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'ok "far.m codrses
,; is'AgricuUural Society Fa
\£i Them for High Schools.
Ja - *«-Tfc« State Agricultural
its aRn««J mating Her? to
' *£** propransae Included papers
toT- ■ .* Va3 \i«yae. conductor o
v £»«■"—• rmnk H. Godfrey.
rrrssers Af ,h- Stat(l Grar.e": "Dick" J.
t.**""" -^-i*--* tn Mftlcaltjaal education
CrC >5.v. s* «a«e <>partment of Aeri
*** ' lil IT**** E FtoW. Third
<3- v *: t commlssloMr la tll« Star? Bto
<i<J «riVv rfaptefl resolutions In favor
r *l" loT ,' t^tntr MH r«" to*****""
r! jKTcal Illirv agriculture in con
*•* «* sich frf>ocls ta order that such
cf ** n !;„ ,* g+rtasT IM4 results 1n
' rl> t,'es n»r •* thoroughly tested in
f *- tfr _/Jv ' The Bodetr is opposed to
*^J«rovl«on for special or wparat*
»*■% «r t? ric~lture at this tlBW " A
ld!Cfl ".! c e-bodvinp theM sugrsrertions trill
C *Xea^ in th« L^Wmture later,
f* """.^ »v also <KBt on record a* faver-
Tfc !vnropc?Uion that farm- contacted
-\ ...e aatoaa-1 r«-na! institutions
**^!,«i ia the best manner for large
C *l*. bl. production ef aeric«lt-,;ral
j !!'Vo' l»« use of the institutions and
tbe bert
*JZi- u.e various localities, each such
"•TTiacp a manner with practical and
SSjStetei «» a*Tirulturp. Beards
*f^Sv'<cr» farther, are n»ai by the
£s£to^toP* medrrn methods in the
T£±bbx*\ of county farms or similar
-VI--"'- _,
Gold and Silver Production In
creased 111 1003.
TVavhicgum. Jan. 3>.-The production Bf
'" jj an* paver by the rpir of th
T^ted £ta!*E increase* in the ca>n<Jar
j«roa accrrdins to -„ preliminary es-
M* ma* br A " Fla:t An<Jre * r « Dirr:c
«r o* th» Mint. Thew fig ire« show th«
rid* preset to havP been ttt.2CJM.
PtSSMW for !*K; silver. BMO.«M
S coca, an* increase of 1.405,^ fine
" __ *t t!:r Hvcras«* price jrj]v«T—
ttnßSa fee eance for the - 'ar the rom
~Xi value cf the pflrw product for wn
Nevsca riM»»r« ■" apparent *rrrease la
fc-rsold rt*> rt of C^OOO: California. $1.-
H\W. tad Alaska. SI.OSS.SOC. Colorado
s-ews a deer**** of J?i*,3oO. and South Da
kota JStSK- The decrease in the latter
rate is jr-'ib«a^ t0 the ckMtas of the
BMMato ttj« » ! > account of labor
CTjfclet Mob'«*i» show? an increase in
*#? fiber produft of 1.«C1P) <m e ounces;
MvsH. t-9SJ9? S« asnres, and Arizona. 73;.
yr, |h aaa» The greatest decreases in
:h* sflirr --ndan were; Colorado. 1.0D6.600
Use csnrs: >>«<sa. w».9al ane ounces, a: ■■'.
Jdais, aUi fin* ounce?.
nirmaiw a steel company.
£ysdic2te Beady to Take 520,000,000 of
tie LEcka?ranna*s Securities.
Tftr pajment of the Jlj.ooo.C«'O 3 per <_-ent
•bM salf of tb*> 1.5.- kawa::rna St^«l Com
parr ma: . | on =trc>j 1 has b«en isr<>
riiti for fe a comprehensive plan which
M cJy take! care of these notes but also
mbs adeaaate provision for th« future
tasra' req-jirenients of the company.
I nre-Jr.? of the EhoMers srHl be
aid for February i.">, arid Spryer <v Co.
*8' head a syndicate 10 underwrite the
v* securities to be issued. The $ir.,000.0V)
22S niil be paid off Marcb 1 in cash.
"3 presest first consolidated mort?a?e
•05 20* pledged as aamrtty for them
■I be canc«iipd and tho company will
a» BMI first consolidated mortgase
i 1«r cent gold bondf. Berim "A." and
WM*> five year 5 per cent convertible
rs!d debentures.
Beth Issues "wil! be offered to the stock
teSern ef the fnwißanj" for subEcription at
« PK" cut and P5 ■er cent, respectively.
ixyrr it Co. ha-.e Agreed to buy the BB-
H SS.W'.yy". or ■• much of tlie securities
«aty apt he taken by the stockholders.
fin Places of D. 0. Mills and H.
HcK. Trombly in Other Boards.
*BB»rr K. Var^derbilt, jr.. and Lewis
'us L^-ard have been elected directors
tit Ne»- York Centra! & Hudson River
S»*r>aa Coinpanj'. to fill the vacancies
izwi fey the deaths of 11. McK. Twombly
■I 0- 0. Miili?.
fc l^yard and James Stillman were
Wa directors of tlic I^ake Shore to sac
i«« It— b. T-R-ombly and Mills, whUi the
'* 0B » r '' on the board of ■ ii- New York.
**"Bg» <i St. Louis Railroad, commonly
kBe * 11 as the -N-.c-kel Plate," caused by
t ***" f Mr Twombly and J. S. Ken
**r. ■were aile-d by the election of W. H.
i formerly pre?Mcnt of the New
'^Ositrai, and Mr. L*-dyard.
■* e-r^ione -r^ion of Mr. Lrdyard to the boards
m^l- Vnrk 'Vnt.-al aiMl pome of its
J«J«« ■ ntnpanies was understood to
* flu* to a desire to str«nj:then the rep
■-_-:auon nf th* le^al c->m*»T-.t in the di
■■■■B »'-' tloso road?. In addition to the
BB»«BC<- r >f Mr. T^Jyard as a lawyer.
FQCkc as a member of -.l*- Vaad«?fbilt
•?i? ?■■ al? " > lafluentsed. it was said,
tfJrLsP T? iat h« was a director of the
•£« Tcrk, N>,- Haven &■ Hartford, with
fcTT "TPany the N>r.- York Central har
Pnt » Dropped 41 to 53 Points, but
M«4e Nearly Full Recovery.
ta* * a?; a :ii * r P Bat in the cotton
"*« POtXriuy, follow ins the announce-
Tlt 1 * th "' ■tendon <* Bobcrta, Hall
Criu on the Stock E^cclsange, as the firm
j^!* Exchange meait-ership alj*o.
i^ it <Jr^TPf -<i rrom 41 to 5G points- in the
-ne opticrif »>elo-»- thr closing fisares of
fe^eij,... ay , M ay and July celling
TfiU'J 2 - 9*9 * an<l March to 12.63.
Tv «L, , *** announcc-d. • ev*r, that
tr«,»7 I J*'l no outManding cotton con
n*Tw«, * n<l h *' j '■" •■»-*'-i active in the
: « i»"». a :car r rt ces tmlMBBl to above
The"' "
v -L" V< * r -' «"ontinu«?d until th* <*nd
t tef**,*^- th * ■big prices showii:pr
<A onl: ' 4 to ' H P° ints ii the
t'^te^' Jan -~ 4) 3L Cssßßjaf'. State Su
**^t of Hanks, to-day authorized
Uj.... ° ollie Oooatjr Trust Caajsntui! . of
<"" < SltOn ' '° do business, with a apitai
• f-W^p** TI '* <li 'ors inrlud« Vi«
ytT p,i '"'" s - »n»rmau, t.'onjressir.an
.*. \d,,'' Jlld ' George W. Dunn, Charles
S «ci!;;,,* nd '-'harles S. Syn«xl. Frank
I hjii«lL ls resident and Theodore R.
•tkh rO7lr 0711 * V** 9 iMiirance Company, of
is i, g 3r +* I". Ide is president, sltawra
ti:i- M Rnan «la"' statement tliat the com
*•»* ' lwcntß tf > POlicyholders last year
i«WnVe ,^ s nf ' ■ and its gsiiti In
IV a-wrt'v 2 Tr " was Por* 1 fian iOm/m.
!•*■'> .*j tllow Ala in.-rea.s.- of n<*arly
.7^7 of ~* L^ , Providing -or fli^ 1U
... ii a • WW far iafcri'il dividends.
•a, a eurpius of nearly JI.SOO.O'A
Bri ng 8 High Class Men.
*^«iL, T< * rk; *»—. K * w Tork cuy
5» «U*rifi??i .? ESS" 'JPff-s through
* Tn'.?n? r ' 11 * lli « for men -.n Th«
:«}*'***&'*""• ln »«:in s that Th«
M I c c . d 4« ir.'n.
««r w for prwmiM *,id mm
mitw. lo U ra r *ry traly
«■» B- S UICHXLf*
Sees X<< Hope of Federal Law
for Unifonnitj/.
■Washington. J»- . Najataai Taft to
day, addressing the Association of Lire In
surance Presidents. MM out no hot» for
the enactment of a federal latv to govern
the companies, and ailvised the executive
officers to .ndfavor to obtain uniform legis
lation la the statet.
••You are here to insure uniformity m
insurance legislation throughout the coun
try." said the President. "Tou are vory
terry that the United States may riot find
In thf Constitution the rigin to render uni-
rm the insurance business • -n,,jrhout this
country. Ct-rtainly the Supreme Court
seem? to ha\« settled that question. And
your only recourse, therefor*. Is to- secure
euch common cction B? tlie sta.trs that the
result will be Fimilar to a single federal
act controlling the business.
"The only function that the United
States can perform is to paaa a model law
Jr. the District of Columbia, and th^ro show
to the world what Congress, aided possibly
b7 a scientlf- c-^xi-ltision, thall believe
to be the nest of Insurance law. I
Fl:ail be very glad, in so far as any power
Itoa in me, to encourage such action.
"I have been on the bench and at the bar.
and I have ru'cd that meii^inust read their
policies Uj know what they contain in order
to have an understanding of what the con
tract i*. and 1 am conF<aous of n«>ver having
read any of the policies which I have taken
out because I trusted the man who ex
piained it to me. But Congress, by a
model law, can effect a very great purpose,
and if there is anything I can legitimately
do to contribute to Y our object I shall be
very glad to do it.
In the President's audience, were a dozen
or more governors and nearly two hundred
l^acers .-f the life insurance business in the
United State*.
The association to-day discussed plans for
conservation of th« public health and
ni«i«ur*-s which may bo taken in the hope
of k eijinar Hf<». Dr. Walter TVyman, of
the FubUc. Health and aTMlai Hospital
Service; T>r aT. J. Rosenau. of th»» Harvard
afedksaJ College, and others spoke on the
subject. Cor-tien-ation of the health of the
poMcyholders is now so paramount an issue
with th» companies that one of the lar^st
af them is planning a aanatorium for Its
; bolder?.
aJfnd Hurrcll. counsel for the Insurance
DcaMtßMMt of New Tork; E. B. Craig, of
Chattanooga. Term., and others spoke on
uniform lif« insurance legislation and
amalgamation of rompanl' H
No Decision as to Proceedings Against
Bnrlcy Society.
"Washington, Jan. What action, if
any. to take on the charges of pooling in
restraint of trade against the Burley To
bacco BaeHtgr, whose operations extend
over portions of Kentucky, Ohio and Ind
i.-na. hi still undetermined by the Depart
ment of Justice. a
T>re are many reasons, it i« paid, which
make the official!" hesitate to bring: action,
it being bcH that affirmative steps would
lay the government op*n to the charge of
ptaariag; into tlie hands of the tobacco
tn it, while, on the other hand, eerious
allegations that the operations of the or
ganization are interfering with interstate
trade would seem, in the opinion of some,
to warrant immediaTe proceedings to stop
the practices complained of. The impres
sion prevails that no immediate action is
Officers and counsel of th« company con
ferred to-day with Wade 11. Kliis. assist
ant to the Attorney General, in charge of
anti-trust suits. They were accompanied
by members of Congress in some of th<»
districts where the organization operates.
The whole situation was gone over care
fully, but without definite result. There
are two methodE. it is said, by which ac
tion might be taken agains the^sooiey
one to dissolve it under the anti-trust law
and the other to proceed against certain
of the officers individually.
Pittsburg Seems on the Verge of More
.-•■ Telegraph to The Tribun-.]
Pittabnrs. Jan. 'JO.— rt waa reported to
day thai W. W. Ramsey, the former bank
er convicted la the councilmanic bribery
cases for his part in having the German
Nataanai Ba.-.k nimed rt a city depository,
had inform«*d District Attorney Blakeley
that he was prepared to tell all he knows
about the councilmanic corruption fund.
District Attorney Blakeley refuses to con
linn the report.
Six banks were namrd as city d<*posi
tories. Through the graft investigation
Ssirsey, of th« German National, has been
convicted; Vilsack, its cashier, turned
slate's evidence, while the president and
m* T of the Columbia National are utidosr
arrest. There are four more banks which
may be involved. The officials of these
bank? say they have liothing to t-ar. as
they got the city deposits on merit alone.
District Attorney Blakeley said to-day that
he had several sensations up his sleeve,
"tar revelations cannot a!f>?t the financial
standing of any of the hanks.
Cleveland, Jan. 3). —U. G. Walker, presi
dent, and W. D. Duncan, secretary, of tl-,e
South Cleveland Banking Company, which
recently fail*»d for more than J1.C00.000, were
indicted on charges of perjury to-day. It is
alleged that they made false statements to
the htate bank eiaminer as to the financial
condition of the bank, covering up the
bulk of the $U44.(100 loan to the Werner
Publishing Company, of Akron, Ohio. Dun
can was placed under arrest at once.
Walker waa a director in the Werner com
Chicago. Jan. The Erie Railroad an
nounced to-day that on April 1 it would
file a new tariff on freight between Chicago
and th<= Atlantic seaboard, making ar, aver
age reduction of six cents a 109 pounds in
all daaaaa.
Providence. Jan. 20.— The State of Rhode
Island was saved from disagreeable litiga
tion with the State of North Carolina to
day when the House of Representatives
concurred with the Senate and voted to re
ject a gift ot half a million dollars' worth
Ot bonds. An act requiring the acceptance
of all cifts and their collection by legal
proceedings was amended so that the Gov
ernor receives discretionary powers. Th«
bonds in aueetton will be returned to the
-ivers the N<»nh Carolina bondholders'
committee of New York.
Newport, Jan. 20.-Lightship No. S3. Urn
floatniK beacon, on Nantucket South ihoaJ,
la back '"on the job" again. The lightship
-a, i,io*n fiom hrr station during a recent
* l/ind, after stating new anchors at, <!
chain cables at New Bedford, sta.-ted back
for her station. For two days, however,
ii.* vessel cruised about without being
able to find the buoy which marked her
San Francisco, laa> CO.— The o«B'ial etos
jng' quotations for mining stocks to-day
■sirre as follows:
':,,, l£r Hi' i NorcroM HO
TiJaVcaiV.".' J2 Kentucky con 15
Alpha con. ••••• ;24(t.W««h Con lr
«? rtiV "V. *- 10 l Mexican 1.7-
KfS H-icmr . M n.Hdem B I .on . ,
""l'ido n fa ' 43! overman m
SSw 1 **«■?
con ' • 1 *Va .. M*i«mm Nwada 74
oi, n.i^ila! I.KMCtHh Con 10
Ooutrt Curry 3a|Y«!ow Jack-it I. U
moorings. To-day she found th/'right
spot and 13 aaain a; anchor. °
Philadelphia . Jan. 20.-T ho directors o f
the <:nbr,a Steel Company to-day dec'.arcd
a semi-annual dividend oC2^ per cent, plac-
SS the ? O< ' k on a 5 per cent baala, The
pock had heretofore paid 3 per cent a y«e>.
ro« imcetors voted to issue J3.000.000 of
etock from time to time, at their discretion,
tor purposes of improvements.
r^i^^urit^ 8* isS^SSS
CemrLS }\ 3 t be ? n plven bYb V lh « New York
con t£i" «f fi 1 ak L. Shyro ar,.i the Michigan
vfa.. „ , thl " lf - fl « n 'Mlon of their three
matMH? ' ,i- r f-''''Katii] S $50,000,000, at their
S- <*Hl \ °iS tebruary 1. The funds for the
b^e^ r l e^ ee VV w York Central notes ha%*
fnM Proxidwj by lne sale of stOl . k> to be
ill t l d b^. y t0 - *>'- It is understood that
**„ t^^! ?^^I lOre has made arrangements to
tell Jl^.OuO.OO) debrnture bonds to the road's
bankers, subject to the action of the Pub
"'■ fj"i"vi.-e Conimiscion for the id District
on to« company's application for authority
to Issue the same. The Michigan .Central
as about 116,000,000 I«"f.t or an authorized
«sj»« , oC $25.000.0W debenture bonds, and will
sell these in the course of. a little time to
provide for its $10,000,000. The companies
v. in not be under any pressure to sell se
curities, ns with the $44,(XO.iXm> proceeds of
tne ivew irk Central's stock sale and a
coiisiderahlc amount of cash in the treas
uries of the other tv,-n roads, the £X), 000,000
notc3 can easily be taken care of.
Southern Railway will take care of its
w.tw.OOi) 01 noIPB which mature on Feb
ruary 1 by a sale of $10.<XX>.0W of new B per
cent three-year gold notes to J. P. Mor
t-^&nS 0 - an< i paying off the remaining
$.i,000,000 in cash. Tlie bankers offer hold
ers of the old notes the prtTflea* of ex
<')iang]ng them at par for the new securi
tie« at 9Si». Holders who desire to make
the exchange are asked to deposit the
notes with the bankers ex February cou
pons, in return for which they will re
ceive new notes bearing interest from Feb
ruary 1 and H-._. per cent in cash.
r.ave been declared as follows: Broadway
Truj-t Company regular quarterly 14
per cent, payable February l. Mohawk
Mining Company regular semi-annual fl.
American Chicle regular monthly 1 p«»r
t-ent. payable February l?. Amalgamated
Copper Company regular quarterly 60
'■'■ins. payable Februarj CS. Burton and
Montana Consolidated Copper and Silver
Mining Company regular quarterly $2 and
an extra $1. Cambria Steel Company
t-emi-annual 2's per cent, an increase of l
per cent for the half year, payable Feb
ruary 15.
th» annual election for officers of the
Coffee Exchange the following were
elected: President. Percy B. O'Sullivan;
vice-president. Henry D. Turner; trean
orer, Jamos H. Taylor. For members of
the board of managers, to eerve two years,
Jl«iiry t^chaefer. J. D. EMckslay. Frank
Norton. Richard Sutro. Louis Seligsberg
and George Gravenhorst.
Comtelburo Business Calendar." issued by
the Commercial Telegram Bureaux, of
London and New York, has made its ap
pearance. It is a busineKE man's reference
work, containing information on the mar
kets throughout the world, together with
many useful data and tables of value to
financial and commercial houses.
ernment's report on the amount of gold
exported from the United States in the
last year shows a total of $132,880,000.
the largest of any year in the history of
the country. Gold imports were J44.056.
?66, leaving net shipments of $.SS.TS>".^SO.
against $::0.?3f»,1 63 la 130S and an excess
of imports of 585,152,501 in 1907.
OFFICE*— eUone & Webster, of Boston,
who have the management of many public
service corporations* in various parts of
the country, and who deal in the securi
ties of Bound public utility companies.
havH opened iartre offices in the Hanover
Bank Building, this city, in charge of John
W. Hallowcll.
MEMBERS.— Peter .1. Eichele Hnm-r M.
More and Samuel Rogrow. of tills city, and
Louis Nearing. of Philadelphia, have been
elected members of the Consolidated Stock
COFFEE.— It is rumored that 500.O*) bags
of valorization coff»e will be marketed as
follows: During F«bru«wy. 50,000 bac« at
Havre. 50.00} at Hamburg and 25,000 at
Antwerp, and during balance of the season
5T5.000 at New York.
rectors of th^ New York, Chicago &
St. Loui» Railroad have declared ar.
initial dividend of 3 p«=r cent 011 th» com
mon stock, and the regular annual divi
dend of 5 per cent on the first and second
preferred stocks.
Bank of Canada has increased its dividend
from It per cent to 11. per cent annually.
London, .lan. 20. — Consols closed 5-15
higher at 82 13-16 for money and S2"g for
account. Anaconda was h» higher at £10 i
Canadian Pacific was lower at ISS.
Grand Trunk X, higher at 21%.
Money was abundant and discount rates
were easy to-day.
Trading on the Stock Exchange is gradu
ally developing a more cheerful and set
tled tone, under the influence of the si**aii'/
progress of the Unionists in the elections.
Prices opened better, and the batik rate
reduction, followed by the good bank
statement, elped the advance and made
the cloae firm. Consols and iionu- rails
showed the best improvement among Brit
ish siiaros. an«l. fresh support and in
creased Pai buying scut Kaffir.-, dia
mond shar and foreign bonds higher.
American ppcurities, after a weak open
ing, strengthened on Continental buying,
covering and fresh buying, induced by the
reduction in the bank rate. The advance
■pas maintained until New York selling In
t!i>> afternoon caused a sharp reaction.
Chesapeake A. Ohio and the Rock Island
issues were leaders in the weakness, ami
lost two. points. Later, a slight recovery
occurred, but the market doeed uncer
Call money in London. 2 per >"ut; open
market discount rate for short bills.
2 15-16^3 per cent; long bills. 3 [email protected]
3 per cent; Berlin discount rate. 23i2 3 i prr
cent; Paris discount rate, S^i per cent;
Ptrris exchange on London, 25 francs IS 1
centimes. Berlin exchange on London. 20
marks 46-.. rf 'imi«s. Bar gold, 77s 3d.
American eagles, 76s 4d.
Paris, .Tan. 20. — Three per cent rentes
closed 10 centimes lower at 99 franca
10 centimes. Prices were firm on the
Berlm .Tan. JO. —Prices wrr* tirm»r
on the Boer;"' upon th<- expectation that
the rate of discount of the Imperial Bank
i.f Germany will be reduced when the
Bank Comnxitte* meets to-niorrew
\Oto 1099. lfw»s.
•2fi w»k in Jan. XR«.47'J *T7.4«M J74.1V.-«
July Ito Ja:i H 3,216.603 C.007.049 3,03tj,u:3
I*. wp*lc hi Jan. $21. 1 d; JIP.PR* J15.632
July 1 to Jan 14 «O» '.57* 355,222 trSS.OO2
1M *Mk in .Tan. $723,025 $<*>45.21S *R1"J.7.T0
July 1 10 Jan 14 24.240.077 22.137,071 2i.i;.i.(MTU
af m«»k in Jan. (9T5.075 $852,000 |714.af6
July 1 U> Jau M 27,804.209 55.125.081 25.£K?J,K5
•1 : wirk in Jan. X"".7.'t20 $;:io..'t«i!> 177.015
July Ito J. 1.1 14 in.^IP.TI I ll.ol«,013 6,924.140
Nttmbi 1 of inil?s 1.114 1.114
2<i w«^k in Jan. *2OS.>*4 tIKTi.HK: 1147.R11
July I if. Jan 14 G. 517.017 K.ai7.l3< 8.*>«.560
2/1 week tn Jan. ISajaf SIS.4no $ 22 !VW?
July 1 to Jan 14 ♦M4.«mi» 014,57H 677.00H
Jlonlh of Nov.—
lilOfl. 11W. Inrr»-a.««».
Gran . $1R«.«71 $l."i».W>« 51.m.<w>5
Exi). iad taxts. 11.271 M.SsB 16,403
Vet J43.WK) iO.sS7 $1,663
July 1-Sov. ."0 —
nrons |728 B3« $457.!>23 J2«7 'M<7
E.\p. and taxet. 8g5.427 3T.t5.11S i-h.:;ii:»
.Nc. $20:;.403 *l-'l, ~ $51.5!>8
Month of Dec. —
«;ro fs . 52«>17 Jjrj.ttf} j3j 3 031
Kxver.neti _ 13.0,10 '2.193 b3B
N-,?' ~ yi3.B3T $11,443 $2,393
ChaiK's r> ' 331 8,910 TOM
Burplu. J«,508 J.-..V0 $2,073
G^ • " D ?':. 3l ! >.XC $c.,,.r.04 (MM
Eipensei MMi _ lO.ssi a ' m
NVt $173.0ai J182.2W $20,845
Cimrsea"! 64.1U6 CO. 110 "-*
s.jr r ! . $108,807 m m $18,709
Mlfe" Ot N "."” *l°™ "7" 40 ... ,
4 :n , 1 ■>;•> 40 Hi •'«
Total op.*- YcvvJ *2aa,l^ 531,53s *Zlt.Wl
TOUJ cp, " np... 103.522 5t.109 "150,71*
n>, or. r»v... $1^4,611 $17,432 $87,180
Outiide op., deb. ttjti 612 It.MM
Total net rev. J02.741 , $10.01.'> $t:. -.v
Tare. - 33,332 641 38.754
Oper. Inrrwn*. »88.411 $18,371 ~ PT.iH
July 1-Nov. 30—
Tottl op. r*>.v. .. $1,4ft .r.r».1 HBS.X7I $1.2«3,t5l
Total op. cap... Ma,«l 140.f»2t 8V.481
N>t «p. rev.. . $623,074 $53.04R $570,028
Outside op., d<?b. 5.539 . 325 5,.M4
Total net r«>v. |614.134 ~~ $32.72« «081 M
Taxei 133,142 2.742 132.400
Op»r. lncemr. $47f.1p; $40.07S $42?.113
Month of Dee —
Orr. ei.ml!,Ri. *1f1.*4» . $14,370 52.070
Eipens»» 5,762 " S.2SO »2.52 a
»t earnlni;*. $10.»?S7 |«.090 $4,sErt
Charges ....;.. 319 702 IS7
Surplus |»,Trtß 53.32S $4,440
.lan 1-Dec. .11— '•..■•,•
Oross earnings.. $132,171 $142,218 $S»,nnf>
Bxp<?n-«»s 74.565 53.106 »10,24 l
Net earnings. $77,311 $37,110 $20,201
Cnnrg»s 8.506 7.237 I.SOO
Surplus $65,415 $49.513 $15.603
Tear *ndea Dec. 31 —
Gross parnioa*.. $»k>.»44 $775,737 $125,208
Op*r. <?xp«usc«. .■5.".r..t?9 501. 9>)l 53.327
Met earnlnss. $343,514 $274.13T> $71,67!)
CbaiKM 3<TO>S3 243.:>44 57.339
Surplus $14,030 $30,591 $14,338
4th w»»ik In Dec £30.441 i 27.127 £3.314
Jan. 1-Dec. 31. 1,4 J4,97'J 1.427.5C2 67,414
(Furnnhed by Frederic 11. Hatch & Co.. No. 3'J
s Broad street. New Tork.)
-tccha. . Dividend. • T?id. Asked.
Am Brak» P & F Mar B 80 f5
Am Brake S fc F pf....Q-M 7 122 126
American Brass.. Q-J 6 117 I^2
American Chicle Mo&Ex 12 230 235
American Chicle pf Q-J r, l*Vi 109
Am Dist Tel or X J....Q-J 4 5.-1 58
Am Coal Products Q-.T fi f>2 M
American rr»»s Q-JAEi « W> 1«R
American Thread pf ...J&J fi 4* 5
Am Typo Foundirs j&.r 4. '4H ' M
Am Typ« Founders pf..Q-J 7 97 lot
Babcock. & Wllcox Q-J 7 1«« 112
Barney g. Smith — 30 " 50
Barney fc Smith pf — 105 lift
Porden's rond Milk SFJCrAISx— IIS 12O»4
Forden's Cond Miik pf..Q-M 6 l<i* in§
Bush T"rmlna! . — 5» 65
Central Flrcn-orks _ — !S 10
Central Fireworks pf... • — Jvl 65
Conn Ry & Light Q-F 4 7<?'4 '70
Celluloid Q-J&Kx « 12R 132
F I dv P de N-mours 7 133 137
Brdu P (Je N>m pf...Q-J 6 s*i S»0
Kast»rn Publishing. . — 115 —
Emplr«! Steel & Iron — 7 10
Kmpire St^e] fc Iron pf. — so 90
Fifth Aye F.state* .TiJ 5 IJO —
Hall Signal common... — . — 45 ss
HprrirtK-Hall-Marvin „- — SO 45
International Nl.-kel — — l.V> l.V>
International Nickel pf.Q-F 8 IK) S4
International Silver • — 15 30
International Silver pf-Q 4 SS 103
Kirby dumber — Irt , 15
Klrb> Lumber pf • — 40. • R5
Kinps Co El L & p Q-M S 12fl m
T-ai-ka^anna Steel....:.- — — fts ■ 63
London «- Edinburgh CO.J4J « 130 160
Nat Cash Regi6t»>r pf. .JS.I 7 110 120
NH»g-Bement-P Q-M " « <»n 103
NH«s-Bemi>nt-r pf Q-F « lf»2 105
Otis Ei-rator K&O 3 56 58
Otis Elevator rf Q-J 6 Dfl 101
Old Dominion S S I*J 8 ICS 115
raclflc Gas t Xi — .v_» sj
Tacific Gas &El pf Q-J fi S7 «0
Pbelps, D A Co — 240 280
Popn Manufacturiny. . . . — 7K 73
Pcpe Mf«r pf ■ — SO Bt
Producers' Ot! Q M rt 150 17S
Pratt & Whitney pref. ,Q-F 8 100 10h
Royal Bak Powder Q-M&Ex R I*W 175
Safety C H * L Q-M&Ex H 12.'. 1"3
Sen-Sen ' hlclet — 122 12fi
Standard Coupler — 25 S3
standard Mtnfnc C 0.... _ — i« 1<»
Ftandard Mill Co pf A&Q 3 4» C 3
Sydenham Corp ■ — 100 110
T»xas Company- Q-M 12 2t. r i 220
Texas t Faeiflo Coal...£crlo 6 95 105
Trenton Potteries . — 4 7
Trenton Potteries pref.. — «0 70
T;»nton Pot fndgr otfs.J&J 4 «0 70
Trow Director}* . — 25 35
Union Carbide • — 102 10«
T"nion Fnry (J J 2 33 3S
T'nltin T>-pewriter — .v> 60
Union Typewriter Ist pf.A*O 7 110 115
Union Typewriter 2d pf . AAO 8 110 115
Tnited Banknote Q-.I 4 48 53
United Banknote pf Q-.T R 52 54
r S F!nl«Mtlg S-J 4 140 150
U 8 Finishing pf Q-J 7 111 115
Virginia Railway — 28 26
Weet Pacific — -2* 2!>
West Power — — — .17 T. 3
■West Power prtf — — 55 61
Am Malt Ist J&D fi 103 V» 104.4
.Am Pipe & K4ry m....J&J B JO3 "100
Am B S & F Ist M*S fi »6 mo
Am Tube & S Ist.. AAO ft 85 95
Am Typefnd dbt MAN « 100 104
Am Typefnd new MAN' 6 PB 100
Kast PublldhhiK M*S 1 96 Inn
Fifth Aye Estate M*N A — 103
Hecker-Jones-J ........NWS 6 105 106 "
iTit»r XlckH Irt A*O R «2 »3^
Inte.r Sllv«r Ist ,T*J « 1O» 1114
IBler Silver dbt l*.l fl 100 103'
l>Clcett <F H> Ist Q-J fi it!) 105
London & Edinb C0....F&A n 10* —
New Jem*y Stmboat Ist. MAN B 85 90
N T Biscuit Ist M&f? fi 100 —
North*- Coa.l R Ist M*N" 5 75 — .
Old Dom S S Ist M*S 5 05 105
Ontario Power Ist F&A 5 »O S3
P«nn c& '- 1925 M&S 5 35 4O
Stock Quotation Tel F*A R &5 —
Sunday C & C 1925 J*J 5 «5 7O
Union Carbide. Ist J4J 6 JW 102
Un Fdry Ist 6s 1820 . . . M<fcN — W> 100
Tnlted Lead dbt JA.I . 5 62 fis
U S F'nlsh cons j&j 6 05 100
U g Finishing Ist JAJ 5 100 105
Virginia-Car Cbem AAO 8 87 OS"*
'■'-'■ i Bid. Asked.
4s. May. '59. interch pj) l i 10i>
4 ii>. May, '67. interch l«wu icq
4^ss. Nor,, .'57. Interch loS',^ ion
4',-is. Ma.". '17. interch lr>2"«. 103 Vi
4», .May. '57. interch j»i |(>o
4b. Nov.. TiS. interrh <, ; , ■" J(V>
4*. Nov.. t,7. interch oT>'i ioo
4i-. Nov., 'M, r»-?i«it p*> " jao
4s. Nov.. '50. rejjrlst. ; us', flS s i
rr'-js. Nov.. T. 5. int»rvh ss<i ss*»
S'-. "- May. '54, coup ss'i gs»i
SHs. Mai'. '■">4, rt-RtSt R«;: t RSS
•Cs. Nov., *10, rev...., 102' i JO** 3*3 *
nets. 4s. Maj. '59 $«ju of>-,
•Coupon or registered.
tFurnisb^d by J. Thomas TJeinhardt. No. S8
Broad stre-t. New Tork. and No. 54 Devon
shire stieet. Boston.)
Hijfh. l."tr. Last.
Ahmerk ... 220 2^o «•«>
Arizp« r.z ts 32
Ra-. State Gas Z 9 37 37
Bcsole 2 2 2
BostOß Ely 4,V 3*4 4
Beswyceto J» J> <>
Cactus Pe-. »icrp«nent .... ftV ft^i s*,
ihemunit 11 1 - ll', n'.j
< bampion 12 10 j^
chir? Consolidated 2*» 2'i Zfn
Chino I.V, 12'«. 12 7 i
'■■>r^i!l Copper • 12"* If, }■>• .
First National Copper... 5S rjl r,.\
Gils r-opp^r 9 s\ s* 4
Laramie H P fi- P I I «. 1
National Minlnx EirlT. «0 BS 67
N-it^ia r>ouslas 31% s 3
< inr'i 7 X« t 7
T«a- en M'titng 7O ftfi 7<»
Rho<l' Island C0a1.... 1i r , ir>»i 1 ir»"j,
noatbw«M Pevelopment. O' T <v., ' }»»i
Kup»rior and i;lobe lv 1U i\
Vulture S\ <;• , R\
Wlllet Sliver Mines « 5! 3 6
iFumishcd by IU L. Day & Co., No. 37 TVall
Jan.lD.Jan.2o. Jan.l».Jan.2O.
Bos & A1b.. 230 230 ' Boston Cons. IS'- lH l
Boston E1... — i*'< C.al «- Hecia.€6(> «6fis
Fitchb^K pf.*l3o »130 C*>nt*nnia| M 32 32
NT NH li 155 Cop Range M SO'i SO
Old Colony. »2iv> *200 Franklin M — 18^,
WE St Hy. 94 1 Granby M.. — tIOIH
do rrff in« 1(W I Ma.-s Cons M *\, 7>i
Mass Xl Cos i«'4j tS IMohnwk M. . «♦ 70
do prrf... RO «O | .Vo Rulte . . 44 ' i 4«»
Am Pneum.. 7 7UlOsceola M...158 ir>«
do pref...*lo - Old Pom M.. 47 r i'i
Am T rY T..IM li«sli ' Parrot M 20 •_•<»
New EnK T.tSB ISB Quincy M... 87 M
AV>st T S- T l« 1H Tamarack M. H4 63
do prof... OT t!»>' j U'olverino M.143 US
Un Slioe M. IWH «7V* ! U S Smelters 40 4»'i
do pref... 23 7 » 2D*;| do prof.... M fti
Arcadian M. « T% C f» Oil 3S'i .•«■""•»
Ar.antu- M...11 l<*'i!Mass Gas. ... 7S I.*1 .* 7s
Hhannon M. 1&S 13?ij <!•> pref . RB x - •■ I S
Unit Fruit.. l 67 167 iUtah .., 40 40 : j
•Asked. tEx dividend. JEx njshts.
Maturicr 1000-22.
Cfai IllrtlSl by Swart weut A Appensellar, No. 40
Pln« at.)
, Approi.
Name. Maturity. ISW. Asfc«4 jiWd.
an ricar 4t< .-. Mrh \r, mil. {ihs jisjk -■mr <n
do 1p c, M-ii 15. IPI2 05?* «7'» 510
AM '"• T, «s rp, Mch. IMO t«» T<>OS 380
Beth Sl#ei «p ,• Nov. 1014. . nn'i I<ki «oi>
C 1( £D 4 p •-, July, 1013 i>6*i f>T': <w
C. t', t* ABLS pc, June, 'U.lOini 101 420
1) &II eqts 4'i pc. July. "22.101% 102% 415
<;en Rubber 4*4 pc. July. 1910 UZ'.j MH b'.',i>
II;j<i»on Cos llpf. Oct 15. '11 jm nu 4 tt
Inter UT♦» pc. May. J!»l I. 1»: 104 >i a.(.i)
X c X & L rt p r, ifrpt. 1012.. 87 9* «20
4u 5 t c. May 15 1811 . |«l !.T t.'m
Lack St (S >r) spc. Mi MO. »>, l<Mi'i 4«H)
fj-. (| yrl ip c. Mch. ll)l«j., 80* i 104)i,i 4-0
LB•M H• P <•• Feh, 1010 rmTi 1004 440
l.'iui:, *N5 nc, M<-h 1010..100 IOOS .'! fX)
Mlih Ontml r» pc. Feb. mio, WT» l<*t>'» 440
Mlur. *c St f. 5 p .-. Feb. ll»n. j)y p^^ 0/>0
NV<** HR 5 p .-. Kf-h MO.P0 T 4 lOOH 440
NvNllat 11 r. p .-. 1910 ,-... |o ,r ViV —
Nr.rf k \V 5 o c. M»v. 1t(l4». .nm'i tort. ' * f;o
I'rjin .*> pc. Slca IR. ioi«> . 100 1O0>: ;j\x'»
,St r. < S 1- ;'; ' r> i". Jan. 1911.-. f>!» n<»ii iv.
do 4', P c. leh. 10111 ph „- - HOl ,
Soi.thcrn Ttv 5r <■ Feh, 1310. . ti!>% jfi<(ii , 41 ,
TMewater «p c. June, 1.-.., . .101*3 UC .•,-.»
Weil KAMH pt , Aus. '10,.1.M»»i joi -423
(Furnished by Edwai B. Smith <t Co.. No 27
Pine street. New Torlc.J
Bld.AsUed. BUI . A?ked.
Alb * Sus...*_l>o 31» M Coal RPf '"- 110
Alh A- Vt TO 73 ■■■ A. Ijitv..ZW —
Allejh & W I*' l 130 Manhattan ...135^138
Ani T& C . 7rt 80 llassatv Vy...1H0 ,112
Uj C A L..153 '■ — ■ |H|BH...UI i:¥>
Auk & Sav..ll<) 118 Mobile *Ppf 75 »5
AGA-J| M. «> 7" M&O stk t cf« -i to
Boech Creek. (Ml 1«3 M«r C * Bak. •« —
T* S&FF. .IS ■ do pref 1?) 1«»
Bost fi. A1b. .282 in '■'■ -r-- v EJ..IR3 I>B
Bost & 1v>tv..223 — *« Bxta M 0 IM
Host & Prov.2*> •"«' VI v »•'!' * Dec..t.«3 130
H«- 7th Ay.133 143 Naah * lsrw..Zl!i —
Bklj-n City. 190 2OQ New Lon X..lP'> -- 1
Cft n C 0.. .144 IRJ NY& II kp 300 — -
'"--mada 50... M 73 VYBaMR pf..HO vjo
Cata Ist pf..11.T " 120 NT L. &-W..124 UH
do 2d pf...H3 I 120 N T Mut Tel 102 —
Car & 5u5...215 — N'lnth Aye i."- '""•
C CresstOTn. J>i) „ 130 N.-.rth Car. . .181 170
CPN iI ■ 2.'. -. — i North iN ir>..t»3 —
Chat .t G. 100 ins ! North (N J).. W 05
C A 10th fits. 75 85 j I North Fenn...l!>* 2<i«
C E T Cfs «■"! *« ! Northw Te! ..MS 114
do ctfs pt..U3 125 Nor . T W pf..2<*> —
CS&Cpf..l33 143 Old Colony ins 200
Clrfaeld * M.135 U5 Osweyo & S 111 —
Clove & 1....] 17* Pac &At T... «7 ■ 75
do Spl B«t. f>o 104 P«t & II R . . v.»»> —
Ooi .v X.....201 20S j Pat&R3m...lM —
Cone AM 170 — Pemlg Valle.> I*o
Cone A P.... 170 — P-n fc ■ Vy..lS3 130
c&- P R pf..lSs 143 Phlla G & ■ 200 —
conn River. .253 C« PB& t. E... M »7
C Ry & L... 75 77 do pref 6.S 74
(io pr#f »» 53 PFt W i C..17.1 17«
•■ T C Pf N.I. 75 7» < do special.. .l<W 175
Ha-, ton &M. 75 H P McX * Y..1U3 129
D& Bd Brk.lPO 2f>o j Prov 4- W0rc.270 255
T>t H4; 5... »• 10.1 Kfns & Sara. 2«2
Kant Perm... 140 RiGVy 115 —
Klghth Av«..200 S3O Rome O 140 "->
Elmira &• w.ino 120 R W A - O IS4 _•■;
do pref 142 152 i Rut » Wh....140 IM
rrl«« K»1..".'."'» 245 Sara &. Ech. . .1«« 173
Erie & Pitts. 160 Second Ay»... 15 30
Flfh pref. ..ISO 135 |?liaion Ry....120 EM
rW * J pf..133 145 'sixth Aye IN 130
42d St &GSF.2<TO — So & At Tel.. *T. 81
Franklin T. . . .TT 4fl gouthw of G..1K1 US
G TIRAB C 0.252. 252 25S st L. B l*t pf.125 T ( — r
G & Btk T...10S 11G do 2d pref.. M 63
Or Rlv Vy...123 ISO St j& So 8.. 35 —
Hart & CW. 42 4« ! do pr*r 1"." 113
Herefprd .... Si 93 TiOR As.. 170 —
111 C Ij L... fW Ml Tun of gt L.. .125 —
111 & Miss T. 70 «<> J23d St 200 MJ
Interocean T. Xi 106 I v N J KR.tC.24S 252
Jack Lft S. . *S — I'pp<»r c.-«#,. ..123 —
.Toilet & Ch..l7<> 177 C & B Rlv.. 17K
KA & G R. 140 1W OC| 8 Vy..l<« 154
KCSL&Mptcs 7S M i; f* B 73 S3 ,
KCSIj&C pf..130 14f> Vy of N T 125 1.T5
li BA M g0.r.00 S4/> IVt & Ma!>s...l«O ISO
T, *- M U pf.ifiO ' 170 Warr»r» .170 177
LSXr.tCII3 120 IWXAI 110 150
Th* folloTvinsr ithows yesterday's ctoalhs
quotations for (fovornment bond?, compared
with Wednesday's:
- Tan. 19. — -Jan 20. —
Bi'l. Anked. Bid. Asked.
T". S. 2s. r-r ior.o 100S 101 l -m 10«*» 101 '■*
V. 9- 2s, c«up., i«.",d 100% — 100S —
1". 8. Bs. rejr.. I<xxv. is ..lOl^V lOCi mi»i 1TO«4
L. s 3s. coup.. ]{x»S ia.ioi\ io2 l 10l»i lOM
U. S. 4k. re*., 1025 114 1 , 115' 3 114's 1151,
1". If. 4«. .'ottr> , 1P25 \U\ lir.H 114« i 115* i
rananiH 2a. r»g., IWW. . . ini> lni inn ioi
ranama 2y, ccip., 10.>6..1<X> 101 100 101
iFtirnlfhtd by Van Sr:hal.?k & Co.. No. 7 Wall
Asked. I \sked.
ln:tM Ry.. JS'i 13*;|Cctten T>u<-ic. 1 - 7'^
do incomes fiß-'4 ♦W> » do mromei. 22 25
do 4.' X* B«'* NRy&L. 5s I>7' »>>'»
G B V T I'j 2U Lt A Pew pf. »2 84
do Incomes 10 14 I do 4'il 92 <H
do lsts ... 41 42'ijCh CRy 9a.. 100 l<>s
Seatjoard Co CS^i 2« Ich C Xl 35.. JH» n»
Ho Ist pf.. 7« b'£ \Cor\t Trusr. . .21."> 225
Ho. 2d pf.. 4ft 4« I Liiion Trust.. 70 7H
Seal, a L45.«?4 MM 1*;1 *; Third Nat 8.115 1?3
dolO-yrss s»f»'* r»9 s » I Kid *. Dafw.-tM I.V«
Consol Gae.. — I^s j Maryland Tr. 7« S5
do 6s IDO'i l<v>'i|Ncr Cat Rj-.llS 121
_ N«« or |(. January 20. 1003.
B«-an», bacs STltCbees*, pkgs 072
Flour, bbie 3.7U3|EKga. cases B,r»Mi
I'lour. sacks 12.3111 Dres'd poultry.pga 4.75>2
Cornmeal, bbls.. 2nr» Live pcultrj". Crts 2.370
♦"ornmeal, ba^s . 2. 4O"' Oranges <Fla), ••«. 1.25<»
Oatmfal. bbls.. . KO«t OnsM (Cal). cs. 3.100
■^Vlieat, bush 42.000 Lemons (Cal). ,n. 3to
Corn, r.<m:i «. 750 : Prunes (Cal). pkr» 4.275
Oats, bush 73.200 1 Apples, bbls . fI,3XV
P«ec, bush 800 1 A pp les, boses. . . .. I ,M>3
Barley, bush 1. 27". 1 Potatoes, bbls . 7.235
Malt, bush R.<h>h Onion.-, bbls 2.5*5
Rice, keta f>,275 Cranberries, pkjjrs 27
Hay. tons .. I.IHO Drted fruit, pkgs. SM
.Sti-aw. taas 10 Rest*, bbls «T.
MillfeM, ions.... Tar. bb!» 113
Grass »<>ed, bags. 222 Sugar, bbls 300
Hops, hales S3 ; Supar. bags P. 073
Beef, hhli. 339 Molasses, bbls 2,0*5
Beef (canned), cs 1,24« Oil (lubt. bbi».. . •»
Pork. bM» BejOtao stock, pkgs.. 70
Hams, pkes 147 Peanuts. ha«r 07.".
Bacon, pkgs 170, Tobacco. hnd«. 2-NV
Cut meats, pksrs. Tobacco, tierces.. n«
lArd. tierces 2flS Tobacco, pkirs . stQ
Lard, kojrs 4.ti40 Whiskey, bbia.... 230
Tal'ow. pkffs. . cotton, bales 2.123
Butter, pk»^ 4,970 1 Cottonseed oil.bhls 1,540
VTh eat. bush.... 11,8351 Tar. bbls .•-'.. • -'. fi7
rorn. b»ish •. . 3.'!.2H2tßef pet. {rals. . ,-.«n2 o*4
Oats, bu*h I. .V*) Naphtha, .2.410.«03
Buckwheat, bush 10,221 1 Gasolene, gal.s 113.120
Peks. bush l^.CofseM nil. R als. .T2.00
Beans, bush ♦S6-%!Lub oil. sals. 37*530
Flour, bble 9.27."» ! Pork, bbls 772
Flour, sacks . 12.77S[B<ref, bbls 1,346
<;ornnieal, bbls.. 424iBe< f. tierces IH
Feed. Ib 59.760! Bacon. Tb 101325
Bran. Ih 41>,?OO; Hams. It) 45.M»>
Orass seed, bags 6M»'l^r<l. Tb 653.230
Hay. bale*. 1.335 Tallow, rb i.auO
T\ hlskey, pals... .'OOlGrpase, rj> . 42.500
Ollca.k«>. n> . 2,720.100 Butter. rh 6.1"V)
Spirits turn, galß 14.9S0)che«se. lb 900
Kosln, bbls 311 i
Iron. Nor. No 1 I Cotton, middling. 14 15
foundry fl9 00 Coffe*. No 7 Rl<v S«i
Iron. Be. No 1. 1* Wi Susar. granulated 5.15
Ste»l rails 28 00 I Molasses.OK pmc 40
Ptaml cop. spot. 13 2.1 I Reef, famtly ... $lt» 2.1
Tin 32 25 I Be«r liams ... . 25 <»o
Exchange lead. 470 ! Tallo^r. prime . . i5 T i
Fpelter 6 17' i Pork, mess 23 5O
•WhMt.No 2 red 120 [Boss, drsd. 1«orh 12
•Corn, No 2 nix.l '- | Lard. Mdle West 12.50
Flour. Mpls pnts 575 |
N«»»r York. January 20, 1010.
GRAIX-WHEAT — Fairly active: prices.
aftT showing weaUness early, ralli«J and showed
grains of about l'ic from the low of the morn
i"i{ an>l closed steady at a net advance of \i<s
He. fisilliliunt appeared to favor aii advance
after th* recent sharp downward movement.
The nervousness in Wall Street cans*^d appre—
l.eiaion. biu when stocks rallied in the after
noon whpat advanced easily, wrth qolta acthe
btiylnjr: bidn wer<"> cut cf line, and no business
wai r. ported. No - red wheat closed at %l 20
elevator doni»stic and fob afloat, nominal:
No 1 Northern Duluth and No 2 hard winter,
$1 23 f o '.. afloat, nominal. ( T>RN —
clf,.*inx »t a n«t advance of 'iigV-. Commis
p|<m he/u*es were on both sides ef the market,
but on tba whole, sentiment seemed to favor
a rally. No 2 corn here • losed at 734 c f>:e
vator domestic. 74c delivered and 72c fob aSoat.
all nominal OATS — Firmer, in sympathy with
other grain, closing at an advanco of '^r.
Cash pats steady, wHa mixed. 2« t n 32 rb,
nominal, natural white, 2fl to 32 Tb. 52'tlNWe.
and ■ lir-ped wiiue. 34 to 42 rt\ 53'-;'Sr6'r RYE —
Quiet; No 2. Wostern. S9\c, nominal, fob New
Tork. BARLEY— Nominal.
Wheat: Te*ter-
Open Hish. Low. Clfs*. day.
May... $1 10* $1 17 5-l« $1 1«H Jl 17 $1 lf>»»
July... 108H 108 15-KI 10S 10S% 1 0S»*
Slay... — — — 77 7fifi
July... — — — 7«*i 7«
t-ept... — — — 7*J"i 75»*
Ma> — — — 63? i oZ't
Wheat. Corn. Cats
Try-day ... 742,000 707. 4W7.000
Last week UM.OOO 590,000 350.000
Last year 345.000 605,000 367.0U0
Flour. Wh««at. Corn
To-<iay &l.«0l> 28.000 lfii.OOO
1.a.-t week 4.«"i0 224.000 lSw.otiO
Last year 7.000 2U0,C00 21.C0J
COTTON — Opened steady at a decline, of 4 tf
ir, points. Renrrally 10315 points lower en the.
active months, rallied to within a point cr two
of last nlßht's finals, but under a very nerv.ius
tone, foM oft to a net loan of about 41JT44 points
with March touching Vt.mr and May 13U(tc
The nutrkel becsane a little mon» active m tlie
last hour. March closlnsr at 14c and May at
It. 12c. .*k>utli»rn spot tnarkets were nonilnaily
uucbansed to \m hljfhcr. Local cuntrati prr »-s':
_. . . Ycster-
Open. Hi«h. I.nw. Clone. day
Jaruary .14 06 14.0* 13.71) 14.02©14.05 14.ii
rrhniarv... —• — — 13.05»1»,00 14.07
March 13 85 14.10 13.« a 14.W1f14.0r 14 12
April ... — — — l4.»M!grU.(>« 14. 1S
May 14.0S 14.30 1.1 SO 14.12-914 11. 14.21
JniM 14.08 14.0R '«'•* 14.125J14.1 1 14.20
July 14.10 14.22 I.lxl 14.12®14.14 14 L'»
Ausust -Jag? JIM 13.»V> ir... fH>6I3.P2f H>613.P2 urn
Het>t«TTib*T..l.".O-"' »*«« 12.7s l.Ta*>6l3.lrt 13 17
October '-!?« J=lr l - r '° 12.7(Vt?12.7t 12.«4
Dec*. mber. .12.35 12.3j 12.35 13.c0#13.5a 12,60
Spot cotton was quiet, v,i!]| pri.-rs 25 points
lo»-r at 14 I.V for ml.idlinß upland anil 14. uv
for iiixitUlni: Oulf. Scales, 2T^> bales; dellv. on
Dontrmct. 400 baKs. Uverpool cablrgt—Smt
«te«dy: saKs. B.o<io hales; speculation an( j
purt. s<»<> t.«l^s. American. 7,000 bales; Imports
none: middling upland. 7«ld; futures .menej
s»»-adT. Nt 4<W points advance; el<«ed weak 11 .
H»J» pointii lower; January and January
ary. 7.20 l »d; February-March. 7.3U: March-
April. 7.33 d: April-May. r.aftH4: May-Jun"
7.:ivd: June-July awi Julr-Aurnst. 7.35 - \n-
September. 7.17.1: September" »<-tt.t>e: 6 75d-
OrtObtf Novenibri. b..1*1; November I>ibuiL. r'
0.454. and Dec*mber-January, fl.4i!W •«"«•
tOI IKK Md at r. points de.,!i tor
Jatiuarv «nd February and wn.-hanjed for th»
other pflsi'loni". sradnally hardened and fielttd
at a net advanp» of S»1O points. Salr-s. 10000
hess. S;«»t *tr.ady an<T un.-hansrd »t fl . " for
IUo No 7. Local contract prli-ei: ' ror
Oprninß lIlKh. Ut . lo^ V *day"
January .C«T. H.HS 6.H5 *; 7.'k»Ml >« a«r,
Ftbniary •••"„■ — — 7.' > «i4i <s4» rt 7u
March <I-W 8. So* 6.V) rt.VUJrtW
Apr" — — — «.s-,flH.jn>. «7 S
M«y — — — «oou«j.as 6.50
Jun« .... — — — «.90«N1.»r. &Srt
July C.53 G.SS C.S3 tLW4?7.<H) 6.M
August-. — • — — »!.U3Q7.Ot» 6.X»
September ..<9O 6.30 6.00 (LSBCTM « •«
October — — — «.»sii7.Oi> «.&>
November .. — — — 6.0.Vi57.P0 *-25
Dacemb-r ..«C0 6.W 8-W «.K>37.(» 6-?->
I i i"t X AND MK.AL- Flour Inactive, with
prices nominal.
I'KO\!«I»)\« Inactive and easier. sellinn
do»u undn liquidation Influenced oy a- de
cline In live hops and fairly <ib«ral receipt;*.
PORK — Qui«t; miM. $23 »O; fArnlly. • *2«5fl-
S2B W. short fl*ar U2."»9?27 50. BEEF —
Steady; it>e*s. $ti s"if »12 50: family.. *I<>®
Jlfi f.O: piickei *::•':«•-"• estr* Indi* me««.
*;4 snns23. BEEF HAMS — Steady: <24f?t125.
PRESSED. HOOS- Bacons. ll«ic; IS^i «».
ll»ic: l«o Ib. 12t: it" PJ 12e: pt«s. ■ 12% c
CCT MEATS — ! kl«"J bellies. <jul«t: amokinsr.
•".,-. 10 Ib. 13e: 12 n 13c; H Ib. JISc. picUl»d
hams steady; 13H914& TALX.OW— St»»dy;
'Jty. tJTic: countrr. •-•■. LAllt> —
-•»».!- n-i.!^ 1 West. 12.73 H 12.55 c: city qui»t;
I'JH'"; reflned meady. .^outh America. 1,4.23 c;
Continent, 1.1.40 c: Brazil kecs. 13.2.V;. COM
POUND—Quiet: lOUc. STE APwIN'E— Steady;
ole«. 17c: city ■ -!. .i:»*ic.
Rt"6AK — Refln»<J slow. pr'cej qncbanf-d.
Bee* auijar in L"t)1"n as unchanged to '» '■
Icn-?r: rairaan and February. 12» 0 4 id: May.
12» 11 '»d flaw her" quoted: Ontrt*usp»l. P* s
t»st. 4.oßr;tnu.<icova«li>. W test. ■ aft. *nd mo
lasfte* suicar. so r.»,r. 3.33 c Tone steady.
BirE — ly to Rrm. with a srood il»mand
Iccally; at th 9 South a moderata tra*« t. as
>IET\I. 1 ttasptaH ewer: spot
*nd January clclnj at 1.1.12>i •13.X7'-'- :
February. March and April at r*.l. '■» 15.3-"><- -
Lec«l d ai*r« ijuote lake ropper at 13.75©
14c; electrolytic »t 1,t.r.0^i.n.75<-;and ca«tln*
at t3.23#1«.«2S TlN— Weak, spot. 52.10
«32.40 c; January. 32. 2 32.40 c; February.
32.10532.45 c. and March and April. 32-10»
52..".0 c. London weak, at *14« 13« f«r sr-^t
and £14« 3a for future*. I.KAD qajet: spot.
4.Ci7HS-»-72Hc N»w Torfc: 4.500 4.«0« East ST
Louts. London nnehance<t «t £ i:'. 13» od.
mi TSR •w-ak: spot. 6.10e6.25e N>-v Tork.
P.f»o«?6c Kant -• Louli". -London unchanred at
i".i ss. IRON n-as higher in Lond-in. at •"'•2s
l'-jd for Cleveland •warrants. Local market
iinohang»d- No 1 foundry Northern. $1S 7^ •<?
*Tf> 2-">; N.-> 2. $l<* 5o«-$i»: No 1 Soutb«rn and
No 1 Southern soft. SIS r.O-ssin 25. Plsr iron
fertlflcates unchanged. ?.'o «al^s. TJeR-ulars
clA«ed: Cash. *lrt "O'fi SIT 2.".; .Taninr-. $18 50®
Sl7; February, Sl7 25: March, $17 3O; April.
$18 s«^fl7T»: May and .Tun-. $1»5 "0«fl«
UOi.A.^K-i .\>D SYRI'M — Steady to flrrn,
business fairiv actlv* and prices un'<ha r
N.VVAI. STORES — Spirits tnrpent!n» dull
and nominal, r.osin and tar qutet and un
OIL.« — Notwithstanding th» dcclln- In th«
priew of f!ax»e--i. t h« market for lin»ee<J «•!! whs
ur.>-hangoti. anil .-ara prices are naid to b*» fully
maintained, r.eflne.j petroleum steady at recent
OTTOVSEF.D Oil. •>« r early, : ■:• ral
lied is lisa cotton adv«ncM and closed steady at
S points advance t<-> 7 D«ln's decline. Sales.
11.100 bbls. Local contract prices:
Open. Hish. Low. ("?r.«». dar.
Spot — — — 7 '»«*r7 15 7 U
January 7.12 7.12 7.12 7>)7tt7 10 7.14
r -bruary .... — — — 707<87.1t 7*o
March 7.14 7.1R 7W» 7 17«7 I 7.1«
AprH — — — 7 1»517.:i 7.1S
Mar 7.25 7.25 7.1 a 7.22«r7.r: 7.2S
July 7.2< 7.20 72S 7.2fVp7.W> 7.30
S*pttmber . . .7. 17 7.17 717 7.21«7.2» 71*
0< tober • ■ 6.70 6.70 6.70 6.7236.7S 6.73
N«w Tork. Jan. 20. 1010.
BE.IN* A.YD PEA? — Receipts. 203 bam
beans. Domestic whit« without chanx*- Feelln;
sr«ad '. but only tanciew qualities reach our
mitside flgti»-»s. Red kidney firm, with lisrht
export ,-.rder« Scotch peas uTichans»d. EB.\.N?
— Marrow, choice, bU3h-:l $2P5313; me<llam and
p»a. $2 324'g?2 3,": whit- kidne-- £13OUS:: ."A:
r»d Wdney. $2 02Se$2 05:- yetlow c?«. $3 2-V
black turtle aoup. $2 O.VfrSS: Hma. • «aHfornia.
no*is2 05. PEAs— Scutch, tass. bushel. $2 27 3
<i«2 30.
BITTER-- Receipts. 4.07** rk -«. A shade
steadier on the fanciest grades of fresh cream
■--■ oth"r graden abundant, •lull anl -weak.
Trading in held creamery at trrexular rate* from
SOn far comtnon up to Jl3c fur- fancy, wt h ■"" -
casional lobbing sale? at 34c. Creamery, *V° -
cials. Ib. ">. »jctran. 34: first*. 321?33c; peconds.
30(jj 31c; third*. 20. : reamory held. s^eciaJ*.
03e34c: extras, 32'532'ic.: firsts. Sl-gSIHc; aer
findn, 2t>«3oc: state dairy tubs", flnest. 23c; jrvid
to prime. 504?32e: nnnnon to fair. 2>Ml29e; pr*»
pee». specials. 23!jc; .-xtras. 23 562ac: firsts.
27527 l ie; seconds. 24©25 c: TTestem Imitation
• r«»anirn.-. firsts, 26^28c. factory, firsts. 2&c.
pecsnds. 24524 thirds, 22^2rtc, packinor stock,
No. 1. 2T.c: \W _'. 24924 4c: X<>. 3, 2K823c.
< HEEBE — Receipts. 072 bo.xc?. Fair <rotW
for full cream, holders firm on leairabl- grades.
Hfirh grade whims firmly su."»ta:n<H. but wint-r
made accumulating; holders rut price* whenever
attra.-tiv*. and quotattoDS conform with buslnena
doln^r. f*tate full or»am. specials. 17';'*fl*«":
September, fancy. 17Uc: October, best. W^xc;
winter made, best, l-V^'fil'. 1*!-.1 *!-. common to fair,
13'^QlDUc: skims. IV: lbs. fail ma«le, sire-l*:?.
144«: winter made. bsst. lltfl^a: fair ta gooU.
8»10c : common. 4 *'B7c; full sMms, 3©4 c.
BGG9 — Receipts, 3.5151 case*. Fresh In
small supply, but demand is light and con
tinued mild weather gives th« market a
*liK!it'\- casi- r tone. Storage tend stight'y In
buyers' favor under fr-er off^Vlnar. Ptate.
Pennsylvania and nearb», hennery i»hit«.
fancy. 4GS4Se; umall. 42©43 c; gathered. 4<>a>
45c: hennery browns, fancy. 43045 c: jrath
ered. 4Oia4".'c: fresh gathered extras. 44^45c;
extra firsts. 41 ©42c: firsts. 39 ©40 c: fresh and
late gathered, lor\-e r grades. SoS3*c: refrig
erator, fancy. 2TH#^>e: firsts. 2SH®27c; sec
onds. 2-^4 »2«c; third?, 24©23 c: poor. 22»
2Sc; dirties. No 1. 23c; undergrades, 10<£22c;
cli»<-k!«. 17?f2nc: I1nn»«l. choice. 24^c.
FRIITS— — Quiet, with a furth»r d»
1 clme on prlm« evaporated apnles. APPLE! ,
evaporated, fancy, Ib. lO'i#11c; choice. t»«
»'«(■; prim^. 7 »i (? 7 U <• : Canadlnn. prime. 9%Q
7.-: common to fair, SJffi'-ic: old, tsvjK- c sun
dried. Canadian.- -«% ;r«V •: Southern." 5,8
s*;c; PcjinsyLvanla.. «'£G4c: cores and »klns».
TOO Ib. Jl<soSsl-75': chopped. *1 73 -*sl o<l
CIIKRRIES.. «>. [email protected]«c: RASPBERRIES!
evaporated. 22 l Jß22iic-. BLACKBERRIES. •*.
■'!-■■: HUCKLEBERRIES, 13013 c; APRI
COTS. California. Moorpark. 124 c; Royal.
11S114'-: PEACHES. p»«!ed. [email protected]; un
peel^d. «®Sc: PRUNES. 3ti74<?. FRESH—
Apples In liberal supply and selling slowly,
with prices favoring buyers. Cranberries drag
ging at easier prices. Strawberries slightly
firmer. Orans s in liberal supply and show-
Ing wide rang* In quality: be»t fruit sells
well. Tangerines, mandarin* and grapefruit,
steady for top grades. APPLES, table sorts,
bbl. $2 25354 50: Greening. $2 252r53: russet.
£2s s2 25: far Western, boxes. $I?O«J3.V>;
CRANBERRIES. Cape '- O late. bbl. $:t
S" 50; early blacks. [email protected] s4; Jersey. $4£S4 50;
STRAWBERRIES. Florida, quart. 10S»50e-
ORANGES. F'ortda. box. at r»O«*S3 5O : other
Florida.- Sl<S 53; Porto Rico. Socf»s2 75: Cali
fornia. box. $1^;*;:: Arizona. $' 23353:
TANGERINES. Florida. strap. SI r.O**s.-J:
Porto Rico, half box. 7rici?si: Cuban. 7."»c#
$1 35; MANDARINS. Florida, strap. Jt 5O?»
23: GR.\rFFRT-TT. Florida, box. Sl2sSs4;
Cuban. 75c«rS2 75: Porto Rlc<», ?IC*s3."7;
Nassau. 51«3053 3t: PTNBAPPLE3. Florida,
rrate, 7,">cSsi Cuba. 75cg5173; Porto
Rico. 75c® $1 73.
HOPS — Fairly active movement an«l price*
gradually gaining strength. Very little doing
locally, but the market shows a little firmer
undertone. St»te. 1009. prime t« choice. S3©
84c: medium to good. 31 ®32r: Pacific Coast.
T.ioo. ' prime to choice. 24C23c; medJum to
g.-od. Sl#B3e: state. 1!W. prime to choice, and
lf*o7. nominal; Pacific Coast. 19O*. pr'tn* to
r-boi.-e. IS-S2oe; f.»07. [email protected]; 1006. SglOc:
Germans. 1!K»O. [email protected]
HAT AND STRAW — Mark-t ,t nues t^»
te:->d higher. Receipts limited, and new in
voices show only moderate increases. Sonr*
Canadian hay in bond being opened up for
local uae. HAT — Timothy, prime, larse bale*.
100 ih, $ll7'ig'l2O; No 3. to No 1. Ji 05*
$1 13: shipping, $1: packin*. iln •'!.-..■ clover
a.nd cipver. mixed. Ssc©sl 10. STRAW —
Long rr*. SOC3Sc; short and tangled rye. 60c:
oat and wheat. 50c.
POULTRY ALIVE^ — Receipts. •» car^ ay
freight and about 1 car by express. Trading
onl^ moderately act've. and with stocks as 4
cleaning up, it was decided not to unload any
stork that arrived after mldnlsrht of last
nijrht. and 5 cars are being carried ov»r.
CHICKENS, spring, lb. 19c: FO"W7-S. ITe;
ROOSTERS, old and young. 11c: TURKEYS.
12«17c; DtTKS. 17c: GEESE 14air.e;
GUINEA FOWLS, pair. s*c; PIGEONS, pair.
30c. DRESSED — Very qu'er. and the limited
»trppli>!« are fully ample for all requirements.
Western advices continue strong ard holders
are rirm. especially on fowl*, chickens and
ducks. r»r» pack-d — TURKETS. Western,
•faided. 22524e: Haaisia. «Ir?* picked. ■»
lected. young toms. 24U2."-. youn^ hens, 24c:
•>oung hpns and toms. 24c; fair to good. 221?
2.* c: old'toms. 21c: Pmithern. iry nicked 22
fi'2.le: scalded. 22 23 c; canons. Philadelphia*
20£30 c: Ohio. 22&2« c: other "We«t»r 18®
2Si-: broilers. Philadelphia, fancy squab, pair.
75990 c: fancy. 4 Ib and under to par, lb.
2K<j3oc; P*aa#rivania. »4#lts; Western, dry
picked, milk fed. fancy, frozen, 2Sc; fresh.
24 (fi^r.c: corn fed. fancr. froren. 2">c: fresh
]W(32lc: Michigan, scalded. 19*2'>-- ether
Wetitern, lS©2oc: CHICKENS, roasting. Phil
adelphia, fancy, f> Ih and ov«r to pair. Ib. 2<«®
27e: Pennsylvania. « lb. 21<f22c: Western, dry
picked, milk fed. ■* lb. 22jJ23e: corn fed. is»^.
104 c: Ohio an<l Michigan. 101T10'.-. other
Western, IS 10c: do. mixed we!eht."». Phila
deiDhia. 23c; Pennsylvania. lr.JrlDc, Western,
milk fed. drr Dlcked. 19Uc; corn f»tl. 17c;
West»rn. ncal'led. s<>Uc: Ohio and Michigan
16'itr17e: others. 15fflt»e: FOWLS. Western,
bc.\«-s. fiO lb and over, dozen. 18c: 4S tb. 17»ic;
"rt to 42 Ih. I."> '- 'I'i^c: Western, barrels, dr^
ni. ked. heavy. ITc; small. t.'.Hl«.': Ohio and
Mlchlcan. «ca!ile<l. 17c: ether W«st-rn. 14®
17c: OLD COCKS. i-.'-v DUCKS. Ohi« and
Michigan. 2O«21c: Western. lfifrSOc: GERjiE,
Eastern, white. -'Oc. dark. 1«@l«c : MaryUnd.
Jerscv. etc. 14'S15c: nearby. 12$ 13c: ' Wis
consin, stuffed. I.V-; Western. tftOlSc;
SQVABS. prime, large. whit« doxeo »2 7S««
$.": poor. dark. $1 50: .-alls. Roff7sc; GUINEAS,
sprtne. r, Ib and over. pair. |l.
CA.MF, — RabMtn in fair demand at 14f»-.'f>,
ntid prime lots steadily held. Jack rabbits
■low. r.01r.-.Oc
In nioderhte oupnlv *n'! Kteady for choice.
Sn-et potato*-* dull ami weak. California
»J-t i.'h.>k*^> *carce. / New beet« and carrots In
fair demand and ste*«*v. Old carrots sasfteff
Cabbag*s n-'-.k.r Celery ,l || and accumu
latlng rsaIMMOT tn aettv* .lenia- and
hljshrr. ci»i. >rv and escarole. firmer, with
«ome *a)e» hither than quoted. Kale and
spinach more r 1 ntv and lower. Lettuce gen
erally poor. Old onion* firmer for ehoic*.
Perm nc-jrce Beana higher. Pepi«.-, dull.
Par«lev lo«er. Tomattoea in liberal aupr*lv
POTATOKS, Ber.-niida. second <-ror> \.\ ■ ss«
*4 75; Maine, In bulk. I<sO lb. $1 75|» J2: b«.
-tl6 ft «»*l 85: tat* and WeMern. in btilk. ISO
lh. $! sO«isl "■"• basr. Bl S*#n «n Western.
130 Ih »>ag. *» SfJ*J 552 fro)lt<i "tock. l>a«r.
T.V*JI 25: SWEET POTATOES. J«rwy t.hl.
*1 .-oof 2 50: basket. <tt<r4»*l: ARTICHOICKS.
CaJiromla. <Iri'»'- .' ' < ®^ 1 - 1 -* X I«E. New Or.
leans. bM. « '"•i'JS 1^ 1 - PPROUT3.
qnHn-. 6*1««c: BEETfe.. Charleston. UK)
bunche*. #»*»»4: New Orleana.. SSAog-jtS;
Berpmd-i. crate. «1 .3fr.fl .'»«: VRROTS. old.
ton. *12«JI5: bbl or bar. *i*ti sr. C harl^
ion. 100 bunches. $Ie Ji 30: ew . Orleans. %Zn
$2 50: Uermufla. crate. 7.V*fJi«s- c\B
n.*OES Dani.h ton. 5 2^e$5O: .mestle. »1 S
* l t -, t . ,«,,.
PS«S3»I »>»» l. *1 jj-952: Florida. n«r«. re,l.
hbl crat" *-»J *-.->: 'TCITMBBRS. F'om'.a.
b«»ket. « «*©« »: cKf.ErtV <«W. SI 505J
HS'-'S: Cillfornia. Meuiio; rtate and Jer«ey.
»|(fTi2 2.'.: .loirn »talk». S*»4sc; CAT'I.I
KLOIVERS. VVl^i"'* 1 " 5 - bo >. |t R»t?*3: Fl»r
ida. basket. ?tSO«J2 2r.: Bat eas-. $1 25JM2:
California, ca»e. 3175tf»212; hair ea«e. $1C
$i zr.i onronr. n>w Orleans, bbl. $S#f> S*:
ESt^AROLE. «JSf»; EtiGPL^VNTS. rtsHaw.
boat.- *ies3 50; Cuban. I1SH: . HOB«S
RAI' lw Ib hbl. SI So'<*? 4 73; KAXE. Xor
foik. bbl. 25**5Oc: KOHLRABI. yew PrV^na.
■- ; f?3; LETTUCES Charleston, basket. $li?
fl 7r»; Florfda, basket or txre. 7oct?* s : *****
Orleans, hbl, $235:.»: si-nail basket. 73c:
LKEKS. 100 bunches. «2 .->«»*» 40. ONIOX3.
Cub.in. cr*te. *-'2i; small white pick!*. J»«
30c; »Uti and WMtern. white. «mV^JI: >«-'
lov. b* . «1 25«52: red, $1 23a^2: Oran««
County. r«d and yelloTr. $1 '."Stj*^: ConnecticnC
\aller. yellowy *l 2.l*f It S*»: OKRA. Florida,
rarrier. J3tr«s: Cuban. SS/JtJrt; PEAS. FioridA.
basStet. »4-asi-.-. PEPPERS, large bos. $2S')t3
W. carrier or basket. 91 2TtfsS. Cuban- ear
s*"i.«,* Iw * l * S: PARSNIPS. bbU *i«*15";
PAIISI.FA. v^w Organs, curly. *I«**S r>o;
p.a.ri. t«4fsH. BerrniMta. crate. ?-'a?-2S: RO
MAIXE. Florida, baiket. naflT-V N»w Or
•T* at - *Biall ba.*ket. "sc; Bermuda, crate. $1^
12: RADISHES. Norfolk, basket. *I 73*f«C;
MI ALLOTS. Ne^ -'-•««, M»i f!SO©S2.V>:
£*2E*Q BEANS. Florida. *»x. fancy. b*l**«t,
s»ft?s: --•■■ r »s<»|B; poor to cood. *1 500 54;
Norfolk. bt>U SOcffJl 35; SQCASK.
»1 50Qf2 SO; Flort«!». whlt«*V«s. |lft*ls";
'"':«■ *1: TURNIPS. Rutabaga, bbl. wL-1%1.
TOMATOES'. Florlrta. carrier. $1352. Cubair.
*1«*13O; WATERCRCS3. IQO »uacb«a> *l
„_,,. .„ . N<w» Tort. January £f». tot"
BEE\Eh — Receipts. 4* cars, or at? bead, alt
*«• . .ghter: fe^iiaar ttnchanir>d. timm 1 beef
quiet at 1 ' HSc ald f or nih> *id"«*.
CALVES — eipts, -W» h-ad 3? for tmf<?h«r»
•nd 137 f^r marXet. No s»!ea «>f veala; W»*tem
calvea - slow and barely »teady: 2 -ars nn»oid-
W**t*rn» «o»d at ft 3O mr 1«O n>. f>nijs4
calves gtea4y; cltr -lum 1 vealn. l«#lflr a ». -
t^mtrr. ae»l4',-, baray*rd aad te4 culver.
8§ l<v.
Sal»a — 1 mmm *>mttnis!»lnTi Company: ** W«»t
«m calv»». 22* rb ar«i«aM. $J3i> per l**> ■
SKEEP and LAilßi— Rtcerots. 12 rat* e»
d! 7 'cad: 11 .-ar* fr }n:tx-!vr* and 1 tar ■»«r
ke». makfcisr 2> a <ara tm »ai<»- Sh«e» »teair:
lamb* 15c lower. Good «be»p. ™««, «old i! I' 3
per l<v> I* fair to choir* 'unht. ** JsW 1:
tmsid mutton Hway at 9«11^ m Tt»; i»»i—t<
lambs. tS^sSlSc: country drisent hothooaa
lamb.-i. slow, at $*1$«.ll per carraaa.
Sales— W. R. Uun-.«:» 153 «ta» latnl!». 73 T*.
*» sa rer ia> n>. »
f. Judd & Co.: 3R Buffalo IBBsB*, •» t>,
K«rr.^ Gbbbbbßbsbm Co.: "128 Buffaio Umfc", T3
Sv $5 Ml m
T^hin Jfc Sh«T»ncn: 100 p«nn»ylv»nt* l»mb«. »■
n\ *.4t3: «7 Pennsylvania «heep. 13» C>. *3 3S ■•.•
140 K>. J3 25. , . -,
UCKSS: Receipts. .T1««; l » cur on sal*: »> •» ■■
retwrted; f«*llnB »te«d)-. «>«niry dre"«», vm
chacsed. at lo^ei^'ac a n>.
chiciißo. Jan. 20 — CATTLX—Ree-lpti. tj.n^
10-&ISC lower: steers. SS«?S-»0: <-ow». J9SM
$-.S0; h»ifers. W4««I«; *»ol!s. *•••*}*
calves. »3 9*J»7r.; •rocltmrs and fte<t*rm. |3 759
$.* 50. HOOS— Rer»ip»s. •.•♦.•*>n T,Q\Gc t«TrL ;
• hoice heavy. t. SS^i'* 73: hutcb-rs, f««W^
$«'7O; l.ght miT«<!. $S "-31»$» ch«lc«» llrht.
J"»451t5550: packmc. $533'353«3; F'tf'-Jiv*-*
©5? 2S. bulk of sal»s. S« 40* *. yHECP—
RereiDTl. 14. <>•»♦». «t«a!l». sh*«». •s#»»
Umbs. 5795«73. Tearling^. ?4ZS®JS2.V
t.'incinoatl. Jan. 20.— CATTLE — !»•*■•'»'•.
573: quiet: fair to gio«i "htpper*. $5»34*»" -S
.•«mraon. S;2sljPs4. nOGS— Re«»»a<*. 2M»:
•low. and lOSIS<- lower; butchers and *hi?
"•-• $3 70©?«73: common. fas»#ißzn.
SHETSP — ---- »ts 311: pt«»dr to sTr«a*J. $3»
$9: lambs, «t«ady *4 "• T > 5 - *'•■
Kanaas Ctty. Jan. Zn. — CATTLE — R"*»t?»«.
*<*.«> meHidhig too Somh-rn*: tOe tow»r;
choice export and rtress*d be»f st«eri. S3 9*«>
JT2 ; fair to g"<»d. $4 7S'«JS.'« "•• S8««e»
uteeri*. S4.v><i* srnckera and f»«d»r». •» .10-s
S3; Sotithern steem. M 995 T5: r»»* S3 ••»#
$4 3.V. nat!v« cows. fZ .V»<#sS 2H a»ir»r«. HIM
<•?!«: bulls. S3M#**tO. calves. M^fM"
HOGS — Receipts. H..M).. 5e lower; top. «***:
hulk of sale*. $<» -4 s« 5": heeiry. •»»•
$■» «O: paclcern *nd bnteh-ra. $«iW#»**».
light. *7»5*»S4U a ; plsts, J7 •■:--• SHEF?
— Receipts. 6,000: 9 t»ad" lOk lo^»r; l»ml>«.
97 73©** «o : y»«rtinc». t« 75«?7 •♦»: ••th«ni.
ST. 2."V*W -.'•: •*•». 5t75 I SJS 7-"i. atockera ant
feeders, f3 V>l»s.-» SO.
East BuSalo. Jan. c\TTT.R — Ke«e>tß*m>
200: fairtr act:Tc nn<* bar«l7 steady, prime)
*t-»rs. $«*."\»s7. VK.VT.S — Receipts. 125; ac
tive, and stead" Hoc,- R*e»ipt<». 3.200; fair
1v »<>tiv<» and aatOe loT»r; h«»a»r and mi»«»f.
$s fx»e|S JWi; TorVers and pis*. f"> *«£ **«•"•:
ronph*. -3al»::n: da--tes. V» 7*»*» W.
SHEEP ANt> t.AMBS — f».0OO: »h—
active and ste%.!y. lamba alow and 23c bf«r.
at jr»2stPss 40.
P*ttab'ir«. Jan. 20-— CATTLE— SappIy li«hv
ehotce. ftftTV9s7: prime. W IO#»H» HHZSP-
Pupply lisht: prime, wethers, *^«W«5 -"> --till" SflH
common. 73fJ?3: veal 'Shej, 4t\jrtl> "•
HOG^- Receipts Hsht: prim» hesmaa. •»»»;
mediums. OT 00: heavy porkers. $S 809SsliB: r^BSw
$S SO*??S S3; r"Ug.*-.s. $7 SMiStl 50
rhicago, Jan. Gram" a«tvan - in
pric*\ vrtpln^ out an initial d»eltn» and
clo«inir from ?jc to %c higher than tb«
pre-vlous clo?». Provj«ona. with the — h
ception of January ribs, ruled lownr »ni
finish^! from 10<- to •_T ! lower than th»
previous final figures. »'ontract prices;
Wteat: Open. High. I.c*. Clcse. day
May «1 oS*i |1 09% |1 .*S 11 n»% ft i*%
July lfttV^ l<V> T i, 9»*%. I <»S 1^> 1 *
September.. t«j'* J»T« 9"* 1 t«S M*l
May '.' «7'- «•»% «7'i «X l i «7'»
July «7v, ft*'. «7N «7»* HT k
September 66 r » 67 T» •• T » «57*» «T
May . 47S 4.H 47U 4T*i «T i
July 4.t , *4 , 4.V. 44*. 43%
September.. 41f» 41* 41H »1\ *--'«^*
Lard: *,
.Tan-iar^ ..T2 42 12 42 12 4« 12 *n tr «
May .. 13 1O 12 1» 11 3 i 1107 12 10
Tannarr ..tltS 12 «*> TITS ISSB II BJ
Mar in» nm 1147 1150 116"
January . . — — — 21 27 21 35
May 21 SO 21 SO 2162 21 S7 21 ■
Liverpool. .Tan. 2O. — WHEAT Spot duU.
Futures steady: March. Ss tSd: May. 1*
10"» d; July. 7s OHd CORN Spot cjuiet; ne-w
American mixed. 3s 6 'id: old. 5s S^jd. Fiirar*^
dull; January. 5s .'. L 4d: Mar-h, 3s t»'-,d.
PSAS — Canadian steady. 7a ■» ,J FLOUR —
Winter patents quiet. 33s- HOPS in L— si—
< Pacific Coast > steady. £•>*-:* laa BEEF —
Extra India, mess *trt>n£. !>7s 8d- PORK —
Prime meaa. Western, steady. 103s. HAM 3—
Short cut fl-m <s«s. BACON — Curaberiatxi
cut. «3s «d; short rib. «Ma «d; long clear mi<i
.]>*. light. t>T.s od; heav-, 64s «d. ahort clear
backs steady, «M»: clear bellie*, «7* «d-
SHOrLDBRi — firm. -"»Ts. LART> —
Prime Western, in tierces, qui«t. TOm BB:
American r*[in«l, pails. >»»ia fid. CHEESE —
Canadian finest. whit« and colored, flrrn. .ia».
TALLOW — Prime city steady. 3H» Sd. TUR
PENTINE — Spirits. 42». ROSIN — Commo-x
firm. 10* 4Sil. PETROLEUM — R-flned steady.
71,4. LINSEED OIL nrra. Sts 3d.
Londoß. J»n. -<> — RAW SUGAR.Cantrifti
gal. 13s od. muscovado, l^s. BEET SUGAR.
January. 12a »«td. LTNSEED. cal-titta. April-
June, .Vis. LINSEED OIL. .T2a 9d. SPEHW
OIL. f-S. PETROLEI'M — American refined.
C.-.d spirits. TJ. TT-P.PKX- - - 4t^
JM. ROSIN — American strained. 10s M. |n«.
13s «d.
London. Jan. 2*>. — The offerings at the wr^»f
auction to-day amounted to 13.*33 bales. .V
g^otl selection of Victorian merinos sww4«Bht
out animated bidding, and imM r»*i!j-<l -«
7 ; e d and greaay is 6d. Americas bousht »
sco<l quantity of erosssre.ds at prices ran^inc
from tOd to Is 3'» d. N«w Bsaak W*U»
scoured sold at 2a Od. French. German, »n4
home buyers -.T*>re ke^n competitor*, and th*
jtalea •rt fin* throughout. Sales: Xw South.
Wales. 700 bales: w.uretl. M^23 Sd. gr»a»v.
Ri-dfris. Qu^enslanii 1.300 bales; sreary.
»i*.l^l9 2Hd. Victoria: 4.30»> bal^s;
i»cour?d. is t<%d#ls lO^dl: »naS3 ■ Tdiils *4-
South Australia: 3UO bales; greaw. S'-ad^'e
3<i. West Australia: 1.30S bales: gres»*T. 6'i»t
«ls Td. N«w Zealan-i 4.500 aasSßt scortr»d
ind«l» fJd, greasy. l(n,<lstl* ! jd. C*p« ef
G«-»*>d Hope and Nat*!. 600 bales; sre»sy. Tls
10 '-d.
.V sale ef 6.9«0 b»!« e-f sheepskin was held
here •-day. The quality waa xood and de
mand fair. Mennos were •:"ch»ajt«rf. and fait
ivooled s&ins sold hi sellers' favor. Fn!l
woolcd crossbreds advanced '« Sd: h»»f
wooied were uncbans^d but firm, and ahnrt
wooled in buyer's favor. Americans purchased
a few parcels of crosfbreds. Sai-s and price*,
frrr eiothmg and c<-»TBbmic— New South Wale*:
710 bale*, at 3d<*3 T id. oaiand: 290 bale*.
at 3»,tp'*id- Vlctc-na: «wv> ba!-3. j- 4»i'*
Oiid. South AuatraUa: 2«B bal*s. at *t«9t>i.
West Australia: 6<X> bales at 3Q?* 4 d. Tas
mania: 2»)0 bales, at 4\ «9'-d. N»w Zeatand:
2.400 bales, at * .i©lo»id. c r>» of Good lloo*
and Natal: 500 bai>s. a- ri<|«*;d. Fuata-
Arena*. l.«oo bales, at 3«»1|10 l »d.
In the matter ef the Mtata at Joba Ital— .
lata cf canan>i«HTta. N. V.. 4M«Msa\. Noiioe. t»
creditor*. — Mottca la hereby given, pursuan' to
an ordvr ef tha Surrog3t#'« .-ourt of Ont-»rl-
County, grantad on the 2»U» day of I>eem6er.
10G3, that th* anderwanefi intend* to apply to
the "ogate s Court of tba County of CMJarft
an<t t>tate of New York for letters of administra
tion upon the goods, chattels aad credits of John
r.ain»i> lat» of the village of Canandaigtta. On
tario Cunrv N. T.. deceased, under an pur
suant to section 23*U of the Code «.f <"lvil Pro
cedure, to be issued to the iuMlerslai''* < . ami ail
person.* who ar« or claim to »-*» (.-revlltor* of tl»»
•aid decedent are hereby notiflvd to present thetr
claims, duly verified, ta (h*> nurrogat* of Ontario
County »t hi» oClc* la. th« Court Ilstiso in th-»
village of Cananda'-gua. Ontario County. N. T..
on or before th" sih sir of February. 19JO.
Dated I>ecember 2H. ISO 9
a» next of kin of «atd decedent.
Abaar C. Thonvas. a Surrogate «?t th» Counts
of New York. .■*•■'«•• is hereby r<^ t«» a 1!a 1 !
persons raving claima against r>aniel W#t
trrau. iatt* of tt»« C'»uat^ of New York, de
.-a.-eil to present tho «a:i<.» with voochtr*
thereof t>« 'he subscriber, at h«r nlare c?
transact Icjr business, the ofSce of Bailey *
Pullrran, No 135 Broadway, Manaattau aa
the Ctty of New Tork, oa op before the 25t)»
dar of July next.
Dated New Tork. the 2B»h day of January
B.MT-EY * SULLIVAN. Attorneys^o^Tuke^.j
ij'.\. 155 Broadway. Manhattan. New Tor*
at the oOce cf the U?ht-Houso Board. \V»»h
. StTJ-.rP'5 t TJ-. rP' £' untu = o***:* P. M.. Febraanr
l.». 1910. and th*n oo P *nrd. f^r fumtahms •*»
t-nal »n.l labcr n*^»*«m,v for the ctmstruction
r|.npn> un,\ delivery cf ttw #rastte-wr*»
>»«xt. steam llKht-h«m!i». ferMer Weedbiw. in »- '-
.•ordancr ittth -trlcattoßa. caatea of whi*>,
with Wank propwaaJ* end athrr inforrnatlon mmv
b* had upon appltcat I n to th-j * isti\ tl«ii«
bo*rtl. W*jhic-tcn. I>. ' - I '""*'

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