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'pjincc Married Here an 'Amer
ican Girl. .
(Cef'" ri *" !i1- UP* I"? (M atr«at«e«4 C)tiß«tir.>
1 a>Ht -« I/MJlf of Rourbon. artvuaw death ha»
• t»t tah»" pta.-« at the •* of •B*t| -four.
Bf ■ nephew of old Pom n^r". _ -
nH- »i ha- 1 iic kaan Princes* Januaria of
p. t r»rs». *i»ier «t the. last Rmprrar of |
r ,, :; 1. Prlacx L<oui« bort- the tit 1- of
d AouUa. which he had inherited
fra« hi» father, ••»<! «■* on the lattrr«
,it a srandfon of Ki«i Francln I of Xt
prln'"^ 1/mm« may be described as ha vine
had Awriran a«aooiat»a»a. for Sn IBB) h«
married to N> *' T«Ht a Mm* Mary Maand. ,
,1* althoutli bom In Havana was to alt
tntetit« and imruwwa an American plrl.
i,j»i-c ***** bpouffht up in ih« 1 nit«Mi
<«;•«. ••here *h» had Itva4 from b*r In
•»».-• I* '"• t!me of hrr n>at-rta#r In IS9I
,t* #>bt«ine<l a Judi-ial »*paraii-»ti from her
(Hid.and after bearing tilni |a«a f-hiidrrn.
aoja cf »!■"»•)•. t* married to an BBCBial Ens
llahaawi ot '•»* name of William Fryman. '
«t.De '♦ other, a i>en. ta an enU<-«t of th«
TTaltan crmy.
Th» rrtnre •»» condemned to n#>* all
ricry to ■-»•'« to the tun* of tl SB) a
,»»r. A* he riesleoied to comply Tilth tiie
irnrr Mi mother furnished the funds In his
*!e«d. nut after her death, in l?jl. all pay
trfnti stepped, and the Man! procredlnss
broujrM ►> hi* American »-tfe acalnrt him
»ere ur.»-. aUiuc OT.-Int to the fart that he
ref»e**«d no i»r*»r»rt\ that could be at
tached. For tit mother, aware of ha* r.n*n
,:»; - «V •■..'.!!'■«. had at his rollcttatlon be
flu«att:*tf a!l of his thara In her fortune to
HM»" childt<n. especially to the daughter
■Brrwdj to William Freeman, on th» under
standing that they «ouU provide for their
fttne»-'s *e.Jfare.
r*rinc« "<tlta a jrwDf«r brother. Prince
rv.tfip of Ha<urtoa*i. «ith whom he wit
t>e^■e^ en (rood t*rms. endea\ored to upset
their mother"* «•'«:! and to aecure an annul
mant of Bar bequest* to Ma nephew and
trier*. ct> the *:rtHjn« that Mi brother
lyniis's rnarnace In New York was at the
best ■ morranatie union and had been con
trtrted » it»K«iH that consent of his parents
••fcl<"h until the other day was requisite in
France '!■ order ta render a matrinjontal
»"i»-c« va!id.
Th« Frenrti court?, however, derided that
there «ere rw auch thiuc* as tnorsranattc
tir.i«n« in France-that a marriage I* either
a full W»aa/aa matrimonial ellianee ay el»e
tiothUii at all: while as for the contention
that the union did not have the consent of
*.se rarenta ©f Prlnre Louis, lit* ver>' fact
that fc!* mother had bequeathed the larger
•hare of her f<vtun# to ala children by tiiis
aavrtaar constituted BBBBaBABBJ evidence
that it enjoyed her approval.
Prir^ Louis lived with Ma daughter and
ect.-tn-!aw. Mr. and Mrt. William Freeman,
•t Me*, and it bbj) at their home that his
«?»!h t»»ok place, as he «as accompanied
e^-erywhere by William Freeman, who dur-
Bkj the lifetime of the late Queen Victoria
•85 trvtted to dinner by her with the
Bfiaai t hene^er ahe viaito.J the South of
Fr»r.re. it m*> b« Just as mell to mention
tr.tt. despot* M# *oma«h«t commonplace
BajMah name and his abaenr» of any title.
Freeman a birth and BBABJtrjr are of the
r7«M romntie character. In fact. h*> ran
NBat ft much the panne aaaaaj descent as
jo^ij Trrij- de ataaaaj ayka married Miss
f.:ea:i Meaning- In New York thre* or four
H rr»y tw remembered that the joyal
f'uke «f Berry, the foil of Oiarl^s X of
Fmr.r*. cesrtraeted while in exile in Knc-
I»r4. during the reign of the first Emperor
fhjß'.ili n. • ni»rr-*g-e »<"cardir:r i.. r.ngllr-h
1»» with a Mia* JLaay Brown, the daughter
rf »■ Fngr.sh clergyman of (hat nam*.
TW» ur.i«n w*s not P»fi>pil|»<) a* legal In
France after tiM Bourbon restoration, in
eon«»-Qu*nc* of It" havJntr fan- -1 to revive
'£• tan«"tlTTi «»f the- duke ■ e«ti.e- and his
vrjr!#. '."in* XVIII. and lie therefore mar
nefl. fi-r d?ii«stJc twaeenc. during the life
time cf Amy Brown, a daurhier of th*
B«u r t-^n king rf Naples, wh» survl\«-d
fchn. uni »ho*e> wot died •• the CaßHa de
' .!-tri cord.
■>« h:» m»rnt{f *)>•< Amy Brown the
T»;;a» *• Berry had three 6on» and t»o
«UujtM"-5. The two elder t»"?s. John and
lw»n were for some tny*terious rea»en
"S isfred under tlie name cf FYeeman and
t•" ':r un4T the rare o* their mother's
ft'h«T. the «-!erryman, as Protr slants:, and
Er.f'.isri «"jbje«-ts, * bureau the third eon.
d)aasg« ij. well -- C,e two daughter*, we
teareij fey •••• «I«ike-» l^reii' relatives and
Bssads as Roman Catholics and French
"h» ctorv o* the •» o little Rir!s is well
krewn. ~ili»r tlie T»uke rl» Firry was aa*
•awinated b; Ix-uvti at the Opera at Part.»,
r» s»rt for tliftn. end confided th"n ■■■ 111*
■_X Le-ul* XVIII. *n<J to his royal rlfr,
the rt-j.-heajtr- i*f iV-rry, wl.o .-.I ■:' ■ thesm.
0?i» of t*i«-ni bramt the mife of the Prince
*• V'i<-,rx' I ""V!'"i4Tn>', while tlie other n:»r
rie<i the Kr.m:i d« tiiarrrtte. father «.f th«
pan] «.f that r.anir, and anasMßtatl of
tt» fc'.-sband of MJ«» Sunn Hrrnins. cf
Sew York.
Oet'ire <*ir<j onlj a few :• cars aco without
iwue at Mime*. But I.ls elder brother.
Jfltir, Irren-arj. ift»r ■ nrtai in tlie BboHbb
BWrjf eg r . n offlcer. married at Berne, in
th» prr*er)r» «jf th» Rrltl«h rmoy aoi-redited
'» *'ie Swi»->t repuhllr. ■ Mile. de. Blonay,
.ttajer r' r.sron T\". 4» TSlunay. Vho was
rljef „* r,,. p of tn^ mos t aO-leflt and flMav
tneus ftni!ii*» of the >» i«- <!anton de Vaud.
castle ff Blonay. about three mile*
Jrnoi U<^itr»ux. on the Bftaaa of the mouii
"m« tfcst m;rr»un>l the lake- nf <Vt>eva, Is
s»Tnlli 8 r to most Anjeri*-an lourirta, end i«
The B!i— *j- s are imbued with murh faii-
1> rri<l». i.r.d would n« permit tiie mar
*■*& of nr.y datx'it^r of tbrir house vith
*' '•: i •'•' --.Ti ur.'.il th*-;- had ■.■•intX
t * '3a-l\<« in tde most po«iu»e manner
■i-it h' *a«. jit *ay rat* arf^rdtrjc to ling
•*< U». a legitimate »on «•* the Duke d>
sr.'l fif Amy Brown, Uorn in lawful
*a<l err-j. s:*siical wedlork.
He d»e<j tn ,'•'»•. at Zurich, leavlnj; u\x
**•<■• threr «,r * lj«»m now aurvlve. Th*
'•** John, marri'd ■ MB di Ksaiaet*.
t^k*% r.is rtoine iri Xtal?'. Tlie (w-und, !!»•
*. married Qtont I^JUls Mrhtal. The
! -»d. William, married the d*U«h<er of
* r~«r ~« Ix>ui« of BuurUon. who lias just died.
"» fourtl. m,\ fifth tuns di^d In India and
*a«irt!u F-jy— itlrr'j'* and tIK *Uth. mar-
r *« t« i, mj,., A;laiii«. tl»ca in KngUnd.
** rn\i^*i f Or fll , Fre*mana.
I^>uii'» only BBS U*ed to be known
•* tbe <-r.fr; t <; , i ...•»:• tut
"'**'«'■« 'lie «-oiirt*-*y «f tlie Italian court.
•** »*y ll.j«.ain eori«V' . Is rtyled Prlfi'-e e«
■*nfcsn. Me it, |-r»ona crata at Bss Qiflr
*•'• •^'1. retalnlr-c hia /■etwmlsalari In »!:•
lu "«a *rm>, is married to tlie vrry
***'*"'> dtucliter «f Count Valbranca, con
*' «i>fE| vf Portucal at Home
Kx* i-.iv. i-;.j h«s uo prejudire aistaat
'•' ■ ■■■ it I mention Has it B --• a .->•■
* fc'4" Ixtidon newau«T>er. »ti d»*»rrlt!:i« the
l * *«t- ► ';. at aaMdrtngltam and Ida
■•SSSji for I*-?: c In the trpt-n air. Uid
* u »m oti the fat that h« ru ne\er aaeu
■*• BBBj na.
* h >. of r-c-Mnre. he «Jo« .tot use aa om
**>* *li-n out »l)ootius or lnirpectin* ate
| •*"«, pUntitloni. etr., at ■gaajj gham.
***«< the raSn in liia rape .-*< and may
J* "*-fl uin .af •'■. BfMM m Bjnaj can
r*li«j UjJ ,, n , o }|O , d al. ur -VHla o\*r »a»
*I".:ie he make* hia ray to and from
**itor r, r w j,, i, railing <»n frauds atid
'^auncn, ha „ ;t«i:.lj <aril*» -« •*»»
?•• "• ta*astta«BßJ He*ih*« »iw "•
**>» - r»rit. Ba4 1 have nut only r ♦^•a
**•-» ,* Vi , ,,,„,, torn |, avc ajao « siuratx-r
If^sa Mi ,„> | 1 h .ratlin in »».h-Ii he is
• r «rrjhut aa aaiaiilli.
I ** f «?9i «| niiraJM , lasay add that "
Kin* is r-Thars th« only row rctgnlnic
" '"' : ' «ho has rubllcly .> r „- . his
approval of the theft of usnbrtllap. and has
intimated that he. doe* not retard the pur
lolnlna: thereof as an act of dlshon»sty. He
delivered " *••' ■■• this -•■-...■. -on on«
memorable occasion when ptesldlna;, whlla
•till heir apparent, at the annual dinner ■
aid a€ tba Ixradon Cab DrlvarT Ben<«vclent
Awoclation. Ha declared that there mm
no class of bis fellow countrymen mor*
thoroughly worthy of consideration an«
more «nitlrely hone;t than the cab drivera
of London, and that the immense number
of articles forgotten In cabs In th* space of
twelve rr.omh*, some twenty thousand or
thirty thousand, were invariably punctually
returned. He added, however, that there
was one article that a cabman never re
turned if he found It in his cab. ami that
was an umbrella. This, according to King
Kdward, was not only quite natural, but
alao quite n«;ht. because if a gentleman had
an umbrella he might not want a cab. hut
without an umbrella he would be compelled
to hall a cab directly the rain came on.
The l>uk» and Duchess 4a Fria?. who
have just retume-1 to Europe after a »©
journ of several years In Africa, and who
are now staying with the Duke of Alba at
his palace of Liria. In Madrid. are in
reality more than half English. For tlia
duchess is a daughter of Sir Charles
Knowles. Bart., and the widow of Henry
Arthur Tempest, while the duKe, who was
educated at Eton, had as mother Victoria
lUTfe, and la therefore a grandson of
Michael W. Balfe. the composer of -The
Bolieraian Girl" and other well known
Th* present duke's mother. Victoria
Balfe. was on the operatic stage, when she
woo the love of Sir John Crampton, British
Ambassador at St. Petersburg, and became
his wife. Finding that his situation had
thereby become rather difficult at the court
of the Czar. Sir John. who. it may be re
membered, had previously been withdrawn
from the post of English Envoy at Wash
ington on the demand of President Buch
anan, «as transferred as Ambassador to
Madrid, mhcre Lady Crompton was at first
received in the most gracious fashion.
In the winter of 18C-'«4 she fell In
'.eve with the Duke de Frta*. one # of the
greatest nobles of Spain and a lineal de
scendant of the Grand Constable of Castile
under King John II The "gTande pa*Mon"
between the ambassadress and the duke
aoon became a matter of talk, nothing.
however, occurring to create a real scan
Sir John Crampton. with the same chiv
alry that characterized John Ruskin in his
domestte relations, realising it tat his wife
cculd only be, hapry with the man to whom
►lie bad given her heart, notified her that
as he desired £bo\e, everything els«» her
welfare lie would offer no defence if she.
brought a suit In London not for a divorce
but for the annulment of the marriage, un
der circumstances which would permit her
to resume her maiden name.
Like Jolm Ruskin. Sir John Crair.ptcn
offered no defence, and allowed judgment
to he pronounced against him. His chiv
alry in the matter was appreciated no
where more than in Spain, and it Is doubt
ful whether any foreign ambassador ever
enjoyed a similar amount of popularity
am«ng the countrymen of Cervantej. H«
remained at Madrid until l.is retirement
from the diplomatic service in 1S«».
On the annulment of her marriage the
ex-Lady Cranipton lost no time in marry
irr the I>uke <V Fries, and with an in ■••m
prehensible lark of delicacy the Mwty
wedded couple proceeded direct from. Paris
to Madrid. *hef» naturally they found
every door doted agalnrt them.
l'en easygoing Queen Isabella was eut
rage-1 by the heartlessnets and lack of
gratitude *ho«n by the new fledgM
du.'li^tw. and refused to receive tier. In a
rare the duke sent buck to the Qijeen his
grand cross of tli* Order of Charley HI.
r'signM his post of Chamberlain and with
drew from Spain. During the fotlowini;
fifteen year* be resided abroad, mostly at
Pa—;'.- where the Villa Frta« •!*"! to be.
n'll known to American visitors, and
»h-re Mb Trish wife died in i«TI He *üb
erquently married there Princess Carmen
Pirnntelll. r»ith whom he returned to
Spain, where l.c died as Civil Governor of
Ills son by •oria Falfe. after leaving
nton. entered the diplomatic service of
Spain He no secretary of legation Bjpal at
Tangier and then secretary of embassy at
Vienna, where he became involved in nil
sorts of financial drill en!' which n-ce«si
thtod his departure from the Austrian capi
tal and \'<\ to the severance of his connec
tion mith Spanish diplomacy.
Happening to meet Major O|rwß«a Fpils
bury the head of an Anplo-PortUKue*»>
company holdir-c a Bhßrte-r from the IJj=lK>n
government for th*« subjection, administra
tion ar.d exploitation of alt that territory
in Portuguese Africa lying to the east of
Ijake Kyaaaa. lie joined him a* one of his
lieutenants, and <lur . the last four years
las baaaj In charr* «'f f* settlement known
Ik <>ondua.l<\ The entire, territory con
trolled by th* ehanered company, of which
the duke has been one of the four Fub-ad
ministratorK. amount to more than sixty
million acres.
The duke is prubabiy the finest polo
pla'er and most fearless horseman in
Spain, i* n splendid shot, a most talented
violinist and talks i:n*:!l*h without the
pUjhtest trace of foreign accent. His
experiences In Africa, where he I us mad* »
fine record for hiiiiF»lf. have caused people.
««f Spain to pa's a aponre over his former
«hortcorr>inKS. and he. is Ue»n« welcomed at
Madrid with open arms.
(Dy -. ssjpafjsj «•• Tlie Tribune.';
Lenox. Dec. 1. - Mrs. Itl<-hard la«*rai
H.-»r: Mho l.«» i—li a guest of Mr?.
Jo*rp!i Whistler for aeieral weeks, has
pone to New York.
Cortlandt Fn-ld Bishop will go to New
York to-morrow to att*-:id a meeting of tlie
\rro cuib of America. Mr. Bishop ha«
h«-n elected president of the Curtis Hotel
Mr*. IJndsay A. Fairfax has returned to
I>n..x fro:n N>w York.
Herbert J«<jii<* 881 joined Dr. and Mrs.
Henry I' Jaques at Home Farm
Mr* Carl de C.crsdorff is visiting her
brottara. Frank arid ICdwln Crowninshield.
at Sto«-kl»rld«e.
S^ator W. Murray Crane departed yes
terday f"r Washington.
Mr " and Mrs. Robb d« Peystcr Trtus
htvsj beaa ea)lerta>:iir.g a house party for
Has ,^.rlslfll!n« of their youngest daughter.
Vl.tc.nii b'tewan Tytus.
Mr and Mrs. Harris lahnestock hare
taken a lease of tin; lUlalr villa for ritl "
Tit*- Africa diamond jubilee romml>«i..ii
.A tie Hoard of Foreign Mission* ..f the
;4.tl',odl*t Episcopal '•""■••'■ '- «*•"""« to
nold « mass nuetlnc In Carnegie Hall «
December 15. evident Taft has bern invite.l
™*k Th.- New V-rk meeting will he
f L culmination of a campaign which ha
extended throughout the United States to
ral-e t50«.««0 for African missions.
r ,ee admisficn «•• th. American Mu.»um of
? f* lU^f l the*N«ti««.»« >»»clatt«n «f nr«»s
Meellne " f ''urtrs '»»«*« Astor. 10 a in.
iaj A"*ouatlas OBasara.
H^#tnig ■• ii a
SsaWSl aaa»« (| , ,^1,4 • LiMren ■
AnB X .t * *"rr" «*chool. No- 115 Ifeary
•'irfor'VteTneflt ..f th. Loom.. Ban..
..trnon--;. ~~2Fr*Vn S-clety. II.t»l
wZ&^S rhaKetp-r, CliVll-teJ A.fr.
fc p - "» the W'eet i:nH AMOclatlon. Hotel
Methodist Episcopal Bishop
Ends Fifty % Years of Service.
Ri^hop I>tnM Ayraa QBiaMg ended a
service of more than fifty years in tli«
ministry of tlie MethodUt Upiscopal
Church yesterday morntna; when he died
at his home. No. 15 St. Nicholas Plan*
from dlabete*. Bishop Goodsell had been
111 for several weeks, but until three weeks
■ *o. "hen he cancelled an encasement for
the first time in twenty-one years, he had
performed his duties.
On Saturday. November ;". l"»r. George
W. Klllott. of No. 746 St. Nicholas avenue,
operated on him for a carbuncle on the
neck His condition did not improve,
however, and the disease which caused
liia death set in. Because of his age-
Bishop GooJsell was nearly severity years
old— his recovery was considered doubtful,
although favorable reports had been given
out during the last few days. Services
will he held on Tuesday afternoon at 2
o'clock in the Madison Avenue Methodist
Episcopal Church.
It was last April, while he was presid
ing over the annual session of the New
York East Conference, that Bishop Good
sell and four other members of that body
celebrated the completion of a service of
half a century In the ministry. For many
years the Bishop's massive, commanding
figure, dignified yet kindly face and heavy
but well-modulated voice were striking
features of the conferences of the North
eastern States. He was a man of ripe
scholarship, a graceful writer and a force
ful speaker. In his episcopal tours lie
went Into every section of the United
States and into many countries of Europe
and Asia.
The Bishop came from a family of Metho
dist minister*. Hi." father, grandfather. »n
uncle and a brother nil entered that work.
Ban nt Newburg. this stat»\ in I^4o. h»
v.as educated at Clinton Academy and at
Ma* York University, where lio was gradu
ated in 1*59. H*- immediately went into
the ministry, and until !(WT was pastor of
churches; hi the vicinity of this oily. Jn
that year li« became secretary of the Church
Board of Education.
From IB*' to liKS ho was literary editor
of "The Christian Advocate." He attended
tlie General Conferences, of his Church
b*tneen i<T'" and ISS&, and la the latter
j ear was elected Bishop. » ith headquarters
at Fort Worth. Trx. Since then he had
been on episcopal tours in Japan. Corea.
China. Italy. Germany, Scandinavia. Fin
land. Bulgaria. Switzerland, ■<'■ '1 nil sec
tions of this country. He was for some
time resident Bishop of Boston, hut at the
last General Conference. held in Baltimore
last May, ;,e was srnt t.-> this .-it to suc
ceed la* late Bluhop Fowler.
In ISS7 Bishop Goodsell was elected to
the editorship of "Zion's Herald. "' but wa«
released on account of his election to the
*-«*,-retary*fcip of the Cnurch Board of Edu
cation. Wenleyan University gave him the
degree of S. T. D.. New York lnlversity
that of D. D., and Dickinson College an
LL D. He was the author of "Nature and
Character a. <itanit.- Bay," The Tilings
Which Remain." and of many contributions
to tews and periodicals.
He wus married at Flushing, N. V., in
I^6o to Sarah Ford I.ower?e. She and
two daughters survive him.
Same Indelibly Stamped on
Washington 's History.
Walpole, N*. ll.,*Der. 5. — Henry Augustus
Willanl. formerly of Washington, •!!•■ i here
last 1 if:! .t at the as;* 1 of rignty-veTea years.
He had kin in feeble health aad the <leat!i
of tils wife last month liast'-n^d his end.
The funeral »ill be held here Beet Wednes
day afternoon.
rrrora The Tribune Bureau.)
Washington. Dec. :..— Henry A. Willard,
who died last night at Walpolc. N. H.. was
one of live brother?, whose names, have
been indelibly stani|>cd en Washington %
history for more than lialf a ■ <>ntiiry. Mr.
Willard came to the national capital in
IMT. He was a steward on the New Yoti;
Mai Troy Steamboat Line on the Hudson
River when he fame under the notice «>f
Mrs. PlMsßa Warren. virIRWC brother i>wne«l
tlie City Hotel, la Washington, Mrs. War
ren said to her brother: "To you want a
bright, energetic and capable young man
to lake charge of jour 1 >tel • The brother
said lie diil, mid Mrs-. Warren then said:
"1 have found just the man for you in
Henry A. Willard, who ■ a steward; on a
Uawaaa River boat."
Mr. Willard came to Washington and
opened the City Hotel, toon changing, the
name to Willard's Hotel. He managed this
hotel alone until MB when asi brother
Joseph became his partner. Th. v conducted
the hotel until IS6I. when they leased it.
In ll>!>: Henry Willard sold his interest in
the property to Joseph. All of Mr. Wil
lkrd's brothers)— Edwin. Joaeph. Stevens and
Caleb— came to Washington. Henry WHlar<l
pave them their start MM] enabled them to
achieve great success in life. Hi.- brother
CaW-b was the first proprietor of the Ebbitt
Henry A Willard was a loyal supporter
of the Union causa during lh.! Civil War.
At one of the most critical periods of •!'*
war. when it seemed as if the capital would
be taken by tli* ' "i. federate?, the flag on
Willard's Hotel was the 01. one flying In
Washington other than tliot^ ..11 the gov
ernment buildings, ..in.- of Mr. Willard s
Southern friends advised him to haul the
Tag down. but he refused Ml do so.
In all matter* relating to the improve
ment of Washington Mr. Willard took
an active interest. Under President
Grant he served as Viee-I»resldent Of the
Board of Public Works, a body to which
modern Washington largely owes Its ex
istence. During this j>eriod Senator Kd
ir.unds. of Vermont, one «lay met Mr.
WUUId Ha wax in high temper.
• 1 111 going to Introduce a bill providing
for the removal of the capital from
Washington." he *aid. "A hoi{ got Into
my garden !sst night and made a meso of
one of the .prettiest flower gardens la
Washington. A town "'" hasn't any
board of health to regulate the running at
Urge of dirty animals d<*»h not deserve to
have the honor of being the seat of
government "
There «a» a sentiment at the time in
lavt.r of removing the capital «•• the
MlddlV West, St. l^mis being menttuned.
Mr lilmuud* wes a p<>«er in Congress,
and nl , advocacy of rcmwitl ■"'»: i have
proved serious. Mr. illßßj persuaded
him to hold off his bill until a movement
could be started for the creation of a
beard of health. Such 1 board *«!•
formed soon afterward, and Mr. Edmunds
forgot the unfriendly nog and thereafter
planted his flowers without danger of
their being uprooted by Intruder*.
The estates of Henry. Joseph, and
Caleb Willard comprise some of the most
valuable real estate holdings In Washing
ton, including the property occupied by
the New Willard Hotel, the Ebbitt House. I
the Occidental Hotel, the building used
M office headquarters by the Department
of Commerce and I^abor. the «ieoktglcal j
Survey building and the Kellogg building.
Rome Dec. s.— Prince Enrico Ruspoli died
to-day at his castle at Neml. Ho wa« horn
at Rome in 1577. and on March 3. 1901. mar
ried at Washington Mrs. Entleld Bruton, i
widow of a wealthy manufacturer of Nash
ville She was Miss Eugenia Berry, or Oak
Hill. Ga.
Prince Enrico Ruspoll was the second
son of Prince Luigl Ruspoii and cousin of
Prince Francesco Ruspoii, the head of one
of the oldest and most famous Italian
families. An uncle. Prince Paolo, married
Miss Rosalie Van Sja4)t of New York
Chicago. Dec. s.— Joseph Warren, assistant
professor of history at the University of
Chicago, died to-day ot blood poisoning,
due to an ulcerated tooth. Mr. Warren.
who was thirti'-six years old. was gradu
ated from Harvard University in IS3T. and
was made a doctor of philosophy in 19"X».
His body was sent M night to Framtngham.
Mass.. Mr. Warrens former home He I
survived by kM wife, Mrs Maud Baited
Stephen Underhill. a wholesale dealer in
butter and eggs at No. M Greenwich street,
died, suddenly last nlsht from hemorrhage
of the brain at his home, No. «6 Eighth
avenue, Brooklyn. Mr. I nderhill was
sixty-nine years old. Ha came to this city
from Newburg forty-eight years ago. Ha
was a member of she Mercantile and Pro<|
uce exchanges and of the Montatik Club, of
Brooklyn. He leaves a wife and t>vo .-on.-.
"The Scarecrow" To Ec Produced at
Cambridge To-morrow.
tß> T«;-«rar.h to The Trlbunr.]
Boston. Dec. 5. — Th" Harvard play M to
be given this week. The result of the hard,
work which ha.* been done by Harvard act
ors. playwright! 1 , stage managers and mu
sicians and by the young women who ar*
to play the f«Hiitnlne role*, will have public
productions at Brattle Hall. Cambridge, on
December 7 and * a and at Jordan Hall.
Boston, on the Hth.
The. play, entitled "The Scarecrow." la
by Percy Maokaye. Harvard. '97. a New
York playwright. The leading part is to
be acted by Miss Marian Grag?. ..f Cam
bridge. Others in the cast include E. A. C.
layman, '10; Mr*. F. 11. Papazian. J. <*
Savery. 11; T. M. Baeftaßß, '13; Miss
Dorothy Kendall. P. Sned»»ker. 11. E.
A. B'-nim '11; Miss Mary Howe. Mi** (W
trude. Jameson. ( R. C. Benchley, •Jjj if.
C Smith. '10: Miss lfermini- Foelshe.
V. 11. Hill. '10; T. S. Kenyon. '11. and I A.
Eliot. 'IT.
English Actor Here for New Theatre
—Talks About Watson.
Telegraphed tor in a hurry by the man
agers of The New Theatre. Matheson Lang
arrive.! here yesterday morning on the
liner KM York.
Arrangements were made only a short
time ago for Mr. Lang to gi\e up his en
gagements in l/>niioii. where until two
weeks ago he [,»•! been playing in "The
Proud Prince,'* and come to New York on
a three months' contract with The New
Theatre management. His first appearance
"ill re as Charles Surface in "The School
for Scandal," the. initial performance of
which is scheduled or Thursday. Decem
l*-r 1«.
Seven years ago Matheson Lang came
over here with Mrs. Langtry. and appeared
in "Crossways," one of Hartley Mannerss
play*. Since then he has become popular
in London, taking the leading parts In both
standard and contemporary plays. Among
! is repertory parts aro Hamlet and Romeo,
and in both of Ihea* he bus recently ap
peared iii the Lyceum Theatre, London.
After hi- three months here, Mr. 1-anz
plans to take a company of his own on a
tour to Australia.
In the eaara* of conversation the aasa*
of Willian: Wntsou. the pea* of the "ser
pent's tongue." was mentioned, and Mr.
I^itng .-aid that v. hen tie left London a
week ago there was ■ great deal of ex
citement in the press over the charges
made against Mlat ami M,.- Aso,uith.
"They seem la take the poet «iuite seri
ously over ' there." lie said "Interest in
the affair *»ernp<i to atari up only recently.
only a few «iays lirfore I sailed, but then
the papers were busy with columns ot it
in ever*.- edition."
The Yale Dramatic Association »ill give
a performance i»f Dion Boocicault's comedy
of manners, "London Assurance." at the
Waldorf on Monday and Tuesday evenings,
end Tuesday afternoon. January 3 and 4.
This play has. not been acted in New York
since Augustin Daly's company presented
it In IK>7. when Miss I'.-iian pla\«-.i the
part of Lady «!ay Spanker. Captain Coy.
of the football team, is one of the candi
dates for the rats of Max llarkaway.
At la* request of several prominent edu
cators two special students' matinees of
"Antony and Cleopatra" will bo given at
The New Theatr.j on Tuesday, December 7,
and on Monday. December 13. For the
benefit of pupils in the aakaals the curtain
will rise at these matinees at 3:3i> o'clock
instead of at I
Ueli.'aryal- for "Dick \\ , : :tt iiigton." an
Encash spectacle, will becin ti»-day at the
Casino Theatre under th«« direction of
Frank Smithson. In the cast will be Louise
Dresser. Dorothy Wedd. Irene- Dillon, Kato
Klcanor, Kd*>ard Favor. Alexander Clark,
the Three Keuton* and Cook and Lorenz.
The company presenting "The Midnight
Sons" at the Broadway Theatre will give
t*n performances of this musical piece dur
ing the week after Christmas, matinee*
having bt-en scheduled for Monday and
Thursday in addition to the regular
Wednesday and Saturday matinees.
The Shuberts have arranged for two spe
cial matinees of Kate Jordan's new play,
"Mrs. Dakon," at the Darken Theatre on
Tu«-»day and Wednesday. December 14 and
15. under the BBBJBMI of tlie Association
for the Aid of Crippled Children.
Henry W. Savage has moved his execu
tive offices Into new quarters, at No. 10$
West <;th street.
A. 11. \V<v>da announced >eMerday that
the report that he was a»>out to aHBi lour
teen melodramatic prodiicthsaa was untrue,
and that, in reality. he intend* d to put out
three nrw BBsVJaVslSa lo play the popular
artced houses.
When "His Name on the I >ooi begins its
engagement at the <;ardeti Theatre to-night
orme Caldara will resume the role which
lie created and played on tour. Hi did not
appear in the Hlj Theatre production.
H-!u.->c.« and Moros<co, a prominent theat
rical combination on the Pacttic Coast, have
obtained from Vauchun Placer and Willard
llolcumb trie Far Wwitern rights to "Bt.
nimo," a dramatization of Augusta J.
iStnuu's novel 'SI. Klino, •' which will be
the Christmas attract! at the Academy
uf Music.
iU-Illbvl* vl Utv.
Century Theatre Club will attend ''-nights
p»rformanco of "The Fourth E?tate** at
Wallack's Theatre The Camera Club will
also >■-■ In attendance as guests ct Tom
liadawmy. who plays Sylvester Nolan In the
play and S- the official company photog
Helen Grantler. who Is now appearing In
vaudeville. la to star under the direction
ef William A. Brad - and Martin Beck in
a new play called 'The Woman Who
Knew." written by C. N. Bamett. a physi
cian, of LoalsrOle. Mr. Beck has hitherto
confined his efforts to vaudeville.
L>asie. the dancer, fs considering m offer
to star next season In "The Dancer of
Cairo." a new musical play from the pen
of Paul M. Potter. The dancer, who M
retained for another week at the Colonial
Theatre, has already announced that sh«s
intended to produce pantomimic dance*
during the remainder of this and th* fol
lowing reasons.
The chocolate Soldier" begins
fourth month in New York to-night at the
Theatre, where It is booked to re
main for the rest of the staaaa.
Finds It a Means of Educating
fßr T«-lf«rsph to The Tribune.]
Boston, Dec. 3.— "A mother should, if
possible. lie educated, for there is not an
occupation in the world In which so much
can be imparted and acquired as that filled
by the mother, the home maker."
At his temporary home, iff Klrkland
street. Cambridge. Dr. Charles W. Eliot,
Harvard's former head, to-day made the
foregoing statement, coupled with the
added clause that the home itself contained
unlimited opportunities for the training
and education of the mother.
"It will be observed." he added, "that the
women who are most apt to lose their
dances of obtaining their Intellectual life
as mothers and heads of families are those
who are apt to employ servants, nurses
and governesses to do their work for them.
The normal girl, who learn* to read,
write and cipher at school, and acquires
there a little knowledge of history and
literature and taste for reading, finds her
means of intellectual development outside
of the schoolroom in her practice of the
household arts, In her study of clothes for
herself and her family, In her enforced
careful expenditure of money, in reading
ami in her daily Intercourse with father
and mother, brothers and sisters, com
panions and acquaintances.
"From these things much intellectual
training can be extracted by a girl who
thinks, and the girl who does not think be
fore she is twenty-four I* r.^t likely to
tMnk much at any time of her ltfe. Sud
denly this girl takes Into her heart and
brain the personality and Interests of an
other human being, a young man. When
courtship and marriage are taken thought
full}-, and neither as a. matter of mere Im
pute* arid emotion nor as a business ar
rangement, there comes with them a strong
Intellectual stimulation, and in most cases
a widening of the field of observation and
Italians Gather for Elaborate Services
at Mount Vernon.
Th« new Church of Our Iv»dy or Mount
Carmel, fourded by a nephew of Cardinal
SitolU at Mount Verron. and which is the
largest Italian church near New Tork. was
dedfated yesterday with elaborate cere
monies. At 10:30 o'clock In the morning
the church was bl«s>»d by the Right Rev.
Thomas F. c sa<k. Auxiliary Bishop of
New York, who preached In English. Th*
T>- Atphonsus Parslal**, pastor ■•• St.
Peter's »"hurch. of llttsbursr. preached In
Italian. Twenty other prints took part in
the dedicatory services.
The opening of the Italian mission con
nected with the church was con.menionited
last evening in a sermon by Father Dra
ghettl. of Ferrara. Th* church, which Is
In Ist street. Mount Vernon. cost $73.W>. an.l
• - of the classic style of architecture. 1»
Is 71 feet long and 1<» feet Jeep. Work
was started on it nine rears aco. but ow
ing to the lack of funds only the basemen*
»as completed until this year, when th<*
Rev. Albert Matteucci. a metnrer of th->
Franciscan Order, managed to raise the
awcaaaT] cash.
The annual dinner of the Saratoga County
Society will be held at the Waldorf on
Wednesday evening. Ex-Judge William D.
McNulty will preside, and the speakers will
be Senator Edgar T. Braekett. Edward M.
Shepard. George B. Ma lon and Justice
James W. Houghton.
• •riiriiil Ree«r« aad Forecast. — Washington.
r>ec. s —The middle Western storm lias ,-on
ttnuorl north«ar»l to Lake Superior t» Ith
gr«atly increased enerty. and stortn warnings
were ordered this moraine for the Ur*at
Lake* a :i:| ;.>-!ughl f,,r tbe Atlantic coast from
l>.l»nar- Breakwater t-> Tortland. The storm
lias been attended by z»n<rral rains and rales,
and Is followed by rapldTy rising pressure and
flfoid*d!v -"Id weather that extends south
»«ii»ai,i throurh the we»t Uulf states. Low
temperatures »Ui> continue throughout th«
\\v stern stales, although the Paci«.- Cu.i-t <lia
lurban • has rfaehed th- middle plateau, at
tended by reneral ratn» and snows west of ih«
Rock) Mountain* There were also local
mows In the N->rir«"»i
Than will be .nun- Monday in th» lak»
region, beginning as rain in the extreme eaa«
crn portion. ami rains in the middle Atlantic
states and New England, possibly turning to
»n.>« b* Monday night. KUrwhere east of the
Ttix-ky Mountain* th« waalher will be «enerallr
fair Monday and Tuesday. e*i-eyt In the plains
states, where snow and rain is probable Mon
day night or Tue»«iar. Snow Monday in th*
plateyu region » ill be followed by generally
f«ir w-attier Tuesday. eioept over th» south
portion It will be decidedly .older Mondar
tn the lake region, the vast Oaif states and
the Ohio Valley, and Monday nigM and Tues
dJv In the Atlantic states.
Steamers departinr Monday for European
ports will haw variable winds, shifting le
south end southwest. p«.-i>tnins7 hljrh. with
rain by M«r.-lay nizht. to the Grand Banks.
Iwaasssi for Special Localities. — For East
ern New York, rain i:« east portion to-day, pos
sibly turning to snow at niKbt: rain sV mo*
an<l colder hi weit portion, much colder at
night; Tuesday, colder., with fair w»ather in
south and snow in north portion; brisk to b.i?h
B'Mitlmest in west winds.
Fur New Kngland. rain to-day «r to-ni*-ht.
Tuesday mii<-li older with «no» In north.
ran. in southeast and generally fair in unuttt
west portion: variable winds, •hiftlnz to
coutliwr.ot and bea»f«la* brisk to high.
K«>r the '. xtri.f of Columbia anil Maryland.
ro|.t»- t<»-<lay with rain. possibly turning 10
»no».' and much colder •• night; Tueaitov.
fair and colder; moderate tr> brisk southwest
"* • <■< * ii'd» snd N«w Jersey, eotder t>»-
K> r LH la»»r» and K«w J«rae\. eoldar t«
day or to-night with rain, possibly turning to
• now; T,i-«fUv fair and much colder; brisk to
1,1,1, southwest to we*t winds
For Eastern Pennsylvania, colder to-day,
with rain. p«*uiihl.- turning to «•■"» In »••«
and north portions: mu.-h colder lit night;
Tu*«<i«j. fair and older; brlfk to high south
west to writ winds.
Kor \\v»i«-rn N"w York rain or «now an.l
coM.r today: inurh colder by night: Tiiea
day. snow and colder in east portion: high
southwest to west winds.
C>fnc;al ohser%atlons taktn at Patsßi «:ta»«»
r Bureaus at B p. m. yester.la> follow:
, n ,_ Temperature. Weather.
j.£& at, ]'' '!|?Jr
»<b«i.r 1i i^Jtl
g3». :::::::::::::::: S »y
awnrass •• a |) I*l t«r
1-moi^.ti ''::::::'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'''.'■■'■■•• jj Masa\P
New i. «>rle-ins ••» ']'*;
sa i «iii B •*♦ ' leaf
J*t. I.OUIS i-1*«»
WastiiiiCi v . aw L ''-* r
La«-el Oihrlal neford.— The following oSctal
r^i-ir.f from the Weather rtureau shewe the
changes tn the temperature for the last tw«a*tj
four hours in .-, mi pertain with tht corresponding
«at \»«r
IB,*. IM> ! — ■•--
3 a. m 3* »i • P- m . 2* 49
« a. m » it »P- m » *«
j, a m M .» II p. m a ti
IZta.. 41 ■ «»'l=p. m Z7 —
4 I. in . Z$ "-.
Highest tenir-rriture yesterday. S3 degrees;
lowuit. 37: avvrag*. **: aeasaas for ."••tt* •§>•••>■»
mc •!.•";<- l.i-t year. 24; *. .* f.r imrassnadtag
data laat thirty-three year*. S7.
,>..<.. i.. .la] r»ln. |H>«»lbly turning
tn snow to-night; TurnUjr t*\r, ...i' brUk i»
blah •ou(h»«at to *cal alaua
Two in Afternoon, and Crouds
in Opera Houses at Night.
The New York and Volpe symphony or
chestras ga-.- performances yesterday
afternpon. ... ! both opera h.O"*e* had con
certs In the evening. The soloist at the
New York Symphony's concert. in The New
Theatre, was Joseph Malkin. a Buitftea
'cellist, who appeared last we"k at the
Sunday concert at the Manhattan Opera
House, Mr. Malktn playe«l Haydn's con
certo In D major, and If ho set no 'hearts
ante he proved himself the possessor of an
adequate and a facile technique.
The programme opened with Schu
rriana'* -Rhenish Symphony." which the
orchestra played with spirit and good af
frct. ■: •►■ Bl the fact that once or twice
there seemed a slight uncertainty In Its
attack. The programme closed with
Haydn's "Variations on the Austria' Na
tional Anthem from String Quartet." which
«M played by the entire string orchestra,
and Ooldmark s "Scherzo." Op. *3. Walter
Damrosch. as usual. ronduct*<l.
The Volpe Orchestra gave its concert at
Carnegie Hall. Mme. Blanche Arr»l l>»"ing
the soloist. Mm- Arral *an- an aria from
sfk'l •*Alre«te" and *n* from Weber's
"Frekchutt." The orchestral numbers were
Bach's suite In D major. Beethoven** fourth
symphony, the "Oberon ' overture and Ber
lioz's A Roman Carnival."
Mme. Schumann- Heink had been announced
as 881 chief attraction of the evening at the
Metropolitan, but owing to an attack of
tonsillitis, she was unable to appear and
31me. Mettsehilc took her place. Robert
Btass sans; an aria from "Der FreischtlU"
and "Madamlna. from "Don Clovannl."
The other soloists were Mme. Di Pas
quail and Amberto 3anearli. The Metro
politan Opera House orchestra, under the
leadership of Max Bendix. furnished the
orchestral part of the programme
The presence of John MeCormack' and
Mlie. Lina Caraliert on the bill at the
Manhattan filled the house. Mr. McCor
mack's sole contribution on the proaramme
was an old Irish song. "The Snowy
Breasted Pearl." As every third person In
the house was a loyal son or daughter of
Erin, this small offering was far too little,
and the thunders of applause brought an
encore. When a moment later Arthur
Hammersteln announce.; that Mr. Sam
mar.-o was ill. but that Mr. M.< >>rntack
had consented to sing an additional song 111
his place, the applause was nearly as pro
longed. Mile. CavalK»ri. arßjl san? an aria
from Massenet's "Herodiade. ' was also
forced to »ing an additional selection.
Others taking part in th« concert were
Armand Crabbe. Jean ValU»r. Henri !-akin.
Mile. Trentin! and Jaacha Bron.
\ORDICA AT m:\lilT
Concert at Astor To-day for
Loom is Sanatorium Annex.
The occasion that prompt* Mme. Nor
dlca to sing in the new ballroom at the
Hotel A*tor this afternoon wtir result.
It Is belle In the cure of many tuber
culous patients who will directly benefit
by the several thousand dollars that will
thus be raised.. Tbe money is to g" *•
the Loomls Sanatorium Annex, among th«
managers of which are Mrs. Richard Irvin
and Miss Anne Morgan
The sanatorium is situated 300 f"t
above Liberty. In Sullivan County. N. Y.
Th» annex is the philanthropic feature «f
la* institution, and Is designed for th*
care and treatment of such patients only
no are In the Incipient stage of v ie dis
ease, without fever or other symptoms
demanding treatment In bed. During the
present year there have been supported
by benevolent friend- of the sanatorium
twenty-three beds at the annex.
Particular interest lie* in the new
forestry class. In which Miss-Morgan and!
her friends have shown much faith from
its bejirmtnsr. only a few months nz&. The
service* of * senior student. R. I Mad
dos, of the. Vale forestry school, were
secure.! to conduct this class, which 1*
said: already to have decided success from
every point of view- The work consists
of lectures) on trees, followed hr trips
through the woods where they" could M
.studied. Part of the term Is devoted to
field work, for Instance. In showing the
class how to use a transit in surveying
and levelling. It Is also th«« custom to
have the patients mark tree* for thinning.
It has been found that work of this kind]
at the sanatorium has given th* patients
both a healthy, exercise of body and di
version of thought It Is said this is the
first time a course *-f the sort has been
attempted In an institution of this kind.
Numerous boxes have been subscribed
for at $t<v». and everything po«nt» to a
financial and artistic success as a result
of the entertainment to-day. Another
feature of the programme will ** a little
Japanese play In which Mmc Pllar-Morin
will also b» songs by Edward Clement, of,
Japanese actors and actresses. There
will also be songs by Edward Clement, of
the Metropolitan opera, and other attrac
Carlo Baron. Reported Fiance, a
Former Motormas
f By Telegraph to The Tribune.l
San Francisco. Dec. 5.— Carlo Baron, who.
It was reported last night from New Tork.
Is to marry Mi*s Virgilia Bogue. queen of
the San Francisco Portol* festival, worked,
as motorman on the United Railroads until
recently. He is said to come from a good
Italian family of Perugia- Miss Rogue's
father. Virgil C. Bogue. is still in this cir«\
where he is finishing some work as chief
engineer of the Western Pacific Railroad.
Patient Given 120,000 Units bnt Pneu
monia Killed Him.
(By Telegraph ••> Th« Tribun*.)
Philadelphia. 1 *-• 5. — Pneumonia caused
the death in St. Joseph's Hospital, this eitr.
to-night of K.lward L* Titus, a Pennsylva
nia Railroad conductor, who. suffering with
tetanus, was given the largest injection of
antitoxin ever administered to a human
The usual dose is 3*>BM units, but the
patient «U Riven !;•.•••, and th« hospital
surgeons say he *ould have recovered from
the tetanus had not pneumonia set in.
Titus was Infected by the malady through
a slight injury to has mouth from « pipe.
Pittsburgh Plans to Restore Cordial
IDy Telegraph to The Tribune. 1
Plttjbutx, Dec. -This city, which for
sexne time Las received Jtttle aIU from
Henry Philip*, formerly one of the city's
greatest beenfactors, has decided to try to
placate the firmer steel king, in or«ler. if
Ik Mslble. to Induce him to resume his ft.r-
Baa* cordial and philanthropic relations with
Plttsburg. It Is announced to-day that "a
home-coming banquet" will be tendered, to
Mr Phlpps at the bajauesn* club next Fri
day. Judge Joseph jhißsagi 11 11. of the I'rtltetl
States Circuit Court, has been named as
teaatmaater. Mr. Ptatppa ha* quarrelled
with the city about taxes i»n playground*
which he gave for children. and whew he
It st tS. 1 -** a year tn rent owing to a court •
lefoaal to grant a liquor Ucena<> In un« ..f
his new buildings Mr. Ptthjea became angry.
The Union C<>ll»-g«i alumni of New York
will hold lh«tr * twAty-second annual re
union *•»:•<■ at the Hotel Manhattan
on DeeemNer * Th» Rev. Dr. Charlea Alex
ander Richmond, who tin ail president <•<•
th* college In June, will h* tat ***** of
Anderson. <ttah»l G. Me***. Mary S.
Brown. M-ir-. J. • fffiimn. BBS L-
Rwkley. Thomas. ralmer. Emma C.
Bark*. John M yunn. Fttl !<<•'
«•«*». <«ra-« I. Ii Mm, Tiff*.
c»h». auj'j<i run*. Starr T.
•>oek»r. «>or«". rmJerhlll. Steph»a
la»lli>. lout** C ■ --I. Mary '".
Lfcrier. LosU
ANDERS«).\-Ob i»«nH>r 3 t*** Maa* ■■
daoKMer at C. ■1-mr and Sl«ry 11. »•»!»••»*.
hervs.-»« at N». •* Mount Harris P»rk W«»t. <>■
Monday asarataa Mil,, cluck.
BROWN- <t> Saturday untna pn ii»ir * ■* ,
Nraek. N T.. Mary J.. fMni of fnarlsa • '
Brown ami older dauc- <»f th» »'•> **»
Teaser r**«rai wm<<t at •* Matthew T.
K. iTiurch. 9«rh «t.. o«ar ««itral Park W»e«
on Tui»iidav. r>w#mb«T T. I*>:4S a. m. Vtlca
pan i pitas* copy.
■I 'KMffT M hla i»»i<l»nr». tn Albaiir, "•»
k"rl*aT. rfttmbtr 3. Tlwnna*. »o»» ot th« •■»•
rhtn*as llfnrv and Phnrho BurWl^y. Fun»r»l
«*^fc-« ar St. r*u!'« «"M»rch. Troy, on Mon
day. I*. .mt*r H. «t Mi ». m.
BrnKC- At his \mtm rumtni*. In th»» <-|ty.
John \|.s” BM Burk«. In »h« IRth y»ar «t hl»
age. funeral •n-vlrcs «itt b« h»M at »h«
• ttnreh of th* In.'-trnnM-n. Mi.:!"n »v« and
»th at., na Maada>. December 0. at W •cMcti
la iba moro:a{.
COC— On »!»tur*«y #»"rtin*. Paiaaita? 4. l<*«,
llrjffl Inc*rw>l| Hawl»y. wMow of fh» ta«»
It<"T. Bbbmm tto»,«trioh «'<>^. »n »h« AM ?*nr of
l»*r a*». Funeral s»rvlc*n at tn« r«»ld»nr» "f
»>»r aoti in law. Th-xlvr* rttrh. ?T«». 4M NorlJ»
Broadway. Yon)»*r». T'i»«-i!« r»».r*tnt>»r I.
I' 1 "!' at 3 adorn. Interment at N#w llr-n.
i"H\ On DeremtKr 4. Aua-i«* »->*». aaja* 43
years. Funeral iTvm Th« Funeral < Inapt*. !•*
241 VV»»t SM «f. . Fraak Campbell ButldtD(>.
»• Ti-«.U>- aftcrnooa.
CUO-TvEK-At his l—llirwa N» V — a» **tl»
»t_ >atuntav. r«N-rm&»T ». I!*'"*. <>or««
frorker. tn tbo Jstf> f*aa of liia .<•> rtiaarai
s»rv"»c-« will b* hen at at. Thorn**'* Char:*i
on Turaaa* iwr*mlnr T. at 1* o'elork a. m
•:••»•» omit flower*. lnt«ruiaa( at convenient*
of family. In California.
•HUM -At Vw Tf>rk. »atur>l»r. rvtr ' «,
MMa. l.miise Otyhia. wife of Adrian I«»!in. Jr.
Knn»r%l a St. PatrtrVs rith*lrm: on Taaaday
nin« I >».-. mt#r T. at ](> o'clock. It Is ra
ajif il that no Cowers bo sent.
UNDER— At VaaJMHt N. T.« «■ sa»urda.- T>»
i-»mb»r 4. ia*> 1...vi« Limier. Funeral fnwn
No. 19 Ludiow «i . Tonkers, N. V . M«n<la/
at 2 w'clock. Interment Woadlawa Cemetery.
MONKS— Mary Edith Monk*. aawlmr of Jaan
Monks m.l th- MMa Mary «Vl>ary S""l«.
H^tairm ia— at «♦. Leo's >.liai ■ <i ••» M""
day. tlw «th tast.. at I* a. m Interment art
\at«». i - is requested that nu Cowers a* s«at-
OOPEN— At her home. <»n Friday. nacaihar a.
Rim I^win mltm of Kob^rt •• OajdM r>»
n^rai aarr)<-«a at th* Central Pre«»yt»rtan
• 'borch. 57th 1. b»twe»n WmadaiiiT *•> ' T»*»
»i» . on Monday. fh» «th mat . mt Z o >l«w«
p. it Intorraent at Kennebunk. Me. Kia-lly
omit 80-»eT9.
PALMER— On SuiMlaw n ia»ar » if anau
nmnta. at her rmtd«nr«. in MMMaja Crr'n«"-
E:uma initteaden wtte of Elb»>rt A J*»bn«r
M- I*., and daughter of Pr - -— E. an!
Anna Ray *trna«
Qn\X-r>*iiit»r S. aj r .*«w» Qutnn. fWnll
from Th» Funeral <"hur»-li. N« Ml Waat 231
at. > Frank E. Camstxtl Bulldlnai. Mandar
afternoon. •
SF.RRA -rx>«-»nib»r ft itM. Th«!»a» Serm. »>«lw
rrlng at Th» Funeral »TMiTrh. N«». 'HI waai
•J3.» at (Prank 11 Campbell BiiUin**
TITV3.— Suddenly on Sixth da* ifilHyv fl» M
lest.. Mary T-. »if «X Oaarfci P. Titus, in tlw
T'JcJ tur of hPr aa*> FUiMral from h*r "at*
riia>»-» Kaat Wllll!»ton. I>on* lalajiil. en
Third day (Tundayt. 'ha 7th !ns«.. al 2 o'rlork.
« arriaaas will bo waiting' at Cast WUltaMn
station on arrival •»? 'rajiß leaTinj Cast C»'>
St.. IHaj York, at 13: 2".
VNDERIIfLI.— Sunday. D»«-»mb«r 3. 1»»a. at
his residence. Xi>. «« • »v».. Brooklr".
Stephen, husband ml •'••mell-i Underbill.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
■W'OOr»S — »>n sunday. Pf*»ni!»r 5. »• Hm hya»
of her daughter, Mr- Ro»»tt r. Mr**. Maty
lavt.. n , wtf« of Willtaai Woods. >Maat«i pri
the W(MN»LAW!* tISfTtRT. *
. 1.» r«t4i ; v arr««siM<» py H*rl»m frain fr«in •)ran4
«>nfral Stmion. Webster Jin 1 .!<«-<hii» avesut troi
i»v« ar«l by rarriat;?. Lota 91.v» up T ilaahaaa
i ««C5 tiramerc-y far Boole of Views or naia
i stmative.
OScf. a» r.nmt rtii m v-w in* City.
Chap* - Private. Hi-- ins. Private Aibuianraa.
TeL 1324 Chelsea.
to the rmplnTT.
I>»rou want desirable help QUICKLY?
suiting the Hie of applications of. selected
aspirants for positions of various kind*
which has just been Installed at th*
Uptown OflN si
>»••>. 13*4 Broadway.
Between 3«th and 37th Street*.
Of3e« hours: 9 a. m. to •p. m.
>etr York Trlbna«».
Pally Edition. One Oral in <tty of JF!**irti«r«
New Tork. Jersey City A Hoboken ; TWO «O'«.
Bsaihir tlllia. In.Mudir.? Sun-lay v-«i ■ -.
riv» <:•■*.
Dally. f-T nwath t»aa
l-nily. per 3«ar 0O
Sunday, per year. 3<<*
Pally and Mmdiy, per »T...,,,,, _ « <N>
Xjaily an<t Siinday. p*r montß . la>
In Now Y»vk '"!»•• mall ausagti>iiea -win \">
rharSMl 1 cent per copy extra »aata«« la ad*.
lion to tha rat«« named above-
Foreign Tiimaai Extra.
_____ • • •— — »i
MAC* 0m«~»r No 134 Nassau atresf.
tfTOWN OFFfT! — ?•<». Tata Biuadaaj. er at«y
Amerlraa Dtstrtet T>l*Stapl» OtBc«.
II \i:LF:3I OFFICES — >o. 1.17 East Oath street.
Nu. 2*53 West 13itu »ir-«t and !»«. Zl» Waaß
13th street.
TV^SIIINGTOM Bt'RßAr— Ne OS T street.
Sommer. No. TD* Broad atr»et.
aJaTBUCANd AWt.'AD wiil Cad THS TRI3-»
I.'NEat »
BRJ*?SELS— Ha, -"2 Montapn- de 'a, C»trr.
LONDON— Ode- of THE rRtBL'.HB at r»a.-»
Inn House. No. 3sV Strand.
Am»rlran K\:ir<?aa Company. No». 3 and 1
Thomas Cwiii a Son. Tourist OaV*. Ludcs •
Brown. Shlpler * < •» .. Ne. 13 Fall Man.
S^eyer Broth»rs. No. 7 UMhbury.
The London cttlce of THE TUIBCNE tea con
venient pfaca t» leave advertaMasente and sab
at rtptu>n9 hn Munrce * O> . No 7 Bu- 5-rrlV».
PARIS— J> hn Manr«« I " Ru» sVaiha.
Jnhn ivanamaher. No. 44 Rn« de» P««tea
Rule Bureau. No. 53 Rue '"smaow.
ilorsan. irj«a a Co.. No. -= Baulaa—dJ
CrMlt Mtala Bureau das Strangers.
t-ontlneatal Hotal Newaataad.
The Fixarn Offlce.
-»« -ha New a C\cbaa**. ?:•. • Bis* at.
Amert-an Esprejs ntnpatry. No. 11 Ha»
Brentano's. No 31 *v«n«e da I'Oyeta.
Nl' X Credit I.jonnats.
GrNITV'A— I.i>uinar4. Odler A O. and fwiuai
rLi'RKMK French, Lemon a Co.. Noa. 3 »nd ♦
Tto Ton»6u<wt.
Mj i'uv * i'o . Rankers.
Jill. *N— caarhach'a -News Exchange. Via I*)
Monforte. 13.*.
II AMRT*R«i- American Express Caaspaay. S» •
F »r«lu»«MiJst raaae.
Kir th* raaivanlaace at TRIBUXQ r«atl*'«
ahr«w>) airan(ttu«iita h_\a been marie to ■«*•
th« PAII.Y anrt SfNDAT TRlßfir on ffie la
the .•••.lllla: rooms of th* botets saw ad betow:
I.ONrx)N--lloiel Vt.-torU. Savoy Hotel. Cartton
Il.tr'. Bassi M«trop^lo and Midland tiran-t
EN<iI.AND--Ailelpt)l U"»el. Liverpool: hWdaW
Hotel. Manchester: Queen's Hotel. «c*«.
M.I--:. I H"tit. Bra<tf»rd: Ml.!!«n.l Hote!.
MucvcMinb* Umy: VI, Hotet. .-.!.- Hut
tier's Hotel. Shar.klin. I>l« of Wight.
• ;inR.\LTAtI-Ho«-i C-M.
lit W'li— Hotel continental, tirain! Hotel, Hotel
Maurice, H»t*l AstorU. Hotel Chatham, Hotel
4* I' \fh. •«••'-. HtMel l.iii.t et 4' Albion. Hotel
kit. Jamn «t .l'.\:i'aii». Hotel U<>nian». lintel
Ralttmore. Unshorn Hotel an<l Hoi»l r-.>iti <.
I>arta: iSntn'i » ■••<!-: li'.Xta ar»l Hotal spletxtut
Hi. -rts-iot. Aix-le»Duins: lliHel U-i Pare, Viobv.
fc\VlTZfc:Rt"*Nt>— Hotel VUtorla. t>»a>« v Hotel
Dewti l;iv«!f. i ;«•»!«•%<«: Mot. l Vlrtona «iul
Itestaa Hotel Junafrwuhllt-k. lnt»'!tkfn. Hotel
H-ju »-4Ua.iii"'-. J't i. " Hotel. M»l..<;i;
f Hotel licirii.<i>'.. bsismsih. llalal Thunerttof.
H' » l. l .aM If««el A— Inile*. The Haau-- Th»
Kirli.iu- >,-hi-win.n;-Mi
OITRMANY— Hotel Bristol, Central Ham. Hot*l
V.11..H. Yj'i ).in.i !■ Hnioi. lluiel -to ICtmie, Alex
andria 11.ii.-'. Hi -t- : Cobura <:il i.'arlt<>n Hotrt.
fu-.lin. llixrl L>i.«.b. <^>lo«n*; Hotel |u.|>u w .
Hotel « onttn^nt^l ji>-1 Hotel Si«i>». l>rf<-!«:i.
I't'k Hotel. r>«Ba«lA>rr M.i. - 1 A nslrterr*. Fati..
Hotel Krankfurterhof ami Hotel \Vealmtn«ter.
Frankfurt. llut«l rlotumer. Krelburs". Hotel
En>!^»ri^' !% " an«l l*»!»«-e Hoti"!. ...... s. Hiitel
funtmrpbtl. Hotel VutXT Season*, ';.«., P ->!-•<'■•
llotrl aii't lli'l'i -..-- Muui.h. ajMaj
kat»- and Hotel Meir<>p°'e. Nauh»lm: Kur
»,.., s ir>i«ki ••(«■' * ln«mMr|»r Nuren»
ttrrc: liii- i NaM»u*rh«f. ll'icl Katserbof.
Pnliwre Hol«l. Hotel Imperial. Hotel 1:,..- «n.l
r»rh Hotel. Wieab«<l««; Hotel »*uretenhof and
Kauerhtrf Wihluncvn.
At.'STUIA — Hot«l I'rintol. Vienna: Neaat Him
... R»«L»i>»M f ; Hotel Savoy ami West En*
and Hotel Nulion.il. C.irl.-.tw..1-. Hotel r>r..
Intwbruck: K>h>t>'« Hotel Kontsavtlla. W.iti .
■ laajM L Hotel \V«lrcar a«4 Hotel Kltnser.
BF.U'.ll'M— iJratu* Hotel, Bi nsaisj; dvaad) M*Ma
and Hotel d«- I'tZurop*. Antwerp; Hold Splen
.ltd and Hot.! da la I--. I'-ii-m)
ITAI.V — H<Hel Kxrelmlor. .-.r.ii.l Hotel. ||„.-
yrr»n.il ami Itoyal llctal, Rome; Ho«o» Vlll%
■I hjile. r«rwt>b»; ►:«)«•« f":«lare Htxel an>t
savoy Hotel. Genoa; lloi^l .le U Vllle, Mian.
Ucu! l»intell and Ur.aj Hwial \ «nu*.

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