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rranh H. Plntt Tell* of Purchase of
$2,028 Share* for the Railroad Man.
rranH H Fl«tt. ■ director e-f the United States
T-^p.»c«: Company iini son of ex-Senator Piatt.
ppMlfeni of the company, was examined y«pterday
t r the Sur-erre Court «• a witness before trial In
t^e *=nlt hraaafaM by Benjamin F. Sprakler, a phare
r»eMer. who p«V>- for the appointment of a receiver
and m accounting. This action has been brought
lv Gl««?*rr*111e. >f. V.. and t» on the, calendar for
trial MB* Wednesday.
t» developed In the rwir»» of Mr. Platf '* examlna
£r, r r.y BapatM 0 Kremer. c«uni«el for the plain
r ,»- .w,. 1t was the late Kdwari H. Harrlman who
paid f^r and was the, owner of 22,<C* shares of
United States Express Company stock boucht by
Mr. Platt, an<l which now are valued at t2.3Rn.«nrt.
betnp an asset of th« Harrlman estate. Mr Platt
Slid that tf he knew it to he th* desire of any
Vr.a fide stockholders that be rerlg-n from the. cor
y/"-«ticn as director he would do (to.
M r - Platt **\& that h# was counsel for the United
Fmie* Express Company, but that he always in-
d n rse<i over the checks he receives for compensa
tor, to Mi firm, which does the work. He Ml a
rnerr.ber at tba firm of O'Brien. Boardman. Platt *
littleton. The last named represented his partner
at the examination yesterday. The witness said
that there «re standing in his name SS.OCS shares of
t*-* defendant company's stock, but that he did not
*wn them. He said that he bought the stock for
Yl H. Harriman. The witness said that ho owned
p»-f-nnally. actor to WfT. inn shares, and that sub-
KJjuentlr he acquired V additional shares in the
er*-Ti market. Mr Plntt explained that hi« n-^rn
tlnrs were originally for th* United States E»pr«ss
CompKUf. tba Adams Express Company , r.d other
e^T^'par.ies in the express business. He bought
through brokers at the prevallirg market price..
pa>-lng - -.- 51.W..000. and then meklnr a second
payment of JiOO.OOO. The witness added that he held
Vtle to the- shares for a time, but that on th*
l««uRn „ of new shares he indorsed them over In
Mark to Mr. Harriman.
Mr. Platt paid that he had received a letter
npne4 by Albert H. Bannister and Samuel H. Hart
en April * or- behalf of the '♦shareholders* " com
aalilaa, representing that they were owners of
twenty thousand share? and asking him to |ebi
t*-*m and other stockholders holding fifty thou
ssrd shares of stock in caning » meeting of th*
t*nr\rMrt6*r*. "I did not consider Mr. Bannister
r » pr »«er,t*d any interest worth considering."* said
Mr. Platt. He added that the United States Ex
.j-reyp Company joined with other companies in op
peatng a bill before the Legislature for annual
election* of the directors of joint stock companies.
"7 i\6 not personally take any part in It. but i
think th« bill ws? not introduced for any proper
fiTOse," Mr - att said.
••Ar* T^,. ; now in favor of holding annual elec
tors of dU^ctora of join' stock eompaalesr* asked
yir MM
•'That is t<v> I*4 ■ question for me. to |riv» an
rrhtr.d opinion on." Mr. Plait said. -I cannot
H^r.k with regard to all joint stock companies, but
T think such a measure with reference to th«
VHred prates Express Company would h« Inef
The witness said that the communication and a
l'Tt^r h* had received later were written upon th*
f-jrposed authority of on* Bannister and one Hart.
trho represented that between them they controlled
r^euty thousand shares of the stock of the United
?'ares Expr^Fs CnmraTiy.
■So far as pa could ascertain." said Mr. Platt.
••Bannistor controlled or held eiphty-two shares
ef -. stock and : ■•• mm at all. hence ■» not
rerardirg it e^perially seriously."
jl^iii next if h* appro^-ed of a meeting of the
«tr.rkholders of the United States Express Com
pa^v, Mr. Flatt. •— a number of questions,
fta'e'd tha» if the meeting were properly called
vr-,4* T the artless of incorporation he certainly
RrrTrrv . ed of such a meeting. If such a meeting
v .,.. re- 3 -jei=»'Mi. under proper authority, the wit
twss said, he wmzld do all In his power to see that
such meeting was had
Mr. Platt said, in mm to • question by «**>""
*•! whether he ■Wild resign It requested to by
r*ar*holderp, that he would not remain in any
,«•>-» v--c'<=v --c'<= he was nat wanted, and added that
if v . a . Mi opinion that his connection with the
rorporation had Veen for Its good and not to Its
detriment. Mr. Littleton announced that he would
~***rv* tOm «xamination of hi« partner fnr the ertal
in G!ov*rsrl!>.
Th» «... thar Mr. pia-t had rurr * th« TV«v»
fhar»f »ach of United Ptat^s Expre«« fstork h<*M
v- th* >m*ri'-an and AaanM express .'<->mp«Tit ■
h»'-s'Ts*' puhli^ in April. «*>v»ral w<>»ks after the
•rar.sarrion had b»fn #ff«rted. It ml reported at
i*ist time that Thomas F. Ryan was Mr. Plan's
rr^r.'-ipal In the Jit^rotiatlons. Mr. Harriman was
& prorainent figure in the express field, through
r'jt dr>mlr.anre of Wells. Farpn & Co.. hut he had
never b**n identilied with tli» T'nited States Ex
»^».cy «~crrp«nv. W"h<>n the Anierlran Express Com
psny po!d itF 10.<W Bbarea of I'nltei States Ex-
T ,r*<ty Fto'-k to Mr. Platt, Jaraen C. Far*<\ presi
«!«it of the former company, retired as a director
rf tb* Hnitwd Btates Expresn Company. hip w
r.«crr heiruf Albert ■ F^ardman. a law partner
cf Mr. f!att and the. holder of *' shares of the
The * I nrc received by the American company
for i*s holding? in th* Trued States company were
promptly reinvested in sto<-k of the Northern Pa
dS<% Union Parific and Great Northern railways.
Judge Ray Holds Public Service Companies
Come Under Special Laws.
O'er? Falls. .V. V.. Oct. «>. — United States Judge.
P.ey 'J»<-id»<i to-day that th« Hudson River Elec
trlc ( 'omr»ny. the Saratoga Gas. Electric Light
•n<! Power Company, th«! Hudson River Power
Trerfniyslon Company and the Madison County
*»*? and Electric '"ompany could not be adjudged
♦*r.Kr':pTs The decision denies the petition of
wsflJtWa of these companies and upholds the con
tentloa of their receivers .that as public service
orp'jrations the companies come' under Kpeeja!
•*»'f regarding bankruptcy.
Action w-as brought by creditors to have the
subsidiaries of the company declared bankrupt.
.-«t! Juiipe Ray h»ard arguments here last BUI
«-« r T: • Aaeaaaaai will aid in clearing tip mat
<er» m connection with the bankruptcy of the par-
M company.
Rrvssels. O<-t. S — The National Bank has raised
tre <3's~our.t rate on ac-r-pted bills to 3Vj per cent
**'! nn nin-ar<~*pted bill* -4 per cent. On pur
rhe*»s o* foreign peruritles the discount ie 3*4 per
*»it. On Belgian funds cash sales the rate Is
rariff of 1 POP
or the.
Payne Tariff Law
The New Tariff and
The Old Compared
New-York Tribune
154 Nassau Street, New York
iB «r Write
of Imitation
When CROSS Creations are imi
tated the result is a weak dilution.
One might as well try to trans
plant a London fog.
Cross Desk Baskets
10 Inches Long, 9 Inches Wide. 4
Inches Deep — English Willow
Twigs^ — Colored Morocco Cover and
Lining — Cover Fitted with Pen.
Pencil, Scissors. Knife. Paper Cutter
—Handles on Sides $11.75
Same without Cover — 18 Inches
Long. 11 Inches Wide. 4 Inches
Deep— Containing Library Scissors
and Paper Knife $<».5O
World** Greatest "Leather Store*
Sl* Fifth Areniie Mi Broadway
Boston — 145 Tretnont Street
Claim Outlook for $1,500,000 Surplus if Re
ceivers Retain Control.
Richmond. Vs.. CW. ••— 111 an effort, to stay the
sal* of th* Norfolk & Southern Railway, which la
In th* hands of receivers, Fergus Reid, through
his attorney. Robert B. Tunstall. of Norfolk, this
afternoon appeared before Judge Edmund Wad
dill, Jr.. in the (Tatted States Circuit Court of Ap
peals here to present. his formal petition.
Argument also was heard from lawyers represent
ing the Norfolk & Pouthern Railway. Edward R.
Baird, jr.. of Norfolk: the Trust Company of Amer
ica, trustee, by its attorney. Thomas L*. Chad
bnijrne. Jr.. of New York, and the receiver?, H. K.
Walcott and IT. M R«rr, of Norfolk, by their coun
sel. Judge T. H. "Wilcox. and R. M. Hughes, of
Norfolk. Mr. Reid claims- that if the road Is al
lowed to remain In the receivers' hands for another
eighteen months they will b" able to <-<-•■: a sur
plus of Jt.6oo,<yv>. Th securities of th«? road are held
mainly in New York.
Insurance Men Say a Levy of More than 1 Per
Cent Is Confiscation.
Cincinnati. Oct. P.— The American "Life tnaurawca
Convention, whose membership include!* life in
surance officials, claaad Its thr'-e days' convention
here to-day, to meet next October In Dcs afoinaa,
lowa. .
The following officers wer» elected: President.
Isaac Hamilton; Chicago; secretary-treasurer, T.
W. Blackburn. Omaha: executive '•"mmiti«' 1 J. B.
Reynolds, Kanssu" <•'•-„•■ Felix Cross. Cincinnati;
Samuel R. Smith. Chattanooga. Term. . P. D Gold,
Raleigh, N. C . and C A Woolen. Indianapolis.
The meeting adopted resolution! declarine that
the convention would teat the constitutionality of
the corporation tax in the courts; that a tax of
more than 1 per c*>nt is confiscation for insurance
companies, and that all states should have, the
same tax on insurance business.
Advertising Trip Through 11,000,000 Acres of
Unsettled Land Planned by State Board.
The Missouri State Board of Immigration will
undertake next Tuesday ■ novel plan for adver
tising unsettled Missouri land. The members of
the board will then launch their first Idea, which
includes a trip through the heart of the Ozark
region by Governor Hadley, together with the Mis
souri Waterways Commission, representatives of
the local and Associated Press and Eastern mag
azines and several state official*. The Board of
Immigration estimates that there are in Missouri
eleven million unsettled acres, held at from $2 to
$10 an aTe. in territory tributary to the railroad
trunk lines. The board wishes this land "settled
The party will proceed on October 12 rom St.
Loot* to Salem. Mo., where a large district meet
ing will be held solely for the purpoj-" of awaken
ing the country to the need of immigration de
velopment. Flatboats. guides and cooks have
!,^*n supplied, and a float of about two hundred
miles will be indulged in by the party down the
Current River, slid to be the swiftest stream of
Its size in the Mississippi Valley.
All kinds of meetings have been arranged for the
river trip, with side excursions and some novel
Changes To Be Considered at Conference of
Experts in Washington.
Washington, Oct. 9— At the conference of money
order experts of the Poatoaßea Department to be
held in this city or October II every phase of the
system will be considered in detail, with a view to
reducing expenses and increasing the efficiency of
the work.
The most important subject to be considered will
be a suggestion that identification of the holder of
an order be waived, and that the orders be made
payable at any money order office, thus making
them practically currency.
By direction of Postmaster General Hitchcock
the conference also will consider the following
questions: Whether more than one indorsement
should be permitted; charging a fee for advising
the remitter of the payment of an order; charging
a fee for issuing a warrant for an Invalid order, or
for the extension of th* hours of the money order
Tiverpool Oct. 9— Liverpool shipowners were
asked to-day about the report that transatlantic,
freight rate* from American ports w^uld be in
creased They said that any present hardening
In th* eastbound rates was nothing more than the
normal one which always ocr.urs in the fall of the
year when cotton and grain cargoes are moving
and more tonnage Is required. Nothing unusual
has happened or Is expected, they said. In th
direction of a general and permanent Increase In
rates although after the heavy hlump they would
gladly welcome a substantial advance in prices.
Collector I-oeb issued i. report yesterday of the
n.stoms receipt* for the nine month* of the year,
which showed that the record of 1307 for the Fame
period had b*en exceeded in entries made by 1212.
and in the money collected by 1435.41', 70. F'revlous
to this year I*"7 showed the largem business in »he
history of the port. The comparative record
follow :
R*rulir entries ruilora*
made receipts
riF.tmn.mwth.ejlW..... 221.W* •>«-»»2J '•
Flr»i nine months of 1&O7 '^'^ :J__l
Increase tan »cai *- i!t um.mn
Ni\\-\om< mn.v TRIRi \i;. si\;)w. o« ,obkr »*>. tSM
We invite inspection of the Bedroom and
Dining Room Furniture, which we are at present
showing in this Department, as rarely has such a
complete and well -selected collection been offered
at such moderate prices.
Our Bedroom Furni/urs, consisting of Bureaus,
Chiffoniers, Bedsteads, etc., etc.. is shown in Ma
hogany, Circassian Walnut and Oak and follows
faithfully the classic and period lines.
Our Dining Room Furniture shows very
strong representation of the Colonial Period,
together with Sheraton, Chippendale, Flanders,
and Old English.
Special Sale
Carpets and Rugs
Commencing Monday, October i ith
continuing throughout the week.
The recent purchase of the surplus stocks of
prominent manufacturers, enables us to offer
the following exceptional bargains: —
Best Quality
Wilton Velvets
regularly sold
at $1.50 per yd.,
at $1.15 per yd.
Size 9x12;
regularly sold at $39.50
at 527.50
In this lot of Wilton Rugs in addition to the
regular stock sizes, will be found such odd sizes
359x13.6. 12.9x12, 9x11.6 and 9x9.
A wide range of designs and colorings embracing
all furnishings, will be found in all of the above.
if you are in need of floor coverings
don't fail to see them.
Detention House for Celestials at Richford
May Be Discontinued.
Rirhford. Vt.i Oct. S.-It la understood here that
the try of Chinese from Canada Into the United
States through Richford ls to be discontinued, and
the business transferred to Vancouver. B. C. and
The local Chinese detention house, it is expected.
will be closed on November 21. It Is said that one
cause for the change is a protest by American rail
roads that the Canadian Pacific Railroad secured
the entire business of transporting the Immigrants
through the local port of entry.
Special Master Appointed for Western Mary
land Railroad.
Baltimore. Oct. 9.— An order of foreclosure and
for the sale of the Western Maryland Railroad
was signed by Judge Morris in the United States
Circuit Court to-day. John Hinkley was appoint
ed special master to execute the decree, and will
Five a bond of JIOO.OOO. Tie will later announce the
conditions of the sal".
The order was signed under proceedings by the
Equitable Trust Company of New York in pursu
ance of tlie proposed reorganization plan of the
p>ao\ It followed a hearing early in the week. In
which was combined a hearing on claims by I,ee
L Ifalone'a executors, who have heavy claims
against the railroad company for sales of coal
Admission into the case was granted to the
Equitable Trust Company because of Its succession
by merger to the Bowling Green Trust Company,
of New York, and the order to-day provides that
in case the proceeds of the sale of the road snail
not be sufficient to pny in full the whole amount
of the principal of the mortgage bonds, together
with overdue Interest, the special master shall re
port to the court and the International Trust Com
pany .-hall, a- trustee, be entitled to nave ju.lg
ment against the Western Maryland Railroad Com
SB« on January I. mm. according to a r
port on fhe condition of the --tHte treasury lual
made to Oovernoi Brown The Governor advo-
MA<"-y<=. Broadway, hftwcfn 31th and .-'.in tn-morrnw they announce at attractive prices silk.*,
Streets, announce a >Hie of twenty-five thousand , ff ' r^ <x '- and black cloths. lares, linens. -portieres and
yards of satin lullllliiliin at serial value Flan- j Persian and Turkish carpets.
nel.% rlhhons, dress goods, women's and mlssfs" "■ '
PUitK. mats and capes, petticoats and waists will . l/lRr) & TAYLOR. Broadway and 20th street.
lie offered this week at attractive prices I Flfth avenue and li>th street, direct attention to a
Rale of women's boots, men's shoes and under
wear. They will also have a special sale of furs.
DEARS'. West 14th street, call attention to the
last week (if their seventh fall sale. In tl
special inducements will hi offered In curtains.
portlerea, couch - woroen i : ;* i i ■ rr«— l
suita, silks and velvets Special valuta will he
offered to-morron iti ruga
and women's robea At least twenty-one morning
■peciala, which will reman on aalc until l o'ckki k
BLOOMINQDALfS, Third avenue, betwai
rtll ,l „ indueamenta tni>
R ... y ■■ itocklng hats, draped turbana, pon)
, „.,! and i aromas ■ fui lh« ■
. rollaetton of ■!
ai i eaaonable prioi i
STERN BROTHERS, West 3d street, have ar
ranged I sale for this «.ek of an assortment ot
cloaks ,11.1 wrapt iii"' ma' mil furs, women's
hatfi and mliaaa' tailored euits and dresses. For
Lord & Taylor
Furniture Department
Royal Wilton Rugs
Size 8.3x10.6;
regularly sold at $35.00
at S2 5.00
Broadway & 20th St.; sth Aye,; 19th St.
ever h»ld in the United P»at-»
Tnite* States Auctione#r.
T\M!I nff.r for sale to the trad* at public auction with
out reaerre, on behalf of th» purchasers, a etoek re
cently acquired of
riMnm»n.-liig MONDAY. October BMb, 1900 at 10 2<t
A. M.. lit the »tor«. ,103 FIFTH AVE.NTE. mnt to th,
CORNER OF 42ND ST.. and contlnutn* until i"ld
Tht« H"ok tit the balance of (nods ptirehai>«d hr
Joseph Franker* Sons of Gattle. Ettln»er ft H«mnj«t
and consists approximately of 3300.000 worth of
nneA' ry rJ?le» nt d in a highly artiatie manner with th»
s^HSr 7o "° n ™* r « "">"■ h *°™*
cated a constitutional amendment that would per
mit, the issuance of |600.«0« bonds to place the
stare on Its financial feet. Revenues have de
creased with tlie abolishment of saloons.
Bills Against Lackawanna, Erie and Buffalo
Creek in Semi-monthly Pay Case.
Buffalo. Oct. I —Twenty -five indictments charg
ing that the Delaware. Lackawanna & Western.
thY Erie and the Buffalo Creek railroad companies
have violated the law in payinsr their employes
only once a month were returned to-day before
Judjre Km TV In Criminal Court, where, pleas of
not guilty were entered by attorneys representing
the various companies. The attorneys reserved
th • right to withdraw these various pleas and de
mur to the Indictments or otherwise plead. Th»
net ions were brought about at the instance of the
State Department of Labor, which was Insrumenta!
in passing labor laws under a section of which these
actions were started.
Washington, Oct. 9— Mr Cobell. Commissioner
of Internal Revenue, lias gone to Dublin. N. H. to
confer with Secretary MacVeagh concerning th«
details of execution of the corporation tax law.
The new law baa entailed on the officials, clerks
and field men of the internal revenue service a
great amount of complex work, and the utmost
caution is being observed in guarding the regula
tions and the blanks for the returns.
BEST ii CO., West 23d street, lay stress this
week oil a yale of bathrobes, fall underwear, um
brellas, young menu and hoys' fur gloves, boys*
hnts and caps arid footwear for young men and
HIGGINS a PEITER. east' of Sixth avenue, be
tnren Mst and 2Cd streets, offer special induce
ments in ■ salt- of china and glassware.
SAKS a • <> . llxoactwfty*and !4th street, begin
rung to-morrow announce an extraordinary closing
out sal* of laces and embroideries. Milliner}, pet
ticoats, ribbons, table decorations, suits, gown*
and dresses will be offered this week at special
ARNOLD, CONSTABLE 4 CO. Broadway and
l!>th street, announce a sale this week of an assort
ment of furs, women's tailored aults and petticoats
at reasonable pric**-
Best Quality
regularly sold
at $1.50 per yd.,
at S 1 . 1 o per yd.
Auction Sale*.
Lord & Taylor
Neckzvear Department
Hand Embroidered
Jabots and Rabat s I
in colors and white. I
Tailored and Fancy Stocks )5® Ct
Imported Lace Stocks,
Yokes and Eton Collars )
Hand- Embroidered Linen Collars
all sizes; new patterns
2y\ & SOC.
Imported Collar and Cuff Sets
Fine St. Gall Embroidery
$OC. set
1 000 Dozen
Phoenix Mufflers 5° C -
New Shapes and Colors each
Fancy Jabots, Stocks and \
Stocks with Jabots attacked 75 C *
Imported Scarfs
in a large variety of materials and colors
$2-45- $3-95
A New Importation of
consisting of Yokes, Round Collars and Rabais,
Jabots, Sailor Collars and Coat Sets.
Imported Scarf s for Evening Wear
in the latest colorings and shapes.
Marabout Boas and Muffs.
Satin, Crepe and Mousseline Scarfs
edged with Marabout, all shades,
for street and evening wear.
Spanish Lace Scarfs
in White and Black.
Ribbon Department
Special Sale of
Lingerie Washable Ribbons
No- 1 35c No. 3 85c
No. i 4 50c No. 5 $1.15
No. 2 65c No. 1.75
Colors: White. Pink. Light Blue and Lavender;
sold in 10-yard pieces.
Moire Francois \2OC
Extra Quality: 5 and 7 inches f ,
wide; colors: White, Pink, Light /
Blue, Lavender, Cardinal, Brown, 11 QC '.
Navy, Alice and Black. /per yard
Flowered Pompadour Ribbon
with satin striped borders; S inches wide
£\OC. per yard,
<J formerly $1.25
Colors: Pink. Light Blue, Lavender, Leghorn
and White. Very desirable for fancy work.
Fancy Plaids, Polka Dots \
and Persian Effects \aßc.
in dark, rich colorings, for Hair Bows / yard.
and Children's Hat Trimming. I
4 to 6 inches wide o^Tto ss 5c5 c
Fringed Sashes
Al.Q^ each
'*J y*J value $7.00
Hah' Bow Taffeta
All Shades. 4to 6 inches wide
JQC. per yard
, Broadway & 20th St.; sth Aye.; 19th St.
Buildings and Freight Cars Destroyed—
Loss. $100,000.
Milton. X. H. Oat ».— Practically the entire
plant of the Boston Ice Company here, including
thirteen Ice houses, a stable and a toolhounv was
burned to-night, together with nine freight" cars
loadeu with la* which stood on .t Boston *. m .in»
Railroad siding. The locs is estimated at $i.vo
A number of tenement houses occupied hv " n ■
ploye* of the company were bare!-. «aved from .L"
ttruction. ***> ur "
It is supposed tUt the ftre was ~t.,rie,i h> .»
■park from a locomotive. The lee plant „fihS
company was lo.Ai.tl at Milton Ti.re* ron<\\ [X
the line of th« Conway Branch of the k!Hy«» T
Maine Railroad, and the villas „ c«m£seu „« nly
of the ke company's workmen, who hart t v „,.,.,
desperately to save their homes. tllJut
La Porte. Ind . Oct. ». -Governor Marsh.,.l .len,-,
»odajr the petition for the parole of Ray Lampbcrci
serving a term for setting tire to the home Of Mrs.
Belle Gunness or, Arrll ». 190 S. Lamphere's releases
was fcousht on the gn>u'id that he is dying trota
tuberculosis. Warden Reed reported to Governor
Marshall that I :-mj>her«f. although suffering from
lung trouble, was rot dying, and would undoubtedly
live through the winter.
San KtunrteK <». »»ct. fc— The ..ttn-iul .loins quo
tations tor minms stock* ii>-«Jay were as follow a:
Alpha ',:■ Ju!:* In
Alpha « -on ■ - 1S» K«uiuoky *<m Qj
Aiulrt t»,U W»«h it>n i" ;
•test' 1 * i«"»le her". '. '. '. ". ". ". '. ,m\ > n'c*a«ai«l ' iota"- '. ""'~ \
\ ittrdonia <• merman ...•••».»•••-•♦ •** \
ihjtlrnK. Ci<n *»< P»»lo»» ■ ■ ••• '9
, hollar . . ■•>-„.<. ..;....—«••*•«•' •'■.
« „nß.ie... ».••' Saa BeKMf.." •*'
ion «»l * \» . ...... I TT stem NY*«*» *
»•»» liP ii* 1 ■ «*»tirnl«li « on. ....•_...... i.I
irti*n k'otnt Htsl't.h V*».-- ■'■*
O«u»rt * Curry * .4-tT*U«J<» Ja5&H.......... t»i
k^l* £. .»•'

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