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1 1 ii I i' I ~ i i i ' ' — I
— — ~i^ I / "rrr pp'A TIT H T^^J[||Q^
I ""
I say « ??3 ,nr raortal hath
- ijtfssw*?!?? mortal *«•
.rfdt a.*Dey f«»r lt» u-rj^ gj N^-'Vork
P— SSJ orsanlration «r publlo-tlon
ZJZftoHrrHinr of -xinJhinr.
Mr, T 3 cf Brtdgcsoct. Coon- baa pew hT check
f» r- for t£ emergency fund; Old Fhort HUJi
War-- SS the Present. Miss Eauna^HWU
Z, poaaylvanis, E » T «***
ZaTcMakina. 61 2r>sW, J S£
1^ b«t. as** ■
f J D. E-. of Lorg Island. SIS to M
r^r 'o* leortt I srolma crippled man; Mr?.
Z*U for North Carolina crippled man: Mrs. E.
£" of Manhattan, now at Thousand Island* S. .
•vTnfeal hi Christ's Sn*,* 1 15 for the two staters
to Alabama; Mis. J^-Jt»-on. of White Plata Jl
jsr oatirg tonfl: "A Friend m New Jersey.'' R for
*t*«lal ch«r for a struggling widow; G. P. v..
« T •- the Adarandacks. f-» for thr emrr terry
faofl- C. D. P. of Brooklyn, R to send foni* pick
'^ilfl'to aaai Curry'i summer home for two weeka;
*'»s. Julia Bawiey. »• oante ** membership fee;
Mrc Join Graham, %i for outing for child; Marlon
vwalje Futter. of Pennsylvania, S3 for invalid any
i,Tt- Mr?- *• c - Fame worth. J4 to be '-vi.jM be
■aae the Alabama sifters and the Brooklyn
■saw Mrs. Crabbs. cr Brooklyn. ! ' for "etstera*";
Mrs. M- C. Parasworth, 51 for widow; Mi?s Yost.
of ManhatUiii. W for outing at Beet House, and
Sirs. George Hunter. $1 for Brooklyn widow.
■m Russell Sage has given H.WO to the rascal
Icstiinte branch to help pay rent and support the
racsKr fcsdneti work.
Ar.y »orki2S girl or self-supporting woman in
araaar New Vcrk, who tonne to go to the T. S.
. S. Vacation Beet House at Clark's Falls. Conn ,
. fSocia mike application to the general Sunshine
" ©act. Tribune Building, by Tuesday of the «reek
eht wishes to gv. This is necessary in order
. that the general secretary *>" secure the trans
portation ticket* at reduced rates. Guests from
other localities should communicate with Miss
Mat*' E. Brill, the house mother, with reference
to board. A party of twelve went last Friday
T*ftt, ar.i three rocrp. unable to go at that tim»,
t»r* sent thf fottowtng night.
The Friendly Aid bras has held monthly meet
fajs during the season at the homes of different
sabers, which has added a social Interest to the
c «!casSec.-. as tea fas served by the hostesses. Two
rWWsoc tvtre devoted to euchre without prizes
- *S3 tie t-roceeds were grlv^n toward the rupport of
58 jec'-iev :; : Ui j. home. The f-um of $10 was
• firta to the Clutpin Home for Old People, contri
• toCor- T.ere ma<le to the trottag and T. S. S. birth-
IV fSBaS, tabls linen and two dozen and a hall
fcives and forks went to an industrial school la
tit South, ar.d :h< r=ame amount to a home.
Mrs. F. H. Jerome, president of the Ever Beady
tesich, includes in her report an appeal for co
taeftCon In the special summer work the baa done
tat rears. She say* la part: "I feel sure the Sun
•So* friends will lend a. helping hand to the call
of the little 'pickaninnies.' wno are clamoring for
titir rstnni^r trolley ride ar.-3 treat. It means co
■Sdl to them- Th?n come the -Mi.]: cash girls,
■sbsbj 8» espectant look as the] greet me in tha
'•tops, wondering if Sunshine day will dawn for
tiea ag&!a ttait year These little tollers deserve
Men:, tay of BonshUra Is thcL- struggle for ea-
S^eaoe. The Ir.mau-s of the Home for Destitute
Kind MS*r t;re of talking about their last year*
B#hy ride ana the lee cream man on the very
MrTrttii Best serving the refreshing luxury ac the
Oi was sidetracked at the Battery ay epecial per
«t or Ui« t\.?:iLf:* car company. The Inmates of
tt« Hosse who were too lattneaed to take the ride
■*■«* served with the remainder of the cream an
fanbsa c! tb« petty. A man dying with tubercu-
I * i at the s»ton Hospital has bass cheered by
*i£tß frc^. branch members and the delicacies
-.ukea to him. Those in need have bean supplied
Save Trouble
JJOOK hotel accommo
dations before sailing
"Hie best European Hotels,
Resorts and Shops mak =
announcements each
Wednesday. Saturday and
Sunday in
J^e Tribvine
C*rry c. copy of Th«
Tribune with you as a
'•Jfcide «nd handy guide
with food. fuel, clothing, rent, etc., and through
the generous help of the emergency fund at the
general office It has been possible to move destitute
families to cleaner and more habitable dwellings.
The survivor of a steamboat wreck, who lest ail
her effects, ha* been taken care of and a sewing
machine procured for her so she may become self
supporting. Through a special appeal milk was
served daily to a young man recovering from pneu
monia. A little cripple, in response to an appeal,
was made happy with toys and playthings and
now the plaster cast is removed, with the braces
and shoes he may yet be able to walk
The members of the Annisquan (Mass.) T. S. S.
branch held their annual summer fair and realised
560. which will be used for future local work.
The Mothers' Sunshine Circle took the children
of many of the "mothers" for a day's outing to
North Peach. Flowers were sent to them by the
Arlington Juniors, hats by the Ever Ready branch
president and the T. S. 8. contributed money from
the outing fund for the amusement of the children.
The Neighborhood Circle. of Clark's Falls, Conn.,
htld it* monthly meeting with Mrs. Main, and
fifty-three attended. One member from New York
who was present declared it a most delightful affair.
The invalid In New London. Conn., deeply appre
ciates the kindness of th- T. S. S. in sending her
money to buy her bathing suit and pay car fares
to the beach. She- can n-itr take the salt water
baths prescribed by the physician.
Two little boys on the West Sid" are happy be
cause they arc now in the country for two week?.
v.hfTC they will have plenty to eat and a lovely
time. The father li out of work and th« family la
to be Mapoai - as t " crc 1? no mon(%y for rent "
Many thr.es the whole family goes without food for
[. day. and the children would suffer most were It
not for the kindness or a T. S. £. i nsmber In their
neigborhood. The muting fund provided each boy
with a new surrrier suit, s-lioes and underwear.
Mrs. Burdlck. of Avondale. R. I . while on a visit
to a T. B. B. member at Clark's Fans, took Fcv»ni
useful articles to the Rest House, a kindness greatly
There hi never a day when the members of No.
11 branch are not doing some kindly act for \b*
poor faniiilfs by whom they are surrounded. Flow
era, |elh*e and beef tee are taken Info wretched
hf>nW. where the sick ones are without any of the
comforts of life: freqnent ***** are aiade to «•.
hospital where an overwork- d young girl is very
'•':;, gifts nr» takes to ciipple>l children, clothing '■
provfdH for the destitute, «nd help v -n for rent
and fuel.
Ron sale
A T. 8. S. meinher has the following: articles of
valua to be disposed of: A point appnquc lace veil,
th^ee yards long ar.d one-half yard wide, which
could *b« used as a fashionable scarf; ■ Mac*
thread lace flounce, live yards long and twer.ty-four
Inches deep: two Mack ChantiMj lace shawls and
a dark red crepe shawl with deep fringe.
Miy one who would like further information
about these articles will please communicate wilri
the Dee. find the address of the member will b*
Ha-- any mm a «*"cc»id hand wheel chair, not too
large, to sell? Some friends deytre to purchase
such a chair for a girl who has not long to llv*.
but whose last days on earth would be made mere
comfortable If fhe could be taken out of doors. If
any one has an unfinished afghan sfco does not
care to complete and win send it to the oflios it
will be passed on to a "shut-in" who takes pleas
ore in doing that kind or work to help pass tha
days of bar restricted life. Clothing for boys of
eleven and fifteen ream is rreatly needed. A emaU
Icebox is an urgent need In a little home where
the- young mother I* self-supporting and there Is
no way to keep the baby's milk cool. Th- ha'.f-nlck
grandmother cares for the little one while the
mother Is at work
Hist Helen Carringtoa, of Mount Vcrnon. has
gor.e abroad to continue her musical education.
Gr**ttJ!gs have haeii received from Mr*. -Georgo
Ashley, at Venice. Italy. Him EDm Doughty, pres
ident of the Pilgrim branch. Is spending her holiday
in the Catfkills: MOaa M. V Gray la enjoying a
needed vacation in Cambridge. N. V.; Mr*. H. W.
Bennett and family of West End avenue have ■ on€
to their s*at!d<; home in Massachusetts. Mrs. J. S.
Ealley. jr.. of Brooklyn, is at Booth Norwalk.
Conn. The Mlsaea Edna and Ada Galloway, of
Rutherford, N. J., will fffeivl thrir vacation days
In the mountains of Pennsylvania. Mr«. M. C.
Farr.Fworth and family are speeding tl»* summer
at the country home at Wlcfcfcrd, R. I.
a parcel of clothing as a special gift to a young
boy who has been sent v. lth hUi mothT for an
outing was received from Mrs. H. W. Bennett, of
Manhattan; a birthday book for Oarltoi Masecy
caoM from a New Jersey friciid; a pair Of larr<-.
boft ?hoes Cor the woman with rheumatism, with
out a name; two boxes of white linen and flannel
tults for boys and men from Mrs. K. •' Atwood.
of New Jersey; a br>x of wools and unfinished work
from Mrs. V... of Orange. N. .1.: cards, etc, from
Mr*, is. Draper: an afghan, completed and re
turned to the office by Mr. Beckwlth. of Beth*'.
Vt , also a pair of hand knitted, openwork stock-
Ings for come little girl; books from E. U; read
ins matter from Mrs. Brady; a large packing case
of sunshine from Northport, Long ItJand. Infants'
cocks from Miss Van Nest, or East Orange. N. J .
i.tamp« from P. U. E.. Jericha Long Island; puzzle
■without name; "Appleton's kugaaine" from Miss
Liindsly. cf Washington; books and cards left at
the office without a name, and a. similar parcel
from Bat-re. Vt.
The yoke skirt is an accepter! favorite and seems
likely to increase !n favor. This on* includes a full
length box pleat at the back, which gives becoming
and graceful lines, and is adapted to all season
able materials. Light weight wool woven In p.
black and white check makes the skirt Illustrated
but it can be utilized for Imons and similar wash-
able material* as well as for wools. If the high
i waist 'd effect Is not liked the skirt can be cut off
at the natural waist line and finished with a belt.
The quantity of material required for the medium
Rise Is/ 8% yards 24. 2? or 32. m yards 44. 4% yards
, £2 inches wide.
The pattern. No. 6,391. Is cut In sizes for a 22. 24.
I 26, IS and SO Inch waist measure and will bo mailed
| to any address on receipt of 10 cente. Please give
number of pattern and waist measure distinctly.
| Addreis Pattern 'Department. New-York Tribune,
j If In a hurry for pattern send an ' extra 2-cent
, stamp and we will mail by letter postage In sealed
envelop* • — -
IVhnf fhe Art Owes In Fewi trine
Work and Influence
The average woman, proud of her collection of |
china, in reality knows little of how much she j
owes to her own sex for the development of the
beautiful in this ware, or at how early a period 1
■^■'omen began to "meddle" with Jugs and jars. Nor j
Is it likely that -she has ever heard that the patron
saints of pottery weie worm-n. Ste. Jn. c ta and St^.
Rufina. who lived in Seville about the year MB A. D., 1
were the Christian daughters of a potter, and made ;
their living by selling his earthenware, and gave
ail their proceeds, except what served to maintain
a bare existence, to the poor. Certain women who
worshipped Venus came to buy vases for idolatrous
purposes, and were refused, the sisters saytog
their wares were for the service of God. and not
for idols, whereupon th.-> women broke everything
i.i their stock. The sisters retaliated by seizing the
statue of Venus, which they smashed and threw to
the dogs, and were promptly token by a mob, car
ried to the prefect and condemned to torture, as
they boldly avowed themselves Christiana. They
were declared sain;.--. and have been painted as
such by Murlllo, Zubarau and other famous artists',
the I Hike of Sutherland owning two beautiful half
length figures of the sisters holding their palms and
One of the first women engaged in the manu
facture of pottery was the ."Fair Chow," daughter
of "the venerable Chow." who lived home time
during the Bung dynasty 1 --:i ;•".,. and was noted,
like her father, for "white and violet" porcelain.
The ' F.»ir Chow** li.id an especial taio;ic for gourd
shaped bottles for Bowers, for which shfi obtained
very high prices.
In Italy a remarkably beautiful vase was found,
of ancient Roman origin, which is "signed'" by a •
woman, Tascll 1 Vertldsa. There are other speci
mens of J-< r designs which aro very vnluulile, and .
eagerly sought for by collectors.
One of the '■■' known decorator": of porcelain '
was Angelica Kaufman, who wan employed by |
the Dresden manufactory. And 11 was through I
the agency of Mme. Daruet, of St. riPix. that i
kaolin was discovered, which is used In tho mak- j
ing of hard porcelain. To a ser\-ant woman in
(land, aomewhere In Staffordshire, belongs the
honor of the discovery of glazing earthenware by
th* use of salt, and this through tUe accidental I
boiling over of the brine tn 0 pipkin. One r,f
Jcflah Wedgwood's best deromtora •wan a Mrs.
Willcox. daughter of Thomas 1"; ye. of BOW, Who I
also painted china. <••:.•-. engaj 1 her In j
17«# to do tho figures ai d groups on his celebrated j
Etruscan wnre, a::d also on t!ie Hut Man cream- ,
»aro service th.it established his world-wide repu
tation. The deMgns upon this showed English j
landscapes, principally ef renowned places or i
country seats of men of note. The mak^r of the I
famous Henri Deux ware was Helen <Je Hani I
for long unknown, to successfully dM she con
ceal her identity, and a Mrs. Warburton, of Cob
rid?<% Enplnnd. made Improvements In rrram
ware In IT3I. which was come time prior to the j
time when Wedgwood took It up and rr-rfected it.
Kven earlier were the efforts of Franroise BU
tTan. recogi as being of great vi.lue In the
manuficture of faienc*. Phe obtnln».l tho prlvl
lrg-o of making it is early at :: . - Margin Durand
greatly forestalle<l her. as she cam ted on the j
manufacture of tl»!n same ware In ljt'4. succeeding '
ter husband. Maaseot Abaque!«r!>\ who Is tin?, first
Kouen potter to go on record. Tba quotation
from !i«-! agreement or treaty with the abbo of •
a monastery '.'■ Normandy promises him such i
colors as iizi:-<- trl.ltp. yellow and irrftn. In the !
11?t of the later Kouen potters, which for years I
were the most (ainniu of Euro?*, oi.a-fourth Is j
devoted to thfc names of womrn,
A t^jianlsh woman. Donna Maria B&lvadora Din ;
dler, is responsible for the exquisite tilen In the j
<"bapt*r ifnuF'- r.f th« Cathedral uf Sargoiisa. }
"Juliar.na, t!ie i'otter," mM to Qu»<>n liieanor. 1
wife of Kdward 1. thr*>e hundred picture?. Mm*. 1
•-'•■• widow, f.iuadf^l tlir BaCvn porcelain
works, and Mrrjf. Chlcanneau e»Ubtl«had a porce
lain manufactory In Paris in 172. The talent of
the women artists r<f i<r\-res Is unquotloned. and j
In England both I^ady Diar.j t'..-aucl»rr- and Lady '
Tfmi>!eion were celebrated for the hum gift*.
The dUquletudo of Pranc* during th-r «-!«ht#-enth
orr.tury la resjKitinlble for many women potters.
Titled v.om<'n. suddenly made widows 1./ th* chop- j
heaoVe4l KLai« of politic* that prvraHed at '
that time. w*>re lorced to become breadwlnnerm, and |
turned to .... had t*ei»
acfiu!r«rd os accun!jj!:.*i)mcnts.
In America women arc ar work In ull the pot- i
terles. some of which turn out work that la xv.-rlil
famed. The women of iodety who hav^ this . eat |
and hay* studied abr»:ad. from tlni« to time turn to
pnd work in earnest .it th«"!r urt.
The teteresi of women who were not .1 ;■.■ 1 work
ers has also ailed In th« developm-»r.t of ths
ceramic art, enabling It to live through seme
troublesome periods. Bernard Palissy,. fur m-
J-tanoe, when driven froio Saintm. w.-i* pro
tected by dtherlna d» Medici, who establlahed
him at Paris, and often visited him 6t his ■ •rk
in tho grounds where now aru 'tho sar-l< uh of tlio
Tuilcrieu. Marie Thereae expended largd suma
upon the Vienna manufactory; nmpn .«• i Elizabeth
of riu.ssia. bought and carried on pore-lain uorks
n»-ar St. Petersburg, and Queen Charlotte patron- i
lst-d Av'edKwood; hrnr* thn Krware was c:U!e<l !
"qu*".en"s warp," by hT oriicr. Mine. d« Pompa
dour influenced Louis XV to establish porcelain
factories In France, and thus isavp money that
otherwise would hay» b»>.-n spent for china -id)
by . 1 on«. |
It is amid the difficulties and mcop.vet.icr.ces of a
lons railway journey that one appreciates to th«
toll the luxury known ris the dry wash. and. fortu
nately, the materials needed to enjoy II are simple*
and occupy but little mi' First of all, the face
must be wiped with ■ soft linen cloth to remove
dM particles of (Just and dirt that Inevitably fall
upon it on a Journey. After ■ trace of one's ac
customed cold cream or skin food has been nibbed
in. the face Is again wiped, and thoye to whom
this method of washing la new will be horrified at
the revelations of dirt removed thereby. Next a
soft handkerchief is rjU.stened with some tonic lo
tion and the face is carefully wiped with this, when
it Is ready for the powder.
Powder Is soothing and helps to keep the face
clean, but if used without ■ preparatory wash, wet
or dry. is apt to stop up the pores and produce a
feellnff of dr; ness and discomfort. As to the car*
of the hands, it la well not to yield to the tempta
tion to remove the gloves when busy with ticket
buying, change counting and so on. To select
gloves that are comfortable and Interfere as little
as may be with the use of the hand.-, and then
keep them on religiously, is perhaps the most com
fortable thins alt all. even in the warmest
Many people hold that the Inability of women to
"b*ar arms" Is a conclusive argument against fe
male suffrage. A certain Individual who has a
fondness for information asks If It has been proved
that women cannot defend their country as soldiers.
He has observed that in fiction the girl who masque
rades as a fighting man, however bold she may be
In •words, proves to be an arrant little coward when
she feels a sword or pistol In her hard and seen
another threatening her. But he has read history
as well as fiction, and asserts that aaBM of the
women who. dlegulsing their sex. have actually
served for years In the army, have been distin
guished for bravery and martial qualities.
"Do you intend to have a 'transformation' made,
that you preserve all your golden threads so care
"No, I'm not going to have anytime; made,"
answered the woman addressed, who had been
brushing her hair and was now removing every
hair from her brush and putting it' Into an en
velope, "and It's very likely these golden threads,
as you are pleased to cull them, will before lons
be- consigned to the flames. But I was onca so
foolish as to let about half of my hair fall out.
After I began a course of treatment with a scalp
specialist I kept the combines of each week In a
separata envelope, and compared them from time
to time to see what effect the treatment was hav
ing. My hair is as thick as ever now, but I still
keep up my watchfulness to be sure if. not falling
abnormally without my knowing It. It takes bo
long for hair to stow. if you once 1«*» M that It's
much wiser not to lose it."
Housemaid-Please, fir, will yon com* •» once.
"fc^kSiFS? iSa'Sl *. ml.tr-.. fmlagm
I never interfere la household rnitt»ri.-Fun£h-
Among Offerings I ft the Home of
the Builders' League.
The auction budget of offerings listed this xreek
tor the Real Estate Exchnnge salesrooms, Xos. 14
and 16 Vescy street, contains some choice Invest
ment parcels.
The modern home of the Builders' League of New
York, at No. 74 "West 126 th street. Is among Joseph
P. Day's legal offerings for the -week. It Is a four
story structure, occupying a lot 25x100 feet, on the
south side of the street, 160 feet last of Lenox ave
nue. It was built for the league in 1597. It is to
be told In lore^losure on Tuesday to satisfy a judg
ment of about $22,000 obtained by George T. Whit*
in an action t<» secure a first mortgage. The prop
erty Is In a section that Is rapidly becoming a
greater business district.
Mr. Day's other offerings include three six story
40-foot new law houses on 67th .street, near Third
.•ivonuo. scheduled for sale Friday, and four 75-foot
plots on ISOtfa and 15~lat streets, near Seventh ave
nue, to be sold on Wednesday. On Thursday he
will offer a six story tenement at the northeast
corner of Clinton an! Division streets, and for the
came day be lias scheduled an adjourned offering
of the cix story dwelling, No. 143 Riverside Drive,
near STth street.
Bryan I- Kennelly will sell on Wednesday a
ohoi™ plot on the west sidi of.Oct-nn avenue, eat
tending through to tho easterly sld«» of Railroad
avenue, about 123 feel south of < - •>■ View avenue.
This line plot has a frontal of 581.9 feet on Ocean
avenue. -17.4 feel on Railroad avenue, and Is 829
feet tn depth. On It are 1 tree three etory frame
cottages, furnished, also greenhouses, gardener's
cottaaje, ban s, stabiea and outbuildings. «tc. ; sewer,
cas and water mains extend through the property.
Cottage V, 1 contains eighteen rooms and two
batlis; ootuge No. -' contains fifteen rooms and
Uir«»e baths; cottaj?.; No. 3 contains ten rooms snd
three baths. Sixty p<-r cent of the purchase prtre
may remain on mortgage for three years at 5 p« r
cent. Th? auAlon budget for the i-~>k la as fol
lows :
By Jo».r,h P. Day.
V Lewis at ■ .«. lu(< it n of Grnnd •', 23x100; r, str
tv.'nTz and More; J B Kehn x Th«re»« I>*lk.-«»ky -t
*l; Panborn .*. S. Rtt;.": <-" I. Hoffman, ret unit lna>
617 16th An i, IM3 ft*« of Aye B. 2."ix?:: 8 sty tr:mt
■ ,v« B. 33x9:
.t:-'l tun?: i- H Kohn aKt Henry Tishman •« ■■>' San
born tt - c n'-j' •' l> Ilottnian, ref; nmt dae. $iv«i. 04;
lof' !i>!>th st. * B. 7H ■■ - of Fark »l^'. 19x100.11; 4
.iv mm fihcrlfl > f-iie of all rI«M. title *to. »»luch
Rlrmund I.tosner tad en Noveml.er 1«. 1309. or slaca;
O A CJnsrb^'i. atty.
By Joseph P. Da)
74 i"(?th .- s'« l*<* '• • of I-enox «»». 25x90.11: 8
and ! «tr Clubhouse; Q ' Whyt« «*t Builders' L-ag.-.»
of N«w V.^rk "-t al: r B Sanior.t. atty: V II Gregory.
'•■'*-'" tax"", etr. 1340. ~. .. ~
r?n 1.H2'l sit' s ft. !.*.<> ft c of BtJl ay. lrtßxffOtt: S sty
dwlc. Louis Frankenstein, trurte?. n«;t A J Mullen
et al: A T. M Bullowa. atty: T P Bull Iran, r-f; amt
ilui. SI.7VS o1*;o 1 *; tax'-r *>"-. $'.'!"•
I!y liryan L Keanelly.
Ocfar, ... «. » of Be« V|*« ay- ?M Pt SbOUt SO.
exx*nair.g to Hallrn.il «v». Ea.v. Ijong Prir.rv, jg j ; ;>,.-r»
3 sty cuttas<>.i ar.'i outbuildtacs; vol rail?.
»y Joseph P D«y.
151-t »• » n ICJ ft vof 7th ay«. »xfl»>.ll: vacant.
$^i^^ rr^rt l^^!, -0. 7,7,^; vacan.;
V. Vvm.-ix San is. trun. n«;t f«..:<-; Mtr.o att>< an-, rer.
Z£ SSK c &V2^. % rSi>2!& ««•#«=
"Smh'« *l'°iflSo ft vr of Ttb «v.. 7.-x».li: v^ant;
WTH Santa tt si. trus. n^ rMvjd Weln«wy;»i i -t _h^.
.-mi »ttr»: O«onw 8 Mluendwf, ref; ntnt flue. $-«.«■.. B;
'*;;;; mT-*. ll^ 12 . 50 . ■. :■» *Bof 1 t^»'-
FoUik. r*f. .irr.t ftaM. 117.428 «S tai-«. etc. ITO2W.
By Sarou*! V>j: x.
'.% renal st. n w cor ot A!!*n «t. ?t-Cx7P; 7 sty W
\ssSH sr&.*«iSa?*sfl*
\v»j»h. f»f; smt >:«». K'.vwW
r>- Josepb F. Dar
* B, au»»; II II Clarke r»f: ant «..*. *'.5.2«. 42. taxes.
AppelS 4 T. auj*
By Herbert A. fh«rn.»n
»f: ami duo, fl^SftiM: '»"'. «i c - »- v > w - » ut) to a
prtOt :ntgo c? $^9.OuU.
->n rrtir.\T.
l;v Sa.tnu^i Mars.
7" Murray 't. »«. . . l o * "w lt West Bteadwax
Sails. ,4 <> toft ud store b\6r. nrte^a ■? **$*-.
Vlimelster et "!: Milton Mmyen *!.m .3. «-aSrr>.
ret; ai.H J'l?. |3.54387 i ta*c. etc. $1.143 73.
By Jo^ryh P. Day.
Ultt to 2ZO B7UJ i"t. » s. 30,» ft w of M ay. IfQaMOS.
.: « «t» brt tenmta and ■tore*: Cerson Hyman ot ni-mt
.!of»r>i' Wolk^nb^r* «t «!; Soiimrr * »ti>s: U H
H, s ,f, rrT; J.IIH duf. *Ui."s •.■». (aif. etc. «76; sub
10 o«v»'i tntces ans.r«-«-at!in; $.w.(VA .«!'., -
89 nctlj ft. n f. US ft « ot l>wi •*•». l^xUO 11. .. ,
»ty .lwi»r: BherKTs s«!.- ..f nil it»fni title whi.-h
Hyrusrj Horo«ltj bi.l on March 16. 1909.
r?t- Eryan I* Kaoa
Several Diet* er Urn r>perj.!ci tell estate tract at
Oakdnl*. on Or»-at f-V-.!t^ Bay, IjCn* Ijlan-l; toI sal».
By I* J. PbtlUaa * Co.
OoeSJB aye. 2C'. '.' from Pkllltp* aye. D-?a'. X .T. pl^n
2Cox*72. runniiic thr-ouith to Urn shore front; exn' cal--.
It Will Occupy Block on Easterly Side of the
Drive from 156 th to 157 th Street,
Plans nave been filsd for a twelve story apart
ment bouse i'> be erected for the Riviera Realty
Company, of which Mark Ash Is president, on fho
block on t!.- easterly side of Riverside Drive ex
tension from 135 th to Is7t£ street, from designs by
William L. ROUM and L. A. Ooldstone. It Is to be
of brick, with limestone trimmings. It will have a
frontage of 199.11 feet and a depth of ITS feet. It
will contain ISO suites of apartments. The eo3t will
be (1,700.000.
Samuel Sass, architect for the Elk Ridge K«alty
Company, has filed plans for a two story restaurant
and store building to replace the old West Side
Lyceum, an old Now York landmark gutted by flre
several years ago and never rebuilt.
Plans have also been filed for enlarging a four
story dwelling house at No. Si 1 ) West End avenue,
adding a new story, the Improvements being made
lor Sara. C W. Camp from designs by C. Sotscheck.
jr., at a cost of 57.501.
L'Ecluse. Washburn & Co. have sold for the
estate of Joseph Willets at Port Washington twen
ty acres and the. homestead, fronting on Flower
Hill avenue. This house cost about *40.000 when
Alfred E. Schermerhorn has made th« following
rentals at Southampton, Long Island, for the pres
ent season: For Mrs. Charles E. Miller, her cot
tage in Main street to Ernest E. I-orillard; for Mrs.
Edward Mitchell, her house. Bonnie Dune, on the
ocean, to Mm. Robert U Stevens; for Mrs. Charles
R. Henderson, her house. Whitecaps, on the ocean,
to Henry F. Godfrey: for the estate of William U.
Burgess, the Arches, on the north side of Gin
Lane, to Joseph T. Tower, and for Edward H.
Foster, his cottage, in Main street, to Garrett B.
The Dunton Lodge Realty Company has sold at
Dunton. Long Island, to Mary U Kocawell. one
plot In Metropolis avenue, and to Edward Klely
one plot In Dakota avenue.
The Windsor Land and Improvement Company
has bought the farms of Henry Jackson, Lydla
Bedell, and Franklin Soper, comprising about 110
acres in the Oceanside section of Rockvllla Centre.
Long Island, j It has also purchased three and one
half acres there from Louis A. Setts. .
Plans have been filed by William L. Rouse and
U A Goldstone for a twelve story apartment house,
with thirty-even suites, to be built for the Allen
dale Building Company, of which Benjamin Merucai
is president, at the northeast corner of Weet End
avenuo and 99th street, at a cost of $700,000. and I
"or a. ten storj' apartment house with forty-one
suites, to be erected for the iiarkin Construction
Company, at a cost of $800,000. at the northeast ;
corner of Riverside Drive and 9Sth street.
William F. Aigeltlnger, architect for the corpora
tion of Trinity Church, has filed plans for improving
in old tenement holding of the church at the north
ast corner of Broom* and Clarke streets, with %
■iv story, factory l.uiHing. The proposed building:
will have a fronta.::': of H4.0 feet and a depth of
ST. 3 feet. It will cost $65,000. This is the fourth
plan recently perfected by the corporation for lm- t
proving a tenement hou3e site.
Sommerfeld & Steckler. architects, have filed for !
Tcseph Kreyer plans for a six story factory build
ing-, to cost J-jO.OOi}, at No.-. C7O and 572 Grand street.
James X Holly has sold for Davis Bussell to j
John Keis No. 67 West lOSth street, a five story
triple flathouse, on lot 25x100.11 feet, between "lan- i
hattan and Columbus avenues.
Ferdinand Xagle has sold for the S»imendinger
estate to John Viebrock No. 13S8 Amsterdam ave
nue, a three story building, on M 2SxiOO feet. • i
Arnold. Byrne & Baumann have sold for Morris
Freundllch No. 235 East 40th street, a six story flat
house, on lot 25x9&9 feet.
The Henry Morgenthaa Company has sold to the
TtUljr Construction Company (Michael Tully. presi
dent) the plot, 80x100 feet, on the east side of
Simpson street. 122 feet north of Westchester ave
nue. The property will be Improved immediately
with two five story 40-foot apartment houses, ar
rangcil for five families on a floor.
O'llura Brothers have sold tor JoTta Connolly
two lots on the north bide of 2<)sth street, weal of
Perry avenue, t> a builder, who will erect two
family houses. Also, sold for Riley & Loughney.
builders, the brick dwelling house at the northwest
corner of C'/7th street and Hull avenue, to a buyer,
who will occupy the house, and for Edward A.
Schill a lot on th« north side of 307 th street, west
of Hull avenue, to a buyer, who will erect a house
on th« site.
The New York office of the Title Guarantee and
Trust Company loaned JTiOT.OOO In small sums last
weal 00 realty hi Manhattan and Th* Bronx. Th«
loans include six loans on four story brick and
stone Bathou**"?, Ofl lots 37.6x10> feet, on the west
side or Whltlock avenue, north of Barrett street,
to the KellTnoo<l R»alty Company, •-■{ m.'"»» each.
These mortgages are written for three »y ears at *
I st cent.
Haven a-- c c cor of tSlit st. t»".45112.1"x
11-1.11x114.4: th« t-itgel Cooper Compaaj
loans Fort Vl«w <*cn»truc»lon Co $189,090
BarrMto m. n n cor of TJ7th et. 7*ills9l Jfx
Irreg: La^j-ers' THl<» Insurance and Trust
Co iens Altro Realty Co M.030
Cotombos »' - ■'. «, M ft c of i_jarß»:d it. '.•.'.»
100; Berheri S Ogden, atty. loarj Tatrlrk
and Msrtr. r.lley 0.000
Lyrr.an Plaea. w 8. 142.7 ft n of 169 th st. Ma
»O 1x8a.4x113.10: North American Mortsage
Co loans Lambeii Construction Co ...... 3".o<V>
Cottage <;ro\« *-. «. •> s. V.i ft n of MrOraw aye.
SOztSSx Irrag; CommeniiU Finance Co loans
Stelnr.iot: Construction Co B.JO')
17O?h st. ■ a. SI ST ft w of Brintow st: 9 sty
brick storage-. 29tx26; Charles H SprotaalS, jr.
owner; Koppe anj Daube. architects: .-,-,«• J15.G00
201«t st. n s. 133.46 ft w of Broadway; 2^s sty
fr»m» ■*.»:e, 2:»34.l": a rt ("oriett. owaar;
Efi '-h':.<. arrhtteei 'cost ' .' 8,500
Hughes aye. n w cor .->'"■• si thre« brick
tr.nit". two I and one ."> »inrieo. U:Moxrt&4
and II 10 11-SSZTS.9V,: O"L*ary Construction
•Jf>, onr.'r. John i' >yland. archlte.;t; co«t. Ts.<V>o
Park aye. 6 s. from I*Bl to I9ei -- thr»<»
.'■ Fty r.rirfc tnints. 57.2xf10; O^o.-g^ Kfli'r.
owner; Jc<lin P Doyland. architect; f>Tal
•-«*t ' 113.000
Kyer avf, »•. lll.S't ft n of Burn«i<l«« avt mn
«*or>' fr.im» .-«. - each: Robert tl
T0.1<5. own»r; Lloyd J I'hyfe. architect: cost. 8.000
SedgTTlck u.\i. w • . 173 '■ s of D»uot Pla<-e; 2
»»y fra:i«> s!«r» and dw-lg. 2?x3'>: Elm»r
IJeJilty Co. Btair; J I Vreeland. archtti
cont 5.^00
! l^^th st. 112 ft <• of Walton a. •: ; t-\t -\ > 2 s'y
frame fiaigt. -!x"..*> each: Elmer Realty Co.
Owner; J J Yre«:and, nrc^Uect: cost 11,300
F'ls.ir.t A.ye. • w cor of l^flth et: 5 sty brick
Inret, ?,7flx00: the Kas: lS»th Street Bu'ldinp
and Construction Co. vr-r. David ?tone,
architect: f)»t 40.000
1!»:iJ st. n ». from Uorrta to TJ-tltibridce ay»:
'»o .■» sty brl>-'». tnmts. 33:icxBe «:•.'. ■'' *7x
7^: John Tioyland. oxioer; John I* Soytand.
srcM?e.-t : t-5t.«! cort «n rw»
I'rom T!:r takei ■ Weekly
v?;ik»tl !.>avf« of bread arc practically unknown
In many j>nrts of Pi>titli Austria and Italy, as •»;ii
:i< in tho asricu'r-ira! districts of Rutna-ila. In the
villages of the OberFtriermark. not many mKsJ \
from Vi^nn.T. hr* Is M>ldoia s^on. the stable ,'ocd
of the pe»>p!» be!ris tent, a kind of porridge naa'Sft 1
from prrtiind fv?"chniits>. which la taken at treaV
fsi»t witli frefh or curdle! tntlk. at dinner with
brotii or frleJ In lard, and with milk atrain at
suppor. This sterz is also known as hfiden, cvl
takos tli* 1 place oi bread r.ot only Jn SteiernurV
but in Carynthla and in rcany parts of t^.c Tyr^l
In the North of Italy the peasantry live rhiefi? '• •
polenta, a ponridse made of boiled matxf. The ;»o
lenta. however, is not allowed to frranulate. ?tk--
Scotch ixiiri'lK« Of like the Aii.«tri3:i st»?rz. but
is Lu>i;i>«i into v solid puddtng. which is tut up itn.i
portioned <j\:z wlta a string. It Is eaten <-oM a*
<ift'-n aa it i.« hot, and Is in ever: s*Tise fh>^ Italisi
peasant's daily bread. The modern Rumautans ir
held by many pohoiars to fee descended from a
UoiTian* colony— ln other words. t'> be cousins at
tho Italians; and. ruri.-usly enonsh, a variation oi
tho polenta, called mamaliga. is the national dli»H
of Kumarila. Th»" nsaaxallsa Is !ik^ the p«.>n»^ in
ti-.nt It la made of boiled muize, hut It i^ unlike i"n»
latter In one important respect, an the kt.tiiis «r»
n-it a!loned to nettle Into a solid mass, but sir*
kPi>t di?tin<t. aftrr ttie fashion of oatmeal por
] ridge. — —
Real Estate.
Established 1*67 Incorporated 1902.
'j <•■■■•*■ ''■"'< M ■ "vjr
To Let for Business Purpose*.
I f.rit floor in »he Hebrew Free Loan Building. 108
* Aye ■ five window*, big skylight; suitable for pho
tographer, architect, dentist. Uwver. dressnaktr. reai
eetat«. etc. _.
New Jersey Real Estate for Sale.
-C» dwelling homes, up-to-date !:r.rro\ errrtr' ■ <"-n 'S*»»
plots. «!x rooms and bath; sewer, water, --«s and electric
lights: price $3..VH> each: rsasonshla terms. Address
PHILir J. bowers & CO.. las MARKET st. XE"W
irk. have one. family houses for sale in East Orange.
1 ti.it Tenants: 54.1™. $3.* jo. Write for particulars.
A APnAHAVS. Berjrenfleld. N. J.
-iN level Lots. 50 feet front. »200 up PARKER &
1 Country Property for Sale. j
IDO toS- maple sugar orchard; splendid trout brv.ofc: \
wcrthlngton? M.« r ; will do right thing as to pric and 4
terms: no agents. p T RnLr -. Awßit , Coca. |
Furnished Houses to Let— Country.
kTrTtCvTi Furnished cottages to let at prices to suit
SPRINGS even- one G. H. OLMSTEO. Town Hall.
NT. " Saratoga Springs, X. Y.
Unfurnished Apartments to Let.
F. R. WOOD * CO.. Broadway, cor. 80th st.
X to STth st. W. H DOI-SOX * CO.. Agents. Mi
Columbus aye.. near S.ith. _
Country Property to Let.
V convenience*. NORMAN HUFFMAN. Marshall-*
creek. Perm. .
For Both Sexes — City.
Madison Squire (11 22 Bro»4way».
Harlem Branch. 543 Lenox At» . near 13Tth St.
Brooklyn Branch. 218-220 Livingston St.
Summer School at AsbuT Park. X. J.
Teachers tent to all places wi:h!a hundred mliea. ,
BEFORE larldinc on ytrar oectrpatljn visit XATION'AI.
VOCAIION BCRBAU (Fowler * V •!!«.. 13 E. 23d st.
Citations. 2 ?
~~.~~-»-~"»— «- ~- -~— - - - '- ' V« i...
by tbe grace of God. free and Independent. re>
<r~r>7ge Kemp. ■ Arthnr Tryon K«a iiary :<*bell»
K»mp. Fr»«ler!ck Morton Try-on. S»«»pb<»a H. True.
Chouteaj Keirp. Gladys X»rr- Marion Morgan K»mp.
Juliet Augusta Tyn;r. Stephen H. Tjisir. Junior. i.l\i%
Kemp, as general guardian of Gladys Kemp, aad Ar
thur Tr-on Kemp. Frederic* Jtorton Tryoa au£ 3•3 • - -i
H. Tyns. \s executors of and tru»fe»» under th» wiU at
Juliet Augusta K" - .ip. deceased. an<i t<> ail persons in
terested la th« estate of Juliet Augusta JCt&ip. lata o '
the County of New Tork. :»r»« s »l. as creditors, le^»
tees. next of kin a* "'•••rwi*. send gr«*tij»c: - T*«
aid rach ■.( you ari li»r*t>7 teJ »n<l required person
«"•!>• to b« and appear before our Surrca»to of t:i»
County of N«»w York, at the Surrogate*' Court of jii 1
i ">ui-.:r. held at the Hail of Recor<i», in ■ -.« County at
New York, on the 27th day of July. 190». at ba'.f-p&st
t«n o'clock in the forenoon if that day. then an£ there
}■> attend a Judicial settlement of tin account at prt>
t»»dlrMt« of Arthur Tryon Kemp. Frederick Slortoa
Trypa and Stephen 11. Tyng a- ♦xecutors ot za<i trn»
t*es under tbe T.a« Will and Testament of »aid de
ceased, and such of you as are hereby cited a* are
undrr the age of twenty-one year* axe required to ap
pear by your <".;»r»sian. if you have on«, or. if you have
0r..-, to appear and apply for or.« to b« appointed, or
In the •vent of your neglect or failure to do so. e>
Hiar.lian will be appointed by the Surrogate to r»pr»
•ent and act 'or you in th? proceeainy.
In testimony whereof, we har* caused tn<» Seat nt
Vi Surrogates' Court of the »»!d County of Ne-w York
_ to be hereunto affhto«l Witness. Hon. Airier
I L. S. ] C. Thomas, a Surrogate of oar said County.
a: the Count v- of N«-w Torlc toe 7tn day of
Juno. In the year of our Lord on« thousand nine hun
dred and sine. DANIEL J. DOWDNEY.
CTerk. of th« Surrogates' Court.
the grace of Ood. free and independent, to Graca
»V likes. (:■.:' .a': and a» sois surviving Executrix oC
tha last will a>d Testament of Ana W'.Hn. de«.-t— d;
Sarah G. rnr Am; H. Duer. Jean Hackney Ureiv*.
as sole surviving Executrix of the Uat ■Will and Tia'.-.
inent of ifdrji.-«: Wilkes Kmpson. deceased: France*
C. Einpson mdl-ridualiy a.-d as Executrix of the last
«!!! and Toitatnent of Ann;« Empson. deceased. Mar
chesa Rita Strom ; William H. L. Lee. a.< AdiniaJstra
tor of the quod*. chattel and credits which wvra o£
Katharine M !/•». dec<?a.«-'1 Allan Mct>ane: James T^»
. Lane a* Executor of the last Will and Testament
of Kobert ?J. llcl^.n*». deceased; Fanny Kin? Mcl^an^.
Fr«derlc* Oore Tompkln.". Isab-Ua Clark? King. Allc»
Bayard Kd«rar; Jam»s Gore Kin*. t:isab«tt> Graeim
Hardy. Hup^rt C. King, (iraci* r.lrharda. Anne Jlac
..lasrer Cabot. Ifabtl K»-am»v Benjamin: James O. K.
Lee. as Admia!.-.trat.>r of the goods, chat'-ls and cr«4it«
which ■«• -i of Mart- King !.*». deceased: May .Van
licn«se:aer. Sara Broaaos. I:»t«cc» Haney. Reb«cc*
Harvey and Edvarfl F. Emm»r. as E*»cutors of th»
last WTO and Testa n*r mt Mary Harvey, deceased i
New Toric Bt*tr*moilt»ii Mxwum of Art. Emily R.
Nanrr»«i». •'- S'at-r^ood rf X Mary. St. Mary"s Fre*
Hospital for Chltdna; ntttr, irard»r.s and vestryman
•■f Trinity Protestaiit Episcopal Church of N?-.r Tork:
Richard Kin*, a? sol« s'lrvtvlng Executor of tne last
■^ril! and Testament of R!<-harfl Kirg. deceased: Cr.ioa
Trust Company of New York, a* subatitnted Trust-**
•irdfr the last Will ari Testament of Harriet I-..
WUkcs>. for th 9 b«ne3t of -,-» Wakes, and to at
personn interested In th» -;3; 3 a -» of Harriet K. Wllke«. •
Uta of tf«» County of N»t Tork. deceased, as cestul
•luo tru^'est. i^gatfes. d*viseei. trustees, creditors.
i."xt .;.: k.i or ofh«T«ris». r-vti greeting: Toi and 'fa
of you a r» >«rcoy ri;e<l and r-q-iired personally to t>(»
and appear befor" our Sarro^t" of the County "of IT|W
York, at the Surrogate's Court of said County", held at
the <.'otinty l~V>urt Hr.;js>». fn »h» County of >"ww Tori:.
oil tho 17;I> Cay of September. 19V9, at half-past tet»
o*<"!oc*v In the forenoon of th**t <iay. then and t?:ere t*>
attend a, Judicial •etf>rn»nt of the amount of pr-:-ce<T4-
Ir.ga ot Edward Klnir. a» pole stirvlvinc Exeotjror an'l
Trustee -i-- the will of Harriet K. Wilk*» d»«-»ased.
•n a r'r'"" *di * broush: by nizab»th Flsh«T King.
Tam«s ijor* K!;i* end Herman I*- nov Edstar. i»
Kxeeutors -' tha V»'M d »aii Ed^arJ Kin?, d-oeace'l.
and sech o! you as ar* hereby cited as are under th»
age of .-.--•- years are required try appear b^ your
guardian. If yoti are one. or if you have non*», to ap
pear and apply for o::e -■ b<» appointed, or '.r. the event
of yo"r n»gl«<:t or failure to do »c. a guardian will t>«
appoinr^d by the Surrogate :o repr?»cnt and act tor
you in the proceeding.
In testlrvonv >re«f. we tav- caused the S*sT <?f
tie Surrogate 1 Conrr .-.' fhe n:-i Couaty of New Tor*
to be h»rt«r;tf> afax<»d. WltD»iw. Hon. \hrer
[Seal.] C. Thomas, a Surrogate of our said Count;-.
»? th» f»mtT cf New Tork. the 2Sd day off
June, in the year of our Lord one ttoi:'«i<l nine hun
dred and n!c«. DANIEL J. DCWDNET.
__^ Clerk of the ?'irrogat»'» CourK
± Sta"» r,f s*m r«rk: to D*tM X V.>tilt.vt .aa<t
B. Moulton. as executors umler th» Will cT
Valvlna R. Thurfr. Decease! ; Ma-yar-r A. •>?*. Mary
It. Da-.-i3. B-»rtrar. Cole. Flor*"»--- A Fran
•-ia ii. >!• r/1." a. Frank Coio. J»«*i» M. A-ltiey. rr«~t
M. Alice. Larinsa K. Rirhar'!;". Arter-.as Alleu. Cfar^tt^
Batrr.an. Frank AUsB. John C Jroyal. H'^riT•a^ T\T,li'«.
QlantMtll C F!etrh»r, A<ia C <Col*. Starjt^r^-t M. Col<».
Eatetlc jr Moulton. Margaret K. JT>'j:.«t;. Mar.nlnc
MottrtOfl H-rr,ert R. C^le. Albert .» rol* Alice Coir.
<'*ni« i'o>, K\a Co!*. JTaut'e C<>. Mar* >>nera: Kc»
pita! of Cortlanfi. Main*: E*t»!i« M. EMniR Herhert K.
''o!e. K^vniord T. <."o'.e. Una-r i:. llos:l:«rt. nurh^'in I.
Coin. Jcsßt* Paw>-»r. Kth-t «•. fn.ih' ljhar^. Mildr—l
T.. Dtrreen. J.<h : , Evitle-. L«u!se St. John Butler.
K!a:ich- Kirk. K»«her B. Royal, vj^or^e S. Royal. Grant
«" Royal. Harrt<»r F. n;i.M«-Ti. Tathcririe E. Tlw*'.
Florence, jr. .». Cer.rr J. \<--,. Mau.l P.ar!<>r. stelU
B. or Estell* Cotton, onl a*! ■.■r-rs.>r J i pitercalei] :.i,;^>
*p;ar» or Sf air inn »:. Tb«rb»r, ilw'wi, !ar-» ,-f i*»rt
:ari<l. i-i ihr S'hi* n' MaiT-. U.i txacuton wf ;".i-- *li«t
Mali iia I; Thu-:^r. rfcf'CKd. cr.4 as Jrrti—l ant
>gatees T,<-r<wl tn r).e ,«aM •» !U. and «.< parties t»
th<» fcocef ding* fa» «65rJl probatv of said -tciil
•'ij jcranicrt. scad szvcUas: Ton anU t-n'.i of you ar*»
i-.rreby cited and r-fjuireil jxfr»or.a:ly to be an<3 appear
»:t» our OuiUWll of -he <""Vjnty o' N»w •'■"-•*. at
th» Bern>sa:*'.i <■<,■•. t „{ *.-.; ,■.,--•>. t.-M .a the Kail
PC I: -cortJs la the B.jrouer. or Manhattan. City of New
York, on :h« 14th .iav .>f Octob*r. 190», at 10:3i>
o'ciock In tiie i- ■;■■*■.:•»>>; .-f tl:a; Jay. to show c*>is*i
why 'he p-r,:.^ o of --.I- »S!-c»: I.a*'. WUI and Toatav
ni*r.t of Ma;, in.. Ft. T'i-:r: ■••>-. 'le.—as-.!. :ato of Port
lana. Main., adni.ttert v> pro»»t« by a deer«* recordert
in *!:» office •>? :• f -u-r-'rat* of ito faiinlf »t X«w
T*f4*. . ■•"• "5" 19th <aj ■■>{ F.truar;. t9o9t should, not
■ !.•? revo'n'6.
In testl.ii->ny wb«let}| t.«. ha.c camt'l'tiM seal of th» .
gurwwata Court of ;U# aiud Cooati <>f N-^-ar Tera •••
b« afT.x#<i ni'n-S'j H?n. Abn?P
!s^a?.l t'. Th"ma«. a gmrOUlf •! au- Batd County
ff New VorV. :ir ri .: <*o:ir.tv. :"-.i- iNth «lar
t"!---- ~» •~*><»- Sn^-T»»^** f*i*urtr
-♦. C. L£Vi Vftau *.- XSWHOrSBf .VMn»»s for CWS
r»staris. :J5 Kass^p SLr»rt, N. .Y. ,»?I'T.
I ?:it* »f NVw Vr-rk L- r ;i- ?.:.!■-- •■:' •••xT fre^ .- *
fn.Jprvrdpr.t : To Sd-a*-. £'.'• Fvrr.s!-!. CifimWlMi Crtno
r«ry. JMmta !C. Frcneti. trntt— at Cnitesbi Col>s*.
Paaobyttrtu H.wp!*a: in th« • itv <•■: ;:»w York. T'n»
r—ihnnr Itv Hit-v^-. M-\r.*iil?c.~ Wor»tfTss GirU Sb—
•,'j^ty. Etnetln* \. r;.Vy. I'miu ;..-;-* cimsre.-l. tltiicl
• 'ar'jlls* Oi.r.'t*'!. R'i«?#l! Wimfth'uwi o;n-.!«t?d. Cllff'jr-^
Stuart Olmrte-i. l-.g»r«.>;: o:t:.<-*.:. Uofd Kiar OTmstM.
FiU r^uij* Olns:*'? J. .\rt^u^ iMJv. Florence Jew*:!.
Ka;<»«-;: r-rin» >«'!!. Harry «"liffoni lildy. 9a.-auel Rar
niond iii'tr. u;:i.in Eli:at>*t?> Ki'^. En:e!!r><» Vlr»ir:*
ifiir. IJ>i:» Valy; EUUy. nrerr SWscll Charie* W.
K«rp. Martvi «ira ■? H":-.*-Iiof. O*«rse i". Kp*9. Sao»a:Z
11. Keep. .K:i»> I» tiotM, Uviz'a* 1.. «-roo«. tfu-ansa.
I'latt. M.fii I. »:— n»»- I -v - , I.er-.y Uennett. Grac«
MiKia!?n» H-rtT-t. ■>.>rtun» Vt>« -r» lk-n:-.»:t. Tha Ci':
•ir»n s AM Soci-ty of th- «"i:r •■' N-"*- YcrW. TSe F?r-!«
Arenas Tru«t COBQHUf of ibe C*rj vt N^-.v Tork. and **
ail per«op« tnttrwded if i>i* «:ii' fl ' Franc!* P. Purn^td.
'•i? "f til? nnints of N»rv Vo.-\. de<-a«eil i- creditwr*.
l«*at»e... r.<>\t o' k\n or of fc »rwi*.». Mad 2-.-«»t!t:2; YJ»»
»nti ea. h n* you a.-c h»rrbr rtteH a.;.J r--ci nr— l rersonal'v
t»» b» ar-t Mpi>»ar t.^'..r^ ow SHumaiW "f *h« County of
N»tr v,..-i<. a' t*»» S'j-tv-si-»< «",vjrr of «i»:,i CMUBtj, i«UI
at t>>» lt»i: '>r i> •••r<i.« i» '";• • uiimv "f New T"wii. en
tb" C4Th day of <*pi— ..:■»». >:«•*». »» Wf-r««t 'en <»-.;!««»k
Jn 'he f.i.-en.-o.i «*f tt»-»t <!a? . e^n an-i tbrra to attend »
t^itli>-i»l •ett'er.n-r.r ->f fh» •ntium of pro>-e*dinij» of S«r*!i
VtTa r'jrrv.i!.l an 1 Rlrbard n. FCr"j. ,n executors of th»
U»t •R-iil an-t iffimrrt of -**f.i (IPi-eased: anJ *««•?> «»f jr»
as «"• t .»-eM- ■•!•<»•!. !• :•-* utwVi til* ar" *£ twenty-en*
y*ai-^ nr» re-ri-rec to a:,;»-ar t.y -.-., - (r-arvlian. tf yr"t
ttsr* ere. it tf >ti hav>- J-..T-- • > »(.r«7 anrt apr'ly for
«r» to Ue arr^i"'""'. or '"' ••"• » v *"' llf row nc«>ct «w
f^Mur' 1 to <?■> *"i. » K'MU'Eai win M Brp«BMc4 by the Su»
r^^ati* t> r»>-r»»'-.; i.n.5 <•■ i-T y.'u .'» th" pro<*eedin^. •
!.i t-xtlmnn»- whereof t;- >»•— c»^»>l »IW i»ea: cf th«
ptirrnsntfs" fonrt of rlw sail <>. i .;r>ri- «< New T^rk t<* t«
h»reiinio ulßt*:. Wita««i Han Ab-i*r C. Thoina*. a
or cr nH •"nunfy. at t,i<» Ccur.'y cf X-rw
Tort, Iba IM '!*" ■* ' f > T 5 i" tk« r'»r •! OUT Lord -rt*
th"u*<n 1 n'n* I. .r.-'r.-.; and nm».
rsesd. i Mxrn. r. poxrprn=:T.
p »• ff i':rk nf '*>* Cotiff.
ri'TX^.T rv."<~»>r-.i.T * fit I.\cr, 2 licctor .-tr»«t.
X. w T'"^. N. V . . 1
!■::;»:» of N ••.» i"ork. by th» ilra.-i ot Gcd Fr«w ar-«J I
In«lep»n(;»-n?. ~T.-> C^ariotra' tlaylTt Ht!!. toueila J«»r-* f
Ohlri H-ri-.r !>■ .. B. ronrosr. Vl<-t<t 1». Ja-kPon. EV
pharpt V TVVw RnO« F»':n-K.n. tmtfm ?m«« l.wlp
r wan Fr»»!-riri5 i. \r- h-r PjtM f. «"*-x>*t PuSl'.sV
inx Consmer. tnl»imouwtam M»t»! Mißlna C^mpmoy. B
noefirr'-r. rbi'fU»lpM^ T; 3»-» rt:*r ET<-Sirce. Mtb4
M-*..r >c<t «*> f{. Bcott, aJvisr.! 'Irtrrn. ikxrce F. H»r
v»y WE! but' X Yeac^r. Cor* .--:■- sutiet w.
Ckl4«til ••■■rr-'l'M --. ADcWi Narha'ie v. Lrn«> •» M-
TnJnistratrJx cum testamen-o mn«io of t">» «oodsx «*•.«
t»t- a.TI .-rMiu of NaChai:!-! Plyrnptoo. wsecsa* ■-: l^.- ■ ».
Til-bett* and rhar!e« C. Tibbftta. cotnpomng the SB «*
Tlbbtna Bros . Ha>« L. Wawi -WilUam R. Sewarvl.
Fr«-l«ri<-lj B E!ch%rd». Morti* fc. Fiiiipp. Clerm. J 3aw
i-er Jarr.es Q. P."" a-" 1 J«— J. Ken- cnmpostns C*»
firm of Phtlipp. Sawyer Ri--* * Kynr*l;- or. 1 to all ear
sons tatarwted In •'■' Estate of Karris K. Hayien. r .at»
„t (tie c«rw of >>» York. flecr«ed. as creditors. »•»•
tees n-xt of k!s or others • «end ireetinjj:
Too ar.J each of you are hereby c!t*4 ard required p^-
Sfnallr to »>• and "PI '** »»*»rß *or 9en««aai cf Cl*
County of New Tor*, «■ the Surrogates' Court or asi*
O>unty held at th» Hail of R-oords. In th« OouziVF
Xnr T->rV «■ the ma day of September. 1309. at fcSsT
past ten o'clock In the forenoon of that day. then »«vt
there, to attend a Judicial settlement of the account of ;r*
c««<!tnr« of Alfred &. Brown. aa Executor of the last
will and ;*stament of said deceased, an s'tcn of yea a»
axe hereby cited a« are und«r th» *«;• of twenry-eaje
Tear? are r«qulr»<l l-> appear by your guardian. »f ycrs
bs>v» one. or If yon have, con». to appear «b«1 apply tiT
one to be appointed, or In the event of your n*gl««t «S>
failure to do »©. a rnacijtan win be appointed t)T «=•
Surrogate to represent and act for you in th* propesjssWJt
In tes:im«ny whareof we hay« caused th« se*l at •»
Sarrogata*' Court of tke a*J4 County of New Tori to se
bir«un:o *ffix»J- Ahn-r C. TJ;ows». a Surrogate ot«or
Wl-.nets. H^n. « - --as. a ?urro«mt« ag eas>
■aid Cwuitv. at tho Onnry »* S*vr Tort. Oa>
[Seal I ISth day el Jcne. In t*ie m- of oar Law #■>
thawed nia. r^'/- T i )WMi a f4f 4
. Clark of tk* 3urrex*tas* -on
by th* tree* of Gee. free and Wtiaiiirl— l m
Arthur Tnron Kerns. M*rtee st»r an Kemp. Jolkx
Austria Tyns." Mary T«b«lla Kemp, Steolieft. 11.
Tyn« Junior. Oeor«« Kemp. Ellxa Caldwtl!. E2S»*
Hears. Virginia C. Ke. ■. and th.- New Tork Life Inaor
ane* and Trust Company, as trtistee under th« will of
Ceors:» Kemp. Jev»as*d. and to ell persona Inter— t»4
In the estato of George Kemp, tat« of the County *t
New York deceased, as creditors. !e«ate*». n«st of kta
or otherwise. send greeting: Tee and each of you eve
hereby cited and reaulred p«r»onally t<» t« end appear
before our 6urrorat^ of t*« County ef Xew Tone, at
the Surroyatey Court of said County, to b« heW at tile
Hall of Records. In th« Countr of New Tor*. on th»
??th <*ay of July. 1000 at '.i.»lf-p*»* ten o'clock in th*
forenoon of that day. than and there to attend a judi
cial settlement of tt.« account of proce"din«» of Arthur
Tryon Kemp aa kole sor»ivin* executor of tao i Lase
Will and Testament of said deceased, and smelt of you
aa are hereby cited as are under the axe of t.renty-on*
years are required to appear by your guardian. If you
have one. or. I.* you have none, to appear and apply fas?
one- to b« appointed, or In the event of your neglect or
failure to do so. a guardian will b« appointed by th*
Surrogata to represent and act for you In the proceed
In testimony whereof, mm ha*. 3 cs.us««l th« Sael of
tha Surrogates' Court of th* s»td County of N«w Tork.
to be hereunto ifltxed. Witness. Hon. Ahees*
(L&) C Thomas a Surro*ati» of our «aM County.
at the County of New Tort. th» 7th da? or
June. In the year of our Lord on* thousand Bin* hun
dred end nine. OVNIEL J. DOW DNST.J
Clerk of th* Surrogates' Court.
School Agencies. .
.. (r1 . irt V AND rOREIQV Tg.4C»»*m' * OMM *,tf3SS'
6'jppi ; -« Trimmmtm. T«»caar», !««.•*«»•-
to Coii««M. School. »nd P^mi^!»y. A ?PT ■■■■■-

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