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pE ir,.V TCADtSia Foreign lioufes dealt In
r J>Vv-trrs in Uw l<'cal market, all purchases. In
'■'• , r*cor»ols were stronK, while the general
ljrtl v,t w-s liir.i and niQulera-telv ''■"■■"■ Money
ir '" trfe finrer in tha < J»tU«tnent. with the con
nze \ in \tr.eri«-an stocks 3 :>• . cent, against 2» 2
"„-[ iv.o weeks a».'o. Banks charged 24 per
T , mj Btoelt Exchanga loans. .'>• npainst 24t2 I 4I 4
r*nt at the 'act «re<-edlnß Fettlonient. A fair
Tl. icio-i-t was dlso'.osod. fall money at the
'i&J. capital was steady at Monday's advance; j
B^a:s<-. tints. Continental markets showed no
l^irtant i-ban«««
* TnPI^KK PRICES HIGHEH-— The local Metal
Sunxe te« advanced its yuoted price of copper
**.", s» hi 1 for lake. >„ in th* ask.-.l for electrolytic
V «cartini; '„ in the asked. Copper prices at I.«n- |
"*2i are blßber. There has been some spirited !
d l^irx f«f ceppff f" r rtlvery hi the last half of
J*TJ»- by • ■ inaera who wish to satisfy their
Wr „U.«.t.ts for that period. One sellinp agency
•■J^,'; a i>i«l at 13^.0 for electrolytic copper, call
, fur O.lnery at stated periods from July 1 to
t: * m tyf T -,\ The ... agency declined the offer,
SEdftstawiinjC «w« ii!.- J' ri<-e was V above the
B^l.-t qnoUtlon. ro]>per stocks have been re-
C Ved I mil' --tially and prod-.icers and selling agencies
tacltoed to sell copper very far ahead at
*sn*ni quotations.
nniPKNI'S DECLARED.T-Dlvldendß have been
glared as f..11.»w5: Central leather Company
,r ouarterly I 1 * per cent on the preferred, pay-
Ue July 1: I'niied Slates Leather Company rcRU-
Iff ou'iriei ly li l^r i'*" nt on the preferred. pa>-able
i t 1 Vf fi* 1 ! 11 * * ManofaetnrinK Company semi-an
1 | per cent, payable June 1: Nineteenth Ward
ffnk ,! r !ir monthly 1», per cent, payable May
«• Chirac.. sV Northwestern Railway reKular semi
**'„.,•/! -.i- per <-»»nt on the common and r.-»uKWr j
*^ er ,^ « per cent on the preferred, payable July j
Typewrin-r Company regular semi- !
!«iual I per rent in the first and second preferred.
"-t-FFL.* iFIT-SHARIKG BALES.— It la un
\Z^a that ta the last few weeks there have
fL' active sjUos of l"nited States Pt«-el preferred
v!T«.-'rioves of the company who secured the stock
S ie'v-I-- that made the advance iii the bull market
attractive for realising profits On De-
XI I' 4 "*- there were employes who
r'drun-V'^u the preferred stock under the proflt
«l --iwr Blaa and since the plan became operative
S«CT«*S» DM sold ••■ employes 1U5.?60 shares
ci the r^erre.l and I.VSIS ,res of the common.
meeting yesterday ot the Interns
Company Admiral \V. 11. Rr«n«on v is elect
e^'« director to succeed the late Joseph Wharton.
AMEEICAX CAR AND |\»rxi>RY An officer ;
r.f the Unerican Car and Foundry Company saya
,hsl tl» new steel car plant to be ar.-i ted at ,
G 6 rr HI- v - iI! '"* tne i^'Kest of kin.i in thai
wo-ii tboaph orders for n^w cars in April were
a&awr Hffljt. current cperatiors show material
iaonwesneat in tlie demand.
•WOJCATIOX TO MST.— Application baa been
cade io the Stock Exchange to list $15.<k>0.u00
•«i-re3r S per cent collateral trust bond.-*, due
•Jjs! of theUnlted States Rubber Company; 13.
tfi*M additional peneral consolidated 4 per cent
morttrace l»>nds of th* I-ehißli Valley Railroad
Oaapany. and $l.. r .?0.500 additional capital stock
cf the New York. New Haven A- Hartford.
SO.VEX PRICES Ml«:iii:r: London bar silver
aOrasced asaiii yesterday, the quotation standing
at Th? <!'•-*• at ;«li<L The Kastern demand is
more active, and the Reneral advance in com
moiity prices is an Influence in the rise in the
Sfinaeapolis & St. Louis Railway Company has
sold f.i Tasler & Co.. No. 27 Tine street. $7^5.000
S per cent equipment trust bonds, maturing an
tualiy to 3!»!!* inclusive, under the usual car trust
burj" has Income associated with the firm of
White & Co.. of No. th Pine street.
ARMOUR I CO. BONDS- Kuhn. I>.t-l> & Co. and
tiw National City Hank announce that they have
closed the subscription lists and can receive no
more applications for the Armour & Co. real estate
frsl mortease 4U rn-r cent bonds, as the ■sue has
b~en largely oversubscribed.
bc-?n decided to extend the underlying bonds ..f the
Toledo Railway jind Lxght Company for two and
cnt-haif years, until January, I. 1812, ralsh the
hiter^si from 5 to t> I^r cent. Holders not desirous
of ■ocepUng the rsttnsion plan will be paid off at
pur and interest-
JIOXEY iiAKKKT.— iloney on tall opened at l <
per <*T:t; htehest. IT* per cent; lowest. IM p<»r •<■■!!•
btst loan. 1 3 4 p-r tent; - -Tiiir. I™ | ''jl per cent;
ruJJiiK rate. 1»; per o«=nt. Time money was un
duneed. Demand w;is moderate. »tid tfie supply
iAix.y sfnerous. liate«=. sixty days. * r ul\z per rent; j
ninety days. Z v -Jn?>i per cent; four months, 2't''t '
T>eT tent; fiv<- months. r r -4^S pec pent; six in.. nth?.
S'iS'i t#r eetit; eight months. S l ,^ 3\ per cent; j
r.lne mor.tiis, 3';fy4 I-r cent. <"ommercial paper '<
<i'n'iriue«l in fair demand. Kate*. 3--,<.. per cent
f"r Bixtv and ninety dnys' indorsed hills receivable,
Z\-/'i* r.f-r cer.t lor olwi'-e four to fix months- slnf-'l*
nanvw r<n<! l\d% per -*>nt for those less wc-!l known.
POREICJIC EXCHANGE.— The foreign *>x<-hance
inurket apen«d firm, uith r;«t»-s. however. nlni<*t \
Bncfcaas | e4 at I.RTKtiI.SS for <-«M«>s. ■
for dctnand »<nd iMWrt 4.*630 for sixty
«j>!>- bills, the iatt«-r being lower on account of a
farther advance In I>«in(i<»n discount. Short franca
vre LtSK lews 5-61 and sliort reirhsmarks IS^s
rhj« 1-"^ Cables w-re a shade firmer in the af
temonn, lmi the rest «t t!:e market was pracfl
caily '.n.l.Hnge.l. <';>.\.)fs were <|iiote(] at 4.SBft
1.8*05. demand fteriinc >i« 4.v7?,«/4.»7(»O and sUty
fev blUa iit 4 SCMii, ;«;<>. Short fran.«« held at
5.153b 1* 5S ~- r A ;<in] sii'irt relcnamarka at &o^» plus
linker}-' posted rates were «s foiiouF:
Sixty days. Tifnnn.l.
Sj^rlin* . . . 4 «7 4S«'i
Grm3.lv. reictamsxici jc. Wi
I'a-if fi-an-s .'. 16 T i r.,15
Belgium, franrs S.IHH R I* I .
Svitseriaad. fran-^ • l«»i I 1'
Holland. «ri!!-Vr« 40 3' • 40.45
DOMESTIC EXCHANGE— Boston, 1« 2-30. 15c
end IV di.='-«unt: <'hirago, 2.V premium; San Fran
dece, 5c rr^mlum. telegraph 7....- premium;
Sew Orleans, commercial 90c discount, bank Jl re
nilTi-n; Charleston, buylns par. Belling |-10c pre-
ISiium; ?t. Iy>ui?. 4"c premium bid, -•• premium
a.-kt-l ■
BANK i'LKARI.\i;g.-N>w York, exchanges $342.-
O7 s .3Ti \tuUnc*-v J11.9R2.511; Baltimore. excbatiKes
J4.GT.2?;. balances JT.12.714; Chicago, exchanges
SCJNS^n, balancea HC60.731; Philadelphia; «=jf< tianges
CUST,.;i<;. hahiiic^f. %\.-%Mi>.
SILVKR UARKET.— Commercial bar silver. B%e.
Uexica:! gllrrr .loliars. 44c Bar silver in London
c!<*-d at 24-vl-. a!i advance of 1-16.1.
GOLJj PREMIUM.— In Madrid. 11 •*"; Lisbon. 14.
MFXI< an EXCHANGE.— Mexican rrrTianan on
Ne» York is .jij.-td ;,t; ,t 2.01Vj.
reportHi Jium Waphington. $775,194: internal reve
cue reodpts. j^".4..vj.-,; mlaeelhuieoua receipts. $151.
»■• Beceitits f.ir tiie day. J1,254.»557; expenditures.
l!Jfcl(l - Receipts f.«r th»- month to date, $43,010,775;
*xpfnditu!.!<. 14!'.72«.i,<wi; excess of expenditures,
»,S»i23. ReceipU for the ttucal year t.j date,
MUCUS; ezpendttarea $Ci", 152,157; excess of ex-
H-ntJimr^, t:<*,(x;,37i
SL 'l*-TRKASr HV.-Th*- - ib-Treasury was debtor
w ta« charing H.juse Il.3tTT.lti6.
Thir<! ■«. . •*• >'•«>»• lU " 7
J« 1, kls:!a! '-- *l<a.U3l SIIU.ON! flhM',l3
11 t« May -1 •■S* I, i-.'.( 7.32a.3i5 I.«M,AMI
Jlifi?' '" *■»)■ »1»>.»«OU *I01M«»" fI.V<,OH)
'• *•= . '..3--...h1J «,r,4d.3-? J.IMV.MI
iuir i lV t^ i= M»> ■ • *70..%»i) $5U..11i $7<i,573
" * % :i li.iMt. 4i's M31.tr, 7 3.4'»-.345»
j tlrt ' TEXAS .-. PACIFIC.
SsSVS^. 11 * li *J r »"« S^2.nn $1U7.3V fiHh.hii
i-H,» v*' lX«BS^aa j:«.!7«.*3i 14.K>«.h&)
J*-»iJ *-»i 1 ? Aj,ril 51.UT1.7.M »'-':!4 *1. 133.144
l « -*^n .*> ii,aut(,«s« u,<«3.z3a ■ " --„:.ii
y _ -.:>< iN
l 'im!?" 11 ' Jt ' fs,on<iw)Si S7.::ci.3!»i **,4t»4.a«s
»-.«...•;. J7.3iU.IS* t* 4H4 JWs
~" *0.; t a »^»... 5,«»i,;,;«j 4.740..'(73 6.42U.201
- - t : UT4. H>7
• *7(..l ia.ti4l :.71.7«i.i $77 .:il
~**».4nii ta**n... MM3OM* :.:. l-«u ii«; iv ZM SIS
;^_ , _
;.'*'*"<«* I'J nju«.s2fc«t7.V«>Cs $2a.:!"T,»W7 M6.SM
- . • \ 1 .
jui- . l.«<»« 1 l.i.rifc-es
i. *i
tmmlTmZ; "" r«... (US4.S3H |l.«=0.1»I !•- »<ii :»;l
">-U!i. mj,.,. -- -•• 1, 7.12.1103 L»ec. 353.254
."'; '~ v - • *OJ.4I'J tin.',:*..: is«.»i4i.aaa
N ta I"-' 7K7
'Jt* 1 ,,, *** r * venue
■■■ •" »H- l«7 •«!"-V.«i-' in. ir.J.KK-.
* IWti I««,<*|» r.2.4«ifl Inc. 1i.«44
>w r *, t n'? in ™'.- f-tlil.tT •$IJH.»»;t In. $107.44(1
■"•»* 4t,*.W 5K.103 Inc. -.007
«*>,«« *flt*.lM Inc.T?)<>.n3
J*» "•*«*•• KM.C2B 6M5.««1 Dec. 2.4«2
JfM^cwv. income..-.. •S&C.ooo -it.] -:k! 1ne.5205.57«
*««*'-: Masch Ji
fjJM r«y MO*. la >• chan«r».
"*i r»i "'''■ ***••• tts>i,wr« t4»i2is«i inf.si:.r..a3j
'• **. *-. 3«11.4i5 aTU.SOi\ Dec. 14..D11
* "*- op. rtv... $230, J« •.'■U.f'l L., 1170,244
Taxes accrued 16,800 14.400 Inc. 2.400 ]
Operating Income... J213.543 $45.5<«» 1nc. 5167,844
Other income 17. ."2 13.420 Inc. A.ISC
Gross income . .. . m».*ia ps.na 1nc.4171.990
Total induct, from
gross income 114.9.15 04.133 Inc. 19.803
N*t corp. income... *1Ui.1179 •$35,212 1nc.9152.193
•I.: ;
Quarter ended Msrch 31 —
Total rwy. op. rev.... 115.021 *14.hS« Inc. $135
Total rwy. oil e*j>. . . , II.MS 14.»1:tS Dec 3.203 .
Net Iff. op rev... $3.r.T.s $247 Inc. $3,430 !
Tax.s accrued . . 720 MM l— 13) ,
Operating In -it- J2.USS •#•■> Inc. $3,560 '
Total deduct, from
gross income rO .'". «.409 «.2.>0 Inc. Mi
Net corp. income.. »3..*.4 l '$0,852 Inc. $3,311
•Deficit. ". ■
The report of the United States Realty and.
Improvement Company for the year ended April
SO shows gross earnings of f3.495.355. apalnst
$3,406,682 In the preceding year, and net income,
after accrued interest, depreciation ami general
expenses. of $2.1 D 0.390.. 390. an increase of $228,567.
After Interest on debenture bonds, there was ■
balance of $1.4X6,190. equal to 9.19 per cent on
the capita! stock, compared with 7.72 per cent In
the i>r«-!-eilinK year and 6.91 per cent In 1907.
Total surplus amounts to 13. 409. 275. all of which
lias been accumulated from the regular opera
tions of l!'.<- company. In addition there is a bal
ance of $217,705 in the unrealized profit account.
There are set a.side reeer\es to the amount of
$37". 273 to cover possible, losses on account of
doubtful debt*, accidents and for depreciation of
The regular net income from real estate and
other investments was more than sufficient to
meet the Interest on the debenture bonds without
drawing upon the profits from the construction
and real estate operating department.
H. H. Mack, president of the company. Fays that
the current fiscal year promises satisfactory prof
its in the building department. At the date of
this report contracts aggregate $17.972. 450. In
the year several large pieces of property w»re
sold, including the BresHn Hotel, the garage at
Hroadway and 62d street, and the large plot on
Broadway south of 57th street, adjoining the
Broadway Tabernacle. Th.» plot on the southeast
corner of 67th street is now being improved and
ha* been rented for a number of years.
The report of the International Nickel Company
for the year ended March 3! shows total Income of
$2,162,693. a decrease o.' $272,259 from the preceding
year. Net income was $2,023,301, against (2.255.369
in the year before, and surplus after preferred
dividends $470,761, equal to 5.34 per cent on the
common stock outstanding. In the year $369,190
was expended for new construction, equipment and
replacement. There was also provided out of earn
ings $544,3fC. of which m.l« was for depreciation
or plants and $100,205 for exhaustion •>; miners is,
and $177. (0 ft was set aside for the account of the
bond sinking fund. There was also appropriated
for surplus for further depreciation of properties
1300.400 The net profits for the ti6cal year, after
deducting expenses, depreciation, exhaustion of
minerals, bond sinking fund and all other charges.
amounted to $1,00 C,493.
All construction work in hand by the company
has now been completed, with the exception of
.the repair shop and foundry at Copper Cliff. The
report states that the energetic efforts which had
been made in the Introduction of Monel metal be
can to bear fruit In the last year, and the indica
tion*, are that the production of this metal from
the t*reighton »ores will be an Important factor In
th* company's future operations and earnings.
The American Sheet Steel Company, a subsidiary
of the I'nited States Steel Corporation, has taken
up this metal vigorously, and after the most se
vere and careful tests the Pennsylvania has adopt
ed it for the roof of Its large terminal buildings In
New York, and it ha« also been successfully used
for propellers and many other purposes. The tot.
nage is yet small, but is constantly and rapidly
(Furnish*.! by J. TbocnaS ItHnhsrdt. No. 38 Broad street.
New York. and No. la Exchange Place. Boston )
Jllch. t-..» Last
Arizona anil Michigan ....... II 1 * l'» Ihi
Bearer carbonate- 1 7 16 IS 17-lfl
lt,.st»n Ely II 1 * ■<■<■•■• i 3 "I
Hjiif an.i London *' 3" 30
Cart us Development 34 3H .'■ i
i-aliimei iv.rtln 1 T-l« 17 10 17 10
(hemim* Mining I<J'« W-\ 1«U
Chief Consolidate^ ■ ••• 1 T 1« IS 1 7-l«
Eh Witch •» •• ♦"
Helvetia. «'•» R 11 -10 3 13 16
l^aramle. M V & I' . M BJ M
National Mining and K»i- I 51 M) M
H»\«-n Mining •■■•"• 32 >*.
-,■ Antonio ijl paid) • . II 5*5 * 1 1 •> 11%
Fooora Mimnit and L)«v ... 7. 70 72
Submarine s-licn»l * * *
(Superior and Globe 13-14 i'» IS
(Furnished by Charles D. P.arn»y a Co.. No. *.'■ BaaaHl »> .
Sew York, and So. IXI South 4th at., J'nti;i.l«'lr.hia I
Mi Ashed. ! M 1 Asked.
Am (>Ri*n< ... m» .•?!•'« ( r«*hl«:h .Vavlj-. . In* 104 \
Am Railway .-.'4ft l 4SV: l^hl«h •>«! It 1: 19% W)
Cambria st^-1.. ■;i'S '■-'. ll'hlladelI I'hlladel Co 42 42'>
Com Tr of X J77 77 V,; do ;ref 44 44 ; .
Kl^- St.-r Uat 4--» 4U 1 IVtin It X Co.:. r.7% «74
Kler OJ of Am. 12*» 12'» i I'enn Steel Co pf.104 Mai
l.*alri:i<>nnt Tra. 1 i 12 i »'hi!» Klac Co.. 1 1 \ 12
<ien -■at ... IV, M i Phils Itapli Tr . :t.l : « •'I 5 *
do pref «.I*<» 64** - nkelesa I'.vw.l. 11 11
ln» 1-0 iif N Ami 22 IS * : InlAn Traction.. -'■*;'> BI
U. Sup Corp. »i »>'•» I l'ni«a Oas Imj... ls«H "-*•
(Jo ret .. .C 2 til' 1 * \V«rl»l>a.-h <_'o .12 M
An, l(v ...nv la I*4 1«! j falls Kl»c 45... 7. i'» 7«
K!'^ * >■-.. |a I'l'-.- M I so .'.» ... . 103 IcaSTM
N J con r,5. . . .MAS 1"T I I'hi!a Co 5s t»"Vi ;w
Pfo Tass Itv 4s PTV* BTItl
Son Francisco. May 25— The offlclnl closing quota
tions for mining stocks to-day were as follows:
Alpha Ceil .02! Julia us
Andes . . .... IS; Kentucky &m . . 03
llel, her ....... 4»!Mt-*K*n T».
Heat & lU-lrh»r 34i«»c<-l.!»-nta| Coo 1!>
Hnlltaa ««{Qph|r 12."
. ul> >• is !4,<)v«-rm»n II
Chsllens:» Cm . ;.'■ i •■ si \2
Chollar n.",;Sa\age 17
C'.nfidenre 7S|S»u l!».l<h»r 02
con Csl * Va . "1 Sierra Nevada 27
c-.n Imperial .... «* I'nlon Con 30
Crown point ... 41 ['tali Con ■ "2
Got'ld & Curry 'HI fellow Jacket .'•«
Hal* * Koreroas 14
ChleaKo. M;i»- IS. — Wheat prices again row tn
ripw l'.igh ■ cl« tor ill-- »eason\When the Ma de
livery »oM to-day at $1 .!."•', and Itily at »i 11% a
bushel. Corn .in<i sats also continued tbelr up
ward fiiKMi. May corn scoriae a new hißli mark at
~&%c, while May oats advanced to <'.."■ provisions
■wen: strong an a result of the bulge In coarse
rlenvlnesß at the Mm. a siuirp rally which car
ried the May and July options to new high points
for the crop and a severs slump late In tin- session
were »he satlont features of the day's trading In
the wheat market. !>nrtnK the greater part of the
serslon there was heavy veiling of the distant
futures by Southwestern interests which Rugß<'sttU
to truiny tradf-rs that possibly flic Bonsatlonul re
jx.rm <ir«-ulined the previous tesßloM TfaTsnHng crop
rondltiona in Kansas and Oklahoma were consid
erably exacpajrated. The market opened weak, with
the exception .if the May delivery, whirh u«« up
>„.• to H»c, riiiuimreil with ysjatsrdsy's < ■!••- nt
11 3 1 1 « to *1 3.'.'/» Th« i»trfn«th of the i-urrent
month wa« due to renewed coverlnK by ahorts. The
market In general, however, was bearishly affected
by r.-!...rts or additional rain !n Southern Russia,
Where ■ drouth !ia* prev«Jl<-d for some time, and
by wet we.it her in Ihe Bouthweat. Toward iii« end
of the first hour a stronger tone developed on brisk
buying of July by commission bouses which car
ried that delivery" up almost IV from the opening
low point The btwrancy. however, was short
lived. Several rei»"rt» giving estimates on the
wneat crop of Kani.it Bad drifted Into the pit.
and a- iiiew repeats forecasted a much larger
yield than outlined by aome of yesterday's advice*,
nit traders were Inclined to favor the selling i.j*
of the market, a report that harvesting had*«-
Kun i,, thi»e -OUntitS of Texas and that fields
whl«-h had prevlo««l> been pronounced dead were
thrashing out twelve to liftmen bushels an acre
prompted additions! sates Sentiment in the pit
became decidedly bearish during the final half hour
anTi 1 Ma^ sold off to fl 33S- July declined to
i 1 it -1 niter having sold at *i 19%. The close was
weak at almost th« liottora. with prices •„<• to % •
brim- ie«teroay« flnal fipures. May beta* at 1134
and July at *1 17% to $1 \'\ _
"•orn for May delivery " !l1 '"-'' ; ' v at '■■';'' an.l
the July opWon st Tl'.ic, both figure being new
I Kb "«K-ord- for th- season. With the exception of
a brie! period at the start, the market was strong
•ill (1 iv owing to persistent covering by shorts
based "on a deride.j fnllins . ff in acceptances from
. !!lV.i advanced to new h«K»» marks when the
M M v delivery sold at >'■'■•- and the July at B * c - The
market however, failed to retain the gains, owing
to more or leM realizing brought out by reports
of rViin In many sections. Shorts were eager bid
ders aaiiv in the day, but demand became slacker
late to the session. The close was heavy, with
-£*«• at°*l»2il UM low point. ■ although the May
aTil Ju"v deliveries were still '■«- above the previ
ous rlasi ai •52 I??iI ??i- and S6V*e. respectively.
Tra ie in provision* was more active than iwiial
nd considerable atrenfrth was manifested the
heater part of the day. The Htrength of coarse
SJfn^rasTii Influent In! factor. The market closed
Mroa*? with prlnes up se to Me. compared with
j the previous . !'>r-«-
1 ivenuol May SS WHBAT— ftp* No 2 red
V ! V JI T* r*. !*»' ■»■ «vW"r .Struts stronf. 3«s Hoi-s in
Ivondon <1«.|.1<- <^» l » l „j^ n,RK-IT;:Mn ,RK-IT;:M nle^s
middles I»6 h *-.V, % 'iv. ,tri»n'it. M»s «M; short clear backs,
dl-s heuvy. 3o to 40 n^»«r»nK. M t<> Jft
! mJ,^ «J b * ? ij>BnS-S«|tiare. II to 13 IT>. stro« ? .
-Prime city nrm. Z?+ Sd, TUR
"nd i'kfu<M.Ki;M-Uttlnc4 steady. Thd. UNctBD
OIL— Kinn. 24s M-
New York. May 25, 1909
Wheat, bush . . . 34,800 Tallow, bWa l'«>
Oats, bush 8*,450 1 Tongues, bbls 19
Barley bush m.0231 Grease, bbla 240
Malt bush . , 12.00O) Rubricating oil, Milb.. 4".
riour. IMs . 8.433] Cottonseed oil, bbla . 1.000
Flour sacks 2G,274!01e0 •ill, tierces !"'•'•
l't-« ' bush .. . . • <>•» Butter, tub* 2<>>.".2
loan's, sacks • '- i •"""■ boxes ■ ■ ... Mia
(irass seed, sacks . 181 Egg*, cases 2.">.41i;
Hops utilt-K •"''" Dressed poultry, pkga. 2.471
Ollmea!. sacks f>oo Live poultry, crates... 4."1
Ha- tor.» 1 -••>' Cotton, hales 11,7£ i
btraw. ion« 1" Apples, bbla 1.450
Oornmeal. sacks 2.7i>7, Cherries •'■all. boxes.. 2. i5.".
Mlllfeed. tons 370} l>menii "■»'■. box?*:. MS
meal Übls 275 ' >r;ii'«?-s (Call, boxes. . 13.21*1
■Whiskey, bbla 2M Peanuts, sacks -•""
Pork bbla Mi Potatoes, hbls l» V."
Ham's tierces 2«!> Rosin. V,b!s 10.400
I:3ms. boxes . • (•:s! Rosin oil, bbla 165
Karon, (*•*»■«• ::m : Spirits turrentlne, l.bis 2.07."
i; a r>fin ke« ... 2 IS2 Crude turpentine, bbls. 25
Lard, tierces 2.040 Tar, bbla IHO
llir.l k-cs :;.r.v.. t i,r.-.-... hhd. 900
B'-ef bbla Tobacco, tierces ... . B0
Canned i- •' cases. .. 2.'M!» Tobacco, pkgs 'J.'>o
Wheat, bush 24.867 j Rosin, bbla 747
Corn, bush «M Refined pel ga15... 1.484.550
Oats. bush ■»<"' Naphtha, gals I.IKMI
Buckwheat, bush.. 6.258! Cottonseed oil, pals. 32.r»10
Kean.l bush .. - M;i Lubricating oil, Rills tiU.ISW
Kliiur,' bblß .SH7|Pork. bbls KM
Flour sacks 3.015, Is.»ef. bbla 711
t'ornmeal. bbls .... llSlßeef, tierces 113
Mian, rti tt.OOO! Bacon. It. 42.01K1
<>rass seed, baRS... 4.") Hams. n. .., 18.800
Hay. bale.. ni|L«rd, TT. 422.450
Alcohol, sals ... 8.900 I.ard oil. gals ■ r " MI
Whiskey, (rals .... 300 1 Stearine. It' 60,000
Ollmeal" IT. 131.260 Grease, rt> 2M.2"t>
Oilcake. n> 2,818,2001 Cheese, Hi 600
Iron. Nor. No 1 fdry.JlO 2.*. I Cotton, middling ... 11.63
Iron. So. No l 1»t 12' i Coffee, No 7 Rio ... 7%
Steel rails 9140 Sugar, granulated ... 4.95
Lab copper, ingots. 13 32 ' i i Molasses, O X prime. 40
Tin 2f»2il I Beef, family |1S 75
v.\ ,nv.*,- lead . 491 | Beef hams 25 <«»
Spelter 5 17% I Tallow, prime •">*%
•Wheat. No 2 red . 148 I Pork, mess 19 2n
•Corn. No 2 mixed. *2 | Hogs, dressed. WO Tb t<>
•Oats. I'll to 92 n> . 91 . I.ard. prime . .. 11.20
Flour. Mpis patents. 099 |
. New York. May 23, liXW.
COFFKE— After ripenlm at< icij at unchanged prltjl
tha eelfee market became rather easier Ir. the late tra.l
ing and cloeed lutrel) atea<ly, net um-hanned to 10 points
lower .Sales were reported " only li>.;,iH> IK* At the
start the irarkeF was susialne.l by continued supp'Tt of
the neat months, but later the bulls seeme.l to witlnlraw
thoir buying onlers. en.l after having Bold at 7.211 c «ltir
ini; the p;irll<»r tradltii; Mat reacted to T.IOc, and at
the cioae all montha wen- .'. t.) 10 points I wer, with the
exception of June, which is evidently inlluenred by tne
approach of its maturity and by the <ils.ount at whlcn
It has bom selling a* compared with the apot posUUin.
There (raa r .tlmiK in the general news as reflected Dy
the public cables. DOT could it be learned that there was
am rhang* .i. Ih. -Mm off-rs from Uraiil .r In the
ceneral rulliiß of the lt.cal ■■" market. 1h- I- r<n- n
market closed '» franc net higher, hilt Hamburg »as
Unrhang«d. Neither of <he llraxilian nmiUtn r»i»« ;■>!
any .-hange. Receipts at OrailUan i-ints w«ra a little
heavier. reai lint I I 'HW ba K s at the tt»o ports. W»n»t
Iw.ikki l»«t i«r. v. hit- Jtmdlahy ie,«;;.ts w.-ie «.sn ' ha«cs.
aealnst ."."««• last year, but the movement Is n "' „:
reaxins \u any material exiont. nor are the Santos
..ir.rM of .lulv nhli-m<-nt to Europe unusually f»* ay »' 10 '
this pmsou of the year. Very llttla Interest « ?***£
•^ taken iv new prop «'ffrri. in the lccal m;irk. t. 1 ■••
market for s,«.t rolfe* was quiet, with quotations on the
'-T^e ! in the local n^ket ,o
day was as follows: Tester-
Opening Hlch. liw. *«Jj
•™ a > ~ _ _ tt.b5C«.W) C>s
j u^ LV.:o.H .•-., a.33 <;..v.-u.i :..% o.co
somber-;:::::::::: - z -; ir i»'i •; ".i •• l"
! -r _ V -.'-. •«>
92S*Sii; Z _ — K'v!«}'s!«» Ki«>
■•-.■:::.:::■ - 5»t|SW 5.*
December — — RjCWW M '•'•"•
January - ~" "* -.«!,-!•'■-. :.•<;
February - . ■ _ . soiefi.«i t; «*>
COTTON- Wbll- more or le»« irre^ulnr
market .bowed a (eneralljr Ormer tone to -iv;. and a .
the close was b*rily staaCx last prlcw i wers 46« !-;';'^
r.»t higher, ftalns in the Mlsstsdpid^'aUey; and Okla
homa »er..K-,i to . !••• aura«< i ■■■■■■ Be* bu 1 "*,,; v ll f,, , J
for a further reaction before the P" 1 ' ''■- 11 : n ,". f 'Vrf^ •• i ••
menfs crop report and prior f. u-.e "'"'■ l ; < > " ;' '^ ' fr v
end of th« «wek. tl» market ea-d ..ff s«-.e,a i"i ■« » f »»
tha iod Jalr led !»«• decline. selHni? olt tnn\ v i.>^ w»
lI.C.' 1..rl ..r uitbln 2 points of y.tei •••> > «■>.*.. a 1. 1 il
loXi a- though the leadlni spot " ll '- r ' n » t - ! : h (^ SJJ
teuinc up cotton on May '"" ! ; !1 ;'-,"; *, ' r , «
wet weather in eaat<
i ported Impi
«h-n II •
1..H r-n'-ted aitatn toward th» rl«.«e !in..ri "» rwr ' T „.
ie*t Saturday ;•"•! M.t>''ay
The ranpr of contract l>ri<*s It. 0«« focal n.ark«t to
day «raa as follows; •y.-st.-r-
M»y IV^K «SVii.gnio 11 .-i
i l ;..:.
:;;;;;:::::::::::::::.;>« ii:. l »•« }•--}-- "•?
ft?«2fc«V " »t law io»i io:infiiaM 1-^
September '' • ' ' „,„, „, S s : , H> si
(»etob.T 1" Jl '" f 1 „, M ;-.,| ( -- lomii
Nm eniber _ , () ss k, «o>< a lu.Mt l'i>2
>"'<' >I " l * r Ci lO.W 10.82 l'»:«'ci - " l7:>
s'aVfh o '..::: :'^- :: : »«Vi* i<"* ;i l<iV> "•^-"• Ml 1077
-^v. ,',„! n ,»rU.t for B:<it cotton »ni <iulet and un-
ihed" 1 ;": ' "lo- Oufv.'J.o,, KSady. Un
ipsr.^ rS^S: .S3SH:
vhane-d. ai H>; ( " al< '- *„,„.,,• „!> 1 ;!*• hlKher. at
charmed. at •,"**'• *■"•»• • , lM rjjtie i;,h^ steady.
f.?r Wednesday: At New o,lv«n. t.«» MW J.« 00 b»^ ;
:■..! . ■ ■ ■
E * ", I :. 1 ,"7v V ""'>'. ....;.■:., n*r«
ruiet; sal-.. K'""^". ;2"; ;1 ,, ( , ta Us Am-.tcu-
Alt «t old prices. The following are prices quoted
'' , h . vi York Produce Kxchann-: Bpring patents,
4"' ,'*itm. winter Mratehta »0 •:■ Sj **l 70; « Inl
> 'i*'. :" tr I,', aDrlnic rle.ara »T» 4S««.*. 7.'.: ,
Kf^^oa^e W« £ KKKi^Vestern- aulet.
elt'V nn.uuot.Ml: Western spring. $2810; bandar.
wJund oi whTi i»rJw ■ "■'• '■'*' PMce. ahowln.
, '."J fUr ?! •.1 ..f Sitrl. ou ..li poi
" v :, whk* -1..5-.1 V "•• hl«het Commlsalon
■Aho bought tMKT9**yll durtali the forenoon.
...,.-. with hea rter ml.lda) influ
■ Lc extent by further private eattmatea from
npunnc a field aro«nd v- JO
(hiii for Kansas. Oklahoma and Texas, under the moat
favorable rorditlons. One report from Texas at mid
di.y aald that euttlng waa under m] In II
Sfk • #toM or 12 ii. 13 buahela ht>. acre, where s
SllSra hii pre°lou.l) I n pr.dlct«d. » teaiur. about
the ™M mark-t waa active »ra, who
went "hort on the bulge of Monday. anticipatin X that
IT. P^ Mllin. of the sun,. ■•liau-.H ..Kht a< the
ooenlna <B>i«lnn prteea to drop from »««4c under
?l?e nrfvloua ni«h'. but the avldent support the mar
ket waa aetttng from (•nil mi.-r.v-- ilarmad
whir"' lasted aU the forenoon. Only 10.000 bushels of
whrtV «er e received at winter wheat points for the
liVht aapplles. a bad croi Hook and » rood demand
from mill ic;.it> was' reported In south Russia, re
iieiTnJt c drouth. A tlecrous,. of 800.000 bushels WM
reported in the Canadian visible, making 2(540.000
bushels reduction In the North American total, com
oared with 2.413.000 bushels <le;reaso ■! yar mjn
The local cash market «:ih entirely nuirilnal. cloalng
as follows- No I red. $1 4.". elevator and $1 4.". f.. b
afloat- No i Northern rMtluth, Ji :«!•'*. and No 2 bard
winter 91 40* f " b afloat. CORN — Again l«norln^
the bl'c movement at Chicago, the corn market ad
vanced rapid >" to new high records to-day, until
checked l>v th« late reaction in wheat, when moderate
decUnes occurred i»»i prices showing >; «i -...- net rise.
One of the features at Chicago was heav, buying of
May and July by a prominent commission house. '■•■■
lieved to be covering of shorts. A sharp drop In coun
try offerings led to the belief that the movement had
reached Ms maximum an.l that farmers _ were again
withdrawing- from the market, all of which tended
to greatly disturb the l>i(? short Interest, which had
been led to expect a notable Increase or offerlnfts as
a result of present hl*h prices. While receipts at
Chicago for the day were 986 para, only .'■'.:; cars were
estimated for Wednesday. The Liverpool market
closed *id hlither. The local cash market continued
nominal an.l was quoted a* folows: JCa 3.00rn, M.'.c
elevator and R2e fob afloat: No 2 white, W •-. and
No 5 yellow. *4',c f .. b aflnaf. OATS— While per
haps not ko actl\e en the previous day. oats neverthe
less had a firm undertone, and closed about -„ net
hlcher. except for September, which was ■ trifle lower.
The rash rnar-ket here continued firm, closing as fol
lows: Mixed. 20 to 32 Ib 8* nominal: natural white,
••fl to 3** Hi r,3 iff !'<"•■ and clipped white "1 to IS
Ib Mtt 70c. ' liVr: Market -lull No 2 Western. 07c.
no'mlnal. fob afloat. Hap.I.ET — Market dul; feed
\ng. SO«?S2c c 1 f New York.
NK\v yoiik rmcßs;
' Wheat: Opening. MUrh. I»w. clone. day.
May $1 41 $141 «l II" II 41 *1 *"'*
July 1 23? i 1 20:» IX* I 25* 128
Pepte-nber 1 17U 1 1«H 1 l«Ji 1 J«J» }"*
December ...!. 1 I.V. 1 ltiS 1»% } . !-•'• ' *•* ,
_ -;, I H I
May _ „,,.;; -.. 4
Sepf^r/.V/: - — - ■'' ' '«*
?R "■■•■:■::; Si a *S fs| {§
&-nbe, :.. i urn i>- « .10* ' lv - lU *
*£"!: 74-4 --. 74 ' i -■•'*- J«*» ■
¥,f£ 7'"-, 71 7" : » ■'■ - 7«'+.
'.:::: r.s •»% a% «?• **
Ma' 31 " : . <•'-"* m <;-■. g£ ?<>'
&mier-.:::: Vi 2 «* «* ■•
„. I : 1 ": 10 75 10 WJ ">■•" "»5 }'] '?
September ;».'-;i0« 10 UT 10 hT 10 <j, 10 s.
jjv iba: 10 25 iOS-> 10 20 10 27 10 1 22
m beV.:::.io2.'. Sao 1022 I^2 102,
Ju Vv rk: ..IS 5.-. 18 87 Ts SB 19 75 19 S3
B^te«ber:::::x«M «»•» istj " 1565 lsu ",
lUIIE I *— The genera.! market for hides hs been quiet ,
durin" the week, especially for dry b dcs but the
.',..,.. v temper of the market seems to be steaaj. ,
".,'•,:.■ ...-..« quoted ms « rul- Whf> tha damand
UmsagVe^ •>». ' ■ ">•« to ao Mint Pre-ure i
LEATHER rhe leather market waa steady and
lobbing way. l>uyer« for expori,
[,„;,,,«■ 1,-ing quite lndlffer«nt Just now. As a rule. .
U '^\^™-™^<^"™^ w f ***% \
with suoi Rioted at £133 5. and futures at £I.U s
The l"»l market was dull, with Quotations «*»£*"«
rrl.m •■«..-„•-•>•::".■. COPPER There was an advance
o7at,mt 5. in >!,. London copper market wit li I
was unchanged al f£i In '•"",' ""-..,' h ", ;;';'!
TEU »a» nnchanged ai iS2 in 1,..i,,i..n. The nal
market was flim and unchanged at .>.!..'./ •••-"<'■ IRON
was unchanged In the Enirllsh market, with ( l» v* ami
warrants quoted al 4ns 3d. Locally the market _» a«
steady with No 2 foundry Northern Quoted at Si.i ••■;"
,«!.•,'.-. The market for pis Iron certificates on tna
yew York Produce Bxchaage was dull and unrhaiißrri.
No sales were reported, and regulars cloaed aa l"''-'^;- !
Cash. 114T5#51350; May. «1.-.©*l3s«>; June. |«»
SIT. 73 July $ir.*#s«ln August and September .*'_■'.£
$1« •_•:, and October, November and December, ?!.>—»
MOI i««ES AM» SYHI TS— The market for both
molass.? unu syrups was steady to firm, demand fair
ly active an, l offer ings li ht. Quotation* folio* MO
1. \SSKS— New Orleans centrifugal, rommon. H«*iinc.
fair I'.t'jiSJc: goaA, 22«26c; prime. J:i "■ ; "' New '-''"
leans open kettle. 28(^41'c. STRIPS fonimon . l.j ■(
17c; fair. i. ;,,■_;. i. . {food. l:> "■/ --■• . prime, 21025 c;
fancy "7 " •'".
OlLS— Cottonseed oil was firmer for refined on •■!•'• ■;
u!a»iv.. buying;; eoverlnft of shorts, and with strenctli
of cotton and hog products. Crude, however, was a
shad* easier, with demand quiet. Sales: mo May.
S.Boci 100 June. S.THc; 1.800 July. .V -r, >. .". V.. . 100
Vusust 0.03 c; I .".do September. (!.i> 1 .l'&«.10c: -"" Octo
ber 0 ii. • '."»' November. 3.77©5.81 c; and 100 I•• -
rember ■". •'■> ■; :..i;s.- Unseed oil mntlnue.l firm, but
no further change whs reported ■>> price*. Refined
petroleum remained ste,..ly. with standard white quot
ed at (1.30 Cm barrel* .ii Sew York. We quote: IV.-
TROI.EIM Standard white bb.s, R. 500; bulk, ■"•:
Philadelphia, >-. t:.. . bulk, 4,H>; relined rases. Now
Tork. 10.00 c: Philadelphia. I0.8.V; water white. New
York bbls. lOo: bulk. iVr.oe: Philadelphia, ■•''"■ bulk,
C4.-.e: water white, eases. New York. l-'.4oc: Philadel
phia !•.' ::.".•■ COTTONSEED Oll.»-I'rinie > r'i<le, 4.<',7'<l>
4.7.".-: prime summer yellow spot. 6.81 ©3._BSc: May.
.v-lii.v^r; June, B.Tf©s.BOc; July. .'..-'.•••! •"■ '•• Au
cust. U0 0.03c; September. «. in „ ■; lie; October, ft.lo<?
•Vll<-: November, r».80©5.81c; December, S.«7©S.BSc:
prime white, ft.lJf?r..4r.c: prime winter yellow, "7 ■?
<".-'N.- r.INSEEH oil. -American seed, city raw, ".!>?#
Cm. . out-of-town raw. ,".s „;,•..•, Calcutta raw. 7.">e.
LATtD on soii <S."e.
PKOVISIONS — There was Rood buying of pork nnd
i lani by i'oiiitu!s«lon h'«if">f to-day partly for pai-kers. and
! the market hn.i h sharp adianre in the aftern<«'ii. rloslnß
about top for lar.! and ribs. l> ;l t a fha.lr ofr on pork, llf
celpts for the day mii'Minte.t ti. ;,s.u o hops, of which
M.omt wire at Kansas dtv and 1 !.<■<»> at Omaha. Chlcaffa
ha. l lri.tMi hi>K* arid rxpccte.l ... on Wedneaday.
1 PoP.K Firm Quoted: Mesa, |199$taCn; family. $l!t.'M>7/
120; short .-Irar $18 308*21 50. itKP.K- Steady. Quoted:
' Mem, S10*>oS$ll; family, J1350f1#14; packet, $1255125u;
. cxtru ln.lla im—s. $21C»21 CO. BEEK HAMS— <Julet,
i Quoted, «24e$2rt, l>Ki:.s^Kl> HOGS— Firm. quote.l:
j Itacons !•%'■: is<> n.. ii T *r; IflO It) !'»■ . 140 Ib, ii><-. pit--»,
Kts»<-. CUTMBAT»— PIckIe.I bellies tlrmor. (iuote.':
Smoking 11 1 <'?ill '-<•: ion., Wiftli'tc: 12 Th. II V.'Stl '.*c;
1 14 H.. lin-i/li 1 ;.-. Pickled hams— Firm. ■!..•■ -i. 11-.n
12c. TAIJXJW— Quiet: city. BHe; country, 3%©.iHC.
I.AHI>- Stronc (Juotril: Middle Western. :i i.va ii
city lard— Firmer, yuote.i, iu-. lt»-tln«-il lanl— Firmer.
i ijiiuted- South Ainerlea. 12.11.V-: (\,nt!n.-nt. li :,i>. Hiazli
k--K.n. 13.05 c. r«,m,.oiin.l -Firm. yioie.l. 77»'«7 7 »'«s liC.1 iC.
i STEARINS — Steady.i yuotvii: Oleo, 12c; <ity lar.i stear
j inc. l2*«l2Kc.
KKlr-Tnc rlre i-|arke» ruled steady to firm at full
i prto-s Dan Tu'maßn Sons Company, N'-w Orleans,
i telegraphs Louisiana crop movement to <lat e aa fni
ldus: ltep.-lpt>4 of .rouch. 1.41"J.4"JS pocket*, acainst
' 1 72" isi( list ve.ir; *a!es of cleaned, 1.32ft. 42H pocketn,
:ii;a!n!>t I.MjO.TOI la^-t year. TalinaK* 1 . Charleston, tele
' uruphx Car«.lliia crop nn-v^m.-nt thus far this sfHs*>n
us siiowintt receipts of 87.250 pockets and sales of
H7.02S po(ket<i Quotations tollow: Screenlnics, SO
.•p;e; ordinary. 3^«4lic; fal#, 4404%e; ro.,<i or.li
nary. T>ti .'■ 1 4<-; prime. .". 'j *i 7>\c; rhoiee. C.'.m;i 4 c; head.
Japan. J%»Mf; Pntna. He; Java. s'^ tl ."• '= c; Ilangoon.
i 4\ ■>:■>•: Sl»m». 4». «f . -.'-■•
Kl'tJAK— Tbe market for rerlneil susjar ruled firm,
with fairly coo.l demand Th-r.- waa »..me talk of
' hlciier prices, but it is hoped by some brokers that
. there will be no advance this week or until the iinin
| try In prettj well cleaned up Of supplies The follow
ing a'<- less .V and ."•«• per 100 !t. from Invol.e un<l 1
per <ent for caab. No further <!i»<-.v.itits whatever:
! i.'ryatal domlnoa. In oa»-< rontalntnc <:i» •_•-'.). .-artor.s.
• S:Ut.-- ilo In eases of •.'.'■ ?-lb cart. mis. 7 .:»•»■■: F.;n?l« tab
lets 0,23 c; CUt lonf. r. 7.">'-: crushed. .'.«'.••; mould A.
r»:m<-; cubes. Kaple r>-lh biiK* powdered and Basjle con-
T,-it!oners - itrunulnte.l. .'i •-'<>€-; XXX X pouilen-il, ."..in.-;
powderefi nn.l <i>arse powdered, .*. o.V; fruit powdered.
4 !•.'..-: Kacle eoarso an<! extra Jlnt- granulated. 4 '.(."• .
K:iKi^- 2-lb cartons or fln> rranulated. s.lac;. lac; 2-lb bars
do. S.2Sc: .t'i-lb bass (b>, .*. I'll.- : B-lb bap* tlo. fi.lsc; lu
ll, l.aK-s do. .".. 10c: 2.". and ."fi lb tiiißn d->. .-..■ ; Baarle tlnn
or standanl arranutated nnil clianii'iul A. 4 1».V; con
feet loners- A. i 7>: No 1. 4 7<>r; No ■_• 4rt.-..-: Nos .1
and 4. 4.53 c; No 3. 4 :.«e: .V.. n. 4.45e; No 7. 4.40 c; No
- 4:t.-.r- No H. 4r.Oc; No 10. 4 2."<-; No 11. 4 -.'•>»■: No
12. 4.1." Nos !^. an.l 14 4.1 ; N..» IS and 16, 4.10 c
(Withdrawn!. The statlstl.-al po*ltlnn Of suvar »eem«
t,, be a firm one an.l the local mnrk>-t showed a ■tropic
tendency. Grinding In Cuba Is almost at an end for
the sesjion an.l the cable received to-. lay reported
<.ii!v !■■ .■•■mials ivorkin»r. '«Kalnst :>s the week before,
1.! last yar nn<l in two years aRo. The weather report
I sayi thai th»-r.. hare been bountiful rains The move
j m-iit at the six prlnrlpal iiorts of <"ul>a for this week,
fiKur.-s in ioiih. wer^ as follows, i-omrare. l with the
\\t'*Jt !ii*fi>r** liist v«*ftr .>t • * iwn \*(*urti sijfo; ICr > t"**li'ts,
1.1.ii00. acalnsi -.T, imii .1i,., 5.000 ani tortoi>: exports,
•';• iiiki BKalnst Itv.cioo nti.l 7 <I"<> an'l 4ssoi); stock,
.tdT.oiui. compared with S24.WW and ! ■>•><> an.l :uv.i.-
Imiii The l.<>ii>l'in market for lieel suxar was unchanired
to Ud hlßhcr. May and June nt |in s'«.l and Atisust
at im ;■ I Sio.-k of micnr In the (Tnlted Kingdom Is
7«l mm (or>» The l.v-al raw <>!Ciir market closed linn.
will, straight June shiprn.nt held at 2".c for cost and
freight siiKarit l-uty i>«l.i prices were thus .|ii"t.-.l:
Centrifugal, !••» t»-st. XO2OS.K>c; muscovado. «r> t.»st.
3.42(r3.43c. ami m..!as«.s sugar. BO test. 3 IT ©3 20c
r..r the we, k ended Tuesday, May 2.". Il»no.
111-ANS .\M> PKAN-tte. elpts for week. a.457 bags
brans sn • 2. 1-7 I .us peas exports. 1.36H bans beans an.l
j 153 bBRS p,-as; imjK>rts, It. IU bans l».;in» and 2WI UiKs
I peas. Korelgn beans continue to urrlvi- iiult.- freely, but
almost' the entln- trad* of the country la on this c!as*
I of xtix-k and the goods are working out remarkably weii
I considering th- quantity received. Prices have made 'no
| further change, though there has been a hardening ten -
I dency to t»'th marrow and pea, the proportion of. which
!is comparatively small, state marrow haw . 1 -.ii ii'--. 1
i Kharpiy during the week ami close linn at $:i 20 for beat
lots Medium are st,u<ly but quiet Pea have ha, l rather
slow sale, but tt.e .iu»nti'> ><t »to.k offerinj Is so small
, that holders feel .|utt« firm; roost ..f the business has
I been at $2 73. but some of the finest goods are now bel
L"/Hi"»- higher. Export orders for red kidney have con
tinued very mod-rate: most of them vv- ' - ttlleil at
.V ■ 424 shipper*' terms. White kidney relatively scarce
•nd linn Turtle soup slow. Yellow ey.- In very Small
supply California lima well sustain*!), with jobbing
••al-s at $30*3 03- Scotch l-ens have declnet] an«l th-»
market Is still unsettled. We quote: BEANS— Marrow,
choice, per bush. $.115913 20: do fair to K"<'<l. *- •••'*
«:s ■!■■■ medium, choice. *2 Tofls2 72^4: ilo pea. choice.
ij'7.-. .1 ■ Imported marrow. »230«>2 Ml Jo pea. S2.:>n
S--V. : ... medium 9247*2 20: ■•■• white kl.lnej .•»...!■ -.
$3nS«*2TO; .1.. fair to g 1. $2 40««2 BO: red kidney,
choice »J MVrtrZ 42 1 -*: 'lo common to K .h>.l. $1 ...uS- M>.
v,. Mow eve Choice S3 4.V,i5.", Ml; 1.1... turtle soup, choice,
12 25812 a): lima, rallfornta, choice. J3fls3t». PK.\s
kjCOtCh, bags, !•• b ish, $-■
i BITTEN B ' for week. BO.BTO pkjs; las) week.
I 4-'-.io Dkcs; exports to tropical countries. RU3 pkß* rhe
nr'iunrss note.l nt the time of our last weekly report de
',,,,,,. '•-.• advance on Friday, with stock e.ceej
?rr?y short* The M. backward v.m.1,., this spring has
• r,-.b-, the production of butter and kepi supplies un
elnectedly Hum Indeed. New York ha« not b-en getting
enough liulter to fully supply the .unen. requirements
until Just mi the close, when there Is some '-■"■'• In
■rrlvals ' SeUers were. M..« - put up prices because of
■ .;;...,-..-, of the season, but we are having t a very
.'.„„■;, one. without a parallel in the history of thu tr,...
lls season Of th«-- venr. It now 1. ...Us as if «<• should
..'.• r M r to r lune {without a tub of butter stored at any
<■ ii,.» tuihlluir centres. The posted arrivals to-.lav wer«
« lof -"m«s pn<kag«i.. an.l this relieved th.- situation
"'; \V, Tut it ■ s Ken-rally thought that the butter la
t Zta early th « week ami that all the * Ir will bo
X ' , \ about he present basis. The sales ol fancy
VHllted Ut a 1..U1 '; ,1 , „,,,. ,, Rlir< . r^.rnd
creamerj are at -u^p-ic. n^ a
..tiiriniy "I'" Process butter la moving moderately
cleaned "•' ? r i,es the choice to fancy B ra.les Bo at
extras. J«J»fi,y.*V?ite?n factory, firsts. Sk- .lo second;,
lll^SSoWSi^ * ti - k No i:
"s¥SSSW £2&ttl&££X!. So
r"", IO Th V seneraT features of the market f,,r new full
e«m cheene >ive been more favorable this week. Sut
1 TT b-.veket »p fairly liberal, but the demand has
'•', wn u.ite a it c increase and has been pretty nearly
« Tn to al-crl. the offerings, und tin- market has
Bufllelent tn "';""..,,, flrinness New small white
n^cream cbn«nu StSrouah b. and
M^.i-i wl"> advlcea of a decided break in prices in
S^^^-HaWS Kd« safe
„;!,),. weather has retarded <!..■
„'• '„,, t m an> lots be offered, an.l have had to be
- ,me too Kif-u to bs .it-r-.i. and have bad <■■ be
ci.l tenure up little full cream cheese prices have
',' .. n( i «ith a little out-of-town demand prices have
™« w.« held about, even will, .mall stae*. In
v T,"e. Hi- week show a little larger proportion of white
h ur " , ' come Skims have l«-en fairly plentiful, but
in good demand for all irrades from gsod useful quality up
o fwy an.l »uch have cleaned up pretty closely to ar
rival at steady to firm prices Exporters continue to
show fair Interest In under priced full .-ream and send
value skims when obtainable in the neighborhood of 10c
..I. a tittle better, and some lots of defective cheese
have 1,.;-,, taken at IO«40tlc I.v .r,.n,.l cable: X.nest
<-ami.llan new 62s for either colored or white. 010. IS s
t,»- colored and •»!« for whit* We quote: New state,
lull cream special*. 13©13<»c: do colored, large or small.
fancy l-i..,.. <!» white, small, fancy. 12'3c; do common
{" ,-,•, Wile- do skims. IVi n.. special*, lie: do eklms.
fine. 7\«»»* .lo fair to good, •■•'-•W7 I=.1 =. . «a common.
3t».V: full skims. 2(&2',ic.
|.-j;«;s— ;:,..ii..< for the week. 114.522 cases. Ar
rivals have fallen efT considerably durina the last week.
aT,d stock has een clearing up iietter. Western ad.lies
are firm and prices here have made »ome advance, cloa
Ins steady at the Improvement. bul without apparent
upward tendency »t the moment. Dirties and c backs
ilrnier We quote: State. Pennsylvania and nearby se
lected white, fancy. S9o2Sftc; Uu good to eMM ~va.
25Hc: do brown and mixed, fancy. 24fi24'.js: do fair
to choice. 23023 1ie ipedattßl Bales of extra fancy hennery
stock higher) Western storage, packed seleiticms. 23©
2:t 1 ii:; ilo resular packed, extra firsts. 22'i©23e; do firsts.
21 I ~.f( r^l'r: do secomJs. 21c: Southern, best ungraded,
21821i4e; da under grades l'J' J ff2u I ,ic; dirties. U'ltiaix;
do checks 1.-.fllsJie.
jlillTS FRESH Receipts for week. 5.544, bbls ap
ples. Appl- s have been in fair supply, and Tith de
man.l ' moderate the market has ruled quiet, though
prices continue high. (hern peaches increasing
In supply and prices lower. Strawberries have been In
moderate supply ami selling well when showing at
tractive <iuallty." Very few Florida oranges or grape,
fruit arriving and season about over. Muskmelons in
creasing in supply, but stock generally green and
prices show wide range. First car of Florida water
melons arrived to-day and sold at *.V.o for a small
car. Pineapples In very heavy supply from both Cuba
and Porto Rico, but demand active and market closing
slightly higher. Florida in light receipt and also clos-
Ing high. We quote: APPLES. Northern Spy. per bbl.
$.".<tisii: do Baldwin, *r)«*3 TS: do Ben Davis. *4 50«
*.->; do russet, $4'.i*.-.: PEACHES. Florida, per carrier.
$2 :.ci .j $:•. r.o. STRAWBERRIES, Delaware, Maryland
and Virginia, per quart. SWl3e: do Norfolk, >w>lSe; do
North Carolina, r.fe lie: Mi'SKMKI." ins. per crate. *1
fa $4; WATERMELONS. Florida. In bbl». each. Me. do
In cars, per Hii. $40<ft$60: PINEAPPLES. Florida, per
crate. $16001225; do Cuban, $16*175:- do Porto
Illean. $lf/*l 7.">.
HOP* — Receipts for week, 767 hales: exports. 69
bales. Advices from the Pacific Coast still report cold,
backward weather. In Oregon there was same rain
early in the week, but since then the weather has been
unseasonably cold and vines making no headway.
Warm weather is badly needed, and unless it sets In
soon a very J>mull crop will lie harvested. Washington
yards are also In bad shape, and rain is needed In
California. The contract market has been more active.
with lie reported offered in Sonoma, but growers hold
ing back. Some contra, hove been made in Oregon
at 10c. but it is hard to do anything at that figure
now. In New York State ill yards are still held back
by cold weather, but are otherwise In (nod condition.
On the local market there has been quite a little in
quiry, but sales of small volume owing *• scarcity of
hops. English and Continental reports are generally
favorable, hut they have also complained of the back
wardness of the season. We quote: State. I'm*. prime
to choice, per Ib. i:t'al4c: .••• medium to good. liV.r
12c; do *»»07. nominal; do Pacific Coast. 10OS. prime to
choice. lOfrlle; do medium to good, lie: do IfJwT, 110
<•„ : do Germans. 1908, J! i -»■ : do Pacific Coast. 1906.
HAY AMI STRAW — The market Is stronger on the
top (trades of timothy hay. Large baled stock has sold
up to 9Bc. in. l that price has been occasionally pi
,-.-..1-,I for a very fancy car. Small bales are in some-
I what more liberal supply and market no higher. Rye
i straw (inn We quote: HAY. timothy, prime, large
bubs, per 100 Ib. ',»•".■•; .'.. No 3 to No 1. 75«1»2Hc; do
shipping, f>."i*( 70. .1. packing 4.v clover and clover
mixed. BOM 05c; STRAW, long rye, tuixtiu:.; de
short an,! tangled rye, M do oat. 70c.
rot I.IKY ALIVE — Receipts for the week. 30 cars
by freight an.l about 4 ears scattering lots by express.
With continued comparatively moderate supplies id,
tlie approaching Hebrew holiday of the Feast of Weeks
thnre has been .i good demand for live poultry, and
stocks have cleaned up pretty closely to arrival up to
ami including Tuesday morning. The holidays began
at sundown on Tuesday, and trading was practically
all over before noon, a number of carloads were late
In arriving, and did not reach here until after buying
was practically over. row la have ruled mm at gen
erally ISe, with occasional peddling sales of express
lots at l»Hc ami ever. Ilk Broilers in moderate
supply, good demand »n.i firmer. Other live poultry
In comparatively moderate proportion In the receipts
an'l have worked out at about formei price*. We
quote: CHICKENS, l.roi era, per lb. 23932 c; FOWLS.
per lb. IMrlfiUe: ROOSTERS, old and young, 10'i'i>
! _•. . DUCKS, per lh, I2e; GEESE. Western. He; do
poor Western. Southern and Southwestern. 7c;
GUINEA FOWLS, per pair, &oc, PIGEONS, per pair.
V POIXTKY— I>RESSEI>— Re eis*a for week. 12.WU
pkK--«. Supplies of fresh killed fowls have been com
paratively moderate, but the late high prices our
tailed the conaumpttre .teman.l and trading has been
rather slow nnd cautious. During the lattor portion
of last week receipts were light and gradually cleaned
i;p. but some 1 lots ha«l lo be shaiied a fraction. This
week opened with advices of continued light supplies
to come this week. anil, while trading was on'y mod
erately uctlve the ion* was a nha.le firmer, without
change In quotations. old roosters have ruled slow
ani a sha.lr easier. Fresh kllW-.l broilers from both
nearby sections. and the West have been in moderate
supply, ami with a r 1 il.-mand priies have ruled
firm. Long Island him! other nearby spring ducks
i-le.ine.l up closely before the .lose of last week, and
wi'h comparatively moderate supplies so far this week
j pric* ar<- holding atttad Squabs fairly plenty, but In
«>n.y moderate <i''nianil. an«l tone easy. Stocks of
froz-'n turkeys, large roasting chickens, heavy fowls,
roosters ami ducks are practically "-leaned up from
first him, ls. but ther,- is a fairly large supply still
available of mettliirn nlzed chickens: broilers an.l geese
are selling slowly, with geeae umlcr almost entire
neglect. We quote: Kr.-sii killed — It-eit : BROII.EKS.
Philadelphia, fancy sq.ia).. p»-r pair, ■•..■ .■ 7.'.. . do fancy.
:t lb to pair, per |b. ao94dc: do Pennsylvania, fancy.
.-. lb to pair. ;j.-.fjr:!7' s c, ( j o Western, dry pick* 2S©
"i>c: FOWLS. Western, dry picked, bbls, |sQl6c: dj
S'-ableii. 15016 c; Southern, best lots. I.V, 1i l.'V:
dry pi< ke.l or scalded, small and poor. 121* 14c: OLD
COCKS, tlry picked or scalded, p*r ib. 12c; Dt'CKS,
spring, Long Island an.l Eastern. 20c; do sate. Penn
sylvania, etc. 1!K-; SQUABS, prime, large, white, per
dozen. *20(3 75: do p..or. ark, $1 -.■.. do culls. 7.»9
60c Froz-n — CHICKKNS. broilers, mik fed. ln^'.'.'.c;
do corn f*d. \t\lt-.lc; .lo roasting, milk fed. 20#2.Tc;
do corn fe,|. I4iiL'L'c; i;EESR ><'ul4t.
v k, ••".«• ->bls rjotat<«-»- Imports, 1.1M7 bl>l» an.l l"i>.44S
bags p->t.n.»'s an.l l.i.lrt lags an.l -tt'iM' crates onions.
New potatoes .-.r» stea.lily increasing In supply, but de
man,l a. tive. old domestic potatoes weak an.l lower.
European ;,otnt,>»-.< sfajy for choice, but (<N,r dragging at
low li^'iren. .sw<-et .0..ta(.->^M in light supply, onions la
\erv beavj rv.elj.t al. I — lling well, lut at low prices.
Asparagus in moderate S!:;i:!> of !a!e an.! »«-ll!nc fairly
ii' steady price". Chi. let- new be«t« an.l enrr.its in good
demam] fat,»<ig-s in beary supply and low. Para
generally poor. Cu>-"in^'ers have aMiv«»l \^ry frrtlv from
Florida, »:th sr;ail lots from nearby aectkms: liemand
active, but prices low. Eggplants an,l ;,t-[.|»rs plenty an>l
w,-nk. Iras !n rather t:io.lrrate supply of late, in.! sail
i:ii{ promptly when showing attractive quality. String
i -
r,.,t In ntiv surplus an.l rather firm" Tomatoes arriving
very fr»-elv. but n»-ar!v all st,xk gr^en. anJ ;i ices favor
buyers, other regetablrs raiiKt- about as quoted. We
.|u..fo: POTATOES, Bermuda, iitw. Ne I. per bbl. *4 50
*i ».".-'.".: do Florida. n< w. whit*. .<! 7."w*4."^>; do n»w. red.
$1 :•>%(■*; do >;»•.. reix. white. *3 230*3 73; do South (Caro
lina, white |2Q*350; <Id t;e,;rKi;i an.l South Carolina.
new. red. Cl23et3So; do New: Ot leans, jer bhl. *33J4:
.lo Maine, In bulk. i--r Isi lb. $2 r«2'a*J ,5: rto ier bag.
$2»RB*2 63: do statn, in bulk, per l>4i m. *2 37-352 5o: «b>
I#r bag, $i ".'tJs- ."!": .1" English anil S»-ot^-h. per l»i>v !T>
1 atr. $1 73*7*3; <lo Iri«h. *1 SUfell RSj d.> Heigian. f 1 2T«<r
*\ 7.1; SWEET POTATOES, Jersey. i*r banket. T^-g
»212: ASPARAOI'S. i>, r dozen 'bunches, Nk-^s3 Jo:
A HTI CHOKES. California. French. p»- drum. JS 3<Kfi?4:
BEETS, North <?r.)!lna. per 10<> bunches, Jl"j?*T; do South
Carolina. Slttf:'.; do New Orleans, per bbl. $2SOOS3SO:
■ 'AKKI ■ South Carollra. per i<»> bun.-hes. ?i ■■if.:. ,!■>
New- Orleans. *2853: do «lU. washed. »#r bbl. 1160032:
d.i i'n«««hf.l. per bbl or bng. It ii ."^); CABBAGES,
Daltlntore, Ebstern Shore. Uarylanu and Vir^-i' ■ per
< i-ate, COOSOe; do Norfolk. |er crate. COQWr: dq i*r bbl.
.'■OftiuV; do North Carolina. ;>er bbl .rate. &f'a7uc: CORN.
Florida, per stan.l.ini rrate. 119*2: do other pkga. per
]i»>. f 147*2; .I' New Orleans, t^r bbl, *.'!l>*4: rnTi!-
BERS, South Carolina «nl <3^«rgia. p^r basket. *1 -' a
Jl .--> do Mort.Tn. jer basket, t3c9*l .iT: CHICORY ar"l
ESCAROUE. New Orleans, per bbl. *2<Bs2.f^>:2 < Bs2. f^>: EGO
PLANTS. Florida, per l».x. fiUs^: OAIUJC New fir
leiii-s. per l»i lt> $.".tt*7; HORSERADISH. per 10 Tr.. 52
<ii\: KOHLRABI, .Ww Orleans. \t-r lm» bunches. %'lQf3:
LETTI'CF. nearby. p*r bbl. *I'</J-: >!.i Southern, per
basktr. r.".'n."iK-: ONIONS. Texa*. whit*-. \<rr ate fl«r
$1 25; do yellow, 75efi*l |O; iln Rennuda, rer crate, gl;
do New Orleans, per i*ir. *l'isl H>: do • er small basket.
7.V do Egyptian, per bas;. *230©J2T3; PBA!t, Mary
land. larßf. i>«t basket, $1 .'"*>*- .">": do small i«^r basket.
M?i.<! 7.">: do llaltlmoie. larKe. rer basket, $1 809*2; <l>
s:iuiH. *\ r nt\ .*.ir; do Eastern Shore, small, per basket. $1
6*l 60; do Virginia, large, per lann basket. (lfioa*22S;
do per 'mail buket. *l'isl 50; do small. t>er large basket.
$lii*l SO; do small, r-r smnll btisk't. BnrO*l; ih North
Carolina, lartje. per liirue b:isk>-t. Jf!isl .'>»>; do per small
basket 75c© Jl: it" small, per lar»;.' basket. T9co*l 25; do
per small l«»ket. :*>it"< ■ : PEPPERS. Florida, rer ,-ar
n.r *l(t$l <•'•: PARSLEY. New Orleans, curly, per hid.
|fl«7*3; do plain. *l»>*2So: RADISHES, nearby, per !"•>
bunches 23<£Ukr: RHUBARR nearb>. per li»» bunches.
*m*2; .-! <l.i.!.'N>. nearby. per 100 bundien. 2. r ifi7."H-;
KTRINO 88-VXS, North Carolina, wax. nr third basket.
*lfi<l T.*>; I" green, i.Vf. «1 2.": do South «'ar».llna. wax.
per basket 7.">.'<i?l 7.'.: Jo siwn, 7."..-fi?l 25: do Georgia,
wix 75c«5150; do green. 73c65l 25; do Florida. wa».
7.".,-*isl 7.".- -i.' sre.-n. 7.*>.'isl: da N-w Orleans. tl«*l m^>:
SPIN K-'li. nearby, ier bbl, Snr6*l; SQCASH. llubbard.
per bbl $1 r.i Hi *-•-■"■ do rn.irr.m-. $1 .-4i«i*U: do white, per
box S«»e*t: do yellow cr.~.kne<-k MV*tr*l: TURXIPS.
Canada rutabaga |"-r ban. ■.nic-'fijl 12: do "ther rutabaga,
per bbl or b»c. WofiSl: >1-' white. i« r li»> bunches. 2.Vrf
T3c ; TOMATOES, Florida, per carrier. Jl'Ss2 7."v;
Wa'TERCKKSS, !-t I'"* bunches. 7.Vfr*l BO; CIVI'M
HFKS hothouse, fiir.. y. t . r dozen. KilStiK-; do per box.
■l«js3: ML'SHROOMSJ, hothouse, white, larpe. i«-r Th. 7STT
>,:.. do brown. la S .\ ttSflTSe: do small. 4(ra«!<V; TOMA
TOES hothmis*, per TTi. 1 0013 c.
Toledo May 25. CLOVBRSKED — Cash. *S !1O; October.
Sin:-'-. ■ 'n.-eember. *f. *:2's: March. *,;.-. No 2. »»;
rej.-i-ted. *:> IT.. TIMOTHY Prime, $1 8iX AI^IKE —
Prime, *7 •"•-'»: August, $7 .v».
New York. May ;3. l»00.
BEEVEH— Receipts were 12'- cars, or --■■ head. In
rluUing 2*i cars fur the market. No trading in live cat
11,, („. day". The feeling was steady to linn. Dressed
beef was selling at fully sustained prices, or at WJlO'ic
;.:'!, for common to choice native Sides Liverpool
tattle market. « were tniote<l b«er «t l'J'atrl.ic per Tt>.
dressed weight; refrigetator beof at Ij.n.loti «as steady at
I:»',| H>'«i- per lb. No cattle market at I.ondnn yestertlay
or to div To-morrow the Adriatic will take out about
3 ik») quarters of beef, divided between the Swift •«**'
,oiim«ui\ and the M..rrls Beef Conipauy.
CALVES— Receipts were 629 head. Including 37." for
but. hers l i.i LV.4 for lh^ mark"t. Trade wa» less active
mid prices tullv 25c lower than yesterday* average sales.
Prime veal* s.ld at N.'WSI ..er ■■- culls at *.V com -
Dion buttermilks at $4 ~<» Dressed calves were tirm »t
„,, ■„. per It) for city dresrud veals; country dressed at
fii,, 1 1 i«r.
Sales — Kerns CrTiinilssitvn Company: 03 Indiana veals,
17»; !t. average «• *> 2.*. per I(m> I* 22 do. li<4 Ib. at *T>.
T.;.fn * Shannon: 13 v. -i Is. IS lt». at *H; 4 buttermilks.
133 ib. at *•; .'• '
S Sander*: >•• x...:-. l::: Ib. at *s 75.
SHEEP \M» IAMB* Receipts were !7 -.- cars, or
4 ,4, head. inrliidiiiK 1.1 <ars for slaughterers and 2's f"'
tiie market. The feeling wts steady for all sorts and
grades •>' stock. Common to prime she;-p sold at $4 .*■<>«
«il -,ii i.i HM> It) T.iedlum t. fair lamb* at *7 .'•<►?! s7 7.>.
common Kentti ky spring lamlsi at *> l>resse.l mutton
was steady at I".; I; per It>; dressed lambs at 14<il7c;
.-..ii-trv dressed hothouse lambs at ?l .Mlfitil per carcass.
Kales—^Tobln * Shannon: 77 Kentucky lambs. 83 rb
average, al $7 7.". per Wo lt>: in do iun>horni. VI Ih, at $•>:
It". Kentm k'- sheep, 123 lt>, at $."> 7.">.
Kern* commission Company: I»W Indiana spring lambs.
4 ., it. Nt $s- 38 Indiana lambs 70 TV at *7 > ."iO Indiana
sheep 117 IT. .it *.i: 10 do, !•-■« m. at $4 >
S. Sanders: 23 state sheep. 101 A st S5 2.'.; 1 so, 120 Th.
"'lioi'ls- Receipts were 21' i cars, or S.«S« .1.1. all
for slaughterer*. Nominally s'eatly at yesterdays prices.
fo gaiils W »la"« t veoter-ls 1 T,,Lln & Shannon state hogs,
let! tt, average, at «7 7<i per MO IT,: I do. i:«» Ib. at gfg»:
H r»ucli> ■;!:■ I* nt $« 70: 1 Mac. 4NO at, at *4.
« Sanders 5 state bogs. 210 tb. at «7 7.-.: 24 do. l«7_Tb.
Nt $7 TO: --- roughs. 410 :t, at Xt 7.V 4 ■!.-. .125 rb. at $1 70.
Cnt.p.Ko May -CATTLE Receipts iesttmated>,
lam h,-i.i market stead> to strong: steers, *•* . n>«j*7 2.">;
" *4«ir.^v heif-rs. •*.•» «V,r*<i 7.*.; hulls. (4 i'.fiS.-. ;.V
•alveß.*s ; stockers and feeders. %.IM<it:>K>. HOGS
— Receipts (estimated), !.«<"»' head: nvirket Shifts W»rher:
■ 1.. 1 •> neavv ship,>tiic. »7 4.Vr*7 3R: butcherr. *7 4i>fl*7 W»;
ii*ni l mixed rrtMTST'IS: cholt- llcht. $72t>8*7SO: t.ack-
ImV «" ! N.,, «7 'i:. pi"4 *5 23ft*e73; bulk of sales. ?7 2*>9
i- X in ' <l<< X I- 1*1! is .estimated). I-" 1 " head: market
13c hißher^sWwp. $3 751,*.! 18; laniba *6 3O«*»I3; rear
''"Kansasf'^t*. May 25. - CATTIJi— Races] 7.».< head.
Including ••>»> Siiitherns: market strong to I* 1 higher;
"LL export and dressed beef steff. *O ' ''"*7. fair to
>..:,'„■ %', •'•-.■ii»ii »■">■ Western steers, jr. n«r*,i *•> : st.H-ker»
in i'f.V-.IT-i- *4 Si«S5 JO: Southern steers, *4 »)O*S TO.
Southern ciws (3236*450 J.ative mm, *t«*sS 75: native
T! re™ «4 "-"^s7; hulls. $3 u«if' 2T.; calves. *4tt*rt 7.V
iino<?— Re>v!pta. i2.O(K> head: market .'>« 10c higher; top.
$7 40- bulk of »«les. $« i*xft*l S3! heavy. J7 .il7 40:
Lackers and butchers. t'Ht" Xi; Hiht. *« 7.".fiJ7 ■■ pigs.
* : . Vii«n 7-'- SHBEP— Rev-it ts. '■"»"' h.a.l. market 10«
*'>.- " hicher- lambs. *H0OCt0: yearlings. *.'» .V*ftJ7 si>:
wetherf. *.".«i?t> ■!«'; ewes. *4 .**©*« 2": stockers and feed
,r « *•; Tj.t*.*-"!- Texa* muttnns. $»*!*« <».
Cincinnati. May 53.— CATTLE — Receipts. 22.1 head;
steady- fair to good shippers. *■" «U tf *a .•«. common.
5350094 33. 1100S — Receipts. l.*M head; active. 10c
hlvhar: i.uichars and iblooeri. 17 33&57 00; common.
May 2?, IW.
Western Pacific
Railway Company
First Mortgage Five Per Cent
Thirty Year Gold Bonds
'On demand of the holder of any «f the ano\-e-narae&
COMPANY wilt endorse on all bond* of the above
mentioned Issue presented for that purpose an uncon
ditional guaranty of the due and punctual payment of
the Interest to fall due thereon.
E. T. JEFFERY. President.
Tba Denver and Rio Srtsdi Railroad Gsmpaai.
Referring to the above offer of THE DENVER AN't*
MORTGAGE BONDS may deliver the same, to th»
undersigned, who will procure the endorsement ef such
guaranty, and. when the bonds have been endorsed and
are ready for redelivery. will notify such bondholder
thereof. The undersigned will issue temporary receipt*
evidencing the ownership of bonds so lodged wIU»
24 Broad Street, New York City
New TorV. May 23. 1909.
The Associated Merchants Go.
I have conveyed to the fNITED PRY GOODS COM*
PANIE3 my entire holdings of a!! .-lasses of the capital
and I have taken In exchange therefor, share, for share.
Common stock of the UNITED dry QOOfM COM
Every holder of stock of any class of THE ASSO
until Al'il'?T IST. !!*>9. of exchanging his stock for
the Corr.Tnon Stock of the I'HIIaUJ DRT GOOD 3
COMPANIES as I have exchanged mine, share for
In a few days printed forma of contract for exehang*
will be furnished on application at the I'NITED DRT
GOODS COMPANIES' office. Hudson Trust Company
'Building. Hoboken. N. J.. or at the office of THE
H. B. < I.AK.MN COMPANT. Corner Church and Wort!*
Streets. New York JOHN fUFUN.
I'nder terms of Sinking Fund. sealed pmpoeals will
be received until 3 p. m. Wednesday. May i«. tM*>.
at the office of The Pennsylvania "<mp» for Insur
ances on L.lyes and Granting Annuities Trustee, for
the sale to it. at the loire.it pric-. not exr-edin* H'C'-i
and accrued interest, of as many of said bonds as
$•*• 7*7 lf> will purchase Pr»>iK>sa!s» sh««!4 be ad
dressed to «". S. W. PA'K.ARP. Pr-sident.
317 Chestnut St.. Philadelphia. Pa..
•Thoma« Cotll-ry Pinking ■"ass*."*'
The Wall Street Journal
Raymond & T*.OI DC
Whitcomb lUU l\^
All TraTellnr Kipen«e« Winded. Parties
under Special Effort will leave New York la
June and July f..r Delightful Tour* to
The Canadian Rockies
S cenic ALASKA
and th«
The Wonderland of America.
Railroad and Mram*htp Tickets to all Points.
Send for descriptive hook, mentioning trip
Tr! 9XTO Ma* B*. 139 Fifth we.. ■ T.
lt,-ji..n. Pfclla.. Pittsburgh.
West Point. Newburgh & Poughkeepsie.
Army and Navy Baseball Game
At WEST POINT, lay 29th.
B (xr wUI make a Special Trir .to this GsnM
-. n« D^sbros^es s:.. 11 a. m ; W 42d sf. ll:--0
a in • W. 13Mk St.. 114« a. m : Yonk.rs. U! m
Special Trip Tickets. Jl .25 .NOT INCL.LDI.NG
T.vs Franklin it . I'r. 24. X. R-. rtaily. »:S<> a. m.. 2:JO
,«.V« »••*>« m cnlO Uatterj-. 9:RO «. m.. 5:55
Sc &e%te Trol>v t.> I.^B Hran,h. A.hnrv Park.
For Both Sexesi — City.
Harlem Branch. 1143 L'noi Aye.. near 127tJ» m.
B?«Tklvn Branch. 21S-2M I.ivinsston St.
Summer PchooJ at Asbury Park. N. J.
Tea.-hers sent to all places within hundred mile*
School Agencies.
"™f.»..r,, Tea.- hrrs. Tutor,. C.o^messes. etc..
io Co Schools and Famines. Apply to
Mrs M J. YOrNC-FIT.TON. 23 Cnlon Square.
;^s^^!^vß^^^^^ a^d ; p .^
.^ r 9 teldv^O,S-nec ; ipt. 1 -^^%J-- T^
stron*. "'"y., 6*6 * SHEEP AND I-A MB.«— Receipts.
S, a « r h?..lViu^ $ .na s.VaU>- ; la^bs. ***>•«* wether
ft". ."»•> ■: $'" 63
"rSc^J. .vt I'ITTM-' K» i^,7 !Kh VHS«
;-A S VE^ «SSS lUn^-K^y^ nn * ht ; ," 11 t rk r-^*
$7*.; „U.. *7S$7 1O: roußh--. »►«s«»>..
„..,,,_ Max ".'.—The buoyancy of the local wool
Sroin rtah ami NVxa.la. A fexv lot. ,>f Mkhi S an am
sold oy «"•■•■' nome^tic wools— Ohio and I'ennsyl
rang.- as '^ \\ .shed
l«»*i 4»<- unmerchantable. . 3»**^: ?"" 'mb.n* "£
: >H^ f»n» unmer.-hantu:
■ „-.*•; thr.
,;-.,-,.• ..:-.«-. niart.-r t.L
washe. •
Kail V. -
1i10.'.l unw»she>l. -I- U
ira^h^! S3OS3c: on^-.juarter blood ..t_^^.c Ken
turky In. liana *<
',»x:.-. nne-qn»rter bl<"'
Fine. 1- T'

.-..-.. . Mi.l.il- «•••>■'• ■ 7 t^raS?- v> 1
«;VJ,i* «sT.f»J- Bae rlothinic. K.nMc: fin* nssdlam
Pulle,! Extra. To '" A »»P'r«
33 Hi Ci )c.
'Our offices face the New York Curb.
Instantaneous execution all orders.
Commission for buying or selling one per
cent. Loans made on approved bsucs.
Our Weekly Market Letter, circulation
33,000, explains all market movements.
Copy on request.
Established 1902.
42 and 44 Broad Si,, Mew York.
123 Uooree SU CfcicaaT*

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