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Many. "Stunts" of Many' Kinds
and Lois of Songs:
I-enators. members of the Legislature, •
riembers of the city government, past and
present," and just }.oliticians. refoYmerfc,
judges, lawyers, financiers, newspaper men
■Id representatives of other professions
and businesses, were among the six hun
ted guests at the tenth annual dinner t>f
tSe'Anren Corner at the Waldorf last nig:ht.
• It-vv&s £r. eve-iac of mirth, satire ar.d srood
fellowship." The fun was largely at the ex-
T?*.ns»'cr tiia two political parties and
politicians «t.o are promtneat in the public
eye." ".
The speakers were Senator Depew and
State Sesator Thomas 1 F. Grady. T ne
former, was introduced as "the oldest
3-oungest and tl.e youngest oldest Ameri
can with us to-night." ■ spoke of the plea
sure he always . got from gatherings of
n wrpaper men. •'-■ .V : - '. . .
The Preside:.- cf - the United States,"
r-aid the Senator, "in" a speech in Xewark
the other day said that, the press was
either patronizing or hammering him.
That' leads, me to think why a President
of the United States should be hammered
or r-a:sed by the press. There never was
c President . v.:.0 had the front, page so
>nuch E5 niMlWfitt. He understood how to
rxplolt a thing. Taft has bMB a judge^all
his life ar.d regards it as most undignified
to have" Mi decisions revealed before he
renders tier:: Taft hasn't caught on. I
have always found it to t i a wise thing
10 let the- reporter into my ognfidence.
What he ssys 8t the front page is always
read. The public reads- the editorial page
when It "has time."
Seratcr Depew said that Senator Grady.
«ho preceded him ' with a —swan song"
had done "the neatest thing of his career."
Senator Grady. v'-"nv '-" n was introduced to
t*n about what was happening at A^ibar.y.
*s:d he was glad ,to come to so com
'ca-table a place as the men Comer -from
Albany, which hes become, so. samfjortaloe
f^"r"a. men of my kind." ■ .'-*"'•,
•I am ' through -with machine politic.-,"
r-a:d s-niwr Grady. "I think I Bfee the
l.rick coming. So •■:.-•;.:. my direct
primaries and nominations bUL -I VBt BOrry
tile Mayor has gone [waste to tell him 1
wai: thrcugh.- with state politics. There
must be an end to. the H ar*a personal
c <:a-uaintances," •
Of the "io-r lean ears" that were com
1-.1g.t0 Tammany. Senator .Grady said: "The
I'tiblic conscience will he .finally awakened
iv.d will think the friends o: the peo) had
better b£ .-._....-■ to power. There are "a
number of rainbows;, that Tammany is chas
ing- I. am glad this" change in political
conditions did not come. .earlier. in not] iife.
It makes •.. i =: ■.•■■ b, however," 'for tho=e
—ho are ycun^er than I. Now that I ai i
1 hizking cf resuming' 'ir.v place in private
life. ; Boa ' -... w how I am going to fit."
The face of Charles. r Murphy, boss o:
Tammany Hall, " was . a .study dnrint the
of Senator. Grady. It wa?' hoped to
have a spsech from Mayor Ga;>Tior, but he
wr.t home before the speaking began, af
r°r declaring that he had had the ' treat cf
his life." ' ." '-"'•■'
Disappciatmeni f is expressed 'r r :a■-^•.
erfi : " - - - had been unable to b-e
- ent
'There t.-ee no's'Jestg* table. At one end
ofTac big baflrocca there was a high - ■:.-.::
in which sat Harold MacD. Anderson,
president of the Corner. Just below him
wais ■ rostrum, ■ n which a mock session
cf* the- Beard cf Estimate and Apportion
ment was -'.: aod ether stunts were pulled
off F- t telegramfe. letters and reports of
---aricus ktede were read (rom time to time.
Back cf the psstruoi was a banner bearing
the inscription: - - •
"So this is the Amen Corner?"
Amcnj the Bther gutsts were: Chairrr.ar.
"^Yoodruif of the Republican State Com
mittee. rimlito H jrisccm cf the Kepubl!
can County Committee, Otto T. Baamard,
Assemblyman E. A Merrill. jr.. CbctroSer
■■ ---ra?-.. John K. McCooey.- chairman
pi the Kings County Diimccrctic Ccmmit
tc^:' Claarles F. Miirphy, leader cf Tam
rr-any 'lall; Daniel F Cchalan, Perry Bel
ment, TVilliam L-. •Tard, Re-üb'ican Na
uonal Co:n-nixteem£ln: Fire Cornn:s=io:ier
T\*aldo and W'ir.throp Ames, director of The
Xew. rheatre.
The irner began to entertain its guests
tc»on after the oysters were served. Presi
flenl Anderson, over a telephone at his
Fide, received occasional messages which
caused no end of mirth.
Suddenly two memben of the Comer
approached the platform Brtth a wastebas
'•'■" filled vith letters. They said they
h&i been going through the pockets of
■men ar.d reserved . permission to' read
ruch of "■ letters a.- might be "private
and personal." One of the alleged letters
■<vas read, as follows:
Hon. i Biam H Tait. VTbite Qcrase,
lly Dear President: I am writing to say
that I was entirely misunderstood in my
interview about resigning I never said
J was ready to resign. "What I did say
n?£ that I was alwa> - s willing to g.ve up.
Kver>- one knows I a-r. a good giver-up.
Ur. President, there's thing in n signing.
If you thin] there is ask Herbert Parsons.
Herbert expected a funeral oration and
»1J he got was a torchlight procession.
Look at Senator Depew. BThere would he
"re cow if he'd resigned?
There v.as parody 011 a Paladino seance,
•luring which men politically dead were
TrsaterialJzc-d. - V, 1 -
Three men marched in an*l said they
" -were a delegation from tbe Suffolk County
' Society come to escort Mayer Gaynor to
their dinner. "Do we set him?" They
cried. "You get out!' replied the pre*i
. dent." with much emphasis ' on the ord
■ "out." ■
A member of .the Corner dressed up to
\ represent ex-President Roosevelt made
' -<"hat was sospeasl to be I reply to a
speech cf welcome. H-e said, among other
The President ha? my full approval.
"Wiiatever he lias done 1 will stand for for
three years and then the contract is up.
Cannon must be fired. Woodruffs health
-will give out in a few days, compelling a
ii«*w chairman. Take it from me. Governor
Hughes will not run again. Parson? got
out at jutt the right mement ■■■ . save me
b'.-ther. I arranged the row between Con
n«rs and Murpby to offset the Gonger
*Al!ds difficulty, and let Senator Xewcomb
know h*-. hae pone far enough in getting
f-ven. -You wiil h€3r no more on the
question after I set rested.
■Don't worry about Mayor Gaynor being
President. I shall nominate Bryan again.
You can drop thft direct oaries, now
J sm bsck. I only start/ed the House of
<'»overror£ to cover ir-y absence. They are
hereby di£sol\f-d.
"Hi" Mot, the witness fa the Alids case
S Albany, was impersonated by a member
of th** Comer and gave an illustration of
patsmg $1,003 -bills.
ator Jctham P. Allds, wh« was one
of the -guests, v.a. an interest*.^! listener
to the parody. :
: The annual number of "The Am Cor
tir-r ,<_- xi-as distributed at the dinner,
'-. is z jumnii .for tb* sjstiaecfaa of peace.
Both the Republican, and Democratic
?j.rtv ar '1 promta members of both came
Erings High Class Men.
U*vf fork City."
Til's '■■■■ -\ o:k Tribune
Gcnr.'enr.i:. — I desire to »xpr*tj my aj?
prrciutjon of n r resui obtained tkrzigz
my c^.s6:f>e-: advtrtislnr tor men la '['a*
Nt«-To:k Trlbatsfe.
■ I LS.'k-t p.-««ure In sajriac '.'iat Mh
Tribune- britigs ca*- or::> high grafio niea.
"sad "I ' sladly vouch for tM ■classififd ecl
aaß-ofTii* Iribur.« fir prompt and tfl
clert rfr'.urtis Your* very truly.
in for hard- knocks in .the <>olumns of the
paper, r Among the advertisements. ap
peared the follo-wlng:
. OX FRIDAY. APRIL. •1. l? 10.
The Entire Paraphernalia of a oreai rc
litical Circus, Including
One Elephant. 54 years old. named G. OF.
This- animal Tvas captured by John C hTe
mort and ha? been exhibited by numeioup
ceTeisrated animal trainers. amonK them
Teddy Roosevelt. Bi? Bill Taft, Tim ood
ruff. Ben OdelL Charlie Hughes and He«ie
Papons. . If . omewhat > incapacitated fo.
heavy work, as he Buffers from *a insiugent
liver! has a lame back irom carmng too
many of "r.,y pclicies" and a , sprained anl
caused- by a fall on the ice -.nst Novembei.
B.u he has a trunk fu!1 lot envelope ,>^
marked Groton and Albany ana s*to £>
contain real money. In spite of o*«e^
triflin? di^aMlities. could become an att.ai
tlve exhibit at a seaside re?ort.
One raekass. unknown, said to have
be-n-bVd by Thomas Jefferson, a; well
knoVn farmer ot the last century, condi
ticn and reputation below par. ov.inr to the
rourh ridine of WilUam Jennings Bryan for
twelve years and the "gold cure" adminls
tered ■■ old Dr. Parker, a veterinarian ot
EsopuE.'N. v. Dr. Osborne of ■ Syracuse,
wbohas recently' been called ,m consulta
t:o:- says be i? not past recovery and may
yet become a useful . mem£>er of society it
carefully. handled. - - ■ ■ .-.---- '-■'
One Tiger, chiefly notorious because or
his predilection for iuipctent reform. , A
veritalMebeast of prey. Has tricks ex
cept his ability to slink into the seats of
the mighty while the- people sleep. At
present is afflicted ith a. black eye handed
out on November 2#last, and frostbitten
feet from exposure at City Hail since Jan
uary \: Outside these defects is all right
but- ill- reouire a lot of feeding. 'V'T
Under the heading: of "Shipping: : intelli
gence" were the following items:
Whaleback Fincev, signa IJed. in \ distress
while passing Taji^many Pier. .Lifeboats
lowered, but owini? to hull being stove
Blig«t hope> of salvage. "U'indlass working
fan rate speed but anchor fouled. -.
Troopship Tammany .Hall,. fc^some years
used as barracks for coast guard, Btranded
on Gaynor Shoal. Many "of crew lost. Risr-
PTing: adly damaged anfi cargo shifted.
Will te toV.-ed to port if .weather permits.
Tammany fleet report ger.erailv icebergs
in neighborhood of City Hall. Observations
taken with thermometrical device, as fog
made use of glass iniDOSSible.
Xorroiv Escapes When 'Dart
mouth-Dormitory Burns.
Hanover, N. H., Feb. Many narrow
escapes from death marked a spectacular
Bre which drove more than, fifty "Dart
mouth College students from their : beds In
their dormitory, South Fayerweather Hall,
and destroyed -the building early to-day,
causing 8 loss estimated at $60,000. -That
£0 one was injured is considered miracu
lous, as the flames swept through the build
ins- with great rapidity, forcing a number of
the students to jump from windows into the
snow. Others made ropes of blankets and
bedclothes and lowered ' themselves to "the
ground. The temperature . was about 20
degrees below zero and the suffering : of
the scantily . clothed young, men was ex
treme. They were hurried to ' shelter 'in
nearby apartments.
In less than half an hour the dormitory
had been entirely consumed, only the brick
walls renaming:. South Fayerweather Hall
was . built only two years ago. It cost
SSSJUt All the personal effects of the
student's were lost.
Said To Ec Pennsylvania's Plan in
Buying 9. & W. Control.
The report* from Philadelphia published
In The Tribune yesterday that the Penn
sylvania Railroad Company had acquired a
majority of the SB9.OOMOG cap'tal stock of
the Norfolk & Western Railway Company
was said in vrell informed quarters in this
rftr to be true. The additional stock nec
essary to give it a majority, it was said,
had been acquired both . thrcugh private
sale and br purchase :n the open market.
Tr.e reported action of the Pennsylvania
in buying actual control of the Norfolk &
Western is similar to that of the Union
Pacific Railroad Company, in recently add
ing to its holdings of Southern Pacific
stock so as to clinch control of that "com
pany. This act on of the Pennsylvania and
of the Union Pacific has bee.n taken, it is
believed, to anticipation of the passage of
the bill now before Congress forbidding a
rai'road corporation from purchasing stock
in a competing l:r.e in which it owns less
than 51 per cent of the outstanding capi
ta" stock.
It is understood that the Norfolk .^West
ern needs about J15.000.000 for new construc
tion and extensions, and that it is con
templating a sale of bonds to cover these
requirements. It is reported that the new
Issue will be 4 per cent convertibles.
WOULD COST ROAD 81.000,000.
Bay New. Haven Officials, if Demands
of Employes Are Granted.
New Haver., Feb. The demands of
the conductors and trainmen on the -Xew
York, New Haven Sz Hartford Railroad,
which were turned down by General, Man
ager Higgins, it is stated with authority,
if granted would have cost considerably
more than $1,000,000 a year.
In the opinion of the higher officers of
the railroad company, however, it is not
regarded in any. event that there ill be
a. strike. There Is practically no doubt that
no matter what may be the results on
other Dads, the New Haven company will
grant some concessions.
Ballot and Equal Pay Can't Take Man's
Place, Says Mrs. Richardson.
"Girls to-day are economically indepen
dent. but socially hopeless," said Mrs. Anna
Steese Richardson in a talk on the self
supporting womar given before the Worn
an'i Press Ciub at the Waldorf-Astoria
yesterday afternoon.
"T'nt average girl," Mr?. Richardson
continued, "is not happy, she is restless
and lonely. There is r.o happiness for her
if she can't share that happiness with- a
man." A picture of the hopelessness of
working women's hotels was then drawn
by tr>- speaker, -ho said she was once one
of four hundred living in sucu a hotel- In
the ■Test.
•"To fit down to dinner every night with
i'jir hundred women; to get your mail
when the meal was over from ,-i woman;
to dance twice a week, in the parlor — with
women; to talk to none but women," she
declared, "became in ttaH simply Intol
"Thousands of giris In New York lead
••:.< same uncourted, unloS'ed, unsexed lives.
One girl recently wrote .to me: "f want to
feel tfac ••'• of some person, and T want
some one to n<-e<i me.' ■ Do you think a
raije in f-a';ar> or the ballot wili satisfy
her? Not at all. -
'.1 believe woman should have the right
to vote if Fhe wants if. 'I believe she
should have equal pay, but i» won't bring
happiness. The allot U not the end and
aim of -woman's existenea, nor will, c-qual
pay take th?" place of love-.- The average
\roman wiil never be satisfied untjj she is
ne»;de^ by ■: man, until she is wining to fee
hit -c ompanion, to bear his children, to
fch'ire •R-ith him the burden of life:'"
The policemen statloiied in the new Po
lice Headquarters., had ' their first experi
ence vith fire In the new building oir Fri
•:. afternoon. Sane cOtXtSi wane n. one
of tht wardreems on tb« Grand street eid.;
caught fire. Tbt tlaze ?.as soon c-xtln-
SUM3AY. Nmtyrtk ©txbtwtt pb***** * **
•■ . ■ ' ■ . ■ %.-.'■-' - - ...... '. -
The Maurctania in After Her
Worst Voyage.
The difficult problem of getting: gratis a
round trip between Europe and America
in the cabin of a lirst class liner has been
solved. Thomas Martin, a veteran pilot of
Queenstown, put the Q. E. D. after the
solution' on his arrival yesterday on the
Cunarder Mauretar.ia. For years men and
women on both sides of the Atlantic have
pondered over and attempted many schemes
for aretting a free trip across the ocean.
Thote who have managed to get -aboard
and prevent discovery until well, out; at
sea ■ have arrived at their destinations
either as coal trimmers or potato pealers. .
Thomas Martin, the ■ Queenstown pilot,
came over in the first cabin" of the Maure
tania as a passenger, and he will have the
same accommodations going back': to
Ireland. His recipe for getting a free trip
is: "Learn to become a pilot; pick out a
good ship to take into Queenstorvn, and
then pray for bad weather."
"The, Mauretar.ia, which left Liverpool on
Saturday evening at 5:30 o'clock, got off
the Irish coast, where she was to take the
mails, in a terrific gale. Captain Turner
said it was. the worst weather he had en
countered since he had been on the Liver
pool -and New York run. The big liner came
eft Queenstown at 3:57 a. m. Sunday, and
for eight hours she battled with wind and
wave in an effort to take on the"passengers
and mails there. : While hauling iivon her
port anchor one of the huge links snapped
ar.d an expensive anchor and fifteen
fathoms of chain rested firmly over the
locker of the late "Mr. David Jone;. Captain
Turner, manoeuvred carefully after this
rrfishap and drove the big turbine flyer into
the storm and headed for the open- sea. ,'.
Martin, the pilot, was on the bridge when
s>e passed Dauhfs Rock, and he prepared
to leave the ship* for the pilot boat, but
Captain Turner said "nay." Mr. Martin
d.ldn't, like the idea of coming .to New
York.. He had. been. out in bad weather be
fore, and didn't see why he couldn't just
drop, over the side and get back to Queens
town. •■ ' •• '-
"Man alive," said .Captain Turner, "you
iculdn't ,be lowered in weather like this.
T!.e -safest thing for you to do is. to come
on- to Xew York with us. In fact, you will
have to come.".
T:\3T settled it. Martin became resigned
and then contemplated the changes that
surely must have taken place in New York
since just such a storm as this, over a
score of years ago, had made him an un
willing passenger on the old Cunarder
wa? Martin's fifth free trip to New
York credited to the account of '•Storm. '
The veteran pilot mingled with the passen
gers and spun yarns of the deep, but if
e.:-ssip be true he became seasick later and
kept in his stateroom. This he denied yes
terday and seemed content when he heard
that the storm had forced the steamship
Haverford to carry her pilot across the At
lantic to Philadelphia.
The passage of the Maureiania was a
stormy one throughout. At times she could
run only at half speed, and from Sunday at
3:25 p. m. to noon en Monday she logged
oniy three hundred miles. In mid-Atlantic
her bridge was hit by two great walls of
water which smashed seven thick windows
in the chart room. Several liieboats wers
loosed from her chocks and the jackstant
was snapped off by a big following sea.
Charged Jointly with Physician for
Murder of Husband.
Kirlcsvflle, Mb., Feb. 86.— -Warrants is
sued by the Adair County Circuit Court on
a report of a special grand jury, resulted in
the arrest to-day of Mrs. Alma Proctor
Vaughn and Dr. James R. Hull, of Monroe
City. Mo., on the charge of the murder by
strychnine poisoning of Professor John T.
Var.ghn. Mrs. Vaughn, widow of the pro
fessor, surrendered to the sheriff in Kirks
vine, and Dr. Hull was served at his home
in Monroe City.
Mrs. Vaughn, released on a $25,000 bond.
returned to Monroe City to await a hearing:.
which probably will be held in May Dr.
Stall is guarded at his home. He is under
.bond of $7,500 on a justice of the peace
Mrs. Vaughn s relatives are wealthy and
have : declared their determination to es
-t&'oHsh her innocence at any cost. She
herself expresses her confidence in the out
come and says ' she is glad the suspens-e ■is
Mrs. Vaughn was calm until she *was told
to stand up and swear she would appear in
court when summoned. Then ■ she broke
down and wept, and after taking the oath
she sank into her chair. James S. Scott,
her uncle; J. M. Procter, jr.. her brother,
and E. K. Yowell, of Monroe City, qualified
as bondsmen, swearing their aggregate
wealth was in excess of 53 50,000.
A joint indictment, charging Mrs. Vaughn
and Dr. Hull with the- murder of Profes
sor Vaughn was entered on the court rec
ords to-day. It had been suppressed until
both were arrested.
[By Telegraph to the Tribune.]
AinMer, Perm.. Feb. 26.— Robert Rogers
wa^ shot and killed at Koopeston by Henry
Kessde to-day, aft-er a quarrel which fol
lowed Rogers's refuFa! to give Kessde a
small piece of candy.
Maturing ll>lo-'22.
(Furnished by Svrartwout & Appenzeliar, No. 40
P:r.= st.)
Name.' Maturity. Interest yield.
Atlantic Coast List 4 p c 1010-17.. 4's 4-g
Rufl Roch ft P ijr&i Po, nti9-'L'7 . tS 4" 8
Cent of Ga Ry 4;i-5 \i l\ l!>10-"17. . . 4" 41,
Cer.t X R of N I 4 p c. 19K'--17. .. 4-t4 -t 4
Chesapeake £ Ohio 4 pc, iyio-'17... 4*4 4H
Chic .-. Alton 4-4 'i-5 pc, l\)10-'l\i. .. 4T4 T 4* 3
C R i & P l;v 41i-«4 l i-« p c l-'lb. . 44 s * 44
Cm- Ham & D 4 : -_--j pc, 1910-20.. . .'.'» • 4.-*
L*:ivi:> & Hudson 4H? i» c, 1C'1'2... 4-b 4»i
Erie 4-4Vi-5 p c. ISIO--17 s's 44 343 4
Hockiß? Valley ■<--»'•.• p c. 1010-'lß.*. 4 i 4>-
Hudson & Manhattan 5p .■ 1910— Ift. r. 1 - 4'i
Kan City Ft S & M •!'.• pc. 1910-'ls. .-»'« 4-«
Kansas City. Bo 4 : -. Pc, 1910-*ls 4", 4\
Leh.gh Val R R 4-4H pc. I'.il<»-'lii. . 1% 4U
Missouri Pacific 5 p c. 1910 CJ-iC J -i 4"i
Mobil'! S Ohio Ml pc. 1010-1 « .... 4> t%
SJ V C«ntral Llne« 5 p c, lfllO-'22... 4*i 4',
Norfolk i: Western 4 p •:. 1010-*l«.': i% .41;
FenriEVlvania 3 ! 2-4 pc. 19K '17 ... 4- 4'
St L & San F 4-4%-5 pc, 1910-*17.. 5U 47^
Co guar A. C &■ F S P C. 191ft- 17. 47,4 7 , 4»i
Sooboard Air L 4'j-r. p c. lf>lo-"17.. s»i 4»i
Bouthem Ry S«-j-4-4'j po. IHIO-'2l. f<, in
Texas'& racifi-- 4-. S p •-. IMk-' 16 . .-, 44,
Vlrttiniai Rallwaj 5 p .-. '!:<... r, 1 , 4'"t
Wabash P. R 4'i-" p c. 1010- # 2l r. ' 4 s:
Wheeling & L E l3=-3l 3 =-3 pc. IPIO-T.'. s»* 5.
Maturing 1816-*2 Z.
(FurnUhed by Swattwout A.- Appenzellar. No 40
Pin-. St.)
Name.. Maturity. Bid Asked. yl«ld
Ani. Cigar 4pc. M< 15. 1911 OS»4 '1- r-kr -k ' \(<>
do 4p o. Mch 15. 1812 ... 9<Jsi 97H r. Hi
At CcaEt Lsp c. Mch. 1910 .100 Joft-i gsn
Beth Steel <i pc, Nov. 1f.t4.. MM 100 O.CO
CH'-D 4p c. July, r.»13. Oru <*s>i 4..C5
0 •■.-:!.:>:■ C'June. 1.100 iftiv; 4 -„,
D« H f-q IVipi July. 1932.101^ 102*1 415
Erie r. RBP c, Apr, 1811... iw 101' i lm
Grcßubber 4 ! , i pc. July. i<ijr>. 931 . ''I. 050
Hudion Cos 0p c, Oct 15. 1011 09 ■ 100 ; 1 7-,
Ir.tero RT6i> c. y ■'■' .'i;", 103^ s.to
k C A ■■ '■- « P c ?■•">*■ Wl2. v ■•■■ 1; -m
do.", r. c. May 15. 1818 fa% 9*H r> s.i
Leek fit .vy~ 5p c. Mch. iron fiU'-, i'"'. 4'; ¥ o
. d 6 1-jt r, per cent. Mch. 1910 ti't'k lOft'.i . 4 '•.)
do .'1 p c. Mch. 1915.. (»:; fiCt s.<to
LiNSp c. M ■': 1010 .100 10:i-i 310
••••■: 1 ■-. ,;. iTfh 1011.. 00 Vj lii() o'JO
NYCLfq'sT. x> c. Nov. •W-'li'l.. 4.10 4.13 —
•; v N H ■• H S p 0. HJl'U' 12.100 108 _
Norf &TV 5 p'-c. May. 11-Ki. . i'"-, khiH 3SO
iVnn nnS pc. Mch -IK. lIHO.IiVi 100' i H.VO
.-.l L A S F j pf. Jan. 1911; nfi'<, 100 .', R0
do 4»i r. c. F*b. ISI2 ... . ■•'. MU »>,oo
S6titr.«rn Pv sx> c t*b 1013. f»*4 BAH f. <:,
i«Wa**r «p c Junft. 191.;. . .101 >,& IOSVI :■-■!
Wr«t T&TSn c. f»b i"i-. M« 'i\,\ 890
■Wut E ftlfflp* x-g. 19lO.l<X)Vi ' ■■ \ 4 i's
Lord & Taylor
Tuesday, March ist
March Sale of
Muslin Underwear
Silk Petticoats, Corsets
Kimonos and
Dressing Sacques
Broadway & 20th St.; sth Aye.; 19th St."
We Are Specialists -We Make the Best Beds
To those anticipating the furnishing of Country and Suburban Homes,
will find this opportunity cf great advantage in
securing exceptional values.
Reduction Sale During the Monthof March
Brass Beds, $25.00 Up. Enamel Beds, $3.75 Vp.
Enamel Queen Anne Couch Beds, $7.00 Up.
Springs and Mattresses at Very Reasonable Prices.
Goods purchased will be held for later delivery if de-ired.
450 sth Avenue, near 40th Street
Spring Opening To-morrow.
We have everything in readiness, : The newest and
choicest materials now being shown are the small,
neat check effects an ail colorings. Samples and book
let forwarded to any address.
\ TT^\ TX V TLJT ir^ TI MM Broadway <^
AIK N ITU Jb tIV 9 Ninth St 1
So Says Commissioner Baker, but "He
■ ] ■ Is Investigating.
Police Commissioner Baker yesterday, in
answer to a question as to whether he had
done anything toward investigating the al
leged raising of a fund to influence police
legislation in the Assembly, said:
.. 'T guess that fund has gone nver the dam
with the water- which .went over the dam
yesterday "
'Have you made any investigation '?" he
was asked.
"There has been some. ' said the Com
missioner, "but it has not been completed
as yet. The Board of Estimate, any way,
has the pov.-er to increase salaries without
going to Albany. I ha\ c talked with a
member of the Charter Revision Com
mittee of the Legislature, and he said that
he had heard nothing cf any such fund.
He said that it looked t.id for the bills."
The Commissioner was uskod if any de
cision has been reached in any of the re
cent police trials, and he said that he was
now going, over the cases, and that The
decisions would scon be ready
The New York Charities directory, which
contains the names of more than five thou
sand persons prominently identified with
philanthropic, educational and religious
work in New York City, has just been is
sued. A special feature of the directory is
a section on the treatment of tuberculosis.
It also contains a completely classified
list of thirty-four hundred agencies, in
cluding fresh air charities, convalescent
homes, relief societies, day nurseries, kin
dergartens, children's societies, settlements,
homo? for adults, homes for incurables,
hospitais. diipentaries. reformatories and
agencies tor the- blind, deaf, crippled and
insane. The directory is tor sale by The
Charity Organization Society, No. 105 East
2Jd street.
Syracuse, Feb. 26.— Mayor vr. J. Gayno:
of New York has accepted the invitation
of the Syracuse Chamber of Commerce to
be the guest of honor at its annual ban
quet. In his letter the Mayor says: "Let
no one attach any disposition on my part
to meddle in state politics from the fact
that I accept your invitation. Two years
ago I made a similar address to the Cham
ber of Commerce of Utica with Governor
Punris-f. »3:37: sunset, 5:50; moon rises. 9:23;
mojti's ag<j. 10 day:.
■ > ". • - A.M. "P.M.:
Sandy Hook 9:50 10:09
Oav^rnor's Island M): 12 10:"3
Hell Gate 12:02 : 12:03
La .-a\oie. reported as To-> miles ast of Sandy
Hook ji 11:60 p m 011 Friday, is expected to
<-joc!c this afternoon. '
The Rhein. report< a*- 750 mll»s fast of Sandy
Hook at 7:10 a m yesterday, is expected to duck
! Monday fcrenocn.
Tbe Columbia, reported as 1.320 mUes east o f
Sanri>- Hook at Boon yesterday., is expected to
dock Tup:-<ia\ afternoon.
The Alice, reported as 228 miles ea«t of Eandv
lU>ik 8t It a m yesterday. j- expected to docl:
ti.:s forenjon .
. . .. TO-DAY.
Veseel. From. Llns.
•i.aMvfii'- Havre, Feb 13 .'...'. Krench
•l'rlnj Mgl'-mund.. Kingston, Feb -- . Uamb— Am
•J Luekenbaoh.. .Port--. Kico. Feb 21 Insular
Alice.. Algiers. F^h 11 Austrian
Mori enlrio Llsuon, i"--.> 10
M^saba Lcndon. Veb i_'.. .At rrans
-an fJlovanni Ntiplfe. Feb S ..'..ltalian
El Mont< .. . uajveston, Feb 1D. ..50 Pacific
Barcelona Hsjnburg. Feb Ham&-Am
f-'ava ' Pert Srain, Feb 10.... — - — -
i:\itttU'.. Hull. Feb 12 Wilson
Cymric Liverpool, Feb 16. .White Star
ZeanSylt Pniifrdam. Feb 12. ..Holl-Ani
Bnlfnoss Gibraltar. F^b 10
City o£Atlant.i Savannah. Keb'J4.. Savannah
Huron . Jacksonville. Feii 24 Clyde
. ». -„. MONDAY^ FEBRU \UY --
•Laurentic... Liverpool, Feb 10. .White Star
•Fruimt ....Port Antonio. Feb 23. .U F Co
•i.'Oiurr.bia . . ...Liverpool, beb Vj ....
•Cosmo .san Juan. Feb 23.. .N V Ai P R
•Ciil.n . . Citstobkl Feb _•:.' p»;uma
-*B*rm«rtlan. ... Bkrmnla. Feb 2rt Quabec
Oarmanla Naples, Feb 17. ...... Cunard
Ducad'Aosta Pelermo. Fib 17. ... Italian
Chlcfjro Havre. Fct. 17 . French
Onauva '. ...rßerAiuda.-Feb KS.,.Riisr
a neon Cristobal. Feb 21 Panama
Ccmua .... New Orleans, Feb 23.50 Pacific
El sud Galveston. Feb- 22. ..So Pacific
•Nocrdam ...Rotterdam, Feb 19 . Holl-Am
•Marov.-ijna Trinidad. Feo 22 D JtV I
•Havana Havana. Feb ....... .V.anl
Bc-rlin Genoa, Feb 17 N Q Lloyd
Finland ...... ...Antwerp, Feb 19 Red Star
Wilhelm der GrV..Bremen! Feb 22.... N G Uoyd
Saran3C Liverpool. Feb 1- —
•Brings mail.
MONDAY, FEBRUARY 2.?. .._-'. :
Mail Vessel
Vessel. For. Line. closes sails.
Suriname. Paramaribo, DTV I.11:o«j a m l.uu p m
Allianca. Cristobal. Panama.. ll:3o a m 3:00 pm
Amazoiiense, Para, Booth 3:ooam - —
Mesaba, London, At Trar.s... — - 0.0" am
nmerica, NapJes, ItaHan .... - — . 1- : '"' ni
Arapahoe. Jacksonville. Clyde. -l:QOpni
Mauritania. Liverpool, Cunaid 5:30 a m 9:CO a it.
Bermudian, Bermuda. Quebec S:uO a m 10:u0am
Kroonlar.d. Antwerp. Red Star l«>:00a
Alice. Trieste. Austrian 1: w P m
Orotava, Bermuda, RMS P— JO:<X> a m
Proteus New Orleans, So Pac l2:Uoni
Brazos. Galveston. Mallory... 12:00 r.i
Huron. Jacksonville, Clyde... — . 1:00 pin
Lompasas Tampa. Mallory... — — ; 12:00 m
Close in N V
Destination and steamer. . P.M.
Japan, Co.-ea and China (via Tacoma> ' ,
— Seattle Maru .To-aay, b.e?
Guam and Philippine Islands (via San
Francisco)— U* S tiansport -- - Feb -S. 6:.-.^
Hawaii ivia San Franc-tseo)— A'.ameea.Feb -S. t»:o0
Hawaii and specially addressed mails
for Japan. Corea and China (via
San Francisco)— Mongolia Men v, b:3O
Japan, Corea an.l China (via Seattle)
(specially addressed only) Suveric.Mch 3, 0:30
Jai.an. Corea. Cli!na and Philippine
Islands (via Vancouver and Vic
toria. B O— Empress of China Mch 4. t>:.o
Tahiti Marquesas and Cook Islands,
Ne-.v Zealand and Australia (except.
West) <via San Francisco) — Mari- .
osa .* Meh 5. 6:30
Hawaii (via £311 Francisco)—Wilhel
mlna Mch 7. 6:30
Hawaii, Japan, Corea. China and
Philippine Islands (via San Fran
cisc">—Tenyo Mara Mch 10. 6:30
Fiji Islands. New Zealand and Aus
tralia (except West) (via Vancouver
and Victo'ia. B C) — Maitai Mch 20 6:30
Samoan Islands. Xjw Zea'and and
Australia (except West) (via tan
ncisco)— Century . Mch CfS. 6:3 f »
Port of New York, Saturday, Febru
ary 26, 1910.
earner Exeter City (3r). Bristol February 2
anri Swansea 5, to James Arkell & Co. with
mdse. Arrive.! at the Bar at 3:30 a m.
Steamer Mannheim (Ger). Copenhagen Febru
ary 5 and Shields 8, po Philip Ruprecht. in bal
last. Arrived at the Bar at 12:30 a m.
Steamer Virginia (Ital). Genoa February S,
Palermo 10 and Naples 11. to C. B. Richard &
Co, with 2o cabin and 056 steerage passengers
and mdse. Arrived at the Bar at 12:G0 a m.
St< amer Saba (Br). Trinidad February li and
Grenada. 17. to the Trinidad Shipping and Trad
ing Co. with 1 passsngers. tnalla and mdse. Ar
rived at the Bar at 1 a m.
Steamei Esperanza. . Vera Cruz February IS.
Progreto if* and Havana 22. to the New Tort
and Cut>a Mail Ss Co. with tiS passengers, mails
and mdae. Arrived at the Bar at 12:20 p m.
Steamer Diamant (Ger). Hamburg February 8.
Shields lt». to Philip Roprecht, in ballast. Ar
rived at the Bar at T a m.
Steamer Sai Mateo, Seattle Novembei "4.
I'ort Townsend ("Wash.) '.'.""•. Coronel January I.
Montevideo IS and Char] jton February 22. to
Ti r: Dearborn, with mdse. Arrived at" the Bar
at 2 a m.
Steamer Btaemer (Br). Yokohama November
•_'■"".. Kol December v Mnji 13, Shanghai 17.
Foocliow 2tj. Horn Kong 29, Singapore January
0. Suez 30, Port Said 31 and Algiers February 7.
to W H Twedeli A Co, with mcls*. Arrived at
the Bar at 4:15 d m.
Steamer Camoens (Belpi, Santos January **s
an.i Barbados February i.\ to Busk ft Daniel*,
in ballast. Arrived at the Bar at 11:15 a -...
Steamer Alice (Auct), Trieste February 5,
Patras S. Palermo 0 and Aiu-i^rs 11, with "pas
s^nirers and mdsei to Phelps Broi & Co. East
of Fire Island at 7:36 p ni.
Steamer Braemar, Yokohama, etc, "it Hisl>
ldmls at 4:22 p m.
Steamer Narrairansetl (Brt, London February
V. to Philin Rnorecht, In ballast. Eart cf Fir«
Island at S:2O p m. .
Steamers LivinsL-tovie (Nor>; Turks Island ,
Standird fGer), Flushing; Oceanic if:;'. South
ampton; Ocf'ana (Ger), Bermuda; La Bretagne
(Fr), Havre; Barbarossa (Gert. Naples: Cirat
Waidersee (Ger), Hamburg; Beaver, Portland,
■.;.- . Ponce. San Juan: Caracas, fan Juan: rrln
cipe di Piempnta (Ital). Napes; St Aniiewn
(Nor). Baltimore; Sarat^ra. Ha\ara: Rorsano
ißr) Gulfport; irxirafimha fPr). Gibraltar: Bo
hemian (P.r). Liverpool; Prin- Josehlin • "eri.
Fortune If'nr.'i; Dun>olme <nr>, IVrnambuco;
Furn»-Esia (B«j Glasgow>; Castilltan Prti iCr),
Pernambucc ■■**-
Rotterdam, Feh Volturno fßr), Sm York.
Liverpool Feb 'Ji* — Manhattan (Br), New York
Madeira. Feb -''■ 7 r> m— Carenls (Br). New
Yorl: via Azores for Naples, etc.
Rio ile Janeiro Feb •_'» — Grecian Prince » Br).
New York via Barbados. Pernamhi'co, etc.
Pir.-PUB ... 17- Athinai (C.rk). New York.
Bristol. Feb 2<U.Ch!ea«g Cltv (Br). New Yen k. '
Fiumt. Feb 25— S.txonta (Br), Nfw Vr: la
Ma'is.*f »--v 'Naples. ■ „
.... . - •„ - .'•_}..,-
Steoi Brothers
Will display Monday Advance Styles of Women's -
Street and Carriage Wraps
For Early Spring
Also Special v a!ues in
Paletots of Black and SOP) t^H
Blue Chevron Serge, *v*vu
Paletots of Shepherd Fidui J '2^ fir)
and Checks, lined throughout. at £*xj*\j\j
Evening Wraps of Broadclotfi \ 45 00
in a iety of colorings, at
An Unusual Offering cf Women's
Tailored Suits and Dresses
Suitable for Immediate. Wear . ,
Tailored Suits, $ „
of Chnin Diagonal Serge, at l^YY'
■ tual } ahu .- U "
of Plain Serge. Two Styles} 38,00
Actual Value $34.50 and 47.50 •- : : : -
of Cachemire Crepe. Actual .Value $45,0^. 35.00
— — — —^
Imported House Qowms
of French Flannel, in various colors . trimmed witli embroidery,
at §30.50, 14.50 *** 19.50
Domestic Tea Gowns
of China Silk. . ;>' $10.50, 13.75, 16,50
Actual Value $15.50 to 21 '"'
of Ribbon and Lace. Actual Value $24.50. at 519.50
of Crepe de Chine, " " .^O.OO. " 21.50
Advance spring Styles of ""
Women's Shoes
*- .
Perfection Pumps, Sailor, Oxford and Gibson Ties
Tn -all Fashionable Leathers, also Black and Colored Suede. White
Canvas and Buckskin, Newest Approved Shapes and
Highest Grade Workmanship.
To-3T3orrbw, a Sale of Perfection Pumps
In Black Buck, Tan and Black Russia Calf and
Patent Leather, with wing tips and leather carved $ 2 S
buckles to match, short vamps, high arch last, . . at %J* i\J
Value $5.00 Pair
To-morrow,, will be offered a large
collection of very desirable
Linen Suitings & Cotton Voiles
Consisting of .-. .- . . . . . .....
Linen Weft Suitings. .-•'. . : .
yarn dyed, in all colors- andjv hit-. .-• ; - • jl (J^
very desirable for Tailored Costume^ at
Cotton Voiles. ' . /*?i^^c
3S inches wide. French Crisp Finish, J*J
in street and evening colors, also black and white, at
Boys 9 Spring Clothing
Much Below Regular Values
Hand Embroidered White Russian Suits,
in exclusive designs. at M.99, 6,95, 8,95
Values $6.95 to 10.95
Reefers in Blue Serge and Fancy Mixtures. at $4.95, 6,95
Values $6.95 and 8.95
Norfolk, Double-breasted, Russian and Sailor Suits,
in mixtures and plain blue. at $4.95» 6,95
Values 56.95 and 8.95
*» • - - •
Boys' and Youths' White and Colored Negligee Shirts. j
12 to 14 inch neck. measure, also ,- 69c
Flannelette Pajamas, 6to IS yrs; Value $1.00. )
IYiisS£s' and Small Women's
Tailored Suits and Dresses
Ver^ Attractively Priced
Suits of Wale Serges, in olive, reseda, wistaria. S^/S
grey, navy and black, pleated skirt. Coat 30 ias. long, *<l>.xJ J
Dresses of Figured Foulard Silks, in navy. <*p 1
Copenhagen and reseda, beautifully braided tunic skirt. *, s*O\J
Dresses of Ginghams.
■ Dutch Neck Model, with yoke of embroidery, in c
blue, pink, tan. green and black and white plaid. - at 9mjm9
•Girls' Washable Dresses and Guimpes
Dresses of Imported Repp.
Dutch Neck Effect, in white, pink and blue, embtoid- 30 as
ered design on yoke, full plaited. skirt. Sto 16 rs, O» JO
... —
Guimpes of .White Lawn,
chister tucked with three rows of feather stitching. 1 \2^
turnover collar and ctifTs. 6to 14 yrs. at J m^H
- West Twenty- third Street
Gibraltar. Feb V6— Cedric •'■ I New Tcrk *ia
Madeira for Nip 1 etc.
Algiers. Feb 21— Cuyahoja <Cr) A New \ork for
N»»l*?r«D -•■• S. v in-Punncnia <Br». New
-tnxapore Feb IX>— Muncaster Oastle tßr>.
Shanghai and Ho I Kon? for New^ork^
Antwerp. Feb Si, iio P m— •,•■■ >.e^
l'lvwouth. Feb '.'6. 4:37 p m-St Leui*. New
York via Cnerb~uiK and Southampton.
»ntwerp. Feb -•'■ 1 B nv— Vaderland (Celg*. New
itotte^dai-i Feb 23— Phiebus iC.eri. New York.
Betmuda, r«h 25. IO:« a m-Benuudlan <Br».
Sou'"hampion?'Feb eft-Minnetonki *Br). Lonlon
for Ne-v *!-tV
Barbaioa. Feb 2»-Cl?ment «Br>. Para for **
F-b 25— Conch Br^ Nf« YorV.
Mt'vllN. Feb 2rt—Caje4onU tßr>. GIHSM ■"
N'et\- York. , -'
Kingston. Keb 23-Nile ,r.-, sew . YorV for
Cotcn tto. and Southampton; 2t>th. T3?u»
ißri Southampton >Ui Colon, etc. tor r*' w
ATsUr*. Fes 21— Tuscaroral ißr>. Now Torlt Ur
Port Said. . . - .
Ctoco, Feb 24-Flirtda (ItaU. New Tork.
Havre. F*t> 26. 11:30 a m— La Lerralns *Fr>.
New York. r>,-»
1 hristiansand. Feb » -• p O»i»r II .raa>.
Copeahasen tor New York.
i,, ar j Feb -js— Prorr.eth«us «GerV Xe^ Tcri
L-I-ft of 1,*,.-- ret> 2Sr-.Untf^ States tD«^
Ne^ T«H» for ■ .•» l»h»*"*.

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