The
pitchers were hit freely, especially Morgan, of
The score follows: R. H. E.
Yal* 9 2 2 18 10 3 x— ll IS 6
Princeton " 10300000—8 8 0
Batteries— Brinemada and Maurchle, Bterrett,
Morgan and Winans.
More than Two Thousand Boys Take Fart in
Games Out West.
Champaign, 111 May 22.— The University High
School of this city won the seventeenth annual ln
terscholaatic field meet here to-day with a score of
8 points. More than two thousand athletes, repre
senting ninety schools, took part. Twenty-seven
schools succeeded in scoring points. Byrd, of Mil
ford, was the star. Winning three, weight events
and" breaking the shot put record, putting It 49 feet
10 Inches.
Paris, Ma#' 22. -J<>.> Jeannette, the Nnw York
colored heavyweight, earned the decision over sandy
Ferguson, of Boston, at the. end of the twentieth
round hen to-night
[By Teienraph to The Tribune. ]
Morrlstown, X. J., May 22. — In the atr.nnd round
for the President's Cup at the Morris County Golf
Club to-day, Archibald Forbes finished 2 down and
earned three points. John T. Glllepple was 4 down
and received two points, while James Bishop ftn
.llshed 7 down and received one point toward the
West Point. 7; Lettish. (i.
Dartmouth, 3; Ambers t. 2. ; Z- ,
liorlmMer. 11; Vnion, 8.
Maine, 3; Bates, * (18 Inolncs).
Pennsylvania, '12, 5; £xeter. 8.
Colby. 7; Bowdoln, 6.
Illiool*. IS; MlniicMJlu. 0.
Perm. State, 9; Mlrhliran. 7.
Purdue, 2; Chicago, 1.
Stock Exchange Men Play Good
Baseball on Muddy Field.
[By Telegraph to TTve- Tribune.]
Boston. May 22.— Berore a crowd of two thousand
Stock Exchange members and clerks, teams rep
resenting tha Boston and New York stock ex
changes wallowed around in the mud and rain
this afternoon playing a game of baseball^ In
which the bean-eaters defeated the New York
brokers by the score of 8 to 4 In a seven-inning
game. It was a well played contest, despite the
weather conditions; and had Jackson, the New
York twirler. had a little more control, and Flncke,
the third baseman, been able to handle the ball a
little better, the score ml<ht have been different.
The New York nine started well by getting a run
In the first inning, when Fincke singled and was
advanced a base on Greenway's out. Jackson
singled, sending Flncke to third, and when Ha!
lowellmade a wide throw to first he crossed the
plate with the first run of the game. Boston went
out in order, but In Its half of the* second Inning
got two runs-
Matters were •*•»•»' up In the first half of th *
third, when Barnwoll singled and stole second.
He scored on Jackson s long two-b.ip?er. The
score was not long even, aa Jackson passed Hayes
and then allowed Hubbard to eingle. The bases
w»re filled when he gave Clark a pass. Foster
singled to centre, scoring Hayes, and Hubbard
started to score from second. Barnwell antici
pated Just »uch a move on Hubbard's part and
made an excellent throw to the plate. Bnilea got
the throw and relayed it to Flncke for the put
rtadn made his second error on M. Jackson's
grounder to third, and Dean and H'rsey singled.
(Wing the bate". Jackson took a brace and fanned
Hayes, but passed Hubbard, allowing M. Jackson
to score. Clark then singled, sending Dean home,
and a moment later Hersey scored on a fielder's
choice. In the next Inning Boston scored again,
on Hubbard's fugle and a wild pitch which ad
vanced him a base, and hits by Devlns and Hal
lo weli.
New York mad« a dying attempt in its half of
the seventh, and eucee#d<»d in getting two runs
across the plate. nwjlw started oft with a single
and sdvanced when Greenway walked. J. F. Jack
son forced Greenway at second, and a moment
later Kendall doubled, scoring Flncka and Jack
After the game both teams adjourned to the Ho
tel Somerset, where a dinner for the Hew Yorkers
was gtven -night by the members of, the Boston
The score follows
ab r lr> po a c! ar> r lb ro a c
Dean. Jb 8 1 1 g 2 0,B«n ct..i 1 2 2 2 ■>
II<«r.«»v. cf ..S 1 I 0 O 0 rineke 3r. ...4 2 2 2 o a
H»ye». p. .. .3 i 0 3 2 0 Greenway. 1f. .3 000 0<)
Hubbard. it 3 1 2 0 1 0, J.F JacWa.n. p ♦ 13 13 "
Clark - 2 0 5 0 0 1] Kendall. 10...4 0 1 9 0 U
Fester 1K...3 114 0 ii Jewell, st 3 0 0 1 2 •»
E*ven», Br>. .2 1 } « 0 0 Enrich, 0 4 •> 2 « 2 0
Hallnwell. •» 4 1 1 12 llnah. rf ....% 011 • i
M Jackfon.lf .3 110 0 1 H<man». 2*.. 3 0 1 O 1 U
'•, •- ...27 8 921 7 «i Totals SI 412 IS 0 3
Boeton 0 3 13 11 x— »
No* York 1 " 10 ' 0 *-*
Two base hits— J. F. Jacktoa and Kemlal!. gto!-n
ba-«e»— Dean. Devtns. M. Jack«on. Barr..»»il. Fish. First
base on balls— • 'ft Hayes. 8: off J. F. Jackson. 7 BWlck
out— By Hart*, *: by J. F Jackson. «l »'*»*•■» baU*--
Clark. Ehrich. Wild pttc&M Jn-k«en. 2. Hit by pitched
ball— Clark. M. Jackson. Tim*— l:47. 1 mplr— Con
nolly aril O'Reilly. Attendance— 2.ooo.
Owing to the northeast gale an.i heavy sea in
Long Island Sound yesterday the Inter-club raea
between yachts of the Manha«»*t Bay and Is i'
Yacht clubs had to be postponed. The owners and
crews, who gathered at the Manhasset Bay Yacht
Club, waited until 2 p. m. for the gale to moderate,
and then decided to start the r«c« at 10 o'clock
this morning.
The lawn tennis team of Horace Mann Echool
defeated the team Of the Irving School upon th*
Wth street courts yesterday by three matches to
two. Church, a national scholastic winner of
last year, played for Irving School and won both
of his matches. He was In good form. Cunning,
ham. of Hon»o#*Mann, was the best on his tide
and brought off his shots sharply and accurately.
The Turf.
May 13, If. 1". CO. 23, 2.1, 27. 2!>. 81 and Jnn« X
Trains Nam E^iot »4th Stre»t 1 P. M. and 1.30 P. M.
Special car for Turf and Fl»Ul Club member* on 100
train. Ijravn Flatbuah Avenu* 12.45 and 1.30 P. M. On
Saturday extra train will leave E. 34th St. 1.40 P. M. and
Flatbu»h Aye. 1.45 P. M.
Yachts. Boats. Launches, Etc.
Gasolene launch. 65 feet x 0 feet 6 lnche*. 2 *« H P.
Engines. Fifteen mile* per hour. Ready for delivery
In N. V Harbor. .
J. H. OLIPHAHT & CO., 20 Broad St.
Horte* and- Carriage*.
a Victoria that I would tike to let cut very <-h«ap,
■« tn» family I have teen driving has rone to JTurc-re.
For further reference, write, or call en JOHN BUCKLEY,
103 Weet M<t »t.
horses, extennion Broughim ana Victoria.
Mil* F. ZKItAOA, Hotsl AWr<le«n. 17 W'tut 3il Bt.
victoria and "bus to let. very rea*onabr«. Address
a. H. £.. 1360 Third avenu*.
Fashionable Croud Enjoys Hunt
Meeting at MorristOKn.
Despite the cold and disagrpeable weatber
large and fashionable crowd f:rn»ti nut fa *" tv
amateur race meeting at th» Whippany' r«T* 9
Club, at Morristown. X. J., yesr<»rday. The q«" c
and membars of the e'ui> did overjthing ta"th*j f
power to make the K'i«»sts <'orr.fcrtable. and, iHg[
the excellent programme offered. the m»etlne w
a decided success. Most of those having ••■■»
homes In the neighborhood motorM r>v« r to »
course, and had lunchpon at the club tog«h»r wtt\
those from New York who took an early tnjl
from the city.
Although greatcoats an.l rubber ponchos Wst*
much in evidence, the scene lost iirrie> of its j^j^
lancy, and the silks of th» Jockeys and the pt:>
coats of the huntsman mad" almost a 3 brave ■
show against the green fretwork of the polo (fey
as if the day had been bright and sunny.
Among those seen In the grandstand and abtrat
the lawn were Mr. and Mrs Benjamin Niroll. ■>
and Mrs. lewis Spencer Morris. Mrs. John £
Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pflzer, Mr and Mm
Gustav Kissel, Miss Porothy Ki??<»l. Miss Beatr!c»
Pratt, Mis.* Eleanor Mortimer, Miss Dorothy Kaae,
Miss Klsi» Nicoll. Miss Margaret Dix. Dr. Lejii,
D. Ward. Stuyvesant n*k, jr.. Mr. and Mr 3. c»«a
Lynn. Mrs. George B. Dadmun. Mrs. T. T<»war
Bates. Mrs. William Shippen, Mrs. Henry C. Be».
dleston. Mrs. Putnam A. Bates, Mrs. John Gre>
villa Bates, Courtlandt Nlcoll, J. Searle Barclay, H.
H. Williams, Jr., Otto H. Kahn. F. Ambrose Clark,
Mr«. J. Prentice. Mr. and Mrs. William Woodward,
Miss Dorothy Whitney, Mrs. J. Gordon T>ouglaa,
W. D. Vanderpool. Richard Forrest, Joseph C. TT2.
letts. Frank Outerbridge, Lathrop Brown and Bka>
ard Lawrence.
The amateurs who rode in the various races
showed excellent horsemanship, and the sport was
Interesting from end to end. In t: * second race
M. J. Aylvarrt's P.oseb.ink. with Mr. Cookaa up.
cut himself badly by bitting one of the Jumps, tut
otherwise no acc'der.ts marred the raring.
The programme was made up of cix races, thrss
being over a steeplechase course cf three miles.
Chief interest centred In the chase for th» 'WUp>
pany Cup, in which live horses, which have beat
bunted regularly with the Essex Hounds, went to
the post. Scout, well handled by his owner, A. A.
Fowler, fenced in clever fashion, ar.d 7\on ratav
easily from Charles Pfizer"3 thoroughbred £»
EUcrslle. with Mr. Maynard up.
Mr. Pfizer found some consolation when Jt.
Harper rode hi 3 Gypsic to victory in the last lacs
at three miles over a fa»r hunting country. Gy^ic
was lucky to win. however, as O. K. with Mr.
Alpers up, refused at the last Jnmp. ■w^en ha tad
the race at his mercy. Mr Alpers got .a Bans
over In time to finish second. Dick Roberts tea as
the water jump.
In the- other steeplechase Mr. Harper got Ringlets,
running In the name and colors of Mrs. G. Foster
Rawllns. home la front after a pretty race wtta
Peter Hauck. Jr.s. Essex B.
The stewards of the meet were J. =*arl« Bar«
clay. Jr.. Ft. Lawrence Smith. Benjamin Nicoa and
Charles Pfizer. The patrol Judges wera Harry Hay.
Frank" Outerbridge. Francis Kinnicutt. Cecil Lyoa
and James Ely Miller. Joseph G. WBBI waj pad
dock Judge, and E. C. Smith clerk of las course.
Th» m»>et. which was run under the rules of the
Natlonal Hunt and Steeplechase Association, was
conducted by Dr. Leslie D. Ward. Kenneth B.
Schley. Dr. Frederick H. Humphreys. Courtlaadt
tflonl and Richard H. Williams. Jr.
The summaries follow:
Ftr«t ran (fears** regularly workad en f»r-» ia Marrii
or =om*rs<?t countiea: distance. er.e-half mile)— won at
James Rlleys Lulu; A. 5. Wauch* Man-!. loacnA
Sec^n.l rac» (frr half bred bora ili« bwatca, to carry
IST, povatfa; thre* ml>». over nuntlcs <-">'in?rr»-^SBW
Mr.. G Fo.'ter Riwllr.s-s eh. m. Riagl»:s r ;^. H *ffi:
ivter Haock, jr.'». tr g. Emm R Ujj. < .ap^eoaS.
J E : ■ • m Ker-Btles
Third race. (To* gall^aya. 19 hwds or ur.lsr nwj
15.> rounds; two-thirds of a ««>'-^.?. n .^, T -/ Z^rn.
bu«'» eh. m. Victory Brita «Mr. KUfc* F. H^ T«
Stad«» b. f. C&*»1«KI .Mr ttrtefc ••«»£ !«*«»*•
tM F r i't < ? & ?a r 'e t !V !^f'>ur-year-o:.U or .t, carrr »»
TTo4» iMr. Davis., i-cond; P-ter H»'J. *. jr. «. C 3. «■
Mcd-»t (Mr. Ca»e>>. tblri K,,-.- r » t^ „_ «ds

Ut"i i% g. O uastaassi"
i i StT Alary Oar. aasasl. tMrd.
Rifle Match for Championship To Be Decided
. at Sea Girt--Geor«r« Washington Holder.
' The tatercoDegta«i rMN match f^r ** on th *
trophy bow keM by <V«r X - TTartlngtra Uriiver-
Slrv will he /»er|rtM on Jura 13 «r> fh» V»w Jertsr
Btat*. ran « at Sea Girt. The match will ba op«
to six-man teams from all ontwwlttoi « col.eses
conferrirsr Issroea, Th*» champ!ori«Mp was wca
In 1808 the first year of the comr^fltioa. by Prince
ton, and In al and 1988 by G^rse ffaJllh|ll *
there belrtff no match in IW.
Th* T'rtfed States. Marine Crrs has crtrtßOM
a school <■• rifle Instruction at S?a Girt, !n c(^O
mand of Captain W. C. Harllee. who has offered
to furnish tents, cots, beddirg a:id other nee"
carles to rtrmr-TS of teams wtehin« to f?*-*
te-v days before the match at lh« ran^e. t.o .
corps wilt alsr. furnish, fr^r. target*, markers aM
aeorOTi for practice, and will l*t the teams uss .
United States army rifle* Teams nay r.W v.
email mi at lac dubfcooi. of the N>^ JerKT
Stato Rifle Association, en the range.
CaiaftrWa, Mass.. May 22.-Th* Harvard ft«J
men won the annual dual track meet with ua
Yale freshmen on Soldiers' FJ-M «* afternooa.
scoring «3 2-3 poirt* to Hl-3 for their DOT*""*
The meet was run sal In a storm, which mada "•
track heavy and the time. clowr.
/a their iath Yemr.
a miniature Victoria embodying all " %**
this type of ..rr .... « with the «Mf *» WfZjZTfi
of the runabout. It >•■ dfuftnrU'.n to tlw
th« park. the BMSBI ei«ll. the ihoppin* trip.
■re nol»ei»*«. *«fo and *it»iy • **"• r'™ «»•»•
use of the mn»t dah»t< or fl»l"-«" ■"*"» Am «r :'
a*nit«»r ef liturr. They have n« • up f rl *TJf -?*» .
any her country. Ther M'« •tr."d fh# ••»• "■
LaiKiauletn. nronirtt«m». roupe*. Kt * nh '**^. «•• .: '
about*. Roadctera. I>epM Carri««*». »»«' alu >B *
•Phnne 2«3ft Col Cat ' il -~
II ne^n'd-.^n'rraV^r.lf^i^
or will: Enormow •»««* °L-.« T«a**
f I car* Gr««t r».:jotlen* !n "eonpUW
JIJ I Bul!#tin («1n«t« ■•?!»• fl*«> «**•» o>ffly
t{ list r.f sno ant-, on hand _-_. ff\ -
N*rr York, SIS-tl7 W. 4««h ►«-. ■«« BT**T-
Chicago. tSSi-4 >t»rhlaan Aj* -g^ ,
St. Loul». >. tV. Cor. rta»J»»JIJ^fJS: ■'
•tTiat. THRrr tear? olh: J*'?, ! L P i,eS' 1 ---
U .child Umou»ta» b«ty; (»«■>-•
Club «f America; Interior reupb^UterM. in »» •. -
SddMft* m r.«*«ablr & , ,„»«,. Offl* >

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