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Mr Ternt Say* Demand for
Vmformity I> Graving.
Br *«!» Tha*ien* Terry.
. >MM| —» demand for uniformity In
I'^slaticn is growing through
•Ur^country. The necessity for more
l^'ACtory legislation has been apparent
!~J^«*tlor.s and to the more active
ZJLks in the field of motoring for eev
«• rears The American Automobile As
3-nton." its legislative board
-«osni»d the necessity for national
i*«£&Ba legislation, and what will be
tie biggest object lesson ever shown la
>a£rlc* -"ware this end will be seen in
££aWa«ton Best month when the national
legislative convention will be held en Fcb
, ir - is, 16 and IT.
The American Automobile Association has
laai vortang for several years toward se
esxfcS ll ■■■■■> la automobile laws
thereby caurta* from one state to another
wuld be made possible without the neces
«-v cf securing additional registration and
Jaiar extra fees. To a certain extent con-
FVeraVe weaawJ has been accomplished
,'-oag these line*, mainly through the
racrts to isdace the various state leglslat-
J-<.«: to eract uniform state laws.
VTvm -«=ai=*d. hoover, for this na
♦ik^l l»^«latrre conventlcn to crystallize
tie efforu m^e » arious sections of the
eoostry Into i frsnd national demonstra
te t- secure rot only what motorists re
gsxd as their rights, but which will be a
S«lcal illustration of toe growing senti
ment lor unifonsity.
Th« asttsabWllsta at the country are
thorough: v aroused at** this subject. In
r^-ery k&Ui the attention cf the Congress
-ea IE t'tms directed toward the subject
ri a"«aac&ile legist:-: uniformity, and
..... is bri=g ins:sted upon that it is
c-e the cicst impoTtsr.i subjects that
v^ll be hroasbt to ths attention of the na
..^ legslß.icTS this session. The enor
—Cut ezpansion cf the automobile industry
der:aru!s. it Is believed, federal recognition
of its ||lHllii*f^ not only from a com
mercial £tasdpcir.t, but to the thousands
cf motcr car users who have given such
a wocderrui impetus to long distance tour
',zg frcia st^te to state, thereby in ■>
i-g to a large decree the necessity for bet
•'- roais, which has made itself manifest
c^r—S the last season by many national
er.c state convections Cor good roads.
A icost Important feature of the national
lecisla.t:ve ccr.vention will be the presence
as delegates cf the accredited representa
tives of th* governors of the different;
Ratal brvttßtfeaa are being sent to all
tit governors asking them to show, their
interest W this matter by delegating
*.- tie official representatives those whs
have £<-Z- r -~fi\ charge cf the motor vehicle
ew is their respective states. Besides
tiese t~-c~- representatives, all of the
Etate associations and clubs in the country
lam beta requested to send one or more
celestes. These delegates will show con
clusively the widespread demand in favor
et the federal mctor vehicle registration
bni. •which is to be reintroduced into Con
gress zf:iz:t the meetings of the legislative
A Hint " fl» merits of this bill win
bt arranged curing the time that the ccn-
is in session in Washington, and
every IB ■■ -. be made to secure favor
fc'blc action _;_>c- it. [a fact, the main
ctje:t cf convention is to secure the
passage cf tiis bi"J and also to bring more
clearly before the delegates the necessity
for the enactment in thsir respective states
cf ths cniiorra state znctor vehicle law, the
-if in prorfsicns of which have already been
ez2.zt.ti in several Etafes.
As a zreliszizzry to the natioiial con- i
'tz~.z Mr Terry has called the Prat
taatiiz.- cf tla£ new year cf the legislative
Tscird at cations! headquarters, No. 437
Fifth avenue, en January 12.
Mr. Terry tas recently announced the
rpfP**"'P cf his legislative board for the
ccrsirg year. Every state in the Union is
represeztefi. Among boom of ths wall
krc?rn members who have always taken
&2 aciiTe par: in automobile legislation are:
I E. Br.'-ar., Florida; H. O. Smith and
Edgar Apperscc, Indiana: £. D. Walton
-■-'. H. D. Chapin. Michigan; F. T. Staples
t-zi C H. Gillette. Connecticut: Frank C.
Eattey, Georgia; David Eeecrcft and Sid
r.«7 S. Gcrham, lUlncis; Francis A. Hur
zzils, jr.. Robert C. Cooley and J. P.
Ccglj^, Massachusetts; Frank 31. Joyce
zzi C. H. Kchier. Minnesota; Dr. W. B.
Hiciardicn, Bert Van Tuyle. H. A Mel
i-nm., Oliver A. Quayle and Frank G.
::ew York; Paul C. Wolff, Robert P.
Hooper and Poweil Evans, Fenr-sylvania;
■w. C. Crosby and H. A- Boaasl New Jer
wej; j£.nei T. Drought, Wisconsin; G. Gor-
COn N«fl and F. T. Sholes. Ohio.
vlniftt iv biiiE
A»tor Ccu.n. a Vv'fesi 34th St.
Te>chonfe 2472 Murray Kill
JO.'. A is. Cane. T<3h.. Table cKcu Din.
"L. Liitch.
Ir II X AVcriyE
B& A-*. Erc-aiiivav. 2Cd and 24th Streets.
Pfißisirii DINNER SI. SO
Te!»r^ OT.e 4'.»00 Gracrcy.
tft V.'tti 4Crb }••■ DIXXER. SI.SC. Ale M-j^ic
ti ay« iT.tl 10th St T*.. Orchard 4040.
258-260 W. -.iSd St. VOCAL and IXSTRU
iSENTA!. MUSIC at Luncheon tnci Even'r.gr
e»Eionoff £T«S pSm Rus-ian Artl-tlc nt«tte
L'!s. (H-S). 75c Sat.. Hun.. 51. Ale at all hours
K& COLLEGE if^N Sffig^
••t-K -Harvey" Bocthcra oysttr counter!
l>ir.n*r 41 Aie Ptim Bowa. M usi c.
UOTEI-. ITv&y 2^a r;« lb c: t _ Uusio
_-*O t'H.jt<- Pir.r.'er. SZ.nr, Theatre- Knp'pgrs.
Pert I rifinr riiXS(Es^ kk.stalra.vt. A te . 7
rjf£t_CnriUl*-^ Moti Pt •7Vl^gram."
in -ia c I^* in 1 65 lunch. <5o
-.vest SgiiJarJ DchsSCSSk
Eenfa Spire tistd
Kctsi Bayard V"V "■ v *'•' *'•• nr - Vw ** 3lliji ' :c
K^SLt??*! York." ZU'j-j <i:iu«tr^l.;d>. !Oc.
♦- . * a , u ! 5. ul ***** fr: " % ' ''••va rec3mm.ndftd.
*'* er - -° • Actor Cr.urt. 20 \\'**l 24ta st.
- T<mfl>Qß« :zvtt\ Mnrray Hill.
■tnvigtiiu IT7t!) "*■ & rt-wasivn ay. ai^
nonscrners Par* ;*-,
h I CilC W ! H ( '«"J IMand. Open all j^rar.
, Pdmmery e^,:
jne Standard for Champagne Quality
Neijr York City,
Cur dassjf ed */■ fa T n€ Tribune
is ura-wirg very well.
Good Scores Abound on Larch -
mont Range.
The runners of the Larchraont Yacht
Club were favored with excellent condi
tions yesterday for their weekly shoot, and
seme good scores were mads to all of the
five matches contested.
The leg for the January cup was won
by Stuart Scott, with a full score of 25.
Sixteen shot in this match, and the same
number in the one for the Saucr cup,
which was won in a shoot-off by R. I*
Epotts, who had tied with .T. G. Batheson.
The leg for the accumulative cup was won
by Eatheson by a full score. W. D. Hinds
was the winner of the ten target scratch
contest, and F. W. Moffett of the fifteen
target match, under the tame conditions.
The summaries follow.
Heap T! Heap. Tl.
S.Scott . 0 25 C. Stears 0 21
J. Robinson 0 16 H. K. Hooker 2 23
F. W. Msffett.... 0 21|R. L. Spotts 0 21
J. TV Alter 4 21 E. L. C. Reblns.. 3 19
W D. Hinds 0 22 E. A. Wilson 2 13
E.' A. Sierck 2 21 ; W. E. Bemiß 4 21
J. G. Batl-eson. . . 2 24 W. Smartt 3 19
ii. H. B<?ni£ar3... 2 23 ;J. L. Kammerer.. 7 13
Wen by Scott.
E. Scott 0 20' H. H. B^kar-1 I 23
J. Robinson 0 "19iH- B. Hooker 1 23
F. W. Moffett 0 24 R. L. Spotts -.0 25
J. W. Alker 4 21jE. L C. Robins... 3 10
W. D. Kinds 0 22 E. A. Wilson - 13
E. A. Sierck 1 I*!W. E. Bemis * 21
J. G. Batheeon... 1 25 W. Stoartt * 19
Efcoot-off wen by R. L. Spotts.
g. Scott 0 22 R. L. Epotts 1 22
J. Robinson . .. 1 16 E. L. C. Robins... 2 29
F. v." Moffett ... 1 24 E. A. "Wilson 2 23
X V A'ker ... 5 23 J. R. Collins 4 22
W D Hi^ds ... 1 21 I W. B. BemiE 4 11
E. A. BJeccfe 2 20iW. Stuartt -.3 23
J. G. Batheson . . 2 25 Sterling- Halstead. 7 13
H. H. Hooker...- 3 22 j
£hoot-cS wen by Batbeson.
Nans-. Tl. Name. TL
■£ Scott 8 -H. H. Benlcard 5
J. Robinson 7 H. R. Hooker 3
F. W. iloSett •-- SiR. L. Spotts 8
J. V" A:k«r. . ... 8 E. L. C. Robins 8
"W d. Hinds 10 E. A. Alison.'. *
E. A. Eierck 6 J. R. Collins ~ • »
J. G. Batheeon 8 XT. E. Bemis —.. 7
Shoot-off won by Hinds.
£. Scctt ISIH. H. Benkarfl 1«»
J. Robinson 11 K. R. Hooker 14
F. W. Muff-:- 15 R. L. Spottß 13
J. W. After SIE. L- C. Robins 12
W. D. Hinds...: 12 E. A. Wilson 8
E. A. BJerck 11 J. F>. Collins —.12
J. G. Batheson ...14 W. E. B«mia 4
Won by Mcffett.
Makes World's Circular Track Records
for Four Distances.
Ijos Angeles, Jan. 9.— Barney Oldfleld,
driving his Benz racer over the As*?* Park
mile track to-day, broke the world's cir
cular track records for two. three, four
and five miles. His time for the five miles
was 4:24 1-5. The previous record, of 4:26,
was held by Ralph DePalma.
Notwithstanding the showing made by
"William McKay in his match with Frank
Hoppe at Doyle's last week, "Pop" Anson,
of Chicago, is. still, of the opinion that he
is the equal of the veteran. A match has
been arranged to take place at Doyle' 9
ths latter part of this week. Anson will
play there every afternoon at 2:30 clock,
meeting some of the local crack players,
in order to get in shape for the McKay
match, which will be played en Thursday
and Friday.
Perhaps adopting the suggestion of a
British inventor, who not long 6ince pro
posed the installation of mirrors at all
highway crossings, the English town of
Woodbridge, Suffolk. is blessed with just
sucb a safeguard for the traffic about one
of Its narrow street corners. The mirror
is placed in such a way that motorists
and drivers of other vehicles when ap
proaching the danger point are enabled to
ccc the — '"»■ of opposing traffic and
to govern themselves accordingly— Motor
Tonneau doors which develop an annoy
ing tendency to rattle should not be si
lenced by the tinker's expedient of wedg
ing bits of leather between the door and its
frame. Instead of eliminatlns the evil
tendencj-, this only tends to accentuate It
in the course of time, since it is caused
by the relaxation of some portion of. th«
body framework. Wedgirg-, under the cir
cumstances, only serves to increase the
spread of the parts. Generally speaking,
an expert body maker can remedy the evil
for all time, if given a chance to go to
work before it is too late.
"When the front wheels are beins tested
for play in the bearing?, a wedge of some
kind hOLil'i be inserted between the stearins
knuckle and Jaw. so that any lost motion in
the latter, and which usually is present to
a varying degree, will not manifest itself
and cause much unnecessary adjusting be
(ore the true situation is discovered. Some
times the mode of adjustment Is such that
it will not Dermlt the bearings to be ad
justed as finely as is desired, and in such
cases, if there is a choice between a snug
fit and a slight amount of play, the latter
should be given the preference.— Motor
The nurses and internes of the Kings
County Hospital held a masquerade ball on
Friday evening in the ballroom of the
yurses' Home, at Clarkson and Albany ave
nue?, Flatbush. This is the first ball of the
kind ever given at the hospital. Nearly two
hundred persons • re present, including
several physicians from Bellevuo and St.
Mary's hospitals. One of the features of
tho ball was the presenting of a diploma to
Dr. Samuel Fisher, who «M graduated
earlier in the day.
Harry Brown, twenty-eight years old.
who eald he '.i\s a medical student, from
Chicago. was arraigned yesterday before
Magistrate Smith, J ln the Long Island court.
and held to $30) bail. The complainant was
Dr. J H. Barry, who has char* 6 of th«
Health Department in Queens. Brown was
arrested on Saturday «/hlle making a tour
through Queens, ■here it Is alleged, ha
rer)resente4 himself as from. th* Board of
Health. and vaccinated everybody who
would give him 50 cents. Brown told tha
court fa« was fully competent 10 v&ccinata.
Hotvlerj and Club^ All Square
Ties Top Individual and Team Lists in Athletic
League Contests for Season's Honors,
Ties for the leadership in both the team
and Individual contests make the Athletic
Bowling League race more interesting than
ever As the matter now stands, Newark
Bay shares first honors with the Elizabeth
club team, with a standing of 13 games
won and 5 lost each, while among the Indi
viduals Vreeland and R. "West have the
same average to a fraction — 132.9.
A lively series is scheduled for to-night
between Roseville and New York on the
latter'a alleys. Thu3 far neither side has
rolled up to form, but they promise to turn
over a new leaf from now on.
Montclair will go to East Orange to-night
in another series, while on "Wednesday
Newark Bay will go to Jersey City and
Elizabeth to North End. Tile following
night Passaic is booked for Columbia, and
on Saturday evening Jersey City and New
York will meet here in their postponed
series. The Jersey City-Elizabeth date has
been changed from January 24 to Janu
ary 2S.
The averages follow:
TV. L. Are. H B.
Elizabeth 13 5 019.5 1,043
Newark Bay ... 13 5 013 8 1.014
Jersey City .10 6 002 5 1.018
Columbia " ,- - . .10 ,S 883.9 065
Roseville . » <> 908.12 I.CS«J
Pa3saic 9 9 907.3 1.001
New York 7 8 $00.3 ' 000
North End P 10 £90.12 1.054
"VJontclair « 12 8*4.7 956
Columbian 2 16 665.15 951
Install and Elect Officers for
Coming Season,
Th- Colonial Yacht Ciub held its annual
meeting at the clubhouse, Hudson River
and 138 th ?treet, Saturday night, and in
stalled the new board of officers.
Commodore Welch announced the follow
ing staff appointments and committee:
Fleet captain. Jeremiah Crowley; fleet sur
geon. Dr. Henry BC. Burns ; fleet chaplain,
the Rev. John W. Dooley ; measurer, Thom
a:- W. Purdie.
House committee — Albert Robinson, R- P.
Bpiraett. Charles P. Holland. Charles T-
McGlone, John B. Linderman, H. S. May
and Joseph H. Ba shore.
Regatta committee — David Crow. Ernest
Valiienr. Jarues Wallace.. E. K. Vanden
berg and Nathan Salomonsky.
Law committee — Frank E. Hippie, James
E. Donegan and S. IL Immergluck.
Auditing committee^ — W. B. Russland, P.
Walker Morrison and Frank Pohle.
Membership committee — Irving T. War
ren, E. D. Knowles and Warren C. Reed.
The annual vaudeville entertainment and
dance will be held at the Harlem Casir.o
on January 1~.
Ar the annual meeting of the New York
Motor Boat Club, held in the clubhouse,
Hudson River and 147 th street, the follow
ing officers were elected for 1910:
Commodore. Frank D. Gheen ; vice-com
modore, A. T- S. Clark; rear commodore,
E. E. Barney : treasurer, C. F. Chapman ;
secretary, C. H. DougHss ; member of the
board of governors. Arthur Bradley, ar-
Nir.ety-nine new members were enrolled
In 1909. To take proper care of its annual
growth, the club recently acquired the lease
of an additional one hundred feet of water
front on the Hudson, a^oming the present
The annual meeting of the Seawanhaka-
Corinthian Yacht Club will be held to
morrow ntgbi it the New York Yac!;t
Club, No. 20 West 40th street, and the an
nual meeting of the Manhasset Bay Yacht
Club at the Hotel Astor.
All yachtsmen are Invited to attend a
meeting of the "Waterways League, to be
held to-morrow night at Xo. 8 Kevins
street, Brooklyn, when officers for the
year will be nominated. The league's
membership now exceeds eight hundred.
Commodore Arthur Curtiss James cf
the New York Yacht Club has reapoointed
Franklin Plummer fleet captain and Dr.
George A. Dixor. surgeon of the club for
1910. The commodore's new bark rigged
auxiliary yacht Aloha, building at Qulncy,
Mass.. is to be launched next month.
Captain Joan Barr. nephew cf Captain
Charles Barr, has been appointed sailing
master of Morton F. Plant's new 55-foot
sloop, rapidly n«aring completion at the
Herreshoft yarde. at Bristol, R. I. Captain
Barr was mate of the yacht Atlantic when
she won the ocean race for the German
Jimp»>rcr'B cup.
Henry C. Pearson, of Columbia Univer
sity, Is having a 60-foot schooner built at
East Boothbay. Me., from designs by Mor
gan Barney, of this city. The yacht will
be equipped With a 25-horsepower engine.
r'olonM Robert M. Thompson, of the
New York Yacht Club, who made a long
eroiae In TJOs in the converted Hteamer
Mineola, has chartered the Puke of Bttth
frlaiKi't) steam yacht Catania for an ex
tfirt'<l cruise abroa-1. lie an.l his family
arc now on the Nile.
Eleni Sikelianos and Andrea Bevaris, of
No. 17: West Houston street, who were
arrested on Saturday at 54th street and
Broadway v/hllo walking with ilenalkas
Duncan, th* scantily clad four-year-old
tjephew of the former, were released by
Magistrate Herbert In the West Side court
yesterday. Menalkas was turned over to
hie father, Raymond Duncan, by th« Chil
dren's Society late Saturday night, and
yesterday Mr. Duncan appeared in court
to cay that he alone was responsl&lo for
the vay in which his child was clothed.
At the request of an agent of the Society
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
a charge of "endangering; the health of •
minor" was entered against Mr. Duncan.
and hi was released in 1200 bail to: ex
amination to-morrow .
G. At* H. S.
IR. West, Elizabeth 18 182.8 23S
; Vreelar^J. New-ark Bay IS 102.9 235
Ziegler, Pisstk ... 17 159.13 223
Pierson, Rosevill<s 18 Mg 25
. Brundage. Jersey City 15 IST. 11 -:•»'
A. West, Elizabeth 18 1*7.10 2*-»
; Dwyer, Newark Bay 13 187 9 2-4
j Clauss. Elizabeth 18 IS7.S 233
i Meyer, Jersey City 13 19". i 24-
Booth. North End If IS7.U *J»
Lee. Columbian 18 187.1 i 23.
' Roberts. New Tork 15 186J > 2-«
Meyer. Roseville IS 185.10 233
Bon-man, Jersey City 15 185.S 22S
T^fferts, Pa<>?aic 15 155.4 241
I Brunt. Passaic 18 184 4 23.
'• Shepari. Columbian 12 l«3.10 201
: Engle, Moatclair .- IS 163.7 225
i Bury. Moatclair 13 }f»-«, 212
Sherwood, N*jv Tork 15 152.14 214
: Van Ness, Rosevlile IS 152.3 227
Griffith. Newark Bay IS J«.« 245
Echultze. Columbia IS 151.9 246
Nolte, Elizabeth 13 ISI-3 203
■ Thomson. MonicUir .- « 181- 206
: Baldwin. North End 13 180.. 233
| Wood. Roseville 18 179 15 235
Clute, New Tork 15 179 5 223
Hartzel. Columbia ..... ■-.. If 1j.9 S 202
Jaeger, Newark Bay If ITB-14 213
Applet*!*. Columbia IS }L',l° 234
Lessins. Columbia 9 1.53 236
Thomson. Passaic 18 1.4.15 216
Ferber, Columbian IS 174 169
Clark. North End 15 173 14 224
Ball. Passalc ■• IS 1ia.14 220
Austin. North End IS 1j.3.11 219
Adams. New Tork 15 173.6 213
Harris. Jersey City 15 1< 3 3 199
Crum. Roseville IS 172.15 21a
. Ryan. Elizabeth 12 172.. 204
Eischof. Newark Bay.. IS 172.8 203
! Rohdenberg. Columbia If m« »!
Baume. North End IS m.14 200
Kimball. Columbia 9 1^0.5 200
Lamster. Jersey City 13 165.8 214
Enyder. Mcntclatr 9 168 191
Giels. Columbian . IS l^.lo 2U
I Arnold. Net- York 15 16714 244
T^-ozeatt Columbian 18 187.5 203
McCoy Moncclalr 15 165.9 201
I elgler-; Montclair 15 156.10 133
Hodges Talks on Theory and
Practice of the Game.
Mr. Hodges, the former chess champion,
delivered the first of a series of lectures on
'•the game at kings" in Brooklyn en Satur
The first part of ths discourse was de
voted to the history of the ancient pastime
and to a brief levtew of tho leading ex
ponents and masters of chess in modern
times. Though indulged in by all classes,
yet, Mr. Hodges declared, a great many
people were repulsed by the mistaken no
tion that chess was of too abstruse a nat
ure to permit of a knowledge of it being
readily acquired. Then the lecturer passed
on to the educational value of his subject,
quoting: Benjamin Franklin, who saw in it
a ready means cf developing foresight, cir
cumspection, caution and persererancs. and
Professor Huxley, who in his "Lay Essays
on a Liberal Education" refers to the
chessboard as the world, the pieces the
phenomena of the universe and the rules of
the game the laws of nature. Mr. Hodges
then dwelt on the social, moral and ethi
cal side of chess.
According to the lecturer, out of eight
members of college chess clubs competing
in recent university examinations In this
country no fewer than six gained medals
or scholarships. Touching upon the practi
cal side of the game. Mr. Ilodfcs said that
in his opinion the essence of properly con
ducting a game was development, and, sec
ondly, more development. Following the
lecture he gave an exhibition cJ blindfold
Throws Contents of Boiling Teapot
Over Her During Quarrel.
Mrs. Annie Roland, of No. 224 East 74th
street, was severely scalded by her hus
band, Tboaaaa, last night, it is charged,
and was taken to Bellevue Hospital. Her
husband hurriedly left the fiat after he
had thrown the boiling contents of a large
teapot over her head, and plainelothes men
of the East 67th street station were sent
cut to look for him.
According to the police, Roland sent his
wife out early last night to get 2o cents'
worth of whiskey. While she was out she
met somf friends and stood to talk for
awhile. When she returned her husband
growled at her for being gone so long and
became abusive. Mrs. Roland walked out
into the Icitc&ea, paying no attention to
her husband. This seemed to enrage him
the more, and he followed her into the
kitchen, and when Mrs. Roland refused to
talk back he picked up the large teapot
that was boiling on the gas range and
threw the contents over his wife's head.
Mrs. Roland gave one scream and sank to
the floor. Neighbors heard her cry out
and did what th*y could for her until the
ambulance came.
Fred Miiler, of Xo. 165 St. Ann's avenue.
The Bronx, and Joseph Berry, who say»
ht lives in Longwood avenue, The Bronx,
were held in $2,000 ball each for trial on
a charge of burglary in the Morrisanta
court by Magistrate Steinert yesterday.
The men are alleged to have stolen sev
eral hundred dollars' worth of silverware
end cut glass, which Louis S. Samuel, of
No. 83 West 104 th street, had stored in *
building ln FaNe street, opposite Gilbert
I'iace. The Bronx. They were arrested at
th« time the burglary was committed, but
Mr. Bamtie! did not appear and they were
discharged reaterdaj he Masttfled the
property as hiti and appeared as complatn
tnt against the men.
The Dalles. Ore., Jan. 9— The accidental
explosion of some dynamite on the line of
the Oregon Trunk Railway yesterday killed
eight laborers and Injured several other*.
[IIIIi1':■1 I I I I I I ■■ i i
~ Palace Show Exhibit.
Inspection Jnvtt'Sd. _
I Isotta Import Co, -
- 1.623 Broadway. -V. Y.
; i -~ — n — ~ , ; : ( ■ i r I- ! "r
Bilif KOWOZS WliiE. J. i. hi-*l2 CO. IIJI
RgglTlMga HIDG rflOlfE 3*S BUiM «Og
Senator Dick Reiterates Charge
Against Barber.
Akron, Ohio, Jan. 9.— Another letter in the
series being written by Senator Charles
Dick and O. C. Barber, head of the match
trust, as the result of Barbers challenge
to Dick to debate the latter's merits as a
United States Senator, was Issued by Sen
ator Dick yesterday. It is addressed to Mr.
Barber and is in part as follows:
I challenge your statement that you are ,
a citizen of New York and demand the
proofs. I charge that you never voted in
that state and that you are no more a
citizen of New York than you are a citizen
of Ohio, and, not being a citizen of any
state, it follows you are not a citizen of
the United States.
The statement that you want to debate
public questions with me 13 disproved by
the vituperation, insinuations, slanders and ■
barrom abuse with which your letters
abound. "What you want is a row — not a. i
debate. You said, ••■Senator Dick talks
like an ase." Your saying so doesn't make
It so. Now, I. shall not reply to you. Mr
Barber, in kind. ' Besides, I have too much i
respect for the as 3to put you both In the
same class. Furthermore, the ass Is of ;
some use in the. community with a net
amount of value to his credit. Again, if
you really think "Dick talks like an ass."
why do you want to debate with him
I would not charge you with eavesdrop
ping, but you confess it. You say you
overheard all I said over the telephone to
my secretary at Washington about your
letter to Senator Aldrich, and your ex
perience is the common fate of all eaves-
I droppers— got it all wrong. Nest
time, Mr. Barber, come up to the house
and put your ear to the keyhole.
You say the reason you wrote Senator
Aldrich was because you preferred to deal
with the principal rather than with the
clerk. Now the fact is, I received two let
ters from you, now in my possession, ask
ing that the duties on imported matches
be increased SO per cent over th© rates in
the Dingley law. Perhaps you were right
about it, but I am amazed at your audac- \
ity in now posing as a tariff reformer, de- »
manding revision downward, or free trade,
having so recently urged an increase in
Exclusive Models of a Car That Is Popular
With Exclusive People
The $10,000 Atlanta Gold Trophy.
The Most Coveted of Motor Car Prizes and
The Rainier Stock Car That Won This Trophy
With a World's Record of 200 Miles in 173 Minutes
Take Subway or 6th or 9th Aver.ue 'L" to 65th Street, or take Broadway. Cclmnbus or Amsterdam Avero*
r-urfac© cars direct to door. Inspect the six Rainier models at your leirare without the discomfort of
a crowded automobile show. Open e^enins-s until January 15.
- (^j^/r^VTV/ AT _.—^7s&**
$$* <& /
duties on those things which you manu
are 'quot<3 Vv*ebst*r's definition of a
quot*- V»>bst*- - ■'.-•'■-'MoTi of a
"trust." and then insist you never organ
ized one "With the kind Webster detines
It is quite likely you nf*er had any ex
perience but of that kind which creates
monopolies you have manipulate! Indus
tries ntil your p«resonal fortune amounts
to millions of ill gotten «L*! ns - on which you
refu«" to pay taxes, while you pose as a
reformer and a "champion of the 'pepul. 1 '
What rot!
Twenty-three Perish in a Destructive
Bronx Stable Fire.
Twenty-three horses were burned to
death early yesterday morning In a fire
which destroyed a large frame stable at
Watson Lane and 17Sth street, belonging
to James P. Green, of No 3125 Park ave
The building-, about 200 feet square,
was entirely consumed, with practically all
' the wagons, surreys, hay and the like
which It contained at the time. There
were thirty-seven horses in all In it when
the fire occurred, but fourteen were saved
at great risk, due to the frenzy of the ani-
m als in their fright.
ThQ fire had made such progress by the
time the firemen, -jinder Chief Francis
Gray, arrived with three engines and two
trucks that it was decided there was noth
ing to do regarding the building and its
contents but to leave them to their fate,
and in an hour they were reduced to utter
ruin. The police placed the loss at $11,000.
Tha DrßpaM received yesterday an anop.y
mcus letter con:a:r..:.s: a J5 Dill intended for
flu re-.ief Of T V;:':am Higgins and his fam
ily, of No. 1010 59th street. Brooklyn. Hie
as been out of work for some time
as the result of an accident which left him
A Car of Beauty and Common Sense
In all the 1910 Rainier models individuality, style
and elegance remain distinctive Rainier characteristics.
These, combined with speed, strength, reliability and
comfort, place the Rainier in the fore front of the
world's best cars. The new enclosed touring car sets
a new standard in cars of that class. Following out the
straight lines of the torpedo type of body, side doors
give entrance to the front seats, but unlike the torpedo
type there is no appearance of freakishness 2nd the
tonneau is high, roomy and comfortable.
Other Rainier models include a close-coupled car,
a baby tonneau, a limousine, a landaulet and a light
touring car. All models equipped with 50 h. p. motor
giving speed up to 65 miles an hour.
Motor £o.
New England Motor Vehicle Co.. j Collins:. Carriage Co.,
501 Boylston St. 11 171* Chestnut St.
Underline Auspices of the
A. L A, M.
THE latest models of standard manufacturers of
Gasohne, Electric and Steam pleasure vehicles
will be exhibited.
All gasoline cars shown are manufactured under
. A comprehensive exhibit of Motor Parts, Tires and
i Accessories by the leading manufacturers of America
and Europe.
The only complete Motorcycle Exhibit in New York in 1910,
by the Motorcycle Manufacturers' Association.
A large display of Commercial
> chicles. Town Cars and Taxicabs.
Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturer*
Their Fear of Cobra* Hinders
Bronx Importations.
Because cf the objections of ships* er«w»
to seeing snakes for weeks at a time, It
may be that the efforts of Assistant Cura
tor Dltiaars, of Bronx Park, to art as
back a dozen or more cobras direct Tom
India will aeon meet with some obstruction.
It Is cheaper and more convenient to nay*
the snakes s«nt direct from Calcutta to
New York than by way of Tnal— J and
then resalpped. But as many of me boats
running direct have Lascar crews, and as
the natives are so superstitious about bar
ing snakes aboard, they win have to coma,
possibly, through more devious channels.
Although negotiations have been under
way for some time, so far no direct Iln«
has offered any encouragement. Other
than having them aboard there Is no
trouble, for the snakes are boxed 119 and
do not need may attention whatever. it t«
the possibility of their getting cut whica
excites the Lascars most.
: '■" number cf this variety ■■: cobras eft
•---"---- house in ':-'-". Par* has not
---- Increased or lowered ta s«m« -.i.«n«
Many or the cobras have lived Jor cm*
years In •-. - cases, and how - -- oldsr
they are is not known, Meat of them w«r»
obtained from snake -:'.<irni*re In India.
Albin Anderson, who says ne> la «m
ployed by William E. Corey, president of
the United States Steel Corporation. ws*
arrested in an automobile, after a chaae gl
- --■• blocks, at «-a street and Lexington
avenue yesterday, and locked op in th»
East Slst street station, charged with.
speeding at thirty mils* an hour. •
The motorcycle pnftc—im said Ander
son refused ta stop a- his v.r-z '■•':•. criwt
out to him. "You can't catch me— and
then put on more speed.

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