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A §960,000 PROJECT
J'l i\ riioriDFs }<>U TWEXTY STORY BUILD
Many U cst Side Sales— Parlc. Denis & Co. to Occupy Hud
son Street Structure.
A twenty etory «or* «nd loft huila^uc
mill he taM an the «te of the old AsJiland
aWMie* a the southeast comer of :<ta
*tm>t and Fourth « nue. ana an adjotn
lat parcel frontiiyj In the nrert. The t-.m)
bised plot to be inijiri'ved was purchased
aaaae n>or.tl»s a*o in- Thilip Rrat-ndcr from
H«irj" Corn through M ft U Bam
WK'.lsni CL Frohn*. arettfwri. ni«"-d >■*«
trrday li« ■,■»•:- for tlie •■-,-.. structure.
Tbe buildl&e arUl «<.-; v* ••• It will oc
cur> • site Iroimug yi.9 feet on ihe avcuue
•.ad 14" tt-ct tv (he fr-troct. When tlif work
of aaaaai up the M aai will be ataaai
hms not yet bwn ar.nouncrd.
In the private *>aies> maikrt tlie trading
*aaaeraav r«*FuHed Us a cliajipe of owner
eaap tv a larse nueaber or One West Side
properties. Bajrcra were found for two
daeUimt house* in \Y>Kt Jl:ui avenue, aear
M attai for two American haaaaasßt
laeuere in 80Ui atrc*- near O-ntral Faik
Wmm, for a asilisiasii In aM saaaal n«-ar
Mc i1 I sea avmue. for Fix West IMb street
bouses, f ■ nevtral Hariem flath«»ut*« and
far a large plot on Washington Hclehta.
The Uni&ea Merchants Jlt-alty *md Im
provement Ccmspany announced yesterday
taat n would erect a twenty-story office
a:. loft building on the plot al the north
east corner ci Cd rtroet and Broadway
m"fcich It recently leased from the Astpr
*-stste for eighty jcarf. The fulmay kiosks
opposite the kite wiil •- removed and a
suitable pas^a^cway ltadlnp to ...:•■ •'■■■
the uptown siatlon ■••... ntaay I ultl .:.
Ifcp centre of the jir<>;K»s;fd ctructure.
It was lenrned yesterday that ParUe.
Davis & Co. have leased throuph WJlliam
X- While A: i^ons from the Trinity Church
Corporation the elpht taory buiidir.s l<elni;
erected at the northwest coiner of* Hud
son and Vestry streets, on a plot Cl.x!-0
Jeet. The lease is for twc::ty-one years
at en afcregjite rental reported as about
Parhe, r>«\ :s & Co. ha\e been iocated
tor aaaaa fn-rnty years in liie druc »«*i—
Mbb on ...» « Manhattan. The firm was
e*tabliEh'ed is l>ctn»:t BOOM tiiirty years
ago 5s one of t'.:e larp< luanufactur
lnr concerns in tlie «lruK trade, witli a
cafuuil of |4.00(i.0t"\ its p:-< sent l»!ace of
business beir.c No. H" tv No. :<4 Maiden
Lt:- and Xoy. 7 and 9 Ctiiar street. It
r. et. largely UialmmtPtal '.!i dtvrlcplns
the sect um :t is iifM.ut t.'if leave into th«?
druß centre of Manhattan. Jt will move
to :'.* new liomt- on Man!. J next.
On? of the reason* ptven fur the r*-
Tnoval of tie firni to thtt lower part of
Greenwich Village is that the f.rm ran
here secure the larger room that lt re
Jt was also leartH-d yesterday that I'red
eriik Gerkcn is the buyer of the Hudson
Arms «tpHrtnier;T house, a klx nory *l*~
saj ■ ».triicture m the southwest coiner
<if Tort Wahhinp'.on cvenue i»nd lT^'.h
ureet. hold r<t-ently ly ih«- !>*ndl;eim <*on
♦•■truction Oonpasy. ilai Marx negotiat
ed the 6cs.i.
The Ecndiifcim Construction Company
totk in part payment i!r Cerlien'i! house
st Deal Beach. N. J.. known as Scheeffel
Hail, located on tSss) P^'f^ 0:1 a plot
200x200 feet. The Bendheim Construction
Company baa transferred tlie properly to
Adolph M. Bendheim. who mil] occupy it
as hi* summer home.
It is undert-tood that Mr. G.-rken is ne
potiatint; for v li»rp^ pcroel in CTestrbester
«'ounty w:t!i the Iq< a «•* •!t > t:!;c a sum
mer home there.
Plans ha\e b«n filed for reCtUac the top
floor of the four ftory loft and 6to>e build
bs »t No. \SSI Third imoe, Into a flat
with five room* and a !>a::i aad kijeh'-rj.
•thtr chance cf oacagmsxy t«e!r;/s mad» from
oesijrns by Gecrse P. P< lha;n for «;<^orrt-
W. liudfll as rwntr. m
Pluhp have also been fiieii for « ni^rsing
the floor *pace of liie K.-<-ond Door of Q»«
Fix utory office ar.d wurei;u-j<» i.t N«>s. Zll
and M 4 Broadway, owned Ly the estate «f
11. W. Perk:n>. by ir.Ktailir.g a taezanlaa
flo«>r, the UmnuWXseata UiriK made (tor A.
SUiniiatdt & Uro. as ksssea, s.nJ for in
li.rc.ns the losrer part of tbe fu':r story
ti welling of Mrs. John UrCrecry m No. KM
Ijcxlntioa av«r.a<. C F. Biese aad W. s.
Miller art- l!ie :• »-i»-t •:\< u?< Li:.i i>>
Lawßou Pardy Wants Realty Men to
Help Him Improve Them.
l*aw.M>Ti Piirdy, preslde&t o1 '•• l"-;iart
tneut of Tas.*-* and AMattmotSXM. Kaid ye^
terdfcy ti:at t!;{- ci.<-;: il>u'. ii<n <>f land V»Jo«
Oilipi-, publlhheJ I>J l.is d. i-a.it in*-;. t. Lad
t«een finiftied. Two tin'tttmnd volumes, all
tiiel were j»«-rrri:t:«-d iry i\a- chirtcr, wei*
liifctribujed itmor.s reprcsestatlve leal
aststc ow-u and to ■Mfispif ui officers in
Unglat.U. Gf-rt'Mir.y. E^OTtO ll^u atiJ tbe
Gaa« jjro'lr.ttt \\ ! o i.si;t(3 for copies.
Tt he* been nerer?.-«ry lately '.<> ir:f'»rra ap
j In itritt thai tl^e fdHiun was tfH> Finall to
supply thr d^irutnc!.
t '
r. M. Cramer il I'.ro. have f<id for
W". O. Saj.f.r.a hr-use and plot t.n Highland
ftvcnxb Motu ( iair, St. J^ to LTnitEt S. Suf
tern. e( Brooklyn. The jir(>r»crty i> con
sidered one of :,. •.:,.-• oa the .. , iani- (Jli
eidc. Jt cnsnaaOa an nocsstvc view of
N«» York nud t!i« l>.v.< r li..\ :-ntl l:as ov^r
tOO IV4-X froi.ti.ire i.:i Highland avenue. The
|jrlc* paid ti<r V..t- s)io;x-n.v was J.v .<►«'
It »i.s KuiA yettcrdjy it t!.«- <if!ii-e r.f tlie
Title Guarantee and Trust t'oturany that
tn* niuc* bljrnilirant fi-ature <r ti.<- niutt
(if 1! '..:!. i ; t-ontlr.ues to Ik- tie in'-r»aEins
<ina&ii6 for wti»<!; •• eHaai - '."' • com.
i» | «.«id lust \M»k .. moncip^, a^sre
gatiiiF close to a million dollars.
A. 1. Mordecni a. Baa tiave lor
tl»e West Mac Construction Coraiiany and
the V AXtlrod Itt-alty Com; Any, build
::.y loans exsrejciUng ;;..•.■■■ from t .«-
Title insurance Comi*r,y of Key York.
The firms tre- to erevx two • ;». i.- ana ■
■ajpaaal ;::.<!.'. houses «: the < •'■•
rifle <jf 100 th street, «-a£t of Itiverside
Drive, being part of tl.-e. Karr.l.»s Mor-k, r*
ceclly putchubed by X. L. i!ur-.'<- a: a.
Eon axj4 Hillr.er & Wolf.
Tbe Theodore fitarrett Company to<jk title
j'enterday to the ;rro;>erty Nos. 137 and lU
West ZSth ftrett. iZ).4x*JS.? feet. The com
pany ill t-lt-ct en tf»« tlte fi twelve story
•Kn at.d loft building. This will by the
fourth operation at this ■ i in mm on this
i Utck end other* are b^lss ojnsltJereU.
■*iaj»e tor a twelve Mary eta and Juft
bunging ar« licit.c jiif i-arc-d \>y Schtiartz &
Oross for tbu plot, IUX*X fct-t. at No. 4v to
4(%Vci>t |$th atrect. adjuinit-s tl»et"annu»-yir
J.^.. ..I.*; at Up M .'•• aM <oracr vl Blittb
a>v -. «o!4 ««•'.« »: i !y l> Judiran 3. To4d.
The structure, which will represent an ln
vertment of about $700.0 »l when completed.
If to be put up a| the Kanian Construction
Company, of which M Cryrtal la president.
Many Other Large Dozcntozcn
Rentals Reported.
William A. While & Sons have leaded the
entire building Nos. 7 and • Leonard street
for Walter Baker * Co. to Cordley *
Hayes for ten year*; also leased the More
and basement at Xo. X West Broadway to
the Carborundum Company for ten years;
also the entire building No. 100 Washington
rtreet. also the store and basement at No.
311 Read*. Ktreet, the Btore and basement at
No. 185 Greenwich street and for the Euro
pean-American Bank the ate re and base
ment at I*vv and Greenwich street"; also
the large store and basement In the Powell
Building to Austin. Nichols £: Co.; also a
.- v;'.»- of offices in the Empire Building and
a suite In the Terminal Building to the
Takataka Company: also the entire bulld
lnc N<>. 113 West :>t street to the Auto
Wind Shield Company for a term of years.
The Muihail Realty Company has leased
to the Jlov. Alfred Nicholson No. 710 Coster
Ft reft, for ■■a as a parsonage, for the
iTefcbvttTian church being erected at Cos
ter ftrtet ■nd Spofford avenue.
ii. B. Kirby m leased for id ward Mar
guilts the parlor floor In No. 43 West 3tth
street to the C. G. Conn Company for a
term cf j-#»ars.
J«-«we 8- Bennett negotiated the sa'e of
IMT of Broedway and 92d
:>j Franklin I'etliu
Lew 1,. Kowenthal and C. A. Rosenthal &
Boot mmm leased for a term of years store
No. 7*14 Sixth avenue for Walter J. Solo- \
men a. Bio. to Benjamin B. Ettlincer; j
i. ■•• to W. Allen, the well known theatrical i
manager, for a term of years, the Grotto i
Meopjrtag the premises No. 121 to lZi East ■
lZith street, which will be opened as "The I
•Jrotto Musee."
James N. Wclis's Sons were the brokers '
in the sale of No. ■ West Ma street for !
the estate of former Tax Commissioner '
Thomas IV Hamilton. The property Is a
four «ory burtness building on a plat SZx '
«.!» feet.
William P. Jones A Son were the sole
brokers In the sale of the property No. 421
VTcat SCth street, a five story twenty-two
family brownstone tenement bouse, Scab
BKJ f.-et. for Mao K. Morton to Philip G.
Becker. Tlie property was bought as an
investment. Consideration withheld.
J. P. a.- E, J. Murray lave sold for C. W.
Acton a hou*e with Ft a hit- and t:!ne lots on
Rowayton avenue. South Norwalk. Conn.
Frank W. Larom. of No. ns West 7Mh
street 1* the buyer of No. 2? West SOtli
btreet. Columbia College lea«>eho!d. sold
recently. It is unflei stood the p;:ri.!:ase is
ii"t cuiile for occupancy.
■ •
• - .

Henry I'icrson & <•„. bare sou tCos, 246
tnd Stt Bt. Mark's avenue, n»-ar VaoderbUt
avt-KUf. two mo story and basement brick
dwelling liuuses. for tlje l^mitdon t-state to
client?; also. No. ZZ2 S:x:h att-uue, a thr*-«>
Mory unplf nauiouft-. lur Walter J. Smitn
tv> a clit-iit fur in\fstmfnt.
The Leonard Moody Keal Estate Com
pany ims tkj!4 for SjKttor ililler tv S. M.
i Hard nine two Ftory new srven room LricK
Uvvillins l.ous^s la Ay« tiue I*, between Kast
•Jill and Kast 6th strw-ts Thes* ll K ,u»^ are
mar Ktas** Highway and Oot-ati avenue.
Arthur F. Diurtt has sold No. >c Jii,.Jney
ftrt^-t, a thr«rf Ktory dwelling huus<-. »,n a
lot SJXN* !«-r-t. Tiw Imyr tmw in part pay-
I nit-nt proji^rty in Nrw Jt-rs^y.
Jowph Wah!mati has sold lor <;. -■ John
Kiiflhr No. 80 Downing stre<-t. a thre«
FU-ry ami l«?.friirtit Lrownstone dwell
»iß bosse, and for Mary Mrl^aughl::! No.
772 CUsa ttret-t. alv O a t hre« story and
b:.«*m*st broaiwtoae dwtSOog house."
T):e Meister & Bache Kealty Company
tnd Levy £ Starr have sold No 137 L'.vo
da ftveso* Brooklyn, v two family tfufl!
'.:.g ionise on plot feet.
WKST KNU AVENfE.-Rkhtmy*>r A
Inrtag sold for Henry P. A. OSUMB to a
chent ror occupancy €21 West End avenue,
a five story American •eajaeat dwelling,
on lot lexsi, between J<sd and Wth Ktreets.
WKST KNI> AVE.NTE .- Slawson 4:
UoIjL.- Folri for Itr. M. A. Ayera the flve
stonr iinioston.- and brick. American
Ut>-em*T.t dw«ll.ne house. No. Ci tTest
Knd arentie. lwing the nouthcabt corner
of <Cd Ktrert. Vi.lxih to a client for oc
KTH KTIiEET.-Klawson X Hobbs .old
for \V. W. a. T . M. Hall two five-story
America!i has. mem dwflling houses, Nos
:•; aiid » West Kth street. Sx6lxl'«.i
Tht'se were »rected recently.
10D STRKET.-MiJlard Veit «<!.! to a
clieal of j. bsrjr t, Co. « East s:d street
r.ear Madison avenue, a five-rtory flat ori
a plot aaciao.
. WTH HTHEET.-Slawson « Hobbs «o!d
for Ur. Eni.st l>u Hnil, No. ■ Weal
ICth street, inree-utory dweillns house
lex^xioo. to a client for occupancy.
03TH STItEET-Horace I. Keuipe Bold
for Gross & Herbcntr No. a to a West
SCth street, five four story and basement
dn-eUins houses, en plot »xl<*.l, be: ween
Central lark West and Columbus avetAie
The three easterly houses wer* bought by
the «Jlers lart year in a trade with ex-
Governor L*vj P. Morton for th* two mix
etory apart ment houses occupying the
block frotit on the mm side of Broadway
between bM and i«st Ftreets.
:iOTH STREET-Meister A Bache Realty
Company and Levy & Starr bought the
five story douMe tenement house with
store*. No. 155 East lWth street, on a plot
»«I<W feet.
11STH STREET -Edward N. Crosby A Co
Fold for t>. B. Kohn No. 72 East 119 th street]
a five ttory apartment house, with stores.
rixltiO feet, •.. a client for Investment.
J77TH STKEET-FrankUn PetUt. presi
dent of the Iltalty Company of America,
•ola the northeast corner of Wadiwortb
avenue and 177 th htrwt, a plot. *ni<*> feet.
The buyer is a builder, who will erect on
th« *lte a six story elevator apartment
COSTER BTREKT-The Muthall Realty
Company »oM to Mrs. Loulw WHkins No..
711 Coster street, a two story artck dwelling
home, on •.«;»..■ feet, between Hunts
Point and Spofford nvenues. This la one
of a row of eight houses recently completed
in the Hants Point Beta tee.
PnOSrECT AVENUE - The Herman
Realty Company sold for Joseph Corn No*.
720 and 722 Prospect avenue, a five story
apartment house, on plot iAxlSx Irregular.
The property is close to the Proepect ave
nue subway tat ion.
The auction sales held yesterday at the
Real Estate Exchange salesrooms, Nos. 14
.and 1* Ve«ey street, resulted as follows:
Hy Samuel A. Marx. .
MADISON AYE. 13*4 w i. BO 11 ft n of 106 th
M. 2xloo. 5 my tfmni and store: Fenlmore
Realty Co art Irving Rachrarh et al: Davis A
K. attys; Adam WleB»-r. ref. amt do*.
$3,414 43. taxes, ate, ¥540 33; nub •■> a rate of
C3.U10; to the Pendant Healtr Co. reprr»«nting
a party in interest, for $30.53).
l!y Joseph P. Dajr.
!e*TH ST. &4« to £32, a a. Its ft • of Broad
way. 75x8».11. two ■ sty flats; Twenty -third
Ward Bank art Rae «;ir.«b«rc »' al: L«xow.
M at \V, attys; C L Cohn. ref: amt «lu-.
»:j •»•»•. (C tun. etc. J1.531 .< adjourned lo
•Oeeember JO.
By Samuel Goldstlcker.
ISSTH FT. 245. n • 150 ft c of Htn a- • 23t.
M* 11. 0 sty brk -.mint; L, A Ide act M D Hill.
r*ll et ai; <;.»ll»r. S * E. attvs; T F Gllrov.
rrr. amt dv». (20.010 72: taxes, etc. $441 72;
to Ix«:i~ Walter. for 127.050. •
By Joseph P. Day.
PEARI, ST 129 to 133. and M and « Trosr^rt
at, Brooklyn, five 2 sty dwlrs; partition sale;
estate of Stephen Whitney, deceased: E •>
Whltaker. ref; .1 I" Kernochan. atty; to Paul
F Cavanaeb for Pa.
(With nam» and address of lessee.)
BROOM E PT. 258 and S«V>r Dominic© VenexU to
Joseph j*cutturo; i. }rs from Nov 1. 19t>».
Address. SCO Broom* tt
i C^IFT ST. 72. ■ c '•or Ferry at . Rodolfo G
iiarthoid to Anun lierbtl; 2 yi» 1 mot from
!«*■ 1. 1909; 12.250.
Address, IOC i;a*T *4th at.
) FTLTON ST. 141; RnM X SberwenZ to Morrt»
Aronowlti; 3 >r» from May 1. 19CW; $925
i Addrcsa. 141 Fulton at
| MACDOfOAL. ST. 100; Giovanni Porfll to 9*lr»
ton- Bonacura; 3 yr» from I>ec 1. 190«; «244.
Address. US Mai 'K'Utja. at.
I BTH AYR ■§; Julia M Schifffella M il t» th«
W*!t» Arfi»f>e Pltyer Piano Co; 9 yr» 11 met
In. June 1. tH»; tIXOOCk
Addrp«>. :2'N r.ti. ay.
'CD AYE. Saw. Mat:. da Matt to Cbrlrt Vai!!a«:
6 m from Arrtl l. IJ>IW: (2.400
Address. S^l3 3d ■*•
: »TH PT, 2- and 3O Vnt; TVm H Whaalw to
1 tbe New York Telephone Co; J. r« from Jan
1. 1010; $12,750
-am. 15 Dcv ft.
107 TH ST. Mi» East; San Cohan f» Roioilno
FMucia: 3 yra trom Man-ti 1. 1800; CMS.
Address. ."->» East 107 th St.
15TTH iTT. 474 and 470 West; Ann McOulr* to
y «: Schuler; .'. vr« from <>ct 1. IW7; (4.&00.
Ai^n-M. i £yivaa Terrac*.
(With name and adiress of purchaser.)
BROOK' AYE. m «. 24 11 ft ■ of 142 d St. 24 llx
tO, Apostolo Cutltta to Giuseppe AJ^se!mo.
Address. Room 403. 192 Bowery.
ERTA.NT AYE. » a. 45 ft c of Jennlno it. 2Sx
100; Kenson Constr-.irtion Co to i>->rc« Ger
aa . irate S9.aooi; (18.OK).
Address, ">•! Bryant aye.
CANAL ST, 41 n ■ 21.HJX50; Cells Cahen to
Max K«»bre <n:'K |3ft,«oo|; $1.
A duress. 40 Wall St.
CRIGER AYE lfi<»: Jatr.es m Fitcpatiick to
L'ndpet O'Neill imtir M <««> (1.
Address. iijm» Cruder uve.
DAVIDSON AVn * B enr l«lst St. *7 4x142 3:
Herman RoUlkireft to Rathkirch Building Co
mils- $!t.(iuo. *!!»•
Address. Koom IMS. 100 Broadway.
EAST3t"RXE AYE. n c cor 174 th St. $«.3xt»r..
Chartea L Kell to lr-. ;nj Construction Co; il'»>
Addm?. 531 Trt-mont &ye.
GARDEN ST. 77i». n > 2".xlOO: Irv!nr ron
struiiion *'o to Chas 1 Neil imtj (6,"(>0):
Address. Room lilt, '.mi Broadway.
HOE AYE. lISS. ► ■ stales Helnrich D
Koch lo Johanna (M.u.uaaer mtit Jl'.<i»Or,
$1.. 1.
Address. Room 41" M Park Row.
JONES A\'E. c « .:. '• » of Randall aye.
25x100: Randall Co vt Edenwuid to Ber
nard P.obbtrs: (1.
AdUre«. 3t>» «'ar.s! St.
JOKES AYE. c s, 275 ft I of Randall aye.
■Tiilo". seme to same; (1.
AudTefia an above..
l.'lT 151. n^ap I'nionport; Denver Realty Co
1 > Mary Weioker: (I<K>
Aadresf. Iciunport. S T
LOT 171, niep R»-c 2. Sf Raymond Park:
>-ai. hck J Jordan to I^ouls Volz <mtg *;i
500i: JIOO
Address. B3» Baker aye
LOT 1"3. map \> r Duncan, at WiUlams
»irid|;e; Alex Cohen to ham .(Inaii imtf
f--Z<: SI.
Addresc. Room 8 71 Nassau »t
LOT 712 to 114. map Brunxwond Park;
Biur.xwood l>alty »\» to Joseph li Butter
worth 1 iiur SJUSOO); $1041.
Address. 2070 ; . ai avax,
LEWIS ST. S3 Hnd W. c s. ST.Cxlfja.il: J C
Julius :...: O • .-.. to Ht-nrv Jstus; (U.ono
Address. Room 013, 5b I.tie st.
MADISON AYE. 1441. c B, Jl« JxlliO. Annie Hol
land to William Walsei. cf .-*■ New York.
N J; Sit**.
Address. Room 1111. 152 Nassau st.
Ni:L«ON AYE. 1014. c s. SxCSJ; -.attrnn
Kuit\ Co ti> Mar. '"•■■■.. rr • : al u..tr th.Lmit;
.«. Jirfss. 246 W»>€t 4:: dEL
Park AYE, -- «nd I9M, ws. ou tixse : Cecil!*
E (Joliil't-rer-r tv Julius Lev; imtsT (2u,«MRH;
Adilr^^s. Rnorn ?<tH. 22 1 * Ve»ey «t.
RIVrXGTON ST. BT, « b, 2."xl<«. 4: M..rri<«
Sfherier to li' rriard Fortgang initg (42.(M)iii
Address. 322 12ist 4-1. St.
FTCBBINS AYE. c «. 275.» ft n of WestdlCStCf
«\v. "v* Rookland Retlty Co to <>gswell-
Ta>!->t Isprercncßi Co imts i-t.i.'.i'. (i.
Adclresk. -„ Mt mi live.
TINTON AYE. n w i-or Ifli.it h St. 143 2x120; Me -
Ktnley ltealiy and < 'onsiruc tlon <"o to 174tu
S'.rett fonsirui-. ion «'o mitj (Jo.oOlli; llu<»
Addresa, ::i Nutshu St.
TRIKITT AYE. 74.". anl 747. vr n. S9 «xl 01;0 1;
Trlr.lty a\«-. 7.*3 and 7i5. w e. 3s»«<xH»l; Kr(«-<lit
Tboru tv LJuaru Miltecbtrift-r. of JrriM- City,
Address. Room 914. :•■! Nassau st.
VALENTINE AVD. 2H>4 to 2110. » a. 74 lOx
irr«-»r; <"h«« Techanett to John Tatliamtt aitr«
$13,000); (!'"»
Addn-ss. 554 W 125 th st.
WILLETT ST 71. « ii ls.eaM Abraham Neu- .
mann to iiuru.-n Blum untge tlO.000); $1011
Andreas, r.oom i:i 1.. ;juj Broadway.
WHITE PLAINS ROAD, c ■ 64 •• - of 7th t.t. I
>nwl, Anthony McUweo to a^iuuel W Will- i
Addrexs, 75t> East 220 th St.
WEST END A\"K. c s. $V.9 ft a of KCith *' 20 2x i
low: Mary J McGttire to Bell* M M. ■;... H !
Adr<res». Room 1.010. 19$ Broadwsv .
IST AYE. 741 to 751. w a. ICxSO: Montagu* ;
Aaron to CiiarleH BI ■..: c >d :ul|r (57,450); $1. j
AUdrt-SK. US Leonarti *t. ,
IST AYE. c m. 40 11 ft *of 107 th st. 20x»5; Reari- j
i.v i Gentile to Aaklnta. Claiuccl, |l>m
Audreys. 31S Uul l<ft»:t. St.
IST AYE. • a. 40.11 fl ■ of 107 th St. 2OxDS;
M. • : Solumon to ••■ Kiua . r«cUla mtca
w.7r.t... (i.
Addrr-SE. Room .« - ■ Park Row.
2D AVH. WC: » a. S.iluo IsiJore Rubin .mt«a
12.-: ••'" (lot* ■ !
Address. 476 Broadway.
21' AYE. • m, exten-ltct; from 12Cth to 127 th st
tSSXIOxtaO; I^7th «:. <• fi. 4io ft c of I'd aye.
U>\ irreg; Mi'hae! J I>r4sco!l to [«a< id Baird
rl al: $:.- '""'
Adiirtrss (.orner 2d aye and 127 th St.
Sil AYE. n c ior 7Utn si. fcs.2x irr.-n Samuel D
Iwvis lo Hamilton HoMinr. Co miß-i (2^5
AUirtss. 14!» Broad»av.
ill AVK. Seta, « s, 2txUl»>; James Russell to
John A Yohe; $1
Aicri-jk. 525 West 23J St.
11 M AYE. c s. 25 ft s of centre line block b»
tweeu 05th and 90th ►•» 0 2x!0o; Lillian B
Kro.M et al tf. Mar>- D 'Jerard. (750.
Address. &35 West &Uth St.
CTH AYE. c s. 70 C •• n of Ooth «t. 6xloo.
Lloyd f> Uryi* to Mury I> G<rard; «l«i>
A.iar«aa. &35 West iOta St.
2l> ST. 248 East. 25xtiC 6: Henry I'ißkus to
!■• T.;a:::.r. J Well i.i'.e (25.500): (100.
Ad'iiess. 5 Uwrkmiiu si.
Ml FT. 27, n ► 154 ft c of University Place.
-'4 idUi-t '.'. Ctel - A Christ man 10 Max*
Itealty Co (mtrs >M, ■•■ »I.mi
Address. 42* Lcxlnrton axe.
27TH «T. 422 W.st. 24 7xM>.». Joseph Kits* to
Minnie Flnaceistein : ;'.""
.\<jd:-«-ss. Room UO4 1&8 Broadway.
SAME PROPERTY; Arthur C Klnj to aama
Address, as above.
27TH 6T. 422 ' West. 24.7x»51»: Anna Clark *t a:
to Minnie Flnktlstela n:tf (15.000); (3.31>0.
Addr<»». at a&ove.
■AMB TROrERTY; Lena Clark to L*bM* rtalg
et al: 11.
Adorvss, C&3 Broadway.
SCTH ST 34* V. eat. 23xi'* » Henrietta V Uason
to William R Muou, tr Wkltc F'.alns imtt
■ *1
sea, CM Sth a\»
40TII BT, a a 250 ft r of Madison are 23x9$ 0
Nc«h A euncilS* to County Holding Co
Acl.li- ts. 12S Brcadway.
t(STH iT. 231 East. JSBIOOS I^lbisch Berrman
to Perry Coiiert un:r *25.ui)U): (lUO.
A::: Itoom 510. But* Brcadway.
ami: PROP] Perry Cohen to Andy Glolden
(tntc ::Vk«ii «iik>
Address, Ban 510. S»i|» Broadway.
sVTsi XT. 43 Best. n;»xiw)6. Cieora E Bwlft le
Cinn-iJir II 111 koi 11.
Address Room 12H0. 43 Cedar st.
17T11 XT. 413 Cast. 23x92: Jacob Wolf to Re-
Luck J Wolf: (100.
Address. ell heal in* St. I
221' ST. i. a. :utu ft w of 3d a\e. tixV* • Isidor
Tritelbaum to AntpnU Tcltelbaum *lt-i
Address, ti.l LUsl* tv«.
S&Tli st Mi to im Weal. M «isa.e ; Alejaii
■eatti Co to Edward I Napotis; (1.
AaWiuaa. & Bsrhman
IAMB PHOPEXTT, Edward 8 Napolli to the
25i h Cons Co; (t.
A*»Jie«*. SI Cast 27th St.
KTII ST. 137 and 13» W«it. ««.4xoft.U; Mlllon
X «>rr*nh^tmer t»> •-•■•• ■— - >-— 't Co -■ ■-*
J./ ... i »)...
Addreea. lot Park are
3KTH rr. 158 West. l«.tliM»; 21th et. 152 West.
IIMI.I, Jaaon V ik»ld»n to AI«-«U Raeltr Co
(mtr^ $l».iw».: si.
Aadisaa. Room 1.210. « William St.
25TH ST. i:- Went. ISfixDVO; Sarah Golden to
AlWfll Realty Co; $1.
Address. Ron* 1.-Jtl. «ft William at.
TBTH ST. 1MI» Wett. 20.10x102.2; Ciaa A StaSler
to Ju«rpli ,*»m»r. Jll>o.
Ad'ircaw .*i3t» West 14Mh M
•6TH BT, 535 East 3?xS»J.S: Oimopolltan V.'Z
Co to Stephen I! ■ .:«*!. *'.»»'
Address. l«n; i^xinrtnn •*•
9CTH ST. n ■. 211 ft c of rolambus are. «•>«
!•».»: Gross * Herbener to i"bas aahren; (100.
Address, 1 West tMth at.
lOKTH ST. 1 to 5 East. 120.2x100.11: Thou F
Intrudes to Annie T Renn -nrts $112..VXi>; |100.
Address. Room 1701. :'M< Broadway.
115T1I ST. M West. 100x27.11: Al^e^t E liJwe
to Jacob Ourdon (rr.tc SRI,7»K $100.
Adilreit. 344 Broadway
11*T1I ST. 314 East. 23x100.10. Myron Suli
l^rarr to Sarah Weiss 'aim f2ti.Mi«i»; (100.
Address Room 10.10. el i'ark Row.
119 TH ST. 72 Earn. 2T.xlOO.10: Harris Rogers et
al to Kamurl Wachl imig $33.7 M»; (1U».
Address. Ml* NaaM'i at.
SAME PROPERTY; famu-l Warht to Bertha
Kl»t>n<)sky; » ...
Address. 4» East 102 d st.
1213T ST. 434 nst. 23x100.11; Martin J Rubin
to Isidore Rubin imu (20.OU0); lIOU.
Address. « .-ker at
134 TH »T. 433 East. ?ftxl«lO Johanna « hlosaer
to Helnrtch D Koch (rr.ts; (12,<*i<»); |lUU.
Address Room 4.",. 2** ;>J are.
145 TH FT. 532 and 534 Writ, 17?'00.11; lltrman
Hetdelber» to Jamea A OoldatTJ; $1«»>
Address. 33 West 21st st.
2331' ST. n c *. 21H.5 ft a c of Bronxwood a\-e.
a1. 4x157. S; Julia C Tompkins to John I.nldy .
Address. JIC3 Anthony iv«.
(With name and address of loaner'a attorney.)
AmCBO.V AYE. • a. MNLM ft n of 175 th st.
ilxliXl. 1 yr. ft per « ♦-!« . Granite t'on
structlon Co to Metropolitan Trust Co; $1-"
Attorneys. Rttch. Woodford. Bovm A
Butcher. la Wall st.
AYE A. n w cor 00th at, 4x1«7. dv*. etc. as
per bond; John Arfmana to l.via J Pbelps.
tna»: siD.nuu.
Address. 34 Nassau st.
FTHOX BT. w a. 50 11 ft n of 224 th St.
25. llx — ; due. « tc. as per bund; KeKina C
llolmstrom to Henrietta bchubert; $_'.<K>u.
Address. 170 Broad v
BROOK AYE. ■ ? 50 ft n of 170 th st. 37.«x!K)
prior talg (25.000 •; .{ yrs, « p»-r cci;t; Albion
Kealty Co to Israel Ktrp and ano Jt". i«hi
Attorney, J 1. Bernstein. 5 !(•■• k::.an at.
CrOTO.VA AYE, s * 70 3 ft » <■'■ MM St.
(•LBS— : due. etc, aa per bond; lonia W
Kred»man to Title Guarantee & Trust Co;
Address. 170 Broadway.
Cnt'GER AYE. 1«C9: due. etc. as per bond;
lir:dr< < O'Neill to Jmmea M nisjelriraT: |MI
Address, I7»i Broadway.
DAVIDSON AYE. a * cor lfilst at «7 4x142".
1 vr C per cent; Rnthkirch Building Co to
Ni rth American Mtf •' •. (Js,ui»o.
Address. 10i> Broiidway.
DECATCB AYE. s *. >■:?. 4 ft »■ of 2f)sth St.
-.'•xlll'.C; due Ort It, 11*14, 8 l"' <'iit; Chaa
Hardt to John 11 Knofppel; 5.'.000.
Attorney. Raymond Kcoeppel. 0 Befkman
dawsom it. ■ *. 123 ft ■ of Craven St. 25x
100; 3 rra 5 per cent: Win II Halt Jr. to
Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank; (ft.500.
Address. 51 Chamber? at.
EASTBT'RN AYE. r. c cor 174 th St. 2«.3x»5:
1 yr. C per tea)) Irvine Construriiau Co to
North American Tra*t Co; $:'- "'"'
Address. 10t> Broadwa>.
\me PROPERTY (prior mte $22.000>: 1 yr.
ii per teat same *r, Chas 1. Kfll. J3.000.
Attorney. C L Wei tt. 100 Broadway.
FORSTTII FT. 144; - yr*. « per cent; Wolf
Sadler to Minnie Gross. $4 •«»»
FOR^TTH ST. . s. 150 ft n of I>e!an.~ev St. 25 2
xltx>: • yrs. fi ixt cent; same to »a!:'.- $4 '«»
Attorn) iv'hmitt at Haas. I! I .' Nassau «t.
LOTS 4!» AND 50. map of Harrington estate: 3
yra. & |.-r cent; May I^x to Katie Lax; *♦>""•
Attorney. Jatut-s I* Friedman. IS Nassau at
HENRY ST, 257; <lue June :. U»l2. »> per cent;
Fts«-he| Raia I <■<» to -« v: Wiener; (12.0)0.
Attorney, I Cohn. 5 Beekman «t.
U>T 176. map of sacttßa 2. St Raymond Park,
due. etc. as per bond; Louis Volz ti> Patrick
J Jordan; (aoo.
Attumev. J J Karbry I)' Kennedy. 2»>.T
Broadwai .
MARION AYE. n c cor of l!«&th «t. SOxlOO.T;
yn», « per ccnl: Sieptien MrßrlJa to Title
Guarantee hi. Trum <"o: 540.00 U.
AdOreis. 176 liroativay.
MADISON AYE. 1441; dje Teb 1!» l!»10. R P<T
cent: Willltim eiser t.i Ainu- Holland. $1 '"•'
At'ornty. Henry Berrman, IS2 Nassau st.
Manhattan AYE. BS1; I jrw. 5 p»t cent:
Frederick II KiMomat;n to Clement March;
|7 INI*
Attorney. Henry F Miller. 44 Pine »t.
MONROE IT. 84 ipri->r n\lg *S7.O<l<»; instal
ments. 6 jwr ient; Mtna Zvorlaj to Sophia
Sihlerdtr: JI.CIXJ.
Attorney, Harris Ro«c. lfi Kast 107lh St.
R(Kj.SEVELT ST. 22 to 22: » yrs. 4-» per i-ent;
i "l.m h of S' J«a< hun lo Kn.iiitair litilu»trUl
Savings Bank; »ir.it.i».u
Ajiii.-sn. 51 Chambers St.
RIVERSIDE DRIVE, n c cor of ISlst St. !<!3 »x
17:;. I; dv* Aft H •Jit 1!>1S. « pt-r cent: Sillon
i'oi:structlen Co to Charles M TTCsMlltlnl"
Attorneys. Cahu, Sot :nc«-! A l-anJanen. 180
Bromiw ay.
niTTnR PUftCK Sltf: 3 ir«. ( per cent; A,U'S
M J'rairiseil to Murcn <*rii.-ih; .- ■*►•
Adur»:s*. l>evoe ui^d ITiith mi.
BOCTH ST. to: due. etc. as r«r liond: Herman
11 Han and ano to Title OuanUstM anJ
Tru»t Co; (15.0U).
Adurt»». 178 Krcadnar.
BTKHUIN.- AVi:. r ». SSS.I f« n ttf WmtcheßiT
ay.- 75xS0: 1 \r, B v*-t r.-nf ; < i.(Csw»-11-Taylor
lraprovenir-nt f'o to Knoch c in-W-: S~.uuu.
■AMI PROrEP.TY iprior tnrg 54.45 i»: 1 yr. c
per pint: same to Hockland Realty Ci>: J7.l«T>u.
Addn-»s. oJ aye auA 14»th »t.
VALEKTIXE AYE, 21<K>: * rr. l> l*-r cent; John
Trchanett :;> lAwyn' Mcrtj-jse ;\.; >;t.r^io.
Addrn*. SS» JJi><-rty «t.
VALENTINE AYE. 21 10; 3 yrs. 5 P*r cent; same
10 same; |UUOt
Aili I.^.1 .^. as above.
VfLKNTINE AYE, 2104. .'• vrs 5 j«-r o*nt : lohn
Tai-hanett to Lawyers' M>.: 'i,«- Co; 13.500.
Ad4re«s. as above
VALEXTIXB AYL 1 , 210S; 5 yrs C j#r i-ent; tain*
to same; (.1.5011
Addrt- S4. as ahove.
WHITE PLAIN? ROAD, c «. «I 4 2 ft « of C-Jlst
st. SOlx^O.l; 5 yrs. ;. prr . ent Saniufl \V Will
iamson to American Savtrc* Itonk: *ir;.u:i».
Attomsy, Jo!iu v irv>n\. Broadwmjr.
IST AYE. 21 -- In?. *-tc. as t»-r Iwnd: Frances^a
Stvifflla to Till- «;tittran«»-e ar.J Trust Co;
»- ■•
Address, 170 Broad^^a^
«TH AYE. « ». 4'« 4 ft I of .111! M 24 SxitiO: due
■ay 1. lui;J. 4 t>er e*nt; lleyuian Harris to
?.lari« L <"'jnstaM^: $13 ■»••
Attorneys. iMe Ui Jvc a. Klk^r, '*."• Nassau .-:
25TH ST. 137 nil 1S» Went: due L«o 1. Max ■
ptr cer.t; Tlieo<l(i!e Starrett Co lo Miltoti E
i>pp* -lhetnj^r ami another; J...'7'l .|H»»
Attorneys, \S olf a. Kohii. 2<i3 ilrnaJway.
2T.TH ST. 162 ti> liO West: 1 jr. « per cent;
T»er.t>-f.ftb C -nstrtu-tlou <.*o to Title lt;»t:ru:uo
Co; (ibO.tUO.
Address. 176 P.roa*way.
27TH FT. 422 Vest <rrl >r m'K $13,000); 2 vrs. «
;k-i ctr.t. M:i. ..■ Ftnkelatrin et .»s to Uenuird
Kine and another: $7.<«ki.
Attorneys. Fl.vrr.aij A- Lewis, 1!>« liroalway.
3.NT11 «T. 113 East iprior nit« (27..VK)): 3 yr«. n
per c-ent; Emma J l>e B-rnal.-« to Nrw Vcrk
Life lnsurotii'* ntul Trus: Co: $2.r-<Hi
AU'ires.". i;4«I Uruadwav.
40TH iT ■ s. aW ft c of MadlsXß »vt>, 33xtf 9:
3 ■ '• 5 per <ent; County liuldlnc Co to I siiou
llur-i CO; t'JVA**)-
Attorneys, Merrill & linger*. 12* UroaJway.
••I i! BT. < s. IS2 ft w r.f 61 n\-\ IS «.xl<io .'.; .hie
I>*e 1. <i'!l. •; per cen»: Samuel iuill«-nt»-rg to
Uf-marJ Krelzer: $2.<«»».
Attorneys. Kromme Brcthers. 50 Church st.
4PTH iT, » a. Ml ft ■ of 31 aye. 21x100 5; due.
etc, as per bond; Jlrit <" Flnncran to D:y DocU
savi^Rs Institution: $11 'MNi
Attorney. F M 'Ilrhenor. IS Tark How.
C»TH ST. 43 East: 3 yrs. ft p»r cent: Chandler
ii Btekak to «'hfl»»^ Heal:- Co. >. . ■.-•
Address. Ui Broad»ay.
7CTH — a « Baa ft • el Amsterdam aye. 20 10
sMB.S; .'. yrs. 4* per rent; lowpii Feeman to
Charleii A Stadler. (25.i0».
Attorney, E M L'uncharU. 120 Broadway.
77TH ST 4*.'. East (prior mig (12.000); due Jan
1. '■'.-. •* per cent; John E sitaeuler to Charlas
Ifrtff; *i ■««•
Attorneys. A * II Bloch. 0.1 Nassau st.
•T.TH IT ,> s. 100 ft * of MaJis-m aye, 7l>xlOOS;
due Jan t. 1013 4^» per <».nt; William Ii ljinit -
ley to New Tor 1 ,; Llf<* Insuran'.e Co; (100,000.
Address. 54« Headway
»STH iT, .'.» West; 3 yrs. 4 4 per rer.t; Charles
Gabren to American Mortgage Co. (14.500.
Address, 31 Nasuu St.
KTH BT. n s, 252 ft c of Columbufi aye. ISxIOO 8;
5 yrs, — per cent; Charles Gahren to Charles
Fra»er; (14.5U>.
Attorneys. Harris, Elliot & rtyrd. sf> Wall -•
OBTH gT. • a. 100 ft • «f 34 a« . IMlaiUi > I .prior
nitg (12.UH*; l yr. « per cent, Mary A Conolly
•t a. to Royal P Hamerschlag; >4.5f1)>.
Attorney, Louis Werttieiiner. 302 Broadway.
lorni ST. s a. 237.6 ft • Of M a • 87. 6x100.11;
due, etc as per bead; Morris Williamson to
Title Guarantee aud Trust Co; {30.0U).
Address. 170 Broadwa>.
115TII ST, Hi: 3 yrs. 6 per cent: Jacob Gordon
and en* to Joaepn l> F:deisen; 116.06©
Address. 84« Broadway.
14STH 6T. 532 West (prior ml* H. -- : 4 T rs
• ;>«r .ant. Joseph A Goldfield to Herman Hal
d*lterr (11.000.
Attorney. L A JafTer, 220 Broadway.
14STH ST. • s. east ;i; i lot 21. map M*lros«>
South. 23x105 (prior nnj $: f«»ii 2 yrs. « per
cent: Anna m Buhler to Jacob Fischer; (2.00U
Attorney, ■• a Laun. 182 East HUth st.
15STH BT. n s. M ft wof Cortlandt aye. Mx
101.6: 1 yr. « per rent: Thomas .! Bunt and
ano to William Ilean^an; $1,000.
Address. 2o Ve»ey at.
160TI1 ST. t. ■« cor Tinton aye. I*:, 2x120 Mat
tnt* »*>'•>•. due Jan 13. 1912. 0 per lent
1741h Str"et Construction Co' to MtKtuley
Realty and Construction Co: (7,000
Atturn*>a Morrison a Bchiff. S2O Broadway.
(With name and addre— of loaner's attorney.)
AV'l>rßON AYE. c » 41. lo ft ■ nf 17Nth st
«S.0xlOO; s»pi 12, l'.ioii. iienj k..u, to Morltx
bamut-U: j.i:, ihmi
Atturney. II II Davis, 52 Brn«itn v
AVn A. 1535. 53>tt3 March 5. HtOH. Henrietta
Z<-«ll. r to Jinan Weil and ana (4 .vh>
Attorneys, Weil ft m! 2 Urekman at
AVF, A. - . 73.0 ft n of ISth at. =•••*»•. Dee
.-.. i»«>»i; ChH«t Armbruster anti ano to ll«nry
U»min; (4.000.
Attorner. D J I^eke. 203 Broadway.
AKtrTEJIDAM AYE. M 114 IT. »• »»»ae>; Dew
1. 11*04; Wm II OantrllaajeT and ano to Delia
>■ -.- (25.000. _ . .
Attorney. E F Baaawjr. 46 West .-th St.
BATtnETTO ST. c- ■. r7S ft n of ICMBj st. V**
• no: May ». lf>o3: Abr L Gutman ana aaa>
to Claim X Loeb; ♦.-..< hiw.
Attorneys. Kurzman A- FranueßSuer. SS
Broad at. __
CKOTOXA AYE. w a. 201 ft s of H2a st. Mi**-
Jlav S. lfWti; Fredk Meyer and »no to Annie
f.hwla. $4MMMI.
Attorn-y. Wm J Shlels.
CniUMI.VS WE. » « 4^ :5 ft n of 141 a* St.
47-lxSO; Nov 27. li*J«: Max H«»fe»eiaieJiii*
ano to M..raa Klaii. Realty * Construction
Co *•-•«. 000
Attorney. C L Wrsteott. 100 Br«»adway.
dirndl ST. a c cor of White St: Xov lt\
1!"<i«»: Max Marx to Florence *»■■■■■■•
Attorney. F Sbaca-
COXCORD AYE. n - cor of Pater ■•• IW>X
lls.e. Jan SO. 1»OS; Adamant Real aataw
I' 3to Snare A TriMt Co; (10.000
Attorneys. Hutehtnss A Palmer
COXCORD AYE. a a. 70.1 ft n of 147 th St.
€7xl0O; April 1. 1009: Jos I'oldow and ano to
Central Mte Co: d.SOO.
Attorneys. Otis A Otl«. 60 Wall St. '
CLINTON ST. 49. 25x100; Nor 2S, 1002; Harris
Minis to Well a Stayer: $7,900.
Address. & Beekmaa st
CANAL ST. 324. MM; Dae I^J«>7. T
Parker Colby to Pau. B Push: (5,000.
Attorney. Title Guarantee *. Trust Co, 1.3
Broadway. '
■BBKX ST. IM» and M. COxlOO; Dec 15. 1903:
Ptncus Lowenfeld ta American Mif Co.
Attorney*. Bowers A Sands. SI Nassau at.
HOFFMAN ST. 240fi and 2405. 50x122.»: Jxn
2i> 1009; Jennie Pclablatt to Wm Fox. $•-•-...
Attorneys. Ropers * Roc»rs. «.". Park Row
LOTS 27« and 277. map 1100 <lfK>.-»>: Oft 2«.
l!>oft: Moses L Finkelsteln to Fred M Weiss;
LOTS 117 ik'i 11*. map of Van Neat Park;
Nor SO, iaM; (>rvafi> Siivani ana ana to
l>omentco Antoniettl. (3.500.
LOT 10«. map of Van Ne«t Park: Vor 11.
llio«; Vaclav Sv»ick and ano to Albert Him-
Ilk and an... s",.ihmi
Attorneys. Brodaky A Sovak
LOTS 1-3 and 24. map 1174 U!*>7): May 27.
I'.mi7 Thos Donnelly to Wilbur Larremora.
Attorneys. L T Ins Co. 160 Broadway.
LOTS 5 and « of Parcel I. to be sold, at
pi-bllc auction. Nathan Vidlver. referee;
David II Tailor to Five Boroughs Realty
Co: Jl.fxwv
Attorney. D II Taylor. 81 Nassau st.
LOTS 204 and 209 map of Laconia Park:
July 2.1. l'jytf -i^cfn.-d Waldeck to Milton
DoernSerit; $':ihi
Attorney. T (» and T Co. 17« Broadway.
LOT 75, map of villas;* West Farms; F«t> 7.
ttM .1 ■•.« Gtes and ano to Jcs E Butter
worth: (vOO.
Attorney. D Matthewscn. 205 Broadway.
LOT 171 map .".!»*. 1!>OO; r>r 31. 1907: Patrick
J Jordan to II r Ros« Company; $7«hi
Address. 32 West 42d St.
LOTS 4" and V- map of rtMas* if T'pp^r
M«.rrU:-nib (1848): May 1». 1«)J: »"aul
Danhituser a:<>. ano to Ka:a Wo&lhasen;
(:; r.oo
Attorney. D Mattliewson. 263 Broadway.
LOT Me i» map 11 OS ■!!«)• >: Dee 1. lf»03:
Paul Kohler and ano to •i P Ko»e Com
pany: ju:.i»
Address. 31 West 4j,i ••
LT'DLOW ST. ML 2«iS7B; June 2S. 15K>5: "am
uel Werner and ttno to N V Savings Uar.k.
$24.0<M». -
Attorney. J Webber. .'» ceekman »t.
LOT 10S. map l« l^-'.. Ma'- 15. I**: Mary
E nicharufcon tv I«ar.«-l!a (ireenlees; $2. OVA.
Address. 2"» th st < WooJlawn).
LEXINGTON" AYE. • s. 5rt.1l ft - of 104 th st*
I'.'.N'J.' Nov 7 If>»i7: llvman Strassner to
item- t«:hli*ndorf : $2.<nio
Attorn«-y. T <; and T ... 176 Broadway.
BEDGWICK AYE. n k. 73 5 ft c of Perot st.
•JIxWJ: Feb 14. ir».i« Kate L Wat- to
Wm B Mciteynolds; (1.500
* Attorney, X C Hunter.
WEBSTER AYE. W s. '-'"■■' • ft a el 104 th
st. 2.'xSs« March 3. 11M-S J»s T Berry anil
ano «a John F Dennerl»-in tai guardian t;
AAersea. 2504 Lori! lard Plate.
STH AYE. n c ror s"d .«?. 50.2xHH>.2: May 18.
1S!»»; Uartlel E tv-ybel t«> Annie t> Arnold:
$1841 INK'
\ttorney3. Curtis M'P * Colt. 30 Broad st.
»TH AYE and SIST ST. s w cor. 4ttxl(»0; Au*
10. ls:;:, ; j«s Sweenev at»d ano to Manhat
tan Fire Ir.s Co: (.YtM>o
Attorneys. L T lus i <•. ICO Broadway.
IST AYE. ..in 2i»x74: x i« $■ Ml Antonio
Anzalone to Nlcolo Vefrhiu: $1.00".
Attorney. N Celia. --• Kro»<l»uy.
4TH ST. 981 East. :Milwl -'■ Mm SO. l!«.l : Darld
Kusenkrantz to I"rir Goodman; »■*.(«"'
Attorney*, liavis * Kaufman, ■*'.< Cham
bers st.
4TH ST. 3M East. Stast - N.>v 30. 190! ; same
to same: $ti.OU<>
Adiiress as above.
«TH ST. i i. 6)1 ft f of 3d av#. 2oi4S $: Jan
2». lUO4. Wsa I' S<ftul:r.au to Levi H Morton
mm! others; S4-.soi>.
Attorneys. Jay & randier. 48 Wall St.
7TH ST. s s 15.1 ft w of Avenue D. .TOx!** 10:
Dec 1." 1!»>*: Leo Heillnger and auother to d
J«rmulou»k> : (s.<nn>.
Attorney, M Clark. 54 ("anal st.
ISTH ST. ■ » 475 ft w of .Vh aye. 25x103: lan
•4 l'.«>7. .!•■!"-;:; K! ■:iuu !>> Heaity Holding ' •■
Atturne^s. Rose Si Putze!. » BroaUway.
15T1I ST. I I 475 ft » of sih aw. .Itw3;
April 15. 1909; same to same: $5.30t».
A'Wres!! as al>ove.
ICTII ST. n S. ... . ft - cf luth tv May 22.
:»: »— > Wm A Ju<h aaJ another t« Kr. vi J
Ml Idlebruok: j:.'c««i
Attorney, TOsT Co. 178 Broadway.
221» ST » t 125 ft n of Ist ay*>. 25x1»7«: April
7. 1WJ0; Marie A Krssirr to Win H Pfiuiu;
(2. Cu«t.
Attorn*?. F Mayfarth. 90 Nassiau »•
2>TH ST. 1.-mI W^st. 24.UH73.3: Mar. h 14. IV«>7:
Ki^hard J ikinovan to E!in«Urth Stacton. *17.
Attorney. L T Ins Co. ICO Broadway.
40TH ST. n s. ICO ft w «f a\«. COxlOO;
N.V 2S>. lywj. John Aiidersoa aud another to
Fianiis Ii Gn-fr: Slo.diirt.
Attonwys, • j.: : */v it. Nathan. 12s Broadway.
49TH ST. n s. <<o ft w of 2d avr. IHzlOO.S; < ><-t
i. ISS7; John H Frei-kinc and another to Mary
Cartvr: (5.1K10.
Attorney. T G X. T Co. 17G Broadway.
S«:tii ST. ■> ■ 100 ft ■ of Mh aye. 13.6*100 3:
Nov 15. lHort; Luc-v B MclSrtd^ and another t«
Equitable Life Aanurani-e Society; (2.w»>.
Attomt-y. «' B AlexarUer. 120 Broadway.
70TII ST HA West. IS CxHlO.5: May 15. »»»:
Luuis .".I Hart to Sarah G Gailnner; tJ.'.i->«i
Attorney. X A Ka-«-ls^n. S7 Nassau st.
win ST. 344 Weal 10 UxlO2.S: Dot it- I'jOi;
* Julia It falmer un<l auu'.her to Mary s l-i
niont; .- (MM
Attorney. W M Powell. I Broad st. ,
»7TII ST. l^i> West. 17«>xtiiO: .liar S/IWC; Wm B
Millar and another t.< Mary a iluri,t:\ : (ll.ouo.
Attorney. It ii ''ark-* 51 Chambers st.
112TM ST. » a. 175 ft » of Amsterdam aye, sOx
loo.il: L>ei- I, rx'4. lioulder Husk and an
other to Victor Ear!*-: };£ •<»•
Attorney. E J McGulr*, 52 Wall st.
115 TH ST. 10 East. 2SxlOO.ll; May 2S. 1l>0f.:
Herman Grohaaai and another t<i Morris Heft;
AJdri-??. C 7 Ww: 122 d st.
14« TH ST. n s. 450 ft w o? Amsterdam at c.
If. > llxiutv Keb lit IH'C. Isaac M Bernstein to
Harris Cohen and anulhcr; Sl!.Ti«'
Attorneys. Roeder A Harder IK Naaaaa st
152 D ST. • s. 523 •• » el Courtlandt aye. Si
IM; AptH '£>. l»05; l.ouls < iter ■>» Sebustiaa
Fl* her ana another: $1 >*»<
Attorney. h II Bergman. 3219 3d aye.
154T11 ST. n s. 245 ft c of Morris aye. 23x100;
l>er 1. 11KM: Ellia Miller to Henry /.uelrh.
Attorney. T G * T Co. 17«J Broadway.
2O2r> ST. , | |at ft w of ttth aye. 100x200-
Ala- ::• 11««»; Uertiia Bernauer t- Hubert ii
I'phan-.: SI IM
Attorney. A T Brown.
lawyers' Title lna A- T ••■ to lawyers' M*( 01
13 as^ts : various amount!*.
Sam* to Oliver 11 Corsa: SI'S >-*>
iVunty HoUilnir Co to C\>lumbia Trust Co; (100.
Jaa W Te*ts and, ano to Jas V." TVr-a at a. (1.
Same to a Al .mo Teetv (2.03.V
Title Guar * T Co to Archibald X Markay el a.
Germanla Life Ins Co to Cornelius '1 Coak'.ey- 2
aaata. (82.000.
Julia die to \uit'i»ra Illnrk; (1.000.
V.'in L Hatz t.i Louis Uar.nmti (1.
Mnry J Averill u> I'nas II Strong; (3,273 33.
Samuel Hlktr to Eliz A Newton: »1
Manhattan Mtjr Co to uuaraut-.- A M:« Co of
N T (10,»m«22
Solomon I*ivinc"tun to Ann-he :rie«t,.n. (4 0«>0
l!nl'in ••" Co tn V V Trust Co: (7:ux«».
Lawyeri .\! -k Co to .>an I (.Jucjienhelin et a..
American Mtr <*» tr. L«h-);h..lJ Gusthal: V. mio
August M*h!er to Mart t stun. ( r (17.U10.
City Heal Est Co In Mary C Markay. (1.
Title duar ati to Archibald KMa ka et a..
Rophl* Schleider t" Morris Rose; (l(if».
Wm R Wilder to Wm R Wilder et a. $1
Same to Chas D Irwin et a:. (30,1100.
i "ha* U Vucirhees to Wai Flood; (300.
Cotia A Mellwm to Alt>ert Herbst: $2 O(V>
Juliet II Brown to Louis W Slocum: (3.535.
Louis Korn to Morris Jones: ja,H"O.
Frances C O'Connor to Louise C McCreery; aia't
5 mts*. $■ . l . 5 « .
Ran.ue: Davis to Pincus Lowenfeld- (12 otX>
Robert T. Dowllns to Guardian Trust Co of N
i $23. "u0
Julius .! C Lanrbem to H t M'«» and Security
*^o; (11. ("J**.
AHerman Co to N T Mtge and Security v,
$14. •**>
Frederick Mever to Robert Brirtain; (1,500
(Susan M Tut hi; 1 to Martaon* Rus<oz»ei£: (1
John J Mortimer to Anna Mortimer; (1
.! Sternsteln tCorp'm to Wolf Goldberg: (100.
»l«mun.i Hersf-hn. to lleikcr-Jones-Jem-eii
Mllllnr Co; V4.U»». '
V S Lite lim Co to THle Guar and Trust CO
(230. (HX>.
Henry VT ile Forest et al to Thos H Bidden et
Lt.itie tM-hluiisel et al to Equitably Life Arnii .
anre Society of the IT H; z lull; j;!h.m.»
Lawyrrs- Mtge Co lo L'leanur J Taft; $4 IWK
AMSTERDAM AYE. n aj cor UOth „ M,,
125; N.K>n« n * i^»,,e Co act - ■..»« Heal*
Ctf. owner; Dradjy A Co. contractor.; |ttnt 13
AVKNUU 11. 2 and 4: Rants a Kchmttzer „_,
S*mu«l Kan,-, owner; Hurwltx * Fink"?
.I. in iron Works, t-ontracior; (hi.
BROADWAY. :u n .!. ta 8103: Abraham C.oldb.r«
a K t John M isrimn. owner; M.tow Ite.Tty cvc v
mntrartcir; (Cl»i. "»«»y 10,
DKI.ANCEY ST. 22»>; Mamuel Ruarnberr art
Vkolf Ummer. conUactor; (270. «- un 'r»rtor.
norvuAS aT. • m. aw ft n rf.is.ih at._ SWm
I#7; *.olw«H Lead C«> »*t BI«nch«Ul Constrac
tlon Co. fii»ner; J«ro«!>l *■ l»eumto. ron
trartors; 1 1. •.':.<>
I!l\l.\E ST. aea and aae. Manhattsn Stair
ih\l\E WT, an etM aaa. asß^Bßßa^w
Uullduis; Co' act Anna Peaes ami James A
i..,..., owners; Anna v ••*.■..■ contractor;
ST PAft-'S PLACE. • w rer Drook aye. «.•■
a».S: ('MM Motal rorrer»d Door and aaa» rs>
art Cmob Realty « a, owner and contractor;
»7i •*
BTA!«rpr)N ST. 178: l*.b Zlmmennan a 4 »•»
Manht Wl nil I Her, owner; Maa Brhlm«»rlta
and Haatael Roeeaaaa, leasers and contractors;
TIMBOIT A\*E. ... ls» ft s of IM>k> st Os
10»»: TVt—it iv.. m a. 3e> fl se« l!*4th _st.
a*Mav laMor I. Cohn ajrt Pssa Wira »_ _Veae
h—-*. owrer; L A Soul*, contractor (rru»wau;
22D «T. 147 ami 14* w-a« aan»- eat Maa aala
m—L. owner. Hurwita A » ia*s*e»sea lion
Works. contractor; IS*.
17XTH ST. 1 a. •• fr f of Daly awe. "•••sal *;
CoiweU Lead O a*t DII *•*■« mm Co.
•wner; John V JlcErlly. contractor; ♦—. 89.
IIIVIND AYR. w .. IS ft • " S*»ee» a».;
t-jul» Btnajel act Anna. IX Packer el a., S*»t
.•- 11KO ; O>
ItTER .Wai . 1. IS « . •! l*STh st: *■*
Frerboy eat Julius A Brady et »l; No* 10.
1M». *A
SD AYE. 575: 0 Reisamana eat Adam Found
»'. al: Xov 22. 1'"". »1<».
•WTH ST. 257 East: Morris Hochberj e«t David
L Co!d «t>l Ju'y ». ia«W; $13«23-
<Wlth owner's name and addreea |
; • DE< EXBKR S.
CATHEDRAL T'AHKWAV. v •. »M ♦ ft » of
Mb aye; for a on» sty bra store. «*:_. ft: » »
lifter la«s Kemsrn st. Ero«".lyn. ar^eaaset;
cost. $.".«»«i. _ _
Owner. Interborough Rapid Transit Comjaay,
Ht Broadway.
CASTLE IIIL.I. AYE. s c cor Westchester i«;
fi-r ; sty brk stores. £3.Wx!3>: Max Haueas.
'-►y?a Powell aye. architect; oat. Jl2.tW>.
Owner. M. M H*nnin«. 1257 Castle HI *ye.
STATION PI^ACE. 1 a 384 ft a •( Ous) Hiß
rd; for a, 4 atv brk faiurv. junto. M Frant
Vouitht. 108 Park a»e. architect: cost. I'M* eja
Owner II II VouKßt. 103 Par are.
EUOIEP.E rUaCm »M»; for a 2 sty frame dwlg.
H/txia: William Kink*-!. HIT E'.aniere pi.
arrhitect; cost. $300.
Owner. Rusa C Klaael. 817 E.aaaere pi.
ICSTH ST: ■ w ast 3i aye: for five 1 «• frame
stores and cwip. lTx".; and !4-S»x.VI. William
t*cbaacier. 3« a>at liUia st. arcbltect; total
COM *1.. ".««».
Owner, V Flaher. 2& aye an.l l<»th st.
AN'THONT AYE. c s. S3O fl » of Prospect PI.
SOxXiO; Wolf Gol<lb«-rc agt Resh: P.ealtv
r© et a! t foreclosure of mt|>. atturneys.
Sternbers. Jacohson & Pollock.
AYE D. a vr cor l«trh •• 10*xia": Frank Kun
».K el a. ajrt Ktw A Scfcili et al 'fore
closure of mtf); attorney, ai .'» Stllwell.
CARMINE ST. n * cor Bedford st. ZZx'Z:
KAST BROADWAY. . 10S: 14T1I ST. a a.
11"5 f» w of ttth avi-. ~2xl00; •'amUla f'lark
aa;t ramitia II !■• t.-rs et al famended par
tition >; attornpy. 1: M Kanaom
CRESTO.V AYE. c s. 171L4 ft a of ISOd St.
!i:-\ •>«••; Insa R H-.«.-: asrt Mount Shan
non Realty ••> . f lo*ur« of off, attor
neys. bbsbbbl i Bollcs
IST AYE. w a, am* ft b of IWa st. !!>«Vx7O:
Oline SbolUn* a;t <*bas A WiaJisai.-. <-t ■>'.
• am«rd«-d partition •: attorneys. Bai f *.
SD ST. CS East: Bernhard Mai ir aict Philip
Uoltlstrin ci al ( foreclosure uf mtf 1; attur
re. I S Heller.
:'.D AYE. 4001 and 400.-. ; Nevelson Ibera;
Realty Co a,jt' foTO"!!* X Averill et a.
• forrclosure of mtr>: attorney. E A Brown
1T.7T11 siT. 523 West: Georgian* II Walter
act Henry R Druwne ft al 1 construe will,
etc); Btttmry, W II Hamilton
DB'EifRER 3.
AVDrBON >VB - a S.:> l'< '• r. of 175rh sf.
Wllxliio, Metropolitan Trus; Ou lotuxs <iraolt»
*'on!itruct!on Co I!^»i»«)
DI r\/"* READY,
ELDG.feb i> ii y :<m&
In the New Wholesale : -••*
The newest and best possible location of acces
sibility for wholesale DRY GOODS CARPET S
TAINS. Fireproof, automatic sprinkler. 2 passen
ger and 2 freight elevators, well lighted lofts and
Subway station at building. "L" stations. Broadway,
Futh Avenue, Union Stj., all within a stone's throw.
Tj" s U a speedily growing section and leases will be of in
:-': • iT nl \^i\ * iiii 1 - 1 ! 1 "! creasing value to wholesa'Ts
36 Wall St., N. Y.
'Phone 730. John.
4 £K Avc fife
What we do
is done systematically. Not
one in a thousand property
owners can do it himself.
It costs very little to be
well served; you'll be sur
prised how little.
Lawyers Title
Insurance and Trust
CAPITAL - -84.000,000
SURPLUS • - 5.500,000
($5,000,000 added to surplus la last 17 jean)
v :«.<> Droidwir. »S— York.
XtUt Doaticne Street. Brooklra.
-"1 Kultun Street, Jamairs.
Established W. 7. la^ortiorated 1302:
- ■ I
On flr*t and ■ M ' on! * n>ortxs*es; 4% tn mt.
HE.NRY L REDFIELD. 1« ' Court st.
B «.. \m.ter,l»n. \.- asMi^s*** ta> i7tk «4.
B2T Colunribua \v«»
t2«-130 E.\«T SITU STRFFT
Van Dyckand Severn
-'•> P>r.-BRO.\DWAT-73D ■*
Apartments • to 11 rooms ana baths
52.Q00 t.. <4.3t>0.
lei Wellil
Seventh Avenue and 55th St.
Best located family and transient
* Hotel in the city.
Apartments furnished and unfurnished I
now leaatnK for fall and winter.
DAVIDSOJf AYE. • c cor IHlat st. »T 10sl2a- ; '1
NorUi Amerienn Mort«.a«a Co losu KaSSZIi I
f:ull..!ni CO $&.!**>. * l * 1
EArfTHtTRX AVEk n • mr MM st, •**-«.
same k-uns Irrlaaj Constructloa Co t22.nrs>^
ITDH.N!) AYE. • a. SflM ft n of '-— r .
••», 7!ta**> Enncft »• "tell maw ''oaj>w»i - "
lor ln.in.jvniTit Co aaieas. **~
VVtt AYE. a a cor r»« aa— st. T9ajta> fa.
Qairaatee> A Trna» fn !o«ns Jorseiisrn ttr^Ll
m Coaatrurtien <o» JS.VW. "^Ry
wnvm AYE. •• a. 254.1 lft n or iaaa ■>
«2xlW in nronk »v» Manhattan «{,. 5
leaea Comb a B> kanan C'nrp V" •■"•> *
3TH >»T. » n. 17- H ft * «f 7t»j aye. .'Mttlsi.
Title la« To nf >: T his Twenty- (!« a » -
(-oastructkm <•« $1SO.SI»». "*
STN iTT. 127 and l.a* Mea Milton « Otm«a.
bclmer and Ida M Uurpfty .-an ThetMlor* 2tZ
Eradstre^fn says:
Trade report* show rather more ■--»
ularity. varyinc with sections reporta.
la sra.<tonable retail lines there is a jS
aewal of that complaint of warm sjaa^H
affectinaj sales of weariac apparel. whj,
bad r..at.'s in parts of the central xy^
and the switchmen's strike In the X«r**
west, caustne shutdowns in industry «>>
'lnterfciins with the movement of en» t ,
to market and of (nod* to the eaaaaaal
are revponstbie for quieter trade and ia!
terrupuon to normal every ttav acti- ■♦*>; .
In pcrely hoildav trade rather m».r»» *c^>
Ity ts noted. joDbing trade is crwxi f r , r 7Z~
advanced stage of tbe aeaana. and de „! Z
lea on »prm« orders are <rxxl ■ '^T
<lu«rtal lines there are few *cr,-, !,
slackening, aside from itwuw^i a,ji«»v« «I
before nored The switchmen # a strike "
the Northwest and the mrlke.s of nhir
»»!.« makers at some Eastern c:uea m
the only important labor troubles notw
There is some fear. noweveT. mat tai
switchmen"* strike, which i» far tu-W
wajfep. and which Is now conSned: to "th»
railroads runnirut from Jfaaaeasca to ta>
north I'arlflc Coast, may »xtead -iMtwasai
In tff* iron and .-ite»-l trade tner* it v >nSi
ensat seasonable slackening ct <:.--a^i
■"'•...':"". of •)■■■*■ following t^
lessened activity in pig Iron, but Bra?
auction and shipment* ar» very la--^
close to record, la fact. "*^
Dun's Review says;
It waa harlly to he expected f ha . tt
!niiu««trlal and trswle revival would 1 imrtiia
all th« time at the rtr».-nt hicn ra'e i?
Some slowing up. if only fur x
breathin? spell, waa natural, and tS!s a?u
pare: is what Is occurrtn?. altho-rt c
make* no material lmprmsion unon ttl
areat volume of trans<acrinr.s The u-«i!
«onable weather, th- a;.^roacn of' tai
holiday season and the time fat *«*•■•.
Bsaaai and taking of stock incident to thl
■_-•.. year are in CDSSaduS
part responsible for the siiirhtly rari'e auila
aspect of business. Th» railroad slrik" •«
the Northwest is an unpleasant deve'.m!
meijt. and its 1 immediate effects are cnitil
felr in the flonr trade. Undoubtedly thi
action of the House of Lords ia reject!-
the liritish budjr't is the mos; haSuiZS
tvent of t-ie wet-k. and it rr.ay have »ajl
reaching cinsequt-ncen. nut it would be dtj-
Coult tt» trace any immediate e^T»-c* uooa
the situation here. Of more pr»^«r.t <na.
eern to our market ia the opentne of i"on
preas next week, with the '.nevnanle air.ta
tion of economic and tlnan.-tai quest «!ns
The monvy situaiion ts much improved tr
home and abroad, and shou.d bt evrn het
ter after the f!rs<t of the year. The iroa
and steel trade, m spue of some siowtar
up in rate of process, ia imra»t^ely n^
rwrous. w!th tht- prospect of a re-orl
breakine year in 1310. The dry^^nd* trada
lx quieter, but holding rimj, wiiiie the -a.
ports of the retail holiday trade are een
erallr excellent. The railroatix. with their
rolling st iK- ; and terminals fuilv erriplored.
continue to report inc-rea.-<ed eamia^M tha
rate of rain for three weeks <.f Norrni
ber beir-s 11.* per cent ovrr VjtsH and 114
per cent over i:<u7. iiank c!^ar:r.^a are ».
per cent better than in IDw* and i.3 per
cent br-tter than in I'Mii outairie of New
York, and in that city 4.1 per .-ent and ' :
per cent -■■■ respectively The X*o^
vemtw-r failure rerord shows a marked as
pruveme.it in conditions, and the statistics
for the year will probably show a 3d re
cent train over the d''preHse.'J period of i:ti£
Foreign rommw* continues to be heavy
the record for the port of NVw Tor* hi
the latest week a+rs re sating dJ3fT.I3T. an
increase of E'».r-C.s^ over laOS ar.d C"^
977 over 1907. The gain was chiefty i n im.
p«jrt.». which in th« latt-st Wr-ek excetdsd
the exports by K.e61.15.
Bayshore Long Island
offers, an unusual opportuol;y to sscur" S
homeaire. »: jicreaKe prices, la • (lelisaifa:
•Hall Acre ,£?&£«
Bungalow Plots 5400
The thoushtfu! will t*.i now »n<J
tak«" aj\ iiiitas:- of p:i>ni*er yr -••«.
■»peeh«l Nal^Hiay*. >»,»in . Wnl<. and s «a»
Write N. Y. ur.: - fur CTM :rans»i>r:»M4a
T.B. Ackers on Company
.■■■-■* of t'hoieo Properties sad
BiillUrrs of liousci i«: Mrr.t"
New York Ofices— l4o Nassaa i:
lioicort.U or MAMI.VTTAX
The Putnam House Property.
Over S.OUO square feet.
«» ft frrnt on -4th uv . »!iS Z»
41 ft. front on M:H st.
9 Pine st. oth ay . i-orjl^*;
si $imj> raorcKT*.
3 ocean fr»»nt I.ota. U<> m;na?i-» from City B*-
OMI *300 1'.%9H. .^..mc
All impro\«ment»: fare .V., svlsrt ! "f*i^;
•rt qmrklv TRAVELLER. Box IJ. Ta3l
Downtaw Office. "
uouutuu or _ni:ooKi.x>.
Tarn yarn riurtr nor<*t- 4 "**
biilt I'ou ruo i -amiu: t\
On Parks V.l* aye. h«x Flarhush and "vLjs
aye» : in excellent neishborhmnt. -- < '»T«Bl™vj» T « Bl ™vj
Brtchton Bomoh "L." 3 trollcv !'.nes, £?&.
and stores. Th<- most artistic f rents '".**[*!,.#
New York, wtth tntertors ti> match lS ? \; i j«
entranoea, > 1• : ■ frou> on* tp«rt3JW» -4 —
carrvm, , har«r-<. and e!v«« owner a r>VZ
home KENT FKEE. WESTWtK'P R»*— *
>tv. ??.S Flat hush ay »,_Pnr.V""* "
oumiLuii or Kicimuyg.
WOULD YOl- INVEST $150. rATA*t* 5*
down and (3.75 per month, in a Sf*£E
City lot that will prob«Mv douM* '"
wtthia th« next »ear • H«r« is •
investment wlt!» * sruaranter.l fr"9 ! • •■■*
p*r ywr. For free uvketa to visit w«
erty applr «« — >
W. r REEVES * «X, -■»
124_East 23d Stn»«t._N^w_YprJl_Cllr— *
■i >r«\ ruorcaTT.
I\)i: S.XLU — E.«ate; 2l> arres. at ° r *"|_*, r% l>'
Omn. : un hliefi cround- «t:m*~* „_,«»
Island SounU: aao panoramic view arm- ■■•
w«st and mirth- iu>u»« and eutottlldts**-- " «c*
from N*w York: .in X V * N. « V
sl.Yim. Xj atfem*. J. l^ JenoliMS*. " -
wsUli. or C E. ot&orn«, """■" >^>a»- w|^f
TiU « A . . ..)..« »'-'* a*
A few aaitcs aABMIa. awly d«co*»l»« "" .
fesassai I at reduced rates.

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