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evades ritomnrnox.
Meets Union and Confederate
Veterans in Alabama.
■ --linjrham. Ala.. Nov. 3.— President Taft
brought hi« twenty hour?" stay in Birming
ham to a elope this afternoon, and left
here for Macon. <»a. He stopped to night
for » abort stay at <ij,. !ika. Ala . and^at
Columbus, Ga.
In his principal Birmingham pddress", de
livered at <"apltal Park this afternoon to
an immense and r,n unusually demonstra
tive crowd, the President ap.iin expressed
his pood will toward the Booth While
doinc 50 a sray hear<leii man in the crowd
c«ll*>d out:
'';..i1 bless you l We all love you."
A hroad smile. cam» over the. President's
fpc» as he replied:
"That reminds m« of the old quotation:
•It may be all ripht to dissemble your |ov*.
but, why did you ki«"k me downstairs"' But
I have no fault to find on that score,"
a/i<.«='j the President. ' The fact that you
had so little to do with putting: me where I
am makes me appreciate the warmth and
» mcrity of your reception all the more."
The President urged support In carryfug
out the Roosevelt policies, to brin* about
better conditions of honesty and Integrity
In business and public affairs without re
pard to party line?:
Th» President referred to the proposal
to amend the state const It ution by provid
ire in It for an indefinite continuance of
Mate wide, prohibition. He promptly was
p*k*-d how lie stood on the question.
"I am not an AJabamian," h« replied
■ mid laiiEhter, "and 1 am in somewhat the
position of Brother Vox wlvo, when he was
called upon to decide a case between a
Jton and sonic other ferocious DPS at, pro
tested that }]" had a bad cold and had
entirely lost ] is sense of smell."
■When the President left th« luncheon,
the way from the, clubhouse door to the
waiting; automobile was lined on one side
by veterans of the Confederate army, and
«'ti the other Fide by veterans of the Grand
Army of the Republic. As he passed down
this avenue, Mr. Taft Fhook hands alter
nately with each one,
As lie shook hands with one of the Con
federates, the old fellow said:
Air. President, you have captured the
■eeeaatonista. the Ku Klux and the cranky
Democrats, .-,11 ..f them."
• Weir, that's a whole lot," smilingly re
plied the President.
During; his stay In Birmingham the Presi
dent said that he always thought of Bir
mingham as one of the. proup of cities, like
Atlanta, Pittsburgh Chicago, Minneapolis.
Seattle and L,os Angeles, "that do thinKS."
••Birmingham," said the President, "be
cause of her cosmopolitan character and
because she is beoming more and more,
aware of how close .^he is to tho North
■nd how close she is to the entire country
In a business way, is influencing the South,
a* the North is influenced toward her, to
believe that this country is ceasing to have
Fections-rtiot ceasing to have traditions.
And there is a distinction I would like to
make as emphatic as possible.
••I would not have the South give up
a single on» of her noble traditions. I
■would not have her abate a single hit of
the deep pride she feels In all her great
J.eroes that I resented her in that awful
struggle between the North and South: hut.
I r.nul-1 have the whole country know, as
I believe the South is growing herself to
know, thai It is possible to preserve all
those traditions intact and have ■ warm
;!inl deeply loyal love of the old flag to
which Bite has come back and to know
that the North respects her for those
traditions she preserves and does not ask
liei in discard one, but only wishes to
unite with her In the benefits of a com
mori causH . nd of a sympathy and associa
tion between the peoples of the two sec
tions that will certainly lead us on to a
greater and greater future."
Governor Coiner of Alabama, who favors
the. proposal to put state-wide prohibition
in the constitution^ came in for a lot. of
Cood-na tuned chaff at the "cold water
dinner? tendered the President last night.
In one "i" his speeches ben to-day the.
President sought to defend golf from tbe
charge that i: Is •< rich man's game. The
President also told of the pleasure bis trip
l.a- given him. He said:
Now I speak with some fervor on I lie
f.Mine of go!f. because during tli< last presi
dential election i»w'iis not wiiiiout caution
hk t<» .tlie effect of too great enthusiasm
»limMi "ii my part in reference to tine
game. ii whs supposed at that time, and
it was heralded in Ihe newspapers as being
■<- game indicating aristocratic leaning and
.is-s-ociation wttli wealth, thai was sup
j.iv^r) to injure one In the standing of the
"plain •.<••..!-.'. .I-- in. -i. in called them.
But I am hopeful now that the virtues
»>f coif as h trainer of character «nd as a
leveller, instead of an ex;<lt<T. of people
•will be so well understood: that In any
l«mire political campaign golf will fisure
lather as a reason for electing a. rand I
€>-.!»» who Is addicted to ii ih.ui to defeat
Dallas. Tex., N'>'.. r..— Sergeant J. I' Man
ley, v:.. fatally stabbed l,iOuin Ilelchen-
SjtHn with a bayonet on President T«ft's
vim! hex**, teas-hold without bail here to
day on the charge of murder. Manley was
one of ii,» local militia company called out
to honor the President.
Tells Magistrate He Knows as Much
Law as He Does.
Ps "■<-.] * I, Bel an arrested Solomon .lusko
v itr., Democrat! captain, on a charge of
disorderly conduct in Interfering with th»
rountinc of ballot! at No. m Kast Houston
street on Tuesday nislit.
Ifagistrate O'Connor, In Rases Market
<ourt • ■• day. asked Behan if Juskowllz
had been behind the rail, to which Beban
refilled, with much spirit, that there was
jt> rail. an<i added: "I know my duty and
1 knew it »;-s my duty to arrest thin man.
*n<i I know about as much law as you do."
.luskowitz hrok«* in to •'■•'■ in.it Il.'I I .' an had
; .-,:,, i a bribe of $•'> under a promise uoi
to Rive lh<* D**n*ocrsta a fair deal, and D.
KamnHz. " Republican watcher, charged
that Bel-.an was Intoxicated.
Magistrate i • on no i adjourned the ■•!)?<■
until to-day. 'V- < will go to the bottom of
1lii« t>iatt«r." li^ said.
Do You Need
a Maid?
Advertise in The
New-York Tribune
Advertisements may he
left at the main office, 154
Nassau Street, or any of the
following branch offices :
I || <i\\ N BBAXril:
|'r(Ri..iH..«i ••••<■ : Hlh A Sllli Sit,
'\ I « I II MM KM
2«3 iv , -i i Etta Mirpf.
EAST || \ 1.1 KM:
. If] ten '".Hi Street.
215 MuDtnriic fMret-t.
Batten/ Boatman Disturbed by
Mothball Odor.
For t!i» last two days the Filial! of moth
halls permeated the air alone th«» Battery
WalL "Bill" Qnlfdey, tiif Battery boat
man. Ftiiffed the. breeze and complained of
ft hesidafhe. Me dropped In yesterday to
see his old friend Judsje Smith, and tried
to borrow his steam launch to comb the
Flioal in search of the ran?*. The boat
man was sure tliat some stuffed bear had
escaped from a "taxl<nbisfs" fur store.
Qu(kl"v wandered north through Rattery
Park and Inspected th*> clotheslines along;
Washington street, but found nothing ther«
to warrant a telephone <all to the Hoard of
Health. Once when the moth ball odor was
dose to the Kills Island landing, an Italian
woman fainted. »nd haying something of
a temperament the boatman felt himself
polng. too.
In despair Quljzley thought of "Monk"
Psnderfs. a Battery loiterer, who. when the
price for a "find" was P«. used to watch
from the wall for floating bodies of suicides
and victims of foil play. "Monk" had not
been teen since Monday, when lie earned
his weekly stipend of 20 rents by helping
load Immigrant bagTßasre nt the Ellis Island
But Qiiltrley. after literally waltzing
around Battery Tark for an hour, finally
found his quarry. It was a Persian lamb
coat Fitting: upright on a bench. The moth
ball odor led to It. and Qu'igley mad« a
double catch. «iraspin? the coat in on«
hand and holding his nostrils with th->
other, he shook the costly garment and,
behold, "Monk" Banders walked out of it.
"Come out of this," said tho boatman.
"T was looking for you to help me find the
moth ball smell, and here 1 find you are it.
Oh, you terrible man! You odoriferous
beachcombing pirate! Where did you pinch
that coat? Out of this quick, or I'll call
a cop." ■ ♦ . -
ganders In a tremble explained that the
coat belonged »{> a curb broker In Broad
street, who took it out of storage recently
and paid him 2.0 cents a day to air It along
the. tvall until the smell of the moth balls
"}{<rc," said Qiiisrlpy, "is a quarter. Buy
M>mo more moth balls and put them in the
pockets and make tho job last. 1 didn't
travel with 'Bronxo' Roa^h for t^n >fars
for nothing."
Big Four Official ruder Sur
veillance of Detectives.
official arlTiiission of thr; shortage in th«»
accounts of Charles I-. Warrlner, city
treasurer of the passenger department of
the MiX Four Railway at Cincinnati, was
made from the general offlcos of the New
York < 'pntral lines her<» yesterday.
In a statement from the president's of
fice it -was declared that Warriner was
slioit in his accounts "a considerable
amount of money." Further, the suite
tnc-nt said thai Witrringer had be^n bonded
by tlio American Surety Company to th^
extent of 150.000, and that steps had been
taken to coilr.-t Indemnity from the surety
trice-President John Oarstensen. of the;
Central lines, who has charge of the gen
eral accounting work of the entire system,
with Vtce-President Albert H. Harris, the
general counsel, are conducting an *-xami
iiati.,n of Warriner's books, ami In the
m^an time Warrlner lias been sent ba^k to
.Cincinnati under the surveillance <>f the
road's detectives.
The two rice-presidents, with Mr. . War
rino.r, came from Cincinnati to New York
on Monday, and after a session together
in the general offices of the company here
Warrlner returned to Cincinnati, but not to
his official position. R. P. Alirens, of the
f,ake Shore office In Cleveland, has super
seded Warriner in the Cincinnati office.
At the general offices of th» New York
Central lines it was said that no action
would be taken in the matter until the.
company's Investigation has been finished.
Magistrate Krotel Gives Small Comfort
to Slugged Candidate.
As s result of « street tislit over a po
litical disagreement five men were lorke.i
up ; ;i the west 47th street station yester
day The prisoners were later arraigned
before Magistrate Krotel in the West Bide
("ourt. who discharged them, sayine that
ti ause of ti,. trouble \\;i« «? much on
r,.,Pr ,.,P side as on the other.
Frank Joyce, the defeated fusion candi
date for Assemblj In the nth, "The" Mc-
Manus's district. \\;hs attacked Tuesday
l'icht by a cane of roughs ;u !*i h avenue
mid 4»".th street When Joyce f«^H to th«
ground a number of his friends jumped in
nnd a free-for-all light followed.
Joycj told the magistrate that lie knew
tii:n McManue brought the c.m;- from the
Bowery to d<> him up. He said thut e\er
since he |efl the McManus Afotociatlon lie
I:H<1 been tipped off that McManus was
nfi' r him.
Garage Robbery and Collision Latest
IRr 7>>;:rar- l i to Tba Tribunr !
Greenwich, Conn., Nov. ". — j.i!m Tyson, of
Riverside, said to he the unluckiest auto
mobilist in America. )i H d another had day
1.. day. At .ni early hour this morning his
garage was entered by burglars, who look
six rubber shoes, three Inner tubes, :i '.iren
horn, h storage batterj ;md a (Toll auto
inatic revolver, the '• r th< whol«
amounting to nearlj '
Just before noon his i i.. raring car col
lided with the car "i I': Benjamin J.
Hands, health officer of 1\ r t < heater. and
was badly damaged. Ii i- said that Ty
icon's ram have hid more :i..i.i.nt- than
those of ,nny other owner In tins country.
Mexican Refugee Reported Captured
in Texas.
|B Telegraph to Th» Tribune.'!
Galveston, Tex., Nov. .">.— ln«z Huic. ■
• „.;ii.i. from Mexico, and for many y*«ars
,-i terror along the Tejt&s-Mexico border,
ha* been captured in Krlo County, Texan.
Six ears >-■> !i*s escaped from Mexico,
wlj«»r<" h< was awaiting execution. Thre«
«is-v«« :it; ■ a :-:.i-f in Frl<"» County r'>«»f»s
nixed him, and with << posse effected in"
rapiur*'. Ruiz Is i\.-AYK>-(\ nrlth having
Ullfd at lc« lit forty men.
i Traction Settlement While Johnson Is
Still Mayor.
( ir- <■ 1.-, ; vi. Sox '■■'■ -An anomaly of the
situation created by yesterday's election is
the fa<~t that the Mreet railway question
will ba permanently settled before Tom 1,.
Johnson relinquishes tIM mayoralty.
The r.it» of far**, to be 3 cents at first
and never pr»>at«»r than 4 sprits for a cash
I fare or seven tickets toi 25 rent", dan
i already been Merged, i" There remains
j for Judar* Taylor only th* work of flxtnj;
the value* of railway property, upon
winch iii» • per < **it« earnings ana to he
computed. The famines are never to
J fxrc^<i I per cent and any surplus shall
b<- i!*<>d In i ■ftt«-rinp th*> service. ;
! The -total -vot» : announce! by Mi<- board
i .if . Mom - ea Baenr, 41.4-42: Johnson,
, 5T.703, and John '• Wiliert. Socialist, 1,233.
THrnsDAY. J)fcttJ^otlC SriftUtt^* *OYE>IBKR *> I °°°
Work on Fourth A venue. Line
Expected Next Week.
With contracts signed by William Brad
ley for subway motion In Brooklyn
and bonds for $400,000 in the hands of tne.
Public Service Commissioners to guaran
tee the execution of his contracts, th« be
lief was expressed In the commission's of
fices yesterday that work' would be begun
early next nwli. Mr. 'Bradley has the
contracts for the \ subway; sections '•■ No*.
C and S. front Willouphby street to Ash
land pla^e. $.1,436,019. and from Ashland
Place M Sackrtt street, for $3,3?2.',31 .M).
When the commission has Informed Mr.
Bradley that his bonds have been ap
proved and the members have. signed the
contract he will put bis m°i> at work.
Chairman Wlllcox of the commission raid
yesterday that, the outlook for subway con
ruction in general, (is the result, of the
election, was good. He gave out this state
'Although all of the candidates on th»
various tickets had voluntarily pledged
themselves during the campaign to th« de
velopmetrt of rapid transit, it-now. seems
certain that the new. Board of Estimate
and Apportionment will be friendly to sub
way development, and fiat during the nest
four years the wishes of the people will
not be throttled In the manner they hay*
been during the last, four years. I believe
they can now see. the dawn of extension
and needed rapid transit development to
which they are. entitled." • ■
it was expected that a representative of
the E. B. Smith Contracting Company, of
Philadelphia, which has the , contract tor
two sections of the Fourth avenue subway
in Brooklyn, would appear In the commis
sion's rooms to-day, to' sign the contracts
and. submit the bonds. The commission
has heard nothing from J. P. Graham, who
liars a contract for a. section, and the Tide
water Building Company, .which also l.as
a section contract, but it is expected that
they will live up to the requirements of
their bids.
The Smith company bids are for the,
fourth section. Sackett street to 10th street,
$2,283,353 30, and the sixth section, 27th
street to 43d street, $2.505,9R2 80. This com
pany, as well as Mr. Bradley, got the' ••on
tracts for the. pipe galleries In their sec
tions.' Mr. Bradley and the Smith company
were- said to have their forces organized
and that there would no delay whatever
In starting the work on the new subway.
The, commission members will-sign the
contracts only after the bonds have been
approved, and it was sail yesterday that
when this -was done there would he a for
mal ceremony, to which certain Brooklyn
men would be invited..
More Testimony in Case of
Disci pi inanj School.
Dr. Stephen Smith, chairman of the com
mittee of the State Board of Cliarlties, in
vestigating the brutalities alleged to have
been committed In the Brooklyn Discipli
nary Training School, called a special
meeting yesterday in order to incorporate
iii their report the testimony of two per
sons who were aware of the assaults com
mitted at the institution.
George Van Bottichee, an employe of the
New York Telephone Company, described
the punishment inflicted on one of the boys
as of extreme brutality. Hie said that his
ir'terfcroncc in that case brought about a
complaint against him by Superintendent
l'arrell to the telephone inspector when he
came to look over the work, and that the
inspector cautioned him to close his. eyes
whenever he saw anything done to the boys
and not Interfere.
The testimony of a physician will also be
«fin hod led in the report. The physician, al
though not officially connected with the
Children's Court in Brooklyn, voluntarily
and from philanthropic motives examines
the boys sent to the various institutions.
Although his name was withheld, his testi
mony was given publicly and under oath.
In his testimony the physician told of a
wealthy man who decided to send his son
to the institution because the boy needed
correction. He offered to pay a certain
sum, but after some time, when the bills
were sent to him. he refused to do so be
cause the boy had been maltreated.
"Farrell told me." said the physician,
•'that he sent the boy away because the
father refused to pay."
helps Dodge Interests To Be Repre
sented on Both.
Representatives of Phelps, Dodge • <*q
will be elected to the boards of the i^roene
Cananea and Greene Consolidated Copper
companies. The rhelps-Dodgo interests
own a large block of stock of the Greene
Cananea company, which controls . the
Green Consolidated. The Greene-Cananea
recently purchased the fndlana-Sonora
mines from th»> Phelps-Dodse Interests.
paying for it with stock held In its treas
ury. This brought the total holdings of Hi»
phelpV-Dodge Interests In areene-OBnanea,
it is said, up to 100.000 shares— enough to
entitle them to representation on the board.
James McL<ean and Cfeorge, Sotn>aTi will
be chosen to represent Ph^lps, Dodge & Co.
on the two boards.
English Firm Will Compete with
American Bank Note Company.
The application made by Waterlow *-
Bon*., Limited. of London, to the New York
Stork exchange for a license to esarave
securities for American corporations whose
shares are listed on tii<* exchange has been
granted by th« committee on the stock list
of the Institution. The committee vote,! to
admit the securities engraved by the Kng
linn firm to the sto,-k Exchange lisi on the
same basis a securities produced by the
American Bank Note Company and the two
other designated banknote companies owned
by the same interests that have heretofore
enjoyed a monopoly of the business.
The stock Exchange r.-s'iiHiions govern
ing the preparation of securitieii for listing
are elaborate and very strict, and up to "•'■
present the American Bank Note company
and Its pubfiidjariwi have been the only con
cerns that have been able to comply with
them, several companies having tried to
do DO \i it bout BU< I ess
The application of the Wjitrrlow company
was made last .lime, and has been under
consideration by. the committee on '<<••
list «.yer siii'-e The engraved Japanese
bonds that were sold here ;it the time of
the w«r with Russia were made by me
Wnterlo-v company.
The Hughes W.ill Street investigating
• oinmitiee, in Its report, severely criticised
the Stock Bxchanga fpr permitting certain
engraving companies to maintain a man
opoly of the business (if producing securi
ties listed on the exchange, and It Is
thought that this criticism had a good deal
to do with the decision of the exchange
authorities to grant a license to the Eng
lish firm.
Justice Trim signed yesterday a rertth
cate of Incorporation of the 'Women's k|ed
(•Hi Association. The stated purpose* of
the association are to 'bring about closer
ttton* . among the alumnei of the
Women Medlral College, of the N= « York
Infirmary, and ' other ; women physicians
holding degrees ii. /in ■■ ir,-,|i. il colleges.
Among the incorporators , are Uai F<.
.le^ett. ,i.i., i > 1 11 11•»-1 1•»-1 • »-- Heminway, -Elinor Parry
and; Alma, Vedln. •-;•:."• ' . :.-
through a sixth dense, w21k.1l In- cannot
explain, he can - .ca-] fie mln.N of his
friends and classmates, an.l iii that man
ner acquire, from 'hem th<> knowlvthjc they
obtained througn i aid study.
H. Woik. a roommate of the- mysterious*
blind : student, said yesterday that after
completing his studies for an eventaig. Bow
tin, even, though no conversation had
passed between them, would -be familiar
with the subject which he had been read-
Ing. . ■ • ; .
".Take."' as Bolotln is called |.y his friends.
does not believe ' his power In anything:
supernatural or anything beyond what any
man could do if he would think hard.
•Th» whole thing is largely a thing of
memory and sound reasoning." iv said.
"With Wolk here I get along nice:-.. We
understand each other thorougntr.'
'."Is it true that- "Wolk 'reads' to himself
and. you understand what li° lr n-3"l'ng?"-
He replied that It wias.— ChlragO'Trtloune.
— » _
8unr1«».,6:32: »<ins»t. 4:5.1; moon rises, 11.08;
moon 8 18. 22 days. : . . .. "
_.'a m r M
Snndy' H00k. . . .' '. 123"* 12 47
O<jv«rnor> I«iand 120 i-24
Hell date ;. 3: ,o | ; li
t.Ji! .*. rl! ' t( "' report m as havln? ra««1 Nan
tucket i r '*, ht9 ' I| P. at 3:1 P m "yesterday, is -x
pert«d to dock th l" forenoon. ..
c Iti* '" am ania - r» r r. r t».! a « 1.200 miles >ast of
Bra? > L ook at 1:25 P m Jfstc-rday. ii npectod
to nock .Saturday »noon .
c.r,^ ' ;P w VO ,"' "^i-t-d. a?. 1.240,' mjl.-j. past of
Sandy .Hook st 1 D m yeaterday, Is »xp»cted to
dwk Patnrday forenoon.
****' From r bM
•Adriatic. . . . . . ... Southampton. Ort 27 ,Vh Star
.^ v ' an " •• Pt Thomas Oct 30 . Quebec
I^eafield .Varies Ot ](.
<;<>Arßla . . : \lmprl3. Oct 2.? ..".'. - •
<"h«yenn» Barry. Oct 21.. .".." — _
l, Un Alm«ria. Oct 24 . ; unard
s*; An '|'*'» ---- ; Antwerp. Ort 21 Phrpnlx
Manhattan.... Algiers Ort 21 •
Atlas Httetra. Oct 20 .'.'...'.'.'.'. . —
farolinn.... Ahn«ria 0.-i 28 '*'."'"■
Manuel (-alvo Cadiz. Oct -J3 Spanish
San.larinto <lalv»ston. Ort 30... Mallory
El Slglo Oalveston. Ort no So ra'r
£?♦*•■•• Key \v«>st. Nov I Mallory
<. of Atlanta Savannah. Nor 2°... .Savannah
l-.speranzs Havana.. Xnv 2 Ward
•Ij» Savoi» . . . . . . .Havre. < M 30 French
•New York Southampton. Oi-t 30 .. ■ \ m
♦Campania Uv«rpool. Oct SO Ciinard
•Vaearl Rio Janeiro, Oct 18.. I.* h
Gnjron* Havre, Oct 24 I'ruirh
Mohawk Jacksor.vllle. Nov 3 Clyde
•Bring? mall.
Mail v>.<jfl
Vessel. For. ■ 1,1r.» closes. sails
l.a Touralne. Havre. French. 7:ortam 10:00 a m
Barbarossa. Rremen. X >": 1^ . 7:ooam 10:0t1am
Merida. Havana, Ward P;oHam 12:00 m
• "•olun. Cristobal. Panama 12:30 am 3:0<l p m
Sao Paulo. Rajiia. Brazilian.. 12:00 m 2::«>pm
Virginia. Naples I.loyd-ltal. .
City of Savannah, Say, Say.. S.OOpm
- ■
R>ron. Brazil. r> * H. R:3oam 11:00 am
SeKuranca. Nassau. Ward. . . 12:O>m 3:00 pm
Cuthbert. Para. , Root h.. 12:00 m 3:<>opm
romarlc Ttrazll 12:00 m 3:0.1pm
P V Hendrlk. Haytl. D W 1.11:00 am 1 :00 p m
Vumorl, Santiago. Ward — - ' 12:00 m
Arapahoe. Jacksonville, Clyde. 1:00 pm
St Paul. Southampton. Am... 6:30 am 10:00 a m
Ouniania. -Madeira. CunanJ. . 9:9oam 12:fH>m
Baltic Liverpool. \V • 8 li):»i a ni SiOapm
America, Hamburg*, Ham-Am 7:3ilam 11:00 am
Caracas, i^a Gtuyra, Rod D. 8:80 am 12:«V>m
BaratOga, Havana. Ward |O:ooai'i l.i»»p\m
Prtnj Joachim, Jamaica, H A.ll:oi)atn 1:00 p m
Berlin. Naples. X G Moyii. . - - ll:0nam
Minnehaha. l^ndon. At Tran.» IKM>pm
"'iriic. Glbraitir.. W S '. . . 12:OOm
Russia. Rotterdam.' Russian..
Verona. Naples. Italian
Huron. Jacksonville. Clyde... • 1:00pm
Nueces. Denver. Mallory 12:00 tn
C of Atlanta, Savannah, Say. 3:30 pm
■ ' : • Close In N. T.
Destination and steamer. P. M.
Japan. Cores and <"lilna (via Ta
coraa>— Maru ... .; To-day. 6:00
Hawaii. ' Japan.- Corea, China and
Philippine Islands ivia San Fran
riaco Siberia .To-day. 6:30
Japan Corea and China (via Seattle)
— Tanso Mai To-day. 6:SO
Hawaii. Japan, . Corea and China
(via San Francisco) — ?hina Nov 11. 0:30
Hawaii -(via Pan Francisco; — Hilo
riian Nov 12. 630
Japan. Corea. China and Philippine
Islands (via Vanouver and Vic
toria. B O— Empress of Japan . . Nov 12, 6.30
New Zealand. Samoan Islands. New
Caledonia, an.l Australia (specially
a.ldresse.l via San Francisco)—
Rtverdata »•» 14. 6:30
Hawaii (via San Francisco) Ala
it.f-.la • NOV 13. 6:oO
Tahita. Marquesas Islands. New Zea
land an.l Australia (Ma San Fran .■
Cisco) — Mariposa Nov 1,, 6.30
Port of New York. Wednesday, Novem
ber 3. 1909.
Steamer verier City (Er). Swansea Oct 13
READ— — 1 |
Because I.nve i« Eternal Sprlr.rt.m- M»^-l Tallaferrn i« !
nirrmn of playiric f.i an audience of lovers wkoM ton has with
! stood tli<» trials «nd tribulattona of the .var« Complying with
lirr wish, the management . has withheld from sale >">"'> orchestra
and hrftooiiy iseat* for* the Mil Wednesday matin« perform a n«-e
ofjMabel Taliaferre In •'Sprlnetlm' 1 ." at the Liberty Theatre,
Nov. luth. which seats will t"> given free and without reserve to
married rouples Mill In love and each pa«t «r> years of age.
Ticket* to th» hnnihe r of ;•■>« will be Issued on that afternoon
at - J P. M. in II" order in which they are applied for. or th«
reservation's w*JI be made If the applicants will ■write to \Tah»i
Taltaferrc*. rare of the "Springtime" Company. T,ib»rty Theatre,
. giving » brW outline of their lives and their loves !
At Miss Tallarerro'i request these .■on seats positively will <
not li» on sale to our repular matinee patrons.
- I
«■■■■ . " i..-.
I _ ; ».„_ ;_; ■ |
Ceni park W«at. «-^6»aK .-. ; gti T^ISMOCOL
Will Open It"- First "»r»»on Nov. »
ThU Tlav Will B» Repeat-d Tuesday. Werln«v
d"i i- Friday Evgi » Wed. & Ttoura, Mars.
J Op thvraoaj Night, Not. 11.
A N>w Play by Kdw. Knoblauch. Will B» rro
*,,. Th.a Will B« Repeated Sat Mat. &- Kv.
" Seat- now on Nile nt Box Office for nil per
Inrnvinr" two «»■«•.*«. in advance. Trio*-* *2,
81.10 «l. V,-.. *<><■. F.v^ninpß «:30. Mat. 2:30.
' * (Weber Pianos l>ed Exclu»lyely.)
i>allv Mai- Best Scats $U Ev?B.2sc-$1.50
* Trip inallrt of : In-lde j 10 fir., is
Tn Japan I .l<"wrls . ' The Earth I Act*
"SlSftfiluSiti *: M* ""Forbes-Robertson
In The PaMtag sf the Third Wees Bark.
!;^ Bl Mnr^r '• Wm.Favßrsham lIXH ,>,,
, „., ri .i,i.- —fid ."q. Kv-ninp^ «:J.V
Matinees \\ "<ln«»'la'- and f-at>irfl>«> . -<■
Whitney Op-ra 10., The Chocohito Soldier.
Hiln'. ""kv" - 15 I"" I»M A AI.I.EN In
Xt gaUirday, 3:13 . 'THE W -IIITK M- I>K
CASINO. Erc«>:i r . Cam Barnard, 1 ,;^!;!,*,
COMKDY i Evb.8.13 M»t» I UHITKSIPK tn
• V. .-.i and . "=«». 2 K. ! Tlie Melting Pot.
■iMfTTT Theatre. 43. W. oPßw«y. Ev.-*:lj
nfiuMil Mat* To-day and Sat.. 2:15.
ELSIE FERGUSON in Such a Little Queen
5J21E5 V - -■*/-■"■ T « Midnight Sons
Sun. Night T>l MMrka r»ne»rt. 2».50.76.51
y a |-.t;«K ■ 15 Mai W»d IWt A WtllUm.
lf.B|Bslll< „,„! Si ,.. 2 ; I.V. Mr. Lode of Baal
ACAPRMV Or MOW. PHaas '"•< t.. *i :.n
fvgi fciiS. Matincen Wed. and 8«t.r12."
BERTHA CALLiKD^"^ 1^ 1 ; 1^
Kit WJi John Slason, The Witching Hour.
\\K»f I Jan.- T, ,I'owfn In ll.il in • N'eit
KM* AVk.', Viola All<-n, The win. "t
C. G. Gunther's Sons
Established IS2O.
Coats, Muff* and Neck Pieces of all
the desirable furs.
Imported moilels and motlcls of our
own design are now being exhibited.
Fur and Fur Trimmed Hats.
Fur ami Fur bitted Overcoats for
evening and street wear. A large stock
of Automobile Coats, Chauffeur Coats,
Caps an I Glove?. Carriage Kobe?.
391 Fifth Avenue at 36th Street.
Eighty-nine years in th? fur businsss exclusively.
and Cardiff 16. to .latnw -Artc-H • C * m lth
mdse. Arrive! at tho Bar at 9^a vn.
Steamer Alfred Pumols '^^L.^J^anterV
and Puerto Pl«tai2S, and' fruit uX> Arrivd "t" t
Co. ■nlth I passenger ami fruit. Arrlvcfl at
th« nar at 6:t5 am. ■'tl^''~. r»».nh«r»n
Steamer Pennsylvania < Dan '. J^' nli £s*"
Oet IS an.l C!,HMi*n««nd IT, I °,, Flin^' 1 r M! 7
& Co, with mdse. Arrived at the bar at .
* Btaamar AntlHa (Cuban.. Cienfu«M Oct-15.
Santa Cruz 2r, nn-1 Cuantanamo Jfc. to tn
Ne"v York and Cuha Mail Si <>. with mdse.
Arrived nt the Rar at 7:33 a m.
Steamer Jefferson. Newport ,N^s and Nor
folk lo the Old Dominion Ss Co. with ra*«-n-
B»rs and m-ise. Paasad in Quarantine at -..><>
P Sl»amer Jamestown. New port New and
Norfolk, to the Old l>oroimon Ss < °- v ,lth
passengers and mdse. • passed In CJuarantin"
at .Steamer * Alamo. GalVMton Or 27 and Key
W»st "i>. to th? Mallory Ss Co. with pawn
gers and n;ds.-. Passed in Quarantine at l.:28
1 "team»r Rh'lnfels (Ocr), HamburK Oct 14
and Cardiff 20. to Funch. Kdye & Co, In
ballast. Arrived nt tli" Bar at no. .i.
St»amer Seninole. Santo Pomlnpo City Oc
tober 2(.. Ma is 27. Sanchez and Samana -•>».
Tuerto Plata and Monte Cristl 'JO and Turks
Island 80. to the Clyde S» C*. with 8 pas
sengers, mails and mcise. Arrived at the Bar
at 10 a m. . „
si»am»r Pawnee. Philadelphia November _.
to th» Clyde &• Co.- with md»». raised In
Quarantine at 11:10 ,i m. - :
Steamer Dover. Brunswick 5". to th» Bruns
wick Ss C.>. with mdse. Passed in Quarantine
at 11 :;!'_' a m. L ■ . .
Stf-amer El Aiha. fjalvpston October _s ■»
thr. thorn Pr.tiflc Co. with in.ise. Passed tn
Quarantine at S:0."» am. .
St»amer Polycarp (Br), Manaos Oct 1. ana
Para 22. to Booth *■ C... with mdoe. Arrived
at the Bar at 8:43 p m.
Sandy Hook. N I. Nov S. 9:30 p m— Wind
wast, lisrht breeze; . cloudy; hazy oft «hore;
light ground swell. .
Steamers Mauretania ' (Br), Liverpool;
Kroonland (bels;). Antwerp: Laura <Auat>.
Naples: Blueoher (Oer>. Hamburg: Teutonic
ißr>. Southampton: Bradford <<;»r>. Port An
tonio: Annett* <Bri. Port Antonio; Iroquois.
Charleston: I'roteus. New- Orleans; nenver.
Calveston: Monroe. Norfolk: Parlma ißr). St
Thomas: Federlca lAiist), Philadelphia; CUT
it>ba. (Cuban). Nuevitas.
Southampton. Nov 3— Oceanic (Rr), New York
via Plymouth and Cbnrboara
Melbourne. Nov 3 — Den of Ruthven din. New
York via St Vincent,- c V.-
Copenhagen. Nov 3. » a m— F Tieteen (Dan).
New York via Christlansand.
Stettin Oct 30— Burgermeister Trtersen (Ger).
New York. ; _T ,;
Kouen. Oct ;:<> RiitnerElrn (Rr>. New York.
Havre. Nov -Caroline (Fr). New York via
Delapoa Bay. Km 1— Hellenes .Rr>. Now- V->rk
via St Vincent. C V. and '"ape Town.
Manchester, Nov 2— Calderon <Relc). New- York.
Rotterdam. Nov 2— Clan Murray «BrL New-
York and Newport News via Santanaer.
Southampton. Nov 3. 4:30 p m — Georg* Wash
ington <Ger) (from Brr'.ncni New York via
'•hf-rbours:: 1 :■'•'> t> m. Majestic (Rr>. New
York via' ' Tiri-bonr* and Queenstown.
Barbados. Nov -Clyde i Bri (from New York
via Kingston. et.t. Southampton.
Bahla. Oct 31 — Corslcan Prince CBr>, from
Santos and Rio de Janeiro. New York.
Coronel. Nov — Dorothy ißn. New York.
Brow Head. Nov 3—l* Provence (Fr>, New-
York for Havre
S»gr»F. Nov 1 — Turkistan (Rr), Persian Gulf
tor N«>w York. •.■ -
Perim. Nov — <;l«nlvon inn. Manila via Co
lombo for New Y..r': and (or-i Boston.
•"""■W-™ 1 ?:-;** HODGE
bijou p •:•:;, v.?,;.? ..v \ ' r
iAVk^s _l^ D OLS
IVfaskwh'a I Fourth Estate I
Jtnm The f : ourth Estate |
Mat.DallY.23r. i>rt:o,,RaymA n d & Cavlrl v. c ,".
Bronx ' j -. : :' ,V b a,/ W^^T*
M1...n.,|1v.-.-,,..M 1 ...n.,|1v.-.-,,.. F.rr..., T,vl"r w2g!sg*£
Mat.D»ll,.2Sr.i,Mb.rt Whelan. other,. Ber Sen -
SB* • ■» lull St.,nr [rnnv p. « i-
•■.Sun NUhts. 5:30.— .% M on. M a 7. asn
SS?: It:SS:S»» w siißscßinii;
i>k<- is in i> mm \ri \ ? SAI "*'
l»Ki.'. 12i:i-I>M.MATIA IU U4T
Sem>on li.l.ri». W. i». » ; nn ,| « , -„
CJRSEGIE HILL '":,,""',.'" • Nov 6
!»')M, HK«I1
Ticket! 75 us- to $:<>< -. B ■•» CM •
Lord & Taylor
Men s Shoes
all kinds
and leathers
$8.00 values, y^.o^
$6 &$7 " J.Bs
Broadway and 20th St.;
sth A ye.; 19 th St
" Troy's Best Product"
Every one in Troy knows it.
Thousands out of Troy believe it.
We are going to make many
more know it.
By keeping right at it — making
our collars
Better than all other collars.
2 for 25 cents.
Red- Brand. All s'y'es
Excelsior Liquid Polish
.4 Very Superior Article for Cl'a-ninytFolUhing
Sterling Silver. Plated Ware. Plato
Glass Windows and Mirrors
For Sale by
130 and 132 West j;d St.. n«\t York.
MANHATTAN opera hoi-se.
ivi/i^niiiir&n S4lh >St g. ,;,„ Ay .
C"' Weeks. H^c Next Monday Kve at «
Sl«n. i' -•• Ural time m Amerl.-a. Massenet's i
tIKKOIHADF tin French i. Miles. ,' ,,| 1 - I
Gerville-Kearhe. T>u.!i^no, MM. Pal mores,
; l:eii«ud, Vrabhe. Vallier. Ni.olay, l.ernnx
Wed. Eve.. TK.WIAI'A (aim* Tetrazzini; MM
John Mcl'ormack. Saramarroi. Fri Eve
AIOA (Mmes. Mazarui. O"Alvarez; mm' '
Zenatello. i-'ammarro>. Sat. Aft.. THAIS
■ Miss Mary iSarden. M Ttenaudl. Sat Kve
double bin » \\\iikri\ iSylva I>almo r es>'
!• \(.t.l\( <l .< 'avail, -ri. 7.enat»Uo. Samiaarco'i'
sun. B\e., Nov. 14, «;r:un! « -i..-.-
CA R N F. <; I E II AI. f. . ~ j
1 To-Night at A:/,
First Philharmonic Concert
TO-MO XHO \\ AT •::« «»
, Seatß ■;■•><•■ to gt. Boxes SI?. 515 anrl *is
■ MERO ■
First Piano Recital
Tiell*ta SO.-. SI. $i so *, Hall
j Ma ia*m»nt W»tfs»hn Bargain -••-■r,,. r., n -, '
TWO MATNEES S V^V, ; '. l 5;
M. -•■■,:. S)ib«rrlpt ion Sale v. ' J ' *"* *
>PPl yi te Fmncw gyftr. :% «^ %£% S(l ,
MrM.H-.XIHN II VI 1 f ril| K% N % y g
Violin \ ... WMJ*
I Recital i Weber
saaaaMaaaiai Hall. ThU m,,,,«, \t%. m t ,%
SO NO Uli ii \t
TlrVets $1.5© and f 1.00 " at H%) , !
IRVING Tn nletit s;|:.. |j,, t T| •■'■
ri \< X JONATHAN.- K,| S sLi
IKXt.lt.. 10 School Ft?}, an.l Uirls. other.
In novels, you re apt to meet
the manly hero dressed in .a
"well fitting •suit of rough
The sort of fabrics the au
thors have in mind are notable
in our stock this Fall.
Rough cheviots, Donegal and
Bannockburn effects, and tine
checks with fancy overplaids.
Very smart looking suits
they make.
Tweed hats for country wear
with these rough cheviot suits.
London made, $3.50.
We're strong on knitting this
Knitted silk four-in-hands,
plain colors, fancy colors and
plain and fancy stitches. All
the way from .50 cents to £3.
Knitted mufflers, all or part
silk, all imported direct. Colors
for motoring, white for evening
dress. $3 to $12.
Another new importation is
chamois gloves that anyone can
wash. •'-'.:' -i'j«
The bachelor's delight.
* White' or yellow. %'l.
It's a triumph for a manu
facturer to establish Ins product
as a standard.
Like thr K. \ W. Jfl diOl
■Perlweir shoes have i i m
ciallv shaprd h m-! and a special
steel shank for thr comfort .if
weak or hrokrn arches.
Other special shoes for all
other special needs.
An underwear that equalizes
temperature through the stnic
ture of its fibre.
ScliUchten Ramie.
Rogers Feet & Compact,
Three Broadway Stores
at at at
Warren st. 13th st. 34th st.
CyDIDC B-way and 4«th St. Eve*. S:{&
CMrinC Mats. ■■■ ■: and -Sat . 2:15
••Hi~ r»»>' ria> •<! Years." — Ev*. World
SllinCfill 44th St - nr B way. mi 5
nUUOUri M.ir« V*<i and Sat.. 2 : :0
Criterion ffwar t 44th St E\«s 9:IJ.
blUGriUn Mats W»d nnd Sat .. 1:1*.
"A niMM\rn »► riox.-— World.
|i n % ■""'1 By Henri Bra
BriK/A.flii. "-i". Author cj
* k -**»** Jl - l ' B - J "The Thi*f and
-A bite plar."--Sun ft -Satrson."
KHiGKERBOCKcRv SS S B n.r4av"a a t Z
"\ MERRY IV.pi KlT."— World.
AilinU Bwav*34th Evs .«:l.VSar.Mt.2:l3
SAVOY >i»f<-i:il Mat. ro-*»y. -•'"*•
••I \i:». *. I j The .Xwakenlns at
A (sVI a*^ 4 I ft! "KLKAA KMIIIK
LYCEUM >: ' Th *tJ " r - Bwmr- b*« ■« * :li
LIULUnI M't» To -J;iv t-r.4 ?at 2 '"
PADDIPV 2Vn st • nr Bway. Ev.. »U
UflnnlUlV M^r. v< .1 »*« Pat ;t?
\.i S i]»iu. rh«i>vi< i,r. ,i-»t Trtompb.
The Harvest Moon
„_A_ The Ktcce*». Rri=hte«».
> f tiinnir., Show of the Year.
*""• Rirkel X W •'' .n » I»>rt In >*» »'m»T.
WZw - "SPaiK6TI»E"
ns^£A»!S^ BJ Tarklnsten * Wll>«9
s*^ F.v *:I.Y Mt Wed.Sat 3;t\
UCUU Vfl2lf M'eatrr. Bway.4.Mh ?t.Evi«:U
Ntll lUfIR M»»» W«d and Sa» . ? 13.
• A . / MR. <fc MRS. R.VYMOXP
GtiO. ln Sir COHAN
nf.XT M'Jf. KVK. Svata Sow en sj>
GAIETY * rt «»»St. and B«ar. Er#*-«:l*
UHICS I Mat.« Wfi. ■jß^Stoti s:l*
••Most ,I«v<>u.<» of comefjtea."— lilote.
The Fortune Hunter
W«»li .IOIIV rI%KK\M«>RF
mC WFRCR'C J'way * r»th St. Ev«. ;:t> •
A lit: Climax Xii!lf >« Vo H!fS«.
enry l '">Ktn in wax. c.tp»» mw**
CUCfI I U\».M\I(H.K»PH -•■•<» hoar
■>.l-r - , I !•.■! \rr, 4ifrartla>*
ln*'ltu»« Thiirs-Isy. Novmtw *. -l^- "=»'
■">*< ««tti tt.. SI m. It. A. E- L" ■ » '■-'*
r«tary. • .'\ ■-•.-' ■'■'

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