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Baseball <* Indoor Games •£ Other Sports
l:£c:i and Rilcy Xo Match for
O'y m pic ( h a m pio «•» .
jjehln W. Shrpjor.: ctJttrstcd lilt return
to t'.-.r vnnks of iVe "Clmon purrs" by win
r jr,;)re half-mile tnvna;nv. run a t the a:i-
BUallppfins samen of ih«> Uth. Regiment
Atr.^'.r Association last nipht. The Irish
/ Atv.letlc Club'c t-tgr, «*hoso fi^
j>f!i«ir-i c\p!rrd \rstrs<Ja>. w«s fitted
BgatsSt r 9. I*— »■ at prerent unattached;
Vrerk rtrllly and Joseph BremJlow. ;r.,
two ir.ore Irish -American runnrrs. i^tssijig.
Hi ist bikl Walthcr. th« other entrant?.
*ji •* *o jt*rt
sri'ri4tr<l. who covered the <:i.-ia:ice In
;JA;-i. i*» <*»>e of the bert ila:f^ r'aoo! :o
nl» CYtiW in many a A%\. W-u> the v j<-k
«<;» !*r£c-<-ovcii?ifT ci sht5 ht laps to the mile—
rrd th p *uvn» easy, tlie floor was more or
\ti-r !llpr r '*> < ?or :'.*.*■ tner., especially as
♦pikr* weie juit perrcltted.
A: tre outset T.eJ.ly. the nthletr *t->
•aid :i> have «-f|uclled KUnatricb's record
llrne In a race in Catiadi lat-t bummer,
rurtiriJ 8«-ay iv the leac. Kgan i-c.wt.
Bron.'.lpw' third avd Snepri.ird s:!rt. Th^y
ir.Rintomrfl '1..s ordc;- unr'.l tir.-.r the ?nd <>f
t.e r.:.-t ;j->. \\i\rn Eran rnrted 10 the
tront lla'.f n lap fctther 'i6hrr. M tr.r>v*d
liitu third poJilion. pa?: Irj Bromilow.
Thft tield kep: moving alo:ig «t .. fast
r*-*- without clianso for about two huh
<!:«ril jarj>, when Reilly suddenly increased
Mi -•r:«le and retained the lead. Fherp.<rd
thenonsfle l;i« move H nd ph^!-t».| v.pan.
Ur a•^o « rtupbt Reiiiy „ ', d p B nd „ Quarter
firm honi'. ThereHfter v was nnly »* nrie.-
t ": ; "of "iroW much," for the Olympic
champion »as t-'.-or.g and full of lunninp.
].£an stuck to ;:is suris, howevei', and half
• lap from the finis-h caught RciMy, who
• rrarrntly all in. o,i:it altogether h little
further on. Ehcftpard breasted tlie \h\>*
nferu yards la front of Upan, who led
Hromil"w by .. Blmtlar nitrsin.
A ftirnng flnifrh also marked tiir ti\c
tni\t handicap. Among the large field of
turfn* weie tunners with allowances all
th' way up to CV yard*. <;etupe Ol>eimc\ er.
cf the National Athletic Club, and Wmn
Ballc; . a New YOl k Athletic Club man.
*ft».on scratch, while the evergreen ivd'l.e
H:r had .5 yjrds. .
In the early m»c* a. Moreia. R. J.
Bee?.-, i: r. Shirl and J. It. McXamara*
«11 Itmit mfii. tJ«>t the pace. <\:rr Kept peg
fi!ig alrnf, nnd at two lnile^ liMd moved
Into place, only a tew yards behind
HcNamara. T^e scratch men had a^o
tnovrd v?. enj at two and one-hilt mile*
«ere at Carr*« lirels.
All three th^i, pa^ed M'Nnmara, v.h"
rsfn "fflded" aw*;. Tliiougrunit th* latt
tro miles ef t!.* race OhermejirT. Bailey
tn<J Ccrr kltematetj :p th* lead, and tU-«
g«-..f <"sy th« ifiVt r.ar.irri hunt <->n pleaa^d
... rrowd. Two laps from home Obermey
«r • -^t l'sos* one r.| his chararterifctic tin
lfh's, and so^n hsd t!ie other two beaten off.
Cbtt foutti' to th. lspt, inn at thai Ob*r
t.«r\»r beat him by - g"<*d twenty y*»r«!i>.
*h:!* Failey flnis-hed „ poor third. T .<=•
t!m«. Zl.'>Z2-b. wag excellent.
!!:•- on* mile run. w h(<"h cjrn^d with it
\t\t "p!mfnt2l championship, rf!-t:lted >n
t^« 0" -:bl' euocesa ot J. r «iarTn»'y. of Com
T*ny M Practically half the number of
ftsr'e).. «r< roy ic;s, and the conditions
»tir'ii* f 'f! that « • • rri;;? would b-'
Bvarded ...... novice m finish. <!uff
l»y came under ihis d**f. He «nd J. *i
t'i'A f^ugh' It out *.-tri»l» for Ftrid* 1 tliroußii
cut thf set lap and Gaffney won by only
f. f» w {«»-f , n the *>x<~e]|*nt ttm* of 4 :43 2-n,
**'.-". h;"k* the armory rcord by !•) pec*
" • - .'^iiiarN- follows: •
Oov'-mll* run I. haripioiiihT. rionerti-- Won bj -
!' Oaffn*}-, Company II; .' G. T^U. I'mnpinv
f w-.'iic. J ' in 1 . 1 ; i 'omjiany K. thud
ffir** 4 «5-»
IW-yard i.«n'!l>'«r <fin«l h*a*i— Wnn by A
>ir.k«ru-ij. jr. !.-ushlln l/.ifuni .1 r. f*>< » : V. 5
R».vm!<J». Acorn a A (13 : « • i> . »f.mi.l; r. X
| • »ntnl V M. «-. A. <n i*e\>, third.
Tir-.< » 07*,
70 >er<i htßtiii-ap •< !«»»d tlna) hea;» lV«a r" v
J .' Denatiu*. <"ompany <i t'j fi-rtt: w . Uaur,
<.»rer«i\ r» <S feet i. afcond: <". It Mam-Mas,
UWm<aiis ?; m f^rtt. third Tune. o : ny«»
►••rat. h *«rk rao» iopen to Military
>:hi*U L'apu.i Won '> '' T*. Battery. 234
?J«f m:*-v.' , A. K»-«»!*r. Uth Rrrlniem. s'<- r n<l;
§3«niM U M'ahill. Jr., •ar It^imriy. thud.
Tim*. tt.ts>%.
'■■' nil* «l«y rmn<ll<-ar-- Wr>n V»> Trinity
'"..t' iStepheruioii, l!at;lon, t^urrnfy and nooth
•irlti it>" >airtt.i; X«vjer A. A. flist t»am
«Moh"if. ri'lltind. <-r- v « nil l^hr.i J»cratrtJ>,
»• ' • 'ark ll<".ui>* fW'Mte, Rtfhatrtt. ivi s i> 3
w rvpiM i.TO >ard»t. tMi«j Tnr/. n.^i»
•^'■^■•d ran (handicap: r]r»#fl« — T".'»>n by IV,
■ f'V'i;h. <nmr*tiy V <."> .1. .1 l.iiv^ll.
<nrj>ar!v r> •►.r»tf-t;> wc«n4; J. op r irn. «v m .
!«' D r» yardtt, tl.ird Tim>, 0 T>4 r.'..
I^"rf-he!artlr on«-mil* relay raoe .han<iKer>
—won *••• Bf<v>Kl}n Pretaratory school ijje
'."^r.». M,r«nn»>. UcKulty and MrKeor.i <«<•
?>rt»»J r.'vr-nwi- Hb!l ir^tuhiiian. I>alrf»tn. OttinMr
»"!) R»ntr*«l <K» jaids>. b«"«nd: Harirm i:\f-n
"t 2i:?!> School <M<Kl'T.in. FratiKfnrtf r. /.ion
a»'. UvlngVtonl •<.". va»dft. third Tnu«. 3:4^' »'-.*•
*'• • i'l iiKttatmi, run 'Ann by M R*. Shr r
!•"! Irish- Atnrri. an . C; tt .1. Iran. titmt
««•'.>• »^,^ r ,j jn,. pr«mi|o»'. Jr. It iMi American
1 '- '*-!rd Titn*. ! ..'i>
Tt**'*ni\t tur ihandli-api-- Won *>? Gearjw
'••• ►: N4'.i'"»i a t\ racratch*: Edd^Carr
>»<"• * \ ,",:, «hi*l*i. t*rond: Wmn Kaiirv.
•*•■ ' •■■» » •' itcmtchi tftirt T:!ni.:3.s:'M.
Demiitsnn Mnu Be Badly in
jvrcd at .Jacksonville.
•'• r kVonviTl# 1 J"la . March i* . t-< «
iV« fnced instart deetli at Moncrirf
•"•day. wiifn Mane |?vde Htid i - o
1 Cot .«ußlit in h litni when racing
igh tli* Kti»-t«!i Jn ... rac« and
«rd ,» wtr rider.,
mufcon, who had the mrtut.t *>n fn
ta, r is pi» ked up iii h dij::ed condition
> i.r Kcriously injured, bur Adarm*.
'••■ ■i' i)\d»-, »>c«ppd witli « shaking up.
s«ti were in order, Polma. at '.o lo J;
■rotr ot », io ;, and Dolly Boittnan, itt in
petting to the Judges m front. <Jz«n«
iiffl t'ne trn.-k iccord for one tt:il»-.
!')F ib* r!i,t rt n.e :n ] :3!«. The sunj
••k To Uow;
»t tut., ipur**.. r:\ furlonrtt- Polhvm, »:«
1 li to t. won; Ainyl ]f'l f<2anc). S to 1.
&', Klmrt^ Hamilton, !<T <l H'-ityi, 2 »• J.
rmio. 1:1(41 l/*\eniri-ioi)«-. Maitm
t.lihrrm*. UtwrnlaW 1 IVIle and Domtl* lUOOO)
f»" Marie H>d# «nd CVtQUHta ffil
jnfl u.f (purer; f«>ur fu.louj«i-HHw kliKf.
i*»ih !• to :. woti: Radrgs, 103 «<".an/.i '.>
f ••-.. i«.| i-ria- i:s .j l|*nrj». ' >•- ".
Tirr,« oi3f) |> H caii^ni-i. <;..at
*■ Vuletlile, rvfiT ami .'it.. «;. «'!.o r»n.
• •■ ' «purt-»; f.v^ fe nd a »mlf furlonpn
•■f'.i I'C'Davla). :. v, •, »v«n. ,lui-.r» «^h«ni»>
, '_ 'i-'.ryt. >• to 1 acnond; .-till.. Oat. I'Kl
•J ■■-•'■•' ■', \" .'.. third Tim* Hwl-.V .lark
Ctelrtereaa Lr.n Judj.. Hcad*rvon aim
.i M .' rf '"'* l^'•"■^^. »me m:ie»— Otana. 105
,»M.m » ,„ j w ,, n . .sacer. Utf <Havenp.irt- :•
•...: f " '■■■"■ : Klltx.und, J"y «Oanri. 7 i" ."•
»r«;- '"" ' ;511 ";Kt' l!*nK». Milton H a d
,T.?V» «i»^ran
! 4 , '"' umrae; ,nm furinrra* Dolly nult
\>'i" . ' '• H* nr > •■ 1«» to i. yon; TotK.,l, dm,
„>. I*'-im1 *'-im h to 1. a*eon<i: Fan 4 Mmrt. HH
ft^.' B 1r ' " llrrt Tim*, i :s : :,. rii»i
■'•■•... t»i, h> an( | uartina aUo nin.
'•'^r,?,',' .iV: 1 ':^'""" "2" •'" 1 " BUrteentb>-
Aw^ n ' l •_! M| "- Tit-,*. I «7. ?u»« 11,.-,.
*W, k r Si '" '•"•!'">- *Winol« and Hurkh
, .
Pr °P*rcd ChangcE in the Ma Meet
with Approval,
March .•*.. Fomhall i,
it* * t£r '''"nß -t t},* University «f «-hi
./,,*" ' h * 1r "-^ of the prnpoted changes
«* ir.* **"'*• at Indicated hy the merUns
Eli. -.'* tUIt * "'""T>"'*' in Nev. York «>n
t ,/ !<3 *, Tl! ' board of nhvhical culture
•rl • 111 f-Hrtion »^ t-ntati.e
w "»" : „°h£ r , J « E Havrroft. of the unl
7h» *1 n»»t|r <!eparMnen«.
••'•r'ainiv' 5 ;- cf rr * bO-rd difr.'i.-t-.'. «-f th»
»*.!-i .f,,l! y h *nnr.r n.rr ttotcgU a» t| ; e
J'-fetjC^^J Utata »!»h Iridiara. I'urd i*.
Srj»« r 55J tctt ' North»*rtenw Cornell
Vale Heats Cornell JVine
Tommers Has One Bad Inning for the Blue But
Tightens Up in Time.
in>- T»->jn»^h to Tl-* Trihun*.]
TVarhinstcn. r.!arch if. -Ya!e d*feat*'l
; Cornell at bas?bs!l at An::-iKnrt I^>rin-.e
rath htrc to-day, but only aft«r a hard
f'^Kht battle. The rcore vc* ... to 4-
The !ihac.;r!s v. ere Ksrrje to tin- core.
f.slitir.j; bsrd to o\ti\ume* the i««d main
taJiifd by their opponent* in tii« lstrr m;s
| of th* contcyt. Tommcr?. •■•• bat
ted fe>i Hsiiifmiile and eucceerled liim op.
: the mound after th fifth innins. threat
ened t.i lowf th« srour:d gained by hia
1 pi^drccfsoi whrn he allowed tl'.ree Cor
j r.tll batftr.cn to cross tie rlste with earned
runs in the s-tv.h im.lrs He tightened vi.
I however, to kuiJi r.n extent •••IT
ixXl natsiaen wcrr h';l^':c^? for the r»
raaindcr of th* contest.
• Abbott *-:.:! ie«J In t-ie box for i.Vrnrl!. anJ
\ for five liming* pitched brlllUnt ba',!. .-.1
lotving only two ficratch hit*. In the sixth
i lntiirp, however, he. lost control and wa«s
taxable to locate th* piste. ni:!i tb* result
t!-.at ■*.■.■)!.■• made four run". JMi.* went
to tb.e rescue in the seventh in an effort
to checlw tlie tide, and succeeded partly in
Ids pun f.-r, a!lo.ving only on* t-iere run.
Out / Georgetown and Wing
by Wide Margin.
Washington. March 2?.— The • :.'i- M cf
■ the Georgetown pitchers, coupled with sora»
' stupid work behind •• m. enabled Pi ton
! to walk away with to-day"- cißht-itininK
J paine. The score was 910 a, though
Georgetown outhatted their opponent?.
makinj? eight hits to s-ix of the Tißfr'F. the
latter, by bunching hits, pot better results.
tVymard Btart«d in LtM Ik>x tor «;*'>r*;*
' town, but gii^e way to Balzer in the set -
. end. alter Princeton had s-eoted two tun?.
| From tiist inning the visitors outplayed
) their opponents i.T th* tielu and on the
hatA?. The feature of i •* gam* was a
running one-handed catch by Captain
Murphy rf Georgetown, retiring th* side.
! with tlie ba^v■ > s full. Sterrett made two
i home runs, one in the t.*cnnd atid th* other
in the ninth inninc, but at- darkness ended
■ t'.i* game the hi ore reverttti ba>k to the
ci?hth inning.
Menefre, (jeorsetowr.*? s-tar ta^het. was
painfully injured in th* ?ix-th innirj: whil*
f-lidir.g into the hem* plate >1* fin!«he'i
; tbe patv.e. homever. but had to be carried
■ |s the dressing room.
Th* forf fclluws:
r 11-r • •! r Ibp 4 •
, T>a:! 4 n If 1 1 «> -i ORIM, rf ... I 2 • • •
l'»ti rf 1 „ 3 a oiMurj-fcy. rf. -' « « ofl
• "thsir rf 1 1 « \ •jShfdllia'.'Sfc* 2 •• i 1
Wrwti ?t> « ** .i .-. IJMenefee. c. •• 1-7 2 n
R»»1 j? . . 1 S A I O l»., CBn . If « 1 4 • •
;fi \\"M«» "i. r. .. . 2 ** 'tihton. i■ O 2 2 " 1
Ftrir*t«. It. 2 17 1 «• F«enia, ll'. • • • • 1
T»«»»cn -"1 on ♦* l'<>S«fi -* .. « « o «
p 2 <• 0 2 «' WjmiH p. ,1 .... 1 0
jCal7»r. p . . „.!.. 2 I
T«-t»l» .. » «C* T 212 1 T'«*'s ... 3 s«:'j fi 4
•U'ht!* rut for lTit*rf«retv.».
rnnwn ♦» * « « 1 « <* °~^
<J«rrcetpwTi 1 " *> n f » 1 " ' a
«3-n-.« oall'd Crit half rt'nrh Irsnlrs on ere^-jnt
cf <larKnes».
FIT*! bas«* 'M ft ten — G*TS+'r-*n I: VHn'.^tPn.
4 l^ft on blifJ-^Wi'tosn, *. Prino^ion .>
' Firfi t««e ou tails— Off mar«l «. off Baiwr.
\(i: «■ WWre. f> tnni!is« rit.-li*-*!— By
! 1 1-3; hy Halser. 62 5. Htts-Off \V ? Bare* 1.
«ff r»!:fr. ft. Mruik out— By WywaM. 1: ►>■
j nn!:n. .'.. by White. I Horn* run - s-terr*'«.
I >-»--rlfi*-* ruts— fniii T\*hl»» Bl ' ■»• V."lil«^.
Stolm has** — Murj hy. SUteidlng BailiTt. Hard.
! n»*<l M^rretl Hit hv ftt.h«-r- Tiv W\maT<J. 1.
\!1 ptl — Mr. Bet* Time —- 31

Goldman and Wagner Fight
Ten Hard Rounds.
<"harlie Ocldman and M T©ung" \Vagner
| box<d ten hard rrund? to a draw at th"
, Olynipic Athletir Club last night Warner,
r. ho hfcd the -■•■•► of fully five in<-lie.~
, ih hr!g!it and reach* had no trouble in out
boxing Ooldnian for the first five round n.
H* used a quick !f ft Jab to th* face, and
scored a clean knock down in the first
! round with a short riKht hook 19 the Jdf
O"»ldrtun ins-Uutly regained liiF fef-t and
fr>ught bach hard. From the sixth rrund
.on Goldman forced the boxing ad .« i.t
<lowtj tlir l*a<l that hi« r>pr»ort^nt had OS
tp.hMshed during the far! I hla*t3 of th*
Tlie hoys rvx*d cautiously for a few mo.
| merit* In the firt-t round, and felt ea<-'.i oih*r
| out. 'U'aener shot a licrtt left to the frtco
| and followed it with a short ncht hook to
thr Jaw that sent his opponent t c the can
, \nP. Gftoldman jumped up. and by furious
j fighting hrld up lus own end. Wagn"'
I continued his jabblnp, and had Goldman
worried. Th* Utter mi?i,rd many swing*
■ u:id Wa^r.rr always mat him with a hard
; wow.
1 Ooldman rjiiT 1 to the for* ••( tli" sixth
round. ■■• avoided IVasner'e left ami,
Jumping Into rlow ouart^rs, lie pounded
the- Italian's body in a way that s-apprd
rniost < i ihe latterY i.-pc*d- Goldman stag-
E«'-t«"d Unßnrr in the >r\*'tuli round nitii
* vicious light liand upperiiit. Wagner
. < in). iioi and stalled until his li«-ad 'leared
diii lhi:i fought back hard. •loldtnui
would not be hrld off, however, and jus-t
before il>»- 1>»1I h«* lat.df-i a stiff left hook
on t !if ■s .
Wapin-r «a!iic «<i;t in t!ic ninth round to
*vrn tlmiß.^ up. He rushed Goldman to the
ropes unli a 1«"M and right t<» lh« body.
Goldman retaliate with a right uppercul
to the head tin. -tiaight'iird iii* oppo
nent and thru .-hot a left to the jaw tit
ii,< in il. Goldman liad a'l the better ot
. tile til.al round, lii^ «a^Kie^sl\c tactic.-;
'and liMid body blow? bems too much f«>r
.!«.f> Kersufcoo, a cowing featherueight.
ra^ily outpointed foung l>ixon, % clevc-r
tKRio. J>isu.-"ii was ojtweish'd by fully
lea iiound 1 -. but his parniT^s and Kitting
übilnies won «>ut for mm
U<>- T'lfjiafh to Tt.e TMt.ur.e J
BalUmoie. March :'B --The University «f
I JVsnir>lvcnla drtcated the IV'aJbrook Atli
i. tn Club in a fak! basebiiU same at Wal
1 brook Ox a I this< afternoon by « i«coi«> of (
Ito i The Wtfl Bnders »<•!«■ 111 the lead
! until th*- n:titl« iaiung. when t«o*irors and
* t l.i « •- hits gave Pennsylvania four ma and
i Use same. )'apta:ti Wood. Jlayden and K.
!Fmltn did rre^t work for Pennsylvania.
Th«- s«^ire by Inning* follow*:
It ii X
r«f »• rt •«<»• l•• 4— ■ I
U'alfcroob . I « ' : •• ~ . * *
Ilattrrlrs :vnni>l^ant». fsruns. Marshall and
U*»k. VV«ltH...k. M.it. Mutti ai;l K»rt.
«.t Lexington. Va.: Wafhlnjton tnd L*.e
r^'.'h^ n : ;, ; .. r! v'i, 1 "'v;:" 1 ' /.to,. ■■■■
Ptoanoke I i I
. . . . n •••' ■•■ .
I '-n-vi: ,'tte:i : netroi? -American L#»sue..
I - ". ifc i;e««» .JJ^« tS^*Cincirr.»*J •»:••
m;w-v)iik DAILY TRIBUNE, TUESDAY, march 2D. rr)i?t.
The sere foi'.j-rs:
r 1b po a f, r Ib r*> a •
; /v.ilg'l. ■ . 1 2 :. i ujJJicr.fr. is. 0;2,a,1.0
Rtetvss. ef «• •• l •• OlGortoo. rf. " <» «) o ii
Murphj. U> « •' :• •• •' Yr.«wvi''n. if 1 I I M
U'ssn. 3>. o o o 2 0, A ilium*. •• •» 1 2 2 o
Mdn>. ;'•« 1 r "J . < JuC»ca. cf. 1 •■ -. (• >•
i.TtraartJ if l 1 « o o;.Mi«.h'r. 2b <> <> <» 3 o
«*on»v. rf. 2 I -"t ii •• i Uat««n. !»>. 1 !H o «>
Uectr«l. r* 1 12 1 willnvard. »1 : 1 3 4
i;r'<"«a-1. »• <• •» •• 2 1 AIVrM. „.. ii v ii « ii
Tcm"ir». pO I 1 4 IJ»Ruth«-rfonl •< 1 •» •> 0
•'•14 i
.1 i I. H i.
Tct«!» .. C 827 15 C Tot»l» ... 4 927 17 4
•»>3tt^<l f»»r <Jjo*l«trilß In rlnth inning.
in=tt. i for GerCoo in niatu ir.nirs. :Uatt*a tor
Abbott in six-.h Snmns.
iv»le 1 0 i. i- 0 4 .. 1 O— «
Coiii«:i c «• i ii .i s o a o—*
l>ft oa ba»es— Va>. W: Cornell. T. Tir.t b^se
on ljl!»-O;r Alixttt. *.•: ..« Onodwllli*. •„•; «>tf
Bruo«uta4. I. lir.nss pitched— B> A^bott. C;
Iby uooiiw iili'. 3: ly Brunsuud, s;ib> Tommert.
'4 Thie«»-hii»o blJ— L*>ut:«l. Tw.v-ia*e lii:» -
;ic«»rj <2>. Jlspn::. cort»>. jlclntyre.
rk* fly-p-TocMiier*. htts— Ste\«n». i/.u
tr»'. I^fan ui«l' .-'t-'ton bakfs— nj-igpr. Stev^
1 *ns. Catha:*. l;ojr>'.~ play — «.; -.^l\» !ili<- to How -
aid Hit '■ y pit. her—l s> »t-m::. i \\iH |lt. li
— Abb*»»t. r»-»>-eJ !*U- U-It'r. trmpire — F<l
i war." 11 -»-i'*i r-o^-. Tlipb of gsme— I M.
; Suggestion to Combine Tito
Big Tournaments.
in a plea for the profescicnal which ap
; pears a- th» leading article In th* current
; issue of "Th* Golfer.-' Mi:.: a new
' method of t-vorinr in the oj>en champion-
I ship tourtutmcßjt has bfen siiK;«?t«»d. It Is
proposed to have the national «tnat?ur and
i open tournaments anardod to the e&me
I < Hib and held in conjunction, on th* Am -
, Italian plan.
Prirfiy. I his Is to have seventy-two hole^
I of m«dal i lay to ■.* Ide the open cham
pionship. "it!i the thirty-two or sixteen
| leading; amateurs .•• the end of jhnt period
j <i*jalif> Ins: in ti^bt it out at match play
, for the amateur title. Bo ;>s to finish th"
'tournament In a week's time, the match
' rounds could be d*< <*.r><\ As follow*:
AVerffies-day morning. 1> lioie.-.; Thursday,
S« holes; FVlday. .*S boles, and Fiturday, t';e
final round, at ?.<\ ho!rs In «-a:-* only six
, teen Should qualify, the match play rounds
could be at =S ho,«
: <Vie argument advanced 'n favpr of this
combination tournament i« that a single
preparation would practically do for both
and becaii** of the concentration Mie cv
' pe:ife and effort would b* less for ea<-li.
j Attention also is, sited to the fart that th«
open rhampionsl goes begginff >ear after
, On th« ether hand, it is doubtful If th«
I amateurs would tak* kindly to the seventy
! holej of stroke p!ay. for ai~ it is now the:
cannot g*t to th*> match pliy part of th*
proifra"ini* any to rt quickly t., c.; th»m.
, It mutt alto be t^ken into < onsld*ration
• thM a combination tournament #ueh as
; tUfgetted would mean Incrr-jsing tii* aum
;lei of ftatfrs to more than two hundred^
i»i unwieldy fi*M and ."ipri. too large to
peimit of being handled with comfort.
.—. —
X: V. C. Refuses to Meet Em
ployes' Demands, However.
While admitting that they did not know
»'"i' to gel th* money to meet the de
| niands of the conductors, trainmen, switch
. in*ii and bacg^Bemen for increases in
I waee.« ranging from S to 64 per cent, the
jofllclals of the New York Central AY Hudson
River Railroad Company yesterdwy offend
a compromise advance of • to ... per ««nt.
I This; offer will he reported to the men by
jth'ir reprej-entativos in conference with the
i NVw York Central official?, and they will
tak* a vote to accept or refuse this final
j offer of the road. Patrick E. Crow ley, as
! distant genera] manager of th*' system b<
j twten New York City and Buffalo, ho has
I bern in frequent conference with the fin
i p'oyes for the la.M week, mad* this state-
I nKni of the situation y^s-trrday:
"We- had to i all In our men to-day and
. tell them that we • »->.. not meet their df.
i wands in full, for we would not know
wrier* to pet the money f r om with Which
to pay so large an incrrake as that a?k*'d
frr. SM 'tn« to about a million dc-llars.
Hjt we have, made tlte bed offer pos-i-ib>.
- to *5 per cent, based , „ the ttvleace and
vsryfng accordlnt to the length «>f runs.
■ with a rate, toe tbat Ti-a.s no! to go below
a certain minimum on «ny division or shot
: bran a 11r.e.
; T!.* represrntatlyfs «>f th* men refused to
diseufs for publication citlirr approval or
■ disapproval of the offer.
| A refusal to accept the terms cf the roa*l
l'-Hve 1 * two alternatives— a »trik" or arbltra-
Itlo'J under tli" Kidman i:i the intc
. Mato commerce acL Tlic;-.> haa been no
hint «f -• talk from t. . fifty-five de!*
: pnt?s In the conference with the railway
;<*?Vials. and it If predicted that arbitration
[may >«'ttle the matter. The demands affect
ffty-«ifht hundred . rank) <>f ihe New
Yi:l: Central system east of Buffalo, with
ii* .> ejn-option of ill* Boston & Albati\ toad.
William »; Un pre.-i<!ent of t,'i* Brother
hood «>f Railway Trainmen, said last night
that fifty-fve « "ii.ir.:|t*i n,. »i M» organ!
zati'in Irft thi-< city yesterday t<> \ote on a
• counter proposition that is .■■■•• i t . «
trainmen by th* New York Central. It TV » , I
tak«- from leu da.\s to two \\e«-ks to get t!i*
vote polled and then it will be. .an
vassfii h*ne. If the New Yotk Onttals
l«ra|*oolt>Mi hi vetoed by the mmtticrmen.
Mr. Uoa i«:'i. Hud the railroad refuses to
co-oi^'rate, »r!i the men. then it is for th!»
trainmen to stria: If they wish.
Trainmen Vote on Question of
Going Out.
I Cleveland. March ».— A ptnke vote was
Ordered taken to-day on the !*ake Shore
!& Michigan Pouthein Railroad by the •itt;
i cers of the Brotherhood of Railroad Train
men t»»d tlu- Ord*-r of Rail* •■ Conductor.-,
j i ha order was | smmmJ following tho bieak
i!ns off of th.* negotiations which have been
] carried •ii alth 'ii r«^ad for the !ast three
!d«y». About tuenty thousand .-.••a are in-
! \r>l\*d The rosult of the Strike \ote will
be known on April %
It '.?.■■ Mood that tue break occurred
i mi th<* ■tfoa of working conditions, bojij
; tld*» htinp willing to compromise on the

VireJ'retidt-nt A. 1* *>irgp of |h« Order
cf FJalAv-5 C'onduttoiß. and Vice-Presldent
.*. •*. WHtney jf the Brotherhood of R.n
'road T:.ilnm*rt c.lll opfri t;'-sotl:iilon3 vttn
th* mar.as*-rr.er.t of the NVkH Plato #j5
: tern In this city for a new working aeree
: m^nt pending the lanviftiflg of the »trik«>
F:.!d(u»e. March 2i-R0..~0 t'Jifaro was
| to-tfjv »er.tfr.*d by /usttc* P. C. J. Da
Ar.^elis to b« executed at A-iburn *t;t«>
rrit<-!s th* »eek of May «• «j M Janu*r/ 31)3 1 )
t Ch:«ro shat ar.l klUtd IVIUUni F. Keerje.
Vast Community of Farmers
Teems with Activity.
. i
Houston, March :*.-From this place to .
Cn.lvr«ton and Bouthtve*twafd. in the whole
' coast country, orchards are flourishing and .
1 market Barrens nre lu«h with grern things
; scon to be gathered and packed and
' shipped. While the trees in lii*- North are
| assuming the neutral tints tellincr of the
; burgeonSns l»ffore the hlossom time and !
■ the frost !s lcavins the srounri. down here j
;la the arr.»r<*t of late sprlncr. And the whole j
of the area under tiiiac^ rrlthin the imrne- j
| il'.a' j-cope cf this placr. fl\e thousand j
rquare mile?, is teemins with activity.
As every spring comes the reaching out |
I for more GTOUnd increises and tno cnll for ,
bcttf-r mc:»ns of communication v.itii tho i
outride world becomes iri"ie insistent. ,
Along the roads the land has beea j
taken up to a largo oxtrnt. Investors are ■
breaking into the unta ; ■ m lion* and ;
„p.- . up great tracts for ilm settlers. |
I In or<!cr that the markets of the far North- j
i eas-t may be more cheaply and convenient- •
| ly reached, water transportation has th*»
| rir.-^t call.
Kor many years there \ia« antagonism
'■ between Houston and Galveaton. This city i
is to near the Gulf waters that its cttl- 1
zens felt that a groai canal would make j
, it independent of rai!roa.ls <^r other Gulf ',
pert». The canal ... p| tuned and pushed, j
Galveston continued to prow, to rlour- !
I ifch. and steamship lin<»s in«reaacd their j
j tonnage to take care of the sreat <tops '
1 and to prepare for the .-till greater supply j
of produce f om the coast country seeking
1 a «.Julf outlet.
1 Storms fhattered the eommtmicatlon with ■,
i Gal vest on. Until the (real sea wall •*,<« ;
built there it was felt in this city that the j
| liaturnl port would always be> an uncertain
t quantity, an unreliable shipping port. One ]
j of the great railroads controlled th« one I
! bridge or trestle lead'ner to the port after
i the devastating storm which nearly wiped
j Galveston off the map. The plans' for a I
I piant causeway controlled by the «'ity. state
ami railroads made immediately afterward
j were held up for years by th** interests that j
i benefited by the one trark inlet and outlet. I
Since the storm of last summer, when i
that Be trestle was damaged, there has j
been an awakening, with which the farm- ;
; ers. manufacturers and merchants had
! everything to ■!•' The new aett] ■i -. who
i ari» coming Into this neighborhood by the j
hundreds, could not understand th*» Inertia :
that permittei a great port to be hampered }
by one tnterc I Th» causeway plans re
ceived cnmpHlinc: attention anil in ■ com
| parattvely short time the conne link
with the mainland trill b<» completed.
What this will mean to the thousands of
farmer?, new and old. in this great terrl- j
. tory may be understood when it la learned j
j that It will make them practically bide- ■
| pendent of the railroads, if the latter should
; discriminate against them It has not
been the policy of the railroads to do this, j
, hut the vaiireway into Galveston will do
I away with all possibility of a curtailment
; nf the independence of the dwellers in this
giea» tection.
• rr>p? are raised here that must have
: their outlet by the. Gulf. The markets of !
| the coast, all th* way from New I «ins j
ito Portland, lie.. are op»n fr»r all th« j
j onion*, cotton, rle" and fruit that can be .
i rai-rd hTe The onion crops alone are In- j
: creating to I ell an extent that it la ex
pected that the cr,q;t country rill be able j
j to supply Ibo whole nation with the finest j
! prade of Bermudas. Orowera of fruits are j
! looking forward to successful competition
| with Florida and California.
While "ten acres and a fortune" sounds
j like i braggart proposition. It is the basis
of i {Treat inducement held out to settlers !
in the onion country. Of course, if the
I promise of W an acre yield is fulfilled—
1 and statistics are furnished to prove the
casf —it would b» difficult to find a more !
comfortable way to earn a substantial liv- ;
ing. Undristarulinc, industry and thrift '
must enter into th* cultivation of the Ber- |
muda onion. Those who are promoting: the.
onion lands re aiding those new to the)
cultivation of the vegetable in th* Initial
1 s-tagF;, of tho crop.
It t.- predicted by men who know < .r.i !
■ tions of soil, climate an! rainfall in the j
j oast country that the great area will be j
the tr.aikft garden of the state. Them are i
i stretches on Long Island, near New York j
j City, and in New Jersey that resemble the
'country between this city and Galveston.
lit Is nr level as a floor, hut here the area |
iis vast. Th* soil ip of latins richness, and
the rainfall la dependable. The climate is
so mild that several crop* may b* grown
in a year.
On st journey »o Galveston he train. If a j
i local, will stop at many towns that seem ;
ito bave no excuse for boil - They are j
I marked by a station, a cluster <■■', stores I
[ and th» li^r ; z«n. But each on« of these
itopplng plai-es tapr- a hlCing sertton.
From th» prrjent onward one <!.<y of the
J week at l»ast will se;» the small town?
I tcenihiE with people. Automobile?, car
riages htsd farm wasans by the score clus
ter In th* streets.
It fffrns a mystery where all these ve
in i' com»' from. As a glance around the
country is • then the mystery clears up,
! I'lirrkipj; 'lie »•* •* as it sweeps thf horizon!
avo fa»m buildlnsK Thore Is the farm- i
houre. well built and comfortable, and the
' stables clusterinc well away from he
dwfllmp. You can count a ■-« ore to list
i horizon !n one direction. The settlors rrt:ik* ]
I the small station ■■'■-■ rend?>z\ous. it is
! th«-lr whipping point, the place where their]
j children are educated and where they all
; £o t>» church.
I»is-tiiP>"« hers are still thought little of
T«-u miles lo the shipping point does not
s^etu far away. But if thai were l*s^«»n*d
to tr.n or thr.-e miles much time would be
saved, which would mean i laving of
money. Th*r* is none of the Southern
spirit of indifference to tlm*. h*re. It is
! distinctly in all •••.ion? of th* Mate a re
. cion of wide-awake dwellers, men and
j women who hare ihe Industry of th* North
; and th<» tb.rift of that section famous for
thrift— New Ens land.
it was this spirit of th* North thai wiped
out the rivalry between this city and Ga!
yeston. To thi.« spirit rnav b* nt :ih itexj th»
plan for an electil? railway connecting he
two places and the building of a c!ubhou*e
■ almost midway, where the citizens of the
I twn places m.«y fnrecither. A tine roadway
wlil connect tha two places as soon as the
causeway Is completed, for. as it win ha of
concrete, •with a wugrinway to th* heart of
<::>lve;tnn. the fifty miles Feparating the
cities will te a rhort Joarney by RutTmobll**. !
Tin.- u::lty of I tercet xvill be of great ad
vantaßi* ■•• the farming communities all
i alonp the line «r>l to the southwest and tho
• northea Th* whele live thousand square
j miles r.ill. It :? cxp*eted. be webbed with
I electric railways within a f^w years, form-
I i ri ~ a \i<st ccmnaunlty of small farmers,
{ whose products will be shipped to every
civilized country In the world.
Gambler, Who Drank, Causes Triple
Crime in Ohio Town.
Lorairi, Ohio. Mai .v' Ruby Rirh
ards. ased forty, "f this city. «nd Ml:s
! Porothy Richards, ef Chlc4go, her Mater,
j fiv«» yeats her junior. v.#r« bhot to <i*4tn
j at the Richards home here tills evening by ,
I David Vesper, -ts^d thirty-five, a jjiiii ler,
!kn»'.\n In i ;'->; '-> el nil Chit ago Vesper
I then shot "»tid killed hlmte-lf.
j NelChbors w»io bjtter«"l In the doer after
hearing tj»© -hrt:i found the podlej nt all
thiee on th- Poor. V# »rer hid been trlend
ly with Raiy Rlclifirdc frr tome vein.
.He hid t.«en urinklr.s h*ivHy o* -ite
THAW r.ACI\l\ TOW .\
Comet to Testify for Mother
in Hartridgc 8 Suit.
Harry K. Thaw. accompanied by keepers
and a physician from th*» Mill— ■■■ A- 1 -
lum, was in th* United States Circuit 1
Court yesterday to help his mother. Mr**
Mary Copley Thaw, as a witness in the '
suit before Judt;* Holt of Clifford W. Hart
ridße, one of his first counsel in Ml trial
for the murder of Stanford White. Mr.
Hartridjce wants JWO from Mr«. Thaw j
as the baJanc* of counsel fees alleged to
be due.
This suit and the ?«es collected by coun
sel, and v.-ar.terl. =eeired to he familiar to
the talesman called for jury duty. Two.
Gtomc \V. Hayes and rhartes K. Baldwin.
thought the feesi wer*» too high. The whol«»
Mil was about $197.<w». of which about $103.-
AM hail baen collected.
Harca viM he had read that Mr Thaw
had sold her home to defend her son. Then !
he gave an a«l\erse oataloa rejjardins h;(rh j
f*es. an i would have «-aid more, hut Judge j
Holt' ext-UFeri him. Mr Baldwin eoahte*t
see how any lawyer could give lepra! ?*r- j
vices worth $123,000. He was excused, too.
A third talegmani Harry D. Hurd. was ex- '
cubed because ho had prejudices wMcfei |
night affect his judsment. After these
men had stepped aside •»•*!•►> tal*?men
quickly qualified
Counsel for Mrs. Than- ar© Abram J.
Ro»e and I. Laflin Kellogg, and TVSJllam R.
Wilder represents Mr. HailiMaja Mr
Wilder addressed th*> Jury and then called
Hartrldsre to the stand as the flrr.t wit
ness, Ho told of visitins: Thaw before the
coroner after the murder. If o had known
Thaw, and the story of his engagement as
counsel wag retold Tie was on the stand
when cotui adjourned until to-day.
Thaw was hroiicht down from MattCSn
wan on a writ to testify. He looked very
wen and seemed absorhingly rested in
the proceedings. He will .spend the nij?ht
in the psycojiathlc ward at Bellevue.
Judge. Holt signed an order for his con
finement there, but the matter will be
brought to the attention of the Corporation
Counsel to-day, so far as his place of fur
ther detention at nisht while the trial hi
In prosress is concerned.
When Thaw, his mother, the keepers and
th*. physician arrived at BollaviM in a taxi
cab they were met by Dr. Holmes. Mrs.
Thaw was solicitous regarding her son's
welfare for the night. Dr. Holmes showed
her the place where Thaw would be and
she was satisfied. In th* co\irt while the
matter of in- detention was under discus
sion Thaw suggested th*. federal tier in th»»
Tombs and Ward's Island. He may be
taken to the Tombs t<>-n | I
Bankrupt Jeweller Charged
icith Secreting Assets.
Pamuel Flickman, a j*.w*ller at Nrv 51
Maiden Lane until forced into bankruptcy
a week ago, was arrested yesterday after
noon and committed to Ludlow street rail
in default of SIMM ball fixed by United
States Commissioner Alexander Th* ar
rest was made ort an order ifgned by Judge
Houph .... th* application of Samuel Blum
berg, counsel for William Wav th* receiver
for Flackman. It m represented in the
application that there was reason to believe
that . teaman intended to l*ave this coun
Flaeknian, .shortly after receiver Elm
was appointed, declared that his financial
difficulties were precipitated because of a
robbrry of $si>.tVV> worth '• diamonds from
him on March M In Chicago. Th« receiver
aver* that he found less than i: .o«Yi worth
of assets when he took chars;*, of the- bu.«i
ncsi It is Hllesed that Flackman has
secreted or misappropriated some. STSA*)
worth Of assets.. Th* liabibliti** •« given
as Slt-V^ ,11,1 the total ast-et--* 130.W01
[Kr «o Th" TrtNin* Rm
\\ aahlngton Mareli 91
ORDTR? IBSTEC Th* Mlowtag ord*rs
Lieutenant Colonel WILLIAM Tt AFSKRCRnM
NIK -j.-.tr. Infantry, to reilred list April J.
Detail of Major ECO BSE R. " HITMOKE med
ical < vrjis en temporary fluty '.i Bur< of
Sc|en«-e. Department of the Interior. Philip
pin* Islands, extended to August '"•
First Lieutenant X ELTON L. PEPPER" 534 In
fantry, fre-m \V-tlter Keed General Hospital.
District of ColunsWi, 111 I •: I I'lark.
.--. n<! Lieutenant UI'Ss'EL.L. JAMES, fr^m M
to Oth Infantry.
.-p. r.nl Lieutenant JOHN •'. SAUCER, Jr., from
•it n •■■ Rth Infantry.
I.ea**s of absence: Captain HARP. V TV. NEW
TON. coast artillery. rn> month and fifteen
.lavs: Captain ALBERT R. DILLIXGHAU.
"IM infantry. one sionth.
Assistant Sur?eon ,I H. PHKLFS. detached the
Sola-.*, to the South Carolina.
lowing movement of vessels have been re
ported to th< Navy Department :
March 1!."— Th* Duhuqu*. at Puerto Plata; th*
Hopkins, at >!art> An.
March "J»V— The l"*s Molnr*. at Hampton R"ads;
the Sou'h «"aio!ina. at Fredericks ted; th*
Oltte. at Tompkln.9\H!e; |h« J!arcellu», at
P*ivill I'Mnf; fli* l^cnida* at rristobal: th*
\i*thu*.i at Hampton IVa-i*. the Mar«, ,it
LtrnbTi Pr-lnt; th* P.-vket. i- Norfolk.
March -•> The ■outb Carolina. from fulebra fnr
Kredtrlcksted. -• croix; th* Celtic, from
navy ■ ar.l New York, for Tomr!i!tis\ ille ; the
Marcellua. from Newport News f.»r Sena'l
roint; the, Mara, from Norfolk f-ir ijimhe-t
March 27- -The Torktovro, from «'orint-i f.»r M»re
Island; 111* I'hcster. from navy y.ir-1. New
York, for I Dion Htm ■ - fh* "i^llfornl.t.
the <'01.ra.10. me renn*v|\anU. the West
Vlrj;i',iu. the Maryland, the Navnjo and thr
•"Jlncler. from Santa ITarl-«ra for a rruiiie
Th* P"s Millies. no\» at Hampton Roada, • nlared
tn Liberia to relieve the P.irmlnsridrn. which
»i!l letuin ti Hampton Roads.
BANK HOOK NO. 3 H.tM v I the ~ fnlon Ptme
Savings Bank Is missing. Any person having
a claim to It I* hereby cal>d upon t.» present
the tame within ten illy*, or subnilf to having
said p«s»book .»r.icll#d gr<| » Hew on* issued.
BANKBOOK No. :.^7 :>!•- of th* I'titon IMnx
Savings Hank is mii-tins;. Any •■„.•. having
a claim to it Is hereby called upon to present
the sar;ie witiiln ten •:•! < or suhn.it ti» having
mU rassbfoltianoeiletj «_>^l_a n«i» mc issued.
BANKBOOK No. <r>o.7R2 of the Union Dim* Bar
ir.gc I'-.in.; i- laliclng Any |,fr«.in havinf
a i-lalr.i to It l» h» reby callnl upon in pie««nt
the *am^ \iithin tfti 'lays or submit l« !>., iii
fjil pimsbiioic iiiru»l!fi| ...I .1 ii. m .;ih ISkUM.
L/iST. Bunkbdrk no SICMO of I>ry I»ck Sav
i. .•< Institution. Any prr*cn baring chttaia
Upon -aid b*<->|< •• . a\ V.I uron Id pr.s-nt the
istnia l« M • bant: ■ :iiu thirty <ia\s or th* mid
Ic-ok will be declared lltl •!• .1 «nit extinsuishru
and i Mir fint- Ismj!*'<l in ll»u therfof.
L/^ST. — nankb«ok Xa 6O7.rn*». >' Dry Dock say
mo In.stittitiun; any p>-j-"ii bavins cUtml
upon »«W ►•"••h l» •Miled upon t>> pr*aeni ib«
fniir tn tl>i- l>a:iU >» :lhin thirty lii 01 the ml. I
bo-.k v. ill be d^clarrd cancelled ittvi **\;lns.iitheiJ
unit <i new nn*_i«iuel In lieu th^ie^f
U»?T. -HNnKb- rs.i No. s>P<;>n.\ Pain for S»v
ln»», -t<> 4ih »v» . New York. Payment
»to| I.fj. '''£ a f^_ r _*t l ! r iJ >o "fc_ l<^__t > en:;.
U>ST.- Hdny^<•o:l No ... Bank for Savins*.
•.'<<» 4th «\e. Sp» York. I'H\iu>nt atoprcd
I'lear? r?ti:rn l><»oi( to r.aiik.
U«»ST OH >TUI,LV i:..iikbook No. U&tISS o|
tri- «;ir:nan D»vlnga Bank ta the • it' "i %>•»
v..i «.cr;ifr 4th »-\e. jnil Uth »t., U»'i.".| t>
I'-l.i.ih Jcteph. .'II |»i«i»na aif «auti ( ip.e.!
.i _ -i i ii i- negettattag lh« lam*. If not returnfft i<%
th« bank on th»> l>-th day of April. 1D!'». a dupli
.ai" vi, 1 be toaued.
LOST ort :->I.KN 1;..:''..»h.0W No. »«U».o^i~Jf
t!\? «i'nii»il having* ii i. . 111 tlir t'ity ... S*w
V.-rU. loimr -tt lt a\<. alii MiH M . Is.su»-i1 in
Ir<"t» Fill'tp. All i—i.'iiis are > .«utii>n»,l acuinst
BegoHatlnji the s«i,.». if not returned i"i the
bank an I.- IlMh ..J> of April. 131<\ ,» iturlUal*
• ill *"^ itsneJ.
Lost ok ST«'»LEN- — nanhb*»iu Xo M«.jn,H ",7(
ttii t><rni*n h^vlncn iunk lit the ntv if N>\v
Tork, inrnrr 4th axe. .i.il i ♦'•' st . I— uin) t,, i- rr .|
Illracbhorn All p«r*ona aiv i-«utii>n«.i n. n;i- r
kiir.j: the tame. If rot .•turn*n la th<> ban', i.n
Ihc 10th da\ nf Api 11. 1310. * mil b»
l.t».>T «>rt SroLEN- Bin!ih-Mi|» \7» ♦Sr«4 :^~of
tl«. il^inmi ll.irk In tho <\t> of Ntw
York. • ornrr <ih »v» an I Uth «t i«-,t:^,'i to
Frliji V\rin All rcrionn jr« ■ aut|i n»r| a *iln-.l
negotiating the Mm* if n.-t return^ii i* in •
b«nk «» t-« 10th rtd> of .\».tl, 1010. v dupitc*t«
l< tarn on '*T~br\i:<~:-uinTt^ : .ri<'a~ jos »nYTr
lb« r.rrman Kavlnga ilirK in the ntv rf V«w
To»W..vorn«r *' h » v * a;lt | j 4th t iiu !-i to
f.ou Mr-ras All r«i»?rc »re c4utlor.fi a.MirsT
R«lotUtlßg IJ«wi If ny return*! t" till
off; 1
tn cT»at rarl*t> ot
ityle anil price.
in Fulton St.
•!:• t0..15, moiels, and machine *oik of the
riKht kin i is « .a" iron want; we i!f» It n?iu anM ;
(ialck; ir?t otir estimate Ma- hin- Bhor>, leo ;
William »t. i
IX THE ■ 'i if • it coi bit OF THE LNffsii
States for the Southern IMitrlct .ji New Yorh.
The L'n»l*rground Klnellli Hallways Company of j
London. Limited. Complainant. a<;<inst Loula 1!. ,
O»s!ry. •• Exei-utor of the L-iSt Will and Testa- i
n:«-nt of - 'harm T. v»rK- a, de C prts»il. a^.J otheis,
Hrfpon«ients. — Nollt* Is h>-,thj »{t»!>n that pur
suant to a devree el sal* m.i! • In the abov* {
entitled . an»". bearinit date th ■ 'j^nd day of
Jar.vary. 1910. and ent«i«'i In slid cat!**, th* '
urdtTsisn^d. the ■■•„1. ia;is'-. will sell ;
at public auction, at No. s«4 Fifth Avenue. in i
the Borough of Manhattan. In tiie City. County j
and Btal of N.*w \ork. en thi; premises |q be •
•told, on th* ele\en'h d^v "f April. t'JlOl at '
twelve o'clock noon by Joseph I. l)a>. auction- !
ajar, th" following real prot»rty t>y <atd dtsn* :
dtrrrted ti> te sola, and tneroin cte* nb»d as
All that certain passe or pare*! at land with i
the buiMinir and improveirier.ta th'recn erected,
situate, hin^ an I being in the Bcroug*i of Man
hattan. City, County and Stat^ of New York. i
boundril jta-t described as folio* »: 1
EEOIMNIN at the corner ft.rmed by the In- '
lersertion of III* easterly std* ef Fifth Avenue
with th* southerly <i I* of n>i n street running
'I,»n. •■ along th- easterly avtfl ef Fifth Avcooa |
one hundred iIWi feet "nv* ».".> Irchci to »ha
centr- lin« of th* block between *«th and «"th I
Streets; runnlnr lhatv - easterly alana the tsn- ,
fr» lino Of said block or* hundred end flrty
thr»e. (153( feet; then?* northerly and parallel .
vith Fifth Avenue on« hundred limit '■■•" live .
<?' inches tr> the southerly llnj of BSth -T-e".
thence westerly am; sa'ld *onth*nv. line of :
•Wuh. Htr«-«t one hundred and flfty-threa ItSBl j
feet to th* point or pla>.e of be^innine Said j
preirtijes •-.:.« i a ,*. t., .1. Block 1353. on the .
l-a".l Map. of th» City of New Yoik.
•^al.; saia will be mad* in t'.ie following man '
TBS und«islf;n*d will first ni«»r for aala sep
arately th* |.>i'ov»injf parrel. p,»rt of -VI prem- j
tses. and win note the hlghfsr bi'l therefor:
Hesinntn? ar a i.rlnt In the easterly I hi of ;
Fifth Avenu* distant »i\t. feet five Inchf-s south- '
erly from th* in**!«»- of the southerly «!<le '■
of ?i\t> .-ijhrii .---o, r and the easterly sld* of .
Fifth Avenue, and running thence 'aouther'.y
al..p< Ih« easterly bM« of Fiffi Avenu* forty j
feet: ■ »n ■-• easterly parallel n-ith Klxty-elghth
Street on 4 hundred feet; theme northerly par- I
al!*l with Fifth Avenue forty feet, and thenc* :
w«-st*rlv parallel rrlrh Sixty-el^hrh Street on* :
hundrad f»-et to the easterly" *\<i» of Fifth Avo- :
au» at th* point of beßinnin-.
Th* undersigned will n.'xi offer fur sa!* sep
arately th* re^ltlu* of said premises and Will
no»« th* highest bid ther«for. Tiie uniier»iKn*d
will then offer for sale »• said real property as
an entirety and will note, the hizhest bid ther*
f|">r. and th* bids f"r •).. separate perc«ta will
only be received and noted "ii condition tiia' th*
said Li 1 property shall subsequently b* off*r»d !
for sal* as an entirety. If lilt highest bid for \
the said real property when offered for s;*l* :
»s an entirety s>all exr»ei the n?sre?at» of th*
several siaaiaai bids ther*for «hen offered for !
sala in = aid two par, > is. then •■'; re»l property ]
will be srr|ek»n off and sold as an entirety
to rh« hUhest bidder therefor. If. however, th* ■
highest hid r*i-»iv«il ana noted for said real ;
property as an entlretv shall not ex-eed In
amount the. several hlshest M.l* for such par- '
•■•I* when offered separately, thsn th* neveral
Tercels offered for »a!* will tea »tri<-lten off i
and soli-i to the hlshest bidders for the »ej»- i
arat» parcels.
No Md nisi ho accepted for isld real pr"p*rtv
•>. an entirety less than tit* sum of fnurt«n
hundred thousand dollars i*t.4oo.<V>o>.- n or for ,
either of the parcels offered nepara'-tv unless :
fh* l|tl '**"> bMs for sjld two p.irceis effered '
t«parat*l\- »haM b* not less than «iid sum. an.l j
unless bald turn 1-. bid th* unHerslnne-l will ad ]
.to.jrn the sale and apply to the ... !
irstrucrlops No bid win b» ,».-oi from any \
on* oft'»iin< to bid wV. »ha!! not. prior •, th* j
Offering of such pron^rty for sale, deposit with |
the onwT»»ajtio«l -. >i»\i\ tr t« the undersixned us (
a pledge •' . »• S u-h bidder will m»k« ... ,| his ;
bid In th»- "vent of (is acceptance, either in cash |
-. a -•-• '.- ch*i-k on som* bark or tnis» r«m ■ ,
pin-.- in th* Bor<nian ef Manna) in the t lfy ;
of New- Ycrk satisfactory t<> th* undersigned : In ,
•i • •if of tal<l parcel •■ l■• «rs? -"•■:■• ft* |
sale, the anna of SiO.orV): in th* easa of th*
r*«Hu« of said real proptrtv the sum of %V»\ -
808 and in the la* of *iid r#al property as
• n entirety th« -:ni of SUO.firtO
Th* deposit ms-ie I" any btdd*r for i §er> •
%'« par-el may «n fa r a S nppMcabl* be t»f
r!l*d fin a"-oimf of the d"p^stt ti\ b« mad« by
him "n hlidlnx f«r said twj p^rr*|s wn»n offered
for aalo .-!.* an entirety. Any d»pog|f «or*
•i.-.-» from «n tinsu* e«ssful bidder win be >•• :
turned to him "tid th* deposit rr, T »<"\\»^ *"<m ;
any surresspi! bidder will be arpli'd on account
of the 'puri-hrne pit^« of »>■• pr"»«'i yo'd to
him. In -»*• any bidder *h*ll f^il. affer accept
ance of his Md by •>•• nndWrslsnaMS, lo comply
with any order of th* Cour» r*taftnßr to th*
payment therecf or th» consummation of thO)
rurch^se. th* sums deposited by such r'lrchJser
•->- purchasers will h* forfeited as a penalty for
«'i. 'i failure and will be applied to the payment
rf the expenses of the re-saltt and toward mail :
ing pood any deflclency or lo«s in rase the prop
erty shall b» »*ld at a*Us> pr!c» on such r*-sa!e |
The saje} of said real property n ill he macl* |
fre* from In^umbrances. an.* ariv incumhranres j
at the tim* of sala «■ any thereof «•. »olrj will
b* paid our of the purchase price
Th* purrhasor shall, on tnn i-->nrlrmailon of
th* s»!<> by til* C«.jrt. pnv the re«|,]i,» of th*
purchase pri— In casli and wlihin thirty days
after such ccnflrmatton, at such p!ac» in fh*
City of New y->rk and a? such time as th* court
may, In trte order of c«iifirm«»lon. direct, if J
lui-h S3]e shall nit be confirmed by the Court. I
such deposit will p« returned to th* h:dd»r. I
In cas* the purchaser shill fall or omit f» m«k« \
any payment on a. Hint of th* unpaid balance i
of th* purchase price In aocr>rdan'-« wtrh th*
requirements of any order fir such ni*n'.
the property may be r*-soll on such notice as
the Court may direct. ]
I'pon conflrmatlon of th* sal* of saM real [
property and pavnient of th* rurcha.^« price, |
th* undersigned will •i- . -% a '-^1 or deeds >
and other prsper Instruments conveyinar and
transferring such property purchased to the pur
chaser or porr'Baaara nfn or their soceanaara or :
>i'.*lifn* In fee siniplf: an<* upon fh* execution j
iii* delivers- of such ■'.-■eil or deeds th* grantee ,
or grantees therein rsnied will r.* let info th* j
possession of th* r-o|. , '•■>«< «o „- • ••<*. «nd th* j
>indersl;u*il and any r^*'tv to »airi c^use hay- i
Ins possession of »am* will deliver such .
property o\er to th* purchaser or |H>r<-haa»T«. hts |
or their «,; ... < or n«s!<ms. and «M, h pur- '
chaser or pur'-has^r* his or rbeir succe JS ors ;
•■>r Hsslans <hni' he entitled to bold. rosse«s and '
enjoy the same fr«e and d:s r harKe^ from a'l ,
claims 3-d rf^ht* of a'l psjrtUi to thU suit '
ar»d fh««i* ctrtlndtg under them. For further '
particulars reference Is mide >« «aid decree.
Dated. X« v York. Mm h 4th. tdlO
?ollrltor for •■'••or.
US Broadway,
New Ycrk Cltj^
Si.'tes for tfie Southern Plstri'-t of Si York
Th-> T'ndercround Electrto Rallwaya I'nmp.inv of •
I.crdor. IJmtted. Complsinant. acatns' I<puls S. i
Crwaley, a* CsecntOl of the r.i». frill and Te*ta- ■
„-•"» af t**iarle» T. Yerk»s. d*>cea3e.l. and others. |
m.-o Is hereby c f»i that pursunnt ••> a de- i
■ ■!»•■ of a»lc 'mad* la th* «bm» entitled taus*. I
bearinK date fhe 2?1 da.i of January, I!M'>. a:'.d
eittete.j | n i«n;d cause, ■o underslgrre.l. the Re- |
celver In said cause, will sell at public suction. :
to ihn hlsh-st bidder, at No. (3D East flJM'.i I
*tr'*t. In the F«roush of Stanhattan. hi fh* i
i "ity. County and Sfat* of New York, on t!i* '
i i finises hereinafter .te>-cribed. on the ele\enth I
day of April. t!»1(>. a' half past on* o'clock tn
rha aft-rnoon. by Joseph P. Day. auctioneer. ■
tb* following real property by satd decree |
directed to be sold, and therein described as :
follow a
All that ro-t-iin lof. pi** or parcel of land ■
with the buttdtntl and !mrr«>v*"i*nts thereon ■
*re.ted. »!tuat.». lyinr and bflnir In th* ISth '.
Ward ot the r:crT:gh of Manhattan, <tfy. C*uniy t
an.l Stat* .• ' NVw York, and bounded and d»- !
scribed ft* follow*:
|1»-!(inniiii: at a certain point on the northerly '
atdt>i»f »s!>th sfre-t. ... hundre,! .- ,•, • i - 1 ;
nfty i '..'.i.i feet easterly f'om the corner fcrm«"i i
by tdo lnt*rs*ction of the northerly »ld* of ash) J
street wit'i th* easterly ■Ide cf Urxtaaion ay»- ,
nu^ and runntnt ih.'-v -•- «-•« -• ■- alona t.i» north • j
eny »W* of n'teet twenty fl\<» ( 'JS> feet; j
tbenc* northerly varallel with »■*!■' avenu* en* !
biT<!ie.l (104>» f »i <^.. .■ ,;. . Incnes. thence west ;
trly parallel with said street twenty ft»« ti'.i
f. of . and th*nce southerly pa:-»llel with «Hi I
a\*irae and enrt cf the <!;ytanc» throutli i p^trty
wal! ore hundred »IC*l -. ■ • fH* i.'.i in-'hea to th*
polrt or pla. • of beglnnliis. «ald premise* bein«
In Sectlm 5 Block 1104. on th* Land Map of
the City of N>>w TOrl
I"*-..- .«al*i • ' iaM reil property will be nia>l» I
fre»> tfrm Inciimhrances. and any IncuTibrame* i
Ihcreaa .it the ti:.ic« of sale win b« p«uj out of >
th* purchase price.
Th« piirohaaer. upon th* accrptanc* of any !
b!!. shall forthwith pay to t!-f tinderslgnci ten j
per cent, of the purchase price tn money or in |
v certified *-h*ri<i* or cheffuea on any atstlonal
hank cr any im«t compani In t'l* lioroi:rh of
Mnr.liatt.in. tn th* <tty of New York, satlsfai-
tory hi the iindfisisn»il. Hnd »l;a'i. .in ihe con '
nrii;>i!ton of •!•* sale by tb» Court, ray th* I
i«.slilu* of th* purchase pr! * in cash and within
thirty itsys nffer »uch <"onrtr;i!atlon. at »uch !
pl.l'e In Ihe iitv .f Net» York an. l at such ttme) I
as thi* Ccu't may. 'n th* ■ •■ r*r ■• cnnfirmsfloTi I
«Urert. If .«.! h nil* «h-»M r.it be confirmed by i
thrt Court, such deposit will b« returned to the
In »a»e the purchaser nh«!l fall. »'i»r accept
ance of bis bid b> ih^ uii'ier»:jtned. tn comply
with any order of th* Court reUtlns to th« pay
ment I hereof or th* consummation of th* pur
rhaa*. fh* aouwtßl deposited by such purchaaev
or turi-ha-i-r? will be forfeited bh a pe:i<ilty for
• uch \!olstl>n nnd will t^> .•»,.pii,..» to |he>ipay< '
ii. ent cf the e\pen«*i« of the r*-».*!« and lowurd I
iiiaWimr «'"»! «Ny rteflclenoy or loms In rtw> th« |
propcify *h.t!l b* ?o!d Ht a less price on auch r« i
In i?" the purchaser shsll fail o r omit li.
make any payment on account of th* unpaid bal
ance el th* p«irrha«« prlo* In accontant> with
th* rent:lr>'nient« of «n> ,»r«;-r f. r «u.h i>a\nirnt. !
th* property uia> be- resold on such noflc« a« i
the Court may direct ;
l"[i.ii .onririnatlf.n .«f th* *«)• nnrl pa) men I of !
tie s«rch.«3« prl.e. the nnd*r*i«n*l will execut*
a 'Iced of I*- ■■!» and other i" i"-i instrumenrs !
CCitveslM 1 and transferring jmrli rroperty pur I
chaiM to th* i.archaser .%r purchaser*, 'his or I
their mi. ce»<f>Ts or a»*tsns. In f»* ■•Imple; ml
ill on the execution and ,le|j\erv of sufiu -fi J»ed or
de*d«. lh* rr.n-io<» or <rm!f<. i •■« oln nanieil.
wl|> be let Into -ho possession of ths premises
io ccn\evcd. and iS« undersir^eii and any ptr?»
to this silt havtiM poaaoMton of tr»» Mmc wl!|
iKI-or ►!'< h ,ropert> e t) . r to ■>. purchi«*r or
rur«-;*»er». his or their BtKCMaOTI »r u-.«lans '
ani .'inh purchaser n, puri-ha*«r». his or tbetr !
.ucrf»aors rr asilcni. shall be enfltled to hold.
J..W. anJ •am tr>« ..,„,, rr „^ a -, 4 ,j|»ohari:e.: !
froi.i -II c aims and rtahf» of ,n r a;ties to this '
jult ani the-»» 'i-Tiiij under the-n
aiT r .|r* l J 'Vi'* r tßtllcuI * r « reference Is made ta
• rated N#W T«»r starch <th IB1»
in the -Ik* r i r cowt op tub tT'Sn
Staten for th* Southern Diatrlrt of S*^ \otK.
Th* l'nrt«Tßr»un»l Electric Railway Company
«f Jj^ti'lnn, Limited. 4'omplainant. »it»lint LcuU
9. Onslfy. as K«ecutor of th« Uist Will and
Testament of diaries T. Ycrken. deceased, and
«ith»m. Hrspnit'lent*. »
Nntltr Is h-rehv Riven i >Jtt |iij:a>t*att to %
dfcrM of sale m«d» In th*» abov*-*ntltl^dl
caii^f, hearing li.if" th* "L'nd day of Janu
ary. K»l<», anil ent. red in nairi t^u^ie. the un
tl«r«ien<-(i. ih<» p.er*|ver in said cam*, wlil
**!| at pul.lic aii'-tlon. through th* American Art
AacorUtlon. Mnn.<ißKrs. by Thomas K. Klrby.
a,uctione«r. on th^ premises No. *rtl Fifth Ay*-»
■ I,- In th* riorou^h of Manhattan. in th* City
*nrt • .jiinty of Nr,« York. on th^ »l*v»ni da-/
"f Aril!. l'.il" at hair' past two o'clock In tB«
aft^no.in of thit day, ronrinuinic ■- n th» rw« i
■'• ■••' April. lOtS at h*lf past two o'clock In
''■<» afternoon of that *B and •»' a «iuart«r past
eight o'clock in ihe evening of that d3y. i;il ->n
th* thlrrr*nth d%v of April. ifii'». *t half tin
two o'clock In th.. afternoon of that day and at
• quarter ra»t Hahf o'clock In fh« evening «i
that dnv. the L -i^nt*ntK of -jM p"«mlM» So. 8M
KlftK Avenu*. N«w York, '" I." the re«ld»T»cs
o» fTiarle* r v«ik»«. Kor fortnCS
psrtlrulars reffr-n*"* !■» mad* to •aid decree.
l>ate»J .Nn.v V.i-V. Jlnr'h i-n I'M"
J. P. OTTOI* jr. y.cuc'.'nr for n*c«ivtr. !•
F.rf^dn-av. N«t» To»!< i'|tr
_ m^ m^_^^
< '.up. Man* R*taa antt Mi i Kathsrln*
R»Ua. hi« wirp. plalntlfrs. a«aln»t M»r^ar*th.*
U*.-n» or Wofrncr. th- itlrlmv nt Tar! R. \v»r
ntt immctlmM r.Tl)*'l R^lnhaM Wo»rn>ri. t.*«rl
August W*rn*r «.r Woerner. and Maml? Wr
n»r or TVo*rner. his wif*. O*orztn* Ttft|r?e.
.lohann-i llofmann. Etl*ati*i MUtz* »n<l
Johanna Mlitze. inf.»nt«. and John MOtis*, ' 'i*tr
father, with whom they reside. th« name
"Ji-.hn" h»iti«; flVtiMous. th* "'hrlstfan mm- nt
■■alii il»f-'.'lnr,- h^inn unknown m plaintiffs:
I ouisf MiiL' 1 ifnnnaffly Knhihai-hen, Auzuit
Kolilbacher and Kmma K"h!ha<-h*r. Ufa w|f«,
tii'' n.im« "Kmma" b^ln* f|rfttloii9. »h* Chrl«
»'i- nama Ml «nirt rtrfrnrtant ''.■in* unknown t>>
plimtitfs; !.ou!s» Thcrea« S.-hmlth. ; *»lnai
Hovflf-1. K-inrartlnc Hf>hmann. Eil2HH«th
Schml't, Anna I R"u«s«i«. rarl \J«iiSt
Wrtrner. rfnlriinic at Brnn^n. r.»rmwy, and
Anna Worii^r, Ms n lf^. the name "Anns"
b»in~ flctiflous. t!i* rhrlsflan MM of * ild
4*frndanl hem* unknown to plaintiffs; l.ud
\ is M- inn. h rn-r and r.Trb«r-i Warner, his
wif». th* mm* "Barbara" h*ln«r fl'-tlric^s. th*
•'lir!sflan nam« of «.n.l rt«fonrtanf belnc un
known to plaintiffs: Konrad RNnhard TVAm*r
and Jan» V.Hrn'r. his wlf», th* iumi "Jane"
h»lnjr nrt,jrtr>i|i. th» <~hrlsttan njm« "f «*!4
dafrnflint b*ln«; unknown la plaintiffs: B#it»
h^r.l Wrtrn< :' an,; i.oula* Warner, hia wife,
and th* People of the State of x«* York. •"»••
f»nrt;tnt!i —
Summon*: Trial dcalrod In County of New
To th* aN"v<» .•».»,! d»feni!ant»:
V ■>■! jr* iier*hy mmmnni'i to ajwwa tJl*
complaint in tins action, and to «»rv«! a ropy
of your answer on th*> Plaintiffs* Attorn»v
within twenty rt.iys after th« »*r- !■• of this
summons. »x<*lusiv» of th« day of service; and,
in i- as* of ' our failure to appear, or answ*r.
Judgment will h* tak<»p aualnst you by- ■t 'fault
for th» r*lipf ,li-'imnd»d in the complaint.
Hated February UUi. t»lft
Plaintiffs' Attorn-r.
Office atul Postofftr* address. Sf i:.n Island
Savings Rank BuiMlnsr. Stapl*ton. N. T.
To th* ahoy- nam'd d»f*ndanf* O*or*ln^
Rn«<». Johanna, Ifofm.inn. Eli2»n*th Milta* and
.Johanna M kta*. Infants, an.l John Mutj th»lr
fa'her. "vlth whom th*y rostde. th* nam*
■'.l"hn'' Jvln^ flctl'ioiis. th* »'hrlstlan n»m« of
said d«f*ndani b*ins unknown "> plaintlfT*;
Louis* HUger (formerly Kohlharli*r>. \'ijrj» .
Koblbaelm and Emma' Kohih*rh»r. h>> wtf*.
th* aamiH "Emma" bins if.->.m. (h« «'hrt»
tlan n»m» of »al«l d*f*ndant t>«lna unkii"»i
to plaintiff.*; f,ouis« Th«r*s* Schmltn. • HFt»
tin« tf«*/d«), Konradln* Mohmann. p;;i»an»»*\
fohmltt. Anna X R*ussi»ljr. t'arl Au(ii»t Wnr
n-r. rfstdini; at Prem*n. l*rmi and Ann*
Wornfr. his wlf*. th* nr«m* "Anm" h*tn« fi?tf
tioua. th« t'hriatlan nam* of mid defendant
b*inn unknown to plaintlffi; Lutlwlc Helnrlctt
W(irn»r and Barbara VHrner, hts wtf*. th*
nam* "Rarh-tra" h*lne flrtttirm*. th* ChrlatlJn
nam« of )».iid <I»f*ndanf h*ln!j unknown tr»
plaintiff*. Konrad n*tnharci Worn»r • ■ tin»
\\v.|-n»r. hl^ wlfo. th* rtam* "Jan*" b*ir»s ficti
tious, th* ihrlattan n mi- of i«H '»•?• • J • • •
h»ln< unknown to plaintiffs. R«:aliir'l TVdrntr
.md I.o.jif* U'nrn»r. his wife:
Th» for-snins: summons Is s«rv»rt up"n r^u.
by puhllrari^n. pursuant to an "'V' of lap
lion, .lames Fu:sfralrt. one of »h* ,Tu»t!ces o*
th* P'ipr»m* fourt of th» stat* of \-™- Tcr*.
rt^tßfi th* Mh day of March. 10v>. and filed
with Hi- • omplalnr ••n th» nf!\c* of th* Clerk)
of th* County of N«?w York, at th* Count/
• nil- House, in the Borough a? Manhattan,
City, County and .-•)•• nf N*w York
<-,■•'■■ IV ?TAKK.
PlalntlfTa' «tt<trnai!
OWe«i an<l Po»tom<"* ad'lrfiss. St.it*n T»Unil
Savt rm Bank Bui \4\r\ g ytapl»'on. v T.
County. — Phoeb« A D B«yle . and. John
Xcuaehetor, as -■, ii">r« of and '-■!«••• un
<i-»r th* last will anil fstiment nt I ..in B-^'l*.
d»rms*-d. plaintiffs, jgrnln'tt ;<•■' '.' Pt-r?*,
Eliritheih v, Pi' i r'-«< and I.oulk* E?«rt!>ri. >
f-n'ianis —Summons — To the abo\ * named,
d^f^ndan's and e3»"h of »h«m: Ymi ar» har*b;.'
mmmoi to an»w*r th* complaint In ftils
action, and *^ st"** a oopv of your anawe*
on the plainrtffji' atforn*y». wlthtn twenty .1»' *
aft«r th* »ervic? of this summons, exclusive
of th* rtav of s^rylc*. and In ess* of your
failure to appear or answer. .I'id|rm*nt b»
tak*n stains* you by d*fuult for til* relief de
manii'd In »h« compliint.
Ddt«"'. NVtv Yo,k. F'hruarv IT. 101«
Attorneys for PMintlffs. Office arul r'ostoSea
Ail.!r*ss. 141 Rroartw-iv. x*n- York City
To ITvnry D Pier. • art.l E!tz'ib*tl» V Fi»-c*
Th* for»i<o!n? *'immnni la aer^-'l upon >o>a
by publication pursuant to an cHt of Hon
.l.im--* Fiizs?»ra!il. .i»Jli'» of the .^uprsnn*
Court of th* Stat* of N«'.v York. X»w York
Countv. '.lat*.l th* tTth <l. t \ of Mar.'h. m».
and rt'*d with th* c«nipl.iinf In th* offlc-» o?
the ritrk of th* emioty of New York, at tlv»
<_v»unt v ''ourt Hooa*, in tbe Borough of Man*
hatt in. •'ity. L'o.int- and gtata «f N»r %9t»
Atforr^vs for l J !.»«n t lrfs. No. in Broadirav.
York, by rh* jrrar.* of Ok| fr** ant mil«
P#nilent. to Frederii-k T\" »imr>nrl*. •'hariott* \
Sinu>n-I*. Barbari Slmon-Is. .-ophie E. Stmon'lJ.
H^nry G, Slmon^s. Charles M 3imond«. •-••
h*irs and next of kin of Mary Charlott* Sttri(.nds.
<leo*»»seil. *fnl sit?i»tir.s:
\\htf>r»as. Alexander B. i-'lmonda. ...... .
of New York, ha a lifaly applied to th* -urro
gn*»a rourf of «.ur t'ountv of New Yor!« to iav*
a certain instrument In wri!in<. relating to path
r».»I and personal prT^rtv, .luty proved t» th*
last Will and Testament Mi Ch*r!ott»
Slmond*. lat» of the Count y *f Nt>w York. '1»
- „.,( t*tet*tt)T9 yr,u and *nch of \nu tr- olt'd
T. app»«r before fh* SurroatJte of our Coun.v p?
s:^^ York, at h!3 offlcs in th« County of Verw
v... i< "ii th* lHth day of May. on«" t^oifsjnl
run- hundred and fti. ar half -jiast -;i debark In
thf forenoon of that day. th<*n and th*re ta at
»»nd the r roliar * °t th« s.ai.l l»»t XYtll and reats>
And sinh rf you as ar* h#r»fw- cit*l ■a »-*
•sn^wr th* a«e o» | want j -am year». ar* r*<y»lr<*±
to appear by your guardian. If you hay* "<n* or
If you hay* none, to appear and arply for dns • -\
b* sppolnt«d. o r in the event of your n««!*>-» fr
fatlur* W <*.p *o, a 4uarlinn will t>* appointed by
th* Surr->«ar* ti> represent mii act for you in th«
In t«*ttmcmj! i*h*r*of «• ha-.* i .-^'t "'• s>(»al
of th* ~'irr » Court of t'n* mm Count* -*
New Y"rk tn •.• H*t«»ir>'-. af"H«d
|ti. F. 1 Wttne»» Hop Ahner >'. Thomss. a
.^urrosat* of our sal'i County of \""
T^rk. a* aatd Ctmnty, the t«th day of March, in
th* »»r of our Lord on» thousand .in* Imn lr*l
Clerk of tJiP^Surro^ate '* court
York, by th* «rac* of i,n«i fre* and Inda--
P*n'!cnt. tr. Sophie Hayn. Max Hayn and to all p«r
aons tTit«TPste'l tn the Eahtia of .1. Ueors ?ch*nk.
latta of th« < <un of New York. d«ceas«d. as
« rfdltors, lesafos. next of kin cr otherwise, send,
greeting: Yi»u and ca.'ii if you *-• hpr»by cited,
and ifnuirrj personally to b* and appear befot*
our Swnrogat* «( th* County of New York, at th*
Surrosatt>»" Court c>f said County. M*? th*
Mall ot lter«rd». m 111* inimly of N*w York, m\
th- stli .lay of April. U»l<>. at ha!f-pa»t t»tl
o'<-lo«-k m th* f.>r*noou „f that day. th*n and;
t!.. f .. to attend » judlrisl »*ttl«m»»nf of »h« %r
«ouiu of pnv *nlln;s of Wllltaiu Sullivan and
Kat* M. Sweeney, a-i F>i*<u»ors of th* Last TYl!l
and Tostain«nt of salil ii*c*aa«d: and such of
jou as ar* hereby cited as are under the if* •»
twenty- one years «r» reaulred to appear by yo«ip
Kuardtan. if you h»\* on*, cr If ?ou h«v« non*.
t,v appear an 1 apply for on* to be appointed, or
in the e\»nt of your m-slee? or fatlur* to do sn.
a guardian will be appointed by th* Surroeat* to
reprf^ent and act for \ou in th* proceeding.
In testimony whereof. w« hay« t'auiM ii-< 3e»i
'■■■■*■ Court of tha tall
County of New York to b* hereunto
IL.. S. 1 *fnx"l. "• It MM Hen. Abn«r C.
Thomaa. a Surrcgat* of our said Coun
ty, at th* County of New York, «h»
2nd dsv of February, In th* year of our Lori
cne thousand nir.» hnndied and m .
siisi i. fyrfrnjivr?
Clerk of »h* Surrogates' Court.
PROPOSALS FOR t'Lofil: r"-:rc> r QUAR
ternusttri Offli •. 3t» Whiteh.tll St.. N»\v York.
X. V.. Mari-h I. I'JlO. — >..» 1 proposal*, in trtp
licat*. will b* received at this of*.« until i
oflorU I' m Mai ".i 1010. and then op*n#d.
for furnUhinK an.l <!eli\erinj| at thl* Depot rK>.oo<»
yanlt nine Drati Shutinj Flann«! and ."UJ.W**
yards "'live t.'rab Kersoy. ::'oi. Tine right Is
reserved to reject or awept »ny or all proposals,
or itny r"rt Jn*reof l'rereren«« HI h» (iven to
articlc-i of <U>m««tti» manufacture. Blatnha for
proposA'.st finJ full lnforn»ation will be furnished
upon applhat'on at this "IT! ■" Envelopes con
' urine proposal* to b* Indorsed "Proposals for
Cloth, to N» opened Man-h ST. tftlrt. ■ and ad
dressed la M. C.RAY ZALINSKI. r>«pot Quarter
ma st«r ; __
Knsr-»\tnij a:id Printing. Waslilngton. D C.
J«minry 17. lOlrt. — >-,tie l proposals t^ furnish
drrliiff th.- f«r.il >«-ar ht-jclnnlni; July |. tr»t*>.
mtpplii-s of I'heniicnla. «fr.. will b* re.-*|ved at
this offlre until 'J p fn.. -.ii April «, lf>!«.
»■ whi.U time they will b- opened and record
ed In »he pr»sence of bidders In th* «fflri» nf
the Plrector of the rtureati. Awards win b*
mad* only tn estnbltshed nmnu' n-turer* of. op
dealers In. th* i iivi«a Th* right i> p«aaw«aa|
to r«.iect any or nil bids or pitrt-t of bids.
rt!a:if< forms with *p*circatlona for proposals
and furth.-r Information wltl '.« furn sh-d tn»
t«nrti»ia bk.ilfts on annluatlon to j- im;i ; h E.
RALPH. Plrt-twr of Hnre«n ->»wn <L.
AGR-5W York. N. V . Marc?» ».-. ntpL
ppalPd proposals. In tripMciH**. will ba re
c#hred here unt»i I p M . April i;;. ma aajd
th.n op*n*d. for «.«..!•• . haf r(»fd». rnt'fln
troves, .'irkers. wool«n tickings and undar
thtrts. c«<tt pultons, tent poles and pins In
formation upon application Envalop,, con
' ''i 1 1"* propolis t,, b « .^dorked rroß«aav!a
f.. p Clothing and Equlpate. ,„ b(! , ■■•••. An-','
IX t'M<», and addressed to i! fir* »v
7-XHNSKt. Pep.t O M - M "HAY
Auc'Tio NjsAirei: — "
„i .„ r r
• • "•

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