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•— - ' '■ ..... l ,
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minims* wl*^ o<trn •» the *•■*
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rralizstlon <* «,* m that it ii wholly
U nn^*sary for fWii Bownmmt t«
makr any f.«tx»<?»«ii»-n iir*r«ntfion« to
friruiP compliant «** it* Irtnand One
fermalatrd and prcf-ntcd. the demand
• ill bf enferrcfl vith all th» *■'"■
•■id .*4*n'r which Srlayaa <-ours«? nay
rrnflrr nrroF*»ry.
ln viw cf the w'.uation in Nicaragua
Uw Naiy Dcj»rtjnen: v-ill issur no cr
drr? to t!ic urotected cruiser X«« Or-,
leans, now Bt tan Francisco, to (tail, *•
Introdsd. fur ■.:■ Orient •''■ 1 ' : it is s*ca
whrthrr *he «iU »*• nreded in Nica
i&ruazi water*.
Oniwr Believed ca Way to Blncficlds
vith Can? Materials.
Colon. Nov. r4.-Th* rniied Stair? rro-
I*<-fd tTUiwr Taroma, *I»rti arrived here
,^, Monday. «*Jl^ »■« n*" aflrT talur '' r
on cf»ai ar:<! a !«rr qu»nrtty of hunter,
ermrrt. nai:» anrl similar hisildlnc ■"'■;
nal. "Hip d«*ttnaaoa of tSw Ta^wj* is nut
■known but :t '•* lx-Ur^ «d »= bound for
Mnrsfui. rrotebly Blu«3»ld*. »her«
mai bavc t" hr .wted for th»
11.. :"• ■■ -
jv.rt^ rort^z. Spanii* Hondara*. Nov. 13
<»-v, S.-p- Ortrasa, Nov. -**>.-Tds«Tapluc
•tfriMs ira-^ Msaacaa si»y il «s beJiwed m
Ni-kragna fiat t!-« otAcnmif-Ht authorities
:n Fin LbZMBI. Cotia lllca. and formrr Pr<-s-
I.IMU BfctaH Ifiifi-ia- -««» ! - l~l ~ fu»"»WS k» v *
waed tJie Nicaracwan rcro'.utlcnir-ti 1 . Th«i
snj.'rr.saUcn cams fro^i « ««*> ofßtiitl et
•:; iircc-a. Via Hrifl vi:at ili:t aid lisd bren
„^r . ..... fjrrotJßti tlif fwtitiiKJ*. «f tfea t:^aiv?6
«j-«*r'a:rr* «rf Nicaracua *i Uic Osta Eic»
. «T»ta! IvjrkPd hy lUrardo Jimfcn^z. a
• *i*ta iiliaii Presidfiitial numiner. and bis
T..0 rrproeaxaliciui of t:» Nicara^Uitn
"'■urg* arr ariUl to Save tana»od Oh ooncm
tssUsq of fortv-ii.ror sclClrr? captured
f,y_u v.ir rrbd »nr.- iii L» CtfUMfl* Th^*
prisoners' »-rrr »» b^ ta*:tn to tixa J»s*.
<"ortti net. b\n »rrr mtcu^d a::d Frt Ire*
hy tiiwr com;iar.ioKS in th- rebrt am:j .
•Cot >MX. Xor. - cabie *^"^— *
from Panama ta-4«y Kays t:-.^t Kdcar S-
Items, of Coliimbu*. Ohio, an American
naanaercial tra%-e!ler. who has l>eeti tourinc
• rntrai America, najs that several Amer
ican* BT« hi jail at Manama aud nthrr
jia<-rf^ 1:1 Mrju-acur-. bartos b«"ai arrr!«t*«d
on orderr frcm Zdaya.
l!vrr>' Aineriraw hi businr*.? in Nitam^u*
wn<i rr'Tiiaed to ror.tnbirtp ti> thr fun<i
'.«-«-ird by 2rt«ra m puuiltfiy arr^u^d *u»d
ihrrwn into nJiiw. liarrib aa: s. A fr» of
the Aineorano miio «rrc Ml— ttj boufiht I
rtinji- T»aj- out of jail fag P«J*>K thr I> nrf ,
ticmandfd. but a number ere mm lirid in- j
Rcnavay Horse Kaodu Thr*t Dova—
One May Be Fatally Hurt.
Ibm ttttte cirt ■«■ pwftaWy bsaOy m
iur«l and two others plvrtitly trjrt jrrtcr
day wh*n. on th«r war to sch mjl. tIUTT
*•:•« h.norfc«d diwu *■ - runaway iiorrr in
I Lii'ivr* amrue. nncr Surkmun strm, Ua^i
Km vork. Siirtii CrsSso; toatcci
•.;... old. it No. |M nifl«J HVCRUf.
r-»h taken '« A. BtoXT** Ifowptti ia a
•ntirai «*Bdition. rtli'" !»4 la«-*raitons of
1 f '..-.jiii *i!J b0 .3: . aod Rsrte w«rc tadlca.
itana ''i» T Bfc> v " fV 'ij"'" < ' < ! bugnifly. u-r
• i.u'h «rss «■?;■,•*■■ -u-l laM sUgiil.
S.-orrr of otliT «-liil«n*ti ot-rrap* l^ injur?"
|y a nEiTfw irmiTin -nlten. jum »*■ they
«w» if.akhis «h«"ir war inward JHliool
;'C>. at Hat >'irnrr <f Dutnont a\»*nu«" and
Nirkmsn >tr«ti. t»r t'.if nftrerteon s'-ssii-.
itm ru:m»ai- oi' tju> •-■«.• . Tl<<«
<lrjv«r. llaa PaJjreiia. «f N««. 4i: Wiilisnj«
mnm*. *a: : Himatl ftxaa W* r>*"»t j>ft*T
mulr'.ns * rate cs*B*bv>t T<> cwuucl fh»
turn, ftniaimug »ttU four. U»
rhiidrrn prarn^Td far "af'-tr.
Th«» r-jr»-^a^- <laMi»-d «»>». witti a «-r<r»d of
rr»m in ptirraa. itn<l -rat' ••nj.turpd a mile
arrar by lUmntod robrenwn lU>*m<. of
th- labrrty «\-e3ue sirtii'n. Tba injur^i
*.t!s ««Tf' <-,aiTt*d tata tli" ariiooihoui*" 1 .
end y:»'1!"g t"* 1 «rf' Dn«. Drlaii^y
;:::'. BcSJj fr«m P«. Marys Ttovnital WBIB*
m farhf. r <-ar<xl f"r t'.n":r lajurtf as best
th^; could.
Ibp«- FIIIS Heavily at Plattsfaarc,
Dnftins Badly.
P'.a'JfifPurT. N. V.. N'«v.
n>v \..ru ka la ttM Ezaap at Om Ortt *•'«
23 rd 01 Uic jtrjtaou. T'.irct' incnr* «f moir
fell ban dsti mO/atmron, n:ui to-ulcUt it
va^ mil enop-jnx !i«avlly. Tho uird fw
r.-.-lr .-.-l v.B* 1 t'lowiTiff tTifv IVin LWUIIjMIVt
ikUq ra basr<i piling ii)» the !isht cora la
tin-p drift*. •
.Mhair*". V«v. ;4.— Th*» di»,nitrti s< nt fr«m»
h«r»- y«fl*Tduy coT^rne ih" ti«-i*ion oj ;::e
,-ma". «»f Ajpeal* Ui Uif ■ a»^ trf M;-»- Mar
- rt ar T«ii. srauUtis her a new trm! <'n
iti* ciiara^ of ■übOlTHtion <•; uujuij).
u*dr tbe emuuwwa statvnwr.t tliat 3eaela
j-y. ■ arta had ti^n tnr-nt.on*<l in ih*
, ( ,-, rr ... gg t:x- proc*«dln«n;. *«ad ix-^ii i<ani«-d
f,v . „r-r\' ..!.• ■• t iii tiir Prark O«n;ld di-
N4rr>^> .„•- Tins •rroTK-oiis r«-«»r»*r! i -e to
Mi»* r»' - Yule was mat' uini--r a miniirT^* l
is^^tfion. th« fatt ••■ t*iat »<h^ ««>> n«it
•«j .*»'■«*"• T '" r «.-O' N *»n» <> n'l«»f.t in th» r»-<Mir<J
l\ fi.ri (NEW jersey CENTRAL I
B I Ml' r kwi. Ina; h3L ■«. « I'-M. fry,., 1.11-ri I
f I M I M..111 mldlllo* io mli'r irul»^ l.i. 0....- I
■ RjJ lijiri llu- b«uf Irom 13(1 Mrtrt. ■
f •*!»»( i^^^ P»rtor can n •»!»•. Jn*ia« or« I
fctiiul.. . | tn»rn:ti. imc.i., »L 0 utrl;U »■'•— !•■■»» «-v ■
Ccmfcrl! V^—^"»*- I
Jl'hcn tuyiaji a Wahbaw »atdt always ask your
jc* cler for otic adjattcd to temperature am* p»»U>
rontliraml frwm flr«t »»•«'.
l>u< k. FotJi mmm removed to Bellrvue
Two accidents, due to the slippery
pavement, •••re reported m Brooklyn last
evening. Thomas Block, ■ rooter, ■•! N".
I2_ nogrm avrmir. m*s knocked tT" hi*
wagon by " Bt John> Ptare «-ar and his
horse, ran away, ire was xrmored to the
suedish Hospital, suffering from cuts
and brui««. possible internal mjur
and a possible fracture of the ntull. TTk
accident occurred at Sixth and Atlantic
? iciiuu
? The automobile of John T. Trm—r.
a brewer, of Na 1652 Burti\M»k iv^nu«>.
Ht tte automobile of t»r. H. T. Perk, of
No. «fi HsJsey street, at 3: SO .-Wx-k. at
Bedford and Greene avennes. Dr. Peck
and his mother-in-law. Mrs. Bianca Pus
sei, were thrown ntjt. the IMH receiv
ing a fracture of th«« arm. Mr. Tromraer
str>pp<*d 3T)d pffr*<i aid. but th«- doctor
was iblo to i*mo\i« Mrs. Dussel to her
bon>- at N«>. 73 Ta; i»! street.
Tlie local forecaster announced that
tlje viud would shift to tho northwest
at night, and that clear and cold weat!:er
would prevail to-day. Th< thermometer
showed a temperature of ■ degrees
above zero at S a. m . 11 a. m. and at 1
p. m.. and 9 desrees al>ove at 10 p. m.
Thnt part of tiir West Indian zrmc
mhich h*L? been out of cable touch with
«ie Tid iisr<' the burnraine of Novem
ber 7 was in wire communication yester
day *ith the United States and Europe.
The rable companies reported that ■ itti
munication tuth a.! Vnl Indian sta
tions had been re-e?tablishcd.
lieporta from the country at large
■to»'*d unsettled conditions. Washins
tnn had a driving snowstorm, and BBOW
was reported in Norttiern Virginia, v ith
pnr?p?cts for ■ •'white" Thauk.«Rivins.
A se\-ere northeast storm, with wind
ranr»nc from forty miles »n hHai off
the TlrpiniH Capes to forty-four mil«-a
off the Delaware Brrakwat»T and lift}'
miles an hour at Hatt^ra^ N. C. swept
Can h-.ur *t H*tt*r-*.-. N <" M
the Virginia, Carolina an-J Mar>la!id
t-oitst*. -VII shipping ready to i»ail Irom
Hampton Roads »as stfrinlx«
An unprscedented sftorm that had pr»-
vailM in the Parinc HHtIMMBi for two
days showed ■• signs <>t abating. In
Kastern < >rfgon and Uastern 'WaihinK
ton a wind>toi"m caut-ed eons-iderabl.?
financial loss. Rising ri\ers flooded
ranches a^id d»^troyed railroad bride**
Trains on the Great Northern an<l • ith
ini Paciti-." were delayed.
W>>rst Storm in Years — Con
siderable Damage.
J*<rj;r!ikeer*ie. K. T.. Nov. ;t— A ternnc
rorthT«eft wind which swept down th'
Hudson rivrr to-^ay «fc4 ewiMderabS*
darnaee to small craft and interfered
er«*«.Uy »itli !;«■■ iraii'/n Small ferries
!-.a%e Irr^a tiM up all da.:, and *h"" bis
ferryboat at KewtKOS compelled to
Mi.p running for t*o hours' this mornins,
t!ie fim time in f«»-ntj -six year?. The
water- were lashed im« such Iteavy twa.r.
that t'te larse <T»ft met coiislderaJjle diffi
A heatmc «tmf on the H'aiwr Tr'mpf".
»rf the NVwb-irc and \ibituy Ijne. KU t-oP
|ii«-<i o\«»r aixrr tlie kcstit left New bur;
and tUe l»uruing coals s« rlr»* to the
mates' rjianrry. Tlie flames «ere e^tin
puiK!i«»d ttffrnr* much -lama?*" «a? don*-
Boarm"!! *ay it ira.« the w«r?-t storm ex
r*n-jer!«-e«l on tlie Hudson River m years.
KincsJ"n. N- V.. Nov. CL-Ivinc'Joti sul
<r-..€\ X\*-*\ ,ly ti>-da> fron> a anj
win«l stfjrtn win- h ».-rr>i=? ttM «"rry
laif in the afternoon. T^iephor^ arid tele-
Ernf>{i wires were t^m down at the tirM
«m.-l»ugtit ..f t!i» northwei-t»T. streetcar
and railmad w»me^ was crtrjHe-J and
htre«-t trjflio was at < AaodSttU fflT >i*
tl.Tjr«.t I.Tjr«. «.mti»rr' of Firiall <-rafl along tlie
Jlud^ou Biver raterfr'»nt *ere unprecwd
J«»r t!ie au<l tlsHr l^s^f^, i«i ntany
«-a^s. p. HI reach w\eral hundred dottar*
Sixty-MUc Gilc on tbc Coast— Few
Accidents Reported.
RMf-t^n. N*»v. !i-An «irly w mtT "torni.
w:rli m «>old. ■!— >j n»m <>n tlie nwi an"!
s»>me khow in rhe rnt«-nnr, rea -tied N«^v
! lr. i: .at-..: from i?«u»M'rn '-lime- <-arly in
day. Stiff north t» in >it lira.- 1 gul^s pre
\ain-d. 'ij»» cal (> off LIM coast ran^tns
from thirty n:ile* near H»wton to fifty mid
»^ixty milet, uli hour on exn<ised points like
Itluek [Stead, Njtntu<-ket and «"ai«e «'<«!.
T'-i** storm iii«-r»^«»i*^J in viol«ie* lifter
MtM-n. ri(|>^f-ial!y on UM coast. r»ep«3rts <■!
marine a.<-cideßts al.«-o b*^tnn t« arrive. tMe
first une being frtwri Vineyard Usvctfc
whrn* the aabMMr Kal Ayer Mas torn
from li»i- l«u itiu-ljors iUid thrown on tlie
'beitrh at the head of the liurbor. It i? ex
p»rt«'d that she will be floated with il Itti •
culty, although resting on a sandy bottom.
All the coastwise t-teamers luni l>e«"n fc<—
eo'jnf*d f"r before the ><tori:i tiei-amt' very
severe. The ataaawr Bay Stat»" re»rh»"<J
licpf from Portland a few hours late, while
the Uiiat from Ran u«»i an r*-j»orted to have
pai •• into Portland '■•, shelter.
KEW-YOBS DAILY Tlllßl Xh. THVWSDAY, NcnhMHKK -jr.. i;»»s.
All Plead Not Guilty Before
Judge Hough.
Judge Heugh. in the I'nited States Cir
cuit Court, decide*! yesterday against the
former employes of the American Sugar
Batainc Company in the tirat battle for j
their freedom. George at. ilackettar. caun
•*>! for Oliver Fpitzer. and Hriirr F". Coeh
nuir. the rniniMil for Jamrs F. Brnder
nagct and the five former olicfltcr!". fought j
long but unsuccessfully to havo tv In
<li tiimiHa Hiiwhi out I>Ux Frankfurter
i*BrMri!i>"l Henry 1. Stinvon. special
counsel for the, (OTwnrawi, in the contest.
Mr. Cochrane a.ppeared With a dual mo
tion: First, t« have tht> Indictment quashed :
bevaui*e B«Ti(ieni»«H Itod testifl'"d before
thn l/trited Statfii cran<t jury in Brook
lyn tvh»*n tbn short wei#tn fraud:* were
under iniitlßiniiii there, and that this
tcattmony bad iKrn uw>d acaitwt him and
the rive checkers: and. s*cond. that the
right of i^mMh of the grand jury
minutes b* given tt> th«» counsel. Th» lat
ter sai'i that the government counsel had ;
vlolattd Bcndernasel's constitutional risht. |
The indicted men. i!r. Cochrane said,
tnaiira men. Jir i'ochrane said.
had n-j 1f«. tliat th.y Mi to testify
acainst t;i*>m!«-h- «ii-i they were sub
p«na*«l Mr. Frankfurter wme forward
at thi> Juncture with t»-.j afQdavlts. one
from United States Attorney Young?, of
the Brooklyn district, 1:1 wiii^li liiu lat
ter mu<l that lie had warned the nu"n of
their •yn«titiition»l privilege and had told
thrm that they wore not 1 mtpt&mi to an
swer any Questions they feared mi^ht be
Winfred T. Denison liad made another
affidavit, a;unj that the grand Jury in
this district had not used the evidence
furnished before the body m Brooklyn.
After telling the- counsel for tfaa nuii that
he did not believe they had a leg to stand
■■: . JodGB ii'jugu .--aid.
I am rriif-cii of tlic painful thought that
any adverse opinion I express will i*.- unui.
and will therefor* noro freely give the
conclusions ■■ •»•■:■>:• reached in the Price
ca*<«_ While in some of the Ktates tn« law
i* as contended by the u>uiidants. in the
federa! courts there is a 'out; list of opin
ions establish ins v crmtrarv dyctrine. name
ly, that there is a i-lear titfTeren lntween
a party's disqualification us ■* witness and
of a person's constitutional privilege a^ainet
giving incriminating evidence. In thts case,
it appears that the defendants wer-? prop
erly summoned before die grand jury in
Brooklyn and duly advised of their c«n
stitutional rights.
So that w« liave t!ie bald question mt law
as to whether a man suspected of crime
who is subpf^na^i to attend bef<-- a grand
jury and dv«» attend, and »s advised of his
rights. «jid docs thereafter testify as to a
matter which at a . iwtoq'terit dam before
that grand tnry or elsewhere became* a.
matter of indictment. i« or ii> not entitled
to the protection from th" c"!i^equ«iees of
It. I adhere to the pinion that h<"- is not.
mid that povttioa lutre? me to deny so
much of your motion as a^ks to have these
indictments quashed.
As to th-- motion to Inspect the minutes
of the cr:^nd jury tor tlie southern d!i«tr<ct
1 am confronted, in the rir^t place, with an
affiiiavu !n which there is no rcf«reiic<*
w?-.ut»>ver to the prfKr^eJin^s in the eastern
district, and in tlie ext place I perceivf
th> rramn fcr :-.;i.mi>fi<m i>«i.sed upon your
cv. n t>ai"*T» that th»-re was any justification
or excuse lor looking into th* eastern dip
trii-l proetcdtasi of two y.ars ap>. Int. 1
tlii>i matter liere^ >^j that ihe que«uon bf
come.*: Under what '•irc:mjrtances iB It
proper to permit to prirtif. 5 ! mi investiga
tion "f the crand jury minutes?
The grand .iurv 15 a power of itself;
it ii In a certain «ense a part of the court,
but it is a very independent part of the
curt, and it is very important that it
should Tmam an Indcpenritnt pnrt <>f the
lourt: tin-ret ot«*. T have made it a rain —
an<i I think a good one — never to ailow an
examination of tin Brand lury minutes un-
Iras th«"r«» be the str-'niest possible reason
t-> euvi>ect grosfc indiFtrrctioTi or extremeU
bad advice or very grave action on the part
of the grand jure. T ft»e tro reason to eu.s
peci «)iivthiiis <if this kind in tliis i'»tf. I
deny bxtA of ytmt motion*, Mr. Cochrane,
in ail thr.r parts.
Judge n>ugh then accepted p'.eas of rot
jruiitv from the counsel for th*ir eiipntf.
On Monday the fight for a postponement
•will take plai'e before Judge James I*
Jlarn.T. wh" ill N» here to try th<? MM
Collector Loeti vas at his office y ester
da?. ha\"ins arrived from Wasliington.
whrro lie had been conffiring —it h Secre
tary MacVeaisrli regarding tiw burar trands
and oth^r Questfena pertaining to tb» eas
terns fervKf. Mr. LtOCto tad rhat the
tiiuse rjraning process •• noM i-oßtimi«\
but he would n«»t give the exact number
of dismissals »f» -jC mart"? before the c!ean
111? v»as finished. Thos" slafd to go. it
t< as t-.*i<l, arr r.i"n who have been rm
;.]ojed In the. weighing department.
Th»re ha« no connection bel*e-«t his
pret-'Mi'-" b> Washmgton and t!j»- announce-
I'teTit ol t>ta-ieyoi CUrkscn* rei:renient on
January 1, Mr. Locb declared. Eii iM not
kri'jw w'lo a^ to h*> appointed to succeed
Mr. <*larks«>n. bul .^aid that neither Rich
ard Tarr. who ur.eartlsed t!ie frauds on
the Fiisar .l«<-ksi. n.T "i« "IS" W". AJdridg".
of novhe^ter. ti a» being considered for
i!,e ofllr".
It »a^ reported ;<ssterUay tliat it was
the belief in Washington tUat Mr. <.:ark
n > terni expired on January 1 and that
the announcement nf his retirement was
■Imply made in pursiianc of an tmder
svmwl i-otidtTion. rrerirtent Taft >•» rejenni
**\ the term limit, it wai» MM. an<l It was
a I. so tl^ciar«*«J TJith more than umal etn
pliasi. 1 * tiiat ilr. »"lark.«tm's retirewi^tit bad
li<rt!iinp whatever to d<> with the liouw
demntnc iurwee— It was acknowledged
that the present Surveyor' s* services in un
.aithing the pngnr and other frauds had
ix^-n extremely valuable.
VasinifStnn. Nov. 'i.~ Tlw appeal of the
government cmn One 6*rMloa »r Judge
Holt, of th«- I'ntted tjtate«i Circuit Court
m i New York. sastaininc the pl«a of the
ri iiut'- ot liiniiati«i;is interpo>«-rj h\ Kir>
s»-\\ ::tnl H«r'i*-«t. Hnli<-I»li J'lintlr mtth the
\ni-ri-ati Snt::ir RctintaS Company oil con-
Bpirary charsrtt. will l« n!^i in tl.e Ku.
(irPn ,>.° « 'oLrt of tli< I'rn'^ States, poc-llilv
v itl-m iw«> ••!' llii-<-»- da>«. Tli** iraiuu-ript
„« ,|. r retord hn>i Mi!*t r»\-ii-h»-rt il» I>»-part
ii'etit of Justice tr"!ii Ne» York.
T!i«* decision wil! \»- under tlie rules
wlii.-h allow «•' «PP«*l «" tu ** Hurroine
Court hwa "">' fleetalon quashing. f«-ttin«
a^i■ I•■1 •■ ->r Mist.ii'iirig .1 <Ictnun*r t» any m
rti.tiiient or any rottnl T!ier«».if wlirre th*
.le<i<i"ii 12 t)»»"V« on tti» invandttv vr c<.n-
Mrtirtluti <<f t!i" Ktat :te «v wluch the in
(li'cnieni i." founded.
Charles W. Webber and His Chauffeur
Injured Near Rome.
Home. Nov. "t.—A *-«tious automobile «-»» -
Hsion occurred to-day ntfar Cisterna. üb<jut
tiurt> -eight miles frura ■luuir. amid the
Pontine Marshes. Otic of the automobiles
.ontainetl a i»ny of Americans*, mcludtng
Charlca Ti". v.t!ji.cr. of I^ckport. X. V.;
fliii ton-iu-Uw. lr\it:« J. lli>sell. of Michi
gan, mwi hi* witt. and a chauffeur. George
Moiell. The other rar contained a party of
Italians, who were not injured.
Webber suffered a fractured li.urub aii'T a
J s«-vt-r<> ga««h al«uv« the rye Morcll. who
wae tiirown against the other car. v. a^
niorc injured, altliuugh tba Bmtnr*
of his. mjurieft haw n«»t yet b<-<-n definitely
a.scertainwd. Mi Hiss-til and bis v,:lc tad
a nrtrac-'ious wit*i They were thrown a
courlderable d;«-tance. but apparently on'n
&tiff«re<l tn>m tho-'k.
Word of ilif accident wa* taken to Cae
tani I'astlr i.ear by. and tii<» Uurhe»s Cae
tanl. who wan f->nnerjy Mis>e Wtlbratuiin.
Of London, telephoned to Rome tor ni.-dlral
ataii-laxi'f . A pbysikian li&>tm«U to the
CBBUe. » liere Mr. Webber' n injuri-s were
drtt.--.ed. The chauffeur, s!ore!i, was re
moved to the Anglo- Aim rican Home is
Home. Mr. Webber and hl» daughter and
b"n-tti-law reitialne.l at the «a»tle. They
«-spect to return tc nom** on TbttrKtejr.
Uuckport. N. V.. Nor. H. -Mr. Webber Is a
trtircd merchant. Hi.* daughter wu mar
ried »•* Irving Jo> Bi-ytl. a l»etmit inaiii
facturer. lust June. They «mt lo Kurope
fftr tbrir hooeymiKJo. Mr. Wetbcr jotnin;
President Told of "^ r hitc
Slave' Trade
[From TTj* T.-itnia" Eur»aa.J
vrashinsti»n. Nov. 3t— BtartNng informa
tion r^sardlni; the rthrt*n«n* and extent of '
the -w«t» BtaTo* traffic- tn th- United
States waa linnarted to the Preatdetit this j
afternoon br itapraMßtwttve Xitim. wh« tn
trads to inrro.iu.-e a bill for the prevention
of" tills trade. Mr. Mann's statements wer»
Indorse by District Attorney Sims. .wh>
conducted mh of the ra-ent prosecutions !
in Chicago.
Mr. Mann told th* President of tb- c«** |
of one Dv Four, a Frenchman and th* :
head of a "white. sUve" nymttcate. He was
arrested in «*hli:a*v. and hia twoks *ere
seized, but h« Jumped" bi« ball. *» Four's
syndicate, made a net pro9t in IW* of *!?>=.-
OM. Cne "white «lave" had turned over t->
the irj-ndieato a* her earning* for a rtngle
month «t ,-■
• onvin<*ed that the potlc«" power of th»
«ta«-« and municipalities is inadequate to
deal with this evil. Sir.. Mann believes the
power of the federal government to regu
t: be inroked and to i
r of the faderal govcnjm^i '
this end ptirpoß^t. to introduce/ a NJI im
posing heavy p*nalue» for e-very act
promotiric this traffic wnlcli can **• shown
to be fort»l»ii or interstate in its character.
ITls measure «r»k» further to offs»-- the
effect of tti» recent decision of the Su
preme Court of tiie United State*, holding
unconstitutional the provision of th- im
migration act prohibiting the harboring of
immoral alien women within three years
after their arrival in tills country. Mr.
Mann's efforts to enlist the support of
tb« rreeifler.t for his measure were »c.
onded by Mr. Sims.
Cunningham Dealings trith
Gvggenficima Explained.
Seattle. Nov. 21.— For thrr rirr-t time since
the hearing opeue«t UM relations of the
Guggenheim interests to the Cunningham
.■■.ainiaiit.s were taken up by attorneys for
the claimant* in the inquiry into the
Alaska coal laiKl cases to-day.
Chariea G. Smith, builder of the Alaska-
Yukon-Pacific exposition, one of the
claimants ißtMn in t!i* Cunningham
group, was put on t>*e stand by the de
fence, lie was interested in the Alaska
claims by Mr. Cunningham, who was au
thorized by Smith to ■« un a claim in
the Katalla district.
Mr. Smith said there never h« f been any
intention afl holding the claims for some
outaidr corporation, lie said that li« knew
it would be impossible for one man or
three men working together to operate
successfully a muia in the K*t*lla district
because of the isolation of the j»rope
Ha and the irreHt expense that would be
required ta jet the coal to tidewater.
Mr. Sir.!t:i said that it was his under
standing that th*\ would join to carry on
only vort that could not be successfully
carried out by claimants arttas sepa
rately. Be said he bad i>aid yj.JHM aa his
share of the expense t>t making the filings
and carry in* on the prospective *erk.
It: ISO 7. the witness »itd. an *gre aiaast
which provided tliat the Guggenheims
would build a htitt from the claimants'
mines to tidewater, '.n return for whtch
they were to handle the output of the
mines, was drawn up. but it subsequently
fell through. Lat»-r several ctaimaats
formed a chartered oJinpat.: to build
ttetz tmrn railroad.
Smith then tola" of ■ meeting lie bad
with L. R. Claris, ai that time a. special
agent for tlio |o»«mmfiii Cunningham
brought Glavts into Smitti ofnc*» after
the claims had been " >i <l up Cunningham
said that '",!■■ wanted them to .-ign an
••fnd* H Mtttaa forth that tbey hnd no
intention of holding the claims for the
. •■nheime
When Glavis explained that he wanted
ih<tt>e .iJTuiavi: t-j <:>' > ar ip a. belief preva
lent in ttie Land Ofllce that tbr -laiman's
■were working •■"■ tha Guggenheims. Smith
contented to sign the desired -nont.
Glavis Tiill not t>e call* 1 *! as a witness.
Police Discredit Girl Accused
of Killing Man.
alt-mm. Ma- . Nor. M — I'nable to
pla<-e cTf-dom**- m the anTe-iuortern statement
of Clarpnif P. Glover that, lie was Bbot by
Jllss liattir Le C!&nc en Saturday night, c?
to belike ih»» BtaXJ of the girl that GUxnrr
committed enlcfdßj the Waltham i»ollce te«
day eondacted their invrrtlgaticm of the
mvstrry "n »be theorr- that a third r—rawi
■will I" 1 ablf ti> furnish a satisfacrorj- solu
Mr. Gi<rr»^. rh« widow of the victim of
the Kheotinc if virtually v. prisoner in hfr
berne in Main street. Tte house is guarded
by Ula polic, and Mrs. Clover has been
n'.iTin>d that !»he mtiM w*t taava tinder
ttir^at of Bjmt. Tli" polio* d»sir» to que«
t*r>a the widow regarding mml matters
tha- haM» -„.t ite«ii explained to th^ir tsatia
faction. iitaw •li.i not go in ty tee
li<-r liiisbar.d wlitn he was dying, although
he askerl for lit-r prf^*n»-r at his bedsid*".
Mrs. Glo\»-r al?n told th. rx>li<-f last night
that «su; litnl tu> Mas that Miss L»> Blanc
bad b^-n at her hma» since th* Miootiruj.
The auth<>riti«n< »■» pressed the vpiniun to
rtay tliHt Mi** Lo Blanc wUI lai-r altor the
sf>rr sh<> told tbxtii last nifrtit. \tnd tliey be
lieve ttiat ... b* able '•. tell tbtta
MMc iMti reicarditig a third p«>r>" coii
t—rued in tin- hli'Xitinc They also look f>
Mrs. Glover i<i si', c them inf<>rmatU«n that
will throw light «n t!ie identity of tlie tliird
I • r^on. who, thr police iirr convinceil, playid
a piwulitenl part l:1 the cas^.
Excir-r Commissionfr Clement Will
Consider Additional Inspectors.
MBTi Nov. "I.— State Excise Oommif
n'liicr Clement to-day expre^bfti iv« «liti
apprvval Of the bill authorizing the aai«
of liquor iii Brsl •■'■■■■ cities on Sutidnys
between 1 and 11 p. m., lii-I. the i"om
mlttee 'cf Fourteen of Xew aftj i*aid oq
a cent visit to th* Commissioner prob
ably would l«e retntifHiured at the comius
be^Mon at the Legislature. The bill tailed
t<» pass last >ear.
Commissioner dement pronii**d to take
uuder .■'jt,;;<iTkW".i one feature of Uie pro.
posed bill wliich ptwMM tar the appoint
ment of additional Inspectors with a view
to a more rigid enforcement of the liquor
tax law.
Tb«* Committee of Fourteen last year ad
\ aeajtai the Brough bill, which was *le-
Mgn»tl to give the saloons m Kew York the
rlgl.l :.j or*^n (red 1 to t% p, m. on Suti
dajrm, aud wlilcU Mr. CU'ni^ut ; I >♦>.-♦-. 1. Me
was *. Ked l.> * detesatlOQ of New Torn
clcrjrymen. wbo [•ri>i"-t -«i ss<*iuat th> m*a,n
ure bstbrs dM bH l«r|rj!-Ut'ire.
It is saitl that the OoonatttM Of Fourteen
will prepare | ner.- bit!, which might nact
Mr. Clement's approval, and hav«* it rt^tdy
for introduction i!» the Li-sisUturt: in the
flrt-t »«U of lite »ossiuti.
Appeal Denied on Judgment of $3,000
Against H m
Thf Appellate Division of the Supren:e
Court denied un, appaaj yrsiterdav '" Mat
tbetv lUlsert. the "magic boot* maker,
and tbe llllgert Curative Foot G«ar lostW
tutloti. from a Judgment cf C'K>> in favor
of Ilrnry l.ut'tt.. throusb hi> father aa
The fattier brought Butt for SJO,t»V» (taiu
,,v •> Mgainat Hilirert and the itutioa.
allccing tiiat .iif infant «t>u had b«en m
jured aa the result of talking him from a
ho»pitu! and- permlttm« him to wear n puir
of e?<p«cially ronatructrd boats without
bract-a. arwj a jut awarded tit* boy j »er-
OTHERS should teach
iVI their little ones the daily
use of some good dentifrice
and by so doinc spare them
much pain ana annoyance
Dr. Lyon's
cleanses, preserves and beau
ti6es the teeth, prevents tooth
decay and imparts purity
and fragrance to the breath.

Coatintip<t frnm Ar«t pa««.
■till thriving. But the menaces »ow
used are used by men bent on baring a
single* chamber. Their efforta are revo
lutionary in «w«n<-e. if not in fa<t. "
Dealing with the «iu«s*k>n of the reform
of the House of Lords, which Lord Rosc
bery bus long advocated, he expressed
the conviction that no taai adjustment
of tbc differences between the two houses
could ever be arrived at without some
Hirm of referendum. H« denounced th*
budget in the strongmt terms, and said
that one maxim burned Into them by bit
ter experience was that there ahouia be
no taxation without representation.
"Dlsreganl for that maxim," h« saii.
"lost us the Unit-d States of America,
and we <*re not likely to offend against
ii agawi. '
L"r«l Rosebery contended that the
budget taxed the L*>nl.> freely and abnn
dantly without their havin? a ■■ to
say or a vote m tho matter. After re
ferring to the bud«<?t .as havmx spread
over the country like a fos c-onipuaxl or
want of eonndence and want of credit,
the worn diseases which could affect
cemmercial natioas. he uttered a solemn
warning that the pressure of great arma
ments was eatine out the heart of na
tions and hurry inj: Europe toward bank
Kxpretsm* regret that he could not
support t:i* resolution. Lord Re:»«»berv
resumed his seat, havini? spoken fwr
fifty minutes. His picturesque and
glowing eloquence produ*^«i a tremen
dous effe,-r, leaving: his hearers somewhat
bewildered. Ther» was an immediate
eiodus of peers to dhnuas tb*> situation
In the lobbies, and although the debate
continued until midnight, the remainder
of 'the speeches took rather the ff»rm of
an anticlimax.
Lord Miln'-r spoko of th<- at«n«rma'.
manner m which the budget was drivin
capital out of th i country. He sahl that
all the proposed new ium were bad and
unnecessary. All the money required.
he contended, mirtit have been ratse-1
by import ':es, not only without m
jury to busiti sa and employment, but
with ai-tuul benefit to both.
Lord' Curzon "ill resiiaac tb« debate
to-morrow. It is impossible to-night to
judge the effect which Lord Ra«>bcT> ■
warning will bay. It b* kno^n all imtir
that a considerable MMlftM of the Union
ist peer? '-.a-. held sruv© deukta as to
the ■\r >4> 't!'»n'-y cf Lord Laa*towß»>
o»un««\ ■i th*^e is almost certain to
l>e a large numK-r of aN*«ntioa» whe.i
the resolution comes to a vote.
The pr..l«m?atvii of the debate in the
House Of L'.Td? ml next week is due
to the fact that ihr'. ic no machinery
to bring >i discussion iv thi*. vhambcr
to a elese. all the pe*rs who express a
dosir* to <ix>iik having j. full right t>
do f. 11 w»t> announced to-night that
the H'.m>* wf ►mnious will adjourn t-j
morrow until December 1. when Mr.
Asquith. ih* Prime Minister, will make
an inirortant statement »-i.piainins tho
polio' .f tii< ernnieiu in virw of tha
rejection ■■( the budget, which Ii ex
pected. '. "thing hi»s been learn«d us to
what the ministers decided at. u»-da>'3
council beyond the d'jetsian t» call a
party tn<*etinx to outline •* plan of cam
paign. It i«« itpiM probable that an
app-al to the • •antry will 1-- uiavie v iu
the lirst week of ih» new yt-ar.
T!if last sreat strugrgle b^tw^rn tti«
Commons and I-^rds a row over the Re
form bill of IS:C It •fram.'his«d ruary
ro»:en boroughs, eavt- Increased repr««eti
tation to the lar?re towns and «.nlars*«i tiie
number of the holdfrs of i-ouuty ax»d bvr
oucti fr*aihisf. Tli" §mm strongly op
ivus«-d the I'taua of tlio lower tiuu.s». Th«
ministry was dcfeateil. but the ejections
which followed srav»> the iietr Cabinet a
strong majority In favor or rvforni. Th?
p«-fra rojecte<l the »e<X)n<l measure "n
t.o«orvl rj-a'ling. but a rl-.irrl bill wa> intr->
riu<-<»<l. which. In •„. of the popular api
taiioii. the upj-er liouhe did m.>t dare to
T)'«- t!m»» h«<i <-otao ■ '»e:i eit ii. • th*
Lordu mu*t t»- coi reed or tht> ministry
r«»>iKii. Tli** KiiiK ■ •m.x«'<» ti> mil new
lie*T>". j»iml the rmuifcl^rs lef i>fh<-( A re
organized I'abinct, wjtli F..«r! CC r *v aa its
l^a^fr. Min-cfedf'd in mil Him the blood
shrnl wliirh thr*"»tei>t^i tli« r..t;ti.ji. iiu''
th»" irwuat-e of ■ ldttk>na to tlitir numlwrs,
ttir |>»-»-r!> atwtmined rrnm further opposi
tion, and ih«- <Jr»itl '*hj»rlfr of I*^: re
ceived tiie ro;4l assent.
English Comment on Lord
Roxvherif'x Proposals.
London, Nov. JT». — Prom the tone of
thj i ditorlals iv th<- London morning
papiT*. Lord Roscbery's remarkable
oration I.- likely to huvt* itmall efffCt on
the attitude of th- p*-*rs. Iloaeb«-ry is
dubbed the "Hamlet of British politics."
and his characteristic mtirmity of pur
po»' is rt-jrarded as h<i\ " . received an
otb«r striktnp illustration. The pro
poaal which he made half *«-riously in
thy course of Ms speech that th»> H«NM*
of Lords should »]t locate ir»O of the most
distinguished peers to vote OQ Lor-.l
Liinsdowne's motion, .i- being .i njrtU
od tnoro likely la impress th ■ country
than a larsr vote of a hficrogeneou*
jatherlns of peers, many of bom have
no vlaim to Uiatinction and gMMB at
tend the debater, is comiu-'ntfd t<u ul
must wlU\ ridicule.
Th-- prolongation of the debate in the
Houskj of Lunl» lias urr« ugt- <i the gov
cnuneui I plutic, und no deciaiun haa
br.-n rcuthed a» to what courso shall
be followed yarding the PMM|
and distiolution of li^iQt •»;. A
movement has bevti started in favor of
■ gnat peaceful «i«niumnrtttt<>n of Lon
dnoera outside of Purllumcut on tha
night vim the House of Lt»r<is rejm'ta
the •udg-t as a pro««»t »jaln^t ihia
S; Altman $c da.
SOLD HLRLT. ■ $100 & 1.30 AT 68c. IACH
m 75c, $1.00 ro $1.50 pt» ya«d
Tlftl» Hwwit, 34tl> and 35th Strots. PW YorK
CAPITAL, $3,000,000
Surplus aud Undivided Profits,
ALVtN W. KRECH. President
15 Nmm« Street
61S Fifth Ay«.. near sCth St.
Checking Accounts with Interest
Trustee. Guardian. Executor, Adminis
tration of Estate*
Foreign Exchange, L*«*r» *f Credit
Safe Deposit Vaults
Long Terms for Suffragettes
W% Used Acid at Polls.
London Nor. 'Jt.— Mrs. ATice Cbapin.
th«» militant suftrair^tw. ■nrbo injured a
polling clerfc. at th*> Berin'3ndM»y bj<*l*C«
tlon when she smashed » bottle contain
ine corroaive acsd upon a ballet box. w»is
Kt-ntenerd in the Old Baitej- rotice oourl
to-day to sev«»n months' lutprutoninent.
Mm wm convicted aa t«o ciiarsrw. three
months afl her punntun»»t borni «iv»-n
for the offoneo vt interfering with a bat
lot box and the balance i>t tin term for
■aaault •poti a pollins; clerk.
Miss Allaon NcllauJ 1 . who made a sitn
iUr ajHaajajl X.o aaajaaaa suffragette senti
ment at the by-eUftLnn. but with less
swxious caajaaajpaajaaßi was also convicted
and sentenced to three months' imprison
Unable to Hold WmUm£ H - \
rnu*c of Churchill Attaik. \Lm Streams Unite in Ten-
Xtn^toL ........ Nov. :t ->::>■«• the at- | eH/fe //t'rtlV/ /•>.«••
tacfc. ten »u>» »g«\ uih.h Winaton Speue«T \
Churvhill. rr**td*ut of th« Board of Trad..-, ! Santa Orua. TencnS<\ Nov. Jt .-la*
by .1 tuftragette. aruu.a lib i* wUi{>. a i volcanic eruptions continued »i**i <a "
>ir»«fUT trelins naa grown up against the j creusinc l«U>n« «• t<»-tlay. The •••••
■ mgi— ■—, aai *n attempt by Miss Chnst. j s trram of lava flowing tc«int J*ant!aS»
abf 1 Fankt.urst t'> iddrrss a merlins ut \- a mOTin mon . „»,,;,, and thfateCJ
crowd ot nml«v»s uti.J othen. who krpt up c „ ■ „ n^-jis
Th^ dlaturbt-r,. threw Ihwir baU».a»d ! httvc already .uCrred Uw «•• •« .:«j»
and tinally fn.-i ti. sturxa the platform. A ft * -t lands. _
large bo»Iy •f p»iltc> cleared the hall, aft^r Two mtwum wf lava from neishb 01"0 1 "
a s«rioua conflU't witU tho *tuuents and ins craters united at the bay » of tt"« f
th«tr supror \ati-inwi. am! th« »tr*-*n> is ■■■ ***
"•■ ~ i \uikctns at the rate »•: 5.»W ♦••• ■
MR.ScryS cry Tr \r rviT-r ON EMU twenty "four hount.
MRS. BEN TEAL OUT <tt BAIL. The ;f; f nco ac Vtcje . whlC !»
"~ was U-Heved 10 b»- exttnvt. h»a brctiffl*
So Weak She Had To Be Carried to active. Earth *tnxks have be»n felt *«
Huslaacd's Apartments. uta d * T«-wr»rr»
Mrs. Margarrt Tr« wife of Pro Te»l ■
the s»tage MiMM. wim» w«i» Kcntfncd to
»er»t> oho y«tar m the i«mii« ntu; v on m
conviction c-harcin^ h^r wtli .•.ubortiatloa |
of perjury In conecttan with the Kra.ik J.
<.A>uld iluor.f case. »v ftdnUtted tv tI.«CU I
ball by Jud£t< Swauu tv Oent»ml tifsanjus i
jc«terday. the Court of Appeal* having
rtunteil l.«r a new trial ou U'cdursdny.
•he «a» then released aMI wrut t* tier
husbands apartrments at No. »*"t w »-»i UWth
>tr«*vt. »ti» was ao wru.K *n.t te«b4a ahu
h»«i IO bo carrted ui> ta« stair*.
Mrs. Taal's term t»t uupr-«nnn-nl would
have rx{ttr«d on J-tuury 13. tn eranttnc ;
another trial the Oourt o< Appeab fc«ld •
that »h« cwM not have been cutlty or I
subornation «f prrjut v wnen Ihere »aa no j
••aae aaadlng' at thr itaw ta* illigal ertme !
was committed. *
Relief and Remedy
foT Bunions
Tbo' CoT.uti> BcMoy Sao^
yes inua«tii»»e rebef to tb«»
s^fT'llea, sensitiTe joint Th*
leatliei ia shaped (not
»tretohed } |o lit o^er tb»
bunion ao the easement lasts
as long as the. shoe.
sold .Nownmts Eij?e
264-274 Greenwich St.. 9. Y.
Maji Ortter!i HSe4 t >"»l tor CtUtofUf
Chiris Olive Oil
c*n«m««Ki run* XT.
At all *•>•• rr po<"»»»p o<"»»» ■•»«♦ |ond dr«t*
|Wi 7*ala.d b<vt>W f^p»

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