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F-ivcic Slcmge from uniou
' Eschcxg* Prove, Fete.
c= tfta -^Ijaase from a "pri- '
pss« T"~T "~ , ._._••«» -a)0i?0 taies were to
iT ., iV Jgjf^j^ U, the local in-! j
%^~^£ « that D 0 !
c £ "^1 „c^ here yesterd-- .teat ;
ti«s F^e^^c^^ attiife close, j
•- "
- -
{KSfl V7~ .^ on ~ -j^.a trajiSers tvljo got hit !
* i * c "^"^'-rr'-v-ver ipecalitbr «rta> had a ;
SSrSS" ttea soli k&nt. safe J
II !^» t the sorsir.p.
re ''~ '" .-.. v c f ••-•- persoa wti pcrpe- j
Ji SSS ccc-d not b^ leaned. VII!- j
i ■
ictrn<^ iaalr. arid that the ca.- :
t>w otter- Il«» pointed out
dr- : J S i fiat i»S *-ho be:;.v-d ranora .
Ti* Sena S«sß «l£* =ea=3 sa.cr mude ;
- ti« L»CP«3 exrisr.ge after the bulk of !
:n"e aiaictlCßai tt« »>«« tea cabled to j
»w Tcri. Fcr several days tut s-ia.ll :
nH» ».es" »ia fcera Kcaoaiiecd at t-e j
,:-. -jse =r-uil «;k c-«-e2 ere given out j
Hr tie c£x£Tt cf tie ICew York Got urn £s- !
rait the report teal "late j
c r 35^59 tiles h^4 taken place look j
;AU*:i!i£- X ■*■**- °- '-OMTBt. z. tresnrn&dca L
.-^^tiix to V' j'***y. as i* ** r — t 1 t'.iit X«iver- !
g£ veaSfl. e> *-"■•: r^te cc't*c-n v.as beipg j
.jvs; ect ct stock, soon :;av* to corn* here i
«.=d »I 3 tut th= wisest traders reli (
:r. their rush to bur cotton. ■
SfCstii7 Lexis Comics Here tx? Di_
cosi Line to Darid.
p^g-^-- Ter. L— £ir.ct! Lct:£. secr#^
x— £* Fcreign Fvelaticns. leave hare
•jvr^rrr*- :cr TTishtestoru by way cf New
Tsrk- cs a epeelsj miuJou troia President
tft»3C£ it ; s repeated that th« Secretary
ttf bs?r. miyoi.ej.e3 tc dose :zi:pcrts.nt ne
jrts«cr.s «r::r t. w .» American gtrrenuneat.
vtki Ijs.t* bsea prn^inc Sot some t:n:*.
ija pertlcuir reference to tie conrrruc
aafcT a railroad frtta Pasaisa to David,
in: tts Cosiz Hicas frontier. Th!« is the
Itoirns t-_=l: of r!: c ?rc?ose-j Pas-Aoerl
cai rtilrcia through Central America to
rat tif 21s.x:cs.z exterilon cf the Eosth
«— Factac. The \a;:oaai Assembly cf
■_-_ aathorized its construction early
i*r res-"-
Prerldert ObaldJa has received several
;rcpo6&!* tsxan Er.;::s,-., FVeacJo and G^r
—«r srr.i:oi^*e but he ha? exr-retsed t.-.^
bilicf tict Arncr: :ar.s should have the pref
eooe. However, unless satisfactory ar
rsiEemenu: <:zz. be r;a;p before the present
err eczst; c-iz it is r.ct improbable that
the Cntli£h eradicate Kill get the contract,
t£ pubiJc eptwpt! :5 ur*:ng tlj? consiructicc
cf Us* road, »iii open for cc!or,:za
*:or. r:cz aid estsssive la~cs.
Bcrs^d for &cr- Is Large and Ad-
Tsrce in Price Is Expected.
•Si:cien Lane Ci&mond importers Ea:c
SSBtEaj that Sin: . the month of Jana
ct sere -ce^r frere received in this city
bat.-ca t.-e fardga markets il.an curing the
£2 rno-ti cf ar:y preeecdir.g year, ar-i
tarrai*— cii tsdicaT-or;- failed tie sscal
nsr tadir.g -.v;th Jaae -would establish a
aevsr before approached in the
•■SK: asa calae of diiiaorca and other
PTKiuia; EtDses imported. The Januarj
cijaesa Tez.dr.lid a total cf f4.Z4L5>5.
fsms have b^ 1 z. purchased by '"'s'*
-s^ers fa this city florins the past few
- g
wr^rr period, finer last July J3.535.391>
•a| s " Precious stones ar.d pcadi have
■ wupzt Ir The foreica markets, and
t5 £=2TE E£y that the dsmand ia tliis
:?: =2r is iz.cT'.-±szz*s despite the Itrge
mcelvc-S- Another advance c :
'Ktxst ia wie price of d:air.?Qds Is ex
2" of United Mining Company Baiks
Ifac at inspection.
[f^rrf ?■*** resterflay is-ai ccnnpelled
Q»i 1-b ajg notiog cf Francis C. Nicho
-*1 te pw'TT t tloa to inspect the books of
j* Cnaes il::.:r.~ Company, because U
« seEm«j that Ihe booka hsd been taken
jJJMfI. SUL* l£ ft There.
o~ Jancarr v last, obtained a
"*-=-*^- Iw TT'-.vi" ara:."!*. ths company,
3^= canted it to file B petitloa ia bani-
z. Frishta Phelpt. who ths presi-
or the rnlted SJi-ag Company, then
r^*4f° atHoa to vacate the Judsment.
•■•^x^s's Best caoTe was to isk pcr:nis-
J - to fcrpect the books, only to learn
*BCfe, z . .... . :aj bMn:ta j usa tQ
% '"^r: * rtr * • deetlng of stockholders
.. £^. at * ii £ -*-«r *rtslch tlii;. were deposited
.«« are of Fr*-»r:ck H«i«. a clerk of
p* -Norti toiricax Cd— a.— aciocaeed
•»).• * „ " '••- ■ " Ol — e
. ~~ r - r ~ z^t £*. ar.d accrued in-
II« ;; rr £ ~ : pir - °- ?"--•> ''»•-• of its Z. per cent
S^ tr^ boxes', o* whica SXSW.ODO
•-■ - £ toui acthfliizfiS :e£^* of jz.nor'.vxt
--* I^rtj •/%- „„ r „'' A^ 4 , f T j
?-r^H Cr "°'' £> :t v u=d-rsteoa. were
w^ tete t- «a> :1 tise company's
bjJT S «=*as Gas List: Company
•^icTV.Jj 2 ;: '•'- :fr =- Part cr which
t->c-W L * :a2 > r '- are redeemable at
"'" f^ ee^ a y il * :: ' j -. so that
iSbM ** : "--a_..r at par aiaj accrued
■".^'iri'V 2^ "- tht !*=»« r< > 51.
»-w ,^^_* pei ceat usder tr«- price at
--^j::gv „._,.. ; ._;^ r; :y retired.
r22r 22 cf " :: * :^^-^- £««a
:s*Hh ;. — * Ccßsna ar yesterday dc
t-fc>- C c .*i r: ' c: ' 5 '" r " PW crot tor the
V-t-". ~ t: -' *"-"."'" OjO ootEtandirs frock,
btfca^?* : - Places the stcek. wtlch
.. j -;; c-^c -^ nid x«i p« cer:l Quirteriy; oa
r "f txute- The international
a-iM S ::nir -s C«asiay was or
? tt-rJZ 0 - I .* :£ar 3«o- Only r.0.(.0v»)
» 3 Sock has bee^i
**<£. -^ ab»ut It., irr-r cent of tie
'"^lia.-", * S^steaJay- O«orse Is
'> |SK -° r " i ' v " r J! vi;i eh he says
• -*r -c Uft iron: th-:r t^u
*^ «; ;,; .** r *^*d u> e erac ra - s
;^j^-r. *V^ troa the bank in*
Han-: an
"i h« Date ' ' '"- ™» out c the
■ "^^ tor 5^-
Court Says Underwriters Must
Make Good Ert~ Loan.
Tli» cag- of- the Mairopciltan Trust Coni
pasar of the City of N^ York against Al
fred Skitt w-:is decided yesterday, after two
days* trial before Justice Gicgerich, in the
Supreme Court. The .... of law involved
seemca so clear to the presiding justice that
be did not permit tlie Jury to leave n_i
sea:. . but instructed it to give a verdict
in favor or the plaintiff.
Previous to 11 4 07 the Metropolitan Trust
Comparer had mauo a loan to Charles E.
Erta of *400.f-i>o on certain bonds, which
were und«rvTiUen bj- about forty individu
als and firms. Au.or.g them we K. 1 .
■vTils«>n S-. Co., George F. Victor, A._fju_t Bel
rriocL W. F. Ilavemeyer. George Crocner,
William ealomon _ Co. T Edward J. Kcr
wind. Georpe R. Sheldon, CharlM eka, of
J. P. Morgan & Co., and Hugo Barinff.
TVh»n ti.9 loan came due En 3 was on
able to pa M. and ... company called
on the undeVrrnters to rvake seod their
promise? and to tako up and pay for
the bonde as agreed. All those whose
names have been mentioned, together with
others, paid without 'delay or hesitation.
These, however, declined to pay: Alfred
Skitt. Richard iL Montgomery, Richard Jr
via & Co.. John W. Houston, J. Parkes,
Charlrs H. Shcrri'.i. Kenry C. Pa;-ne. James
K.~ XT. I* Moyer, the estate of Chauneey
£. Truax. Robert G. Moran and B. P.
Although only Alfred Skitt vaa piacsfi
on the stand, the \erdict wa3 made to apply
to all the ether?, and tvas in fall for prtr.ci
pi:! arc interest, as demanded by the trust
corr-pany. The defence put in the ■ lea of
usury and a. technical plea regarding 1 •-
disposition cf certain coupons of the bonds
by the trust company.
The question really at Issue "svas wfaetber
j any fesar-cial Institution could lend money
lon acy underwriting V ::'.. iSfrlJ Loans
! on ssderwxiilfiss, t^hsct properly constituted,
: hare been a favorite method of advancing
: mosey among officers of banks and trust
i vempanies.
■ Changes in One Being ?lade at
Boston the Reason.
:• n-2.5 learred at the Custom Bouse res
'■■ tircay tiiat the experimental scale, built -"
'■ Bi^stcn under ■BnMnt contract, would
i r.ot i»e ready io be BMpped'tO this port for
i the test ur-til April or May. Inspector
■ Fisher o: the Treasury Department, who
; *ra-s sent to Boston to ...... ..:: auto
| matic vrdgntog machine designed to pre
vent a repetition of frauds in the customs,
v as here on Monday.
Sir. Fisher reported that he found the j
scale faulty in many respects, that these i
faults wera to be corrected by the con- J
tractors, and tliat as soon as the machine i
has been completed as he advised, it would j
be shipped to this city. He said that he j
had ordered a concrete foundation for ■ - j
and chnnges in, the beam and. general sear :
having to do trith'its automatic f&atureE.
There rras not much pleasure over this re
..... Custom House, -r here there is (
familiarity with the plans of -the scale as :
designed by an employe of the Philadelphia. ■
rniat. It was taid yesterday that the origi- j
r.al piar.£ provided for a vreighir.g machine !
that Tvbuld prove effective under the most i
tryixts circumstances. Changes had been j
made. It the said, •when the contract wj ;
let. ard tises*; changes threatened the use- i
fulness of the device.
ilr. -<--:. one of the customs ofli- I
: cials visited the docks of the American
Sugar Refining Company in WiUianisburg
' or. iloncay to inspect the scales !:i use
: there. It tras sad that the company would j
; be arked for DermisEior: to ... Stuto- j
: mat!c scale on its docks for the test, when |
it is received here.
I Filing of Writ of Error Recalls Failure
of Waterbury & Co.
Jam&s 11. Vralerbury and Chauneey Mar
! shall filed in the Supreme Court yesterday
; a writ cf error obtained from Chief Justice
; Fuler of the United Statet Supreme Court
; from a decision by the Court of Appeals in
j a suit brought by the Phenlx National Bank.
The- Fuit was o^ er an option on -50 shares
; of stock, valued at 525.000. which the bank
,' held on _" M. Waterbury & Co. The option
j was tc empire on May 1. IDOO. In 1539
; "vTaterburj" ec Co. failed. The bank sued on
i account of the non-delivery of stock, the de
| fecce betas that the discharge in bankruptcy
1 included the option for the stock The
• Court cf Appeal?, a.-? the court of last re
1 sort :n this stale, deciaed tliat an agree
1 ment made for tie sale of corporate stock
! up to a time subsequent to the failure of .
i the seller couid not b»? wiped cut by bank
- ■
j Announcement bj Fisk & Robinson Re- j
ceiver Expected Soon.
Receiver Bronson Winthrop. of the failed i
banking house of Fisk & Robinson,, is ac- i
tively at vrark la conjunction with coun^'il
i for the creditors and interests idsnthled |
j with the Urn on a plan of reorganization. 1
llt i£ believed that deta will be an- ]
j nounced next week. A statement of the j
j assets urid liabilities of the firm Trtll prob
j ably be made ir. a few days.
Judge Hoit, in the United States District
I Court, yesterday sigr.ee an order directing
I Receiver Winthrop to turn over to Percy
! H. Stewart JBO.OOO uiercliasgable New j
I York City 4 per cent bonda on which ths j
I. failed nrru had zo claim.
FOREION* TRADING. -Foreign houses
bouxht 20.009 Eharei on llano in the
locsu marhet. The heaviest dea-llnsa v. ere
i-"United States Steel and Union Pacific.
There is little change in the copper situa
tion The large producers and selling:
Bseccies ore not inclined to make conces
fcions la prices, arguing that they have
sold their product far ahead, and that the
statement or the copper producers, to be
oublished to-n:orrovr, will show that tn«
(s&istxy is in a stronger ryosition tnan
Borne -people have been led to believe.
There are "several large producers wjjo are
lookfixg for a record breaking shrinkage
la copper stocks lor January. The? ea*l
mat^t^e'falling off at between 20,000,000
ar.d i0.0f10.000 pounds.
meeting at the United States Steel
ratJon rrili be held on April lS».at Hobo
ken T : ~e directors «rbos« ternia expire in
1910 arc Alfred Clifford. E. C. Converse, 1^
1-i 'Gary. J. P. Jlorsan, Thon»»^Mo«rM»nj
Sense' IV' PerJdaa, Henry Pfc:pps and
Henry H. Rogers. J. P- Morgan, JP^a*
recently elected * director and m-rriber of
the n nance committee. Boceeedlns the late
V II Rvger*. Perclval Roberts and bam-
Jil Mat.'A were recently elected directors
to succeed Willtaa Eder-bom. 7. hose term
expired In ISO 3. and -Warv.r. HWiKi.
whose term would have expired bi 1911.
SSnSISSiwSiiS-l. TIM bourd now
numbers eleven In s-H-
■■ ■ •
abl« March ; .s^.-^. ce!jt o;j
Company. rC *=^rt^ Perm BaiStSi re S u!t.r
th« cotnaaou; g*2t?Sji«« Tebruary S
Quarterly - per eel ' ■'■>...„ . r^- r ,« t- .»
t !- ? L LA f rt ,i- Vcserlcap. 6u«ar Retain!

r~X Jr r . EE . E^^ vnf b* c'osec -oa . Monday.
itoS?ffiSK!SK Birth-
m:\v-york daily tribune, Wednesday, February •>. 1910.
Ire Aroused Over Another
Grant of the Old Assessors.
Ho-?.- did it happen that the Board of As
sessors In the ia>st • [straiten made an
award of $13,750 to the National Oil <_-,>_:
paay, of >."g. -7 Beaver street, for damages
done to its property on the Gowaas*
Canal, Brooklyn,' when, in 1304. the com
pany placed the entire -_' . _•• at « V)?
This >- *»__* Maytir Ga ynor v. ants to
fcno-sv. and he has asked the new Board of
Assessors to make aii inquiry Into this
aw_r.} la addition to the investigation of
other awjuda made by the old board. It
was said yesterday that the report would
be ready for the _lay_r next week.
This significant statement ta made by
the _i_; or in bis letter to the board:
Such things are enough to make one
lose faith in the integrity and the intelli
gence ox government. When you have all
the! awards of this character tabulated I
fc-.iail then -•■ able to instruct you and the
Commissioners of Accounts in respect of
fcubpotnaing Fitnesses and examining
The award to the National Cotton Oil
Company was for alleged damages to tlieir
property Incident to raisins the grade of
Hamilton avenue in connection with rais
ing the bridge over the Sowanua Canal at
that point. The interest in addition to
the award made tbia final cost to the city
521, 352. The records show that James L.
Madigan -was the real estate expert for the
claimants, and Edgar X. Finn represented
the city as an expert.
In the archlres of the Eridge Depart
ment was found the following letter,
T.hich is now in the hands of the Mayor,
dated March 11, '•-'-», addressed to the
Commissioner of Bridges and signed by
Justus E. Ralph, secretary of the com
I beg - - say that this company \z wI3
sng to settle its claim for damages to its
property fronting on C-owanus Canal,
Haciltor. avenue and Smith street. Brook
lyn, resulting from change of grade of
%*■-}'■-- avenue and Smith street, for
53. 000. "V, c have reached this sum as rep
resenting- cost of nllir.gr the lot up to a
r>evr grade suited to the street trades as
t~e~ "will be, pita the cost of bulkhead to
retain same. This result is reached after
full discussion of the matter with Engi
neer J. S. Langxhorne, and represents a
conservative estimate of the cost of doing
the work on lin^s mutually agreed upon as
fair and _ cable.
Hamburg, Feb. —The annual statement
of tbe _n_Y-__nerlc_- £ieai___:p Com
pany, which was made public to-da^-, shows
a dividend for 1809 of 6 per cent, as against
no dividends, declared in I__L The gross
profits for the last year were about $2,000,-
COO, as compared with So,SSC','X«J for the pre
ceding year. About $5,000,000 vc-as written
off and carried in the reserve. The liquid
assets at tho end ot' 1309 amounted to $8,
500,000, against $4,500,000 a year ago.
MONEY MARKET.— Money on call opened
at .J r per cent: highest. 1! < per cent; lowest,
2*i per cent: closing, 3*4&2sj per cent; rul
ing rate, 2 : a per cent; last loan, 2 5 i per cent-
Time money was obtainable with moder
ate freedom ■:. . met with ■ fair demand.
Rates, Z"i'd per cent for sixty and ninety
days, 4 per cent for four and five months
and i&iM, j>cr cent for six months. Mer
cantile paper ■■ a.- in fair demand and a
number of attractive names were offered.
Rates were emoted at 4 ; -.-a5 per cent for
sbcty to ninety days' inacrsemenie, 4lj?gs4 l j?gs
per cent for four to -ix months' choice
tingle names and I--, per cent for others.
change market opened steady, with demand
sterling selling at 4.56, but before the end
or the flrst hour turned weak, falling to
4.8610g4-S6li> for cables, [email protected] for de
mand sterling- and 4.i3 343 4 tor sixty-day bills.
Short franca were quoted at 5.1S I s'Ss.lS 131 3
plus X-Zl and short .marks at 94 13-15.
Bills were in ratiier good supply and some
offering: trere being made against tho
50.000.000 New York city revenue bonds re
centiv placed in London. After selling at
48aS0:for demand sterling, the market be
came steadier after noon. Cables were
quoted a? 4.5515C4.5620. demand sterling- at
l^[email protected]ß6 and eixty-day bills at tisSSO®
4.539 Q. Short francs were quoted at S.lS'rs
and short reichsmarks at 94: s plus 1-32.
Bankers" posted rat i were as follows:
Sixi?- days. £>e:rsar.<s
Sterling 4.S4 LvL v 4.57H
Cerrcany. reichsmartes $5*% 94*
Paris, :ranc? fi.lsH 5.15-*
BelgnuD. fiance S-l* r 5.175 a
Sswiizerland francs ....... 5.21^ 3.1s 1 ?
Hoi:ana. railders S9 T » w.
discount; lie i- >, 20c discount: Ban Fran
cisco, sight. 7%c telegraph ISVSC premium:
Xcv Orleans, " commercial par, bank 51
premium; Charleston, buying par. selling
i-10c premium: St. Louis. 5c premium bid,
13c premium asked; Minneapolis, 45c pre
mium; Savannah, buying 3-16 c discount,
t-eiiiss par.
BANK CLEARINGS. - New York, ex
changes, ?rj7.lH'.o4T, balances J11,i29,903; Bal
tiraore, exchangea J4,650.5U^. balances $456,
h£;~ Philadelphia, exchanges $25,718,674, bai
a^Ae« Ji'TlS ili" Chicago, eschaxi^es $4<Msl7,
im, balances £;,42G.915."
. tor si--
a de-
-In Madrid. 6.TC. LJ=
MEXICAN" pXCHAXGB.— Mexican ex
change en NfiT* York -is quoted at 2.01 : -i-
from customs yesterday were 51.449,05.»; :::
ternal revenue." Sl.-54.448. and miscellaneous
5121.951, a. total of ffi.iCs.-iSO, against total
expenditures on ordinary account of 52,-
BM*SQS. For 'ue month to date ordinary re
ceipts have been 53.Q25.480 and ordinary ex
penditures SS^KjOSS. the excess of receipts
amounting to FJ.S^T.9IC. For the seal year
to dat« ordinary receipts have been $389.-
C 75,501 ugaini?- C 47,403,541 in the game tlmo
in iJ»C9 and ordinary expenditure 3 J4H.352,
01S.1 against sni.»;TO,STS in ldO9, the excess of
expenditures this year amounting to J22,
006,743. compared with an excess last year
of 504 -SS.OSC- Including I Una Canal ac
count and public debt, the exress Of all cx
oenditurc-1 over receipts since July amount*
to 542.125.912, apainst an excess in the cor
responding period a 3 ear ago of V 6.474.167.
Sl7B-TBBAaUK.Y.— I Sub-Treasury was
debtor to the Clear House 5101.245.
ISIO liX* 1308-
SSffi -- ■■■■
v?^.h : oV"jtn' ' « 050.253 5i531.070 f4,«1&,540
j-ji-' !-%■?. Si! 5.068.658 54.073.889 £6,533.133
j^y "win Hi. t2fe= jSs£l«3 &2Sa^BS
&xp. and taxes 3«.530 •^•■ to "^- t " J
Net tecoie.. ?&M1 |1«>1« WMg
QJUier ""- lD:: ' e ---____J^ > _ -— __ "
rjeccJt JT.4TO -$131S ' s: - 4SI
July l-Ti<;c.Sl— sa^C'ir I3S&SS4
Net income^. *oS.|^ ?«JSJ ?gffi
— ta' 1-coroe $83,313 512f1,518 513f!.2.«a
chi^ ! : . ■■■__^« _J^B _ ICO - 573
»33.3« •* 25 - 637 • ? "*' X5
Month of !>,.._ 19W- Wg.
Toia! o»£ «P- 2-^«>-l o:I 3.051.& a
\t» oner -««v."596a&03 52.818,732 •$1.«^'7.92tt
>;j^ cJS^e cp-_ -" .Z?J 67.&ffi 115.7U
Tr ..,, .„ rev 51.10-J.402 t2.715.g1g *tt J24.811
•r« ?., l*i.Slo SSS.S-T •57.011
Opcr. Income. *1.025,t86 »4C.W 'lIiRM
ju! r 1 -Oec. SI- 0 ■ 5 fl - . -
Total op«r. e-Pe -P- >».&oa.3^ ~-~.- nj f _-y— ' **
->» ocer n-v 117.2««.383 Sli.3<s'J.s4i •tl/*»s,riO
r .-«: e ou^ cp-__sai.3ST 513.0Q 3«.tfW
Tet^l Mi -«'-' J17.5:t. (371 I»£5.W '^48.3:3
Tares ... l-*" 2 -^ 7 ** & - 7 =B
Or*r. lK«n«.»l«.804.W« $17,078,745 *fT«VQ]
, l = t wask in Feb. I Ktt,Sn SSb!_b IlM _f!*W
*>•«_. 5.... IS2.CC6 154.010 S 557
2d w«a:t In Jan. £»>,*ss £2^74 | £ i,TS4
f Jan. 1-Jan. 10. . <Htl22H t 122 57.««} i 3,262
London. Feb. S. — Consols rhtlv »o-dav
declined J4 to Si 11-16 for^J^ey and
• Sl > ?T_*__S__" tut recovered liter, clos
ing 1-16 below- yesterday, at Sl'i for
money and 61 IS-1B for account Ana
conda ■■, lOW. r « £31 7- Grand Trunk •*
at IS3* - ' • Canadfan Pacific «i tower
|Sf tit^e^^ ' and dIS
1 ' '■."•"'■--. sec! >na of the Stock Ex
change had a generally depres*»d appear
m c -; tlhe . political i certainty caused
bears to sell consols, but a recovery oc
curred "' __* afternoon. The break in
Americans depressed diamond and copper
►hares, which were offered from Paris, and
closed only a fraction above the worst:
Kaffirs were neglected, and rubber shares
and home rails were about the only firm
exceptions. .
American securities, on which the carry
over rate was '% per cent, opened quiet
and from pnehan-ed to % point lower.
Trading wfia lisht. but the market im
proved until the early afternoon, when
>etv York Belling; caused a decline ox
aDout a point. Renewed Dnyl-* in the
last hour helped a recoverr but the close
was uncertain. " "
Call money in London, 1%©1% P- r
cent; open market discount rate for short
bills. ~~6?i:-- per cent: lons bills,- 2? B <s
- 2 per cent Berlin discount rate, 2" 8 per
cent; Paris discount rate. t% per cent;
Paris exchange on London, 25 francs lssi
centimes: Berlin exchange on London, 20
marks IS pfennigs. Bar gold, 77s W.
American eagles ,'•'•= 4d.
Paris. Feb. S — Three per cent rentes
closed l." centimes lower at S3 francs
«' ! 3 centimes. Trading on the Bourse was
inactive, with a heavy tone, following the
weakness in New York yesterday.
Bc-rlin. Feb. S. — Unfavorable N"ew York
advices caused a sharp decline in prices
on the Eoerse to-day.
CP_n____l t- J. Thomas «einhardt. v- 98
Broad street, New York, and No. 54 Devon
shire street, Boston.)
His ■ Ik>tv. Last.
Acni6 ... 7 7 r
Arirpe 2s 05 £7
Bay Stats Gas 32 50 £1
Begole . . ........ IH T-i ;«.
Eotton Ely s^ 3-4 S l i
Cactus Dei-elopment .... 44 l 3l 3 • * > 4 : ■•
Calaveras .'~ 5« S^j
Calumet-Corbia 75" "»" r>*
Champion 9 T'j &
Chemung 11 ■ ."" 10%
Chief Consolidated . .— »f« ~'~^
China Hi, 12 ll l i
C— rtie a Mines ,' v "2 r s -"'s
Corbin C-ppsr ...... 9*s '''i * x s
Don tfnlan syndicate .. . &"» 99 1 * * r »
Eclipse Oil 30 £U 17
First National coprar. .. 4'i *,*'» l*s
Indiana 35 : ■■ 34 Bi £ i
Insplratien s-V - r^ o^s
__r_ml« H F _ P .. - 92 99 po
Live Oak 19 3 4 1814 19 J *
M~«Hacftnawtti Coal . ■• 1--* 'rr >-'*
Majestic . 88 "". '•
National Mining: Eacplor. 55 *2 65
ob__ Nf "5 SS 1 *
&_-re_ Minln? 58 S3 55
He-»- 1 Mlr.ir.tr .....25 20 25
Rhode _____ Coal 9 T s cc * 747 4 55 T3T 3
South Lake :: -3 lit* 11%
...... naeot 20 6 fl
Vulture »H C »8 »*4
■wilier. Silver illnes 0 x . 5
Tum_ i*« tH rr 6*6 *
CFurnisbed by Charles D. Burner _ Co-.Ko. 25
Braa/I street. !t_w York, and No. 122 South
_t_ street. Pt_—H__al_a.)
Bid.Asfced. ; £ . ___cd.
Am Cement. 30 27 _^:..?.\ Nav.J.o2 102* i
Am Rr Co.. 46H 46 s 4'L«h Val B F. 07 07"i
Camb Steel; ■irt-i 46%.jPhUa Co «8% 43
CTrcf N J "6 77 i do pref . . 44 -C
El Star Bat. 56 M^6 Perm f: R Co «4^ «4ft
El Co at A.. 11 T s 12 tPann Steel pf.SIS* 116
Fairm't Tr.. v « } Phi'a El Co.. H 14 : ,
Gen Asphalt 31% "2 Phila Rap Tr Co 1 ; 25Ti
do pf_f... ?0H S1 I Smokeless P. 14 15
I Co of X A 23 23% I Union Trac. . 5044 50%
Lake S Com C." : i 23%1T7n Gas Imp. 92 Mli
do incomes 14 _ ! Vfelsbach Co. 20 Z0
A X cow 5s :.". DO ', Phila Elbe 4a *5 75 1 *
El i Feo 4s ft] 83 I do 5a 10T .102
X J eon 5a..104% 10.1 ! Phila Co 3s.. KC 104
Teo P Ry 4s 96 isti'-i \
(Furnished by ■■ -■•- Czo-srski & Co.. Ko. 35
Broad street.)
Bld.AsfceC.j . . Bkad.
A"ial?amat.. 'i's T'.alKcrr LsJi9...SCo 575
Bailey . . . 8!s 10 !La Ross .420 4^4
Beaver Cons 33 S3U ; LJttle Nipiss. 80?< .'io ;: i
Eifr Si 3 i 7 SfcKinHf? ... 62 —
Buffalo 220 250 Nancy Helen 11% 1S ! <:
Chainb-Ferl. :.. M i Xipisslnir 935 IGOO
Cof Cobalt. 44 '-a 46 I Nova Scotia.. 371 a3S
Cobalt Cent. 1«": 4 10 ; Ophir 63 7u
Cobalt Lake 21 ! a -' : i Qtisse . S*i 9rs
Coaiagas ...os<» 575 (Peterson !_.. 23\ 2t
Cro^.n R_ '" S.'2 [Rochester ... 20 'J''i
Foster 23 27 SI Her Leaf... l<Hi 10 "i
Oifford 15 W Silver Ear..-. 32% 13^i
lit "orfliem l^ ? i 11 [Silver .-■ 15 OOH
Gre*-n Mf*€_. 3 10 | remta__mt__. '•!<-, sgaj
Hudson 8ay.102 117 [Trethewey .187 139
j Black * "■■'-- I Watts . . 13 15
Ba 1. Asked.
4s. May. 'C 9. in'erch... 93' j r.9-4
4 1 is. Ma '57, intercfa • ...- l'Je r s
41--.;.4 1 --.;. Nov.. '.57, Uiterch 1OS : ,- 10e 7 i
4M;a. Ma---. '17. lnterci I<i2 j s lt'R'i
4s Nov.. 'SS, interch SO" I*]1 *] ■ OSJ 4--*4 --*
_i. May. "5;. resist '■<'■: ;•:•■»
15, No. . "Si, Teg 9»H 99 : s
4r. Nov.. -39. resist 98% 08 l 3l 3
S'-e, Nor^ :53.: 53. toterch SSU -■ 3 i
3 ! i*. May. *54. coup i -- 1 * SSH
':"••- Ma'-. ■■"- r»e:et -' a i «B'j
••»-. Nov.. '10, rev 102 102S
Rets. 4& May, •;•■> ••■-. M *
•Cou] or* resist ere4.
(Furnished b'j Van Sch-lck _ Co.. No. 7 Wall
Bii-Aakad.! BM. Asked.
United Rt.. 13 -..-.... Duck. 4 ?,■-_
do :_-:•£_ es 86 'i 6S 7 s| do Incomes. _> 25
do 4* 86*4 S«?» : N Ry & L. &■ 99 09ri
GB4SVT ] >S ... -Pew pf SO .S4
do incomes — 10 do 4 : -s . . M M
do is-: SS 42 i Cii C Ry 03..10^ v "
Seaboard Co 2'l 22 !Ch C El to., 90 02
do Ist pf.. 70 7': . I Cent Trust. ..215 --•"
do 24 pf. . 42 4 <> I Union Trust.. 70 1(5
Scab AL4s ■ 84 (Third Nat B.IIS 130
dolO-yrss OS^» ■•. ! Fid & Dep...153 155
Consol Gas.. — 105 ■:>!_• t?_u id Tr. 10 73
do 6e 100U 100-i ; Nor Cant K;-.1C3 US
Am«?r Can 10% J National Carl . . . 105 2 i
i 0i 0 scat. S3tt| go pret -■ 110-3
_i_ar Bt_pbldc... 72 j Quaker Oats of. 105
■ do prel HI |£treet! S-table Car. '-.)':*
B<x>ta Fisheries . . S3 I_d -> pref 100
_» prel . • ■ - *>* ISwlft & Co 104
Chicago. Subway.. 3*A j Eoxboard of 10H
Com tdison 115 1 Metropolitan p". — 51 '•■3
Ch Pneu Tool -■'-. Roebuck 100
Chicago Tel 128 I do Dref 120%
Ch Title & " 151 ! People's G_3 107
Diamond Match .--"- = - - Steal .. 70 "•*
National Biscuit. .10S s .i !
San Francisco, Feb. 7.— The official clos
ing quotations for reining stocks to-day
wen as follov.'s.
Alia. -0 Intta 14
Alpha. Con lOjJustlca &
Aniet -- 24 i Kentnefcy Con 1"
Belcher 1.25j L V 7 asa Con 13
Best i ____£] - .75 .Mexican L7'l
Bullion 24 1 Occidental Con. ,1
Caledonia 4«JiOphir •• 2.00
C2ia.llsngeC.Tn ■• 28 Overman 63
Cholla.'- So: Potosl 73
Confidence 1.15; Savage AS
Con Ca! £-. Va 1-77 i Sap Belcher U9
Con bnperial. . 06 1 Sierra. Nevada 73
Crown Point L2s] tTnlon C^n -'i
Gou!C _ Cnrry ■ 35 i Utah Con . 11
Hale i: Nercrtsss.. .57] Yellow Jacks) L 25
CiJcaffo. Feb. — CATTLE — 11.000;
10c lower; e tears. $4 73#$S; caws. $3 50354 23;
fceiiers. $3 4<>SS'. 5 : Mill*. |[email protected] 25; calves, ESSS&J
urockors and feeders, $3 75©53 40. HOOS—Re
ceipts, 20.000; atrana to Bo ht»__r; ___m heavy.
t_ 75v5800; hutch*!**. $a7Si'SSSS: li__i uiiSoJ.
$S3Ti'3sSr«; choice |ig_i fS€?B 70; packing.
S8 85tfiS73; pi_» $7_s***«_s; bulk or __._!,
*c $o^2jS 75. SKEEP— -Receipts, ...•.■'" market
I692fic loww; sheep. $3 153J7: lamb*. $7 23a?'J;
yexrllnn $7i3Ssso.
' Kansas City, Feb. S.— .CATTLE — Receipts. 8,500,
•...---■ Southerns; steera steady ■'-■•".
lewer- _>.•« steady: choice export and dwssf-d
beef ctcers. W«PtS7 13; fair u> _» 53 KViSi 1 .;
W«_t_rn $* 75y$t> 50; suckers ana ff-ede.-s. 13 75
&S3 63; Southern Bteers. $«.Wfj6 25: cows. J2 "3
655; ustiv* cows, t_734P1530 he_er« 5."5 60S$6;
bulls $4 10'9J5 10: calve*. (a 506S!>. HO__—
Receipts. 10.000: 5c hlgner; tor. $S 70; bulk Of
sale* SS4D9SBe: heavy, 58 30©*_ 7 pack<*r*
end" 'butchftrs. $8 4__'sS 6.^: ileht. JSnsi&sssT.;
pUr» 57 509 58. SHEEP— 11.000; steady
to «tmar; Colorado lamb*. S* -■■ lambs. |7 70_
.t - SO- yea.rllncs. $750938 23: wethers. $0 50«j
SffSO; eivne, $53$^; Btocker3 and fced«rs, $3 50©

Ea^t Buffalo t>b. 8. ■ ATTT.R— Ren-elDta. 2"^;
active and st-rons: prime steers, «h«:.t<t.'
vviXLB _ -„ . ita 173: active and etsadj-. HOGS
oeeeiots &.200; aciiv- mid s'«aa>": heavy tQtXJ
isrt hi i- inix'*^. W-a.Jw«^ ; .Xorkei*. soiiSO io :
- Uca ' » I«>bts!> IS: roiiKba. «* .... t- M: ,_,.. ?7
ar'SO SHEEP A!fD LAMBS— Receipt*. 8,000;
cheep BteaUy; :_inb« slow _o4 !_■ lowttr,; iantb£,
Feb. !».— CATTLE— K^«I t3. 211:
and steady: fulr «o wood »wimi«rß. KTSOfI
s_s?- "oi.mon. «^™ =•'>. HOGS-Rioelrt?
1 lun- aSffc* and 10c higher: butchers nn<l sh!p
*r_ _gB?««B common. ***>** 40 PHEEP—
B-cal'jt t «;• ftron*. 53ff$u 00: '.limbs strony.
-■ • '■ "
l -- 1 ,\TA'- Urht; •,r!r-' 1 wethers. Jrt«^o«»«T;
mu_ an_ ro-'-, o .v •»•■*: l»mfc.. «6t 16 2.1!
VV4T CALVES. P»«0*»*lfl. KOr.6~,R*c«ißte
?_*«■ wiwi* i'"" 8 - »_»«*«•_« rr.fcdiums.
loSj.' ■' O TorVrr*. sflls ( ?sft2f»: ii.ht
"r'vasiail'rlf' $'jO5«;-> 10; r_m>_i 53 3
»3 ft* '"
Mew York. February S. 101 U.
Bsaas, bass Esgt. cases I<M25
Flour, bbU. ...... 7,7*2, Dr pcuttry.' pkS«.. ■i."^
Flour, sacks .23.247 Live poultry, erts. 214
j Cornmoai. bbls... .-.. ■ Oranges <na). cs. 4.510
Coramea!, bugs... 2,2i2j Oranges iCa'.j. cs. ~>*S>
OatrceaJ. bbis ■..-■_ ca. ♦-'•O
Wheat, bust.,... 2,40u! Prunes (Cai). pkai - s£»>
Com, bush 25,3"0: Raisins t«!aJj pkigs »SO.
Oats, bush 42. T00! Apple* bbis 12,.U;5
Barley, bush 2Z.&»>] Appies, bo*ts sco
m it. bu»b 8.0001 Potatoes, bbls lO.iwO
Rice, pkts -•■■•■ Onions, bbls . 5,015
.tons -.4"-O; Cranberries, i;k£3. 25
! Millfced, tons 3631&05 in, bbis 1.533
j fctraw, tons lOiJtesin 01: bfcis. . 25
I HepS; tales 73| Spirits turp. Lbls.. 315
Evef. tierces HO ; Tar bbls 535
Bee! (cftcned), -« £30; Oilcake pscp3 ... 1,301
Pork. bbl£ 5001 08, iub buis.V. .. 160
I lianas, pksa ... 23!G1e0 stock, pkss. . '515
Cut meats, pkgs. 736; Tobacco, pkss 7*o
I Lard. tier es. 740; Whisker, bbls. 43
Lard, kesa .. C.fe&i ; Woo;, bales ..... 40
| Tallow, pkgs S9 Cotton. baies. 1.1"
Soap stock, pkg3. 23 1 Cottonased oil. bbi« 751
C,rense. pkgs Si ; Copper, pieces 0.»7.".
Butter, pkgs *.-«' i Mustard s<?ed. bass ■•■:-,
Cheese, -kgr-= ■ • 1.643; Wino fCa>). bb'.s.. It,"
, Wheat, bush... 31.944 Naphtha, gais 742.331
! Corn, bush 5.800 Cottonseed oil. sis &.&20
. Oats, bush . SOO L-ib oil. gala S3S.SW
j rwh«at. bu. lZ.SSJipork, bfa 1,*«2
| Beans, bush... 199 Beef, bbls 1,5*2
Flour, bbi"-.... 3.310>8e«f. uerces 3i»
Fluur. sacks... !>.l9S' Bacon. Tt» IS.flOo
-meai. bbls 2.072 j Hams. T!>. IS.IOO
Hay. bates 3,225! Lard, !t> ....6W
Whiskey, gals. 230 Stearlne, It) . .120.000
Oiimes!, Ib 399,875 i Ta110w *♦-■ 220,<VK»
Oilcake, tb. . .3.216.555 1 Grease, It) 160,000
i Spirits turp, s-s l .> Butter. ? - '.1,700
j Tlosui, bbls 7i>n Cheese, 0 8.780
I Refined 3. 714.707'
i - ■ _____
! Iron, Nor, JC*o 1 I Cotton, m!(lc.:r.s 15. 0*"'
foundry ...... 75 | Coffee. So 7 Bio Sri
; Iron. So. No 1. IS 75 j Sugar, granulated 5.1'
; Steel rails ; 2S 00 Beet family ...316 75
Stand cop, pot. 13 10 | Molasses. OK pme 4O
! Tin 02 32Vi ■ Beef hsuns .. -. 23 CO
! Exchange lead. 470 t Tallow prime... 6%
j Spelter .... BSC^ Pork, mesa ..... 2G67S
•"Wheat. No 2 red ISO ; Kc?s.drs<i. 160 Hi. 12
•Corn. No 2 mxiS 70 s * ; Lard. Mdle West 12.60
; Flour, Mpls tT.!.i £70 1
•Nor.. I -<c
; ,
New Icric, February 3, 1&10.
GRAIN WHEAT — After opening easier, ral-
I Bed, tad duriits the greater part of tIM day
showed a very firm tope, closing- at a net ad
vance of 54® Tic. Brads:reet'.s visible showed a
dacrease in the Colted States of ■■-'>>; bush,
| against a decrease last year cr 2,174,000; Canada
j c>rceased 28.000, against a decrease last y«ar oi
' 511.000. and world's stocks increased 206.000,
! acainst a . increase last year c. 3.415.000. No 2
i red wbeax here closed a. $1 _*@$1 30 aievator.
I domestic, and $1 SO. r-orr.::^;, fob ai-st'. No 1
i Northern Duluth and No 2 hard winter, $1 25 6 i.
I nominal, fob afloat. COEN — Opened steady.
| and during the day sawed a very nrm tone.
J prices advanoing a cent a bush. and at the
i close showed a net advance of '■;•;. Braistrest's
i visible showed an increase or 788,000 bush,
I .-••_.. a decrease last -ear of 507,00 Q. Cash
i corn closed firm with No 2 at 71- elevator.
! domestic, 72\c delivered and 70 : ic fob afloat
! OATS — Easier early, but rallied with other mar
' fceta and closed at a net advance of Sc. Brad
! streefa risible showed as ---•--•■ of U3.0">0
; bush, asainst a decrease last -ear of 2>i3.GGO.
Cash oats were steady: mixed 26 to 32 ft, nom
inal: natural white, 38 to 32 Ib, [email protected]_and
i clipped white. "4 to -*2 I&, 53®55%c SUE —
Dull: No 2 WesteiTi. 59'-ic. nominal, fob New
York. BARLET— Xominal.
} Teeter
"^Vheat: Open. High. Low Close. day.
! 3£ay •■ 17« i. . ' 18*4 SI ITH. 5: t&H %i l" 3 i
July 10-S : i 109Ui 1 OSU 7 09H 1 03'ra
: May . 75 JSU T4 7 i VCi-.i 75
July .. — — — 7." ! , 74 J i
I September.. — — — 75 74 ts '
I Hay .....— - — .'■•-• 51 =i
Wheat. Ccrn. Oats.
To-4a" «S3 000 1 177 <>V 5 724,000
Last week 760.000 J, letJ.CtHi J07.0<;0
Last year 389,00 653,000 202.0C0
Flour. Wheat. Corn.
To-day . 32.0«» 169.000 463.000
i Lan • ■ --. .... 26 090 93.000 129.000
i Last year ...... 33.000 61.000 852.000
ri.OUR ANT) — Flour dull and feat- !
> uTt-\"s^. Frices nominally unchan?sd.
COTTON— Weak and unsettled. It was not
. until May contracts had cold at LTlc and July
at 1.59 c, or 54*CG polnU net lower, that the
I market received support, and after an improve
j ment oi [email protected] points it tamed easier in the late
trading, and last prices showed 8 decline for the
day of 1S&S1 points, JTay c!os!n? at 14.73 c and
July at 14.64 c bii, w-jihin 4 or 5 points of the
lowest. Southern spot mark«uj wrere geaeral'y
unchanged, and the sales at leading points were
j smaller. Local contract prices;
Teeter- {
Open. High. Low, Close. day.
February... — — — 14.65ig14.fiS 14.15
March 14.50 14.^2 14.57 14. 05 -g 14.67 14.96 I
i Apni 14.55- 14.85 14*55 [email protected] 14.U4
?lav: II .Of i 74.92 14.71 14.7.>314.7t> 15.05
June U.SS i-tSS 14.7G [email protected] 14.36
Ju1y. ..... 14.7S 14.79 14.56 14.64©14.«5 14.65
August 14.2 T. 14.2!> 14.0S 14.15ai4.17 W-38
Sepreraber. 1".?5 1^.35 15.27 13.2*913.2? 13.42
October... 12.52 12.87 12.73 [email protected] _U«
Korember. 12.60 12.04) 12.»5> l - J.^'.g-12.C0 12.54
j fieceraber. 12.60 12.68 [2.6 .--■- - 12.79
Spot was quiet a" i 20 point?? lower at 15c for
i middling upland an i 15.29G tor middling- Gulf.
Sales, 300 bal-as. Liverpool tables: Spot :n mod
erate demand- rales. 10.000 baler: speculation
j and export, 1.000; American. 9,000; imports.
3.000; American, 1.000. ilicdling upland. S.OTd.
Futures opened steady at 35? 1 points advance;
closed easy, 9^13 points lower. February.
f.T—fed; Februu.r>--^la.-ch. 7.78 d; Marcb-Aprtl, !
• -■- 1 ~'S: Apr:l-3lav. 7.77 d: May-June. 7.7-3 d;
1 June-July, 7.70. Juiy-Ang^at, 7.70^d; Angaat
j aepttmbsr, 7.3SH'i; s*-pte^nber-October. 6.tid;
! October-November. 6.76-i; Ifovember-December.
! a6Sd: December-January. f3.«d; Januarj-^earu
ary. 6-VgM.
COFFEE—. with prices barely steady,
'■ closing at unchanged to 5 po*r.*s net dec'ine,
i with sales of 19.750 bass. Foreign markets
i lover than expected. Havre cliwlng at noon ua— ;
i changed to l i frarc lower a::J EarnbuTs: 141 4 Pf? i
i lower. The visible Brazl'ian oofle* in and |
i afloat for the United States is now 3.795.054
i bajs. cempared wltfi 4,013.347 last sear, ■■• It
I is estimated that the invisible Is larger owir-s
I to heavy purchase* by the Interior direct. Spot
quiet and steady. Rio No 7 quoted at ? U-ln®
B%c Local contract prices:
~ rji^ V| Iy~. Close. c!ay.
February ?. -°' - - 6.95
f"-...:: - - - f^% i;»
-.. - - — •
| viV — — — 7.0.-v<i-7.10 7.10
VjSSm v;.v::.: — — — 7.1<V37.10 7.15
- ;" i - - -
September ...7-3- r > 7.15 T. 13 7.10®t.15 7.ij
October 7.10 7.10 M 0 7.1057.15 7.15
V.-,.-,-.mbe- — — — 7.10^-7.13 MS
$SS -■'-••" 7.15 TIC I-10«i-10 TO3
January — — ~ 5-1057.15 «.15
PROVISIONS — Firmer, with a moderate ac
tire trade." Pacldng lates were credited with
buying, and the market wns taflueneed b- tie
Srmnesa «n grate. PORK— Mess. $23 50;
.■_,;-,. S2SWXSS26: short clear, S24<ss2H «>».
_"..■-- family. $W 50^517;
i,at:ket $13 SoSSI-!; ex'rs. India »«ess, ?2T.'/??2r. st>.
1 BEF.^ HAMS— Steady. $24©S2iS. DRESS j
HOGS— Finn. Bacon, tt%c: lsO th. ll?*o: it*
m. Be: 140 Ib, 12j; pige. li ! 4c CUT MEATS —
i Pickled be... quiet. Smoliing. 13c; 10 rb. I2~c;
13 n>. 12"^c; 14 ■-■ I2rac. Pickled hams steady,
13H©14a TALLOVv r — Quiet; city. - 3 ic; coun
try" 6^@Tc. LARD— Firm. Middle West. 12.53
(312 Csc- city. 12t»c; reflced. south America.,
i 13.30 Continent. lSe: Brazil. V:frs. 14.50 c Com
i pound easy. 8%©9% c STEARIXE— Weak.
: Olao, He c:t7 lard, '•--■■
RICK — Steady, except There holders c-ssira
: to close oat some particular lot.
SCGAR — No ciians- in refined, and raflaars
arc uiaintainir4; prices. Raw here showed no
ouotab'e change. Cer.trifu?a.: tost was quoted
: a . 4 14c- !!iuscovado. ?0 test, at 3.«4c molasses,
*y test ' a.3S>c, a:.; Cuban, :■-. ar.ci freight.
2 25-S2C The London market tor beet sugar
I Tras lover, February- closir.? at 12s *l ! id; r.e^C
; month. 12s 17 I »d. and May at las
ME'LAI-S — COPPER — standard dull and un- j
ehanx^i. London lower: spot £53 IS &d: fnturee,
i £59 ISe 3u: lake oopcer here, 13.«J2V2>;15-7.">c;
: electrolytic. 13.07 : t4iJ3.0-'o. casting. 1C.12V;0
: 13.37 1 4c. TlN— Easy. Spot, 2i 43 g32g 32. 60c ; Fib
; ruarv, ' 32.35532.Me: March. 32.3(>£32.-ioc. and
Airll — nd 3la v . 22.25t532.45c. London easy; scot.
-'147* ss; futures. £!4S 15s. LEAD — spst
4.67%5i-T2%e fTew TorW. 4.4.'34.Z5v? East 6t.
Louis. t London lower at £13 7* -'.. SPELTER —
Weak; spot. 5.733i5.10c New York 3.3035. 82'-ic I
East St. Louis. London unchanged at £23 ss. j
XSQS — English iron market unchanged at 31s 3d.
Cnehamted locally: No i foundry Northern.
SIS 50jr*ld: No 2. $18 25?««75: No 1 Southern
a-^i No I Southern soft, $15 "J>sslß.
" MOI.A?»SE» AND sVKCPs— Steady and
culet at recent prices.
NAVAL. STORES— Solrlts turpentine a. lit
tie lirm?r to-day; machine bbls quoted at 63*sc.
Tar and rosin quiet at unchanged price*.
HIDES — Firm, especially common dry tides,
as there was a eOOd vicnwnd for them.
LEATHKR — rirm in all di-rianr.i^r.ts. \ilih
good jobbing sal^a and a CMi socd export
UK I <■"»- Steady, but no important pp 1".--*1 ".--*
changes. Es»»nti a] oils <md roots mored efT lib
erally in a jobbtnjr way.
OIL? — No change In !!n«e*<i oil. Refined
oetroleam Steady at recent priest
COTTONSKKD OlL— Quiet; sales. 3.S«h) bhla.
closing at unchanged to 2 points net decline.
Local contract price*:
Open. High. Lou • Close. day.
gpot — — — 7.0237.08 7.(«;
February 7.07 iO7 7.04 7.03fii7.0S 7.(ki
Mar''U '<•; 7.06 7.(15 7.0407.06 7. "4
April — - — T. 0767.14 710
Miiv 7.10 7.19 7.16 7.1f.a7.17 7.20
July 7.25 7.21 7.2367.24 7 I'rt
September — — — *20i ;23 7-*
October 6.73 675 6.73 0.71f?6.74 6.78
Koveaiber — — — tf.42«'S.4S 6.47
I~ct the week ended Tuesday, February $. 1010.
D— AN* AND PK4»— Receipts for week. 11.
401 bags beans and 2,623 pea*: exports. 1.7^ j
btfans ar.ii 103 ptms; tm;orts. 5,223 beans. Stat» ;
marrow bean^ a little easier. Whije $3 is grn
eraJiy asked for the choieeit. «umf lota "an be j
tousht at 2KOSc less. Pea arses rpedlnm qitiet; i
out£!--« quotations pentrally asjc«d tbr fc*« fitoch.
Xltd Uidney aave advanced under export inuum', j
Bulk Ot orders •' $3 -" fob. less : per cent, j
DorJ«*tic w&tte kidney »<.-*rie and firm; awat cf
tra^e supplied with foreign. Yellow eye dull and ,
„ . Turtle soup quiet acd steady. Cal!!crnU j
•ma improved ■ little, and buyer* bava likea
i* .< en the bast* at S3 tor t*st lots S^-ot/J»
"*as BX3I. Ftfl^f ssarrow, -!i2i.i. bust, $2 35 4
• -
| «hi>"e fcUtaey. *•> 4»Xj-« s<->; red kidney.- S3 2J);
i --Uotv eye. .-■ turtle sous. $2 05&*o;
i lima. California. *2 \sZZtiZ; FE.V2. Scotch, oags.
BI'TTEIJ — BecelpU for week. 20, .6, pkgs;
I last wee.;. -<s.o«S>: exports u> tropical tfntnmMHi
755 To-day . un-Jer weafcer advices ana «,.«a
' • rp*sure to sell, a decline d occurred. In
! ticatftmi point to llbtral auppli^s of irtah. re«a
1 l^r shipments being _ugm--iUeu by luts turned
! "j«re ti-orn interior poinu. aa<i receivers arc un
! wiUtns* to permit tresb s^ods to accurnu.ate.
Trade has suilcred because or the a^Uauon over
' hiiT food values, as well as tie increasins co;i
suir.nticn ol o.eoniars.-ir.nc. At th* ciose Bacat
! i'tesn tfW&?ry 13 "«»ns at 3uc, vitii ««as at
' 23ei and lovHf qualities Cs^-c j.-wn-*ard-
j i-eia creainerv iritbdrawa, nuid>u-s beias bbwbi
! iiii; to Bell ut current price* Process, tactcry
| anJ paciur-,- st-rcK have ail O^eHr.ed ir-r
l:ct siu^sish ror tiiese goods. Creamerj •Pjc'**
tt> Sfc- eiira*. 29c; Jlrsti. ser-ond.- --7
j Mfio^da; 27^-7-rc: Uitrds. S'^'-'^v^ 3^ I "^!*'
tubs. Oqeat, 2Sc: sood to prime. SBg^jfi: cur.ia:oa
I tc liir, 240556; process socials. ic: •-•siras.
Mtt^ttSSr^ tort* ~^-^- «=tcrr. toga,
24c; _econtls, SlH^SaiS thirds. 20322 c; taciilac
alock. N"o 1. 23c; So 2. 22c; No 3. 2u'S-ic
CHE£s£-R^eetpui for JJ««k. "«?b«w
I p-rp^rfs. 023 to Durope aad 3SO to other countries.
I Demaart steady tor small lots- Stoc»* ol desir
! zy.-= tall creara araparattrely mod*r*t* ho.^e.a
i nrm. but no OisposUloa to crowd prices hi?.Vr.
I Grades _o_ ISc ub field witfi tome conSder.te.
! Currcn' mats fall crtaru *Uovra serious mam
j defects ami attracts ver>- little attenuon. fancy
fall made skims and desirable ion ut su.tj-
I oner ...a :c: c BUM to iirni; current aa. .•*
i tttma or unc-sirable Quality orscd J^^j*
at a trtfla ran*» ia prices. Abcu^ .0 v.oses
of cheap bkiraa have been parctasiKl w»taiu^ *
I ■^_:' or two ut s :ic: ie for oiie lot *n<l u-ic vOr
another. Stats, full creaiU. ra^ aaake, specials.
l7*s©lSc: fane;. IXVic; «ood to prixc. WU©
lO^c; current maka. best. 15^516^; <»:r.n:cii to
fair. lSfcloc; sk:xns. i-i ft. f»ii aiaUe. speci.us,
144 c; sc-^1 ie pmr.e. ISikOMc; current re-aie.
I best. Uiil^-; rai- to ~ood, tSQlfic; comsioa. 4-aw
! Tc: full skims. Cif4c.
EGGS — Receipts tor v.eek. 43.5C3 cases. Ar
} rivaia gmdually" ir.creasii"-o, and prices genera. .y
I diclintEg. Ihe market closes with a ltt«rp bivax
; under liberal ofierinss. present and pro*?et;tive.
j etcraso conaid^raLly lower and nosatttacL State
! Pennsylvania anj nearby. bmnitiT whites, f^«c;.-.
: . .'ioil^oc: sma.!:, 2J5'402c; satiiertd. 2Si;24c: fcen
nery browns, fancy. Zs^oOc; gauieraa, 2?C2k;
fresb gi.theie-1. citras. 25<s20c: Srsti. 26g2»i^;c;
Bscoadi, 2S®2S%e; reftigenuor. firsts. 23924 c;
seconds, 22322t5c; ttirds, latf2lc; i.ocr, laSlic;
Umed, enalce. 23c.
__V_TE-— DRIED — Receipts for w^sk. 6.W7
! cases evaporated apples and 12.5C3 Pks» ctner
dried iruita; exports. 27,tttH p^ss dried
Evaporated apcles quiet and «incnan?ed. CHEliv-
RIES. It. I7©lss: RASPBERRIES. 22022 He:
ISSHc; APSICOT& CalKornia. llooryarli. 1-f
I3Hc; Royal, ilglic; PEACHES, peeled . I^-*
tQc; unpeeled. tf©B%c: PRCOT, CS.Hc.
, FRESH— Receipts for week. -■ bias a^plw.
173 bbls anj 37 crates cranberries. App'-es *iea:y
and selling w-:l! a. s:eady prices. Cran^rri<ts
In better demand. Strawberries nrra and hi^ner.
Bast giades of crar.s-?3 eaUlas well, but pooj
fruit daU. Tan^ennsa ana mandarins s-.ea^v.
Grapefruit firm for fancy. P:r.aapp'.« in fJ^.t
supcly and Hrm. APPLES. Baldwin, ba . J2 .-J
S4«: Greenlns. S2 25-555; York Imperial «3|O«
S4 25; Kins. ?2iOSS4; Euitardscn $^ -53^.
Ben Davis. S3©s3 50: Spy. ?2C>.«s4«); wtxsa
berr. $2 30^54 Jonathan. $C^s4 So; F-css^ *r-^
S2&J: Far XVestem. boxes. $1 25^53.-0: CRA.N
" -
Porto Rico. 50cff«75; Cuian. tXSnSDrOBIttBg
rla SISS3: Arizona, hair bo« $I JBQB A , N "
GERIXES. Florida, strap. 52354 5O: Porto P.leo,
hall box. 75cS«: Cncar
DARIN'S Florida, strap. SI 50-552 25: jSPAPE
FRriT F'.oriia, "oox. ?ISSS; Cuban. ,3cstt .3;
Porto Rico. 51 23 5J3 25; Nassau S_l^3^^:
PINEAPPLES. r:crida, crate. <T — rcrto
Pjco sT'ss3-
HOP* Becalpts for week. 1.440 bales: ex
ports. 562 bales. Quirt tat strona **£££?£
offered cautiouslr- A few s^i-^s r-ported in
New Yo^k State at SOOSIC and a Uttlj lnqolrr
, for anaß lots :or export en tb* Paciflc --oast.
Some ccr-racts have been nada tor 1910 tops
a- 15e in c aL-ram<»ntc. but in otter sections
holders are asking more. The local market con
tinues auiet English and German marks .s , ,
with avai'able stocks Tlarht.
HUM AM) STRAW — Steady on top grades
and. easy or. low grrad^B. Heavier br*««| a _ r ;t
offerings, large part Canadian hay. "V a-TJ»s BBS
mat»laQy changed. RAY— Tlrnothj. Pp":
!ar?e ta>s. 100 Tb. SI lT'-iSI 20: No S to^l.
Lon? rye. s«>33Gc; «hort aid tangled rye. v*.,
oat and wheat. .55c- . „ 4
FOO-TUY— ALIVE— Receipts for wee«c . -4
cars by freisht and about 4 cars oy cx^. — -^
Stinnlies r~.o : erate a">3 with son** -j car= oeja
off offertnss were not snCdent for »£««2£2
Md the market c5:-=ed entirety hare and »wW.
T> ; is receipts hay* continued i;'
demand fair and stocks «I«^J ?L^Sstar m
arrival wh the market, nrn:. espe^.ai.. en
f.Vl:'-. ' g^3 peadMns* lots cr fowls tare b«n
worked out atil9©lß%C. Chicke-s «:! s^r.
as moat lota ran stag^. Geese ?r-%g*£lZici
active. Ducks in e^i_ demand. DRt.9==.D—
R;ce:nts for w«t 22.774 pk«s. Receipts show
considerable increase, but have inc:u-<?i a -. ' -
rr.anv carload lots of frozen poultry, f^ *$&***
of fresh killed have been iisr.r. -lost oi t.. .
large fresh chickens are tranßlnß;t ranßlnß; o»rse^aaa
starry and arerage best tots fre*lj offerM at.
18QX8C without attracting: much attention.
Fan-v soft meated heid BrmlJ a: i^j.-'- -- Lti
scar.^e although havlas Uttle ermand. Fano
fr<^sh 'orris scarce. hlsn«r and flns. A J*"ie
more interest In frozen fowl* and close to --3JW
boxes have beer. saH within a day or twx>. r..e
few desirable fresh turkeys arrivinr ped^ie out
at firm orices. Capons in fair supply, but heJ
» Sed^^^r^^^Kj^i
hens a- buns, 24??25c; fair to good. j#> 22s:_3c .
old toms. 21c: Somhern ii f k*J-r.-%sS*u:k *J-r.-%sS*u:
« — v^,i •■«o^--.3 C . CAPONS Philadelphia, 304CTc:
O^" *Ste rt!-«r WesJOT. I«f2sc: BROI.I--
ETFIS. PhiladelpWa fancy squab, pair. .o^aK-.
fai-.-v. i Tb to oair and' under. Ib. 2*530 c: Penr
sylvanls SISSSc; U' estem, dry picked. nnDE feu.
fancy frozen. 28c; fr#sh. [email protected]: com ;ac. .anc:_
fr-rer., 25c: fresn. [email protected]: [ -19
@20c: other Western, lS®2oc: s_rilCiCc->^.
roasttae Philad*;ohia. fancy. £>•© and over to
pai;. "fb. 25c; Penasylvania. S Tb. 21,:. Western.
dry picked, milk fed. 22x'23c; corn ted. . 1.*2-W.
Ohio ar.d Miehtsan. lS>S2'>c: oaier western,
scalded 18S20c: CHICKEN"-*, mixed w-i=r.ts.
P'nladc.phia. 20e21c: Pennsylvania liaii*::
Sk fed. dry nicked, l»Hc: corri i t«d.
17e; scalded. 16»sc; Ohio" and Michigan. Ji • '-• CP
17c; CHICKHXS. ■.. U» ?acd. 15®16c: rOwu.
bo^es. 60 rb and over. Aozec. ia^»c;
ii Ib l- c- 36©42 ro. 13*MJ17c: "vTestem. barr-.s.
dry picked, heavy. 17« C: small. lj-2i*c-3c:

Ohio and Michigan. 21'(i22c; V. estern. ifISSLc;
GxTE^n. v^'isoonsin. stuffed, lie: western. io»
14c: SOTTABS prirr.e. large, white. doz»n^ S3«
$5 50; poor dark. SI 50: cells, ioa.jc; tPivLN"^
GL'LNKAS, 3 It) and over. pair. $1.
GV.VE — Rabbit 3ln moderats lupp!:-. and
prime lots firm aad hljner. Jac:-: rabbrs sell
slov.-lv Wild ducts about steady. n.VSBITS.
fresh! pair 15 3 23 c: JACK EA2EITS. 50g*£0c:
WIIJ3 DUCKS, canvas, pair. S2 50STS3: radtea^i.
SI3OSS2: rr:ai:arls. SI 25: ruddy 750g51; tea..
b . r ., v "- r 7,-,,-afl- cTee-iT.-i-!!*-. t»gTsc.
tor weeJc 57*332 bbls \j-;tatuea and 14.520 bwa
onions; Imports. 4l*> bbls a.r.z 5.112 busn rc
tatoes 'and 780 orates onions. Potatoes steady
for choice, but tawen stoclc neglected: Bermuda
liighex " f Sweet potatoes dull. Onloes firm.
Be«ts anJ carrots steady. Celery mora plenty
from Florida and breaker. CauiiSotrer steady to
tlxrr Kale and spinach very scarce. L«ttucw
!,«, plenty and firmer. Peas scare*. B?ar»
nearly ail chilled or frozen. Pepper* hlgaar.
Tomatoea firmer. POTATOES. Berm-jda, second
croo. Vol. S3 5«'"553 30: Maine, ir. buije. ISO Ib.
$1 «2351 S7- 1^ It) ba?. it 40g$l g; stata and
Delaware, *>5«5c. ARTICHOKES. ■>.:!fomia,
■Western in bulk. ISO rt.. 5150©J162: 1«3 rs
ha- $1 S'-'gil s'>; TV'esterr.. 15O_E> bag; SI -
Si 35; frosted stock. 73c©5125. S^-EET PO
TATOES. Vlneland. basiic-:. 63a251: Jersey and
ci'U'r Sl3*?S2'>. ANISE. Xevr Orleans. bbL S-^C
53 50. BRUSSELS SPROCT3, auart, RSSt-
B^ETS Chsr'.os'on and New Orlear?. lw
burc'ic- «2 o<:'lS-; Eermuda, crate. Slg^l «<■';
rforiJa!' u-It-un?l^d. basket. SI M. CAHROTS.
o^d rton silitSlO; CM or bar. 75c&$l 2S: New
OrJeans.-.100 lwicches. 9150692: Bermuda, era:-.
75tfflSL CABBAGBS, state. Danish, ton. $2^^
«^S;?d'-'m"':.' $1^2»l.«: 100, $3®s«: bW. SI 2S®
Jl7S> r»d ton i3CKS?3j; bbl SI 75«52; Florida.
new* 'bbl. crate. ?2: red. 52 25652 50. .rELERT:.
tr-rida. cas^. $1 SWS2: Ca'.irVmia ruse .&j*~;
54 NI: ' dfsen stalfea tO&TSc: state. 3©3oc wVULI
in qtcers Florida, taaket o*- crate. SI 733>
«.,.v-. nStforrta. half ease $I©Sl 25 CHirnßT
a Z.T ESCAROLEI New Orleans. bbL $1;M. EGO-
PiTantV Flor^la Vox. SKitW: Cuban. S2QU Z<>.
horseS.*dish: iofi :&. $4<»s3 kaTjK xartDiic.
tbl 'zoacr-c. KOHLRABI, Kew Orleans, luo
bunches?: f2 30©$3. LETTUCE. Florida, backet.
*2^«?ft leeks. ?f«w Orleans. 100 btrachej.
%w*'c^ ?sss assssssss
■ • - ■

J2 12- Or*n«o Cbaaty. ye"o-w. $1 25-3^2 12: TreC
fISS6SZ2S: Cannectleat Valley, yellow, 51 -JOHS
«1 GO 'oKRA Florida, carrier. S3fisS: Catan.

PEPPERS Florida. larsa box. *?^54: carrier c:
t-»*kci*".« o :*S - ' v 75 - Cttban. carrier. Xi3<33s2Co
p^- "vtp; tb] J12.*1 50 PaP.SLET. New
Srteaii* early ' '-W S5 !HXrw»: olatn. rrcs^;
Berm^ erar*: $1 2MWI 73. EOMATNE ■«:?•£.
tasked SlSf2; Bermuda, crate. ,5c5?l So.
pfrffizTT-'c-^-'c-k. basket »1 TWWt ?H»t_
EoTS^Txew." Orleans, bbl. S3»*4. STRIV.,
BE*V3L-sJ Florida. m 5,m 5 , fancy, basket. ?4 !'■?
%l 30* "ereo" ?4 50<JW3; rorr to aood. nffH.
eroricH. xoVtoik. tw. n««si7s. squash,
Cuban-: SIJVi 25: TUP-N'tr? tj>;. ge

ulSl |TOM.\"("iFS Flor-d*. carrier. Jli)*!^:
Cuban H S^s2 25. WATERCSES3. 100 bonebes.
Ho'nKY— Quiet California eirracted firm
Cover fomS IT.. 12S?15«: extracted. Be»He;
tnrkiv-heat. coirb. U>Stlc: 7tf7-c:
z^iUfcmta TH^Pc.; Southern; po«.sc.
" "BEESWAX— Short auppii*-* k--p the mar
tttr at 2dff3oc ns for foreign and 20933.0
_ V! 1 'We *R— Market nominal at SiSl^c
Ib" tor ?«i:Etir. Liberal supplies ks«p syrop Tr«k
aj TMTTBc ft sKillon.
VTTS "^irm on a" descriptions of peanuts.
Hickory mits lower. Other nut* auiet. PE.\
ltftrrfl Vlrxinla. h-Ar.d p!ck*-J. Jornba. TSs. 77 11 * 1 ®
7W- farrv. 7.^ltX"<c: extra. 4SS«'.c: shel!«^.
bumbo. SVSIOc: Vinjinja. No 1. «>;»£: *£. -•
4«5« Spanish. Nb.l. ?sf^.? s f^. N-> -■ fi T^.^
r.K-i-,v«; Te\^s uwrraded lie. HICKORY
xJ-tn" i.«ih .n Btn.jr. *Trr-s '. v rl^ck
\VAI_VUTi. 40330 c. BCTTERVirra. 50c.
fTR* \M > *K_>* — AH i!)<»l| Oat fur*
wanted ii and vvalaes Tery hlfh. Other varieties
'■" ■'■■-■'■ Norrhi*estem Southern ani
\n i nualltT anrt Esttera; so\stntv*'st<*m
ni'2e> hear . . . JIS 00GS21 00 $15 OftgSlM itt
CotaraSS yeaVungs.- «00« I.JOO SOOO »0O
.: 15 00© 23 00 tSro9 9>oo
Bc-TV ' lurse" 1 1 i•. • TOO® 300 « 003 7 t>o
• ■ ... 5 ouv* out 4 000 500
» r :, f ly ■ ■ ... 4<M 830 3 50*5 4»
c£y i *x ' ' : ' : .' .' .... » »• i w x io » » »
FWhU ....... SW3ISCO _&_
Io timber :..... *«>» SCO S onj If 0
t-'v-t eat : .".--- * c * M * d
. . - - ■* — _—
Skimk. bla,U S«g *^ »»a |1J
do est.-a black - V*a> - .-> - rl.'*r I .'* **ec
do tDediura R__ MM __■> •*
Mu«kndl winter rarse 73-i? 22 rs
(to Cat] »<* *• . . SSI 1<
do mediuia 9 5 2f *'4
2 S^:.::::::::: ■ S S f| |
• i*+ ■"
%.. . Tcrk. Fasrsarr c. 13:<»
irrr- i Rec»tpts. S» «ara. a^ »!«>S I *** 3 W
cludta^ £2 cars for »U^s^t»^ and - for rr.*-
ket. No rrad.nsr '^ «■ c_it;«. OK«a«<i t^ I
tiow at S»iSlo'ic p«T m: rxtr* j*afl «t<3«^
lie. Lir-rooo! bigher at 13'i2Jl't<: ocr ! K .
cir-!«3«tl w«!^at: refrlr<?rat«r b*«f at Londo*
io*er at lOSld**« p«r lb- . "
C.VI.VEii — Rec*!p!». SC. alt f« ssar^et.
Prt?>»B Bt*adr. C'>mmoa to fair ■»-.»:» »^!d as
$STSfJSIO p»>r 100 Ib: «>arnrar<J aaJ ■» at
$4 iO. Drswed calve* «t6atfy.
Sal»a — J G. Cortts it Sub: » v«»t». 114 «»
*Tera»». JS 75 p«r it» la: 1. I 5« ia. *i(>. tl
barsrard cairi**. 210 lii. 5 » «0t
SIIEEP-AND UV3lß.*— R«"s'pr». -9 c»r», »p
1.525 hca*. Jncludlngr 5 c«r» far tiau*3t«r and
2 lor marker. .Si««p nontiSijl; iaasD" sieadT
to a »hat> low<»r »t J^«s S3 4" O^r 100 la f«r
rrn»dlnra to prtrnc larnh*. T>t»«»^tf mo:wi
hictitr et 10d2c per »b: .lr»»»«l !»»!>«. l\<9
16c; country dre«a«<t hoiJi-Juae Uunba steady at
ft9S9 P*r carcass.
Sal«» — Shipp«rnc* C«a;raU»i«n Cotß3S.3r: 21*
stare lambs. »8 Ib av«ra«*. S:« 4*» P*r IC» lb.
3. Jodd & Co.: 2U? B'iKiio iastib*. 55 iS.
ICerr» Ccmrnasloa Company: 242 Bo2ai»
lambs, lil lt\ SI».
UOCS— R«eetpta. ll«i cara, or 1.733 h__*.
a:i for .-■-■;-.-- No «al«» on H-»* •»•'••'
Ccantrr timiil hoes arm at V>-i& ''■•rs*
P«r Ib.
C-'.-a--r> r"*S • \TN?r a «•■>.* » «tart aU tSs»
txytna advanced. «ata mait:r.« •*■ gr-j_f ■ -_*^
ccra of wt#at. ProvU.on* *f» Crc it cag.ag»
s#t and advanced Aroo^n tfea •esatoa. Kas«*
Wheat: C?«^ irz*;. !>»•*. <^^- .***,.
JjUf ICO*, 1«1H ltr»H »«»• IJO>
Mar™'... « : i W-4 «S : * MH «'*
Jul" . . . «3'» *«"-• *"•'♦ **H « ■
s«wiu&ir: «»i «»5 ««* «>» «*•
Hay...'... 4i-*» «S 45^i «^i jfl
July «3> «S <!■» «t. «H
September. •t'J > » «•-''» *»'» *>*» ♦"*•♦
jtif 5 ' 12 IS tltS 12?" ii -••
Ju1y...... 12 12 12 23 12 W 15 3O 12 •*
SKr.:iSB lit? SIS S6 3S
ifl"*':... 2L-23 .:. S2CS eg K=r>
Jttij - 22 vi 22 22 22 U5 2J'J> -»w
Bc*Lca. Fes. S.— A s-':«it tnensa** IB actr-.r*
!s -!c:e<: !r the csa— er :in«s c? wosL ■•«• «_.__>
weii ma^ia^s-o. Meflao* mm __• ■"oou. _r*
ME ; r t»t •Itbaszfi tS*W Is «_d« _»_«___ fsr
Ohio f.itces. yUM T»sa» rtaap tt_-« vr»~^.
4 "T_-- v^ -•»• grade mmXary wo«J s-aUf ■»•..
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■t UOS7& Pnß#<i— Extra. 72©73 c; «n% A. «73»
T.)c. A «up«irt. *gv6<3c.
Ltrerpeoi Fab. S. — WHEAT — fe»o« SoXi; ?:■»
■ ♦••lu-es Bna; March. Ss l-*d: Mar- '* nti
July 7s I<M. CORN* — Spvit. new Amartcan.
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rataru e-.aady; SUrcb. •'* &*%£: May tcrat^s
pr,: Canadian 7» T*i* FlyOClt—"Wlsw
patanta 3Ss «Jd. HOPS la London «P*cl£3
Coaxt>. £(sd£B lJa. BEEF — ~_t_ T_<ll_ aew.
97s «<1 PORK — j^rrte =ie« W*st»ra. 1O5«.
KAXIS — Short c-.it. «3a - .. BACON — «:a=»t>*r
iand cut. 83s; ahort r!i,. C6s; !o=* WW »»-
SaSs^fci: clear belßea. «4a, SHOCI^>ERS—
Eonmre. Ua *d- LARD-Pnae V.>«err.
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CHEESE — Car.adiar* Untet «-S:r#. Sis: eo^or»^.
60a TAIXOXT — Prtaw city. ~^U M TCK
PKX'fIAE Sptrtta. 42a. KOeIN — Cozxmir..
[pa jht. PETKOLEC3I— B*aa«S, 7'-jd. LC -
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1~« rtd' ra-J'C"t-a<Jo. 12s Oti; b»-e f -. FetMuary. 12*
littd ' LINSEED — CalcTitta. Aprt:-Jm«. "4»
:..i PETROIXtTM — Am*r»can rwwamA. "»-»<!;
J^irlr- 7d TTBPEXTDCE- gptrita. «Ca M.
ROSES — American st.-atr.*4. I"* '-ft: fi^e. U«
dtCoiOtc CiU)
Ctt2 open tfitcstt^w _t i/W ijeat
Atlantic Ciry. X- J-
Open TbroTUthoat the Tear-
Fair-oca aa the iotal witU ev«ry ■safjafi sasH
wniwies and aii *!>• c^rsforts of teoai»-
Cha». O. Marnnrtte. Mcr. P. ■*. V>V.t*. Try.
Directly on the ocean front, ths verr hsart.eS
all araascniant* and f-?atur2«-
Sea water in a'- baths. Newly icauistaa aa<
reronUabmL Coolppod with --v*r7tlii=» ns^
ern. Orchestra. Fansous Windsor G*f* and
Kestaorant. Op«q all ;•«•»"■
, ■ 2^^ « i»^ " T** IT* t *
(HOTELDEVyiSdire^tly on the ocean -— "
i'.sa!w_iys oi>e.i aai 13 aa tieal mom tot th*
Winter gue^t. WALTER J. sua\
Jo*iab \*hif«? A *oa» Coropgg^
For Both Sexes — City.
no BERLITZ SCHOOL or ru\xr,rAG«9,
Harle=i Branci. 31i Letrsx aye.. abav« t;7th st.
BrooldTß ■' SIS U-i-igston Btr—t.
Pnplis b<»ar and »p*aH tiuj n«« >fasna<« «
cluslvely ltO3> tM first lessor T.-i*: lessact
free. _^. — —
For Young Ladies — City.
The Barnard School of
Practical courses 1= Cooking. EmbroSd^tr.
MUliaery On?s>iTnakiiii. Honsehold _*<•"?»"'!*
Wconnts.' >l_na_en sp*Cla!ly t=tesc»<! I»
: - -^a who Co rot to to e<s;i«re- Oa»-or a- c.
the siib sects toay be taker.. Saw c:a3e«» ay
forming Eaxgr.g-:QTi courses ?■-'- vcur.g •.aAirgas.
On- Jli?.'»3 C. S. Tiga»aiy 2Cdte. *^«> re
ward aad =o questions aake-i If ratsn^d to
12 EroadwaXi Ne*r lerjt
American and •"•rrif- Teaeb«r» # A«eacy.
Suvpl:*s Pruressors. Teacher*. Tutors. U»v
er"cs3e» etc.. to ClirHl— . Schools and ! i:-::'.l.i
Apply to Mr* _- J. YOUNC-FfLTOT.
„ ,^ ?S t'pltm Sgcaro
j[ GREAT li'£DVCTl'>N. priniia: »t ail
kinds: we 6£B aa*a you 30^. Jahsaoc - -mm.
■ - ■
sruut*. Thursday. Feo 10. 10UX at 13 V.'. «:i
St. HoUa oi/-. 10 A. n. to a V. M.
JOH\ HENRY FRJJCSE. SlartrlJsa BaiMlas.
Roem sX.'. 47 West 54th at «H«ra!u Squar«>.
Brings High Class Men.
;.»w ifori dtj.
Tbi New -York Tribuae.
G«ntTam«a — I ileaire to _K_r»a_ hit a©»
cr«ciatiur of tha -•u'_i ohtaln«d tSrea«fc j
my claaaiflcl advertlaiss lor EiSS la To*
New-Yorlc Tr!t>O3£-
I taks p-easur» la aarir I.*1 .* '--a'- T__
Tribune brns* in* on!y Kb sra.ct* xaaat.
ar.d I glnl!y voush for th« uanai eol>
umn o! Tha Trit>u=» ror . J_lßt ___ «2V
c:e=t rstcris*, Tosrs vary traly.
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