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p rri Manufaciurer Caught
by Confidence Game.
enrx Wagner Telis Story to
Police. Lending to Arrest of
Alleged Old Offender.
private rar? the purchase or ma!
:r;:<J* in |Vnmvha»!a a"' l ' nP runr.lnt;
:x' ■ horserace? in Florida were
<ra*;:re* o' a Battsssai tiamr to
Pmij \vacr..-7. of the MUUtd
X»Vk a■• uf act urine fin i of Henry
„ c - rr £. .\dlcr. No. •'._ OawaaY S-iu*r«\
n in March, and which l>ecam»
pottfa yrstcrday through thr orrost of
' dM nv^n accused of ""rk'ng the
< cri^r -rji,.rt»vl The Ewindlo tr» th?
• • w«gfc a*r«\ an<l >o*t<T<!:..
>,. *** - —•■„,i .rd to Police Hradquar-
HBdTjr « mar who had v»eon
I ndrr RCMfli He. Pawa found
ihpt tte pnOna bad made ■ mistake and
ike till mitt ■■■ OKbHSoA I..VT bm
, . | ttM PltftOß Mrrrt station of the
v „ . rb4L \*h;|p viaitlnp Bar « train.
r us* r mm whom he Trct>fn\z<>6 ■ •
I the mm who M in the party
._.,,, itfluOOO >>f bis money, H"
.... Bto Ibe r^an.and while the waaf
, it- rrnprrss ■ patrolman arrived
Ktd tsafc *nr:n bett id Bn gßtt— ■»■■»
. -.- they wmt m PnOea ElcaaV
■.^.. v»h<-r. the r ris..nor said that
BOM Ml J"hn Brown, thai at ■■■
-• tojb) years oM and liv. -d M X*.
r, !: r: urai r. Braeatyßi
Wagrirr siaid that ba kMN OM ■■■
n OMP M'XfcH. and OH peflßl said
. . „„ lea SJWS in thr BapMaT
- .-.,■ likeness «<f him. H*
kaoara ta Omb M OBJOKa* ' ' H°^k
««tl and Josc;.!i Raton. They sa\ that lie
. g raeoai Catttl bat* thirty
„ ....... - n iv.*. ho ■*■ i«oT-.t*>nr^.J
• • months "i the penitentary N*
m» a oonftftaßOi B— fc All in all.
■ • r said, hr is ■considered nr of
r.. .• p-ernci ■ ■sal '•"nflderi'v
p . .. -v-^ >v:<lnes« ■nd hue »->m» am»
• • | ;-~r
Wanted the Sto'-y Kept Quiet.
\ •;, .;ch *-\ spTiPr said that ho would
. s-."<<»«» la BMp awl ItOty
mm n>.t «n rattoartt
■ . i«ff * gajaa thai had
• i - pt*"" pinr^ early in thr year.
hrri w m£nrr bf-anio « ( -quaiTitp<! with .-4
■ nhom BC kßa*J as "Al" SanforJ.
bj tfir poftOi as tho starrer in
ffan"— *f '■■'"' Warner that lv
.- ... Eft* M"'.^!l -who was
. . (o^l . . -, . ■.. • ..< iwßaj taOraadl
t - Chen bates H D Baj
r- c nrv. Mand boM btai ib«l ■
• • rmflnoaal bjbb voro pfan
_ • . pijr^ha?" 1 two thousand arr*»a of
Bfj • i. ■ 883 N Mta < J ■ s " ■■
■ < •:-• atri (bad •> 15 land wn to bo Wwl
• • . th.~ Panaaortvaflla H.-<-'r > -'ad at a
taaflaaajM pfofli \iaxv 11 * 1 '! rfiil la bo
B OB (ba pamr. a^.d S'JgCr;:tr<l tV,«t San
f.-rd flnd aonabadly *^ cjovu l! '" ■.;■ b
tiif «i»*»i The ttimw ir^.v<^.i ao c 510
P. RajßCf Cbtf h° a«* ff * n 'npaTn«'d Sanfori
r . - f ■• *- c «-'"-• dBt th» H"»
■ BotaL
•. - , .r- -. pali . •• >i in <h«*
•• ~ ih<? j*'''?' ll Haxvrell and
■ ■ - BKfl iiiliiali Hmj bad |«M
■ ore In a ptivati oar, and
•> «'« gla*! Tr« m«.r=t Mr W«sr<T. »O whom
utiuduoed aa th* foor luunaj
; i mea of •rbOBI Sanfo»-d had
n c -^ •}« or. Bar h S9 and
I • ••-: ' \V,. c i ir . •
; ■••-.-•■ I■. -• tag ••■.!";
• • •<- cat <> ti th» vray down
• f r,^ tr. BCasBV thai Ibo
»",iim» Work*') lit St. Auqustm-.
-• a paMteo Vaajncf »T"i s«n
... •„ ♦» r BCDBCtfI Hotel -<nd aa
a Mil • • ' ocea ■ «nd wag
• th<- pair go "ver to Jacfcana
'■..'•. •■ r • .-. ' bob* bfi prte
. , . . r ■ i.- - Ho pro
n ► • :- ■ dM IT <-\','" - ■ •
1 •> - < • ; ; : ■„:,: ard paid tbeb*
-• • . r ■ ;< • H itrl. !n Jaokson
r Daotfl Sh dcki aay* mlub they ro
, Inl gltlt BPBDI KaXVCO tliat
;. ■■ bo ■■*:' rtajbt. -• Ti'i d ih.'>
Tt u'-.i *• BL A:i«'.iklM <• Bttd •■ :'
•• ' V ■ • .:< BfltO)
• \-''V. tad Vajgßer bad a Una]
. . . • . • - (bo T' ■ r »h*
ari i :t was BfJVOad tliat tIM
. ■ ■ .:."• • ■•••'. ibo
r- ■ • ■ • kaKßdaa] Him I ■
■ • .;■ - of the • pß*
: > • ■ ■ HaavcD aua>
• .. • ■ • ■ bsJ a nus •
I • • . . y money 1
• - ; .>rt.itJoi. bo BM 'hut
■ :-r?:in|r«'d a r;i-> !■•'-■•.
■ •.ak« pia. ■ an rovntry
• st. a.agu n :•:• llaswcd
• .-..■.■• ... - und thai
. ".xed th« r.i. ■• At thi!« moment
■ • 1 Bdßavm oaaao bp ■■ '' 1O ro>»
' • • bbMI, Hwi an liiUvdaead
". _ • as ■«V»lf»h BBdl <»t»-rt, i\v«»
'■ ,<i hal l^e»»ti rfc^ing at th»
BBOBvCDt BMOCIBd bb4 •■* ' ■•> bad bacn
bi ij 10 rid' tbi baraeo bi Ibc E
■ • »

Need a Good
Many stenographers are ad
vertiiing to-day in the Went
columns for situations. Read
the ad*, if you need an *s
154 aaaaaaw St
*Jmov,T. 1364 Drc-dws;-
«m aavaaal hy ltoa-cr*. and thai hi? op
ponent was Den M. He asked Warr"*'*"
Ml take ,^r..riix» as »«*>t an ti»« tetner.
LatbaT ho came around v itli .>4< ».«»«». $•"'•-
C»"H> of which was a Ride l>. i and Ibo re
mainder the purse. Than the* rest of the
party which li.-><l journeyed down from
I It im««ro iti tin* private rar aj-peared
ami hc«a:-« t<i b»-t on the resalt of it.
r^'C. l;aving tirst api^intod Wlafjlsef
*tak< bjasaV '• Wiim the betting oraa ot r-r
W'«Kn«»r h.u". $HXi..V«I in '. Is p<tSBeOSMCL
Mi ir.Miiuc. WajrinT had M t«> Xct
York Bgc .i <ircft t«>r «io.«i«m» urtta vhich
to tnak • .i |uiymer.t «'ti th> rual i;<nd*.
a- 1 Maxwell had Riv;-n him thn' amount
to covrr '.ho dra:"t. « >n fa u.i • of lha
race. April 2. fTagji h:>..3 Itl&SOO In
the baak ateii h r BBOtm out t«» too
race with his frirni*. aid on the way
another ,^M««i wan 1« t. Maxwell taklagj
half. As hp didn't have the money with
bJaa Was' OODaCBJtad to l^r.tl H. to him.
Paid $10,000 to Bettors.
V.";<c; .-i didn't have aay of his '""
money on the race, bwl when Kinnti.c
Baa in baa stretch. I an lug the stii'-
I>o»ed « iUti over his head, while Pan
IL mmr^il h<>me ■ winner. Maxwell
said that lie bad bees ait jjrett.v hard
and must «sk vTaaTawr to wait a few
days for his aaoaw/j . Thr latter had no
alternative but !■> pay th< others tli-ir
winninK^. l» > a\ir > .R himself minus BlO,0(M
until Maxwell should, repay him.
This Max II aeree.l to do. and t • • I*l
WaKr.iT t!.;)t he v. «.uld *er,d the money
to the Hoi It;* '•»!*;!•. in Wnshini?t'>ti
Warner went there, hut the motley
didn't f<<ilow. and be KtBTDOd to St.
Aupi:stlne. Th<r<- he DOOM find n't trace
at the private car or its occupant*. Etc
reported • ■•» matt- r to the police, re
turned bj Mauj Y<>rk. and told bi.>* BtoffV
(<• the BotadtvCß here. Yesterday lv>
caused the arr» i .«'t af the m n who. he
<sa\!«. hi tha aXW/fll af Mi story. The
latter ho<l SJ.«"»TI BSWBd to his under
shirt ■»ht-r ajrwJ he<] g| T'oiice Hcadquar
10l |hl by
Thorn ' avf-

Grant Immunity to Witnesses in
Anti-Trust Cases
IB; T>l<-eraph M IBS TMk*UM "i
Albany. Arr'.l « Tt o offil J.'r»ntinc im
nr;tiit> froTr prOODTUttOB tO ■taMOSOO In
lasitt-crasl caaos la iho >nn^r oray thai tho
l»..\One Bd pi\e- imnv:ntU '" BitnoOßßS
tPKtifxiTic hi prsoocuthUM fT rtotathm «f
I ChO ar,ti-er<m!i!iT)c BXOtO O*r« LfUUghl la
, A;b«ny bvdky b] DtStlStt Attorn»»> M hit
8888 Of 800 "i "TV OmntTa iritroduc-d
!" Senator DBVtl " n d (Umlllllli'tiiSß
T<inr;-,t>s Ii i<! Kaid tha 1 the tturpooi *
tbe bflhl )> bi 'acilitaf 'he BTOOeCUtMB of
the- rr.iik find BMBf trusts m W*OJ York
t t i h KtsAemcM he ;»v» out here
\»w V nrk CBUttt) BtUI I ofiiccr
Mill thai be had reedtod many .-nrnplaiTits
af rtohKtasns si the penal '.*w r: ■ DthtjC
I conaplraci<>> to Injure trade an-i oornmerro
■ad if the pe ;) .M.<l :-i;f=in" ss law j<r"hibitini{
rnotinpciirs in restraint tt II id*.
IIM gr-: r <4 fUTi of N>-a V.i'V OountT."
[he said, has fitoi • ••■.•• iamb I '"
tan mdl Iduala, ■ aarstac • ■■■ ■• ■•■ - '
theas Biua Th» tndlctmettt in baaed For
;»h<» most v*n on the testltantt] cf peraons
■.• bo bsok pan d tbe snunn don of ' ; i~
t'ira- i»*r rOSßplatned •■'
ekatajes I'annoi ordmarilj b*» "s'^b-
Bahoi (either betorg * biui ■ -■ Investl-
»ht. complaints or st t' I*'1 *' tHjii f\
„r<\.T '.. mmM« the i>~-" > :'' r ra wwpel, mdc*
tb» eUtumstancej lated. 'be giving of th.
testimony r«feir< rod thus to make
tutiPi <"■ • • for the. -iirr rric^i ri " of
tt... uunes •* ' ir ' '' ••' prohibit. I bare pep
pered 'He*. 1-a .1 bill*.

■ .
"Th<"' "t]Hi~t :n«-Tit if thr aniriidiion! to the
: j, r r»;x.-. •! conspiracy :h" »iil thUS enable
. ■ ■ ,-• • .• = to dis<-.. <r auA proso
:•. ndrsnm foi ii"<nc maarjr a--t-« In
I. trade nnd OOmmem Which .-re n^w •■<!•.
■rod by Om sntl-trusi s«i ;■•-, i t<. arhlch
•• ni'.-i:' > ;■' • I MB ■■■ ' - sntMl BSt
a< • docs i .•>• rebate
No Hotel Bar Safe Now, Says
Their Representative.
\.a!. : . iprfl 1 BClUten r..r--or. rcpro
k - the Nov.- v-.rk Putt.. drawers I
„:,..,-•.. • .•• n.der a recent MAa ■•'
■ . ' „ <• . H sroutd b« «•» ■ '•••
arson i<- pal the -ar ••? Urn Hotel
Ast<»r or ti.at <>r say other '..- '■ ■
;n the Mate <••!» of business *ith««ij«rh !t
lived t:p to the levr aT.d spirit of ev*Ti
lav in estetl • ' I* CO I '■•
•one. Im mm. bar baring ■ pale* »ithta
■ . „ i . . • • the hotel >nd utata*
„ ■ -...,,-■■ • ■ ■ • The ■ '•"<' '
of AppeaS <i«" ision hHd that it v ■••! 101
t<auijj van spaaed *tthln t»" imnOr-<i
fret o' a BBMOB <»! I. <•«••! with a A r Hi
i*taie }.\ i-«- i•• p^it!n< in need !"1 " i ** w
. ~. ii bad always been fjeoerallj
-.. . • , i . .■. ■ i m< ;■• «•■>
. .■•.,: ■ if v w* r- .ii, T,.--;.., t Bnt.
M, Kumter appeared in favor of a hi'l
iirrodu'-'l iiy Asvmlilvrhaii CSoldbera". ••f
N. Fork, M i- •• • . • ■■• :rt ..i \|i|( ■■*!.■*
a h pruvit" that tdc Excise Do-
Itarnu«>nt BHM i«ii< wa!i • • sUeon
«jr ho*' 1 »itl, .• faai .'.•:'•■■ .^ ■ •■ ■ • V
imi ■.i • • Ida nra b mdi ad
r. . • i *;t. •■ H .« • ■ .Ii
: .•■■<•- .1 111.
■aaac M i ■.•>■•■ sf any other i*u«in«c.« or ln-
Letter from Archbishop Favor. no; Am
ateur Spcrt?. Rea:l at Alhany.
|M, T- • ■
A a..-. A|" ii f". A
... .... ..... ....,,.
A . . . . „ • ■•■ ■■■■■■ ■ ■ •„;., ti. i
' that A: S F» VaS to
fa-.i.r -.f oaaau h i ■*■ sball and othor ath
., pjanda ••' •• i; b» ■• • '
Ui guudaji |*Motrtril 1 •• •
. . BfBBSt Of UM J
:, a. I'l.ii In, his a;;.. 1 1 ladoi ing
„,,.,.) ..1 !■• A • • ..!, M.
„ wins 081 • ...... • . BO
l« t . , „ „:, s.ji.dd>« iH-me. 11 :; .:<»
i , ..:. 1 opecdng tho <H • i.'a..
HOiliKts f-" ithl ■'■' X •»«
He i n , „ ■.1 1 1 i- tt. 1 ,1... 1 the
i: . hum *ii 1 any* '■'• s ' J>1 "" ' ' " "
' ii- <n. ■ p n- ■■■■ ■ ■ ' that « Mil
,„ ..,.. « vi •■ ■ ! ' "' Htiil : -' ■" • '
: hay , ».. .S.i! 00l inotwttiistandii a bom
...,,., ,:;,.:. i. r.a;row tt.t -i- •• -• -I |.ir.(»i,«-
I .strain at » gam*
■ ■ :: •
Tn. rvmmUti ' • ■'" '•» » ' ' ■ ' ' '
Racmc) Men Ask for Nn_More
Legislation This Year.
Canon Chase and Other Repre
sentatives of Reform
Bodies for Bills.
Tii TrS n
Aii»any. AprO t.— Bcui eotataUrts Of the
ra< itiK Ultll'im •na-N» a atroag |* ■ before
tiio Benato Codas Ouauatttoo to-day to take
no further action ob raclnc legislation thts
r«ar They dsilorrti thai Urn A«nov/-Fsr
ktns lull.- drawn to p«e<vont "oral booknak
•,»;.■■ SB which a boartod! was !>eiiiK ffiven.
would put mi end to horse bitsdlni and
would placo (vary man who made a bet,
«>ven though ha wore a noti-profossional. at
Urn mercy of the paoHc prosecutor.
A ■oaato basod on an unconstitutional
apportionment, sai.l Joseph B. AVOfbach,
repreaenttßS ''"• Jockey da*, passed Urn
asaavr-Bart bins. Those, he intimated.
WOTS part IllHUttl by Senator Wallace, who
a^a awetod at a special election to Baeeeod
the lat' Senator PYaachOt. He declared
tliat tho present Senators were only de
facto BMBBben of UM Legislature, and that
those pom's have been raised hi UM Bo>
BfOJM Cowrl I" an action to test the va
lidity of the anti-jramhltn? bill". Mr. Auer
bach said that Assistant DMrid Attorney
Elder and other proaeeataag olllcors of New
York City, who acted hi racetrack raids,
had Beted BBOVOO of men i:i defiance of
coiirt rulinK?
It KoonieiJ to be the twin of the <"of!f»s
''imTn'ttoo. from quostions a^u^'l by its
tnomlKTs. to fix Urn anti-bottinc laws 10
Uwy VMOfld only affoct Urn orof««*oaal
OaOfßjC W. Milter, the father of Andrew
Hilwr <io«-lar»»<1 that tho -Porkins
bflhl viould irhrc out or the ravins business
erory aalf«rcjapoettaaj !n<»tnbcr of thr ra<-lng
association*. He aaM that they would rx
pose all persons who bet to unwarranted
"An.! tiioy t«n*l Waal to ho ■I;;«jrrar^d.'*
h^ Mill, "by roantaMJ i h<> <lancor of b^ing
I Bntod up and iniii.-t<<i on Urn proasetitoc*i
•••• • • >i • t.«iion of doubtful WOrdtag In the.
]ar\-. Main t!i< lan Hoar if v«vi want to.
and say ujst ". !iat you moan."
"If t> o «li«.ii!.l t'^ko <••'» of the bill "'*
Words 'any porsnri who lays or publish* ■»
• I'M*. OCmlly or othor«t!«o." arouM tho ra«-int;
■flsoetetioßs be sattsOsd?" asked Bcaatav J.
T. N'eivi-omh
"I tiiink they WoaM." Mr. M-: er repOod.
"Yon ran see t!ixt BadeC ttMSO word* I
mipht t.< auhjoiii to »rr- (*• If 1 sold to Mr.
Hltebcoek, 1 l«^t yon ;•• to i that nay hor««?
boats your bocsc'
Mr Aaerbacß empbastaed the t>nint that
the eoajstliulloii <ii riot loqiiii-.. the pa«sairp
of Ui 1 * proposed Ilia He ajaoMd from tho
m■! \:t-.« dedskms to tb« effect tint
: • PtMcy-Gfay aot m°t the constitutional
lanntninrnts as t<» "appropriate* 1 fctsW**
lien to oaiTT out the 1— **** ol t »i*» .',„,
rtitutton in I IMthta: (ainbttnc.
•■<■ on Chswe, who wftk sther rcprocr-.t 4 -
■■ refona ■— oclstlmn pactrH for
■. <-, K i,j they merely awered ■ iophol«
• • . prcseui law. the aoitilufj <•' wMch
:i'.nk°s rtotatlone eavy.
"We don't tnteod to ptevewl private bet
thMß." Caaon Chaai bM
"Win ■ ■"! sa- why yon approve privat*
bets? Mi lutrbaili aal <■■■).
"Mr. I^Mlaw a?'d \ thtefe it i">o
wroin tot OS *o \*>l. bit mp • eajtae that
there would not b* (I ■ • public "rin
lon bark of -t 'a^ prohibiUns a private
bet, aithr>i.'»h we .in no( BjnßpatMaa wltn
'• •<■,« the r»ri» -i beDere i>^rtinjr ">
?v> wrong I» fosters th* worst antt-pr>oij»i
ppiri* ■ •■ "- is '• • * ■■- M Oo»rior.-)lfz*>« bjsi
nee« ano creates crtme."
The Rer. Walter LaMta* defended th«
m, : -^c „<■ \ Mutant Dtatrtd attorney BMer
atid e» a Intanteo of enaakwi of the a"t»
K^mhlinE Mllr- on various racetracks
Senator Brackjett, who repr^spnis sari
tosou whew '"' r of the -a.-, trad '= ■It-
Bated, ■■had Mr i«Tii(i«Tj if there waa any
■ray of sa\'"c h conmranll) whlrh has
grown Dp it) ■ . ■ M)«n<*« Ml m iß'-'tra^k
and at the >uao Hme k i 1 1 »!,o abases com
plained of bjr Urn advo«-airs of 1 1 •«=• raclns
"if racetracks raniirH ''• « without gam
blingthe «»nl\ vni] "■■" >f Urn dUßcvltjr Is
for the stato to contribute to their rapport
«•■ it doe« for tiic ajpicultura] nodeties,"
■a •! 111 r*Mla«
Among t « 7•7 • .~i. - it terested In racliin »t t i»«n.
hearlnc wet* James Butler, Andrew Miller,
v* k llttcttcock, Henry runani ami W. B.
No action was i.it,-' mi the bill* at Hip
executive peaskm of tli" committee follow
ins "'° heartnar. \\*h«*th«»r then M 111 bo an
other Neartnn will i>o <io.-M<»«i to-morrow.
Assembly Judiciary Committee Unani
mously Agrees to Delay Vote.
I My, April &- Another BttMDpt to '.:n\ *
1 ,• Aaoenbl] Jodhstery Connalttao rej>ort
the Hiil-Tnottibs «-onstitution«i hmnulmi ii'
to extend Urn right of .- ifrji^e !■> w..T;i«-n
tailed to-.< t> At t».e eaacuUre lueetlua of
1 ii<" committee AssefaMyßMtn tanker auaj
BOSted » : .:it the bill bo reported srtthottt
■■■ nendatlcMa ■ sa to permll the whole
■jnembly to \<>i- on Urn proposttfton.
< ii... of Urn membets jf thr committee
report I
]y jt ■■ . ■■ . defer
n Mr. <
1 : ; • ■.•.•••

St. Stephen's Alumni Dinner
Follows Service in Trinity.
Three 1 oadred gradnateo ■ id friends of
St. Stephen's College, ,■ ■■.■,, N* Y.
■ .1 dlnacr at :\\" Hotel Actor last
■ 1 • The Breakers and their mbjeeta
■rcre: Bhfhirf 1 Orser, The BI Stephen's
lof t!ie Kit ure". CllntOß It H ; ruff, of
: j'l,;^,,; ii>hi:>. "The College and Boetal
••. Btahop a 11. Vinton, of n/eaton,
"Memories of st Btephen'a'*; John
X s.icr' . Mayor of Poaghkeepsie, "Th«
. . .if th • Comnmlty,*' and Lew la
Stojrwaant Chanler. "St Stephen*! in Her
roatn " Bishop Bargoos, of Long I ||OJ •!
who ti ■•!. Iho place of '•. aTsnntns;. who
w..- . ,i i.i<> to be present, epos atao The
::■ •> I>t \\ii:.:.m C Rodgoro, prssidonl of
t : • _•• . pre i-i- ••
;•■ ual^eraitlei ..• •

dot i . -nil t acataa aad Church
i .. i ; •• - ■
.iii.iM-i a

i . .

■ ■ ■
- ■
. .i i •
n i lon

v liani T Ma
\ ■ „ , , .v I■■f 1 '. 0o« em©? Hsghos to-day
... .ii to Urn Bsnoto |i< howUnatwa <.f <-\
aj 1.. „1 urn .«:n i. Thorujtoa, Of Monti
■ • .1... as • unniy j'klk*' ••• :c| suiragato <.i gaY
, h\ .in <.., . 1 ■ .. ..... 1 Urn 1 '■• .lull n I*.
i. • '« ..e mm.i.ii./.JIU W*.- llllliie,|tiitol\
Assembly by Vote of 88 to 50
Kills Measure.
[By araad m Th» T''.^'i : " ]
Albany. Afrit 6. By a VOtfl of S5 to :»n
Urn Assembly to-day dofoasod the Warn"
ballot bill, iiich th« introducer say* pro
vides ■ form of Ml lootta ballot, but
vrhic]. is opi'osed by Urn Massachusetts bal
lot sdvocat<f« brtfiiltt It rr > '"r<l" r<1! * at l '"* '""
of UM bn!>t the r«rtv embtMttO, making
ra.«v Ftraiul^t vitingr. A motion by Ml
VTard to reconsider the vote by which II
v.-a«i defeated was laid en the table. Ho
Bald afterward that hr wwaM endeavor to
brtaaj the bit! up again and have It re
• >;7".nit:<d for nr. amendment, providing
thai It ap;.lv only to New York City.
Those who voted for the i>ill include
members from Now Tort Cltjr of both
parti. anil of Erie and Moaroe counties.
to vl icii it does not appl;. on account of
tl;e voting aaaohlaoi in those omintles. The
opponeata of the measure, bepides th» few
firm fork City advocates of the real Mao-
SBlTlllMllS ballot. Included the apotata
UltUlbtll of ail parties and all faction.",
particularly from the country district?,
which would }y affected by It. They argued
that the present ball >t wa* good enougti for
them anil that the people were just getting
used tO It.
AsfiombH-man Howard, of Ttopja <!ounty.
offered an amendment tlia; the bill apply
only to New York City, MM later withdrew
it. He said that Urn Ward ballot should
not be Inflicted on the rest of UM Btate.
Where the balM does not reach tli*' dimen
sions of that in New York Itoth Mr. Mer
rttt, majority lead-r. and Mr. Krit-bio,
minority l«*a<lfr. spoke against tho bill. Th*>
latter !«alfi that there was no neceaotty hi
chance Urn present ballot, but the Inw
should bo amended so tliat a candidate*!
name would not appear on it more thin
Aaaeaaafyaaaa Tlarwood, of Kln«;s County,
thought that the Ward hOI was the bawl
proposition th?U had >• » boon preaented.
|MI 111 nailtji abtl th« <"iinib*>r!«o!n' 1 ballot
of lf»st j - ear In Now York Pity was take*
into consideration. A. 1* Smith, of Stew
York, along with tha up?<tatf- rnenibors.
thought that the present ballot was highly
An amendment Introduced by Aaaembly
man Roshart to eliminat** from Its provi
sions titles and eountlea where votinc
machines are ti«od was withdrawn, be
ran" the bill already contained Burn a
Ways and Means Committee
Fails to Report Measure.
f Ry T»1»);rop!i ir. TV.»» Trlbun*. 1
Albany. April The WadwWWftk policy
of bottling up «11 proposition* providing 1
for a legislative" investigation of corruption
was ag.iin followed thts afternoon, whoa the
AssembH War* and Moaaa ''ommitt^e
\ <■•<-, i acainst i > Una tbe t»ana btn, ••aJi
itis tor a legijiisitive committee to Investi
gate th« iis» of funds or any other means
to influence th» action of any member of
th«> Legislature. At the executive session
of the commltto* the b<H was moved by
es-Ueutenaal Govomot Chanler. Hfai a<
tion waa Immediate^- followed by a mo
tion by "Paradise Park Jimmy" OOvef to
la-v the bin on Urn table Every member
of the c ->t?iml''* > c fjcopi Mr. < banter voted
for the Oliver motion. There was * full
committep present.
Before the executive seiiloii Mr Daaa
appeared before the committee and asked
for favorable action on hls» bin. B« railed
«!■■■> attention of the members of the com
mittoo to what He c«ns;'JT'"<l evidence of
legislative corruption on Hie with th< Ben
ate and the Insurance Department, and
Bald that there should ba aome remedial
leglstetloo !■> prevenf ■uea cormpUon in th^
Assemblymen OHror and Jan « P. Park«r.
of H*aabmgton County, e^ked ;i!m Sf he had
atiy particular charges to make He. re
plied that he hi not, hat declared thai
lir iiii>ugh'. the burden of taking action on
the o^jdrPi-e of iptkm ahoiild be on thS
Leglslattira end not on Htdivtdvuaai
RtPV»»n Objects to Removing On? on
Rockefellor Estat".
Albany, April 1 -Conseni a-ai asked or
t; . T*iibHc Set-vice Comnrfsstoa to-day bj
\ i.-o-f'ro^iderit Albert h Harrta of •••* %
Now york <'^ntrai to the abandonment of
the' station of the New Tort A- Ottawa
Railroad i "ornpatiy at Brandon. Franklin
County, In the heart of th« William Rocke
feller preserve. Mr Hani* said thai while
tboro war pulatton of MOI In l^ 1 ". Ht
present there wore only four inhabited
hiMisns and J* populate • of •■•••• persona,
■ haJrrnan Btavens called attention to the
fact •: at there was only .« single public
highway loading; owl Of Branjdoa to Bay
Pond, the next station, Mm only highway
'■rim; a prtrata one. ami the public is for
bidden '■• am It. and the residents of Rran
don could not possibly get to the road
station without trespassing on the rtoi-ke
ifeller preserve.
Postmaster" Wife Missing Af
ter Official Investigation.
Faauawe, N. •' -. April I The daaappearaiif
of Mi Walter Fredericks, of I'elawanna.
last May bns revealed the fact 'h^t the
ITnttad States Bjovemaaonl baa been Inveo
tißntini; the Datawania pootofDco for more
than a week. Mrs. Fredericks Is the wife
of the postmaster of Debjwanna, and for
year.- hmi assisted him hi that oft-.
Irreguhutttss ta the ofßos berame appar
rnt, and Moses Duryca at Pateraoa, postal
Inspector for this vtcmtty, was ordered to
Investigate. With Robert II aMoua, a*
■tstant postmaster Of thai c'.ty. he doivod
Into thmgs at Detewaaaa, discovering
wiii-r" Urn liieiiiTsiliMs iay. but was Baabbj
to BX UM ISHWinilnliTtj for 8 erta — The
Invostigntton Bhowod th;ir regntered asttera
.... withheld instead of bemg mailed to
the laaalc postonVe, which is Urn deposi
tory for tue DolawaniM pootofßce. The
am »vi BSSMOd i:» leglSHWd letters i.- about
Mrs. ■Yedcrtelcs left Detawanna Pilday
n:..rni:iK. first dimWWg at>f.;t *'"" from bar
husband's account m ■ '••>• "i bank and
about mm from the accounts of her chil
dren In another local i>.tnk. Mr. Frodertcks
Imi boca poatiDaator al Dohiwaßiia twer.t;
■even rears and station agent ■ aoßOa
yi-iir.<. He I:a3 PUbllthfd a notice that 'i«
aril I boI be responsible for debts oontmctod
by hi.: wife.
Counsel of Claimant of Haif of Estate
Summing Up.
Cambridge', Mass. April I-■ «•* at
tacking the credibility of sonic i.f the prm
.■i.,., 1 witnesses for the R m Mil estate. Stute
Senator boatftl 4. BtmPOOn, Of North Da
kota, begaa to-daj Ms cloolng argument in
behalf of Urn waui from Dlckfnooa, N D.,
n-ho says he ■ Daniel Blake Russell, enti
tied to one half the fortune of '■;».-• left
by Daniel RUOSOII, of Melrose.
Ooe -.f Urn chief wttnasaas for the estate
m stylad a "gold brick nun .•■ ""i the
Senator BMWtOd thai »>tu ot UM women
who has Bpnanred ta th» caos • .id William
<■ Russet] oomph 1 lei radar her coal and
w.t« responsible for the building up Of the
.1. f« pee
- | ;it..r Simpson wont into the details of
UM OvtdenCfl WbJ«* the eat »te presented to
prove that Ihm < lent was Paa • Itouss.'iiu.
Of Mab.t.i , N. V., and s.iid that it was In
•vtdonce Hat lbs mother, who ad sworn
ba <\.in her Ron ,:i .-...!i'. u-M.t home and
made ll.r Matement. 'i don't care whether
he b my son ..r not, i re got ■ whole roll of
none) "
Mi rnmnann win reauina his aranraent
m morrow and bopM to bo through nt the
„ . „f the da] scsilon.
<in»iniie,l frf»m rtr»t o.«-
The T«*t»t of Tanas, T. Bouch»r. T»i"*n
Ilrothers . „• ■ _; ." • - I m9
»o. k«t, «nd BhM tJsht*. J. M V. . I ir - .„,,,,»
Mr; l»uveen Mount. J.M. vT. Taraori *" J>
St. M»chaor» Mount. J. M. W. Turner.
v \v BMsmn, •i^'-»t ••;.■•.• -""^
Grand Canal i"A Di-ntn of Vealca >. S.
M .V Turner W. W. Bi SllUgi SQSa*.. 'AW
Italian I BniSJl Ofl. •'• M. W. Tiiincr. Mra
••aarles \X. rooper iv- ••• *■•*••
Portrait *f I.Tiv CTBrtOB. - s!r Joshua ~, ~.»
RrynoMs: W. W. Baannan. «c" ' J».-v«
Portrait of Mrs. Ralph WUMt, C.eorKv
PjOUIIWjr; «>. i>m*'t. .ijffnt. "• •"•
Portrait of a H«.y. O-orso H*t>r> Hanaw; „
Kr.o»dlT * Co ' r^ >
PBrtatl of Antonio Canova. fir Th.>m««
lAwrtnee. I*. 1: A.: Cottier A- '*» •.*•»
Th- Peta, sir Edwin Henry LaaOSter; 1
A. Fleka r;wo
Senate Judiciary Committee
Laughs at Agnew Request.
[By llaiagfapt la Tti- Tr»oaa I
Albany. April fi.— lt was in a Jocular vein
that tba members of the ■anal* Jwiarawy
rimimllbja this afternoon received the re
quest of Senator AKnew that they consider
seriously BM resolution charging LOOJti K.
carr. one of Iks attorneys for Senator
Allds in the recent BTvawlbjßSJow, with con
tempt of the ■ewata, because, of a ataao
moat he gave out on the day the vote on
the charges against Allds wns taken.
"Some of the friends of Mr. ' 'arr. ' Mid
Senator AKnew, "bam asked me to drop
the matter, and others say that h- Is sorry
he made the assertion ha did in the pub-
Ibjbed stall nl I feel that if he is parry
he oagwl to have an opportunity to Appear
before this committee."
Penator Wahrwrkfht aaka ' ssal !><»
done about the matter.
"\vh>. most anything •-an b«> don» about.
It. even going a* far a s imprtyonment."
Benator Agnew rrpwed
Then assuming bis meal bland *mi!e
Chairman Davis wanted to know • Mow
many years would you give Mr. «'arr?"
"I am not here tv make suggestions a«
to the punishment that should be mete«l
out." replied Senator AKnew. rather resent
ing the chairman* humor "I feel that It
is first up to the committee to ascertain
whether an offence has be*n committed."
Th» committee, took the matter "under
Audubon Society Upholds and Milli
nery Trade Condemns Bill at Albany.
(By Talograaa to Th» TriNjn»l
Albany. April « — a hearing on the meas
ure to forbid the sale of ai*rMtr»s or pbim*s
from the white heron and American egret.
before the Senate Committee on Forest.
Flak and Qaaae, thai afternoon, broueht to
Albany ■ larjr« number of repreoenlßtl»oa
of the New York millinery »rade and of the
Auduboß Bot'lety. A similar bill has al
rc;id> been reported favorably in the As
sembly and ■ now on the order of final
Julius M. Mayor, former Attorney Oca
era!. and Bwajaaakt W Fin*"-, representing
th«« feather and mllltner>- Importing baajaaa
of >;<»«• york City, •aaoatud aeainst the
bin They declared that If was uncOttStltU
ttonal and 1 mere trap for th» unwa-v
The repvoaentatlvea of th«» a tidubon So
ciety supported the measure William
l»Utch»r, th« president Of the toi-lofv. af
tacked r>«m<» Fashion for her BBUQ
rhangoi He BUB tbat 'he woasea of t?ii«
'•oijntry slavishly copied Parm, and that
«),^re 'ins BO telltaMj fl h»Ti Parli wauaf Ac
mand the smughtet even of titirnmtn?
birds. Professor Gilbert Prarson. ascre
tnri of the BOCMtj, SbM that the BfgTOttS
plumes were tora from the birds in IBS
ne«ti»m season
Others who spoke for ths bin wore Aw
£T'i.-"']=; F. lloughton, of th» Gamp Fbi
Club. Arthur Ooadhf, of the !,lnnr | So
.i-t-. .• New Turk, and & T. Cwrtar, at
torp.^. for On- A'jd'lbon 80CMt]l
Albany, April I T' 1 " Isasmfcfjr 'odes
<"omm!f«"» «Dortpr| favorabrj to-daty the
Lachnmß bOl prohibiting »h« paseaag in
cold storage for -a'-* lor 3 '• nger period
than sWtv days „,1 ■,■<-•.». fas) as ' ?ame.
poattrT, butter, rheeS* or other produce
\ 9B*mblTnnan Lansing*! Mil provkßag 'or
• i,. iispectlwi and licensing 1.-. |] * stata
Agricultural f>epartme>nt of ibattorni nnd
r>tlier places whera mc«ts ar^ soM was abjs
Dan McAvoy's Sister Says He Dis
posed of Estate While Incompetent.
Justice Oreenbauan signed aa order yes
terday for the exan".iii«tion on April .Ti> of
Mrs. r*urlej Browa formerly Mrs. Dan
JUAvoy, In an action Which Laaala H. Uay-
BMOd, an actreaa, is about la ma ajralns'
h«r ft recover Jewelry and mortgages
valued at $:.(.«•»> After th*« death of Daw
McAvojr, the eomodmn, Mrs. McAvwjr, wh'>
waa Georghi Kelly on the staße. married
CUria* Pmwn. the twrfssan. la BrtvatS
life. M'-Avoy was ViaiMJS Itcard.-ir. !{e was
a brother of Hml RajlUOnd
The appralsaJ "f McATOy'M estate, fllffl
recently at th*- Surrogated office, showed
that he left J7J ?i. Msm Raywtooja, bowavor,
througk her attorney, Alfred J. WoM 0009
ptala • that Mrs. MiAuiv <.t.faine«l all his
property and some of hers before hi« death.
when be waj nwrttfly bTooaaaßihM
thflUOgß IhO CSCOBSIVe aw al iiquor Mbj
asstor allegoa th.it she transferred rertain
itwi'lry to 1. -in a? security foT- n loan thai
she obtained froeo McAvo Sh. ; aava Mrs.
Diuwii. McAva fuimn wtfe. now has
tt'.at jewelry Htui refuaos to m--- '• back to
MtH Raymond, althoua*i "he ha demanded
II ami expressed her wOUngncsa tv repay
the loan made on ''■
MiM Rl3 mond also will ask to h;«>- -et
a«ide certain UtortgagSS rr.ad • over bj Mr
ftvoy to nia wife, ...; the ground that h*
■mo mentally IncatMMs ol eaevuth f. •»
asaignraent*. These are said to be Baa ' :i
t>iH ptMBCMdoa •■« Mr«. Brawn, who snys
tn." are her property.
Salvation Army Wife, in Divorce Suit,
Says Husband Cursed Her.
Atlanta, April ■'< UUutant 'iert-.e*
Morrison, of tt.- Salvation Aimy. wtiose
permit i" opemtc m Atlanta wa roi'ently
withdrawn by Mayer Mb^Mbu, k>>\ b i^ti
lion riK.iiii^' !' r hoahand to day '••'" ■
divor. c and .i!triM<t,> "in any naa that may
ssem Bdoquato lo tii«* court."
Adjutant Morrison, who has btrn t'.ie
reCOgPtXed .... I Ol the American Balv 1
tli.M \i'ir «.u".; ill this . ;ty for - • v»-ral
> „;,, allegea .1 her petition thai Ibi
mu.ital irouWw ol bersell and husband
Adjutant \Vi;!.m Morrison, began Bhortlj
afteT their inairlace. when, she dertareo, hi
i,,.p H i, to curve itni! abuse bsr, woubl not
. tribute tn th - uppori of hormU nor ■'
t'i. hooM '"i" workma airlK which she
founded, and on the nlgi : of Mai .">•».
:it',r eurstna her before her children
-#• /•!■.! .i raaor and ■ tenod to cm bar
No Known Reason for Suicide of Mid
dletown ( N. V.) Woman.
IP. Tel^raph f> Tli. Trltuin- I
MMdMtOwn, N \ . April t'. When Claatial
F. Kent. •' well known employ* >»f the *">•
tarto .* Western Raawoad hi thai it\. ban
rlad to his home m roaawaas to it telephone
call from M a if- •• I o'clock thbj .ifter
ii.i<ii. he fo.in.l bSf dead on her bod, with
;i „>\..!\er !:i>i>..i m her rtgbt hand. A
BmgnihM Sh« bad bOOB raadaag Uy open on
,1 rhali itt ll.e BkM of IDS bed
There v.is BO known reason f.>r the BB>
, i ■. Mrs KOBt mi* Illlllj -v an oM
and had bean married seventeen roan The
COUpIc Umil no rhtldrvrt. Mr. Kent ***
awH* from home l..t<t mci.t. and his waft
l>orro»»ed in < revolver before lie dfparteil.
paying shs nishna it lot protection. 8h»
na.. a njii.i- Qj 1 ••«'•!■ my, ( •■■hi.
Famom Painting
"The Coast ot
a» thr Galleries of
" -m • *
Belraont3 and Vanderbilt. Yoa
kum and Hawley Interested.
Albany. April 6.— Mr' O. H. V Helnion*.
August Baaasaat. W. K. V'anderi.lir, jr.. B.
V. Yuakum and Bdjwln Hawley art under
stood to b« amons those Interested Ii fli">
Ifempstead Hospital Association, of He i,;>
Bt»-a<1. Long Island, which bs-d • fllet} In
corp'»ratlon paper* with the Wtaftl Board Of
• 'hartties for approval. The new hospital
ts to take over th" ?outh ?hor>- Hospital.
The director* ar* Rdwtn «*arman. f W.
Fletcher. >f Kr^eport; Harold D H»Mrleft.
of Kabylon: William B. Savage, of EM
Isltp. 1 id Frank Ovarton, of PutolioKU'-.
The Paibara I»alr\'. ortrarsized la osertrf
in New York City Bad formed to stipplv
proper fund to orphans, pauper. de>*r'f>if»
and stole children, and to car* for and
board such children, and for lbs enuc^tlot
of mothers as to the care and feeding of
infants, also filed papers of incorporation
with IhO Macs Hoard ->f O.artties BB^Kf
The directors are Adrian M .roiine and
Mary K. Jollne. of Bernanfctvill*, N. .1 .
and Matilda Krevman. Rouel A. Benson
and Ai.r-i<- M Carroll, ad N*w York
Dr. F. V.'. Fletcher. Of Flea wort T«on*f
Island, on- of lbs directors ad the n<*mp
sfoad Hospital Associatiori. -aid la=<r nieht
at his home th.'f Me persons mentioned
aDOVS wore mack interested in Iba nota
Relate to Municipal Civil Service
and Police and Dock Departments.
; By TMaejnaak m The Tribune. ;
Albany. April •;. tu» Ne» York <"*hart»r
< •ommiH«i<>ti to-day had introduced three
more charter bins They relate as the Mu
ni' ipal Civil Service. Commission, the Police
and Dork departments and condemnation
The Mwtlraaar feature of the Dock De
partment bil! is t'ne »sjurarc>- of crater
publlrtty In the miikinir of dock lenses »nd
the asstenmerit atid reservation of dock
property for ajtworal whiirfa^e purposes, or.
■ oth«r \\i>ri)>. open pier. *.
The < hapter relatinc to the p,.h.-o Depart
ment I 1?I 1 ? mucli briefer than the *-*totlng
etaaaasf The ssctMsai dealliijt wW sufi
J^cts covered by the penal law nnd the •ode
of criminal BfUCOdUTC Ottd with tnatters
properly regulated by '»rdinarii-es hay been
eliminated T^e futnc af BBfßrlßi BBfl
grades hi left ••■ UM BKal BOXhoSttBM Kx
i*tinK provisions ns '•> xrad^s. Hr?"in'm(!nt^
and removals and method of re^iervinc r-.
movals are retained I are-" central powers
:, r o r.>nf°rred at th« Polic*- Commissioner,
more especially in regard M the dotnil •■«'
members of th ÜBtfoTßMd lUfC* for
i 1 otri»r r-itv depHrfmerits.
Th<- bO relating ♦•• th» eaaaoaasaibja of
praaartj for public u-e i-omrri-^-. hi " ri °
. hant»r provisions of law now ittored
throiieho'.t tho .-b.-ir'er rSßßtng Bi th* BBV
mg d private an pert: OBS OCBtBI Ottpaty,
40-k. Mreet and g*r>»ral purpose:
Put "Present Problem Dinner"
Speaker Make? It. 3900 for N. Y. City.
Tho~<- wba atteadM the IbM Pr-sen
Problem ptimeM >** th« AturrT^ TT i i
l^veum, bm nt^hf Bstcaod N ■ dhxua>
«jr.n'nf "The UvhSg WIBSJi BBd 0M €>O>
BBmer" bg r>r -a^iter E Woyt Om R->v
Al^x-Trd^r Ir 1 !iw Hermai Robin'op. •"■om
m i«sinn»r ef Ueoaaoa; Waiios 8 Stem
rr ,n,] rhlef •' the BrotheTbood of lAymo
t| v o Ereineers; UM Re- Thorns I BUli '
%t-c ffolcn Vjri.-k BBOOJvO BBS* R- PMtOB
Cut Uni Tb« iifir« what eeoMtttocs< •
Irving'* ••*■ c vafflod os thoai or ' how
tO X" * It, aid '" Urn «f"iflV BttM ■♦•--•• ■■
wp^s n,i»d to the .•on« l ltt)pr.
Ml Irvine sad h» would rath*r *aiv.
tr, ii .ji-zm wo^kinsrtien ■,;> the EBOI raw*
ri.i^i to sack 1 'iorink:. n^- Ojsq Ufa.
Bmni • tho-:eht th" men speakers !-.ni
talked nil araat ' fh" «nbi»-'-t Bad had aal
arrived »nvwher». and n Ku'.t'in CUIIIIIg
was reaaasded of rbi ~.t,-, r - r>t th«- t.i^M
' outicll hi 1 big on the ijiiesti.m wheTbT
the n.iir »treot "lid 1"" {;iv"d •
wooden block*.
"I^et us put 1 ir ':- > ! - to«.-?:ier." said
the ' oiinKe-^t BSOBSbSt of tho .oijp.-r
. ..r.'IT 'M f' ■ M- '"'JttiTsr. "and the problem
VI I" I*. SOIV'I."
The inosr rtefinite .ietinltlon of th" living
W.llte W;«S given j.v [n U'o\;. Wl •» IUChSSMd
it it $►>'■>» it vrar for workmen the countt]
OV4V and I."" B9 KOfi Torfl • 'if \
Mr Stone if -a«<« '••;" th»- labor unlnrj
to i;.-t out and vet it. thereby defininif .iv>r
r»»tictse!y the me:»ns of its attainment A
an lllii«tr:»« i>-r> of UM CflßEnej si 881 ■ • ' •••'
h- ffrrlar**! that fh« Hrot ln»rho.»i of f •■•■■•
moti-. •» KN«in-'or« bad *c Dot sMaXaod ">i".
9<tA.on<> It) incri ;i-> il ".i^-s Ms Its CjMI
BMOBbers an.i • »rrpo»ed tcoin? af: r --.ni
n>i>r«- mi'Moni bi 1911
Angry Women on Upper East Side
Make Threats, but Do No Damage.
a* ,i procautmnarj bmbsvs <><\r:.; to ihs
riots of Ti;es.la\ . the konher butchers i>f f ' f
e.ist si'le ■■•" Hariem closed their .-.!'. ->t"« \ es
ter<iay after the mornins businesa «.i.-< over
Tma I'tjuti »a» hastened nwinj ••> ♦ roßti
made ilMsaot the, butcher ■ wort 1 in tho
shops b> tTOwda of angrj OfDBMS vJm
gathered a!'»r«c First avenue, n.it!; of ln!st
street, early in the mornSiiß.
There, was only one case of \ ioler.ee to
report. A lieliverv boy who appeared wi".\\
a basket of fruit was fcirrounded !■ • »
women, wlio !•»'. his i>a>k»-t aiul pui--.Tti.r-d
};hn The ' ••''•' WhOB 'aiitaiii t T
, at as of lbs Ban v**th »tre." ■tatlon, came
up with several policemen. There were n->
in th«» lawtosa psQse ■■■ t Mrs Mm M
Waldman. "t No. z\l V..\<x VKA street, «<;
flnrd v for tn« Itlns to riot, ami Mr< Rosi*
LSHnVhal. Of No. -12 street. BOM
tinrd I like awn for attempting t • pji
cue Airs Wa.ldiiur.i when ahe was i;j-:der
Sensational Debates on Reappraisal
ard Water Diversion Bills.
I ■ T-> K ra; !• ti Th^ T««M ■
T'enton. N J. April 6. -Ami.! the 8888 l
Breaaa or turmoil anil hMarri . t % m i:itb
New .Terse;. I .efcisut ur" »«IJiMirned] «t an
early hour this mornins. following •» nisht
«!,irh i'ad brrn (Uci over to |hg BM
-j -tilAi an.l »ensat!oral paruian de
bases that have teen witnessed in the Slate
House for many \e,»r-. A t>^w committee
BBbOtttatS for tba '.I ''ran wasrr diversion
hlli »' ' a rnrriwomisi* measure cortinuinj;
the PSBSmnrtsaJ of the r.itlr >«..l and •■anal
BfßßSrty of l lie state werrt Iff r»uses of
property of the Mate, wlu.-h wax | i--ed *> -■
a -.til'-t party \.»t« nf ?rt ».«!». v» »re the ,-auses
„f M.c DaaaMvattc outbunta «>f kHßgaathM
In tr-o s. M.... .ii >•:'.*> ti'iit* t! «■ . as^umetl >«»i,-n
a «ta«e t!-at Senator Wj.Wi-lee. \, t answer t>>
■ ajueattea of BonatOf bard*. * l»epM»
•rat. aasi that hi- amaatJaa «a> so Insult
lag that n.» ■Otf*?eopec*tns man won Ml
think of aw#wgft . U.
89 Regent Strt-t
Goods Charger! it» London to Her-.?
Account Price* Less U. S. Duties
The suit-case is a nation
al institution. We grasped
the American idea and im
proved upon it with the
economy and sturdinesn of
; nglish manufacture. £
Cross Suit Cases
Hand Sewn Throughout
Tan Hide — Linen Lined
— The Frames are Hand
Forged — The Locks are
Solid Brass — Yet th?. Case
is Extremely Light and In
vincible It Rough Weather
and Rough Wear $\ 1.25
Leather hound "in-"
ifpcc in Cabin — Ho*el —
Train. • uJ
Cross Luirgajje
B?ss\vood Steamer Trunks
40x22x13 Inches— 1
Tray. 4 1-: Inches Deep
—Bronzed Steel Trim
mings. $14.00
Men's Hat Boxes — Cow
hideßed Satin Lined
To Hold Silk Hat and
Opera Hat— Lock and
Key. $11.00
Cross Kit Bags — Capacious
— Compact — Easily Car
ried — Tan Grained Ox
hide — L incn Lined
Brass Mountings — 18
Inches to M Inches . .
$14.50 to $17.50
Second Floor --- Trunk* and
Mail ' k&m ft S| ' • hitti Gna
Prompt A- , •: i
Up- » 2\O Fifth venue
Town ' Weir nM IwMwl
Downtown 253 Broadway
Ot»no^!rc ( itv Hj'l
Boston !45 Tremont 3tr«r :

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