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bjt^W jffOTi^ raws"
Giants Then Lose an Eleven-Inning
Bottle 'iiih St. Louis After
Hard Fight.
i t „.,■« h*at tii- Giants 111 eleven inningrs at the
gt-LoJ- £ a rf by « KON of 4to 3. the
2 ljr °":'!' "" t .f OHri.iv Marh-Ason> left hand
r— in to the Bev«nth inning and the Firsts
'*! SSS.S wrrV 1-th <Wat~J. Purely inoi
«" «* """ °
'°-! L, „r th' kadtaS Nt<*^r <* the K**too«l
— Vill b» to h-lp Giants In the b«
I***' , two *■«**. as it peons wwr. and this
ffli ■ t t th« critical wri^s *■«" Chicago, which
'"'"^ MKtnwtW win find tbfl Giants -worse off
S vfcVth* riratPS Were h " r#> - f ° r Mafty ritCh ?
* « --• <* that eerie* »nd it is almost Unpowl
.r. r to lVl'.ve that i- •« he able to do even that
m 'cr -'"mV" ved Mathewson when he ivas hurt.
ritebed vV enough until the eleventh nine
"Z£t**^SS** ** p .-;.- and Evans pat a
£t» the ■ hope, of th« Giant,. The crowd (tat
S out w** r.-.erc than fair for a m dweek
I*.-, between the Giants and a team aa low in
!»dtaC«a the Carina* tart that la aceoat.t«S for
,, Mrt br BrPmai.aiTF popularity snd In e\«>n
pOter meaauii by the victories of the St. Loui.
Han on ar.d Monday.
s'allT rifh^ for the Cardinal, and, virile thi
G ..":_^ -o> plenty of hits ay* bandied them in th*
-Irfh tali* for three runs, the tall southpaw, *bo
'-^t b- weari&g a Tankce uniform Mill '■ his
t»£.r l.a-^ hrtf recognised on th» hilltop, ■ ■■" "'
stwdv «« « rock in the t»n otr,»r Innings .•• i
odtot i> ic.^kO Trith men on th^ bases. He
ritdHd «J eXflOktit snd well Judged B«a«i and -was
resnj fnt:t*'-J to tbe -dctcrr. Salle*"« Ftradinosn
m'.-mtfi rtwiva U»« t<snt!l i* 1"1 "' 15 ?. wlicn tbfl
Oia-w fill"* the bsusea with none out, only to ha\e
Kanay Scfald sr.'i rv-.lin fail in ih- pine!).
T*j« Cardinal found Matty ?t the beginning of
the par;-? n-ni sor-rcd a rair of runs at the outset.
Tcotrere tvhfn most of the trouble came. too.
for Matty, fift^r Brnie had lod off with a two-hac-
F*'r. V.md€ EUl* a:id Th»-lp«: strike out. Th'n. h<W
rvrr. a ihr*e-fcasr«r by Komtchy and a well placed
rrxk 1« - Evans drovr in iwo runs.
Marrav robh»d Fsll^c of a hit vlth a fv,if rati h in
the third Snninc. Th" pitrh»r had palled a hall -well
around lo rig-ta r.-1 th« ;nd rarrie-d it to the fence.
JJsrrsy k«pt riglit with it. however, and. *-ra«hfng i
torn :n- *>■■-' man* a pr^at catch with or!» har.d. '
for«hicli be was roosdly applauded.
Hatty wv r"-J«-hanty a base on bai> in Uk fifth
facing and Hulswttt s.urprisrd evcrj' on». including
lis t«". mates, by sendinc rvi nome t> ith a three-
I to right. He couldn't sror» Imaelf. how
errr. farCharleß <"as an easy victim for Rchaefer,
•who ■ - at bpcoo4 on a<~c«unt of Dpyle'9 lndJ*posl
t!on. «Tsd h* himself 'i? ■ ■■:• at th» ; ' 1 '<• on a tap
;i) Ter.ncy by Br; ne s^nt a iong fly to
IV Cian^v rT>-«- a'-t;v« ia U»e sixth Inning i?il
f-oTPd thr^e tbnes, rjiotjgh to tl» th* 5 pcore. Scha»
fT ivas csf»c s f» on an inSrld ping'p. and McCorriirk
A',s ss wril. Murray Firjtl<^d ,-.- '• first. mnlm
frhgff-r, but tss out himself on a fin? throw by
ZTjrns •'ih'r) tri'^d •nco to ----- O'Hara was
Rf» on »n ipn^'d hit t* Kop»t<-]iy. t>,« tv.(rd of the
Jmicr. as tio or;* covered first ba?". MoCormick
km on th" hi», and O'Hara «.•- • •' • crowd xrild.
tj darinr work Jn Ft»al;ne s^^nr.d and third <n
r»;!3 :■;■- ''5 ;t 1or!. ll^ fcore'l on Devlin'a lore fly to
T 1
Ddabanty'e h?i STOuader >n th? seventh inninp
*»« :-' tm*»«ng of Matbewson. Tlie ball hit t"he
yitd»r'£ gloved hand and bounded o^-fr toward
MhCr; the F~-cnd bar-man making a good ptop.
'Halt:- 1 na««r f««r.i*>d a t nrst to be afaplacad,
fcst. thoosh evidently in great pain. h» vanted to
Ray in the box. SlcGrmw pent him to th- etab-
I»uk Lonever. and t 1 ere lr ■■»« found that the
*?c»ij BBg«r of ma left band wa* broken at the
T^osi Joint Craßdali replaced "Matty- and mad*
HalsTritt ttrtte out. arid after Charles had reached
tm on Sdiaefer's *rror he was caught off th- bag
«• a quick throw by Meyers.
Tte Glares might have won th» gam^ in the ninth
"■*»* ;f Emsße hadn't made hat looked like a
;*' j d»eit.-ion. O'Hara bunted, and seemed to have
Maten Eoaetchy*a rather slow htroir. but was called
* Dwlta. the n«xt man OP. walked, and was
-we** v., Bridweii. wbi.-h would fcav- put O'Hara.
third had h. been call-d Kaf^. and in » position
tow* rim M-- Bbu^J to _... Af , .. m
"«t«ra-. QwKjall Ta ., ihe third out on a fly to
-'i ■ ■
to th« IW.U, tta ng T^ij. ,M, M ofr „m i , riogle
C a .,! Ch3^ r a '" J »«O»ni** filled tho base, by
>a>ins out bout*, sal!*- was as co-1 a» cv.;,
£^ to '- "I! right for him to wait.
**X .ho* w . r .. Latting for -VHara. popped to
ihiw oo« Devtta.
" ■ - IT ta
SSSTJ2S?!! *■ d "'"' ! " f " ri?I)1 b - v Evan,.
i "^ f " ! 3T « >*«• «« ■ fine throw by
Half of tb.
■^ up the
IH4 f- gpalnst th« r )«ht
tnf fry. " ars 1 ?^ "jww, and raved
Th« f^f, follows:
v '■■■.- romc
>>"-• 1 ! i o o
?*^t»'. « s <\ i a •" i •■"■ fl " 1 ' i « o o o o
gS**. a :.* o r. :: ? i L'^-jr. r •■;:::::: ;5; 5
*•**• r i Itil •83££i Sl 3f<• •a •
iffiSJii'^S 1 1 ?1 :
< ranrlali. r..2 O o O 2 o
■r.,.,. .. _ T i"r!- ,n o oo o
.-> Tor| « ■■■-■: ,7 ,',' 5 ," ' ° « » •> 0 1-4
: • '• '• • 0-3
- S
BRCW " broth ers^p7^~champions.
Ccpt::r, Doubles Championship-Handi
lament Under Way at Livingston.
"^^abl^ ii h 'rm"^ n " "" ■ad RIJSS -» Bkwni won
P "' ' -".trai Park jester-
N>«jS£H ;" nS "'" 1lv * r*v. In a final of
'•**, v* ■ •■■■" v'u '- 'iirecfion of the Public
"»-.■ .. - , ' is Ass^iatlon the Brown broth
' "^aight « nX "''! f eusanJ and Joseph Marks in
'-'**** <«, ..,„ f. ," * 7~7 ~ 5 ' •• ~ L William Brown
-T^ v^soa." „5 : "'' »'* fniversitv team earlier
?? M * Krown h*m w«.n honors
, -^ R'hoo] champion.
«<*&!*, 7 J5J 5 ' 1 ' 1 "' wwapetitora ;r. the singes and
• fl «'-'l«» ", am ' "" «".gl*« and
•'^RutHn i_j 1 "''" 1; t-ournan^nt on the courts of
Uv^S«to a X, a , nu rrickft and I*w Tennis Club.
"toad, baa mart*' *wd progre.?.
■«»*jalJ,« ( "' ! ln * r " H ' •'«•<! Uw third round of
*-=• *1 HA*** 1 ' Tlloril P» <3 n defeated I^»ne at
" !(I "^i-r," t " disposed of one of the nub'«
!^.r«|. B "*• I * uta| Wd. at «-;. t_«. m the double,
- .- *^ aiunhlng the first round.
Kiku,; 6 . 8 I^ TE LEAGUE RESULTS.
*v"iT*J K^; !k> :*- Ra <-'- : MM garnet
L' . Albinv - *, svra«-u»»,s vra«-u»», 2 (3d garnet.
V - " g'^ira. <; TrOy- ,
" '•. Btidgemrt. t QdgaoMl.
Doubts as to Meeting with English
Team Note Removed.
All doubts as to the playing of the Knciisli ami
American tie matches for the Davis International
Challenge Cup hi this country as originally planned
were set at rest yesterday by the official announce
ment of th" d:it»s for rhe: competitions. According
to the programme, Mi«^ •• • -■-■■ i - of pintrles win
he decided on Sat irda; . September 11. The remain
ing series of plngles an.l the doubles match will
occupy the courts on M lay and Tuesday. Sep
tember 13 and It The date of Wednesday, Sep
tember 15. la also included in tin? schedule, 'o allow
for possible <]<-•*•, or rain
According to Hie arrangements ti"-.\ goii c for
ward under the direction of (he rommittee— Dr.
James D wight, chairman; Robert D. Wrenn anil
Willi3m J. Clothier— the matches will l>e held on
the turf of 'i<- (Jermantjwn Cricket lub, Phils
delphia. The i"'.! members of Hie American chal
lenging team will not be selected until the playing
of the national championship, on the courts of
the Newport Casino next month. This follows the
plan adopted last year. Should the American team
defeat the Britons In the ties th«»y will sail for
Australia the flrst week ln October, to meet tho
holding nation in the challenge competitions for th"
cup. It is understood that D wight F. Davis, the
donor -of the trophy, will accompany the American
team In the event of its success
E. L. Ferguson. Breaks Ann in Ac
cident on Gliddcn Tour.
Fo I Dodge, 10-»a. July 3O.—Tlie Glidtlcn tourists
reached here to-day after a run <>f I"*.*; miles from
Hamkato, Minn. While one of the shortest runs
on the route, Ii was one •■■' the liarucst on account
of the character of the poll, which makes good,
corn, but bad roadF, wbc:» there ii.is been an over
abundance of n!n.
The c ira wrro bumped about considerably and
th^ir passengers fhakrti up, nut tj;r> damagra duo
to the daY? run, ro far as penalties v ere con
cerned, was stnal!. One of tlr" driwrs gave .i r.-^-l
definition of the roads by raying t he: were cii
vided Into gumbo, lumpo and bumpo, representing
fcoil. culvert and ruty.
livery place alonic the rut.te ■«.)<= en fete for t!io
occasion, and every farm gate bHd its group an-1
every oros<-ron<l its gathering, while crowds Hnrd
the roads in each village and town to .^ee the cars
Th" Maxwell car, No. i"T. competing for the
Howcr trophy. na« penalized L« points for repaJr
tag; a water l^ak in XV.c first cylinder. tv!:1!i-> the
Midland car. ICo. 1". wj? penalized O.G point for rc
pairir.^ a fender.
The Chalmers-Detroit "bluebird." No. X was
not reported in on time. It was dttcl- lt u at 'W i:ine
bag) City to save a pair <-f lovers who, ■with locked
arm?, wore dossing a street as the car rounded a
corner. Th» car ■was not wr»""-k«>d. The K. M. and
... JT. sustained :i broken rear wheel th<i
oth»r hide of harden City, but quickly made re-
Tb«=- run whs marrM by an accident to the Acme
car. in which V". 1. Ferguson. Fecretary of the
contest board f-r tli» American Automobile Asso
ciation, suffered a broken arm.
Do', and Whitman Deafen in East
ern haven Tennis Double*.
Bofon. July r r ' — Th» •■]o=«> of th» d^v «f
the nineteenth a<im;«! open l^wn lennis tournament
of th» Lor.gMood Cricket Club found t!-.«s players
we.] advdrce'l into the tliird r^ijnd of th.t- c-inip^'t
tlon in Fins:>s and tl.e second round of the Eas-t^rn
championship doubles. whi<*:» began this morning
The mof interf-j-ti^g match of the laM afternoon
vas that in which Dwifht 1". Davi«, of F». Iyou!*.
and Malcolm D. Whitman, were defeat*-! by W. J.
Clothier and W. F. Johnso:!. the PhiladelphiA team,
... Eastern doubles. It vas thn first appear
ance of Davis and Whitman together or» tl>« local
courts for many years, and their play vss fol
low I by a large gallery.
The Massachusetts teat.: began by directing; their
play at Johnson, Jobbing throughout the first p»t
and going to the n«--t for "killing" smashes. John
eon was unable to hand!* the lobs with F.;icct t i',
and the, ... set j^t to ;!:e Massachusetts team
at o—'■'■.0 — '■'■.
In tl.e. second %'X T'avis and Whi'rran began to
tire, while Johnson played t-teadily ;ind vas ba<ked
up in -i brilliant manner by Clothier. After a hard
fight the latter pair took ';■■• set ■• S— «. The. third
ect went to the Philadelphia, leain at *• — 2. long
appU'js.; following many fine rallies and brilliant
fitr'ik-'. The fourth an i deciding s f t also went to
Clothier and Johnson,, as the p;«.« told on Whitman
and liavis.
Tho Bununary follows:
Lrmgwc 1 ftaj>s (MCOnd rr'!!t:l' tV. J. '"lothi'r.
Pbilad«lphla. d»le»tM il. C. Ff.i\e r . Hosion. 6- <». ft— -3.
5-7. 6—l;6 — I; 1. T. Wailis l!f>«".n. £t:<r*\<;-\ V.. .S. Y,\*iY+.
Pi«"<n. by <Wa'iM; C. S. Mlllett, New Vwlc. (I'^'Ht'i
N. W. Oabot. Itoston. 4--«. ti— 6. 6—l, «- I, >'—•>: I~*. I».
TAtrr.ed S-v. Jersey. rtf.f"n»»-1 .1 D. B. .t..n.-«. l-rmM-n.f,
«• ■*. 6— -ft. ■•■.•.■ t-an Aatonio. Tex .
d"fear»-<5 >.'. .!< hrison. »vi- York. 4 •: •> -1. — 3. O—4;
R. is, B-»-.-. %'«■■»• York, defeated h I. Fort«r, rsosteti.
:.•...•••,■ <ha«», Boston, defeated
L. Ifrrj-, Wliliamkto'R'a, «• -4. •»—."!. rt— 1.
Tl lr«J round— N. v.'. N'i>« R^Ht^it. defeated 11. W.
RnMns^i Boston, by default: !*. C. lnm.-m lying lal u ■<* ,
d.f.^.^.j H. Kleker*<m. I'itrefieH. » -:<. fi--^. 6— 2: J. O.
Ajnta P" ■'■'-■•.■' defeated 1,. T. \: -.;••» Bo*»m fl- -2.
«— 2. •— 4. G. V. '■:■-.- Jr.. r<-.rtlar.'l. Ore. defoaf"*!! U
T. P-ari-^n. N>- York. •• -I. «■ — L «— 2; r>. i". Davis. S*.
J»ui», defe M t»l .-. Hetwhaw. Providence, 7—6. ...
C". O. Plytnpton, R->*'e.!<, .i»r»at».j \v noe»nbaiim. >;»tv
r»r -3. «3— 1. »— «. «— 1; P.- D. Little Sew York. .;-
ffatei A S. n»r ' RoFton. t—2. 2 -•5. 3— »i, 6— O. $ 0;
V.-. r Jnhnsin. PfcHa'Jplrlila. defeated H. jr. Whitman,
j?<-*».->n. *— 1. 9 3. 6—B: <». v " Putnam. Boston, <l*f<>ate<i
tv I* .I'Tinmjs, ffawulf, «? — *. 6 — O. 6— O; H. Tallam,
>■<■•» Tort <J«-fpa»' I 'l W. >:. Grant. N^'o? Turk. •>— 3. *- 2,
♦?-2- R. Bishop defeated R ii ■".•.•,'.. Booton. 6 — «.
10 r. 7—o. •'. it. i" Mahar. N<>v Y-.rk. <lff>ate.l F.
,- Ka<". Uttleton. * «. •> -' *- 1; R 11. Palmer. Sew
Tork. defeated "J. 11. Cba»e, Bovtou. 4-«. 7-.".. — 8,
Kantern OooMe* <-hirrri r 'n.«!Mp fflrrt round)— -X. ''•' Ni>»
and A. S. Daboey. !r.. Boctun. defeated l-\ <#. Faver. Lit
tleton. ari<l H. Kenflall. *>— <j. fi -l. — 0; F. .1 Sullowny
and II F Johnaon. Bomtrm. defeated TT. 11. Palmor aii'l
G O \r&«ner JCew Tork. 6-2. 6-2. .'•—". « ".: W. .T.
«""l«th1»T mi<l W. F. Johnson, rhlladrtphla, defeated M. r».
"Whitman. Boston, ar.i D. F. I 'a-. I. St. L/Hit*. 3— <?, S-",
6- ? *—"*..
,v. r ... round— R. C »av<>r and <;. T. Putnam. Bom en,
defeated 11. - '■" an.! S. 1. B« Boston, <> ". «— 4,
7—5; n. BUliop and E. 11. Whitney, Boston, defeated T>.
T. Canunlns* » ri ! >'. <;. P'imr n, ;:■•■'.. i- default;
(i V. Gardner. Portland, On uijd O. I'.cal*. Boston, <"■• ■
fi»at»>.<s A N. Rewrio and U IT: Whitman, Bo ton, X— 1".
7_S. 6_4. 6--2: H. A. M'Klrinfy an.l \V. W. V. hit... Jr.,
Provide n<-<*. rlef«ate^ A. Stlllman am! C. Frolhlnjrham.
Kew Yi-.rk. fi— 4. H- 2, 2—o. C—4: ■• C Hln. k!i>y and F.
H«tn«ha.w. Providen defeated >i. S. «ro"-nlieck and N
John«r>o. New York. « 2, fi -.1. 7- ■'. 6—2: H. J. Holt
ri H. i Foster Boston, defeated N. W. Mbit an.l S.
I' War*. Boatan 6-3. « -3, 3— •■ ft- 3; W. I. Jennlnga.
Worcstir, and C H. Colleeter. Gardner, defeated <:. O.
Cook and X. P. HutchiiiH.n. providence, o— !. '■* T. B—lo,
]<>— $■ E. I*. Urn>'f!. N<*w S*t**¥, hhl It- D. Uttl«, New
York <Weaie.i !. M. Walthail, S.in Antonio. T»x.. ami
T^ j' <;rant. New v,-( «— l. « - 1. ft-1; II Mckeraon.
PitUfteld. and I. P. Pe*r»on. N«« Ynrl., defeated M. M.
Ivy and K. Port« Boston. >■ '■. S— 7. 6-1. <V-«. ft— 4:
V II Pj>ear and <•• V. Walew, Boston. d<-ff-at»d <S. K.
Toucfaard and W. it. — i.i.;« ... ... Kew York, by default; 8.
V. Wise and 11. 1.. Davenport. liost.in. defeated li. Green
»n<: v. Higei^w. Boston, "—.'.. 7— •"■. 6—l; ii M. Church
and \V M. Hall. New York defeated <; M. Iv>onsi.rd and
O. v..' Pt^-k. SnrinKfVM. 6 ■■?., f>— 4. 8 I; K. V. I'a(f<»
and 1^ T. WrlMs. Uo^ton, defeated K. P. I^o and B. M.
Phillip*. New York, by default; 11. Tallant and I* B.
M«baTi. N-51 York. defeated Mr. Prall and T. B. Plimp
ton. Boston. 6—3.6 — 3. <5— 3. i! 4.
Boston, ' July 20. — "Joe" Woodman, manager of
"Sam" Lansford. denied to-night the report com
ing from Kan Francisco, that he had accepted tha
terms of the Kly <N<v.) Club, for a match ' ■•••
tween Laneford and Stanley KetohH.
I.<angford was offered $5,009 of a BZS.MB pur.»e.
but Woodman declares be must get $10,000, for
I^angford's end, with JL'.OO fur training expenses,
two round trip tickets and one-third interest In the
moving pictures, before he will agree to the match.
■ Long Branch, K. J. July ad— ln the third of a
holies of garnets for the Rumson cups this after
noon, the rtumson team was defeated by Grea
Neck second team, by a scorn of 11 goals to f.'».
The Ruroson team allowed the Long Islanders four
Koala as a handicap. A. S. 11. Jones *cored ny»
Coals for the KJimKOn team. I
Th« line-up follows: *
<.c. c ' tad team » ifeeoa4 Warn.)
Heap; H«r.
F A. ■ .*-•■' 2 A g Janet 1
W. 1 6. joes*. " IE V: Crar/feH ■ 1
Malcri'm f-t^-ent"". aiO. t, trh|tn« 1
T. DanstaM* 2iG. MUbank? 1
Tit»J .... « T"stal... 4
+J~ta.nding* in "Baseball F^ace
\*tiiin\i. iFtur. castes TO-DAT.
St. Tyoulj. Nt JiW VnrU.
( lifrasn at Bronltlrn.
I-Itl«-I.urc nt riiilsdHpbin.
( lnr:nnati nt Boston.
St. l.«ni.. 4: New V«rk. 3.
llfn..|,l\n. «: Chirac«. 5.
r:tila<irlphhi. :t : rxtoixine. 0.
< in<-innati. 2; Bo»t"n. 1.
W. 1.. P.C.I «'. T - P.C.
ritt»bnric 57 '• ."22 Philadelphlii .. M <» .*3«
( hira«« .M 28 .«4B St. l«iil« «3 44 .429
New York.... 4<! :«l Ml? Brooklyn 'J» M .«•»
<ln.inm.ti. l> 33 ..M!» Boston . . 23 56 .291
\ Chicago Rally Ties Score, but Mc-
Klvcen Saves Game.
Brooklyn beat Chicago by a tror* of •• t<> 5 yes
terday, coming back after the Cub* had tied the
s-<-or« in the first half k>f the ninth inning:, anil
making the s^ri^s with th« champions an even
break. Althougli i: warn McElveen'a error that let
Chicago jiHvo n rliancc to ti«» the score, he had
already helped n lot with his batting, a home run
bein« a feature, nn<l ln the second half of the ninth
Inning it was )>fs liit Uiat drove ln the winning
The Cuba batted in a pair of runs in the uecond
liuiinp. Hinsles by Ciwnce. Steinfeldt and Archer,
■with an error by Hunter, i» ins responsible. The
Superbas woke ■■;• In the I bir<] cension, however.
Clement and McElveen singled, with en" out, and
Jordan drove th^tu u.tii homo with a smashing
tiirec-batrp'-r to right. Then Lumley ;ut his team
ahead with a singlo that scored Jordan.
Bergen r*i a:led in the ■••■■-,<' inning, and. after
the two had been put <"Jt. McElveen drove Bergen
home ahead of 1:1 m with a crashing home run
drive to t!i« centre field bleachers.
McElveen'a error r»it Pt»i!-.frl<H on first in the
ninth inning. ;<i.d It.-fn-.-in singled. Tinker tripled,
scoring both runners. Mclntyre wen! in to relieve
Hunt< i but Archer nent a •.•••• Hummel and
Tucker pi'ored, making th» pa me even. IHffKin
i bothatu struck <"i!, however, ami Evera fouled to
ißergcn nd Mclntyrt were easy puts •nl-,' t ii t!m
S-.tperbaa took their t'irn. btit lament doubled and
tieor«-fJ the, winning- run on McKlvecn's Dgle.
The score follows:
»t> r ll> po ••. «b r Ih v> » "
« ■'•nv-Tit If. .*> j -* 1 '• i< n-'r« Cb.. . I 0 0 1 1 «
McEIVn. 3b.". 2 3 11 ISh«KiM. If. 4 <» i 2 © v
.lnr>lan '.!>.. •■;•■, Pchullf. rf... 2 0 0 1 <• 0
l.tim:.-v , - . 4 it i 2 O'«Zln-.tn»rnwn. 1 ii 0 " 0 0
Alp'man, 4 0 0 •> 4 o| j*ranJ»jr. rf... ' •• ft o o 0
Hummel, rf. .t ft i i •» o Oms.-*. Ib.'-- i i 21 ' °
MeMiilan. M 4 •> i i ft 0 Ht"lr.f-!<]t. S » » -;i ;O 1 "
r.<-rz-n. .1... I 1 1 4 " 0 llnfnun. <-f . " 1 1 3 0 O
I?wnt»r. v..- - ..■,.■• ' Tlnkfr. *• . » 1 1 1 * «
llclnr-. r», ;- 10 0 0 0 0' \rrh<-r, r r. " 1 7 ', r>
| rf*!*"r. i>. . . 1 it .. ft 1 0
; Ulji*n'b't'm. p 3 ■J t. 2 1,1
Totals ...35 61027 11 : T"to:i ... 34 a R'.S 9 1
•R*M*d f«r Pehultn In rfshth lrtiins 'Tno e»u »h«n
■nirin,inf: r'lii r< h^ «■ ■••r»-i
Brdokl: n 0 " ". n f> n 2 " t— l
Cblcaco o!:.;«.'9;«i»:»: < i B— *
T«n.l. a .» !,i? It^m-n* TV-« '«•«- % -f«--Tlnk«T.
.T^rriav Horn« run- McElveen. H''« «>fr Pfel«ter. ."•
1?i »«i arrl <>;t»-thjr,l (nnlr:**; off H'jrfr. In «-!rM
nrrl (i^-i!-lrl ln-!!n(cn. SArriflr. By— Archer P»<-rtn<-«
j,<i__jlnfniai Ptrt|»n b»»»— O»m»n1 P«-ibl» r'* 1 * — "
Alprmnr,. MrM!''»n »t5 Jordan: McMillan. Alr*rm»n
• "-I .U-rrtar I »f on ba«»« — Chl«»«o. *: Pwklvn. *■
•- -.. h««« on Milln- '•fT -. «T Tf t«<!p.bof ham.
2 of? Mun'fr. 2 Kir*' b»»« »ti «-rr ■-• — <■):'.<•««■>. 1.
■nrrv^k'vn 1 K'rrk out— By Vfmtmt'r, *; hr »<irr'n
h«'h*rr<. 2; hi- H-jnt-r. 2 t— M'ln'r* 1 'Pw-I.M.
I'mpirm- Jolia»t<>r.«. and Rl«!pr
p rt «fon. July ».— Eg«n'» hJt, virh two '-n « •••.
In t'i» seventh Inning (r»v« Cincinnati the vlctorr
cv>r Bo»toh to-dn*--. the final »core b»!ns ! to 1.
The locals rallied tn th* ninth Inning, b-it Stem hit
an easy jcroundT Motrrejri -with th« r*»n*ji f'lll
mid mn our. and th* g'»w ended. Graham's play
ins w.is a feature
The ?<*nre follows:
■>> r l!»i^ » • •» r Ih r" » •
JR*ich#r If. .'. ft 2 ...... rf ... 113100
Miller <-' . • 4 i 2 ft „ 0 Thorn»«. If . 4 ft 0 0 ft ft
Ktean 2b... 3.'n S:S;I'A Graham. »» I■• t 2« ft
Mltcbcll, rf 3 A I 1 " f> Fnn!-wn>, cf % ft 1 2 •• 0
iriitso'.l lb S ft ft ir> ft 0 Bbean. 2h 3 ■• 0 ft 3 S
Mowrer. «".b. .T ft ft t ft ■• stei Ib.. •4 ft 1 11 1 •
McL««n ... , o " r. 1 ft Bw»»n*y. 3b. a ft <• ii 1 ft
Powner. **.. .1 ft ft 2 N 0} Smith, c R e o i i o
Rowan. i»... 3 1 o 0 <• ft »rstisr>n. p.. 2 o ft ft 4 ft
• n... ;j • ftftftftft
T..!a'.a SI . 7 !«"• P] Tatali '■- I 727 11 I
•}Jat!*-i for F«TirJ»on in nlntb Innire
r:pr|-. na ti o ft 0 .1 ft ft - '■ ft— 2
U,, o tun •. •■ '> 0 0 •> 0 ft 0 ft I—l
T«f> ba»» I-itt* — Ilorker. '.:■■- F»» > i-nont. S»rri.l.-«»
hit*— Mitchell. Hoblltn S!nifn baaea— Millar, Kgan.
UnblHi'H r>oijWe v.l(iy--IT(tiin ar-1 Hot. Itzell. T^rt on
tte. •— Ctrv-tnrml. S. Bos-oii. '.".. (.■•••••■ «n balU— OR
T*s>;*>ri. 4 fff rtowaii. J. stni<-k on? - !>• r. >wai . i. by
Fersuwjn, 4. Tlm« 1:43 fniplrr -'TDm .••.
Philadelphia, Ju!/ ?'.-Pittrib»rff was . bat nut to
day by Philadelphia through the n tlteat twtrlias
of Corridon and his good support. ha aoora waus
Bto o. Sot a Pittsburg player reached second baae. I
Th« p< ore follows:
riUI..M''KI.!'H!A. PlTTSBtma
ul> r It>i«-> » «| tbr Upa I •
(••ait "b 4 <• 0 0 "> ©|Barh* .".h .. .'1 ft ft 0 1 I
Bate*, ef ...... 4 J2 1 <.<■!/•*. I . f .4ftl 40 0
THu».rf . ■'■ '» f » 0 " ft, nark". If ./i<>o 00 n
JJicw if- . i .i 2 2 ci o|Wa*ner, m... 2 ft • 1 4 0
»raWd.lb. , i aia 1 <■ Miller. 21 .1 (Oil -'
V\'aH "h . -. 002 a (>!Ah»T»tn. ib. . X ft 2 « t ft
TMOIaJ) »«... •'•■ ft I ♦ •'• fti'WllFon. rf.... I ft 1 2 o 0
P'otM c .T „ •." ♦ •_ . 1 ,(ilf«OT. c . ,i ft «1 7 0 0
Ctorrrldon. p. 3 0 «> 1 . O]Pl)Uippt..p. .. 2 ft ■• o 3 ft
• Hymn \ «•> ft ft ft 0
ti-tork* 1 0 0 0 0 0
Tot«l« ,i „ LOS IS 1; Total! .. us 0 42410 1
•Batt«4 for Phlllrrl In ninth Inning tßstt-ii lor
T»arb<--au in ninth inning.
rh!!a.1»»:ph!»i ' •* ft * { ! 1 1 x— 3
Plttrburg . 0 ft 0 <' • • 0 • ft— •
Two-baM till Ma*-» Baertflc* ii'« Ward. Titus.
T^«ft on hß(i"ii -l-'nllail«-Tphla. 8: ptttaborv. 2. Rtm.-k
out -jiv Cttrridon, 4; by lltppl B Doubla play"-
<;raut in Ward to BranafleM ro Dooln to Ward; Dooln
aiid transfl<>i<l Wagner. Millar nn-1 \hft*ln; Doolln
and BransfleM. Fir*» base on .rror« — Philadelphia. I;
rittsbiiKT. I. Baa«f on ball*— Of! r«rri<Jnn, 1. Mm»
• :2tt. I'liH-tre — Kl'-m.
Trotter Disappoints Enthusiasts by
Poor Work nt Parkway.
Those who had pinned their faith to Richard
Delafleld's Happy Madison were sorely dlsap
pointed at the performance ha save yesterday mt
ternoom on the openln* day of the Parkway trot
ting meeting. After running a short time ago In
i;:iv . at Monroe, he flnlsiiefl <>tK r !iili in a field gof
nine In t:2.v. In the first heat of th»» 2:23 trot yes
terday. Ha refused to travel smoothly, and the
Knits win- ho adopted la gettlnK over the ground
Included moat everything in the list. Doctor 8., a
Kood looking bay geldlnK, driven by E. D. Bollea
beck, won the race in straight heats.
There was another surprise for the enthusiasts
In the 2:13 pant, for It was regarded as a foregone
conclusion that RaoaMtoar Wrutoii's We«ton, with
"Bud" Murray In the driver's seat, would lead the
Reid. The best he did. however, wan to Hnlßh sec
ond in the final heat and third in the first two
heats. Second money went to the stallion, how
ever, as Wheeler Wllk.es won the race in straight
The summary follows:
Hi- Ike. b tf. 'E. D. Hollenbeck> I I I
Mouu'tto 1... g. 'Tuthllt and FerrU) '-i - ■•
ilaunah tJike. blk. m (K. J. Schwarta) - * •»
Lady Kate. l». m. (It McCormlckl T .; -
Llttto Hell.-, b m. dr. «urdu-k> 9 3 3
Worthy Cord, b. %■ (K. W' .Smith. 4 4 s
Frank Pluminer, srr. it. (\\. J. Reddy) >• •• '
N.!..-.. l>r. m. (A. J. <•ornw.ll i. B . «
<*hl«f blk. d. "!■ Bodenwelaer) 0 «l«
Uf.HI * TlTt ,,. 2: , ss -J;!!,.,. J;IS> t
TrtOTTIN'O — 2:22 "I.ASS PUR.TE. $800.
Doctor H. b. K. (K. D. H-.l'-nb.-, k • 1 I I
H .-.ri Wllkeg. (h. X (•' H. I'billlp.) 3 - ;
,; l. Smiley, b. X- (W. M Hal. lead) 4 4.
California Cre»ceua, (• k. Mi. Hill) '.i •• ■*
I'eter 8.. K. «• iF Small) • ■• J
Kins Edward, b. i (P. W. Smith) • « ■.
Happy Madison, hr. jr. fR . Pelafleldi ...-.-■« » ••
Mormartuk'. b. B. <<■■ S. Hen<trlek»<»n) . ... 7 J ■'
Hkitv I »V.-. >• * fW.JH - « ovlllei .... I' ■ »
'"' Tim* ■??•?>■.. i:2o^. 7:21 »i.
rA<~IN'3 — 2:M <-t.as.= Pi RFr $sn*i
TVh««i.r VTilk»*. rh . r <r> T.eary) . ... II A
W«»«on b. * '•' 6. M'irr»y> * •> -
p^iivar, B«>. Mm c iE Hollenb«ck) .2 4 4
Ed S'«e»n<sylb. X '■""' H. Donaldaeni 4 t a
.loiiti. fr BJ (C F^t'-b* 1 !" 1 - ' n >:, ::•::•::::::; 5 I; j
yikk" 'h » "' Haadrtcyoai J • "
T'm»- -C 14 2 12-... 2 I4'i
Nrw lork at I»e«r..il
rt<><.t»n nt ( lerel.ind.
RCM'LTS OF i;.\>ir.S •» F>TF.RT>AY.
New York. r,-. I let roll. 1.
l"o«lnn. 4; ( l«chnil. 0.
riiil.idrlpM*. 1: St. T.ouU. 0
C hl<*Hß". •»: AVa«binetnn. t,
AMBRICAN l.KA<;ir. sT\M)l>n
«■. 1.. r.< w. t.. p.c.
r»etrelt .*.? 30 .«::."» \™ 1 ork .... 37 4.% .451
rhllndelphi.i . «« 33 .:>»-'. i l.i:i C <- SI 4.% .4.11
IloMon M :i.% ..*.«» St. I.«ii!«. ... It l'» .417
t'levelnnd 45 "•• ..%.Vi .i-J.inclon .. . .'» 55 .303
- »-■ •- . _
"Wild Bill" Donovan Helps A Jong
with Free Passes.
Detroit, Julj* 20.- .I.* '. •■ hop outpltched "Wild
Bill" Donovan to-day, and the Yankees won by a
score of •'. to I, making an even break of the scries
with the Detroit champions. Coincident with the
victory came the news that waivers hail been asked
for Jack CheJbroi whose great Itching in 19M and
1903 kepi the Yankees we ' up In the race. Cheabro
has not shot i mucl. of his old form this year, and
haa been with the team only because of his con
tract. It H said that he will not play with a minor
league team, and is r'-nriy t>> retire In any case, as
he has a Koofl business ;!■ MassachusettA
The game 1..-.). waa close ami exciting until th*
seventh inning, when Donovan weakened, anal
there was no scoring at all Until the fifth inning,
wlivn each aide got a man oveAhe plate. In that
period Kleinow doubled with ono out, "■''' was
caught going to third on Warhop'a tap to Bush,
the pitcher taking second. Demmltt promptly
tripled, scoring \V^rhor>. ior T>etrott Cobb doubled
and pcored on Chase's «-rror on a bunt by Jones.
j Tho Yankees broke up the gamo In th« seventh
inning with two but. Laporte was .«afe on Bush's
error and Kleinow sacrificed. Warhop fouled to
Morlarity and Donovan IntenUonally gave Deramitt
; a ba-«e on ball*. Then he grew wild, however, and
1 passes to Austin and Chase forced in a run.
Krrors by Schaefer and Crawford 1< t in two more
runs, «nd the game wa3 settled.
' The Yankees flll'-d the bases in the .-i^hth Inning.
j or, rathtr. Donovan did. with three bases on b*lla
In Biiccesslon. but "Wild Bill*' steadie.l down and
kept the visitors from adding to their poor*.
In tho ninth Inning Chase f"-at out » hit to Bush.
Elberfcld pent a fly to Joiie««, an.l Chase went t<>
tliird nhen Keelcr oingle.i to right. Keelcr stole
se.-ond and went to thlr-l <«n a bad throw by
Bchmldi Chase scoring. [Aporte nitiglc'l to left
and Kceler scored.
The scorn follows:
at) r lbpna ' ib r 1b jm » «
jxr-r-i". cf .i l i :: <> 0 Mclntyre. if .:t 0 0 2 10
A'.f'ln. 3b.. 4 ■ 0 - -T iß'uh, f3 i ... .1 H 1
< han*. 1b... ."> t 2 h Q *• Crawford. Ih 4 o 1 ."• 1 I
Kib»rf*i.j. -• :« i> o 4 2 0, r'obb, r' •". t l :s o o
Keeler. rf.. ."» 1 _■!■■■• j.>r<-«. rf 2 O 1 :; <• rt
n»n:ihiii. :f 4 <> ; .t <• t> Morlarty. "f :: <» o 3 2 o
l^tx^rfc 2b. 4 1 1 -J I <• S.-*mrf."\ 21-. ". " I ♦ I I
K>liv»«-. ,-.. :; ... :. 1 H.-hmHt. r.,.3 ...... 2 1
Warbop, r • * I " " " " Dom»v»n, p.. 8 ■•).,! .1
Tofalji .1% ■. :• '.V 7. V 7 11 '.' T"'n'.« 2S 1 r. 27 H 4
>.>•» Y^rk ... ■■■■..•-■
t>rtrol» •' " " 0 i 0 •' 0 <■ — 1
Two baa» lit 1 *- -Cohb, K!-lr"-<- Thr<?»-h3«t» hit—
n.-rrtnitr hlt»— Meimjrr*. Tib»rf»l<l. Kleinow.
S'olon bai««— Kt-\T. Donbla p:»v* — - hmld' and
H'-h.i'»»r. I.«[>.ir!«. Klberf«M siH ''has* J-"f» on base*
~ n*tr">l». 2; >••■»• Y"rk. 11. Fn-.«» baa* on bulls — '">(T
Pornvin, s Fir** ba»« on errors— Detroit. '.*. V»«r
Y"rk. 2 S"Tj'k otrl -Hv noncvan. S: br Warhop, &.
Tlrn» -1 -4;.. Vriiptr»n_-f;ga:i and t. - ona«!1r.
Cleveland. July JO.— Boston defeatM Cleveland by
a fort of 4 to 0 to-day. Von<i was eff«i-rtv*i xrlth
men en t*f»9. sjvl w«s r-^'-u».l up by p^nnatlor.il
playing:. E>ror« z<\« Bo t -»tt thr»» of ir.=- f"'ir
Th» score foljows:
alt r lb r.i » ' ..-,.«
M>». If »•••■. <• VU-k. rf. ... 4 " 1 4 0 •'
Iy-ri. 3b. .f. 1 I l> 2 3 Sf.j-.-a!!. 1>... 4 O 1 T 2 .•
I- r'-T »<*''. rf. 4 12 1"" r.n*trr\y. c. . 3 ft O »> 2 1
GeMler. tt. 4 ii ft ( I) O Ulnrhruan. If 4 ■• 1 3 0 O
« tmi". ■■. 4 : 2 1. 4 o IVrrlnir. 2b.. I 0 I 1 1 1
Etahl. Ib 3 ii I U « •' Km sham. .( 1 .i • ii 0 ii
MeCnell. 2b 4 ..-.. O'Hradley. 3b.. 4 ft 0 1 S •
Ik^nohu*. e— B „••.... n.«u. »« Jl •••4?i
\V<n|, p .... i .i ii ■' 2 I'! P'k»n!>*nf. j.. 2 •■ 1 1 1 2 0
tattoo, i ft o ft 0 0 0
•tiooda . : o it ii 0 o
Tot*;* r^> 41027 It l! T^'a!* " ... 13 S
•PAtfo.l f..-«r Falkenberg In eiisluh inninc.
I! . „.,n ........ " 1 •• • 0 1 (1 ft -i
Cl»vrliUi>l . 0 <» '< <> '» 0 0 " " •
Two ha«« hits — Stoval!. s-;-*akrr. Three-ba»« h:» W»c_
ner. S.vrlflT hit— -Stahl. Si>i!en .....
MeOoonell. BpwUwr. Donbla phur— Bradley an,i raik>-n
bcra;. Mlti>- Off I atkenl ■ .•> Id r'tcl.t lnninss; off Slt
tnn 2 ll onf lr.r.ii.*. Kirrf la<» on bAils — «T l-'alken
h-rn. .".. "IT Wood. 1. Hit »•>• pitched ball —By Kalken
b»rs. 1 «i.^iiß]or(. Struck ..nt— Hv l-"a!kenb<Ta;, R: by
W'X.'l. 4 I'h>»«1 bsll- Easterly: Tirst baso ..ii rrrora —
Cl«Telan<l. J: Ho«fon. 2. I'ft in !«••« i'!-v»lairl. 7;
Boston. 3. Time — 1:40. I'mpires— rherldin and K'-rm.
St. Louis, July 30.— Morgan was a puggle to St.
Louis with men on the bases to-day, and the
Athletics won by ■ score of 3 to 0. Davis ma<li> an
other home run to-day.
The boot* folio* ■
Tt. IT. E.
Philadelphia •- ■ n • n,i ■, i l n A_2 :. 0
fit. I^l]'.-' ■<> OftflOOAOA— " ."> 0
Batferl"*-- Pelty, Bailey and Fteph^n*; Morgan
and Livingstone.
Chicago. July W. — Chicago took a ti -rd straight
r«n>e from Washington to-day, by a score of I to 1.
The White Sox batted Nick Altrock. their former
team mat«. hard In tii^ eighth Inning.
The ore follows:
Chicago ** ° 1 02 0 X— « I 9
■Washington ■ • 100 ft 000-1 7 1
Batteries—White and "Sullivan: Wltherup, Altrock
and Street, Umpires— Evans aivi Perrtna.
,l*T*'j City •* Toronto.
Newark at Montreal.
Haltlniore at Hh.Thlo.
I*ruvldrnr« at Il4>rhe«ter.
REsn.Ti* or GAMES vkstkkday.
Jersey lltf. a : Montreal. » (llrst jamrl
Jersey City. «; Montreal. 8 (nrt'ond ftiunc).
Hi.fT.ilo. 1: i'rovldrnre. 0.
KiH-he»ter. H; Hultlmorfi, 9.
Newark, 11; Toronto, 0.
W. X r.C.I »'. I- P.C.
Ho.l.r.ter . 47 S3 .j!>7 lliiffnlo .41 4: .4IM
EJ?,S l 'n:" ,J ,hi» Toronto 40 4.1 .4*J
U?vark "40 40 .SIM> M.ml ret.l SI 41 .46H
Itoltimore 40 41 .4»l .lerney City .... 36 43 .45«
\T MOVTREAh — First game — It. If. K.
ler^vCi y-- ". « 00021000000 5--S 13 2
Mimtreal. . . . ... 21000000 0010 0 -3 a -
Batteries— Menitt an.l Ilyan; Smith. Winter ami
Mnntri-al .V.''' 0 a • • • 8 1 0 0-3 ;11 5
LmtlwUa Button and Ryaa; Bgaa, Buelow ami
Starnagle. Umpire — Murray.
\.w-irk • (i 2000 3 10400 1-11 14 I
Toronto!!!.;... 16 02000 10 0 0 o—lo 19 3
Batteries— Mueller, Prill ami Crisp; Pfeffer. Ru
dolph. Newton and Mitchell. '
Buffalo 0 0000000 i— l 6 l
Provident.'."..; 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 4 1
Batteries— Kissinger and McAllister; Lafltte and
Fitzgerald. Umpire- Byron.
Rocheiter I 1 I 15 0 10 x— IS 2
Baltimore 0110000-0 0-3 • 1
Batteries— Chappell* and Krwin: Adkins an.l
Byers. Umpires — Flnneran anti Stafford.
Chicago. July 20— Barney Oldflold. tba well known
driver or automobllo raclnjr car* was knocked
down here to-day by n motor car m he was cross
ing the street. Mi.- injuries, consisting of bruise*
and flight contusions, were dressed at St. Luke's
OldfieW «a^ tuiaalilg th« street with Lewis
Stranjr. another w»ll known driver, when the ac
cident occurred
Ba»«b*ll. f*le ■«•••*» Te-fliy 4 F. M. CMaatt vi
ft. L"'Jll. Aden. »O». ,
Water Sports Attract Crowd in
Larch mont Hacc Week.
With the l-.it; atoe barred btirs»e of th» Tjarchmont
Yacht Club waving ov<>r tlieir heads from the tan
flagstaff, th» women had their innings at that club
yesterday, and a brave and pretty showing they
made. Some tlireo hundred wives, daughters or
friends of the members, in daintiest summer gowns,
graced the big lawn in front, of the clubhouse In
the afternoon, watching the wat«r sports, which
were hfld just out«ide th» sea wall and almost at
their feet, while Lambert's bawl played popular
air* on the club piazza.
Off In the harbor at anchor lay th» fleet of nearly
two hundred yachts. They had all "dressed ship"
at 2 p. in. on signal from Commodore Wilson Mar
shall's flagship, the Atlantic. Their gay bunting;
flying: from masthead to boom and bowsprit ends,
made as pretty a picture a? was ever seen in that
ri>ckhoi:nd harbor.
A feature of the water sports that had its humor
ous Bide was furnished by th» harlequin races for
men and for sons of members. TN? competitors were
required to swim about fifty yards to a. float, there
attire themselves in woman's union suits, stockings
ami skirts, and then swim back to the starting
point. The frantic efforts of the swimmer to put
dry stockings on wet legs and to fasten the other
garments was a source of endless amusement to th»
spectators. Only those whoa* garments w»re prop
erly fastened pot a prize.
In the boys' race young Cobd^n ♦'■"it his tlaaa
ami let the other four, who swam back only half
dressed, finish, before be Juaijad In fully dressed,
and so won the race.
Gus Sundstrom and S. K. ManTey gave an exhibi
tion of fancy swimming. Rudolph J. SekaafiM man
ajj^d th« race* He was assisted by these members
of tho New York Athletic Club: Captain J. T. Ma
honey. Eugene GtaanfnL R. O. Haubold, Robert C.
Kummerrr. Slatthew P. Halpin. Otto Wahlcw Edward
J. iv •;-,.■ and Rohm Stoli.
Among those present were Ciiiniiintnri wil«on
Marshall. Fle«t Captain and Mrs, Morton W.
Pn-Jth. Mr. ami Mrs. George Gardiner Fry. Miss
Fry. Mr. an.! Mrs. Louis G. Spence. Supreme Court
Justices John Proctor Clarlta and F. M. Scott.
Mr. and Mrs. Georpe Coming. Commodore Haze.a
71..- t of the Sfanhanaet Bay Tacfat Club; Mr. and
Mr.«. Frank Hardy, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph 3. ToaT.
Mr. and Mrs O. W. Freeman. Mr. an-1 Mrs. Thorn
ton Smith, Cflouaodora and Mm A. 1- English.
Mrs. Allen. Mr?. Thomas J. McCahilt. Mrs. Henry
Brevoort ToaJ. Colonel Erreraon. Mr. and Mrs.
John Hall. Mr. and Mr.«. Reid Owens. Mr. and
Mrs. V. .1. Bel aefer, Frank Fullgrraff. Frederio
Thomson. p rter Emerson Frown. J. P. Robbins,
Mr. and Mr?. Dally. Clay M. Green", William Mur
ray. AVilliam P. Jer.kfns. Edgar P. Reynolds,
Samuel Stewart. Ft K. Owens. Rog»r Lanison. tha
Rev. Richard Cobden. Ralph Townsend. T. T. Hop
per. John G. Savin*. a W. Matt, H. A. Foreman,
Frank Bowi ° Jones. I^awrence Parr anJ Loui3 Al
The summary of the water sports follows:
Cn«-mi!« imtmminc rar»— VT*n by T. B. Ga "•■•■>
v v A <• W. A A'i»rbach. N. T. 8. A.. aveead; E4
Splelberc«r. ST.- A. Ihlrtl TUB*. so 4-.V
lift.-a-d m-lmmirc rac* 'handir»p> — Won br X H.
F.tl-v <1«1 9"-on<im) : J. .T. enrran |IJ> n»cond«>. *»cond;
J. H. Manley (15 neronds). third. Tim*. S;M2-4.
?.')ft-vard awhnmtag rac« (haadleaal — 'Won by J. M«r
.... ..rnnds'- -T i Cnrraa -a »*read*) -~--"-.1:
L. P. '(Godwin rl3 see«»B«S>. — Time. 4:29.; Good
win's tlm«. * •*
TS-vard «T'.m tvt v *m\ • ■ '--' orly>— TT"a *▼
\r n. Manny: S c, V'uT-. »»«md: A, P. P->nUJTIe.IE.
thir^ Tim*. 0:51 1-&.
H ,. -.-,.:... r»«-Wnn h" T» W. Klnr. K«W Tor*
v <- • t Baddy, rftil: v- B. furrier. tMrd. Ttra%
Har>qum ra.-« H'rr mem>-r» - «att<i— "VToa *▼ T>. <>*►-
4en: C Huntln*. •»«>nl.
Tu > rt( .^_wo- ... TV. Kwaat: T>. B. pacbaaa, •••-
cr<l. Time. 2 00 V
Tub ra?* (ter jasaibet* 1 .>-»■. iron by C ?. UoaMaa.
Cunc- tOimtmrU -»'— -Wan »•- t» ■*». JlaelßMai »< C
K»ar:' Carl F^rt.^n anl W. r. gwaak aa aa I Ti^s.
Sa.k ra'- '«-■ -nt^-flv- -»--!•■ -Ton br TT T?. Mar.nr;
Jp«e ? h Ruddy. »»<-"n.l Tit. 1.12 V
Fancy .liv<r-K- W«w hv Waltw R. T.«-. with 133 1 — •:
y A. Mull'n, P* f-l''». »»t-oc-i. Jos»sj A. RttMy. #1
r-Mrste. thlr2.
Racing Instructions Issued for Run
Next Month.
Victor I. Cumnock. chairman of the regatta mm.
mlttaa of the Seauanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club,
has issued tho racing instructions for tha Joint
cruise of his club and of the Corinthian Yacht
Club, of Philadelphia, which starts frcm Oyster
Bay on Monday, A'i«rtist 2. It is expect?.! that at
least ... yachts will take part in this run. which
will be from Oyster Bay to Morris Cove, the finish
being off the \* astern breakwater at NVw Haven.
On AagvX 3 the fie-t will rac*t from Morris Cor*
to Sew London, and on th.* following day the run
will be to Newport. wher» som« of the yachts 'Will
join the squadron of the New Tork Tacht Club,
The preparatory and all starting signals will l*»
given from th* regatta committee yacht, the
Oneida. which baa been placed at its disposal by
former Commodore K. C Benedict- tTnle3S other
wise stated. th« rules of the Yacht Racing Asso
ciation of Long Island Pound will cavern the race*.
Prizes will be riven each day In all regular classes
down to and in<-lui1ln«: Class Q.
Brighton Beach Entries Mat/ Close
at An Time.
Although July yi was th« dat«» set for th» '•:->•-
Ing of entries for the two-day automobile rao»
ni"et to be held at the Brighton Beach track on
July SO and 31. it was announced by the Motor
Racing Association yesterday that each race will b«
closed when a sufficient number of cars to start
bare been named-
The officials for the meeting were announced as
Referr«\ Samuel B. Stevens; judges. A. R. I*ard-
Ington, Coker V. Clarkson and Alfred Reeves; um
pires. W. R. Teaboldt and A. H. Whiting: paddock
judges, Peter Fogarty. E. T. Birdsall; Walter R.
I.cc and Edward F. Flammer: patrol judges. K.
Broadwell and I*. Rockwell; timers. S. M. Butler.
P. A. Sayles. A. I* McMurtry. George McGraham.
ITosper (lust and Charles J. Pieps: starter and
clerk o? coma* Fred J. Wagner; assistant clerks
of course. Arthur Warren and Jar Cothran.
The committee to pass upon the qualification!!
of drivers will bo Joe Tracy, chairman; Guy
Vaughan and Arthur Ca npbell. all race drivers of
experience. Dr. George W. Bogart will be chief
of the medical staff, and will have five assistants
on the course, besides a corp of nurses.
I--JRST it ACE— Selling; for thre«-y*ar-ol<S»: |400 ad<te<J.
Six furlong*. .••.—. • .
Peraonal llS,Shapdale 105
1 II Keed 112, 'Richard Herd 105
TanK»o Daughter 10d B«IIc«k In.-.
H.iffniM 10S ! »Dander l«
Red Mimic 10»j*Mauvi«tt« !»S
saKinaw 106. "Cordova :>s
John Florid 103 •Constellation »S
Racing Bell 105!
SECOND RACE — Selling; for two-year-olds; $sO>
added. .Six furlongs.
3>>phyr 105 Top Xotch «>(>
•Radium Star 104. Madeline L. M
Lord Clinton UU 'Helen Carroll l«;
l.ove Watches; 102 'Evening- Bong »M
TIIIKD RACE — Handicap: for three-rear-olds and up
ward: $300 added. One mile and a ilxteenth.
Stanley Fay 122'Zlenap If>2
Juggler 119 Fond Heart M
Plrm and Needle* 107 i 'ampat^n«r !>•)
Tony Bon*ro 104]
Also eligible: . V
Ronnie K^l»" 105!
FOURTH RACE: — Th»> Tarrytown Stakes; aelling. for
thr«»e-year-old»; $1,000 added. One mile.
Itl^h Range 10«|»Th« Gardener IXI
Lawton Wl««in* 10311111 Top M
Kschau 105* Personal 91
FIFTH RACE — For two-year $50« atl<l«ij. Flv<»
and a half furlongs. ■
Fighting Bob . 11"' Interpose 102
• Hennadean* ltvriMay Florence 99
Ptarport . I'M
SIXTH RACK— =-llin». for thre»-year-oMs and up
•w«rd: ».^ o «3<1»1 One mil* and a alxtMnth.
Ky« . l«3|N*eoik«lesta ....... IPI
Bonne K-l»" 103,'Kiinxrank* l<v»
"Hans lnSHreobetind *9
ntfht Ooard i ft i !
'Apprentice aHrnrinr— '*-'''. '.
Good Sprinter Wing Fleetning Han
dicap in Fast Time.
JaeS Atkln is himself •frain. unit th- p«»pot»rtt^
of the great sprinter was attested in no unrertaaa
*»- T at the) Empire City track, near Tonkers. Te*
terdar. The big son of 6a!n— El Salado too* af>
130 pounds in the Fleetwingr Handicap at six f«f
longs and jrailoped home an ea*y winner in fit*
fast tim- of 1:12. A spontaneous cheer went tr»
from the crowd In the stand as< Jack Atkla raced
through the utreteh, and when Powers brought
htm back to the scales the applause was hearty
and prolonged.
August Belmoafa Half Sovereign and <~olloatrr
Jumped away In front at the start and showed tha
way head and head for a quarter of a mil*. By
that time Jack Afkin had settled down to ra<-h*«.
and. approach ing th* far turn, he- took command
and quickly opened up a gap of two or tare*
lengths. The race was over then to all Intents and
purposes, as there was no catching the big sprinter
In the run through the stretch. Half Sovereign.
after a long let-up, proved she was close to bar
beat form by hanging on well and earning th*
place, while Arondack got up in tim« to earn th— 4
money. Rlalto lacked his usual «r«»««d and never
flattered his followers after meeting with some
interference in the backstretch.
Jack Atkln. which has been In training •winter
and summer since he was a two-year-old, and has
earned the. name of the. "Iron horse,** showed
clearly in his early races this season that he n«.ed*al
a rest. and. following his defeat at GraTesend on
Juno 3. Barney Schrelber decided to lav htm up
for a time. It was a wise mov». as results yester
day proved. Th« good hor~» never looked bettar
in his '.if». and rarely raced better, either, as it
takes a mighty fast horse to run six fur Tonga
over the cuppy track at Empire City In 1:12. From
now on he Is likely to take- bis place ones more*
as th* king of sprinters, more particularly aa
Roseben has been retired.
A more perfect day for racing or any outdoor
sport than yesterday would be hard to injagina,
and the good sized crowd made th« most' of it.
Spooner*s easy victory in th« third race caused
some criticism among those who failed to> notice*
that he was badly Interfered with at th# start: to.
his last race at Sheepshead Bay. while th* dis
appointing performances of Foul's Levy and Baaat
clere aroused some grumbling, but aitogether . th*
sport was interesting and thoroughly enjoyed. . -
Follie Levy stopped so badly In the fifth. rac»,a»
five and a half furlongs, after galloping along
front to the head of th* stretch, that those irtia>
blamed Powers for overconSdene* when ' the ' flllr
was beater, by Fighting Bob- last week felt, that
they might have been wrong. She . appeared 'to
have the race safely won turning for home, out
capitulated aa if lacking In courage, when Colin**
challenged, and could not even withstand the be
lated rash of Char.?* Hargrav*, which closed as
amazing gap In the last half xnf!<: t» finis's »
strong running »»eor:d.
County Fair, a cast-off from the Harry. Fam*
Whitney stable, was well liked by the paddock
crowd on the strength of a mite work in 1:40. TTj*>
Hamburg gelding proved a disappointment, how
eve. for he bung in the last sixteenth after mak
ing th» pac*, 'and Es'-ha>:. ■wht'-h came . from fas
back, beat him home In sl<>w time.
Captain Swin.ann was the best ;-->-»» in the »9e
orjd rare for m*'den year-olds. b*it ■••as a*
•loir to break that be wa3 f*iPy twelve l»ng*h«
behind the. leaders In the ?,r*r q'larter. ■ "uil«m
persevered against hopeless odds, and the colt
•was running so strongly at the end that b.» would
have been third ln a. f»-w more ytrfdes. Harrr
Payne Whitney's May Florence wore Shamrock
down rounding; th* turn, and cam* away to wra
cleverly. Levengston. th* quoted favorite, had too
excuses, being in a good position all the way.
Spooner. entered to be sold for tire paltry rim «*
I&to. outclassed his opponents tr: the third r»-».
and was tha particular "good thing" of the day.
The "tip" was so widespread that those who <jno«e<J
prices were forced to cut and cit, Osortna broke
in front, but Spoonar aoon took command. and
after that Creevy did not have *•> 3o anything bnt
ait still. Ruble, which made the running' in his
last race, only to stop in the stretch, reversed the
order yesterday. After being badly outrun for
half a mile be closed like a wild horse and finished
Superstition made a runaway race of th« last
event. Beauciere fal'ing to roaka up the ground be*
lost in the first quarter. Tri fact. Belierlew caaaa
from behind la the stretch and beat htm a bead
for the place.
Th« programme. books of the Saratoga Racine
Association ware distributed yesterday among. th»
horsemen. The meeting will open on August 3 aad
run to August 3, and th» conditions for tha races
have been framed in a •* ay to catex to all classes
of horse*.
EMrißi: ■ m summ.vkles.
FIKST RACE. —Selling: for thre*-year-o)'t»: *«*> art^ad.
i Ti« mi! 4 an.l a. •n!~n:>. <-*-t arxxl. \V<m »a* i>'.
Time. 1.19-^. Winner, ca. c. i>y lYumflit firrrH.
<j»a*r. M. W. HymaaL
Hor*^. Wt. 8». -» S»r. Fin. r»_h»»'. Nittiag.
Eachavt 1"3 4 ♦ 2' r* UrCahey.... «>-.
County Fair... 190 - I 1 I'j -' l>rf«n . .. .. »-."»
Joe Rom M I i' ■'■■ ••' Taplhi...... 4
Indomtia.b>. . . . ■ - •* 4 4 Williams... ">>
gapDOKD KAfTTi- -For maiden (»i»--Mr oils. «*» a<M«a. v
Ktv« and a half forlonas. Start anod. Yon riJdan
fin. Time. l.'»*». *>Mti»w. b. i.. by Haaibur*—
Fie*)!*, owner. H. r tSVbitnej.
H^rs*. vrt. St. »i Sfr. Fin- JcrbT.- battia?.
lUyF;.-r«-- . !•« 1 S'~t I 1I 1 t' 1*ue»n...... U-*
■tuim^k lai 3 1 Y 2* T Grand...... •»
f#ven«»ton..... 1"5 ♦ S» *» *'•» BctTren. ... . »-.»
Capt. i*wan*o=. V** IS '• l •"•'» 4'a Cu11#r»...... ■ •
M. Cambon.... 1"* 3 &1& 1 « l a 0l0 l i*rn-tll» . 1*
plr Nadtfam.... !••* 5 ■* • « l Aiwtln...... *>
Indot - 10» •» •«■ -' • MDuiximl... SO
Rokaby l'>* * " *>'i * McO«».»«. 21
Grecian Bend. . V* 7 a »' » Wals*.... . a»
Prajectll*.~... f*B 1- 1' 1" '"» rr*»ry^^., 7
Hax>-hfl«ld l'« It 12 It II B-rawfc...... •»
Ktchlna ...... 11<> 10 Il*I 1 * 12 '- Raynor...^ «•
Bac*Broek.... 10» 8 1- IS 13 aicCartay.-. IS
THIRD RACE. — (•emn*; for tirw-var-oMi arrt jp w—il .
Baao> adde-1. Six furlongs. Start r»d. Won aasUr.
Time. l:13"i. Wtrn-r. cTi. c. by F«*i> «' Cay —
rilrUa«*r. Owner. F. B. Lemair-.
Kor»-. "Wfr- Ft- '* ?-. T'n. .T«rk»y. batttaß.
Spoonw W 3 t» 1» 1' Cr#«nr..».. JJ-S
Soring 90 1 V 7" s» «,arner..... . IWi
Rub's m •"» » »' »> T«ach T
>driuch» l'""» » •' -"i ♦' McCa*Mr M . •
billy Bodemar. 9^ X •« •' «■»• Walah-..^ . T
Sorrowful V* 2 515 1 K-. *i' wuitaaaa... r»
TrolaT»m» lOS * »i I* T» Pa«»....— . i*
Tony Faast US 4 "*"• ■ * Taplin. . *>
thr««-year-olds and upward: ralaa. SI.SQQI ata ftxr—
loaf*. Start good. "Won easily. Time. 1:12. Wiae
ner. br. h.. br bain— Salado. O-waer. B. 3c*zr«lb«r.
Hor««. Vrt. St. l » Bfr Fltt. JocTtrr. better
Jack Atkin .... I"'> 7 8» 1> t : F«vw«i. „.. t-B
Half Bov*rei«n 112 - - : 2» 2* rra«an. ♦
Arondack »7 R ■»» ♦» 8" McCaJ»«r... V*
Rialto 11l » 010 1 •• 4« Burwsn. 9
Bat Maeterson. \»t •» 7 7 Sl*S 1 * C. U Millar. «•
Pantoufle »7 1 •» •<■ *» F.»r?»a .. V*
Colloquy 107 ♦!•£»? ■Waiah-..._ »
FIFTH RACE. —Kir tw^year-iildp inon-wlnn«r» ot thr"»
races other than selling purses); $200 added. Flr«
and a half furlong*. Start wk*l. TA'on aaally. Ttao.
1 m Winner, b. .-.. by Star Shoot — Kentucky Bell*.
Owner. E. R. Bradley.
H»rir Wt St. '♦ str. Fin. Joek-r. betting.
Cotlnet ' 112 .-. »• 2* I* S-oviU* IJ-*
Ch'llo Kargrav* V*i « « 4» 2' silica _ "T
KolUo Levy 113 2 J» I" •"«'» Power* aY»
Oaisflfe 10© 4 ■ ■" «• Walsh. -I**
Henderson I'M 1 2* •• "•' Mc<X»...... «>»
Kverett lit 5 4» • <» Pugan. «
SIXTH RACE Sotting; for four- year- olds and upward:
SR»)O a-Me.t One m)!<» an.l an eifhrh Start ■"""■
Woo ridden our Tlm«. I:MH. Winner. b. «.. b>"
Atdln« — aniceline Clmeroa. t>rrner. A. U I"-' '
Hor»e W1 St. 1 B*r. Fin. Jock' t«etUu*.
Be!>vtew 100 • 7 «* 2» Taplm. ■•
So?-:::: iS I «• I. 3* Lrnch
SSJobS i«« i 5 »» * s rh f« B
rT'it-iani' X 2 4'» && F King «
;;;^t.Tg U e*n. ! > 5 «Jl |er«*B. 1£
Klusofßashaa 97 » 515 1 t T Pago • 4>»
Philadelphia, July Sai— Be!mont Cricket Clnb
eleven defeated th" Toronto Zlngarl cricketers m .
the second inning of their match to-day at.Elai- ;
wood without the loss of a wicket by the score
of 235 to 224.
The first innings closed yesterday with the score
of 171 to Cl in favor of the Belaionts. Th* Cana- i
dians followed on thia morning, and made 113 naaa>
in their aecoad innings. King and Walter Graham,
who went to bat for Belmont In the second innings
made the necessary M runs without losing: a wicket. :
Automobiles. <
Tcna so. %rTO>fOßn.r CO. \
Tj«r»-*>»t r^aJ«r« In >"•■»■ an-i *»••<} Car* ;
In th» world. BO t= s - "'_''-* : _l*fl_ >
yan ■<r«at. a* Raaaarkab ■ l*>~ fy- 0 *?. . . j
4CA>*iA3 C3TT. JI«A *»* M»U'«. .

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