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- - iT ° l "Sew York.' July SO. 1908.
3 6g.0Oi<"beese. boxes 8.407
_£. „ -kii iu«(S» ■ •'••~-' s ••■ 8.Z37
*»»H^!^ R i 37a poalti Pk«a -•-■'-*
C^ESs iJOO Poultry. »ye. crates.. l.i>UO
o»*^T JSoSuon! bales I.SM
i.W> W.-nl. bales P0
■ >&, **» : : : : u.^* i ««*?>• «--« ;*»
f*^. 1 -»>»»• ssaiArp l **- i>his 2.150
•" __*••«• • ■■" MllGrape* <cal). crates. SO
I** V* 1 " ■ g}o Ivei.ioiis «• -all. boxes.. 825
■ ***^i» •-••••• 40i Onions, bi ;s J>._3
.. _;«'<•>-•' ■•, ■" 6.067' Orur.gee (Cal). boxes.. 3.i.hio
' !iO Im#»I. •■ xii - *•--. reaches lOal). boxes., V.-47.'.
j •"""* "" f.' v ■).'■• 5.3.5
jgjjr. " •■
•"zTj*** " s ' ■"•»■>
Xt«« r ■ .rate*.... 4.060
'- ••ffSJS- «M» Potatoes, l>bls 11.4.V)
: £-?***» •■ 1221 copper, bars ■».!«»>
i£t 53" ■ is .jfor;*r n-atte. sacks.. ''-?'
44rt K'^iu. bhls 75
J*£rfl*«C <•»**••■ 2 40; Spirits turpentine. J.bis 275
, * SSw **'* ' ■•■■" 611 Hideo, bundles lrt)
;!*«*, *•■„•• -J2rti Tobacco, hh.is ■•■;•■ 313
fi»3E L "SiSSSt l 5
.-. ? V :■• ■ - ; •< Pkjw SM
fc^ s^*, tiercel.- jCa!( . 75
sl.>« • ■ _
7 GOO', Cottniisepd o:l. J^ils. 7.P40
j^iLlsw '^2<) : l.ubrioatinc oil. gala 132. 400
■ cm- bafh eoOJPork. i*is 91
. b» »«*•• S.uni!B*ef. L.Ms ITS
kC» sa - «>oii{l Keef. tcs -4
™=r- b!>: *; ; ■■••;; s!<*;7,Raeon. •• c "■<■.'•
fw«r. ** c^l;. S« H«n», n. 15.200
fsrm** 1 - •*■:, « • . ■• 138 100
fl*? 3 «2" T!S!T«!low. ■•.... «I.<-.ihi
J Et«i». S **f'"^ij«"4 9J«»*>l- '< «srrase. Tb 8«.0»¥1
B'Srfi Pf'- «" ■•• ' 25go|Butter. Ib ...... 7.SOJ
'" •.-«, Ko I <dr.*7 3T4: Cotton, middling 12.SS
**-??s'l. ... 17*74 Ccffee. No 7 Ri0. ; ... 7V,
23E. s *: • ° •'«. C« j Sutar. irrstjulat«-d 495
le»«e*r* $14 _
»*'■•--- I—^ 4.: ■ !'••' hams . 21 00
*^_7 • ; *47»i : rlene ...
BK_"nos re<i.. 114 s «ii'ork. m«-.«s 21624
Ye * ml«d. . «JW Ho««. dresMd. lrW TT. IT,
S^6mS».-- *3M ;lA.d. prime 11 «»
££r,_pls. (MO - 6SO |
"•;;.» tXomiEaL
New York. July 30. I5»no
'-?* rflfTTXr- The ct'ffee market - — "juift to-day, sales i
I V -, ... ct . ■*■.:.* reported of only 2.7r>'- tiacs. but rrlc»B !
„.' trnera ■ steady, with t!>; n;.irkp; closlac •..;!-■ ••• •
■ S^tlifl to 10 r^inf* hishrr. As the shoWirc c.f the |
' lisa 1111111* ~n"' ih»re ar-t>^ar« 1 -1 ru,th:r.p in The news |
«sSostS «-' : Chang* in Die general situation. Ha-, re
- -—■ lunff to 4» r-K hicher. and neither of the primary i
~x-US «»ortei »r.y rhar.se in prices. UrailJian re- :
i»a ceitianed en a record breakinp scaJe. PI, OOO Kirs j
tpened *t the two ports by tn-day's cables, asralnst j
5St )(■( yew and 4" "■■• two years atro. Jundtehy ie
- ee*a «m «S.oi-' bags, opalr.st 43.JKX) last year and !
ZiH t*o years a*'- It is expected, however, that a I
Sat picj>Drtlon of the coffee on Its way here from Urazil ]
i--'i '-' rfl t* vie- for Immediate shirmfnt to the Interior, a !
B- nod 6«»1 "f " JTClng frm New Orleans to the <>r.;ral !
Sr-« gad deliveries fr<-m the ;^>rts ha\* b«»rn runr.in<
«,!!«: sir., -a the tali of an import duty ceased to rtlmu
■i»e«M3a «rif 1»« Trirpc that !t 1» T" Ik- sTi r p<-is«-rl
6*l v < interior is In neei of fr> «h surplies. New Y"rk
■Seliiutrf- '-' '-- ' •-'* ' "-"* T.'C'l lags, salnai 14.172 j
>„ <etr. Trs. l in Ju^y deliveries was .->ver at no.n; on j
fridsj. t!»t position go'.r.c out around ft Wh:. or etxmt 11(»
" visit '•so* the quotation for r*eri ( *mher. T^-e market I
ftc ««t coffee was Quiet, with (juotatior.s on the basis of
■ : -IV is Hie N" *
|' - jj, ntcve of contract prices in the local market Jto— day
j"- »i«» fallow*: *
I. ' • Oper.inc. H;ph. ls<w. flose. day. !
I jji- .*..6.sf> «>.yj 6>o c «.7O
tSSler , ."TO R.T-1 .'..70 B.Tf.j.-. T.% f..»W
-SSI; 5.4i> f.40 5.40 K.40t>5.43 T..M
1 •Sra*er : - - — 8.35ei.«0 S.HO
tracer 1 — — — ».30©5.35 .'.."<»
ta— rv — — — R.»>£s..'» .*. SO
' Mna.7 — — — 5J5ff5.40 f. »>
J-3 ■; '.'..' — — — 8.40e5.43 8.40
XiV -■■ — — 5.40e5.45 r..40
JSM 111"*."."*. — — r<:rj :■:.<.) 6.40
»•■•*■ C6ITOX — After cc ':-r Into new higher ground for !
fc» 3ne>*ment dtantec to-day's early tradmcr. the oottrn I
at-tr: tnuute easif-r. as a result cf reaiiiintt. and clos^i
(Mtr. I<* ! uncLans-d to 4 points lower. T*:« early ad
' rax iras due '■ lir.'Xj^cT.-fily linn Liverpool rabies. \
■)BPI BB£-:sr fpo; filt-.s. bullish cor.ditiori rf-j>orts ai:i a !
mm. at <Jry. hot weather la th« ."iouthwest. but as ]
■ f£ki'A »a» f;-.ind tr^at tixst- factor" were not leading j
g ' • treaty brruuJtrmr^ of Ki»x'ulattve d-?a::ird, the r.arket j
h •■< «C ondi rej»Jli;r:e for ovi r the ■.<•—,. »nJ and th« i
(■Mramec: re;.nrt. t.>*-tnrrr with 6e!l:n« t>v rea<-ti<misifi. j
4V tiose was a little uji from the lovK-st >n co\ering by j
't>?Sl *io.T- The market oiifned *tea<iy at an ai- 1
n Zi poir.Ts. en 3 duriap the farly selling cold lU3 '
2fC32* ntl Mgher. »:th L>ecen;twr touching i;..".3c^h3 J
•jboi tWe the toe level <if last •n»-<ri» an-i within 34 |
jtaXef the high rf-?orii for t!ie seas>n t-stabMrheil f>n 1
■fijlt str^f »h«r. Urn inarkf-t has bf-ea <iown to 11.70 c j
i» <Mt TQfi'.lnTL. I>u-ing the sfteni^on lifi'emli'r con-
CX» Iroke :•> 12 :•*•><• aad ciost.-.i a\ 1^ 4!c. July < on- j
BUB »- out oui*t!y «-noußh art-unj l^**c, or wr.liin
• llfeir.-- of the best price they lia\e to-.Kiied during th«
• 9fe <* the optltm. The bi»T Enpiish i.ix>t saie» .j? 17.t*«
. Jus were .:.-.-•: a very r neouratlng feature, in
«» c! tie cnsra.ter of Kurcpean nrws MUcarnlag trai'e
<«sKies> fenerally. and it t*«nis to he tha opinion in
in! tra<!* circles th*t the unfavorable features abror.J
• traoiE«»BS cSs»t tn» i>u:'.l«h croji ar.i <io:n*-st:c tra-'.e.
irj'ji'At. T»o lirivata ccndiiioii rejoits w«-r«: -i«Biir-l
fcrfc* ■-:* C«v. tr.» nuking the average conJition 7:: •
•jctestaal the oth«-r 7.'. r#r ter.t. Thi* lattt-r — por:.
• *■---.- other reports &•• far I.bru»<3. shows i
fct.'iafatlcn of atfiut 3 r*r o^nt tec the last month, and
I «'JBiU' deterioration in th" offidai report would make
S* Aspen bureau rej^rt n«-\t Monday under 7^" l«r cent.
Tit a*£Ur x<H-«aiect iifurn of Uw Nt* York Cotton
. iaetasye f?i<aw: l*rt receipts. 14.34" Y.si>-r. he«!tik
„t!f» isr- jtar: mtrland to irJUs an:l « - ararfa. « «**'
*»'»s tt»!t:f t 4.914 last year; «?nu*»;*rn mlil t:«kirE» i«-s*.l- .
*o»:. SM-. r«!«-s. sg^ir.ft I<i.<»»« las'- '«r: lps« <^f
r.t«ij «t interior t'.wrif I^.*X)3 f^iie*. sira.tn*t Z.LuH laft
tooa^i ir.so sict:t for tie »"k. 35.7- T. lales.
. lfi:ir. 3v.:-4; lEf: year. Total crop moverr-enT: I'ort r'-
; «^Pti t»>7!.7(!i |.»>s <3.74* »ai>9 ad(J"i r»<.-ei?t«). aeain^t
<£n.757 hst year; f^«-rlar.d to n::Hs and Canada 1.250.621
tea» iiKc !i >- ad-i»-1 < verlar.d seaaont. apair.M 635.5H3
,fer. jw; =outh-m n.i'.l tak'.i.cs. •_ < .^S"..<<^t bales, against
MOW las: y<-er: »•.'•• k at ir.t-rior towrs tn e»t«-ss <*
hS«r.t«r !. none, apair.st 4.1.TK1 balps la«t yar; broucht
1 «• aMU thns f^r for season. IS,«37^ti2 baits. ae«inst
\ i:s,47n last year.
Tie r»'.. ef c<>rtract r-ric-es in the local market to-aay
I*! 1"^""1 "^""- Tester-
Opaaing. Hiich. L/»w. Close. <!^.; o
,JSy.. 1^:j» l.Mi V2~*< «■— - 12...«
i5*m!.. % ... . 11:42 1-42 12rm It34eiiSß 12.38
• ►SJrV- ' rj4;i ii' <n i2<s jis»eut«i ;j«2
•tectw 1i.4« 12r*» 12.14 l^.a-Sii 32..»
Swenber - — - 12.3791 U.:» 12. 1S
Inwicber 12 47 IL'.VJ I-?-** 1241^- V- -4..
fc i 12.52 12 . ««
JUira....'.'. .*".". 12 44 i;r.3"I2.SS 12.41012.43 12 41
6?;;. ; — 12.41C12.4J _ —
"Bf.lllll'. . 12 45 i:M 124 D 12.441&12-4.'. '■-*-
Tbt lseal market for epol cotton was quiet and •
: »*f.» h!gti»r. at 12.'-:^ 1-r mlddlinß uf'.and and 13 10c
" liriri4dljT-.c Gulf. iv-livered on contract. 700 bales.
f*Kli»r9 spot snarwts »t» tel.-Kraphr.l as foUowa: «,al
, *«tjb rttady. i!nchar.p»"l st 12'» c; Ealts. 44 ba!»«. Ho-
X* firm. 5,0 higher at 12 ! h° Sa\Tinnah st<acy. un
efcnt, « 12'-4f sal.-s. l'f» baIPS. «'h»rU«'toii Tilet «nd
•*»:. iri.n.ini mmtnal. Sfocfolk sieady, u:i -
Jl* r ««d at 124r sal»r *■- »jiies. Itallimore nominal.
- Jtt JUf*»r *t 12 s »r. Auru»'a steady. un>-hanr«l at
E\t; |*1«, 128 bales. Houston steady. un< hanged at
»• Uttle p.-srit Bt^a-iy. un.hanj^d at 12':*c. Kewa/Mr
hut »ieadv. unc*-.su.p~: »t 12 :: »V: Rale*. 2.4i«t btie*.
. y... . . «jutet. un-har.ced at 12:; Ml". ITS bales-. Bt.
• }**i *tt*«y, ur.chancd at 12'^-. KMimai««4JW:ipi« »t
£«■« I«fnts for tat unlay: At (Jalveston. »«• to. 4(H»
..... I.2Sr. last w»*k and 1.47U laft year; at
S^» Orltaosi, |.l to LSOB l^ale*. atainEt 1,888 last •»'
I *^t** lest ye«r.
I vJ 1 * !««;■ weekly moveirer.t with comparisona
B<;.. Th'smk. lm* •*. I-8«' yr. 10f>J -•07.
' *!«« »U kifiit K2.fm «2.««» moiwi 31.000
, «<• At-:';- !■:■«-. :.:'•■■ :.■"■(*«> 27.««»
*»*» »-*■-_ »• . J 1/«*' ■ ' ■""'
' ?*• «xpnrt... • ■-- 3'V« i.<*"> l" 00
*?*«ns««| .. . ".' S»'<jiKi r-VOOO .47 000
. pnortt »• kir.a. is'<.«» wn**\ lfi.orto l.t.nno
I » ««»r!s Araerinan. ■-•.. 1 •.<-< i" 12"--' •■,<■«">
• \.J?U2L erjxirtß «<■«>. r. '^"f* ".'"XI r..<«V»
►^« »1I tinrts OTfiVifiO «.7><*» 47- ■»•■ fii-V"")
.-.* a American *v 7 i», ucx«t S<«.W-» 802.000
l JjW tit kl' ■•:• „ 4r,'<K*i ra.'Kxt M.wn *■» '■<">
I IZmx iwitan aultmo 27 .<«)■) 87.000 1»:.000
*?^* «! Exchsrgs special Liverpool cables: Kpot cotton
; !■«•»« ttnxTLi: sales. -T'"- liales; speculation and e»
■f r-Pi» be.-- Anwrl<-an 16 <*»> bales; «a!ea Include 7,000
{ "*• reported la«» jestrrday. Imports. ».«l0 bales <n-ne,
*»-^te«n. HiddHnic lijiinnd. «.73d. Futures opened
."♦•'r. at I i- ■. points .-Jecliue: closed feverlth, n»i un
• 22*? to : I*" 1 " 1 advance. Ausust. tf.MHd; AugruM-
«.47<! ?eptcmber-'>ctoi»»r. «.4%d; octot-cr
fjl^»w. ICov«.nber IV-ceniV>*r «n1 I>e<-eniNv Jantiarj-.
! if *: Jancary-KeV-ruary and >Vbruary-Marrli. « ..Vtd;
• JE**fr;- Arrll-May. May June «nd Jun* July.
" tad i * v! ' r -*>««u»t. fi.srM. Mancherter: Yarns dull;
-.^ 3l fearer than 'a«« r*p^rt. but buyers refuse to X ■ «m.
*H Sir**" * < ' otion •'*"'' '" for the wf-ek ended July
"«_■ Bales.
.' iJ* t *'P'J at al t'nited States j«rts durinit
. g?*« " 14. 4»)
■ T J* s>'»5 >'» a: ail l-jillfd Etat'j* ports fsame we«k
•-,*n>«r 21J.249
' I-?. »«c*ir's tir.r. peptf-mb. r I ft >V'..
'til^lili to nmt <!ate last >»ar fi.3^».1ß«
i*g*Ul>* the »ecU 4r..r!2l
[ CT 1 tor "* In * »'- k >a»« v«-ar S*.oio
• ' •»•-■ t-ptemb«r 1 <;-..-
• lS •*£«'"■.- **»•« dnt* last year 7.22<».47i»
&Mk 1\ l 'r 1 '-' 1 Hates pof is 2.".7.07.»
' tnt : l-nltod Btam p*jrta lima time last
|f^ •* lnti»i«V"»ownii"!!"!I"!"!"!I!!I*"I.". 211. 41!
gj •«• . ].■., ;,m
'•4*Bj2fi*j< <atm«r towns same time last year.. 129.674
l 2 X !Jv ' 1» ... ... »7«.0(»0
- *eS!S ljv *' ri '"' 1 ta^, ''■•- last year ■ ■ * 71 ""°
65 2 A m " t '- afl-«t fnr fJrrat Hritaln 20.01)0
i- tht, "j,."" 11 * 411 afloat for <;:<«t Britain same
T?f^fL 1 '" r ••-•• 28.000
• *** i'£ 3 T ll: * * ' -» total net receipts of cotton at all
■Jit* ■ejitewit^r 1 •
-^*J?» S.«f*, < ec4iF«rt Townsend »•»' *
; •■ •- ■ va r<ii? T*«ra*»a4 !».<■■
, IhMU^**" 2.'»7S.r>7>»!lVnßaco!a .. ■ I<W,7<H
■* ***»a«aii' ■•■ ««!.234i Portland. i ...... BfO
• -°s»d«»«L"" I.4WS.333 i Fr,rt Arthur and Sa
• "•SJJZ2JL 203.7.VJ, Mr.c Pa«< J53.C10
-**f«ai lt ■•' •■•■■ 410.77.-? : Jacksonville 7M">7
.- cttia^J-- fiK».3»2|Ku!» fa«s. Tex.... *'*
' '.?*• YdU' •».47t!8l I'aso. Tex ■ .•<
*•«-» "•••■• 1f» V.I ) -r. T«I *.7"
Jlj^r* . lt>.4M3|rSiiir>>r>i-t 2". IT.' I
■ r .JF'*»- ■ .. i.-.|..«M •J.« 4»
J?»l^SV»' • - -«.*<7*|T«.xa» city Xi 172
? Sf "»»-Sr *2.62i;Mlm>r port* 7.241
r ?.- T«ttJ t24.«»2 —
••-' £ -• ! 9.R5D.000
k **^ I *hiY JJEAT — v ''"h « h « exception of July
' .' s**iß4s **iB4 flr ' "dviinced tf> (1 4" In th« «'t*rru>,,- on a
Jfcej.™'" *''.'t«, aralnat $134 the previous Tiißht.
: **H*t «_. j" hi(rh reiord. the tendency of th- v.heat
» J**^i l*i?' 55 * nit » r< ' tno«t "' th« <!«>' mnd lust prices
•, »*« «t tk. * c **"• decline T !,♦- -.t.lv irtcadlnees; was
„ L" 1 * e»b« "Pecifiit. ■.hen prloes advanced U«*'jC on
~ , •' **M»». * • • sharp rl»e In North w*«t markets.
■Tf 'hert '^' k ■ ilv *»> l *«t* of the t,u!«»- to put out a
5 £* Jr-5J r-5 ••;, *** ai " l t1l « •"»'*•• uold «ff rapidly.
- *y ***Ui*r a*. "* ln """ *nern«»op.. Not only was
' ," • b_” •"••* 1 i r prtv«uT U **timatrV l 'wer? U reported,
* r » ••
■- , ■■'** «**j«. ■-3 : '>.'» < »'!.'»«»(» v, —.1000 000 bushels for th*
iw l kWI * ! «h -■n.tmnttWrHun.*\'-<l tor the Can«
= ■"••ft, km, £'• " Th ' Modern Miller" was a little
_-« »*Ue«l 10 cb.cit to* downward cour«» of
prices, and the market had little support lit any time
during: th« afternoon. The house that has the. biggest
interest In September at Chicago was reported to have
sold considerable r. heat during the day. Commission
houses were buyers at times, but did not take enough
to chance the trend of the market. Some disappoint
ment was <?ipress(?d over ihe lack of export Interest.
especially as somewhat larger offerings of now heat
were reported from the Southwest. Total primary
arrivals were 1.097.000 bushels, or practically the satne
as last year. Th.- Liverpool market closed 4®«td
net higher and Berlin was He higher. Stocks at Min
neapolis decreased &75.0U0 bushels for the week an.l
Uuluth lost 735.000 bushel* The local cash market
closed as follows: No 1 red sold at $134 In elevator
for new and was quoted $1 14*4 f " b afloat, and
August old No l Northern Duluth $1 37« i and new
t*9 2 hard winter SI 14»» fob afloat, both nominal.
CORN — After advancing ! *®*ic early its the day on
near months, the corn market folio the wheat de
cline, and at the close was quite weak, showing <iQ
Sic net decline. Commission houses sold on the good
weather, and there was considerable bear pressure In
the afternoon on account of the weakness in wheat.
Receipts were moderate, with only lit cars estimated
for Saturday, while Liverpool closed l id net higher.
The cash market was easy. No 2 corn h«re being
quoted Bi»e elevator for old and «3V»c fob afloat for
new. winter shipment. OATS — July oats were very
weak, losing 2%c per bushel and closing at practi
cally lo v point of the day. Later months were oft
lUc, and also weak at the close under general liquida
tion. Cash oats here wero easy, Hosing as follows:
Mixed, I.i to 82 Ib. fi3c. nominal; natural white. M to
32 1". 49 ft 53c. and clipped white. 34 to 42 Ib, 64 & 60 c
KYK — Market dull; No 3 Western, 83c nominal, fob
New York. 11ARI.EV — Market quiet; feeding, 7.".'ii 77c
elf How York. Wheat (Including flour) exports for
the week, according to Bradatreet'a, aggregate 1.r.7«
«.">2 bushels, against ItaS.SSS lust week and 2.«05.998
last year; nin.ee July 1. 3..19.1.731, against D.3W.854 last
season. Corn exports for the week. 143,004 bushel*,
against S2.MJ last week and 15.923 last year; since,
July I, :;l:i ",77 bushels, against 207.018 last year
Wheat: Opening. High. Low. Close. day.
July ... f 1 .15 $1 40 Jl S3 M4O |I 34
September ..1 1.1 ! -» 1 19% 1 11 11-1«1 1 1 "i. 111
I>«-eniber . Ill", 111 1 * 1 11-16 i <«*"* 1 mv
May — — 111 1 * 1 12 W ■
' 'orn :
July — — — M 80
September .... — — — 7-4 ' • 75
Kecember - — «h>V» t|
July $!<«'«» $: «.«»* $1 07 $1 i>7-s $i 'is»i,
Sep le mt.»r 1 >!.-. t 1 "ft*. I H,IS 1 O3»* 1 <M 7,M 7 ,
i'eceniber 1 03 3 « 103** i "2 I «i i <i3H
Corn .
July 71 71 ** 7't 70 71 ! i
September .... (;*)"» Xi ■« M GtJ'.i tti'i 7 ,
December .. . M*s (<''] 65 M f)s'/i
July . 44 H 4."> 42 .■'• 42',i 4'»
Septetnber .... .-!!< ! » JtPS > t R> 3:»"»
Deceiiiber ... 3l>?» »i 3S"s 3&S 3U«»
Pepteniber 1130 1132 IIS 1125 11 23
tk-tober 112.'. 1127 1122 119 11 20
Pertetnber 11 <X 1 li 02 1<M»» 1080 !>..',
October iot>7 10 70 MM 10 57 10 05
Sejiten-.ber 2»t GO low was 2 • 4.". 3130
January id 40 li; Co 10 40 16 02 It} 40
HOI H AMI MEAL— flour was leas «,tlve to-day
t.i« demand being checked by the decline In wheat,
I Tires «rre lower to effect sal— The following are
;inios Quoted <n the New York Trodure Exchange:
UiifcAT KIjOIH— Spring intents. Jrt I.">^J7: winter
BtnlKhta. >■.::-;*::. winter patents, »6 005r$rt 4U#
t-irli. lean i: '■•if- 80; extra No 1 winter, *5 lii»
}■■■■■ extra No 2 winter. *4 i« ''isr. 10 Kansas siraighti-,
t0 40-fiss«iS. RYE FIjUL'H— yulet. Quoted: : a!r to
good. ft .">o^s4 05. cholco to fuiH>. ii ;cvisi 00. COHN
MEALf Btead] Quoted: Kiln dried. J3 7ft. BAOMEAI^
— steady, yuotrj; nhlte and yellow. Jl (Ifi'afl 7<>;
ciarse. $1659*160. TEED— Western qule.; d:y <juitt.
Viuuted: Western spring. 124 7S; star.dar.l inKMUn».
125 23; flcur do, J2«? 35; red dog. ItS CO; city bran. $2) 28
in bu'k. 524 -r, |n lark*; mlaiillng, JJ4 7o«sa» 75; red
dog. {HI 75. *!l July chlpment; hominy Chop, $_■ .'.O ln
l>u!k. 129 70 in sacks; cl! meal. .« 4
FKll!> FHKSII- Apples more plenty but largely
f-oor. IVars !:. creasing In K.ipiiy. I'i-ailies On uri.i
higher for fancy, drapes slightly nrtner. Cherries lower
<"urra;:is firm. i;:a. »:ir;'l«* higher. Raspberries steady.
Huckleberries weak. MuakmclotUl steady, except Far
Western, which are higher for fancy. watermi In
heavy supply. rineapplea steady for choice. We quote:
APPLt-S. hand picked, per double-head I'M »*■'••'••'.
do open-head b!s. Jlltf |2 50; do per bbl, $1 I'fKjjjl 7T.; do
per b&3ket. 50 ,*::•■• do per crate, >"««>■•; 2.'> PKAHS
nearby. i>-r t.l 1. $2fJJ4: do Southern, per hM. $2O«&;
PBACHSS, Imrmmy. p«r besket. M^i'Sc- <fo IVlawarr Hnj
Maryland. QtoOflj £0 North t arolina. per carrier. fi'JSa
J- **i. do Gcoialial per carrier 7J»Carsi ot*. d»» Arkanu*,
per .air..- }2a|2r.(>; GRAPES, North Carolina, Dela
ware. i*r carrier. 1150Q9225: do Califirnla Thotnpaon s
Fee,j;es«. p.-r box. |2; CHKUniES. MoreUo. j«-r t- Tb
lasket. riOi;«'.3c; do other sour, ler - rt> basket. 44>ft <■.<>.•;
"'CRItANTS, red, per quart. »ii*e; do j*r tT>. B^rT'-;
BLACKBERRIES. :.<-r: .<-r <raart. 7©l2c; RASPBERRIES.
red. per pint. f>3lUr; do t..a.k,a;» per pint. sfc7>~;
HUCKIfEBSHRIEa, Pennsylvania, per quart. 7yHo- <!o
other kinds. Bs9c; aoO.-KBKIHUKS. per quart. .'.al.V;
MUSKUEI/CN2. Haltimnra, prr nnaJi ba*k< Ti(i.tl»l "(J.
do per standard crate. 75c$J2; do Maryland aad I># !a
ware, per crat*. "ucyjl 80; do Virginia, per crate. ."•'■• it
$i 25; do per basket, *i*t}~&c; do Virginia, Christina. r»r
t»»-quart crate. $l*rjl .Vj; do North <"arn:lr.a. Ju«:b'.s.
j-?r trate. ?1«j{1 .-■ dn 45«. p«r stanJjrJ rrate. 7."- j
Jl 2-": Uo »'.f, ier • ml. i,«>i/7r> .... per ;<■::>• rrate.
80675 c: do fcoutn «'arc-ilua. per s'.aitdard crute, BOeQfl;
d.i CaJlfomla, i«-i- standard Ti.tr. I ■ SOfiSS; do Ailz^nH.
par FtanUird rrate. ISOfS; vVATERMBLONS, North < ur
oiina. via all ralL i*r <ai. tVS&QttZS; do south Carolln*,
SIOUStSOO; do i>ir,:u. *;'^':fs:."-U. do <leura;La, v.a
ftcair.cr fl0<;i!*!:£; PIXEAPPLJES, Florida, i«r .-ra;«.
SI2SOS& d> <niba. $13$2.'.'i: do Porto Rico, flJifi.'Ht
lIOI*ST— ««2-?n«*; frsrj .England ar.il (itrmany con
tlmm anfavarable r^garJlng t!'« crop, and the market
here ) : as shown n furthar de^Med advance. We r;*raf •>{
tales of 2»x> bales lt«.ts Scnorr.au here at 14r, arij li<> ba!>^i
a:. I O« Ing
nmall remaining atecks are »;rld fft tv-.et v -.e nark.t. (if. t^«
<"oast I>"C has t'Ci-n p.Hi<l for (■•xitrar's !ri Loth CoOOCSa
and Oregon. j»nj SOq Is n»W fnjeljf offered, but we htar
r>f no ar-tjs! :>us!neH*. The (Vast markets are excited
and ho::!er» are asUinc higher p''^" tnr ll«*.» and M 4
etock. Ti^e crop uutlook In the l.'nltod State* »;..«■ I!ti:«
chance. Weather ha» «renermlly t.^- n favorable, ur.'l tba
f-rv.j, will pr<'t>ably come cut as last estimated, Kr.»ri!«»k
<aMes Indi. ate the rr<.j. at rnly 270.000 < wt. wlth.cwitin
t:<M QOfaTOrabl* waatber. We quote.: Stale IHOm. ptlnie
to choice per It 1 . 17jjl»<-; do medium to *?oo<l. U^lSo:
do WOT. »«l<lo; J'aclflc ''uact. UiOS. prima to cholr«. i;.#
Iflr; ii, rnt-Jluni to good. !4o; do IWT, iOjll:, ilu lbiy.
7(vr«-- i^rDnn?. ll«>-. SU63£c.
MAY (Ml STRAW— Bupply liberal, but demand very
ratisrartory for th» season of year and market a tt«dv to
fra at fu!l la:* prices We rjjot^: HAT— Timothy. prl»«,
larj;« t.a!«-s i*r ■-• IT., 1 '-■•-■■. do No JI to I, fcV-ttfl:
do Kliippinir. •'ijTJ'-ir. do packing, tOe; clover sir] .lover
n.lted. G«»^:-!.V. STRAW— Long tie. WC9O»: »I>rt ami
tangled rye. Kic: cßt and wheat. 4tir.
»'«ll I IH\ ALIVE -N« -"arioad lots ft live pnu'.iry
arriving ...... rar ... arrived yesteriny ts
I-- If B carried *)\ er on thft tracer- Trtrittiit In t'lt* ntsr^flt
Is very f-'.nw an-1 pbout 10 i Mr- Is still una ' • in Inl>-
J-rR- han'l*— all heavy fowls and rhlcken*. We <i-.if.t<t:
SPRING CHICKENS, nearby and Western, per It,. 17.-.:
do Southern and HouihwesUsm. lCr; PHVIA i^*r Th.
!.•.'<•<•■ ROOSTKII3, oid and yuunir. 10c; TtTRKETt B !■:
Ih "lSc- r<!TKS Western. 12c: do Bnuthtrn and South
western. 12'; I'iEGI Western, prime. TV-; <1o |..->r
W.ptern, Sfiu'.herr. Mnd Southwestern, 9r. GLINKA
FOWW. P er pair. B0o; PICF»NS. r^r pair. 25c.
KOI I.TKV- URESSEIi — Krei-h re<.|p[» of fowls con
tinue mfnl«;rot<-. ar.rl prices held steadily, but -lenianil
exceedingly m. Rroilers fairly plenty ard with hold
era anxious to ilean Up m '•» are being urired nt easier
prices \jor.tt Ikland ar.i other nearby ►: rlni ducks In
moderate supply and Brm. Medium sutd i'l'iabs In fair
demand but heavy nouahs continue to rirair. Fm«»n
<h!ckens dull. We ouot«:KreMh killed - Iced— BROILERS,
ITilladeJi'hla. fanry sit'ibh. per pair. •♦"-■•■'■"" do
fancy. 3 b to pair, per Tb, 24»2T,c; do Pennsylvania,
fancy a V.i to i*ir 20e22 <V> common to fair, lflw"^:
do Wefctern. dry pli;k«f!. !.•.«-•!.■ do sraJded. 14917e;
do r**mhern. 140i:c: POWU dry pa ■«■ ' boxee. 48 TV
and over to a ten 17r; <5o 'ir.der -' Tb. 15-23 •■•'•«'■. di
dry picked. ■-nt'in, eel»ct»-d. fancy heavy, barrels. l«e:
do under 4 _n> eacK :.",W< -. do sratded, 1.'.v(l do BOUth
cra. dry ri' ked. b-a! lots. lS'ieiCr; flo dry picked or
scalded mnall nn-J poor. 12614.-: TiriIKF.YS. lHrlHc:
OI^I) '•<m;k.S. .:-i licked or ■ • led. j.er n.. lie; BPRINO
DUCKS J-r-n* Inland nr.'l Kau'eri. 17c; do nt*»c, I'enn
i-\t\an!i«. e;r. 10&in'*c ; fJ.'CK.SF:. sprlriK. Eastern, while.
"Oc- d'> dark lr.^l'V;: K'JI'AUH. prime, large, white.
X-t df>?en JSSn.'jO; d-> «>o«r. dark. $1 36: do < H'!l>. f>'">
fide Fnttiij— -OHICKEXS. broilers, milk f'd. 17?fi'-c; ■'"
corn fed iMMc; THICKENS, roaattnc, milk red, 173
25c- do i-orn red 14i32!c.
IiOTVrOi:SI i OTVrOi:S AM> VKfiKTAHI.KS— Potatoes dull and
weak, rweet ,■.'»'■•••« steady. Onions welling well. int.
ba^cfi lower. Corn steady. Cucumbers an.l jlckles weak.
O!«ry dull. Caiillft'.wfru Bmn t^rplantl lower. lettuce
!.-i»s< iy poor an<) » left very low. I'»a> and beat in.>r«
plenty «nd lower. I'ept^rs weak mi lower. Tomatoes
firm and hlgUer. Other veßet«bl«« ai quoted. We qu'.te:
POTATOES, U>r.g Inland. In bvlk, |^ r bhl. *' •■'■ •■*- ■;.
•a Jersey round Mi la |l 9OQtS 23i " • lons kin fl i.i
«i*2- no r->und kinds. p»r baR. *2'rt»2 15: do lon* klti'l".
II 7Jl&sl '■' ■!■ common, per bbl or •■»«. $1 -•"''/'»! •■" «l»
?>elaware and Marjland. i..-r bb!. *1 T5sJ»2 2, r .; d.) Kouth
crn r--r Mil $I&*2- SWEET potatobb. North Carolina.
yellow, per 1,1,1. fa&»3 6O; YAMS. North I ir ll«a. wl .;•-.
t^r ».»,! 5"2*3.V>; do red CSet3: no .-tills. .^l'.;*l .■";
Uh-KTV' per I'M" bunches. $1«$1 •'". CARnOTS. per 1<«
bunchex. $lCflBO: «0 per bb »225«|2»0: ';ABRAOKK.
fiat Duich. ( er I/O. ISsWS do nearby, per bhl. K'.cflJ
do HuHlmnre. per rate. KScSsl : do pei bbl. „Vfrsl;
CORK Hacken»».-k. per IOo7|l«fl 60; do other Jersey,
7.'?.S|ir.7- do Norfolk, per bbl. $!: do North Carolina.
r 4 ««niaM crate. 7.V©*l ; nTI'MBEBS. Jeraey. per
halket 7.V«»1 • d.. r*r box. .M'rii; . do Delawaw and
Mai viand, per hn.ket, 6O«9Oc; do Baltimore, per .crate.
BifiKc: .lo',*r basket. W*«30o : rfo Norfolk, per bbl JUS
m frt rra " »1 .V«sl7S- do North Carolina, per basket.
„■ l«.ket. W^V7V: PEPPKR!". .I 7"-. ■ l ■;;/
in «t rji«r*'»- do Jen"« - v. bull nose, r' r bhj. ♦' -•""'
JT-V %, .bee?, flftll 2.V do per basket. l£r«$l : do t*r
fi,'.*'^^? In R«ttl c. per baaket „^;^V d» Vlr-
Blnla and North Carolina, per '*'•*' -rl^ Flo Ha *r
„ i.mi" i.ii.h- i-r If" bmi.hes. s.
S^ATJJON« and "W per 100 »wxg
'.T«m%\ do t,«-r l»s TSe: Csonaectlput, (treen. per r»K,
„.... ,„. ii.- tlfftl 12 do ivhtto. l>er 100 ri'inf-liea. sin"
«£: E i2r » i««i»: ATOE SaJSS'^. i S3a:
per box. 50r«$«2!i: do F^uth UrWT, 4Oc©*l; An '^1«
nTore T l- ..rat*. 4fXff.-.»V. r do Delaware and Maryland per
carrier WQSt>c: WATERCREHB. ler bt.l. isc©sl -■
New York, July 30. ISK*.
BEKVKS— H?e*lpts »ere no cam, or 1 •« bead. In
cluding 81 cars for export alive. 43 for slaughterers and
1« for the market, making, with the stale (took, in cars
on sale. Steer* were in moderate demand, and «'•"•• ani
choice «tcer« (inn: oth*r« full steady. Bulls, aiid
cow* slow to 10@l»c lower. On» car unsold. Comiuun
„ prime steers »,ld at *4 -.-/Jii :: P«r 100 IT.; bulls at
ta2s:i r.»: Soil at $1 «-sQs^ so. Drctscd t.eef was alow
■ t SVi&lO'Ac r*r Ib. Uverpool and London cablrij
'untrd live c-attl. steady at l3Vi«l4"sc, per Hi. div*sr< l
welßhf r*fi ie-erator l«*-f lower at l»%00»c I <••" t> bfc¥-
Kit-ntu to-morrow un the lltnsrt'mka, will Include .*»*
cattle and 1.000 quarter* of beef for Sohwarz»oh>lu &
!-"uUbercer and 2Mt cattle for .1. Rhamber* * Son, ana
the Celtic will take out to Liverpool 1,730 quarters »f
beef for the Morris Beef Company, making, with previous
shipments, a total from thl? port for the week of 637
cattle and G.Gso quarters of bee*, all to port.* of Great
tales— McPherson & Co.: 21 Virginia steers, 1176 !T>
average, nt $•! per 100 Ib; 21 do, 10H!) Tt.. at $5 55; 1
bull. 880 Ib. at $3 a»: - do, »T5 rh. at %i .'.; 3 stable
fed cows. 9R5 !1». at $3 80; 1 cow. 050 m. ' at $3 00; 1 do.
1030 n>. at $3 30: 19 do, 968 ft., at 13 86; 1 do, 1060 Ib,
at 12 7.'.: 2 do 900 n> at J2 2J: 1 do. K0 It>, at $3 20:
.'• do, 700 It:, at $1 75; W do. Hi Ib, at $1 OS.
Newton 4 Co : IS West Virginia steers, 1314 Ib, at
!'!-•'■; IS do, 1241 n>. at $6 20; 18 do, 1272 rb, at JO'. 1
21 Pcngylvanla do. ]<«: IT>. at $.'.
S. Sanders: 20 Ohio steers, .1278 It), at $« 15: 20 on,
1343 Ib. at $s^o; 12 Pennsylvania do, 111:3 It), at $5N>;
2 do. U33 rt. at *4 2T>; 8 hulls, 1040 IT>, at $8 r.O ; 9 do.
U*O rh. st $3.15 4"l do. 824 Ib. at $3 15; 6 do. 700 1... at
*3; 8 cows. 1.37 It,, at 12 50; 3 do. 1017 n>. at $2 -5; » £».
014 Ib. at J2 10; C do, Sl7 Ib, at *2; 1 do, 020 Ib, at
$1 m.
J. Hhamberg- 4- Son: 28 Virginia steers, 1354 Ib. at
$0 65; 5 do, 1:194 Tr> at $6 10.
Fred I. Krati: 16 Virginia steers. 1IO« rt). at $5 15.
CALVES — were 478 head. Including 366 for
butchers and 112 for the market, making, with the state
calves. 303 on sale. Prime fresh veals war* full steady
and in some demand; medium and common state stock
dull, but hardly lower than Wednesday, quality con
sidered. The pens were cleared. Common to choice veals
Bold at SSffJS I', per 100 Ib: throwouts at $3 73©54; com
mon buttermilks at $3. Dressed veals slow, but prime
stock steady. city dressed veals Bold at 8«12'«c rer lt>;
country dressed at fci@llc; dressed grassers and butter
milks at s>*@7c
Sales— S. Judd * "n.: 28 veals. IS2 TT> average. 8t $8 25
per 100 Ib: 2 do. 110 It,, at $d; 134 Western calves, 202 lt>.
at $. . 75.
Jelllffe. Wright & CY>. : 24 veals. 141 IT., at $7; S do. I*)
TT.. at $. >;"lU throwouts. 240 IT,, at $4. « buttermilks, ISO
Ib.'at $3.
a. Sanders: 4 veals, 150 TTi. at $S; 2 do, 300 Ib, at $7 50;
1 do. 70 n«. at J5; 8 culls. 180 TT> nt $4.
McPherson & Co.: 3 state veals, 133 Ib, at $7 .V); 63
Kentucky calves. 143 n>. at $«. 0 .10 24« Ib. at $3 50.
SHF.KP AMI LAMBS Receipt* were 80 cars, or
7.:-!2l> head. Including H 1 ,* cars for slaUßhterers and 21 "i
for the market, making, with the stale stock. 24 cars on
pule. Sheep were in Ilßlit supply and steady; lambs slow
and .■".(*■ off on l*>st (Trades and 7."m- lower on medium and
common stock: IS cars were unsold at a late hour. Com
mon to pood sheep said at $39 54 *O per 108 Ib: culls at
2 50;- common to choice iambs .'it $4 M*jfs7 50. Dressed
mutt in slow at SJilOc per n . dressed lambs at 8913 c
Sales— Kerns Commission Company) 270 West Virginia
lambs. C*i It averase, at $7 per ii*l Ib; 233 Kentucky do,
Cfi rh. Nt $7: 203 Virginia do. 10 tt>. at $7: 21 Virginia
Hboep, BS Th. at $4 .M». 4 do, 03 TT>. at $4; 22 do, 190 Ib.
at $3.
UcPhcreon A <v : 250 Virginia lambs, 72 Ib. at $7 50.
Tit. in * Shannon: 236 Kentucky lambs. SB th. at »7 25.
Newton .*. Co.: lftfl Kentucky lambs, «f> IT), at $7 25.
Fred 1. Krau: Z'H West Virginia laml*. fa TT.. at $« «5.
Shipper."' Commission Company: 13« West Virginia
lambs. M> !b. Nt $.'.
S. .11. M A <■.. . . 4 state lambs. 73 Tt>. at fC r.n 26 state
sheep. 7* ft at $4.
IIO«iS — Receipts were « cars, or 1.070 head, all for
slaughterer^ exes a few head. Th« market was 21X63.V
lower than Wedneday. following the slump In prices yes
teirtay at other markets. Prime medium state lings BOM
a; $* 16 per i'»' I*.
Falcs-P. Sanders: 13 elate hogs, If.; Ib averace. st
$>. 15 i »r 100 n.
S. Judd & 1'" : 2 state hogs, 175 tb, at I* 15.
New York. July .'i' 1009.
INS AND PKAS»--Rec«-lplß to-day. :t7 Backs beans.
Demand continues very limited and market ijufei and
easy for domestic white beans, with prices favoring
buyer*. Imported beans a!so .1;;". but ra«ed steady.
Red kidney h» Id firmly. Scotch peas steady. W*
Buota BEANS— Marrow, choice. per bush. $3 055*
$;l 10: fatr to good. $2 ::.■.s■.. .1. m«dlu«n. choice. %'i >'•■>
■•i $2 70: dr. j.. .. choice, *::«'.. •!•> Imported marrow,
choice. }. 000(2 05; do common to good. *- lo^ $2 :.«;
do pea. choice, *; SUtt tj i- ••'.. do meilium. choice,
$2'JO«rs2 25- do common to good. S3 I I- 15; do white
kidney, choice $2 73612 10; do (a'.r to rood, 13 4" Sri
$2«."«; red kidruy. choice, }.■ " • "■'• ''■ < >""' "
rood. S2f(s2«O: black turtle soup, '•■:('•■ *-' -'' '
$2 25; do lima. California, choice. |3 03. I^AS— Scotch,
bacsi. per bush. $1 BO . *-
BITTI.K — Receipts ta-day, «.542 pkgi Trade con
tinues moderate and tiler > la a Kent <!<|.il of surplus
creamery In first hantls whirl; receivers are not dis
posed to store. Offerings have been frei. Hii(l_ while
2<» l"C.l "C. respectively, for speilals nnd extrau. It Is easier
to buy technical ST9il'-!« at these ires, nod sicept for
the usual Instances where goods, are tak«n at a pre-
l..ii»i> agreiil pn-miuni wa henr of no Important sales
higher Ponio call for cheaper geoda, chiefly in rang*
of 24ft 25 i.e. process quiet, but held firr*ly. Factory
gnn Packing stock In light supply an-i stead) V. c
<iuote- .'reprr^ry. specials, per Ib, 27r; de rxtrai 1 .
2av. r : He first*. '^:. •- (*X<V .do se.--->nds. Si\klf2uc; do
tliir.'.n. 28»24c; mate .lalry. tubs, ftm-at. SSHUSfIe; do
good to choice, 2SHO29e; do rommon to fair. EIOSSc;
p'nrese. upecinls. 24'u24 ! a e; do extras. '.:itt 2'-\ l -<c «'.<>
flr«t!<. Z2eS2He: Western factory, first*. SIOSHfC! no
seconds 20#S0He; pa-kinir stuck. Nn I, We: do No
■• lOVtOaOe (Mercantile Kxchan«e official Quotations.
i7c for sp'daU and 2fii,r for extras I
fllfl'^K — Receipts to-day X.4r.T horn W hl!«) trad-
Ing with local dealers I* only fairly active, Still tln»re>
':.« ».mo out-of-town cni;, ani »ith eonllnu-d - strong
, „1,-1. . prlCCa hol.ler^ nre »t*»rfy nnd eonlt.t»nt In their
\ipw« Hicipts keep up fairiy well, an-i tl;»f« Is mere
or leas. km;., Ms thli »<-<:k »tilch Will ***•" to l><- carrl- d
over Hklms In fairly active demand lor mml an
K;«ile» and prices stead) to firm Exp-Tfrs practi
cally out cf .... market Uteipnnl .-*t.le Kinft
Cu'iadlan new. f.w^ for colored ar.d 57« far white. VV«
OUOte: Sate. full cream, specials. 14 ;4; 4 *r 15'*c: '1"
colored iurK"' or »ma:!. funrv. 14c; d-i white, small.
fancy i-lr da eommoq to good. 10*. ii 1.T..-: do skims.
I', 111. np'-claid. 1l'»c; do nklms. fine 9Uloe; do fair
t« good. :-*<-i*\c, do common. ... d " tM
Bklmi -», 1' ?( %i c
1.1.1. a Kc-crliita to-day. !>.237 cane* gj.ilitirs !rre - C
ular and with only m<.<!*rat« d^mund f»r av«i-nK«
grades and j.rr»*urr !o sail ilu> to «xti»rr.r heal t>i«
m^rKei la «»•>-. • x»*t-t fur really rtn« uooa«. which tro
»rarre ami rirni. W« quul«: Stn!«. Praoaylvanla *: ■
nearby hennery »hlle«. f-n^y. SO0t3«; •!<• fathered
white* f«lr to <ltolc», ZJtoJW. d'» heanery bro-.vni.,
fancy. Me; Uu giiitn-i-r.! brovna. fair m ehgltm. 240
Western extra nr«t». UH4t>c: <i-> Brat« I2*?23ej
.1^ iecon.is. 50O21c: \i,*tr «ra4-». Ktilu:. dlrtio. 1..
ixjfl:-; <h.ck». 124*17!-, 1 -ry lnfrrl >r i-r raie. *T«*4
M»n\lJ*— TlN — T).» Krillih market » »» hl»h'r.
wlih »i"-i y:ot»1 at I.Hi t+ unj fyturrn at (134 lf>« Tfco
!.,rai market was nr»n ar..l !-.i«r.«r also ••<■ t'..o «»'«»•.
with »i«.t .|iif»d b! :* 2t's-^4V corTBR waa loww In
London w'.tt »i»,t .|«i..-el fct Ch 7s *d and futures ac f..!»
.',» l^.a!!y th« »mri.«i »as weak L-i« iin-hans*-.! «i:h
Uk't quoted at 13 23*13 SOT. e!ntr»!ytl<- at 12... ( *1 - '".', rt
<B aJiHR Ht 12.f4m»12H7W 0 : I.KAD a-lvam f .l lv US 13l
W in in. Umdon m-rket The local marlwl ««»«»*;
M(l n , 4 -.- . . at £13
In iyn.!..n. U-»!!v Ut» i.nrkrt »a. Htm »n! hlghei at
ft 4.i«3.r.0».-. IRON— Tb* r.n«lt»n n:Br*»t »«» » "v-*'lrt" v -*' lrt
» iiT'er at 4fw 3-1 f"r <I»vr!>n<l warrants l.o<-*lly the
KSSlfmtort fl/mu,-,. No * —rulry N^hcrn
quoted at »l«7r>y»l7 2T- The n-.arU! toj II if Ir' 1 " i rl
&t« on .he Ne* York IT-^.o K.ca.nge «" ««;
chut red No sales wrn r* r orled and r'lt'i'.ars closed as
follow.: 1 -a.h ami Juiy. «15 7&wslrt7O; A-KVist an, l De
ten,l.»r. IK. 7r.aSl_<J7:.. a.r4 October, Kovambcr and Iki-
r v<n \--t - 1. SVKIT.H-Th, market for jmeUaeea
and syrup, ruled ..«.rtv. but JS&ASP&JfUg.
warm wcalh«r. QuflUtlcma tol^lJUOl^SSf*^*****
|e«n> rentHfugal. rummon. 1-l^llX-. folr. WB1&1L&*',
SSeSfla: prime. 2303*-. New OrleaiW«B«W MlUe,
syRUPS; common. ir.'ijfl7r; fair, I'VtfSuc. good. lbgJ.r.
trlmr 21C25C; fani-v. l'7«fTV.
• «.n >■--■. th, „,.il. .1 nf the more «'•'»"«
nv-iliiß rrttonaee.l oil scored a further h'n ndvance 10
"«; on' manipulative support of Fept.mbW. «o<>d buying
nf tl-at n'onlh f>r account of refiners »nl mrtrcu.atuw
SLand fr later „.,.- r lUW^MM-
Wat 6 54ft. -•.«•<•; ».««"• !->■!• October at 070*5 75c; 4i«)
r,r."flfif<.. 2 7lK> bl.ls January «t 5 «05.. . i»c. and Mm
hM* M«rc'h at A Hlc TJt.seed oil was unchajigtd. Be-
A»rt i.c«ro|eirn eontlntied fte«<iy nt rerent prl. »■. W «
I* I'KTH'IUTM- Standard whll bWa, New rerk.
j?"'r do blilk 4 7f^ do lTlladeli,l,l». K2-V: dO bulk.
«V'k refined Vases, new York, 10r,.V; .1 ' Philadelphia.
10800- WSTWr while New York. btls. *1T»- : do bulk.
f W..4. PhlH'leicMla 9.70 c; do ' ulk «l »'•:. water wtilte,
caaes New York. 12 i:.c; no Philadelphia. 12.10 c. rOT
TONSFKP oil-- Prim* ri ude nominal; prim* summer
yellow; .U. Wa»».«8c: August. »-(BC«-«fci i^£S >^Z'.
ft»WfK7'<c- fki«t*r. IV 74^5 75c. November, o «ftfe.> <>' .
U«££i»r? i.We».7o«j January. 5 7.^5.7^; »»arcV6.«o»
fi(.V in'l Via f, S'Krfr.noc: prime white. ri.flOJ|fl.2«V,
pHnti winter ,e<l«- B.TW. .»*. MNSEK Oll^^ggi
can seed city raw, <;i«r.2c; out of tv.wn raw, boif«lc
Calcutta raw. TSft l.Ani> OIL 90t
rhOVI^IONS r^trd end ribs were quite stendy nil
day. but perk had en« or mo severe dec!:ne» the .whole
market -loalng ai.c--.t ateady. Hogi were •J"*!!S., W >
there was a good cash trade and packer^ bouitht l " o< ':
erately. Ile<-elr.t a at the West 3KOUJ. - , -..lir.K I- «■
at Chicago. .1.«1O>> at Kan-ns City an-i R,<»f« at Omaf a.
r-hiricn expected 7 1100 hops on Haturdav. PORK— Firm.
Lu wis? SSSSrSI 2.-.1. 522, "family. tJI »W«Ji elwrt «1.-r
«'»i *<ii»«'e> ntrFK"- Steady. ouot»<!: M'». fll4i»ii>>",
kl'Z* ri4«|l4Bo pa.kVsl2 5..«i513: extra initomew.
$WM^-»2l. BEFF KAMBr-QuJet. ■ (Juote.l ... »=<«J-»
id ?i, j-" 13 rt ISV»cj 14 Ib li-». Pickled hams
r..-- ■..;: .v.:- 1 .■;:...!■ -^„.^'^.
Middle We. u..0.,n 7.v .Ttj .1. . <; ■;
Tmerlcar t12.7.V;t 12.7.V; Continent. ;«&•»«& fflllllNSS
;; a rr U'alea'dU 'alea'dv ndy gun^^ ...„,,...
il fair 4>'V£4»if Kf'.d ordinary. B^5UCi prime. „»i
«ttc choice fl.^>,HrV head. Jlipan * **?**'. P**"*;
B>*#«c; Java O'.cf Rangoon. 4\,- •Jama, ,4,
®««t«a'n Thu market for refined «U«r wai nun.
'-v'v*"r'i'^* l r !i ;er %i
granulated »■»» nuoted a 4.R5c net. l«-s» « P" «•"
• oHh tb. follpwing ir lee» X und .. p' r 10 " *' fI '^
1,,,,,., r,nd 1 r.»r rent for oaah. No fu 'he. discounts
whftt.oeve Crystal demlnoe. In >**** '¥> ' ! '' '' ,
I).;': -m:,V. d. m eaana of ,« i-ik "•^•v^-tfi
loaf r. 7."..- r.»KI« tablets «.»»<•; crushed. JJWct U. "■ ,
nag* 00, lb'Mln «« 6 10.-- 25 and &0 '•■ baga do, in;
"'dV^hVrrn.eH v'ere..- „:".hed' r i.,tv paid Price, were
" ,rf u « f.iioVi. Centrifugal. " rt ''"' * 02r: '""-."■
auotedM follows. 1,,,,,"«p^!,1 „,,,"«p^! , «.,k^- «" teat. S 27c
"Tru'l ato." t »f "rope an' A-.e,,.-, 1 MM.W3 tons.
T . . 1 «!•« am last yar at th« same uneven date*.
W ln r«rrV2~ nf «oek l« S«.«X4 tons, gainst an In-
Thr Increa «• or s;o « atoeks and
TS?!! ,'neetnVr show n a visible sur.plv of MILMS tW*
aca?n»t f TiXn>s ton. la« year, or a dec- of
nn. 116 tons." _
?^ : f^^^»^ 4l^^-^cVr^e^:
•I : isflO«S7 40* bulk of sales. ' jf 40357 75. SHEKP
, m.lnnati. Jul ■• ..hlppers, $» B6«sfi 28; i-om
market etyady; tair 10 1 2.«.11 head; market
nion . $S 230£ (75 y H 2^; b^fcSlrJ an, Bhlppere. «7 7(5
t )oK'and 1.^15c lower at M-5«5.40 l> -Ipih. 138 bead;
AND LAMBS — Receipts, 600 head; market active,' steady
and unchanged.
Kansas City. July 30.— CATTLE — Receipts. 2.000 head,
including 1.100 Southerns: market weaker; choice export
and dressed beef steers, Si". 23&57 25; fair to pood, $4 SM
$'i 10; Western steers, $4ffs6: stockers an.l feeders. $3«
$5 25; Southern steer*, $3 30?i$5 15; Southern cows. $2 ~h'ri
$*: native cows. $2 26fi*-S 75; native halters. $3 25ii5~25;
bulls. *2SOS*4 25; calves, $3 r»ogs7. HOGS— Receipts.
2.» a*> head: market i0920c higher; top. $7 TO. bulk of
sales, $7 4fvgS7 C>: heavy, $7 e'xfi'ST 70; packers an.l
butchers. $7 4C*gs7 70; light. S7 203?" SO: plus, 56500
$7 10. SIIEFIP— Receipts. 1.61)0 head; market steady:
lambs. $5 603*7 Oi: yearlings. $4 GO£So 25; wethers. ?4ffi
$5 25- ewes. ■s.TsOesr); Btockers aril feeders, $2 75554 7"
Plttsburg. July SO. — CATTLE — Receipts light; steady;
choice $<l 50<857 75; prime. $4 1.1656 40; fleld calves, $S<i>
|S. r io. ' SHEEP— Supply light; slow; prime wethers. $5 10
Q-$S 20; culls and common. $160®53; lambs, $4 fto'»*7 2.'..
HOOS — Receipts light; higher; prime heavies. $R 153.9.3 £>:
mediums. »H7r»i.i,t9; heavy ..Yorkers. $7 90®»7 iUht
Yorkers, $7 80ig$7 26; pigs. $»»7f"ns7 75; roughs. $6@s7.
Toledo. July 30.— CLOVBRSBED — t:a«h, *'! 70; Octo
ber. $7 10: December. *7 20; March, *7 20; No 2. 10 73.
TIMOTHY— $7 cO. ALSIKE— Prime, $S 35; Au
gust, $s SO.
Liverpool, July 30. (losing: WHEAT — Spot. No 2 r.-d
Western winter, nominal: futures quiet; July nominal;
September, Ss 4 lid; December. 8s Hd. CORN Spot
steady new, American mixed, via Galveston, 8a 3d;
futures steady; September, 5s sVid; October, BgoVja.
I I MADE $50,000 In five years In the mall
order business: began with $5. Send for
free booklet. Tells how lleacock, 91*
I^ockport. N. Y.
HKLP waxjep^. _^__
I Male.
I I MADE $50,000 In five years In the mall
order business; b*gan with *3. Send for
free booklet. Tells how. Hcaceck. 814.
Lockport. N. T.
nnnce draughtsman at $3 04 per d" m - A
competitive examination will I* held at trie
Naval Torpedo Station, Newport. R. 1..
i August 12. i!«iu. to fill the above posltira.
I For application and further Information aa
dress "Inspector •■' Ordnance In < harge,
I Naval Torpedo Hiatir.n. Newport. R. 1'
AMBITIOUS young man, 2«: at anything
With future. Mark McKernan. 14- /i
Newell st.. Brooklyn
BOOKKEEPER, cashier and correspondent
(expert), r-celvintt $30 a week, will work
forenoon, or afternoons only (flvo >•""■»»
day) for $IS. E. Bru. •■ : 121 Weal -■»■' at.
settled, A! character: staMllty. rll>- «x
perl.nce. practical: ••*'« VM: highest ref
erences; only tesponatble firms need answer.
Box 43. Runway. N. J.
CHAI.-FFEI-R.— Mechanln: careful driver,
strictly sober; ttnqueetlonebU referencee:
experienced on American and foreign ■■»''"•
understands horses also.. Address r-«rg"
ton. 018 M aye. 'Phone __ Mutray HIU.
CHAI.'FFBt.-R French . careful driver
and repair man; moderate salary, uiuot.
41 fj West 6.ia _
CIUI'FFEUIt. — SI., 1»■ strictly arber;
experienced; best r<-fereni-e.; low Hilary.
Harry Plumer, 4 Centre Market Place.
CHArKPEUR — Mechanic; careful driver;
strictly sober; unquestionable re.er
encee; uoderetandi horses; city 1'""
try. Audre*. K«-rguson. CIS 3d a\e. Phone
45i"V— Murray Hill.
man: mechanic with private family;
city ct country: «trl-tly «über; 15 *""*
«rltt<-n an.l persona) reference*. T. Duffy,
3&> 3d a-.' . 2Sth 1!
CMAUFTEUn.— TooBf him. merhanlo:
strictly sober, with private family: city
or country; understand, rare of
highest teffren.t-s fr. in present employers
!>•<. Dev(>r. 4fll Tth as. corn»r .v st
Telephone 4332— Murray Hill
CatAUnTEUIt, -■«; two ••«'->' a»rage »nd
private 'lrlvlnir experience; "' ; «as>>
lene car; $50 per month and board, rrrni n.
Bi rlngfle! • Road, guwiis. I>i:ig Island.
CIIAVSTETJII>-Col0f*«l. with rrtvate fam
ily or doctor : fly« year.* reference from
c. re family. Call or write. 01» Ilergen si .
CJJAIKKKI'H .- -Hallal.lr. sobtr. steady.
ca;«t>!e; tnnkf* ail tiev.n»ary repairs. I'«I '«
Bols. It 3 India st.. Brooklyn.
1. 1: Cc»it ATO R— Experienced '•■ all
branches: conn»l»nt In deninnlnr and
n akl:.« »ke!.-he». wtlllnr to start with • "
salary oQ ftea-ly poalUoa; city or country.
P. i- . Trit'Uim <"XHc«.
PFTECTJVB daet rea situation with corpo
ration or rn\ate part See; • 1 «<t or
s-ia/'owlng; Investigation* Bean. XC
T.impklns „. . .-orner Jefferson »'<■.
Hrooklyn. **"•! 5458- Ue-lford.
HI.EVATOR RUNNER or pr>f.T+:R. —Dy
eototed m»n. 53 West Bets »t
KXI'KRIKNCKIJ retail c!ot!ilnc arvl In
»tn!nient man; .-an furnish rk.J refer
ences. A . Boi 1". Tribune «-[! li».
JAMT<'R —AMlstunt: German; 37: ilo b!I
rei^iir. ele«:tr!<-«l. »i •* it Mil :■■*. plumbing.
cAriente»!nit. palntlnjc: "»n t.0.1; fcr flr-t
r-«*« pir.ainr m>rim«nt bouse. Janitor,
oc. H'»ii r>:.th »t.
UAKAOCn, t"r restaurant: rltxri ci.t
American; agtd -' unquwt!o»*Me remri:
F .rf»-t heaith: «gi-'at> a.idre.s: 12 ye*nj
nracUcal .xpert*ne»; perfectly ar-iualnted
•»;•>! ail ;«etal!« of the business: at present
et:i,iime!. n >cam In r ri-! ""n t place; wants
10 make r).nr(« September I; will rnr.sller
r.n«hln« Vil a first ria's i,ro\u.miHoa. can
make r»wt. AddrcM • •.•t.n.l. ntml, P. O. .
Boa 2.12. Mannsijuan. N. J.
SIHPPINQ CLERK — Kour years' experi
ence b» »«.«l«taiil In wholemije -pl.-e
bonne- rmnl imrker permnn nn.l flunrer.
p'rul class reference. W. U . 1021 3d »v«.
YOtWO MAN. un.|er»»an<llr* «teno«
rarhv: good . fflre trelnlna; «r «.ifß|rU
salesman. fieoree X Uaali 359 Wni
114 th st.
TOfNfl MAN desires cleric*!. offic». or
!i,.l I Fa!e»,,,.ii t »>»Hl r 'n: "••' " l ' t " > ?I,
sp.ee and srnbltlous B W. BUvermaß, -'.72
Jrtw; „rli!l. Jersey 1,.. <
Fern. lie
.■fit. I.K'JF <IHAI I* '••' necretarv. rmn
pnnion; good st«-n..gtai!.er. excellent
re.der. musician; woul.l tr»»l. hlrbesi ref
erence*. Address H'X 172. Westwo.>d. N. J.
STKNOORAPHKR. TYPIST.-- "r>crer!eni-ed.
roiiii>et»-nt. conscientious: a lerat* Ml
ary. 1. McDonald. IM> Centrt" it. Breofc
BUTL.KR and VAI-tn"-— Hv experlenred
Jaianese; Auirust I". In private family;
rltv or country; good references; no cards,
j WaUnaJu. »l Uocan aye . : '' Shore.
!>. 1.
ro!nitr*teiit dobfp yotinu t"rot»*liinan ; r>^st
reference. Carpenter ■ Bureau, 154 Oth aye..
18N1 cntlsea.
COACHMAN, -■■• single; thoroughly un.ler
stand* fine horse* «r. i expert train, K«
anywhere furnish best reference. Enrllcn.
161 East W-'ii st
COACHMAN I..WM'":' ■ >nan and
wife man as ccarhrr.Bii .an.l <Hre for
lawns;' also nrst class car- of aut.m: wife
good laundress; ref. ren. city or country.
6. (>.. 175 Webster » v *-_^ ew "f b* U '••_ :
i-OOK >or ■ HOUSEMAN. Bj Japanese; In
private family at country place; •">»?«•
neat hard worker; beat reformers. Shl
• .low, 17 ' 'one ki . Brooklyn.
PORRMAN. &<r . — Young Oerman •■ ore
niin or farmer pn »>.ne genl •■ "... . aw.
tule; good reference PiiatoflU-o Box -OU.
Huntlngton, Uoag Island
GARDENER *c.-«™k. 4r- ''• UnnlVh
man and «lfe «•«" boy •■ > >%:lr » ; ma "
K .r.l«..cr. n* U ful; underetanjla 1..»r.e cow
and poultry: tober and Induitli I'mis. »lf«
",",1 cook or general work; bse4 references.
Ml. kiln. 1">« s ""' - 1 "'" " r |
janitor I«v Oerman couple, with one
can attend to st_ n heat. «-8
West 137 th st
iiNtTOR Hones! sober and Industrious;
steam hot water, pumps an.l repairs;
lona experience and reliable. Nalirwold'.
4iil West MM st.
MARRIED rOUPLJji North of Ireland: two
children: take entire charge R entlen.ans
Dlace thprouphly ..t-ri 1 gardening
Snd farmK board help: <«d r. f.rcnce.
Carpenter's Bureau. 154 nth un v_
ÜBEFUI..MAN'.— Tomiuj man to ink- eye
It horse, end be «enerallv useful: .-If. *"
country: city references Matthew Ma! tin.
M;<! East 138 th St.
IKKI'LI.. MAN (5o»: life service chiefly In
l«™l «™ /'«■■«" private winces &*»»,
„,i,u irarden- han.h' with to"i». en.,
I^. Sf«K>
Jersey City, N. 3+l
VALET.— Twang Oreck; speaks Kn*lteh
and other languages; in private family.
Address Xenophon. -■-■ Mali., n St. __
"" ■emale
COOK —Protestant peek: iv-at. nhll «(' I S.
wimpeteiu young woman: understand* plain
']'„„,.. cooking; excellent reference*;
.^y o7coußtr~ i". Mrs. Collier-. Agency.
122 West -.'M st. .
COOK.— Scotch Prote«t«Tt cook; •« r «' " t
n s;. ff 1 -;;. BffiS%S
122 West 23d St. ....
COOK. ftc.-Woman to do "^
Ing. ironing; reference. Call at -4 « esc
lit* st. No cards. _ '
Bureau. 32* Columbus aye. Tel MM
t-chuyler. . _j /
r - v ,|, »i HOi;SEWOHK.-Hy Finnish
-m • be«: reference*. WeW'i; Bureau. 324
Colu_b_ aye. Tel. 7804-Schnj -Itr.
PEAS— Canadian steady. 7b 10% d. FLOUR— Winter
patents steady. 35s 6d. HOPS — In London. Pacific Coast
steady, £3S£4. BEEF — Extra India mess dull. Si's.
PORK — Prime mess. Western firm. o.">s. HAM? Short
cut 11 to 16 It), steady. KSs «d. BACON Cumberland cut.
W to SO Ib. firm, Bl» M; short rib. 18 to 24 Ib. frm. 633
M; long clear middles, light. 2S to 34 It), llrm. • ■'■- lons
clear middles, heavy, 35 to 40 IY>. firm, «3s U; short
clear backs. 16 to 20 It), firm. 60s: clear bellies. 14 la
Hi It> firm (>•'>« 6d- shoulders, sqrare. 11 to 13 IT., firm.
Ms «d LARD — Western, in tierces, steady. :.7s
M; American refined, In pall*, steady. 53s 3d. CHEESB—
CnaadUn fine;* whit* steady. 575: do colored steady. -.**.
TALLOW— Prime city steady. 2Ss. TURPENTINE—
Sr.l-its firm. ?&i M. ROSlN— tv.tnmon steady, ts "»d.
PETROLEUM— Refined steady, T»id. UNSEED OIL—
Firm. 20b- _
Chicago. July 30. — HlEh estimates of the total
yield of wheat in the Northwestern States had a
weakening: effect on the wheat market to-day,
prices at the close showing net losses of V to lUc
to l^ic. Corn and oats also closed weak, but pro
visions were flrm.
Wheat prices moved over a range of IV to IV;
to IV- Some firmness was manifested early in
the day owing to fresh reports of blackrust In
HOUSEWORK. — By a refined woman, with
ten-year-old girl; position in small fam
ily; best references. Address Box 102. Ad
vertising Agency, ll.". I .* Myrtle aye.
HOtJHEWOltKEß.— Protestant; neat, re
fined, eatable young woman: good refer
ences- city or country. 11.. Mrs. Collier k
Agency. US West 23a st.
JANITOR. — r-olored -woman would like one
it two cold water flats; 16 years' refer
ence. Mrs. LAura Drowery. 243 Walabout
St.. Brooklyn. ,
NTRriß— Toung Jewess to take charge of
children: four years' experience in last
position; will be generally useful. Miss
Kltzieerald"s Bureau. 503 Sth aye.. corner
42d st.
Ni R5»_ — Young woman, hospital trained;
understands all foods; experienced in
caring for Invalids and delicate children;
will take entire .-hart,", of child; excellent
references from physicians and employer*.
.N. I).. mi 1 Fitzgerald's Bureau. 603 Bth
a-. • , corner 42d st.
NtrilSlS.— Reliable Proteei care for In
valid or elderly lady; willing to sew and
he useful- city reference. 11 C t». 23»
East :;2.i el _
NURS&— English Protestant nurse; neat
and refined ; ran take infant from birth;
•xcellent references city or country. !».,
Mrs. Collier's Agency. 122 West ■.•:: ■. st.
In great va
rlety of styll
and price
111 Fulton Kt.
Telephones 1.131 and 1941— 38th.
Carpet & Rug
Dust and Dirt Blew* Out. Not from Sur
fare On'.y. but Throughout the Fabric.
S3 >«i < experience ln Fine Carpets a Rugs
209 L 211 E. 3TTH ST.
Renovating. Scouring. Taking Up. Alter
ing. Belaying. Packing an.l Storage.
J. & J. W. mLBARfIS.
9© M. S)4 ii Lai ©li. coiumbu..
CARPET CLEAXiyq Established 13.8.
Oiliest. Larcest. Meet Modern.
437 AND «ltl WEST 45TH ST.
Tel 41. 4iS>.'» — :>ant. Established 1557.
Cl-an« by comj.re.sed air. steam, hand or
on floor .1 Broadway. 421 East 431h at.
COX * P.KASUT. Tel 1 ■••■•-' Sata.
1 DiiKi 1 n * Mr.'. _^_
OF NEW YORK Robert I. llrown.
Plaintiff, aitalnst Joseph Plmstein. Surah
Plmsteln. lortelyou Realty (Tom^anv. "\etta
Stem Minnie Maer. Thomas - .
Kath^ r lne HniulUn, lienjamlri Brown, ll ary
Itrown P.'-si Kllzpatrlck. L"<ra Nathen»<in.
Martin ll..ntano. Ooacetta Montano. Katy
Hj.lik Mary Schr*i<l.-r. >*ran. -Is McOlnies.
Julie Mi-Olmn, F.mma Puteraoa. Mary
Peterson. Oscar I'etersun anj John Pastier.
In purenanca of 1 lu«l|?rr..-nt ef rore-
Closure and rale, duly ■"•■•■ - •'■ entere,J in
tH ft at^ve entitled actl-.n and bearing date
the Sth day of July. 1909 I. the undersigned
ttia UctU'o in «a!.l Judgment r.nrr.e,! will
sell at tuhlk- auction, ai the Kxi-hann«
Ralearoom. Noa\ 14 Id Veaey in the
Horouish "f Manhattan. Ctt* cf New »ork
on the Bta 'lay Cf Aunust. I 90».; at 13
u-.K.ck noon en that da>. by Sarapel Mart
Atictlaneer. the t remises directed by |»W
Judgment to be sr!d. and therein dcacrlbed
A!i tha' certain lot. piece or parcel «f
land, with UM building thereon^w*"**
Ijing nn-J In the Kloventh
Ward of the «!ty of N>» York and bound
ed and .!e,cribe.t as follows U. ««t^Be
itlnnln* «t a point on tr.e southerly side or
Thlrteeath «»eet distant eighty- six feet
four and one-half Inches (>r, ft 4<, in.)
oast*rly rrojn the corner formed by the
intersection <f the said southerly sld. of
Thirteenth Street with the easterly »W« cf
Avenue C and running tr.en.-e
narall.l with Avenue .- an.l a portion of the
dl..an.« thl
. m hui ■■ 1 an
■ ... I. ■ ■■
t ,U inches' ,23 ft with tn^. Ih.nc.
northerly ngaln parallel with Avenue C.
nn<l a r«>rtl«»n of the distance throogh tJHJ
rentra of another party well. e_ hundred
«n.i three feel ami three .nche. < 103 ft. 3
tM ) to tlm southerly side of Thirteentn
Ptr«-t: nnd ....... westerly nl"n? s»ld
s-.uthertv lM« of Thirteenth Street twentj
thiee reel ten and • "• half Inrhes r.T. ft.
O\|ntl« the point or :!«••" Ol ).e«lnning
m«d n>w York. July 13th. IWfc
*"="""■ T p v |VAN Referee.
tnrneve for Plaintiff. IM Nassau Street
(Tribune riiiildlrm. New York
Th" following Is a diagram of .t. th ».r r "^
ertv to b* »«ld: it. "treat Nutnbtr is 704
RaM 18th Street, llcrough of Manhattan.
City of New York
Uth Street.
I i *
\y • -'-. !
Tlie approximate am«\unt of the lien er
»crlt.«d property Is to be sold, is Seventeen
,h, „,., el^'ht hundred sixteen and M I' ll
Dollars 1)17,818.94). with interest tht-reon
from the second day ..f July. ■■•>■-• to-
Kether M li| costs an.l allowance amounting
to Four hun.ired thlrtj-rUht and 2t>-ll)i»
I>.illsrs i*43S.3e*>, with Interest fr .m July
>, ]„... t.iK'-Uier with the «-xT«-ns>is of the
fiile. Th« approximate amount of taxes.
asNi-sHi: .■ . ..• -. water rates or "th. r ll.ns
which „. ... >„■ allowed to the purchaser
nut of Ih" purchas" money, or |>ahl by the
referee if Kour hundred twenty fix and
BS-id0 ,..,,, <$«C»V.Vi». and Interest. The
I-renitaesi will besoM suhje.-t to tenement
!iou«« violations, tf any. and to any *tat»
of fucts which an accurate survey would
>h t>ateJ. New York, July '""■-• M—
T. P. -SCI. 1.1 VAN. R.ferr*. .
BANKBIMSK No! 4»>.:m of the Union t>ime
Saving* Hank Is inlsslng. Any person
having a claim to It la hereby called upon
to present th« same within tea days or
stibmlt to having said passbook cancelled
and a new quo iMiied.
1,05T.-mnkboo X No. 4715.10S of Pry Dock
Savings institution. Any !«-r»on having
claims u;>on said book Is called upon to
nreseiit th* same to the bank within thirty
ihtys or the »aid book will bo declared
cancelled and extinguished and a new one
isxucd ln lieu thereof.
U">HT Bankbook No. 4!'V»— Of !>ry Dock
Savings Institution. Any sraoa having
claims upon saM book Is called upon to pre
,,..,, tho same to the hank within thirty
days, or I. ■ •■■•''■i book will be occlared
cancelled and extinguished and a new one
issued In. lieu thereof.
LOST — Uankbock. from Pry Pock s-*vlngs
- Bank; owner. Miss 11. Kl.nzik. IS Anise
St., Hr- ■ .«l>ii.
IX)ST.— Bankbook No. •_.«Bt. Rank for
Savings, 880 4th aye.. New York. Pay
ment .<ii.,i|'..l Please return book to bank.
f., »st liankbook No. C 0* .754. Bank for
fiaVlngs, -•"> 4th live.. New York. Pay
ment stopped. Please return book — bank.
UWT OR STOLEN. — Bankbook No. 574.702
of the (migrant Industrial Savings Hank.
Payment stripped. l'leas« return book to
bank. No. U Chambers st.
ADVERTISEMENTS and subscriptions for
The Tribune received at their Uptown
Office. No. 1384 Broadway, between 38th
and 37th *ts., until D o'clock p. in. Ad
vertisements received at the following
branch offices at regular cfilce, rates until • 1
o'clock p. m.. viz.: 264 Rth aye.. a. c. I
cor. 23d St.; 153 dith are., cor. 12th St.; 104 j
East 14th at.: 237 West 42d st., between i
Ttb and Bth avee.: 203 West 123tb st. ■
Xorth Dakota, but as trasHnsr advanced ■*nrlm«nf-
In the pit became bearish. Th« report «f a. Min
neapolis trade journal, given out late yesterday,
which cla!m»*i a total crop of wheat ■ aggregating
225,000.000 bushels for Minnesota and the DaJcotas.
was supplemented to-day by several additional es
timates which placed the crop at from 223,000.000
to :So.ooo.o*>O bushels.
Increased totat receipts anil a slackening tCVWP>
ping demand prompted moderate selling at corn,
which resulted in final declines of '*<■ to 11i«. July
sold bvtween T ■•<• and Ti\.-. and September bet«re«a
Me and 67 *«- the former closing at TOe and. tl»*
latter at 66*i<\
A break of Ie in the price of the July delivery
was the feature of trading In the oats market,
which was extremely weaK all day notwithstanding
continued light receipts. The market closed weak
at almost the lowest point, with prices 1c to l^ia
to 2*»c ix»low y«stert!?.y*« final figures.
Provisions di.^obyed consl' 'treble strength at th«
start, but eas->d oS tlurin^ tii«? final half of the ses
mmm mm day Ul_
Palatial Steamers "HENDRICK HUDSON."
"MART POWELL-" of the Hudson River
Cay Line. fastest and finest river boats In
the world.
Lye Read Down. Arr. Read Cp.
A.M|A.M|P.M!DaI!y, ex.siin!A. - P. M P. II
fO-> I t Bklyn An'K t I «.20j
8.401 o.4l.l. «r,T>eshr'ses 5t.11.4."> <5.0U
0 '•<» lCi<«> 2.<*> West 4i!d Still. 2o! 5.3»j »-4«
0.201 10 i 1-0 West 129 Et'll-OOi 5.10 *10
».4SIOBO* I. Yonkers .1 4.30J T.«
4.V)Highd Falls » 40
11.80 i.m'.vni>.'n'et.t Point. 8.351 250 5.43
.... •!.*».»). Cornwall .18.15! •5 23
12.23 145 545 Newburgh I 8.00 2.13 O.Oi
-••- i !«.15!New Hrtmt-g t.30 i
I 1630J.. Milton ..I 7.15 •■■ --
I.IM 2.3KJ8.15 Pokeepsie i 7.00 1.20 4.10
2.1" : iKinsnon PW--.; 12-23 . ■•
••- ; 7.451. Kingston . 6.00.....
2.V ;. Catsklll |ll«O<
3.401 ....!/ Hudson '10 M
•.!•♦.. . '..;.. Albany .. : I 8-30! ■• •
PMir.ll P.M! AM.AMP.M
•Connecting at Cornwall with O. * Vf. Ry.
8p«cI»I trains to Catikill Mt. resorts and
Saratoga, and easy connections to all points
East. North, and West. Through tickets
and bageaga checked at oScn of N. T.
Transfer Co. Through rail tickets between
N. T. end Albany accepted. Most delight
ful one half and one-day f^'itlacs to West
Point. r..;rirn or Poughk«et.«le. return-
Ing on any down Pay boat. Meal* served
at ail hears MUSIC.
Perfect Afternoon Outing. . Leave De»
brosses st. 1:43 1 . M.. connecting at We»»
Point » i! :■
Str AT f% ANY 3a « W. 42d St. «40P M.
-"•'■• JIL-JIJ I Orchestra, on each steamer.
illi/@ II Uin nbw ENGLAND
FALL RIVER LINK Via Newport anl
rail River. Lv. Pier 19. N. K. ft. Warren
St.. Daily, 6;30 P. _ Stra. COM—
V EALTU and i'Ki-jCILLA. Orchestra on
Leave rier i«. N. R., ft. Murray St.. week
'-'» only B:0O P. M. Btrs. PROVIDENCE
ma PLYMOUTH. Orchestra on each.
NORWICH LINE Viastet—wtem i.v.
T™> S*- £ T k' "• '-larkson St.. w««k day..
52 V _ ; f>ier 7<> E - H - :t b * -- ■
6.30 P. M. Htrs. CHESTifii W. CUAPIN
Bedferd Woods Hole. Martha' i Vineyard.
Nantuckat. Mattapoisett. Marion an.l Cap*
ton point! Lea P!er 4t). North River.
«?u, ?. Clarhaoi si . week day. only, at
HAmMre:*" 111 "' MAIXIi aO<l NEW
Hartford. gprlngfteld and North. Leavt
Pier 2S, E. i: . week days 2:4". P. M.; ga_
cays 0:30 A. M.; foot Kast E Bt w«t
days. 3:00 p. M : .-undajs 10. A. M. Str.
r- Tlck-ts. stateroom, and Information at
City Ticket Offl-e. 171 Broariway. near
C r-!an,it l?t. Telephone 5121 Cortlandt.
A'en at N. v. Transfer and TourUl OSces
and at Piers.
, ■ .
D__J_DSC!D[x_ 030W(EQB "
fcitea.T.ers C. W. Morsa or Adirondack
>aye New Teak, week Uuys anj • .nJi. j,
Tier 3-. N. R-. foot Canal 91., at 9 p. m..
Wtst l.Uih St. at «:3« p. m.
Magnificent new steam«r. Trojan «r
K'nn"- leave Naw York, «ti days and
Sunda>s, Pier _, N. R-. foot West lota
St.. at « p. m . an! Yonkers. 7 p. a
Splendid rctomrr.oOatioriS. B«»t service.
Dtract connection at Aibanv or Troy with
train* for points .North. Kast or W»s:.
Ti.-kets and statPiooms »ecurr<l at piers
.nil p it.i i; a! ticket offices in 1 irriter N. Y.
Horses, carriage, id ajtomobile. carried
at reasonable rates. Kxpre.3 lrn;r.i Ser
vice. Uulck Deltv.iT.
T \V< \\U\\ I f) Way-by-Wat.r
° LtyVii'V^J/ ii vU/UU poitan Line.
i - - E»
p:«se T.
in ,i
SHIPS li (Ti—Lbb L.
Leave Pl»r •' N. R. near ft. Christopher
St.. New York. Week Days anj Sundays S
P. J1... due Boetnn 8 A. M n.xt day. dame
schedule returning. Stateroi'ms and througii
clpal Tourist a::! N. Y. Tran.fer '*» offices
In Greater N. Y. Folders at §11 Ho(«l. ana
Ticket Offices, or addr'ss Metropolitan Lias,
Pier 43, N. X.. New York.
STON. From Pi«r "4 N. i: . ft. Pranklia
St WEKK DATS (except Saturday). . t' M.
SATURDAYS 1 P. M. West ir»th St..
1:30 P. M.
Inrermciiiate lan-iingt. EKK DATS (ex
cr:>t Saturday). 3 P. M.
: RPAia. 3 P. U. West l_th.
SO P. M.
junuaja „3,, A M NWjl ;...„„ a,
Block Island, Orient, Grceapcn,
Shelter Island _ Sa? IfirW
Str -Shlrnecock" leaves N. I . Tier S.
■ R.. Twee * TlMßie . *:3i> P. M. : Sat».
l:« OP. M. Btf "Montauk" Hun, Wed. A
Fri fur .-ig Harbor and intenn»<liate !and
tags •:_ P. M. Run. through to V.j.*
Island on Frt.
/TO/I\ t T?(SrY 7 nn n nvcviNv: line.
(InZW U ©iMUlialiaFDrl'aiskillMoun-
VW tains. hII points. Hurls.n. Cox»a« kie.
I^ave week day*, ft. Christopher St.. «
P M ■ ft. W. ..■_•;,.• St. 7 P. M. Also Sa«
"Special ' 1 P M ft. I hrlat pher St.;
1.2-) P. M . ft. W. 129 th St. Sunmw r»
sort directory free. Address Pier 43. N. R.
SANDY HOOK ROUTE for North Jersey
Ctmst H.eoris.— Lv. N«w Tork. PVr t»I.
N R ft W. 42.1 St. and Pier 10. N H.
•t' if.Ur St .. Daily and Sunday New T^>rk
to' Atlantic Highland.. Round Trip. «1 '*>
••fcv«ry Other Hour on the Even Hour. ;
Leave New York Daily. 2nd St. Lib* St.
WaslilnKton. Sleepers ll.SOprn I.JO am
Washtngtun. -r-lner. ParUr 7.50 am 8.00 am
Wuhtegto* i>iner. Parlor 9JO era 10. "0 am
Washington. Diner. I_iar. 11. SO li .'I n n
Washington. Pallor l.V>i,_ jt.«)pm
Parlor Car. New York •> Richmond. \a.
"Royal Ltd.." Diner. Parlor 8 •'" pai 4.00 urn
Washington. Diner. Parlor 5 st» pra «U»> rm
Washington. Ituffet. Parlor «.B0 B— 7 IH> pm
Through Daily Trains to l*ie West.
Chicago, Pittsbur* 7.'i"a:n e.Wara
Chlcag". Columbus ... 11.50 am liOO no
Plttsburr. Cleveland 3. r A> (.in 400 1 m
"Pitlsb'jrg Linii'evl" ft s') nm i.iiupra
On St. X-, Louisville.. .ll. SO I ™ 1.30 am
Tin*' ft 1... Louisville... .'••> am lii.mi am
Cm St. L.. Louisville... .Vi ;in &U)jm
OfTlces. 245. 431. WO" Broadway. * Astor
Holm 225 Firth Aye.. N. Y. ; ft.*. A»e. 3.
" Ridgo St.; S_ Pulton St.. Brooklyn;
West 23J St. and Liberty St.
After *f P. M. Sleeping Car reservations
and full Information regarding trains, etc..
ran be obtained at Bureau of Information.
II it O. R. R.. 2^d St. Terminal. 'Pl.or.e
No.. cr.els- a _Mt
reectved by the Board of Wafer Supply.
In Room »10. 2J» BrcaJway. New York.
until 11 A M on Tuesday. August IT.
1909 for CONTRACT SO for th« construc
tion of three tiel.l office buildings an.! two
a ini"3#— s*ip*is sn<l itiov Inij cxic hf>i r s^-Bn*N» In
the iroton division of the Catskiil aque
duct in tho towns of Yorktown an.l Sew
castle. Westehester County. New York At
the aho-.e place and time the bids will t>e
nuhllety opened and read. Pamphlets con
taining information for bidders, and
pamphlets of contract drawings can be 00
talned at Room 1310 at In. above a.Wr-^ia
by depositing the .urn of nve dollars .»>
for each pamphlet. For further particular.
Com^-aloners of the Board of Water
3 WALDO SMITH. Chief Engineer.
THOMAS HAiigETT. Secretary.
JIOI'-TAGK SALE.— By virtue of a chattel
Mortgage I will sell this day. 10:30 a. m..
at •■•„ B' «n« at Manhattan, saloon fixt
ures r «1 Kmuahaar. attorney mort
gasee. x. .Simon. auctioneer.
°_ CCA? * srgA : y!l .
<&,_ _ 1 _ A delfghtful oceaa
Jcfr^JFlT »ai' of 1,400 miles.
{?§s£? and several days oa
P\^y \[ several d»ya oa
the?^ charmtOeT W-
J-~- y *-;>Cr* an'is, with hotel*
-j ■a — -3H* ..t triage drives.
Zjjrf^]^ transfers and trip to
■£! // fc^^\.— Keefa included, from
jJ* ,fe^^ $32.00 up.
3p^ ~^U- Leave New York by
44-tiS: — -^ Quebec S. 6. Co.'a
*• xS. S. •BearmudUa"
Aug. 7. IS. 2S.
AL'Tf» TOl-RS. BOSTON S PAT ir«!.3»
si«n"l for booklet. ' f
U Inly^ 3 lyj'WiA @l vHK
24.-.. 1200 Broadway. «49 Madison A.t--»
503 Fifth Aye. (Windsor Arcades. I*>. T«
From Piers 81-52 5«. North Riv%e,
Caronla.July 31.1»>am;Carmaai».Angl4 l*mto
M'recanla.Aug4. loami 4nia.AUf.U.K*»
Tfr^rp- f»-'i 1 Largest and rarest
'. Eteamihip* aJteat «*J
LC3it2nia j WEDNESDAYS. !
} These tuxurtoua at«amshtp»
r^ ■/, now oa th» Uverjao*
Lar-Dia sailing
carma_a | JAN 8 a j-k^ _»
J MOii. 5.
_ — —
Fannonia. Aug. Vj. nocn ;Oct. 7 ;Cannanla. Nov. 5
•Also rails at Genoa.
Traveller*' check. l»»ue.T -<;.-*>d «rerywlieT»»«
21-24 -rats St.. oti<»!te the Battery.
. ; «
■: "
London — Paris — Hamburg. ;
Kaiscrm Ac?. Victoria ~£-%t
LEAVING N. Y. AL'O. 7TH. 10 A. M.
Having unexcelled Ilitz-Caxiton a. _ Cart*
it-staurant. iiyn:n.i.-;-.n, hliectrio B_^a»
Elevator. _
•Clevelani.jLily 31. Oamj »P. Uncota.AuK »
•P. <lrant...AuK. 4. 1 pni| •ClnclnnaU-Autf.Zl
falasilel V. Aug.'.lOam! Blu«cter-AUS. 2
Penn'a....Aug. 11. 3 pm i - .men—.. .Aug. -4
tßitz-Carlton ala Carte Restaurant. *>ew,
J J. X A.l_f J. •calls Azores.
8.8 HAM»I'RC..'Au(. 14, 3p. m.; -«»*- *■•
».d. MOLTKE Sept. ». tp. nu: Oct. ZL
Tourist Dent, for Trips where.
way. N. y.
Large. Fast and Luxurloua ;a-*cree»
Eiyress ar.4 Passenger Sti-amshlpe.
Equipped wttb wir-.TM * dubmartae glgnalt
i Express Sailings Tuesdays at 10 A. II-
Kr-Drlm Wm Aug. 3: P. K. Wt!h..^W- X
Cecille Aug. lu.K. Wm. D. G-Auj. 2*
T^vir.-Screw Sailings' Thursday at 19 A M.
Washington... Aug. 3:F. D. Gross«.Aa?. 2»
f Ure:n*n Aug. 12! Kurfuerst Sept A
' GEOItUE WASHINGTON — d— le Aug. »—» —
• J7 •••■ tur.s. Newest and Larger <Js«n«ei
sihip afloat. Ev*r> innovation Itnowa ta — • .
lhlt '^ji'ltßA 8 LTA'R— NAPLES— GZNOA.
M»dit«rrar.ean Siilinirs Saturday at 1 1 A. MV.
P.er;in (ne*>.Aug. 14 K. Albert. ...Sept. It
P. Iren« Aug. 2S.Ber!ln »n«w)._^epf. 3
Independent Around ths World - 011 **- ,
' TrAvel>r»- Checks good all over ta« wor'4.
Apply OKLRH-H3 & CO . Osnerel Aj«atJ.
| . T
PhiUdelpSU.-Aug. ZiNew Yorlt....AUff. 21
St. Pau; Aug. Uist. L«ul»... v Au«. -3
REI>STABLIN£ Kruta _*_**"
Zeeian-i July 31 ' I^.planiHn«'w).Aug. 1*
Kroon:ai*J. .. -Aug. 7! Vadorland. -. .Aug. _>
WHITB STAX LIKB g01?.g 01 ?. i - R
I title. July 31. S».-i«:"ilUJtlc.Aua- 14. lt:3Dan»
Cetlriv.Aug. 7. li> am; Arabic. Aug. 21. 10 a-r»
PLYiioum -cher.bg— Southampton;
Ch.*anlc.Aug4. I J:3<:am! Adriatic. Aog*. < «.a:3oa.n»
•|"i,c..Auj It.a:3o»mj Maj't!c.Aue."..»:3Oan»
Via Azores and Gibraltar.
Cret"c lor 4. moni Roasanlc.Spt.lS.il ao» -
"Staterconis ; . . —
AN!. To Bt)STON by ilet
» • . ; rop<-)litan Ll3*. T»
i ■ by Peoples * Citizens
I Lines. Ea3tern S.S. <"0.. Plant Lin«
' ami IKimtnion Atlantic 3. 8. Co. to
! tfie PROVINCES. RJc!wli«u< & On
i tan.> Nay. Co. on ST. LAWRENCE
! FAU) to DKTUr>IT. br D- A m.
I Line etc.. etc. Rates furßi«l>e4 to
' all point » on application. JSAR-
I BTCRa S. S. AGENCY, 31 W. am*
I »t.. N. T. .
RED --D" un,
PS. PHILA^iaLPUIA..Sat.. July 31. 8303
t; i». CARACAS Sat.. Au». 14. novrt
PS MARACAIBU Sat.. An». T. noon
■fl zi'LIA Sat.. Aug. 21. no. »
Pier 11. »a:.iiii:ti_- V.all ?t. Feiry, Brooklyn..
Thes. Steamar. Have Superior a nimmw
datlon. for Passeng«r«.
fieneral Managers. «3 Wall St.
"iliS" oweut!
I . v« t'l Annual Cruis*. f
LEAVES N. Y. JAN. a. 1310. ||
80 J*AYS~- $325 UP. !|
MA - Hi: R «-.% MERI CA it 1.1 MS
By S. 6. Cleveland, 18,000 toes, br»a<t n£».
Oct. 16. "00. from N. V.. aad Fei. 3. I*.
from 'Frisco. $*:*) and up. _ „_
12th Annual Orient Cruise>. Fee). ». **■
f4W u». by Lloyd -•». 8. •■Gnwi J" r "
tuerat.'- T:i days, including 24 _»c Sgysi*
and Pal.alln*. .. „
FRANK C CLARK. Timea —lldlae> *f.«
York. .
, CaHfornia.July.tt.Uamls'umesslaAu* 14.0003
Columbia. Aui T.noon | Caledonia Aug^Xlasi
THIRD C^ASS. JS7 &» AND |»-73.
Apply r>r N«w I'luntratM Itook «it Tour*
HENDERSON BROTHEB j.l»-ti> Bwadway
[PJ Twin Screw Passenger Serrioa. |ia
New York— Rott.rdam via Booiena.
NooV.laln.Aug S. oamlK»»d*m. Aaj. !T
Kofd»m. Aug. 10. 10am IN. Amsterdam-Ac*. 54
HolianJ-AmeHca Line. ■•» Sway. N. T.
" pgcsa>iAggil>~AyD _ nxoncsY
PRESSM VKER.— French; in private house:
good titter. 104 W«at Oed at. aaae—l
floor, east »11«.
L-Hhi.->i»MAKrU: formerly with B. Altmaa I
A ,• ; e*L-*lle«t fitter, euttar. d_u
prlnoass coats; ramooelling by tte day;
m...lemt«. AUJreas DreesraaiMic. «_ W»it
14th at. -_■;
FIRST CLASS FT«»el> di *_W iking; *»«w
ing ball, street, weddlr < i '••»»: *«*
Bolei-lee; remodelitog. «__!_ *v^.
n«ar 54th at.
, ________
,i;riN.. V-M> TVrEWSiTfU. . :-.-■
VICTOR V^Bjf^ge^g&n Jirt'-'S^ '*|
Olivers, emitk*. .

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