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Women Physicians Plan Cam
paign for .> cic 1 rk.
Women physician* of New York are
| . .r.i.::.i: an cnerKCllc campaign cf etlu>-a
ilon t* ••*■*■ t^ls winter ag-aiast dis
aaM aad in the interests rl.lffly of th€
people in the congested dleirict?. For *
jnod .■....}.' r ■■ l;av« l--« BBaaal
this work quietly, in &v Individual wa>.
M ttc last ar.nual meetinj: of the Ameri
f»r-, Meilca'. Association It 'aa decided
that the movement ought to be orjrar.ired.
ard tl»o nomt-a of that body were .isked
tr taU- it in band. Tl»ey formed, accord
jT.g!y. t!.e PUBawt Hralth KduCailor Com
mittee and I'lan to work throusli women's
club>- *etUtmenti«. aBBwBI assoclßtion*.
grii t!.e Uke. Whenever any women's. m<
«le>t;. «ant» to sret a physician 10 talk
t» youns P*ople or to Riotiierit .>n any
cue*: ion Dtrtaiatas to l:ea!tli it will know
when to apply. Dr. Sarah 11. A. Dolley.
cf l:oche«ter. the pioneer woman physl
eiir. in this country. Is* lio:iorary chairman
d i:." committee, which is eatlooaL Pr.
nesaJ-* 1 Slaughter Morton, of No. « Kast
S»ili ftrert. is cluUrcian. and will lo«.k
after tlie New York end of the under
Aireadv fcurac lectures have bet v g;vrn.
n*ce:.Uy I»r. Morton talked to two l-.uti-
Crtd Jrwish niothei>, at thn request i>f
« woman tntervßted In *uch xvork, Ml
how to car* for ta* health and morals of
«M*r Uttie agBF S'.i* nill tuioti r .ve a
•t-\ . to : our.g girls at th« Nurses" S«>ttle
»s!frt. m Henry .«tn-rt. oti "The Hei«ii«>n«l
fcll'.ty o: G'.rlhoud to ilotherhcwd."
I>r. L"»el>ii Garrlpuc. i^oretary cf the
♦rmrnitT**. will g-ive *omo lectures. M»n
phyficLa:i* wi:i U-nU a hand. Within a tern
ereeh*. prwbably. a list vtI:; b*> ready of
jii!} t .c.an« who are willing to give gratui
tsut'y trorn tlrat- to lime— sulject, ©f t-ourse.
ts p: off s*iO-.al call* that taay prevent them
-Jecturcs- ou \-ariou« aspects et li;. rieue.
co u^east and how to prevent it. Lect
vre* ..r. firryday i'.ls, »uc!i a* .^oid» and ln
i!yr*yt;i n. anJ oa tl;e prevention cf more
terious Ois*as«s. ruoh a^ caacf-r. t>-phoid
frvr c*".d other contafloup alrJaMMata; anrl
tut^rc-j'otir : lecturer on adenoids, acquired
•rfforn. ::!•■* 1:j children, blmdne** end liow
tt ma? oQca b» prevent-d. tlie relation of
ttcrt. to !» a!th. tho relation of Cies and
(■•ckroach*-* to <liMeas» . on Low to prevent
found or July tnjuri.rs. U n the r«»i>on#l
hOty • t bo>*hood to fathprhood. on bow t>>
teUTOCI GtiSMna r*-s:rdin«j the origin' Of
Bfl Ibtsa an a tr-n uf the addrctses that
«rt:i be gi\'«?u.
v ar.

V 'r: -. r> r;..l- Am-T:i-f.: t<UJ<3 tim " ife- «.
pretty csiZQiSracal tin oOxr <J~>- '■ *a»
«i:'v [grtkth vedJir,-; vu&fCTKttf. tLJ l'-e
«*stbi*'Ki n bttVo t:\-\r.e bcr a pmwnt
-ty ies£m » Chech 1- r H.OW to tlie old
■ . ' whj raarrltd Uicra.
Christmas Gifts in Shops
■ Cotto!. ftanael toy rabbits for bal!** are r th* edges of tba mffl« buttonhoi»<l !n *maU
3» cent* <scli; those oi lure* eirt-. with a j joints, »els for **•
tot fcatcr bottl* insid. . or* to put in th« ; >
OCttefi .•; 4rla*»u»J *e!l (Of *• •' IJron«e hou** • Rawing lx>**4. » !th a
complete out tit, sell tor $.".
U.£. bnUM U*ot» bc^Jfcd up thi front ; '■
«iv vi .hf tor *«-U for $li. Blark velvet j He»rt cu?L!oiis. linen and co%»r«»a and
»:ir?^rf -;•:. bUtct bocktei •*H "t »>- ' <mi>rold-re<i vlth tois«t-ni« not*, pell fir
: tlTo.
' '' ... .
1 6 .
*tt vi Utc4< are H9S, A lle w >jit* ntla op*ra. b«r. embroW^red
with pink ribbon and pold threads, ftnlshed
Ur £ « cUaa powder boxes »IU 1 e:lv#r . mith LTofcd raUn ribU , n tie* mio «*ir»<i
t«pt. oa wJJtli the aiunofram ru«:. t>e en- , around Ot top uUh wUite tull ,, ru . t,ine
r-«r»d. kQ (or #13M aad v; »ard. two i:jChes wl/ j^ # Ul for 51i
IS exqslltttly cmbroidtrrd OaKtfte Wt of x Bcvtaj! rh^*-p is a novelt> ; it stands
tfcr«e plteti . ■!.« la the *i!tj pat Urn. «rtth i ai,out four Inches V h and » . «*r« a littie
: vrmma that carries thimbie. Fclssors.
1 r.»--: f- and Otbc* tewlrc n*eds an>i costs
1 only V"> cent*.
i B»J«« rtbbou l < a^T.h.d« in .» the
«o«3ii» »«r,t.y rw*ivcd frofc i'ari«- Our o«n ; past* 1 colors, trimmed with Jilnk roses, tell
*>*n*i taamnaxlam for $*
ta Tk*x i::trtr» «fi« Fitr.s:i [;j»tucß<l». ._'"'" A ,j.j rrt;< j i.^hotrope (till motor bonnet
•*"*•«%" *fi£l?%j*"wELfy? that Otm cover^^back . •:- 1, Rl
Stt Sl < «7SJ?2SSJS < rSS ''--••b Knittinc b. C . made on nblonc hoop, out
, t , i«• • -..••► . :'MI« m«d« «n ntM| boopa out
tA tUMCMt tJLQu *-A. i of »lde eath ribbon for SC.
"''•'! Eivuici. \«ni»lin^ Kid»wt. Extract*. ,
r°*r- ZWM water*. r.ou«c \>g«ui. rac« ; •val" la»« btdroom cap*, trimmed with
km4 m noTAt^nui «O »T. I iace and rfbbem. Mil for H. J
Breakfast Roll Tray
— At the Meriden Silver Store
C< I" * Cif Maw this season Brcakfcst Roll
0 iCTlltlg oll&CT Trays are in creat demand as
$14 tO $40 Christmas Cuts. Pierced
014 w O^° These tendiome Pierced
ver Pieces are exceediari? useful and lend much to the
2ractive appearance ol the table. .
Masy designs froa which to make sati»r\ selection
At this famous Meriden Store everything in sUver. sterling ,
or plate may be had ir great variety. |
tin— ni sa*«r Co.. Buh«m*l
218 FIFTH AV£HOE M«*l— S€»»>»
This Bait Catches th- Matrimonial
riih. Sars Ex-Celibate.
An educated woman who liar •BeaaßSa
from th« class of unwllllngr celibates to
wh««h ao many educated women appear to
be donmed tel'.a in the current -Irid*
pendent", how ahe did It.. Th«- trouble with
the edur&tetl woman, cays the "On« Who
Did."' l.i that Fh« Isn't r<>mantl< and
throughout a. t!i* ag*s "human nature)
has ehomn a grrat liunger for romance. 1 *
"Romanoe." she rajs, "is t; ,• moonlight
Ttiat BBwBIB over the ugl> or commonplace
facts of our lives and makes poasit the
livlnjr of them. To this prlmitiv. Ml the
edura'ed w«->man ttaoal'v falls t» IBwBwBat;
fclthouch «he han often a deep, theoretical
appreciation of the romantic, sh«» nec'.ects
to throw about herself any of the. Rlamour
vithout which lovea cannot c«Tminat».
Therein th« vi* a ted woman Uto blame
for her unguent state. With the. funda
mental hone»ty of tn int»>:':g«»tit person
«hf- refuses to v* v. iiat she rails artifice*
and depends aolHy upon log.<-. ability and
other «terli!ie al(tle.« land perhaj good
clothc^i M means of attraction, *rMJag
har leaa truly »-<tima'.'.e fister most, to at
trait at ml. cover her greater limitations
v-lth a Baßßai Bf mystery Mba appeal, and
have rvr-ourse to what irf sometimes con
temptuous-ly called tricks of the «rade."
But these trick!" of the trade, »-ru.-« the
"One Who Did." m no mor* contemptible}
than is thr- briphttr plumage of tlit> birds
In the mating aeaeon. "Most men'i livee. 1 '
ehe aa>f. "are hard and monotonous; is it
any wonder that they turn from tho thud
of mafrive machinery and irrlnd of bu»i
nt *.< house and offlc? to what appeals to
their imagination and hivm'.i •• rathor
than t.> what touches their brains and
tht "«.»r i e Who Did"' was thirty lieforc
•he found ull this out. but even at thirty
she tays it Isn't too lat»- t.. mend. A* a
result, the intimate?, of her changed ta.-
ue* Bj*a married a man to whom li*r ln
tellectual >:trta are very useful, but he
ra; s ba never once thought of them dur-
In* tii rt courtship etare. He niereiy f*it
that Fhe mould b*u In tli« «omewhat rnide
lanpukg* of li*r younger brother, a •"g'.>od
rpoon<T."' • ■
The amendnir to th<» <Jomt«tic reia
tiors law reiiuiritis ttpplicanta for mar
riage IK crises to I>* fr<»e from contagious
«!!s<su>e«', tv hirh was recently propype'l by
th' 1 City r*«3fratlon of Women" CluVf.
Tdll be discussed l>y t!ie Society for t^atil
tary ancJ Moral Projjh>;axis on thm oven
lnjf cf Dei-ember 6 at th« Academy of
Medlein*. Xo. 17 West •3d sirect. The
s>ociuios;ica.l eide of the question til be)
l>r«-*.-iited by Htm. CbatiOtt* Perkins Oil
man: tUf medical eide by I>r. Mary Jewctt,
and the Uptil p1»!p by Jtr?. Harriet Johns
ton Wood, ot the New York bar.
Animal t«v c trt aiw a' I much *>njoye«l
by th* lit:l« one*. This Igß Is made *>T
l-tfrttMO with rr.ane of long halre.l plu.-ii
In a ta« ny It Is Mat and satisfac
tory to carry about. j«t It puegfet* tlie
l*afet of the- Jutigl* with ruffiol^nt reaUsrsi.
T!~.«» lion if rapy to make, too, invoivlns:

a ta - . \--iis

• :
be itifc - "
A Gift
of Unusual
l\ &BHT AM) .\.WV
PFw-r Department Rejects
TraxriiriL: Kitchens.
I From Th* Tribune Bureau ]
Washington. November Bi
• THY- The army <i«»r,iT commlsaary
I on duty in New .York City ha* rwommend
1 ed the uee ot a travelllm: kitchen to sup
] ply hot fo«»d» to iMBBg on the march and
the use of auto-vrhlcles on th.« line of
1 camraunicatlon. supplemented by escurt
masons on duty r.ith troops. The W4r T»e
partment authorities have been Rivins
ecme attention recently to the extension
of th» employment of motor vehicles in
connection with military operation?. They
la\e come to th<- conclusion that iiHe the
I auto vehicle is of value In certain dlrec
j tioni and under BMBM conditions, chief re
liance muat be BBaBBI BB the ordinary es«-
I cort wapon. H VbwjM not do to depend en
! tirely on motor trai>.«purtaUcr.. partly be
, cuu*e of inevltabU interruptlonß of such
traffic and partly on account of th» tough
, nws of countrj" over MSB military sup-
BUM .:■- d>«ined to be. carried.
It Is pmaißtwl, however, that in fut
■ ure warrare the troops are likely to b«
j concentrated at lari;. rampn. which must
j be cmveniently located with relation to
'^.iHroa.J facilitl**. Wh»>n troops arc agff>
i Bfaaawi from »uch campH In time ut action.
; according |g th<» conservative m'.'.itary
i view, dependence flhßßt be placed uu
, the veliicl*-s drawn ty horses or mules, ln
; stead of tho?e projKlled by motor. Ther«
i 1* a!*o wri!B doubt as to the need of a.
trivellinjr kit* hen. In addition to th* «
| "••tins facllltie? 4 -,. r pruvUlinjr ("ifflciently
■ well cor.ked food for the foldltT who is not
i supplied 'rom the gMTtUda or ramp kitch
| »n. To hold the trains down to v minimum.
;ti ordt-r that the moiiility of troops la time
of war may not bo •erfftoaly iiii^d-d. mu*t
by recard^d as of first lm;>ortaner. Some
consM-ratton ha« te^n ghrca ta tho travr-l
■ I'nr kitchen by th- cummitsary general of
J Un army, who ha.< hail tosted under prac
: tical rondltions »ueh devices as are u»e«l
I In the European armies, nnd tl.e co:ic!u-
I i=ion ha» b-^en re.i?l.^u that the benefit* do
j not offwt the disadvantages.
ORDEna ISSUED. - Th? follo^in;
ordtn? have been isi«ueU:
; rclloTunir o(Tli.-er« from In.llarjii>olii to T'a.en
rxrt. I.,wa. r>e.^inl-r I: Colonel UENRT
■•i • . ' iR EENE. I'Vh Infantn : MaJ-r
GCOftGE nKLU Jr. Infpe- ••T ff-n«rai;
• aptam JAMES T HARRESON. 12th In
lir.try; MEh< - H B STRWAHT. st», I-,-
; : -,f»BirT. ar.i JulIN L. VC WITT. 2f'th In*
■ fan'rj.
i Fcllottlnc ot.anres of ktatiou of officers of 3d
n«U Artillery ordered: cuptaln MORRIS
I- LC"T\E. from Tort ham >{<iust<>n tr>
>"rt Mjer. for duty trith luttory |« -Uj
riel.l Artiller;. ; Ckp4ala CUkWSSCfi K.
JONES, fr^m Kort Myer to r'ort H?u«
FbOmrtatf <"hanjps 2J Infan'ry prtm4: aptala
KDWARti A. ,-Ht "■PfU:w..i!tTH. frwin
r«'rt A**iriibt>?n# tv Fi rt Thrnia*: t'^rtaln
lAiIES E BELL, from F«rt Thoais* to
Port Asslnlbolne.
BCsSsaaUaa <-f Capuin JOUV M CLINTOOC.
l.'ith •ravairj-. ai>^epte.l to take rrfe. ■ Febrj
j »iv ;>. lulu.
Tir*t IJeutenani OSWAU> I". IIEXMXO. ■aed!
clal re^.•rv. etepe to !»an FranciA.-o in time
t.j aall Jaruarx- 5 f • r PkiNaplaes
, n»W UeutCSant IJNI^KV V. RIOKUR. from
■>«n to l.'ih Ir.fantr?-.
, Firs: Lieutenant JOHN \V. WAltf', from jCth
to SOth lnfantr?'.
rirft LUmewTit FltAXttfl M. WKLiji. m*dWml
re*»rv» carps, from Kcrt RoWnscn t« Kort
L*av»« v r absen. c : .apta*r. CUTMA <*.. WOR
nil»W. 2:*n lufantr». twenty .lays; ('ap
'*ln IIENUY B. FAURAR. In TitM Artil
l»r>'. fuur nianlhs; Captain JOHN 11.
ItjOLK. i-orpn of cr.*.ir>-er«. m« in^uth snd
"vemy- thr-t .lays: Captain JOHN bTOUJC-
Tr M "n<. iut:-. Qarmlrr, December l to ivtm
«:y 2>.

!»-•. if« Mo::is tr<_rr F.-rt tym<-n f.>r
Nov. 23— rbe Ta otna from Cristobal fat Fort
r»:mon; tho Sterling fri:n Newport New*
tor P<"t*avjuth. V U.
Nnv. 2* — Tlr Pmrjifr 'r^rp «':ivii« f-r <lu<iri
Tba mteurHiM Xarirhal Btln*r»r. Tafpao, l^
nu* am) <»ri' < !l:is ceirrjvfuivie-l al naij
}»r'J. n.-st-n.
• ••loii*l H X WlflTF Jrt».-hf»l Navtl V.ar
War «.\<!W*; to horn*. «w«C oriei'-.
Unttoau Cbioti J E. mahoney sni mdot
L. C. LCCAIia to rnsrtf— waa'i
ter, for r'^jriT'tlcn.
Cafr.tn F. 51. WISE. >leta~ii<»d na> j- \ard.
t'.-.ila ittpliia. to fJii:man.l mHrln" tlfa.<7h
m»n on tbf f^o:»1a. \\-r <"ar'*ln J. C
BEAUMONT, t* marine Larraciiz. na>y
:srl. Pbibdrisfela.
Catitain V.'. H. F RITCHETT, to Honolulu by
Ji^il stearr.fr. thence tvt v Guam ty army
Our'ain GBOR'IK \AV OROETT. r^rm.wion to
rvlarn ti I'r.HrO .-u>*. a^.l l«a\« of »t'*'no«
Tir>' IJeut'naii: <"* F. T? rniCE. Ari+<-t,~l
raiy yard. V a«l:i"K*ci ■: IO 1.ii.» ....» lia'
' # aliJB. i!»v> >»»J. Philadelphia.
First IJeuteiiarit \V. P. SMITH. <]<»ta. h»<J marir*
tarrarks. navy jari. TliilaJf-lphia. report
imm»4iatf!)- for d>i;y »tt!i ramtnia bat
talion. ■•> station.
P#ronU LifUttnan*. 11. E. .MAM.- 5 . d't»<h»d
na» y yard. N< w York; tj l'anar.ui i uxiu' . —■ .
r.a.\y >aril. Philad'ir-h'a.
U»vr» of at.«.-nce: Colonel L4KCOLN KAR
MANV. nfte»ru .lava; First Ijfut^nant T(. O.
''KEKi'T, »!«ht^*n Jaj 9 fr*m !><<rfniN?r 11;
lirt IJ»ut<n^irt H. 11. t'Tt-UT. thlitv ,U)».
Hobins Organizations Bettle Diilerence
and Will Be Merged.
A earrai.geiuem of the - ig»ment .>f
the Robtns Ootiveying IVIt Company ira»
effected yesterday, and it was semi-offlclal
ly announcrd iiiat a ii.er**r of that concern
wilh Üb» Robins New Conveyor Company
would take j.lac* immediately. The lat
ter company was formed two •■ i*ar« ago
by Thomas Robins, following his resigna
tion as president of th* Robins Conveying
B«lt Company twwause of differences with
some of the Important stockholders.
These differences have now been adjust
ed and Mr. KoOitia waa re-el#ct«?d presl
dent of the company yesterday, following
tii« election of a u«« board of directors,
cunsistins of J. T. Att»-r . C Kembie
Baldwin. Harold Binney, H J Cook. Pierre
Jay. Alvin W. Kr* Thomii Robinx au<l
Albert C. WaIL Pierre Jay mas elected
vice-president ar.<l 11. J. Cook retary and
Albany. Nov. 21.— Th* • ta! amount of
work under contract on the barge canal
has now reached t!.«* ■«■ of f45,191,»H ao
cordine to the November U«ue of "The
Barge Canal Bulletin " Expenditures on
construction account for October am.>unt»*d
to |Ml,a;'J, briuj; the to:al of work done
to daU up to WJ,OW),«WJ.
Albany. Nov 24.— Public Service Com
ntsaion feat appointed a hearing «>u th* ap
plication of the Buffalo. Rochester 4b
Ea«tarn Railroad Company for ■ re
bearin; In tht matter of its application for
authorttr to construct a steam railroad
from Buffalo to Troy Tha heartnc will
b« held at Albany. December 1. at 2 p. m.
London. Nov. 21.— A conference between
rrprca^ntativea cf Atlantic steamship lines
waa opened Here tw-day The relations be
tween the various .ompanlea are under
discussion, and meeting* will be held daily
until the end of the week. The. busineae ta
chiefly of - private character.
At a meeting of th« directors of the Cleve
land. Cincinnati. Chicago 4k lit. LouU Itail-
PS| Comj*ny. known is U* Bl« Tour,
Rush N. Harrj" btbb appointed local treas
urer of the company, with headqu^rtera at
Cincinnati, to sueesed C. L Warrit_er,
whose defalcation* came to light recently.
The perulon system rwaßßtf* announce Ky
the New York Central was aaopted and the
hoard elso org^nlxed for the ensuinp year
by electing the retirlns ofll' ers
Baltimore * Ohio President Expects
To Be Re-elected.
Baltimore. Nov. C 4 -Oecar <» Murray.
president of tlie Baltimore & Ohio Rall
road Company, denied to-<iay a report that
IM MMRId reatgning. published In a local
"I have not r»«lpned. and do not Intend
to resign," *ald Mr. Murray. "I expect to
be re-elected president of the road at the
n-'xt meeting of the board, r.» I>»o*rnher 9,
A frank, heart tv heart talk b\
a woman whose first venture
was an unhappy one. The sec
ond w -.* so different she want
to tell everybody about it.
Order in Advance.
,'-*TJ' - B] WIST. — Two lara» r<jotn!i. -«rlth
1-wtli. tJT ninter; clean an«J tonif unable ; home
7»TH ST.. liW WKST —Front al< irv rr.om. »ec
<nd fli>T; lars;« clneel . hand*>mo r*th: or will
r»nt entire fluur: excellent anJ liberal home
' table; telephone 7"J23 H<*nuyltr.
! tO*~ TTH AVK. (rear 132<1 st.>.— I«*B* an-1
small r'Kuns: horne;:ic«! surrounSiccs; good
! .-.-Hiking: terms mo.!»nt>: rtano
•-a:ton. 143
. rer-
I I2l> ST.. 252 r.'FST— Desirable, neatly fam
ished rooms; not nater; steam heat; bath.
' Walker. •
[ 24TH ST.. 11Y. EA T.- larg'. ernall rooms
Jiemlv j^c.>rAtcd : n:»serate.
• 43TH ST.. 238 WEST.— Es.-epttonally ftr.e rooms
. -..err. exjesure; runnli's wat?r: 'rhrme
i reasonable.
i •mi gr S.< WKST- Private house; «ni»l'in«n
only: <iaintr. (.-omfortal.ie rooms; e»*ptional
i attendance: breakfast: references.
tiSTH ST.. 74 \\"l->T. — Attractive sueny rooms,
i-omfortablv f'iralshed; nrlrate baths; br-»k
"as: optional: telephone; reference.
: 71PT ST.. 3S.* Ki«T - Koora; private house.,
r»a.«i!uiM»; rniaiient ; business man or
; erajnaa, Teleph.^nt 47i> Columbus.
, 72H ST.. IT 1 ! WEST. — Larpe s^'rond floor front:
pn*a: satth: al:o medium tu-''i ar.J t^l'
rcoiiis. references.
HaaVT B»j*ifuli> furruahed
7-fTH ST.. 112 WaWT. I^rK* sanny rooms.
with board, excellent tab'e for r^ests; refer-
" —Several .!«*ir»b!« large and
•ma aßaVel reCM
»IST ST.. ■« wi>T—^\arr.i. •.-mfn^ab- room;
liand« •r'lely furniflied; •very convrnienr^; etee
tric Ugh!; «>iper!or t^a-'I.
t»."D ST.. I<lS \Vt>T. — One larr" -v»ir. cpT"»lte
hath; private h*V ali Inpm enrati, 13. Wllsoo.
I • - ■ *Mgtit.
VWSTTI ST . •!* WEST — LaVge frwM rrwim. fur
nished ■ ■•• 'inrirnl«he<J: ntheis, am*.;. furntsiieU;
sli .•onvenlen' i e«, bpl«ndld «ebl»
I>TM .-'T.. 2»* WEST -Newly d*H-OTated 'arg*
»n.l s.nall furnishe.j rooms ; private r*tb an>]
fO4 WEST Il.'.TTl PT.-r>vator apartment;
fitinv psrl'r l>«droorr>s. b*th: ov»rloofctns;
Cahonbta; awmli Sli adult farn. y . refereaces.
Mow ra
Guarantee $3.00 Per Day
and Commission.
Kipenenrrl n«««par«r. b<vk an*!
T:.*jt.:.- car.raMera wauted former**
n th* city and country. Most at
* trafti\e jruposition evtr presented in
Sfw York. $3M> a>«r day a=d ear
fare gua ranted; liberal commission
in addition. Apply to 'WlTllaiu H.
•Ju'etlusi. Rix>nj 3^<>. Trlbun* nuilti
tng. New Y^rk.
BRMHT. energetic niar>. »>'.er 25. waaaaai for
city raw* tell and collect; wlliinK to l*arn;
e«r*rierif-e not neceasary. but must ti« a hi*t!er;
Ktealy i?:.ir '■•_. • ■*. • and advancenient. Manu
fa^iurer. I*'J2 Weatcheater aye.. Prospect aye.
pubmay station. i:-^>^»
WANTED. — An experienced, suceensful man to
a"*! at) *e»-ret3ry an-1 tr«ajur»r of *f<. eral
nianufa"turin«r corporation*: i>ta?e tjuallflcatlcns.
A-Jdre»s W. M. 8.. Box 20. Tribune Offlco.
SOPRANO (ot Aeatcheater aUptlat C^iursh: (ZSO.
Wer-ster** Ch.<lr aad Oeaeart Ezchans<9. 134
Mh aye.
A Man (2T>. crod »oii"^rar.. «■ . «p»alca E^.s;!ls^.
Frfnch. Italian. Spanish, accept cjmnj.»rci»l
any ■i-s.ratij poaltioa: »terencea. EH.'IIHHt'ITI.
147 W t>«Jth st.
d«lres engagement ppenina;. closluf or balancing
bi..kj. fystemaUzer. Box 00. Trioun* Otfloe.
BCxIKKEEPER. — Ae*<l J». •*•*»• entry. n»n«
years' experience; t!-"iouaiii> corapetent with
all modern iffic- methods; conscientious, reltabl*
man: desires permanent roaltlnn. test refer
ences: salary |3UL X I . 366 West 24th st.
BUSINESS MAN. 33. capable, dealrea alter;
tr.or»»ir!i-v understands govarnment sales; 4l«o
trleal materials es;>«eU'.ly. Jtaeuo. Boa 45. Trib
une Offlce..
repalra and j-<».i-ti ing antlquea. reproductions.
«4< \d.Jr*aa rablnotanaker. care of Geo. Walff.
173 West 1021 at
CARPKNTER. — SVur yeara" hotel exp*rienc«: all
repairs; (um.iura. 10-ka. au« aeya. painting,
etc.. Hants «t-uJv poaitlon. *■!•" p«r month and
mtals. Aildi-ess »rp»nt»r. 134 Cist 37tn St.
CHArrtCL'R —By young man; dty er country;
strictly aober; r.°°4 m*.-hani.\ beat r«{«r*ooa
Fredk Petx. 47 Kou»«nhoven riac*. Drook!vi,.
CHAUITELTL — Touag colored man. with prt
\ate family. <Irtvtng Packard car; do repair*:
not speed crarr. Addresa Harry Waters. Little
N*t-k, Lots lilenrt.
CHAt rrPR or In repair ah<n>: younc man of
aood character; graduate of BuSelo auutmoblle
acbuol: can do minor repmra. run any car; r»
liable, competent. U TERRELL* 43 Weet ax..
Oneonta. N. Y.
DRUGGIST. M wiahea steady po»lttca or ■attaf;
hone«t. comt*>#nt. nttiahie: baet references.
Jcseph Maitg-r. 173S Noatrand ay«.. Brooklyn.
■JNiiINCHP. — 'VTiuan. learned machinist travdv;
iua>w all repalrr; dyaamoa. refrtg»rat ma. #ta. .
country Hojo Wolura. BO Eaat Mth at.
JANITOR.- guaertnteaaent ; marrted. no eM>
dr-n. good n reman aad raparrer; thoroughly
oaniMUßt: S yeara' laet plane nret rlaae r«(ar
eaeea. own teola Aklgrro. 144 Baet Mth at
JANITOR.— Orman; small faiall*. taoivagkly
eirerteaced. betlara, putnps; tlravoiaaa ma
ekenle on all rapalfa; own loola. ratereacee.
Warcand. 112 Weat &>>th st.
LIBRARIAN— «cIi«Jar. eorr*tjw»n<lfnt ar prl
vx to a«cr*tary. Ac e>aa>lag Kaatlea, Kronen.
Carman and Uoagarlaa, Scholar. Bos a.
Trituc* o&c*.
MAN -'J«rm»n ivirvly; at anything: not afraid J
uf turd «urk; wtlliag ami obliging Inajwln >
rr«d Knuat. IM Eaat It '.th st.
at I* bodied man. *xperi*ac*e: food refer - !
»ics. D. Il»r.n'j.wj. *7 Caariton at.
NlCirr WATCHMAN* and POKTM.-^Bjr *eb*r! j
«M.-b..»!!^j mat exserlen.-ed; g*e4 references, i
Aidrtaa Thomae Brttoa. BM Baa* 149ih at
PORTER— ELECTRICIAN — Il»ndy man; wli! do
rcrt»r work. und-r«?anda boiler*, ar Umpi.
electric • •„•,•■-■ eijtht years lam pl«c«. Dim-
TT.«y. car* of Lee. Sl* West 40th it.
PORTKR — Youn* eo!t»r»J man; mtrrUii; a*?**! .
33 tn store ->r rf.U* balMlax. A'Hr*«« John ;
.rir.lna. 3K3 W«it tW"- ••
riLAVFLLINO COMPANION', <r aaaiatant wita '
accounts an." eorr»<[.f!nJ-ii.-»- ef U.!y >r i-rt>
cin; alao arnnrrtan? to tak* rharg» at miaort i
ih-jctlns freaerv*. Addresa J. Wtma titH- j
»lck. New L. nJon. Conn.
ÜBFTL MAN. — »♦;• a young roan tatwly laiwi»^
North "f Ir*lan<l Protestant: l»v or country;
haa worke-1 at farmng prlncipelljr . b) hon-«t.
•nbi-. trustworthy anl oblletns. .Vldreaa J. M.
X.. -•'iJ Eaat Tuth St.
TOUNO MAN i3o>. »". >ear» -rwaaa a*er»la.ry to
man of affairs, nl»o ••«p*fleßc»<l tn rrali ••i4»r
buala***. aetlc* po*iti< a afferin* orportnnlty;
r.frhest 'r»fer-n*». Int#gn: : . Dox i. Trt^uße
TOtTNO MAN". 24. his:fi *.-bo©i education, prerers
.•l»rtotl. salesmanship, Kirn* experience In
business; references; fair **tarr Dan.«.». 31*
Ea*t 11th Xt
M r--"-ri: eavertence with t-iole.
run iwnili'it, eto. J Kaleue,
UM 4'h »v». Aatorta. t> I
Fern- la.
COMPANION.— Gentlewoman t««ka position aa
rompani4.n to m. lady wlkr» etnci«iicy an<l f.tir]
1';. wuuld b« apprecUte^l. Applicant urw.-ratan la
s>'aip treatment, peewbg, facial aaaaaaee
ar.'i man":- Mi 1 .!-" f«r»ri-vs A11:*«4
Mian II B. Trlb'Mi. Cp'wn »f«r-. Ll*4 Bma4
I>RES«MAKEK. — Perfeit Btter an-l orlclnal de
signer. remod«-Illnjt nival to Mw: prompt. r«
l'«ble. reasonabir. Jtme. Cully. 134 Vest 4*th
ft "Phone 188 i— Crj-sat.
STKN'XSnAPHER. — Ilrinht. up to Oite: -aa e»
well aaytbing she unii^rrakes; i:nd»n<tanilj»
Inriexlnv. caril indexint;. ttl^piiocica;. «to. Helen
mouT Oeneral IX-!1'. *rr.
TOC.VU UVDT for clerical work or rwitchboara
np<^ntor: exi.«rleiio»»i ; rrrfer^nc^i. M. X T. .
f.?'» Atlnr.tli' ar»., Dn-Tk'yTt.
BOY. in. «;r~*!t. tn an \ M-ri-an BawU) la wont
and learn KiiKlinh; spratcs ii«rr..n;i mi llttl*
Kr^n.-h; niural; e^-xl niann«rpl aud eUurate<l.
Ail>!re*s G>'«-rse El^-ftli-r, 142 L>»«r it.. Hroci-
BUTI. or butlwr-^alet ; flmt claaa ni-rant:
hlshlr re*:onimen<l-'t! for sobrtMy. capabiltrr
ani bon»sty 10 years in one pUee. P., *>3
"VV>»t 3ii »t.
BL'TLER arm VAUTT.— »wtch. ProtMtaut: Z't
yin r<"ferfnc* frnni last employer; city or
country- X.. Ml«s Krre-raM's Bureau. MC 9*h
ay*., entrarca -.1 »t.
CAHETAKEn (ru estate py ; our:* man; etn-'
*!•■; %Si Hi flevrr al. nuni man. aab«r
r»:!abie. FRANK BATaON". lm«d Lak» R J.
CHEF. — All around; r*f»rene*3: *p«tk« ItaJlan.
S[idr.JsX rrwict. Tambat-o, Z>> W«t 37th «t.
COACIIUAN. — Siocl*. 30. with prlrat* family:
lif«» *xp*T\»T»-e wits nr»t a«a hnr«»»: beth
rtd»r a»'l <irlv#r; h#it of reference, country pr«
f-rr*d. IVib«r». 2U7 East 33<J »t.
COI.OREn> Max to att«nd fuma <• tn privat*
i^rnilv. 12 >ear>' rejerenoe. J Nicholas. 344
West Uat at.
COuK and HOrnvoMEß Couple. Oer
man; wifi* *xceli*nt cook and homeworker:
m»i uaderstan«l» •-„r>!«-s uaeful all f>un-i. ex-
I^-nr r»r*r*ac««. wagfs JtO to S-W: cltr.
•■ounti-y. laduatrial Auoclatius. J> Caat -42X
Phone 2J>O3 Murray Hill.
v.'OI'PL.E. KiifLsn. trith chilrf four jears: butler,
valet, us«f'il; wife ex.-*!l»rit «eek; piatn lius
dres«; Al reference's: city or country. Industrial
Association. 0 Cist I- ! •'
trainej youn» ilnsliahmau. CS: fn ljr;» h-'us«
h<ild. written ariij p«"rs>nial r«f^renc?.t. I*. Ker
it J?p. f* Smith [<>n;-ilr!«. V>'»;jr'o«n. N. Y.
GAKDPNER. — ainj!»; en f >r.:in i pT»re;
competent on Bowers. v»s~tabl«i, i^wns, et'-. :
.are. of h'.-rse* av.t\ cows; hest re'er?nc*s. A. Z..
308 Uarien St.. llobok'n. N. J
OAItDENEK. — «'ouple, Oernian: yoanir m»
wouH HVl<» position aa garAeaer; wllHns tn
be u»»fu! wtfs ».joj hoiiseworlser; fire '■•am 1
personaJ r«f«r»nc» Indtwtrtal A»»"*-ia 9
East 4-.M ot. Thon- »93 Mmny Hnt
lIuL>EMAX.- COOK.--MMH- a*«»a rr>upte: w!r«
as cawkj r»n'.i< a<si*tant or all arounj i>.-.us»
man; l-»»z r»f*renf«; le^en years tn l»«t pla-«.
245 Caat SOtla tt,
JAPANESE i^>)K or V A T.ET. — "Xlshea position
In private family nr enrtr^ ch*rg» of at<art -
ment; long experience a:;J L<"?t r-'f.«r«nces. •«a
IM liich st.. DrooUya.
SECOND or USEFVt. MAN.— Yminr: tndoor er
om<lo»r work; understand* furna.-ea. steam
hp»' city er rountrv; l* m«firha' rsf»rene« laat
employer. R. H.. Mis* r .•>-». Bureau. M>
otn a\r.. entrance «M «t.
VSBFUL MAX.— Tounj •;e<-' nA n; nsefnl at aar
fhirr B»*4ed; b«st r».'e!^ri-ei. Ca;"v«nt»r'» Bu
nii. li 4 tita ar». T»! I.T&3— Chelsea.
ATTENDANT, hcuseheeper or ■peaks
French. f»t)ani*h. Norweflan. English; «llt tak«
rare inraiid; understantls houa*k««vlns tliorough
ly: Biwl pianist; ex'-ellent r«feren<.-cs. t». Mi»a
Ft t»O« raids Bureau, M 3 sth a\e.. eatranc* oo
421 «t.
CKAMBEr.MAID.— EnirlUh Protestant ; Is m"°*
seamsrr«>s«: .»1 yafei«ae<{ cl'.y or <n>un»ry. C.
R.. Miss KltzO»ral'l s Barrau. «03 sth a^e..
entrance 42J n.
CHAMBERMAID. — S-otch Prote»wnt. «o<xi
Mwer. wiiiiof M assist with " a^blnx w*}*s
125; exo«il*ut -..--. city «r co'intry. in
dustrial As*>?latlon. 'J East >. . st. rh<>ne 2MS
— Murray 111;:.
•-•HAMBETIMAID. — Capable youß^ woman: 15
> ears' r«f*ren<v? from la»t •mpioyer; <o€»l
**;»m«tr*ss: ur.l»ritan.!< la.ly's malls' iu?!^».
M. 0.. M's-a ntc-j-ni'li Itureaui :*Z ilh ar«..
fntta.uc». 42J it. •
CHILDREN TAKEN tt A I.KING, mendlnr. read
ing or Mr.ftn* to French »p"li-n; any
liiht perviees' fey ilay or hour; reference:*. AJ
d.'rss ilcxi'l-ate. 2M West 14th St.
ft.xjK.--By Klnni^h woman: KC<yi minittr: t»#«t
of references: country pref»rre-i; wj|« $25 t>>
$3Oi Wet.fs Bureau. S2» Coiumfcua *^*. Tel.
7*W4 — i»ohuyi«T.
COCiK. — G*rman: with v without kitchenznairl;
no objection to larpc family: f4>>: dry pr»
ftrr.'-i. ladustriai Aa*(K-iatk)r 9 East t23 »v
COOK. — Oerman: 14 y <n' experlenc*; Fr«c<h.
(i'rmin and American cooking; ran talc*
cheTs plact: Al references; »a?'t ... $at).
city or country. Ind-i^trlai Association. 9
Baet 43d at. Phon* 3M« Murray UUL
COOK— AITRE?'* -Twr r^rl» want rosttton
tn city or eountrv; ex •eil^'.t references from
las' employer. M C. Miss Fltigtmld's Buraau.
6iai 3th ay«.. entranot. 42d St.
FAMILY WAeiUXC. ttrmXOg. br Jrnnth. 1»»»lt
or doien; rrlvate krnite: i.^en air drylnc best
rtferenc<». 222 East T2d st
LArii'H MAlD— North German; m l«r»tan<l»
Frencft: rood halr<»r*ae*r. <1- ssmaker. pa.^sr
and tr»v«!W excellent referent- from «a.!ing
Philadelphia mn<i New York families, n.. »l»aa
Flt2C*Ta!d a Bureau. 103 3ta ay« entrance 42ji
I*AT"NCKEi»^. — German; excellent on Stnajarn-.
shirts, collars: private family. rraa<—a In
t«rs. 312 East K-i st.
NURSE.— Experienced Infant nurs«: N«rth
German; bast references; wages IZZ-fSO. Call
A. S.. 31* East Hith st.
NURSE.— Experienced infant's nnr* un»t-r
■tania all Loui« i.t'l'.ui- Little. 134 \V«at
100 th st.
.MT.3E — acotek Pratestact; will take entire
chj-ire of children over two years; city or
country excellent r*r«nm<-e. M. »H.. Miss Ftta-
GeraM's Bunau. SC3 itn a\«.. «atra&ca il'J at.
NURSE Canadian. nnd«rxr*duat«. will taite aav>
tire ctaanra of children: understand* car* of
delicate children; excellent references; city or
coua'ry. i:. li.. Ulaa nmSavakara Bureau. 503
Sth aye.. cr.trun. iZI st.
XVItSK. •- KaaWrtaaeaf In <tUif care dsllcat*
and Invalid ckU4r*a: und»i stands fooda, etc.;
excellent rererence* from form- r plover*. elty
or country. B. P-. Miss Fi«O«rald f Btireac.
3U3 tth ay«.. tnlriuct On *Zi at.
NURSE.— Scotch Proteataat. hoeHtal trained;
will taks enUrs ebar?» of infant: uaaarataada
all foods, atert.iilag. etc.: haa had eharae tt
trilali:* achoo*. excellent r^ereae»a. J. 9 . Mia*
FtuOerald's Bureau, Stfl ath eve., ooireace ea
42d st.
Nt'P.SE.— Touns Ir!»n airl. 3 *eara- espenaace
takin« car* of children: willing to aaa.at with
(hamUrw goo.i .eaanatrea* etty er eeuatry.
G .. Miss FttaGeraki'a Cureau. SOS SU> aie.. ea
trance 42d at.
UtOTIT. MAID.— youn* woman; ua
d«rstan<ls maaaage. scalp irratmnt. etc.:
would like to tait* care elderly lady: s;ood
namitnas. willing tn be generaHv u»*fuL C.
M . Mis- ruatierai'l a Bureau. '-C Sth are..
eotranca 41-1 $'..
VISITING SECRETARY.— WeII educated vouag
la-ly; blsh social aian4i»a. er cempanloa to
ehtid or adult. aeaaar. «va Weet tasui at.
ntah air; excellent r»fer*m»: »U> H««JUh
lady'« m.ii.l and a»an>atrea*. hlgtieat refer*nr«.
Jus«i:.« Uareau. •»> Laxlufftsa cv«. Taleakone
4453 PUta.
j _^^__«^
IIiaHE.-«r PniCTES for <aM aneiiH eM gala, jew
elry; established. laU. Mrs. Lynca a Sea. IM*
$325 and up VI !* a "-"7.. n -afety IVTire, «nirW#«»«. JtrJ
«7a«se> anu Up l..n.jr.r._",r| If .ml.nrr.
S. S. Cincinnati s . s# ERIKA §&2
i \R4.»>i .\>r» N>v*r:*T >tm«>'<ii 1.^.1n- >>w T«rk. De*. n. % A. M.
MTR -»K.VT Tt> TKK OHIKNT. «tnexceae.l Rks-Carttoo .« la. <'artw »•-•*>»
(T7.MO T0X?» raat - °y=»»**tßin, Eleetrti f!.i* ■■» E^v^tar. Fairs
IsDiriVlT aT'sOWTW Crii^"" Iy ' il - :t ' lv ' SIL tOAlf-Pr—. Crai:t.D^-. tA
ORIENT CRUISE *Wa:jene«..Dec *. n Ail »Kat* a. V.Jan. '
__ _ -•-,--, IftiifarU D«c. IS. |i> Ail>;. Wa!A"*te.J*n.ls
-BaßßaaatW-Bl gO DAYS nsaMaaMßl lUamUurs <iU*ct. •Omlta Plyßicntn {
Leaves New ork. Jan ». 1«IO IM L D ITLRRANLAN
etlM of call. tDetodias \I j $£P**si^ a gS£uigx X
M*vd e l-,, spo,in. Ilnlv. T ' UT £«!£ \
Gra:c». Turkey, r.gVP'. ' f **»•» • tJtbrattar. Jaagewa aaw) UMiee j ■
Ni'e. Holy L*nd. a ?*?££!%&££ VJT.ftJSK I I
n yoarv »xperi«i>re In arrang- A,, v k ! i
m?r and conctucttns cruliw t » ichrtitm» Situr.s-. jsn. *. r». L
eoscres cCcient management. *-■" etc. *»tijp-.j\er atiowed. Ksr«iieat
Y. Bbiiwbarg ' Irim i«ftra*t th« t.
llaTnbar? .« Aiirl... Vm.-lnn Mle £,
I'i'ir,- »>i> .-uun i«rai< .i. . f «-•-. >er»k-e^ tn K*vot.
To'irUt Deer, for T«3» Er»T7-«h«r».
Hfnt for Illnstratrd Hook TRAVKLEStS 1 CIIECKi* ISSUED. •
HAJIBCB<e-AJIESir.\N USBaV 41-4-1 Btxau.l >. %.
rfliiQrjf ***b\ Oficr the unsurpassed in Luxurious I
UllllQlll and Comfortable Ocean Travel I
CffliSM V X Bj tie great 20XCO te-» *:aaef i
to "CARONXA"\«v..!7.Jtn.Ueb.I9 I
j£ >^V 4? •*CARMAMA *Jan.22,rVlar.s o^
\ JF Lar;e»: biplc»aew tcrtiae m lEs World* \»TV
JT "SAXONIA- Dec. 4. Feb. 5, Mar. 19 <\< V A
1^ jT VfH. Twio-Saew. 14.3CQ lorn* .-^-o^^ I
■ far Fall Psrticalart mi BlUimltmi apsh »• /■O" ? / Al T^^ a
■'r THE Ct^NARD STEAVISHIP CO.. l:t k* r-*&m
X»vr Tart. ft«eina.Vlr.Aa£». *!!me*a«»!*. rsil»4eli>hU. At. Loais. A_v v^ I
3as ffiacKo. Torunioaafi Montreal, er Ux *.*„•• ri. J
FALL RIVKR LINK Via Newport »r.m Fall
R»v«r. l.v. pier 1». N R-. ft. Waeren St..
P«ny. &:*•»! P. M. «tr». pn«JVIDE2;CE aad
PUTSIO'JTIL e-»ra en «a> n.
NORWICH UNI V!« ■*-.•* LobuJto. t-v
Pier en. N. R.. ft. CTarkson gt. wwk days. 8:00
P. SI.: Pier TO. r R.. ft B. 22J St.. «3J
P If. strs. citt or loweli. aad «W
Hartford. ~j> .■,-!**!-..«. snd North. w*>4 daya
<-• ■•■ l«v« pier 24, K. R, 2:45 P. M.: fwtt
Ka.<* t2d St.. 3 ue> p. M. Btr. RICIIAP.D
Ticket*, stauroosu ar.4 Information a' City
Ticket Offloi-. 17! B-->»awar. n«ar Cort!an>U
St. Telephone 3121 Cortlandt. Alao a' N. T.
Transfer and Toorl»t Orif-s id a' Pier*
Suvio Heat and Light
Pnce Only* $1.75
£i.yea •• •'ost many times B reuuoed eo.»I 01. '
ll« PARK UOW. n^ir Pc»»» *t.. X. Y.
•V"\ East ■ilat *L. near Jack«ou »v».
•I*;* Mt!rot» — Tel-T>hon<«- — US* WortL.
thafT T'a-* Co.. _'Si Graad »'. j
tables, chairs. warlr«be3, mirrors, «ra>. SV- >
ur»«. bus!n<M» furniture all "<le. FINN I
BP.OTHEns. S3-» Brmidwar. i-> Franklin St.
riLT.IARPS. pool and n«w narmt .-wfrbt-etlen ■
tablea; lowest prices; aurptiee. rwaalra. bowt- !
iag alley bulldera. Decker *. 105 Eas: O.U at. '
Est. i«.^a !
The Antique Furniture Exchange \
/-)Op I*-U XT, 28th H, ar Bway.
flTI) Ts th« place ♦" flad rt^» Art:.*t!c yet ,
\\iij m'l^ensiT* Holidsy jfifts. let trays, i
I^*3 Muff.nnlers. Work Tables. Tip T»- !
g£a^M '."•". Tea T3t.»3. quaint •"bairsj,
rmi r>evks. •»! ■ . -i-. Ent: ■* Eto^U 4'
I I n \tsua: on Cumxnisalon basis restrd- I
* i* i ii» W henrtqnnrter» for hwrgairj*. ,
pioro^Ai-s f»»r fuhnishino Drr.iNv; titit ;
y^a.- endrnu December 31. 1»1>. Carbon Tool |
Steel. ?<»ale4 propo^iiU wii! be r»-w!ved at tae .
( rtfc-e of thi ... Pur. !>a«i"as Offl.-er. U'*imiar> i
Caital Cornn.tjaion. Wa.int3gtan. r». C, until 1».3»» j
a. ex. December H, SMsV a r wblcd tinr> they ;
w*H b* o»>eTie<l !rt nublU-. for RafSisMna| '"•*
abore-nr^ntioneil ir.»teriai. Blanloi and san-ral
Infxrmatiim rrlatlnjr to this »"lr^uiar <N«j. .T44» '
ma>> e4 obtains! from thta of»ce or i::« uffie«9 .
v^f "rha .Vsai«raot Purchasing Ajjenrs. 21 i>tat<» j
Street. \-» York City: S3 National Ftea'.tr BuilJ- '
iag. Xrw C>r!«*n». La., and lU«rt Nonii Point ;
Street. San Francisco*. Cal-: aiso from th* U. s*. [
nhcl*se»r »"«J!«»« in th* foiV-'wir.sj cltieii: fc^attle. !
Wash.; Lo« Ar.je'ea. Cai. : Baltlmer*. M-l : Phila- j
•leith'.a. Ta. , Pitt»hurar. Pa. ; Bcstou. Masa j I
Bu^Talo. N. V. : etaad. Ohio; •.■'n inaett. Ohto: i
Ckacag' 1!'..; St. Lciis. Mo.: Detroit. Mich.; (
Mllwauliee. W!*. ; ft. Paul. Minn. : Chattanooga, '
Term.: UniisviiK Ky.: MeMa* A.a . aj<d Gal- |
ve^ton. T*^ : Commercial Club. Kansaa City, t
Mo.; Outniber of Commerce. i4uin~T. L'l. an-t I
Chamber of Comrnvrt* and Koard of TraUe. }
Tat-oina. Wd*h. — F. C BOOtij*. • aptaJn. Corps nf
t-.:^«!'«.i. L. ?. A.. G»r»ersl Purchasins urHrer.
U 3sh;ri«ti»fi. X>. 0.. Nov. 2l>. 1ft0». — saa.-J p. -
r-.jw »11l be raveiT».l a thi.-» offW un:I! 12
e'uleek M.. l>*c^mb«r *. laww. for corstru>tfnir ■
sewers tn the District uf Columbia. !-p»-cirtua- |
• ions and forms of prnpnsul* art<l all ne.-essary |
lnforni^tlon -na/ >»• •btalne.d from Chief <:i*rlc. ,
Enrnrtr Department. Room 42T Di«tri^t :
Buitd»n«. Washlnjrton. r> f. ItE.MUT B. r »
TA\t V. -TfPS.TN. i'umn;.Mlan«r». T> C 1
—~~ •.ATSKii. AyUCDCCT. •
Contract «2.
ETIVLE9 BIDS wtll ■• rei-eWed by >he Beard i
of V.'t'tr Supply, ta Roeoi Bi-», 23» Broadway, i
Xew T rV. ontu 11 a - M .. aa Seeetnber 2. lat*
fcr Ceairac* «S. for the construction of «*■.,;, r;\
steel pli-« alphowa. coas.2t!ns; of riveted steel
shell. • feat « tncnee noaalaal trull i d!arae.t«r. !
=bv«ioo«1 with c«nv.-r<ft« and lined with PortUcd '
cement anortar. aafra«ittna 4beut X 7 mlies: aBSa
r.»veral auwU'hea ec auueauct ta oewa cut and «■> '
embankment, t <rjt-ana-« - «>ver aqueduct. aes*»~ |
gat Ida- about S.wW f*e» The work is located la
•-a t.%-r..< of Olive. Ulster County: New Windsor I
On»n?e »>unsy: Phtlilpsto«n. Putn-*m Councy
an-1 cortlanilt We»tch«ster County. N«w Tor*.
At t>e abave mm and p!«r- th« bids will n»
publicly e»efi«4 and read. Peaapfcleta «uar. t
lrrforn»i*tlon >r bidders, and pamphlets o* ,-ju
tract drawings eaa be obtained a: Room VM at
IM abav • *4t4re*e by deposttlß^ the sum of Ten
dollars tlloi f*r each pamphlet. For ...
csrtievtUrs »«* Infonuutlon fur Hidden.
*^ JOHN A BKNSFTL. atdaat.
ConvnNtioners of th» Board of Water Subdlv i
J. WALDO bMITT H Chief Enr.neer. * i
THOMAi* nAS.«UTT. !»e«Tetary
TVO r w DITCD "* ALL MARKS. JIO ta tsdl !
I ri* I•HII 111 ) '™" <l a. ugMf. raawjtoe*
I I I LI. 11l I Lll ' Easl* T. Co.. It* buaae st,
ttgrapr.*4 In any >juan r envelopes ,
te match Laarreaoe F. Daausaaa. I Wall at.
VICTOR VISIBLT. 79 Naaaae at «ataHg«ie !
tree, a'! nvakaa tabea cart payment . be>raelae
m l'n.l«nriwfa P»m>nitnin Culv»rm Sm)th<
BANKDOOK No. 42-\S,-H of tS« fnion Dtm« 9av
tn»* Bank la ilaatag. Any person Ravins; a •
claim ta It le herewy called up«ii to preaant th* I
bum within tea cay*. jr aaaaaN t« kantng aa2d t
pasatwok canceled aad a_n«w_on* issued. .
LOST OR STOLEN —^Raakboek NoraiAlOl of !
the Kailgraat Indsttrtai davtnga Bank Pay ,
ment noppea. Pleaae reiura buulc te Uu.. No.
M Chambers »t. j
"continuation of firm name, i
ajpajaue partnership* aanaw.
Wbetwaa the firm of J. L> SHELDON * CO. I
has tranaa.-te<l business in tata State, for not k*ae |
than three ycitra. uniMr i.-.o aald Brwi name, and \
aaia buati.**e cunttaue* te be conducted by is* '
un>iers!gne4: •
Nuw. tbereloee. tkia Is to -erti^ tiut tr.e sub- i
■crltwr. Clarer.-e D Bbektaa. la tn* peraaa »
aaawaaa] tv dral wader eae* nrm aaaw. i:..! to |
eentlnu« to conduct tbe bwabaeae of said arm. !
and tv aae aald aewaeranli lu.-ti". ea4 im tit ;
princi;«l f4ac* «t hiiabnai aa at MS Weet broad- '
way. la tbe Boroit«!> of Manhattan Oty and ,
County of New York, and that his place <'< r«». - I
dence la ta tke town ef WaehiagtaMi. Duubess ,
County. New ■»«■*. t p. O. MU!brock).
Dated .S4w Terk. Nev. a. IW*
la preaaaa* «f CAULTON is. PIEKi'E.
atata af New Terk. Ceaaiy ef Naw Tork. aa.:
Oa thia Bob way «i! NovcmtK-r. taw*, baeoee me j
personally *pp«ir«<i Clarenc* D. ■ -i-l r. •.., me> I
known and kouwn to m ta t- thn ln.lw.laji |
■aeatinae* la aaw who awcute* th« feresutns I
eertincat*. and t~ dulr j.-ivuo^le.^w u> m« [
tbat B« executed tae aam*. ,
*nu.'j Public. N. T. Cs. 1
: TA3 _£ 3
From Plera 31-82 M. NortTi Rtrer. 10 A. M.
•rooL. lonixjn— Paris.
Quickest Route to London ioJ Coatiseat
via fkaagaaeeV
TCtre.'eas Telesraro. SuSrearlaa J ;c=i'.s.
Staarataaea .....Dee. Urarstaola. Pee. 11
rarr>a:h!» I>ec. 4 : "-BinTiamt* Oee. 1»
Lusitania Dec <• Mami Wiiiil Dea. 3B
Larrwt-Fastect i»Mem-h:pe ABaa*,
TO )S. S. Cartsnta, Nov. 27
ITALY f B.S.Sai3aii,Qa3. 4. Fitllar ft
Masniflcinrt New **«M>Ten 3tna mehlpa
CaronU...., Rot 27. Jan. •. »*«Bt 1»
Saxon:* Vc 4. r*i*. i. Jaar If
Canrn»n:a Jan. 22. lfar:a »
oibpaltxr. GFTNO*. N*Ap£X3. VMawrm
earaaaa. . 2T. Caeaaaai Jaa. *
kawata . Pec. 4. noaa Caraaaia J*o Zi
Traveller* clxrks iwniert— rrwd ev«»yw»»ar».
21-24 gtae. *.. opposite the Balato-
Cruises de Luxe
to the
West Indies
f "AVON" A
tilae*aeack> ' U**»»i
•130 op lIJ up
Fr«m >-»Tot* tf*
Jtaasry IS Hew Tork
. . . snd
Febr«».Tr It ! *U:t» 23
Alee Ttchha: Tocr» by *ew Twia-fciea
" BEBBIc t ■ -sriugb tb* wwat laeiea
D?t. I3ta aad ntrt Veaaeae**
Ceaafwiaibki »oytEe re "lie awNajMtei
Islsad t» O-eee Liner
H:ek Ciaee CjUhi Orc*ie»fr*
Electric Fsas ml Boom*
nira:iaa«; '-ya'ien „'..*'JJ^mb»Sbl!
-:>-'- Isih. 22ad awe 2»«a
ta Brraawaw
Setting «f Dec. 24A to Jtaiaics, **>
mm Can*;. lara*aii. ■■■■<*. Ik.
I . 1 .-. 1 - . mv 1
\^ SA.N3EgSo>aSa.N.aS>aicSt. .I.T.
AMERICA! UK ' * J " SJ^. l^* r
fUVM-jl TU— CHErtftOUTtO— >OCTHAMrrO?».
Philadelphia Ham. 27 V«w Torii D«c It
Sr. Paul P-c. 4 St. Louis <m.f > Pec. IT
F.EO STAR Lll£ ' r m STa**.* p^
«>rrvv yorx— t»)vrrR — i.\Twr.RF
SPEtIAI. fltßlHT>l.%> *.\ll.r««i _
From '-aw York, Timda?, Dee. 14.
Ulaja-er.-jose J Pron^navl^. verandaa C^i<».
1/c.iuis*. I»zrlt Hoom. n«-\a'.cr. Orchestra. F.tcv.
St^aosraph-r. Ijpisr. V ireiess. ivifcnarina fi
nals „
Va.ie-!ar«l Dr<*. 1 Laplaa(» t*e. J*
Kro>>nlan<l l*~' ? »\'n;and Pec. -*
.N r.W l\'RK-<3i:O: NiHDV.X — Ll\XßP*>O'-
Balti.- Dec. *. It am; Celtic De«. 13. >t> •>"?
Arab»r. ..t^-. 11. I<> anr Lwnr^n'ir- JJZI:*. 1
S. S. ADR3ATSC Ir. 1
L>«rwe,a CritHb Twin- -crew
Sailin2 fna ♦. V. HHimiiy. 021 8
Teuton!-. !>-•. I. ft **in \laj*siio..Dtc.U l'.2f> »T»
A'irta?i.-...D*c. ». Sum \hf«nt:...De' 1 . t* 2 c-»
lfaiY & cfiYPT
• U A lore-. . itle^ra) aa>4 Gibraltar.
-•rccLU. r.\UL. -?.\in>u
H0V.25. 13 A.ia.,S.S.CEO3IS V£?
Larjesi iteaaaer t.. tn« Mealf . .iaaan
I ir*t '.Winter aatllns ta> .UexaadrU.
JAS. 5 S. S. CEDIIC t£?
CEDKIt' (21.033 fe*r*> >o». t3. Jan A. leh «
11->m«n;c Dec. L Jau. 13. Fe > 2>\ Ac«l J
«*retic J*r.. r*>. %Ur. l-\ April .•» — *••• 21
CELTIC lM.L'i:i iau> . .Fe»» 2 Ale*. Mar. M
Caccpio Fob. IJ. M.tr. 2». ll^r ♦. .:.-« v
Lars*. Fast and Luxurious T» :n-screT»
Eipr»!>» in! Paasen^sr J>a...i,-.!;«.
Caatpbad wit.. Wtreleee a au&Karta* Sicaal%
PLT flllßW rc»— aTBJf all
i^iprea* .-j..:r^.» Tueadava at lv A. M
Prim Fried. Wro.Nov.3o Kaiser Win. 11...Jaa. ♦
OcU:* Dec. HlPrina Frlnd.Wm.Jio. 1%
DUUUO Pit." I- IT.
Twl»-*r*« s*i,ir.jj T^turadaya at tt> A. M.
aVaaa* t- OP. Irene •<■. 3a>
Jtevkar Pec. 14 Cnemnlts Jan. *
taavaaai t>ai;:n(S SaturtUya •■ 1. a M.
K. Albert (Wad) . Dee. 1 Ei<trt>arcaia 'an %
•Ber!!r> ine«>...o«c. U 'aVt.... lae-n) Tan. Z>
•Cm. ls Algiers.
Indepeniiea: Artxind tne WeFlg Tour*
Tr**eUem' rhacke good all over t^o w..-t . •
asptv OBXJCU MS * CO.. Oenera: Ueaaa>
a broadwat. new tonic
FED "D" LIME ten, Lv-xy^n.
»or t>«n Juan. P. 1... La> Guayra. Pto. c».e.:- .
v'in«. w and llaracattjo, via, Curacao.
For La liuarni. r'tr^aj nxid U^racalbo.
superior Accocunihlatioas for lvi-«..--.ic»: fc
Cer.er.t! ilnu^nn. )2 Wall St.
nniTMT ct..*.rk-«* tavel*t« ax
lIX If 1 fJ I NCM IKIIM. l.hruar-r
Will wi 1» ■j^ > t9> fa days. *400 and u».
by e»*cia. charter*
rraaaar 3 Cro!ae« round th* w.tM T«ur» tj
Curop«. r 4. CUKK Taieii Baaag.. >. V.
COOK'x TOfß^» Rt)f>l> Ttir \\ O Hi . I > .
*.*th Annual Ser'.e*. PtegneaMtea
THO. J . CUOX * r«->N 20. 1O»> B"way.
a*» Xauiaoa Aye.. am 3th -ise.. Xir T«rk>
1-01.NT9 Ra»» or Boat. bVm e>r\lcx lewaet
ret* Maratera Tours. 31 W. *tn «t y. T.
uotrrnKKM pacittc sTBAi!r:-:ra.
U> 3et 1 Epmilkjv Kea Tark.
A.— BitANZ.ET. r»a\ t.">orou«hlT competsar.
baceet Ucstcna. e^aaavwa fe« aaavw ewaaaaaVja*
hum* IS Weat *At st. TVm>
PAR 13 CLOAK AND SUIT CO.. ffotns; out of
bosineaa. U o.Ttrin« tv stuck motltU fax Mio*
CCS4. 2*3 *^* ** iT*i A 44»

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