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Govrrno. Hughes Optimistic at
French Bazar.
Bu Crowd at Hospital Benefit
Gv.r? Chief Executive a
Rousing Welcome.
prnor IliithO!* ?;'-ke in optlmtwt '.em
. • . Me-trnri ::tar> oper* House la*t r.lK^'.
■n ■ tcsjbaa, wiiii »iie ■ .<"
. , . tSary at-*. OOtßßai Tre*.l^e!i.
m + . ttSOSI th* FfeOBJCa BaVßatßl l>»**n"
• nay t>e so,-i< ' !■• sai'i. "'vl;« ■fl
, bji • . -•■>..' .£•'.<• ' of o^r
', ... '.\-.r «moun; •■>? our pro
: • . xreaith :<*. "«;r liidußtrlal
■ •'•f> Kta\Lvti«-F <if our ex«-ri«rij:es.
„ •'..• the most Klgr.-.flrant akaaaj
\ . bb Us lo flu Is cba psjarQi Dl Iba
: Miitiroent at. 1 Has sincere re
car.l : ■ ■'■■' rich: . :id Bsaajaaaav of <.-.r
BaXS There is no danger to d.-nio. -
■ " Isi si are v\:irm hearted."
mar and "..if; party arriv.vi »t \ 1 .
■-..■•■ Mi <»<-i<K'-k. They ■ora
• . . • •r,iU«>e and Khtmn to a Ii ■*
. \\ ,-.p» <v look, d down on the
•• . . B. UUh its TiUlant
188 «i. oke.l in PB»
• . • ml the ri;:m!ier-
I | | v. ..rr:.-!t aTDS BltlOi
a tbOfecr Br>«bo tsoonf, aaTßai tWs
■ nrit>-s sake h*>
-.a -11 'ally m;m.ti -.'.«• .-harm
..f tlie •-. •ne. On'\ i Fes TO' 1
- > ■ -'- allo»-ed him for this. Then he
.■..•■<■ BSBbßßßaV
■,'id was ■nstitag to ir.trod.: I r
, ■ . -.-».,- . : - <■ .- ! i- h!S In
■■ addrevs HhA BBtll fOBBBtIF >;< "
♦ - 8881 th" Governor tßrlßO— Oaf
I I".ali «nrt HMO Bl I cartoon "T!ii«
:;." naid 1 c. "repr«s*Tited t v e Gov
■ - this »;'. s.' hUi« as corninß Lark
. . ,- . *:eain.-r waji .-<uo r e<l
•^ j.r.J l' c «.;..%. ri>or vas reprc
•■ ■

■ <- Q
i i.- ->»• '»> made an tM&acoabts. bB
■ ■ : >.- •■ :.-.-■ ' •." Rata of
„• - r i r »on» n»-w and last
r • «■ to (BO CT*"»t repjh'.l.; IB ■Mctl hi
i «■ «a«-;\- <iars BO MMi so much BST IbO
■fid BMtftly * r.l<" v i we BMP pri7.<^
*--0 «-rr." I am pad X* the Governor
•■tate to p*- a trfbvta ban to m>
citizen*. h 1 1 tr thns* who are not
♦ a? Frcn>"hr!)'"-n who ha • fre
r «- • ■ T- ; ;i»ird to th*"ir roit'.nued inier
t: ■ ■ • . ! MS country."
ju rontinvoA:
"I ••^•thln* is a? DBgBjM ft »^ »' ?"" ■-
| BSBM ci'>> r t.>p<-r*i'r |g a
cation o* opportunities for \l<«* to
• and In v. ■ of DM bb>
htfwims wt- • ■ In pmmmhi
■ - T!>* succ»*a which fa in<ii
•i »Vir facility of communication. ;n
r . . i . ■ ..< markets >»•■<! ta tba prod
* ~ miii if M9MHI tnd^i.
■ ■ bsaratSß N BOM Ml (SOBbI ul^matc
■ ttaOH DKtal r: :aJ!t'"s aMdl are rep
1 a ero».inc Httcttadi f"r an im
.. -r • • „-.1 fat IfeO m) l.et?*>r
• • . f. • • iflpM»* of our pf.ipl".
,« r. * n-fn -f ; -r. ,d o* m America
. • ■ *rriT>K arfjt «.f opportunity
• r . • r- those who *a\r l>een
. -' <-.- !..•< . -.- < '.■•-■ HM BST t BaJBB
•a< .-. ■ ■• - f- ■ r<--*i
.: 14*1 lon n 1

■ •
Sir R Anderson Admits Author
ship oi Times " Letters.

- • ■ .

. a

. ■ .


. -


Playwright and Star to Cease
Relations with Manager.
Mm < ■>.» Mta QTAlktr. vlm c2flM
her wim *i:ii I>aviJ ):•'.*< la ■''•■; a
RW at ih« B'l.--?<i» Th«at:Tj on Satur
<l«\ t.le'.i. wil Bias and at tr.ai •■,«• lirr
connection with M ;.• laoo «» one <>f i,s
most pnariMßl via:. Waal Walkfr has
tw—l UJ.% M Itriascon inanairctnral HOT
tliT*«» :.rjrv. tartß| \MO " <arv «>f aVMdI *h*
was Ftarr.^l m I'lM Waintis >>T vilfjlllUu*^
lUpa-ii!: c hoi plans Tot i.'\t •. • ir Mi-«
\Yi>;k"v a-1 «hat MM HBaWM tv on a tovir
m 1.-- bCOCJatBaTa play 'Just a YVif.v" M:.
Ua'kfi, iiox%»»v«*r. >»!«• wn<i. Maw he; •••
paata iirt ).;,!?!> brvoapactlvi of htm.
Mis" Walker prof* rr**<i to say nothing
I „•.■■ c ; , j-«> .if |if-r split with Mr. H«>
la.-.-o Im !•■: iii:\. it i* understood ttiat
i'uKprx" Walter »BI .:.thU 110 more plays
'. • Mr Be!a*x>o't> oonsid*-ra:ion.
Baal Waik-r was Inirti in «;iilv»«Mon. Tex..
>T« I)<t prraj-erandnirithor was a
P:nck:n\ n;i<> of tin belle? ■' : h*rl«*
ton bafMVJ Ota war li- crati.ifatlior.
Pktekti< \ Walker, was British Consul at
se\rral So::tb ( rn . itie^ duiing tlat H< tx 1!
Itbal \\ .Jkfr made Ji»»r flrnt prof«'«=slotial
aj'Twaranco Ml the stajrt- in a musical play
s«.t>ii ni:> - the Johnstown flood, in wt.ieh
the lost lirr horn*. In IM«.'i she btGMM) a
meminT vi Hit ! aici Marsh^ld's < oin|>an\ In
■M Bal :!rM>ear«-d at U ■ <"o:iio.!y Theatre,
Ixtndoii. witli v'harles Hawlroy's company.
In IS?7 sho wa> fnajaugod by James K.
Hack- to creato ttie role, of VirKinla
<\tr\>l in 'Tbe <*r:sis," and for the next
four years she was his i. ling woman. In
\\.+ season of IWT) and U«O6 she played lead
nig role? ■ »i»rl.; <ljffertt:t productions in
New York She opened ilie season of 1906
vi; ;<^ thf h«roine. <'onstanee IMnckney, in
Kdward a Hraden's production of th©
war tirr.o play. I '(in Parole/* In Un au
; tumn of :S"7 she went with Mr. Bela«=>'o
iitss WaikT i«. DM <'f the active spirits
in the Actors' Ptßai Fair. She will have
chart- «'f 'he Southe.in lv>'>tii
Miss Laurette Taylor to Leave Cast of
"Alias Jimmy Valentine."
M.s> I^'irett* Taylor, '<adir)K woman for
li r w ar-ncr in "Alia* .Tinimy Valentine."
at Wa'.a. k> nMtrd will :•,!■• the <-ast on
satjrdar. r:iKr.T. Plie will npatl mater Hal
DM9MMJHMBM of «'otian 4- Harris in ""rh^
Ciiri in \V«!:inp." by J. H*nloy MaMMn at
Ilartiord. Onn., on MnmJav nißhi. after
BMcB •"':» 818 Co tr. pßdOataO^Mß or tin
wr^ks %•.,--« '"r> t .a.ri of Tloso t«WM
'n "Alias Jimmy Valentine" will be ptejaM
by Mi^ ITlsjp T/eslle. «ho ha.- b«en icCfac
as h«T nndorrtu'l>
KaM Taylor inrldenta :y leaves IIM i»
pMI dt laWMMff A: C 0.. 1" whom she ma*
"loaned ' by th» Mes<=rf BJHBMXt. TIM "at
aW rr.ana^ers say the\ liav* a ihrrr wars'
.•nntm. t with Vm Taylor. aTi.i t'.iey liav^
pia'-ed then- r»^ In th«- hands« of their
lawyers. t\lii-> will iry tri MCOM an Itljnnc
ttOal tn BVBVMrt Miss Taj lor's afP<"aninc^ > in
h^r new pla'v
NTls« Taylor *m.y* her - »■» ■ • 1
' ' ssrs. Shti^wTt was by letter only, and
tlatt th^ Shi!bert> have n.<t done for her
v.hat tt^o>- Hxrrrfr] t<. do She h.4« < -icri"d ;<
contract wi'h Cbtn A JUrfis for a petted

OTlMai Sat-j'-'iay ntcht come? ii 1 -*- Mes^r*
Shubert w til ' .1 •. r pre^rnterj no teVCT tlMfl
fiv^ plays d'jr-.nit t!it i w^^k On Monday
' >:pM ItaST proMicTit vi I'h: la'l^lphia "MOW.
Troubadour." a new operetta by AlhiT-i and
Herbert. Oa T.i^Mi«j> fry (irr^n'M la
rrovi^nr" ' L.ulu> Husbands" nh:rh i* to
l^ ItMl sittra'-tioTi at Hal M BHatttl*! The
atre bepinninir next Thutafla|T. T>i lilliil they
tbe o;it-"f-t'»» n «ipe ¥ ii!iK off l.;ui
raaca brvteg »<■ 1 Mabel fffti—j la "Tlia
1 y-r-^p. 1 >»\:c;,trr<i ofl Itotis. ant," w!ii«-h
. t'.f. <.f»rrin«T a' tbc I '..imMi Tl • m '.■
b»cinn.nE next WedßaStey f>7l Vr'day
they wi'l pr»-srr-t lOai OIWDi Li Ttw<-. in
"Molly atay." »t OM Rark< II Thea.tr* '"i
Saturday t'i«\- w l'l ir - ' : • attaa*. Nazttn
ova. in "Uttlt i;yolf," in whi'h tb% mtß
appear :ii Iba BCfl SJiuliert playhou?"-. In
tram, aa Mmutmjr. Anrii i«.
BfckH a- c! WataOßa VtM aj'T'ear^d with
Ad«l*iie i;enr»*» in "The Silver S'ar. ' are U<
\yf. u,#. BaoMtaUM of Ita FWUw •■ I
wl.i< h will 8888 nt tl.e J.irdiTi 0> Paris aa
.iun« 1 Dabby North. j:ii:> Berwa, tbc
I'.-ur l'oros ai <1 Mac Honaj arfll also Ik 1
■ . .rs ol '.),« fun j.:,r \ Tin par«3"ii will
l>e thoroußhly Tim(«ic]l*»d. :in<l arfll l>e
BfßJppad Vttß an hydraulic eaotrfranoa
which wiil i-pr^v th'- r",.f wi'li j.-r n.it'r
l« . V.ril 1(.
• • . - • „ ■ . .
- •

d( Cal-
<^- ; ,r St-i. .^ • ■ ■ t —r,..w [ ..f "The
'< B •'.* w-.,i arftc an Intenimae
■ •• .vxnh perfonaaUaM af *i;is apts*
which will aocvr rtMTtlj at the <'.i.-,i;-. The
I ■
' ••■['!, »>

McaaT !■• iiix«-> «.!< »>e aeca .-it tot Oala*
iiial Tt:fatii- ttCZt «"k in n»>w vk^t.-li
. all«-d ••f>ver i Welsh lUrobii ' VVUUan
Hack BtflU \« m tba i aal
II." :.<w «-ity The.,ti^. •. Ittll «ir«- . U
»i)i aaea April II *ith
>• • ■■• BeM la lOh baaoMaee." Bftthard
Dacangr, <*f i>aJvs Vbaatv^ am i* baateaai
■ Moaj aaaaU <•? tba Btocatianal Bw
Rtn v. ; : ; cn •• a (air) pla ■ • ■ OW
Pipes j.-^.I UM I'r-.a-l at tl.«- Batasoa Th.
.. • • i • .■. Api 1! - n\ :> „ 1 M i -
■Vasaar^i ■• 'U-u- arebaabra am play.
Xb ■ ■ ' • ■ ii am r-v..- .1 maitmm
<T IMC« ;<li<l re< ltationn ;t M.;,.!'
Mali on Sal „ •• „: „ m _ j,,
aid •'.■:■ 1• v i.in.,11 f..r CblM Btatfy, or
»l.i J. Mrs H.iw.if.l s <..iiis ,s • halriuan
\ , • ... !■•■!?'" i:-Jii. «-..: rilllMl<l Uanj.;
. tl, an:.. !>.:..!> I . . , ;; t |.^
j,i a .e „1 IBM U»V k' it Tt.. „v. . .... , „ „
• ' .;.■• ■ ■■ r. . „ r- ,
; iawaai . -• - , .
■ !,■> a U ".■- . jo 1 ■ . . „
■ b ■•. '•'••■ Baa • . hOUsao
and J./iiTi Ma wml.


.. .

\ r.W-VnKK PSfiV TMBTtfE, TrfTRSDAY, APIMT. 7. 1010.
Hr '■'...!. •
Hrm. Pitcb, mother ..f 'he iat« < ly.i.
Pitch, ...«up!..l .» ••• i at UM Ljrrk Theatre
ycst-ulax aftenioon. and *? \" for the flrtt
time a performance of her son's tan pla>.
-T!;- Oty."
Maxtetta <•:;>. «■•!<> hi no* appcarttuj
under th«* ma'ir.c mrr.t of tli<- Mam ?hu
atti h. "Th'- Whirlwind" >• Daly** The
atre, ha* accepted the BvttatMMl of the
Tleia.W <".;ih to he a Ri:"s« »• honor at the
diiino; Riv«^'i M the annual ' iadlr.'" nicht"
<-f the a:so:tatlon on Sunday «-vrnin^. A;>ril
10. at Beteaafrabat^fl
I*. :,.:.■;>«■ Duncaa will bava the cbtef nan
B Sophorlos's •Klck-ira." which will »>.■ pre
vented by Hajrinoail Dvaeafl at iba Berko
i.v •.•.. . n Monday niKht. Awiil 11. A
fc:.u:re «^f tba paifUfluaßCi \\ill he the
fff*"| of Umj c;n>rus.
Mis- Urae« Anna LMford. daiiKhter of
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M Udford. was
married last evening to the Uev. Kmile
Sherwo<Ml Harper, of In. liana, Perm. It
was a full rhoral weddtnjc in Pt. .John's Epis
copal Church. at. John> Place, near Sev
enth avenue. Brooklyn. Tlif Haw. Dr. PYank
Page, assisted hv th»- Hey. Dr. Lacy, offi
ciated. Mrs. .'. Si.Mt.n IVnnot'k. of Phila
d.'lpi.ia. was the matron af honor, and the
bridesmaids weie Miss 'Ira..' i. Powers.
Mi?« Han " BBkltSSfJ, Miss Matilda C
Pase. of Brooklyn, and Mis.- Hantat Ash
ley Bipelow. of Manhattan. The bride-
Krorn\ who is tba sou of Mr. and Mrs. M.
P. Harper, of San m ls> bad M his
best ■•■ Dr. Frank Etaury Kni^iit. of
Prodklyn. the bi;<!e's cousin. Bervtßg as
ushers vats .1 Siil. ion I'.iiimk, .if T'.il.i
dcipi.ia: Cbmuea M. Prior, Ilobert Elwvil
Moffat. Dr. Iludolph b'ir>ca. Frank Bar
nard and Merrill Powers, of Brooklyn-
The ceremony was followed by ■ reception
at the home of Mr. an«t Mrs. LMford, No.
TV: Carroll street.
The wedding of Miss Mary Taylor I<ord
and Williajii Thomas <;aley, of Philadel
phia, took place vest* rd iy at Broad Resell,
the country «=*-at af the bride's parents, Mr.
and Mr*. Cttarlea li- Lord, Is WVstchester.
One thousand invitations had been issued
to the -».•• ptkn. The officiating clergyman
was Iks Key. John Thompson, of Phll»d>l
phia. Mis- Lard araa attenaVal by Mrs. T
ITiismii Vettcrtetoi, ef I'hiiadeiphia. as
matron of honor, and by Miss Ar>nl* Kiiison.
of IrvHklton; Mrs. Franklin Haines and
Mrs. Prank H. Qale] of New fork City;
Miss Blisabetl Holm«a, of Jersey CRy, and
MbBI Mari»» pola. of Burltaaton, lowa.
The Sower pirl was Mi.«« Isnei Lord, and
the '•on l^ar*rs Bjcrc Msateti Bdwtal and
William Lard. Mr. Qatey'* I»es1 man nilS
his brother. Prank H. Oaley.and the ashen
■a. • ••••;.■•, M< '"'■'■ i eon PVsnklln Urines,
H;»r<>M Robert*. of >f«si York, and «;eorc;
Barry and T. Herman Vetterlfin. of Phila
Mis? l^uia W. Hand, of Brooklyn, was
manted last »r«nlac to the Rev. Kotv^t ay.
Anthon>. past"! of Uh CUnvilU Presbj te-
TKiii Cbnreb, m ■ 'land The i *ren»onjr
tn,.k x\*r.- at the home of tli<- bride's par-
POta Mr. and Mrf. Oharle? W. Hand No
C 7 CltntOß iVMMtt. Miss Charlotte Hand
v. ,<s >!»-•; <-i-t»r'.-. Maid of honor, and th«
hridoj-mails wore Miss I.nlia Hand Mtsa
Lota Anthony. HIM I'nima OmmptOn and
Miss nifla Maatcrti. Walter Fa <':-, of 81
Loots, actad as best man, and the ashen
were Juhn N^ei. of Baltimore, md Fletdief
Swain, of Mai:'".«ttan.
in St. Matocby'fl Church, Bib atreel lit
Kr,.},.i ITS la^t nicht Mia* KathoririA «i..
Murra>, daughter of .ludec and Mi -
Thomas K. Murray, was UMllled to T.
Stanley ran by th*>> Roy. Dr. Joseph I".
r»elany. rector of the ehurth. Mi>s Mur
r.<> v, a.s BTTCB a»a» ';>> her latht-r and
was attended l.v bar rooatn, Mr\ David
Kulp. v. ..ilo. ll • beat man aTaa A-:s'in
I»ora!i. .1 brother of (ho brMCBTOaBa. A
r^reptioTi araa h«"ld later at th. Imnbi af
Urn brMe, SC«. :<*> Wtal * e >th atrset.
The Uicht Roy Samuel Fallows, presiding
> •!• <if the Reformed Episcopal Church,
and bis wifo will <-H«.hrnt<- their Kjolden
\vo<i<jtiiK Hni J i\»>t .--.•ir'.' <-n A;>ril ?* at th« roun
t.v bomn <'f their son. Bdarard H. .'all -a -,
Dobbi P^erry-on-the-Hudson. Mrs. I'h'l'V I
araj Illai Uory B. Hunthifton, <in';u'.t'i nf
the Itev. Or. W. P. II mr lt.^ton. :tn K;«is. o
f<M 1 ilnfjinaii Their tour rhfMren are still
livinc The) are Mrs. K. Bkbasy Williams.
• • s.«ratocn. ''.■(» ; Edward I! Fallows,
Charles S. PislßMrs anl Mlaa Aii<" Katha
rine (•'kU'iks, ail of Key Torb < 'It? Bfanop
Fallows this y»»r <-flehratc> the fifty-sixtli
anniversary < ( f bbl admission into th- nun
The former presidents or the Nets York
Stock Exchange have a pleasant custom ol
taking dinner tasjether once » year, each
:n turn .ie tine us host. The i?io dinner was
given last night at#ihe borne ■■■ Watson H.
Dlckcrman, Ko. 7^: Fifth avenue, who was
:■ Bt a f*o«.d many year.- aeo and who
has been a im mlwr of the KxchanK' since
lSt»r« The other former prt sldents are S. T.
Unsseli. F N Lawreoee, A llllSl 1 Lamnan
Hull. F. X Btursia. F. i- Klines. J. Ed
amrd Bbßmons. Brayton [vas, Donald Ma -
k.»>. Bttdotpb KcppJer :u.d H. K. Pomrojr.
Almost al: »»f them irere presenl .i.>i nta;b!
iv H Thomas, n'»w prestdenl «.f the v.\
1 ! ;iiu.-'-. Bras another fe'uest. and ?o was
Omm \\ Ely. who has been secretary
of th" institution ihrousjfa many admtate
Tre. »••! >■ ■ •■: ' '• Mctropalitan •■ ■urn nf
Ait Had Urn iaaarlcsa attawm •>? NsttfsJ
Hist n
A.!i2rf"-«>- i- M;<>"' OSjrnOf an 1 < m.t roller
!'!*T)d«VKast ai t!ie*>tin« o( tin i h.imi.n of
< wiiuxiofc. Ko CB Übatty atraal 1: T" p. m.
BatvttalamcM for cMMrai m <i<t Urn aus^if-«-«
<,f lb€ N"« v.«rk EcrhSJMP foi B/oaaaß'S
u.ik •TalkKk'a Tbsstn alten ■ii
Bazaar '. ■■■ ' ■■<■ htuUM of ti. FVeacti H spital.
afd "•! • Hi in ■ •:>• n !>■ ui-*-. - p in t«i v p. m
Mai I !■ •■<>- Is 11 i- ■
■Mtßal ef th* <I-Jb I>r th^ Stu.Jy ,f Uf* aa a
I ii. • hit, UalJ"rf ABt.)ri». •_*:.>• p. m.
Itaajbal ol tba New York Lo-ti>:uil . c I.<-a»TJ'.
WaMmt v. .f.iia. I P. »'
I^'iur*- on "••easl Dtsaasas ««'! Th.it Dauascm"
IAaBM ••! atidhhwi. N- it We* 4.:J
■treet. '■'■■''■" v ni
■aßtSttmtS !l«rl«>» at si''---U! aaNthMJ 'T th«
•aa's atsnlrtpsl Umcw \ 1:1 East
nth istr.-.t. « p. I"
i 'ii "Maafc .i« .. New Force
li. i:.|'ji:it:<<i .." Noniial <■..!!.(?►• 4 ■ m.
Iniui.- •! '•■•■ I ' - . -r•• f i . - K. ». ui. II .in Cta*a Ur«
.• B • i\*-i* lion?" . •'. .ii : : .
: : . ■• af tt.<- « it> < nab of New Bajcbalaa, Hotel
M.iM.ultan. J I B
I'.m.fi ■•: tbs Ueeasca Aatota Mh Itejmnct
nrcnC asseeaaOen, Uatal Astsr, 7 I' m
i(iiiii-Ti (iiiii-T •■' Urn Dactaas i v, in,. Batsl Knui
. , it. I i>. m.
DBBBH tt ' >•■ --«'» V..rk •*'ri«l Mr, 1 , Aw.xia
t: ■ jioi»: astar. 7 p. m.
i;.-u«. l*av»i!. mi ••■!'!!• < 'osl .f U\.ac" Mil -
iwiit: ••!«;-; T«acbw« <'ol>g.-. v., :,-:>
w • -: '.■>•![! str»- .. N:;i p. m
ntit fo •'• •■ ' rf '■■ ; '- • ' 1! -" Bert aMi • latfai
1 . r.-i -v.-. rlr.K Bortetlu BuUdla*
:.i irsal ::''tM ••-;..;■ n
■ - • •' BO* M ■ f N. w York
. )ij ' :.-:.ii i '■'■■ .. ii Id, Ml p i.i
i ores at m« I ■••i • <i -f Edscatloe ► j. ■ .
.....l .'.. 141»? n.-'-<: and l£4aaromM
, . i i , .. ». : I inufar I) !>•»■•
.; lx■^T^. Pabli4 .-■ ;..■•.! M. N« 41s \\ ..t
VMt'i r:i"'.. ■■ \:n- :i»s >t:«- I'onpic t f !.',,• lii.
k.j.1..-. ■ Mi- Emu i P Telford; Public Bchool
<•. ( ;.ii'i. atrert an^i hi Nlcbolaa avwut*,
"Tlm iif.ii < u 1 - - ■ ■ " i." in I tola C
<; . ,ii. .. I .•■ ■ • ■«. lOtta mi.-, i.
. rouf I "I»relu6>: l.an It . infold."
■I - Kai ■ iii Browa; Public H b«al BX
'.inn Mi»-l Mli.l l»i"« STWMH, 1 -Mi.
II .., ; vi llutKlasi ' lin^i, -| a/reaks:
:■.. , .-. i, lIS !■:<! ?<"•■•■. r..-.,i eighth
■ „, .. "In Hi.- MiKuii Juaclea.'- Ml» Mm
> -iiii.irit.il, I'ulillc School 1.~.. r-,r»i ivt
i..- and Bl«< stt.-T. "afcaVam -"iinn. from
H. tuberl m li»'." Mr -i. I Mik. l!*r. lay
Ml . !•,.!.!:■ .i .. ■■: IM *.- .(I t^st
lt*tta Kraal "I ■■'■■ i*> »• Ot«al labara."
Mi?* Anna H Urackett; »-i. a.. Mcteoel i»...
iUKtli mi-.* .ml Vii,-inrt«n. .ln.-inj... "ivi
pin i. M.viTti an-l Me.H«\ai." <;i. P ArwoM
• • . i- , 11. .-■ hool ■,■ lIIMi Mrect, -i«ir
• Ifth a^^llll<' •(j^rniaii S<.ii£tV Mlaa Cstflla
Institute iinii. N.i jis Kbm IWMh
»....i ...til [MosMa an.i VentttatVm."
|„ ■•, i:iun '•■ Batabi • •)•- Publti Übran
||3 I .i fu.ti. •'• •"■ ■»*am>i "\\ iiliitui
• .!. ii.»; (H tMk*'m Hail I!u4aoa end
„ ..■ ■•i,iwk r>ulp»u>». • Itiut
'•!inn:<l] li. H'f'T " . •
• -■•■ ai •>•; ' Til-- v ' hlt< Houm unil
l'« Far.MMtf JJ. n «ni Women." M :• < trottM
After for;v-fi\e \»-.irs of sOTVIOa •"? vic.ir
o' St. ChryoastonVa Chapeia Waal *ih
Ftn^et. tbs B**"" Thomas Henry BUI dfsd
yesterday al noon in st. Lake's IkwnWsl.
He v..- ae»enty»tw« roan old. and i .«crl-
SOS operation he ently uaaaerwoni left n(>
hope fcr !ii-^ rOCOVOfy. Ha WOJi the oldest
active minister In Now York and was widely
IOVOd kaaons the poor of the Weal Si«i^. Dr.
Sill wan born in Middletown. Conn . on No
vember 7. ISC*, and attended Russell's Mil -
Who died yesterday.
tary School. New Haven; trinity Bchool,
New fork; < ■•■ititiii.i.i Ootlece, and th< Cien
era! Theological Seminary He was or
dained a deacon In July, ISM, and .< priest
tba following September, by Bishop Hora
tio Potter, taking his firs* charge at Qraot
Church. Canton, N Y. He remained there
only one year and then chiiic to si Chrys-
OStom's. In I.»<5S Ijr. Sill luaifßßd Jane Bar
p»-.- Millar, who survtrec him at hki late
home. No. SI West 44th Ftr-^-t. There
Were the children, Henry A., professor of
history at Cornell ITatreratty; the Rpv.
Jams a R. who has lived with his father
for MOM yew; the Rot. Frederick H., *
member of the Order of the Holy Cross,
who is a teacher in Kent School. Kent.
Conn., and th«^ Misses Florence M. »nd
Mary M Pill. During the ! lnlm»'r months
Dr. Sill lived on his farm at l«ik^ Bsuapee,
N. h.. araacbtaKßi st. Aadiaw'a Cliumu
AIHOBSj societies with •■ hie I»r. Si'! WBS
.•onn^t<>ii wer*- the tors' Church Alftance,
of which he was dean of rhsplaina He
was alf=.-> \t.-e-j»residcnt ... Nf-w York
r:iM»» ,-md Prajer Hrcik Bodetjr. .1 r)ce»
prMMeul of the Chorch Association for the
Advaaoemeni of the Interest i of Labor.
Dr. silt «n? i< man of democratic ten
dendes snd hi his dally walks wool m r .
• • wi»h (reel pedfaf l i.l it:»>m WOtkIUSJ
atone f he streets, whom h« atdcklj learr.e<i
to kno^v by name He wn« in BOOd health
'ip to » ie, r upo. b'lt Wiis alWßjra a busy
man Tin Christmas I»ay he was more bOSy
than us." Fie officiated si the Holy Com
tnunion .-,. rv j,-,. a < 5 ■. m and prea--!i»-.| at
■•■■■' BBi*ke. ' • Me* attending to
his other nntic«. He f"\) m in* BUM .-~\rn.
tnp atid entered at Luke'a Hospital, from
which h«» nerei . . ... sltve.
Th'- body arfll be removed from rbe hOß
pital to Bt. Chrysostom'! Chapei where the
ftmeral Buriiics wm be coadacted nt 1]
.1 m. to-morrow h\ Rish.'p Oreer nnd the
Ht \ Willhim T. MsnnlnK i. ■• tor of Trinity.
The interm.'nr will t.-sko place in n,.. family
i<l"t i-i rrtntty ivmoir.i
William Simpson die.i Mends In his
home. No •'. i«. ;) n str«-.-t Brooklyn He
-•• .i bom In that boroasb in ins, and was
a member of Companj it ri Regiment, of
the nnonl Republican club, and of St.
\i:\i b's Lyceum n. i<- >anrrred by a
widow, hi^ mother and ■ brother. Funeral
mrrirefl i ill be in St. James's Pro-Catbcd
ral a' ''■'<> o'docb to-morrow norninaj
Robert Thomas n»:> <ii*-d rrom kl>!r.- dto
e;iv,- .•. • 111 1 Toesdaj in hi-- home, No ••;; put
amis avenue. Brooklyn, ..t the age >>f y*\
rt:t>-si>. For mans years he w,.^ general
msnasjet -.f the prtnttng department "f
• Th« Catholic ortd ' Mi It-., ;is the
orixir i<>r of the Catholic H.-.i Fond of th.>
Catholl Revenolenl Legion and wan a mem
ber of QeMUOBUM Council. He -.v;is !...rn m
Philadelphia on March ♦;. ISM, and ha-i tared
In Hr<x>kl\i -i...- IKS. ITeara asa be was
;i«-tiv In iH.iiii,.*. Funeral nervicea win 1..
bald ihi.s momins i" the Church or o^r
I-adv of Good Counsel Ur. Res *s survived
In his wife, .i sum, Robert R. Kea and a
dausjhter Mrs Jam- a C Balnea.
' ) ■ . ■
Boston, April •■ Mb Ma . . Holt
• of the H'otnen'a Board
•! Koreign Mi M- thodtel
Church, died >uddenlj to-day from heart
.n-»-a-*- i:: tt Bin ot tin Home BaTinaca
Bank in thla cltj where she had gone with
a friend to
Misi Hol< wmm born In Boston Bisty-three
snd for m waa ■
■ in the Jiosf.it, Bchoolt Bbc waa
.i .-t •» m rartoua branches of misxton work
and "a-; Instill asentkl In baiMlai lii.sj.i
boota and • olh ..• v hi Oi pntaJ

Boston. April ♦•. liuu'ii c,. Brown, proa I
d^nt of i! •• Hotel and Railroad News Com
pany. dtsd at id, home in BroakttaM t>.
da> Mr. Btowb was I ■■•• in Qracaock.
Scotland, nfty-four years go. At one tin:»>
ho was ehfculatlon manager of the London
edition of "The Now York HeraM." Win n
thai cdWen was ended Mr. Brown went
to the New York efflet of "The Hei aM
but at th * expir .tloti of a TCAI bl me to
Boston snd bjbi ebMtod presMenl or the
Hot, i ami Railroad Ken < oliip.»liy, an
orsjantsatlon controlled bj the Boston nows
....-■- BHtB of oTHiiiliMJCtoa. DeL, died in thai
city yesterday, asttd sovonty-thres rears,
Hi- hud be< a pusfcbinl «.f the Poasy ,v
joaes company. lbs Harper's Parrs i .i... i
Company< the Bboßandoob Potp Ceaaaaaaaj
ami tha iiaip.c- c. i r Electric Lbjhl
< °oini a
i.' , r. PA< it nao t
prominent las • ■■ Hampshire, died
fr-mi pnoumonta al In- hoana in VToodßirtlle,
\ ,( \,• 1,-ida v .it I h<
,;,,,, . Mi P "•■ ' ■«•' • ''" ad ♦i. rsn
l«rma tot thi "' Bsaarssewts
,:,.i bad i barge of ..m* of the most
res enacted b] the I
■• •
11.1.1 AM OIUBBRT, slsht) three roan
old. •» la* > •■' ■ votaran ol lbs Civil Wat
„,„! ii.hvc in th<- alf.iti' of in. St.it,. V.,|.
„.,,,.. Biremen's Association, <ii< •• »tfl rs
• . ■■ ii.
i,|: i. \ SHARING •• ltd' ..ix vrars
Old. ii . . |.|. ii practtemf d< Dl ii In B: ra
,mi 'in d thers i Bsttrday
JOHN .\ v • " «• '" ■
merchant. «li^.! yesterday at his home. No.
en w. st '•:.! street Mr. Aadarosea was
bam at Al'.ona. Germany, '- n ItST. Hs
„.,,,.,. to this country a! The ase of tw»nt: -
ace sad engaged in the leather business.
in itfS ha BstabUstted the leather firm of
l'l. km! & AndrtßCO. Thraa years aKO Mr.
Androoni rotlrod bseaaas of iii-heaith He
leaves h wife, two Mam and six dauber*.
THE RKV. aJftTnX mkkan. «-iKhty
four years old, :• r,n;>» nuated minister
of the Troy Methodist CuBfWDCO. dieil at
his home, in Troy. V. v . yesterday.
Metropolitan's Force To Be as
Large as It Was This Season
As things look at BftOtnt. despite th»
technical abandonment or the so-railed ex
pansion policy, the Metropolitan Opera
Company next year will be fully as iars".
at le;,st in th* 1 number of principal*, as it
Was this lisann a few singer* !ia\e not
been 111 SIUHSfI but others art- coming
to lake their places. Among these new
singers are Dtmttrt BaalmoaT. the Ilussian
tenor, and Putnam OllsWOOd, the Ameri
can ba?s. Mr Smirnoff Is to take the
place Of A!.-ssar..ii.. Bonci. who has not
b»'en re-onsatjed.
ABaOBSJ the sopranos who will sing at
the Metropolitan next >.*■ ar* ■■•>
DasttaS, l- v arrar. Kremst.id F'ornia, <;:id
ski. Gtaek, Alten, Lipkowska. Sparkes and
Alda. <»f t-iose whs ware members of
the company this year Miss Coortonay
and Mm*. NorAca in all probability Will
not sins there next season. It !s ' lOt as
y>t known whether Mme. Oaiham Haaaaabi
Mne Noria and Mn* de PaaajwaU will
be members of Urn fifimnn*T oßato.
«>f the eontraltoa, Manes, Homer, ria
haut, Uaubourc Wtckban and Mattf-"ld
will remain, Mrblle UIM Pema will not
return. The tenors v.i'l include mm. Ca
ruso. ... Buirlan. Jurn. l>evaux. Hall.
Jadlowkcr, Martin and Rdaa. Mr Of* 1
menl :tr.d Bond will be the chief abaen
ters. Of the barytones, neither Mr. For
.seli nor Mr. iiutili'.;. will return, and
possibly neither Mi Wbltohtll » or Mr.
Aluhlmsnn Bui MM. Aanato, Boomer.
Bcotti and OorlU will an a* back. Th«
baaoss to return win include MM DMar,
EUnckley and de 6*>gurola. It is lot
known now whether or not Mr. BUss will
The >Tii •. conductOl v. ho will net return
will be Ml Tanajo
The continued large 7 -* 1 "f tit- ,-om
|..u,- |a ;i: • •
ot artteta m.h 1 la i" be asadc arti • ■
: | SW»aa, a'
-.- ippfr.i p- rf rniam f-- aro to I
tinned In Brooklyn and Pbllade
Eighteen from Russia to Form Corps
dc Ballet for Pavlowa and Mordkin.
It was announced yesterday at the Metro
politan Opera House that the Russian
datuors. Mile I'nvlowa and Mr. Mordkin.
bare been r*-engas;ed for next season, with
•»iphtefn other Russian dancer", who will
form for them .< special corps d* bail'-'.
TIK- dancers wtd ai>pr;ir at the Metropolitan
for three weeks in the latter part of !•'
cember and the first part of January, and
I;itt for thr»'» »f»ks in March.
I Minns the > M of th" tlnv- they will tour
the COUlllrjr With special orciiestra under
th«» manaeem^nt of Oano COBOBBBaai Mr.
Gottt-CBsana'a' secretary, and Mas Rabi
noff. a < ;>i. •:!.;.. operatic manner.
Thei will make tbebr dm app^aran^ ■
New York at « special performance jit the
Mctr.>pr-!it;i»> OpeTß HOUSB on OctObCf 1">-
Movement in Philadelphia to Raise It
by BHaaflOi
I Bq tei (mpe » T* tl aa«. 1
Philadelphia, Apr'! I (Thrther or not
fi r ,,nr Hanunerstetn win b«i the suaraßtos
he iifinanfti for next seosos mi d"per>d
upon the IeSpOUJCJ to a letter and IC*Bh>
MM which wiw mailed to-nicht M all of
Uutt SSBSOfI'S bOShoMon and seal Batb>
■rrlbers * v tbi umiiiiilHos sppotated at ».
moPtmK last Moams>]
Doefadoa to tal Oris acUow aa ■ means
of Kcttins the t:uaT .i tro w.i^ reached this
afterilßoii al a meeting in the offl.-e of.
Thomas Lcojntoc in the Land Title BaOd
rng Ths meettes was nt tended by Mr.
learning Eds ird T Btoteabory, Ems Otm
l«i and .i Oardner Gasaatt, the nfth awaa
ber. Josepß T Baftey. betag 00l " tows.
me communication r^uests the bsaftsM
rrs and subscribers not only to renew for
m-r sutsi-riptions. but to BSSUBM rtSpOB
sibilitv for additimial amounts equal M
the ibscriptto or any part thereof 'nit
may be necessary t--> n--. • Mr. Hammer
etetn's den. it. The BUhscrlptloos «f Ibbi
kind lust rear smounted to *?*>.<*». Should
ai; resobscrlbe and aasums th.- cwrantw
and the deflcM should equal that of mst
season, they would be called upon tor it
per rent "f th- amount. Of tUMM
, ; .p.. w. Tour* liushanii of Mas
Nordlco. h.^ boashl the bouses Kos. I
„,,1 | West Rh street, and will B«« them
int., ■ sh.Ki- dweOma bouse. \ ording
to a report yesterday. Mmc NOrdlca
thinks that b« c.istant practising mit'i-t
pjmoy lbs tenanti n the apart msnl hooss
■v tut streel and MadJaon avonuo, In tUrt
s-hr- Hv.s. The Mb street bouass wen
.. ghl tor |ut.OBBi
One Thousand New York Association
Members Applaud Patriotic Speeches.
•]• „ Greek I oanaj Men'a Uwedsf
Ibc i-.d.-p. nden
ef c.i-. •■■■.• al W« ■ -'•■• Ball, ■
atre< i. i ' ' evening hi .» araj
■ lft " : "" 1
rat i
„.,i au rtttauaated I a psti

(he „ ;.. v aatwnal hyaaa m. -
■ . i
■ Hated wMk U •
mllltla. loo* part m .< battallaa aW
ronirnarxl. i • ■ Petena
la > ,r.-.-. ■'i ■
aarj >ounj
:. si iiii art
Michael J ThssduropßMlni
♦» r! \ Da . Bkenmaj it t» the

roar, wk rtweeai
■ i

1 1, :.: CIrWS, Herman A M<«t;. William
Human. I. A. Leonard. A. a S!i»lii.uil,
i: 11. Boston and J..h:i J. Amury railed aai
M.i\i>r Oaynot ysststdKy, ropfoasasmfl Urn
propossd N«"\\ York Intrrnational K\i»<>.--i
ti>.n lo >-■ baM ■ this etty in vns to •■"'"
msmnmti IBS Math »nniv»'rs,ary of the set
t.im -.f Manhattan : daad The aaanaaanee
raanestod lbs Mayof ba MM il dttaaßst
.■..jinn. tt f Hvo hundif.l hi co-operate in
1!,.. movement The Ma>«>r said •■•' would
BS gted «'• de all ha OOOM is aM the project.
Mayo* Oayaos pansod bmbj aßovgb tn hd
manifold dutlea reatoreak) t,. parfona hi«
hi t marrbMP corooaooy aakca anaajkklßni his
ofllce as chief executive of the eat] . The
MidS STBI MbM LOOtSS - insvhaaaa, ad No.
Bl i:ishtii B-VOnoo, WhOM father and
mutliis WOTS ii fled in the CltJ Hall b>
May*" 11. "itt ThS hrtdrgrootn *as Bo] I
Outhman, ->i Urn Hotsl Combortand. 4
koung Uiwyer; who (Otswrrj Rrod tn
Touafstown, OhM l .v Bonatoi •.•■••"s* w
Ptaakttl ai.ted a:, bcit ntin.
Now Sir Arthur Eliott. of the Wall
Street Firm of Isaac Starr. Jr.. & Co
Arthur Boswe:i Eliott. Junior m»mrter of
the Stock Exchange firm of Isaac Starr. Jr..
A Co.. No. » Wall street received a cable
dispatch from Kn gland yesterday artvisinK
hIBB that he had ' succeeded to the title
of baronet throißh the death ad his unrle.
Sir William Fran«-N Augustus Kliott. *i*;hth
baronet of Stubs. Roxburgh. 3cotland.
whose heir presumptive was •■ New
Sir Arthur Kliat;. who was born in IS."*
and Is a descendant <>t Robert Cruce. la
w-11 known In the financial district. Ha
rame to the (Tatted States about aaa fa«w
nßn.n B n. and has nine then been in business
in Una city. His first connection was with
Taylor. Smith & Kvans. and later he SPSS
In the employ ad Atwood. Violet & «•> »
was admitted to the firm of Isaac rftarr.
Jr . & Co.. at the beginning of this yea-.
It n his present intention to remain here
and attend xo business, as formerly. His
home is at Riverside. Conn.
The last preceding Wall Street man M
inherit a British title was Albert Kirb
Fairfax, whose c'.alm to the title ad Lord
Fairfax of Cam.,..;; was approved by the
Committee on Privileges of the House of
Lords in 1908. Lo:d Fairfax was born in
Virginia In 1571. and Is the twelfth baron
o' the name. The title had o-e:i in disuse
for many years, ta lear-r.-. fur three or
four generations having been American
CIttSSBO. The present Karon Fairfax aaM
a rteri la the cankin? house of Brown
Brothers & r,,. in tM. d*. -hen de
cided to OSUbBsB ada rtgM to b^a \u*
title. Be is now a partner in tne B.™8 .™
Ixcha..^ ttrm of William P Uiiirtp**
Co . . mAin. hL home in London, Wh. the
firm h:is a bran, OfflOß
Nearly two hundred persons attemlM th«
annual meetin, of tho Holland **£*£
M ■*■ at the Hotel Astor. After had
rsparta from the vuriou, committees had
been read the laHanlm officers **•+**-.
ed for the -— year: *™**%' f*"^
Ver Planck Hoffman. vice-presidents. YA
ward J. Bfrpn, WUII.» F. Wyckoft. John
a ILaaaSSb-ai Martin Herman
Witt Roosa. William B. Elmendorf V-^iam
M. Swartwout. Charts Dm* a* TO— h.
B.auvelt. Calvin D. Van Same Jacob . H.
Wortaantyw*. Walter Bogert. , rank
Cave. The. V- ■■»■■■■ "■" , "
Dorn. Colonel Charles X W»-J R. R.
BB« Mi Harry Van Devrer d- Hart
treasurer. Arthur I!. Van Blunt: secret .
Henry U Bogert. and trustees. William U
Brower. Krank Ha»brouc*. John W. Vroo
man. Garret G. Qaaiataaa and Au»n»tu«
Van Wyrk. following the business meet-
Ins* » P De maa gave a lecture, with
stereopticon pictures, on Holland.
An important ™r MM from General
Georae Wnehfngtoa to funeral Scott, men
tlonina the arrival of the Prenrk fleet and
'he occupation Of New York by the •British.
was sold ywterdiy at the .eeond and final
session of the sale of the Henry . l»y cM
leotion. at thi IBbIBUi CUjlon Balaa I oak-
BBB9*S rooms. The purchaser was -I
n II ITT' rat "Th^ Bnrtteet ******
rilliWlH of Priming Done tn Virginia a
representative ad Harvard T'niversity paid
M and for »n oripir.al manuscript volume
appareuth- tha warn* for the Burllnzron
COonty OOBrt. in the Colony Of New Jer
sey a ..-..-. "f Ifesjl ataai paid Pi
The total of the -»'•> «a? RAM
OfflrMl Kerord and F«reea«t. — Vs3,ill«ktOß.
Aprtl K. -Th<» -I'-"irban--r that wa.« ov»r Ml^'n
tacan Tuesday nigh* tiaj» movM »o th«" lower St
l.awrenc»> Valley and sho-w»r» were «-n»T- , from j
the upp«r Mississippi V*!>y »ast»art.i with I
sorn* snow In t!ir northern and •w>tern upper !
!ak» r«?«-:"n. ThT» »»• a.»> BM thunder ;
shower!" In th- aaans knaaal «fir«>.<>. hm el»e
where aver lbs ssaMr} Ibi osotboi •^.« fair !
«.\--ept in th» r»' ifV »»«toii r fs "what ;
, <->.v»r w»«t <•( fh« R.-x-ky Mountains in<i fir- ,
• idfldiy »o ovr fhe ran port! of the countrj.
with umperature* bel<-, w Bba i»»aaonal averse*
tn th» lak" ra«kM an.i the Ohio Valley for rh- :
fir«t rim* riTf* Mar -h 21. In th" Mlvnlaaippi
Valley and ''■- ;'!ains states |t is mn«-h warmer .
un.l^r thr Influen.-^ of |ow pressure .entral over
tlir Hritl«h WsflbO—i
The SJOSCbtI will fair TbaVOBBJ and F r l -
day east .-,,' th« Mt«.-!sslppt River, preceded •)
showers Th«r«<lai In N»vr CialtSaal mil -h
r,..r'li anrttotl nf i h" mldiile Atlantic »t»t#« and
|..,-al ruins or «n"w >n the |..wr lak» regi. n.
Tn" rh" western p.>rti n <.f rli» Mt^iasfppl Valley
fair mouther Thursday win »* ■«»-<! kv in I
.•r»-asir.s cloudlneas Friday. whll« in th. middle I
pial-ix *Ti»t-5 th« weath-r "111 b" nnaettlM
TbajnOß*. with showers at n!«ht or F"rJ.la- . In
the Rorkr Mountain r*«:ion th^r» wtll he nln '
or snow Thursday nigir or T'ri«!a;. with lower 1
fmf.eranir*'. »hl!<- tn th» V"ar \\f*t the w-atlier ,
wiM '. , g'V'r-.iUy fair Thur^.lav and t->M:v\
Tj<i\»»r temperatures wl ! p r *"- <; ' Thursdar In
tb« \»;anti>- utat^s but thf-y »ill again b* rising
en f'Yli-iv. -«-pf alons the roasr. In I*" -ip"*"
l^ke r«.^ion the Ohio Valley and the emit IJiilf i
BtaOJS ;t; t r.i:i ba «lt*htly wanner Thursday, and ;
still warmer Friday In the Mtsulsatrpl Valley j
ir will b» warmer Thursday, and .-onflnue warm t
f-i tiv. wht;.- in th« plains «ta' * raliir.R r»m - '
T.'.Ti:. 1 ? BaX >C3in expe.tpd hy FrMay. !
■>BM u^rr.lnna h..tve >»~»n Ij*u*-«1 for ' • ea»ta. :
UI«,-> nsln. Illinois Missouri. Indiana. Kentucky.
T-nneswe. th^ txtr+mm n rthern portions of th* '
ea«r » ;u!f nates an.i • aaaakHßMO, Ori on and
Mate. '
i 'he winds alnnn t;:' New Kn«tand '-east will
be :iiiVeraf^ to brisk south we»: t.> west, middle
Atlantic i laiat. «B .i'-rate west ti nrrthwest: !
•..-•!> \-!ai,:l. --'ast. i aatmaM *.-«♦ — f „u!f !
I ■•nut, H«rht an.i \arlabi-: west <Ju!f .-'ntsr nml ;
, r .'< souf!.. > a-r T.jk.- Mi.*h:gari. modenire and •
vartabto. bacmntes woathwm
St -amer" .i>-r:irt:n? fir Kur. pean r>n-t« will
tiave BBOdnat" ««t wir.<l« Bkuaian and cooler I
BiaallaM i., the ObSSbI Han'..«.
Fnrera»t fo.- >p*«-li»l l^vall i». For IBS Baa>
rri'-t ' Columbia »"d Maryland, fair an.! rn.< ler
t.> day; FrMav fair ar.-l *arm«r; modrrar"
northwest winds. h»\-cmir.g variabr*
For New Unglanri. »h..we-s to ajr am cooler.
r\, ept i n tho M.i." coast: Friday fair, and
wa-mer in the inte-ii>r. mo.ien»re to brisk south
west win.ls. becoCßlSfl kiiaM*
K..r Kasrern BJsai V rk rhHntSß tB day. and
CH^ler In rhr aSOMrS »r\;th..TT> BOTtkS Fri
d.iy fair, ar.d warti •■!- if dM interior. nno«!erut*
V .-V winds bwimlnt \arlable.
PW ra»l*lll !>nnsv:\anU. i!f»rin(C J:>! !OaBMJ
•o .la\ P^ataj '■•> .mil ».irnr-. m.i.i.-r^te wil
•Vv»»st winds. h«.-oininic variabl"
|-„r n>» .!fr-»>, .-;-*arin< arl sjotff H >'a\ :
Fri lay fair, an! .... ta the inter).
.-•at' west H BMfbSfSBl winds li'L-mlr.z tastß-
- ri»:-.»ar'-. -.i. and ■'.".- to- lav; Friday
»air- mod' rat^ w-s» wind* be.-orr.-'it i*rlah>
, West Vlr«r'r.U. f.i .- to £■> . . f^ittav fair
■■a ■arsasi
i - or nTnttrn l''nr^>'\ir.:j. fa;- i-i soiithTn
:ir.i caMMtHS ai ti. 'them p»r:i.ir t>»di.. n.ia:
fnlr jr w,»rt.i.-r :r..>J'iafe west win-ls. !>.•»■ -m
irs '- anai'te
f r V«atm n*w fork, aboaan In s«uth»rT».
'aln at «:k -.• f:i ■ 'rr'iern and ros ft in .-a-cern
>.r:ion t" la\ K'l.lai fatr ap.; « ■
rn'.r to ! rl: '. win.»«. aaMSSKBUJ v
t>ff".cla! obs#r\ ationn o' I p.t«d s;at»« w»^tn»r
bureaus. ta».n *• I px. ni. raSaßHaßy, foi .>-.»
ritv. Terr.p* rvur^ V --
Atlantic CUi *o I laaaTj
Albany R* i--i.i.'
]!,.-•.>n ."■* • aajo^l
» •'.•::,•
Chicago ♦■-■ i
tmati ••» ■ '.-•.
N«-w Orleans "'-' * < »r
St ?..u:ts •'••■• ' I.Kj.ly
V. ashlnrttm *♦
I aSBI Ot11.i:«l Rrr..r«l T » ' .. ..» .-. =
rf ....i.l fr>>:n : :'.•• W-..ir1..-r r..::.-.«j ;ut n:g!it
tbowi tin . hanjt»'!« in l fc e C^nprratora BSJ the
U.jr :«^:i'\ hai houM in fOBBJSBBBai with th#
BBTISaBSaattBI >U;« >.f IM ,-*
M I'jli" ... •. l»«o
.1 a aa el •• '• •« r ti « >■'•
<| a. n> 4■» •'■:> '• J. ■ rtl «•_•
'» n m . *'* M 1! ;• in. . »;t
12 m ... IB "'' 12 i' in U>
4 |. m «■» HI
BbJbaSl aSßawmtsTS irssMaßsy, H .i^xr».< 0M
23» t 1 "•' lowest. M '."i* a mi. ....
.! . !.i .- for .i>rrr..pi'n.linK ilat« i.■ i- ir .'.»>
gi r ;a(> for ct>rr«»i>onillnK dat^ las: Ihtn :*ir>-'
fOBHk -M
l.^cM Koreraat —To d*jr it-tn« i aaaar VT\
en (air. aaadkaaae wrst winds, U-x >mini van
liourr.» BDaS l^>avitt. R*\ IV l" tain S.
ftrrtt. JOB! Mendelion. Pinion
l!n.th*r:on. rai k - W. Mern-11. IV .
U.nahu*. J.imrii J'*r».'n Hannah
• ;*fTnei Anni" C »V»-ntt>«« M-nn<rtta
»;4im»btn Martha W, R'fci Van 4«.
itlaaer. WilMam. aTysa lohn I
>I«K»k t'Tiarlo- P MMSM4 (Tanim T
I M.ni K«»bccm si'l n*\ T>.-->m*a II
Knrraßi CiMrtßl f. - -«nir-n BSSSBBSa
i Kor.<s .1^! ■ W »lk«r. BBSJBBtM 1
: r..-.i PJTaV- n^ TM»OH \pn! 5 «• .\> »> | t .
»• •' Ellen • i(ii«' • f <~,^O'j^ r ■avorn* «-d
•»4it'"'r at '■-* IS*J -.-,h r- B»»»- m,* g|
i r'jntr*! prtTßtSj Kbkfbj >- - aii: i t.-».
BKKTT Ar Uatr»awan. .V T n.- •*. hm.
jT.tr Br»tt. wflnTv of Abracr ln*t: , • «taa«»
'•r "f T» iat» ».,lonii.n wd »S»t»\ IwiidUM
11 J»r i«r:, v-.,. Via-rny m* >U'< r. I '»• lwl-t
«t h«»r Uto rf»li>nc»- in > N T.. •*
Frlilav, Apr 1 x. ar £g| y m .
■EUfHagtOa ..■ f .., . s j «, IKll «
Jarr.»-« v\ . 1:, ot'.xrt >n Fun^rai wrr* .ic«» wilt
b« hflf! at h » la*' iiorr* O n Satunlay. April
•• :•: ..:.-.f> « arrive w'.U m»ct t,am i»«vla*
New tm% at I fctai :.
b*l.v».| h ,,,^., .„. , M-.,;-.- r - k*lM«v.
V::n»>ral fnun Ut«- r»« V,. . •V; ■, . r
•• • . ItrooUlyn. on Tharsday. «oril T. <• I
p. in Mm »» „rl ' . ; ,}, } m-nd
ojurrna >> n .\pru .-. ma Anne rwirfi
wi.loT of John •^ffn-v Ktj ->^-a! f.-., ra n» r ;»:,
»' ■•*■•"• *•• •» ;i ,r . Cruokyn. 00 rrid«j.
Apr): *. at » a m
ca<;n:;riv in f {ror , k , r , w , ra Aprj; • „„,_
VrirthH \V.. -Mow of ••>,•: ...»— t.ia n h»r
JMh var. Kin»ral »»rv'»» ■; 1 >ir.M » hiircll.
« Unton «.. ( -,rn^r Marri»>n • Br'«»kl -.
ThoraOay 'r»orrln K . \'»r.! t. at 1! o' I
Flca«r omit Duvfrn.
CLASER-WUJlaia Ola*-r FU-.»r,.F U -.»r,. from -•
. «
"A.KKH Stj.Mf.nly. pn , ur . : „,-.„_ af suranvi.
r- -*• , A P^', ♦- '"!" ' »>"•>-.— Itil-.r.a, 11ak...
h i*b*n,j ,^ ienn!^ Itirtor -un'ra: privat* at
M.»m.,nf. Murray n:>. N I
HA l:\V.\V .\» h»r • )•••) m \ ■ ZT,2 PulaaM
»t.. Hrorltlyn. Rfh» 1( » ilarmv. r»-:ov«r| wMj
of Joii..[>h R. lUrwj ;-un»>ra: aarrtaw «t a
"'; rr J H » : - A Pr- 7. Wti». at z p m. n«l«:W«i»
an-I friends invlt'J In'-rrr.»nt <-,-i>r*!«« HlUa
■METALS Apr!! 5. :^io, at ss U m.T>lt. N. J..
2"!? ■ •" l " Kv.alu, hu».»and of .I«*d*
Jta^'^r an! "" of the lat» • h*rl*i C mm*
Jan*? «. Kwvilj. F.nersii
KORfi^-Jo'm Kor-x »r 1 IH »«ra. 5Wr:--,ei
is-™ r u^ r *. 1 '"■■ r ■ N ° -* 1 "■•* «•
(Iran* L. Cairytvr!; <;iii!<;.n«..
I.K\VITT-On M 3. in:., at 4-; ant.c rit T .
Rev William S.. «i, of F;^r J.«>iua. L#» If.
[>. I.. nn.l Mars 1 . \Vi:;ianm. „». ..j *j» rxn
JWrat a; tft». Seroml Hr«soyVrUn 'hurch •>.'
JR.-ookiyn. r.,rner .:!nt..n and . lea am at».
1!. .rwiay. Apt,: 7 1. 1.. a m bakwaaawi at
■P2S«J rm, n ftaMfttaL *prt) 5. tDJO ,~.r
" r> L."' n< "». SliJo.i U-niolson. In hi» *f»rn
vT ar , ,, Fun '' r » 1 *'"■■ ■• • « •!.« lar» r#»t<l»nc».
Y.° "- '-as: Htn %' or Thursday. A»r1I 7.
"••l", a: !•► a. n fn:»rm»nt Diivat* It ts
earnestly .J.^ired tftj.t n.> flor.-er» b« aent.
il^RßKur. _ I>n Apr ; : „ auddf-nry. la Trvoa.
?• " - Srnnour Wm»ton. y»un«Mt «3n »f
■an Winston an<: -i.» at- llarvaa * Mar
r*H. Interment Jtaniainw: X. J.
PAP.onx. En , rrM iir : •*•• <pni '. Ilannan.
widow of Kr-rter!,^ T.mpi-ton P*r*w. a»at
M Funeral aervi.-es at «p. m. „n FV»3a>:
»t t.i» nome of h<r raiiiaillW. Mm Iv«a Nn
JU : .>r«r Mountain «v«.. Montrlafr N I
carr.**"" »:i: zn^-r t:34 train from BarcUy at.
pnENTI^S- Ob T:c^ay. April 3. IV.O. H , nri .
'ta IVtntifw, widow or Jt*w Morza.n
rr^r.t^s ,nd datwMer o f the Jat- ChMt*i»
n "'■ c rua ' ra! wvtcM at »h- eha { *l of rV.
Rrlck Pr-.hyterian <"hurc:-.. i; t.lt .1 .t and SU»
» v °. Thursday, at 2 o'clock.
B f.ri>- On Aprit a. Vanda Rr»d. St. -«, , t
v- Funeral ■ hurrh. No it XT-nt 2Sd n
' Frank X Campbell Ruildin«'. Tim* lat—.
I VAN— John J. Ryan K\in-ral from TH« ■>>-
r.era! ••hurTh. V. 24' W*«r s^d •' P^ink H"_
Campbell n.illdJntj. . n Thursday, at I^' orlc-C4.
SAN FORD— PajA»ii pea. «»fnMv to Maini ->n T-j..
(t;l1 Ann! .-,, l*t« at W>v Xuttor N
•I«r#nc» Tir^rt *mnt *,n «•? 'h. late dam'
■M T. W. .-anfor.l. Funeral n nva:>
Sirj^-Thomaa H'nr- <i:'. pn^st. and for fr>r**- .
four years vkar or :*' Chryaaata.i-,-4 Chaprt. '
!«-rvlc»s will », h^M *♦ th« , h ap-| .-»t n .- '
and S»v#nth - * op • V morning. » pr lT •*
rri» lloiv •'■immunion at J and 7. Burlil o'T*-»
and rr-iuirni at 1 1 »"«- ,
>V/ANSUN-un Aprii S. 19;©. Fr rMmu , M , 4n
• n-rai .;h.,-h .;*„,£. ,
h»U lildin*. .No. Ml w««t 25<J it. T!rn» '
•Wxr.KKR <>" W»dnea«lay. Anrll « at ti>« -*«
torj-. R^trlnnld Vlrtor »i»r. -i,i»,r .^n nf j
'J". R "\ Ralph 7»rvt» and Evelyn UiieS)b*r« •
"'H tn 'h" 10th y-ar of his a S ». li-ia-'*l 1
■tyWs on Satardav. April ». af 2:30 n «
»' sr i«!n»ntii •'hur'-h. Sheridaa »t« '— '
MBQ M . Th« Rrr.n«. Now York « ir;.
Grmn* <-.-.-,. .3,.nn. 3 ,. nn „..„.... «n4 j«^
av>nu. fr^ii-j_. an(l b / ca rrla c -. I »t» 1130 u"i> '
Ttlephnne ♦«*-,.-, r, M rn-rry for Book of VImM
Oak*. 20 Ea»t ;r«^ •» . v«^ T >r« City.
n:»>R r. rvnpnri.i.. 24! s Tr^tt 23a «
-•-■ ■ " «
Do you want de«lrable help QUICKLY?
suiting the file of application* of select-*
aspirants for positions of various kinrf*
which has Just been installed at til*
Uptown * >rt*V* of
No. J364 Broadway. ,
I>tween 36th and 37th Street*
Office hours: 9 a. m. to ( d. m.
Kin ion RATES
Itail.T I- d It ion. One lent In my •» *«*»
lark. .ler»e T « it, ;ind Hufcek— ■
ri«fwh»r» Two Out".
Bas Say Edition. Including <*n«d»T Me«»
alar. Hi. tents
In Vfir' York < h» mull «uh«erl|w*r« will
n* ehrirgefl I rent per fop? extra ■••-' •»
>l B.H* Kirn«» U\ mail rO*TFAII>.
Daily. per month . »0 .1©
l>»l'>. per rf <r a *•
j*in«l»> ■-.**- - -wi
Dally »nd Min+n [>»-• »fir Im
|«-iIIt <nd iiin.i.n p»r month ... 79
F«r»lna r*atas* Extra.
MAIN OFFICi: No. Ui* N^aaaj «rt»l
v. AI J. >TREr.T OKKIi-e-.no. 13 wt, tarn »ra«a.
t'PTDWN OKKIi X N>> ISM Hr^dway or aST
Am*--' < Dtstrt t <*aph OaVa.
H.\R!.KM OmiV N-> Dl Ka*' l^t?» straw.
No. .- .; West iu.'t:. »trt»t *ad >;o. as wasa
tilth »tre«t.
WAi»IiINIJTI»N pr RK No BB V mr^m.
Nl-'.WARK UKWM t>m< C — rr»d«rlck X-
Somm«r No. TIM Broaal street.
Blirs«!*F:iJ« Nr, «2 Mnn*a«uM 1« a «M Ur
Lc-m >>T\.r nf THE TRIBUNE at Daaaa
In:; lloua No 265 'tniad. ,
American Kx?rei» Company. No • Mar* '
Tli n:aa rook * Son. T^uriat C!Bc», Ludga.e
' If' US
Brown. Shipley A <"<».. No I2 1 * Pa!! Ma!'..
Si>e>*r Hn thfrs. No 7 L'thhurjr.
Th« Laa*aaa ..fit.-- of THE TRIBfXW la • cna~>
v*nient ylac* to ic*«i advartl— wacs *ni sua>
PAR'S -John M>;nro« tt Co.. X-v 7 Ru« I *-rIN».
John H'anniiux-- No 44 f.u- «•» Pet!t»a
. rte».
Kac> Bureau. No. "'" ' Rue I'am^B.
Morgan. Ha--" A lj., No «2 Bou!9rax9
r.-Mir I.r«nnai» Bureau d*% Ktran*«rai
font!n»n:a: il. ff\ Newsstand.
T^• Flsaro OtTl< -e.
t..i .-ha. -ha New* Exchange. Xr • Ru* n.
Amrrtcaa Express Company. No. 11 Rn
s. r-.b*.
Hr»rnan'>-.< v • 37 A\»nm *• 1 Opera.
M< X 'T'lii; I 4
GENEVA — LxKnbarl. aaha a C. aivi Ualo**
FLOEFN'T Vrwneb, Lemon * Co.. Noa. 2 a.-**
i via T .rnabu'-nt.
Ml LA.' -■•■''' ■« ■'« N«-w» Exchange. Via •
Monfort*. I.*' *
mam ri; Am*rtcan Expr»*» f latianj. 2fi»
» A's:»rJjn:ic.
For the conwSBBPBOi of Tltlßl'NE r«adsea
ai<roaU arrar.n. -.i-^'its h.iv« h<-*n ma)OSJ H bSSB
OAti.T and SfNI'AY TlUB; NX on ill* l:i
t,i.. read'nj HWll "' th» hotela named b»lo»:
U'SIH'N-!!-' ! " : V!,t..-i -. iy Hot.l. Cari
ton H.>'-' Hotel M»tropola anU Mid'.aa.l
EN*»tJIND X.i-^: ; liotef. I.'verpool; M'«
"l im! llor.'l. Slam-hrstei «jii.-»-:'.-» Hot*:.
I « r ,'|«- Mld.Jtil X v-- Itnif r.: M!d!an<t
Move, imb^ }'a\ . M.dlami Hot*;.
p..-. v. lloltter*! ': ->^.ink:in. . >!• ot
niTn.%! • »:■■ no«H <eni.
KTl\n\'E llt»t»l ivn:':i.-ntr. .;r.»:,! It >tel.
' ii • ■ M*»un<-» Hot.l v.-:- ■-. ].«. Hor-l n,»i
ham •.'.»•■' *• r \t'\ ■■■■■ ■■• ■. llote" Ling . t « v
b.o!>" ii"" 1 s ' •''"■' " •••AiaToajr, Hot»i
»i .r-.j- • I- •' ■ ' : ' • lai <' .:• Hot»l
l' 11.. te! 1- -I."' !.i fi:!- i:r>!«l 11..W .1-«:1
I'iA Hot. I Si.lenaiU K% e:*i..r. Ali-l.f
« a , n s IX.»tei 'i 11-:I 1 -:
swr/nii-VM' i; ••• \ Rate!
",.' • , ...... IIot»J Victoria a:iil
A ||.»t. l lut-c'r.. .... In: .-:ak«t>:
llotrl I>"i Site, IjtoaaaJM Hi;.i.i. Hot*!.
Maloja: ll't-i ti'lmonr. Jl.intr.ux liorei
Thunerh.if. Th :
lll.t.l.ANlv 11. i-^l :■•» Inde* The Ka«ue: T»»
Kurh*u». S> -^.-> «n!n«-n
„u.,.il'\NT -li.it. 1 Hrni.i:. Ontra! B>Jtß%
Hotel »Jl<">. E>P'»n»<t« notel. R*t»l b>
I'ome \l^x:in.!n.i Mot^i. U-t.M •'obur* «n I
,-V'ton Mot.l. H rl-.... Hotel Il*h. i'»lo«n*:
.. ii: ■ • ;:ir-nt.i! i.-nl Hotel
Vav.n l»rr».l.n! i'.-k llotrl. I»uw»IJorr;
11.. 1. v ,*•.•• -■•••. Km»; M..r-1 Kranfurterhor
andlaofttl WeafßUn-t. r. Frankfort; Hotel
"omm.r Fr.-thur*. Mot.-! E»pl»n«U« ukl
i'aii • M. .i.i H!"> v -ar<. ll.tr! . -or.tlnenta'.
llT.t 1 Four S.-a-oi-.s. !;^«l:ia IMUf* Hotel
Vm Ho,el d* Uu»..e Munich; Hotrl Kalse
h..f and 1I.»««"I M-tr..pt»l«-. Nauhetri; K«r
liote' Nuenahr; Hole! \Vilrt,-mbrr«-»r. \u
,'L,, Hotel Na*»ua.-.hof. Hotel K*ta«r
hof I'a'a.r H •■*'• '••■•tol Imperial. Motet
lloae ■»'■• P* r - llot-l. Wteihad-n: Hotal
Kurstenhof and Katxe'hof. WtiJunu-n.
ii-^rrtv Hotel Brtati'l. Vienna; Hotel Hun -
V^rl!» tUidi""' Hotel S»vov anH \V«»t End
*„,• iiod Si"ii"il. tarlsbad: Motrl Tyrol.
tnm.bru.-k K^P^ rlotal K«nl|r»»tl!a, FY*r>
t -«t,ad Hotal Weimar and Hi>t»! Kl!n<«r.
tri I;rrM*-O rand ll'te:. Br-«»»el» Gr«nd "Sot*!
•nd Hotel <*• rdi.-op* \n»»«rp Hor*l SP'-»a
ri-» «n^* Ho**' cc '• *tas* C»t»nd
1T»I^-Mot«t Cso-Ibl't Or»n i Ht»'»l. B--"«J
Ci ( r*nj»l «nd «<*■«' H """- r~'-". H>r»» \1i:»
(lE--* r<.-n->M-« r4«r P»i»c» Hot«l ssf
c, <• Bald •;*n'»ii Bat*! i« '« vi"« Miiaa,
Ho . ran.-- vi Qnad Bata) vaniaa

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