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gcloon Feature in Atlantic City
-: :. Measure Criticised.
rnWtt* H*»u'«-- CorreEpcnflent "f The Tribune.
ir< rrSßtoo. K. J Jan. Wh«u the U^'
»if rs b*i«!r. the fourth vet* of the \eg\s
1- * , „«tslor, to- morrow night it -will »>•
jLfcijj fecilng that the time has arrived to
2 -n to real tmitnefcs, fer thus far not
jjj-je bin bat pa*sc's «ttb«r house, the
„«* cl th* lswmak*rr» having boso takan
n^inlr i* the introduction of m i:rM -
A ere LUHiissaiirs procramrae, howc\-«r.
_gj, reeri mstuwd o*it by Spaak«r uni
l*ifct EAz* In the Senate, too. President
frtjtitfluyjEien and Leader. Acker . have
izzizt^ s Une of work whlctj »1U bcgi»
*; th* afternoon, when the Judiciary Com
-jttee *'"■"' give « hearins on employers'
3»ii2ty bi!!?- The upper bouse will al?o
ttvf 1 -.? honor of pafsins: the first bill,
te it if already arr»n»;ed that th» measure
crcvidJnF a plae«» for the widow of cx-
Caverscr Verts trill be the first to receive
£.c sanction of the lawmakers.
Many committee meetings sHM be held BS
jprrorr afternoon, with the result that sev
rri\ bi»- £ w '*^ released for consideration.
Fbi L£csslaturc -oin also meet in joint fsa
rlon this «-«ek to f eject a nevr State Tr«*as
crer. b-t little interest Is shown In this
jgpflmy, a c the name of the present' holder
ef the pUUMsi Daniel S. VaatiMsa. of Mor
ris County, will be presented by the Re
i>ur'Jair.s. The minority will present m*
rase cf Stevh^n M. E?an. County Col
3fctor ef Hudson.
C«stroller 'West « ill on Tuesday tend
to the LsßialatsVS tis. Eummary of the re
quests far a?prcpr:atlen« from the different.
rtst£ iristitu'ions. boards and cornml^Fior.s.
«• prc."Hed in the Pierce resolution of last
year. The cfcjec* of th- resolution was to
fix* the ia-wmaiers at a glance an itemizes
afasBSSBBI Bf the amounts cf money a Eked
iri *~* »«• therefor, but those *>-bo have
e'.rfsdy Been the Controller's statement
cr^tidf* it. on the ground that the object
-' th* r<*(>lutM*n vrzs not carried out.
QvterzoT Fort has finished his .message
en tire lOßsac tax amendment to the federal
restitution, and may be able- to revise it
ir *i~€ .fcr rr»s»ntation to the Legislature
r- Tuesday. It Is probable that the Gov
frrcr Vfl send- many of his riOir.inations to
ye Senate on Tuesday. It is understood
that tie Governor has not yet definitely d«»
ci<i«J to reappoint General LetviE T. Bn-'ant
ss Ccrr.r^isriener of Labor, although be may
*co 50 Another >.appoint.r:»r.' that' is glv
ire fiw Gc.-»mcr much trouble is that of
.Tot- J. MssfjaO, of Hoboken. a£ a member
af rr. ttate Board of Health. There has
}»wi ro complaint as to the manner in
«-h:ch "- MarasU has performed bis dutiee
is & ~*?rnb«r of that board, but the factional
f<sht? :n Hudson arc such that when a mem
ber cf one side sacs up for appointment
tiJe other is sure to oppose it hammer and
tC~?S. - - * ■ -.... -, ■ . "
The appointment of a successor to David
Eaird is also, of course, exciting keen In
t»r*st. It .5 probable that some South Jef
-•• iran will land the plarn, ■ among the
ra.— es mentioned being Senator BloomfieM
M;m*h. of Cumberland, and Senator "William
J. BraAer. of Camden. Balrd's county.
?r>tne of the lawmakers liave been . free
to thtir criticism cf the open Sunday bill in
!—"iuced by -Assemblyman "Walter "E. Edge,
ef Atlantic ?;•.- asserting . that it goes too
fz.T L3<i that a. mere consen"ative measure
•»ou"d have a better 'opportunity of passim?.
Ore cf the representatives from a North
Jersey county. sajd he was willing to do all
h* could to help Atlantic City, because he
•rnsiderefl it unfair thai that city should
be made a target so tar as the enforcement
of the "Bishops" law v"as concerned, when it
•"•a* possible to go to i most any lar^e'city
•n the northern part of the state and get all
the li<juor that one wanted on Sunday with
cjt any Interfereac*.
But." he added, '"when you try to enact
• :a*v pro\-lding tor the opening of saloons
rr. Sunday* as the Edge bin does, you are
up *ccinrt a stone wall. If Mr. Edge had
rzit? his bill slmpiy legalizing the telling
cf liquor on.Scnday at bona tide hotels. I
thirk it would come pretty .n«ax passing,
for cany of my colleagues have told me
tiat th«r would suODort such a measure.
Pfrsonallv, : feel that if it is legal to drink
T.ire with one's BSBSasr at home on a Sun
da:-. !t certainly should be legal to do the
nae thin? when, one is staying at a ho
- Before iatrefiucing his bill Mr. Edge can
isltt with Senator Edmund "Wilson, of the
«a: county, and w2ls assured of trie !a.t-
JtEr s bfearty* support. ' One cf Mr. Wilson's
Ir.ints said, however. -that he had grave
doabts cf getting" the bill through, and
cdjtl prepare a ; more conservative bill.
Mr. Eire'" bill affects Atlantic City alone, „
but it is raid that the Ml: Senator Wilson
bat in view irfil be broader in its scope.
Mr. Ei2«. a£ chairman of the Judiciary
Committee, har charge of Lis e»ti bill, and :
fee may deem it wise to amend It by eilmi
natinp the talocr. irom Us pro\-ielons and
eTten<ii-? it: scope to take in ell boaa Ha
hotels in the rt£.te.
Mr. - If* is doinj heroir • *-ork to e«car«%
the z^zsag*: of his bill, but If the recent
*y?er:er.'.e of an Assemblyman from one 1
cf the larger North Jersey counties is to
be tikea as a criterion, he has an extreme- I
ly tir-i task ahead cf him. The Anembly-
referred to had prepared a bill which
»obl4 tegkOze'tbe selling of liquor on Sun
-»r. and <r»nouncemcnt was. made lit tb»
s*» sp&jrtr*; that he purposed introducing
ft, The nest daT lett-re ean3«j to him fey
tbe score prot«stinr against any open gun- i
€zy Icsiflatlsn. Ad. strange at it may :
star., ttty »*re aM all from church peo-
Pie eltter, at leatt half --on-.ir.jr (rani per
«ss r.bo favored the selling of liquor on
Esadan h* «3»» protested on th« ground
t*st ccni.tior.s just sow were satiifactory
<»« that ary undue agitation might sp-sii
'i'n^rs-r Fort >;ae called a eont«renee xsf
' t^?on st Trc.Ttr.-n n«3tt Friday to.«!i£C';ss
'"'^ic-Fa-; >.«.§:«%•- alese'tft'e jfsjsa $«♦«!••
ttt«4 ty Mayor risk of PlaJr.s»|rJ. A Uri?<*
**»' of tfee local officials have an
■««c«^ •:> - cteauos cf taking pan.
Jr* eentntkiixm c ' th? Forty-fiirth etre-t
-jSiotot Epifcopal Church. Bavonnt, last
i«~Z? s iizt tn« Doaolot;-' nit;: unutual
teS ar W& E - A!lai« president of the
£r4 . cf irr.ited I ciccelled not«
to • * r& :> t fh '- ettmttl Till IssWlsli
SW*»*OU *a* a U.vxr* ci 3. da-aSla
iiw- 05 lfc * *****—**& anniversary
•f^T !latI *" "■'"'"'■ ■»« tt» thlrt'y.s«;con<l
it-*- -- „
SiS Sg .* b(?1 -«r « the William
tssffsu!!!!? ' ■■- ! «f-:rnoon.
<z2f+Z: " tis * *r«r-n««r. «ho ica* the
■•c ao^r room, paefffffj the
* tT< * l"rt *KBs hun<irft<3 jr«.iion or bonine
**£*=££, *" is £0 *•**» 5C2j/ i^ ft] a the
X' <aoB« U: ' °* n?ra ' Hospital believe
■ Mvw ' recover.
- Ge ttin«Good Salesmen
:^**"*£ir v £treet - N<w Yort
f^'^C^^lT »«* " tM r««uu
««E* **aV.Tnr c ' J " UsSai
rf2 J5 «^«2c ,pt. aflT>M *«* obtained
f irpt ttgL.*!??***- from a much
•try '^y >o«cs. *
~ Hti w - MItLER, Fr«*.
I The To'^tj Council of Bloemfl*ia and the
L«cka«-ap.na Railroad have practically
agreed upon th» ■ improvements on th«
Bleomfl«l<l branch and a contract will soon
M stoned. The plans prori(s«> for new sta
uar.s at the Olen*^*ood avenue and "\Vat3<*3
flng sections and the eliminating of th* fix
?rad» crossings within the town limits.
Enoch Kline, linovrn to the erudite corn
rnyter as tlie "Doet laureate of the
'■-■■■■' ■ has joce up higher. The tvit
■nrJiJch he' was .wont to jrtve vent to m
Auetinlike verse no more "(vtll charm the
"Jersey homegoer after work is over."
Enoch used to run an ; ordinary "stop at
ev*ry crossroads" passenger train between
Jersey City and Philadelphia, but times
have changed, and he v - now officiates on
through expresses to the capital city.
Georpe F. Spencer, who served tor some
time a? captain of the Pennsylvania Rail
road's special police, is now/ Inspector of
the New . York terminal station at ad
street. The olar*> also carries with it the
supervision of the entire' tunnel system.
Inspector Spencer's long experience in cop
•-.? ■with the criminal element will qualify
him to take up ids new work.
The Central Railroad of New Jersey
caused the residents of the Cnmmunipaw
section of Jersey City a great deal of
worry a short time ago by announcing the
abandonment of the Communipaw station.
! An aupeal was made to Mayor Wlttpenn.
• who. in turn, communicated with tIM rail
road officials, cxoraeeing a wish that the
i station might be continued. Wora has now
been received that the company's engineers
1 had found a way to accomplish what they
desired without abandoning the station.
The presence or a myfteriouf- group of
surveyors along th* old Erie right, of way
In Verona last week a?ain cave rise to the
story that the Erie intended to re^->n!
mrnce work on the tunnel which was start
ed through the First Mountain a number
of years age, but has tlnce been aban
doned. This tunnel was designed to give
the Erie a direct line through Montelair
and under the mountain to Verona, Cald
well, Roseland and other sections to the
west. The Erie : officials, however, stated
that the engineers "who were engaged along
the old right of way were merely correct
ing property lines, and it was announced
that nothing will be dene on this project
for a lons. time, as the cost makes it prac
tically prohibitive.
Jewels Valued at $8,000 Taken While
Game Was in Progress.
One of the largest robberies that was
ever committed in Newark took place on
Saturday night at the hem* of Charles A.
Feick, a Newark lawyer. It was a second
story job, and the thieves got away with
jewelry to the value of sS.<™. The Feick
home is at No. 80a Hish street
At 'the time of the robbery Feick, his
two sons .-and daughter ■were playing cards
on the ground Poor, while Mrs. Feick sat
near. sewing. Mrs. Feick had occasion to
go to the second floor shortly after 9 o'clock
and found one of the windows open, but,
thinking it had been purposely left open to
air the room, suspected nothing and went
Shortly before midnight, when Mrs. Fefck
and her husband went to retire, she missed
h«r jewel case from a dresser in her room.
She called to her hufcband in the adjoining
room, and he then discovered that a case
containing twenty stick pins was also miss
ing. " The household was " at~6~nce " alarmed
and Miss Adrianne Feick, the daughter,
found that her iewelry was also gone. Sat
isfied that a burglar had invaded the home,
Feick telephoned to Police Headquarters,
and detectives were hurried to the house.
When the detectives' got there 4 he family
gave them only a vague Idea of the lots
and requested that they call -asaln^ When
they returned th« police found -that the
jewel cases had been discovered on a porch
over the driveway.
It is believed that the thief was at tne
dresser when Mrs. Feick went upstairs
early in the night and that her interrupt
tion caused him to Dick up only what was
in sight and then leave the. bouse. . -Exami
nation showed that the thief had climbed
the porch over the driveway and pried open
the window with a jimmy. ■
Father and Son Go Marketing, but Only
i One Returns Home.
Stmtim. N. J., Jan. 30. — Jacob Crawn,
thirty-three years old, and his father,
Abram, both of whom were on the Guard
ians' list ia Branchville because they could
not obtain a^Jrink at any of the liquor sell
ing places in their own vicinity, came ben
last n'ght to do some marketing, and took
advantage of the visit to indulge in the (levy
cup. AJter boarding The train for home,
they discovered that they- had lost their
tickets and had no money. TheM were put
off the train at Augusta, by Conductor Brad
thaw, and, it appears, became separated in
the walk home.
The father reached home all right, but the
son wag found dead this morning in a. snow
bank a half, mile beyond Augusta. Tie had
wandered from tiie tracks and had appar
ently laid down to tleap.
[By Telegraph to Th« Trib'jrie ]
Orange. N. J. Jan 30. — President Ca
millas &■ Kidder of the Orange Board of
Excise, addressing the social service class
isf the First Unitarian Church here at noon
to-day, took the stand that saloons should
be opened £cr certain hours on Sundays.
He said the problem of enforcing excise
laws Ib Orange, where there is a popula
tion Cf seventy-\Jlve hundred Italians, was
too great when they were made m drastic
at the present Blshop6' la->. .
Paterson. NVJ.. Jan. 30 ("Special). — For
the flrct time ia many years Paterson was
to-day .an absolutely dry city and the
txcls* law *'■• strictly obeyed. The
changed excise conditions were due to (he
activity of th* grand turf. before whom
almost the entire police fore- was sum
moned during the weak- Evidence against
thirty-teven saloonkeepers for violating th«
screen law was presented, but all of them
escaped indictment by a d* vote.
B*lmar. >"• I. J * - M • Special >. —Mr* -
Hester Cordr«y, who. according 1 to th»
most authoritative *tatemen«. will be 113
years ©I<J on next Lincoln's Birthday, will
not make her home with any of her grrard
daua'tuera. who urge her frequently to do so,
because, eb« cays, without work »he cannot
live long-
The annual charity ball in aid of the Old
People's Homo Benevolent As»o^iatioa of
Sort/ Hudson Counts'. JT. J. "ill be held
on Friday, February 11. 1910. at the New
Turn Hall. New York "avenue and Lav. is
etrcct, To«u of CTnion, K. J.
Belleville. K. J. Jan. M f£pecian.-Th«
joint committee el dM Town Committee)
and Board of Education have selected the
£jio at Washington avenue and Academy
street for the proposed Carnegie Library.
Mohtclair. 'it. J . Jan. 30 (Epecial).— Justice-
David J. Brewer, of fh«> United States itt
pr«me Court, spoke in the Unity Church
here to-night before a larg»j audience, hia
subject being "What a Judge Sees and Be
lieves." His address as the Brat in a
eeries of lectures on "The Problems of To
: Mont.rlair. N". J.. Jan. 30 (Speclali.— ilrr.
I Rose Woodallen Chapman, national -ur"r
; intendenfof the parity department of th«
Woman's Christian Temperance Union, -will
address the women of the Montclatr branch
of the organization to-morrow afternoon.
Her subject will be "A Nation Call to Its
A strike of steamfitters in Ba>onn# ■ ■will
prevent the completion for seme time of
the $300,000 high school, which «as to have
Men finished by Februa'rv l.".
A bill to provide an appropriation of
%2^.«*j for a new pcstofllce in Bayonne has
been Introduced in Congress by Representa
tive EugcneF. Kinkead, of the Dth Dis
National City Circular Praises
Controllers Work. '
A large part of the February circular of
the National City Bank is devoted to a
description of the* striking' success of the
policy pursued by the present Controller
of the Currency in th« oversight and reg
ulation of the national banks. The circu
lar says, In part:
There is practically not a national bank
in all the United States at the- present time
whose condition is regarded as unsatis-
f actors'. This is the important declaration
which was made by the Controller of the
Currency in a recent informal address to
a group of Treasury officials and bankers.
It is all th« more important in view of tho
fact that, it was also declared thaf a yoar
ago there were several hundred banks,
out of the seven 'thousand associations do
ing business under national charters, which
were- regarded, and had for many years
t-en considered by th*« officials of. the
Controller's office, as either unsound or
poorly managed. It formerly was the
practice of the Controller's office to segre
gate banks of this class from those which
required no special or unusual supervision.
Efforts ma.de irom time to tim« to better
the condition of tb<>sr unsatisfactory in
stitutions were successful in particular in
stance*, but on the wjiole the list of the
so-called "bad" banks was never materi
ally reduced in number until the inaugura
tion of a series of administrative re-forms
a little mere than a year ago. ""as the re
sult of the successful working out of the
various reform measures, which have been
a feature of the administration of the Con
troller's office since September, 1903. a com
pile rehabilitation of the unsound and
poorly managed banks has been effected.
By persistent pressure from the Control
ler'r oSce, and with the co-operation of
bank officers and directors, the status of
these banks baa been so improved that
thfre is not now any bank on the "tad '
list. This is a noteworthy achievement,
and a most remarkable one to have been
obtained in so short a time. It has im
measurably benefited the general banking
Fituation, and will add much to th" pres
tige of the national system. It has demon
strated very clearly the tenant of govern
ment supervision, zealously and intelligent
ly directed
The Controller has recently taken action,
the circular says, on the matter of loans
having real estate security. Some of the
national bank examiners report all loans
which even in th" remotest way have re
lation to realty, a?, for instance, a loan
on railway bonds, back of which there is
Involved the element of real estate se
curity, and such reports have In the past
usually been followed by letters of criti
cism. This practice Controller Murray has
modified. After examination of judicial de
cifions, he has instructed the examiners
to include in their reports as objectionable
on account of real estate security only the
following transactions:
1. Those where the mortgage is taken
directly to the bank.
2. Those where the mortgage Is taken to
a third party for the sole benefit of the
3. Those where the loan Is made to a
party financially irresponsible, and the only
security relied upon by the bank is its
equitable right to real estate held by a
third party ior its benefit.
The Controller hole ? that In the latter
instance the loan would evidently be mads
upon concealed real estate security for trie
i)urno3e of evading th« law. There is.
however. n» presumption of an intent to
evade the law. and unless circumstances
shew that an evasion was intended, bank
examiners have been instructed not to re
port the transactions. *
The above is not Intended in any manner
to open the way to the making of loans
by national banks upon real estate secur
ity, but the instruction has "r.een given to
relieve national banks of criticism hereto.
fere emanating from the Controller's office
based upon (he varying conceptions of na
tional bank examiners is to what consti
tutes real estate security.
The stockholders of the Intercontinental
Rubber Company have voted to make the
preferred stock subject to redemption at
any time after three years from the issue
thereof at par. an* ir. the discretion of the
board of directors, provided all accrued
cumulative dividends shall have been paid.
On January 1 the accumulated dividends
on the preferred stock amounted to nearly
CO per cent. Accumulated dividends to the
amount of 7 per cent were raid to the pre
ferred share holders en January 10. Seven
per cent more win he paid on February 10.
and the balance will be paid prior to April
1. after which time, it is announced, - the
regular dividends ill be paid quarterly.
Representatives cf American and Can
adian mine owner*! and manufacturers,
controlling between £0 and SO per cent of
the asbestos business of the two coun
tries, have organized the International
Azbcstos Association, with the objects of
exploiting the uses of a?bes-tos and de
veloping processes for utilizing commer
cially the wates in the industry. The offi
cers of the association are: President, T.
Frank Manville, president cf the H. W.
Johns-Manville Company: vice-president,
R. V. Mttlson. jr.; seeretsr>*, R. P.
[Dy Telegraph to XT.-!- Tribune.]
Fall Biver, Maaa., Jan. 30. — Unusual
quiet prevailed in the print cloth market
last week, and tile total number of sales
is estimated at about 50,000 places.
Brokers report that there was very little
call for goods, and the orders booked
called for small deliveries. Of the total
eales about 000 pieces were spots and
the rest futures. White prices were gen
erally well maintained, it is known that
wid«i standards, SB*-;-inch, 64 by 645. 5.15
yards to the pound, sold for " 7 B e a yard
In New Tork. which is He above the pre
vailing quotation in this market. There
have been concessions en certain small
spot lots of narrow good?, but most of
the goode are held at quotations which
have been In force for boom time past.
While many caaaws are ascribed for the
dulness in trading, it is believed that Just
as soon as the cotton market becomes
more stable trading in cloth will improve,
and while prices may go lower on some
stylep, there will be fftfcer lines that will
be benefited. A very large portion of l«Et
week's business was dona in 27-inch goods
of suitable counts fir the bag trade. Th*
quotations are as follows: 2S-lnch. 64 by
64a. 4 'a'-. 2S-inch. 64 by^OH. 4c: -'7-inch.
64 by 60s, 3 ic; 27-inch. 56 by S6e, 3iic;
-Inch. 64 by •>■»? 6:, 33-inch. SI by
',2Z~ G';'
Operations in the various oil fields ha'
been only moderately active during the last
week, but they have been attended byb v
! tome extraordinary results. Interest has
i centred almost entirely in the lower south
i west field, and especially in West Virginia,
I where several new wells of good propor
! tions have been brought In One of these
was the well brought in by the Bun Oil
Company, tvhlch started to flow at forty
: barrel* an hour, and during th« rim etx
; teen hours it produced 290 barrels. In Har
rison County. W. Va., another well v.-as
1 brought in. which produced 335 barrels in
ths came length of -time, but it is ex
pected that this well will settle down to
about twenty-five barrels. The . failure to
'ctt any n-w large weSfl in the Shinnston
district had the effect of lessening- inter
est In the pool, and all of the late com
pletions have been producers of small else.
The production of the pool, however, con
tinues good, and according to lat*st ad
vices of the production of the district for
the nr?t twenty days of th*s current month
the average was 7,776 barrels a day. Con-
Eidarins; the fact that few large wells were
brought in during that.period and the un
favorable -weather conditions, the shoeing
is regarded as favorable. In Southeastern
Ohio some email veils were brought In.
The gusher in this district recently report
ed, however, is holding at 360 barrels a day.
In the Illinois fields operations have been
quiet, weather conditions having much to
do with the small volume of development
work. In the mid-Continent Melds work Is
extremely quiet and scattered.
Prices' for refined petroleum are un
changed, as follows: Hew York, 7.50 cm
barrels and 4.40 cm bulk; Louder. &<& per
imperial gallon; Antwerp. 834 francs per
ICC* kilos, and Bremen, 6.33 marks per SO
Philadelphia. Jan. GO.— Receipts for the *«**•
Beef cattie, i7*«> h^d; sheep and lambs. o.lfc*
h»ad; hogg. 4.320 h«ad: calves. 43S head. BEEF
CATTLE steady; steers, average best, $«s<>9
t*">; chcico, " $S£[email protected]; food. {5186*8;
medium. 15 30915 75; common. >■• ■-'• *•"• •"'*): bulls.
$S C«)@s4 ".."». COWS steady; tat cows, ;--"<; --"<
$4 00; thin cows. $2&53; milch cows. ?40^$tw
for itnon to rnoii ■• . CAX.VE3 steady; excep
tional lots, $)•£,s» GO; pood lo choice. *x ."H»-a *'.' .
m»«iium, $7 '■■ X common. 55t^?6; Western.
$4t?s6 5O; barnyard. $3 50ig.»t .%•■. " SHEEP nnd
LAMB? unchanged: nheep, extra wethers, $•>&■
$t>U5; choice, $3 [email protected]?6: goou. Ssfds'> 50; medium,
?4 50099* common, (QM89830; ew»E, heavy fa*.
5--".gj;.j :*>-. lambs, extra. $850®*8 73; good to
choice. ** 25{j.$S SO : medium, $7 sOfc*B; common,
[email protected]$7 50. HOGS steady; Western, as to-eite
and quality, -$11 505 512. City dressed stock
steady: ■teens, S^-alOc cows. «[email protected]; veals. 129
lie; extrar. 15c; barnyard, s-a !"• country
dressed, o<9J3^e; Bh<sep, »(fl<.»r: extra wethers,
lie; !a:.:r^ ia®lS^c; extras, l«c hogs, !-;••
The Tribune has printed the stoes earn
" =.- of twenty-eight railroads or systems
for the third week in January. Of . these
twenty-four return gains of 51,513,418. or
17 per com. and four return losses of
$33,076, or <5.S per cent. The whole shows .1
sain of $1.450,3 c, or 15.6 per cent.
■ Third week in Jan.—
l&JO. lf)09. lacreas- P <?. !
24 CO*» 510,315,732 $8,302,314 $1. "513, 17.2 '
•4 co' a ... . 451.0*37 484. *53.07»1 tVS
T\ 3 e0^.510,7«8.78S $a,286.15Z 51,480,342 15.6
. •Dfcrearc.
1910 ipor>. iwr:>.
id -week '.n Jar.. 542,6.)4 $05,624 $S3.>oi
July 1-Jan. 21 . 1.14*. 1.113, 41S 1,190,218
3d week in Jan. 527.71S $24,315 525.P92
July 1-Jan. a 917.221 947,434 1.^61,KM .
3d week in Jan. S9.l2fi $10,664 ' so,"7i j
July 1-Jan. 21.. 280.175 352.519 1*1.432 ;
Month of Tec. —' ICO9. YM& ir"">~
Xunaber of mil«« 0,055 5.77S 5.563
Crop? earning. $8,314,738 56.905.574 58,415,57«
ITT expenses. 5,099.334 4.750,123 4.341..356
N't «arnin«». 115,423 $2,106,752 $2.07. .
Jniy 1-Pec. Si-
Gross 'anvnes.s4».97r>.".lo 540.711.6r-5 f.40.0?5. J?>4
Op«r. e.\p«nses.. 29.905.633 28.670,47% 38,454 t7J
Xft c3rnin?«.?2o,'ja>.S7s 314.041.177 $14,431,023
Month of Dae —
Nuabw cf mil»8 I.ll* 1.114
Gross earnings. $SA&.6SB |M2.t01 $80! ■
Exp. and ta\Ts. 847,339 541.321 628." -
■ " earnings. !<2'i7,7««0 J250,e50 J151.355
July 1-Dec. 51—
t«"to=st earninss. |8,321,aiS $4,334,0&S (5.399 TAX
E>:p. and ta.\ps 3.715,243 8.435.852 3,936,724
Net eendssv $1,306,014 $1,511,136 $1,402,517
Month of Dec— 1909. IOCS- Increase.
Gross <-arnins«.. C-211.5-S3 5174.345 $37,234
Op. expanse*.... 116,362 100.144 10.41S j
N>t profit!?... $85,020 574,204 (29.815
Fixed charges.. 38.888 32,502 4.16:5
Surplus $55,3^3 5U, 701 $18,861
J«!y ■ Dec 31—
Gross earnias*- $1.0i».26H 5547.610 Jit: •-."•"
Op. expenses . 672.162 524.377 147.153
Net profits. .... $347,104 $322,683 $24,470 j
Fixed charges.. 215.210 194.273 20.036 i
Surplus $131. $128,380 $3,533
Month of Dec. —
Mileage S27.ST. 5;7.04 0 31
<">p. revenue ... $789,555 £719,750 $7( I<H
Op. expenses... 512.383 4".".. 76,641
Net revenue-. $277,492 $284,029 'SG.S"?
Taxes 23,531 36.339 -2,493 .
Op. ■ income.". . 5251,661 $38,699 *$4>038
July 1-Dec. 31—
Op. revenue ?4.59?.75t> ?4.412.-V»7 $156.20 l
-Op. expenses... 2.9^1,429 2.673.50S 317.831
Net revenue.. $1,607,330 $1,739,969 *$ISl.<
Taxes 152.770 169.379 *17.199
Op. income... ?1, 454. 550 ft,aSßv*B9 •$114,430
Mc-nth of Dec. —
Nurr.ber of miles 2,044 2.045 '1
Total aper, rev.. 54.949,823 54.055,05h> $594,232
Total oper- csp.. 3,234.29« 3,227.979 6,31"
Net ••for. rev. $1,715,326 $1,127 5588,215
Net outside op.. 88,814 112.170 '15.55i> |
Touft net rev.. $1,811,840 $1,239,282 $572,653 i
Taxet 391.800 300,000 55,0<X> I
Oper. income. $i.i5A.940 ff88.253 5517
July i -Dec. 31 — -
Total oc*p. rev..531.0«1,064 $27,650,795 $3,4-30.C6.S
Total oper. cxp.. 15.944.C5: 15.741.506 204.545
Net oper rev. 512.134. 412 $8,808,888 $3,225,423
Net outside op. "lit. 6SO,9'X> 29.190
Tota! bet rcv.512.544,50S $3.559.g94 $3,254,814
Taxes 1.906.008 1.717 "■■■■> 18S.0O0 '
Or*:'. income -$10,P39,50S f7,BTXfM $3,066,614
Month of Dec— '
' Number of miles £0i» sor> I
• ,Oper. revenues. $."70 $319,863 $80,408
Oper. expenses-. 241.047 225,160 15,u>7
KM oper. rev. $125,220 SDl.t'u $53,515 i
1 Outside or*»r. —
net deficit . . . 639 915 *276
Total set r«v. $124,581 $89,488 $34 001 J
Taxes 11.258 , !l,«Sf> •;,; !
Ope<-. ",ccrn- $1-3,315 $79,000 534,.*U5 !
July 1-Der. 81—
I Opw. revenues. $2,023,854 51.5U.649 $508,300
' Oper. expenso. 1,417.213 1.291.015 123.16$
Net oper. nv $606,740 $SBI>.BM $5(5.15(1
Outside oper.—
net deficit ... •.' •■**■'• 447.", "1,579
Total as« rev. J*5n,i,747 $316,131 $57.51G
. Taxes 67.416 «S,SI7 n.401
Opar. Incom*. $336.33] £»7.3H J59.017
j • Decrea»e.
! • in:-"at:, SEW OKUEAxa a TEXAS
'• Month Of Dec. —
Number of mi>s 337 887 |
Op«r. revenues. $757,886 5644 945 8112.890
Oper. tuirflf ■ ssMM 412.140 4*443
Net oper. rev. $237,252 '5232.805 £61,44'J •
I Outside oper. — )
Net deficit ... 759 1.131 *371 ■
Total net -• 52^«.4P2 $231.«7-; 564,« i» I
Taxes '. . 18.880 13.642 558
Oper Income. $273,452 $212,031 $<M.430
July 1-Dec. 31—
Opsr revenues. $4,442,888 $8,888,101 $6*4.467
j Or*? expezaes. -. 7S7.*vj 2,093.032 ISS.3J3
Net eper. rev. $1,655,206 $1,289,072 $366,154
Outside cper. —
Bel revenue.. a 4a 4 10.040
Net deaclt . . — ■- ? '••'■• ;
i Total net r--. 51 «53,290 SJ.37».I|S $37«.175
I Taxrs .- . 120.000 117.5N 2.H3
Op«r. lltfisfus 81.ffS.a80 ?1,W1,1ti3 $874 .'
Month of Dec. —
Miiear* 3»5 StK
Oper revenue... $227. 8158.569 • $41.!>4l
1 Oper. expenres.. 156,819 133.29S 23.521
Kst oper. rev- $71,011 $32,591 ?1?.421>
Outside op«r.. .- ; ' l :tl *1--*1 j
Total not rev. $7ToTI J.VOS2 f17.17?
; Taxes S.SII 9.533 M.024
Oper. UMSBH $tf.tM $J&9Cfl .«13,2r»3
July l-]>,; 31—
i Cow' revenue... $1.155.545 $9^0.437 ?:25.103
Opcr. expense*.- bI6.S*W 813.918 173.7*9 I
Net oper: rsv. flßttTff 8317.417 $51,313
I Outside (V 6.442 7.7*8 *J305
Total set rev. $335*. $283,183 #50.01.1
Xaxet «2.7<K> 49.994 2,713
■ - * ' __ „___
Op*r. income. f2<2.4«>'.> *23."5.171 $47 -'97
'Decrease. *
Month of Lee — **» n - tfßf n ~
oSiii tme %u. 5157.«52 Mfl.9n
I o»«rsilaf expense* 123.2U 11^.354
>*et *r»rntjnc r» venue... fß".s"i $62,909 I
XBS3M . I.p2i 3,wj I
;.perati,..» tacom* '^rAii WR22H '
Cihrr laceme ■ • ■ ■ ' ■••■' ' *■— ;
Tora! Bratlabl«» income.. $53.!M1» $.'•». HSH
interest ohai;»ei *5.'44 *M
Other .iedncttent „. I. "f fe.«"u
Surplus .......^ 122. «W) $22,675
I Opirailns^ve'nue ... f 1 «j*22 $^ a
: Of-eratlnsr «xr*iiso« ........ _l*^2 V*->&* ,
;.t; }o:r«'tnji r«veau«... IHliHll BBB\ .
Sagas ».IS7 .22.100
BgPQOSiHiSBieK&K-.' -y — —
Operai si 1 imt $3ft VM t2o?».olft
Othcrlmrcma film :: TVS
Total available income... $313,557 f'_lt.72R
IrtT-rest charires 155. »*4 1*1.077
Other wSdocttons 1.101 - ■ ■■*,
Surplus 5123.402 »3.V®2
. 1M& lacrsasa.
Z>i i-e.k in j,rt. tM.&T $39,177 ?12.«.'.0
July 1-Jan. St. 1.133.955 1.128. 088 307.888
•s*ss. Hijrh. Lo-r. Lsst. Ch"s?s.
9% Am Tobacco.. 4l2 357 Gitfi — 15
200 Am T/rlt pap. 3 I 3
ISO do prsf 25 2T. 25
.3.700 Bay State Gas ?i S "» — *•
1.888 Jane Oil CO 20 2"
1.280 Manhat Tran.. 2's l 7 i 2
110 Sears-Boa* ...155 153 103 +2
132 Standard 0i1.. 651 6l<> Bt3 |
230 Stand Milling. IS 17 17 — i
420 United cigar.. SO- ■■ SS!i SOU + »i j
Z, 100 Chicago Sub.. 4"; 4 4 : » —"4 j
X City 31 & O 22 l i an ; a* — : i ;
MINING. \" ■
6.200 British Copper TH 7 V » ~\ — H I
21, CiX) Boston Con ... 20 i 17 1 .- 20 — 1
12.500 Butte Coaln.. 27 l i 2." " 2»> 131 3 — li
34.500 Cuno 13 7 s r."i I.". 1 *
39,500 Con Ariz Smlt 33 1 * S% 2 i — !*
...COD Cobalt Cant... 17 M» 13 l«'i —
'>,lin> Davis-Daly .. 33 1 * Z\i SU — U
3S.«Oa Ely Conaol .... »3»i 73 BT 5 * -3-
So. ooo Ely Central .. IS ' I ' 3 ITi1 T i - j
1.075 First National ~>\ 5 ."i ! 4
10.5C0 Greene-Can .. 10*4 0 1" — '.
r.3GO Gils Copper... 9=9 = »'-. 84 — a *
14.500 GoidfieM Con., S 7' 4 TH — ** J
39.500 Glroux 11 »i V- 10 — '•%'
22.500 Kerr Lake ... »»» S", 9 — '«.
7.100 T^a Rose 4^» 4?i »4 — *i
43,000 Miami ..25 1 - 23 24U — I l «
2S.BfiaN«T Cortsol... 25 1 * 23 2.lJ* —IS
7,500 Nev-U tan .... IS I** 1*» — H
8.900 Nipissing 10 * OT.0 T . 1«', — ».i
>.»50<) Ohio 4 T » 4' 3 4»s
10.K0 Ra^h Coarrt. 1« 15 If
28,880 Ray Central.. 4 .-,'•_• ■'«•"'* — ■* I
13.700 Ray Oonaol .. 24% 22 ! a 23 • — *%
2.4*'"0 Tri-BuJlioii . . l'» 1 1 »• — ht !
2.2f^> United Copper 8 7- 7'i — *i
15.000 T.'nion Mines. 2■, i', 2
17.000 T.'nited Rico.. 30 IS 18 4- 6c
1,510 Yukon Gold.. 4 T i 4"* 44 7*7 * ■ — ;
H.BBf Am St VBl . 76»i 7S 1 i "s»t
21.000 Ch Gt w -is f©ij J*t)'- jw>' . — i
3.000 Con A tin 5s 5.-. 63 ■ 65 — 5
13.000 1} M-I"t D2dr.n 80'j S0 J i »4 — I
255,000 Lack S den 5s «*j J« M 1:M 1 : 1
145.000 do con H». . S5 1 * So sVi — S
I. COO Miami Cop 65.140Aj no a 140» a —^ r s
I'iS.OOO Weal Fa- •>* . ST% 07 3 » 07*; —
tFurni3hed by Frederic H. Hatch & Co.. No. 30
Broad street. New York.)
Stocks. Dividend. Bid. Asked. !
Am Brak*. SA;F. .." . • Q-Mar 5 80 63 j
Am Bras* S&F pf Q-M 7 123 ■ 127 1
American Brass Q-j 3' 117 122
American Chicle -Mo&Es 12 225 232
American Chicle pf Q-J 6 103 1«T»
Am Dist Tel of N J....Q-J 4 •'•$ S3 •
Am. Coal Produ-'s. Q-.i •; JH 07 ,
American Press Q-JiEx « y5 105
American Thread pf J&J .1 4ti 5
An Type Founders J&J 4 46 SO
Am Type Founders pf..Q-j 7 97 101
Babcock &. VTilces Q-J 7 IT. 107
Barney & Smith — 30 SO ;
Barney & Smith pf — 105' 115
Borden's Cond Milk. .. .SF&AEx — 113 1204
Borden's Cond Milk pf..Q-M 8 104 10S <
Bush Terminal — 3) 65
Central Fireworks _ — 5 10
Central Fireworks pf _ . -- 55 65
Conn Ry i Light .. Q-F 4 ~,<i 7S
Celluloid Q-J&Ex H 128 132.
E I du-P de Nemours 7 133 137
Si 61 Pd? Nem pf...Q-J 5 s8 DO
Eastern Publishing . — 115 —
Empire Steel & Iron — 7 10
Empire Steel & Iron pf . — S<> 90
Fifth Are Estates J&J 5 150 —
Hall Signal common — — 45 88
-Hill-Marvin — 30 ♦.".
International Nickel — 130 155
Inte;narimal Nickel pf.Q-F 8 90 ?H
International Silver — 15 2.* V
International Silver pf..Q-J 4 9S 103
Kirby Lumb«r — 10 15
Kirby Lumber rf — 40 55
Kings Co El L & P...-Q-M 5 129 133
Lackawanna Steel. — 43 *••
London & Edinburgh Co.j&j 8 130 150
Nat Cash Register Pf-J&T r 110 12*)
Niles-Eement-P Q-M •? 08 103
Ni:«»-Bem*nt-P pf Q-F 6 09 102
Otis Elevator Aiu 2 SB "-8
Otis Elevator pref Q-J 8 07 100
Oil Dominica E S J4J « 105 115
Faciflc Gas & El — — — 49 52
Pacific Gas it El ft Q-J •} 55 00
Phelps. D & Co — 2*o 260
Pope Manufacturing . — 7.'. SO .
Pcpe ICts P* — -- 1 SS
Producers' Oil Q-M 6 14.'. I*o
Pratt & Whitney pref-.Q-F « 100 M 8
Royal Bak Ponder Q-M&Ex S IST. 175
Baferr C H & I*. Q-MctTx 8 125 133
Ben-Sea Chiclet — 198 125
Standard Coupler.' — 25 J5
Standard Millinc Co _ 16 ">
Standard Mill Co pf ..-A*O 3 « 53
Sydenham Corp. -■ — 1W HO
T»sas Company Q-M 12 205 215
Texas & Pacific Coal... Scrip 6 OR 105
Trenton Potteries • — 4 7
Trentcn Potteries pref — *i ?•>
Trenton Pot fndg ctfs...j&j 4 " 88 70
Troiv Directory — 25 89
T 0100 Carbide — Iff 100
Vnion tyr;- Q-J 2 SO 35
Union Typewriter.. — 55 60
fn'on Type-writer Ist pf.A*O 7 109 112
Vnion Typewriter 2d pt A&O « 10» 113
United Banknote Q-J 4 4* 52
United Banknote pf....Q-J 8 ."2 54
U S Finishing S-J 4 140 130
U B Finishing Pi Q-J 7 110 113
Virginia Railway — — 23 26
■West Faoclflc — 20 29
Test power — 37 S»
"West pmrer ?rr* — 65 »51
I Am Malt Ist J&D « 103H 104 Vi
i Am Pipe & Fdr>- let J&J - 6 103 10«
i Am BS & F Ist M&3 " 5 9* 100
, Am Tube & S Ist A&O B S3 95
1 Am Tv-utefnd dbt M&N 8 100 104
i Am Typefnd new M&>' 8 89 100
•East Publishing M&S t 95 100
Fifth Aye Estate Mi>f 6—102
Hecker-Jones-J .. — M&3 6 105 109
Inter Nickel Ist A&O 5 92 03 : :
Inter Silver lat JX-J 6 10» 111-,
Inter Silver «bt J&.T 6 100 102
Lanstt iF H) Ist Q-J 6 93 105
London & Edinb Co F*A 6 109 —
New Jersey Stmboat Ist. M&N- 5 S5 BO
N T Biscuit Ist M&S 6,100 —
I Northw Coal R Ist M&.V 5 \ 75 —
! Old Dom S S Ist ?14-S 5 l 95 105
I Ontario Power Ist F&A 5 9<) OR
[ Perm C& C 1525 MAS 5 38 40
i Stock Quotation Tel F&A 5 {V 5 —
Sunday C& C 1925 J&J 5 65 70
Union Carbide Ist J&J 6 98 102
Un Fdry Ist 5s 1920 M&N — 95 100
j United Lead ibt Te-T 3 62 65
C S Finish cons li t B t>s 10©
; V S Filching Ist 14 j 5 100 105
1 Virginia-Car Chem MMO 5 f»7 3S'i
. . ■ ■ .
Baa Francisco. Jan. 30.— The official clos
ing quotations tor mining stocks yesterday
were a.5 follows:
Alti 20 Justice ...» ...... 20
Aloha Con 11l Kentucky Ceo IS
Aniies 23 1,. Wash Con 13
3eicher I 'JO Mexican 1.«7
Best & Belcher 77 Occidental Con 33
Bullion 2l!Ophir 2.02
I Caledonia . WlOrerrran 87
Challenge Con 32[Potosl "f>
•"hollar 2S Savare 45
Confidence I.3o|Sag Belcher .10
Con Cal & Va. . . I.77!«i»rra Nevada ■ • '»
Con Imperial O7.r:nion Con 83
Crown Point 1. 10 1 Utah Con 1!
■ flan til & Currr 35 1 Yellow Jacket ■■■• l^
Hale i. Norcrosj... M
TUT L ar £ c MMi Small
i o Let Offices
Single or en Suite in the
xs4 Nassau Street Opposite City Hall Park
The Centre of
Transit for the
L f> Stations
Entrance to
Brooklyn Bridge
A]] within a Step
<Furnlshed by Edward 3 Smith & Co.. No. 27
Fine »»r«»t. New Tork->
Irci^^ rn A?k-1. 1 W& x-ked.
Alb &. Sus. -- 315 J! Coal Rpf-. 102 110
Ai:. & Vt... 70 75 Man & Law.. 230 —
AJiegh & W. 140 150 Manhattan . l|« «•
Am T&C. TO 77 • Maaaaw Vy...t30 1«
At * CAUIM - MHt SH. -.120 ISO
An* A Sar. .110 113 MOMU &PPf \* gf
AG«•M M. 08 70 i ai-tO art t cts 88 83
B-ech Creak. 68 1W C & Bat 85 -
?S * F F-. » I do pr-f .- l.t> }*<>
Boat & A1b.. 232 218 Morrta A- E5.121 1^«
Bat & L0W..2C5 — do Extn 100 IK
Bast * Frov.2C*> 300 Nash A 0ec .183 180
B & 7th Ay.135 I*3 Nash A L0w.. 215 —
B'*lyn City.! MS 200 New Lcn N..190 220
C & BC6. . .144 132 ,NY A H ?*P —
Canada &?..fr? 71 NTEiMB pf. 110 120
Gat« Ist pf 113 12« N* TL 4 W. 123 1-.
do Sd pf...113 120 NT Slut Te1.. 102 —
Cay St £us...2l'> — Ninth Are 150 '•"
C Cross? 9> 130 North Car....lW 1.0
OP Nvl R 8 — 'North »N H»..13» -
Cnat A 6 ...MO 108 North (S •»>•-:«* »
C & lOrn Sis. 75 « North P«W. fT
C&ElTcfs6O 70 INertßw Tel. 108 II 1
do ctfa pf.l« '.3) Nor & pf ■»• —
rsiC?f»l3S 145 OH Colony. ...193 2W
Cir9e:d A M.13.'. 145 !Os^«g« A S -- 213 —
Cans &P. .172 177 Fact At T. . *T •-»
do 'Sol Bet. 99 104 I Pat A H R.-.«» — ;
Co| &. X.....201 208 ; Pat & Rjm...lW -
Ccnb&M....lTo - ;Pimi, Val«r.l» t4rt I
Cone A P.... 170 — P*o & B Vr..ltJ »*• |
C& P r pf..l3i 14? «uja G A —
Conn River. .257. 263 '? Al* E... 34 -;.
CRy A U- .. TS 77 d- pref . .^ . « •♦
do pref. .Sd $5 ;PFtWAC.IJ }i«
CTCof NJ 75 7ft 1 do special ... 148 175
Darin am! 75 S3 ! if.m i»
D& Bd Srk.lW 200 Prov & Vforc.2'2 =5-
D»t BAS .93 103 Rsns & Sara.. 19. 202
East Perm... 130 140 R&GVy....115 —
Eighth Aye. .290 330 .Rome A C. .. .140 l£>
Elmira & W.IOO 120 ;H TV 4 .j ... 124 1»
do pref.... 142 153 Rut i" Wh. ...140 13»
Erie & Kal..2r,«J 245 ! Sara 4; Sch. . .I*B 173
Erie & Pitts. lCO 1*) Second Aye... 30
Fitch ... 130 135 Sharon .ICO I~>
FW & J pt-.135 143 Sixth Aye 110 130
423 St&GSF.2<«» — .So& At Tel.. » S3
Kranklin T. .. 37 4T> Southw of i»..110 115.
G RR&B Co - - 23$ St L B Ist pf.125 —
G A Stk T . . AC* 1M ' do 2d pref.. S3 •»
G.-RivVy.i:3 130 St J& So 8.. %* -
Hart *CW. 42 4*l do pr^f 103 113
Hereford .... 55 90 TA G R A3..170 —
lIICLL... 98 102 Tun of St U- .125 —
i:i & Miss T. 70 9O i23d St 2'JO »>
Inrerocesn T. 95 KB TSJ K«AC.24« 252
Jack L & S. . 88 — Upper C 005.. .123 —
Joliet & Ch..170 177 U&8R1v...1.3 1.3
Ka &G R. 140 i-vo VC • f Vy.-14j 13*
KCSL&Mptcs 7S SO CC & 8..... .0 ,*J
KCSL&C pf . 130 140 Vy of NT - 125 135
La & M So-300 340 Vt * Mas3.-.l«> I*o
L& M H pf .160 170 Warren 170 1..
LI N R&CII3 120 !TT X & R..-140 1-0
(Reported by Clinton Gt'ltert. No. 2 Wall street.)
Bid. Asked. Bid.Ask^.
Alliance Ry. 117 V, 122!- Law TIA TSM 305
Am Surety. 225 230 Lincoln ... 150 —
As- or ... m 400 L I L « T.. S'.-O 310
Bankers' ... 600 710 | Manhattan -.428 —
B& ' M G.. 270 2SO Marcantlle .740 —
Broadway . 148 15» | Metropolitan. 530 350
Erco-'.I-:i ... 423 - Mtge Bond.. 110 115
CarpeVi'S •1W 1«5 Mutual 130 —
GasCbsfAUß I*o Mut Allianc* 130 140
i"p"t--ai 65 — Nassau . ... 222 —
CuTtevist -5? ■•> I» Surety .K2 24*
do ore". : »6 102 HTL I & T.IIOO 1125
Citizens" ... 140 - NTMtg&5 223 23
Columbia . 330 330 NT Trust.. «5O 670
Corn-wealth. 130 — (Peopled 2SB 38»
Commercial. 1£ ™ &£,&*:: tthi^
En"Dlr<> Tr 3» *t8 Qu»»nsCo... 117^ s 122S
EaaltaMe 500 — I Realty asbo.. 130 136
TL. & T. ...1500 ISSO Standard ... 400 —
Flatbush ... 200 225 Title G.i T.. 550 573
Franklin . . 213 230 T TO* ITT.: 18a l«7tS
Fulton 290 — Tr Co of Am 345 355
: Fidelity ... 205 210 Union 1330 14'»
Guaranty .. 775 6C-> Un Pates... 1265
Guardian ..170 — V S Cm. . 115 —
! Hamilton .260 270 jUS M A T. . 455 .V*>
: Home Trust 10S — CSTG AI- - «O
I Hud Realty. 100 110 '\ an Norden. 235 2SO
1 Hndssa ... 175 — ! Washington.. 360 370
Int Eke Cor 130 140 ' Westehester- ISO —
Kln s C 0... 505 - W&BT&Mm ©
Kni'-iE-rrock 3^3 320 Windsor .... 135 14*
Law Mtg. . . 255 Ma 1_
Government bond quotations corr.; - as
follows with those of a treek ago:
— Jan. 22. — — Tan 23 —
Bid. Asked. Bid. Asked.
C P. 2« reg . 1330 ''>-'"» 1 011 * 10< " ! ■ 101H
U. S. 2». coup.. 1S«O.. 100*4 — 100S —
V. S. >■ res- I»08-""». .101 1C24 101 l«^ s i
TV g. .Is, -oup.. 1 90S-" IS. 101?* 102Vj 101 4 IC2^»
C a 4« re?.. 1925 . .T144 Us'j 114^3 113H
T. S. 48. cout>.. us .114** 11.V* 114**.lt5*i
Panama 2e, r*gr.. IC«3H. .100 101 I'"* 101
Panama 2s. coup., 19G8.100 101 100 101
Francis Frey. plaint;^, against Llbby Ep
stein el a!. defendants. — In pursuance of a
ludgrment cf foreclosure and sal*. duly mad*
and entered In the above entitled action and
bearing date the 15th day of January. 1910. T.
th€- undersigned, the Referee in said judgment
named, win sell at public auction, at the Ex
<hanse Salesroom. Nos. I+-13 Vesey street, m
the Borough of Manhattan. City of New Tori.
on the 15th. day of February. 1910. at 12
i n'cl-ck noon --"n Ulat da;, by Joseph P. Da-.
' Aucticne«-r. the premises directed by said
I .iuug-raent to be sold, and therein described as
fol'.on- 0 : -
all that certain lot. piece, or parcel •' land.
', wiufc the buildings and Improvements thereon
; erected. ?ituate. lying: and being in the Bor
j ough of Manhattan, of the City of New York.
! In taa County nn'! State of Saw York, bounded
i and- described as follows:
Ber-.nnicgr at a polav on th« Northerly side
of Oue hundred and thirteenth street, distant
T.no hundred and three • .0" > feet, five and
one-halt fSH) trrch»s Westerly from the
1 North-resterly corner of Park ( formerly
1 Fourth) Avenue and Ots^ hundred and thir-
I t««eflt!i Street arid which point is at or oppo
1 site to th<s centre of a party wall: manias
I thence Northerly, parallel wl;b ParS Avenue
and part of the? distance through th» saM
i party wall. Or.<» hundred tloo> feet eleven (ID
Indies to the centre line ut tee bloclr; tix«m."«
"Westerly, parallel with One hundred and
thirteenth Street. TwentT-6v« «25) feet on«
md on«s-half (1-s) inches: ther.ce Southerly,
a^sin parallel wttn Park Avenue and part of
tf.c distance through the centre of another
: party wall. One hundred (100» feeV eleven
(11 >' Inches to th<? Northerly side of One hun
dred ar.d thirteenth Street: there* Eagerly.
I aloa? the said Northerly side of One hundred
and ils'rteenth Street. T-trtaty-Hve (25) feet
! one sad one-naif (IV) inches to the point or
place of beeinnin?.
Dated. New York. Jasmarr If. IDIO.
W <;IBBES WHALBT, E«q., Attorney for
( Plaintiff. 27 William Street. Borough of
Manhattan, City of New York.
The following is a diagram of th« — ■•— ■•
to fc# sold; its street Number is 71 East 113ta
! Street.
The appro.vlmaio amount of the lien or
charge, to satisfy whiih the above d-ecrirci
property is to b« gold, is Six thousand eight
I ":: imJr*<J eil!^.:»T and thirty-four one-hua
i drc4tbs ($4,828,341 Dollars, wiih interest
thereon from, th* 7th day of January, 1910.
tc^etber with costs an! allowance araourmns
to tiro hundr»«i t>!:i*t- -■ and 3S-ICO
($2Sc.S^) Dollars, witti taierest from Jan
oar? IMb, 1910; together wtih the espeas«s
of the sale. The approsltnate air.ount of th 9
taxes, .•Msessm-nts and vrai«r rates, or other
::--i-.=. which are to be allowed 10 the pur
1 chaser out of the purchase money, or paid by
in« R-'fer^*". is four hundred twsasy and
OS-100 Dollars and interest.
The premises are to be sold Bufcject to a
first mertaw* to secure tie payment of th»
?';:•:: of twenty thousand . i520.000.00i Dollars
ana interest at five (s^t) per centum 2°r
antum from September tsr. 190t»
1 Date;:', New York. January IStJi 1910
__^_^_^^^^^^^^^^^ R»fer»a.
Absolutely Safe
(Plunger Type)
Electric Light
and Janitor
■ — Jolin Ohler. plaintiff, against Abrahaat C
Weln?art«a et al.. defendant*. — In pursuance
of * judgment of foreclosure fr-i sale, dsl"
made and entered ia the above entitled. actfc>n
ami b*arin - <!»*• «•• tlta day •£ J*aoa,-»
l<>lf> I. the undersigned, the refer** ia saM
jad?'ta-TTt nazn<£i. will *»t* at public •■aeiton.
•i- tie Cretans* Saleeroeiaa !**a t*-l# Ve«er
Mil In tha*Bor«ttS3 of Manhattan. Cltr •*
y-.-r Tork. on th« 7th day of February 19l A .
«t 12 ©'deck noon. <m «*«* dar. by Joseph P-
Da- . Auctioneer, the pr«mls-s directed by said
.tndsmeat to b« »old. and therein asserts a a ■•
All that certain lot. piec«* or parcel sf tana
w;:!i ttse bui:<lU»s ta«r«ia «xecxed. situate, tyttST
and beiajr in tie Seventeenth "Ward of Of*
Borough of Jlanhattar. City ft 2iv* Tor*,
and bounded and d*sertb*d as f.on<r«*sr
Bs?insln« at a point on tiie Souta^e»t»rl»
•Ida of Elrhth Street, distant r*o hundred and
fifty-four <234} fe«t **1 eiarai m tacit*
Northwesterly from th» NortSw** - Un« »?
Aveaui* A: tlseacs running yorth-^ifTTy
m'.atts Mia South -rsstsrty site of EJirhtJi #?re*<
nlnetsaa .1»> t**x i^Ten and owa-taai* 'T*-;"»
tachts; :h«ac» raaatas Sooth^r«Bi«r?T and par
alia: wtta Attsn* A. ets?tity-stx (58* f^Jt »ix
f«> tnchaa t» tic Southarlj- Ita* at 9UV**"
•ant Estate; thane? niaata^ CaaMrtT a.long
th« line cf -•M Estat* twe!-.-«~ (12> '—< and
thr** 1 »3> lecsm: *h«ac« nisatn? Sonta'rl*
alo&7 th« lin«» of al<l Estate «'jtte«n I !•> f««t
t*a «10> !ach«s: theacs rrmslns Soutiaastorl^
•til! a'- ' r tae Ha* of satd Estate tlir*« t3»
f^-t th«nc« nmnin« Northeast p*raH-t
with Areau-* A -«fr-9^-.-n ■»-. f»et SIX <«>
in--h=a to ♦!'• point or place ef baatiuilns
Dated. S*' * York. .Tanuan- 13th. X3IO.
JULIXTS KBAUSE. AttomeT for P!a*nt:S. M.
1 Mad'.j^s AT»noe. Borsmgh ft SfanaaWHl
New Tork Cltr.
Tfca fo!lowlas in a "!:a*rsm of th» sraperty
to be sold; Us street Number «■ ITS St. Marx a
Th«» approximate amount of UM Hen •»
chare*, to «a .-•' which ■* »aov*-daasrl*sj4
property is to b-s sold, la Xln«<-»- thonsir^l
forty-ntaa dpUara and 17-108) . SiaOSS 17-100*.
with Interest th«r<-on from th* Tt» day «•?
Januarr. 1310, *oa;ether with coats and afio'w-
MM amounting: '« $443 *4-t»»0. with int«r*«e
from January 12th. 1310. tosethar wits. r**>
expenses of the sal*.
Dated. New York. Janaarr ISrn. 1210-
—James 8. Beams. plaintiC a«j*io»t Jolra
?C Cruslus et al-v-De'sadaista.
Tn pursuance of a ludaaaeiit ef for>scto«ar*
and sale, duly made and entered ia taw ah«iT»
entitled action, and bearins; da.t9 tba Hta &*■"*
at January. 1910. I. the n=derst«Tsed t»»
referee in said Judsaaeat named, wiu •*!! a*
public auction, at the » Exehanga Salesroota.
Nos. 14-18 Vssey Street. a the Boroa*h a*
Manhattan. C'.ty of New Tork. 00 ta« aarrejttH
day of February, 1910. at 12 o'clock boob <»»
that day. by Joseph P. Day. Auctioneer, th-»
premises directed tn said judgment to a* aelek
and therein described as follows.
All that certain lot. piece or parcel of \z*.
senate, \yfng and being- tn the First "Ward of
the City of New Tork. and know* as 3Ja. T»
South Street, bounded and Ascribed as fal
Beginning *t fJH comer formod »r tis^
intersection of th© northwesterly Us* «f Ciarsi
Street *.-.<! the southwesterly line of Maid*rt
Lane, aad ruaatas thence westerly alc-z th»
aorta w«st*r'y line of South Street. tairty-S)r»
feet four inchen; thence northwesterly aa't
parallel or nearly so with the south waster'r
line of Maiden Lane twenty-seven fast; ta*noe
northeasterly and parallel or nearly •- -srltH
the northwesterly line of South Street, ten
fast; II*SSM southeasterly and parallel a
nearly so with ths Kmthirsaifaily Use of Ma
den Lane, six fMM six inches to th* ceatia c-f
a yarty-wall; thence northeasterly aloaaj *•»•
centre line of said party-wan, twenty-six fe*c
M ISM *outhw«stexly lice of Maid&a Lane. and.
thence southeasterly along- the same tweatv
two feet to the "?oiat or place of Tiesrtnnlss
Be the said several dissensions mars or less.
Dated. New York. January 17th, 1910.
JACOB BRENNER. P'a:nti.r*s Attorney. 29
Court Street. Brooklyn, New York-
The follcrwls» is a diagram 0; the property
to b-» told; Its street number is 75 B*atsi
Street: -—
The approximate amount <& t*s li«a of
cJ'arse to satisfy which tha above described
property 13 to bo sold is $34072. 49. with, ib
t^reat laereoai frora January XOta. 1910. to
g-ther with costs and allowance amounting *>
5375.55. with interest from January 12 th. 13l«>.
together vrifa th* expense* of tne »aie. Tbo
approximate amount of the raxes, assessments
and water rate* or other liens which are to o«
allowed to the purchaser out of the parcaa**
money, or paid by tee Referee. Is ; I SBI6B. be
sides water meter rents since il»7 Blh. 1968.
together with the interest.
Dated. New York, Jasuary 17ts. 1010.
•WILLIAM A. M-?QT~ R-fcr«^.
—Twenty-third Ward Baak cf the Ory •*
New York, PlatTUltl. again.- 1. Baa Gmaberg asd
others. Dcieijiasts.
In pursunnce ■.'!' a judgment of fbcselawr*
aad sale. duty made aad entered in tea «Oo a
1 entitled action and b*arta? date the 18th day
of October. 1909. I. th* u:ia^rsi«aed. th* Bef«re»
in said :aigr£.ent nansed. will aeil ac public auc
tion, at rat Exchange Saiesroosi. Ncs. 14-W
Veasy Street, in the Borough ci Maahattaa.
! City of New Torlc. ca the litii day of NoveiEber.
i 1909. at 12 o'clock noon en t.iat day. by Joseph
P. Da;.-. Auctioneer, the »irwnrta— directed by
«a;d judsmsm 10 tt» Suva, «u:-l uio«ela Inscribed
: as follows.
All that certain pest, pisca er parcel of
land, with th« buildups asd HBprovonianta
thereon erected, situate, lying and Wei ta
the Horoug!: of Manhattan, -' '.Me •Of «S
! New Tori, in the Cour.y and State of Ser*
I York, bounded and described as fallow*:
Beginning at a point on the Seutnerty »•<*%
of MStfe street, distant 125 feet Easterly from
tiie corner formed by the intersection at ta»
Southerly stda ct" I+Sth Street with ta« East
erly si.l» of Broadway; running thence East
1 erly aeons' the Southerly aids of 14o:h Street.
37 feet 6 inches; thence Southerly parvlei
with Broadway. 99 feet 11 Inches to «*• csane>
lin« of the block: thenc® Westar!y aicr* sajd
centra line of the block. 37 feet 8 &cbe»:
thence Northerly parallel with Brsadwar. 88)
feet 11 inches to tne point or piac* -' b»
And also a:: that irtata lot. piece «r laxcet
; of land, with the tmiliina* and liuminsnisatw
taereoa erected, atraate. lying and betas' In .
! the Borough of Manhattan. City. Cs*saty awl
1 Stare of New York, bounded aaa desczibsa as
, follows-
Beglnnteg a* a point en th« Soar?:— '•• •4*
of 116 th Street, distant on* !tiflf4] aad ttxxr
two feet sir inches Easterly from tha ccra»?
■ formed by the intersection cf the Southerfy
' sld» of HSth Street and th* Basur'.y ata* at
Broadway, formerly Eleventh Avenue or 855
levard; nmalns theuc* Southerly parallel •wid
Broadway and part of the way through »
! party wall nioery-nlne teei and *i*ven lacbea
; to the centre Una of the block: thence Ear
> •r!y aloe? eald centre line of th» block, thirty
; seven feet six inches: thence Northerly, asjssa
; parallel with Broadway, nlnety-aiae feel e!«v»n
ir.<-haa to th* Southerly aWe of 14<kb Street;
I and thence Westerly alen« the Southerly aid*
I of 146 th Street thirty-seven feet six laches "i
the point ;.- place of beglnnlns- Eft said iSTerai
dimensions more or l"ss
Dated New York. October CM. 198 ft
CHA3. L. COKN =:*— —
for Flaintir:. 43 Cedar Street. Manhattssv
New York City.
The follow'ay is a diagtasa cf the prwrtr
to be scld: Its street a-jjnbers ara 345-552 west
lieth Street:
Tea approximate amount of th« Uaa of
chars?, to satisfy which the asov« descrt>*d
• - property 's 10 b« sold. » Twenty-two fctnulrrf
and forty-*lx and StVlOy Dollars (52.2165*»
•a : : *- tcwreat thereon Jronx tae Sth fiar *J
October. 190 S. together with nan a=<J allow
ance •moun-u-» to $201.22 with uuer«*t front
Ocwber 13Ui. 19C3. tcgsth«r witix tie expesav*
. at the tale. The approximate arr.ouat of th«
! taxes, aisesaments an* water rates, or asStar
! hens, which s,r# to b* allowed to t:-.« par
cliaser out of tho purcaaa* money, or paid by
i th» R-fer«». Is $1. 531.24 and tntereat.
Dated. New York. October 22nd. 13C9.
CHAS. T. COHN. Rsftr-*
The foresolng sale is hereby adjourned ie)
Fn-iar. Novemoer 2tith. 19*)0. at tht» sair>« f.'i-*
an-J plate.
i Dated. New Tork. November IStIJ. IPCO.
The foreratns: «ala S* he-nrey fur» v _•♦
' Jourred to Fxiiiiy liccems<r 3rd. ISOO. AC
the. same t!rne and place.
Dated. Now York. November 2«lh. 13C3.
CHAa L. COHX. Referee
The farecetn* sal* U hereby further *4
journed to Friday. December lots. 1880. at
Use same •'•"- and rtare.
Dat*d. New York. December 3rd. 19s»
CHA3. L. COHX. Refers
The foresoJstr a»:e is hereby farther «4
.lourn*"^ to Friday. December I7tb, 19C». at
; Cs«s same time and place. ,
Dated. New Tork. December loth. 19*BS>.
CRAS. U COHN. R;tet»-
The for»jcin? tale !3! 3 hereby further ai
, Journed to Friday. Deoembsr 28CU ISCft at
' th*> tame tlsa* and plac*
Dated. New Tork. December Kia. 188*
' . CHA3. U OHX. nafe»ea\
The foresolajt sale ta hen»by further a<*»
-nea to Friday. December 31st 1905 at
I lh«» «»rne time and place.
Dated. New Tor I*.1 *. Beeetnber ?«th. tsna
. CHAS, U COH.V. Refer—.
Th« forusnine sale Is h*rebv further ad'o-'Vr.^
tft Friday. January l*th. 1910. at H59 «aa«"ula*

1 Cated. New York. r>-e«mb«r »J at iSJSk
! OLI '■'- , CX.*5. I*. COHN*. Heferee
The for«s-^»s sale is hereby rani*- a<J-
Jo«rn«a to Frtday. February 4tb. 1310. a* t>»*
game time and place. .... ■* wwm
Dated. Mew Tcrk, January 14th. 1010
chas. l.'coh:;. •'■re* '

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