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Il> ntT n' yr*r ori.
,i«»i ( lt» and
X. -toll re
\°' ].M\....N" -':;.! IS.
Justice Sati-rs Mr. HotchJdst
Thai Check* lie presented,
Omt§ Personal A dia mrs.
lustfcin K^ward E. McCall. whose
r.*Ti:» h^d been brougbt Into the fire In
v eks) Investigation because sf eertsJa
t.h -<\iz of his. ard one inuo'-sement bt
pfac«d x:p««n a check tn \v. H. Buckley
f,, Bbja Pfjsßte F*»S Insurance Casa
rony. i:*ued a ior.g txplanatior. las* night
vlii. :.. in tbe oplri^n of Superintendent
HMdhUeJd clear? him of the bunMuattrai
• i he had b?en c.»£V.S7.?.nt "f a:.y |b«T
rV:>.«: of the nooks sf the Phenix to fle
the .Stale ' raacs Departs
!• brief Justice HeGalJ exr!a!n.d that
r - > ■ o check? to the Phenix were basd
tC to Buckley, the tnt far an Interest
payment on his Joan BSM the soooni for
: ' sjnueut or. the priu< ira
The f3s .''•<"• '• check sf t)ie PISBUII 3O
ItecUer* wsseh fuatice afcCall biisnnd
naMfesSjr*B nam** and then arlth iii^ 1
. y Bfisr which he deposited It to his
01 , „ • count in the Hear York Beciulty
r '"rust Oampsoqr. has been in evi
■•>•■■- iti the Blsialißll : nd Justice
?:■ . ai I psvsßaaed Umt tiaasartirm alaa
Bejr. be said, railK to 1 im in tlie
- !«i<ilf of I»er»-»nber, 1?ft». and told him
ii.:: ■*. $Ss.rtoo loan arBBCh h" had with
v « CfJi American Trust c.n.pany had
-?le<l. Buckley had naO" arrang*
• •- far placing the loan vith the
Phcr's. on the BBfIBB collateriJ. but there
v.as hm hsbßßßst ctsuvi of $2.73111 <iv°r
:'.:.» jr.J.Oft". Buckl«*v had been a friend
B <-:?.ndir.ir. and hit? request was for
r loan af pimply tb« airount of the in
t*r<-t. hut nt Buckley bbsl to leave the
. it\ b*l ore th« ■Ater was c3<>s<-<2 he left
Ii -ii OsJTs hasMnn wftfs a letter aa
•i • risbuj Use North A-.errsn to deliver
: ■■'•) lateral t--> >!••• "all on payment of
the Ictsn
nr n Mr. Bi:-!;lf: at rassjed thai a, rep
tallvej <*f the Phesaz should deliver
Tlv^ S«ri.*»"n rhf -ii of that esssiMsnr BO
M HoCsH at »s ofßee a:sd go with him
:■ ■ ■ North American Triis* Company.
v .. fhe cauatcnl would be <]r!iver<-d J
■ ~ r;en lender.
Phenix Check Explained.
.- : r.r-rr rr r>«»r -°. IM** serefore. Mr
• ].-., ;i r«ve!vcd the BSS.*Mt rherk of the
v. made payable to Buckley, anji.
. rates] H wilti Bnekleya nasae «nd
i | .-. — d^p.-sif^ <t o v ;s; s »wn accourt
Iri :h' New ■>.-.;-- CtmilHf and Trust
'•n.v.-v and drew hi* wwsj check for
'"'. T"1 !1 i« tha North Ltnerieaa Tni?t
I snj Th<-ri with rb« rsßtrosantathra
' • - f'h<-.-x he turned over his efceck
i . T i.<= N«>rth ajnerlean f>n»l received the
, Osteral. defJvertns; thai in ssra to th* 1
• . ss-«elnMeTal for the |ttj/W0 loan
Ii rai msJdns;ta Bncktey
lattice BcCalTu esjjhnaatlon, ritt^n
»at i" full, with oxhiMts attar was
V-^.^.i rr. .suporinfrdfit H«-'t.'M-:!«s last
t». h»n tb«> two tt^p sae< at the
• •• I >:r>ch Cbab rooms in the same
■ s. -• No. I* "' Br■"•s^•l^^■^^ . in which
'■' ?rl r. r-<o ttrpar'-nfn; has itF OBSOeS
• - pernßtHMteart s^id h« would rnaV-->
■■•• explanation, with the
• ■"- 1 r . rr of the recswi of the inves
• : • •'!. .-v-"i would. pv« them to the

. -n^^tPtififTif ntaeeMkiss s.';id later i
. ■ y-f -,-.' Bjsji Is haws the rvpianation
• - rh*- records nr\ the books of the
"\ — h «--->f.-, Trust OSSBBBBaqr and the
rti DSUXance Company, whcri read
• Bection with th«> < h«=rks of JnstSce
■i ■■• sD BsnsaStieal srsili the latters stete
. eonßimed the facts set forth, Th**y
f. ■<.. ejcateßsed Th» pOLuWar. and previ
• <■"■.- ...... -'.-..- entries b the ho"'ii.« :
„•■ \r* Phrnix Insurance Oota|Bl«y and
rtßeapcnAenee betveec President
• ai d Mr. Backley uuMC*rnlng the
*• - -sa^'iorip cvid^nc^d thereby. Tne fSu-
I intenneni said it was to b« regretted J
-k'.t \>>» facts liad not been ma<:fc dear
r> 4 1 *%<: when Mr Buckley \»as
1 t- - but that he w.is pleased i
I M try to pive osa saire publicity to j
. - <- sTrflaira explanation as ha.d been j
te the lIIBSBWBIJ sf Mr. BnekSey.
c- .. HcOslTa Mtajr EbsThbbm:
lefeienea to ti » matter brosgl I out .
r- r- !nq«iT7 roa &r« no-* cond ■ ting, ami
■wlera to dc a?^: to ilfxlis •tach
* • iuqjgsed paJd or received by ni<* I,
• ar '.'>u astend dm th«; oourweyj
. ' -■.■rcn.<y.r-.^ uj>or. your nitniitrs tha fallow- j

Det;>-ibes Ihe Transaction.
"■"■"• T:. Nsunases to las esieck sated
"•■ • :..b*-r 2". KtSB. .ir^tTvo by tlw PneatS
y-.-r lrjsur*::^e ConpStty to the or«l*-r >A
V an 11 &-2<-'ki+> . an.] lii«iors«<i i>y '.-.:<■
hm ano d'-r""'^*-'^ 81 my t<Hiik account.
tstory of the transaction is as fol
• En V>.-tol»*-r. Its*. Mr. Buckle? rou
d • an w'.th the tru* mMlltfanj
■:!atera. *• <:urlTy; ;l Battgment of
attt-r. through the eourcesy of em
.: rxfnpsn>. I betoattb i*t' i ■:> and
• .' A."
the fa'j o* !•!• 'he trust company
be press ■< .r ■ . tueni sf the i'-an. and
• • •■.(■■■.''■. as I nave :»^<-n informed, stated
:h. ■:•..• Uie Umi -a«- repaid uswb a
r>. . :it«- in December they would sell bla
f . . .j.'t:*^. Mr. Bocktey tnea came to N<
s ■ >\ and niaiie at. oSsrl to take care of his
mttwHit at - loMenedca ea my part
. • sny .■■,,; oJ course, tthout assfst
• rroa nw ot any nature whatsoever, be
. tated a loan with the Plre : mranoe
•■, |*ny ;ii«iti !i!f *<---in'Afs in- 3 ""'-•
- staoui.t »vouid not pay ih« Umu Ud<i
■ ■ m .-• i^Bapany. UM In thai «t:i"Ti
.. !i<» t<» Jiie a' i.<> oflV-** r.here I *ai
•t. ExaetfaSflS Jay. I as-f-rtain'-.] t!iat I
■i iiave to s t rsnn* -.vr IS.MO, *m<l
-z-<>A to i-iin. )A',n tne aSBf ilr Il.eij tB-
to c. n> i J«i- Bhl IWalHletiona, but
;... • 5 tn ■ «!< i.iv with the bamraooe •••lt.
aad tnea betas oaaaneOad to leave
for A'.'*r.>. a» be »tat«*d. 1 c 'Jirr ■ ■■ the
;...-.. r.. j»an/ to & \.A th»-ir cttedk lo
• i • 1- n'i:i^'i tn*- and d!re.«e«l me to
..r . n pioy paid • her* in hi y way
• r- '.'< ply ojf the t:ust rrt'llpS fly's
!i« th»n picas a Btasr to the pi lideot of
trasl osmnsßy. r«-qu«~-tinjr him on
• ;i . ..'« Of th*- , .an to deliver ov#r th<»
■ rttiea. A c**i'. v sf that N-tinr I bsrs
s-.rark «n<J mark "B "
. •. r»*<»-rr.b^r 2f>. IfW, v rtpr»s>utatlv» of
• ■ Bsanance rompasy came t«> my
. ' •cinr -wiib him a cheek for fB.
'-•». pa-rfLle r« th* or«l*T of \\ lItHT. H.
; r w- This cfeeck it .... have
» . uj-ori tii- minute I Jndon»M ihat
■ •- , -mder my Imtf ictfonfl b ■.. Mr.
k . <1--}^ t-nxl it ir. my account end
'i,.<"liat»l\ ... rhe earn* <ia>. Decesabai
-' 1 <:r'*\» ni>" r\if-<k to th* order «j»
■ t,,.f:t •••!::[. «i.. for $57,73 i 11. areas* with
rareaentaUve of the Phei insura»-ce
;n"r ) |c »h«» trust o««mpenv. jiai-l Off
■ail. olrtained the &ei.uriti«-s am] hat.'l
na ><\*-r to trim, am! Ji.ai I- the test I
< «i *.*-;r<j of thai matt< r unt,' ihU 1 i-
Qtnrjr hiuuxbl it,* matter up.
Uy check v inch : i;>^d •■■ payment to
loutLut:c4 •■ i\::ii p.-'ie-
To-Har. fn!r.
To-morrnn, fair .in-1 warmer.
Boys Have Narrow Escape
Xear Poughkeepsie.
\H\ T>i«"SX.sj>h t" The Tribun»-. ]
.-hkeepeie. N. T.. April I.— Caught
by b Central Mew Kngrland freight train
on a high trestle over Manchester Creek,
near her*. Oußfajß Cornell and William
Angevine. son of the Roy. Frederick
A"H"lllM. both thirteen year.s old. of
tins city, and Henry Frey. iwcive years
old. of Manchester, escajied death by
crouchiiiK on the edge of the structure.
The lads stood on the trestle throwing
BSSBMS into the creek when the. train
h,.re down on them. They scrambled
OOWB betsmcsi the t'os because there
wa-«! not tirts«- for them to run off the
structure. As the engine passed over
them Frey raised his head to look at
the train and he was struck by the
steam chest of the locomotive. Uncon-
ions. he started to fall, but was
crasped by Cornell and An^evine and
held until the train \va« stopped and
trainmen pulled him up. He was
lilillUft to Poutthkeepsie in a caboose
and taken to the hospital. His condition
ii, serious, but he will recover.
Wise Plans Injunction Against
Steamship ( 'om binations.
United States Attorney Wise is pet
tir.g papers ready in injunction proceed
friars against the several shipping pools
v.hich. aixjurlliig to investigations made
so far. control the freight and immigra-
UoSJ business centring in this port. It
w;is found by the povornment counsel
that the poois can be reached best by
■teaJM of the procedinps now preparing.
The investigation was begun about a
month ago. It was found that the Im
migration traffic especially was under
rigid ontro! and that railroads were
powerless to get business without acced
ing to the wishes of the steamship com
binations. Much valuable assistance
was obtained from interests that had
suffered by the joint agreement?.
BoofcSJ have been obtain A. with docu
ments and papers, that give an accurale
insight into the operations <>f the com
panies. Witnesses have been called be
fore the grand fury, and their evidence
wiU be u»ed 1n the government action.
It is beii^vrri by counsel for the jrovern
ment that the means to be adopted to
check the methods of the pools will prove
Over JOO Men Rescued— Catch
Valued at $600,000.
BL John 5. N. F.. April I.— The sealing
steamer Iceland, one of the fleet operat
i;i- in the <;ulf of St. Lawrence, was
crushed in the ice on Wednesday last
and vent to the bottom. The pealer
Florizel. which arrived here to-day,
brngtrig news of the less, rescued the
MI itk rr< r">r? of the £rew and brought
them b°re
When th*» Floriz"l left the sealiner
ground? th«» steamer Newfoundland was
in c dmageroua aoasttnn. being hard
pressed by th«-- hug« Ice rlor*. The
steamer Eagle was standing by. prepare^
to tak«» off the tvo hundred men aboard
If the Newfoondlaad should *snk. or to
convoy b*>r lione if Ph<* shculd be ex
The Florisei brought the largest catch
of s^als ever recorded l:ere. numbering
4C»,v«> pkins. valued at about $120,000
When F he parted company from th°
others of the fl^^t nearly ail had pood
catches aboard
Jyfiter in the day the Alcer'rse arrrved
■with 17.000 KaJs. The season hn<s been
remarkably proSfteroua, the catrh In
Fight being worth 9*Wfcot&
Led Arena To Be Karruied-
MSliottS of Germ*.
[v; y Tei»grar.h t« Th* Tribune. i
Philadelphia. April 1. In a ease,
brought by the governmtr t against a
barrel of desiccated esrgs BLCBBfrt of har
boring 42j0001000 bacteria to .-very gra-ti,
p^fipra! Judg- McPherson returned a
verdict to-day in favor of the govern
ment The case is considered Important
as establishing a precedent for future
The barrel of deaaocated and desolated
fgp.- was led away to suffer a cruel
death by fire at the hands of one Peter
1.. Heims. who. as deputy marshal, has
kept the eggs nnaVer the closest sur
veillance since they were taken into cus
The egg? were Bhipncd by the National
Bakers' Kg*: Association, of Sioux <ity.
lowa. t<. firm here only tho eflgfl
were BB«S«CB*ed-
Boston Judge Holds She Was Sane at
Time of Marriage.
(3^ Tfl«>Eia;>li f»Vh«- TrH»ui;«- |
Past April I Although i:--i I> Sal::
berg waa f«»r a tfane Jr-saiM- previous t«>
her n.rir. to Harry I". Balsberg, S DOS
tr.n Tjx-ti.i dealer, <m May 2. r >. INI, and 'aa
sii:f* been tommltted t« tha Boston ln-
Kane Hospital "ii different secaßons, J»m
tlec Rayassad to-day refuaad to annul the
IIIBIIIbst Ending from the *^\ i«i«-Tj' that
t!..- woman was sane at tha tirr.«; of tha
eswBMBT- 1 1>- said:
•■Ka!zi>ers: i» in as extremely unfortu
.,. . Mr sosttfon. befng ssarrtod In » mmv
who in all prsbahllltj Ii hopelessly In
n«ne. she was insaneßtSonably Insane
p.iitiilaus to hei marriage, bat ha.l been
r»-i <--.-! fi«--«i from tIM bospital for m<«ie thaa
a yar. and there is n.i evidence to show
Phe wan not n full possession of h»-r f.ic
ulties for saiXJfal months prevtoua i<> and
(n.nKdiately after the • eremony. ITnder
tiie Ihv. of Usssadhusetta 1 do sot dob my
way <-lear t., ajrai I a divorce •••■ annul tii^
Verdicts of Committee M;:;; Bar 20,000
Pitisburg Catholics from Shows.
nttshart. April 1 Tha Anegbeny O*Njß>
jy raderatioß Ol OathoHe Soci»ties has
appointed ■ si an tins; COttunttgse to ;,<; ,< t as
a censor of theatrical performances in
ajrsatar Plttab .in
The iw*>tit\ thousand paiishionerM which
iii«- rcderation represents are expected to
nt,i!< s) Ism •!< • Maa <>f lha eonnnittee on
wi.at in f> J vr bad to sto ua tlic stage.
Perplejcing Questions Arise j
Case of Austrian Who
i-'i^h/s Dijiorfrifi'-n.
"If a man. ;m alien, went on a fishing
trip, saiied beyond the three-mile limit
ami th^n camp back, would that consti
tute a re-entrance into this country?"
Judge Hand asked that question yes
terday in the UMtei Stat< s District
Court when the case of Joseph I'berall,
ay. Austrian lawyer, who was fighting
deportation, <-;urie up before him. Th-^
proceedings asainst him were originated
by the Aut-tro-Hunparian Consul in this
cit3\ Alexander Nnber ran Pereked, of
No. 12. M . East 17th street.
Judge Hand's inquiry came about in
this way: Überall landed in this coun
try on uetober 30, I'.KX!. He and a fel
low countryman rented the rooms for
merly occupied by the Austro-Hungarian
Consul, at No. 33 Broadway. The con
sul claimed that Überal] was interfering
with his business and made complaint.
Ghargei wore made against Überall. but
the board of inquiry of the Immigration
Department found that lie had been in
this country more than three years, the
limit of tir.ie for deportation.
"With tireless energy the board looked
up Überall's record. It found that on
October '2*h KBQS&, he had gone to Niagara
Falls, taken a carriage there and had
crossed to Canada, remaining there all of
thirty minutes. This trip was well with
in the three years' limit. To the board
this constituted a re-entry. It recom
mended his deportation; Commissioner
William, approved, and the officials at
Washington stamped approval on the
findings also. Then I'beral! hired coun
soi, go< a writ of habeas corpus, Rave
£3.000 bail and took tho case to the
United States District Court
I'berall's ca.se came before Judge Hand
yesterda:. The Austrian denied the
eharsea. and his uu— fought the de
cision of re-entry. Then Judge Hand
asked the question about fishinc: and the
three-mile limit. Coonsei for the gOT
ernment hesitated for a minute, and then
decided it best to look upon the judge's
inquiry as facetious
The law require? that an alien shall
be deported, if the authorities decide
that Buck phall be his fate, to the. coun
try whi'iio he came. Counsel for
liberal! wanted to know whether he.
would have to hp taken l»ack to <"'annda
If th? r«Tiirt should uphold the Immigra
lion authorities. «'an;ida might object,
as lie was not a native. If Canada ob
jcct«d, would Überall have to spend the
rpst of his days In the whirlpool or the
ranids. la a «bo« or rowboat ?
Judge Hand reserved decision.
London Rtvieu 1 Prmse and
Blame Mr. Roosevelt.
London, April 2.— Theodore Roosevelt's
speech before the students of the I'niver
<=ity at <*airo lasi Monday continues to
o. a subject for the editorial writers of
the London newspapers. The week-enl
journals tak* it up with avidity to-day,
but their opinions of It are extressely
diverse. The incursion of Colonel
Roosevel* Into Egyptian" politics has dts
pleased the Liberal organs, but It is ap
pUudcd by those of the CJonservativea,
which contend that t'ne British policy in
Egypt is w< * kneed. "Th* Saturday
Review"' says:
"Though Colonel Roosevelt rushed into
the Egyptian problem he has not. at any
rate, Bpoken like a fool; but had he had
an idea, of the extreme delicacy of the
i.<-,c;« in Ke\t>t he would have k<pt
apor safer ground it is t<-> hi* credit,
however, that, having btandered in. h«
btendered out again In the riajl direc
■The Predator" Bays it is surprised to
pr.r. a speech so wise and so honorabla to
the man who mada It cheracteriaed by
"The Westmtajtar « Gazette" as an indis
cretion, and thi.nks that all good men
should 1, •..:■.•.-• the wholesome doctrine
it contained.
••The <>ut'.....k" also considerß that Mr.
Roosevelt toadied upon tender ground.
It Bays, however, that the movement for
Egyptian independence sustained a
sharp setback from a quarter from which
Its promoters expected sympathy, if not
Driver of Hook and Ladder Truck
Swerves Apparatus Into "L" Pillar.
[a his efforts to seep Mb three horses
from running down two elder!/ women.
robn .1 Tarpey. driver o* Hook anJ Ladder
Tr< k 11 las: eveuins turned th<- sutmsti
Into 'in "'■" l' i:::jr at O»tana avenue and
12-th Btreet. causing the death of one of
Uie animals An alarm for a Bre at No.
231 East L2i*i Btreet sounded in the Quarters
of Trock-H. in KaM I2sth street, near Park
aT enue last evening. Tarpey. who <lr..ve
','... three borsM <as' i» BW street, saw
two elderly women l-ave th- west curb of
Second avenue. He had already turned hla
tnhnals ball way hito Second avenue. He
DuikMl sharply on the left rein, and th«
three noises swerved sharp to the left and
avoided the two women, who bad stoo<i
Btoi ' still The borscs swerved so snddenly
thml ,i,.. one Bcaresl the middle of the
ttrert v.as thrown violently against ar. -IT
pUiar and died la about Bye nrfnutes.
Chicago SchooiH Will A!ro ■**■ OindM
.Yards for Marble Playing.
Chicago. A,, t 11 1 Cbjeago'a pubtte school
yards hereafter are »•-• be " IH ' m " ! *' «t
tractlve i" Uw pupOs. To-day the Board
of Bducattob ordered that ■chootjrarda be
paved with pulverised ekiasra matsad of
r ,ri. f<» iliai the boys could play mar-
Mea. Mrs. Kiia Biagg rouag, supertntend
,ni, vai-i it wa<i hapoasibte for boya to play
marbtei property <>'» hries pavsmsnta.
A vegetable snrden was ordered planted
tn Urn gisunds <.f one school, t<i tOBCtI th»
children "tne difference between a .|ii.i^Ji
at<i ii tomato.*"
it uas ordsre* that tha locker* at th*
Engtowood High School be nhirged be
cauw tha preseni ones wera uoi large
enoufftl lor 'iit .ill./ bats.
A Frmmd, Exploited Purely
for Sensational Purposes,"
Say* Prufrsy'.r I! art on.
[Hy TllHiaall )•• Th# Trlr.ino. 1
Baltimore. April I.— The ta)>let which
Professor HermaUD v. Hilprecht, of th««
University of Pennsylvania, announced
two weeks ago ha had discovered on an
expedition t.-» T'alestine, and which he.
asserted apbekl tho Biblical story of
the deluge, was denounced to-day at a
meeting of the American OrieaHal So
<-iety. at the Johns Hopkins University,
as a fabrication and as an exploitation
of an archreological fraud for purely
setaMtioam] puri«>ses.
"Tl:e ancient Babylonians had floods
of their own." s;<id Professor Bartoa,
"so it Is not «'Yen probable that tiifl
alleged tablet could refer to the story
of the Biblical deluge. 1
This declaration was made in a paper
on "Ono of the latest Additions to the
Babylonian Literature of the Delug*
Story** presented by Professor George
A. Barton, of Brye Ma-.\r College. He
took up in detail the COtuentiona of Pro
fessor Hilprecht and assorted that they
v.ere fallacious in every particular.
"Instead of waiting for the meeting
of the American Oriental Society." said
Dr. Barton. "Professor Hii^recht chose
to present his piper to a f«».-aimne con
gregation of the elite of the Philadel
phia fashionable set at a meeting of the.
A<orn Club of that city. Th« announce
ment orcasioned widespread newspaper
comment, pud the discovery was hailed
as a very important one. supporting in
every particular the priestly document
of the Pentateuch. I hope to show that
Professor HUprecht'a statements about
the tablet are not only incorrect as re
gards interpretation, absolutely wrong
as regards the alleged age to which he
attributes them ami totally of no :-iS
nMeanee from ;i "Hii^li -n 1 standpoint.'*
Dr. Barton saM that the scholarship
which PTofgßjjoi HRprecht manifested
In his translation of the text of his
tablet was "harri y worthy of a Brat year
student in Hebrew." and that the resto
rations which h« made in the case of
fillirg in broken Hues were "purely con
jectural emendations," so that the
chances sf bia interpretations being cor
rect we.'s "only about one in one hun
dred ."
"While OCCSsfos)al*7 his translation « f
a line i? pound." contiiff-O Dr. Bartur;,
•his drawi.-< upon his imagination in
filling out tha broker, lines was entirely
too fre^
"In tbe second place. Dr Hilprecht
claim? that the tablet wa« written somfl
tim« between 2117 and 8008 B. C. Any
studect o,- the Orient.il language^ could
tell from evee a i-asual examination that
th° diaiect in which the tablet la writ
ten belong to a wholly later period and
thjt havtead of tho real date of Urn tab
let heirs that of the tfine alleged, it
real*y belonga several centuries lat e -
Thus, even if the interpretation bad been
correct, the tablet la <.f no scientific
value, Bine* Ir belongs to a period ser
eral centuries after that m -which it waa
alleged tr- throw historical light
• In the third place, when Dr. Hilprecht
claims that this belongs to a priestly
document h'< altegaiioa hi based on a
mistranslation of the Babylonian text,
which in turn rssts upon a misunder
standing Of the Hebrew text and upon
th pure, unbridled Imagination of the
transiator "
\t the conclusion of Professor Barton's
papT an animated dfaKUßSlon was en
gaged in by Professor Paul Haupt. of the
Johns Hork'ns Untrersity, and Profesor
Albert T. ciay, of Tain University. Both
upheld in every particular the arguments
of Professor Barton, and added addi
tional material to the rase against Pro
fessor Hilpr-
Led Vomng V. W. C. A. Sec
ret an/ tn Jail in PitUburg.
(By !r.Vc-H;h »n« Tribcn*- 1
Plttsburg. Apr;'. L — Miss Irma Free
man, twenty-two years old, who came
here a year ago from Kansas City and
who WBJ employed as secretary of the
local Youn< Woaaaa'a Christian Asso
ciatlon, wao arrastad to-day, charged
with fraud in obtaining valuable cloth
ing and jewels from stores und?r the
name of B well known Western Pennsyl
vania woman who had account* with the
establishments. Hsm Freemaa, who hi
said to come frop- an excellent Western
family, broke dow-i and declared she had
watched so man/ well dressed women
that she decided Fhe must have th
cloth 31 and Jewels, and that she had
hoped to be able to pay for them some
Man Defemd Pooh and Oppose
Corporation Luxe.
I. oiid. April " 'The l>;iily Bxpren"
says that negotiations have htSt been
epsned baIWOMI all the principal Kurr.poan
shipping lines t" organise as International
protest BgainMt the ABserlran tax of I per
cent on Income derived from buamesa
transacted with the United States, and ai>.>
•„ pf .t tha r. Rpsctiva sovernmenta to oppo c
Hi.- American sjowsmmenfs Intention to
treat |tM jisolhig ol steerage pronta i>* s
contravention sf Ihe antl trust at.
L. np. IHgH ARainst Death Will Prob
nblv B« r'utilr
IH> Tf I'Kniph r». Tli- I rttMMM 1
Annapolis. AprO 1 Tbe attending Bur*
peon a« <he naval hospital anaouneed to
say thai bUdshlpmßß Barl D. Wilson,
whose saHi ras rraetursd in ■ football
Kanip on Ortobsr l" last, wn» nsneh worse
A rally la unUkfiv. and hl> eonditlon is
pronounced to ba astvaaaaly gra<
VVllnon la much af«aa«r, appears drowsy
sad in;- pull f - Is Uragular. There has brm
no (luntarj movenimi or lensation below
;be neck rinee ''•• Wury, and apparently
tin- -| inal rord ass •• an Injui ■-■ i beyond
tin. i>otbii'iiii> ul loprovementi
Who made a plucky attempt to do a record walk in California.
Had Wmtked Si,ri?/-si.r Mile*
OH a Wager.
f»ilroy. Cal, April 1. — ICss Eleonora
Sears, of Boston, who started yesterday
mnrnina: to walk from Bur!in?arrte to
Del Monte, a distance of I<>> miles. in
Qfty-flve hours, abandoned the effort
this afternoon and started on her return
borne from this place. She had walked
sixty-six miles in 20 hours and 15
Miss Sears started at 6 o'clock yester
day morning. She walked through Palo
Alto, Mountain View and Santa Clara.
t<> P;m Jbae, where she rested a short
time. She then continued her walk,
reaching Oiiroy at 2:15 this morning.
pv,o retired for rest at GHroy, Insisting
that <=h a would continue the walk at sun
rise But when the sunrise came Miss
Scars ? riching aauaciai won out against
he»- mrin, and she got into the automo-
Ule of Mrs Francis Carolan, whose
guest she has been since coming to
California, and was soon on her way
back to Bnrlingame
Member of New League to
Protect Immigrant*.
Miss Anne Morgan, daughter of J.
Pierpont Morgan, has become identified
with a new organization known as the
North American civic League for Immi
grants. According to "William Williams.
Commissioon- of Immigration, the
leag-i", of the executive committee of
which Miss Morgan bj a member, was
established to protect aliens from fraud
ulent agents who prey upon ste.-mge
['BBSfngrrß after their release from Ellis
The Commissioner said yesterday that
the federal eovemmer.t had no jurisdic
tion over the aliens afte*- they left EIIU
1 and th.it sucn an organization
was necessary to protect the newcomers
from the harpies of th-3 waterfront and
the immigrant boarding houses in vari
ous parts of the city. Associated with
Miss Morgan on the executive coSJßmittoa
are Felix Warburg. Frank A. Yan.Wiip.
Miss Frances A. Kellor, John Hay 3
Hammond and I». Chauncey Brewer.
Minister's Wife (rets Decree
After Three Years.
[By T«-'e«mr^ to The Tributi* ]
Ftoston, April I.— After having signed
an ng-eement with hfr husband to live
apart in a sort of trial divorce for three
years, Mrs. Bara B. A. Puffer yesterday
secured a divorce decree nisi from her
husband, the Hey Charles H. Puffer, of
Salem The extraordinary pact between
the minister and his wife bound them to
live apart for three years, to remain
silent regarding their specific troubles,
ti» si- nothing unkind Of each other, and
then if. at the end of that tim<\ owe or
the other found the arrangement satis-
factory, a divorce was to be granted on
the grounds of desertion.
Mrs. Puffer yesterday told Judge Ray
mond that she was always ready and
willing to begin anew their married life,
but that her husband absolutely refused
to consider such a proposition iMiring
the "trial divorce." period it was stipu
lated thai Mrs. Puffer was to receive
$7.-> a month from hf-r husband. The
husband has lived up to that agreement
ever Bines the .ontract expired nearly a
year agOi and it was stated through
counsel yesterday that Mrs. Pusfar was
tl , receive $500 alimony In a lump sum
fron he? husband
Tha contract between the couple was
drawn up after they had been married
near!; a score of years and while Mr.
Puffer was paator of the First Dntver
salist Church of Salem, Two years after
the s< -nion Mrs. Puaf«r went on th*
Stage, making bsr debut nt the Castle
Square Theatre here. This art followed
another phase ii» Urn cms.-, bj win. i. Mr.
Puffer was sued for alienation of affec
• ions. This case is now on the do.ket
in the Esses cuntv Ihinsriwr Court.
Th.- plaintiff HI B. A. ESmpy and the
amount 125.00 ft Erapy*s wife w;is for
merl) bousekeenef m lbs Puffer bouse
hold The i.i\ child of 1111 11 and Mrs.
puffer, i ion, iw'cMty-tuo years old. is
in buaiiw in UN W *t
■ r,|j|/,ii j k V|' I'l'VT l;i • ;:\ of Nc> •, nrU, .I'rvr f itv ;iu;i HrtxiKem
* I l\ll I, *'.>r« V L.M Ki>s-.vi:i:icr. rtiiiiE>r«i
Liabilities of Dutch inkers
Mail Reach $Sfloofioo.
Amsterdam, April 1. — Vreeswvk &-. .al
derman.-. one of the most important ot
the firms of brokers on the oil exchange,
failed to-day. Their liabilities are re
ported to be between |l_Tli>fJi and $*_',
Attends Opera House for Fwwi
Time in Years.
St. Petersburg. April L— Emperof
Nicholas, for the first time in several
years, attended a concert to-night at th»
Imperial Opera House, given in aid of
various militar.- rhnritie-a. The intention
of his majesty to attend the entertain
men: had been kept aaciut, and there
fore no crowd eoDscssi to wttsjsaa his
arrival and departure. The audience in
eludrd the Cmpresa Dowager and the
court household.
Fat aII if Injures Three ond
Hurts One at Savannah.
Savannah, April I.— While going at a
high speeri on the «;rand Prize course
near Savannah to-nigh', an automobile,
in which wers Albert. M.irsha:' and
Harry Xoyes. became umiian.r.
left the road and struck first a small
negro girl, then a man and later a rsegr.^
woman who were on the inside walk, in
juring all three probably fatally.
Then, after killing two cows, tha ma
chine turned over, badly injuring Noyes.
Xoyes was sent to a hospital and Mar
shall was taken to the poUca station.
The car was wrecked.
One Man Dead and Another
Dying Xear "Niagara Falls.
Niagara Falls. N. T.. April 1. - Wilbur
H. Turner, a BStlOSauvMpSr. Of Burtalo.
is dead; Charles Woodcock, a farmer is
fatally injured, and George X. A.iwen.
of ToMwanda, is seriously injured as
the result of a coTlunoa between an
automobile nn.l a llr.e of BBBTSBS* rigs
on the Lewistoa Road this evening
Tho automobile, a big six-cylinder car.
was In charge of a tester for a BuHaJo
automobile manufacturer. At the top
of the Lewiston hlO th< 1 ha jlffßPt tiirne.l
out to pass a fara»er*s wasjsn. A clou;*.
of dust ohscurgd" half a dozen sjrasjaaal
in the wake of the tir.-t. and wt-en the
automobile ssnflsj back Into the centre
of the road it bowled over two sf tBHHBL
Turner, who was in the automobile, was
thrown into the wreckage of the w.i
ons and was kicked in the herid by ono
of the horfes. He died an hour later.
Maypr Issues Order Prohibit
ing Sale of Firezcnr'.
Many S *m:ill boy and girl will weep
and possibly their fathers may heave a
figh or two when they h«-ar that Mayor
Qayaor has decreed that there bbbsH ba
BO sale of Fourth of July fireworks h»'r«
this year.
Tbe Mayor lias been gathering sta
j tistics both, here and in other cities as
to the number of ac. id> tits and tiri*
caused by tlreworks. As a result he .li
rooted juatarday Fir»- Cominlssiotu-r
Waldo to let stand the order of fornvr
Fire Commissioner Hayes, issued In De
ciinb.r. in which be directed that no
permit;' for the sale of fireworks .if retail
ba sMnied between June 10 ami July to.
Lahoior Who Wnuldn T^t Go
Drowned After Rising Once.
His tSBSjrISUa hold on n evowbai which
j he carried wHi him r.-hrn hA fell into tn*»
Nmth River caused th#» death of .Martin
BsaWVSSBBM a dock laborer, fBSBSBUny af
ternoon. Boderstone »hn working sa Pier
H :i( Grove street, tearing '.iji plunking
with S short crowbar, whaa be f»-!l over.
lie came • • the suifaos, sputtering un.i
I gaaping, with the tool .-till in his naada,
I but sank, dragged down bj tha weigiit of
, tii.- bar, bM<n ;« rope could reach Win.
The bodj >•< recovered about two hoars
'alter the accident.
11 Im fifr "' N* w Yorfc,
Jerw-T rif» uul
„ .. I
SAD, AT <>!.!> HOME.
Graft Make. : Him "Sore at
Heart" — J'irzc* Old Scenes
'Alone — "Partners' " Dinner.
fßv T>l»*n»rh fo T*-«» BBSS I
nißßTfl«mK April I.— That Andrew •'ar
neerie. wi:o bee::»;i a four days' rt*:t t»>
Plttshurt; to-«lay. si far from beinsr %
well 'man was demonstrated thin morn
tnsr when he had two attacks of faint
ness while ssctattnc a Ion*: utatement
for the people of Pittuburg. Twice h
was oSBBjpSBBHI SB stop tr> regain his
breath. and his fa c grew white. He
explained to those who saw him suffer
that he had not heeo well since, an In
jury to his limb some six weeks aaro.
Mrs. Carriegie and her friends were
much OSBCeffBOi BJBOSJI Mr. < 'arncd*.
So ill was the guest of ttphnrg to
day that he was not able to carry on
his end of th« programme; which lv»4
been mapped out for the afternoon — that
of visit injr the Carnenie "Tf-h" schoola.
the parks and th^ rest of the «^O.»)«»,«S>
improvements whf'jh he ha-i jivn Pitt3
I^ooktng pale and very tired. Mr. Car
nesrto had his automobile slipped; from
the parad*» as soon as it had left the
Hotel Schenley this afternoon, and h»
was driven slowly into the country Two
hours later, while Pit rs; was still
hunting for thr mlsslnEr gruesf. an auto
mobile, carrying a small man wi:h the
same tired look stopped on one of tho
hills above Braddock. T\here Mr. Car
regie got his start in lif». F."»r thirty
minutes the small man looked qu»et7y
at the bu«\v old town, then had his auto
mobile turned and was roller! slowly
back to Plttsbure. Tt w.t; Mr. ram 80S.
He rested for several hours IWore tho
<! inner which wa.-« tendered him this
evening by his old friends and **yonn<
partners"" In the iron and j»te*?l industry.
Graft Tale Brings Tears.
Friends of Mr. Carneeie. say he be
came much worked up on hi«i way from
the Pacific Coast readme; the graft •«
posurea in Pittsburff. In the hotel here
he toli an old friend, while tear* ran
down hfs cheeks, that he t>lt ajharaed
for his "old town."
"I feel lik» a.~kins; • Governor 3t:sart
to pardon <«om»» of th<>s*» fe'l«-i-v« oij; e#
prison," said Mr. • 'arnesie. »h»n »h»
whole Rtory had been toid him Th#v
did not know what rascala they were
dealincr with. I bjooa fhj *"ity wM «c«
the men a-vny up «n« are resp^rFible
for rt hi Brsssry. |r ' it.fr. !*>t ssj nsl Sks
cttf twtthh el politics. R*fl ssTMn that
has nad» Ptttsbavfj so rotten.
'fjrai f Sihaie I s rt . hi sUirint: letters.
I have had Is raaal of ItttSSOVM shame.
Pitrstv.irc's crafr Z hay» t<»*r. h;imi!l
atrd. oii'i I an- iii ffaj eavs nr bssvt 1
am mn:forteil. lihwm^, that th« mass
PMCttnic planned f<">r fo-n'rht fhow* the
true heart of Pirr««'..ur^ ard rtemon
?tratrs thar th* rra.«s o* th* posass
«tan-l r'r~ afrr«in*t «<loinc In -*ny
form. The tnir*"— ef the crafr ?• *
splemiid sisrn, marH btthni thin if Pltt«
\ v.rx hu<l • •••n ■•il>-->l •* The quesrton
bj now whetncf PllTstnin win ■urns
thr.-usjh thss fia! sl'ri.mslv or ,V%zra<~»
"1 fc'ir that saasHi st Mmm . <>*ssrfs
mert sold their votes ard tbetr hjosjar
for -s>l •.. • continued Hi Carnecte.
•N.>w. if \ •*, *-r- «<in« ba . • a tblef
\-,y H^r^- Mr •ame»l* cherke*!
himself and umiicl trirh hi* little andi
en-e. This mas hi* >>nl; wnll* of tttt
r ■;- Csrnrr* h»x.in 'its ' n«
• .■■■••* nt (^r the p»--.rTe Pittsburr.
He rei"!:se.l t.-> ] >•» d«»n before ft was
firishe.l. }Ie told the people of PtttO
burg that h» "nmli! not riissra.r* Pitt»
fciirc by offer* nc B0 contribute BB »h«
rupport if her OKfaMtfA II was
Pittsl«i:r«rs lance BO support rhat . r<-he»
tra. \* P'.ttsb'irg ■wouMn t. th#r» !e» t*i*»
. rchestra »••. "W : '~ r tS ' r ' don't
love nnaje; for ' do." *.n.i Mr earnest*.
••j g y ..rcans so ihunhes SOeBJBSBI f
can stand sponsor for braaj th^ao
. rctn-4 may say. whOs i couMnri t» re
ppr.njible for v. hat i* -»atil fr-->ra the •>«ab>
Rockefeller *ntn6 st ion.
Mr. rarnegiio said h* thouzhr "'-
Rockefeller's foundation pUn mas aTI
right, that Mr. RocksfeOeff had evidently
thoucht the whohl matter out bs*slwbbs>
irs it upt, For himself Mr. «'arne}tl# aakl
that he rej-i. ►■<! t^.^t when he mas e«im
h.3 rr.r»ncy wouM b*« BBSji tn f':rth«rinc
th»^ institut'"!"* wMrb h* had be»'n
happy in startinr. Bi closed trith tha
following sTuie::ie::t roKurtilnsf Indiscrim
inate givinsr.
'1 have often said yon rouM rot N^>«t
:i ::;.in up a laiM»-r BBBSBBJ h© did BBBSdi
the «limfcir.p. :md i* >-ouj let go of him h«
drops to the jtr<»und; tl:« last state of
that man is worse than the first.
"I ,],, not l-!i'-ve much In 30-valleil
philanthropy; the submersed tenth
sh ''li.i ba dealt with by th»» stite. and
the day hi reaBSBSj whea that «laHS *Ui
b*» taken by the st.ite offJ< uiis. housed.
llnlkSi. bathed an-! fed. but never al
\.,\\. ■} t.. marry. The j.hy?U ian will ba
called hi first whoa a couple con»*» ti>
marr>. aasi the minister afterward."
At the dinner, at the Dbjbbjbsbbl CTsb*
to-nl^ht M- CaWMI e\ch.ms»-<l rcrr.if
n-scences uith •ho-e h.« knew ami nia«l«
the acquaintance of new Wdersi »n st«*l
nanu fact lire. The OSIMSdS Veterans"
Asaortatloa BBTSjaaaMj the dinner on rh*»
occasion of Mr. i'arn*«>'s tl^t \»sit ♦'»
the cit% for nearly four yeasa Ex-
JvasH Jain«i H. R«-«» pre»lde.l. and tho
quest was *K-,.mf<l by Colonel 11. P-
B,.pe John FSSJBT. director of tb« re
search laboratory ■ the carneg»# mtlN.
spoke aa the CaSMHaJh company's past
and future. to which Mr. C»rn«>al# re
sponded «Uh entertaining reminiscences
and prophtH'ies.
Charles M. Schwah. Wilham P. Patm
,r Alfred A OareV. Jr. William E.
( .o r^ ASBT A. Hunt and others*, com
x»rising a iawtj of sixty, wera present to
d,. th.- Kiwst honor. The dinner «v.»
not open t<» uewsnapsy reporters
as Mr. Carnegie steppetl from his prt
\ate car in the L'niyn Station ibis avMrf>

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