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! Two of the QUALITY ADS.
t Male.
: §_______■__!£• acquainted with lnrs;«" buyer* of
)ioii«efurnl*hinK departments In city and
»urroundinic_- »w York Gas Appliance < <>..
ISJt Bowcrj
* FemaTe.
(.IRt.S for artificial flower*, piquet" and fancy
feather*: jrooil pay: Mead? work. A. Bent-
Uimp. : *Va»liinc;»«n Place.
AcroVSTAXT- First class •»««_; exr";rnc«
in real «»♦ -C-O-ntlnsr. capable of lakteS
„ - .. v . <-,-■- nraai '■•*- man OT
».rfa:r_. r-sM^inK Al personality; •*.•»■ Pus;
.-,... Service i~o._J>W Broadway.
- C_O trNTJUCT.^ • ,f town firm, experienced
to^Su flUton? _o___-pta_: U.2M. -™? hin
( }r«itintt Broker*. Flat iron J2__*J_P-
_, ■.-.<• VTAVTS- Two; m_i«*: must have at least
ifcre* ' years' public accounting experience:
12.3001 National Employment Exchange. 4. west |
-- _ ''
._r>V_RTlS__ seeks connection with party able
tr. _S' ; st in racing bond issue: no capital re
q-jJreO.' Address Opportunity. Bn 7. Tnlmne
VnVFRT"SING SOUlClTOß~to~iake trade «our
" ™i pupation a. a -id.- line: liberal '•"»'"_
»-r.. Cre_entUl Employment Corporation testab
le he- 11*04). _.-.;-. Broadway.
_cT!-NT_-On aid OS P'j*«e; fa»clnat«s younj
and old; fits th* vest pocket: sample. 10c.
r.^om 2<S. ITTtf Broadway.
"^TrNT- II i C tire lnflator. $20; Invaluable
to auicmobiHsts; onstaM coo. the work. .ases
r -rifled and nNM: Rood opening for rig" men.
Loom IMS, 177» Broadway. j
AGENTS * for -;• ' date novelty; Rood profits;
treat <srmard. Write for information. Lincoln
F^uare Nov-lty Works. I*3l Broadway. .
T^ENTS^T>Te -Kayo Rag" pOlWbea all metals;
told in ___ehol_ and b__neß_: credit _l\en;
MunpJ- lie. Rayo Co.. 10 Baal I4ta St.
AGENTS to handle our teas, coffees and _»**■•
'xperienoe not necessary. Bums & Reed, -U»
Hudson i-t.
ASSISTANT BOOKKEEPERS '■• complete double
entry .-ours* mated by expert accountant; (
course, $_»>; cver.injrs only. Accountant. _l tast
110 th et.
j_S_tS_ AXT 1p- _-v_rt___s office ■ t large mar.v- |
' factoring firm; h!Rh school graduate Arnerl- !
ran GrntiV no ..... Credential Emraoy
nwnt ('crpfratloi _.-;. Bwidwr.
BOOK KKEPEB lor large Brooklyn manufactur
ing firm D«*er mar. Uvln« in Brooklyn: $18.
fall. MigMH (Position Biokcrt, Flatirun Bu'.'d-
Imr. ' . — ■
BOOKKEEPER, double entry, etfr.ograrker. $16;
TWisfTioji 10.-atcd \V<«t 3<ith St.; hours _-.. p- "»•;
half bolMay Saturday. ■ ■■. Agency. '.' Na»
rau ft. _ '
BOOKKEEPER— Must under?tan.s double entry.
nciiography- pi; permanent situation right
man: position -West 30th st. DUhl Agency. M
Nassau Ft.
srcli m_o_irs?: pood pcnn:an: Amoiican, •;■•■
tll*: tiJi.plo double entry book*: talary *■''•"
<":»dcr.tlal En-.pioj racnt Corporation, _: Broad- |
EOOEKEEPEK— RetaiI in V.*hite riains
T>a:::s a >our.R man; t^lary ?7K> to H«3<3. Cre
cential E.n; loymen: Corporation itstablished ,
181 4>. _T. 3 tniad _
BOOKKEEPER— New York office machinery j
house wants an all around man: Gentile:
51 04ft. «><>cVntial Employment Corporation
."stabli'litd l?m>. Broadway.
R<»OK KEEPER — .... nianufacturing firm: i «- i
Vnh-r man; ?SS2 to C9K Apply immediately,
Of-deritial •-.-.,■ (.established
IftQit. 253 liroadway.
chnstian- good penman; Etock brokerage ex -
r«rlenc«: ii"<>. National Employment Exchange, ]
47 West CJt. _^______
EOT. Gentile: opportunity for advancement.
Wlliiamf. Cl - Fulton st.
BOT/ about • 15»* brigtit. neat, public school rrad
•jat(. for errands and oSice work. Eaton, 31
Var'K Row
BRIDGE and RAILWAY ruction drafts
men; pr»>ierably Uee« graduates; W.OW.
■piis;:i«(-f! Service Co., MS Broad«
BUTLER— North of Ireland Prfilestant; $:.:.; city
now. country later; also useful man; S3O:
Pteady pttitiori. Te!ephont> l! 1 -^ Plaza. Mor
l owe Bureau. 721 L^xlngion aye.. corner T.Sih sT
CANVASSERS— Experienced newspaper an-J pre
mi-j::i canvassers for Connecticut an l Nm-Jfr
»>*y territory; ... salary paid weekly; trave.l-
Jing exr^nsea and commission in addition; j.er
nanent fr.r.iloymo.it. William H. Gutel'.us. ass
Tr:hune Building. P to J^
rs EK?, popular maßazine; deliver »:and
lsome preniSuru f.'si payment, easy instalments;
Mr oonanisatoaa. $* daily; guarantee. I^iwler,
V<xt V.'es' 341h cV
CHEF. $100 per month; out of town: fine oppor
tunity. <"a! 5 Mi.nu^y morning. AVinThrop Bu
'•a-j. «i 5 West 3ml? 6t.
OLJCRK— Quick and accurate at figures, familiar
with <siscoum«=; salarj- starts at $61M. ("r^den
[lial Employment Corporation (established '1«»4),
! i*> 3 Broadway. ,
manager of iaree ; •■. pref<-r sr>me advertls
i ir.g experience; ?IS. UisniU (Position Brcker), ]
riariron Bu!:dirg 1 _ .
COUPLES (two); coacliman-Eardener and cook
latradrees: also couple, do entire work private
family; country: eooa wages. Morrow's Bureau, ■
7LI l^exingion "avf- s^Ui st. j
; l»AlßTMAN.ithoron_nly experienced in <-r.ro of
modern "arm dairy- Lambou & Crowe Bureau, ,
r <<:•: • f:!i »\t. _ !
f EI.ECTRICAX* EQUIPMENT 1.].--.!.'- thor- j
ovsnly eiperjencod In machinery and ecpjJies: .
: »■ I. r.fx l- s*l.£tt». Business Service Co.. ; 3<r.» Broad- ,
EVTRV^OLERK-rMmrt uno<Ts!an<3 ty;*;writinß; i
$1O; permanent position. Call. Dieh.l Agency. ;
".* N'af*au ft.
V \ KM EM ax. gentleman's nlact. L»ni: Isl- ;
a:i«i; $3T<. room and boani; must be «-x;*m
»"..v»d. with refertTK-es. Lambott &. Crowe Bu- .
■•'an. • t "...-■ svf 1
V'AITm KOREMAN. X' ntleman s place. New Jer
wcy: must understand i-.i^ buriness; referoncwi; ;
130. rVwni and b.iasd. Lambott & Crowe Bureau, i
rt:. <'.'h a-.e.
:-.U'M T_.\>J?TEIiS; niuai thoroughly under- j
nsnd farn work ard care of first class teams, j
Laroboti &- CrotFti .-.■■■ avf. |
FIRST <"iJas? CHEF wanted at once; -„.•- j
$60; :nuet be sober arid competent. Swedish j
Kmplojnaent Qgce. ■■ West 125 th ttt.
GAKbENER and COOK for private family in I
country; must f>e experienced and have good i
••frr'-iutß. Itidus-.riai Association. 8 East 42d at. j
GOOi> OPPOUTi7XITY.*or experienced meat and j
pm-Won tal*-K!iiar ariuaiiitod with hotel cup j
tiy irfcde; $I^oo-^l^oo. Bustncs.i Service Co., j
RC9 Rn-ia-iway.
jT»crn7R7~aßyiir '*V~y"»-ars of a^e; wases s<V>; j
references. Traversal Employment Bureau. -- j
•■ . . ■ Manager.
LaTITER.— DUmised.^ honorable and profitable j
busings for « !»»;»r huild.'nc a practice. Ar j
jly a. D. Holland. 1006 rimes Building. New j
■*, crk. |
5l IXA'JEI! fxpr T ri"na'i sale« and office <)«-iai!»;
'xc. 'Jt!\e." hj!p.ry to start $1,600. Call, Mighill
.rv-Mtjori Crokerl. i-'latii-on Building.
MAKAGHR'S ASSISTANT— MaIe. r(» years; !
«'(::i(ftlan: knowie<?jrc of boolckecptnjr: $12. Na- j
tifnal Emplo>ir!<»nt Exclianse. 47 Went C •»(.
chanlcal ar<d oonstnacUon work; 51.300. Buti
5 .... « >•.. o<1« Broadway.
M ECU A N YCA L I3NGI NEER —Young man. *ell
aro.'iainted wjtli ircmbfrs lCtitrineerti" Club. a«
. . ■ . reprcsentatK". Credential Employment
fnri'<ynf'.r>Ti c»i;Ta.fclish»<i IP-'Mt. _T»:i Broadway. _
i? I.N - Oood~pn \ : n p. t«t»-ady T«:-»iltionK to wilHne I
»•. .->rl<»>rs with »>ome, seiling ability. Mr. Tucker. ;
I' l lljh 424 '•
51V.N' lived of woriiiny for other*. l*t us start sou
in bcslnesfi for yoaraelf; strictly legitluiute.
?"»!ia«'»-r. Room 807. "77 Broadway.
MOVIXG ..... — Two s'.rovß men •„■..
p!ir,-!: ;c machinery- <"all t-aily Monday morn- j
i< S. Kst'.ii. :'-. r-ark ■«.
OPTICnAX-'WATCHMAKER wanted; Iar K » Jew- ;
rtrj "'ore in Jersey «"it\: most be mU recom
n +r.6*<i. A . Box 3". Tribune Office.
OFFI-"K MA NAGI-ik— Experienced and tliorougi. j
I'nxVyK-itT; large offl-.e; full charge: oonfe<-- i
tionery exprrtence pitfened. <.'rr<l«ntio! Km^loy- i
mnt Corposatlon «stablished 1904). 253 Broad ;
T«y. j
OFFICE MANAGER to take • ...-.,. |
Inc ijitta and . oOoe detail; $1,900 ;
Huriii>«« B*rrloe «'o. '■'*<?.* Broadmay.
riiKFOnATBI» METAI. - ;SA LEHMAN : lar*e !
fitri, . :.~al trade; will <-<>nsl<irr youn- man \
knmrinjc r>^is <re^«-!:t!nl Eiaployment On j
i-.ia'."n r<«iabli«hed i:<o'». 'S<V. rtroadmmy.
PRINTING ' nevi-fc-iij^V and Job print- !
>'/uhr. cxperieiioed n^aii has unusual op-; i
I <M-it)!:i:> . Credential j:ni;.!'«yirv«>nt Con«»>ratlon I
■*«tablj*hed sT*<>4». BraaoVay.
nCAI. KISTATK \ I. »;-■>; •■ •. of "in\ f stineni prop- j
<Ttio: .... Offlre; ref«-ren<»s j-equired. i
!- : . R . l'<.\ 7" Tribuiif [larlem <J!S«^.
i : i ; •• L - ESTA i K « OFFICE -Wan tod.' a~ man to j
xulifiS app*ica.tion» for an* <«itatjli£!ie<« of- j
■ « ; /^kkix-'-s r«-q!ii!<-d. 11. It.. Box 75, Tribune '
Marten OBet
l:«njK!Nrt t»AL.fff?MAX— Ex]«r!enced mar. for
• *a.iui'j;i: !^i»;<: tirui; ■ala and tpi-nm* Ci»--
J«-:;iial i:tnpi">'m.tit Corporation iml&bl.Si-.ed
'I'.fHi. i«n Hroadnny.
tAi.rSUAN. siiinßicy. in N>» York State; -x
j*-ri< -in t-i tiiajt «ant«s; salary «!:d • \] i-en****.
Y»-(!«iit!al nuiT.ioyii.-Jit «.Xrp'jra.lon ...-■■.
l**' ; 4(. 2Ta Broadway.
J-AI.tbMAK, iierlwrat'vl metal; U«e firm; 10.-al
trade: »!1! <-unsHer \our.« iiian knoxiiis c-'^i*.
"r"ifrtia! EtnpSo/Twct Cofporatlon tc*ta*#ltslied
tW!4», i*.:j Rrc«ai«ay.
BAUSatASff. for real •rtato propoe!t;on In ,
rrtaier New York; li!«itriiiice jiian jjr«J r--';
reJ! mm « *nd 12. Fr«^»-rlt;k l>eli!i'll»h. ;
tlata B fla • *-- *> tad Bruadwa-r. Room "K^3.
SALESMAN. I/eslic> Weekly: educated, deter
mined, over 1*1; permanent position: $30 week
ly.*^ < - ai! after *_ p. in . Room .1.". 31 East 27th ?t.
SALESMAN, acquainted with large buyers of
fiimlsliliis. departments In city an sur
icundin—s. New York Gas Appliance Co.. 139
Bi wo:;.
SA_EfeMAN, experienced, to travel; excellent op
portunity: salary and commission paid. Call,
Mighill (Position Broker), Klatlron Building.
-ALES MANAGER— L:»caI specialty company;
reqjalreineata, advertising and sales managing
experience; (2,400. Business Service Co.. 309
SALESMAN — _ou__ man, Christian; engraving
e_rerienco; 15. National Employment Ex
change. 47 West «2d st. i
SALESMEN -Tv.o Christian young men to sell ;
typewriters aid supplies; $6 and commission. ,
National Employment Exchange, 47 West 42d st.
-A LEGMEN — I-Ow priced specially, used in all
business houses: something Den ; liberal ar
rangements to right men. XC, Broadway, Room 4.
SALESMEN — Two interesting opportunities for
experienced ele/trical equipment and supply
Eatesmen; salary > fioo-$1.900. Business Service
Co. . 300 Broadway.
SAUSSMEN wanted to work an abundance of
fresh Standard Dictionary leads. Call at Funk
_- Wagnaua Co.. 44 r«t East 23d st.
SALESMEN, experienced, for city trade spe- ;
dalty ladies nightgown house; commission
basis. Katz. 29 East 20th st. |
SALESMEN, experienced, for South and Middle
West; ladies' specialty nightgown house; com
mission basis Katz, 1"» East SOth st. i
SALESMEN throughout the United States to m l
automobile necessities; every owner wants our
protector; references required. Neil Tire &
Protector Co., 320 Broadway. .
SHIPPING CLERK, capable of taking charge
ship- department; must be familiar with
e>fcrt and Import shipping and possess executive
ebility; $1,300. Business Service Co., 300 Broad
way. ■• .-.
SHINGLES- Salesman for New- York State; ex
perienced man wanted: salary and expenses.
Credential Employment Corporation (established
1804). CiS Broadway.
SOLICITORS— Advertising, college and motor
boat, proposition; -'■ per cent. Boom 332. 1777
SPECIAL— General business experience, buying.
selling and -writing advertisements; well cdv
i cated American Gentile, under 85. Credential
! Employment Corporation. 2.".:: Broadway
STATISTICIAN Male; $2,000; must be an ac
countant and have executive ability. National
Employment Exchange. 47 West 42d st.
STENOGRAPHER XiaTel railroad contracting
experience: .*IS. National Employment Ex
chargc. 47 West 421 st.
STENOGRAPHERS — Several excellent oppor
tunities with New York concerns for experi
enced men of personality and ability; salaries
: ranging from $7SO to $1,040. Business Service
Co.. 3C9 Broadway. _^
STENOGRAPHER— •>" to •>■". years; mar
ried; B1.000; banking experience preferred. Na
tional Employ m_nt Exchange. 47 West -«2d St.
STENOGRAPHER mechanically inclined and
who .an read blue prints, for estimating de
jartmer.t; $1.04 1. Credential Employment Cor
poration (established 1904). 253 Broadway^
STENOGRAPHER, capable of taking charge of
advertising and doing good work; salary $20;
also minor places, paying good. Jupp Exchange. 1
-7 Nassau st. ',
STENOGRAPHER, bookkeeper (douV.le entry);
position pays $12 $■""> to bright man Call
after 30 Monday. Dichl Agency. ■' ' Nassau Et. ;
arch machine good penman: American. <;;; -
tile: simple doable entry books; salary ?7SO.
Credent.- 1 Employment Corporation, 253 Broad
TAILOR— Fine coal maker and bushelman. i
Fischer. 177 3d aye. j
WANTED -\Me bodied men for the U. S. Marine
Corps, between th« ag"s of 19 and 3T>; must be
native born or have But papers; monthly pay
$:.", to $09; additional compensation possible:
food, clothing, Quarters and medical attendance
free; after CO yeais' service can retire witn 75
per cent of pay and allowances; service on beard
_hip and ashore in all parts of the world. Apply
et UN West 42J St.. 101 Park Row, New York;
330 Fulton _:., Brooklyn, or 2SS Market St..
Newark. N. J.
WANTED— Man or woman v.ho can represent us
among foreign elements; splendid proposition;
good pay; eta;- previous <<ii<ric:. .Steady,
Box 6. Tribune Offlce.
WANTED— Bookkeepers and assistants by prac
tising public accountant; exchange for •com
plete double entry course. $15. Write for in
fcrmatlon, L. B « 8, Tribune. Office.
WE NEED a representative of v high order
(New York s;at«>t for a sound Investment prop-
I osltlon. Address li.. Uox 4. Tribune Oftice.
WELL KNOWN CLIENTS have requested us to
recommend steel castings draftsman, prefer
ably acquainted this line; will consider Funeral
tnechs raftsmen; salary J2O weekly to
jslart. Bl6ln_a Service Co.. "00 Broadwa
WHITE LEAD— Man to ;al;<- charge corroding
processes; 'Ju' of town; salary about $1,500.
Cr«deniial Employment Corporation. 2. r .3 Broad
w ay.
UNEMPLOYED^— Wny not go in moving picture
business? Outlay small; instalment plan; r>o
_it!onß procured free. B- &H. ilovin_ Picture
Co.. 136 v '■<■: 37th st.
YOUNG .MAN. 1.-20. with knowledge of stenog
raphy and t.'Pevrriting:, to assist generally In
oSkx ; good chance t or bright man. Address only,
-■■■■ salary expected and Qualifications, Win
ter. Bex 61. 127 Duane st.
VOI'XG MAN to learn trade; excellent oppor
tunity. Williams . ra> lag Co., 218 Fulton st.
VOUXO] MAN. college man preferred. for v os >-
tion with fine opportunity for advancement;
«ria;e experience, < •Umax, P.ox 2.">. Tribune office.
yOI.'XG MAN. high school graduate, as assistant
in a_vcrt__lnp deparunent large ma I turing
frm. Oe_«»tfcU Employment corporation lestab
llrhed l90_», •j;,:: Broadway.
A LADT viith pood conncriions. who desires
profitable adj_nct to present Income. Address |
A. G-. Pox 8. Tribune Office. |
Al SAMPLE HANDS, operator*, hand «<-v.-ers.
• n One- waists) and dreaees. Call all week.
Htephano Co.. 15 Wet 28th St.
ClAirT_-O\VEP.S.— Rose makers tor spilt
work, a«ok or piece: steady work; neat learn
f:t-. permanent employment. Weyl Co.. 7 Wash- ;
iiiC'on Place. !
ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS- Learners wanted on
5 flow ens ; i>a:d while learning. J. Marrow Rose
rv... ;j W<st iih rt. ____. I
ARTIFICL* FLOWERS— Makers wanted; work
pivn hr.f.if; Z'K>l pay: stead: work al! year. :
Barattinl « Toss). S_i» \Vert nroadway. '
ARTIFICIAL FI-dW-fRS — Rose makers, hranch
"J. 6 a . - learners; also work given home; good
jay. steady work. Gensteinzang Bros., 542 west
Broadway. - |
ART O-TcTa~l ''. FLOWERS — Makers fancy feath
ers; steady work: good pay. A. .Mil Co.. 03
V. t-M Houston St. ___:
'BOOKKEEPER, stenographer, .$1.".: peWnHnent
position: hours s:r,t» to .*.:.T<: publishing hi.use.
c_n. mm Dleiil A-enoV •■■ •--•>' -
nOOKKKEPER. double « ; ,i... gin nn'J-rstsn<!
ii.g -tenograpby preferred: |ir.: steady jwfl - j
ti.m. Kisi" iiiehi i-;»ehiii-e. ' '■• Nassau _t.
ASSEHS-rWomen canvass* only steady i
.... salary and commission. Ka;.o Co.. :
!<» Kast 14th st. ~_
CHAMBERMAID, who can sew. for inn ram- :
iiy 1:1 C'.ihen. N. V.; vac- |20. Miss Curry's
r.ureau. _-. Wtst _42d l_st.. Room .M
sitk-n; c- ■-, S« otcli, Oerrnan. Norwegian, Ens
lisn. Monday mornlnß. 990 o'clock. Winfnrop
I'vreau. 68 West 38th >'.
CHAMBBRMAIIJ — German; for connectlcue;
small family: no objection to green girl, BpeaK
ing Englißh. Astor Court EJmployment Bureau.
_* West ;«d_6i :
family, in city: references required. Ra«nus
sen'.K Bureau. 722 Ur -lngton »ve.;'--th st.
ramily: German. Finnish: Conned refer
ences; wages $22.. Astor Court Bureau. 24 We*t j
33d st. _; ,
_'HAMIVERMAIU-\VAITRi : :.sV. for out ■ I town I
private family: l-frrenceß required. Miss |
Cui-rv'__Bun_u. 2T. West 42.1 M.. -til floor t:t
CHAMBERMAID-WAITUESS, $22: < Ity; prl\-ate
family; f"-1 place. Rasmussen's Bureau, 1 —
I «-_iriKt.!n ay.. neat , r t sth tit.
t-pcakinc. for sn.all family; Sis S, hroeilei _ :
}>urt-au. IK<> lyexing^on a_v.. . r >S»!i iiudji!t;h *j' : _,
OJ!AiIi«KRMAII.r and WAITRESS, with K<>o_
reference*; k'^l v.«gc.c. Call Monday morning. ,
Scbroedcr's Bureau. 730 l_r_li>g'-<'n »ye.. &Sth and |
sHth »'«. _ .
CHXMIti-P.MAIIi^VV'AiTREfc^-.Vou.iß Wf.ll.all as I
... niald; Conuectlciit. Woman'- Domestic j
!.«ag»e. II Eist ■■■'■ i>■ Agency.
CHAMBERMAID ajid" waitress- s.,,_ii ram- ;
iiy- $22 $2.'.; city situation. Waldorf Buieau.
12 W**t 33d <■• No fee until placed.
COMI'ETENT cHII.rVs Nl'R C X; country: v.»?".« !
*'-„ p .■■■< -'f. ■'•■..'•. LJnlv« > •■■ Kn,,..|oynui.t
Bur.-j. '_S ... -' -■■■ •■ Miss IVekhaui. _ ,
COOK— <-otrif-eteni.iWlih highest rf/wtnw; *a.".; j
;ftwc_!»h: city, country. I_sniussen'_ liut.'au, ,
7V2 _p-In_toD ay., near fiSth fi
„„,.. country: -tnall hotel; w__e« $_:,; mid
' die « ? : -C-UUI rfcferred: steady. I id «ltua
tion Jot right perscn. Call, ilr_. Cooper _ Bu-I
ie_U. UJ7 ttU a'.e, 3sih bt.
COOK— German. Scotch. French. English: Prot
estant; $35; 'city. Wlnthrop Bureau, ti:. Weal
88th st. . . '.
COOK who will do laundry or assist with laun
' dry' ?2f>.-?30; city family. Miss Curry's Bu
r«au. _5 Weal 42d St.. fifth floor.
COOK— English if .Scotch cook, for Connecticut;
530. Woman's Domestic league, 11 East _3d
st. Agency.
COOK, for country; place, for one having good
' references. Miss Curry's Bureau, 25 West 42d j
■t.. fifth floor.
COOK. $80-?o5: must be competent, with best
references; for private family, in city. Ras
nwsscn's Bureau, 722 Lexington nvc. 56th st.
COOK WANTED; young woman: family two;
apartment; wages $_."»: bring references, Mrs.
Cooper's Bureau, C-7 Oth are., 38th St.
COOK who will do laundry work; good wages;
small family: short distance in country. 24
West 33d Ft. Astor court Bureau.
COOK, chambermaid, laundress and seamstress
wanted for Washington; must be experienced
mid have good references; good wages. Indus
trlal Association, P Bast 42d st. :
COOK, laundress, chambermaid, waitress. for
bachelor apartment: wages $25-S3O; must be
experienced and have good references. Indus
trial Association. 9 East 42.i st.
■ COOK WANTED; young woman; small family;
wages $■",'' : no washing; bring references. Call.
Mrs. Cooper's Bureau. 657 <<th aye.. 38th _
COOK and LAUNDRESS wanted at once: refer
ence required. Miss Curry's Bureau, 25 Weal
42d st . fifth floor.
LAUNDRESS wanted In private family;
city; $30. Hum's Agency. 130 East 29th.
COOK and LAUNDRESS, with good references,
for small family; good pay. Call Monday
morning. Schroeder's Bureau, 730 T^exlngton aye.
COOK and LAUNDRESS Family three; excel
lent position for good ciass girl with good ref
erence; $2."- $30. Waldorf Bureau. _ West 33d.
DIETITIAN for hospital In the West; fire posi
tion; good salary. Winthrop Bureau, Go West
38th st.
feathTS; good pay; Bteady work. J. G-rschno
wltx. 562-8 X West Broadway.
EXPERIENCED sewers and curlers on ostrich
feathers. J. Marrow. 689 Broadway.
FIRST d_A__ second laundress, for Brooklyn;
also second -laundress, *2."> yier month, for New
ark; immediately. H. Turner's Bureau. 34 West
4r.th St. '_ .
no wash; plain cooking; good references re
quired; $25. Bchroeder's Bureau, 730 Lexington
aye., 58th and BStfa its. _
GENERAL HOUSEWORKER. $20-525. with ref
erences; small private family, in city. Ras
n.ui=sen's Bureau. 722 Lexington aye.'. ,*Sth st.
ried couple; must be competent an 1 have good
> references; wages $29 to $".0. Industrial Associa
tion. 9 Ean 42d st. _______
garian, with good references, for small family;
$25. Call Monday, Schroeder's Bureau, 730 Lex
ington aye.
cooks, waitresses. Golden Rule Agency, 063
nth aye. Murray Hill __43.
GIRL wanted for general housework in small
private family; wages moderate. Call at 412
East J4oth st.. 3d aye. "L."
GIRL WANTED for general housework: apart
ment- family of three; Scotch or English pre
ferred. Apply Bowman. !!«> Bth aye., Brooklyn. •
GIRL or WOMAN to do light housework for
small family, in city; one that is looking for a
. _ood home; wages $20-422 month. Schatzberg _
Schatzberg. 181 East 3d 6t.
GIRLS for artificial flowers, piquets and farcy
leathers; good pay: steady work. A. Eent
kamp. 7 Washington Place.
GOVERNESS (nursery), English. German or
French, for one child; salary $35. Call im
mediately. Mrs, Plllsbury*e Bureau. 507 sth are.
i HEAD LAUNDRESS for Catholic rectory; $30; in
city: references required; also an assistant;
! $20. Knickerbocker Employment Bureau, oS3»>th
HOUSEKEEPER for city school; ?40. Call im
mediately. Mrs. PiUsbury*e Bureau. 507 sth
I aye. .
HOUSEKEEPER (young) for sanatorium in city.
•Wlnthrop Bureau, 65 West 38th ft.
HOUSEWORK. — General bouseworker for Larch
mont; wages $22: upstairs work; assist wash
j ing; no cooking. Astor Court Bureau, 24 West
33d at.
HOUSEWORK.- Genera] houseworker in apart
ment, business people; two in family: sleep
out; wages *25. Astor Court Bureau. 24 West
33d st.
1 for __ WORK. — General houseworker (German)
for ' fssaic; four in family; no washing. wages
$22. .Astor Court Bureau. 24 West 33d st.
H O U S E W O R X . — General houseworks r for
Gloversvllle, N. V. : wages. $30; references re
quired; small family. Astor Court Bureau, 24
West 33d ft.
HOUSEWORK. GeneraI bouoeworker for two
business ladles; small apartment; sleep out;
I references required. Astor Court Bureau, 24
; West o.':>l st.
HOUSEKEEPER. $M», also threo waitresses and
useful man: city instituie. Call early Monday.
j 'Phone 19— S Plaza. Morrow's Bureau, 721 Lex
ii pton aye.. corner r>sth ft.
HOUSEWORKER — Three In family: no lauidry;
city: $25. Mi.-s FitzGerald's Employment Bu
reau. 50S sth aye.: entrance on 42 st.
HO I ; EWO R X KRS (three) ; must cook well;
wages $30; no washing: also on« for $25 and
one for $22. Morrow's Bureau, 721 Lexington
aye.. corner sSth st.
HOUSEWORK Eli, who has references, for gen
.-., housework, wanted at once. Miss Carry's
Bureau, 25 West 42d st.. fifth floor.
HOUSEWOKKERS, $20-425; references; all na
tionalities; city. Rasmufsen's Bureau, 722
Islington aye.. near BSth ft.
1 kDY'S MAID Must assist light chamberwork;
"country; cue lady: $30. Miss FitzOerald's Em
r'.oymrr.t Bureau. 503 6th aye.
1 ».DY'S MAlD— Must understand hairdreaslng;
good seamstress. Miss FitzGerald's Employ
'< ment Bureau.; entrance on 42d si.
I.A!>Y'S MAID, thoroughly experienced in pack
Ins. sowing, etc.; references; wages $30. Uni
versal Employment Bureau. 28 East 2.".i! St.
I LADY'S i NT. .IP, $23-S3O; city or country: com
pctent maid; at once. Rasmussen's Bureau,
I 722 Leiington a\.- . near sStl st.
j LADY'S MAID- Musi be good seamstress; also
chambermaid; city now, country later. Tele
! phone 1926 Plasa. Morrow's Bureau, 721 Lex
inston aye . corner 58th st.
LADY'S 1 MAID— Any nationality; must be able
to cut at .1 fit: city; ?::•». Miss FttzGerald'a
Employment Bureau, 803 sth aye ; entrance on
42d st
_____ - —
LAUNDRESS assist chamberwork; city; good
references required. Astor Court Employment
Bureau, 24 West 33d at .
LAUNDRESS, assist:' chamberwork: two In fare
i!y. in country: good references required, .istor
C(u'rt Bureau. _ __j___!_ si.
LAUNDRESS, German; assist chamwrwork ; two
in family; in country. Astor Court Bureau, 24
West 33d st. .
dress; willing to do chamberworh part or week;
i : -, city. Woman's Domestic League, 11 East
:',r.<i st. Agency.
NURSE— German nurse for two children; must
have reference. We man's Domestic League, 11
East 33d Et. Agency. _
XL' RSE for one child of seven, to go to Europe;
must be experienced and have oo<l refer
er.t-os. Industrial Association. 9 East 42d st.
NURSE. Protestant^ for growing children; ref
erences necessary. Miss Curry's Bureau, 25
V. . Bt 4_d st.. fifth floor.
NURSE— Competent child's nurse wanted at
once. Miss Curry's Bureau, 25 West I2d si .
fifth floor. ;
NUKSE for~l\vo children, aged 3 and 7; entire
charse of younßest: 52.",. Waldorf Bureau, 12
■■• ist :t:'.o st. No '.•■■• until pla< e<i
NURSE— Two children, ." and 7 years; for Nor
folk Vk.; *■'> $;.r.. Miss KitzGerald's Emp
loyment Bureau: 503 sth aye. : i entrance <m 4-.d
NURSE for >boyj oft eight; assist liKbt chatnber
; work; ■}-'• Waloorl Bureau. 12 West 53d st.
j Xo fee until placed. .-—'\
! Vl"JßSE"—l>rinan. Scot.-li. "English French: :i -"' :
estanl Wi!ithr.;p Bureau. 85 WVsl st.
; M 1..-l-:i:V GOVERN ESS-r Refined Riii; for Hire
rblldren; Protestant: Killing •■■ go to country^
references personal. Woman's Domestic League.
jI I Easi 3"d ft. Agent-y.
Ij_!"FICE *ASSISTANT,A SSISTAN'T, typist, assistant !io<»k- |
i keeper; $10 steady situation; neat, cultured
I Kirl only considered. Miss Dichl Exchange, 'M
j XHSsau st. ; ,
OFKICH3 f ASSISTANT (oiie understanding type-
I " writing) end assistant on books; $10: Christian
| only. ''a!!. QiehJ ASency. 99 Nassau st.
I PARLORMAID, for the city; young, "eat wom
an ivages $23 ' r-i*ersal Employment r>"Ji"au,
28 East 28d .-' Miss Peckham.
SERVANT wanted. having references, for do
mestic serxice. at Miss Curry's Bureau. 2..
w<-st t2d si . fifth floor. _ i
__'ENOGItAPI_KRb— We have six uptown posi
tions paying $*: others paying more, up and
dewn town; also beginners. Jupp Kxcban.e. .•;.
ICassau st. _ |
STENOGRAFHER Uirl with college education]
pppfem i commercial house; $12-sl4: Chris
tian only considered. Call Di hi Ex. hange 99
i Nassau -'
STENOGRAPH_R;|I3-fls week; Smith Premier;
* typewriter; understand niins. Cjil! immediately.
I Mr)- I'iilflmry'H I'.iii.au. 307 ,'ith _aj'._ _
j STENO<;RAPHKn experiei • $8;
adi-anced beginner taken; git I, over la years
!,f ape; • ■ >ii, I, Miss Dlehl Exchanj '.'.
j N-.-ls-.j-l Kl.
KTR.VOGttAIMU-lt. kkeeiier, double snt'-y;
$15; position William et.j good hours; Btea.ly
:...sition <>rr<-r-i) t" right party; Christian. l>iehl
I i_x<'linn(?e. 'M ■- BUM
: ■ TKNi >•;>■> i'■ !• Serreiorial sit lon, well
Ciijiatfil. $!>>; another firm requires fienoß- |
■ ■i, ,. >,...- land bookkeeping most essential). $18 up. j
I'Jnpn Rxchannw.^ 87 •,:.-■ ii st^
,-.,., , ; , it i.■ fo Montflalr: rout In family;
.<«,U $l'H; ehambermald-waltress. -$_.. Mibs j
FityG.rald^' Kwiployment Vurcau. .'.<!.'{ sta aye;
ontranc** on -!2iJj^k _
'I Wo WAITHEHSES, oxpf-ri^i'icr-l lunch and dairy
restaumnt; iUw ..-I, girl. Golden Rule Kin
ploymetit Ap-ncy. i ..a oth ay» Murra I«11 •'•><•'•
i -i fi 1. MAID Young woman, must sew well,
'. „ ,; f(1 ,i maid country: Protestant preferred;
$25. Woman's Domestic League, 11 i_»t SSd »•• ,
WAVTED— , •..,,, ,i i, imm< i- and lioiii.ii.ts
',„ i.,,' „- nlffhticowna: Me l*y; «'" parlor
fn.tory. Kat«, -'' En«t - '■"' st. \
v hITRBf-'S Scandinavian; for Connecticut;
two In family; no objection to green girl. Ab
to, Coiirt Bureau. 24 West 33J it, |
Swedish Employment Bureau,
m^Piaza. 716 LEXINGTON AYE., ™12_3SS_S
i;.\ I'Kl' NT* NO ON-p; is ACCEPTBP U N L Ki=S» WELL [!F:'?MMKNP^I |
Miss _MlaiX»g_a J __?ets Sx__L± - bl--. : 's
lOi_._?ea,-cL of Employment
FOR SELECT HEL.P— AH Nationalltie-.
25 West 42d St., nSTeax- stO_- Aye.
(CENTRAIi BUII-PING) "i floor.
Tel. IMP , Pi > ant
All References InvestiKatefl. '- -• ■ ■'■'■■ -
WAITRESS— City; two in family; $30; excellent
reference*; must understand her duties. Miss
FitzOerald's Employment Bureau. 503 sth aye.;
entrance on 42d St. ■■■-• :
WAITRESS— Two in family; $-"t<>; chambermaid, ;
$-."■; city; excellent references. Miss FllzGer
ald'R Employment Bureau., 60- sth aye.; entrance
on 42d st.
WAITRESS PARLORMAID, for small family in
Goahen. N. Y. ; wages $21). Miss Curry's I>u- ;
reau. 'jr. West 42d St.. fifth floor. '
.__ ■ |
BOOKKEEPER, young man, having: eight
years' experience, desires permanent posi- j
tion; salary JIS. ' Geo. Htadelman, room 1,701. i
48 Cedar st.
BOY (IS), high school graduate, possessing ex -,
cellent Office experience. good penman, accurate j
figurer, wishes reliable position. Haber, 105 East ;
UWth «f. •
CHAUFFEUR wishes position; private family;
city or country; careful driver; do own re
pairs; references. Address G. Shaw, Red I
Hook. Dutchess Co.. New York.
CHAUFFEUR desires position: careful driver;
sober nnd reliable; references. Address Har
old Brown. Edwards. N. Y.
CHAUFFEUR. — Italian- American; careful j
driver: city or country; can make own repairs; ;
references. Tony Assam. 74 Degrav. St., Brook
lyn. _
CHAUFFEUR. — Young man wishes position;
Strictly first class mechanic: careful driver;
good references: country preferred. Address
I- P.. 82 Avenue A (book store).
CHAUFFEUR. — Colored; four years' experience;
first class references. George, 2W West 6_ st.
CUTTER— Practical tailor, desires position as
cutter or good assistant. Schecr, 203 West
14Sth St.; telephone. 4068 Audubon.
DRAFTSMAN. — Mechanical; experienced; some
idea of structural drafting; moderate salary.
: Draftsman. 420 East ICth st. ._
FIREMAN. — Lons; experience; can do heavy
firing-; can tend to engines and pumps, do i
pipe fitting. Address Grunwald. 130 _ B_ st. :
MAX wishes a position in a factory, or at any- i
thing; handy with tools: day or night work.
E. Wled'inann. 73ti DeKalb avp, Brooklyn.
OFFICE MAN. about 40. now employed, seeks j
more remunerative position; long experience:
few changes. Charles Foster. 557 West 148 th st.
POULTRYMAN. — An expert, practical experi
ence: can handle the largest plant and give
undoubted references. Address W., care
OdfU's Agency, 82.~i 6th aye.
"TECHNICAL MAX. managerial, economic and [
mechanically bent: an organizer; accustomed
I to responsibility; fifteen years in heavy work;.
let me show you my worth as superintendent or
manager; permanent or temporary engagement;
j communicate immediately. C. T. A.. Box 5,
; Tribune Office. —
WANTED. — Position as manager of gentleman's
farm. March 1 or April: German-American,
' with small family; experience in breeding and
; raising all farm stock, growing of crops, vege
tables and fruits; not afraid of hard work; would
i board heir; best of reference. Address W. \V.,
Box 433. Rye, _ Z.
WANTED. — By bank clerk (age 83), anxious
to make a change of business, position with
1 a reliable house; would travel. R. H., Box
3, Tribune Office.
WELL i educated young man. aged 25, desires
position requiring ability and responsibility.
F. W. W-. 20 Willow St.. Brooklyn.
WORK wanted at anything by young man;
willing and obliging: good references. Ad
dress H. Petrenz. 524 East 83d st.. New York
"YOUNG MAN. 22. as general office assistant:
has knowledge of stenography and typewriting;
references. M. Brill. 234 East 102 d St.
YOUNG MAN (18), willing, desires position.
with chance for advancement. Schild, 30_
j _______■__■ _. ;
YOUNG MAN. educated, good penman, well ;
recommended. Mason and Odd Fellow, seeks
position. Win. Donaldson, 253 West T4th st. ;
YOUNG MAN. mulatto; as porter, messenger] '
elevator, switchboard, anything; references.
Druscher, S9 West i;u°>th st.
BRIGHT YOUNG GIRL would like to learn
•_'..,,,■> trade. Address Mohl. '-'24 East 7.", ii:
REFINED German lady, highly educated, de
sires to travel in Europe with refined Ameri
can people, as companion, secretary or govern
ess; excellent references. 11. v. i?. 1000, Tribune
Uptown Office. 1."C4 Broadway.
STENOGRAPHER-— Given opportunity I will
surely make good; have had both experience
and education necessary. Please address Miss j
! Sherman, Tribune Office.
STENOGRAPHER. — Up-to-date American girl j
wants position quickly; good value for
money; efficient, competent and reliable. Miss
Terhune. P. O. Box 1251.
; _OUNG LADY, of refinement and intelligence,
lias had experience as a retail store cashier
and Clerk, desires similar position requiring
tact, neatness, accuracy and refinement; refer
on ces .Vliln V. K. 81. Boy 14. Tribune Ofnc.
BUTLER— English ; thoroughly understands
Ins duties; excellent references; go any
: where. Miss Margaret Smith's Bureau, 23
Weal *2d st 'Phone 3039 Bryant.
BUTLERS -English, Swiss. German: also useful
men: investigated references. Waldorf Bureau,
112 West 33d st. 'Phone, 300 Madison.
German, young, butler, useful cook, laun
dress; both thoroughly competent; trood ref
erences; wages. 550. Osterbtrg's Bureau, 710
Lexington aye.; v 1., 1055 — Plaza.
BUTLER. VALET. — First class; three years'
excellent references; $50- S6O; city or coun
try, Industrial Association. 0 East 42d st.
' 'Phono 2993 Murray Hill.
COACHMAN — Man and wife, coachman and
useful wife, chamber work or cook. 230 East
36th St.
COACHMAN — Neat appearance; willing, oblig
ing; strictly sober; single; experienced in city;
thoroughly understands his duties; best city ref
erences, written and personal; city or country.
F. P.. Tribune Uptown Office, 1364 Broadway. tss
COACHMAN. — Single. English, desires situa
tion: first class driver; 'cross-country rider;
life experience taking care of high clas«s
horses; total abstainer; highest personal refer
| ence. John, care Ode.ll's Agency. 825 6th aye.
COACHMAN — COOK, — Young Scotch couple;
: man ccachman; useful all around; wife ex
| cellent cook, laundress, houseworker; excellent
i references; $50; country preferred. Industrial
Association, It East 42,1 st.
COACHMAN, GARDENER.— SingIe : thoroughly
experienced in care of fine horses, harness,
carriages, furnaces; willing useful, sober, re
liable: eight years' persona, references; employer
can be seen. Francis, Tribune Uptown Office.
1364 Broadway.
man couple; speak English: man coachman,
gardener: wife houseworker. competent cook, ex
cellent laundress; any distance. Tel. 1028 —
Plaza. Morrow's Bureau, 721 Lexington aye..
, corner 58th St.
COACHMAN. — Sjngie; English: first class driver;
'cross country rider life experience taking
care high class horses; total abstainer; thor
oughly reliable, highest personal reference.
Coachman, Tribune Uptown Office, 1364 Broad
way. !
! CHAUFFEUR or COACHMAN. — Competent,
j it worth} middle aged man: firs: class refer
! ences written and personal. James Milne. 129
Garfield Place. Brooklyn.
COLORED MAN. In » kitchen; city or country.
Address or call I-:.. 248 I West '■ 134 th __.__,
COUPLE — English; butler and valet: w;lf>- first
class cook: Al references: city or country.
< Miss Margaret Smith's Bureau. 25 West 42d St.,
j Room 207. Phone. 30." fl — Bryant.
COUPLE.— An excellent German couple, at pros
em employed: can take full charge of house
hold: man butler, etc.; wife cook; $60. Albany
Durea v . 20 Bast 33d st Tel >."> Madison Sq.
COUPLE German : neat; wife cook and laun
dress; man outside, work, care of horses, gar
den, etc.; references. Herman, Mathewson Bu
reau, SIS 6th aye. Tel., * 378 ' Bryant.
FARM MANAGER. Married, no children; ex
perienced In all branches: horses, cattle, ma
chinery; five years' reference last place. Car
penter's Bureau, 154 <>th aye.
my superintendent (married); has had charge
i of my farm seven years; expert in breeding of
livestock; a reliable man In every respect. D.
Anderson, Greenwich, Conn.
! FARMER, married; wife good butter maker;
will board help; s»n good worker: eight
I ... reference. Address B, car« ( Well's Of
r,,f. <:.. 6th aye. _
GARDENER.-:— Scotch, married, no children:
on gentleman's country place: good on vege
tables Bowers, cold frames, etc.; wages, '•■•" !■• ;
$60; cottage. Walker, can Odell's Agency, 825
nth aye. _
GARDENER.— Hr ad; experienced greenhouse,
flowers and kitchen garden, trees, lawns,
shrubs; married, no children: wages $70. :
Maynurd. «'i___O___l_ Agency. s _" IJ.l J. i L_J?^T' — i
GARDENER Single, understands flowers, I
plants, vegetable", cold frames i>o.«i refer- j
„. „ .Max. tare i>,i.u..s Agency. 823 «th aye. j
married; landscape work a specialty; extended |
experience in inaiiMgriiiriit of country estates, ,
greenhouses, Braperles. roses and orchids; ten ,
years In Is I position; unexceptionable referenres. j
Address L M. care c.f Alexander M Connell,
Florist, Windsor _Arca__'-. 571 sth aye.
GARDKNKIt.— North of Ireland Protestant;
greonhnuseii, tegetable garden, grounds, etc.;
fifteen years" reference as t<> capability, etc. ,
Gardener. 251 6th aye, hlte ton< I- -list j
Island. ;
r;.\ (tl 'i:\l-.r: Thorcughl! understands \ewitt
\.Us fruit- flower! shrubbery, trees lawns
and greenhouse* we can recommend. I_tnbolt
* Crowe Bureau •'>■«:. Bth arc.
GARDENER FLORlST.— Married: orchids, roses,
chrysanthemum«. all kinds of cut flowers, j
greenhouse, landscape. lawn« h1»"> vegetables; |
$.'.(• |go mid cottage. Cooper's Agency. »1.*7 ' ; '" j
live., Wtji it _
GARDENER FLORIST (head) — Thoroughly
experienced In managing ■ «ell kept place;
hothouses, nil outsld< work; sober and relld- i
ble. Gardener, 33S Wast B6tb st. I
GARDENER.— German; marri_<l: no family:
take charge sentleman's country place;
flowers, vegetables, frames, trees, grapevines,
lawns; best references. K. G-. care Wolz. 35
2d aye.
GARDENER (German); middlo atrcd: life a.- \
perience in all branches; greenhouses, crape- '
vines, vegetables, etc.; also poultry, stock, etc.; |
would board help; references. Gardener, __- [
East 11th_st. .
GARDENER and superintendent on gentlem.in'a
private estate; thoroughly understands growing .
fruit flowers, vegetables, under class and out- .
Bide; care of lawns, road making an<l general :
' landscape farming and farm stock. Address C.
11. M., care A. McConnell, florist. 671 nth aye.
couple; strong, active; man gardener, co»cn
! man. useful: wife excellent cook; assist ironing;
first class references; $*>: city or country. In |
dustrial Association. ft East 42-1 »t.
GARDENER. — family: Scotch: with a wide
experience; conversant with landscaping. Don
i aid. KHlott'B Seed Store. 42 V— st.
I GARDENER.- Single; German; en a private
place. Paul. 42 V— ay st.
I GARDENER.— small family: knows
his calling thoroughly; on a private place.
| Wood. Win. Elliott & Sons. 42 Vesey st. _
GARDENER.— Bteailah; married: no family; un
derstands his business in all its branches; g-o«ig -o«i i
reff.-ences. William H. Humphries. Cornwall- ,
: on Hudson. X. V.. care of Hahn.
! GARDENER -With two years' best references
from last place; $45 a month. Scnroeder's
Bureau, 730 Lexington aye. Tel. 6783 Plaza.
L.AUXDRESS.— Married; no fam
ily highest references as to ability and char
acter. G. M.. 845 West 30th st. j
GARDENER (HEAD)— By practical man; ex
perlenced in flower and kitchen garden, trees,
shrubs, lawns, greenhouses, etc.; aged "8; mar
ried; one child; references. Address F. Rand.
; 251 Kllton St.. Dorchester. Mass.
HOUSEMAN — experienced; superior city
recommendations; understands steam, elec
; tricity elevator, vacuum cleaning system; pol
' ish floors: temperate; anywhere. Trustworthy,
1858 West 36th st.
HOUSEMAN. — Useful; experienced; superior city
recommendations; understands steam, elec
tricity, elevator, vacuum cleaning system; polish
| floors;' temperate; anywhere. Trustworthy, 253
• West 3»th st. . .
JANITOR.— CoIored couple; experienced; uteam
"heat apartment or offices; highly itcommmilMi
Leger, 437 West 926 st
JAPANESE COOK, with best references, for
small or large family, iliki. '2 Nassau Court,
: Brooklyn, _ _
MAN wants farm to take charge or work on
shares. Thomas Morgan, 513 Flushing aye..
1 NURSE, ATTENDANT. — Reliable, competent,
strong man wishes to care for invalid or In
sane person: many years' experience; best ref
erence*. Address John Stalter, Tribune Uptown
' Office. 1864 Broadway.
1 POULTRYMAN' — Understands Incubators, brood
ers: thoroughly experienced; sober, reliable;
best reference. Carpenter's Bureau. 154 Gth aye.
Tel. Chelsea!
USEFUL. MAN. — work: care of horses,
cows, chickens, etc.; gockl references; wages.
I $25. Carl, care of Mathewson Bureau. Sl_ Oth
'■ aye. Tel. 37S Bryant.
and Swedish girls, with best references, at
' Pchrotdcr's Bureau, 730 Lexington aye. Tel.
073;; Plaza. _
CHAMBERMAID and waitress. German.
speaks some English; four years' reference
! last employer; young, neat', willing. Mat
thewson Bureau, 818 t)th ■▼« Tel. "78 Bryant.
CHAMBERMAID. — Thoroughly experienced;
Scotch girl; excellent city reference; $25;
particularly neat, superior maid. Waldorf Bu
, reau. 12 West .".3d st. 'Phone 800 Madison.
neat Swedish girl; very best references; $23.
' '"all Albany Bureau, 20 East a3d st. Tel. 5255
Madison Square. ;
young woman; understands salads, wines, etc.,
personal references; city or country. Mrs.
Cooper's Bureau. t>."7 6th aye. . 38th st.
girl: understands her work thoroughly; best i
: city references. Osterberg*s Bureau, 71- Lex- j
Ington aye. Tel. ! -Plaza. _
COOK. — Finnish; neat and clean and an ex
cellent cook; best references. Schroeder's
Bureau. 730 Lexington aye. Tel. 6733 Plaza. _
COOK. — An excellent cook; can make soups.
desserts, etc.; city or country; very beet
references: $2.". McColluxn's Bureau, 13u East
; 21>th. or Tel. 5706 Madison Sq.
COOK. — Well up in all branches: no laundry
\ work; $30: excellent city reference. Waldorf
Bureau, 12 West 33d st. 'Phone 300 Madison.
COOK -First class; very best reference; also
waitress or chambermaid; capable young Fin
i nish girls. Jussila Bureau. GM> Lexington aye.
I Tel. 44. >:: Plaza.
COOK. First class in all branches; where |
kitchenmaid is kept: excellent references. !
Miss Margaret Smith's Bureau, 25 West 42U
si. Phone. 8039 — Bryant.
' COOK. — thoroughly competent wom
an; excellent reference; city or short dis- ;
I tance in the country. Miss Margaret Smith's
Bureau, 25 West 42d st., Room 207. Phone,
| mi:;'.) — Bryant.
COOK, German; first class; young; good
baker; city or country; best references;
wages. $40. Call at Lang & Boecherer Co.
Bureau, 43. 45 and 47 West 33d at.
COOK. — Swedish; first class; all branches;
$40; good reference; neat, clean: good man
ager. Waldorf Bureau, 12 West 33d st. 'Phone
800 Madison.
COOKS (3).— Excellent; Swedish: wages, $35,
$40 and $00. respectively; best references.
Osterberg's Bureau, 716 Lexington aye. Tel. j
1065 — Plaza. _
COOK. — An excellent cook; German; neat;
competent in every branch; no washing; best
references; $30. Albany Bureau. "l» East 33d.
I Tel. 5255 Madison Square
COOK. — First class: young woman; well recom
" mended; understands marketing; 535 to $40.
'• Mrs. Collier's Agency, 122 West 23d st.
COOK.— Assist laundress; Scotch Protestant:
neat, competent young woman; good references;
country preferred. M.. Mrs. Collier's Agency. ;
122 West 23d st , |
COOK.- young, neat, good plain cook; would |
assist laundress: $22 to $25. W.. Hofmayers
Bureau, 153 Watt 23d st. Telephone 1804 Chel- i
COOK. Young Scotch; thoroughly experienced I
' a!) branches: willing assist ironing: 3 years'
excellent references; city or country; $2. to $oc>. ,
Industrial Association. >> Easi 42-1 st.
COOK Plain laundress; English Protestant
woman; family of adults; country, reference.
Williams, 217 West 19th st, third floor, front.
COOK — Finnish: thoroughly experienced, with i
first class references; $45. Schroeder's Bu
reau, 730 Lexington aye. Tel, 8733 Pisa
| COOK Understands all branches, soups, meats, j
boning, entrees, mousses; spun sugar candy i
baskets; all desserts; excellent references; city
or country. 11., Miss Fitzgerald's Bureau, 808 |
6th aye.. corner 42d st.
COOK — First class; understands German, French
and American cooking; excellent baker; long
experience; has friend c ham barmaid and wait
ress; city, country; both highly recommended
Morrow's Bureau, 721 Lexington ay»., cor. 58th.
COOK. — Capable woman; understands all
branches of cooking; will go to country. M. :
\\\. Miss FitzGerald's Bureau, 508 sth aye.; I
entrance on ; 42d st- _
COOK, &c. CHAMBERMAID, .c. —Two Danish
girls; one cook, excellent laundress, good
baker; other chambermaid, good •eamstress,
i likos children; city, country. Tel. 1828 — I'laza. j
j Morrow's Bureau, 721 Lexington aye.. comer
58th st •
COOK AND LAUNDRESS. — Friend chamber
maid ami waitress; good reference*; to go
together. Bchroeder's Bureau, 730 Lexington
COOK and LAUNDRESS. By Finnish girl; best
of references; wages $25. weid'a Bureau, 324 ,
Columbus aye Tel 7894 Schuyler.
WAITRESS By two Scotch Protestants; long
experience: both highly recommended ; city, j
; country- Morrow's Bureau. 721 Lexington aye.
comer 58th st. 'Phone Plaza — 1926
DAY'S WORK. — Respectable German woman;
washing. Ironing, cleaning; by day <>r week;
! also assists In housework. Wenat, 66 West
101 st ">t . ground Boor.
FRENCH XI'RSE — <:•••• '1 sewer young, neat
and willing; experienced: speaks some Kng
llsh: will ir«> country or city. Mathewson Bu
! reau, 818 Rth aye Tel. Bryant. _
HOI SEKEEPER. Middle aged woman: care
ful; will do ail work; good cook: wash and j
Iron; will work cheap. McCotlum'g Bureau.
1 130 t-:;»*<t 29th : Tel. 5706 Madison Sq.
HOUSEKEEPER. — A refined, reliable woman,
with li'tii girl 5 years old. desires position; I
1,. .... references H. s. 42 East 40th St.,
Bayonne. N. .1 _ |
HOrSEWORKErt. -- FARMER. &c. — Finnish
couple; man generally useful, understands
farming; woman good «cnriai house worker; bo
children. Jusslla Bureau, 080 Lexington' ave. _
HOUSEWORKER. —By woman, as rook and
liiundrrss; wages not mo much as stead) i '•> ■.
<it v or country. Mrs. Cooper's Bureau, «i."> 7 t; th
aye.. 3>tl_st._
HOUSEWORKER. — Good; strong, young, neat
German girl; best references; con cook, wash ]
and Iron. McCollum'a Bureau, 130 Bast 20th. }
Tel. 5706 Madison Sq. j
lfoi:SK\V'»r:"kr_R— Wages $25; best of r,-f,r
rnre's; good cook; < ■<■■ Lo do sewing. Weld's j
Bureau. 321 Columbus aye. Tel, 7St>l Schuy
ler.* _ _.
„,., „ VVOUKKR — ({.- .uung Finnish girl;
best of references "'ity " : - country; wanes
jcir, to $18 Weld's Bureau, 321 Columbus aye.
Tel. TWM Schuylw. _
HOUSEWORKER— CoIored plrl; place In I .■• . «■• :
homo night*. -'■_ Weal I7lh st % , on flight up. ■
r«ont cast *ld«\ -
iIaDY'S MAID — First class; seamstress: Nor
wrgian girl good packer and traveller; best
city references. (taterh - Bureau. "If. Lcs-
In.ti.ii avi Tf|._; .- Play.a.
i \! Ni'iU'--- —By Finnish girl; excellent refer
'„ ... «hlrti and collars; •.miiihk to gc any
where- ragea $2.".. Weld 1 , Bureau, 324 Colum
bus aye, Tel. 7564 SchuyUr.
Spend Your
_ _--_ __-_ _■_. AN EASTER CRUISE OF
-l * mk - F * *n" York, THURSDAY, MARCH 24,
I/______i_Afl - by the superb Twin-Screw Steam-
V3C311011 m shin MOLTKE, 12,500 TONS.
Rl?__>l_flTf_/_ This vessel is Provided with the comFort and
BLK!VHJLI/% luxury of a first clas3 Hotel: "Wireless en-
CT THOMAS ables constant communication with horns or
_>*. *""__? business during entire trip; ample tims at each
SAN JUAN port for sightseeing.
/_ _/ A !_J A Also Summer Cruises to Norway. Spt_sergen. !c.idnd, Etc.
UrlWrlllrl \\RITI FOR it:\\n hook-.
4.-, Boon by Quebec S. S. Co.'s Fast TwlnfScrew Steamer
BERMUDIAN. 5,530 tons, sailing every Wednesday at 10 k. M.
Perfect Berrie* Wirelrss Telegraphy— P. il~*> K*x!s.
Ticket" Staterooms and All Information
245-1200 Broadway, 649 Madison Aye.,
553 Fifth Aye., New York.
70 Spring and Summer Tours to Europe and the Passion Play
(Pros-nun N". ''* '
FALL. RIVER LINK. Via Newport and Fall
River. Lv. Pier 19. N. H, ft. . Warren St.. I
1 week days and _unday». 5:0O P. M. Strs
I on each.
NORWICH LINK Via New London. I.v Tier
40 N. R.. ft. Clarkson St.. week daya, .">""
P. _.; Pier 70. E. R.. ft. E. 2Zd 81 . «::«> ;
P. M. StTa CHESTER W. CHAPIN and Ntl'.V !
NEW HAVEN LINE. For New Haven. Hart
! ford, Springfield and North, week da;. •» only.
Leave Pier 2S. B. It.. 3:00 P. M. Str. RICHARD
pp.— '
Tickets, staterooms and lnforrr :at!on at City j
TU-Ket Office 171 Broadway, near Cortui r>t. \
Tel»'pho.i" .'.121 Certlandt. Also at X. I.
Transfer and Tourist Office* and at Piers.
te great variety ol
•tyle and price.
T. O. SEL.L.EV*.
lit Fulton St.
LOST. — Black fur muff, probably at the Brook
lyn Bridge station of the subway. Finder
will be well rewarded and no questions asked
if muff is delivered at the Tribune Offi« c.
' —
BANKBOOK So 462.461, of •■;■■ Union Dime
Savings Bank Is missing- Any person hav
i ing a claim to it is hereby called upon to pre
sent the same within ten days, or submit to
■ having said passbook cancelled and ■ new
line Issued.
BANKBOOK No. 536.852 of •■'■■■■ Union Dime
Savings Bank la missing. Any person havins
a claim to it is hereby called upon to pro.^nt
; the same within ten days or submit to having
said passbook cancelled and a pew one i33_e(t.
BANKBOOK n,i. -40,171 of the Union Dime
Savings Bank is missing. Any person having
! a claim to it is hereby called upon to prvsen:
; the same within I'll days or submit to hr.vlns
! said passbook cancelled and a n<-w one Issue!.
LOST.— Bankbook No. 215.883, Harlem Savings
Bank. Payment stopped. Kindly return to
' bankj
LOST. Passbook No. 110.2_y, lamed by the
Union Square Savings Bank, formerly the In
stitution 'or the Savings of Merchants' Clerks.
Kinder will please return It to the banK.
I.OST Bankbook Sou t>*4,4_7. Bank for Savings.
280 4th aye.. Xew York. Payment storped.
Please return book to bank.
LOST— Bankbook So. 531.609. Bank for Saving-.
2_o 4th aye.. New York. Payment stopped.
Please return book to bank.
— Bankbook No! 964.M6\ Bank for Savings,
_S» 4th aye.. Xew York. Payment stopped.
I"l»asp return book to hank
LOST OB STOLEN-— Bankbook No. 632.011 of
the German Savings Bank in the City cf New
York corner 4th a\>-. and 14th st., Issued to
1 Rose Gilbert. All persons are cautioner! against
negotiating the same. If not return* to the
bank on the 10th day of March. 1010, a duplicate
will ■•» issued.
! LOST OR STOLE?) — Bankbook Xo. .-.'.'1f,.--, of
the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank. Pay
1 ment stopped. Please return book to bunk.
: No. r.l Chambers st.
LOST OR STOLEN. — Bankbook Xo. 563.716 of
' the Kmigrant Industrial Savings Bank. Pay
ment stopped. Please return book to bank.
i No. 51.Chambers st.
I 14STII ST. .'IT West. — Handsome room! elec
tricity, tiled baths, choice table; everything
! new, first class, near Broadway subway ex
, press; moderate.
WANTED, by __ntl«man. room and board
with private family; references exchanged.
Board. 23^7 Broadway.
I ~™ ~ ~—^^— — "**^^^ m "" m ~" **^ *
PARK WE.. MS. — Large parlor and bedroom.
i in a private family, for two men. Breakfast
; If ilt-=ire'i.
WAVEBLET PLACE, 10.".— Nicely furnished
1 room, with private bath; hotel service; ten
dollars per week.
~~ PUBLIC _ notices.
XOTICE IS HEREBY liIVKN that an applica
tion of The New York Edison Company has been
' made to the Public Service Commission for the
! First District praying that the Commission ap-
Drove an additional issue of stock amounting to
the sum of $5,349,400. to be issued forthwith to
retire bonds issued under a mortgage made by
; -i h,. Edison Electric illuminating Company of
, New York to the Central Trust Company of New
' York dated March 14. ISSO, amounting to the
' sum of $4,312,000 and to pay Off and retire
bonds Issued under a mortgage made by the Mt.
Morris Electric Light Company to the central
: Trust Company of New York, dated S<-pt.»j!ib'-r
•• 1880, amounting to the sum of susri"""*. and
for the purpose of discharging said mortgage*.
; ai, as set forth in the petition of saul company
! verified February 23. 1910.
Anil the saM application will be heard by tti*
caid Commission at Its hearing room. No. 154
Nassau street. Borough of Manhattan, city "t
■^Yiv York, ■■•■• the •* ■ '■■ ) day of. March. 1010.
| at "■:'«■» o'clock In the afternoon.
Dated. N>w York. February -•"• 191 P.
LADY'S MAID. — French; experienced hair
dresser; can give facial massage; g.w.f
seamstress: first class reference* Miss Mat'
garei Smith's Bureau. '-'."« West 4"_d si. I'hi.ne
:'.o::-t — Bryant. _
LADY'S if AID. — .Scandinavian: understands
Knglish, German, French: excellent siam
stress hairdresser, paclter, traveller; gi^^"3 med
ical massage, scalp ■treatment, ttc. : first class
I references. W. M.. Mil FltzGeral-'a Bureau.
Wtt M «■■ • ; entrance on 12.| st.
LADY'S MAUV- Experienced. S-.vJss. speaking
French. German and Bngltsti g'««d sew.t
and jravellor; best references; wages. 52.".- <::<*
Call at Lang * Boecher_r Co. Burea !^. 4."".
and J4l « ••-' 'Md '--trs
__\-_rjJDUESS?. — First '.-« Finnish girl; for
country: does shirts collars', cuffs: ila <-sp>-I
lont Swedish ■ best reference*. Osterberg'a Bu
1 reau. 716 I.exington_ave. Tel 1088 Plaza.
j \t"NDRESS. — ''an do shirts, collars; city or
"country; very good reference; Finnish wo: ".art.
Jussila Bureau. 680 Lexington aye. Tel. ll.">_ —
LAI NI'KI'ISS. — Swedish: $_<>-$:;.".: n«;at. clean.
experienced girl: good references. Waldorf
■ Bureau, 12 West :: .1 *t. 'Phone 8W Madium.
Flnnl_i girl: excellent laundress; very wiiiinc:
friend chambermaid and n-amstrfs-s. osterbrrs's
Bureau, 71" Lexington ax« __Tcl._l«Cps-^-Pluz_ ; _ _
'\l \ 1 1> —1; til ■■' Swedish girl, ■■•■:■ f.v« years'
reference from last pi ■«** Schroeder'a {*u
roau. ;tn exington air. Tel. «*>7:'.:; i'laza.
SI AlD 'and CHAMBERMAID Scotch Protestant:
seamstress. understands dres^r.iaking: g.««l
references: city or country. it Mrs. Colller*a
Agency. J_2'-___ >_« TM __«■_.
NURSE. North tJorinan. competent nurse or j
nursery governess; he*t rfferences; city ( »r j
country: \\»ge.«. S2-"'-$"" «'»n at I_n_r X
....... ... Bureau. IS, 43 and 41 West,
:::;■! St. _ .
XIHSK.'-iriHxl. s'lroiij;. intelligent girl; foni of j
children; best referent--: nl»<> a working
housekeeper. susali family. Metropolitan v:m
meni Bureau, 368 Columbus aye. Tel. .(K-S
M RSE »nd ' ATTKNIJAXT.- EngUah Pr.-t.-st
ant- hospital irali underalanda all Klndi of
H1,,, $■«•': . \ ell -i>t reference-: elt> Cr COuOr
try. linli»«tria_| Ai-^x-latlon. ■.> Kast 4_tl »t.
WAITRESS^ — Firm i-lasi Irish girl; taken but
ler's place city or country; b»».«t references!
>\a«o* $-.'-S3O Call •■>' l-»»g * • ! < herer Co.
Bureau _j -__ll_ a nd J*47 i\V«st ? XiA • »U'
WAlTßESS.^— Excellent: Swedtan Bin; ther
nuclily competent: best refcrenoes. Osterherg'i :
jr. au. 716 Lc_ln_ton ay*. Tel. IWfl I'lasa. I
Ml Mo<lern safety De-ice* i Wireless. &C>
London — Paris — Hamburg
Lca.i__ New York March ... i: \»<n.
tL'nex.clle.l llir_ Carlton a la «'arte Restaurarit.
Gymnasia— l. dec. F_th_. F:!ova:or, Palm Garden.
tK'n Atig.Vk-._ch..>.!2n; *lT.!.,n;i Aprtt ,
•Prw, !-incrln..M.h. 121 JGraf Waldci-ee.AprK S
•I'm Grant. V.Mcb. 1»| -f Kais'n Aut-VtcApril 1«
fAm»rik:i M<-h. _»; sni;ie<-h^r April 21
4 Hamburg direct. »t>tn:t.<» Plymouth.
S A I ¥ NAPLES and
v S _*'i G_3 v k_»6.%.
> S. ISVrWIA (Naples only x ' '•« ■ _."».l P-'M.
>. >. ii \mi:i Marrh TS
S S. moi.tke . . trr™.':: 1 . . - '."- .■.""• -- - - -»pr»i •*
TiaVKI.I.hRV IHKIK- i-« a*
Tourist [.-|.t. for Trips Kvfrvwlnrf.
llanilMirg-AnnTlfiin tin.- ».» It «»»;_>. T.
From Piers M _ 56, North i^'r. 0 A. M.
Liverpool brr»l«e. Ca..'ir.< at 11_cu_r_
vu » i«i!.,i ai:i>
Wednesday irom New York
iMonday in London
M.MKKTAM.V- 1.1 -ii I*l%.
Largest. Van" st .<r".irr = hir.. Afloat
Suil \Vedne»d_y«
WtjHMa Tef---ipl! «uhm:irln«< M— Bal»
MaaretanJa M;«r. r;_aurt_nta Star. 3
■ Lusitanla Mar. !• r.usl!ani.» Mar. 3«
Campania Mar. 18 I Campania Apr. «
Tft IT i I J ~ 'S1 fatsl
_ --„-.—l ilasr.i.-iieat. New _0.000-Too sir,
0 _"VDT :\k. ii -•
ft Ll3 ! f I v l Azores. .Madeira.
V- _Ui. I L i.ibr.lt^r.
_ri:c_\i. CRciS
>".\om\ to ITALY — \i.i*.ii 1».
To FlUilU via
1 •Carmania..__r. 6>, nt>on il'arparhia Mar. It
•Saxonia. .Mar. lt>. noon ! Parinonia Apr. 1«
•Dees not call at Trieste or FniM.
Travellers' checks issuer! — stwj ever-, where.
THE Ct'NAKn >!' "> V^lll- CO.. LTD.
21-24 State St opposite the Battery.
; r-To ITALY and EGYPT— j
i "CUL_L_vLV* March 5 (20,0C0 tons)
"SAXOXIA.- March 13 4.300 tons)
" CARPATHIAN March 31 ( 1 3,600 tons)
Excellent saloon tccomaioda
t.on «t very tnoder_:e prices.
For fait Particulars and Reservations, apply to
T2E <____> STEAMSHIP CO.. l!*.
New York, Boston, Chics;o, Minneapolis,
Philadelphia. St. Louis, _>_n Francii—
§ Toronto tad Montreal, or Lrcal A::ass.
Kaiser Willielzn der Grosse
Sails March Bth for
ITlreiraa anu ?>uiuiiartne "<icnnl«.
« -y rotoi.tlini ?an»,
"A I , 4* Hrerarn.
Worth T_e*__j«',l.A._i.
■"^™^™™ ' K. Wiih'm H.AplI r»
To Bremen K. Wm d. Cr.ApL _>
Direct. jT^ Kronp.Ceciiie.Api.__
Twin-Sere— ft /_,«<•«<«»« /*_ ■*% i
Ttt_w_ ¥ M.| i AXIC4IA !
r.hein.Mch. * xj>^y£ __J__-I_l
Zieten.Mcl-.10 ' ■ —_™__i |
•P. Fr. VV'm.MOi.n
-. alto i' Plymouuiand Cfcerboars.
I _'o<;ihraTtar..\lsler».—
! Snj»le' and «i*-nr.-.. | _ m
I Sa'.U-i_» S»t «iy H A.M. g 9 f\^S 7 /~u
I .ii f Vil
Fr.der I ;rosseMVh. 1!> Jo--* " J_____
K. Albert. .__cb.2K
■fXeckar Apr. -z
•Oniits A_i*r_- tOtnita Algiers- •;?ma.
Indrneadent- round. t&e-Worlrt T»nr_
Travelers ••herl_<« X"O<1 all o»er
the — rorid.
OELRICTS _ CO- General Agents,
6 Eroß-way. New York
" XMERiwaTiHE"' tYo^S?l^ Rr
N. — Plj tli — <herboiir- — Nmlhamnton.
Pblladeiphia Mar. 5 >r '.osjis Mar. 19
*.\.lr:at!>- Mar. I2i*Oe_snic Mar "*
•White Star I.ire Steamer from Fler fit. N. H.
RED STAR JL!NE STr. _» w _i.S:
New \ork — Antwerp — I'iri-.
Kroo_laad._ar.2.lU AM V a.i.-ria:;." Mar. It
Kin!an<! Mjr. s|Zeeland Mar. 13»
WHITE STAR LINE £T «?*s.. r.
>i'»v York — <Jueen»toirn— I.iverp<M>l.
Laurentlc <nn»)._to-. .". noonJßaltfc Mar. II
N. V.— n.i at— tsi — ([irrhniirs— ~oitt!i_mt>ton.
t Philadelphia. Mar. .".. lf>amt tit. f nuis. .Mar. ' >
Adriatic .•..Mar. 12. Irtam'Oceani.- M;ir '_3
t American Line Steamer from Tier 6_. N. H.
Vi_ .V/nre». Madeira. \ic:t-rH and I. •!.-.
l*r«|ic M,»r. IZlCanciptc Mar. _»
Celt!- Mar. IHt Rnwanlr 2
passe: OJ-TICB. O TIROA !•— ."A Y.
fNr-?yi J JST*V- J n' — -«*«--n— '"♦■'iV *.,-.— •«—-:»--* -vi»-; »--_*-._ri».._
LOW 'RATE tours
■_»i«» via WASHINGTON. D •:.. - lt ?i
IC 8 «<»pov.rs. -'•• "' r-«>-r« imns-
;..>rt_ti"ii f->r round tri^> _n«l b«*ril
-^ a fl>_ i<: lIOTCL « 'II.X'UKERI.I.N.
OLD X» w T " rk Ma™^ -• •'■•
'-^ =■ ■"* i". .I-, v.k _i, •_::. 2»k 31;
ntAnS.n April '_'. 7. :». 11. !<:. _t.
rVBli « S »-.:• t-ir"-i;iar- a'!tir^
COHFORT Marster's Tours,
y 7^?: * '■^7_r_>??7^^ j^^yi^yfeff-iiiiiy J i _-^__^P^-^^^^^^-^*™^^^
Shortest, Smoothest, ilrmt P_ lui«_»|ii*.
NEW. I'-l M KBIM STf_:V«__tt*
CORSICAN Mir. i. Apr. ■.». May «. Jun<" ■»
VIRGINIAN :Mar. I>*. Apr. IT.. May !_, .lime !'>
TUNISIAN. "".Mar. •_«'.. Apr. •_•_. May _'». .lime I.
VIiTOIUAX. .>pt. I- Apr. 2'». May '.T. j<in_ _«
Saloon Passage. fT'»<". P*\W ar:<i j^.-fj.
.-;.t. .ri'.l Saloon, $-t7.50 ur-wrsr'l.
Titos i»K>K .< ><>N. •-'*■". !■-'•" i'.w:«y. N T.
t:iwiN <^ I !;^ v :r-A^::xv ! ;,;^;_^ N - T :
ttV 1,. i - L ; ' I T..s.:S;';-r.r_..
■ Cura.-ao a_d Biiraca&a vU Curacaa
pun \l>r'l-!'!M \ .Jlar. i_i'.\i:v ( A>...Mar. -•»
I j

General M»na«en__ s - "*•« _.___,
HiTnln-vrni P;j.%_en_r r >rr» tee 1
BS N » VWk -COTTcS^.. I Eot_oa>t *W
N,w>n_<i' M«r. V !» .»••!'. I'»cv:;!r.i sl«r V^
U> nili-. m.M.r. '._. »«mlNe« >m,,. ; r.l J m. Xpr S
l|,,ri«ail-.*mrflr-. line. Sf> !!'».1'I«».»- J>_. _ .'
to* ll»t-> D-rta- M-wrh »>"l April.
*** ' ■' • vr
„.,,,, *•
_l West 'Mlii Si., Ne.v Vurk.

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