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560,000.000 FOR SUBWAY
Board of Estimate Passes Big
$13,000,009 AVAILABLE NOW
Xnterborough s New Proposals
Will Go to P. S. C Next Week
— Irving Place Plans.
A* r r <- '•' t".! in TV" Tribune, th* Board
c ■ .- ■ BAotmy Mtai MATawtti '"•
f.:bw»v« <if that amount ?::.<«'.<*•• was
r Tricht beinc tbe sum avail
able ; r I r i "«>ent vtnte of tbe debt
limit :t a. Si. ;-»nif(l a resolution j-iedsintr
%< "' ■ ■ • • ■ • ■ subwa>> the $47.
vjM.ea/1 thsl aU ba vaawasi arhsa dbs bb»
•«-ay botajs. amo::- . .:~.c to t>.:<: num. are
taker : ■ ■ a- ■ • '•' ■ ■'• M BbjbTu
Tl • ea» ■ rome when the bi'.l in Al
-. r:mc the city to take
: ".ipe of the roniftltutlonai rn«»ndment
miM< by the paaßsa at ma '.ast election
It is tfc* Intention of the iioard of Ksti-
XT.ai* to r*+ thn' '*•> ¥* '»" .•• lft i" devoted
-.T- 1 . \ no* only thr aTttajßaV
way-L*>xinjrton avrnw line, but *>o the
Bsao«Tf» ay -Lafayette line, in Broo|d>ti: tbe
far.i! street spur. !n Mnn l ia:tan. and other
co::'. bfltS ' > f thr Fourth avenue subway in
TCrr> k".yn
• ?oarii of ttrawta saeafwsf ■ DSB>
tr.ur.K.'i '■ ra the PubOe awftß oam>
aMoaloa .irTerinr a suK«r«*tk»n that l-\ n«
I d from 14th utreeT to ".?'h
»:re.'t ■: . «i'h the Rroadmay
. - .■ \- ■ ■ • Accordina: to the
: • plan*, th* line mill turn r»M from
*R:oadv.ay at 12lh street and over to Irving
} I'r.b s- '.\f street should be <ut
f r< :- :*\f s;:Vv\av wi'.l hsv« to pn under
• ■ - • • :. • v> .. • w.i-.: id
I to '■< made strong BBBMSBh '<<• ■■ irry
» thai ■' a: Bdajd b<> erected a!io\-e
J- thS future
It ia rM-.rr.at. l that the . •■ -t .-if ion
rt. :r.n.:- • • proprrt> a'Tid cutting throujrh
• • • .■ ■ v* il! not s«e muc\ proater tb.m
the increa:-< ■! rt of buildinr the subway
t T- • matter a« r—
fJBTBud • N. pa P Iyew i>. eTaawf *r.pir;«-fr
Of the | • Kstjmatc. bTR)
T.. Kirn BRSI also BafSBTOi BjBBthST DBB>
askinc tb«- ..pinion of fiie Board
cf 1.'.-::n.ati- on r'*»"'^S T ". ■ v •*' the
■■ RV-T.ex!nrtor. |*hS I
■ i*. ::-.rr.isj»i(in hfih provided fd ttum.
I • •■ • ■ ■ ahOUld Kh r the rr.ai:er to
the a.d. bWcI • ■ ■ ■■-*•<*■ to fur-
Bkft tha BBdIUOQaJ m in. > f.>r such con-
I ' .on
MS jiroponal of ;r.< Interborcajrh
Rapid ttauafl Oompany i» ixpactod by the
1 >.-... ■' mn-.issjon e.,r:v ne\i week.
BBasafeni Shont? !.;*< Wei. in frossaßßt <*on-
.i arttb ctaUrman U'Ulcoa. sc it bi
BSpajcaai t!.a- • • pMßsawl Baaißttßaal Will
Tbe aireptabie T:.» mam atdaettoß to Hie
'. [nterborousrh r.ari* was that cor
■ - r.Klster.t demand that it be per
mitted to aaM a. th:rd tra^-k t<> its Second
ami Third BSSJBBH '.;r.es. Tl.ls proposal un
i .' i : mi:. -.ted in ti.e new
< *fas
etl et :)if Intertxirouifh'p new offer
v ■ lude a prop) vjxi to bufM and operate
| ■ : .'nisr.v.y-I>ex;rii:Ujr. route '.at« not ret
Tf>c-en ar.nounoed. If :t doe*. ;t will prob
ed :> to away -wj-r th« e«tenslon which the
Jntf rbort.r.c v ! war. ted tr. huiid north from
the Grand Central Station to the Hir>n
I:!ve: \\ ■.-.••, ■ . a: . v in^luaep a
: ■ :v ?'".*• nroadwfcy-Ijexmß
• ■ ■ ho»*ver. it if rejrftrded as
<■ that the cnmpa.ii> BQ seek to he
atDowcd to build down Seventh avenue from
•Times Square, -.:. .:d<r that it may reach
t) ■ PesssrHaada '^iiw'f'TTrt
• • \\i( rub way ;.:^r.^ no fsr made pub
■ . . -.s made mr cejajnoctSng the
sj'lvanla tunnels '■■ r >- Uy arfiTa tha By
1. - Kubwa ■• '.. except by the
•x' ' • " •. ■ . trosasli Ti •«
» mean a floublf fiire and ;t is under-
Ftood ••• •■ • BS m >.i;f\- n«
n*Te>- bs The o'iniDiffi' ■ that it w'.ii lie a!-
BBM d Bs ■ I BJCthj Bttlß
a aywMaa *t 24th FiKf
Tl:*- Board ■ ' ' • ■ ■ as^ed an ■
] - - • ' new school* ar.d
' • to t'.at pmrv.ir.T $4 E
B3 dM ■ ■" ■ of the >< ar Amon* the
■ ■si X
; - atrect. 1 n. toceal S."lfi.^*'.
•troat. The
I . > r*rospoci *> • .- ad "■•"
• ' ■ t i.: ■•• Throop ay« •
*■ .... „ . ■ i, . . „ .
"■ . .. r.d T«<tHrff|n
• •••. 1 j „^tr rdj •- ■ ■
s< ■ ■ • ■■ ■ trial of I
' Brand
1 ■ • aitb. the Wlriris,.r
;•..'■ -•.«>.
b> James Montgomcr> Flagg
A double page drawing will be one
of the feature*, of the
Sunday Magazine
The magazine is four pages larger
than usual, but the increased space
makes room for one of the most
striking pictures ever drawn by an
The literary features of to-mor
row's Magazine will include:
The Doctor Business
Torchy Lands on a Side
by SeveH Fort.
The Conqueror Invincible,
A Story «•' the '• >upt j:i«n Three
bf I ■
On the Trail of the Country
i > ' • Hr ■ r
The American Lyceum
A (Consul's Correspond
• • ■ ": '•'„-.; <>•
• . Best of
The KeJ Symbol
A beautiful apple blossom cover
deeicn helps to make tomorrow's
' . ./ :*-.«• Irt of the Bgtajble num
bCf> <~>i th? year.
Crder cf Your Hewsdealer To-day
Marriage Proposal Contained
Unusual Stipulations.
P'uißj.k. . ,• i< N Y. April I I'nuoual
: Ktipulatiotsf In ,\ marriage prnposr.l were
I broupht out in the Supreme Court h*re to
1 day when the Kirt.ftrt bro«ch of promise Full
br<> ;c»;t by Mis* Mary ttonwt acainct
Henry Webendorfrr vas «al;ed f>-r trial
. Mi*!< H^rnrt who is r.»rt\--ipbt yean old.
tJ> a country houseke. ;x r Mr tdorfer
is a wealthy rCSIdCOfNof this city and t
manufacturer Bf N«w Y.->rk Cttjr. Miss
IssaTSjet' Bccestad P7awawdßVCar*a terms r.i
marriaev asi September, and IV foOOWtng
moi-th Weix ::d<> i fei 1 r.>ke off the enpace
nier:t. Srrtttag Miss Hoilßll 'The honest
khaj >"v rej' rt --d ihweuragas nic t.> ean
tlßua ni>- suit Ear \o\w sfloctteaa "
A. ordi:iK t<> ■ letter ■lltfcMl to Miss
BonsßT by \\ boaaoi and winch was
tead In DSSBI t '-<iay. a part sf th<- marriace
proposal read: 1 will t.av \...i i;i..nthly
payrmnt* of J3i». ; , >„;,! ; ,nd J-T.' <>n ('hrist
mai". If \ou in bo.hl to me. at t.iv death
I will deed y.-u rn> property at \Va.-h;nj:t>n
an 1 Hiil strteT- (l'..;gr.ke. isiet and the
staMfK. Bflsaateg y..u nil income <>f JI.OV.
""This is void, th.oic:.. it \ou and I don't
(=et alons. In this c;.s.- I wil pS] f«m IMot
«t rhs sßi of t!-." t.rst rear, if raci and I
po d»-cide. and if we live bsßSthl r at thS end
«'f three raan I •*•!', pay van lUjtWL' arrl
if at the end Bf Bsa \ears. <ir any thne
after. I wi'.l pa\- \<>u $:'..»'«' At mr separa*
808, Bad t!..it thai pri.m;.*. ■ j>r<>;>eTly cxc-
Oatad ! arlS sscura you by a mortgaga sf
, $25.«W on an BMbI daar Itew fork prop
erty. Or. your eiA>- you will have to treat
me k!:uV.y ;md will ;.a\e M k> op a £■•• .d
table for me."
The cast was n<>t r';::ivhed. and aJjourn
mctn was -,ak. :i until Monday
Bar Association Opposes Confirmation
of Referee Report.
A :■ : • H .I'-.. a:,d H. IV Ts Illldllj B>
■ ■ •• ' ■ \; • . :iat<. I 'i\ ision of the
aTsSBtejBS «'ourt >■.-:• :da>- a.- eoUBBtl for
Sanford Robinson, attorney for K. AugUSma
ibinrr. and Baked thai Ihs obutl eonSiui
I the ICpon Of Hai::;:t' D < >.i. ... .is rrf. n-. . . x
: er.ttir.p !: i . • c • .
!.::.. b| tl.. Bar aNaWacfatieß.
t;.. s. charges »-r. •• jof the mvoattga*
■ ■ thS l"..'T. i Stall - <•::< .:: <"-i';ir ..t
ic!iarges of aH.-jj.-.i rWatlon of the national
banking laws by ll< ;:... r "*f*?lltrTll W&fl
■"it:-: unprofissional ccn.hi.-t l:i je
fuFi:.g to •■ ■ ttem n ..(tins; - o
rMnas*s Bffalra. fudge Bay f::ied ham
:.:t::-.pt of OOurt. Tlie r- f ie.- re
porasd thai lust] aid sol requin the fur
t.-er pmdahmeni «.»: I
(sscph H Choate, |r. appeared yeataTday
■ ■ • - .•--... iailnn to opposS
the i— iltiiMllaa of ths referos*s report.
The ooun rcs>-: • :.
Federal Warrant Awaited for Man
Who Seized Town of Koepenick.
WlllsriiiiVasgt. tha "captain ..f Eoepentck. M
was not molestsd by the lmmi
rratln:. official!" Although the Herman eob>
1 !er who sr'.z, 1 tfaa am of Kospettlck an]
l8B)BAsaBad t:,. Kajnot aas (ound !:<re yes
'.eriay l.\ r.ewypaper men. the ir:imicr.iti.>r.
offlcialt have not arrested him. I'ommis
sioner Williams was in Washing:. >n res
terday. but B> mr. Chi. the assistant com-
Tr.issloner of bnmkjratloß, sa:d Vobjt bad
not been arr>- i
Mr. Cbl Wptatnad that the tnan could
not be tal:. r. BttS rustody until ■ federal
warra:-.: for !,:s an-M had come Iron.
■Taohmojfa He Pai<l ti.e •epattmsnt Would
BM ascertain WhOthor the reports in the
paptta wan correct concerning v..nrt. and
thM if confirmation could bs nhCStmd to
Show bs had bc-»-n a t in QeMUiauy he
u..;id be deponed
. "ya watrtitng \<ik\.- «=aid th* ;
afsiFtar.t co:r.m;sf • md know where '
Wa may bs abl" to Bad bha t..-nicht. but!
v* f-hal! not take him until we are sure
he Is the pers<.:. Bfho made the attack on '
■Koepennk It be ■ t.-.k.n, we will not
?<-:.d Bhn back to ' anada. Ihrougß which
lbs enieied tho 1 •■■! Ptate«. He wii: be
waa back to Oermaay from this poit. sad
- ■•• ■ paid rut <-f the i::inv.
*rr;ir:t f .-.••.:. : . \^ : I led for just
su< h i asef "
Senators Near Fight at Mississippi
Bribe Inquiry
Jack HJaj A; r;i \ ~ <■ ■■■ 'r r f. n ,-r.
«>: Other Bel I >:ie prevented a per- '
■ '• ' ' ' • ' ■ • •:: BSIISUUB "
t:a:.k'- and rucker during th<-- Benatorls
% mvestlgatlon.
b C Duhmey. rha:r<-d .-. s. : a :.. r Bnboj
srlth hkv,:;t paid bha v. brlha ■■•• vote, for:
}'<i\\ Par Pntlrtl flutes' Senator, was on
the witness .-tami Tucker, DO
for lii'.b-'. SSkod Dl ia.iey If prrcy had not
paid the (x;.':,*< .>f all Senatorial candi
datfs e.\. e;t \.irdaman.
Proa the rear «>r U ■ hrfii.;>er Senator
Pariks . ame ba^rrJedty toward Senator
Tv ker. Tucker started tOWSjd I'.at.ks
"Ar.\ nan «h« nays or in>'nuates tliat
aawhosy p«:d ths expenaea .>t mj ftloud.
Concrespman Byrd. hi a Qmr," thouted
Sfnat"*-s turned over ■Irs and tab • - to
►• • Ltaota Basks -r.d Tucker and hold
them snarl
The yuesU'.n, a.'irr fjrlhcr Wrangling.
was v. It draw n
At Urn Dtgwl session A W Mt' bell. <:r '
< v: f <■;••;. • rwjilsi i lTlf. Benator Bflho's
h'>iue tr.wi.. tostttted thai he would r...t !><■
:■ SiiaMi BOho on oath, w a. n/bite,
an .jttor:.' \ of BQost, told Of tITbH OUI
Benator BObo bi tn A Q s - srawn
and sr:,t . ■. Itol.e:' Ifostej to BflhO. MOaV]
ret :ne<l M<* >;l id :
- • • ehanct to make
him a prohibition; ].. m-ide aa ..ne "
M - • rmerrj towa maishai of Bil"xi.
Dorroboratod CThtu ■
I went to sw BObo.** Ifosley. "andl
ha .-a;d. It ajpfD <-ost - r»u BJCA.' 1 ..ffereri l.nr.
■ i back bul bj ■ inted ■ ssfa "
— — ~^——~
Four Thousand Men to Go Out Monday '
and More. Possibly. Later On.
It w.-i<- reported at teal f*rentag*s meet
:r.n sf the CV . ted Union by An
toniii Ba4 • •• • .-.(••■ nt of the
BBCBI a- ii thai a trfkl ■•' f-u:
1 takl •re in
this cttj "i. Monday «~.ii!i-t .• Bumher of
■ • IglM ''! '!• : 11 'is I '-lit to
the) .I ' .- .ut two month* ;<;•■ He said thai
■ ■ . • ■ I■• .;.!<!. d "li
■ . . : BBCher ■ f SthOl tirm* 'lii
■ttaM thai srsnta I I
n.ati ds
MocCmgs arfl m beM :;i dmVreoi balls
■.t t • «- . ,i > t'> iuoi ' ■ < to pro
■ • ati .^". srh* h m -■ •'. b] the
■ • ■ : . . ■■ | f«t "i
UM .- ri . ■ . h«\« glatit'-d t!i«- de
'I ' . ,i- • |tl -.•:•• .11 .ii ■• I: •
I i :..! l*a|entlne n- n. ; > hsi
■. . ■ 'i. pa broua bt I t» ■! n rdl I
• i !.'.< |i.<i!.!irr n*i Jurj '
ll< li ;. .. ■ : In •■!. I ■. I I.:. -• \« I. "', tl ••
' ■.!'... '.il t !l i-I\. • I
• ■ • . .. r j
. • • . ■ • ..■>■. Hit
i..j h- ..-. i Ctlraa M- . ars
bo!ioiai> \. i-cujuuj ut UuudUtaS
Ib thai cftj i
SATURDAY. J&».-|)CTIC Wtfbttttt **** 0. 101
Grand Jury Changes Date Al
leged Bribe Was Paid.
Move to Make City Depositories
Pay 6 Per Cent on
Municipal Funds.
PUlfrtnila*. April P.— A trio bill < hat-sin*
Max <; LssUa, eoOsetOr Of delinquent
iax«s iii An>cii«!iy ''•>unt>. with brlbary
whs ratnrnad by the grand Jury to-dny.
At til Kami' time a swefpiiig i>resontm' l nt
»hs handed down wltli fasßSSal rharces
that many of the one hundred and twenty
flvc wltnessfs -.\iii<"!i tli»" Rrand jury ijas
had before it :.:ritiK the craft investijra
tions thu* far have wilfully withheld
knowledge of graft wurof, and that a cer
tain BMi ha«« practiealrjr bwti euilty of
]i*-rjury. Dtlt'tßSS and ofßclala of MM Of
the six b;« lain which proated by the
corrupt BBpoattaty ordtnanea arc severely
The Indictment of Uesssl follows his re
rotu aeqctttal on a charge of UCfJUIf in
» lat:r.ln< an allhl in connection with a
previous Indictment f>>r aii^iceii bribery.
He 1s now hargrfl with receivliiß BMil
from the Columl National Bank of Pitts
bUTaT on Juno Z. MS. In the former indict
tiio-it t!ie date wa* ii.ttiuhl as June S, and
I^>lk- pro»ed that l;e was out of the city
iat the tinv-. It is charged that of the
(A '•' !■<-' paid i'\.r $17.r>*t tO William
I-tiand to hribe eOOßCllttMn.
The in<lirtni«-iit season reached that com
; !<■ x stac- tn-iiay a Bars oven the grand
juror? thaißsehrea thwigttl it ■ eosary to
present a comprehensive review of all tht-ir
It was declared most exnphattcaOjr thai
cx-<"oi;nci!ina;! Charles Stewart and James
M. routtS, .a-!;ier of th.- Be md National
Bank, have < >iniH-al«-»l information from
th<- crand Inqutsttora.
■\\'. have." the .iur.-.is reportedt "l»een
oatmbls to ascertain Iho paid Stewart this
brfbs ■ «sty un. anhsg IB •1 " charged as
furnished by the PYtonaVHoffatOt pool Of
banks) In New York. At! hough it« wan
Daef this man at !<-aft BOOH two or three
oeeasteoa, although be knew his name and
had wveral drinks with him. he neverthe
less F\v t .:r> that be floss ri. t remember hi.«
T. .:!:!<•."
The grand jury also recommends a new
investijzut. n by thy directors of the Second
National Hr.nk. and in snedlk ti RBS
chaises • .at tfounfl .- ■ ■■ Mini F. N.
H"fTst<<t. ami that there is reason to be
heve ".hat same one rise connected with the
St-rond N..- lonal Bank is ■ tponslhoi lor
this. The reporl made by the dtrsctnra of
liie Farmers' Deposit National Bank In de
nial of any a1<«!-< of payment of money
t-i bribe cooncSlmea Is crltlcloi •! by the
The validity <•:" the contracts under which
; fix Cavorcd banks now boM the city's
money Is attacked.
Important, in that it shows h<>w the
bank.- were mdttced to put uj» so largo an
;..in<.unt Of money for the boodle fund, is
liiv reooounandatioa thai 6 per cent be col*
Itcted so the etty dopastts from the.-* banks
from anJ bfTer thi.s date. T'ae city dSDOS
It ry banks ait- now payms I per cent on
dtjr deposits, and it is alleged that the
agreement was that the eouncUmen wera
to K<"t the d:ff« rence Cor radncmi the p»-r
The preaontmenl says:
"When an ordinance .ias been passed by
the OauneJhi Of the city of PlttSbUTS] by
latans of liiUry. which was participated
in by more thai 90 per cent of the then
members of councils; when officers of the
>ix lank- .'! prreiHlS for their benefit paid
thai bribe, we <*<< r.i i betters rach ■ con
j tract should l<e u» Id valid.
•\V. en it is ;i la^-t that othev banks Of
the city of Ptttsburs offered a higher rate
.if interest, can it br true- that these p.:r-
Ucular shl banks should reap large re
tuma troa t!ie city of Pitts) which
BOW result to them and may result to them
because of thin wholesale bril>ery and cor
•\\> here desire to emphatically denounce
a^ ;. tblic malefactors not only the men who
! solicited t!;e bribes, • hO h. Id ■.;;, t.,*- hanks
j and the influential men of the city of Pitts*
' bvirg. but .■!-" to denounce for their pan In
, "iir cit\'< s IBM the bank president or the
,millionaire who attempts and who rinse ■
the downteli of the poor councilman who
i- [...'..1 no -alary for tb.e duties he- is called
; •" perfi rm for the benefit of th'
]■■;• .ant t.i Hi- ■ . rage of i»istrict At
| tornej Btekely, made but night. btkuh
him t;> a ( >p. ar before the frrand jury and
t» •!! srhai be knew of srait coodttkma, A.
}' >!■• ri-. editor of "The leader," \\<!lt
before that bod] to day. His testimony
consumed bait an hour, and at its coDfltu
si..;i th'- jury turned its atti 1i ■ a to ■••■. I
th * m itters.
Kothfn« will be do:i»- resardias ;he indict- j
■sent of Trank N Moffstot until after bis
attorney << nfers wttta hwn in New York.
Mr. HonTstaCs lejral representative is ex
• •• . to cnmniun: -at. arttb t'..o District
Attorney later a? to ■■ ■ • '.or the Indicted
banker wHJ corns t.. Plttsburs voluntarily |
or fight extradition.
Just how much longer the siaft mveatl<
gatloa will contii the Di.-triit Attorno]
refuses t.. say. :■-■•■• men indicted
in the bribery cases am be called tor trial
until after- tl c mvestlaaiion is closed.
1 hr- conclusion of the pinatiiliiwiH dis
c!..-. s that the bank ordinance and the
ordinance for vacation of Boutfa :t l stieft
were n<>t the onl] ptecea ..f corrupt oouncfl
mini' leshdattoii The jurors open]) state
thai $:i.^if> in bribe money was paid rot the
vacation of Horns str--t. but no Indictments
COUld be returned, because the sr .tuf of
limltnti-.ns apptk -
In the se< ;i«.n of the presentment which
■ Ith t i- it i« d> ehuod thai Bam"
Heppenstall and C. W HeppenstalL two
promtoenl busmeas meo of ths dty. m. n
paid bftttea t.« <"h^r!rs Stewart, the former
paymg HbVOM sad the lam ji.cv.
Friend in London Gave Him Parcel
Worth $1,500. Not $15, as Declared.
I aac WVlsUtk. a saloon i>a«sencei on
• ■ ■ rjard line: Mauritania v<n Into dlf
■ - with t:..- customs oOctali on land- ■
■ ■■ ' ■• througfa Us .n.irt.- • .. .: ■
favor (or a friend n London IV« iberg
oho s.-.i.i „.- in,:. m Moberiy. Mo., deciarcd ■
iuriiiiiK- hli ..un personal effects a parcel
■' i la v- valued ■•■ $r. oldch ■ fri. : .d la
London bad asJ-.d him t.. brini; over and
dethrei t.. ther trtmd in New York
era asM be did !.■>' knoa ..; the con
r the package, but when it araj
I • ■ ■ asti mi afflctels it was
to ."iiti'in platlaum and lewdry ral-
BI 1 Bi P
a- tin- package had been regularly d*.
• •••-•:. aftti iii:- made no *t
foil to •■ •• "■ ■. tain It. but tVeisbfTg
■atd be would i"t paj ih# dut) "•■ >'. *a •;,.■
■ ■ bha. lit ... . •
I" I- •' : 1 ■ ■ ■.•'it!i the !!i.;..l who h:«d
intuited Ihs iev\. toy to hi ire and Id
the ,-»••!■ ofßctali talu Urn parcel to th.
pakU tores
i:.- v. am tton t> e^nl • ..i ;.ii!i- d by
1 1 1 . n..i.< i-:•.:.■i -:•.:.■ si .ij.ii, ; afarguerlu
Syrca. the prlma downs, from :in»;iiia; aadei
snagi ■ •■ but Us, «a> dissolved
rcatfrdai '•> i'^ Awflsts i^i\isioi» w thai
I Search for Boy's Assailant Un
earths Three Letters.
j While sonrvhinc for the pel JOB Who 11 rm*
a iiunr. •■• of beer bfttltM from **»• r( " lf "
I th- tCBCBMBt 1...U5.- at No. Ml Kast Sft
I strfrt vrs'rrday aifmoun ni->-" a croud <•
I bOjrg In .1 Mm t lt*- T>-.'T of ""* bulldliig
'one of Hit Leys i, j.,- — llßUtly Injure*. An
tti—jr C. OonUer. .i v,,. ksJ <!• \>u\\ sheriff
fouruJ three Ilia- V. Hand 1. ttots in a v.:il»;
■ .-..at OB Iba icacncm roof "•• letter!
. wtto turned over to the police. '.\ ho sa?
j tl<it t'.ev v:tic ...idt. i" JIVMPBfI Man
j tellonr. who k'-f-ps ■ gtOeKTf store at No
C',i BoeOOd av.nue.
The boy "«re pUjrlng '•' a'la ' 1 hen th«
inhower of Leer bOttlCa beg»n Jartu •.■* Mil
hall, fuurt.en years olrl. of No. •*-' Firs
•avenue. ■• .-.- Btntrfe on the head ami o;. UM
hark, and be fel! to the »;r.";n.i. .lizvd. A
Bottevoc Hospital the tad lapsed Into uneon
s. ioiiFn«.s!<. It was said lie had ■ DOOafoK
skull fra<ti:re .•• spinal injury.
News of the tadTi injury reached Ountzer
who was ir. hH BOOM, at No. :7 First aye
nue. He hurried to tbC tenen. Nt bOOSI
roof There he HI ■ coat and ■ waist, oas
He searched both and round the Had
Hand !ptt«>rs ad.Jr. ■'.-♦■il to U»e (iTocer. TIM
, three letters ha/1 pnooed through ;'..e n.ai!
I but the poetoice date mai on the »n
velopes were BloHMr The letter* then*
selves bore no date Each one of the let
1 lore contained the threat tiiat bodily ham
would come to Manttlione unless be pnM
' H. 090 to the writers.
Detectives were unable to find the Italian
BfOOOf la;-t ni^lit.
Her Plan of Fortune Telling Led to
Disorderly Conduct Charge.
FTetty little Rosa Stanley, eighteen years
old. mo a bride of two short month*, wa
in the Harlem court yrMerday. charged
With disorderly conduct. Rosa Ii dark.
baodMOM and of the purr pvi' s : type. Her
<yr« iVishod In Roan as th<_' voufl was
made nsainet her.
Miss Cede Wtin!.«-rg. of Wo IM Baal
1 Ifilst street, told Magistrate CXCotmar thai
the rouug KTpay called at her boos* <>n
i Thiirsday aiid offered to till her fortune.
Sh''' was shown Into the parlor, when Mrs.
' William \itljt.-. ■ Mend, wai sitting.
Rod .■<.!• -.1 Boos made M known that for
a mere Ju in hand "he would I >«• so KFB
ciottf «.:< lo ten lIUw (Vetnberi all abool
the future. Miss Welnberg handed orer
the cash, and then Bosa asked for nine $1
1 l.ills and m glass of water. Tiie bltla and
u.it ■■ were produce i and th*-n the lady of
fortun- Mid thai nine man II bilis should
b« put on top cf the ejara.
Tl'e Blaw of water was then turned over
.•..-..1 at the same time the eighteen bills dis
solved into thin air. Rosa then a.i •>•-. laid
Hist tVeUtbern, and moved .; row i.- room
as though in a trance. She assured her
■ subject that a consultation with th- stan
would yield results, and for this purpose
sin- really should have thai pretty Easter
pown of the lady's and the diamond ring
win. h Braced Miss IVelnbers/a Bnger
XotMrg was too good for Rosa, and s1:--left,s 1:-
left, saying she would return the articles
In the morning. Mrs Volpe showed li< i
apprectstton of tli> tirl'< talent by tivimf
her ■ art suit of clothes hrtumlna 1 to i.. •
husband. so that Rosa could tell his fortune.
Afler Rosa liad pone the WOfXMtl becaflM
■uKplcioua and notified the police of the
Kast 104 th street station. Wh- n Rosa r.
, tamed iresterday moraine, she was arrested.
Micistiate Corrlgan held bet in 1200 bail
t;> keep the peace for six month.-.

< Wife's Counsel Says He Never Takes
Her Out or Talks to Her at Meals.
Cruelty m or*) than blows — **■ rerlned
brutality"— charged • lerdajr against
Bamoel Kru-csman. a prosperous .sliirt
wai»t manufacturer, tV tiriinwl for ni«
wife. Mrs. Tesata H. Kriegsman, who U
sninp for ■ sepal iti.'ti Justice Hlanchar.l.
jr. the Supreme Court, heard nrßiinunt OB
a motion for alimony and counsel fee,
whl h the Wife a=k»<i be fixed at Si"."" 1 a
i year and J.'.."<to. respectively. The Krl< -
mans wen married in ;:.!.. i
Counsel for Mrs. Kr!< csman said. "This
jbuahand never struck or heat this plaintiff.
bv;t has jjone far beyond that. He has
never taken her out of rventasja, tolled to
ik to her at meals and remained at
home The entire evening re.ullnK h!s papyri
an.l bumlUattns her before the servants by
completely bjrnorlni her an.i ' ■ tin| her
a- thocgti s!i- was :i pemoß to be scorned.**
Magistrate i >...:. v, in the Adams street
court. Brook'jre, dtsmlssed resterday the
charsA of tarrraj made ■g* t *ii Taul de
Mcntcalm !■> Mi Mai yE. Chrtotcheraon,
v. ho accused ilc Montcalm of stealing a
shawl and a pair of opera s'a>» > from her
.11 .irtiiuius At t!i tlnv of !ii- ;.;i'St .1.
.Mo, it. aim -■■ai'i he w.is the last direct d*
acend i <t Qeneral <v Montcalm. of Qur*
bee Came.
Sunrise. o.XJ. r\int< t, HM2. BMMn sets. ;
!<■.<• 1:1 f ii£. . - .
.-nil ■: ■ Hook . 7.117 7:2"
Oov« m IsUi.il ..7:32 7:53
Hell <iat<? I' ._ s« 4:,
Th» Rotterdam, mwt lea as ! US nUtea -ast of
Band: ti .->k at 10^U a m v»-.-lirUa.\ i^, exp^ilvd
t.. l .. k Itonda) forrnoon.
Tkc ktlaacwaaka. reported as LIOO mill eaal
of S;irl> Honk ■ - p hi rcaterda). Is expected
t» fl<>( jt Mooday forcao t.
Th<> Prim Filedrtch IVilht-lm, report) I as I. ITS
atH«a east of San.ix Hook b1 D a m jrcaterday is
espected t ir.r-k afonday fort-noon.
Th»- llii'tir. r-ivrt. ! aa *>.'..' nnlr, eaal ■:' S:in-,>
Hook -it l<i;.ia a a rcaterday, i- expevtsd tv dock
Su:i.l«) aft'ir.'p"n
Tbc raiitnmla. reported an 7-j:. nrtlea taal ■■'.
.Mri.h Hooh mi lj..v> t n. fcaterday, is exji t.- ;
I ■;• k .-::. lay (oreßCAia
Vessel rrom. Unf.
•l-i fwweace Ha\i^. Aprils hunch
*Ji-»tui Uariiadoa, April 1 i*<ucb
rklcaito City. . . Swansea, March l'J Hii-k.I
tusenia Atclers, March 27....
Mmou'-I Cat«a>. . Catfta, Marrb 3U Hpaalak
Baasia l.itau. March » KuskUb
I ranlum Rotterdam. Mann - > ti..\ v. i
Ctenfuf-itoa <'trafur«oa a.i.i j \\ 11 1
Araia!i(«e Jarkaoanrlllr, April »! . . . -« T> .i»-
rala Otaacow, April j lacaos
'!■ X Kri.-.n i.-;. Kingston, April 2. Kaaili Km
•Aroa Jamaica April ■».. 1. m s p
•BaltW Liverpool. April 3. .Whits m. 4'4 '
Ui;»k.'i;i. H.Mr-. April L' Krrn.-h '
i>.i..i d'Aoata . Paleiiwi Marcli 31.. Italian
VI • .: .hi Antwerp, .Mai ck •_•;
• it > .•; aavßtinak .savannah. April y...aavaa*vfc
ilur.m Jarksuavllte, April 7 .cij.le
MOXDAT. Alien, 11
•i. ••• :»in Ivoltri.i.im. April t. Mull Vii
laa .. San Juan. Atirii • Nv.v P ft
•/•.!: i Im liuun, April 4 1(. ,| !•
•r:# rn.ufllan . ... . Ijurhrc
Mad< ..ii. i ■ • . .N.ij rs Mm b "-'.• . i abr«
Minnewaaka . aouthamptua, April '.• .\ti Ti
■ ; \ni«. 1 1, ipril 3 Bed st«r
"i..m» Bermuda April :• v M 8 ■
'■•i"i» Keai (irieaaa tpril «; .•.., r ,
□ Had Oalvcatca. laril 9 .-,, i-a ■
*Brtass ii ail
•;<> I>Al
Vessel. 1 i
Sautha.i i..n. v .- „ ;., „ „, |,
li Waldcrare. II >uig ii A. liii mm :<"•>;
, . I:, i in.i.1... II a s .^. i ;,, |,'i i., m ,
Phi '• , It i - « l.i'.n . . i i Red li •» .;" ,i ii, |?:imi in
Ii ■ mi, Ward m . .. ,, „, j" 1H , .,
■ •■• ■ '• • r»i ..u-. in ..m^ ,„ i- ,„,', ;
inn, I . nutii.i. i. o. II \n ii, „, 1 in, , „,
»• \ VVltbrltn, Jamaica, II \ 1 1 <"..., i .<•> , „
. Antwerp, Red Btai II ,>• a m
r - 1.. . .Nm| 1r,.. \I! I, 11 ... , m
klinnrhaha i>. . •i. At Trans ;> i> ,
I- I hh u..i.t- S'aplra. |tal.. I2:(*i m
•\< . .l.ii.i.. <!!..►.,. ..\ . Ai. :...i •! i«i » ...
Vlrvinla. Na . i . |*j „, „/
An. "in v.ii i- •■• Ital . i"> mi m
Iruquots Jarksaavllle . I i. \ „, „ „.
Nu" ••■• Oalreatod Maltor |j .. „.
'• . f >•. .' „n.i ii». >«\«ni.»». s«v — ■" i.. „ m
I-iuitu-. .S«» o.; an*, tw l-uc . 1. w a (
Wedding Presents
15% Reduction
Large Selection of
Jeive*ry and Silverware
Howard & Co
Filth Avenue and Forly-Seventh St.
■I Huso, Aral itlna ;...;;•. Mtf
Ja\ar>. i.uK-.v IS-..'th . .... liiVllin
ll<»Xl»AY. APRIL 11
Coypcname. I'afaaaariSw.DWl ll:"ljn l:t">pro
. ■.. a..- la N. v
I ■ ■ ■Miniti'iu ai i ... i' M
Tahiti. MaraasMM an<l CMt Islands.
Item Z'.i,j:i i .. AcMratla «'. la mii
Fian. I?.-... M.ult«.»a Apr 1". •« W»
Hnv.-a:i .;i .-aii Fian ■ is. .<>» Sl< t .at . A'.r 11. O.:H»
Hawaii. l.i;.in :"r»r«a. «"hin;» .nil
l'hilippirif IMir..:«< tvla Sun Kran
etao>—Cktaa A ? r 14 - •>■
Port of New York. Friday. April 8,
-S'-.tiiifi I^a I'rovi n iKri. K.iw A;rii 2. to
the Fi«u h i..: • . «i!h i as.-'-.is-is. n.ail« wmt
', n. iM. .Mil* miles «ast of Fire Island at «:.';<►
1 j> in.
Htsamet chioaK<> « " i Jy IBr), .. tat March IT
an! B»inHl 2% t.. James ArkeO .t <'<>. »;tti
n..i«' BoatlM i-; •! ri: ■ I? an.l at ♦'>:5. < i \> m.
■asaaacf Osjaccto*, niuiwwhl April ••. to the
Brvaswk^ Ha i <>. ui;t' nadai I .!.-.■•-! m >.m ■!:
, Hook .it t, ."..', [i in.
stan:tr ■ ny „f CMVBBBJB, Sj\annah Ai ri! .">. ,
to t£< iM;ir, :*• i.., wli i .!>.-■ :.c : .•< and mda«.
i'iis--.i in Qsjaraattaa at &:n a ■
M an., t Xl Alka, Oal»astsa April 2. t.» the
■ovtbera I'a Me >'••. with Bsdsa, l^Mi in;
W> ar,ir,:itie at >• l'» a m.
Mcaatci (9 Mat. .\- . Ortsaaa April .;. M the
Soutti-iii rMfle r.i. \\.:ii iui- « nf Hi^'iiinls
ut -:4,-. a m.
Steamer Wildeafels iOct), cWewtta F"t>niH-y
11. emmnbs 30, Pan Bald Mavcß •;. ■•••ill M
l;<jst. n April •">. i" Funi !-. rily«- »i .'•• with tmi»»-.
Arrlred at |k» i:ar at ;» p Bi . ■
St<amer Calabria .Ur.. LrglMra Marci .".
Naples 23 .»n.. Palenas la ItcßdaraM Braa
with 7 eakta ar. ! MM McsTajp pass acna anJ
n. l>« Arniei! ;it ttw I'-ir at IJ:Jf ,i n
ITtsanwr Sao Paolo ißras>, Baataa Mir-h '.>.
]:,■> •:r JlltsllW 11. Kaliia 1.". i' i ii.im! :;. • 1-.
1 tara *J>. Para -» an. I |{jtrr, !■'.■ ,» April X '° the
Lloyd Brazil*! u, with 41 pasaeavrra, malls an«i
D*dM Arrrrcd at the Bar at 7 .:;■• .« m
Steamer P^rima iHr i. [Msasrara Mar.'h M
Barbados ;^> Marttaiqae. Domialca, Ova ••' .1; ■
and M.nit«^rrat U. Ar,tlci:i April 1. St Kitts -
nrii! St i ri.ix aril 81 Tbomaa :;. to A X Oatcl
bridge I «... with r. • pa— nnfri. malls ami
nids^. Arrtrsd at the liar .it ln..".i> a m.
Steamer HufTalK lUer). Hambari Mar.h -li to
J'hillii Kupr* t. in ballast Arrtvsd at tht iiar
at •; p m ;-h
St»am- r Fen Iftal), Sactint . M.ir. h IS and
Usboa 24, t. Rmpsea, Spears * T*ot «.• .
mi!*' Arriver] at th« ll&T ai •! p i... 7th
tfteamer canaiian iBrK Unrawal Mnr li 27, W
tht- White stu Liac, \iith Bads* Arrived at the
Bar at •; IS a m.
Steamer R>>«:»!in;; ißm. St John '«. N V April
2 an! Halifax .'.. to Bowriaa A- • ' . with .'."■ ; i«
?n«r:g an.l !:.is t . Arrive i at the Har at 1 :."ii>
a in.
St-nm< r At'antis iXor), XtpS April . to CM
Atlantic Fruit Co. with fruit Arrived at the
lm BI 2 a tn
Strar>>>-r BencllCt iRn. >a«ua Manh .11 *rvl
Matar.zas April S la Urn Min«on -* I.lne. with
aasar. Arrtred a' th« nar at n.» a m
Steamer MaaretaaJa >Hr>. f,i\ erpooj April -
air! QaeetMftswn :t. t■. las i"un.ir.l -« ■ a LM.
with <">M . i^■ln ar.! 1.31 » >t. >-:aice t.ansentrers.
n.a!!-. a::d UdM Arrived at th-* l'.ar at H> p ::.
Etaaawn Pawnee. Phi! l|iii lb 10 th» <"!>■!■•
M ''•■ Wlta :.his>-. l'a.-s- ; In Quarantine at
11' •'■' p m
Steamer Jam» l!«t"wnl !«t"wn !C«wparl NV»s anfl Nor
MX ' i tlie OW lor.ir. i. i : S-i "o. wtTl, \ mrens- rs '
and BMfa». Oft* the HichUn's at I^B p :.».
Steamer W Oeorc* »Br>, Mar.i'a Jaanan St.
<>hu F••^■rual\ t' .ivic 10 P«»n au! Mar I
1" Lin! ... - via Moston Aprtl T. w.r:-. hc:.ip
t. Am Itailxil ,v Cs L>ft Quarantine at
4 1" p m.
• - M ITO •:>.«•:-'. \'< r.i <'r-n April 1
Progrosso ,T up.] H">\:ir.a .".. t las N>» York
and <"iila Mall tt '•<•. with HI BMMBm
r.iaV.s and nilse. Atri\»ii it th^ r^Jr i- -•■
p m
S > uner Dtamaat njeri. ilamhiirr Mar«B 2 : *. •
hi l.;.:;ast la PbUb Kuprecht Arrive.! at tSe
Bar at 2:."?»> p in
RteajneT Kenaetoer (Br>, ■ January 7
Hoas K">rir 2-' Biß]tapQr« i".briar> •'. i',,.hin
1<;. falLut 17. TMUcherry 1!». Pert BaU Manh
.". Alders Q and Bostoa \pri: .'.. •... PMBp f'-'i
prtr.t. wth 1 paaattMßn and mi!s<?. Arrived at
th*> Pur a: 12:30 p v,
Hteanter Haataitea, Paeft« MBSlca Mar<-h Z2
and Philadelphia April 7. to th<> Imsrh an
Ha «•■ IB I.in^. with md«^ Arrived at las liar
at li3o p m.
Steamer afataaaaa, Tampiro April 1 to tli*
n-a Tora v rasa y^ii aa <•<.. with u-..i«^. Ar
ri^.! .t- las I-ir at !':2f» a m.
Ft«am»r Bwataii (Nor», Ni;p Ha> April 2. to
lh< Mamm ns . ■.., attt hmlm. Arrtraa at dM
!ar at 4:13 rt n
Ban v Hank. N .1. April V M li"> n m Winl
northwrjT fr>-5h hrp»::.- clsar; m->.lr:ate «ea
>aii.i:i .
■ •rs Print tVlUnu I .D'Hhi. for ■ ri
an-Prißre, .r-; Vlcilam-ia. Tamplc . M
inrt. SCra Ortrans; Wllmlnatoa
Jefferson. Xorfoth aad Jfewpcii SCctra; Thors>a i
■ Nor) Philadelphia^ Sattlla Braaswlcli J H
{•erereaax. Dalttmar .-.. : , ißr>, Narfmn
Sldra 'T'.n. Mnbllr; Hennn.l iXort. Norfolk;
-'•■. > •■ ■ . Charleston ;m.i Js k"(in\ii!e.
Kaabmit, A;-i 7 Si, ! .; i- Prton ißn N-«
V.rk via Rotterdam.
Manchester. Aj.ril 7 Ti; :..r . f: r v N>«- Y->rk
Bristol. April !• X. ■« Toth < ■■.-...
haig.T. April 1 Krl..;. ril.c .In. Nrv. V .rk Ma
I'ort Natal
' ■ April 7 Italia -Hi. ?.Vw V irk
■ April :■> Europe Utal), NY* Tack.
Slo.U.urno. April s- Aberleer ißri N»« V rk
via IN Vtocewt, ■• V, .m ! .i[-. T..w!i
■ \prll » KallMa iHr.. N>« York Ma
8 Vincent . i" V, ah. l FivmantU-
Fr«niantl. \;r,: *-- i.vi!. n |U*T>, N. » Y. rk \'a
! Katal.
Yokohama. April a- staiajuy inn. New Tors.
via AUi. k Si'.'.ic. Manila, .^to.
Bermuda, kpril H, 7:1.'. n bi Kermmiiaa tisr>.
Xfi fork; Oratara inn. R*« Tart
I'ort Natal. April ft— Faasturm KJcrt, Jtes V rk
i la cape Town, •'■•. II Ptnaoau* iltat), N^w
Viik :<>' TnkM |»i ,4M.i n xn Cawaag
BtratMcn ißr) Kew Vors. F.it Shanghai
Calcutta, %prtl 8 WinrWag.. ißr), Now Tart
\ia A |
sni. .'.5 April 7— HeUm ..,,m tfroci HaaßaaaMfc
N « Torn
■*> ■■ • - \ i T ■•• ■':!.• .1: .. N-»- V. rk
Gibraltar. Arm * Crania irr>, !C*« Tat* mm
Naples »n.| Marseilles; r p m Re 1 Italia
• itaii. Palermo ret \nv Tnft
rapt - irtei, iprtl R 3appaa*4 Btgtna .ritaiia
Utah. Nesj YorK for ':• i . a
Ltzant April .* • PMsJam tDvtch), New York |M
I-■ ••.!■ m><- an.! Rotter. lam
Bn>« !•• i. 1 \i .. n Philadelphia NY« Tori
for Plvm.u-h. Chtibwifa -i.i Koutbampl -l
v • - ■ Iprtl fl York ■«-•.• ii'n n. » York
f..r I ape T.rnn. AlfM I'^v »-ti\
I'erln. April » R4 PBtrtrl .Km. TokelMHM M ■■:
Hona: K-Tiff •Mil and C kwiNj for IV ■• ■■
ani Net York.
1^ \Jf Wf twice DAILY. Ma .v - M:■ m
■ban Baassa i..or- aa«a 1 13 in.i 7 II !■ M
kg^sfAgjjWßaiaJgW^s^af^sVwg^^ I
400 CIRCUS f
AUkJ artists v
5»O CLOWNS .-^
*m<&>' iOO-CAGiiZOO
\.!ni jr.,- an.) ..n, k.n.i .*<mr T.".« . SI. $1 M
Boxra Mala, IX ss and $J '.o. rbtlar»n aad«t
'" r< iri half t>iw.- i<> afl.-r:n->..-i SSlfal lIISIMSS
UOlUn .\ W»« ! :-. w..i Mai : . $1 ...
i;»™ z£it± uAfS
\.n.lr:n> „f Ma»tr. <■ !K. «v -.« *r ,•«-.,,,.
..-wTlih TIUELI»G SALE Mi.;
llj i IBM - IMb< » '■ ■i ' ■ •■! -f TUr in ,v* | ,
i'-i ii , . \i ii» "i .. .■»» A \v.-.i ..• . s i .
ti til A( K'\ ■:• - I- Mi- I' .!.i\ ,v W. ,1 J 1.
H.lUaiMb' > ■-•; -j viinifnyifaiBit:n:
Garden Hi- itrv. i;i : «• I." WSsa^M
ud rapn i, \ i.kkki i*i..%vkm>
\ \: U .-. i. Mi.Nunmirr M«h|-» l»i r,,,|r ,,,|
I M.M..IK II Ml- Tl i.-v inn . . ...
iAiii.tu.i.i i.\ i... » rJt. 12 sr
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lor Sal* bj
I.'.n .v 1 !- H>«l 4^.1 «t..\ew Y ork
EMPIKF B'wav an.' 4«»rh St Kv. « 4:1.1
t-. in inc. Mats t aTaj * Ti.urs. atliv
".\ rortr:iT:il ..f \Uiirh \ar \rtrr«,
In .Sir a. W 1 ixki: a MII>-<IIAN> KI-.
GARRICK "••!>? nr P.-y L««.\ft T'.lav
UMnniV/tN :as? Tlm , To . nUht- a:SSL
HSTTIE W!LL ATiiS ...Vm.V, 1 ', .'Vw
lT#rr,!. ( J ». v -A BtaKCa "F MEN
all^ KJ PP-*DI^ rATamaf AND
W ™i l?s UnMIIZ THE BOY?*.
I YPPIIM *' st n * B "*>' EvM " • i"
L I OC-UI"! j, , ; To-day. _IS Last 2 Tlmos
BBS. XEXT MOX .Spat* No*.. 14 times
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nuuouiv „ „,. Ttm ., T'.-ni*ht. . -w>
CRITERION Bwa M* 4 T:";v E v';"
"A» '.•'r.i>>-r a* I.lttlr Lord FnnatSJOaej
1 iif 1; m 11 r oars BABY.
•HEST OF AT.I. MtnCAl rr.>T«.~
CHARM* ll||.l.lM;|| \M'S Jlont;om^r.T
pi p. DC: ft 4>>tli -' i «nd *ton«
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Mais TS iaj B "Wart . 13. ' TOWN.
NEW AMSTERDAM' :*itl\7*.
yi. •.-.■■■* T.>-<lav !{ E Ft T W, SAVAGE
<!-UI YO^ST n - «ay fz -».-.•>> St. Fv.». 9 ir.
rCrf lUnrt Mat? T .--ia> * WSO.. 2.!-^
lIK.MJV B. lI.\KR»» nrr-^nt*
\ Km Wrilmstcni Musical r*orr#<Jjr
rO-MDKKOW M*illT. S^ats .%.» as IMS
"l>«int ir.i«» It -it an* r»«t." — f;tr. sun
WITH ITH ffuSPEnn I. i.ST OF 100.
TIIF I \l>\ HJOM p, t N v Frfnch
I OK* \ I BQCMU y± :c . oataal
Ontra! Hark \Vc«t.«2 Ni ' «.{s-« T*' -««Col
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1.. -nisht ■•.• " ■■■' ||.- McßVfl
BEETHOVEfI !^ry!C J!L'_L" u l ■»*«»«■
n:t;. i;^thr>vrnV>iu>ir. a u pvrfonaaaMal
for 4 wrecks 1>» The Nrw Thratrr'. S t
<o m j.j..M Mats two w.^kji bl adv«ni#
sen! y BKasrasn <^> any Manhattan ad-
Dbllj Mai 3 BKI Bsatafi E «a9 a |l%«
MiMhSULM * Trll ' '•••'■ laatj
ir\rKF.rr.iiM w ,m > E^«s.fl iajh r.! ty
V i\lni> Kllii.tf,. :<.» „. n> ; .i-t Wl, K\ i tO
T ; :?;: Forbas-Robertsonr.-r^V I •;[; h ;
Itrn.i.lw;,,. II It \ X, s |-, lt r,U\ "T:
1H: J-LiyßAfiHrLOilS » ■«* iniMfcJ
laxln... B-j * ;;• K<. < 13 MalTvaaj 2 IX
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liMiisi raattt£>i rM> .:,;; htl
.llEdl^llirj manuring • J^ ! *•«
»:. i:» A.-.->. Mn \ Miir.'. \»,, r |,, "v. ... '. f ' v "'! |1
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8K.%11 nil mm m r r.»|. v ,
A- ftOE^Y
■ IRXfMili II MI. TO M..,. v KKKS
-"TaisHk ik* nikh •.'..'.'i',! tVr""* V ut M "
ai |ca 1 :
TlltlVrilK. IHr UfWaAaSsW-*^ •'-•«
rim, ri d • ■■ oVssi
r ';.fv ttOßtn 1 \.:;.V\,.v."..:;;r -
tJ C R t I NEII A TINiU.% IMI K» r l\ ' *
iUM.'- HEWW ih. Umuu» "Whits Togt-
Why should you have Spring
shivers when we've such quan
tities of Spring overcoats!
Heady for you this moment.
For the cool days for \veek3
to come, and coo! nights all
Besides lots of other fabrics,
light and dark, there are black
unfinished worsteds from $3.3
to $40, lined to the edge, witS
silk faced lapels, which add
dignity to dignity.
Sprlr.* o\ercoat» $1% f n *40
Lest you shiver in you:
motor to-morrow
Slip on a medium weight
"slipon" — a motoring coat
cravenetted lest you nin into a
All our motor coats ar» v»rv roorm, • ■ grw
comf. rt in th» car
Some folks have an idea that
flexible tiling are tlimsy.
Not the flexible Stetson
Stetson knows how!
Th* "9tetasa aaadi $."• :- -\ '.m • »na
us in New T«.rk.
They lock in one!
"Delpark" knee <lravers and
athletic shirts.
That is. the drawers button
on to the shirt, practically
making a comfortable one piece
.'<> to $J a finMM.
Ever wonder how the pat*
terni <>r K. ,v W . plaited shirts
come out so even I
They are designed and
planned with mathematical pre
cision with just that thought in
E 4 W «i>rtri* neollsM. $19* t» faM
All of equal importance to
the American Hosiery C«»ni
Quality — shaping— making.
Their halhriggans. for in
stance, are not cut on straight
lines, hut are cleverly designed
to follow the shape of the body.
Medium wela-ht. 91 20 a sai mil.
Mease don't think you need
travel to get your traveling
We're equipped with every
thing from Thermos bottles to
wardrobe trunks.
Such specialties as the fa
mous English "(rlobe Trotter'
fibre trunk, which is exclusive
with us in New York and saves
its cost in reduced lu<:_ _
charges in a Summer's tour
ing abroad.
Steamer rags— another specialty
Sixty-four shades in one
quality of one weave.
Keiser- Barathea scarfs —
r '*mth*m» at ft an i 91 Ml
Do you horseback.''
Riding breeches are ready
for vim.
Boots and puttees.
P-)! 1 riding BSSSSBSI !-v»
Botnnri Pma Com tan y.
Three Broadway Store*
at at 0 at
Warren st. 13th St. 34th st
Newsboys Big Benefit
The New Theatre, Sunday, April! h
wit. i. RE »fcr.i> in the
April 11. a! 4:30.
MS. HE*fRY CLEWS. luctionttr.
Tlio Rr»t b,>t »,>!,! y,\<\ h^ #„r t .^ c f«>n<9t A
:h* A.-l t» Fun.!
Mrrn«»n»MT.»> a«i »t » tun ■
• »prn fr..m J lo H ami « ti» II f M
\ « >n.1.-rful r>.«i»r. ha\t:)« mini unMIO*
f.atur.». >...»h S.vniTlfii! «ml Int. r «• ■<
(AST !> \ V rtV DAI
ataaq «i»lil attraction* ..fT.r^' __
ut oil. ,:t v;:> i:\m»
\I>MISSION .-.0»-
S;h.- BstSjsawV w.«i ♦»!•> st Ev-« *! *
rin:v\»> I \t.r. >^ v a par* - : ,
FEL4SCO star «»«•»■*!
"ftagsSTigr I«M JUST A Wlf:
\*.^ \tt.ll .♦ • —,t\ »-ro«w. Ultun nna«>e?s
j nni nviAi »*• »•»»•»«« »* *js?
IIULUPICL t n^nt m.i. -irt *W*
I w iiU> Mai .'Jo. ford. 3 U«rlla M*U»»»* <>^

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