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The Circle Apartment House Sold — New Home for the
Chemists' Club.
Th# Dyckman district, now one of the
most alluring and one of the safest epecn
l*tive regions of the greater city, occu
pied yesterday almost the entire attention
of realty brokers, operators and investors.
In fact, few persons identified with the
great realty market of New York appeared
to have any time to think about any 'trad-
Ing not a part of the business being trans
acted in the district on Manhattan Island
Just north of Washington Heights.
It "*"as unquestionably one of the live
'!•>• days la the Dyckman section, not
only in many months, but since the fa
mous "boom times'* soon after the open-
Ing of the subway in 1904.
The character of the Dyckman opera
tions yesterday reflected the initial stages
cf a great building movement, for which
many real estate leaders have long waited,
because It will result in making of the
■one what it is destined to — an apart
ment house district of high class, with
rows of modern retail stores, with many
public schools, with splendid private In
stitutions of learning, with large num
bers of flourishing churches, and with
nearly all the coveted residential features
ef the West Side just north of 59th street.
The big builder has at last reached tho
r>ycknian zone, and the day of transform-
Ing It Into a charming residential area is
One of the principal Dyckman transac
tions reported yesterday was the sale by
Hall J. How & Co.. to the Hensle Con
struction Company of the entire block front
on the south side of Emerson street, from
Pert to Sherman avenues, a plot fronting
■I feet In Emerson street and measuring
100, feet in depth. The Post avenue end of
this plot. ]~xloo feet, was sold by tho
Manhattan Real Hastate Company and the
Sherman avenue end. 135x100, by R. Clar
ence I>orsett. /
On this sit<». -which is just west of the
y*7xh street station, the Hensle Construc
tion Company is going to erect two six
*tory elevator apartment houses each IBs
M feet. As to the structural character of
these buildings, it was said yesterday by
ore of those interested in the project that
the buildings will be of as high class as
any of the similar houses put up within
the last two years on Washington Heights.
Senator Timothy D. Sullivan also added
t- his holdings in the district yesterday.
Among other big deals reported yesterday
w«»r« the sales of tho Circle apartment
house. No. 1W Morningside avenue, and the
three four t^tory and basement dwelling
hn US e!» Xos. B and 52 West E3d street, and
No. JOB West 74th street.
Vnrk & Sawyer, as architects, have filed
plans for the proposed ten story club
house and office building to be erected for
The Chemists' Club, of which Dr. Morris
Jx>eb is president, at Nos. W and 5-i East
<lst street, it is to be an artistic struct
ure of white marblo, in the style of the
FTench Renaissance of the Louis XVI
Bfirioi. finished with lonic pilasters and
balconies at the second story and similar
decorative balconies &t the top story.
The main floor will contain in tho rear
I Bqpe auditorium with a balcony, and tha
s*rond will be fitted as a. luncheon room,
with social rooms opening off it. The
fourth and fifth floors v.iil be devoted to
living and sleeping roo:ns lor the mem
bers, below which will be the library and
museum. The five upper stories will con
tsln laboratories. The building is to cost
Fire Commissioner Waldo, through Chief
Architect Stevens of the Fire Department.
also filed plans for the new fire station
house for Enngine Company 25, long
Known as tho sth street firefighters, at Xo.
BM 6tii street, adjoining the old Sth street
police station and east of the old Etb street
school, all three buildings being well
known East Side landmarks. The new
fire house will be 40 feet front, three
stories high, with a facade of ornamental
brick, finished with limestone and gran
st*. and will have a recreation hall on the
top floor. It is to cost $35,000.
Will Erect Houses for Employes of
Steinway Factories.
I'or the purpose of erecting dwelling
houses in the Steinway section of Long
Island City there has been incorporated the
Steinway Homestead Company, with a cap
ita! of $50,000. The corporators are Theo
dore E. Steinway. Theodore Cassebeer,
Herman Irion, William K. Benedict and
Russell K. Scholler.
Tlie company alrr-ady oontrols a piot of
about sixty lots, and work will be begun
BSSSSBBSateiy on a ervup o f two-family and
four-family house?. It is the idea primarily
to rent and sell these to employes in the
Rteinway factories, although sume of them
r.iay be disposed of v> other persons.
Clarence H. Kelsey, president of the
Lawyers' Title Insurance and Trust Com
pany; Edwin W. Coggeshall. president of
the Title Guarantee and Trust Company;
Edgar J. Levey, president of the Title In
rurance Company, and William Y. Eber-
KOle, president of the Cincinnati Real Es
■:«t<» Exchange, have been elected associate
members of the Real Estate Board of
The Twenty-third Street Association lias
*.BT«*ed to the plan for widening 23d street
from the Eatt River to Eighth avenue by
»»-tt!r.g back the curbs four feet. The cx
r^nße will be borne by the city. The plan
does not involve any reduction Of vault
►pace- beneath the sidewalks.
Kenneth ires & Co. have sold for Ernest
Rystrom a Btonc cottage, in Osden ?'ark.
fobs Ferry. This is the third noose the
f.nn ha,B sold for Mr. Bystrom in the last
four months.
Charlen A. Goldman has bought from
«."athe.rine Doberty No. 176 Concord etreet,
Brooklyn. j
Burrill Brothers have sold the three story
and ba*emi-ri» brick and stone dwelling
liou^e No. 16 FiFko Place, between Carroll
street nnd Garficld Place, for Adelaide C
3 land to a client •-»! occupancy.
fi. Albert has sold for John Schreyer the
northeast corner of Second avenus and 4th
.^trcet. Mount Vernon. to Henry J. Feiser,
on which he will erect a high .-lass apart
ment house. The t>!ze of the plot is 50x303
f<*et. Mr. Bchreyerhaa also sold the plotoQx
350 feet at the northwest corner of Second
avenue ana -Sth Street, Mount Vernon. to
Hi P\sftssr. He •will erect a similar house
or that site.
Stanley H. Mollesbn has sold to John A.
Ueydler. secretary and treasurer of the
Got Good Office Boy
We advertised for a boy in your
paper and got the best .boy that we
ever have had.
Shirtmaker and Outfitter, 20 East
42<3 ttreet.
National Baseball League. thrp«» lots on
Henley avenue, between Washington and
Newport avenues. Belle Harbor. Long Isl
and. It is understood that Mr Heydler
will erect a fine house on the site for his
own occupancy. A. S. Hatch & Co., of
Rockaway Park, were the brokers in the
Structure Will Be Altered for Stable
and Storage Purposes.
Th» Duross Company has leased th<? four
etory and basement* building, Nos. 106. 10S
and 110 Seventh, avenue, on a plot 52x109
feet, for the Champion Laundry Company
to Cornelius Sullivan for a terra of twenty
five years at an aggregate rental of $90,000.
The building will be altered for stable and
storage purposes.
The Charles F. Noyea Company re
leased for Stewart Browne offices in trie
Broadway-Maiden L«anQ Building, to Parker
& Ernst. : .'•.>'.• ' ■ ; ",
L. J. Phillips & Co. have l«as°d the store
In the ten story building bring built, at X<">.
3770 Broadway, by the McMorrow Engi
neering and Construction Company, to
Davis & Klein a«= agents of the United
Cigar Stores Company, for a term of years.
Huberth & Gabel have leased the store
and basement at the northwest corner of
Broadway and sSfh street to the American
Simplex Automobile Company, for a term
of five year?, at an aggregate rrntal of
Lewis Ij. Rosenthal has leaded for S.
Tjeibowich to Daniel Robinson tho store at
No. 454 Sixth avenue.
James Ci. Wentss is the buyer of No. 355
West End avenue, a four story dwelling
house, sold recently by the Easthorpe, Im
provement Company. Mr. NVentz livs at
No. 312 West 82d street.
Eugene Sondheim. of No. 170 Broadway,
is the buyer of No. 70 West S:M street,
sold by the McDonald estate.
The property Nos. 7 and 9 West 39th
street, near Fifth avenue, is to be sold in
foreclosure on February 9 at the stand of
Herbert A. Sherman. It consists of two
four story dwelling houses, on plot 35.10 x
Sfc.fl feet. 245 feet west of Fifth avenue.
The action is brought to satisfy a judg
ment of $146,000.
The eight story Edison Building, at Nos.
4 2 and 44 Broad street, extending through
to Nos. 42 and 44 New street, is to be sold
in foreclosure next month by Joseph P.
Day. The property, which has frontages
of 41. H and 64.4 feet, respectively, is to b«
sold under the direction of Joseph A. War
ren, referee.
Frederick W. Fieder is the buyer of the
Jay Gould estate, a plot 125x124.7x140,11X
oS.S feet, on the west side of Sherman ave
nue, 175 feet north of Isham street, recently
reported sold. Hall J. How & Co. were the
brokers in the deal.
Hal! J. How & Co. were the brokers in
the sale for the Chelsea Realty Company
of a plot 150x100 feet, at the. northeast
corner of Tenth avenue and 206 th street.
and also in the sale for Dr. Velmo M.
Xg 1:'1 :' ra to Max Just of a plot 100x150 feet
on thf easterly side of Vermilye- avenue,
100 feet north of Hawthorne street.
Th<=; sefne. firm was also the broker In
the sale, for Valentine Fink of a lot on th«
east side of Tenth avenue, 49.11 feet south
of 207 th street, recently reported.
f^old to the Hensle Construction Company
the entire block front on the south side of
Emerson street, from Post to Sherman ave
nues, fronting 310 feet on Emerson street
and with a depth of 100 feet. Tho Man
hattan Real Estate Company and R- Clar
ence Dor.sell were the sellers. On the site,
which is just west of the 207 th street Pub
way station, the Hensle company will erect
two Fix story elevator apartment houses,
each 155x100.
POST AVENUE— The Manatee Company
was resorted to have sold a plot 100x75 fe^t
sit the southeast corner of Post avenue and
Emerson street.
Reynolds Company sold for the Washington
Heights Realty Company to Charles E.
Cameron the plot 100x100 feet at the north
west comer of Sherman avenue and Isham
street. Mr. Cameron also bought through
the same brokers the adjoining plot, 75x1i»0
feet, on Sherman avenue, from Charles G.
Beely and J. J. Barry.
SHERMAN" AVENUE — Gr.orso r. Howe
.^old the northeast corner of Sherman ave
nue and Hawthorne street, a plot 100x110
SHERMAN AVENUE— Senator Timothy
D. Sullivan bought through the Thomas I*
Reynolds Company a pint 100x10^ feet at
the northca.st corner of Shernuin avenue
ano Emerson street. Senator Sullivan r*>
rently bought a plot at the southeas-f cor«
ncr of Hawthorne and Emerson streets.
resold for the Realty Operating Company a
plot 112x100x170x177 fef»t on the west sid<
of Tenth avenue, 135 feet south of Emer
son street, to a builder, who will erect two
fifty loot apartment houses on tb^ t-ite.
sold for Frederick Meade the southwest
corner of Tenih avenue a?nl Emerson
street, at the 2f'7tli str>'ft subway station,
a p!ot of about eight lots, fronting 21! i-
on Emerson street, together with an abut
ting plot on the east side of P<>st avenue,
100 feet south of Emerson street. lf'oxl2sx
irregular. Mr. Meade became th<-< owner of
the property In 1870.
po!d th<* plot 100x100 on the west fide of
Vermi!ye avenue, 100 feet north of Emer
son street, to Max Marx.
211 TH STREET—A. N. Gitterman sold to
John L.. Emits and Frank J. Blnnott for the
Bradley estate the lot on the south side of
-lltli street. 273 feet east of Ninth avenue.
aiTH STREET— O'Connor. Lawrence &
Ellison sold the property at the southeast
corner of Tenth avenue and "11th street,
size 100x9'.' I! feet, for John M. Rice to Paul
rence & Ellison were associated as brokers
in the sale of ei^ht lots on the east Eld« of
Vermily: avenue, 300 feet north of Dyck>
man street, reported on Tuesday.
2ioTu Street- nan J. now & Co. sold
for Daniel B. Fig^draan to a building- oper
ator the block front on the south side of
215 th 'street, between Broadway and Tenth
avenue. It measures 125 feet on 215 th street,
81 feet on Broadway and 100 feet on Tenth
AUDUBOM AVENUE- Edouard Drestler
sold, in conjunction with Henry Week, for
the Broad Construction company, the
northwest porner of Audubon avenue and
]7&th stte<t. a .six story elevator hou.se,
known us the Lynwood, on plot 75x100 feet.
The property nrai h<-in ;i i 1180,000.
MADISON; AVENUE— lot, , 21x100.5
feet, at tho southwest corner of 71st street
and Madison- avenue, was reported to hay«
been resold to a client of Mrs. L.. G. John
son. : •
rod Realty Company sold the Circle, a Fix
Ftory elev&tor apartment, l house. No. mo
M-v r.'ngside avenue, to the M. R. It. Builrt
lns and Investing Company, of which
Samuel Levy Is president.
4PTH STREET— Bernard J. Foss sold for
the estate of Dora Winter No. 416 West 4Pth
street, a five story tenement house, on plot
25x100 feet, to a client.
63D STREET-Charles J. McKenna fold
for W. &■ J. Bachrach No. 210 East 63d
street, a four story tenement, house, with
stores, on lot 25x100 4 feet.
72D STREET— Post & Reese sold for a
client No. 109 East T2d Btreet, a four story
and baFement dwelling house, "n a lot 20x
102.2 feet.
?:D STREET-The Frank L. Fisher Com
pany sold for a client to the Stronghold
Realty Company Nos. 50 and 52 West S2d
street and No. 103 Weft 74th street, three
four story and basement dwelling houses.
No. 148 West 7-d street, reported sold yes
terday, was given in exchange, it is said.
?9TH STREET— The West Side Construc
tion Company, of which Jacob Axelrod Is
president, resold six lots on the north side
of 99th street. 200 feet west of West End
avenue, to a builder, who will erect two
eight story apartmrnt booses, 75x109 f^et
each, on th** site.
sold for John Tule to the Bellwood Realty
Company Nos. 1705 and 1709 Bathgate ave
nue, two five story new law flathouses, each
on plots 57.6xH5 feet.
CRESTON AVENUE- Francis Haff sold
for the Le Roy Construction Company the
northwest corner of 190 th street and Cres
ton avenue, 100x114 feet; also the entire
block fronting on St. James's Park, in 191 st
street, between Crest on and Morris ave
nues. The parcels will b<? improved with
dwelling houses.
struction Company sold the two four story
double flathouses, on plot 66x85 feet, near
178 th street. The company recently finished
these houses, in conjunction with two
others abutting on Southern Boulevard.
JENNINGS STREET— Madeline Maidhoff
and several oth^r persons sold No. 902 to
90S Jennings street, three two story dwell
ing houses, on plot 52x125.6t irre.srnlar. near
Southern Boulevard.
sold four two family dwelling houses on
the east side of St. Lawrence avenue, south
of West Chester avenue.
The . auction sales held yesterday at the
Real Estate Exchange salesrooms, Nos.
14 and US Vesey street, resulted as follows:
• " By Joseph P. Day.
FOKMER HUFPBL TRACT, comprising about
SO acres, fronting on East River and Ferris
aye. The Bronx; S H Rosenthal apt Ferris
Avenue Realty Co et si; M H Hayman, atty;
R P. Tillinghast, ref; amt due. $10,529 20;
huh to a first mtg of $100,000; adjourned to
Jan 20.
The auction offerings to-day will be as
By Bryan L. Kennelly.
INTERVALE A\*E, 1242. sop. Intersecting w s
of Fox st. 87.11x27x84.11x95.5. 5 sty flat and
store; A A Carpenter agt B V Luhrsen et al;
W M Powell, atty; R B Clarke, ref; amt due,
$07.209 27; taxes, etc, $2.000 94.
By Joseph P. Day.
133 D ST. rCS, b b, 212 ft W of 7th ay«, 37.
99.11. 5 sty tenmt; J -X Wells apt J T Mulhall
et al: E .1 Ludvigh. atty: A P Massey, ref;
amt. due, $2,243 72; taxes, p.tc, 5604 09.
(With name and address of lessee.)
BROADWAY. 313 G. n c cor 12."th (it; Caroline
Uhllg to James J Kopf; 6 yrs from Aus 1.
1909; $1,600.
Address, 3136 Broadway.
ESSEX ST, n c cor Delancey st: Me>-er Vexell
and ano to Samuel Leder; 5',-j \ts, $11,800.
Address. 120 Broadway.
MT'LBERRY FT. 224 to 228; "Hirvmas F Farrell
to Peter J La\clle; 10 %rs from Jan 1. 1010,
Addrobs, -2S Broadway.
PIERS 15 and 16, East River; City of New
York to United Fruit Co; 10 'is from July 1.
1909: $25,000.
Address Pier 1, North River.
PIER 27. East River; same to N>t» England
Navigation Co; 10 yrs from P*c 1. 1909;
Address. 1354 Broadway.
BULKHEAD foot 9.'Jd st, Kast River: mm* t<»
George Ehret and ano, 10 yrs from Aug 1,
1909; $1,500.
Address, 205 East 92d st. (
PIERS 44 and 45, North River; «am» to Clyde.
Steamship Co; 10 yra from July 1, 1909;
Address, 292 Broadway.
PIER at 129 th ft and North River; jiamw to
Khen E Olcott; 10 yrs from completion of pier;
Address, foot cf Desbrosscs St.
PIER at 131 st and North River, bulkhead: name
to Manhattan Terminal Co; 10 yrs from com
pletion of pier: $9,250.
Address, foot of 131 st st. North River.
WEBSTER AYE. 1910; Tremont-Webster Build
ing Co to Otto Gtrdts; 9 yrs from Jan 1, 1910;
Address 401 East 156 th st.
WENDOVUR AVB. 432. s w cor Park ay*;
Wendover Hall Co to Samuel Savitcli et al; 5
yrs from March 1. 1910: $4,200.
Address, Room 1302, 140 Nassau •■{.
3D AYE. 3202; Mario J Schoiz et al to John X
Smith; 8 yrs from Feb 1, 1910; $2,000.
Address, 3202 3d aye.
25TH ST, 202 West; Augusta Pollfenle to Julius
HalkiD; 3 yrs from May 1. 1908; $I!t>0.
Address, 2u2 West 2r>lh at.
(With name and address of purchaser.)
AMSTERDAM AYE. W s, 1424 to 1428, 3 lots,
each .-T.ii^lfMi. 134 th st. n s. ■:■■>.". an.i 357 Kast.
37.»5xlOO.ll; Leonard L Rothstein and nno to
Alfred Frankenthaler and ano; Jan 17; $100.
Address, 35 Nassau st.
BROADWAY, n c cor of 141 st nt, 99.11x100; T
.1 Mclaughlin's Son'" to Walter 5", Mack rt al:
Jan 17 out*, $825,000): $100.
Address. 312 West 71st st.
CENTRAL PARK WEST, w B, PP.2 ft n of «4th
. st. 24x100; William C Lobensttne to B»l!^ w
Lobenstlne; Jan 17: $100.
Address. 245 Central Park West,
CENTRAL PARK WEST, ii w cor of 106 th Ft.
25.11x100; Abraham Hcyman et a! to Elizabeth
L Hume; Jan 17; $69,000.
Address, 160 Broadway.
DIVISION ST. 243, s s, 23x4S.fi; Pho-nlx Ingra
ham to Louis W Sanborn; $1,">.70f>.
Address, Room 1,005, 47 Cedar st.
EMERSON ST. <• v 100 ft n of Vermllyea aye.
188.7x100: William B leham to Henry R
Mygatt; Jan 17: $t>i:>.oOO
.Address. 507 West 13Sth Ft.
FRONT ST. 359. s s, 25x140; Ignatz Marcaieten
to Horowitz Bros & Marpareten. $1.
Address. ..7! East 4i!i st.
OOERCK ST. a r, 125 ft s of Broome st. 23x100:
Thomas W Jeralds to Louis Levy; $100.
Addreea, Room 1.202. 320 Broadway.
JAMES ST. 72. 1 v, cor of Oak st. 21x lrrep;
Annie B^llnsKy to Antonetta Fafr<r»llc« 'mtg
$39,500;. $1.
Address. 72 James Ft.
LENOX AYE. n c cor of J23-1 st. 18.6x75
Emma A Jcwett and ano to Max Moakowiti
Address, 262 Lenox aye.
LEXINGTON AYE. n • cor of 10 th Ft. Hx
SO; Ignatz Margareten to Horowitz Bros A
Margareten: $1.
Address. 371 East 4th st.
BIANOIN ST. w f, 71.2 ft « of Stantnn st. S^Vx
100; Ignatz Margareten to Horowitz Bros A
Margareten: $1.
Address. £71 East 4th st.
MADISON ST. 412 s 9. 26x100; Harry HflllnE*r
to Louis j Wlllner, of Chicago: $1.
Address, Room 019, 320 Broadway
MADISON ST. 412, s s. 25x100; Emma L N>pp»rt
to Louis J Willner: $1.
Address, Room 919, "20 Broadway.
MADISON AYE. 1539, « «. 16>x70: Kathartna
I>ivy to Marcus Lfvin mit,; $9,000); »100.
Address. 1539 Madison avo.
PARK AYE. Sfift to 59«. w s. 100x76 Bronkfleld
i truction Co to Harry .■•! Anotln; Jan 17
cmU 1 $130,000): $io<>
Iddrea*, 40 Wail
SAME PROPERTY; Harry M Anotln t> City
Rt-al Estate Co; Jan 17 mite Jif'!'."* 1 "'. $100.
Address, 176 Broadway.
PLEASANT AYE. 259. w P. 15x74; P.oslna Leo
to Louis Lro (mtR UO.OOOt; $100.
Address. .'S37 East 111 th Bt.
WILLETT BT, 62. «■ ■• 100 ft n of Delaaeey st,
16.SxlOft: Ignau Mar«areten to Ilorowltj !«;..«
& Mai-);alLl-:i; $1.
Address, ;;7i East 4lh Ft
2D AVK. net) and 1768, ■ a on of 02.1 it, 60i
kOO Hug» Goia.-li to George Hliret; Jan 17
untp $30,000); $100.
Address, 230 Last t>2d st.
4TH ST, 11 ok, 100 ft * c of Ay« D, 60\9t1; Re
Bliui MHipiHrtteu to Hfrowtiz Bros & Marga
reten; ?100.
AdOreea, 371 Baal 4tli tt.
HTH st. «,n East. j..-.:m ;. Louis Ueaslage^ el
al t,, Wolf Franzblatc »:.
A«ldr.:«*, 2« IZaat until, «l.
221' ST. 41 East, 11 s, 26s*H.»' A II Uarttliom t,,
11 .n. H " lllv Co ' ji,,, 1- tints $50,000); $100.
Addna», 111 Broadway,
t?Pll? T m West, 22.8x88.9; Walter I Scotl
1 nmtoi Fink (img y.r, ik>o); $lto.
Adaicss, 17 Nue.iu.u «,t.
27TH PT. 422 We«t. ■ b. 24.7x98.9; Harry Wolfs
to Lena ■ Clarke. . an trustee: Janl«; 5100.
Addres*. Room 904. 198 Broadway.
80TH ST. 47 East.' n | Iti lHS»; Joseph i,S
Richards to.De Forest Estate CVrp-^ratton. Jan
17 (mtg $22,000): $100. >
Address. 66 Broadway. -v'-.v- *•'
32T> ST. 203 East. 24.8x107.«; "° Rov«r* t^ F.iv
, Rovere: $100. - - • .. >
Address, 5 Beekman «t.
BSTH ST. 315 last, Vs. BtjatLL Samuel Wacht
to C Blake Orcutt (mtir $20,000): $100.
■ Address, 220 Broadway. ■
SAME PROPERTY: C Blake Orcutt to Seaboard
Land'& Mortgage Co (mtg $22,500);. $100.
' Address, 220 Broadway.
39TH ST 243 West, n s. 16.«x95.9; Kathertne
and Clara Schefsky to Robert Q Hamilton;
Jan 17 {rats $12.000t: $100. /: v
Address, 165 Broadway. ; „ ,-1 » .■;'•.
40TH ST. 553 West, n ■. 25x08 9: {^aboard
Land & Mtg Co to Samuel Wacht; Jan
17 (mtg $12,500); $100.
Address, 99 Nassau st.
44TH ST. 20S East. 25x100.5: Mary E Lynch to
Edw W Daly (mtgrs $25,500): $100.
Address. Room 31. 51 Chambers st.
47TH ST. 124 and 126 West, s s. 37.3x100 5;
Manton Davis and ano to H Andrew Beyer;
Jan 1": $100. !
• Address, SOS East SSth st.
60TH ST. 224 to 232 West. 75x100.5: Alex H
Flncus et al to Robespierre Realty & Con
struction Co: $100
Address. Room SO, 62 William st.
75TH ST. s E. 177 ft w of West End aye.
40x135.10; Howard P Homans to Adolph
Sochs; $1. , V
Address. Tloom 1500. Times Bldg.
79TH ST. 212 East. 20x102.2: I^nats Mar
garet en to Harowitz Bros & Margareten . $1.
Address, 371 East 4th st.
106 TH ST. s 5. .79.8 ft c of Brpad^ay. 25x
100.11; Robert Power to Mary Tj Muir.
Address, C 27 Central Park West.
112 TH ST n c. 235 ft c, of Park aye. l&.Sx
100.11: Dr Anna Ir.g^rman to Kay Ser
bin; 51.
Address, Room 204. 93 Nassau pt.
114TH-ST. b s. 200 ft c of sth aye. 25x100.11;
Samuel Becker to Harry Geffen. of Brook
lyn (mtg $26,9251; $1.
Address. 26 Llspenard st. ... _ ;
12SD ST. 105 West, s s>. 20.1x100.11: John H
Ball to Isabella Ball I'mta- $15,509) ; $100.
Address. 295 10th st.
124 TH ST. v. s. 253 ft * of Broadway. «2x
100.11: Ignatz Margareten to Horov.itz
Bros & Marj?areten: $1.
Address. 371 East 4th ft.
157 TH ST, n s, 75 ft c of Broadway. 50x100;
Ellery A Thompson to Gross & Herbener;
Jan 17 (mtfr $15,000): $100.
Address, 43 West 93th st.
BATHGATE AYE, 2156, c =. 16x110.7: T«n»a
Herzog to Ftedk C Hunter; Jan 17 mile
$4.000>; $100.
Address, 71 Nassau st.
BATH GATE" AYE. 1705 and 1709. n n, 75x120;
John Yule to Belwood Realty Co (mtg $72,000);
Address, 55 Nassau st.
BRIGGS AYE. 2-V<\ c B. 1P.2x««.1O: Brigys Avn
Realty Co to Sarah L Taylor; Jan 17, (mtg
$7,000): $1.
Address. Valentine st, cor 192 d at,
CTPRESS AYE, n c cor 140 th st. 100*120, Lulu
Qulgg to Richard Vallender; $1.
Address. 35 Nassau st.
KINGSBRIDGH RD. s c s. 103.6 ft n « of 233 d
ft. 20.6x153.10: Julie C Tompkins to Jas J
Thornton; 51.J25.
Address, Room 126, 40 Wall st.
KJXGSBRTDGB RD. 5 c s. 186.4 ft. n • of 233«1
pt. 50.8x36.6; Julie C Tompkins to Charles R
Hadley; $1,875.
Address. 114 Liberty st.
LORING PL. c s. 217.11 ft n of TS3d «t. 90x
lrreg; William D Peck to G H Masten Realty
Co: Jan 17; $500.
Address. 34 East 9th st.
LOT 57, map 160 lots, property Maximilian Mor
genthau: Emerence X Agcr to Lucius L Gil
bert, (mt? 53.290 X: $ion.
Address, 4o Cedar st.
LOTS 78 and 79, . map Century Investing Oo;
Charles Oberwageret al to Thomas Longstaft
and ano (mtg $3,375): $100.
Address, Room 1,408, 111 Broadway.
LOT 52, block 27. map of Edenwald; David D
Feins to Alex E Sparsan: $100.
Address, 150S Lexington aye.
LOT 75, map Neill estate: Thomas Gallo to
Agnes Murphy (mtgs $4, 5.0); SI.
Address, 2022, Boston rd. ;
LOTS 83. Si and So, map estate. Maria Schrady.
! at Klngsbridge; Mary A Franklin to the Moun
tain Construction Co: $100.
.Address, 132 Nassau st.
MORRIS A\5E. n © cor Delancey pi. 45.5x92.7;
John J Geary to Simon Hammer (mtg $4.000».
Address, cor Morris ay« and Delancey pi.
OGDEN AYE, 050, n c cor 162fi st. 30x90; Jo
seph II Jones 10 Louis Meckes (mtg 513.000);
Address. 1016 Woody Crest ay«.
ROAD from .West Chester to East Chester, n «
cor Grove st, 255x349: John Fitzgerald to
William E Davies et al; $100.
Address. 67 Wall st.
SHEIL ST. s 8. lots 861 and 562. map T>aconla
Park; Joseph Fuchs to Theresa Fucha; Jan
17: $1.
Address. 148 East 121 st st.
SHERIDAN AYE, n w cor 163 d Ft. 1ft5.8x68.10;
John Yule to Briggs Avenue Realty Co, Jan
$17; $100.
Address, Valentino aye, cor 192 d st.
West Farms rd, 70x100; John F, Meghan Co to
Schoefer Construction Co; Jan 17; $100.
Address. 1019 Southern Boulevard.
TINTON AYE. W e, 145.4 ft n of 163 d st. 47x
185; Julia Webber to Hermine Larschan (mtg
$11,500); $100.
Address. Room 1101, 309 Broadway.
VILLA AYE, f. s. 526.8 ft n of 200 th st. 80x56.2;
Antonetta Giugliano to Gaetanu Clbuto (mtg
$24,000); $1.
Address. 193 Grand Ft.
WESTCHESTER AYE, nws.at s w e Home. St.
1075x147.9; Lawyers' Title Insurance and Trust
Co to American Real Estate Co, Jan 17; $100.
Address. 527 sth aye.
"WOODY CREST AYE. p p. 195.10 ft n of 164 th
;-t, 25x100; Louis Meekes to Joseph H Jones
(mtg $6,250); $100.
Address. 116 West 161 th st
3D AYE. © s. 100.4 ft b of 179 th «+ TSxl^ 1 :
Kcigwick Co to H C F Koch 6c Co. Jan 17: $1.
Address. 173 Manhattan aye.
134 TH ST. 60 East. 37.6x99.11: Selina Rosner to
Stephen H Jackson (mtg $3S.8OO); $1.
Addresb. 106 Lexington aye.
139 TH ST. Sb,s b, 100 ft wof St Ann's aye. 37. « x
100; The Centennial Realty Co to Mary Milltr;
Address, 200 Broadway, care of B Englander.
1418T ST. a s. 100 ft c of Robblns aye, 75x122.11;
a!so fourteen other parcels on 139 th and 140tli
Us, Southern Boulevard, etc; Century Investing
Co to United States Realty and Improvement
Co; Jan 17; $100.
Address, 111 Broadway.
lf>lST ST. n c cor of Mclrose aye. 20*114 Ettie
Goldberg to Louis Pincus and ano; $100.
Address, 20 West 31st st.
15RTH ST. n b. 150 ft w of Elton aye. 60x1 00 ,
Thomas H Roll to Charles H Zumbuehl tmtsr
148,800); $lf»0.
Address, 657 Courtlandt aye.
ISBTH ST. b n, 35 ft c of Jackson aye. 40xl<V);
Hermine Larschan to Julia Webber (mtgs $43.
700): $100.
Address. 306 West 123 d st.
162 D ST. 11 s. 160 ft c of Morris pi. 174x115;
Louis Lese to John Yule (mtg $33,500); $100.
Address, 35 Nassau st.
215 TH ST, b s. 200 ft c of 10th aw 75x99.11;
Acton Realty Co to Max Marx (mtg $16,750); $1.
Address, 128 Broadway.
23.".D ST. n c, s, 188.1 ft s « of Bronxwood aye.
31.4x136.11; Julie C Tompkliis ct al to James
J Thornton: $925.
Address. Room 128. 40 Wall st.
(With name and address of lender's attorney.)
Interest .'• per cent unless otherwise stated.
AYE C, 20.V w s. 24.10x70; Jan 17: 5 yrs. 4'?
per cent; Max Schwartz et al to Equitable Llfo
Assurance Society; $9,000.
Address. 120 Broadway.
BARROW ST. at s w b 4th st, *2x— . .Tan 17.
due, etc, as per bond; Michael Hallanan to
Greenwich Savings Bank: $65,000.
Attorney, George G De Witt, 88 Nassau st.
BREKMAN PL, w ■, 60 ft n of 50th st. 20x75.
ft yrs; Alex Spitzer to Eleanor B Brown:
Attorney, B W B Brown. 18 Wall st.
BROOMB ST, a s. 75 ft w of Wtllett st. 25x100;
5 yrs. 4% per cent; Morris H Glass to German
Savings Bank: $24,000.
Attorneys. Amend & Amend, 119 Nassau st.
GREENWICH ST. 450; 5 yra; Greenwich Invest
ing Co to Josiah II De Witt, guardian; $2<».o«X>
Attorney, Lawyers' Title Insurance Co, 160
LENOX AYE. 1 * cor 12T.d St. 23.5x75 {, >rs.
Bettt Moskowitz to Emma A Jswett; ?£2.f.o<>.
Attorneys, Stetson, Jennings & Russell, 19
Broad st.
MADISON WE. 1839, w f>. 16.8x70 (prior mts
$9,0t0); Mamie Levin to Katharina Levy.
Attorney, B Kswnsrk, 752 Broadway.
PARK AYE. w s. 2."i.3 ft s of 64th st. I<Vi x 7s
Jan 17; 3 yrs; Harry M Austin to Henry
A C Taylor; $60,000. nenry
Attorneys. Strong & Cadwalader. 40 Wall st.
PARK ROW, 101, l^x- , Jan 17; leasehold: fir
mand. 6 per cent; Louis and Alfred \V «chlos-i
to A Flock & Son; |11.8 0
Attorneys. Deyo & Itauerdorf. 11l Broadway.
PEARL ST. 16. b a. SS.Bxloß.Bxß4xtOß.2: Green
wich st. 58 and 60, w 8. 52. lx — ; \ part- all
title; 2 yrs. 6 per cent; Edgar F Mason io Ella
ICilanalmer; $1.50rt.
Attorneys, Dutton & Ki'.sheimrr. 203 Bnmd
SULLIVAN* ST. I) • cor of Canal st. BS.Sx
.lan 17; .1 jrs: 4'^ per cent. Alexander At
Powell to Albany County Savings Bank;
"* r Attorneys, Fett retch. Sllkman «■ Beybel
4 Park ROW. •
WOOPIiAWN RD. i « cor of Bainbrid^e aye
•-'.'. xlOu; i yr; 6 per cent; Rile) 4 I^.uciir, y
Bealty Co to L Title ouar & T Co; B UJ ouo
Address, 170 Broadway. •»•••
WILLETT st. «.-, « „, »ri x ifto; I vr, We.
$"-m!oo Kraus l ° 1 " 11 ' 1 Koßl<rna n. .x. .
Trir^^Ji^o'dway; 1116 I " a " ran ' 1 ' " nd
IST AYE, « B. 27.^ ft n of 77th Bt *»-.vfn-
RaSier: &;,r : "- LCna ***"« » Ja«ob
Ait^ D< ' y> " M ** Vln ' 5 Ce^man It.
W » H vr. V S.r*c.n ft " of $** * r,oxi,o-
Attorne) E s .•ii n ,i, 1 , ii i-a,;. i-..,,
, Jan st. due! 425 i 8i 8 ncr , .n, .m, V "- SftJ**
Jan 17. dm „,- .[i ,' .", : ""' •/•. 3&xM.»;
son to v B Life inVCoVt- 000 b '"" W P-SSJ
Una sr. 23 Baal (in.. ... . »»Mway.
Caroline A Or.n.iofe.^^^r^,;
Attorney. LaWJfSfS 1 Title Insurance »nd
Trust Co. ICO- Broadway.
SSTH ST. 315 East; 2Cx9'3.9 (prior mtg.. $20.-,
O00); 1 yr; 6 per cent: Bisk* C Orcutt '•
Arthur J Taylor: $2,300.
Attorney, Lawyers THIS Insurance ami
.Trust Co. MO Broadway.
67TH ST. 435 and 437 West. 50x100.5: Jan 17:
.*> yrs: 4>i per cent; James H Anderson to
Bowery Savings Bank: $33,000.
Attorneys, Strong A Cadwalader. 40 Wail
st. (
7,-) TH BT. ■ t, 177 ft w of West End »v». 40x
--; 5 yrs: 4V, per cent; Adolph S Ochs to
Lawyers Title Ins & T Co; $75,000.
Address. 160 Broadway.
101 ST ST. 169 East. ■ ?. 40x100.11: Jan 17;
6 yrs; 4 J j per cent; Benson Realty Co to
Edw a Kerbs: $35,000.
Attorneys, Bandler & Haas. 42 Brca ! ■ >
101 ST ST, 173 East, n s. 40x100.11: Jan 17;
ft yrs, 4Vj per cent; same to same: $38,000.
Attorneys, Bandler & Haas, 42 Broadway.
101 ST ST, 171 East, n s. 40x100.11: Jan 17:
B yrs; 414 per cent; same to M Samuel
Stern; $39,000.
Attorneys. Bandler &■ Haas. 42 Broadway.
119 TH ST, 6 s. 5«5 ft c of Lenox aye. 15x100.11
prior mtg $8,000); 2 yrs. 6 per cent; Matthew
J Smith to Emil E Baak«; $2,000.
Attorneys, Pellesbourg. .Elndler ' &■■ Houston.
457 Broadway.
23D ST. 53 West, s s. 33.6x100.11: Jan 17:' due.
etc, as per bond; Lars G Jonasson to Tltl*
Guarantee and Trust Co; $25,000.
Address. 176 Broadway
BELMONT AYE. • s, 235 ft n of lSl.t st, 21.2 x
172 11 X 24x170 (Jan IT); 3 yrsj Rowland W
Thcmas to John TVinam*; $6,000.
Attorneys, Berry & Davis, 2649 Webster ay».
CARPENTER AYE. w s, 25 ft n from s c cor
lot 11S7, 34.6x10«\ being part of lot 1137.
map of Wakefl»ld: due. etc. as per bond;
Louise Ringelstein (wife of Charle?) to Maria
S Walsh; $1,200
Attorney, Grant Squires 40 Wall Bt.
CARPENTER AYE. w 5, 59.6 ft n from, 9 •*•
cor 1 lot 1137. 50x105, being part of lot 1137.
f-ame map; due, etc, as per bond; sam* to
Elizabeth M Claggett: $1,500
Attorney, Grant Squires. 40 Wall st.
CARPENTER AVK, w s. at s w cor lot 1137.
25x105, being part of lot 1137, same map;
due. etc, as per bend; same to Henrietta N
Greely; $1,000.
Attorney. Grant Squires. 40 Wah **.
EMERSON ST. c s, 100 ft n of V*rmlly?a a-.
SOxlOO; Jan 17; 3 yr». Henry R Mysatt to
William B Isham and ano, exrs; $12.0.0.
Address. 17 William st.
EMERSON ST. c s. ISO ft n of Vermllyea aye.
108.7 ft to Broadway xl00.3xl03.U10O: Jan IT;
3 yrs; same to same; $33,000.
Address. 17 William st.
FREEMAN ST, n c cor of Bryant aye. BSxlOO:
due, etc. as per bond; Zingales Realty Co to
Manhattan Mortgage Co; $40,000.
Attorney, Manhattan Mortgaso Co. »*>
FOX ST. « «, 280 ft n of Home st two lots,
each 40x100; two mtgs. each $32,000; Jan IT:
5 yrs; John J Tully Co to Curtemus Gillette
et al. trus; $64,000.
Address. 64 West 46th st. ....
HOME ST. s w s. at n w s Westehester aye.
102.55—; Jan 17; 5 yrs; American Real Estate
<!o to Lawyers' Title Insurance and Trust Co.
Address. 160 Broadway.
JEROME AYE, w s. 123 ftn of 18Ut st. I***— j
8 yrs; Theo Haas et al to carrio Bauer.
Attorney. Charles Brandt, jr. IS9 2d avo.
LORING PL. c c. 217.11 ft n of 183 d st. 90^—;
Jan 17 1 yr ti per cent; G H Masten Realty
Co to William D Pe-k; M2,Sf-O.
Attorney. William 1> Peck, 207 Eroadway.
LOTS 114 and 137. amended map Gleason prop
erty: du-. ftc. as per bond; Thomas Mccul
lough to Mary M OLnughlin; $3,500.
Attorney, Title Guarantee and Trust r©, i.s
LOTS S and 9. map 51 lots of Kliza G Ketchum;
8 yrs; George Costar to Elizabeth X Dooling;
Attorneys. Knox & Pooling, 68 William st.
ORCHARD ST, n s. adj land Thomas Martin.
70x— ; 3 yrs. 6 per cent; Nils Nelson to H^len
L» R. Pearsall; $3,000.
Attorney. C P HaJlock. 909 East ISOth at.
OGDEN AYE. 950. n c cor 162<1 st. 30x90 (prior
mtg $13,000); 5 yrs, 6 per cent; Louis Meekes
to Joseph H Jones; $6,000.
Attorney. Joseph H Jones, 116 West 164 th st.
PLOT beginning 240 ft o of White Plains rd. — x
2.*j5 to Morris Park aye. 25x100: 3 yrs; Conrad
Geher to H.-nry Kramer; $3.00 a
Attorney. F D Haines. 150 Nassau st.
PROSPECT AYE. c s. 1.12.10 ft n c of Beck st;
2 lots, each 37.6x100 (2 mtgs. each $30,000): 5
yrs; Max Goldstein et al to lawyers Title-
Insurance and Trust Co: $6,00 U.
Address. ltO Broadway.
RIDGE ST, w s. 150 ft s of Delancey St. 25x
100 (prior mtg $46,000); due. etc, as per bon.i;
Charles I Welnstein Realty Co to Jacob Kottek
et al: $8,274.
Attorney. Moses Cowen. 87 Nassau st.
SOUTHERN BOULEVARD, c s, 3*8.7 ft n of
West Farms rd. 70x100: Jan 17; building loan;
d-'-mand. 6 per cent; Schoefer Construction Li>
to City Mortgage Co: ?4&.00i».
Attorney, Frederick A Snow, 15 Wall St.
SAME PROPERTY iprior mtg $4S,000): Jan 17:
due. etc, as p*r bond; same to Juni'-s F
Meehan Co; $12,000.
Attorney, Frederick A Snow. 15 "Wall st.
TINTON AYE. w s. 192.4 ft n of 163 d St. 47x1 ST.;
B ;rs; lltiiminc Larschan to Julia Webber;
Attorney, Title Guarantee and Trust Co. 179
SAME PROPERTY fprio r niter $10.0001: 1 yr. 6
per cent; same to same; $1,500.
UNION AYE. 982, c s, 37.6x160 (prior mtg $23.-
O00). duo Dec 15. 1912. 6 per cent; Albert
Wagner to Geo Gtcgerlch; $5,000
Attorney, Louis Wendel. Jr. 277 Broadway.
ICSTH ST, s s, 27 ft c of College aye, — t137.1«x
RR.llxl3S.lo: Bathgate aye. b w cor lSßth at.
*9.4x32 (prior mtK $75.500t: drf. etc, ns p»r
bond: _ Mountain Construction Co to Wm V
Simpson: $3,000.
Attorney, Wm V Simpson. 4-1 Park Row.
ISOTH ST. n s. 155.2 ft c of 3.1 aye. 25x100: due.
etc. as per bond; Michie! F Kerby to Charles
Kurth: $5,000.
Attorney, S S Terry. 66 Broadway.
233 D ST. n c s, IS-S.l ft s © of Bronxwood ay».
31.4x136.11x24.4x117; 3 yrs: James J Thornton
to Julie C Tompkir.s (extrx); $&47 60.
Attorneys. Strong & Calawalder. 40 Wall st.
KINGSKKIDGE AYE. s c s. 103.6 ft n c of 233 d
st, a0.5x163.10 to Brorxwood ay» x25.5x175.5;
due- Jan 3, 1013; same to same to samt-;
$787 .'.O.
Attorneys. Strong & Calawalder. 40 Wall st.
2S6TH ST, n s. 200 ft c of Onetda aye. 25x100
■ orior :ntR $4,500), Jan 17; due. etc. as p*r
bond: Ernst Keller to Theo Roehrs: $I.oo\
Attorney, E>l J Martin, 265 Broadway.
24IVTH ST, s s, 98 ft c of Mount Veraon aye. 4<>x
lf>o tpriur mtg $10,000); 1 yr. 6 per cent; Mary
Cleland to TMw Bumburg; $.VNI.
Attorney, M L Henry, 194S Bathgate ava.
(With name and address of lender's attorney.)
AVB A. w s. 1530. 25x106.6; Aug 2. 1904; Penn
sylvania Realty Co to American Mortgage Co;
Attorney. Lawyers" Title Insurance Co. 100
ADAMS .ST. c m, 17^.4 ft s of Columbus aye.
10.Sxl<X>; May 10, 1906: Ira M Ansorge to John
B Dosso and ano; $500.
Attorney. Herbert S Ogden. 82 Beaver st.
ADAMS ST. c a. 145 ft ■ of Columbus aye. l&Sx
100; May 10, 1906; Ira M Ansorge to John B
Dosso and ano; $500.
Attorney, Herbert S Ogden, S2 Eeaver st. )
BOULEVARD LAFAYETTE, « 8, 250 35-100 ft
s of Fort Washington Park. 2oxlOO; Nov 2«.
1887; Simon M Prowler to Clare! Stelremann;
Attorney. Clara Steirernann. .
BAILEY ATE, c s, at Intersection B s lot 85.
map land William B Ogden. lOOx irreg; "Deo
1. 1904; Charles E Ahneman and ano to John
Parsons; $2,. ''"<.>. ■
Attorney. Francis W Pollock. 309 Broadway.
BROADWAY. 1164. c a, 2J.*Ux* irreg: June 27.
100S; Ellsworth Child* to Dora \V Childs
98,780. .
Attorney, John E Brod.«ky, 49 Chambers st.
BROADWAY. « vr cor BBtta st: April 14. 190S;
Edward J Kelly to Charles Sieburß; $2,500.
Attorneys'. Shiland & Hedges, 50 Pine st.
BARROW ST, 9. s o s. 19x40.6: Ant 8, 159.-. :
John Fischer to Title Guaranty and Trust
Co: $4,200.
Address. 176 Broadway.
BAIN'BRIDGE A\ E. « s, 357.94 ft n of 194 th
M, 2S.ABzBO.TT: Nov LV. IMS; Charles G Talbct
to William C Bergen: $2.tV>o.
Attorney. John J O"Grady. 277 liroaii'.v a-
HONEYWELL AYE. c s. 143 ft n of 177 th st
N>x60.13; April 1, 19<J9: Katonah Construction
Co to John A Warch: $2,500.
Attorney. Charles P Hallock. 68 William st.
LEXINGTON AVK. c s. 1713. ltVv 6s; April r>l ,
1!H)3; Irving Bachrach et al to Henry A Hocort
et al; $10,661 • g
Attorney, H A Bogert. 99 Nassau st.
LOTS 00 to 94. inclusive, map 1.100, land In SW
and 24th Wards: June 13, 1fH.154 »saac Heine
man to Crotoni Realt;* Co. 512.075.
Attorney. Lawyers* Tttle Insurance Co, 160
LOT 79. map Seneca. Park: April 26. 1907-
Morris Pll^ure- «>t al to Emma L Shlrmer tS4Oi
Attorney, United State Till* Guarantee and
Insurance Co, 11l Broadway.
LOTS 17 and IS. map estate William B Oedeu
at HiKhbrMge: June 5, 1907; Jam. .1 Ctmrov
to Wilbur Larremore et al: (1,890.
Attorney. Lawyera' Title Insurance and Trust
Co, 100 Broadway.
LOT 4:'."., map ITnionport, '» acre: ,\up *.*s
I'JOS; Jlargaret Murphy and an > to Peter *r
Btanton; $3,000. . • . .
■ Attorney. .lain-"* Kearney. 250 Bit>adway
LOTS M and 59. map Glpason property; Sfpt 1"
1906; Leopold Fichter .t al to John "j
Dr. nun n. $2,500
Attornej, Title Guarantee and Trust Co \-a
LOT 1029. m ': part map Wakefleld, '.'5x114
June IB 190U; David H 5-arfoty m Andrew
(Jlore; (.t.O<Kt.
Attorneys, docks & Clocks. 49 Chambers st.
IST AYE, v. ■, 74 ft » of 471h at, U.". ri- • J-»n
9. ll»O7; Frederick Gruhc to Title Guarant**
,Bnd Trust Co; $13,000. >"»n»nte«
Address, \-,) Broadwwa;
20TH ST. * ,- ■, between fttn an.l 9th ayes- lot
.'•7. map Clement i" Moore. Sftx9l.lt; ,\.|. 1
ISS4: Frederick Mealis to William c Mi-alia
SI al: $4.t.«4 «». ■*SMsi
Attorney. William C MeallS
67TH ST. 435 »i,,i 437 West SOxloaS; ,| an ft
1003: Morris D Solingcr to Lawyers Titio mi
Hurance Co; S3,!\(n>, - v» r- i..
Address. mo Broadway.
t«r> SiT. b ■. •.•(>•> ft w of Ist aye. led «• . mov
TO. B07; Arthur D v Lyons i" John BozsutJi-
Attorney, Title Guarantee and Trust Co i-j
Broadway. ' >n
ICI> ST. " «. 113. 4*« ft . „t MatlUon aye. 17 o'» x
100,8%.; June r.v iv.m. dsrnuel Con un.i u tr ,.
.! ill to New York lJi. Insurance una Trust
i.*«H $l»«,iKH*.
Attorn Emmet A Robinson.
lUOTII ST. 21S We.,/.,, i',xltH>lt. April 2»,
kmY. F.obTt Power to Franklin Savins* Bank:
Attorney.', Wll.«on M •■■»••■■ 3 Brca<l «■.
lISTH ST. n i 125 ft 5 of I>nox aye. 35xl«>t1
Juno 7. 1*97: En«f»nl<» A Lautrel to Title Guar
anty and Trnst Co; 520.0C0.
Address. 17fi Broadwarj
11RTH ST. Ml East. n\ 20x100: D«c SO. 1004;
- V Oarofalo Corporation* to Abraham L,eJ?2i?:
JB..V*>. - • » .
Attorney. I B Rlpln. 132 Nassau M.
11STH ST. n ». 43S ft c of Pleasant »ye, 25x100;
July 23. 1908; Acm« Peck Corporation to Will
iam H Sehmohl; J5.tXX>. - «...
Attornejß, WH«on. Barker * Wagfr. 49 Wall
IS4TH ST. n *. M ft - of r --ox *v 17.«x99.U:
March IS. 190 D; Charles M Lockwood to Mar
Barek; $1.1.V>
Attorn Charles t. Barck. 38 Park Row.
I*7TH ST. n i. 152 ft # of Park aye. 140x17t
3x100x20; Jan 13. 1009: Minnie C K»nny 'c
, American Bondlny Co; J1.00«.
■ Attorney. . American Bonding Co. «4 v,M\~
lain st.
IS2D ST. n «. 100 ft • of Railroad iv.. l«v»xl0O ;
March 1. 1906: Max J Klein «t *1 to Mary Ann
Burke; $i ■ -
Attorney, Jam»» A N»»min.
ja:;uart IS.
Charles Grlffen et al. trustees, to Samuel TVll
lets; .'• mtss: $176,000
Sam« to Helen w Dutcher. 7 mtss: $181,000.
Same to sam«; $26,000.
Charles Kurth to Boniface Vandetrotl*: fI.OOO.
James F Flynn and ano. exrs. t>-> Hermann n
Cammann: $25,000. ?
Century Investing: Co to V S Realty and Im
provement Co; d mtKs; 1600.
John Mulligan and ano. trustees, to Maria. Stew
art and ano. trustees: 2 ratty: S-2 '•"
Title- Guarantee and Trust Co to Will!* "W TV ' -
mot. trustee: $4.CV>.
Leon. S Mendel et al. exrs. to Stephen w Col
lins: SS.OOO.
Title- Guarantee and Trust Co to Greenwich Sav
ings Bank: 815,000.
Same to same: $15. 0 CX .
Elizabeth 3 Clark, guardian, to Fre<J»rieJc A
Clark; $1. /•■>..
Minnie Hummel to Jacob Hoffman Brewing Co:
Samuel Rodt to Samson Ijichman and am; $10".
EM-wln Herrmann to J Frederick Hoes: $10.or«).
Jacob I. Markel et al to Nathan Friedman; 5100.
Jacob She veil to Samuel W"aeht: $10.0<V>.
Jacob L. Markel et al to Nathan Friedman: $K^.
Charles Massoth to Sarah L. Taylor; Jan 17;
$9,600. „ „
Ijawyers" Mortgage Co to Morgan G Barn»»il
and ano. trustees; .Tan 17; $17,000.
Charles . Goldstein to Charles Kaufman; Jan
LonVs F Levy to Philip Krause; Jan 17: omitted.
Mary Rice to William B "Walsh: Jan 17; 58.300.
John TV Remer to Jean V A Mercells; Jan 1..
$420. --V- 1
Mary E McCormack. to John Reraer, Jan
Caroline' R Dursle to Nina Mailer; Jan IT; Sl''
Rudolph Wackerhagen to Edward Wackerhagen;
Jan 17; $1.
Lawyers'. Title Insurance and Trust Co to
Lawyers' Mortgage Co: 2 mtKs; Jan 17: ♦6.1»»».
Title Insurance Co of New York to ■ Mercantile
Trust Co. as trustee; 2 mtgs; Jan 17: $43.000- _
Herman Reher to Josephlna Remge; Jan IT;
$5,000. ■< _
Philip Krauss to Mutual L.;f«* Insuranc* Co:
Jan 17; $55,000. '•" ";J •
National Savings Bank of City of Albany to
Title Guarantee and Trust Co. 2 mtp; Jan l»;
$30,000. .
BROADWAY, w 8, whole front between lOSth
and 109 th sta. 200x100; N V Flexible Wood
Flooring Co agt C M Butler, owner; J D But
- ler, contractor; |440.
NEWELL AYE, 3340 to 3350: Frances© Rl
naldl asrt John Doe. owner. Pasquala Armen
tlno. contractor; $148 50.
SAME PROPERTY: Vlnc«nzo Abbrozzeso »st
John Do*, owner; Pas^uale Armentlno. con
tractor. $i4B 50. ',; ;
TTN'TON WE. n *• cor of 155 th St. 123x90x tr
r"tr; Harry Meltzer agt Adolph Rusenberg, Ed
win v d*H Koch and Wm T^Koch, owners:
David Jacobs, contractor; $67 07. ',
STH AYE n c cor of 16th st. 49x191-10x irr»g;
John Plrkl Foundry Co agt Realty Assets Co,
owner; S P Pearson & Co. contractor; $435.
11TH AYR. 144 to 152: John Moiioy ast Kath
arine T Moore, owner: Acme Mortgage Co. les
see; John Kelly. Jr. contractor; $250.
STH ST 222 East; Wolf Rabinowita et al agt
Martha Wolf man, owner. Harris Cohen, con
tractor; $170. - •" ;r
150TH ST. 271 and 273 West; Frederick W Conn
ast Bisch-Hoef Realty & Const Co. owners
and contractors; . $125.
231 ST ST. n s. 350.3 ft tv of Spuyten Duyvll
Parkway. 50x100; Kallsh * Wolf agt Along
The Hudson Co. owners; Tiffany Building Co.
contractors; $225.
23"D ST. s s. 142 ft w of Spuyten Duyvfl Park
way 50x100; Morris Kalish et al agt Lee D<»
Forest, owner; Tiffany Buildins Co. contractor;
BRACKEN AYE. w B . 100 ft n of Randall aye;
Bracken aye. w s. 175 ft n of Randall ay*».
Andrew Blckhard agt George Erlacher et al;
Dec 14.. 1900; $450. '* V '
CITY ISLAND AYE. c • cor Vldterr Lan«:
Samuel H Booth et al agt Robery Mckery et
al; Jan 29. 1909. $536 34.
GRAND ST. s w cor Mott st; Henry Mock & C*
agt Mr Papa et al, Oct 29, 1000; ?3.450.
Roden agt Henry Kroener et al: Dec 31. 1000;
8367 53.
VALENTINE AVB. c s 114.10 ft 8 of IWKh st:
Antonio Salzano agt St«ph*n Mcßrids et al;
Nov 30. 1909: $20 32. -
SAME PROPERTY: Jos* Salzano agt «m«;
Nov 30. 1909; $15.
SAME PROPERTY; Vincenzo Salsana agt same.
Nov 30, 1900; $26 56. • :.
39TH ST. 243 West: David Stern agt Katherln*
Schefsky ct al; April 13. 1903 (cancelled). $130.
(With owner's name and address.)
STII ST, 3*o East; for a 3 rty engine co. 4** x
41.4. A Stevens. 157 East 67th st. architect;
cost. $35,000.
Owner, city.
41ST ST. 60 to 54 East; for a 10 sty brk 'hb
and omces. 50.5x73.4: York & Sawyer. IMB
&th aye. architects: cost. $200,000.
Owner. Chemists" Building Company. 2."»
Broad si.
55TH ST. 431 and 433 East: for » 3 sty brk
bottling house. 50x100; A G Koenls. 401
West 24th st. architect: cost. 5*0.000.
Owner. P Doelger. 405 East 55th st.
16T.D ST. n s. 100 ft c of Broadway: for <>
sty brk flats, UoxS6.ll. Schwartz & tiross,
247 sth avo. architects; coat. $160,000.
Owner. Comfort Realty Co, 3 West it>th st.
ALBANY RD. w 8 . 210.80 ft n of 234 th st;
1 sty frame mill, 60x50: Ahneinan i Tooak
hure. 3320 Bailey aye. architects, c .st.
Owner, Captain C "B Klttlo. on premises.
BOSTON RD. c s. 72.41 ft a >f 170 th st. 1 sty
brk boiler house. 35.33x13.5r>; Geo H Pes-"au*-.
165 Broadway, architect; cost. $4.<>.> ii.
Ownt r Intarborouga Rapid Transit Co.
113 I!rcß«iway.
CEDAR A\"E. e's. 1&0 ft n of bVd<wick M
2 sty frame dwg. 25x50; C »; Barnet. uOSI
Hull aye, architect: cost. $\OOO.
Owner. H Baunian, 1524 Cedar *v«.
CHATTERTOX AYE. n 3. 253 ft w of Olm
stead aye, 6 2 sty frame Uwgs. 'Jlx»6 each;
cost. $30. C00.
Owner and architect. Chas L Dcverman.
20-1 : > B!»-».*cker aye. ■-■:-;•
CRUGER AYE. w a. 125 ft n of Locust are.
-' sfy brk dwg. 20.4x50; Frank Hansle. SI
East 12oth st. architect: cost. $7,500.
Owner. Joseph A Mascia. 275 East 151 st st.
EASTCHESTER RD. c s, 103 ft n of McDonald
st. Si 3 sty brk dwg. 20x42; T J Kelly «5>S
Morris Park aye, architect; cost. $6,500.
Owner, Oliver Platt. Rhinelander a...
LYON AYE. n s. 123 ft c of Castle Hill aye
.'. 212 1 - sty frame dwg». 22x52 each: Henry
Nordhani. Trcmont ay« and Bronx st. archi
tect: cost, $32,600.
Owner. Andrew Brown. I"'?''* Castle Hill
Til Ton .WE. n w cor 160 th «t: .-. | sty brk
stores and tnmts. 40\94.« «nd 02.6; Geo y
Pelham. SO7 sth aye, architect; cost
$100,000. . *
Owner, th* 174 th St Ccnstruetton Co 35
Nassau st.
ANrtOW A\T s s. 310 ft w of Eastern Boule
vard. ?>•, sty frame dwg. lSx2s.rt; cost $500
Owner; and architect. Wm J Hyland West
Chester. NY.
CASTLE HILL AYE. tt 9 . CS ft „ , f Hermanv
ay*. 2 sty fram« dwir. 21.1x30: Henry Nor.l
h «m. Tr-niont aye and Bronx st. architect
cost $^00.
fwner. Albert Johnson, en premise*.
HOE AYE. 1231: 2 sty frame rlw . 13.0*51"
C.oldner & Goldberg. 701 Jackson aye, archi
tects; cost. $500.
Owasr, H Harris, on premises."
MAIN ST W •. 175 ft 11 of Old Bnd«». 1 siv
frame boathouse. 25x47; Karl F J Seifert
58 West 42d st. architect; cost. ?2.50rt
Owner. Ferdinand Rosenbergs st>il'Bronx
IH«TH ST 45S i 4 sty hrU tnmt. MaA*; Byron
$i .v,, ls °?' 4 '* ri Roblvhl9 » vc « architect; cost.
"Ml. %
Owner. Joseph Pokiow. 1228 Urn *.*.
BR( 1 ) , A - I '- V M; ?* * w lix■ °< - Vth si .v: 10,
U1.3x«M>x131.2; 571h st. n i. 400 ft c of >th
f.\ c - Eureka Fire Hose Manufacture
Oo "St B F GiHHtrlch Co •action to foreclose
mechanic ■ lien); attorney. l> s U'Br«en.
CSD ST. 144 East: Belle Joel act A L«»i* Joel
et al ipartltlcn); atturneys. sm.u»e * Straitas.
CARPENTER AVK. w s. part of Lai 1.13<5. uv»B
of vlllug© of Wakefleld. Th* Bronx Wn d
\Vood et al ast John X Kelly et al tforeclosurtj
of mtg); attorney. J a I^ne.
CARPENTER .WE. m ■ V m-t of Lot \ MS. nap
of village, or Waked^ld, T» • • Utvnx; Helen R
vine agt aamo (foreclosure of n»te>' attorney.
R k Brown.
CARI'UNTER AYE. w *, part of Lot 1. 13*. snap
*f villa 5e of Waheneld. Th* Bronx. Louisa
lUndell ast same i Ki>ur«» of ratK); at
torney. I{ X Brow n.
W KST ST. c ». ti7 ft a of Charles at. 22.3x».»x
-1.0x57.10; Mercantile Trust Co et ml a«t Mar-
Karet i.*urran et al (foreclosure of mts>; at
toixwy*, Alexaod.tr A ;•«-. n
WASni.NV.TON .WE. »i c ,-op MM st. runs n
•!s'-.1l [I Iv l>9th 1.1. x t- 2ot>.\ s 352. Ux w - ■■•
10 . nnlng; City Heal t^tate Co ast Archibald
J ■ I l\trl.iu.l tt al .... foreclosure of
mtg»; Attorney. H Swain.
MADISON ST. 112; Ma II Kalley aft Isaac
Levir.-r et al < foreclosure" rf 'mi^-^**^
Ro-IW. Ball-i &..SUs£°i *•*>'- •**£.
RUTGERS ST. .;» Moms B H.rm»- *"• * V
* ■■■^
LOT U t« 53.- map of prtremr jjj.2."'* <*"
H«m aiorsenihao. *h* P BwS£ Sr?^ s
1.100. Mao of property* contrcn-d >i?* V
Morir»mh-»q. Th- Ercnx: two t.t^L^J^,
R« ■ ■■ Co art Wtt» H Fram» .- af?? ; <&
isr*—*- -*• i -
BRISTOL* ST. n««ir 170 th «t.-;2Sxl»- \3
Passman ngt Oara Wiedhopf «s^iC' x «^,
clos* mecbaHca li«:.: attora-j. W^efe.*^
LAN ART M. w '*
BRYANT ATE. n Veer FrwstafrtJiiif
Manhattan Morim Co loans Zi2«fa/s*'v
Co U'>.oO. **>
MAGENTA ST. n S. 55 ft * <rf <••<•»» ».
100. Herbert S Owden. atty. • |Z!M
and John Poataao J3JXO. '^!*
T** Mo ores and Daniel G. p.»i/j j^i
Its Board.
Philadelphia. Jan. IS.— E. B. T£*2ai*-i
re-elected president of th« Leh:?h 7^!
Railroad Company at the annual cgif
here to-day. William H. Moor*. JJj
S. Moore and Daniel G. Reid w-rj^?
members of the board, succeed , j.^
C. Lipplncott and Ocorga H. llcFai^t '
Philadelphia, and' Irving A. St»a-vT-[]
Wilkes-Barr-. r ; *V
The meeting was perfunctory, tin v
Incident out of the usual routla« t«taT
suggestion made by William J.'UciS'
lln. of Phllade!pßia. who urged thal^f
Ing board to be more liberal in ths^
ter of dividends during th* coming m
so as to make up for the period *£»-«
corporation mad© no dividend dlsbr-v
Official announcement was. mad« j»
weeks ago that ex-Judge Moors, g 1
Moore and Daniel G. Reid would eater"*,
Lehigh Valley board at the annual smmi
The Moore- interests have *<♦*£<"*
last year been large Investors in "La*.
Valley, but they have said that. their a
chases of the stock were- for personal
count and not with a view to the «HW
linking-up of the road with the RctfcU
and system, as had been rumored. r *
Title Guarantee and Trust Coapaj:
Corn Exchange Bank and Others Esc
Annual meetings of several : local jj^.
cial institutions were held yesterday ■&
stockholders cf the Title Guaranty m
Trust Company re-elected the direct
elected to the board Robert "W. "ifc^i
in place of the late John 3. Kenae*
Robert Goelet to fill another vacaner "
new board organized by re-electiir-
officers and electing Charles C. Dtcaea
assistant treasurer.
The retiring directors of the Co»i
change Bank were re-elected and tT-s
were added to the i>oani— Philip l%
of Lehman Brothers, and James X*V
Donald, vice-president of the United T»»
Copper, Company and a director asicfr I
of several other corporations casaadt4-l
ex-Senator William A- Clark- - ... *
James A. Stillman was elected & dL-Kr
and vice-president of the FideUty 3a
succeeding his father, James BSaa&|
both offices. The trustees of the Qy
Trust Company were re-elected. - * i
Hint That Wholesale Aatomci!
Frauds May Be Uncovered
Collector Loeb's men arrested 'Jcaejil
McGrath yesterday on a charge of.cdr
valuing an automobile which arrived in
on the steamship Teutonic from liuiliw
ton on November 26. He was arrayed
fore United States Commissioner SUM
and held in £.000 bail for a furtfcw
McGrath was an employe of the JMm
*r's department. He 13 charged w .-. ii»
ing given the value of a machine a: S
when its actual value was fl,©}- Ir ta
said yesterday that investigation now ps
on was likely to lead to th© discover; i
wholesale- undervaluations of autoswc
shipped from Europe to thi3.port. li.m
said that others beside employes 'cd-w
department might be implicate!. \-' '
Bryan L, Kennelly, Auc'r,
Wednesday, Jan. 26, 1910,
At 1- o'clock noon, at th« Ex'~hans» W»i
* room, 14-1* Vesey St.. New York OP-
Estate Thos. Patten, dee.
44 W. 28th St,
Between Broadway and Sth Arcc»
The four story and basement brff»i«3
Business Buildin?. eise of lot -6rJM
413-15-17 E. 86th St
Near First Avenue. />'
The thre» four storj- brown stone -' : t'»l»»*
plot S3xoi>.S' : . .
1701-03 First Aye
339 E. 88th St,
Being Northwest Cor. :
Th- five stor>- brick Flat, sis* of pMasW
100. and the five story fcriifc Flat •»
CoxIQO.SH. adjoininj. >
1712-14-16 lstAve
400 East 89th St, ;;
Being Southeast Corner.
The three tiv» story brick FJats. •»!*■ *"*]
size of "p't>t 7J.6 ! -:sSl. ' I•■
70 % on mortgage. 1 or3>TS.,ats)
Deyo & Bauerdorf, Attyfc.
11l Broadway.
Tuesday. Jan. 25. 1910.
108 East 54th St
Th« fly» s'ory brick doub!? -.partaSßt** \
lot 25x100.3.
156 East 79th SW^
Th* four story basement ard celU?-;
stono Single Flat, slxe of lot «xWI-;
1 1 1 East 95th St
The three story and baaew-nt B)fM *s°^,'v
window front Owelltus. sise of lot l>.->xl<»- T
Eschar ■& Fox. .Attys.. :;j "
Morris B. Blumentha!. Atty. &>>3^
Maps. &c. with attorneys or « \«t|S»»"
eflVes.^Jrt Broadway^ •• • 'J-^
tion Jan. 20th. One hundred a** £:>
iwtr falling springs: buiUir.sa cost fflf -^;,^
thousand: hot wat»r. fine- lawn. shad*.»^ T ..
fruit: on» ir.il- railmaJ. »iorw, KOt Tw-«i
a#nce of lato John Co- ovr sttv yjJf^UT^.
Florida. Orani Co.. N. T-. •■» Br» .*T. -
JOHN - COE. ' '
. l-.M. 1567 IOC ; l9«j?#;
Bnuj-. Amsterdam A»e.. ami .*«■ '»
W. 11. DOLSUX A CO-. AS« EJ - -
527 Columbus Av* : _^_^-^JS
floor; reasonabU r«ot KOTE^ «r» >^-
BOKOllill UK M.\>U\TTA>y^
W. 86lh St. Vl *^
FR.\NK U rtSHEK C^ -^ .
440 Columtu* »»- ; '* w "~**^T\i!l
i'ull 20~7^t. 4 story. el^santfy if^^-.iP
$39,000 aU modern inip» teia - j
4*k> Columbua ay»- '■'-T— -— r^^
A ¥l: ■•ILUXOB »«Jjf ,-.
ann^x. st CoU Spring llurN^;j ■ nre ;,^
Furnished a partm.ent3^^

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