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Co-opcrai'rcc 'Apartment House Planned for Park Avenue
Plot — Important Deal* in Other Districts.
Many kinds of properties changed hands
yesterday. In the old Knickerbocker dis
trict, in lower Fifth avenue, a buyer was
found fir a dwelling; house; in the old
Greenwich Village district for a new six
*tory apartment house, in tho central Kant
Side for a stable and a five story double
flathoust, in upper Madison avenue for a
five Ftory flathouse. and in the West Side
for several parcels. This variety in th«
character of the trading showed that th«?
buying was well scattered.
One of the principal transactions reported
was the sale by George M. Gillies for Ben
jamin Stem, of Stern Brother;--, to the
Building and Engineering Company, of
which William B. Berkmire is president
ar,.i Andrew .1. Klrwin. jr., is treasurer, of
th« premiss No.- 15 and 17 West 21st street
«nd Kos. 1$ and IS West 22d street, a plot
of about four and one-half lots, directly in
th*>. rear of Stern Brothers* store. A twelve
► Tory loft building: will be erected on the
«•• from plans by Mr Birkmlre. The
■tore and basement will be used by Stern
Brothers, who have leased it for a term of
Th.< axea occupied by co-operative, apart
ment houses in Park avenue north of 59th
street la to be enlarged. A syndicate
bought yesterday as a site for a twelve
*lory co-openaive house, involving an out
lay "of about $T:«.OOC'. the property No. .',7 to
t»l East 60th street. The site has a frontage
of 60 feet on the street and 100.5 feet on
Park avenue, and was formerly owned by
Dr. A. 11. Fridenberg. Dr. Franz J. A.
Torck and Mint urn Post Collin3.
Th© building will be similar, it is amid, to
the Etructure erected for the No. 540 Park
Avenue Company at the northwest corner
of 6Crth street, which was designed with one
apartment to a floor, the space not used
by the co-operative owners being leased at
a. rate of $6,000 a floor. One of the tenants
of that building is Mrs. Frank Gould.
The north corner of Park avenue and
KM street has recently been improved with
v fifteen story structure: a nine story apart
ment vail r-bortly be erected on the Sid
BtVßst Hide of the block, at No. 40 to 46, by
Henry Dalley &. Co.. and negotiations are
pending for the sale of another corner in
this section for a. co-operative apartment
A total of $313,450 was realized yesterday
at the auction sale of the Jacob Schwarz
realty holdings In the Harlem section of
the city. Th«. pale was conducted by L. J.
Phillips &- Co.. under the direction of L.
K. rjnarleli as trustee, and the amount re
ceived vat 1 considered very satisfactory by
the representatives of the estate The high
est price paid at the sale was $185,000 for
the group of tenements and dwellings at
the northwest corner of Third avenue and
112 th street, which was taken by Benjamin
H. Messier.
Plans have been filed for a. two story
store building to be erected on a plot owned
by the Henry Phipps estate at the Bouth
■vest corner of Madison avenue and 46th
street, opposite the Grand Central car shed
building, for Miss Grace O'Hara, as lessee.
It is to be of brick, with bays 34.5 feet
front, from designs by Robert E Kelly, as
architect. It will cost $2,500.
Plans have also been filed for » thrv.e
■too loft building to be erected from de
si?n«> by P. F. Brogan, architect for
Patrick Coleman, as lessee, on the - plot
owned by the Astoi estate, at Nos. 614 and
€16 Greenwich street It will cost $10,000.
Plans have also been tiled for rernodeUing
the front and rear tenement houses at No.
75 Mulberry street, and making over the
1ov»-er stories into a moving picture hall,
snd the upper floors into flats for two Cam-
Ilies, the change of occupancy removing
th«». buildings from the supervision of the
Tenement House Department, and being
made from designs by O. Reissmann, archi
tect, for R. Pennachio, as new owner.
Overlook Realty Company Pays $170,
000 for the Property.
■ • '=■ .. . .
r -- <■ of the largest real estate d^als af
fectlng: property in Montclair, N. .' . was
made yesterday.
Th« estate of c. H. Willcox gold to th«
rn-pr'ook Realty Company, composed of
prominent mMi of thp town, Its entire bold
inrs in Montclair. The price paid was raid
10 b« mi
The property Is in two largre tracts, ex
tending from the Bellevue avenue station of
th^ Erie Railroad to the top of the moun
tain at th*> Verona line. The larger tract
•comprises about twenty acres, having about
J.OftO feet on Upper Mountain avenue, which.
«rltß the extension of Highland avenue
•lirough the property, will open up about
r...VK) feet frontage. The second tract, from
T.'pper Mountain avenue east to the Erie
Kailros-d. has frontage on Upper Montclair,
Rellevue and Lorraine avenues ag-^regating
Rtout 3,500 feet On that tract are two
A welling house*.
The total available frontage, when th»
property hi Jaid out a.-> planned, will bo
very close to one mile. The property which
figured In the deal to-day was purchased by
a. Mr. TVflcox, of the AVilcox & Gibbs
Manufacturing Company, more than forty
v*ars ago, and held by him until his death
at V/estport, Conn., last September.
The Overlook Realty Company, the new
owners of the property, have taken over
the two tracts, with the object of upholding
th« high character of development which
has become such a distinctive feature of
mountain property in Ifontclair. A promi
nent landscape architect will lay out the
property along th*> lines of improvement as
recommended by the Municipal Art Com
■nfsaiori of Monti-lair. F. If. Crawley ,<;
Bros, were th«- brokers who took charge of
and carried on the negotiations which re
sulted in the formation of the company and
the sale of the estate. The subdivision and
JurtbT sales will bo In charge of their offlc?
f'ea*e & Ellimau have been appointed th»,
New York representatives of W. D. Curtis
and F. 6. Delafield, of r^enox, Mass., and
hereafter will reprerent them In all mat
ters pertaining to l^rkshire County real
It* Qrulfcßlianfc company rfpr<=>s^ntrd the
Stephen Whitney Kstate Company in the
«»xchiinge of dM Raleigh Hotel property, at
Nos. 663 and us Broadway, for the Robert
Fulton apartment house, «it Riverside Driv«
*n4 Ufa street, reported yesterday.
J^eo Hess was th<. broker in the recently
reported Bale of Nos. til and 472 Seventh
fl venue for the Baldwin estate to L.. & A.
F. H. Upton, jr., formerly with Lawton
fe; Meyers, is new associated Kith 8 Os
rood Pell * Co.
r T. ■■!■!! & Co. have bom No. us
E2Mt IStli etreet, Flatbush, near Dorchester
Roa/5, a three story dwelling house, with a
Got Good Office Boy
We advertised for a boy in your
ptper and got the best boy that «re
ever have had.
Ehirtmaker and Outfitter. 20 East
41": Etreet.
two story garage In th* rear, which was
built specially for R. D. Wyckoff. the stock
liroker. The new owner will occupy the
premises. The property was held at $22,000.
Rentals Reflect Good Demand
for Offices.
Cainmann. Voorhees & Floyd have leased
the store, basement and first loft at Nos.
457 and 489 Greenwich street for the St.
John's Realty Company (James H. Crulk
shank) to the Gilbert Iron and Steel Com
pany; also the building No. 181 Water street,
corner of Burling: Slip, for the Sackett es
tate to Durlach Brothers, and the building
No. 12 Cedar street to Charles R. Ross.
Kwing-, Bacon & Henry, as agents, leased
the entire eleventh and twelfth floors of the
new Underwriters' Building:, in course of
construction at No. 123 to 133 William
street, to the New York Board of Fire Un
derwriters and the New York Fire Insur
ance Exchange. They have also leased the
southerly half of the ground floor to P. S.
James & Co.. insurance brokers, now at
Xo. 84 "William street.
Van Vltet & Place have leased for the
term of live years the 23-room house No.
210 West 14th street, on a lot 25x131.6 feet.
Also the three story house No. 43 West 11th
street for the Dawson estate.
The M. Morgenthau, jr.. Company has
leased for the Hamilton Press Company to
Charles D. Robbins the third loft at No. 40
Stone street for a term of years.
The United Realty Exchange ha« leased
for S. Carmack to George Heilbrun the
store at No. 417 Sixth avenue.. Also leased
for a term of years the store at the north
east corner of 40th street at.d Tenth avenue
for Carl Schmidt to Ernest Green.
BCooyer & BCarston have leased for the
Farmers' Loan and Trust Company to Mar
tin, Fraser & Spelr the entire Exchange
Place wing of its new building at Nos. 23
and "i Exchange Place, extending through
to Nos. 63 and 60 Beaver street, for a term
of years; also one-half of the eighth floor
at No. 20 Exchange Place to th© Birming
ham Coal and Iron Company for a t<=rm of
I eai c .
.1. P. &r E. J. Murray have sold to Will
lam Wlrth a twelve room dwelling house,
on ■ plot ISQxSM fer-t, fronting in Elm and
Maple avenues, near Sd street, New Dorp,
Staten Island. This was the only real
estate held by the New York and Suburban
Co-operative. Building and Loan Associa
tion, which has nov.- almost |600.0 Mm as-
EOf.-iation mortgages.
Hutchinson sold to a client for an invest
ment No. 2093 Madison avenue, a five story
fiatho with stores, on a let 26x98.9 feet.
SECOND AVENUE— Clarence E. Hutch
inson sold for Ellen Galagher to May Bent
ley. No. 24 7 Second avenue, a five story
tenement house with stores, on a lot 25x
100 feet, and resold the property to Fanny
Green. . lUu'ji : i^
?TH STREET— Frank D. Veiller has sold
for Miss Mary H. Ward the dwelling house.
No. 8 West r*th street, to a prominent busi
ness man, who will occupy it. ' The property
is a three story and basement dwelling
house, on a plot 31x93.11 feet. It was
owned by the seller For upwards of forty
I'TH STREET — The r 'on?"Hdated Board
of Brokers sold for S. Lfppman Nos. ZW
and I'll West I?.Th street, a new six story
apartment bouse, on a plot 50x103.3 feet.
10 Lnbbert Brothers, who originally owned
the site and who ?old the plot through the
same brokers to Mr. Lippman.
:.'IST STREET— George M. GUliefl sold
for Benjamin Str-rn, of Stern Bros., to the
P.^ildina: and Engineering Company of
wiiich William B. Birkmire is president,
Nos. 16 and 17 west 21st and I♦> and 18
Weet S2d Street, a plot of about four and a
half lots, directly in the rear of Stern
Bros.' store. A twelve story loft building
will be erected on the site from r'^ns by
William 11. Birkmire, architect.
:-.TH STREET — H. C. Senior & Co, s<Md
for <J!deon EL Fountain to Jacob S'lig, No.
141 1 East 25th street, a three story stable,
on lot 22x05.9 fpet. The parcel, which waa
owned by the seller for <-»y<m- half a century,
adjoins tb r Flbs, Doerr Carroll horse »\
UTll STREET— John Peters *nid for
Maiy E. Lynch to Edward W. Daly, the
five story double tenement house. No. ?0*?? 0 *?
East 44th street, on lot 25x100.6 fret.
60TH STREET— A syndicate bought No.
• r 7 t. ( «1 East 60th street, a plot fronting *0
te<?t on the street and 100 "j fe^t on Park
avenue. It was formerly owned by Dr. A.
H. Fridenberg, Dr. Franz J. A. Torck and
Minturn Post Collins. A twelve story co
operative apartment bouse will b^ built on
th<° site.
•bTH STREET-Frederick Zittel A Bons
sold for the City Investing Company a plot
100xf00.fi feet on thi- south Bide of 88th
street, V2.~, feet east of West End avrnu<-.
Tt is understood that the buyer will ere^t a
£ar.'!g« covering the entire- sit p.
75TH STREET-M. H. I>ascl! bought from
Hrnry Sanders No. 1M East 75th street, a
four story flathouse, 011 lot 18.8x102.2 feet.
IS3D STREET— Clarence E. Hutchinson
BOM for a. Mrs Mclvean to a client No. 66
West ISSd street, a five f-tory flathouse, on
a lot tSKIM feet. The buyer gave as part
payment sixty-five lots at W.-st Hampton,
I/ong- Island. This is the fourth sa!<* or the
property by Mr. Hutchinson in tho ii a ?t
twelve month?;.
sold for a client six lots on the east side of
Carpenter avenue, between 239tb and 240 th
BBCK BTREETr— Sydney Falk bought No.
B7 Beck street, a rive story flathouse. on
plot 40x100 feet, 270 feet north of Jyongwood
ttetter sold No. 78", Fairmount Place, a two
family dwelling:, on plot r<Oxl«jO feet.
The auction sales held yesterday at • th«
Real Estate Exchange salesrooms, Nos. 14
and 16 Vesey street, resulted as follows;
By L. J. Phillips & Co.
SO AYE. 2183 to 2169. n w cor of 112 th st
55.0 x.... four 4 sty tenmts with stores
trustee's sale; to Lizzie A Ball for $62,050!
3D AYE. 2064 to 2070. 0 w cor 113 th st
lOO.IIxUS. four 4 My tenmts with ttorfi-'.
trußtee-e Bale; also 113 th at. 171 to 177. adj
above, four 3 ety dugs, each 16x100.11;
S l6-' ooo* Mtle; tO Benjamin i; Massif for
113 TH ST. 102. c :, U- U - of Park aye, 21x
100.11. 6 Ely tenmt with «tores; trustees
sale; to Marcus Ball for $24,400.
LENOX AYE. 521, n w cor of 136 th st. 24 lix
r6. 5 sty nmt with stores; trustee's sale.
AfitßaH°fors°42.o^A fit ßaH°fo r s°42.o^0 hWarZ - a^-cafe^; to T.lzzt*
A Ball for $42,000.
By Joseph P. Day
1-OTH 6T 120 West, ■ s, 254 ft W at T^enox
aye. JOxloo.ir V ty rtwg, exra tale : to
tVasseretrom A. Newman for $17 500.
AVENUE A. 20!). and 13TH ST 440 and 448
East. " w cor.J MxlOO. two 4 sty "nnfts %l»h
etores; exr a eale; estate of Martin B Och*.
deceased; to S Bruckner for 536 400
f'-.TH ST. IIS and 121. r, m. Ho ft \ v of ,, v
Well et al agt Abraham Gruenberg et al:
Charles Kaufmann. atty; P L Klernan. r»f;
amt due. $16.520 59: taxes, etc-. $1.043 97;
, "Hi., .to a • first -mtg- of $10,000: to Jacob
Goodman and Charles Root for $53,500.
•AD i?T. 405. n s, 100 ft c of Ist aye. 2~ixlOO.ft;
5 sty tenmt; J R Haas agt A B Haas •' al;
"I Rlpin. atty: A S Norton, ref;; partition;
. adjourned sine die. 1 .-'"
112111 ST. 157. n r. ' 2flT. ft w of 3d aye. 25x
. 100.10; 6 sty tenmt and store: Julia Kreizer
et al agt Isaac Shapiro et. al; J C Levi. Well &
Newhouse. attys: i' J Goldsmith, rof; amt due.
$26,676 42: to Charles Kaufman for $30,750.
118TII ST. 335 and 537. n «. 212.6 ft w of Ist aye.
37.6x100.10: 0 sty tenmt and stores; Arthur
Baur agt Michael Marrono *>t. al; Otterbourg,
X & 11, attys; j A FoJey, .ref ; amt due. $12.
. 882 60; taxes, etc. $1,769 84; sub to a first mt«
of $30,000; to the plaintiff for $85,380.
My Samuel Marx.
HSTH ST, «07 to 311, n s, 75 ft w of Sth aye.
76x99.11; three 5 sty tenmts and stores; A J
Bruen a»jt David Shuldlner et al; Stewart & S.
attys; G H Engel. ref; amt due. $63.397 99;
taxes, ate, $1.317 39; to the plaintiff for $02,000.
By Bryan L Kennelly.
WTH ST. 313. n s. 137 ft * of 2d aye, 16.4x100.5;
4 sty dwlg. Kmanuel Lcwinson agt B R Rus
sell et al, Bloombcrp: & B. attys; D E Seybel,
ref; amt due. $3.945 87: taxes, etc, $81898;
sub :to a prior mtg of $5,000; to the plaintiff
for $9,164.
The auction offerings to-day will b<» as
By Joseph P. Day. •;•-,.-
LEXINGTON AYE. 1612, t> W cor of lOlii et.
18x75, 3 sty ilwg: C A Flammer et al. e\rs,
etc, ast Robert Spero et al: F. F Flammer,
atty; R A F;(Mdo."k. ref; amt due. $10.702 78;
taxes, etc, $357 58.
WALTON AYE, 548 and 660. n a cor of 149 th st,
79. 5x57.7x57. 10, 4 .sty tenmt and stores:
VSR Chapln aft W C Ormlston e.t al; J G
Apar, atty; Adolph Stern, ret; amt due. $22.
2-17 09; taxes, etc. $7,484 39.
137 TH ST. 245, n s, 488 ft w of 7th aye. l*x
9vi.11. 6 sty dwg; Benjamin Stetnman «t al
agt R \V Hemmens et al; Alexander Rosen
thai, atty; F L C Keating, ref: amt due.
$4.2P568; taxes, etc, $276 S7; sub to a nits of
BOTH- ST, 33 to 37, us. 175 ft c of Madison
aye. 65x98.9, 0 sty apt house, sheriffs sale of
all right, title, etc. which th" Thirty-five East
Thirtieth Street Co had on March. 2f>, 1909, or
since; R W Barnard, atty.
M'DOUGAL ST. 95, W s. 74 ft n of Bleeck»r st.
25.0x75. 5 sty tenmt ; also
M'DOUOAIi ST, 108, c p. 25 ft n of Bleroker st.
25x100, 6 Ety tenmt; also . . .
BEDFORD ST, St;. c 6, 48.9 ft n of Barrow at,
25x68.6, 2 sty dwg: sheriff's sale of all right,
title, etc. which Mary rte Barbieri had on
Oct 25,*;1909; or since; Alderman & A. attys.
By Samuel Marx.
11STH ST. 231 and 233. n «■ 231 ft w of M aye,
29x100.10, 6 sty tenmt and stores; ■ Rose- Nagel
at;' Julia Tasgert et al: II H Glass, atty:
Herman Joseph, ref: amt due, $0,527 6*:
taxes, etc. $702 "1 , sub to » first nit* of
( mi name and address of lessee.)
CANAL ST. 193: Anna M Grossman et a! to
Anlello Martuscelll; 5 yrs from April 1. 1910;
Address, 193 Canal ft.
IST AYE. 20o5: Assunia Paratta and «io to
Carmine MutarelH; 5 yrs from May 1. 1P10;
Jan 20: $SO4.
Address. 2055 Ist aye.
33D ST. 135 West- Charlotte T Arkerrnan to
Ernest T?ichte r; 3 yrs from Msv 1. 1911; $2,000.
Address. 135 Weet 33d st.
(With name and address of purchaser.)
AMSTERDAM AYE. P w cor 109 th st. 75.11x100;
William Haigh ct al to Susan O»^•in <mt£
$60,000); $100. . •■■ '
Address. Room 705, 40 Pine st.
AUDUBON AYE. n c cor lS2d st. 79.9x70; Ash
ley T Cole, r.--f. to Fred'k S Isaac 'mtg
$56,000); 570.335.
Address, Room 1501, 111 Broadway.
CORTLANDT BT 48 and 50. n c cor Greenwich
st. 40.4x52; &th aye, 2915; lot 256, block 2178;
lota 546. 610, 701 and 718. block 2179; lots 7SI,
752. 795 to 801. 803. 804. 005, 911 and 917.
block 21S0. and other property in 12th Ward;
Adelaide Blanchard to Eliza A Carpenter, of
Mount Vernon, N V: Jan 26; $1.
Address, Mount Vernon, N Y.
CHERRY BT, n s. 122.3 ft c of Pike st, 87.7 x
Irres; William W Collin, Jr, to Scheer Ginsberg
Realty and Construction Co fmtsr $50,000);
A-'dress, 19S Broadway.
MADISON AYE s c cor 53d st, 100.53:47.9;
Julius Etgen et al to Saint Catherine Corpora
tion; $1,000.
Address, DO7 Madison aye.
Same property; Cora L Burgess to sam*; $1
Address, as above -. •
MILL LANE, n w 6. at r> «• cor of land here
eorveyed, 22S. fix in-«e, 1 acre; Margaret Holl»r
to Holler Ice Manufacture* Co; $1. ' ._
Address, 284 Main st. New Rochelle, N. « .
RIVERSIDE DRIVE, s c cor of 99th st. 106.10 x
110.1; West Side Construction Co to Alfred C
Bachman (mt« $3S6.O00); $100,
Address. 176 Broadway.
SAME PROPERTY: Alfred C Bachmaji to Philip
Lfvlr.fßton (mtg $450,000): $100
Address, as above.
3D AYE. 807, c s. 21x90; George F Lansr-Mn to
Rotert Main (mtg $22,000); $10,000.
Address, 163 Park aye. ; . •—Vi.;"... :
6TH ST. 729 East, n b, 16.9x83; Samuel Gold
berger to Annie Levkowitz: Jan 26 irar?
$10,000); $100.
Address, 2290 7th aye.
£2D ST ? b, 203.10 ft c of 3d aye. 18 SxP? f»:
Henry G Cassldy to Margaret. Caa«idy imfy
*7 500); SI.
Address, Boom 30. 127 Ka«» C"-? st
66TH ST, & s, 174 ft w of Park aye, 20x100 fi.
Ada Rvan to James P F^nfll. Jr, Of Brook
lyn- Jan 20: $100.
Address. 17»5 Broadway.
SAMB PROPERTY; James P Farrell. Jr. *t si
to Albert G Milbank; Jan 2«; $l'\ o>'
Address, 176 Broadway.
72D ST, n F. 322 ft w of Columbus aye, 22x102.2;
Kllen A Slaven to Frederick A Elliott, of
Brooklyn (mtg $45,000); $10".
Address, ll' l West 72d st.
78TH ST 834 and 536 West, 40x102.2; I^lgliton
Lobdel! t., Solomon Feiner urns $.15,000); $6.
Address, 35 Nassau at.
DIVISION ST, 36, n a, 17.5x122.3: Louis H'cht
to Samuel Engle (mtp: $23,500); $1.
Address, Room 1017, 346 Broadway.
BT.r» ST, not} East. 2SxBO.S; Jacob Kilshelmer to
Frederick Lesser and ano (.mtg $16,000); $100.
Address, !t>.vs Avenue A.
li^TH ST. 411 to 415 East. 60xl00.ll: Ty-u1« H
yin to Sidney Pell: -41. .-..•'.
Address, Itoom 410, 320 Broadway.
BARK LEY A VEX lot 335, map St Joseph's Or
phan Asylum; Edgftwater Realty Co to George
3 Bcely; $100.
Address, 59 Cortlandt Ft.
BHCK PT. w s. 590 ft n of Longwood ay». 10x
100; Beck Street Realty Co to Winni* Realty
and Construction Co; $1.
Address, Room 911, 800 Broadway.
CORNELL AYE, s s. 175 ft w of Mapes aye,
25x100: Christian Swenson '" Joseph Kapp
imtß $3,500): $100.
Address. 785 Courtlandt avr.
FORT INDEPENDENCE ST. a a. being lots
122 and 123, map land Charles Darke, 60. 1 1
Irreg; Mary Els^n to Frederick Volse and ati";
Address, 231 st Bt and Broadway.
75 ft a of I»>7th st, 305.6x204.10; Philip Liv
ingston to West Side Construction Co; Jan 2<".
Address, 200 Riverside Drive.
HOFFMAN ST I « cor of 187 th st, 60x90 1;
Sylvecter L H Ward to Kut* Walsh; $10,800.
Address, Room 55, 49 Chambers st.
SAME PROPERTY; Kate Walsh to Joseph B
Sloan (mtg $6,600): $1. ,
Address, Room 55. 40 Chambers st.
LOTS 21, 22 and 23, map John P H Schmen
a;ei . Dorothy [iueller to Josephine. X Mo-
Owen (mtg. $4,050); $1.
Address, 515 Wales avi>.
LOTS 1 to 6 and 27 and 28, map Paul estate;
Frank J Marlon to Mary R Pttspatrlck
(mlg, $3,500); $100
Address, 165 South nth st, Brooklyn...
LOTS 440 and 44«. block P: lot(< 443 and 444.
amended map Mapea estate; Dorothy Reul
ler to Josephine X McOwen (mtg, $5,000);
Address, 518 Wales aye.
LOTS 108. 109 and 200, amended map Cam
meron estate at For<lliam Heights; Morlt»
rreeilman to Kr-d'Tick Kaf "Miatj imtg,
$2,500) , $1.
Address, ."1 Maiden Lun<«
I.AFUNTAIM:, AYE, c H. t)SS ft * of 180 th
hi, 10x100; Margaret L Callaßhan to Orace
V Kiernan (mtp. $'.'.00o>; $100.
Addreaa, I*ol Bath«ate a\e.
11 \TU'<N AVK. c a, 189 ft n of Ifl4th «t. Mx
1>;8.4, Jos Espaumherger to Wm .1 Koch;
Jan ::>■ im'c. $22,000); $1.
Address, Ull Xt Ann's aye.
MARION AYE, w s. 200 ft » of UiStli 2."t
7^.1. Gealna M Roosa to Philip Ooldwasser
iiiitt $8,500 1 . $1,
ream, 893 ''nlumhua n\e.
KVKR AYE, w h, 144 ft a of 188 d «t, 7f>.sx
7". •'. ; l-'airrnouiH Realty Co to Louis Elek
wort: Jan 2« (mtK. $17.ooo>; $2,000.
Adciress-, J'.t Fletcher aye, Mount Vernon.
;-l BRMAN iVE - c cor of Emerson at, 100r
100; Lydia A Reynolds to Thos h Reynolds
<-, (mti?, $20,000): $1
Address, .".'J Bast 4.d «t.
TIFFANY ST. * a, 93.3 ft n of 163 th pf.
26x100; Jacob Mendelsohn et a) to Irving
Roberts; $100.
Address, Room 503, 110 Nassau si.
WASHINGTON WE. w a, I<S ft n of IS«th
-'. 25x110; John R<i;iy and ano to Patrick
llellly; Jan 26 (mt«, $2,600); $100.
Address, 2649 Webster ;i\e
WEBSTER AYE. c v. 183,.'! ft n of 1«» th at,
49 7x iireg; Webster aye, n c, cor 100 th st,
73.10x44.2; PhUip Livingston to West BMe
Construction Co; Jan -'«. $100.
Address, 200 Riverside Drive.
WEBSTER AYE, n a cor '■lo9th st, 73.10x44.2;
Weal tide Construction Co to Plough • I'""*
Co; Jan 26; 1100
Address as above.
WEBSTER AYE. « a. LBBJ ft n of l«th st.
4&/7 x lrrec; name to r>a- Krauss; Jan 26;
Address as above.
138 TH t.T. n s. 290 ft c of Wllll* aye. 49.6x100;
Philip Wedeen to Byman Wedeen mug *.'.».
4UO) ', $ 100.
Address. 62 East Broadway.
142 D ST. « c, 275 ft .. of Willis ay«. isxi<»"t.
$4COOO>4 C ooo>- 1 $100 tl *° N ""* T «'""' ' ljn - ' mt
Address, 341 East 120 th tt
" " ST «44 East. 35x100; Dorothea Batt et al
tO Thomas 1 Molloy; JS 7 no
A4di tv, 120 Centre ti.
167 TH ST. 700 : and 711 East; Francesco Nlcoletti
to Maria L Nlcolettl: $1. •'*■'■
■ Address, 401 East 167tb *<•
177 TH ST. s ■ cor Crotona Parkway. WIUM;
Rosa Altieri :to • Rosa llealty Co (nit(? *!«.
100); $1. •■■■ .- ..... • - ■ ■
Address. 1567, Wilkins aye.
100 TH ST. B s. 25.5 ft c of Fark Vlrw pL 20
76.6: Terrace 1 Construction Co to • Mary k
Champoll (intg $5,000): $100. ■ ■ •
■ Address. 2323 Prospect aye,.:,"
230 TH ST. as. 176 ft c of Katonah aye. Mil
100; * Louis Eickwort et al to Falrmount Realty
Co: Jan 26 (mtg $2,550); $1.
' Address. 29 Vietcher aye.. Mount Vernon,
N Y.
fWIth name and address of lender's attorney.)
Interest 5- per cent unless otherwise stated.
vv!.;;; JANUARY 27.
DIVISION • ST.- • 86, n s. 17.5x122.3x16.9x113.6
(prior mtg). 2 yr«. •* per cent; Samuel Ensfle
to Louis Reoht : $3,500.
Attorney, L H Levin. 320 Broadway. -- >•.
GRAND ST, 382. n b, 25x100; due. etc. as per
bond: Jacob. Tanenbaurn to TIM« Guarantee
and Trust Co; $40,000.
Address. 176 Broadway..
JEFFERSON ST. 14. w a. 20x522. 8 Vts; Samuel
Ellsberg to George C Kobbe: $14,000.
Attorneys. Roosevelt & Kobbe, 44 Wall et.
SAME PROPERTY (prior mtg $14,000): 3 yrs<. 6
per cent; same* to Morris Zack: $3,000.
Attorneys, Hillqult & Htllquit, 320 Broad
way..-'. ■-,- ■ V. . ■.. -,-.'■■.: : ".' ■ ■,'
MADISON AYE. 5 c cor KJd st. 100.5x47.J>; 1 yr.
•> p<r cent: St. Catherine Corporation to Title
Insurance Co; $235,000.
Address.. 135 Broadway. '
SAME PROPERTY; 1 yr. 6 per cent; same to
Julius F^tgen; $15,000.
Attorney, George J Corbett, care of Joline.
I^arkin & Rathbone. 54 Wall st. ..
MANHATTAN AYE. 445. w «. 25xiO«: 6 yrs;
Clara Jaffe to Esther Surut: $23,000.
Attorneys. Lawyers Title Insurance and
Trust Co. ,1 GO Broadway. : ;
RIVERSIDE) DRIVE a « cor OOtli st, 106.10 x
80.11x100.11x116.1 (prior mtg $886,000); de
mand, (i per cent; Alfred C Bachnian to West
bide Construction Co; $65,000.
Address, 200 Riverside Drive.
BTANTON ST. 300. n s. 25.3x55; .lan 20; 5 yrs.
4M- per cent Jacob A Boos, Indlv and "as exr,
to Metropolitan Savings Bank: $9,000.
. Attorneys, AS & "VV Hutchlns, 84 William st.
26TH ST. 135 to 130 West. 50*98.9; Jan 20; 5
yrs; Loft Realty Co- to Jennie W EchifTer et
aI, exTR. etc; $200,000. .
Attorneys, Liebmann, Nauenburg & Tanzer,
32 -Broadway. ■: • ■?<•::,.
IST AYE, 856. c s. 25.5x60; 4 yrs: Turtle Bay
Investors Co to Boys' Club; $10,000.
•Attorney. Title Guarantee and Trust Co. 176
37TH ST. n s, 175.10 ft c of 10th aye. 24.10 x
08.9:: Jan 26; 5 yrs. 4*3 per cent; Meyer Free
man et al to Alfred M Helnsheimer; $13,500.
Attorneys, M S & I S Isaacs. 52 William st.
47TH ST. 10 and 12 West, 47.10x100.5; due.
etc, as per bond; .Eliz v S.Hyde to Fredk
A Clark; $90,000.
Address, 127 East 23d st.
71ST ST, n s, 245 ft c of Columbus aye. COx
100.5; Jan 26; due, Jan 1. 1013. 4»i per
•-en t; Lena M Robert to Equitable Life As
■urmnc« Society; $26,000.
Address. 120 Broadway.
72D ST. 133 West. .22x102.2 (prior mtg.
$4.">,000); due, etc. as per bond; Fred'ka
Elliott to Ellen A Slaven: $15,000.
. Attorney, Title Guarantee and Trust Co.
87TH ST. 1269 West (prior mtg. $12,000); 3
yrs. 6 per cent; Albert T Sanders to Eman
uel TV Stein and ano; $12,000.
Attorneys. Hirsch, Scheurman * Llm
burg. 111 Broadway.
89TH ST. 223 East, n f. 25x100.8 (prior rntg.
$ — ) ; Jan 26: due April 1, 1913. « per cent;
Johanna Hutshlng to Wm Schutt; $2,500.
Attorney, N H W Schutt. 229 Broadway.
113 TH ST. n s, 266.8 ft w of 7th aye. 20x
100.11; Jan 26; 5 yrs, per cent as per bond:
Jennie R Tannenbaum to Farmers' Loan
and Trust Co; $11,000.
Address/ 22 William st.
114 TH ST. 616 West, s s. 15x100.11: Jan 26:
due, e tc, as per bond: Marie R Livayen to
Title Guarantee and Trust Co; $13,000.
Address, 176 Broadway. '-..-:
128 TH ST. s s. 375 ft w of 7th aye. 25x99.11;
1 yr; Mary E Godward to American Tem
perance Life Insurance Association; $IS.OOO.
Attorney. S Wilson. 253 Broadway.
ISIST ST, s s, 195 ft w of 4th aye. 17.6x99.1i;
all title; Jan 26: 6 mos. 4>j per cent; John
McManus to Luke McManus; $5,000.
Attorney. William O Ganta, 52 Broadway.
CROTONA PARKWAY, a c cor of 177 th st.
109.9590.4: due April i, 1915. 6 per cent;
Rosa Realty Co to Metropolitan Life Insur
ance Co; $125,000
Attorneys. Hitch. Woodford. Bovfta &
Butcher. IS • Wall st.
FOREST AYE, 731; 3 yrs. 6 per cent: Louis
Baumgarten to Isaac Wies«snthal. $1,000.
Attorneys, Hillquit & Hillqult. 320 Broadway.
GRAND AYE, n w cor of 184 th st, 150x100;
3 yrs;. William F Burke to ' John J Mahonev.
Attorney. John J Mahoney, 51 "West 94th st.
LOTS 367 and 368. Map of Port Hyatt farm
(Jan 26); due. Dec 1. 1912: 6 per cent; John
Early to Dollar Savings Bank; $2,000.
Attorneys. LeiOTP, Mackellar & Wells, 43
Cedar ci. ; ■ .-; . •,-. -. ■
INTERVALE AYE. 6 s. 113 ft- a of Beck st,
runs w 46x s 27x c O.lx s 76. c 40x n 80.9 to
beginning (Jan 26): 5 yrs; Winne. Realty and
Construction Co to Century Mortgage Co;
Address, 62 Cedar st
MT'LFORD AYE. c s, 278.1 ft n of Felham aye.
86x100; 3 yrs, t>\'i per cent; Nell!* OHar« to
Frederick W Koch; $500.
Attorney, 7. G Mapes, 1469 Wllila.msbr!<lg»
ROAD FROM WKST FARMS, n 8 lot P. map
estate. George W Hunt. 6x147.10x2.". 1 :
Elizabeth Beekmeyer or Beckmeyer to Jacob
P Lerian; $300.
Attorney, Max Mayer, 1311 3d aye.
TIFFANY ST, w s. 93.3 ft n of 165 th st, 25x100:
due Auk 1, 1910; 6 per cent; Irving Roberts to
Jacob Mendelsohn and ano; $400.
Attorney, Max Arens, 116 Nassau st.
SAME TO SAME; wnw property; due. Ang 1.
1910; 6 per cent; $0,500.
Same attorney.
WEBSTER AYE. c s, 153.3 ft n of 169 th st.
49.7x — ; Jan 26; 3 yrs, 6 per cent: David
Krauss to West-Side Construction Co; $4,500.
Address, 200 Riverside Drive.
WEBSTER AYE. n c cor 16©th et. 73.10r ; Jan
26;; due April 26, 1910; Plough & Fox Co to
West Side Construction Co; $7,000.
Address.. 200 Riverside Drive,- ... . .' : -
WALTON AYE, n c co r Hawkstone et. 42 9x6.*x
67.5x35.11; Jan 26; due, etc, as per bond; Rob
ert Byers to Harold Swain; $750.
Attorney, Harold Swain. 165 Broadway.
3D AVn. 3691, w s. 100.8 ft s of 173 d st. 25 lx
04.6x25x96.11; 1 yr, 6 per cent; Joseph Lauber
to Harlem Savings Bank; $2,000.
Attorney, E S Clinch, 41 Park Row.
23& TH ST. 8 M. 425 ft c of Katonah aye. 60x100;
flue, etc, as per bond; Thomas .1 Molloy to
Title Guarantee and Trust Co; $3,000.
Address, 176 Broadway.
24OTH ST, s s. 150 ft c of Martha aye. 25x100 3
yrs; Eugene II Hammond to Margaret ',f
Becker; $5,000. ~
Attorney, A Crook, P3 Nassau st.
240 TH ST. s p. 75 ft c of Martha ay« 25x100;
3 yrs; Eugene H Hammond to John Has
kln, trustee: $3,000.
Fame, attorney.
(With name and address of lender's attorney. )
AMSTERDAM AYE, s w cor 157 th st 25x100-
Jan 27. 1002; William C Schmidt to Law
yers Title Insurance Co: $10,000.
Address, 160 Broadway.
AT'DUBON AVK. s c cor 177 th tn: 99.1 lx
100; Jan 10. 1910: Heights Town Construc
tion Co to Fl"Mschmann Realty and Con
struction Co: $14,97. ..
Attorney, Title • Insurance Co of \ PW
York. 160 Broadway.
BROADWAY, n w cor Emerson st. 123x150;
Rroartway, n. w cor Academy st. 25x Irreg;
Deo 23, 1904; Hannah Freedman to Park
Mortgage Co: $20,000.
Attorneys, Fettretc*!. Sllkman & Seybel.
as Park Row.
BROADWAY, ■ w cor 14f>th st, J»!>.llx100-
Dec 24, 19114; Isaac H Clothier and ano to
Glrard Trust' Co.
Attorney, Title Guarantee and Trust Co.
176 Broadway.
BOSTON ROAD, ■ • t>. 300 ft n - of Union
«<<■. 21.66 x Irrfg: May 20. 1908: Julia
Llchten6ladter and ano to Joe Mayer**
$7,000. ' "
Attorney, . Myron Harris, 32 Liberty st.
BRIGGS'AVE. h w cor 201ut St. 'S.'xiOO: Dec
24, 1008: Elizabeth Burke to Frederick
Meyer, $3,000,
Attorney, John E Bron»ky. 4!) Cliambers
BROOK AYE. s w cor 149 th st. 3.Vrt4x Irreg •
July 15. 1!>0S: William McGowan to John
C Giese; $17,500.
•Attorney, Title Guarantee nnd Trust Co,
170 Broadway.
BROADWAY, li W cor 113 th st. 1 00x175. 11-
March 1«, 1000; Zaehariali Zacharia.i t., Jam"-
A M Johnston el al; $225,000.
Attorney, lawyers Tltl<; Insurance anl
Triibt ■ Co, 160 ■ Broadway.
BROOK AYE. MB. w h. 41x Irreg; May
15, '1905; Bernard Cans t»> Max Cohen
?"J,*":>. . -•-;-, •■-'
Attorneys. Davis A Kaurmann.'^'T''49
t'liambers st
CLINTON AYE. W h. 04,r.0 ft ■ of l^ist lit,
34.60 X irrAg; July 21. 1900; Amalla I'hk to
lWwanl P Orrell: $3,100.
Attorney, Edward P Orrell, 49 Chambers
CONVENT AVB, n w cor 129 th at. 57.2 x
Irreg; .>»n 11. 1«!>7; Thomas I, FVltn-r
and ano to Stephen H f»lin et al: 55,300.
Attorneys. OJln & Plielps, ' 32 Nassau »•'.
FORT. WASHINGTON AYE, c ». 204.44 ft n
Of l«3il st; Juno 12. 1808; Henry Ft Clark to
Loyal B Smith; $32,000.
Attorney. Title Guarantee and Trust Co,
176 Broadway.
of ir.2d st. 6S.Ax Irreg: July 6. 10OS; Tlin'-s
Realty nnd Construction Co ■•> Pity Ri i!
Estate Co; $9.2.V»
Attorney. Title Guarantee and TrtiM Co
176 Broadway.; 1 :;
FULTON ST. lilt ft ■ of 237 th »t. 72x100;
June 21 1007. John Kiernan to William F A
Kurz: $1,360
Attorney. Title Guarantee and Trust Co,
176 Broadway. ---•.c.';.-.
FORT Washington; AYE. • « nmi'tt-n
of 1«^.l at; July 6, 190S: Times Realty Hurl
Construction Co to Clementine M Hllverman
Bni ano; $10,000.
Attorney. J> Charles. . W'achsler.
GLKAfiON AYE. a a. 75 ft c dlv . lots 2»^
and -')t.V 2."5xlOO; June 30. 190R; Philip
Kaufman and ian<> to Lulu Rlegler; $4,000
Attorney, Charles H Baeckler.
JEFFERSON ST, 18, w.Tb, 20x82 212 1 ' Ocl IV.
1991; Hnrry Fisohel and ano to Home for
• Incurables:. $12,000.' '
Attorneys. Stern & Curtis. .
JEFFERSON ST. 14. W 8. 20x52.2; Fob 28.
lUOS: Samuel BUaberg to Ezekiei sarasohn.
$4,H00 ,„ „.,„
Attorneys, M I and I B Isaacs. .'.- Will
iam rt. •
LOTS 45 and 46. map Osrd»n 'Estate; Juno
10. U>o7; Joseph A Tschlrhart to Wilbur
Larremore; $1,120. .•
Attorney. Lawyers Title Insurance ana
Trust Co, 100 Broadway.
LOT 252 to 2T.5, Inc. man St Joseph's Orphan
Asylum: July 3. 1000; Elmer M Klmbark 91
Edsrewater Realty Co; $7,949 . ....
Attorney. Lawyers Title Insurance Co. 1W
LOTS 256 and 2.". rm«D St Joseph's Orphan Asy
lum. July 3. 1906; Elmer M Klmbark to Edge
water Realty Co: $1,267- _, I#J/ .
Attorney. Lawyers Title Insurance Co. 1«»
LOT 62. map Caaffc Park: July I. 1909: Erich
Peterson to Commercial Finance Co: flow
Attorneys, F M Weiss & Co. o William «•*-
LOT 332.. map Halght estate: April 21. lf»O9:
William Bulger to August Breitsch. $3»o.
Attorney, August Breitsch.
LOT 156. map Van Nest Park; Feb 19. 1906;
Andrew G Anderson and ano to T Emory
Clock*; $3,250. _„ ___. _.
Attorneys. Clocke & Clocke. 2022 Boston Rd.
LOT 7. map Pelham I»ark; Nov 16. 19O0>: Thomas
Gilmartin to William G Mulligan ;54tk>.
Attorney. William G Mulligan, 461 East Tr»»
mont aw.
LOT 896. w 25 of same, map Wakefield: Au* 3.
1905: Friederiche C S Helnstadl to Rosa Oplah
A H Wa-Jtck, 4102 White Plains
LOT S. man Pelham Park: Nov 1«. 1906: Thom
as Glln-artln to William G Mulligan; $*o.>.
Attorney. William 'i Mulligan. 481 East Tre
mont aye.
LOTS 258 and 259. map St Joseph's Orphan Asy
lum- July 3. lltOC; Elmer M Klmbark to Edge
water Realty Co; $1.07 v <. „.,
Attorney, -Lawyers Title Insurance Co, 160
. Broadway.
LOT 196. map Washlnßtonville, ,V>\l0O: April 30.
1901; William I. Tuthill to Yonkcrs Sa«ns3
Hank: $'.1,000. 1 ,000
Attorney. S H Thay«»r.
LENOX AYE. 317. w s, 20x100; Feb 20, 1005;
Thorras J Habicht to Frank E BUss et al,
$10. 000. . ,„
Attorney. Title Guarantee and Trust CO. l«»
LENOX AYE. 347, w =. 20x100; Jan 9. IWT;
Anna Hablcht to Mary A Lowe; $10,000.
Attorney. Francis W Pollock, 300 Broadway
LOT 10, map Samler estate; Nov 3, 1909; I*at
rlck Giblen to Stuard Realty Co: $»'.<">.
Attorney, Title Insurance Co of New lork,
160 Broadway.
LEXINGTON AVB c -. 55.5 ft s of 45th «t.
15x75; Dec 23. 19<#. Caroline A Parry to Emi
grant Industrial Savings Bank; $3,000.
Attorney, Richard 11 Clarke.
MELROSE AYE. c f. 80 ft s of 163 dat 2Ox
Irreg; May 4, 1904; Morris H Powers and ano
to Bowery Savings Bank: $5,000.
Attorneys, Strong & Cadwalader, 40 Wall st.
MORNINGSIDE AYE * a. 34.11 ft s of ISM
st. f.6x100; Keb 2S, ' I!K>6: Sybllle Dreyfuss to
Katie Brunei- et al: SI -.000.
Attorneys. Wolf & Kohn. 203 Nassau St.
ROCK ST. e> B, 425 ft « of Hill st, 25x irreg:
March 7, 1594; Annie Henke] to James i" Sh»r
idan et al; $268.
Attorneys, Fettretch, Sllkman & Seybel, 41
Park Row.
SOUTHERN BOrLRVAF.D. n a, 195 ft w of
Brown PI. 75x100: Sept 28, 1900; Alfred B
Dunn to Edward Patterson; 53.500.
Attorney, Title Guarantee and Trust Co. 176
UNION AYR. w s. 167 ft s of 152 d «t. 17x102 2:
Jan 10, 190S: Minnie Patterson to George 3
Humphreys; $800
Attorney, W E Bamm's. 1 Liberty st.
VALENTINE AYE, w 5. 62.50 ft n of ISM -•'.
1O0Sx200; May 19, lf-06: Gaza Paskusz to
Henry F Ellas et al; $3,000.
Attorneys. Platz^k & Stroock, 30 Broad st.
COURTLANDT AYE, a s. GOO ft w of Park
are. 35x150; July 29. 1908; John X Erskine, Jr.
to James William McDonough; $625.
Attorneys, Douglas & Armlt.ige, 2SO Broad
WALTON A\ V, p « cor fl=iwk«.tone st, 3S.S9x
irreg; July 5, 1007; Robert Byars to Wm B
Ewing; 1,500.
Attorney, M H Swain. 165 Broadway.
WESTCHESTER AYE. 972. a £.. 25x irreg, April
8, l£»07; Moses L Olenick to Charles H Fried
rich; $2,000.
Attorney, Charles H Frledrich, 35 Nassau st.
3D >YE, c c. 112% ft n of 139 th st. lOS.Sx irreg:
April IS. 1900; Annie H Haft and ano to Emma,
Bleiweiss; $5,000.
Attorney. W. Butzel.
3D AYE, c s. 112*6 ft n of 139 th st. 105.5 x in-*?:
Mch 19, 1906; Annie H Haft to Rosa Haft;
Attorneys, Deyo, Duer & Eauderoff. 11l
4TH AYE. w s. 254.56 ft n of Randall st, 73.79 x
irregr; Apr 6. 1903; Frank Cardone to Daniel
Cardone; $500.
Attorneys. Sherman & Sterling, 55 Wall --•
4TH AYE. w s, 254.56 ft n of Randall st. 44.SSx
Irrea*; May 5, 1909; Frank Cardons to Daniel
Caroone; $500.
Attorney, Daniel Cardone, -146 Broad-vay.
6TH AYE. 218$ w s, 19x100; Jan 17, 1909; Ma
tilda Sofer to Mark Moses; $6,000.
Attorneys, Arnstein <s- Levy, 123 Broadway.
STH ST. n s. 341 lll l ft a of Aye C. 16.SxS3;
Mch 23. lfiOS; Samuel Goldbe.rger and ano to
Louis Linder: $2,000.
Attorn-y. Louis Linder.
STHST. 729. n s.' 15.SxS3; May 31, 1901 ; Merita
Goldberger and ano to Eliza C Farnham;
• Attorneys, Quackenbush & Adams, 25 Bread
STH ST. 729, n s. 16.SxS3; May 31. 1901; MorlU
Goldberser and .-<no to Samuel Kabn and ano;
Attorney. Hug 3 Cohn. 19 Ava A
55TH ST, 117 East, n s. 15.9x1(>0.5; Jan 21. JPPS;
Samuel C Wolfenstein et a! to Title Guarantee
and Trust Co; $10,000
Address, 176 Broadway.
"IST ST. s a. 245 ft c el Columbus ay», '.'0x100.5;
Ay? 25, l?0o: James Eugene Robert and ar.o
to German Savings Bank; $15,000.
Attorney, A Henry Mosle, 30 Broad st.
55TH eT. s p. 086 ft w of 9th aye. 15x102.2;
June 1. 1000 Adeline Widmaver and ano to
Ellen A Herbert et al; $2,500.
Attorneys, Leslie & Minor.
:01ST ST. l£o East. « 8. 17xlC>0.11. Dee BO 1907;
Annie Bernstein et al to Meyer Bernstein;
Attorney, Samuel Fine, 309 Broadway.
10RD ST, a s. 156.6 ft w of 3d aye. 27x100.11;
May 4. 1592; Thomas J McLaughUn and ano
to Dry Dock Savings Institution; $13,000.
Attorney, Benjamin Wright.
MOTH ST. 115 East, n c, C5xl00.11 ; July 31.
1906; Allegiance Realty Co to John McKee;
Attorneys, Sanders, Webb & Worcester.
lI3TH ST, 235 West. 20x100.11: Jan 27. 1005:
Max Marx and ano to Caroline Eichberg »< al;
Attorney, Lewis S Marx. 12 * Nassau **.
11STH ST. n a, 36 ft c of Park aye, 42.5 x
100.11; March 20, 1906; Shapiro, Levy £-
Starr to Morris M Stone and ano; $3,000.
Attorney. E A Isaacs. 27 William st.
114 TH sJT. s s, 210 fr. w of Broadway, 15x
100.11; Sept 13, 1906; Charles H C Beak^s
and ano to Mary y Shepard; $12,000.
Attorney, Title Guarantee and Trust Co.
176 Broadway.
11STH ST. 63 and 65 East, n «, 50x100.11; Jan
20, 1909; Isidor Koplek and ano to Charles
G Bauer et al; $2,750.
Attorney. Louis A Jaffer, 320 Broadway.
11STH ST. ■ s. 100 ft c of 3th aye. 25x100.11:
Aug IS, 1898; Margaretha HolKber to Gus
tav Pirkig and ano; $1,000.
Attorney. C. J. Kracht, 20 Nassau st.
127 TH ST. I s. 250 ft w of 6th aye. 25x99.11:
. May 11. 1903; Mary Rleser to Peter Donald;
Attorneys. Pryor & Harris. 37 Wall st.
129 TH ST. 39. 41 and 4" West, n s; June 12,
1907; Samuel Waeht and »no to American
Mortgage Co; $23,000.
Attorneys. Bowers & Sands. SI Nassau st.
12STH ST, > s, 37.". ft w of 7tli aye. 55599.11;
Dec 23. 1907; Mary E Godward to American
Temperance Life Insurance Association;
Attorney, H Wilson. 2 Rector st.
137 TH ST, ■ a, 196 ft m or Sth aye. 16x99.11:
Sept 24, 1907; Minna Wechaehnaji and ano
to Max Oberfelder; $8,000.
Attorney, Mas * merfefcii r.
137 TH ST. s a, 206.6 ft a of Alexander eve
25x100; Jan 20, 1908; Joseph Krupp<>n
bachar and ano to John H Silvers: $i..",'>.i.
Attorney, II Elfers. 277 Broadway.
140 TH ST, 8 s, 231. ft a of.B'way, 19TiX
Irres; Jan 30, 1005: Ella M Davids to Emi
grant Industrial Savings Bank; $7,500.
Attorney, William fair.
149 TH ST. I W COT of Brook aye, 35.04 x lire*:
.Inn 10, 1900: John C Gles« and aim to
Union Dime Savings Bank; .522.000.
Attorneys. Rich, Wooilford, Bovee & Wood
ford. IS Wall at.
165 TH ST. n a, 50.49 ft * of TifTany it. 25x
lrr«g; July 2!>. 1893; Joseph Slnnott and ano
to John Bussing. Jr; $2,600.
Attorney, W Stebbhu Smith.
165 TH ST. n .-. 25.45; ft n w of Carroll pi
'-•5xlO!>; Nov S. 11107; Gertrude o Klernan
to <;.o W Mr Adam et al: $7r.0.
Attorney.' Qeo \V McAdam. nil Harrison
170 TH ST. (MM and .'.vs. a a . 60x95; July - ;
190H: UoOHev»>lt Realty and Construction Co
to Mechanics and Traders' Bank: $12 500
Attorneys. Strauss & Adams. 5 Beekmau
170 TH ST, n a, 64 ft a of Brlstow st :;.-.v,0
Nov 4, 19H9; Clara Wledaoßfl lo Marlon
Attorney, Lawyers' Title mill «n>l
Trust Co. 160 Broadway.
170 TH ST. vi a, 2S ft c of Brlsto*-- st .V.xOO
Nov 4. 1909; same to same; $2,000
Attorney. Lawyers" Tltlo Innurancs and
Trust Co. lrtft Broadway;
209TU ST. ■ a cor of 10th mv* 24 11-uoiv
10TH AVI a« B . 74.11 It •,v of 2rt9,h T «t
v.-.m.m.. June 23. 1907; Mary T Donovan to
.lames n Powers ami ano; 112,500.
Attorneys, Turner. Uo'.stcin & Horan ••••
William st. ' **
227 TH ST. n s. 2.'..n0 ft w of lot Ml M.M,
"♦•«• Sept: ;;. 1908; John A Anderson and
ano to, Swedish American Realty Co: $700
Attorney. C M NichoUon. 1 V"a«<t 42d «t.
Century lnves-ing Co to United States Ruin
and Improvement Co: «tnti $1(h)
Cedar Street Oo to United States Realty and
Improvement Co; 4 mtfts: $100 a
2v\E?iSf£&-. Ii1 'i ln dlvldim!ly and as exr. t n
Ellsaheth Mislcer. 2 m, KS . $7,634
Rubin rtpn.-ler to Rost« Mangel; $1
' Joele Mangel to Annie I. vkewli $1
I f-1000 n and " M ta ? ha- V •?«»»«;
f ■ OMI'
Xb X r n n owlV V .! Cnowl^ " S «r. to SJi * rn - a " w
n i*(*A\ifji, SI
ZacV .Morn's to Julius Tlnl-.-rn: 000
Til ■,» r, uar a n tpe "i. l Trust Co to- Greenwich
aa^it'Bs Hank. $12 ".».
Lawjeit. line lusurance «nd Truit Co tQ
Lawyers Titl* Insurance and Trust , Co. mm
Title Guarantee" and Trust Co to City Ml
Ma^ry^M* Johnston . Stephen II MM ; fLMI
Jacob C .Simon to Sam Bernard; $10,000.
Marie X tie Grauw to Title Guarantee and Tn«t
1 MortyMi Co to Fred* A 0 Schwarz:
m^l-Wl to Katie Israel: *?.S«K
David lanwl to K»t| € ■ W ■
C n.lir" Ott to John C Helntz; «...<»)". tlno
Henry Jones and ano to Jacob C Simon: *WO.
Cl,arle». Kempner to Samuel .■K«mpn«r: ; ? >^
Bronx Inventing Co to Once ¥ Adams. *1.20r. *
Dora M Schrenkels^n to Ullle Fantrer: $1.
Morris rW I^vlno to Meteor Realty and Con
mm££ l ni?'m admx. to Sarah Flood «t
ia a wye'rS S *Ti : tll 1 " Insurance and Trust Co to
lawyers Mortgage Co; . mt*s. Jan =*;.
Uwy«r? Mt* Co to Margar^.ta C Ppedden
Ludlam'et al. exrs. to Julia P I^ud
lam ft a!. trustees; Jan Mi $1.
BROOK AYE. w «. whole front between ISSth
and 137 th •«* 200x70; John W Dunlcan a*t
Brook Realty Co, owner and contractor. »4» «o.
CENTRAL. PARK WEST. 135; Albert LWoarnui
nt a! agt Bo*hm & Coon, owners and con
tractors; $3,703.
MADISON A\lX 1736 and 1735; Markiw Roth
holz er al ast Fanny Gottlieb, owner and con-,
tractor; $40.
TEE TAW AVB. c *. whole front between ISSth
st and Park View pi. U55x252.2x201.2x Irreg;
Albert Ntmls et al agt Richard M Montgomery.
owner; Shea Construction Co. contractor; SS9S
TINTON AYE. w 8. 100 ft n of 150 th at, "5*
03.2: Charles Izmiriari a?t Saint Peter's Cor
poration Construction Co. owner (renewal);
45TH ST. 141 to 147 West; M F Westergren. In
corp,orat«xl. act Forty -fifth Street Exchan?t<».
owner- 'Howell & Lawrence. Incorporated, and
John E Olsen. contractors: $S.ViO.
241 ST ST. n s, 150 ft c, of Katonah »v«, 123 x
100: CoJonn*. Corrado & Co agt William H
Dandy, owner and contractor; Lane Contract
injj Co and Payson S Lane, contractors (•■*
ne^al>; $354 50.
HEF.Sr-HEL. ST. ■ s, 100.3 ft • of Haltev *».
A Mark ast Charles F Gordes et al; Oct 4.
1009; $205.
LTMAN Pl* w s. 142.7 ft n of 160 th st; I Sie?«l
ast Lambertl Construction Co et al; Deo 21.
1000; $5056.
MORRIS PARK AYE. 65?: Louis J Sjheperd
atft Dominlck H»gri et al; Nov 4. 1900 (by
bond); $155.
SAME PROPERTY- Chares Shapiro a*t sam»,
Nov 1. 1909 (by bond); $105.
SAME PROPERTY, sams agt cam*; NOT 8.
1600 (by bond); $105.
SAME PROPERTY: Oriental Fireproof Sash and
Door Co agt same; Nov 3, 1000 ity bond);
SAME PROPERTY: Levenson * Pelunis agt
same; Nov v 17. 1900 (by bond) $100.
i».M.ME PROPERTY: Fordham Woodworking:
Co agt same: Nov 1. 1000 (by bond); $105.
SAME) PROPERTY: same ast same; Nor 9.
1909 (by bond); $105.
34TH ST. 314 East; Edward Shanker art Marcus
Rosenthal et al: Dec 27. 1&09; $212 50.
234 TH ST. n c. 4ST> ft w of Katonah aye: Ford
W. A. A. Brown's Duplex House
Most Perfect Houses for Two Families
On Parkside Aye., Between Flatbush and Bedford Am
in Beautiful Melrose Park.
Exclusive neighborhood- Convenient to Brighton Beach "I. " nVoodruJT aye. station
5 trolley 'i- ■«•«. schools and stores. Only 22 minutes to Park Row. 14 minutes frost a
lantic aye. -:'.■■■ station i Flatbush aye. cars). Most artistic fronts in Greater :-*--!
with interiors to match. Separata entrances.
WESTWOOD REALTY CO.,** flatbush^
W. A. A. BROWN. President. PHONE 4030 FLAT?
Liberal Lo^ns
Sums of
$25,0qq to
Special Reports Just Issued
"I>ing Island City and Astoria."
"The Fourth Avenue Subway.**
"The most Dromising section In Bronx "
'Pennsylvania K. R. Tunnel* and
Suburban Prooertj."
Giving important valuable bvformatleci regard
ing Properties in affected sections, tutu- possi
bilities, values. Mailed, $1 each.
Inc. under New York State Laws.
85 NASSAU ST.. X. Y. ETJBMSa Cortlandt.
list. 1867 Inc. li»O2
LOANS ON BOND am» Moi;r..\,.r
■VVo have a Client with a largo sum. imme
diately available, to lend In one or different
amounts on hljjh-class property in Manhattan
46 Wall St. Tel. 3454 John. Kf<tahl!!»;-. l^sT.
«^H w Large And Small
1 o Let Offices
Single or en Suite m the
154 Nassau Street Opposite City Hall Park
The Centre of
i'linsit for the
M L" Stat.ons
BavafaaMl to
Brooklyn Hridije
All within a Step
ham Par<iu»t Floor Co asr* B-rrar* --"*
a!: Jan 3. 10li> <by Umd>- y>~? Ti n 'M\tz «
SAME PROPERTY: sam»' a «'L '
1*» «by bond) ; $237. . * **>*• ; *"» i^
(With owner** name and «d<lr»tiv
GREENWICH ST. Alt ann Ma .„
brick loft. 50x53.«: P v ? b"m£*!?J ■"■*"'
23d at. architect; cost. »to 00? v* ' "* ~»>t
Owner. Astor estate. 21 LJb«rt7 r
4«Tlf ST. 2? East; for ■ 2 , t y brick "
3C20.6: R Kelly. 219 East SOth ™* a £*l 8*»8 * »
cost. $2.30«. ~ "■ »^ilu»~;
Own«r. Henry Phippa estate, 73' «.,, '
BRONX RIVER, n a. 100 ft « of Steahi.
for a 1 Bty frame toboggan. 4x*rt- 1 ■**:
$%%!' 603 EMt 83d «t. arehltJ!?** 1 •
$l.<V>o. * • oo»t.
Owner. Robert T JUe«. 122» Ho« »*.
WESTCHESTER AYE. a. w co- ■— -
for 1 sty brick Mores «nd d^l*"-?*..**^
Fb»l!n«r. 113* Walker ay*. ir-hlt^ 83 ' 3
$ 10. 000. **-aitect;
Owner. £«ewaeha Realty Co. ■«•.., v
Square. ■«•»••
BOSTON ROAD, a • cor 150 th «•&,-.,
frame store and dwls, 21.2x23;' Lob' *?*
2736 3d ay«. architect; cost, fa \ttl *»".
Owner. Charles Weljle. lSQta ail m.
■ta. " r *"-t
BOSTON ROAD. • 8. 21.2 ft . of J«(HS „. «,
a 2 sty frame dwl . 46.2*51. «: Lo^. f.v"
2738 3d ay«. architect; cost. $3,300 '*•
Owner. Charles Welgte. lSOta aid a~_
■ta. »
LA BALXE ST. n a. 425 ft c of Fort 5,-w.
rd; for a 24 aty frame A-<rig. l&zf.-ig-"
Nordhelm. Tremont aye and Bronx ■»' Z_s**
tect; coat. $2,300. " "*• *"''■•
Owner. Amelia Goldman. 1610 Parker a ,
163 d st. n w cor Sheridan aye; for thn_^
sty '.rick tninta. 3" 6t'« and M.Stiw.^!'*
Clark, 445 Tremont aye. archlt«ci. '
$65,000. - ■"•
Owner. Brizss Avenue Realty r, .„
Elsmere pi. * '**
180 TH ST. a s. 41.8 ft • of Boston *« •»_
2 sty frame dwls. 33.8x43: Louts hiw. «J
3d aye. architect; coat. $0,500. —— \v7*
Owner. Charles Weijle. iSOta and ~-'
ats- wni
222 D ST. n a. 531.57 ft c of Bimei a?,. «L. m
1 sty frame stable and shed. ifcu. V,~ *
Nordhelm. Tremor.t aye and Brosx at. aaS?
tect: cost. $300- aru "
Owner. Charles Rlneslstsla. on proa***,
7SD ST. 43 "West; to a 7 sty brick teat'cM
store; L- C Maurer, 14&5 Broad-Tar »n-\l
teot; cost. $5,500. " "*"
Owner. J Kuretzky. 759 Jennings it.
CARPENTER AYE. w s. 75 ft n of •34th -.
to a 24 sty frame dwls. 28x37; John Dari'l
•on. 635 East 21:7 th st. architect; cor MMI
Owner. Car! Stance, on premises.
RICHARDSON AYE. c ». 310 ft a of 241,* .*■
to a 2 sty frame d*v!?. 15x32: coat Ma' '
Owner and architect. W W P»n"-M -,«
East 212 th at- . *
AVENVB B. 24: Ensanu*! E K>;n".<?r lajt Ctrl!
A very desirable hotosa In b»st r.eighbortwe*
ca the West Side, conabiitiss the i 1 ruimr
an excellent investment as ■well as a ham
M. N. .V. Box l'\ Tribune O^.c;
restricted development: all lrr.provsc:«B;
■»r!:hi:; easy distaacs: desirable ;*r?.-.3. Aid:;*
Home. Box 40. Tribune Off.;
way sosjs on Lor.- Island Tsry r*ases3t>.
bound to Increase on opening of ? R. S. sysMßt.
tsrms to suit. Addre33. Oppcrtaait; Ea '.
Tribune OSce.
S-9-10 rooms. 2-3 baths; renta JC3OO to IBJH:
the finest and most elegaat!y appeintsd apw
mem houses in th» TO's. on the "West St*
Any one wishing a hems on locs lease stasM
address Agent. Box 15. Tribune OSce.
B'i»ay. Amsterdam At*., and »«th to »"ti *«.
W. H DOLSON i CO.. As?nts.
327 Columbus Aye.
floor: reasonable rent. HOTEL. CAIXXK
340 West 57th st -
West 32d Street
Between sth Aye. and Broadway
Exclusive surroundings, with compJ»:9 »■•■•
i to all details. Attractive Suites and sap**"
accommodations for transients. Spacious Af»-"t
! nients. on» room and bath to eight roo=a M*
four baths. Furnished or unfurnished on »■•»
I>. P. HATHAWAY. Maeasar . _
tiai residence. $50,000; millionaire's hotel. *♦**
fOu; La'-e Champlain. J. X>. SHAH.O*. Pat
Hem- X. v. - ■ _
In nerv office building, dowTitowTi section: •*
j proof building, -with all modem conve=J«=c«.
rents very reasonable. Address T^NAST. B*
45. Tribune Office.
: in newly remodelled build;-? In irfeal***
j manufacturers' district: e!»ctric va»*M^
shipping facilities. Address T'T^lt" 1
Bot 1". Tribune Office.
In modern fireproof buildln? conveaJeaUyJ*"
: •• <•-'■! in the 2iVs; excellent light and Tjsffl*
| tion: now readr: rents reasonable. Aitt*
, ♦;. XI.. Box CO. Tribune Office. - 1
Absolutely Safe
Fast- Running
! Plunder T>T«'
Electnc L t«ht
and Janitor

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