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Basobai! * Automobiling .* Rowing ** Hand Tennis ,* Racing <* Rowling
Mysterious "Tip" Comes Out
of the West About Catcher.
Ny fubway ard other underprfuind metho
ds a mysterious tneoaage came <'«it of the
West last ni<:ht. It was to the effect that
Johnny Kline, the brilllsnt catcher of the
<^htca£(* Cubs, who refused to jilay last
ypß* 1 In pj'.te of a signed contract, wf-uld
1.-we hi* cat* Iwfore the PTipreme court of
at tt* rr»cotl:iir In O^ncirnatl to
■ *> havo r«M

If there is« arv ctound for th© ru:nor from
Ctiirfeco that iair.Rf case is prt-Judsed. tha
source oof.M !>••> n'>n© other tl;i«n IV B.
Johr.ton, |V«SlAsst «f the American !<<;ipue
Jl# 1* supposed to hay© been oj>po«ed to
the reinstatement of Klinir from the ntsti
and may vote against Mtn at the meeting
I It ha* been felt fur .••ora© time that the
jreat catcher would '• restored t:» good
«^«.ndtns on th© riayrne.nt of a tine, and
there has been gf*>d K^ound for this opin
.Jon. MM the Hal rha*-© cas© as a rre^e
dent. Oha*© Jumped ills contract with th«
V*.nkees two jeais at-<» Iwfor© th« oeaaoa
Ivas over end playf-d in th« then outlaw
California liracuc, but was reinstated. Th^
•fans" do not isi much dßferenoa in th^
tiro cases and ronseauently will rot take
much stock in tlie "t:j>" from the West.
Good r.e.ws for ?h© "fans" came in & trle
g?r«jr. from LBS Aii^- :• * y<eMg#Mßl It
eaid: *'I3il!jr Sullivan, the popular catcher
of th© Chicago W"Mt© Sox. is improving
tteadlly, but ha wi'.l ba conf.nt-d to bis
scorn tar another week."
Sullivan, who is, popular in every city
vlicre American Ixa£rue teams play, is
CC&SaeA to a hospital. Buffering from tlood
poifonin^. ti»e result of havim; stepped on »
r^sty nail.
Johnny Hayes. wlonor of the Olympic
Marathon a* London In bm\ returned to
New York last r.icht after a \iMt to th«
Pacific Ooast. He ray* he developed mor»»
speed ana endurance in the West, and li
now ready to run the race of his life. Hk
returned home to pot ready for the Mara
thon Derby to be run si the Polo Grounds
on Apr:! I 'I txpet-t t.» Mm the I»erby.'
aoi« Have* yesterday, 'lut I want to anoet
Johanson or any of the other cracks. 1
vlll run Johgn* over the Marathon route
Jor ll.««) a t-ide, and the Swede caunot ac
cept th« challenge too MMBI '
It win cost comcthlnr to f<"© the Jfffrirp- j
Johnson lipht for the wnrKl's heavyweight ;
rhampjonshir M Krr.c ryville on July 4—
from S3 to J.*A to he exact. This i» a <le- 1
i -If ■■• cut. hOWfvrr, In the pri'.es orlpir-sl- j
ly announrfd, which from ilt> to $l<iO. |
"Tex" Rirkard and J.irk GteftSOQ, the. joint
jiromot^ra have ••.... no doubt, '. .•
••fltscrrtion Is the t>rttfT rart' of valor";'
• ' any rtta, llikard, \\:\h his «ar clo? ,
tl th»- ground, ainounct-d the cut in San
Fran ( lsc«» ve•!tpr<la^■. % that quite'
•nouch money could l>«- made at the re
du("«'«l |!»'t-.«. Tl.it; i;«'iie?-osi!t>, or lack of
cvartrimitn^**. on tl.o part «f the rromot
ers i.-, no doubt, one fnr the public and
two tor tbamaalvaa, As a r:i»ttcr (4 fuct,
a rumt>rr af men who are qualified to
!■,■•■>'•■■ *'> the Mi»'j«»(t *-xi>r« .>-.-.-< l Ibe oj.in
ton v late city •-•..•». . that Itickurd *i: •:
I.J* assftdatCT will make mors money at
the new rotf t!,an they would at the old. ]
According to jir.srnt will l>e
jn-ovidfd fi>r t hlity thous-and jx-rsons. avid.
1 :'-._••., from thr jirrs»>!it Interest in the
Lattle. thirty lhou.>-a!id iK-rt^oaa will be on
].an<J even at Kinu-Thinc above fc'iand opeia
Jirices. It tht t-rnts a\eraee $15 apiece, the
total receipts, vill touch $iy>.«o«>; if by
ananas the average is $- •. the jironts »i?l
run clo^e to half a million dollars. "Quite
•nougn none; ." 10 1..- mre.
Thos« lntrrcFt'-d In boxinp can jilck and
. choose this evening lietwoen tht- tuud
I cards oftcitd at the Fairmont Athlttic
Club and tho National S;>ort:i»c Oub cf
Pour bouts *••< ofTcred at the, imont
Club, two at <lr,ht rounds each and two at
ten. Young L<ough:ey, t!io Philadelphia
♦•elterweig-ht. and Dave Ityan will mnt in
m'ftat prom'.rcs to be the chn-f attraction.
Max lU.i-.er, who claim* tho lightweight
CharnpionKhip of Now Unyland, atid t'har
ley On" «if Australia, will ko Xvn rounds
m: th* N.tu .-...1 t"; < 1 :.: a Club. «na ;!.»:>•
*ro not Hkely to be xn&ny dull minutes.
Phil CTojs and Terry Brooks ulea «-'• down
to box tea rou»«a.
Jack Johnson has ideas of his own on
tratninc laid the amount »«if time nwes
#Kry to *rt in oanMM .Tu^t !*»f«ire U*v
lne Ctiira^o y^^terday for this city, where
£>• must appear in court on iricniny, na
Is Quoted as eayfng:
'It -.
I'ta going I
lot Jiu '
C. If. Hurt Chief Surprise at
Moncricf Park.
JackFonville, Fla, Mar. h 21.— There
vas more than one upset at Mon«yief I'ark
to-day, but the tstunr.inc surprise came in
the fifth rac*\ when d W. Uurt. quoted at
12 to I. OeftSted aSystlfkr and Home i:un
among othtrs.
Camfarldsc &lass« March 21— Archie v.
Winter, «'f W*liM<T. v can'lidiite for the
Harvard fif;l:man b:;Mb:ilI ton 1 , broke
hit. lf« Ju.l Ixlcw tli. !<«.••*• duiii.g j»rnc
ti. c to-da> lie was rcs&Crved tw the BtUl<
••-U i11'... I
Captain Hal Clins*. standi!:; In front; nth«*rs h-ft to riL'lirriurn, rarrolJ, Warhop, Ensi^. Ford and Roach
Lush-Back at Work — Devore
Ma if Make Team.
IHy Tdegrapb te T»i« Tribune.!
Mar: Fprinps. March n.— With McGraw
away on a vi^it to John T. Hrush. who 1»
rtaylns in Kan Antonio for his health, the
Giants had a busy day under the direction
of Wi'.bert ilohin*on. The oM timore
catcher rr.aie thincs hum. He be^an the
day with ir.field throwing and bunting prac
tice and a workout for the pitchers.
Ern«st Lush wa.- on tlie field in uniform
and during the morning played at fir^t
bate. Hi? ankle. > about well again, and
from now on he will get enough work M
pliow the "fans" in NVw York Ju^t what is
in him by the time he gets to the big
In the afternoon a game was playM be
tween two teams, and again the regulars
were pour.dVy trounced, by a score of 11 to
1 All the colts shine an battt-rs the^e
days, and they riled It on this afternoon
by tlammlng out eishteen hits in IX In
nings. At the <-r»d of that time the gamo
was called.
Jiikt* Wrimer and l'arsor.s did the fifh
lng for the repulars and the youngsters
took a crest liking to the ptralsht hall.
that split the plate. One time Parsons
tightened up and pave Robbie a flas-h of
form. That was- wh«n a runner was on
third bas-t* and nobody out. He bc^an
working his char.se of pace and s-truck out
Herzog and made the next two batters
pop ill.- i>all up to the intieldtrs.
The heavy hitters of the day wore Sey
mour. Spencer. 1 »evlln and Herzos. The
last tiam>-<i thr»-e k<<i home runs, but "Cy's**
record looked l«-ttt-r «>n ti»e t-core s!i**t>. as
he pcoJcd off four clean nits in a row.
Klawitter arid Hcott pitched for the colts,
ar.d 1» th of th«-m tried their J«e>t to ke« i»
the regulais from hitting They f«-d the
••old head*," M the regulars are known,
on curve ball? and made a *;>ecia! play for
the. known weaknesses of t-ach of the bat

hipli favor
■Ml ■ 1.. ► -.- t. tank .«- n !.•■ w...:.i j,uy
M |'»»r:..r at •iroui.dk. 111
Arrive at Memphis for a Series
of Two Games.
!Hy Tel»ir»ph to Th« Ttlbuae.l
Memphis. March 21.— 8i1l Pahlen brought
hts Brooklyn National Ix-ague tt-am he«e
fr -->m Hot yprinc^ to-night for a two same
tt-ri^s with Charley Babb's Turt'eb at X"d
Ml m Park. Th«r<* are over thirty in the
party. iacJitdtns Mr?. A! Hurch and Mr.-.
Paul Rf ntelle.
K<.anl^-n induced T»ahlen to leave
l:mi nfl.ind In Hot Fprinps nith Herein
and Jordan, the medJco-twirl-r complaining
that his «rm Iran not ri?ht. Th.-re is
tumor about that Bcanton has. a romance
on hand, The ba.«rball tourist? arnv«d half
»r b^ur lat*» owing to delays *n rout*. The
smathcr if Coe and a good game Is «-xpe^t
«& ta-oerrow.
Orsanu«d Labor in Chicago So Warns
President of White Sox.
MM Federa

' "'" ' •■•. was
ltl f..:
1 IMMB a
C.IJII x « >..|i tl
Xat tiling and CpnekUn Win on
New York A. C. Courts.
J.ick Na« ll.lrx. Yalr'a or.cc famous ftvim
rurr. ..• i i»r. Howard I". Oanrkttt) WOO the
hmid ti!i:i'-s iJoubie^ tournametii frstfttfay
on th* court of »J:«* New York Athletl* Club.
Tliu i>*«ir 4WaX*<& Willißtn A. lllnes and
J. .'■.!!.. n Kelly In thre«» Urai^lit bfte at
5- 5 «ikl 'Ja— l4. The match, which
«as fought at a lively pace, broQftjt to an
«nd the annual handicap totirnum. Nt vt the
<»üb. In which tintten |.r»irs «j|: fc -tn:illy
J. P. Brrao and William I» Hourne have
c\ ii!l<nfc-'<l the winners for a initrh for the
rhamplonsblp of th«« club. whi«h will be
decided within a w«-«li. The annual fugles
tournatnt-nt vlil l.uld the cuwu bcj;imUug
Uic la -i vt mal j.. Hni
Jim Vaughan Pitches a. No-Hit Game and Geor
gia University Team Fails to Score.
[By T>!p*r*rh to The Tribune. \
Athens. On.. March 21.— Stalling.* and his
Yankees ofllclally opened the new park
here this afternoon In a gam* with th*
team from Georgia University, of this city.
As in th© previous game, the big fry
♦ afily defeated the youngsters, this time
by a tcor« of 10 la I
Jim Vauphan furnished the real sensa
tion in the pitching line. He depended
solely on .-|»eed. and when th© collegians
were not sending dribbling hits to the
intlcld they were Mriking out and scam
pering ba« k t.> the bt-nch. Nothing re
sembling .1 hit was made off the big
pitcher, the ball never going outride the
diamond. In the third Inning Vaughan
pitched only thirteen balls, retiring the en
tire :-ide «>n Ftrike*.
The Yankees got their first run in the
opening chapter on a hase on balls M
Cree, Wolter's faorifice, a MOM* base and
Chase's out at first. They added four
mor«» in the ffcond inning on frinples by
Knißht. AuMtn, Sweeney and Cree and
Wolter's home run drive to deep centre.
After this they played mostly on the de
fensive, ecoriny a run here and there.
out«jde of Vaughan's twi.-lir.K. the feat
ure of the game was the two s nappy double
plays put through by Otis Johnson, the
new candidate for third ba»e, and Chase.
In both of thes* Johnson Fhowed Stalling*
that h»- is a player r»f the brainy kind.
It. fore th© game was over Stalling* used
many *>f his younesters in the box and
tiel.l. All played up to the Mar.ding of th©
regular*, not an error being charged.
The first of the players to reach the
grounds this morning were CrlKcr. KU-inow
and Hemphill. the latest arrivals. The two
Daring Auto Drivers to Try
for More Records.
Dajrtona, Fla.. March H.— Much Interest
Is brinx taken here jn th* three-day auto
mobile speed carnival which heeins nn the
beach to-morrow undrr the aurptcea of the
Florida East <*oas-t Automobile- lattoii.
The < hlef contests are at on« mile. two
miles and three miles, for the hiarh powered
cars. amotiß which are the 200-horsopower
lienz in which IJarney OMfleld established
a world's record of 27 S3 for the
mile on the pand eourM here last week;
the ISA-horsrpow er V.cr.z car to be driven by
I»avid Bruce Isrown. which made sensation
al record? in the IM tournament; th*» bis?
Christie front drive creation, to be piloted
by George KoUrtson. nnd a I~»arracq car.
to be drlwn by Baa Kerscher.
The automatic timing apparatus that
will b« used was tried out to-day and
worked splendidly. The Christie car was
th« only rritine machine out to day. with
Walter rhris'ie at the wheel. The latter
n:a«Je i" attempt at t-peedinf;. . .
Allen H. Whiting. i^pres'-ntinß ? h» techni
cal uii<i contest »H>ard* of the American
Automohile Association, has offered a cup
for the ten-mile it..- for all handicap to
Roserillc Dropping Back* in
Athletic Bonding League.
The Ntw York Athletic Club team on It*
htnie allfy* won the odd game from the
Passuic club in an .Athletic liowllr.B I>-apue
series last night, while the champion R-isr
vi'.'.e five continued to slump by losing two
:it Montrlair. In another Berks the Olum
bia fi\e won two from the Columbian team,
of Ilast oraruie. on tlie (oiiue-l's al'eys.
Psjssala bttan well by winning the first
game from %'••» York by a fmty-five-pln
marstn with !• 44 In this EUton helped
his Ride by touching 225. Although «nly
thirty |>!ns separated Uie teams at the end
of the — coprl tilt. New York generally
■bowed »!.- wajr, the bnal totals reading
'.»;«; to s««»;.
The derisive ranie hung In doubt for
eight frames, when I'as.-aic ran into splits
and dropped t*:htnd.
11. vide* Ksstesj two games, The R/>sevll!e
bowlers suffered as individuals. I". ''•
Meyer and I'Urson. the leaders In the aver
mce rac*, lost ground, the first named drop
ping the most. Plerson hayed himself from
mucb of • •" ' *by rolling Mi in the corrl
game, the onn that Uosevllle won.
The worry follow:
:■• i w .-1 f.'l 173 I*-J rmi.t V* IS4 l v >
AiMtnt) ...to i:<". i;.-- i.:m. ii S9 it'i !:••>
!:•!.-•» ..!•"« IT.ft -j<: Hi r.i.. '..; IKS i<:.
A-- ■; „.W| SS| 21 1 1 Il»tl 11l 174 1"
t'Juta Ivj im IBMjl^fffrt* ...SOI i»; »■;
T«~t«l« ,«M »r« 937 ! T'»«l< 'Ml M N7«
rv>M-JIU!A. ! EAST OH A!
K'hdt-nl.-K I«M 112 ir.O |>!^-h ISJ i:.7 I"!
."II 'li.: |M* 1M I.V» I i:i,-'I IS( IS.'» 1.-s
Mimblr.. I7H 171 J*-»'S»fouse... 143 I*7 m:»
tvh'jltz.-. r«H IC3 l7l"K»rher IT Zl« l«4
llaruell.. H.» "ii ias]BaeplMar4 '.•lO iv:t km
TotaU.. t«73 *r«! T^talu .. Nt Ml m
Tfcapa"* ..I7"« it** io; r.. i -„ |«| --•• !■"
Kncle I*H 1".'» It-J I'rum |»S9 V.'l U*
Snjrfer ....147 147 !:•• v:.. 1 i«7 ItiS ■•■■
.1:. 1 : ■\ n -'I 174 Van Ne55. ..171 WX 170
I*-»U 1«2 I.U 111 Mty«r ISJ \>it I»R
T"U'« ►!>•; ;• • Oir.| Totala tr t s 037 K»3
ami n ii r a
. .1.-- 1 . .: •■! 1 IKI , 1,,
I tfi it 11.. 1 1 i.rr.-H I Df M.
1 I . • lit- :
last named are In" splendid playing condi
tion. Criger, who spent only a few days
at Hot Springs, took things easily at both
tensions, devoting most of the time to
tossing th« bull around and batting to the
In th© game this afternoon Btalllngs sent
Klelnow behind the bat for a couple of
innings' and iletiiphill finished the gums in
left field. Th« SCOTS follows:
: ft M<ii."ti«ir •• - -•»— •
r II po a t r It- po a *
rr»*. cf... 3 '£ •' "> S >;rH¥>.n. rf . . S • 1 <* 0
. Ma.M»c •i 0 •• •• O BartWti If. •• 1 a •' "
Wolter». if S 2 O'O 0 Cos. «s O it 1 Z 1
i riii»». Ib o 1 « © «. Brook*. 21' O 0 2 2 •
Fugle. If.. 0 1 o .1 U Twit'y. rf.. "Jill
H'liipbtll.lf 0 V X « »' Walker, lb. 0 on 1 0
OarHner.lb 1111" Reg rs. Sb. . 0 O 1 4 1
Knight, t* <> 1 - .1 .• I- 1 "- '» «' •• o 4 1 0
Kcstt-r »*. 1 l 1 •» " Thompson, p V O ■• -" 0
Austin. Sb. it O «» O Brannen. p. O « O 1 0
Johnson. 2l> ■• •« _• - •■ Smith. p " '• 0 V 0
Sweeney, c 2 1 0 • •
Klfinow. c •• 0 3 1 0
•Quinn ...OOO00!
Mmh*U. c o o 5 1 a
; VaugKaa.l " 0 • 2 «|
' Fort. p. .. 1. O .. 2 0,
I li.ham. p. " " " i> v!
I 1
'at» ..ion 27 0 0 Total* 0 3-" 14 3
•Patted for KMnnw in the sixth lnnlns
»-.v York I lit II I— V>
Oeorela 0 •• 0 O • S 0 •> • — •
Hit*— Off X.rd. 2 in S tnrtfn«: <tt I'rham. I
in 3 innings; <>fX Thoir.psi>n. 0 In 3 innings: oft
nrann»-n. I tn 2 Innings: off Bmtth. * in i
Innir.t*. Fir*t bi»e by «-rror> -New York. 0.
L«ft m bases— N*»w Teck, *; Ot^rsia. 3 -^lrst
la*e on tal!» -Off ThTnr*on. 1; off Prann«-n. 1;
off t^milh. I; ofT L'phaxa. 2 Struck out— By
Craniwn. J; ty Fmith. 3; t>- Vauichan. U. fey
FoM. ■; by Vpham. 2 Home run— Welters.
Thr* 1 * *'■»»• hit— Twttty. Kacrlflce hlt« — Welter*-
Vau^!. .«!-.. stolen taw* — i"ree. F'-«u«-r. WolterS
»2) I\iuMf> play» -Twitty and I-mas; Jor.l,
Kl^ln •- ami Kni«ht; fox ani Hrooks; Johnson
i and «*ha»e (2t Hit by Mt.-her— liy I pham,
1 tLu^an). Will iltch^-i-mith 12). Umpire—
Bu.«e«-«. Time ©f game— l:s7.
Outpoints Sullivan in Bout at
Ten Hounds.
••jjallor" Rurk* marked his return to New
York by outpointing "Koston Tim"* Sulli
van li> :i ten-round '"'it at the Olympic
AtluVtlc Club last night. Sullivan, who was
substituted ff-r "Montana Jack" Sullivan.
was fully fifteen pounds overwolsht, an<l
was no match for Hurke. who was trained
to the minute.
Th* "Sai'.or" fought one of his good
fights, and waded Into Sullivan in a way
to leave little quet-tion as to the outcome.
Mia ill art right upporcut slowed his appo
nent up. and mads him c-!!. h at overy op
l»ortunity. Murke t-ent the Boston man to
the canvas tor a count of seven In the
fifth round, and repeated the performance
in the ninth.
Tl:e first round was fairly even, the men
sparring most of the in*-. but in the sec
ond round Burke settled down and scored
two blows for one. He had all tho L<nt«T
of the third and fourth rounds, and in th©
fifth rush«*d across the ring and landed a
fearful right Jolt over Sullivan's htart that
f«-nt the latter Mag to the ropes. Scent
ing a quick victory the "Sailor" rushed in
as Sullivan bounded off and eausht him
with a light flush on the point of the jaw
that tumbled him to the mat fur seven sec
onds. Burke had the sixth and seventh
rounds l>y a Lie margin, an.l almost scored
a. k:t<» k.-ut In ti.<» nh.th. but by clinching
an<l hugging l:ts»»'.] ir out. Bnrko had all
the better ..I '.'. tenth.
Man if New Jersey Motorists
Now Up in Arms.
At a special meeting of the North Jersey
Automobile <"l'ii>. at Paterson. on Saturday
evenlnsr. the. following resolutions were
Whereas. benat© Mil *15 provides for
t!,'- diversion of the moneys received from
mi* licensing >■( automobiles to oth«r pur
poses than tlio.se namt d lv the- original bill,
covering the litn.jn.; ol auWmoLiles. a>
adopted April. ISO*, 1. . i her with ...tun
umetiilim-Mis .i ( |iif,t.-d hi i:»oi»: and,
Whereas. .»ii.' Serste bill' provides
for nil ln<-rcas«-d liren.se fee covering all
automobiles over li-horsepower. He It.
Resolve.!. That the North Jersey Auto,
mobile Club, iii trx< tal in. tinn us.-.m1.1c.1.
protest* most vigorously anuin.-t the pus:-ui;e
of cithtr or 14.111 sills and auks the mem
bers of the I.»ri -:ittiir.. from Itissaic <*oun
ly not only to vote attain.** these />iMs. but
to use every honorable means to influence
members of the Scruito and Assembly to
Vol.- axattibt Hi. m. And. h,- It further
!tetu»)v« .1. Tli»t the members of this «!ub
pledge Uiemselvo. wltboui leSBTd «•► puny
afniiutlon.^, to tv.-ik at the i«^li.s against uny
candldats f<u- public ofilca who \ntoH for
th.ne or tiny othvr bills tnipo.sini: nddllioiml
taxation ©n aut<>tnol>ll»»<, or vo««>s to i!iv. it
money fiom autnm<»hl!o llrrti*ea to any
«>th«r rurpo*© th:in ihosr* laid itown in the
Act of 13«'.. and :ihio oppose tb.e t:t>rulnatlon
•■! arty . ill/ n known to f;ivr»r a<l.l!tlonal
t;ixiii«>u uf autoritobilb'tK or the diversion
of ''■ inoneytt as uf.-iv.-.aH.
Tho <'re>n-ent Athletic Club* challenge for
an automobile team reliability contest of t. 11
or twelve curs on a idde, la 1..- !,• M over
l<r»nu l.'land road.s on noni* «lii« in Uk|
Spring f"r a trophy offered by A. It. Tar
dlnsjton, ban bc» - n accepted by th»> !.•"!;
Island Automobile Club.
Hamilton) llcrntuda, March -I. -The
match between th* I'bltadelphJa cricketer*
and th«» All 1:. in. u.i. . eleven, which nan
ifKun Satuiday. «nd»d to-day, tho All
llermu<!ii team winning ••>• nine wl« k.-ts.
Th« I'hila.l.lj hiins tcoret] 107 In their
in; i letting* and i»i in Ihelr second. The
Atl-ltirmiida eleven ran up !'.•! tuna in
their tit l ii>ini. a > and -1 fur the MM vi out
ul. Uct in-Uiv.
Favorite Over Cambridge for
Annual Boat Race.
London. March 21 -The Oxford and
ramhri.li;.- crewc, which will meet In the
annual elght-oared »hell race on Wednes
day, are rutting on the finishing touches at
Putney. Both crews were out to-day prac
tising; starts and rowing short stretches
again- 1 :•. r^teh eight*. The Oxonians made
the better showing, and th»y are now hot
favorites for the contest.
• Thero has been some protest by the rlver
s!de clergy iiir-iinM tho date of the rare,
being on Wednesday In Holy Week, but th»
presidents of the Oxford and Oimbrlds*
boat clubs have declined to rhant(« the
date. explaliitr.4 that It was selected after
careful consideration with penlor members
of the unhrtrrlUes and was the most suit
able that could be chosen.
It ha* been decided, however, not to bold
the usual dinner after the race, or to ac
cept any of the official invitations to placrs
of entertainment, which haa been cus
Renshazv Not Eligible to Roto
on the 'Varsity Crm.
Th** Columbia 'varsity crew sqti.id lost
another veteran oarsman yesterday after
noon, when Paul Renshaw, '11. fjult rowtns
for the ye.ir on account <-.» inellsiMlltv.
IV ns=rmv rowed at No. 5 In 130* and at
bow last year In th" "varsity e'ght. Ill*
lons will h- keenly felt, as h# hid been
counted on to row m his aM position at bow
'hit June.
A peculiar feature of I>nshaw*s sivtn*
up rowing la the fact that he la the first
prvßident of th* University Rowing Club,
which* cor responds under tho r.fw system to
captain of the crew. He would have been
captain If the position had rot been abol
ished. Columbia's last two captains f.ill»d
to make their eights In their respective
Renshaw la the second of last year's vet
erans that Was has lost sln<« the begin
ning of the Bt-.a*«>n. Phillips, who rowed No.
.' Ta*t June, having left the university at
the beginning of the second term. It Is ex
pected th.it launders, who rowed No. 4 in
the last two 'varsity boats. Gatch. of Last
year's four, and K»-ator. of the 'OS 'varsity
«-!jfht, will report for practice this week.
There is a chance also that Lovejoy, stroke
of tho '11 freshman eight, will report for
Columbia's fencing season will come to
an end this evening, when the annual con
test for the Lawrence fencing medal will be
held in Earl Hall. Twelve men have en
tered the competition. The fencing will be
followed by an exhibition of Japanese
!-M'inl play. James ■ Murray, the fencing
instructor, and Robert Miller will don Jap
anese costumes and engage In a duel.
More Licenses Granted by
'Chase Association.
At a meeting of the stewards of the Na
tional Steeplechase and Hunt Association
yesterday, the Xollowing licenses were
granted for the ensuing season:
Gentleman Jockeys— James G. Leiper. B.
L- Tone. McPherson Kennedy. W. R. Mar
tin. Harry S. Page. W. H. Wildey. Fred
Alpers. K. E. Cohen. U. Tuckerman. Jr.
August Oppenhelm. E. 11. Carle. J. 8.
Casey and Louis Batjer.
Jockeys— Edward Hayes. William Jack
son, p. K«lleher. James Lynch. Roy Sobell
and E. O. lltult-r.
Trainers— J. W. Graver. A. Allen. W. J.
Hak. Michael Phllbin. Frank Lightfoot. J.
Woods <Jarth, William Garth. T. F. Coles.
Lewis Garth. Frank Allen. Thomas Rod
rock and Jeremiah A. Murphy.
On the recommendation of the hunt's
committee L. M. Ktockhouse was rein
Powers, who wi.l ride abroad this year,
h^ads the Hal of winning jockeys at Jack
t-onvllle. Fla.. with ninety-four victories to
ht» credit. {fatal comes second, with forty
five; <'i.<rt third, with forty-one, and Mus
grave fourth, with thirty-three.
If Shilling gets a license from the Jockey
Club this year he will ride for 8. C.
James Butler, who will race a stable of
horses this year for the first time, has
registered his colors, "white, cherry sleeves
and cap." with the Jockey Club for life.
Flagship of New York Yacht Club To
Be Launched To-morrow.
The second general meeting of the New
York Yacht C!i;b will be held at the club
bOttSO on Thurst*.iy evening of this week.
Plans for the coming wason will bo dis
bursed an.l tho tentative schedule of rtrites
prepared by the re-Mtta committee will be
ratified. It Is expected that a number of
candidates recently proposed will be elected
to membership.
The Jark rigtjfl auxiliary steam yncht
Aloha, built by the For« lilver Shl;>bui:<l!ng
Company. Quincy. Blass^ from designs by
Tains, Leraoine & Crane, of this city, for
Commodore Arthur Cartlai James of the
New York Yacht Club, is t.> be launched at
M) o'clock t<i-nH>rrcw morning. The Aloha,
which will be the new flagship of the club.
Is said to be tho largest auxiliary yacht
ever built In this country. She measures
SM feet over all. MR feet water line. 35 feet
►i trch^s beam and M feet draft.
Frank B. Hastings, commodore of the
K»a*anhaka Corinthian Yacht flub, ha^
iua.l.< tlu-.-« appointments for UM season of
1910: Firet captain. George E. Roosevelt;
fleet chaplain, the Rev. Robert I>avls; fleet
surgeon. Homer Gibney. M. D.. and signal
officer. Franc's O St. wart.
The fifth annual meeting of the Handicap
Yacht Racing Class will be he!d this even-
Inn at Ketn's. No. :■> West 3iJth street.
The annual dinner will precede the election
of officers.
In his flrwt general order for the season
of Wli». issued yesterday from hts flagship.
th« Emetine, «*ommodr>ro Charles Sweeny
of tho Atlantic Yacht (Tib announce*
thru** np|K>lntment»: Fleet captain. Robert
W. Fpeir; fl. et surgeon, Pr. C E> Gilbert;
fleet chaplain, th.- Rev. Lindsay Parker;
regatta committee, Horace K. Boucher.
Kenneth Lord and John X l>© Mund.
E. F. Haubold to Act as Referee for
Races on Memorial Day.
Edward P. Haubold. the veteran oar»
■M* .' Him N\w York Athletic Oub. van
11.1111..1 1.. referee the Memorial Pay re- |
gatta at n mecthii of ii,.- Harlem Regatta i
Commltte* nt i,,. Harlem Casino, last
11 ■• ■'■' .lark ■> Nhkl.\ of tho Harlem Row- j
iUii A9?<Hlut»ot». will set mm M.ntrr
Blxteen events will BMIMi up the s-r..
gramm-s and it b «sps«ted th it all «>f the
metropolitan rowing Ma and several out
of-town •ssoetationa will enter saataaaaav I
ii ... crews,
'I lim rai v for tichoiilboy :•«»: •«» was '
dropped, following the recommendation uf i
i.i.i retiring vresiicut m th« uonual meet- '■
ing. j
Bilhj Lush Writes on Probable
Make-Up m of Team.
The Tale baseball squai will leave New
Haven toT-morrow for a short Southern trip
to Atlantic city, «h«rt games will be
played .. n Friday and Saturday with th«
University ».f Pennsylvania. On the follow-
InK Monday the nine will take th© fl ,.|,|
againat Cornell in Washington and the men
will get home on Wednesday. March M.
Eighteen men will make the trip, as fol
lows: Captain PhllMn, Murphy. Mclntyre,
I.outrcl. Logan, Merrttt. Carhart. Stevens.
Badger. Corey, dregory. Hrtn*made. 8.
Murfey. Coy, Hartwell. Freeman. Tommers
and laul.
Eilly Lush, the cot h of the team, has the
following to say In "The Yale News" on the
outlook for the season:
The season of 1910 find* five ' V" men
from last year's team back In con<*p*. b'lt
while they will constitute a valuable nu
cleus for the nine, th* positions which they
play ar#» u.i widely scattored that there- \*
no vln«le department of r>lay for which new
material will not have to b<» developed.
The four men who rlaye<l regularly on the
I>.O team consist of Captain S. 11. Philbln.
tX catcher; F. J. Murphy, 'l'». ex-captain
and left flelder; P. B. Kadg»r. "11. sacond
base, and W. fc?. l^igan. MO. third baste. A.
L* Corey, '11, outfielder, who won his letter
in tho championship series ol" last year's
team, is ahu> In collet;? and should make a
position on the team if he play.-, up to h!s
last season** form.
The most serious problem that confronts
Yale Is that of developing an entirely new
pitching .-'afT. as there Is not an experi
enced player left In the university. V. ti
Van Vleck. '":», A. R. ilerrltt. VJ S . and
R. S. IJose, '•*♦, wore, the mainstays of last
year's nine, and we have, no liirht task i
ahead of us to fill thetr places. The ma
terial available for development is good and
the men have shown unexpectedly goo«t
form in tho Indoor preparatory work and i
In the outdoor waft] thus far. The most I
likely candidate* who have appeared In- !
elude E. 11. Coy. '10; A. E. U. Tommers. I
•II 8.; P. 8. Brinsmade. '12; 3. L* Murfey. ;
'11 S ; J. M. Hartwell. f U; 3. P. Freeman. j
•11: C. H. Paul. '13. and O. A. Shannon. '12.
Coy played only in one game Mai season,
although he had a good assortment of
curves and a groat deal of speed, tie has
been steadily acquiring control, and If he
maintains the progress he has shown thus
far he ought to. be a goo.l man In the
box. Tommera was not eligible last year.
but this earty In th»» season looks capable.
Brinsmade pitched r««ularly for the fresh
men last year and la also showing good
form. Freeman and Hartwe'l both were on
the college team and with consistent work
ought to prove valuable. Shannon did not
play last year and his arm is not In good
condition at present. He may develop later
In the season, however. It la too early to
tell which of these men are best, as only
1 actual play will demonstrate that. It Is
I safe to •»>■ that from these eight men at
! least two good pitchers will be developed.
Captain Phllbin will regularly occupy his
old position behind the bat and In this po
sition Vaie ha.-, nothing to fear from any
college nine. It is planned at present to
bring P. B. Badger In from second base.
and hare him alternate with Captain Phii-
I bin and right field. Phil bin Is too con-
I gistent a hitter to have out of th.* game.
' and Badger bids fair to improve on his last
season's form. Other good catchers are T.
Gregory. 'I", B. Braude. '11. and K. Church.
For first baa* it Is not unlikely that F. J
1 Murphy will come In from the outfield. He
has had experience at th!* position and is
likely to till it. He led the '«♦ team In
general fielding and batting, making .964 In
the former and .305 on the latter for a total
of thirty games. Other promising candi
dates for first are T Lllley. .<!» 6.. and J.
W. Field. 11. who made a good record on
the college team last ceason.
O. E. Mclntyre. '10. at present seems th*
most likely candidate for second base. He
played In a few regular games last spring
on the university team and also played sec
ond base on the college. Another likely
candidate is O. r. Kraetchmar. '11 S.. who
showed up well on th«* 1912 team.
L. F. Loutrel, '11 |l, who made on© of
the best records of the men playtnsr on la.^t
year's freshman team, Is. displaying good
form at short. He is a hard hitter and a
good utility man. XV. G. McKee. '11. is also
playing a good icame. and should have a
chance< for the position. W. 8. Logan, 'I*.
who was one of the mainstays of last
year's team, will flay third base asraln this
> season. He la hampered by an tajarv hij
I knee received In football, but will prob
ably be able to play before the season la
: fur advanced. Tn the mean tlm© H. N.
Merrltt. '12. seems the most likely man for
tbe position.
Coming to the outfield, there are a num
1 ber of men who promise well. The*e In
i elude A. L. Corey. 11; F. .1 Da!v. '11- X
Mosser. '11; H. W. Carhart. 12. 'and V
Murphy. '12. Corey won hist letter for baaa
ball in the. ehamplonshtr» series and should
make a place on the nine. Dal Is aHo a
strong candidate, and these two men. with
the addition of F. J. Murphy. If h* does
not play first h.ise. or Phllbin or Ridger
If they alternate at th«» catching position!
will very likely constitute the first out
field. . . .
One feature of tho team which '* encour- I
aslng is the fact that the greatest propor
: tion of the batting strength of last years
1 team Is again available. All the veterara
are above the average in this r»spect
Astor Court. 2o West 34th St.
.. . Telephone -.'472 Murray Hill
Ala. A la Cane. Tdn. Tabu* cilot. Dim,
L. Luccb.
5d Ay. and Irtth «t T»i. Orrhitr4 4 4rt
uAfAnAun O a>i> uwotrx uou^l
tas-sco v. -.'ad st. Mrsic ""****•
_ X , ll *!?,f l Wl *> »»>» »«*«li •». Mu»le.
TnMt> «TH w Din n or. tt in) Th- < t-w Suyp»r%
Pnrt irtksir' Ml>K>|f H»«r«i k%>t -
rUt I lit tUUi * ft Mott St Sfa Kvn '-Tif\egrmm.*
?, 1 Vf^ yTU ' SJnnrTTl Lunch. 4<*.
?;"« k .-m";. MORETTI HrJsi
Tho .inn.ig.-m. wil! annnunr«
The Crand Opening-
thiji KMli 1 two n*w B»i!liiing«»
Kersld Sqaam bM 3 v^ "*•• Ju>t w ««t of
Uti^nlU Uljjmc l»UiCi It way. Alifirr
From »w York." !»O» |nlaM»atOO>i 100
Beautiful «»ri-..<* from to\»n nomnuiulcd.'
Tr«v«:iors' Co.. Astor Cowrt, 28 West zntv st
T»]*phofi« ••!: mil
£frfl ; ?he2'lhn lT7th sr * Ft-WnaVn Ay». Ala
_!L * Ui . t ! l^* ?•*.* fat. of lTosp.l^li^Ale.T(ni
QTAIIfJH I^ Taf^j I.Und. Open al! year
y^tV°WAteit E ii©w 9 H. I
nOr. Mosiasf EiPAfeJOOsi
wmwmMw nmm I
, "ie Mand.ua (or Charnpasno Cuallty
Court Holds Law Was Ft**
lated in Steam fitters' Case,
Judgn Rosalaky. In th* Court of Geseral
Se-slons, yesterday charsed the grand
that upon evlilenc* submitted. followtna)
charges by the Enterprise Bteamfltten' Aa>
■oclatlon against the P. Hiding Trades Em»
ployersr Association, th« crlm© of eonsp!r*
acy y ■%* been committed, and directed th* .
finding of Indictments The Jury then waat r
Into session and adjourned until to-day. • - ;
Th«» matter was brought to th© at»entt«sj
of Judge Ro»alsky two weeks a?->, whea *
th* grand Jury, which had been r^crtvln^
evident* In the, ca»^, reported that tha
facts set forth in th* steamfitfrs* . hanrta .
[•jays not deputed ry th© offlcers of itia>
employers' as.«oclatinn, and asked to a*
lnstnictftd whether or not under th© lav
Indictments could be presenter!.
Th* charges w'er© t» the eff^ct that tha
employer*' association had passed roy :u
tlons and In other ways directed and forced)
its members to refrain from hiring uriy
member of tho steamf.tters* union, thfrejjj;
discriminating against them, in vlolatloa ■
of the ar.tl-boycott law. . ,
In one instance, cited John Kenr.e«?y 4^
Son. of Xo. ins Park avenue, genera! cntt^-,
tractors for the ii"iv wing of the Mot».
Ofll3t Episcopal Hospital, nn Seventh ■■■ O.
nue. BrooklrOi and memfcera of th© era
ployers' asaoclatif-n. wrr© forced to lla* •
P» v.-.:- with the services of memhers of
the Enterprise St*»mfltters' Asaoclatloa
i»hn were working on that Job.
Whilw acknowledging that In th'a caa>
and in others they caused th© discharge
of Enterprise member.", th© Eulldirg Trades
Employers' Association Is quoted byj-jds»
Rosalsky aa declaring that It pursued thij
course, not maliciously, but to compel tho
--rpri.-o asaodattoa t»> agre© to a plaa
of arbitrating differences tet-.veen it ».-.«
th© employers.
"This brings us to a question which Is a**.*,
vital Importance, both to employers un]
IS employe*." s*ld Judga Rosalsky, "anft.7
that la. What are their respecUve* r'.sfrtm
under the> law?"
"There U no question that employers
have a right to lock cut their employes.
Just as employes hay* a rl»'ht to strike.
They have also the right to solicit and per
suade fellow employers to discharge crn«
ployesi who are not In sympathy with tM
I purposes of their employers, just as em
ployes have tho rlsht to solicit and per*
suutio others not members of their orgas!*
\ zatlon to quft work; but neither employer*
, nor emplc.yea have th© right to the exer*
else of fore?, threat-". Intimidation or co* !
erclon to prevent othf-ra from e.xercl3lno *
1 their lawful tra ■!•■ or caliins.
1 "In view of the concert facts. I charpxi
': you, first, that John Kennedy & f?on la 1
i coirtplylnff with th«% enters of the Building ■ -.
' Trades A.«aoclatlr>n did not act of their
! own volition; second', that the Heard
, of yovernora of th© Fulldln? Traces* Asso*
: elation by threat and Intimidation dU
cause John Kennedy I Son. members cf
. tho employers' association, t.. notify tho
. said Vaugnan to •lisrhar?- members of tfen
, Enterprise aH.«f>clatifj:>. and by threat aad>
> intimidation «lid prevent John Kenne<ly fe
. Son. either directly or Indirectly, throuji
, sub-contractor or otherwlne, from doln;
th© lawful a^t cf employing nifrafcers cf
'• the Enterprise association; and. third,
that ail persons who combined to rrovent
members of the Enterprise association
' from *-xercl»lnir their lawful trade or call* •
ing have viflated the law. and it will b»'*
, your tinty, upon your oath, to flr.ii an ia« ..
, dlctment against th«m." « c
; Prefer Hot to Talk Pending Sesult tf
, Judge Hosalsky's Charge.
I It was stated by the. officers of tho Build*
! in« Tnrles Employers' As.'oriation. at thel?
r headquarters, at JCo. 30 V\'est 33d streeV
* yesterday, that pending some -her ac«
f t!on by the sran.l Jury, they dM not wanS
: to co ir.to ar.y tiiscus^ion of th© situation* .
' I They prefer to wait until something ap*
pens as a result cf the charges of .19a
l ■ Rosalsky. A well known ofScex of the as* "
• socJation saiJ. however:
I "Wo fall M see where th» unions carl
charge th© employers with anything that
has not been done by the unions at differ
ent times. The arbitration plan, which was
formed seven years aj;o as the joint work
ci the Building Tmdcs Employers' Associa
tion ard the unions, was designed to pro*
mote peace tn th« .building trades by recos*
nition of the unions, the payment of tha
highest wages and th*» establishment of a
syrtem of arbitration to prevent strikes.
'•The unions as weO as th-.? employer*
botjml themselves to live up to the arhltra*
tion plin. The Enterprise Association oj.
SteamJltters violated the arbitration plaia
by striking. Its members. In utter dfsre* 1
*ar<* ct a plryi which they themselves
helped to brln? about, quit our «-:nplovmeaS
and refused to Hve up to the provision* et
the plnn. which we have iived up to."
Prerlea* I:>"H». l.k- n«iw. not a arnte!!.
Pierre Arrow lihh. ful'.y rqulpped.
royal Tourist. K ujrante"e«:. «acrift>;a.
«•». k.;r.l !•»••«. r*c*n')v rebuilt.
OI«I»m»bi!t> I9IK> Touring, nearly n *«.
.tram in i:...n',t.r. Sporty Car.
Biii. Roadsttf ana other m<v!«!a.
>l.i\»^il .')- passenger. aUo V. i ;^:?ri
I"..r<S. Miuh:-!N. tutu Cam
The above and many ether fine Cars
are now r.n our »*!«*» Riora in BBaaßSVtaj
$100 f<> $1,150. Hmali Tewtns <" i rs. |3^>
tr> $1.4i>0. 1. . i:.-- Tourir^ O^rs. $tls<>
to tvMQL K«»U> for tlrrnim-tratlon •■*!
lmn'..-.li.it» > .Irlivrry
uk %nE IUX i.inr.r.HT d»:.%i.cb4 vt
THE Uii!;il) IN SEW i l"El> CAR*
mi:! the l:nmi*n volunM of «ur bu»!ne«»
makr* It unMirMan to »■■< lurn*
prutitw. «n It will b* ilr. i.lf.l> SB your
.iiJvan»:i-4f ••• took ntrr our »!■>. k and «••
our !>r». h«*.»rf hiivin«.
t-«n.l fr>r r>-ir lntervstmf Bul'ttirj co»
tsinir.g' live aata nutter ami giving d»
s< rfptl. n ar:l prices m eve; 10© harsalna
TISBFS 1 215 s 217
AUTO GO, I e a
. .„( • •••
*y.*t. prtvata ttmUy. btawift «*•» >*&
facing «hrt IrOiWi: t»'*r»w>n». llnrrt»on. .w
io«>i at. TeUvh. "«j:rt>ik— B!^«1«iJe.
\v \vi.i:i.KV li.Aii:. I.i;: -Hi*m. witt> prr*»t» (
«XT*H "»T.. 135 WEST -A pi***' l , l B i.-TKe
r.om; l:tr«.» »n.| atnall; a«isw«ti»>f *" oO»
\fi\\ev\-r». rpf»renor». -'* m '. .—---■*- ;
(rj'n i *st". C •■ « Ear. — x«.«;y '« rfl -* h f* lUSk EJE J
R.tU.lnlmt baths; i^'ephoiif: r"*?" 1^?" 1 !!."?. ■
t~M» '!«T.ri?r WEST.- targe. tlsM ' ««™ "J^JS !
tuTif STTTIr-' \vrsT.-NSci. pwin: -t«»"" a* 4l "
I wuiiaua m.

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