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professional Baseball *£ Racing S> Lawn Tennis ■£ Trotting <£ Yachting S> (Jncket £ Uth rt
jiatty hero of first
m Xinth When Wiltse
Bltnc* Ip Raymond Out of
U in Second Fray.
•jT,< iTinii!!" t>CJit tliP lirates by a score of 4 to 5
r«t*rfi*r. anil *ft«*«" th «*y had *.<«+n properly beaten
n\l:f ::ia:in f r t!.e truculent, turbulent crew from
jvj.f^uj-g turned rigbt around and hammered out a
'■tcry i" l " c s<f: " OI1 d i"M!e fa double header by
• sear* 0t U to S. !t to. k. them eight Innings to
Lflt, their Flit in the f.rßt pame. and the Giant*.
-i^'-^y l 0 th'"'*" help after Wilts-e liad blown
■i'!!i tl.e U*t !i)»liic. cut o!f a despor.it* I'irati*
U Vj v :t;i « floaUa play and thus saved the team*
nf rest (V.d t!.e Pirate* no harm. They had sat
.'-V.t and ■ratted for their turn to corr.e. and they
toffirrfvt-J th« eccentrtc, not to nay erratic. Bugs
T&wcr.A W hard that h!s piteous, although mute.
riktf t° - k ' I " v ' ra ' lv »° ta '^ e him cut were Jeered on
!;: sides.
T!:f crowd simply swarmed in to n«e those games.
„ <:;] ( >(j every mn-k and cranny In the grandstands,
gtiS !o:ic after the last scr.t was sold and the "Stand
j^ ri"oa» only" (=tgn ajipeared upon the outer gatn
tcaSreJ" tv.ej't In to try to find a place of vantage.
Btonly place there was any room at all when tho
#ew.i(l e^"-'' b«"gan w«p ln the c«-ntre field bleach
fft Not le*s lhaa twenty-ds thousand saw the
purx-'. atld •■v!.i'.<- that last .. record, •<••:. for a
i-k day, by Beveral thousands, its a pood deal of
t ero» J- There was un amazing exodus after the
ff!h lnnir-B of the second ■':... at least fifteen
tymttnd leaving in utter disgust.
A.l tsiro'Ji;!i tiie i'rst game, after the Giants liad
i-ikshtd out a lead in the first Inning and wlgle
VTil'.se l;c-Iding his enemies down through the
Kcrwcii-8 j-riojs, tlie crowd grew ln volume, in
(.-.thuslasm Mid in nolse-niaklng capacity. Boar
t *fr roar cf joy went up. and when the peerless
Hatty !.:•.(! O :::; !eted his ta>k of saving the game
ty striking <iut Hyatt, the nighty pinch hitter
irto eavi J t!;e ■.:.•.:. with the
Cxr.it v areek ago, the joy vas at Its height.
;t tv»s s!inrt lived. Raymond was lielpless. He
.;:••! . badly, aiid two miserable throws to first
teat lif -iped to bring- about his ■'.•■.• There were
loud cries begging Mci.raw to tu.ke him out in
>.tt ear!y i:.::i:igs. but they were not heeded, and
tie e::ir.ax came in the fifth Inning, when five, runs
vert scored. The whole team was listless, whether
because of the intense heat or because it had been
Maying above its real form in the first contest it
* ttr.poyyi! '.f to cay.
Larry I'ojle. first man up, was the first hero
ef the afternoon when Die lirst game began. He
f»ur.{r hard on one cf Vie Willis's curves, and
Er*lfhtene<l It out to such good purpose that the
btll brought up against the left flold fence, not
tor.fr returned until Lrfirry ■ -.;.. .1 on third. Hey
■our ndF! ,1 a swinging liner to centre That looked
:jt* a i'.t, bat Tommy Loach pulled It In. although
h* »as f.i far frnm th« plate w '••1 he did so that
:: nas easy for Doyle to score.
■eComirk pot a base on ball." and O'Hara sacri
fred r>o\!in pot a base on ball* as well as .Mr
(.onr.i'k. and tiiey both raced, home when Brldwell
rr.'. the crowd Into a frenzy with a crashing two-
Upjrrr over tl.lrd ba«e. Bridwell pot to third on
Osrke'i bad throw to the plate, but Merkle. after
fwtr.p the crowd to its feet by smashing two balls
few the bleachers that were foul by Inches, struck
tut, f.iid be left there.
The l'lrates made a b!g bid to score at least once
C the second inning, but a double jilay of the
tefM- st character eavei Wiltre. Miller led off
n& a thre* bagger and Abstela went to first on
fear BUOCCUtae balls. Then Wilson smashed the
tel 1 . r:siit into Brldwell's hands, and a quick throw
tt'4ht Miller off third— a fast double play. Gibson
out.» along with a single, but O'Connor, batting
1 !w W'li'.iy, w«s thrown out by Wlltse.
Tour* Adams came ln to pitch for Pittsburg at
t!ii» ««e. j.n<l made short work of the Giants as
!onire§ \.c stayed in the box. He allowed only one
J:t in f vo innings. a?id had a"! the signs of an ex
uUkttt pitcher.
VBta* pftcbed pretty well himself until the sev
♦rth lr.!:i!.K. and held the Plrat.-s about whrre he
dated !!;•!:■.. In the mystic seventh period, liow
♦wt. hf l»K.in to iH-nd under the strain, apijar. ntly
bf:r^ bothered by the terrific heat. Mill.-r led . ■
■Itt a siiic:.-. jcirt got around to third <m Abst.-in's
•frty, \Vi!:s« picked up Wilson's grounder, held
H"Ut f;» t!.:r<l and then threw Wilson out at first.
Doyle threw Gibson out. but Miller had ■ aa to
•"ore cm the j.lay. Abbsitiochlo batted /or Adams
«ad strurk out The Pirates had bad luck with
tWr Ilnch hitters Jn this • 'lie.
The Fixates went out ea«Hy enough in t!.- »-iglith
■■■« but the Oiants added a run. which was badly
ti»Mied a Few minutes later. Two were out when It
*a» (lemp. too. with :.• i-vi r, who had replacnnj
Adaaif, <\f.\r.g th* pitching. Wiltse filed to Clark".
ni L^ach ma>> a wonderful catch of ix.yle'e
«aa»h!nK lor.g driv« to lcfL Seymour then got a
t*o-buggp r . „.,,! McConr.ick sent Oy home with a. 1
ilatl * ''" ■''• ' Be tried to stretch the bit, tut !
*a» thrown nn) 1
Wagnw Ktartf^l «b*i r.lnth inning by smashln? the
"'I far l::t<> tlie . '- field bleachers for a horn«
r "". a (wi-iV drive. Mi'ler atagied. and so did ab
rt!n ar.j Wilson, tlie latter's effort Fending Miller
wrae. Ma-ij went In to try to cave the game, and
G ' b " 1n Promjitly tapped one to IX-vlin. who touched
™i to force Abctela and doubled the batter at
»«. b a j-erfert ptt.rrn cf rhwrs from the crowd.
HJW batud for L^-ver, tut Matty was too much
w raa, ana h«> struck out.
Th» crowd fairly wetst crazy .-is Hyatt took his
»»t f.r.k, . and t!ie d«m..j. s tration lasted for five
■*«•■ -Many »as «,e::r!y mobbed, and every
"J«O»«ia« to see bin go la and win the sec
■■CMaa; Mttled back lor an afternoon of up
"Brioui j,, : ,. M.oraw decided to hold him back.
««ver. i, r .d n-nt -'Bug.- llayn.ond. who. ac
«•-::.«:.) r f ;,, r ,, bad said he was not well enough
••"Co. into t!ie box.
Prox^a his unfltnfss for the ■ -k right at
v'"'" 1 - lle X**"« nj'rne a l,a f e on balls, and
tlr.j.ej. Clarke pent Byrne home with a
sfc**H IWt Leach on i>,ird. but was caupht off
;« r ! 'i !niM>lf ' <VJlara - B«««U and M-rkie taking
c* il hi a « rlay - U " uch " ror< - d af "' r Bermaar
KIS5 1 fly> ar " l MBter - aft '' r *"•««"« a
'-..) t.r.fi,; v.:.s caught eff firft and run down.
«WLa- r ? U S '" Vl "" ur »" ! "P'^ ". the second half
«* If if 8C m °" * '' alr ° f flUt "- Wlls " n **«**
%i »* I*™?:?'.? '!'" l>lra " 8 ln ffi * F " <v " i<l l— ing
I a *-'Tli:nT li:n tf> left eeotn - Kay
•ouid - T , ' m hi " l>Oiit tnrm - l)Ut XOGwr
fcoSu^f rtona of prl " M "• «*«- »>"n out.
•a^,^; ;"; two oot in "*• lMr * li " i!ii »j
»Mi </lL " V<r Uarh ' X '" atl r °r tbnm lms.es.
<; '''' !li>k - ll * ul °" liuri t<Klk Uii^
<X-,,, : ° M ' al "'-"» - and Gibson threw to
*to r*. d " J DO * W " tCh the l>a "- a! ,j wmm
to^ h u !i , fc " J ru " <low " b«t«w«a ttlrd «n<l
am* * h - nliJ J' *»r which he was roundly
<^ Ah/. ln } tfrd J " ilie fourth inning, and scored
(aau..u %■ ,' tUIKW - Th '"" <a "" ' : '° dld ' lj *« -
Sow hv *V '" lh * flfth lnnll1 *. a » d a peer
J **ch fo.^ 5,"'""5 ,"'""* 1 lPfl liyvn " fe o:i Mi bunt.
to-r* w , ! '->-^« > . but I.c i.,,6 Camnltz walked
**« b'« 1 lrk |llanleil l!le l^» in the right
«;<! ♦„-, J' " fl " "• !lorne run liaymond's «-rror
{ « t*o^ LStT * hy W "" oa rill<l * lll! " r
*«» «<*£* ln lh! -" ln » lri 'K. *ni two more
••»* .Jl , th " Kev ' tllh tenter. The Giants
fceju „ ""« "n v nirlM by
*<*■«. ! . * a
•«>r»- 8 follow:
I .1;
a -
"■ . 4 .. j 4 •> <J
,1 I 4 4, ..
.. c „
IT"* . <• -• •« i .
4 •• 1 L- I •
--- « »> 0 0 i/,«0C0i.i.0r... I O v ••:
i Adctn*. |. 1 11 1, n 1 „
■ */.' !all I.' j 1 11 11 i, 11 o
11" • ver, f> .1 11 c 1 <, „
-. '._ Ullyett I 0 0 0 0 v
To«a — _.
-—~ R * •«» 01 Tola.. . ..JM 3 t«St 7 I
•» T,'t;i<j la ti» s.coud Incic;. f*k.t:.« . for
landing* in 'Baseball F^ace
rltUburr at New York.
<In.-lnn.tl at nrooklrn.
< bl, ago at Philadelphia.
-1 Louis at notion.
New York. «: Plttkburr. S (first nmr).
l'ltt*.burs. II: New York. s (.m'oikl p»me).
Itri-ikljn. fi cum-ibmii. 0.
< hlraco. I: PltlladelpMa. 0.
Ilokton. 3; M. L«iuls. I
national rrrftfrraT STANIUNC.
nttaWs; M SI •«« Philadelphia .. « fit .413
<nlßuro . M S3 .88* «t. UuU 4.1 «5 .409
?r W | ior . k ««l «21 Brooklyn .41 <19 .373
Cincinnati ....54 53 .495 Huston 29 83 .ZS9 j
Out pitches Exiting in Great Duel at
Washington Park.
With Rucker pitching 1n his best form the Red
army under General Griffith stood little sliaa. an.l
when the shades of evening fell and the smoke
cleared away from the first day battle It was
seen that the "Old Fox's' forces had been driven
bark; In fact, completely outflanked and forced to
evacuate their position. Still, their retirement
was In pood order, and the second day's fighting
may tell a different tale. The score was: Brook
lyn. 2, Cincinnati. 0.
No casualties were reported until the fifth inning.
In the fourth it looked bad for the Rede, for two
beautiful bunts and a line single tilled the bases
with none out. Kwlng did some grand pitching,
however, and struck out Alderman. Hummel and
McKlveen in a row. In the fifth inning Bergen
struck at a wild pitch, and as it was the third
strike easily made first. Rucker sacrificed, and
on Eaafeß'a wild throw Banpaa scored. Hurch scored
the last run of the tame In the eighth Inning.
Cincinnati was never really dangerous.
The Boon follows:
ESSSS- JVJ V J 1W •SSS^u.v. * o o i v o
AVmTn^ 1 » ! i V SSIUt! lUtc * l *«*.i 3 0 10 0 0
: :: a ? .*. Hill
£••>•>'■ .-. 3 jjlsu „ ..t.-.. . . .... ! : «i:
■■*■; p.... 1 0 O 0 0 »,Swin«.p..... |Mt*|
t'Huggins . . . 1 o o v n <>
_ Tot *'» ■ - «2T« '• Total. » • •»!« I
•Batted for Ewlng In die ninth Inning.
&:::::::::.:::::::.;::; i S '■'. . I";,
n^ i{i T ,, h"»-:«""kerh "»-:«""ker «. O»m-m a**** ba«-
"as? on i^u* °" b ff«-<"'ncinnati. 2; Hrooklyn. 7. Brook
i™ • * Ewl , n '. '• *"»™t ba«e on errors-Brook-
M«i Time of mv , j^j Lm ,,, re - FlTlMil"
United States Beaten in Annual In
ternational Cricket Match.
Montreal. Quebec. Aug. 2«.-Canada won the an
nuai international cricket match, completed here
his afternoon, by 143 runs. The match was ached
tied M a three-day affair, but the low scoring
made It pebble for the same to be finished in
■Mi KM on the second day. and most of the
Lnlted States players left for their homes this
Going to the wicket first. Canada put together
IS* run s m the first Inning, replied to by t'w
American side with 85. Going in a second time, the
< anadians compiled m and the United States 1
1..-.v*-at.-. of Canada, contributed the best score of
••■■• whole match-io. The American lost their
M wicket for eight runs. The biggest stand of
'•'•• inning occurred before the fall of the fourth
wicket, when M runs Nr, rut on. Evans got <Z
the highest individual score made In the match by
an American batsman.
i>, V ? rk> r K^ la i nd - AUK - 21 - The Prince erf Wale*
lUte of i.oyo sovereigns, for two-year-olds Uis
vv'T'i,, " ?" 1 '* * was »'°n *y 11. P. Whit'nev's
Mrbfekbraom. Galatine was second and Woola
combe third. Mr. Whitney's Sallie of Navarre was
Mr O w»V' c tea **««*• but did not get a place.
Mr. Whitney ■ Top o1o 1 the Morning won the Bad
minton riute for two-year-olds.
GUUOM to-ihv
Newark at M... h«--trr.
Jertry < it» at Toronto.
Baltimore at Ituffttlo.
Providence at Montreal.
Newark. 7; IC<m brktrr. 4.
loruuto. a : .j,r-rv « || y . 0 (Hr»t game)
J?SI«*»l ***ifT City. 6 <.r«oS3Taaie)
""£»•«. «J I»«U»linorr. S <Ur»| came)
Buffalo. H; B«l|jii»,rf. 4 fTTi (13 "inning d.rknm).
Itorbettcr <;i 6<J ft6s iinffuW. Vj i~ 1> - p#
B||l I ip*§ j 1 1
&BSL- ::::::::::::::: SUSS! Jj^gi
Kutt, ri.H-iirad, «a,d Blair; Henley and Hrwln
AT r^RCNJC-rirat gam*- s : : ; uHI,u HI ,
grift"*""'''*" 116 " 1 " and Ryan; Newton and Vande-
Second game — n „ „
Jtrsty City 2 10 0 2 0 0 0 MJI
Toronto 1 2 0 2 0 3 1 0 x-S 13 3
Uatteries-Milligan and Ryan; Rudolph and Vun
degrlft. Umpire— Flnneran.
AT BUKFAI»-First «ame- X H ■
Baltimore 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 1 I—6 7"l
Buffalo 0 2 3 1 f 0 0 0 x~6 7 0
Batteries— Nourse and Cheek; Vowinkle and Will
6t*cond game— R H X
Buffalo 00010511 x— B S i
Baltimore 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 o—4 7 1
Batteries— Burchell and McAllister; Dessau and
Byers. Umpires— Murray and Stafford.
Provideaee .'>ooOOoSo <>'. nevn'o
Montreal .. . 0 00000120000 0-3 12 0
Battert*e VPerry an.i Fitzgerald; Smith and Star
nagle. Umpires— Byron and I'hy'.e.
■A£»:n« in the seventh inning. tßattei] for l**v*r In th« '
i.li:i!. Inning.
S>w V .rk 3 0 ft 0 ft O O 1 x — «
Fltuburr 0 0 0 ii 0 O l 0 2-3 i
T»o-|«ie hits f:ri<l«>-l!. Merkl'-. Seymour. Thrae-l.&«» I
hits— iv>ylp. Ml!!rr. Home run— Wuiii.'i FSacHfle« hit - '
; •■« h P»<ri«ce fly — Seymour. I..ft «in bast's— Pittabarc.
« N>w York. -' IX>ubl« !•!»>« iiri..tt-l; aud Devils; i
Devtla uni Mi!k>. htrurk nul-Hy Wliliß, 11. Wilts*. j
6: by A'l-in.!-.. 1: by M;it>,.nsn 1. lt.-i.-s nil t.i!!e - (itt
mtUa, S; ttl WllUif. i. off Adana. 1. Hit •— off Willis.
2 'i 1 lnnlnir: off Adams. I In I Innlara; fit I/»-«-ver. a In |
2 lnninm. of? Wllue, 10 In »« inr.lnc« (Ml one out In
t.:nhi net 1 ;4Z
»■. r Ib *-> a «■ at> > lb |.i a c
Pytr.e. £l> I I if " 8 <» I>..\ i*. 20 ft 118 4 1;
I^ach. of .'. 2 14 0 • Seymour, if... 4 <» I 4 O 0 )
f.arkr, If 4 - 3 I I 0 Dmrora. of ....■, i 0 ■• !
Wt. M...4 2 « - <<•:>!' mil. k. 1f .4 I I 1 0 ft '.
Mliler. a 4 2 8 3 2 OOHftr*. rf....| I I ? I I •
A»»'"-in. Ik. 4 •< 1I" A " r»«r\ lln. 3b .4 o 2 11 o •> '
J. Wilson, rf.4 1 2 - <• «' !'.i:-«. 11. :a.. .4 r. 1. .1 3 O !
OlLnnr.. c 4 • I 1 « OlMarkla, 1 1 . 8 1 I 11 •■ 1 !
Cutnnltt. p.. .3 1 002 osi -.I- ! r . .8001 it 11 j
IA. **!!• -i C...1 11 1 3 1 o i
!l<avnior»<l. p.. 3 O 11 1. ft 2
)*M»-ycr» ..•••••#
T(ta!i S5 II 11 27 10 <l| Toiali 34 3 1*27 14 4 j
•Hatted *ur Ka>ir.unJ la th> nlntli laalag '
Ptttaburc 2 1 0 1 5 ft 2 ■> o — n ]
N«ur Vurk I • I « 11 »• 11 « I—3!
■;»oi.u»j »iit» " Mftlsr. J. Wl!»on. Thrc*-baaa t,u» I
Mc-t'oiiiiii k. .lliUcr. rrjii.oiir, (Jil-s.jii H.-n.e 1 una Wil- I
»..n. I'mrkf. hucrlfl.e fc!t — Kyirtr. Sacrifice fll.x Wa^- !
ner. Miller. Jd< >«-'■■ Kt.4<-n tm»es— Iwell. •"larki W.ik - !
1.1 1 i*t< •ii baaaa I'ituburg, I; New York, 7. 11 ■■ '
Lane on «-rpn« -I'lttkburK. '-■ Slrurh out- Uy Camoilt, I
4. by lUymcnd. 2. i-'lrnt baa* on I .ills- off CaaißitKj -. ;
off lUyuiutio. 3. 1 Lao* 1:». Uji;;-ir«-t(-liii»lio uai ;
PMUuSelpfaia. Auk. -« c!,i, ,.,, i,. Philadel- ; {
jihla l^y v Fcore of 1 '•> 0 to-day, winning In the '
<-ijji.»ii inni! when Hofman tripled and scored
on Tinker's nut.
The fcf-ore follows;
ChlcftCO ft 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 ft- 1 II E
•ii nc'i «• 0 0 0 0 'i 0 1 0 1
l'hl!.idelphl» •• (i 0 « 0 '1 11 11 o—o 7 0
B-ittrri»-«— Ove.-al! .11. Archer; McQuMlefi Cor
rid 011 «_;.J i>oulii. i;n»j'lrts— Kane ui;J Kiciu. I
tew York at ••!. I^ulx.
Hotton at Chicago.
I'liilinlrljilil .x at Detroit.
unliluctun ut Cleveland.
1 . • M I.T«J OF <;.\MKS VF.STERDAY.
St. I.«ul«. || \,.»t York. 0
Itetroit. 7: IMiilaarlphia. «.
4'lrvrUud. ' ; \\ akhlnjti on. 0.
ituktuii. 5; ( hliajo. •.
neJl^t' 1 " 1113 *2J 22 «§'cii!r.«o 58 £
« l.i .land S8 3H .s«o;»Va»hliißtiin ...22 88 281
Rrozvns shut Out New York* in
First Game of Series.
(By Telegraph to Th« Tribune.)
M. Louis. Aug. 14. -Before ■ crowd which be
cause of its allaaneaa, seat dismal chills up the
pplnes of the St Louis club's owners, the borne team
defeated the Yankees at Sportsman's Park hen tins
afternoon by the score of 1 to 0. A youth named
Petty occupied the pitcher's box for the Browns and
to him the New Yorkers owe all their trouble* for
J'ltv let them down with two hits and not a New
York man got beyond second base, only one getting
as tar as that. Lake pitched creditably, too, and
allowed only seven hits himself.
With two put in the first inning Enflo drew a
base o.i balls and showed good Judgment in stealing
second In a hurry, for had he waited a moment
longer It would have been too late, sine Crey %vaa
an easy out St. Louis got busy with commendable
haste. Hartzell beat out a slow grounder and
strolled down to second without undue hast,- when
Laporte threw wild to Knight. Stone. drove a liner
over Cree'i bead and Hartzell landed on tUrd-a:ul
scored when <:;;. forced Hoffman, Lalco then
struck out Schweitzer and Ferris.
In the next inning Austin singled with two
out. but Sweeny followed with a strike out and the
Yankees took the field. With one out in the home
team's half of the Inning. Criger smashed one over
Laporte'a head for .1 single and Pelty lined a safe
one Into right field. Hartzell forced Pelty at sec
ond, but in trying for a douhli play 4■- -. threw lid
1 to first, Criger scoring an.l Hartzell taking second.
I Th. Stone ended the Inning by striking out.
In St. Louis's half of the third inning Hoffman
started the going by walking, Griggs (lied to Engle.
Then, on the hit and run play, Schweitzer single*!
to right and Hoffman landed on third. Cree and
Knight took c.tre of Perria*a grounder, but Hoff
man aeon
There was no further scoring. After this Lake
tightened up and Telly refused to loosen up, no
th. re was very little excitement to the rest of
the game. It Is worthy of note that Wee Willie
Keeler made one of the two hits that his team gar
nered, the other going to Austin.
Th.- score follows:
■T. LOUIS. ' netv TORK.
abrlbroa c abrlbr-oa «
Harrzeil. b5..4 1 1 •> ft o,Pemmitt. cf. .4 O © 1 o 0
•-• ■ ■•-. If ....4 ii 2 % <> i, Keeh-r. rf ....4 v 1 O 0 O
Hoffman, cf 1 I 0 1 O 0. Kt:k!c, if .... 3 0 0200
Griggs. lb ..4(lii M0 1 1 '"!■ M 4•o 2 4 1
*-hweltzer, if a olio O Laport. 2b ..3 «» ft 1 2 1
J-Vms. at. «V* 0 10] 0 Kr.Ui.t.' Ita •••» o 013 0 0
Williams, 2b. 3 0 0 13 o'Anatin th . 3 <» 1 it 4 1
CrUer. .- 4 1 1 3 <» 0 Sweeney, c ...:i 0 <> 5 n "
iVlty. p ... 30 l 1 3 UjLake, p . .3000 -' ii
Totals ...32 3 rSTM 1] Totals 30~0~2 24 1- 3
■*■ '•«"•"«• 1 1 1 • 0 a 1. 0 X— 3
.New rt s •• • 11 0 11 O o—o
, Two-base hit— Ston*>. Stolen liases— Kngl*-. Gr'iEKS Fer
ris, Bchweltxer. '-it on bases— St l^.uls, »; New Tort
4. Base on balls— «.)ff ivltv. i: off Lak* •> nit by
pitcher— Bj I^ak.. 1 iHoffmai , Struck out— By Uk«. 4;
by Pelty. S. Tline-1 :40. Umpires— Perrbw and Shtrljan
1 Victor?/ Gives Champions Share in
Lead in American League Race.
Detroit Aug. 21.— After Philadelphia apparently
had the game won to-day, scoring four runs be
fore Detroit counted, the locals knocked Krause
off the slab, doubles by Cobb an.l Delehanty and a
single by Crawford coming after an error and a
base on belle, and resulting In four runs. Detroit
Is ajjain tied for first place. The game ended in
Detroit's favor by a scon- of 7 to 6. and was a free
bitting contest with considerable loose play on
both sides.
An opportunity for the visitors to win the game
was offered in the ninth Inning, which dosed with
the bases tilled. With one out in this inning Helt
imill.-r singled cleanly and Hartsel got a scratch
safety. Murphy doubled, scoring a run ami putting
men at third an.l second. Donovan was called in to
replace Summers, and Collins walked, lining the
bases. Then be struck out Baker, and Davis lifted
an easy fly to Crawford, ending the game.
The score follows:
.>. r e..,r..^o^",?f, OHar.~,. K H l £5 11 4 S ?S 5
""•n-"; 1 1 O 2 2 li Murphy, rf... 5 «» 2 2 O 0
< obb. rf • 3 2 2 »> <» 1; Colling 2b 4 1 •' 7 " ft
Qrawford. rf 3212 0<» Baker. 3b.. 4 '• 1" < 1 V
l*lehanty.l"b 4 <» 1 2 r. o I>hws. it, {, v 1 • » a .»
Mortality. Sb 3 0 1 i i 0 Barry, as 3 V i i ■< ,
P. Jones, 11.. 4 O 1 12 O Muidrinr.cf .'.'.' "11l o II
Btaiwce. c... 3 1 1 « 2 0| Livingstone c 3 0 .. \ » o
Bummers, p.. :t 1 0 0 3 9|KrausV ;. ... 3 0 I) 0 rior i o
Donovan, p.. 11 0 0 v 0 It 1...-..: ;,. ' ' v „ „ „ 1 «
I *Caßley. . ... I 0 0 „<>,,
Itlleltmuller.. 1 1 1 „ „ „
Totals 27 7 1027 13 2| Totals 3tj ~C 12 24 It ]
r,yTrVln d nrn r th II ll J nnrn'?. tOne in " lnth '""'"*• tl; -- 1 <"'
It-troit o O0"lO4nw-
Philadelphia 2 2 „ 9 1 „ „ <> fZfl
Twe-bcee bite— Delehanty. Murjhv (2l Hits —
Off Summers, 1: 1,, BH Innings; . ;T Kr..,-- 9 in •;»), m
nin»s. .iff Dyiten. 1 ln.li, truing. Saeriftc* j.tts— D
Jones ii), Ttush. Stanatr-. Piimmers. liaker Ollrlim Ci
Pacrlflce files-- Bash. rUHtj Ptolen J, as . _,-.,,,»,
Ctmwford. I>»vl«. Left on tas^-Pet^it. « : 1-hlla.lelphla. '
X rbm sees cm bolls— Olt .summers. 1; off iK.novun , :
<!T K«u«-. 2 - J^ int '; ;lS< * ° terrors " Detroit 1; Phllad#l
i.hla. I. struck out— By Summer.. 4: by ixmovnn. 1- 1.
KrauSH. I; by Dygrri 2. Time— 2 Ci L'mDlrea Con
nolly and Kerin. empires Lon-
Boatari, Aup. ii.— Boston beat St. Louis by a
■oar* of 3 to : to-day in a fast and well played
The score follows:
Boston 0 1 '< I ■; .1 | a a j' y '„
Bt !.o:ils ij I ii 1, 11 i, 1 1 |_j 1 j
Batteries -Brown, Mattern ;ni<i Qraaam: 1 i-.h
and Breeoahan Vn t>irc R
Chicago, Aug. 24.— -Boston continued its good
work to-flay and Jb«at Chicago by score of 6 to 2.
The Fcore follows:
Boston 01101200 0—5"" ',! X
Chicago 0 o 0 1 0 i) 11 1 t ,- 2 3 j
Bauortea Hall, Arreianee and CarriKtn* Bums
Butar and Sullivan. [7mpirea iVLoughlln and
ri.veiHnd. Au» :» Clevciand beat ITaahtagtoa
to-. lay by « score <•( alkenberg pitched
The score fottowa
Cleveland 00102103 x—7 11 E6E 6
Washington — 000000000 — 3 0
'■''.'""■.■ rulkcnhers; und f:asterly Witherut>
and .street. I'inpire — Kvans. " '
New i:. .if id. is: Brockton, l (tlrat game)
Brockti ii. ... New Bedford, I ,-,,.. t id Ktime )
Haverliill. 3; Ijnvr. rice. L 1;L 1 ; (eleven Innings).
Lo«i I] G: A ... . -1. 1, j.
Pall River, i>; Lynn, l <nist game).
Lynn, I; Full River, 1 (lir.-t game.)
— — — — • ,—, — 1
1.0 ..-»- 3: rantm 1.
Blmira, i; Troy, 0.
Utica, I: Wlik s-Uarre, (1.
Uinzliamton, 8; Albany, 0.
Uelyokf-. 2; Waterbury, l (10 Innings)
N". mi imptoi I; New Haven, 2.
New Britain. 3; Springfield, 2.
ISj-rliill, I'nlu <.ri-'in.i- I" ii.it, 1 ji. (v. q teats vs.
rilUburg. Aamhwlitn Hi cent*. •
Nimbus Runs a Fast Mile and Comes
Close to Record for Track.
[By Telegraph to The Tribune. 1
Saratoga. N. V., Auk. 24.— These closing days of
the meeting are bringing troublesome times for the
shrewdest of the handlcappers. Big fields of even
calibre, with a lot of riders of about one grade,
seems to be the solution. It Is good racing, as
good If not better than any that has been fur
nished all year, with lew complaints other than
the difficulty in picking winners.
Hones against which odds more than liberal
were obtainable nearly swept the card to-day. Just
me of the six winners being anything like a d*
cided choice. This was Nimbus, which was mak
ing his first appearance aft-r a good freshening
dp, and he showed what was certainly one of the
best races of l:is career, He went the mile in 1:33
Mai. and this without being hurried at any stage
of the Journey Had he been pushed, there la
little question but that he would have equalled the
track rr-cord. which is 1:373-5, made by Delhi five
years ago. Several trainers timed the race unoffi
cially much faster. One expert made It 1:371-5.
There was another good mark made during the
afternoon, when The Wrestler covered a mile and
a furlong in 1:51 4-&. The record for this distance
is 1:51 .'-.", made by Advance Guard in 1»)2. The
Wrestler was entered to be sold for $300. and when
offered after the finish was bid up by H. U. Bed
well, whoso horse Hans, had finished second, to
Ji..^>, at which figure he became his owner. De
ducting his share of the run-up money and the
•s ■'•' credited to him for running second, the horse
copt BedweU only USa, This looks like the bargain
of the year in selling races, despite th« stories that
the horse is a cripple and is hard la keep tit. He
wins races, j.i,. 1 thai Is more than some of the
sound ones do, and in the hands of Mr. Hedwell he
may be among the top-notehers. On his showing ■
to-day few of the cracks have anything on him
either as to speed Of staying. liedwfll lost Hans
In the same race, J. S. Ward claiming him for A.
Weber, who was represented by Console. The
claiming price was $1,040. which looks full value,
and a llttlo more.
< hi rryola b. at • jcm.d lot in the. two-yf>ar-"ia
hendtfp in decWve fashion. Tke disappointments
Of the nue were lierkimer. whJCB bt-ems to have
■ completely, and The Fad, which was tried
without blinkers. Tin- change of equipment, in
place of being an Improvement, seemed to Induce
the cc,)i - s atowneea.
Prtnce Ahmed won th«> spven-furlnng handicap
froni ;i j;oo,l strintr Of sprinters. He had more
early speed than usual, and simply ran away from
the others in the last quarter. Siinooe came very
fast in the final drive, and heat Dreamer for the
place honors.
Sir John Johnson was started ak?nin, which was
a littlo •orprialag aft-r his woful exhibition yt-s
terday. it waa a case of history rajoaJlni itself,
for he showed none Of the Kreat spied that he is
famous for, and traited with the tail-enders all the
Way. Mis Starting waa against the wishes Of his
tr..iner. bttt his owner, Frank Xolan, argued that
this is the only place he K«-ts a chance to attend
th;- racing, and be wants his hors. s to run where
be •an ccc them. If they are injured he is at
fault, and be Is wlllltnf t<> Ftand for all conse
Mahon, who was injured In yesterday's steeple
chase, was greatly improved to-day, and it is now
thought that he will recover. His father, who was
sent for last night, found his condition so hope
ful during the afternoon that he left for home this
evening. Mike Daly, who has had charge of the
boy since, as ■ lightweight, he began exercising,
says that if he recovers so that he can ride
again his work will be confined to the flat entirely.
Woodford Clay announced to-day that his filly
Ocean Hound would not b« a starter In the
Futurity. The Ally is still suffering from the lame
ness which has been bothering her since the early
summer meetings.
Sticker, which was being pointed for the Futur
ity by John E. Madden, was sold to-day to Fred
trick Johnson. The price is said to be $6,000. Mad
den shipped hie horses to Sheepshead Bay to-night.
He did not win a race litre, which is the first time
that this lias happened here la the many years
that he has been racing at the track.
FIR HAi'G- -Handicap; for two year J3OO added
live un.l a half furlongs. Malt quod. Won cleverly.
lime. 1:0,. Winner, eh. t. by Tunzinclster— Last
t berry. Owner, J. t. Ireland.
Hor^ Wt. St. •% Str. Fin. Jockey bettta?
Cherryola »'•■' - ■»- 14k 1' page... ;.. . 5
Fair Louise.... 11^ (i V 2* ::« Butwell tl
£•«¥- Johnson.. iu4 7 7- a» a' Wetea i"
. rtlti-ad • Hi* •■< 8H 4- 4- Austin ....'.' ii
{£S;; , u> " a " &l s> I'avunport.. 7
Heikltiier lutt 4 -j» 7 tt » Taplln. . .
Magdalen |(« -.. «i » 7. L it( * lv
}-««•««- m 1 i» • • irai :::.;■■ «,.
lA)tlia " v lut! a it v , i, Grand . . -,-,
SECOND RACE Selling; for thr«e-y ear-olds and up
ward; *ow added one mite ami an eighth. Start
good Won driving. Time, 1:31*. Winner, b. g.. 1 -,-
Orlando- iia.'.-.u lielle. Owner. Chelsea Stable.
tSSfc**.. Si St. H l S? Fin. Jockey. UtTi'J^
Tli« U restler. . lv; 2 1» 1» n Gruna...... 8
Huns ao7 1 V -/1/ 1 2' Taulln 7
Uunnl^ Kelso... 103 3 34 3« 3» Upton " ' 3
\<^f;^,:: IS I V t' v i*sar; n2n 2
'"••'-•' ■ '•>•■» «6» »;» «•• 2%Z r :::::: 6
Darkalchi n» ;i «j» 7 - cum
TillKl. RACE.— Handicap; for three „Ms and up
ward; $300 adde.l. Seven furlongs. Start good. Won
driving. Time. 135%. Winner. «h. i... by King
Hanover— Perctta. uvwut. 11. o. BeJwell.
„ Hor»e , , •" St. '» Str. Fin. Jockey, totting*
Princ Ahmed.. KM 1 4' |H 11 Tai-lln i
?'"" oe J'W 4 ti 21 »» MusgraVV.'.'. 40
1 r- •:..■..-.■ ... IIS 2 24 94 :i» Mi-arthy . 0
Mary Davis... 1 10 h 7u t; 4i4 i (ilasa !»-•»
Al-ai'he IH> 3 '.»' s', ,',i p ag p I^s
Hanosi-ara . ... 114 7 h» 4^ «■ ?",rvi'l!e 8
Mr. l Johnson.. 123 10 10 10 7 » .Srand .V.':: 0
King Cobalt.... 11» 6 :;> 2 7 s. l>ugan . 12
{•"'-'■■ M • 1» « n» K. Martin" I',
R»W- Sit 9 Z» » 10 corner ;:: Si
FOURTH KAfG-TIIQ AMSTERDAM; selling- fur three-
yea r-t.d» and upward which have n I Won a race of
the value of $LS(W In iiki-j. value. M.aw. one mile
Start good. Won easily, Time, I:3S. Winner b.g
by Mar Shoot— Lady iillte. Owner, G. M. OJoro. '
Horse. Wt. St. 1; gtr. Fin. Jockey. UtUnif
1 i ll * l - 1» 1' 1* Grand .... ?i;
]<ea<K-MUi> I<>l a V -• »»s rret-vv ' fr-a
N rbltl .. HIS 4 4 4 a i Itutwell |»
Tony Uonero. . . UM 1 3H 4 Pagfc"^!*/.* «
FIKTH RACE Handicap; for all ages which have not
won at this meeting; *:.m. added One mile. Start
B<Mjd. \\ n han.llly. Tin.,-. 1.»%. Winner eh «
by SombriTtt- berriedale. Owner. P. T. Chlnn. '
T^ rs< k „v : St - > Str - Fin. lackey be'tumf
p. >onald. t.7 5 Si 3', 1- K. Martin, ."fa
tort Johnson... !>ri is 1' l» 51 Taplln l"
The S.iuire 110 1 S* $H $1 dSbbv...., 5
Itnvalunyx.... "5 4 4' 41,4 1 , 4' Walsh .. 13
High Range.... l»i» 7 X* r. 5* Motahey.. *>-&
Arasee 107 1. •; i! 1 Glass. ... ' i"s
<;"''"■'•; ■ ■'■" 8 8 7 7 Hinrhcllffe.: ::o
il*n«r ... m '.1 :i <) 1 f ra ] vo
Kelsml^ ••''•' 3 7 S a Kalrbrother". 12
SIXTH HA'"!:.— yelling; for maiden two-year-olds; J4(iO
~} A - . Seven furlongs. Start .X,,1 Won ridden out.
rime, 1:28. Winner, b. c. by Odd Fellow— Ell* Duke
<»»nt>r. F. A. Forsythe.
Horse. Wt. ft '» Str Fin. Jo.kpy. bJtUnif
TeP'>--i. 103 4 3' ]* l« T.aven^ort.. •«
Top Notch • loft : 4'i ! -^ L-t,t,.n 7
I'lxi.- DUon.... l«l 10 «• 41 3% MrCahry'.'.'. 4
fjofleld .... 1"! I 1> .ih 4' Dus 1. ... 31,
M on ? u » •« •'• -> l i *•' l» Butweli ' S
l£nrt!siti(.n '"*■ 1 I* •' •< Walsh " li
V." vil ; I"-' 1 :l 2* 74 7' 0mad.....".' 10
Equation ''"' " "-• •' >>'» Glass 13 ft
V««r. 1O« 7 Si •■-• •.. Y.rke 40
Jit.-k * r»st .. ion •„ 1., jo jo lea»... . tot
Dr. Wick Ml 11 11 11 11 Martln./.V.: 5
Marblehaad, Mass.. Aug. 21. The German Bonder
yacht visitors were formally welcomed to Marble
head tonight at a dinner at the Eastern Yacht
Club. Nearly two hundred yachtsmen sal in long
rows, while behind the broad shoulders of Commo
dore Thomas wore arrayed the Taft and Draper
cups, the trophies for which the six little boats win
struggle next week.
Toasts wire drunk to President Taft across th«
bay. an.l to Emperor William, across the ocean,
while shaking ills white whiskers energenttcally.
Admiral Barandoa, the official representative of
the Emperor ami of the Imperial Yacht Club of
Kiel, declared that the third Bonder yacht contest
would cement even more firmly the bonds of sport
ing sympathy between the two countries.
Mrs. atari Hiatoa, seventy years old, begun
a suit for separation In th« Supreme Court, Brook'
lyn, yesterday morning, against her husband. John
I lint on, enty-foar years old. They we .- mar
ried thirty-nine years as». and lived happily to
i;e.tli<-r until four years ago. The husband Is an
•\ -lii.iii.in and receives .1 pension from th.- city.
The wife wants alimony. The rlmtoaa were in
court last spring; when Justice Jayeos tried to
i-.iiv.-li up 11. «'*•■> between them-
Clothier and McLaughlin Likely to
Clash to Decide Challenger.
(By Telegraph to The Trlhuß«.l
Newport. R. 1., Aug. 24— It settled down to the
Pacific C6aat against the East in the all-comers'
national championship tournament to-day. The
stirring victory of Maurice F. McLaughlln. the tall,
auburn-haired youth of nineteen years, over Rich
ard H. Palm»r provided three set. of acorching
speed that was the delight of th» gallery until the
New Jersey State champion was overwhelmed In
the last !>et. the score being 7-5. ♦_< «— 2. Then
the second strong man of the Pacific Coast team.
Thomas C. Bundy, maintained his place, making It
practically a certainty that the game of the courts
across the continent Is te ba represented ln the
t'nal rotnvl ef the tournament.
The two Eastern experts who held their placee
were William J Clothier, ex-natlonal champion,
and Gustave F. Touchard. who may also be classed
as displaying some of the California traits In his
game, as he learned the strokes and perfected his
work with the racket there. The four men named
are the survivors of the championship play, which
began with the record entry of 164 competitors.
Bundy, by his good work, defeated the Long Isl
and, White Mountain and 7th Regiment title holder.
William B. Cragln. Jr.. •— 1. 7—3. «-*. Clothier
faced E. N. Whitney, the Harvard Interecholastic
champion and runner-up to McLaughlin. for the
national interscholastlc honors. While the young
ster made a vigorous net attack, he was no match
for Clothier at passing tactics, losing at 6—l, 7-5.
Touchard defeated the metropolitan champion.
Frederick C. lnman, ln five fast and gruelling
sets, at 6—4. 4—B, 4— «, a— 6. •— t. lnman waa so
worn down that ln the last set he was too weary
to chase Touchard's placed shots and faded from
the contest.
Striking a whirlwind pace In the opening ner
vlce of hie match. Palmer started McLaughlln on
th- jump. The hard hitting left-hander was too
rnjild for McLaughlln, and he could not make his
returna for placement with any accuracy, so that
the Easterner won the first game. But McLaugh
liri s service Palmer found equally difficult. He
was faster at the start in getting up to the net
«nd he brought off some stinging smashes that
caused the games to fall evenly up to s— all.
"With the New Jersey man serving ln the elev
enth game. Mclaughlin stiffened himself and his
drives for the deep corners made It possible for
him to break through Palmer's service for the first
time, especially as the latter made a double fault
ln striving for a service ace. and bo the next time
he toed the service mark McLaughlln won the set
at 7—5. Hi took th" second set more easily, and
fairly swept Palmer off his feet In the deciding set.
In his mat^h Clothier traded on hi* ripe experi
ence. H f» held his position at the base line, only
moving a few steps on each return to send the
hall back across the net. Whitney's attack had
no terrors for him and he was sure enough of his
drives for placement to the corners to pass the
younger player when he came up to close rai.ge.
The proposition to play one team. America's top
flight of racket wlelders. In the preliminary tie
matches for the Davis International challenge cup
atratnst the Englishmen and then send a second
rate team to Australia. In the event of the defeat
of the Britons, has aroused considerable com
ment among the lawn tennis players here. From
the best Information obtainable It is < vldent that
the International committee, Dr. James Dwlght.
chairman; William J. Clothier and Robert D.
Wrenn, are not In thorough accord as to the
sportsmanlike nature of tills plan.
It is admitted that William A. Lamed. William
J. Clothier. Harold H. Hackett and Raymond D.
Little, the team nominated to meet C. P. I>ixor».
John P. Parke and W. C. Crawley at Philadel
phia next month in the tie matches, will not go
to Australia. It hi because of this that the second
team is being arranged for. Richard H. Palmer.
Nathaniel W. Niles. Wallace F. Johnson and Ed
ward P. Lamed are being canvassed as to their
willingness to go. and two Callfornians— Maurice F.
McLaughlin and Melville H. Long-have also beon
The committee refused to-night to make any
statement as to the unusual condition. It la the
first time in the history of the cup. which has been
Played for since 19U). when It was that play-rs
other than those who competed in the ties have
been allowed to represent th« challenging nation
In the cup matches, of last year's team. Lame.l
Heals C. Wright. Harold H. Hackett and Fred
erick K. Alexander, the men who went to Australia
after the victories on the Longwood courts were
W riKht and Alexander.
The impression prevails that It Is unfair to beat
the Englishmen with a team here and hen ,end
to Australia another team which the Britons VouM
probably have defeated had it tee. brought againlt
them. There i 3i 3 also uncertainty m to the in
|-h agreeing to such a change of the%fj£
lished rule. bo that the outcome of arrangement
between the two nations Is fraught with C onT. de »
able doubt. Dwijfht F. Davis attended J/
The summary follows:
fated Fr«j.rls tU^^n'A^ 1^
F Vn t^ $^ C . E aa- ce F a° rr S t , hh x re f^o^; ollli and «»™*- '•»'
BSpi. T£W2Er Sjj
£ roHt • mwapunoca :::: { ,$
Fountalnblue 117 Michael Beclc lOH
Tom McUrath 114 Pet. ... J.J
Hmpl. Honours 114 Paradise Queen ' 101
•hpoonar 112IM1m Orlttendea loi
W ut-rvllet 110 L* < , rlmiir " n li?
R»*uu«t Urn •Rabin* Bel!
SECOND RACK-Ste.pl.chas. handicap; for " four-
Thlstle'dlfa aDd Upward: . $300 **>*'*■ About two mil*,.
Thlstledalo Ida Bre«adi>clo *g
Expansionist i 3s k*7us iS
liallacalla 13V M Powell' ' "". '.'.'.'.'. iao
«t. N»ck 149 Grace Cameron . . .'.' .130
Sandy Creeker 13.51 "
Also eltirlble:
Pagan Bey IST!
THIRD RACK For lain jiei and utwart non
ulnners In 1903 or 1001'; selling; IHO added. On.
Sailor Girl Wc.olspun 100
Leas Allen 10S •Yam* 94
Acrobat lOSißockcastlo , tt3
Mugwump 104* Beckon '. »5
Gold Dust 101 •Turncoat «.i.»
•l>« Kui'K.i 100*Sollclti>r DO
for two-year-olds; guaranteed gross value $3,000. Sis
Chlckasaw HR'Dalhousla 105
Pretend 113 Busy 1114
HU Sti.-k 113I.tttle Kin* 103
Jac.|U-llna tin Medallion XX»
AnKt-ri'iia lint s,-.ir[>la . 100
FIFTH RACE — Handicap: for three y.ar-olda and up
war 1. t.'.00 added. One mile.
[>anoscara .. . iuzii-n»i. 100
Far West 1 1 2 F.>rt Johnson i»,i
The Squlr* 11l Summer Night 83
May River 104!
Also eligible:
Arclto 123,Sp©Hbound 82
Maltbla 120!
SIXTH RAi'K- For two-year-olds, non-winners at this
mast tag; selling; $400 a.td.d. Five and a half fur
I'raiU 10ft Curly Locks 103
Anthropalila lt'm'Lov* Watches 102
l>unt!i/ld loT Jai-lt Dennerlsn |e< i
Henderson ■ ■ . 1 0H I "mur-n«< in->
Harry •■ruthe l"il *Zaeatacaji ;»7
•<\llttr«t lii 4 Madelln* L icj
•ltu»ten» -Helen Carroll . v, 1
*Apprentlce allowance.
Several Passengers Injured — Two Women Sent
to the Hospital.
In a collision at Woodalde. Queens rough.
yesterday between a trolley tar and a steam roller,
about a dozen •MMM were cut and bruised, two
«>f them so sever.ly that they were »ent to St.
John's Hospital, in Long Island City. Those in
the hospital are Mrs. Elizabeth Scad«-lb«-rg.ir. nine
teen years u!J. of No. 4:. West Mth street. Man
hattan, and Mrs. Klst.- I>rn«ler. tw«ntv-nv year-*
old. of No. 547 East 163 th street. Manhattan.
Mounted I'atrolman Gorman sent In a call to St.
John's licsjiital for an ambulance, and Dr. H. C.
I»rew responded. Th« physician treated the In
jured trolley car passengers for cuts and bruises,
and all. with the exception of Mrs. Scadelbereer
und Mrs. 1 lengler. were able to go to their homes.
•Nw arrcattt hciv iuaUe>
H7.Y.V S< IIOOXi:i{ HUE.
Gardenia Leads Sloops in Brooklyn
Yacht Club Race.
Commodore W. C. Towtn'l yacht Tammany, the)
fiagshlp of the Brooklyn Yacht Club, sailed by
General David E. Austen-, was the winner In th*
schooner class yesterday In the opening; race of th*
clubs 'race week." She defeated L. J. Catlanan'e
Eclipse by 8 minutes 13 seconds actual and by It
minutes 52 seconds corrected time. The Eclipse al
lowed her 4 minutes 26 seconds. In the large sloop
class Leo S. Herzig's Gardenia was the winner
from R. yon Foregger's Adyta II by S minutes 40
seconds corrected time.
These schooners, starting tn Gravesend Bay at
10:30 and the sloops at 10:35 o'clock in the moralng.
In the faintest kind of a, 1 breeze from the southeast.
made alow progress 'beating against the full
strength of the flood tide or an hour, until th»
breeze .anted to the southwest. Their course waa
down the Main Ship Channel to and around th»
Southwest Spit buoy and Buoj No. 3. off th« point
of Sandy Hook. The Tammany got a lead of near
ly two minutes at the start, and she held it all th*
way to the outer mark.
It was a reach, with looms to starboard, back to
the Southwest Spit buoy, and. gybing there, they
were able la carry balloon Jsatsejsasai to the finish.
The Gardenia and Adyta II had a close race to
the outer mark, but the Gardenia obtained such a
good lead that her victory was an easy one. Th»
course was seventeen and three-fourths miles.
The smaller classes were started at 3p. m and
with a good breeze from the southwest they proved
interesting. P. G. Stewart brought his sloop Prin
cess around from the Sound to race In the Q
class against W. H. Childs's More Joy and R. A.
Brown's Florence. It was a close race around the
elght-mlla course among these three, the Flor
ence finally winning from the Princess by only 43
seconds. Four boats started In th* P class. W. J.
ONeiU's Miana winning from E. Benson's Notes by
6 minutes 16 seconds.
Insley & Stringer's Slow Poke belied her name,
yesterday, for she sailed fast in the X class,
beating her nearest competitor, the Chlco. by 23
The summaries follow:
AUGUST 2i, lutlO.
Finish. time.
Tacht and owner 11.M.d. H.M.S.
Tammany. W. .• Towen 3:07:1* 4:37:1*
Eclipse, U. J. Callanan .1:1.1. '»> 4 45:3©
Corrected time: Tammany. 4:32:38. Eclipse. 4:43:30.
Gardenia, L." S. Herzi* 2:32:32 4:17:83
Adyta 11. K. Yon For«*ger 3:01:47 4:34:49
Corrected time: Gardenia. 4:17:32; Adyta 11. 4:30:32.
Pert 11. J. S. Bradley . 4:37:00 1:37:09
Vorant 11,, Daniel T-..ffey 4.3t>:41 l:3t»:41
Minna, W. J. O'Neill 4:29:43 1:23:15
Xotoa. E. Benson 4:30:30 l:3«:3O
Florence. R. A. Brown 4:2.1:11 1 2l> 14>
rrtneeas. F. G. Stewart 4:38: M 1 :3©:0O
More Joy. W. H. fhllds 4 at i>l 1:21:01
Mischief. F. Mitchell 4:53:04 146:04
Chtco. W. H. Fale.i 4:5rt:24 l:3«:3e
Slow Poke. Insler & Stringer 4:35:30 1:35
Merry Widow. Atkinson A Zimmerman 4:37:21 1:37:21
Cherub. B. Atkinson S:ue:10 1:43:10
The winners w*r« the Tammany, th«» Gardenia, th»
Mlana. the Florence and the .-How' Poke.
Good Sport Attracts Crozcd to Rural
Harness Meeting.
'By Teletrraph la The Tribune.]
Goshen. N. V.. Aug. 24.— 1t was evident that th«
crowds that filled the erandatand. clubhouse and
lawns at the Cleats** track to-day were there be
cause they liked the sport of light harness racing,
and even in the days when thousands were lost and
won the crowd was no larger and the enthusiasm
no greater than that displayed to-day. It was
'ladles day." an.l with true feminine Instinct, which
makes anything savoring of a bargain eagerly
sought after, they tilled the grounds till one coulJ
only wonder where they had all come from.*
The programme for the opening day was a first
class one, with four good races on the card, the 2:23
and the 2:.'l trotting classes, (hi 2:3) pacing clam
and one event called the farmers' race.
The 2:23 trot was a 91.000 stake race, and it went
to Walklll Wilkes. a black gelding from the Locust
Farm, In straight heats. Husky Harry, a brown
horse from the La Rose Stables, looked as thought
he could go a great deal faster If he wanted to. but
he finished second. Little Qulsetta won the 2:21
trotting race in straight heats. She was piloted to
victory by "Bud" Murray, and horse and driver
had everything their own way. (juisetta took the
lead ln the first heat at the word "go," and man
aged to get the pole before the others had time
>_to know what- had happened. It was th* same in
each heat, and none of the field ever was allowed 1
to reach even terms. Her fastest time was 2:17"4.
made In the final heat.
After reducing his record from 2:11^ to 1:11. in
the first heat of the 2:20 pace. King Cole, wtth J. L.
Dodge at the reins, brought It down to 2:C9?4 in;
the second heat. His record was made at Detroit
on a mile track. King Cole also won in straight
heats, leaving second money to the bay geldln?
Good Goods, which was hI! that his name signified!
and looked like a winner .it one stage of the race.
Rensaelaer Western, the secretary, had promised
a prize of fjo to each driver who won his race la
straight heats, and strung.* to say all three race*
went that way. George H. Mills got the horse*
away, and there were no fines, no reprimands and
few false starts.
Th«» Judges were H. X. Bain. George Willing and
Gurney Hue. Dr. J. O. Green. Hamilton Busbey
and A. B. Cox« were the timers, and S. M. Klot»
was clerk of the course.
The summaries follow:
Walklll Wllke.. bile. a. by Raven Wl!lce»-Ionf>.
by Walklll Prince »U'a!.<ih> lit
Husky Harry, br. s.. by Dancourt ißathbum 2 » 4
Happy Madison, br g.. by James Madison
(Bo wen) 38 a
Sarah H»rr. br. m.. by Charli«'"iierr" ii;um
. mines) 4 4*
Artrnorell br. *.. by A.lbell tWoo-lnim/.".:." '.'.'.'. '. '. 8 3 »
Borl Wllke*. eh. a .. by Rorea! < Phillips) ••,
Time. 2:17*. 2.UM. £&%.
Quisetta. br. m.. br Blngen— Nowaday, by Loolc
away (Mjrray) 777', . """• tit
Tony R. b. it., by Art«mas .■■htlllpi.. .I.'. « •► 3
I i. I tor 8.. b. *■• by Potential iHolienr«rk> i 4 3
•Jallfornla Cretceus. b. ic. by Memtonlno rNunz) ..154
Hemtce, b. m.. by R»» Americun iSel.Her) . S3*
Irlah. ro. m.. by Th« Tram;. Kliiki . .... 4 7 1
Black Mahogany, blk. a. by Mah..«»ny »F!t»
*eral.li . 7 a a
Tim*. 2 :l7'i. 2:175. | IT*
Kin« Cble. h •.. by Rtngwn— Rwilnda. by Red
wald , 1>,..1n.i 11l
Oocwl i;,..,,j5. b. g.. by In»anitv .'.. i . 3 2 2
Mann^l'a. b m.. by Austral u'orMm... . 14 8
Charmln* MrKlnney. b in., by McKinney
• I:. «m) ....... -434
Prin-e W.lchmur*. b. a. by i>«-l!lan Prtnc*
trtt-hmoyer) » a 3,
O»ntly. br. g., by John R. Oentrv (Ay.lw»r<!) . •» 3 I:
Kmulene. b. m . by Mansfteld Medium d"ha>n».. ft 7 I
liorelli. '.i ,- . by Bcr*j! Phil I; si 7 » »i
L. T. 8.. br. «.. by \V!lk<»» Hoy <* mmtn«»i * S •
Kins Philip, br. ■ ■ by \*l-t:t-.. .swam <tla
Time. 2:11. 2:i>0 1 ;. 2:10\».
As he walked across First avenue at Sith street
yesterday morning, Am!r«w N'elwin. fifty-five years*
old. first mate of the Manhattan Lljrhterase Com
pany's lumber barge Mascot, moored at «3th street
and East Itiver. »v» killed i,>- a northbound electrtu
car. A number of longshoremen who .heard th»
screams of bystanders attacked the motorman.
Patrick Barrett. Patrolman Meyer, of the East
«7th street police station, came to Barrett's rescue
In time in save him from v severe heating, ami
when the CtOVO refused '.o o[xjn up so that Meyer
could reach the moturumn. ha took out Ma billy end
wielded it with such vigor that several heads were.
bruised and cut. Uarrett wa» released on i>arol«
until th« Inuursi.
L«r|r*( Dealers In \, and I'aati Cars
In the- world, no matter what car
ton want, at Kunmrluhly Low Prices.
KEW YORK. 2JVU W. 4>*t»» St.. n«*r IT»i»
to*-. . CtUca^ j. bt. Louli. v ..i U cii^

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