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O.\ Till- (riMDIRO.N
y n.i; the r n oir.Ti:
OdiU Fall, llatzercr, fur (tame
with I' ■ ion.
l;n: ,!i,- on the lc:'t'.«sli enoie '.)«t?r«~ii
V*!« »jvi fitiiLCUjq la iwi»i ii:<* rtMsved
••ale" \\% fht, lusi f t ■ da»K There
l.»* benj tijiilt talk cf tiv. «xidi l^lng ?
««> 1 ou VjJe. a frto *■< trccly .i<j*tlflf>«i t
"Ring 1. th<» »atiotv t^st al«aj? icndK
■ay lt rpirr >.i t -ti l:»:i. but the few re*l
I^'a I&-1 l~frn trad*, In rn^*x «*e»eii, «t
5 tt> 1 u»iti! >es-'.«»r<ls:.-. vlier: H-. • si-^catators
«m «he ryrl» «jti«>tt?'i JO io « and 10 tf * «n
Y«V \ r>v.mbtr ,^f lets were made at the
latter pnc#. l>ut non« cf large *rticut>i.
If la likalv lfc«1 ih-'e trill '« a foot
tir»l rif kWllig in New Xltven te-r^»s^t ¥ nd
««♦ ir»err^-v\ morning >tt\t«i underjrradu
i.'.>-*.. »,'i-» are pc likely to let c% t.ca
•none:- e<» *mthmg eit«. If n U«(« mat
*« «I!!iny t» ■-k hit team li« doe«nt
■JPH7 Wjcij alvut ciit, 11 1 i-'i.- not.
»-»lpp jiartieu'arly »illl«s to five < i.en» nor
'•tpet!t»l!y nr.rioa* te rtfiv* them. Uoiv
•»■•*■. the rrevailttfg odds ««i«i4c «C this
"T;<Je!Tr*suaie e'eia* are about 34 t» n
r-jm, with »ca*)*i»sl vi<gers at IM 1 IJt
ti* ra£n«y. ts left un< 0..-tr«>4 at th:« larger
price. k* aus* there U a renfldent (eelln;
• ' Pl«)»C€t thst MM I* take J'ttie tc
<"«»unt. c»f «X* results of the prt'.«:»rnary
mm»4 * i^'U'i •w» t H if <« «« t»»r<i
►r »ht team. i» et-«»rth a |ooij .i«*l
A #•*>•« ft etmmit »>>!* |ajaj tnttrett to
ruorrew, »lth©mtf» Jt wI!J r.at b« v'«:«d
Ims«. is th«.t k*t«<aw IxT:lgtt and New \crk
tr»itv st pouth Bethlfhtm. !»ew
VcrV h*. • tetter chance then utusl tlis
J««r t9 i eat h»r c 4 }»ermifjlvani» • -•'.
riaviP-5 *vf« e^ery t«'«e J'!«VC^ *& tar, in
<4*4#4ng a fun <■«* »iti» W'eeleyjtn. T* 1
«>nly common opponent the <» tea.m> have
htC 1> IJavxrfprd. New York Lea*h,g the
WiJikir ecllffct try a «ere if II t« 0, witlio
t.f-wtfh «> victory «*« i*cor4ed by a tal^y
<n -i to b. Thtg c> r.\y x'.iuu of M«« u»**ns
In*!', but v 4i"ti««. at le»Et, that the pain-?
fo-m«rr»w *iusnt to be a, c'.ose oh*-.
8««m there *i- **l»e tMnk. t^at iaMM
fc§a t«re« !«:ng a lniijiam ?nck«r uf en
*!*• I i.-Ks. a worthy gajajajajf :•> HJh
i;-ria::. untfer rover all this season, basin s
tneir fjilirtfW «v the fact (hat cc good a
inintcr #s JlcCorn:»rk va« pet di*pl*;«'l < ••
|;«fc!lc runfi4sf«ti'Mi Hjgj t-tttun-isy. Bead
H 1 pretty ffsod «;en, a* ftr *» tl.-t 1 .-- s»es.
ln»t t^erw may M M unexpected variation
•I tht f> !e -'- T^« iMii p««#iiti»n that seems
f*rfe«»«y ■'' 1* ih«t the TiS*»"S will mark,
••r try te v.vr.i, a ntw tvrv*T>l »■**'' Vale
J » displayed a consistent ability (a demol
ish u\: t!ie lands any one lias tried up to
row, />niJ t!is variety that Princeton tried
dCainrt tMctwautn. «CMpt in mi* cast, xcas
lidiculoiirly • j> -\ t-i aukl>*ze and t>.» destroy.
McCornurk'e ru-idtn api^earnncc uainst
Wnmo.M <siin't f\irprl*e the JMnceton
uii4*i«rs^4«'«s at »|l *<«• it is postltK
ti;a» they ar« looking tor another dark
I'Wsr. tu-ujorrvw in tWt: 1 ■■.-■. of Woedl*-. »
lutur kiclcer than Mi^'orn; vho is said
l>y tljof* vh» lieve c*n Mm ii practice
ir. I.- «•». • •<• nii'J of t!.e weapon I* the
The ' toi*t><t*j Oil!) «>f I ••Hem.
t.^nmti) J tß «f tourr, vill issue
1"r«^- »<» i/iotorikts route cards to
New linvtri for the Yale-Princeton foot
la II st»ine li>-4Horrow.
Tiio* »er.ls v. ill 0«"»>cril»« two routes —
<!•• tlie Mi«ifc K**i4. <jrfe?iwlch. stam-
Joid. i:.-idgrport. etc.. Kith eltemctive
i«ute iy »s>- «,f \\hite rjair.s. Bedford.
l'»n^t|jy aaj ■
Tlir «M«rfi>i nmy l< procured tiy applica
tion ut «li« T-uicaii i.f tourk uf the Auto
r.M-hile «'lul» «.f Aintrira cr v 11: be i ■:
warded kmii icl^pfconi* 1 . mjyeat. .
I?) H«gM i« Tk* Tiibua* ]
<-'anitri<lt(. Ma>f., Nov. It. —Tht Harvard
«o»-h.-« crt <«rrjiTiS the Crimson 'varsity
•seng x\iih light *ork lliU *>>♦!:. Practice
tnia iifierivfftn was tJiert and t.-«<-k;!i 5 mm
luled «>ut. i;?oui.f a:>i>ears te *yt the
<-hoic* lor icft ♦!■*. Hour tor,, V 1... |,MS, MS
been in that i-.»n:oii, «ii net used on the
•vsnsity during the aftert.*>n '• drill.
!.,.». . ia <ii,e cf the !.,*... , ,-, :a „;.
•*• l«*m, and l;tj greater « ; lei,-* no
*J»ypi «MM-a«Mi l.jtu Hie msitioi.. trtlalMiij
w*< hi his oH r'-a.w «t ousrter^.
It is rri*t>d that the e9at.-i.r-> mill us*
Jjesllo j.i..j lx>ng lv the back field in p!a<-«
«-f I». firoitU and Mlttot In the cajne vith
Dartmowth on tisJurday, to a«t« the last
stsmed two for rt* ,-isns with Yule nit
r>tr:.er 5 af the Crimson have felt ceeuro
•• a. Harvard vletnry over Dartmouth, but
«4U *Blth and Uuiot out cf the gain* th«
mmm abould %* close and the final tstiM
in doubt.
The line-up to-flay follows: l^ert end. O.
Jirpwtie; left tackle. McKay; left guard, 1..
■ MlPjajai ■ l.trt I*. ttithlsston; right
■"—ft. lisher; rtg*t tackle. fish right
«*C U feailvh: quarterback. O'naherty;
>tt halfback. Corb«tt . right halfback, L«s
lie; fulTback. U»».
\ fßjr Tel««r»pli to Th*. TriiMina )
sf»a»i»r. K. H . Nov. ll.^The Dartmouth
focttall team closed Its seasons practice
tm tk» h**n* field to-day by burning the
<ius*!tir. Th* me* were drilled for quit*
• period la afcfjMl wtirk, and th* fast sharp
actlea of the. eleven p>— the many
Nl» *•* at ««ar«arßav4c and he will
• «rt Uk» fWBW against Harvard on Satur
*lS3". Flshvn is sill! too tame ta lake part
tn th* work, and II is doubtful If Ie will
■ <•*«• around *M»ough to play. Shere a'»<l
lajpaaasti rer* back in their regular ptecaw,
Hfaemia tried *«*b* drop kicks end ToMn
" "riitd at lucsumr off «ud lacking gosh
Th* !<n»-up to-day was: L>eft end. Paly;
left tackle, t-her»in; left «ru»- • Tobin;
«-»ntxe, IHajaAfejAßi. right guard. FVmui'i.
right t&c&e. L*rg; fight end. Sandal i;
<viarnrnsrtu Br*4y; left hajMaaJu Ire«r»
swU. nght halfback, nv.a\, fuKb«ck. Mar?-.
Tttt te*ji; will it*-.* for Boston to morrow
mM •111 take the following BUtKtltUter
ba49*. Lewis, Allsw«4«. re>trell. Jackson,
Johnson. Cha**. l»ini-i». Ho; Jan. i>m! «•>.
Smith, *jt«*v-*'». L'ruii.inoO'l. Oreenwo^J,
J'lthon and BajaJb
(V- ■ ' r'».-f»p!i %9 The Trttxnc |
ItUaca, JC. T., Nov. li.— Contrary - > «•
P«*.-tatl3a», tht Cornell tejua did .-:•...,
for a **>rlmniaaTC ihi« afternoon. The rnfn
•iv In feed cOd«i;ton. «std tl.a MffJ lfl
t-howtrp vp better now than st aoy tlias
MCsr* this a— urn. The practi<^ to-day
•Trfstrd in a long drill In (>tmtlAg and In
tifiialft. »T* were clove- ooefliea on the
•VM. and th»> sue* all re**t«+d ii»«llvldua|
Th«! jjrinripftl *W\ Haswncnts at the fl»ld
«-r* the eulirtltutloti %,1 Owen far v*ktr st
rmorttr. «M |taM» for THwoa* tn the
»• « t.t'.r. •«..-■ has not be«n yUytuz as
mmtt as uswsl at gtiart»r. and TjiJ««n»M Is
narHaJly •« hi* came in Hie tack field.
Owen i? iss' <ia««r in vovartaf puntt
•a 4ft rule tscl-.ift. li* l.»* deisl«a*4
into a tan «*!« rertral s«4 is using good
l';6smtxit In Kl<r.tir.t Ma piays jlcbb.
<• • 9m plorruis ha-lf»>#ek. his ««*k
r**aa ka««i«Coas Ij-tur in th* fMf that k*.
««a«aaata«t. .»;^
Tfc* t««ro «iil Use «p acaien Chieeo
»jtfi*r!!|eJJy •« ar^inft !!»n«rd. m ( t». the
■ aaaausna ** i.*t*4. Eijnxm •« in fins «on
«•««♦*. *nd Qas«, the best aataj«j«g*a. liasre
«f»»f»<S f»cm bit Injuns, wl !•'<■* us* «f
li»« Kjvv*d, will ijrbbubly b»> ms»hl aK»hi<-t
<liioas»». llcfTnian v|l| eMC^ete tJ * bark
j Odd
TL« ctiila are itlil i.i dmnrt. n>jrlN;rt >•
rut «m HromiJt of eoiidltl'm, f-t that Tesirl*«
»11l ijik« vi« i.!«r». M»< Arthur «t< «tnrt
«t ibe opp>»»lt«- «!i«. r.llli Crwl')' a» src-
N'B\I.V AM v
' By T»!rcr«|tk ID The 'I • ;|.-n • t
I'll >-i- Ipiii.t. Nov. il. -* l"«nn»ylvanla'a
s<x>tli4ll learn *Ht>prtl out of «l>': atty tills
sftcrttmijt to Utaalv« Jfr.ctlon. ff. J.. to
|>ut on the tlrlfhln» tou<*ii<ai for th- bat-
Ha tilth sJfUl#..n an H.uird*> This is
th«j i>-»;i*ri t-» uhie!i thfi .•»ii>krr« at«S}3
>« ggflgfl (I. !■<« n»in-«.. «itd a* II:*; men
are now <}a«g*< tiiar ta ht'ny over
lrstn»a th« cuslic* wfio -•••.•' them
mviay fr*«n th« rttj.
As the day <-f thp 1 |*M a; ■•r«««< ii#« there
I* le** cnipdenre en tt*-t p^rt « • I'enn*jl
vanu 11 !•• ati'itj' (■. beat MlchUan. Th<
ecore against L«f»v«|ts M ■ prf^at siir
rrtse. and ■.* roar'"* h«v» r-en taking
t^e men ».;o!ig slowly tui* T-.eek
Tderc is i 'possibility Hut 1! ci« «ill -*>*
a change ;«» t! ■ lift- for ths ■' 'trill game.
I.«"il«r'<v> the right guard, h*s b«ea suf
ftrins fr«'in an «l>s ess en tit* jm und
hs* not been *Ke to do nurh norli this
week. |f he dot* n->t play ht* place will
I*, tsketi :>y Tike, who re!le\ &1 him in
tha fvcor.4 half af th« ttfs^ett* runtest.
l*tV< »"«-j'- laert: thsn ' anilvuii and
li«« teen fret'in^ for a eks)i to plsy
7h« ■ .m hs] a ligrt sryrai practice
inirr.*d(ately after ie3-:!':rg T^Jr-jlow Junc
tion to-n!jht. Th«r« viH be another light
«3rijl to-morrov, b'.^t the tnsn wi!l rf?t
n.<«st of the fttne.
The c - of F«a?« »'i^icatei that th« ea
l»ciiy of the fie!>l will te taxed fj . the
limit. Thr Michigan eleven (HI train g|
■fgyn*. which Is a few niilrs distant from
th 6 ci«>. Th^ 'Vesiernera were *«*h*<Jyled
l« arrive .-. 1 :: c'c!c>rk, J>ut missed v con
refttrg train and t!*d rot t- her* until
6 oVioek. tlsus bcin; qnaVJe to do any
we-rk •o-<Ja^.
Chicsg*. Nov. 11. — The rnivT'it? of
Chlcaso f«K>tl>al! team, which tit play
Cornell at Ithaca, v y , on Saturday, left
10-niglit lor the Uart. Tlie squad Ruia>
bered i* .t\-ou* flayers, t;*agc. head
eearh; ft? n«n. Mb ar*i*t«nt, and Dr. Rayr
<-i-.ft accompanied the pla;«-»» The team
%rlll reach Geneve. K. V.. to-i.s«rr»w and
remain th?rc utit!! Paturdiy morning.
|Sy ■**asmfs)*sfkaVMi -
Annapolis, Md . Nov. v.-withu .-with Richard
son. Reinick. and BaUawMar^ »■!>« have
t»eii«d th* hospital »l« fa? some w«k«,
tack in the jam*, the Na\y presented
l.ha strop?«,t SJ:«e.ui» of th* Kssagj at
practice this attern<»on |n preparation for
the Cl'catam Itescrve «un> on Saturday.
With Kit-hardfca at fullha-k. Dalton and
.•••Jstiit halves, and rrwtn at ijusrt«rbaek.
the offensive eombinatioji was the strong
est which the Navy ha* put on the fte'.d
t«U season. Captain Meyer will probably
•tot bo In coTSdition to fl*rt the gam«, and
Brand Hill go to let: guard. V.>«m« taking
his i«l»c« «t centre
With HH heur'a hard icTf**na*fe : »«ter
day <tttern«>«ti, th* Kordham team had Its
Ut-t »«rk in preparation for the R. I*. |.
#amt at a\Ma*}aa*l League Park to-inor
roa. It is t.9t like y that Y. Wal-h will
ha ah* te |jljy, a? l.ia knee is giving him
a lot of trtmWe. <; Wai-; . however, vill
l>« at fullback, and he has tpent the last
fvr.- days pcajMl ■ irop Mefca and punts.
■eaatsai ha* proved a fas-t man behind the
3ii>« ani will probably p'.uy in the back
fttld ■'< lemaining fame* or the reason.
White's !j»r.<l Is now perfectly veil and he
Mill be in good i-*jiuit)i-:i far a card game
agains>t the Troy fleven.
The team ajtajg to have picked up in
Fpeed same* the Geortfttowu sari-, and with
l!:e.rtUirn of JJ. Gurgan; •? .<hk«h«-.i u*ck
has been running thruu«U.llvrmation« in
rapid ty>. The ni«n « • »;l In good
rhytical condition ana agjgUl a fairly easy
m:t\ POME VNivj:iiftiTy
A short gMtgggfSjpi with Webb Academy
made up the werii of the New YorK I'iii
vtr*lty football iila>era i«stvitUy. The
tint* »st dcvAt««l In th« main to the p-r
f»cting of t!j« funtlug game. After th«
scrimumgo «lth Webb the recurs llt»«d
"I* against the t-toon.l eirin? men. Two
Dtw p!a>« *.*r- tn. and operated gajgpgag"
fully. Th* work M the r.ho!^ vras rnappy
stid th* iiieu, With the «-ir.nu«ii of Oallo
w*y, mi* in ftr.r> cendition for ih. Lthlgtl
gim^ at So'iHi UuihUli-ni • '-iu'.iri.\v.
Ulllffo was in th< »-TiiM.iaK- for «ii- first
time iii-e li« w»n r-riiov«-d from the Hi;t
gjers game. Oallonay i« expected to r.
6ur.;e Ills position at ]. rt end to-morrow.
G»r>h v.as not m I je^tenisy. II- is nurs
ing a slight etrain In his knee, but will b«
Out to morr..* . V-;!« «lid most of
the punting.
The team. aaajasngaantei '. > a large delega
tion of students, will leave early to-morrow
tnorrtng for Mouth IJethleh»m, rVun.
The Ihie-up yesterday v.ac: J^eft end,
tVliteler; left ttrkie, Brfiii.an; left guard.
ItaiiiilK 1 sir: centre, Coone;-; right guard.
McKay; rijht t»«*kle. Vejtley; rljfht end,
Crawford ; quarterback, Nixon ; left half
back, thenley; right halfback, Mvora full
back, rule.
Hamilton, ft. V.. Nov. 11.— The Colgate
*'*rsit>- eleven thor.ed the. best form of
the ■ -**■>« In to <ia> s practice, tearing
through the scrub for five successive
touchdown*. O N«il. Thurber and IX helan.
of last year's tear... have Joined the coach
ing htaff.
The coaches are roniident that th- team
will make uit excellent showing agu(n*t
SxracoM on f*aturda>.
Columbia 'Player* Will Begin
Work Qtl Monday,
«-*ptatn U. K. Murrhy «.f ,i,, « oH,nhi*
•tarcity h**-k-y team l^utd bit rir*t .ail
for candidate* >«r«t*rday. Practice will
txgin en Monday in th« kjajikaJl tourts
ii the gymntsiutn an.) win continue there
nn':l r«»-.-*w»Kr 1. when re i ar fi a "tl.e
hours will be li- I>| •* tfc« b». Nicholas
InEtra-J of practising at th* rir;k in the
morning, si has been ||>« , |„,n of tl.«i
Columbia team li, the as«. ,i,. manage
ment «f the testa hac arratig^] for the
use of th* rink I*l^ errnlngj a week,
with an udd:(l'>r<ril half h' Ur « V ery day
for skating i.rs'tl"*.
•V*re!ty rum ing got u»i-1«r tray at Colum-
Ma, yast*r*V*N, r.b<*n a four-cared er. w was
boated and rowed tip the Iludcnn fibnut
two miles, liogimtirir to.day IU -t r«|t*<i^
i* g»t two regular 'ratasty combinations
on the water and will eptiul the re»t of the
ftll eea«.n wfrl(ir<g w|tU them- Th* end
«-f Intcrclifs football i.«i released i.i».t of
Hi* 'verdty earsn*en. end they have rrem
ts*d Rice to report regularly.
Th« four that went out y*»t»rday ««a
boated as fotUtws: fjtt. bor.; Pulleyn. No.
2. < ulmsn. No. >. and l-us-ning, «trokt.
IN 1?50.
"jche belongs to ena of our b*st fasßi
lie*. 1 '
• I'd htr «nc(stpr« coant over in the
"Oh, uo. Khe much more '■'><*!::»iv«
Ilisn that Ehe'» a, 'DmsYittr nt ])|}cov
•«*is of tha N*cth PSBT 1 1 i*.
m:\v-iuhk dvtkv v raiv.rNE, VRfmv. novkmbkr 12, 1000.
Wrenches Knee on Eve of
Princeton Game.
IRy T*l«srar!i to Th« Tribuna.J
New Udven, Nov. 11-Th- statement v.as
made '.at' to-night by •» Yah* football coach
that Captain. Ti i Coy, in all probability,
would i.. unable to play In Mm game
•gajast Prir.ctton o. Saturday, His kt;ea
Mas wrenched jesterdiy, and he wa& quite
l*:iie to-day.
It was ita'e-4 that Coy would, undoubtedly
recover before the Harvard gatlpl. but that
he hud I.«t. orJered not to go In ayaln,st
Tlu; loss of the Vale captain on the eve
of the struggle with Princeton has ca*i a
gl»oin over the undtrgraduatci. Home find
consolation in th*} hope that th* Injury
Is not serious and that he will be fpuud
ill l.is regular l-lvce when the gSBM starts.
n at ltabt ;'!a; irrt of the t'me. If his.
fcrvjees ate needed.
Va!«»'8 work f>-day r.>iui»ted of a signal
drill and five minutes of a lisht acrfaMßWgja,
de\x>tcd entirety to practice, in Mocking
kicks, Inasmuch) a* Yh!e >• p»«ses?ed of
Intense reypect for Cunningham's ability to
kick goal* from tV» ti«!<l. Coy and Wiley
took no part in the practice to-day, the
Yale captain limiting ba<i!y.
Tho second siring of back*, as announced
to-day, will l»e Murphy, fullback, and I'i-an
els and j-avaKi, halve*. Paly »i.d Philbin
wiij start again.-V the Tiger? at the half
t'Ut'k JfOSItiORS.
fifteen hundred uitdergtaduates marched
•... the field to-day, htuded by a l>ras.i band,
and fp*nt th,e afteniwon in thM stan<tf re
).etrshi»r *onss and <'ii>-- for th* bis gam*",
They taw only a jcrlnunago l>et\ve«i tit*
third and foutth «!uhi», all the work of
tlx 'varsity kstaf «lo;i<> hcb4a4 closed sates.
(By Telegraph to Tii« Tribune.]
I'*r::)'.:.i?ioi.. i'ou.i.. Nov. ll.— That Uuek
ingham and McCormlck are altout even up
as punteti ami tlut tlvi Hpasfji for the
game with Yale is btill %> much an uncer
tainty as when the Tigers left Princeton yes
terday were made * viijeut by the e.lo^e »i^a
the etwehea maintained on the various
punter* as tl-.ey lined vi* !•«.'. >r. signal drill
this afternooii on fie Kaiiuii.Kton Country
Club links. M.i'i.rnmW aol !i» punts orf
In belter fashion than c've.r before, while
H::~l:iiii;!'.ai!i awrag*-d the greater diJt^iite.
The Princeton ptoyars v>alke<l across rtjun
try this mopii'iS an.l then listened] ♦*» an
«*xr«o!-lt!<.ii of theoretical football i.ii v
At - o .-!•• tl^e sf|Ui*<J dressed and walked
a half mile, I* an inii>rov!«e4 grMiroii,
hue they practised plays of all kinds.
Th« «'hlef work was in breaking through
and {'locking, two full teams bctafj used.
The ball waa n<-t advanced by tlie bai-ks
and U»spa was >■> |addtaa> Aftrr ik<*M
luanccuvres, the 'varrity ran through a
long tifnal «4r|tl. The e-.<'f>n<i team d.l like-
Wise and th^ p!ajer» returned to th» club
A # number of fpectatori" from Hartford
and vicinl'y were aboyt, put the. manage
ment succeeded in keeping tiiem &t a dis
tance so the «ork cou'd" to carried on in
The l!n»-un da'- of the 'varsity looks
BagafclaMl UV'.ch ami Bs?))n w»r« en tls«
fiid"=, with r01.411 and Hiegrling as
tackles. Waller and McCormick «fr« th*
guard* end Baroman centre, Bergtn drove
the team well at quarterback. The backs
*ere Head. Cunningham and Hart.
Ttm line-up of Mm terond team ». as as
follows: ••' ! ami King ends; Norman
and MacGregor. tackle*; Waakf *ni Duck
inghain. guards; Clark, c«ntre; Cbjryatss,
qyarterbnek; C«errft«, r'l-srjvs and I'aweon,
Engltwood Field Club Fails to Get in
Amateur L«aguo.
. At * ir.e Mil;*- of li,u Amateur Hockey
league at the Ml. IflalMtM rink Ism night.
-« tt'ie<lu!e conm;Ht«-e.' was arr^lnted at,. l
off tin elected ah fi>!!>.m-.
l*re!«!j r nt, Hosrard l^akeiey. Crescent
A C; vjce-l-resi'lent, William nusbel|.
IloeUfiy Club of New York; t^eretary ant]
treasurer, 'iiuent Cordon. St. Nicholas
Hookey Club.
The application of the Fnglcwood lield
Club for irteniberfhip r,a» declined with re
rret en the ground that no practice time
rni.vj itc arranged at the rink. Polio*. lng
this, th- prop...»ed ppptiratlmi of Urn Irlsh-
A'i>-iran Athletic Dub +.3% not presented.
beanie. No\-, 11. Im a letter to the sport
ing editor of a loe-I paper H»rry W||^on.
who klgnit himself manager of the r BI«»eow
A«hifii- Club, of Moscow, Idaho, put in a
Lid fer th» J*ffrits.J*hnson right. The
letter a«:*
"T'«o Moscow Athletic Club will give
fMMM for the Jeffries-Johnson fight. To
make this offer good, I will post fjt>,4M> in
any bank in the Northwest, as a guarantee
of good faith 1 .an g«t the eongent of
error Brady to stage th* fight, and If
I Bin considered 1 will have smile room
and aeeemniodatlona for the crowd.
-F»rJh» w »» 1
Golf Champion Play^ Welt
Beats Miss Mix After Extra Hole Match in
Struggle on Lnglewood Links.
The visiting English and Scotch golfers
m*de what will probably be their la.st pub-
JJC appearar.co in this country at the Engle
wood Golf club yesterday. ' 1 1 stall* it
was a day of triumph for Miss Pnrothy
Campbell, the British and American cham
picn, who led ||m field in th* eajly hours
in the eiji;teen-hole medal i.lay cojnpctj
tl«n with a. Bopr* of 9"\ and In the nHrx-
I-.- ■>!), vvjth jr. v. Keep, of the homo club,
for *, irtner, yon th? mixed, fouisopua
The aragjrfaaaa* easily eclipsed any of
the other one-day affairs arranged recent
ly, for coincident with the morning fixture
was » team match between the visiting
player* and the home cltjb, There wtre
fjve on « side and Ur«at Britain on three
t latches to two. Chief interest centred in
th»: meeting between Miss Campbell an!
Hiss Julht ft !\;ix. who led oft fat their
refpectlvn >:•!(>?•. it was the first oppor
tunity th* Metropolitan chair: pli?n had hid
to measure skill in actual conUi • with
Miss (.'iimpbell, and It is Kafe to pay the
match will Jons b* ten «•:'•>. • ' by those
who e*W it.
Misa rnnii<bell. mm . 'iad t;ever seen ti»e
agajg«a betwre. ajanga) indifferently u»;d lost
the fjr»t two bol**, but o] rem^rkubly
su.i iy work therfefter »!ie v|»:tor trisn^C^d
to n»a«-h th* turn 1 vi«, g..:..,, out in
**, to iS for Urn s*mi*siau<] fir). The i»t
ter had Ms*] mutt 11 ail brjuarj TTltt) '4 ••
at th-i eleventh ho|e, wk*r< 1 a bucecf
eiun of halves folio.-. until ili;., Capijj
t«ll brute t. v .«» deadlock with a capital 3
- at the fifteenth. A little later Yn a Mix
; l»ald her opponent back by bringiu;; of|
a &>foot put from the cUyo cf ;ii* »ix
•teenth sietn fo'^ a 4. and again square*)
the match,
'• f. A drive and • cUdi shot fQijQd JHes
Cutnpbvira tall within ten feet of tHe
pin at th<s seventeenth, and &h« then
aajlaf* IMi by b»iiisiii« afj the put
for a brilliunt 3. Now di rsn|« i, Mi*s
Campbell threw away iitv. advantage by
i.aii-iop:.;nif her drive to tho hcune Jiole. so
that Mis* Mix, making .u<» mistakes, won
tho hoU in 3 to i That leu th* pair
all ?(juare and made an txuu hol« r'«e€?
15"tli drove good balls. Miss t'JMBP
being the longer I; tuino rtfte-.'n 1 sfyls.
A brt'oU gnurds th»; grftn, ;,|, ( ' Mis* Mix
o>ciJed to l>Jay fchort. MtfS *i <u ,h.l| »a,
Koin^' to «Jo likewise, but her caddie, a
courageous little rhui», told i,.|- to -„ ,-.,
It. Acting, OS] 1 .is advice, t'.-.e Scotch girl
tm.H li.i cletls «nd hit M tin« a hall as
has be«t> >if«i» .1 Klig|i v. in inuHy a.
cS^y. Away It flew »* xtraisht as an
arruw. ..-, ■ i the lv; by it safe margin,
and, coutiiiuiiig la th* green, finally c^|n«
M rest some twelve feet Kit ! 1 of the nip.
Miss Mil got into th-- hn»ok 01. her thtrd
and pi'-ked up. The , -. ( ■• . r«ad ai fol
Mi*» Oanybelt, vut..<> " ."• «i .', 5 " j c ii;
M!»a Mix, out., » a ii v T 7 :\ 4 C-lS
Mim «'»mjil.»ll, lfi...H li .. .', •, ;s >, 5 I^-J4 ?->
atlM Mi». i!i ,i .. ;• ,*■ t> t 4 C S— lS — yi
Five Years the Penally for
Con tract Jumpers.
MemphU, Nov. 11.— The extension of the
life o( li.-. National As^oeiation of rrofo'
fional llascball Clul>3 until SepUmbet 6.
Itfti and th 3 selection nl Chkago .•- th^
r.»*t ni^tli!^ placa »«f<* liM principal fixt
ures of tin. eloping e<&slon of the. annual
i«:e«:ting of die assocUHon here to-day. The
imtiunal board of arbitration will probably
remain ben until Hatunlay, disposing of
the inrgr number of east* on Its. calendar.
The National Association made pne or
hr« other changes in it* constitution con
«.eniiriK the sifnlnc of met*, the promr
tlC'l of l!i«. welfare of tiio |i!4\i|:. Htid 1I"3
punishment I* be meted out to those who
full t.> live up to the!r contracts or violate
their rwifM tlauses.
It \<4> t|»cjded to follow in th* wake of
th« major leugute in the punf*tinj<Ht of cen
travt and reserve JUWPtt* The new rul-j
rr--\l«l> a Si.iensloii of five years for
breaking I ccntrart anl thr?e reais lor
violating: a reserve ctau.se.
fiuggrstions concern}n>r the flat drafting
pri<-e from all leacufs and a chans<j In Dm
method of flaHlfleatl<»n were referred to the
n:itloii:.l board tor notion. It was tieclried
that th» national board should m^ct ».ev.
er«l days before the National ■irnl*||—|
in the future and thus clear up all the
minor CMCg before the Ltg mcetlrs Is
He/ore taking a recess after the long
day's grind, thu national board appointed
Norrll I* ONeill, president of the West
ern league, a member to till tr,» vacatjey
reused by the resolution of Joseph I>.
Hrlen, presjtjent of the American Ais-J
elaiioti. early this jeer.
The election of ,N*lii to membership in
the national board of arbitration now gives
CUs* 'A" full r»v>r«seiit4tloii on the beard.
A young 'matron of Baltimore, upon en
tering her nursery, found her youngest in
•'Why, what's the matter with Harry?"
She akked the nur*e.
"Ife'a mad, iiuim." explained nurse, "be
cause I wouldn't let Mi, 1 *„ to the rlim
inonses aero»» the urute."
NmVi'T- Why uouldn't jou Itt him go,
rart n « cai i**'i nuim ' they ie having v aa-
Tvhrihrr 11 t 1 hetl had them cr not. >! 4juj*t
- •'-» ;.i 1,- •■ , . , „ ', ht
!••. :.Y. r • 1
The far driving Miss Frances Teaehsr,
former Sc«iti!>h champion. played brilliant
golf up to tha green against Mrs. M I>.
Pater*cn. Altiiwu^lt the visitor V«q handily
»he would al.-u hava br-.n able to claim »
aaapf w«ll in the eighties had her puts nut
gone aatray. At it wa», she had a 98. see
ag*l only M the cards of M»*3 Campbell
an.l Miss Mis. M|gs J. fipurllng won the
decisive mutch for Ors.tt liritain st the
tif nw of Mrs. I I' J^*ferts, ■• ' |1| 'i;«
two Eii!|ltuo"U winners projva*l to be Mr*.
E. P. Sanf-.-iil and Mi*a EttpjaktUl Hum.
It had been expected that Miss Mi* 4n<i
K. H. I i ton, Jr.. the yultusrcil « h<mu ir. 1.
would make a l.ami'i ton.'.ai.vitijii i.i the
mixed foursomes. They had only a two
stroke allowance, and returned a card of
?i ■:-*£. Mica Campbell and Harry Ket-p.
the winners, had »-6— •}. An Interested
bi-et tu.tor tlurljis |bj* afternoon was Ki".h;iy
S. Douglas, former national and metropoli
tan champion.
The jceres were as foil .ns:
tt;am siat«.h.
i;r:i >t hkitain W«QUw*QOfl
Miss U-jrothy Came - * "-• • •
„'*» ■ ••:;•••:• iu '« JtiUi* r.. Mis ... 0
. • 1.
rr •<••• l Mr*. M, n. Pat»r».M.. o
Mi.tn mella T»mi/1»... " Misa *i s. Uutv 1
Mi»i J. gMftlag lilrv. fi. v. |.«lT«.rt«". .*.", O
Hi* X. T. liruj ■• Mrr. |£ y, s^crcri;... J
Total S| T .u»i ~»
EiGimgy»i/Q|,n t>oi:.vTfii kvtjnt.
lli-s l^.r O ,hy r a^pi 81l V^'^i^^
"t i X ■ • ■ ** «
Micj «J. pifW«p 41i 47 jr.
iji^ r.. ». |i,,. T y ...Si «: 5
Hi .- .^
J.rs. JI. p. i'4tcr*un : : : i* ,-..> I-*}
Mlsa r, Caw*.n « B | h. v v.l-a P .N«t
\Miitt ..... re v j
llrs. S. t. t,-ii*ri 3 auo lum, .h,i
v. M " J •; • t)i I S.I
Keui-tn „ MS ••.. y,
Jlrn. K. V. j-anfr»r<l *n4 It. V.
StaetrraAa ... Jig _ *7
Jli^ J. \t }||i six) r. 1: iptori.
It . {,| « m>
Mi»» J. .-purlin-,- »r... Arthur
Yaurii m a v.
Mrs. T. H. IVI! lt mv» ani l^rrv
(Vr = l»i 5 tV
i«i« »m«!l.i iVmvle a. ..I ri.-l
fcn4i« ... t'S .; 9i
il!?» J*. T«at-h<!r uu<! W. li. i»*n
riii MB o 'j{
sin r. r, Nebtlackn an-j \v
w. watt ....m m »•>
Miss Cariipjfll i«urj>ri.sed h^-r a.-qiisiii
tatirvj l>y the ann.K:n<-r.m:nt tli \l slu e\
l^.-is hereafter to inako hrr ht.r.w mi ih\*
iIJ«s of the Atlantic—at Toronto. Cawttla,
wucre phe. will g» m M week. Miss Cumr
b*.« Is making rlftSa to play ii: (!. 1'jI)
women's elmnii'ionshi* in tos Unit^.l States.
William St«ffor<l won tl<e greens eommit
tet cup at the. /i: ,! w ■■! Oolf <•;'■ jfs
ttrday. defeating W. •'. ahoui» by 6 up m 4
5 to •■ .iv i:» the linal match i'Jiin-1. Th«s
competition was on a h i:idi i.i basis, Staf
ford conceding \\\a opponent one stroke.
POWERS i/ fr /,'//;/:
Suspension Lifted />>/ the
Jockey Club.
Vincent Preen, the jotWej-, t\h» was sus
pended dtirins the ruidsummer meetins at
H^r^togra prlogs 'ii- year, was restored to
* >?<* standing at a pitetlrg »| the stewards
of the Jockey Club at No. 071 Fifth avenue
y«steiday. H. L. Hoger*. uho va» rul-d
off the turf on Oitobcr 6, 13i»J, v.i>B reia
The ri'Jing (jcense of A- I'eiabv wa» re-
on tiie recwnn>ewtetloa of the aiary-
Id' 1 United Uunf?, while a resolution was
adopted on in* »iuM.-!i U*.»tl» of t'larenoo
«MoDowell. 11,. pre*:uin« Judge on Jix-key
Club tracks for many year*.
Th* stewards at the meetins wer* .'.iigtj<t
'• '">'•"'. T. K. dturtu. F. li. lllt.-hoxk.
H. K. Knat't' and frVhuyler I*. "Tiinai
Shirtwaist Striker the Victim— Police
?lj»ris Goja.'aiN, \U\r\y year* old. »(,.,
*»ii'l he |(««i iiu home, »an arrali;iit-d lw
fore. MJKi-trate tlarlo«- In the Jefferson
Market court yesterday for striking v girl
tlilJlwaist Mrli.fr. and held in j.> ( Lall.
Pelectiie Itauky says that Uohlfvrb'a pict
ure Is In the Kozue's 'Jailer*. and that his
voration |j (fven us rubber.
noltlfarli «M urreeted near the Triangle
Shirtwaist Company* *liop, In Wnvtrl«y
ptiee, Wcilnesilry yfttrnonti, by Wte.tlvo
Uafsky, on a. warrant FWorn out by Amilo
JVtr-lwlH. eiirhtetn jeara p}d, of K», |M
I.V I n»i itnvt.
pv th<« tl^ath of a r«or ,1..« n|,,, rr«po>Ml
ed t>> tic name of liibi, und who whs HHled
by being run o*«r at Nult«-s?a|nt nforgea.
'" the C3t« 40r. the enriched to
the extent of «5 a year. The tragedy, com
mon enoufh among pedestrians, whether of
two or four legs, would have passed un
noticed had not Blbt poss«s»ed means. Blbl
f..nr.«jl> Ms—a to a person v.-fro lived at
Nulta. On his death hr left about U.«M
■nil, charged tt
th*> (own now «urce*Hi» to tie nrliuMtiai
• urn. r*pr*sentrd by th* M i
mi r*»t of
Rnlnrl.it >n Win* Tuo linen on
A tin n ta Speedway.
Attend. yfoT. 11. -John A'kcn, a»>th«
whtel ef a National forty. lowered »n
cthsr Anirrl a<.' n-.-ji ■ •• track record
on th 9 epeed»ay here I :<»y. In a fu(l**M
drt;a. of twenty mile*, every inqmrnt
of v.hlqh liq wai closely prcaMtl, ho act
th« new mark at l< minuter and «S^»
recontjs, eleven Mconte better than QJd
fl»!d's record at Indiana poll $. *
Oeors* Robertson at last wm a ..la to
enter a raco and tlnl«h It. I^» has started
In several races, but never laaf'd mor«
thsn a lap or tfjo. JI« spent his tiro*
eearcnjnf for some minute, elusive detect
tn his machine, which seemed to keep »n
hMlnr during practice, only to bob up as
soon as. a race »as on.
The bis blond driver. tmlllnj as he has
smiled all throush hi* ill luck, withdrew
from the twenty-mile handicap at the «nd
of th? first mile, but rame back grinning
and faced th-» «tr« in the ten-mile handi
cap, which he wen In * hard drive ever
Alton and Har«inf. I!« covered the dis
i tanee In 7 minutes 47 4-3 seconds.
v*' repeated this performance in the
t#n-rnli« fret-for-all handicap, although his
tlms was slower. Dlsbrow. In his Ranter
car, won the twenty-mi!* handicap in th*
elapsed tlma of IT minutes C* 1-5 seconds.
or ttfty-thr«e tecends slower than Aiken'*
time In the •''■•■k car race for that dis
The twenty-mile stork chassis race fur
nished the most exciting spectacle ef the
Meet. In the first four laps of two miles
each, five cars «m only inches apart, and
three of them finished with only a few
feet of d*yll£ht between them.
Alken. driving a National, led in th* first
and second lap*, closely pressed by h«-«
teammate. Kin-aid, and with Dtngley and
Loriiper. the Cha!mer»-D<tr«!t IHM, «»♦♦*••
np. Disbrew. at th* wheel of a Rainier.
finished the ra*e. but wad at no time a
Although AlUen was headed from time
to tim« h* flnlshe-1 In front In track rec
ord tint*, on the third lav Klnrald passed
Aiken, but In the next lap the latter a^ala
assumed the lead and held It us ** tn
twelfth mil-. Here Kincald had trouble
and withdrew, and Larimer In his Lhai*
m»rs-Detroft flashed lnt» the van
Harry Stll'.man In the Marmoa ear was
at all times close up. Larimer held hi*
advantage* only en* lap. when Alien forged
to the front and staye-t there to the *nd.
G«orge Robertson In his Fiat, starting
from scratch, wen the ten-mil* tr*e-f*»r-aii
handicap by the fasten kin<4 of driving,
lie concedeil 56 second*, equal to, ebout a
mil*, to I>i>*r^w. but ru«t • lni<i> the lead
en th« seventh mile. Alken In a Xatlen.il
rtni^h—i second and Stlilwan In a Jlarmon \
The l?Smi!e stock chassis race attracted
only four cars, a Buick driven by Chevro
let, a .Mariiivu with H«trroun at th* wheel,
Basfe> Renault and Joe Matsen's hal
mer.'i-t>etrolt. Chevrolet rac*«i off In front
a' the «iart and hi five miles. averaging
«jsty-eisht intlea an hour, sained a full
lap (two miles; on lias!.-. In th<j fifteenth
mile he also gained « lap en Mttt^np, {>a?s
ins: t»j« Jitter in front of th* stand to th*
<.Ue-i.- *»J the crovd, i rr*4*t*a engine
r)Ui«!lit fire at th* beglnnins of his twenty
fl?il» mi!£ ar.d l»>t dropped !>*hi:.'i two laps,
liaiM-'iiu lakins the IsM with ila;s«in aev
ond. \
Chevrolet, after hi* trouble, overcame |
the Renault's lead, but caught fir* again .
• •11 his fortieth mile en-} again dr<»:>pr-ii to 1
li.* rear. At th* fiftieth mile Harroun !
Wtl in tli* lead with Matron about a mile
lifhtnil. Matron ur.aceegntably slowed '■
d«»un, but did rut Moo. and at the end v*
sixty mile* the M.miii.ii was about »Li
HlQff m tl»* l*ad tii it* nearest pursuer,
the. Chalmers-Detroit. The Bulc'* WM
eight inile-s behind and the K~:tanlt ten.
liarroun. «lriv In < in careful but cashing !
• l>lw. h~M his advantage to th* end and '
*••:! by a g*o«l six miles. ®r three laps,
from Ma's His tim : ■»,!- l hour *>
minutes 3j 1-5 second*.
The MiKinKiiics follow:
NVuI-tn.t Altkeo IfciS.TC
*'»"••• ftillman lii:iri.v'.
t halni*rs-l>str;it,..t*'pn'e.' l*--i» 03
TKN-MIUJ ST«X"K . tIA>St?. Cf© tVPXt?
£''*'•••■ •• ;.Kl)ltfHnß 47 Tt
t^UW lllkrn *£3 »»
.Ari>«r*on Harding ?:4-.7
>*oi tt-iTiLt: Crown car rate nt TO SO
CLUIC |,\ii!KS.
• •Ti3)^*r*.Ji.troit....M4«ion 4:M*S
Lhn ; in«r». r>«lroir . .Kn:,.p,r . 4:trt> «5
ti.n-mji.k ii,\xd[cai', rites ivo a>^»
I>.V"". Robertson . S:rs>:«H
Nmi*nal ai»|«» ftiS»A
•Nnww >?ii::( C »n 84&J4
10-411J.K KAfIC yon LI.iHT I 'AM 231 To
Manu.-n. .. ITatroun 1 :»»:*.M oi
t ha!m*r»-Ui.trclt.....\!at*in ... t-5-#»\S
SSS?" l £*" : •»:»:■»•«
"■ iII - K Chevrolet s:o3ua> 11
•r\ MILE handicap, vnr.v. rvn aij.
'' a " l * r liijbrow |T:S|».IS
iltr-r-m "... .. * • . _
Marfm.il SU'lman ---
'!■• milk iiiATPai! „( rui i::. »uvm
*}**™ Rutherfort « « *-, •
I*u««"k »»Mkrow . . . 7
Cbit{mer»-petrott Travis . .... „
The Ei?s*water »nd Fort I^i» Automobile
Association was organised la*: night at I
BdfWVfMf for l! » purpose of holding a j
ktll-clitnl^Hg contest on th* morning of •
T»<a», *».-,< ing D»y. The tffllc-rs elected j
wer«: John Iltnnete. president: J«hn F. >
Towl*; Ttce-piwMfut, ani Saratwl j! '
Corker, »«rfur\ aril treasurer.
A •■• "" cours« will b« I«K1 out on
ti I.^1 .^ tuttin road from th« KdjeH^ter *>r»y !
to »h* villa»« of feri LM There %m N* '
tw»lv» contests, amoti? mem epeeia! ot>ti- !
t-»!a for delivery »m-wj an ,i 8 ,, t0 {roc**,
A number cf entries have a\vm4v It-'u rf
Th<* economy i-ra»O9f,l upon th« Great i
Northern ftailroarj i. w«l| know:; anian? .
»a;lr. .i ; men. utj« th« stanrhest believer*
In the ..l.i wylns that "Eooncmy |j th^
wo 1 . 1 V' «"?»'•»»" h«»n* the president. J .1
llijl. Th« H«ry is loltl in ih« \\>st that
«M>«n one occusipn nhen frrgWcnt Hill
»»» looltinK over a pl^.-t" „f track h« found
a new railroad «plke. T»lr . it ta the t«3» 3
In H.arp «,f thai Mreteh of road, he hand
"You '"" b« tror* careful. Nolhinu
mu«t b- wa*te.l Pick up all your >(k< "
"Why. Mr. Illll," r> „|i^,» n,^ ••s^rf. I
promptly. -I've Wen pay I. V „ „,«„ a Hilary
fcptetff"" 1 lt> h " nt tor lhat ***<"-
Z I i Met V JTIfK
i*4 m ™
/$k , FOOT B ' Ll
jV^g^ of the Burnt .'
Motion for Morse Trial To Be
Heard Monday.
A* the result nf the filing of papers br
II ■■ counsel fop Charleq W, Morse In a mo
tion for a new trial, . -- -4 *« a rtaaon
for It that too Jury wM*b found him guirtr
was not at to render a. verdict, tbwo vast
an Indignant lot of j'irora I. the city >•„
C. Wilson Atkins, an en<in»er employ b"
th* J. M. I'terc- Company *■ the pJow York
Central terminal, vho was No. 5 In th*
box, denied that there bad been any dis
order •« Intemperance. In • low Instance*,
ho said, the men had a drink of «hisk«y
I or bo**-, but there was never any gambUnv.
, "1 did not notice any whiskey bottles and
j ««ld not at any i.'me suspect any saw •#
I belnsr Intoxicated, Th«ro were no poker
! parties." said Mr. Atkins. "On on* occasion
when vs went down to Conty Island «*>
stopped at one place for a drink. Beyond
this th*r«s w-j« no liquor on that trip.''
Ed-sard C. Burgas, an engineer living a*
No. M West Usth street, another Juror,
dented that any of the charge* woro tru*
He saM that the man drank a Itttio botr
; and wh!.--I;ey, but In no case mere than on •
drink a night. A tab!* water in which on*
of th* Jurors was Interested was t;sed for
th* most part. ilr. Burgess added \has »"
of th* reports about th* Jurymen were
grossly exaggerated On several occasion*
Juror Shirk, he laii, was suffering from
lumbag •. He was helped Into th* trial
roost and was often in pain during th*
progress of ttu trial.
John F. E!£er. another of th* twelve, of
No. 13J Cl»r*fnont avenue, said that there
was no intoxication among any of th*
Geors* l**ndieott. an iniuranca man, *>*
No. Cl West U?th street, Mid that all |Jl3
rompuniuna un th* jury were level head**
men and there was s>Q discussion of tho
trial with th* marshals. lie did am know
of any gambling nor hear of any «|uaail
ties ef lirjuer being sneugg'M into th<»
I^idor Ellm>, an Insurance broksr. of N«.
Vi Liberty »tr*«t. sale) that he had s*rv«l
on a num&er of juries but h*d never met
a. more gentlemanly lot of m«n than MbM*
who paa**< on the Mursa evidence. IM
added that th* men *ceag4«saatly took m
drink and that they enjoyed a, littt* outdoor
liberty, but tn no case showed the illlhiisat
Gordon Wendell, a merchant, of No. !W
Worth street, characterized the ehanano
against bio companions as childish. »♦»
dl-1 n«t take • drink durins the trial, k*
said, and did not spend alj «f his time at
the Hal a* he was In bad health and ha.l
to go to his homo nearly every night.
Charfes F. t'hirk, whoa* name wa* men
tioned in Mr. Litt!et«n a papers, said lhat
the story of excess atr.w; th* jurors satjst
hay a been started by some disgruntled
agent who had be-n discharged aft*r a Am
tail to watch th- jury He indignantly de
»,!•(! that there was any drunkenness. Mr.
(shirk said that th* jurors w«r» genrtauisn
who had carerally weighed every detail of
t!i» evidence presented. He added that m
ope. occasion h."* had been taken sick with aw
aeut« attack of hjaahafja, whi*h necessit%t*d
treatment by a doctor. Then i.e. was put
un « 6te». Jle characterised the stneral
charge ef drin!tl:is and gambiinf a? false.
The stay in the Mom* gaga of forty days
wl!l expire an November -1, when, unles*
aiintiter d*lay is crapted, |ko convicted man
will b* taken to the federal prison »t At
iMiita. to eerve Ms «-ent;m--e of ttfte-n >Mr.«.
The . iP#rs in th* writ for a review »f th«
cus», ,\*>n which the .-"ay was granted, will
b«? presented to the t>-;h.i States - apasn*
Court on Monday, and It was expected ye-«
trrday that tl}» court w«uW pass on t!te .!*
r!lc»tlorj before the «.'Xplrati.;ii of the stay.
|i was sail} yet>ter<la> that no new *ray
would be aiked for.
San j-'rancijco. No*. 11.-»Thi» »f!ie-Hl
elosinti quotations fur mining st».-ka to
cav were- *- lotion.
And** '1: KiP'!ir!-.>- »'on . .TO
Helch? .... s»s;t.. n'«*t» Cob 1.-.
H*»i «c B«lcu«e. .. .'.2; Mcatran ' |.'».
Huiti«m ta.ot.aicntai run !r»
«'ai«»)onia 3;»Opht» i.:u
f^allcnse Con. -*l I'v^-rnun l<>
<'|ioiii>r ..... . . 4j
Ton ("a I & Va 9S Sa* *p«Vher «*
*'on Iniperial US' Sierra Nav^da .«l
t'revn i'-.int :w I rl..n Cm 4::
'luul-i .<. furry .- Cur '..*.»*•
lia!> t Nurcrosa.. .T*: T^low Jacfcet &>
J]«ti.n |v
Tit.vvKM.r.K.>' to., .0 t:\sr ,<>f M st.
Telvr.iiwwi &i\n Madtaou
A«- 4»» Can*. VJh.. "tao:* »nios* Dta
ii Aye.. bruaUwa:, r»4 jn.j Cith St>.
»-..-,»- £•«'«'» *c l.us* »a«<jay».
Nfc\N. i-"tvi-v A U C.rit .• . Mt'SlC*
Tli»4«ru Fupptra. T«teM««a HXK) i,i4Mjrv
6» West IWH it. DI>?tKK. S|.w. jh c . Mu ,t,
5J ay». »uJ 10th .««. T«.. prcfc4nj 4»4!»
waiHUflun a am» u\m>i tr iiuovi
t3*-,'Ki» U. 3:M »». VtTAt, and INiSTR!"-
MENTAIj lU'Sl 1 ' at l.uiuJiecn and Even!!)*.
tIAJAY Jl.Vi/f anit Hun<jriin O»f?»estra.
A Tai*. iv»»v «.- ;-.sth •» J».>w ep«n He»: tone!*.
4.H-. l'lnn^r with win-. Ijo. f*rlvat« Dir.*n*
H«>o«h«. rSinwus Ma.j?ni» «»roh. A!»ivtnp<t
« ; ;f A. COLLEGE INN "^
:;•* *lUr\ey" Soutbtra eyitay ••unt«r.
t'mnar j|. Ale l*a!m r.ooin. Moslc.
rum»rillUr& » st. s«« 1 cc v #. • x«Ujr»m "
1 ««-»-•»" II D II I II i.rNni.o. '
tcnffXirT. flHDaw
jgtjfiasL IsOnETTI
on 45th St.. >«lwee-i B'wmv *nj 8t:» \v»l
R«taurunl op«n all nijr^t Ale. I'm ,«.. D:mnc
ltoo«r«» urch-itrj. Uuaio. T#l. Ziv; Qryaitt.
r.Bl'll J Square Hotsl^;!^^
Mi Ba/ird \Z^^- T tsri^.
from Sew \orW." "!• (inustrat*«l>. It*.
Ilnautiful drKes fr>ni ■nni< iwotmmtmled.
Vr»«vtl«r^ «'v.. .■»•> Bust 3i4U». N«w fork
■ vtj il»..n
%&• L:NG fEiCH 552.
Air. r;tin*ua >i«nii K;u«rtatii«r9 <Col«r»d
ytß*tr»>. Hoojpa bj. ae^ni •rraas«ntn«- T«L
100 !.. 114 Kelt.
Arrawhaad hn;^ .■*':''' • » ■■•
Rjjgf ,v. mm view ::;-^ t
filenwood-Nuiigaria J;k all jr. On ta« .' .:
STAUCM'S rnnry |il*ml. Open all y«»r.
wIRUUII d UUjh Claa* Re«t Ala Muita
The >t?njiir«i for Chanip*sn« Quality

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