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Ltgti .1 --'' "■' Stoekholw.
v « • sVeaM ssd 1 waaa
v . lha r,A:w of tt.o dynasty BSHtaT UM
' which ,-wed-ii aswapad >c most
as Bortlsa of ha* adMsry. li in one
x urnSCa v cen<<ire throunhout t'ne
and hn-adf.i at aha laasi. Indeed.
PucdTß rtnnnt fore t that it -»a<- Jlu?
-a\ V.ivj wha ».«n 1. r than ns* national
bm and ihstr trosdam from Paa
. . m: that amonß his mcM famoy.*
":. the throne .... harms Xil.
I rival Ht)<i fo^ of IMcr th"
.. cat, nd Oaatavas aaMahsa, lha moot
■ i-. r»«fthi Thirty Yoars- War. Tha
■f the Y«!<a dyaaaty oslnoansl wtta
■-t j^rioil of the hustory sf
I '!i her emptra authnani asatai
■ i ii..» belonging to U;:-sia and ».K:r
-.. crrat. in fa--t. is tJ>» IHIMIII
: rtotk S»ede-. t- th<- :n.-:.-.oty of the
thai H ■« <' n "y 88880 the prtse:-.t
1 -«r»-ied 11 pr^at -craniiaauKhtcr of
in iv. tat !a*t but "tie aswsrchpi
V ,v^ Un. . th.at the now lahaamS
• Boraaaotai baa saas bMs Is m -
•M sa The .ymrathy. the oo<l
.. ; ..1 t'r fcsjatty "f mo aoapav
ssa>saa«amaati dsaiajaia, iat •' • " r
.. ... ,- ...i «• .1 .loqi'Tt member?
. • •«-!.■• *l lafjaatasuj OaataW ■''■''••■ n!
... bai ■ I BUBBBO acainst the pVSO
• s aad aaamai the royal lanifrr. »ri
BsßpH th. render of ******
.... rehithsj ••• ths v.-as. bM
naturall! created a K'-at iiimil n rrom
.. ..f ti.r aaamauai to »o ataer.
, • trresi n tht mataar betas an
• tbC pr,t.:.-i..-> of •':. plai. tlfT
■ r f the srreat-KraTids'r. of Kirs
•x andd h!s.,ue.- BTbilesoine
tS oOOti and in tha M»*« Bov
treiH taaj bft*a known I ereto
.. ttm ctetao af Iwas-msasa » \TI
■ . patac omatoly hat r.o Msa
■ , ... •' : . ■ rohmrtT »ci
„.. pea raw had aav >s.s
b. outs i rm^rf aasi
„ baotd apea do smomafl «*S^!
. „» mention. »-««22SS
fc vu« n i« **ud«U at Bi J*
„, vva- btwagW '• »•
prove a
. , ,;;t!, ;;t! . b, »as deposed by
, ...t- rronuiiMament.- m
. . ..n' hi« Mcatiaa after a
„ Htc 1 .-id us find groggy wltli
, v kiaiouU awJ 0* ofJt.crs im;..i
. . ■■:„,. and ■*«-' tb.n ban.
• sas vna ■ ■"*< aTl<l hls enl '"
... Bade takteg hH i^* on tn
H . Charta Kill harlea >*in«;
« .nd . great adtn.ter M Prance
N . „ .. ..- ted thr frrr.rh tV.d
. 1 rt e. -rtKJ bad been born
"..„:„.„,-.. v», aad art- had rtasa
• W« torai H «>«*• nd
... tha ■■■«»» r3^ ltal m
,n 1 stta •
■ v - t .;•-*« iv T-tiT-d with hi- cv-
• , three daughters Prla
... smelts aad ****>
. ....... a*or.tn»oejr«aiahrt-T
......... .v.y-.-n.the.r
■ .- adrredwj ■ ■"»'•■"■ «iate-l
- itis ■omc yaws brtai <•:--
Wl »e were teougW to
• a«r»«i refU nawrted
. ■ .. , and -nott^r aaughter »*«
• • • ■ ■ ■*"• •• IVl^ •* .
. 1 uma The icualon
- tJ • U-Ktag «r..l
.. »»« d.-cide.l
„f tnetr r.marrinse •»
da - '■ r *»-ir not putttely ac
p 1 tart, tb* e % .KiTiK bayed
. . • » 1 derl-.ned to
-■„.- tar b«r whafeupen ber
. > ,- i- • l cf Tti^fia. who
A ..\ , .... ... 'r e x Queen, and
•■ nd af the Utter. Interrsted hin>
..;... . . . 1 I "M'-e Charles
•he (armei '"•■ •' Marshal
g . s -e. m *nd frS. nd"! »P.
n v^> • ' S.'Of-.nno crowt-s.
. ■•! tn trtist fnr BttSt Ar;m. Who
. ■■•--»- oa araa ttw"!^ ta » Fvaßch
na'iira^iz'd iti BsadCß, of

... • M • ttN grat*d
i Brachi And «f at*
- . and ati'l r-'S* 1**!"
ntar] *" n^ c^rx 1 - ■•• k*• Mbbbj °f th*
• g r ■ •'>•■ c Oasts and •
• i - a a ■<1 .<l«^ af USI T'.i>^.ent
, • Bmporoc \' ■ ■
Kasj C sftsi XI V for the banefll
tlr •• 11 va< ' •- -■fT'-prtTi-- of tri'a
. -, • g- Kit CBBTBBJ \T\ . who
' «. -R«ted m«n. and Who hi
*gr a*Msspsd » dagiav «>f n^nri-*
tm ' ' *»*!•• attrlbated bj on
■ n ; « pyTrTie-^n p. a. -<arit en
■■ • ■ paid c • ' t.' #> ♦••••.••o ijsiui
« ■• d« )m Rr» '.• It wrrni thai
• .»•>'• ■■ ■ after Ktag
• ■ • fir tl c imoiint. and that
t- » • • - Oscar I a •<>»«. i" iare 1
■ ■ able i • ; say trace O f the
; • • v • \cr. »ap cam
.. •■ • -n «h» tao of "1. letter
h] ■ .«■ v Mra<-he. ti.a* wtnc
.1 • keen hstruoted for h.- r
1 Berai ik Band 'ms fHther,
• . bmaaJQi r * Bbbos wMens, which
, .—,. — , h«-r «iirr«Mid«TtTiß to him.
••••I »•> pa\\ Jit jn annuity, "pend
■ • I * tiii^^i-ijc -rifllions.
• nny.'v sjao paM MSUhtfly by th#

1 - -w that Of '"■*■ 808 »r>l fi|c,o(iwr,
kX" • • .. ■ sßrteg me firs' c-ig-ht
I • - '»- r ' • • beta Ksag 4 isosr
tn anaa*f rt»-aih, in 1f79.
■ ■ • • 1 «r MrraTisrFment rf thii
* " » »* BfftaaJl|r tnade •- iara bf th*
:-r C - m . aawj aaM rr<>m lha Bwodlsh tr<i<v
• . Masi *f la Hrn ' from JV44 |aj l. c TT«.
- »ti^ that the fund O»
- f * '• _.••■. Batparar Aiex
.• «^<i coaAasd 1" ■ '' wi<s xiv ahoahl
- ■ ><*■?! found misslnc on tha latfr'i
C^'h :« rM^x- to uriderr-tand. As I hx\-»
sat above. <"h»r!«-K UV in hi* old
fi:- fjaasiaaal V, ■ m'*t bamasa miKerltness.
'■ v^«. ksHMTI to !«*\« I aVaWMd -1 r*)lo««al
• '» bj means <;.• pluSalar
I th«- jrnp«if:tjon af rushinic war in-
on «J* > rm«n cit!»»F -R-hlie In >**>:v
rr»n<l «.f t^e polesssc armSOB a* Marshal
' <-.tte prior bj b<''<*miii*r crown prin'-e
• ■. . deti
1 •' ail this lr»-a>.Ji».. -iHiicSj »a- ■■■*i il | jf
m ■ ■ aaßßt, • ..ii. ■ oi ■ arurtas di.«<
, ..s'-'i t.f. liot m ti:ice wv to Ix- found on
:i5!-t»-. and J* per.»-ra!l' believed to
. *ye 1j«-«!i -n-&iled up f' him in ana of the
Bad or i". •• vault«-d c..hf!ib»-rs b«^
»>«a'ij U- i)ali»«e of Rtoekt.olnj. The pahana
t OB • -.» KiU* of htiif m dozen earlier
1 .■ «i abodes. Ltut ■ h«- vjulti and 'ounda
■ 1: » <lf f- ba<:V for ii,'.; •■ than v. thousaad
4.THI the BsMsrssswaa j»art of the
i> o* su''h iauaease ar»-a and waal
: thai M baa aaoar been thoroushiy
■I I»:«]e^d. ••«ln#> u.r+ hlrot. h<<i
< c wall? u7 thoa*- patwl ut the vault«
.•<■ ■and Hi oru«T to prevent niiy one
I Stag l"»t t»elt-'W ground. It is be
'; ■ -• 'I th .t fomewh^rf m thosr viiiiitK ai!
•aa Dgtwy an.! the |ssmlb of tbn Jlr«t af tha
I: ru*dott« fclnf-3 of Fwed»-n are wall.sd up.
Bai aaarjf attempt to discover dM lnd.ii^'
».«•«> ha? met »Ith failure. It ls probable
1 it the <.«9MNO crowns Riven by Kmperoi
Vi> r.anOor for tlie betietit *>t his BaSßs, IsBBB.
f ' I* J.ra'ii-, ia there, along »lth the oth-r
'"^surti of C^:aries Xl\".
!»rputy Jol.arrt'-n lias now broujrtit ei>;t
»»ir:t the present Kii'.jf of Sweden and
- cairuu the other roembrsr* of the royal
'tniilv not for the mor.ry but for the let
aea sjMall hi* gT*iidmo«h«r, Mme. de ia
f- arh*. utHrendexed to <)*raj I In f*>nsid'
■oration of the annuity. Irtters which. 1: it
BtHaagj bava t^rm sfcserwod ara«n; t^e
•rtii.\c- ot Urn :c; ai feats c ii be t*J i^t-l
In the fir-T ptaOS for the MIMH crown* h<
v-rnjld pMha'.My hnvc beon non-suited en the
rw-orn flailS! alien that no meh fund ha«l
bCCa found air.on*c tha DBMBMrfOOJ nf
Castries XIV on his «i<3th. Hut liMitimirti
a? the plnintlft' i« prodm-lti*? the eOßCSpOlieV
t*r.r* to show th:it tIH lettOW in O,UOBilon
worn SBTT«BdCrad t.i Klr.e Osrar In IM4 H
f-nnno: be said that they havo not existed;
suid wn"e their production would abenlntrly
clincl) Johmucxen's contention that Charles
XIV had boan intrusted with h find for th«
iNMII of Mraf. BO l"i Bra. ho. "vcr if th.»
lottera nre t-.ot j rcftaeed ho will lir.vr- :.n
opportunltv <>f brlns-int- forward so much
otliT aVstCBM i"i f>i\*"r of hi;- CSM that ihf
roy^l br>':sp c/ SwtvJrn will l>o virturiMy
roniiwTkrt to rffe<-t «on.c financial com
FrtwiJt Tmfi nt Sen- ice—
lln.hi Goes tit Lcavcmi-orih.
V."ashinc:on. March Bl. — 1-unnr.! s>rr
vire!-. simple and unostentatious, as he had
Wtahed Ilir 1. nw helrl to-day for Justice
navid ,t Brewer, sf the Supreme «'ourt of
the T':iitod Btatec. and an hour later lii:i
tody was on its way for 'burial «1 LeaTCD
■rortl . Kan.
PrtsMOßt Taft. l!if tncnil'TJ <>f tbe Bu
t>r*»TJT> Cmirt. with the exception <.f Jtis
t'ro Mo.>dy. and tn'inbi-pi of ('<>ri^r<«ss sat
rvith IQWllWltiotlj l>ow«vl hoa<!s throucli
li»*> j«!iort llr*l ami the iußtices act»-d
ji= IITTJ palll>*-arers only BMtObcn
cf the family and a f»«w sntimat« Frieadi
w«r« pnaoßl beaMe them. ah. with the
f\i option of Prealdeni Taft, ereni with
tha body t.-> the sporial car at the station.
BOCOOM of the prcssurr of BabHc btnhMM
the IhUllfimtl «'o\»rt will remain in aeaataa
tl.rousrhout Monday without Taking an ad
jttirnm«»nt, as had lie.'Ti intended, out of
respect to taa memory of Justico Brewer.
This ••or-anie known j>ositi\eiy to-ni^ht.
The derision was reached after <-onsuHa
tkn with Mr?. Brewer, who apreed that
h« r uoband would have Wished such a
mim to bt* pursued under exi.stinß cir
Montciair. N. .1.. March ."l (Special • -
The • MMraJ <^f Chartea Sprapue Smith, di
rector Of the People's Institute, of New
York, was held thai afternoon at the home
of his hrother-in-law, ChajfOß B. Cole. Xo.
371 rpp«»r Mountain avenue. T!ie services
were conducted by the Rev. Henry K. .lack
son, pastor of the Christian l*ni<jn ConKre
j:ational Charch. The body wfll reaase in
a Montclair mortuary until the arrival of
Mrs. Smith atid her dauKht.^i froai Kurope.
Chosen Unanimously by State Regents
as Commissioner of Education.
JUhaay, March ll.— Andrew s Draper
Waa re-elected as State OsaKßttsstoner of
I'ducatJOTi to-day by the State Board of
EfeasjCtttS for an Indtilaite t<»rm. Dr. Draper
arac chasea by the si store for ,t term
sf p!* years when the educational uniflca
cation law went into effect.
At that tim<» much feelinsr existed on
the -subject sf educational miirioation. and
tie main problem waa as to the manner of
election of the proposed cninmis^irinT.
I'inai'- the law provided that the coaunfs
sionrr s!iould at first he chosen by the
legislature for ■ term of six years ati«i
»n b> tli" Kajeats for an indefinite
Tl.e l^ecislature elected Dr. Andrew S
I>raper. formerly State Superintendent of
Public Instruction, who had then for t*r.
veari« Ue«*ti president of tlie University of
Illinoi*--. nd bit acreptaice was t.he satis
factnry • • it •■■ >TTi of a troublesome situa
tion, the erlctaal term of the commii
sioner "xpirinf- April l. ISl<>.
To-dny's election was hy ballot »nd
every vfite was for the present commis
sioner The absent ni'mbers of the board
tel^-rrapli'd their approval of his re-elec
Presented by Gporpetown Students at
aVI Waldorf.
The OeSXSJOtOwa Unlvarstty DranM.ti< a
sociation presented in the Asto^ Gallery
*• the Waldorf-Astoria layt niftht Wiliiam
Qmette*a "AH the Contforta of Home" ex
c*pt tha wwnen. That if to si\. they
• htrinated the female partp. and none but
tho>e who had *een the play hefore knew
the difference Nobody hi the oast had a
■rife or a »weetheart. ar>d there wasn't a
niaid in the house. But Oonde De S. rafhn
in th«* part of Tom MrDo") did all the
•■^ork of maid.-, and luridf nlsllj furnished
lor? of fun
T! f honor-t of the evrninp went to him.
I>ani«l B Murray, who played the pari of
Al^re.i Ma'-tini^s. and to John K. Croosby,
•» i<» bapersonated Chsstei Playwell, the
"-tar. " l>H>nard A. Brvasseau as la- k
Tender, t^e «taee strurk \outh. a.-t>-ii ai
fci-tabh-. and »ar loudly applauded when
he .v.mp. Thomas S. Smith as the mea
sencer boy. fay one of the most delight
ful Mts of arTins of the evening.
Haioin those present were Archbishop
l-arley. \V. Bsarte Csekran, lodse Martin
] Keech. Wiliiatn If. Byrne, John D. Crhn
mins. Mrs. Martin .1. Keoph. Mrs. QeraM
M Bard Mrs Coade n. Panen. Mr. and
Mrs. .lohn O. Ajrar, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew
J. Fhirman, Mt and Mrs. Robert J. Collier,
Mr and Mrs < Vmd* M. NaM, Mr. and Mrs
.tos'ph Hearjr. Mr. and Mr*-. Francta B.
M'Averney. .Senator «'arter, <>f Murtlana.
Bad -!u«i»ri Morgan J. O'Brien
The Gaarsctafra sladcuU have .-ilroa.M
presented their play in Washington and
Ri"-hm;ini. From liere they tro to Pltts
■■-.-. Their r»ceipt."» bast niplit amounted
to Jl.orri «'a.-t of AII the Comforts of
Trm HeDM* • 'oti-1» Dc S. Taller, is
Alfred Hartincs I>an|e| R. Horray. l"
.Jofiiah BnkSCT llaiolil | artf.n. '12
jHi-k Hrn<i<T bMSJSfd A. HroiiMOu, '12
Mosart I>utin«"v Oiarl*-* Amt'iio. II
CtMaAer PMuwoll .tf.i;r 1". Chi— ln. "IS
Mr K«-i''r* PcttlboiM . Daniel F. MnTann. "19
Tf.^-'Hi«!r«- PtMtlbon*.. K<lwitril V. fiirt^r, II
Juii*on Ijtuithfrn" Lovia c Hao«rty a 11:
Xi:«u«tu« MrSimth Franci*. J. Oarliti, '''•
V).*..r Smyth* H0(..-rt T Oani i::
lAJ-ikir.f- Xortnan I. Wymard :_•
M"i!"en*-<r . . . Thomas B. Hanlth. "Ii
Stamford, Conn., March B. ■ -OotaOO
Horj-linn. the s-ulptor, has ■nrrhsai i ■
tract of two hoadred acres in rural Stain
ford aii<i is planning to erect ■ targe home
and Rtudio an It. The Rippowam River
Wteas thtou((h the «-stat«-. whicli posSCSSea
«reat nstursl heauty.
Fr»- iriml-«lon to th»- Am. 1 lean Miisrum <.f
Natuial M1«!ory aad the 3E*ol«aTlcal (iar
l'lnn^r sf tin- <-'ull»-ctivi»t Ho<-i»-ty. Kiiti's,
l>inixr of tha J>eit;, Thrta, lrat«ratty li.itri
Munhkttttii, 7 p. 111
Frank Bsha «n '•J'olltlriil <";ov.rrim»->it >■•
«]. r «J.r Mu*pl<-ci« of t),. C«U«cim(« K(| U iil
»iufJraif«f i.'»jur, s.j M Baal j;;.i m-.i
l>aAcn aod aaapar <.f th« NVwinan <;iub of
CehaaMa 1 i.:-kuv. Hut^i Astor. ■.. p, m
P^«-«- l»-«-lure» of th« liourd of i;.iu<-n!i.ui ,s
p. 111 : l*e Wilt .•lii.t«.ii lilKh fichwol MHh
«tr«-<-" mi. •.! Ttriith tvwar, "< \>r tuiiind l;i
lupn'tailiiM <>t *T*!«b <»r .< n/a]ralac Ina ' "
ii«-m v J Ha«lfl<-M. \Va.Jlri i, iii Xt,K t, Bcfaaol
Jl.'.tl, «tr*»*t .ii.l «-vriiti, KTvnue, ■•Oar
South Aiu«r!caij Nelshbon." j>r. Wlllla.ni
H Hhephrrd; I'atill. Hohaol n. n, ( m
K^st Stth mreet. "loelaad." \V«i. 1U1..11
m. V itue»fii; i'u».iir idMd ::u. M*. •;_•!
>j«»l >»Hth «trert, "Tli»r Maw V..ik Zooloc
1-al Fi.rh." Minn ilary V. Wornlell; I'ubllc
UkOOl «Tv l'uiiilnUlt itiuJ ('lurk i..... s
■ Kl'.rl'l*. I' Baraao Curtia: Public Scboo!
4>>. No 32<J Kl«i l:<itli nl.'itl, "Tli^ aiihi
1-an ii.i, und ttie KaHoaal Anthcjn."
liukc <". ••.•.:«-.-. Public School 82, Mr.,., :
«v«v, In-.voud. '"KdlnburEh.' • "harirh H.
Kc»i«!»-y; I'ublie Hchool tt<». H*.it!i *tr«-.t.
MM K«-vnth avenue, "A Trip to Central
Africa." I>e Witt C. Snyder; J'ul.l). H<-hool
IS*. St. NaehohM av«-nu> sad 133 th atrwet,
■ l"ran«"*, ♦*» th« i*ommiin<-," Profaaaor
QmKII Oaat**ni«-r. I'ubilc. Bebool J.'.k.
I MMM A ano 77th etr<-<-t. "l..md .if the
I'anunc and Yellow Itobf." l»r. «'iiur!es
V. Bra6<lo«K: Pul.:i<- School l«]0. rtunolk
»pfl Rtvlncton utri'et*. "•K4.IK SnrijjH <>t
Franc." Vr«. Holii.- B. Low. I'ui.ilc Li
brary. No. T42 T<nth avenue. "Tht Plnl
i|>pin't." Maior l'rank K«rk Voting
■>■*• R«ii»-vol»nt ■— m Iblliwi Hall N>>.
.■••i KmM Pinsinj. "Th' ».t.'. lioi Move
nice' f'iolciioi RHUaa il-j-i'uiiul-i.
Three Suffragette Play* at
Mcucinc VAlh 1 1 1 '.v ea t re.

Three Uttle playa written i>v MBafnaattea
were enacted before .•» siiffragrtte audience,
in "'|.i\i:h' Blliott'a Theatre, yesterday nf
lomoon. The occasion was a h«-n^tit f<-r
the fundi or the Eouattty I iai.nn of Beif-
Bupporting Women. The funds must have
gained largely, because the bowse was filled;
.-•:. ii the acton nrast have been grataled,
because their efforts w<-r»- rewarded with
cordlaJ applause and chortles of clee. The
little plays were clever little plays. Kach
is English '11 oritrin at'«l sesaa, hut quite pat
<-;io;iu''i for the American situation. If the
BtasjO !s to h>' used as a platform for prt>t>
nuanda may all the proaagaadtsts he .'ls
well equipped with the sense of hassor a<?
were the workers anH auditor* of yester
<l;:;-: Ti" s'- little plays well acted nro
quite a^ likely to make "votes for women**
as an any public meetings, petitions and
paradJngs. If Urn aoffiagertea carry fehla
triple Mil around the country the legWa
tors may fiad v.-.r.r own mtreaehmenta
f{-!t ir is with drama, not with propa
ganda, that the critic Is concerned. l>»t it
be said, tl.ouEh. apropos of the occasion.
thai In the acting of the afternoon the
women excelled the men. The first piece
was by Miss Bessie Hatton, and was called
"Before the Dawn." Th.« -.h.wn." off
curse, i.s the dawn of equal suffrage, and
the time of the playlet n 1567. when it was
"scandalous" for a single woman to travel
without escort in a hansom cab. Mr. Mon
tague Rutherford. Mis. Harriet Otis IVl
lenbsugh, Miss Janet Beecher. Miss Evwlya
Weedea and Mr. Leonard Howe made up
the cast or this piece.
The second play was entitled "A Wom
an's Influence.** It was written by Ortrude
Jennings, It is a IH tie story of paining
inrtu. for factory reform in behalf of
working women. a flirtatious widow seems
for a time to be more influential than her
sterner refanatng sisters, but only for a
tiny. Miss Molly Pearnoa was the flirta
tion* widow. The best actinp in this piece
(n fact, the best acting of the afternoon —
was by Miss Hsldee B/rlght. Mi*s Beatrice
Forbes Robertson, Miss Allsoa Skinner and
Mr. Arthur Forrest were also in thi.s second
play, and went very we'i through their
The third piece. "How the Vote Was
Won." was Ihe most nrniifins in the triple
bin. Its authors w<^re Mie.-- <"lcely Tlamii
ton and Mr. Christepher St John. It tells
iio\«- all the women of London went on
strike -11 I s*decfc <>nr afltiaaua, workers
and non-workers alike castiiiK tl.emselvcs
upoa their nearest male relatives for home
and aupport. Women without male r»Ma
t:i>ns went to the workhouse. Thus mere
man, who insists that thr- home is woman's
only sphere, is takon at hip W'>>-d: he is
compelled 'o supply the home and the
maintenance. Parliament yields before the
day is over and promises a suffrage bill.
This skit kert the audience 1:1 a whirl of
laughirr. Miss Molly Pearson, whose
"slavey" In 'The Passing .of the Third
Floor Hack" is such :t capital UapersOUS
tion. was again s ■slavey" in this piece.
Miss Beatrice Porues-Robartasa was quito
pj..«rk!inK as a Blllfrmgette leader. Miss
Fola 1-a Follette, Miss Helen Ashley. Miss
Margaret McKmney, Miss Rnth H<»it H.m.i
.ault. Miss Jan. t Deecher, Miss Kate Car
hen. Alexander Cassy and Earnest Qlen
dinnmg were toe other members of the
Miss Uaxme Ellioti recited two poei w
vi, chainingi ning ettect, althougn ■«« sKPPe* I
on the names of the authors. 1>..0 s Miss
Bntott realise that site is a delicious co
medienne? Mr. Forbes- Robertson delivered
a brief address. Miss Beatrice Forbes-
Robertson received tue principal applause
■ afternoon, not only on account of
her acting, which was very good, but in
recognition of her services in organising
• ■ ittnee. la bendon the suffragette
-a'.ise owes much to the stape fnik. At this
rat<- its American advocates will owe
much to the players. No doubt more will
1.. Ke^ni of th<-s<> three little plays. They
•would amuaf e\en the home bodies whs
tak- no thought of p-'litic?. A. W.
Will Play Leading Fart in EtOftand'l
Drama Here Next Year.
Charles Frohman sent by rable yester
day confinnatlon of the report that Mtra
Maude A<iam^ was to appear next season
in Guitry's parr in "Chanteder."
Rostand's pla\ will ho translated for
Miss Adams by I.oui* Kapoleon Parker.
£he has alreadj received the author's
manuscript, the scene mo<lcls ami costume
plates Of the play. Bbc will begin re
bsarsala after the dose of her season in
"What Every Woman Kno-ars." Six- will
be surrounded by an American company.
Her interpretation of the part, it is said,
will be neither that of Coauelin, who coo-
Bfdered Chantecler a creature <>f vanity,
nor of Guttry. %vll<> makes him a grave,
nerioua hero, a lover of work, with little
s.-nse of humor. Miss A<lams considers
him ■ combination of the serious and the
i-ay: an fxempUftcatfcm of the doctrme
that man's redemption and exaltation Is
through work.
Flays Seen at Benefit Here May Be
Used in Country Campaign.
One thousand dollars was cleared by tha
"votes for women" matinee civen in alii
of the Kquality League of BenT-Support
inp Women at Maxine Elllott'f Theatre
yesterday afternoon, whidi fund Mrs. Har
riot Btanton Bbitch announced la a sta««
sp.ech would be used fsr political work.
Thja, In particular, means the campaign-
Ing for a BusTrage Senator to snecsed Mr.
Atlds in the "7th Senatorial District, who.
Mrs. Btatch saM. was **on« of our bitterest
fill tll!«-K.'
Mrs. Blatch oaated dramatically to the
rows of ssspty seats in the ssosad balcony.
"That," She said, "represents one pr'-at
sacrtteOi The seats were all taken by mem
bera <»f our league, who boughi them oven
though unable to be present."
Mrs. BmtCfa aald sha would ask Mts.
M>ick.i\ to have the thr. c plays produced
yesterday put on in Albany, and Miss
Forbes-Robertson herself Bugsjosted it might
not be ■ sad i<i-a to scad out a suffrage
dramatic company to tour the country with
this repertory.
Mr*. Clareace Mackay SPcapled a stu;:o
b<ix <.ii the ri^iit. which was decorated wtta
the Equal ""raachlse League banners. PTttfa
her were her daughter. Kalh<iln< Markay.
ten yean old, and Mrs. Bourke Cackraa.
««ii the left of the stage Mi>. Blatch enter
tained Mrs. Porbes-Robertson, mother *>f
the actress; Mrs. Los I" Ko.-'-i ami Mrs
Charlotte Perkins Oilman, Miss Maxine
Elliott, after her lecltatloa af Mrs. «;ii
man's saffrag* poem, ••Women Do Not
a/am it.' also sccupifid :i seat hi Mrs.
Blalch'e boi
Mrs Clarence Ifackay paid K'"o (or ber
Ih.v. besides taking » large block «<f seats,
and Mi?. rVedericfc Vandernlll tt>.>k rigfa
teen seats. Avion;,' th- 1 prominent women
present were .Mrs. Archibald Alexander,
Mi^- i.l ii.l Barrymore, Mrs <;-.>n-.- Bon
11. r Mrs John Wint'-is Brannan. Mrs.
IValston Hill Brown, Mr;;. VV r «ndei: T. Bush,
lira Francis Hißs m Cabot. Mrs. Her
bert B Carponter, Mrs. Bmanuel Einstein,
\j, |ohn H. Hammond. Mr.- Stuart lien
rv Mrs Robert <">• Ingersoll, Mrs. Richard
Irvin Mm-. M..itin W. Ulttloton. -Mrs. Philip
LVdig. Mr?. John 1: Milholland. Mm Pred
.rl< k Nathan, Mrs Bsmuel I ntermyer and
Mih. Bcertoa Wtethron, jr.

rran T:.e Boehestei Democral an<i Chron
"What has hccim« of Mr. Thoinnt, M.
Osborno'i Saratoga loajjuo?" ioautres The
New-Tork Tribune Palm Beach miirht he
.1 good It.i. ■ to look for tt. Thhi seems to
r.. the favorit* rerort ut Democratic crip*
P*X :
■ if'rll Known .ttncrii/m 'Author
Expires at Torquay.
\ T«nr,rJon .Mnrrh Myra K*!ly <Mr.=. Al
lan Ma--Nfiushtnni. the American author.
died yerterday n: T<»rn,u«y. v.Jirro She ha«t
hf-en staying with her bur-band. Mr*. Nar-
Xaughto'ii had r.*cn in ill health lor a long
M.vra K*lly. *vho s<;dd«>:iiv spranc ' rto
jimmin'-nc* * f*»-.v years ai;i' throujrh hf-r
stories at K*?=t Sidr child lif«\ «as born
in riiihlin, Ireland. As n child sli* earns
to this .vtr.ntry with hrr f;itn«r. Dr. James
nfbe di**d ir. Kngland on Woteoadajr.
E. KeUjr. who established a practice on
the Blast Me. She was educated at the
convents af Mount St. Vincent and the Sa-
Cied Heart, at the Horace Miinn School and
TeacherM College, Columbia University.
From ihe. last named institution she re
ceived her diploma as teacher of manual
training in ISVO. and immediately h<>san the
w.«rk which proven such an excellent prep
aration for her success in another Be hi
Though at that time aaceaaeioas "t any
literary purpose, she selected the Ivist Bide
as the most interesting ground for work.
It was during the two years of he* astakte
at No. 147. a large public school cast of
the Bowery, with a polyglot attendance,
that she gathered the must of her literary
material. In 19<i2 she became critic teacher
at the avwyer School, a post which she held
for SC ratal years, though she was most of
the time on leave of absence.
During her career at the East Bide school
she developed a faculty of reciting enter
taining stories to her friends, based <>n i' l
eidents in the lives of the children around
her. The dialect was new, and c.nght the
fancy >r her bearers. They urgred her to
try something with the magazines. So she
wrote 'A Christinas Present for a L*dy."
her lirst story. It was a success. Indeed,
according to tradition, it was too much of a
suc<ess. The Ingenuous beginner had mani
folded her effort and sent it t<> two maga
zines. tiOt expecting .-ither to tjike it. Both
did. >nd there was pom.- trouble before the
difficulty was adjusted. Recognition in the
magazine world followed at once. Bhe r<
marked not long atro thai no naaauscript
of bera was ever rejected. Her best known
works are "Little Citizens.' "Isle of
Dreams" and "Wards of Liberty."
Into these Bast Side sketches, ia which
the author's Irish wit mingled with the dia
lectic wonders of Ihe ghetto. .Miss Kelly
wove tlie story of her experience .is a kin
dergarten teacher in the great unknown
WOIM bf-yond the Bower\ . Hut, though her
tales Wests primarily of chil.tr. n. she jn
fused a tinge of mm a m w with an appeal to
the adult heart.
Miss Kelly's own romance began in 19H5.
when she was married ;,, Allan MacNs igh
lon. president ol th< Standard Coach Horse
company and formerly direi tor «.t the Wool
exchange, tit r< a .| her Brsl Look, and at
once sought her acquaintance. Then en
gagement was announced soon aM!. After
their marriage they took up their residence.
at Cedar Ridge. N .1 lier health soon
failed, however, an.i she had since spent
much thn~ in travel, hoping for recovery.
Washington, March ::1 stark n. Taylor.
who had served continuously in the Court
of claims sin.-, its organisation In 18K. tirst
as messtngti 1 . <>n the recommendation of
Jeffersoi Davis, then .1 United States Sen
ator, and sti.e I**: as bailiff, died at his
bossc h.r. to-day, aged ninetj years. Mr.
Tavlm arho was a native of King George
County, Vs.. served ten icars m the army.
pan .<! that time In the Mexican Wai n •■
yean age there was mm impressh re
monj in the Court ..f Claims, when the
court look formal cognisance of the Mftteth
1 sai - of Mr. Ta • lor'a 11\< ■
London. March 31.— The Rev. Harry Drew,
rector -r Mawarden since 1901 died to-day.
He was curate <>f H«warden from IstQ 10
MM and served as tirst warden of St. I
DeinioPs Hostel and Library, fotindedhby I
Mr. CStadetone foi 1. • promotion of
Honr;- Stephen:) VanderbHt, who boasted
a perasaml acquahitance with both Lincoln
and <;iant. <ii»>d at his home. No. 301 West
TSth street, yesterda] afternoon. H< ■• .1 -
se\enf> two years ol<l. Death wa Hid
den, aad caused Ly heart disease.
Mr ITaaderbni waa paymaster a 4 the
Portamouth Navy Fard during the CIvH
War. and durlug Presldenl Grant's admin
istration was chief of •» bureau la the
Treasury Department. After leaving this
place hn became totrrested in the ntami
facture of 'artificial marble, und founded
ihe Mycenian Marble Company, whlcn
now taSS a plant at No. .r\ West :;»; »i
About two weeks ago he became i!i and
was forced to remain awaj from business.
He leaves one sister. The burial wi!! be 'ii
BAXtJEX WARD LOPER, curator si the
buisdiii at Wesleyan LTniversitj since \^>\,
■lie.i yesterday in MhhfJetowa, Conn., In
bai se eaty-Aftb year. Ue was a Trinity
CAI.t.H W. DURHAM, a civil engineer
am! Inventor. <iie.i on Monday In Peeekskill,
aged stxty-two years. Me served aa a prl
rats hi the Civil War. takhuj ap Us profes
sional studies at us close. His Inventions
were i.*igi!\ In the Beld of besting ma
chines for boil arc He also Invented :t
drainage system, which h> installed In ti;.-
Capitol .:t \\ asbm '•■ 1
jollN* It. GREEN, foi nineteen years
clerk af th.- Bupreme Court <>r Missouri,
asad in Denver yesterday.
BIBTBB A! i:i:i. IA «; MACK, head ..r
tha flhahnr comaaunity al Sabbath L ;.• .
.M«-. tin d last sigh) at the age of eighty.
Bhs was tli« author •>! aeveral boo! and
many poems.
ARCHIBALD) \\ . BPEIU roi-msrl] woU
known as a lawyer <>i tins city. disd al his
hsaaaj No. 114 Bad 7_<i atrost, ye.' tTila.V.
Mr. i«-ir was Boventy years aid, and ha<i
r.ot bssa engaged ra sctlvi practlea for
aosaa psars. lie had boon ill only a law
day; . Ha was the sou of the lute .Judge
Gilbert McMaster Bpeir He la survived by
1i 1 — wife. Mr. Bpeir waa ■ member i»i the
Century, Ani«'cy and Church club
From The Rochester Democral and Chron
Tha price of grafi Is n«it ke«pin| pace
vni: t ie advaiu.- in the CO*l of jivii \
■ iii- .ig>> p.>llcerii;tii h.»- been .t.-iin ■■ ..i for
ccct-pting 1 bi il.e of 6" cents, and be bad
to uijJ'.' iUa.t >siiii .tn accomplice.
There was ■ performance of •'Tlr- Frp*>
of ' ■are a t The New Theatre yesterday—
th© third and last that New York is to
have this ssassn. The- opera benefited con
aMerahlv from the rhnnee from the M*tro
politan Opera House. toasmOCa as proba-
Hjr a huadfOd or so o* the words wer* in
teMisribie which hnd nevrr been h*ard be.
fore. But this did not aaassa to dsaawaja
the alVMjrsry into a drama- There -.vhs also
a chance in the cat*. . Mrs. Aldrich IjH
the part of N'aoia in the place, of Mrs.
rTlinwi SBill it beautifully, acted it as wen
aa the p:irt permits, and li*lp*d as much
as she could to save the work from the
iLSslj Maw that the librettist gay«» it in
its last seen-. The opera was preceded bf
a thing which was neither ball"t nor pan
trmime. in which the SSOSac which Orieg
wrote for "I'eer Oynf was used by Mme.
Sri. hetto and others to illustrate a "dance
poem" canes' "The Awakening of Woman.
1: proved to be soporiJic in the liishest de
trrte. Had it begun at its end and moved
backward for ten minutes nnd then ended
it would have b<=en voted beailtitul. After
the opera there cam- the Russian dancers,
Pavlowa at;d MurmYin. who danced in a
iUilllasimiiill whfeh was ?et down in the
aaawancomentS under the t!tl<> 'Hungary."
It vas BnSHpßrina «o far ru» the jackets of
the coryphees could m»ke it a», but no
•cither. The music is said to have been
selected from cacaposstlons by Omnaaaaaw:
1 ut it was azqrthmg bu: Hungarian, though
the characteristics of Magyar music are
niorr- aasfly ooptod than those of any na
tt' nal schii^.
Weber's opera, "Dei Frcis.jhiitz." was
Iproaueed for the PCCjni tune this sra^on
la.-t night at the Metropolitan Opera Bouse
There woiv IWO changes in the cast. Miss
Destinn reptectes Mme. Gadski as Agatl-.e.
and Carl J.-rn Mr. Jadlowker as Max. Miss
U«-stii;i! was in excellent voice, and her im
personation had sweetness and charm. Mr.
jr.rn seemed perfectly at home in his i»arr.
and sa.n« with sr->od phrasinj; and at times
with true romantic fervor. Mr. Blass ajraln
santr Caspar; Mr. Ooritz. Ottoka.-. and sQSI
Alten. Aennchen. Mr. Hertz, of cot-.rse.
condut If li T!ie opera was followed by a
rttasement, Glazouno'.v's •'Hungary.'
with Mile. Pavlowa and Mr. Mordkin.
But Metropolitan Will Regulate In
crease by Hotel Agencies.
The .Metropolitan Opera Company an
nounce.] ht>t night that the hotel ticket
ag« !.' ies. which have for years subscribed
fat :< larjre number of seats in all parts
nf the house for all performances, would
not be allowed to charge those purchasing
tl.fir seats from them more than M per
cur ov« r the box office price of seats.
That is, orchestra -seats will cost 15 50. la
stead of V>. aa now. Violation of this nil©
will involve a severance of re'ations be
tweea the opera company and the offend
ing agency.
Sabscribers for all performances have for
years had » discount of "2>> per cent, and
practically the only subscribers to all per
formaneea iiavr been these agencies. The
company says it feels they are entitled 'o
some fwialrtfrallna upon moral, though not
on grounds. The statement says that
;iii ad\:ii-..f >>' not more than 10 per cent
must be charged t«> subscribers through the
agencies, but says nothing as to occasional
purchasers of seats.
The Tale University Orchestra will give
a concert oa April IS in 'We ballroom of
tiie Ifot«i Plaza, for the benefit of the
Stony Wold Sanatorium f.»r Consumptive?.
A quartet from the Tata <J!ee Club wfJI as
sist, and also Sydney Kid* n. a barytone.
After waiting two months and growing to
a size attained only by Kiraffes, Baby Biim
beohOi of the circus zoo. was finally named
yesterday by Mile. Jane Noria. of the Met
ropolitan Opera Company. Zingari. the ani
mal trainer, •with the aid of two keepers,
removed one side of the easre in which
BttSßheeao and his mother. Mary, reside.
and there, surrounded hy an admiring
croup of clowns, eanvasmen. acrobats and
bareback riders. Mile. Nona performed a
short ceremony which stamped the long
necked younsster as Bunsbeeno for the rest
of his life. After the ceremony >-he tied
about tlie baby's neck three yards of pink
ribbon, from which was suspended a heavy
KOld heart, inscribcrl. "To Bumbceao from
jane Norm, WV
Daytona. >"l-< • Mare* The condition
of Senator Daniel, of vircinia. hi better to.
nfarhi than resterday. but shows little im
; r r. vement over Ms condition four days ago,
I aecordms to aa announcemcnl made b> the
• attendinc phvalcian.
Mi:-s Ethel Johnson, who pla-.\- the part
! of ('Juptina. the Bwe*sn maid. In "The Old
1 Town" Ht the Globe Theatre, was uaahla la
I appear la t evenmg. owing to Dlneas. Her
[ understudy was also Rl, and the stace di-
I ,101 was In a onandary. Hut m:.-«s
Gladys Z#ll, a measber »-f the chorus, voi
unteefed to tak* : i" part, which she did,
I without •.lu-sinc; a word. Furthermore, aha
danced and sang most acceptably.
Frfdcrlc Theaspsoa hs,- "nsaco.l Ed
| inund Breese to play the leading part In
j "The St.ei.dThnft." by Porter Kmerson
i Browne, which we will present at ihe Hud
; son Thoatre on April 11.
Must a Wife" v ill r"Uie from the stage
of the Betasce Theatre oa April m Oa
! April IS Miss Mabel Taliaferro will b* s**n
i there tn "The Call of the Cricket." which
1 ..1., is now playing ai the Cnlcaga Open
T-*Tcderlc Thompson will produce hi the
•Aerial Garden, atop Ihe N>v, Aassterdam
Theatre building, tins summer, what he
calls the comic supplement in a rainbow
of color, bt ing S nwlCßi far. c. with in
rorporated novelties desipned to redavo the
monotony >f the teaoon*s editorial pajes
it drama." Mr. Thompson promiaca boom
unusual stage effects.
Laurence Irving, Miss Mabel Hackney
„,,.! theb company will be seen at the
Corned) Theatre on April IS In Kuj;ene
i'ri. lh 's •The Three Daughters of M.
bes- Robertson, who will end his .rea
son ai Maxine Klllott's Theatre ea April
!». win be the guesl of honor at a sapper
nt the l.otos Club aater the performance to
inoi row night.
The Messrs. Bhaberi announce that
Chartoa Cherry, who is to appear shortly
in "The tire" at the Lyceum Theatre,
ba seen loaned by tnom to Daniel I'roii
ti e New York aal Mac over v humiclde
story appears lo be a j-uaruntee of «"S
|.. . i.il Rbaatliness. - \V:;shhiKton Siai
A New York aaaa a.sks a dlvarce becansa
h»- Bays bis wife ls crasy, hlle she a«
sur.-.- the couri s.*n- l.s ■ genius. Perhaps
they are both wght.— -Topaha capital.
Compulsory virtue is ant always itt> own
pole reward. Eighty-coal Kas baa proved
eiiormousl; protttable t.> tin- proditr'na; cotn
j,.ii\ in N<\% York. Chicago News.
The Mayor of New York thinks that cold
t>l< liigc men ought not t>> be compelled to
ii-urk their yooits rlth the date or Inea-r
ceiatlon '»t course, if the goods an' left
ii. lonj; enough, they won'i need a data |o
show it. -Philadelphia. North American.
Ii t appointing * new podco maglstraui
Mayor Gaynor ol New York, who appears
to have some excellent, sound, common
sense Ideas, advised him "not to strui."
Strutting n> by no moans a ludldal atti
ti,,i,- bul 1' t- often obsonrod In ofQctala
.i.iiied 111 >i liitle brief authority, which
OM»y use as ;« p«' r mittl rquihlte rather
than an a public i onsiMUty. The advice
i, >.»i lini.u and nertineni to be i r.nrtntd
.0 oil' Bpjjolntoe.— iltimoro American.
JjiDijtVln. A uUiVlil. 1..-,.: frr..,- Fltlr tr^ aT It -:r4»ps
I Tnr,<\r t»n:r»rifif». lizht w«at arista
State Department Determined
tn Prevent Intervention.
Washington, "March ai. — The jilttiation In
I-ib^rlM Is causing nppr»-hen->ion hr». Th«
attack by the native trir«e-< from the Frsarh
.tide of Shi southern boundary "lonr; tl'«
Cavally Rlv^r on the KnKli*h factory and
the I-lt^rlan trf»op«» waaM in itself be dan
iTJrous to the existence of the little republic.
But In addition there ls» a state ad practical
demoralization at Monrovia, the capital.
,md the finance-- of the country ar» in .*
außßStaai pllsrht. All these factors-, ad mis
here thirik. mlKht easily servo as a pretext
for intervention by som» of th* 1 European
jviw»>rs. Su< intervention twually leads to
permanent domination, nnd the State I>e
partment la resolved that this shall not be.
British and I-'ren<h --\:irshlp«- nS« SB their
way t<> the scene of trouble, and with "•orite
satisfaction the Kavjr I'^parttnent to-day
«nnounced the naflinfi: thi*< mo r n!njc from St.
Vmcent, »'ar»e V*M* Inland?, of the swift
scout cruiser rJlrminKham for Monrovi \.
where she s-hoilld arriv- by Saturday ovast
ir.K. Mr. I^yon. the American Mtnl«t*r to
Liberia, is on th* 1 cruiser, with spe«-ific jn-
Btfßjetfsaa from the Stat.- I>epartnj» nt to d-»
what is aseaaaarjr b) prote«-t American in
terests in Liberia and to help th* adminis
tration then- as far as can properly be done.
The gunboat DCS Moine?, whicii has l:^n
in Hampton Roads, was Stwatad to the Nor
folk navy ynrs! to-day, and the work of ptit
tinfr her into condition to proceed to Africa
and re|je\« the Birmingham will be rushed,
She aihould be ab!e to >ail within a fort
night and he at Monrovia by May 1.
Coll.su Merrill Sat/:; English
('onipan// Was at Fault.
J. Ed-yard Merrill. LJberial Consul here,
was rriicli interested in the Liberlan situ
ation as shown by Th* Tribune's special
eaMa aanaatcß. yesterday. "I bellev*." said
he. "that it would be for the best interests
of the country, and this nation as well, if
the Cntaad States would .-itjree to the pro
posal of the former government and under
wratSi so to speak, a lean of |2.«00/«<).
TJ)«- import and export duties alone
would be sufficient to pay the interest on
thai loan. T*e principal would be devoted
to paying Liberia's national debt, which is
held by Kni-'lish interests now. and t"n* re
sult would be that the country would come
under tne domination of this country. The
United States thus would gain practically
all the import and export trade. If th*
loan were made I believe a steamship or
sailing ship line directly to Ltberia from
this port soon would follow.
"As for the situation over there, 1 expect
all the fit-httn-j is over by this tim*. The
government had trouble only \vi:h one sav
age or -ravage tribe. Th<jre was no
question of anything lik* civil war. The
reason why. as I understand It. the conces
sions made to the Liberian De^*lopment
Company, the Kn£-lish company referred to
in Tht Tribune's special cable. WON re
voKed was because that company did not
carry out its bargain about making in
ternal improvements for which, together
with the underwriting of a loan, the con
ce^sions were granted to it. "
Mr. Merrill went on to say that th* taxes
in Liberi.l were very light, that th* citizens
of the nation were not overburdened with
a vast load of governmental imposts and
that the only r*-al internal trouble was the
disagreement between President Barclay
and Congress, which passed the bill veto
ing th* concessions to the English company
over the President's veto.
The Sperber Ordered to Leave La?
Palmas — Conditions Better.
Liverpool. March 31.— Th* Orraan cruiser
Pperb«r has left Cap* Palmas on the orders
of tho Liberian authorities, according to
the lat*^t advices from Liberia. The Ger
man commander's offer to land a detach
ment and i^iell th* outbreak of the natives
is said to have so incensed tho Liberians
that they ordered th* Sperber to leave Ij
berlan waters within thirty-six hours or
"take th' conseriuencep."
The situation between the natives and th»
Liberian troops HI said t<"» be improving.
No Change in People Institute Plans
— New Director in October.
Th» UUStSia of the Fenpi<»'«: Institute mer
yesterday In the City ciuh and decided to
make no change in the r^niainde- sf the
aaassa'a work or the future plans of the
Institute because of the death ot its
founder, '"harles Spragas Smith. It was
said that the saecessor of Dr. Smll as
managing director of the institute would
probably not be elected until the rncetinc
in October. No one has yet been deeide«i
upon for the place, it was stated.
Out of respect to the memory of Dl
Smith. It was decided t.» omit tha lecture
scheduled in Cooper Inioti for tr>-nf-rht.
but the concert arrane^d by Mr?. Uen All
Haggir. will take place. Sunday night, as
Dr. Smi'b had intended if. A memorial
service to Dr. Smith will be. held in Cawjai
I'nlon on May 1.
Lester K. BlOtt. secretary of the board
of trustee). will a»t*n.l tr, tb* business of
the institute until I»r. Smiths successes' te
• ••fl.-ml K« or. l vul .'<-^.»-t Va.«!-.lii-sr.-n.
Mar-"h H Csator aasthar t"> -.-■ne?-*! fhr«na»
out th* Mlf->lsyippl an.l 1 v ,c CIMs *raOsSSt *I»e
Hk» r*-eton an! the saMMi A'lantk- sfar^p mV-1
t^iiir- ■i-afiir*" »' N saa4asaSa ■■■■aasswl all VV«t-
Prn .littrJot!'. tsMSai "•'■-•n ■•SBSIBCBMV flurmic
Thspssay tn tki plain« »ta>n and CM awaPj
RockS Mountain r<»ei'"»n. PTOrstng temperature
was R.n«>ral Thurs'l.iy iiiunaTsi la II upp*r
MhT'^rfj V»!i.j. tht plains s?:«te>. a« Mr *•"»»»»
-. th<- TMaa ranhnn.ll- ar..l I". OM —tSOBi
X .-kv Mountain an-1 plat-a., r#-»|ofML Th«T«
■<v^r<» acatt«T«d sßjsaM«a "Ithir. la* last l»»8*Jl
four IpCMCn In t h* 1 Atlantl.- ft»tfn north »>f MasJ
1 ,-i,'i MM BBS* ragSBB. lh» OMa an.l DM. I IWJM
Mla»i«atppl VBlIev!- asd lbs w«sj ttmli SlatSsj
>lK>«hn« fair w*at«*r y*«-«tM n€*t* tiiat
,1,,.r.< -,re imtm on IB« n- rth l'a«ifi<- < ' »a»t Th»*
iii.li.-Rt:«ns «re thai tIM w«>athfr wit: r»- K"r.
-rail- fair '•••!«•- sasi IMUfaas thr..u(th. -i> th.'
rountr] Tha tcsajSMOBSTC »tll fai am >»>•:»:
ti>-dav in IBS faroltnan nd WsflWl «;wirnla
an-i if s"IW •*■■ iTI th lake pa#aa asd th '"
MUdMTS ptalu smlaa
Steain«-r^ <if-.-jrt Ins to- .lay for fcarapean pnr.<
-s,i:i h«v» n: -iLrat.- variable wln<!« a-i.l partly
i,,uiiy anathif t.- the >;ia-.! Itar.kr.
|-„w , ,>i for -pe.ial BaaaSaatSS — Ft N^w
i:njttatnl. partly eh»S% t >-<la- . cooler In north
west BStttSß- Saturday f.«ir. h»ht tv> ni.«i«?r*t*
variable •*■*■. mostly *'-!it
Kor BsMsni N. w York aad Ra*t IVnnsyl
vasal Kair •• • «la\ an I ,-sa<urJav. ■sdsaßSJ t«-ni
Mratar* liJ;!!! «••.'! «lnd».
-.-or N •■ '•■'•. Delavran*. MantenJ itid th#
I>i»tri.'t ot f-nhTirhia fair t flay unit SAlur.lav
OMOHeM :«"tnjrfTatiir» > ; hichi varUb!« «indai.
noail) W<*' u| • attawasi
i"..r a/aslers P«*nnsylvjnta an.l Wf«<r«rn >*»-w
fork. ic»-tt»i;> fair :•> Isj an.l .-'atur lay; Mjht
to ::io.l. rate routhv, o*r arnl -»«t wi-u's.
ObVsbl i»l>«ervailon-« Sf l'r.!t»«! f;i:r- w~ . t' -■
aaMsas tak*"i at n a. m v»s;«rjay HQm I
,-n . T--a-M*ra* i*?. Woamci
Altmn. ■• Cfcas
AthMrtlr CUj t«- .:
Hoi-ton - «•» . \>u.!v
Ituftai.. Si «It>nly
t-til.-air> ■• <>ar
«'inoiniMti DM ••Jou.Jy
Keu orlcaif TH ci-ar
m Laala »C* ci.>u.iy
Washtuiit»n t"J fleir
|„n l OtHiinl l>r.,rd. — The following ottlr.il
rernr-1 from the SSaatBSS ilurrau >h»« ■< th»»
i BBBgOI ir- " hr temv-.-rutiir" fir thr U3t IwOBfJ
ftnir hSSfa hi 1 .Hiipartii-.il Will th* n»rrespa»io
in»- J<ii-- t'f las* \ear:
ii**>. IMS wmi I'JIO.
| a. <■■ " v '• '' I- •■' M •;
1; n mi . :;> »>• «> v- Ml ... . . . IS » •
•» H m '. ■ »I •*'" P -i " «*
1J p, . ♦» MII 3 p. ■ «>"•
1 p m 83 ' '
tiisli . laaiperanira vcaaweay. vj skgrm <*i
1, jii j mi. I » •< -4- . a
Roosevelt Hunt Specimens NY Tn B*»
Distributed Amor.* Museums.
U'ashincton. Mar^h TT. — r.x-rr~i>W»*»
saaaasvasYs Afrl^nn hunt trapMM sr«» i-
t*nd*d for the Smtihtonian ImtiTult—
alon* for exhibition in. the National Jla- ,
s*um. and will not h* <)l.«rrih?it»«t »reo:(
thn museum* #«f th* o;jnf ry. OnVtals "i
the in.xftt'ifion hay» just mad* iioch an an
no»n«-*m*nr to eorwt an impression whic.i j
Is prevalent throng;: •> ■■> t;-.» rountrr t"v»t
th* »pwlm«i.« sent liome by th* *»p*«imea»
of whirh th* e*-Presid»nt -r»« Th* h*a«fl
wo'iM h«> for general distribution.
Mr. KoosevHt did kill a few *p*»rirn*r;i«
for tse AmTi'-an Miufiim of Natural H>»- :
tory in N*w T»>rk. it !» true. b»;t the«
»v*r* in the r.«:ur- of a p*r<»onal ifift ta>
Mr. Ak*l«\v. ■"ho 1« coll*rTing for that In
-•i:nf!«>n. II also s«»nt an elephant to tne
mu.wim of the I verafrj of '"altfnmia in
rfcopnitfo.i of the courtesy of Miss Alex
ander, who wafv*»l a •■•»ntra/:t with Ed- ;
mund Heller, the nafurasas. *n th»t hs>
rould arcompany Mr Roo;»»velt on th*
Smithsonian African -wlentlftc exp^lition.
AaMs from tho}»#» yifts and saws, o?h+7s a»
Mr. Rn<>.-<»-v*>|t mlcht attm to make as pe-
«onal favors, ali th* trophlr"" or th* hunt
will en to the Smithsonian Institution ir>r
the National Mu.wum
t'-nn-a. Jtlarrh "I.— The • 4 Touna; E«tro
tiar." .■ommittei. ha.« published a protest
against «'olon»l Roo>««»v»lt'<i <«pee<-h at Cairo,
-sayinsr that iii.« remark. - were offensive to
the hole nation and made madf onrjr with
thf object of pleasfnr hw olßriaJ ho*: .
< orn»liu» Vand*-rbilr. chairman of tho
citizens' r-ommitt*^ to plan for the recep
iion of Colonel Roos»»v*lt on his retnrn t*
this city, ha." BSSasd a esJl for Its Orat meat
ing in the old Council CharrJ>er in the City
Ha!', nt In. m. n«»xt Tuesday. The Maycrr
baa aamtd Edward f>?gr>od Rirthardn to th-»
CORWIN— Di:NL.OP— At Hacliawaack. N. J..
Marrh 31. at the residence of thw kriSss)
mother. Mra. J-hn Dunlop. <daBB Jan»t \l%
T>unl»i> tn Dr Arthur Sherwood Corwta. or
Ry* N. T The CSrSBHBBJ was »«tft)1..."1 b -
the Rev. Albert F. Ba on. o» Nlaswi % T.
and th* maid <>t ►onor wa* M!se ElJfe C. Dua-.
lop. aimer of th* brid».
BfllaltT— OONKLlX— On WednesrUr. IM
.->» is»io. by th*. R^v. J. O. ■a.iriß. Rector *t
th* t'hurcfc 'it th* Holy Coinm-intOTi. I«.»
.Mahopar. X T.. « *h»» r«rtd*i»c* ft Mr«
Isaar roßklln. th* bride" mother. '■'■ •«: - ••■"■* ■
ers. N. V . Oaasan >± Stuart aad avsasa'
Marrh 31. a' No. T »V»«t 21m at., try -.-.* R- 1
Ralph B!rJ«a!l. aa«jw»« by tfc» I>r. Dr J
Manning. Martha I>an-lrld«», dauajhter *f •
John M. BowiTt. to Guy Van Amriaaja.
WHITNEY — .MALPI.N* — March HJ. 1»1*>. »t
<'hrl<»t rhnr-h. Savannah. O«ora;la. br th««
Ri Rev C K. N'lson. > lau-lia, Thomaa 3t<--
Alptn. daughter of Judg* Henrr McAlpln. t»
Frank Whitner. of ilorristown. at J.
\ofirp« of ma rri.i(»« «a-l <1*<»» h% mnflt hja*
wrenipinifd by f'lll n*me +a<l «4i<tr*««.
I .v -i>-i:. A!"»and*r. T^elajh. Robert*!. •
' <"ull»*s. Ruth W. l.u.:kwoo«l. .lani»- 3t
" Punlap. G-orjre E. Martin. Rar»rto.
! Est*rbr->>k. Rl.-har-l. N»w?on. Home* R.
j Francis. I«aac P. ratnt»r. <^ora«>lL
ilal^r. Ad.ii." p. ,Sp<«lr. Archibald V*.
. Jackson. JacobT. Turner. Hanah E. %
: Kamf». Jo*^ph I Whirt*Tnor». R»r. C. 1
j L* BoutKHer, Margarer. Wilson. .Margaret M. " L
j AGASSIZ — On board the S. S. Adriatic, at •»*.
-March 27. Al-jantl»r. of N««p«r'. R I . tn '
hi" T»th v>ar. Ft:r.rral *»r\ ie»» -it .^pp>ton
Chsaetj Cambridge. Sunday at - p. m.
CULI>EX— Kufh "V\;,itP. b»Un»d wif# of Wiliiatn
.■ caam aarrtraa Th» Funeral Chur-is. No.
241 W«it 23.1 •» .Fr^nk E. Campbell Bui: i
in^->. SaturrJa> , '2 o'clocli.
AVKKI'A.V RRV(>I.!TI"N Th« 'un«Ti! vr
vires of oar iat» ■•■•mpatriof Oe-irg* E. I>unU">.
1 -»iIT b* ho!-l at N • 4»1 iJr<*n* ay», BronkJyn.
.-un.iav. April I >H>. at •m. :n. 'A Pf«le*-
LEY, FT-sid-nt i- >t is ANNIN «.vr- an : .
: E?TKRBRi> >X T«e«day M»rch *2»- ->f tv-phota
pneumonia. Ri^har'! "<t<Tbp>"li. Funeral saw -
vire ar h!5 lat- resident. Xo 77* Weal End
: ay*.. Ne-r York • ity. on Friday, Apri! 1, at t
I afda -
! FRAXris On Mar'-h .*»>. IbsßM P F-an--i-i. in
the- 7<>th rasa of ssi atr». Ktjn»-;il aerrtc-*
fr-'m th^ .hap*-! .f the Stephen Merrirt BurU'
<v.nif-ar> Kishth aye and t:»»h. «t.. on Fri'iaT
| «fr»rn«>>n. April t. ut 4 o'clock.
| GAI.KR On March "t. A 'it- I> GtJmr.
vtres at Th^ Funeral ChnT»-h. Xo. -»1 W«at
23d ?t. .Frank X ••*:.* r^"" Huil«iln*>
i JACKSON— On T!:iir«Kia\ . Mar.-h 31 r»M». Ja« I j
T Jarkaon. Fmx»ral aatvaSa. from tb» T^m ,
.J-r».e of hi? hroTh r. rr*-iionf \i nacaass) No. 1
«S >'w»'f" a-.e. Proo'il-.n.
! KAMFE Joseph f Kamf" »*«• 1 7.*» foaaa -**r
\ j. ■»* at x>>'' F':n«ra: ."hur^h. N« 'Jll W«M (
Si *r .rra--^ K. *mpb-ll Piiiliimet.
ILE Ri't TIT.I.IKf. On Mafh i» I»t(». ir hr
v.Vfi year. Marfraret. -»i.lo--r ef Thoma» "•*•
Rotitii:i#T and i(»-jrfhfer of the >•» MaraW
• ;uirton »n-l I"h:i ■^Ui-r Relative. in<i
frt'-nds asa in* i t --. 1 r.->r .-> ■••) th» fiir.fra! SM •
HtM at her r»«i.l*>rt.e. N« ■">•» Kat 2S"> St.. <■•
Fri.iay morntne. Ar'i' t. at lf»:» «'<•!'>■'<•
L.EI».;il--At Tans* N T . mm Marh 31. IZ3S
ert Manr"«ft-1 i^iih. vr»in«e«t rhiM of Harrr
n>lla airl iS*rtiid» Mansfield i.rtzb FnneraJ
■rfMl at t - hrlst •"bur'-*;. sVvra Fri«i*»T
m..mm«. at tt .V.-lorit.
I LjorKwoov A' U"hif.» Plains N. T.. oa
\"»tln. «.!»-. Mar h if Jam-i S. L.kH"»oo-1, n
his 71-t yar. Funeral prtvafe.
MARTIN— On Mar.' W. R-ip^rti Martin. r«»
neral sw»k«ii i- Tri«i Funeral iirarch. Vo. 3#t
T\>st "s^i .-r. n'snivN 1 !! IsuiMins>
N'-tTTON »>n Marrh 2S. Hcranc F. X^wtjwi.
H.--iv Ttuib; at Th.- Funrn.l »Tmrrn. So ;>1
■Vaai -;i •• fWasa t: CS»mpt-n BniWti;'
r.MNTKK A- Mtan.!, Fia.. "il^rt-h 2*. tt**.
t;*ir»" Hialr Fainter. In Ihe »3d year of US
aze. Ftir.-~ri«! from 'he fami!> r-si.lerH-e. 3Si».
Ml Irwin -»\» . Allegheny. P»nn., -aturj» '
morninj, April '1. ar tt « .-10-k. ln'err*i»nt
prtrat*. X."!.- umit «••••' IS
<Pf:iH At !us i-»fe :■•■•• -!er. e. v^> r» tj. 1 -. •
St.. on We,lne-.1»- Muf-rt ."?•> A-v-hlNtT'i V?. j
>P»;- >». ■ ■rrM F"n« ilt»ajii» I
Sp**r -* r .i el^-^t <"n •■'f tn- la*e tti.ta» '•ttb-rr. {
TrUaatrr ?p»tr and Fmliv t> pp^- ¥*uacr»l
servt'-*^ .-f»"iri»- . \pr>t 2, at - . e»' .-Ic-k.
TVRNER On aaaac* 2» lUnth K. T trn«r. .
,vrM.-»i *t Th* F»nier-!l ■•hM'-rh. N«. 241 WeK :
23.5 •- o*ampN-l| Bii!!d!n?>. Thurnday, 11
, reawt
BJBJfllUHiani The R?-- fTasihi Ttlastow
Wti;rte»¥|«re. At ■ -liitniru. Mm.v. tn MS)
1 •51st 'far. S»r\ii-es af Wi'.lUimstown aa Th-ir3
rlav affeT-noon trjfennenr In "Woo»lI»-» Cent- •
1 ••"*>. Ncr% T<>r'<. S^iurday aft»rno«m.
ariiJaOn M I*l :>:■• "ttoft avenue. X»w Twli
. i'\. on T^„r<.^«^ Mwr.j, '"5. HUP. M*ra»r»r
M Wilson, -iaiiaf »erf • f ?he '■- Duvld i-<*
»*nth-rit»" Wtl*-n. nf N»\».-»rh, N. J. Fur--.'
»»ri'-»- a' r** l>«»m* •<• her «'-i-e-, l"»:l-ir-i: i
f_ N."» ■ ."» \t^' .»• * •■ -1--I-; J
Aprfl ?. at ■£.".•► p rr> Infernient at «gai»ani M
April 2. at . no ... n: lEterir^nt a. i isiaal
of famtlv.
I KMr lilf«.
Is reat!i?y aeeaasSasa br ITsrVrr '.-tlr. fjaus
Ornnd Central Station, 'vi*»^»:-r and Jat»s»a ,
avenue tr->l!*->a an. l t>v o»rrta««- T.Ota $l!t") vt*-
Ti!eph.>r^ «v'" flramtroy for Book of Vl8«a '
Or r*pre*^ntatir«.
Offlce. 31 Ea*t 23d «t . N»w Tor*«. Clt7.
1 Mn:i:rAKi.i:i,
IWMi 1:. • AMi'BKi.l,, 241 3 W# • M •♦.
ri-.«r- ! '••■■»;•• Rooms, Friva:* Am: :■-■«-
T>*l . J.T-i CTstMav
Do you want desirable help QUICXvLT?
SAVE TI.MK .\Nf> t\ RSnii eoa>
suiting the file of applications of selected)
aspirants for posi:t»>ns of various kinds
which has ji^t been alia d at t^«
Uptown O{!ioe of
\o. 1361 Broadway. . j
BRJ*s] 3«th and 37th Streeta . '-
Otllce hours: 0 a. m. to • p. m.
si i;st KIITIO.I katfs
lhtil> l-iluion. on.- ( nt in »ll» i»l >»•
\ork. Jr-ix-v 1 ilj «u«l tt..|i.»krn
t i-w«h.-> <■ rwo « run
MiM.i.i? ►-tliii.»n 111. hi.ltnc ' imla. M«i»
nnr. In* •>O«'«.
In N.-» \."«. ♦ t:» m«tt «üb*iihrr« mUX
hr .-harge.l I • r-nt I>T ■ <U»» -»'r>« p.>*l4«a,
1 »iK*Kini»> u\ m\ii rt»>rr.%it»
i> .-' »'•' *?y;
1..1« \T 1 yr.tr r *i?
«,,r..il>. I- r »^..r : 22
l>,, 1, „.i,i Mindii. f-r -TI -*r I "W
|>,i'- iv.l ■Min.li> p*r m.tnfh ....... T»
|\.r. 1;i r.<H|" * »""•

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