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v^^n ' w " ■- - ' - jy?^^ffi^, -g;^yj^?^ir^- .-.■^av < !'-r.V> <^r
V o,. ;\ \ \ 23.151.
Series of Snoot inns Begins with
ISloaDtfing of Chinese Rail
head Agent.
Qe o*s LeCBJT H-UI Slam an Hour
Later — Bcconfl to Die the
VictirTi of a Peculiar
r 1 k« out npp.::i
MrtM «>f «hoot
t« • • *f*nf TPTtI were
led v nousiy.
•< . : ■ kt'.l.-t'. m Fhil.i
• N s.:H Of a rai.l
D hr.>:\£ tat ■ '•■■■;• S:np <1u:!!« r
;. . ' ] ; - K>i:rth t**nr
.- V tons aaal I i
.ben, bat ;? non
y,n- fea • Hal rtcttm, was
I •■.-■ cnrtai thrc«
, - >•'• activi
• ■ ffi-Aaaa ttmai
robatls arfS re

I '
wh •


• ■■ • Poor BmdMrt
■ r i • '■■ ' fhttt BteM in
I • t ur.til a litil'
• ■ • i"h,i
• Bg K-k .Ti; On
• ■' and K-.: 1 ' t
■ ■ ben man T ;
n th" Opea square
B p. .. • ■ • :-•■ •la and Bait
. • v nund« -1 « 'hum;
I ... •. < :• ••. op Han
. la ad
Ik id laoJI » n Hour Late-.
Tvt v ;rd <-h'naman w»5
tract. This wit
• • . :hins
• • -•.. -at rhinaman.
tccor^rp ' • ir.fnrmsTi'-n. an<l
v itli trr '"O
J"!3g«f ' ' ■
fi^ B i I " ■'■>■ i n ba<l
... ■ ••■■".'■
. | TOOTHS, fit N • IS
poor 1 i ianc*» any
fapr-inatrd bjr lbs
• . !*■■ BW
noorr,'- - • --s i:i i paaraaß.
. ■ . : - ;;-ic < am<
• • Dfj M" w tot a
•; to DaOM in and
■ • r ring y.-.r. tack, and
. . • mod
wiwi a •--:!• room
■ ■ : f.\ ■• l)Ul
:i. :i Th« pla\<-rs
' . ..-..;■
; flag b b - ■ h;i;r,
- ■ • was
• ! ■ . ■!. • k .- .
I i>-i-.m« r of th*»
itil] i.;>oii tbc ' ■

I i
' :«■■ t
I *im
. . ■ : : . k .
1 d m :t bap*
.:• . f«>r his
. • • ne ' :.;.■ Bo ■
• .eht that
pon- Cbbiai Par tbi iDett
■ •

.. . .
1 «•-«!• j »p«I (n-ni«rn>«, fair;
Rescued from Sinking 1 Pontoon
During a Gale on L. I. Sound.
(H% I,], Tt^;>'i ••- T*f Titm;... ]
Btamford. «'<>nn. A ;"«ril V. -Adrifi *■■•
i><«:ijs Island Sound in n water-10p^.,!
puOUfAi. lh«« wind ».'..«::■; i ~:\], fr. :ii
\V.< rurth-.vrst ami ma btfjaktag ov. i
:hi :n in ountlr^ious Buccr-sfsjon. «'.irl
Rjuch k*d I>ona!<l K<»chal. <-f »"I<\. !.n . ; .
. t.<l Etalpß 1 1-.lTn.i . of Ho?t<-n. Ita
d< nth at Mm r i'r- 1 arator> School, at
Shipped l.int. haJ ;u> tXfftlltttCt this
nn!.;:— ih.it they •*■' ■"• ■•-'Mil) (oxart.
Tiv > \\.r- two tnilei «iff ttttn .•;;<! tIH
■:i v.is utaJlj Can ■■'. oratsr trt»*a>
t!-. :uic M.»>. i'aptam R. T Farm»T com
tnente". plctofl them nph Tlm- pai< ha<i
btawß th' m out fr>>m X OOWt oga^oaltc
Itsitar School.
.Tamos <j. Pbdpa BtakM ;*n«l Gustavo
M< >>i>. t!i«- author and socia.. 1. . tur« r.
.■ho w:;s Mr Sn>k. gu«st .1: '",iiit;'.s
It-lar.d. put out in a rowbOßt to rvacor
t!.. lads, but tbejr had to Kiye it ssj aft<-r
ttfttm with ih» wiiul and arai for
half an hour. Motor boats sent by ;h
poQoa put out frori. Waterside and th
<"\<. I ut the May was tirM to re.uh th ■
drifting pontoon.
Stu.: and tearhors "f Manor School
linrd \hv short- and watched th«- littl»
boat pit. 1: about on tbo waves. Th« anx
imis Bp«rtators s.iu the boys wave th« ir
\\h;l. sweaters .t pa^inj; vessels and
sau th- in w.ivc a uhit. han<lk. hit fsi
th.- red of .-, polo. TIK'S.- sißii.«ls w.-i •
v.-'X noticed by the s:ii|i>. te tb* boys
v< r. as isy holding on to tin boat th:;t
'..;■ .uula not w.-i\. th*m rwitlniifliwtl
New Haven Employes Turn Out
to Save Company's Cars.
Mr. braki "Ut in tbc POCB piaster mill.
at l>dth str.. t. in The Bronx, Oppoattc
H!k<r's l-=la!j(l. ear!> this -TTlT't'lfJ an I
.:i'js'-.i '! • New York. K«W Havm §
Haitiord FLiilroad to ti:rr. o\:t its rm
;i.\s to fnrm a fu< k<-t brigade to aro
'• t Ihf thousands of frcicht car* Iton 1
:n t!ir < >.ik Ptttel |Wda> TbKM .:iatn.s
tflflTftnl in and tbc ttte BapaiattM
jr.rul- ■ 1.-nc run in Bofek tiny .
Tv •• Bjcboata wit tlao sent to tbi
■ t" protMLl j.r'~>i"Tt\ ikmg tbe
aalflftOßl S-vra! «npin«s haul« <1 th>
i are nearesi the Mm 7.. t.> a plac< -f s.,f- -
ly, a-i<l thr yard sup« rint> -ndi nt s.<\.l thnt
bji battCWd DO harm BI i bcCB SOBC «"
repefty "f the (aflraad or it.- shi[ -
And Incidentally Saves Laborers
Life in the Subway.
A mans kn«» bfOOgbt a .r"\\<!ed s«h
v.ay train t.. f, Aaad Itflp sh->rt]y ftftor
midnight tt.is morning .-^n-i thr*-« th
paaajen ; r.t .. ■ paalc Cbarlca ?'■;■ ■
■ rer. who waa <.n th
• | *n;st !■• '••«• IHith p;rert. in BOBM
vay fell on tbe tra< k fitTMtbj ni fr«.nl
<;t a local. He in>' betanoea th.- rails.
tbe cars, one aft»-r aßOtbtT, | -
him until tbc automatic Liake on
••■ar -ar r«mf in ratUMl with hi*
kiv-e, ortlftcfll was slitrhtly rateed, an.i M
train *a« I>roughl to v standstill.
TT 1 '- t:;nn rr<w and BBBM of th< l>as
■eaojefa ' Bfrted Ml on tbc traefca ani
• p : Petr'-'Ski lying un-1. r th
rear car mu'»n?''i"us I 1:.I 1 :. P>r»-adlia. of
th»- .7 Bood Wilglu ffmirtiol. reapood«4
t-> an anibuiati' 1 <"all. ani aft< m -■ n BE
■lll'ffltfilfl sail] that \\hi.>- tbe man ni
badly injur.-.i h< vwdd BBdoobtedljr r<
Eoys in Launch. Capsized in Hell
Gate. Swim to Safety.
Kirht boy.-, from « iphti-« ii to twenty
■ . - old bU p-od swimmers, had th
opportunity In "swin. Ear their lives'
•<i.iv ni'Tiiinc. arhea th' gssolebi
• ♦'.- Korrtsanis Fad I
dub, B«a apart in Little ir-n <; ; t
.-. \. a ..< !• .. ■ crot to riMt, but the
<• ijrhth had to b. rescued. H- j a:.*- throw i
lueath the bosl .\h«i. it <i\«r;urn. i:
I '• D H' nr\ Btmtt
• :. nf %"•• IMO :*■.'.■ A. «*h'» was
in <h;itK< nf th«- l.':::ii< h. grabbed '.i:ii b\
Th> roUar :n,'i awam with bin to 3
<in dp- Th&4 • h&4 to !■«■ r«si-uert
•. .,- .'.. •■ .i •:■::•■ ■■; n- ffi Bi eond
ay« ii :
a ;,. ... . .:■! boat t •>-.<: ;'•.. bumefl
back to the I • ■' Doaf < tab, M K;:sr
•;.<! Ti,.- ;.iuii< h w.:.-. 08 the ■iy
•■' > \\y btead ;.!■' In 1 ■•■< j« d I ••' h
■■ ■■ . dv) Bo ka '.h- bum ti
rmß ltd I I •■ from ;i ur'-cig-- to tbc
It* ks .-tin] vai •; - '
\ ri boya K'ba R.t\«d tbrfßaHwa
..'■l: S • :;<r. ••! .V' IMC A\. Ml;-
A. Ptaak Knocb. ■■* So ISI EM T»:i"
ink N KhetWrr, >>f Ko US K.i**
Hi • \\'i!h;ii:; i< *Jli|T-M. fKo .'.■'<".
. -• " t ; John I- attloa. ■•! No
Ben ■■ i •' t* ins'-r'. >f
{Co i 1i 1 ' • i i■• ft Aim I'! Ant<m ■ •
Buckraaster's Collarbone Fracl
nred- — Gould in Contest
■ •

! ■
! ■
rosnro bXamqm ofbki
Mr.;; Drcx::s as Spectators Rescue
P.- i? „oi 1. Ai William Nulp«.
; •••«■. waa
. "I""" !l * •"" 1 ■*> '"• •'• -
m joaoaoa in. ii. •
j:, v .-., •» . . qua (n :m ■ on t „.•>•
|;.,«- .i : '. -'•• •• '''•■' '' Mt
. • . . . , .-..., .., ...,.
... ... Th.v F .,t a
. iM««vcr. sad "■ ' • ■ ■ I
, . n: Kli:K I ' " ' ' ■'
. .. n ••■■I km •!•• * ' ■■■■■■
„|u , ,s la U ..: • ' ' ''
.• j,. | \,\vi .-. BSbOTOi
Cunningham Ledger Described
as Rich in Information.
Erok* Slated for Examination
Again at Resumption of Fire
Inqi'.iry To-daj .
Ti ■ EtUngwood <t Cunnlnskan ledger
v: the possecsioa of Superintendent
HotchkJsi of the bunmnec Department,
• ii bjuhJi be purposes to question Jaaaea
.W. Cunnlnghsm Bt tl Irt resumption of t(v
fi~< Insurance Inquiry to-day, ntain^
' very little Information bearing directly
, or. Insurance matters it a:;s learned yes
_ terday-
Cunningham bas i .•■! sine last
\V« iin« sdays smfou that he will refuse
p< rely to aajswer any question put to
hi-n on th. stand to-day, on the ground
that the matter contained In th. books
doei not .•■::• under the JurlsdJctloa of
Mr Hotchkiss.
K-lwin A. Watson, of the law linn of
Truax & vrataaa. Xo. 141 Broadway, wh«
■ - ac of the counsel of e\-S« nator
!•■• ■ n Consjer. is authority for the state
ment that th<- ESUngwood ft Cunning
bam hi iks. howevei, contain :i mine of
Information on the • nlatlt >nins
Of I>-Ki;-lators of thai period, la and
: around ISM, but it is said to be for th>
most part in relation to trolley and rail
road matters. in which Q Tracy Rogers
the • da] partner of th> tirm -in"] presi
dent of the Street Railway Association
of the stat«\ was more directly Inter
.Mr Watson ixii.ves thai In a i neral
InwisllftHluu of letfstatlve srafl the
i ks of BJnhis^rood A- Cunningham,
which firm v -<s spok« n of as a legislative
deattnsj bouse," would fornish facts
more Startlfag than any y« I dlsdooed in
Ither the prtStni lire insurance probe
or the AIM~--< "oriß> r case.
Ought To Be Explained.
' Trans.icti..ns h troll \ and railroad
■tocks by numerous legislators of tha(
period.' said Mr dTstsoa ydsterday, "ar«
"ii ihos. bo<.i.s and an of such a nature
as ought to !•• captained, but probably
tbosi Cscta could never be rroupht to
lisht except i hnnia.li an • ■tisjatlon by
■ ~- ■ • ral li irestlgsthm committee Of t».«
i Ijf-ci.-latur» . • mi'iiw .v. (1, as such .i'<int
committees usually ,ir-. itii full au
thorlt) to .to mto every d«-t.iii and rami
neatlon of the anbjecl *
Senator Eugene M Travis, of the 6tn ,
District of Kint.-s. sai.i yesterday ihat he
Intended to atari ao agltatloa at Albany
kMiktng toward ■ more gtuetal mvesthja
lion than has so fat been contemputed.
"When I r. turn to Albany on Mon
day."' sai<l Senator Travis yesterday. "I
Intend to go o«t r tin situation with Ben
s' r Cobh am! OttlST BettStorS. ith .1
\i. v. to putting through a joint resolu
tion anthortsteg a blanket Imieailgiilo i
of all«u»d leglSlStlvS graft in the Ust
i« n rears.
"My M< ■ is that such ■ resolution, pro
\i-;ins <••!■ .'. fotni committee of ten,
■hottld ipstify the ai.pointm' nt of four
nf Its members by the Assembly, three
I \ t! Senate and three by i ernor
HucV -.
"Th< Governor's frieodi d«>sire tl it
this i imhliV rothm be shown to him, and
the* oppoattkm aeenia t.. insist upon th ;
point, became tbey »uM hold tin- Qov
mot. in ■ mcaaore, reapoDafble for the
w..rk of th<> cufemlttec l kn..w th«
Qowraor would Mk« nothing better.
Deepest Probe Demanded.
■ \V. who ar«- foni| aratively IKW up
thrre fed that tbe deman.l for BOCta an
lavcatlgatton cannot be refused. and that
only the n><ptl probe win Bufßce."
in the < v.-m of such a n< ral Inveati
gation being authorised the books of th •
i;i;m»; a '•••<; & Canningbam tirm. it la
would furniah the p!ain« st of dowa
on traction matt, is in. n> neral. aad on ■
linn all! all* \'ho anprked oa tne Allds-
L\mg< r cast Raid } • -t- rdaj I haf ;: aeareh
,i testetative Blea for I9OQ, IJNJI and
1008 would Bho« not less than one hun
dred 'strik..-' Mils at »a<h ttsilun.
Th«; t:r:- lusuTJUtce Investigatfon has
nbown Urn annr.ai recurrence ■■! tiie two
most s<n«ral!y OSCd "strikes" on those
lllllWltl. th. anti- onij a< and th<- val
nsd policy bWi and ■ aider Investiga
tion would show vnnilar "strikes" Intro
duced iti regard to »bnosl every '■•'"■
poratkrti flTSlt'fj i-i snjr public utility.
Cunnlnahmß.s position, ii 'a:u iii by
one "f his < I'.s. rrienda resterdajr, Ui
that • HMtfjli bs arm refuse to testify In
t!:. p:< stnt inquir> on matters But < or.
nected with Insurance aflalis, ><t ti
avoid be wflUog; i>' tlie '' v *»> l of ■ gen
ital Inquby, to identify and ■ \piain lO
the best of his recollecUan the entrkfl
„, leatststurS 1 accoun! In Ma lirin'.^
i „.,ks pertsJnlni deal la iharrta i i
ether corporal iuns,
Majoi Parke Gets to Steamer
in a Highly Original Manner.
■i , i i John B. Parke. "f the I4U> \~v.\v d
Bti tea tefantry.returnlnjj fro i dot
Tin ii mm s. ii;^ solved a problem wruVh
■a. ii b. of i n t i « .•- 1 t.> transatlantic tray
. . n. in tbi bab!l ul ' i Isslns
tjx bo.it." rii. major misled me Wbit
aaai liner Baltic at l.iv rpool by about
iwa boart EPai ■ 'th bia bniocas .
but aitbouJ him and bui »lf« .i ; t»x«.
.; i Bgbti ra, a ii" '; ■' ■■ ■ <»nip ink d him
I from X'!i'- Th< major <:id not atk
:i, , ■ tog takt bl a out to the ir;,;t'c.
tor idle v.s then < ai of atsht on :.■ r \ ij
■ .. \ i rork. li- did not nd .■ wire
lest t.. b. r. nor did ba ask that ahe t-
klowe«1 down ;.ud \%ait for him, ' ••• h<
inriv d 1.. r. >■ ■'■ rdsj on tii i. iltfc . tii.
\ . . \ . aael bi bad mia v d it :..v ■ i ,.. . :
I. t*a ace," aSM tbe .Major t i hta wit*
I when tn reached Liverpool "There i*
thai :. t i*«i let Mauritania, ached<
vi. <; to leave ben arithln half ••.-. h«u;r
• i.e. ... ■ : baul 'i ■ Battle an 1
land a .ih'..«t ol her In Qucenrtown."
w Ithln i v.. m\ mlnuti ■ the maj «■ aud
i 1... >: <|. d the Maui . t in: :
'i li. . 'liiii .1- i paaw d I ()■ Ball U ill the
■ sight and landed th« maj<ii and in- i ...
II) .if Queenstuwn letor. tli.- •lliHi'.-
Wl:'. St." lit.- I ua- Flghtl I Wldl.-th,
Mauretanla was itrcpariag t.> leave
;'."'!■• n.-t ..\-. ii the Baltic appeared ..it
■ i ..i i and Ihf J';.- Ui i.uu.i Mn
taken out to bei In a tender H:td iti v
i> rm II- -I aboard the ' Junardi r Ihe .
would ha\. arrived bew ".i . UStlii
So Mr. Wickersham Will Inform
the President.
May Be Necessary for Fulfil
ment of Mr. Taft's Policies,
Ec Says in Chicago.
aajo, April !<>.— A sacond term r.>r
Pnalilont Taft wai saajgested by Attor
w. Wkrherahan to
day ju-t before the raWael ofiitiai dc
;;irf«l for Washington. H>' further
Stated that h. w.,uld convey so Mr Taft
.1 r« i j.rt that ResajbUcaa liiaurg* nry in
the Middle West would not sp! if - the
■Wi.ile it is true that in Chicago I
have been in tho hands of friends, both
of myself and the administration," said
Mr. Wickcrsham. 'still I have made
some inquiries and observations as t >
the extent of what has been described
as the insurgent movement. I was in
terested in securing this information be
cause Washington is th<- poorest place
in the world in which to derive BCCU
rate first hand tacts, especially as to
the West, owing to the great number of
cross currents, penonal or seMsh in
•while I have no disposition to deride
..i iiaflau all me U the strength and sin
cerity of the Insurgent BHHrosjent, stm
i will be able to tell Preetiea* Tat't
good nr\\ - that is. I do no! believe the
Republican party is t.. >>. s|ilit !>>• tho
divergence o*rer tariff or other poUciea.
I furtl.< -•!• bel'eve 'hat the full and frank
discurskma of adaaintotratloß a»easnres
and results, such as will be voiced -it
length from now --n. will result in a
clarity of listen Md I harmonizing of
views thai at present may "ot
probable to tin casual observer.
"Misunderstandings and lack of m
rormatlon are still prevalent. Parts
1. ars \mll rectify this. Oth>>r DMI
of the President's CaMnei than myself
win make addressee presenting th»- facts
dlr*ctry to the people, and it is my pre
• , 1 1 • ■> i that th<- parts will benefU and
the insurkf-nt sentimenl will sobskle."
The Attorney Oesjerart suggestion of
md term for Prestdurt Taft came
while he was dtorusvlng tho tim^ re
quired t>> pul the administration policies
Into the concrete form of law i
.;r;d Judicial decision!
much has been accomplished bj
tho sdmtoistmtloa in the period of
Presideni Taft's Incumbency." said Mr.
\\ k- rsham. "that I believe ' l
maind"r of his term "ill Sttfßcc to ac
complish much or nod of what he has
d. sii able There i? the
certainty, I thai before his- term
expires other question* of great Impor
t in> c, some of which I have in mind, will
• ;■. and will demand disposition
UiMler thosi llii iißMtsarf there would
or misht dertrabllltj of .ui
term for the present Executive.
Th«- iiii-lli generallj*, 1 think. dc«>s
not appreciate ho« much has i»-<-n ai>
Uehed bj Prealdenl Taft'i adminis
tration. !'■ rhapt it is only natural that
in concentrating attention upon tt.
ti< ular question of the '.:>>ur. or the <••>::■
:ns h-'.r. the people should forget 'vh.it
h.i.-~ gotM before, even if it hus l"-<-n of
the highest Importance. I had that Idea
la mind v\h>:i I pul these achievements
into ■ ■ • ndensed list I do n.>t think
any fair cJtisen or party man >nn read
thai list wtthoul being gratifled." •■
Mr. V/krkersham did n..t see In "keep-
Ing th.- tariff question agitated" th.
thai perennially alarms many
. ■ nr» n He spoke in fai <•: of
schedule revlsiona after sane considera
tion ar. i when the need oi changes
d« lertnlned.
•Tli' nation'! Industries," h'- said, "^are
too nti "..■'. too well de> i !■>!" d, to ;
thai dtocnsslon of tariff changes
will cause material harm. President
Tafl himself has Rtated that, sa the de
sirability and need are shown.
should l'- revision In the Interest of the
i .i,|.l'- .>s a who!*- Naturally, then
be Investigation and argunv »1 befon
there can be changes In tl..- schedule*
Only ■ wholesale revamping or ■ radical
turn In the direction of free trad.- v>-..ii!.;
Justify th.- fean of mm timid manu
• tcturen "
As to speaker Cannon, Mr STlcker-
Bham sai.l the ipeaker*a attitude wraa a
r. c.ction <>f the .-••■-]. tim. -lit ..f the major
ity of bia arty In the House, th« R<
publican organisation, tii- rona;resameg
being elected bj ]'■•; ahir vote.
Amateur Aviator and Woman
Only Ones Hurt.
iphls. April Id I. trol of
I ipU •• • hlch he aaa operat
• 4 \ entjr-fli • feet, -I • !
hi amateur a\ lator, shut ..if in
l.i'v nward • ith ler-
I- ,i Into M.- inti- M •>! the aviation
h< re to-day, alighting on top of a
lutorooblle In which were
• .. , hlldren. Thi bi
. : • i.its and Mara wai
t under tht • n ckag<
•\ |th ruta and bru •
In rh- auton* id • '•■■ •re Mrs Bdward
Ins Ritter, Loula Ritter
.. ,i Mn "/Hi lei Bmlth und i hild .Mrs
Ritter was the onlj one Injured,
i . , Iving a siitrl'i eul oa the nhoulder.:
>.i . Rittei ■ ding at the side of
.: just fini-!" d fnatcnlng
!• !n,- lii not*) w li.-n be «as knocked
v unc •• •'' Ihe Hi.i
. i- tit brought t.. .i :hri.linu
i.i>t a\ kation meet. « >nljr
. : . tteti
Mi rs prior t<> tl
, tv w< athei ■ '■
Fickle Maker May Have Been Pushed
! l!v T. ;• k" c.'i '■• Th* Ti il.iin. ;
Ptttsbars, April It James Crvlksbank.
a nJiiioii.iii.- i.iii.v manufacturer, fell ■■>
«..! |.-i i ..i down .« flight of ■tepa In a
, . i iveaue aalooa Ist4 la»l night.
atrtkteg on Uia brad snd fractoriag RiS
. f-kuii He w.i removod lo 8t John'a ll" -
I .in. Mrbert h<- .... .i to-day, Ibt ca«t bring
aurroundad v. |th 1 1.<- great* m l«
Coroner Jamtson la ea«lea\'ornn lo rtwl
I • i mm. ii «l.- la aald to hay* pu«h«d
(Trulkahanfc. 'J'li. ■!• id wan araa Hftj nln«
■■■■■ - -.i.i. .lii.J U^\r., * wlf<; snd »Ia »ii'l
i di • .i.
h nnsw. ■• to hla plea, tbt cottgregatloa of tIM WUth Avenue Haptist Churcfl rshu '
HCL#*# yesterday, and John i> Borkcfen^r sava ■ mtlai s«"rr. t3Z4.9M in ai'
betas; raited tor ttie new c;>.i!r-;i butldtai ii iweuti-rtghi mteutca
('•■.p\r ! s!-' l.v l'nj'rwoi«l «t !»!>r«nod, New Ycik>
■lad Just Declared His Readiness
for Martyrdom.
Bohemian Editor Dies at Head of
Followers in Pittsburg Suburb
— Colleague Wounded.
Pittsburg, April 10 \ sermon on saar
tyrdom, In which Frank BksJa, an ►-'litor
and promment mhsnoa orker, had ds
i .ii • d himself willing to lay down his
life for the Chrlatiaa ransr. wa fol
low d to-da) by his assßsstnatloa in a
highly BensaUona] manner, snd tis-
shooting of ■ fellow churdi leader, John
r.ay. \
Arm In srm, th< two mlsslonaiies were
leaving the 'it'>' Congregations,] church
In Wood 'a Run, a suburb, at th'- bead ol
rr,..i- than a hundred foreigners, a rase-
I gedly dressed and rotlsr)aaa man pokod
■ms way througn the crowd as- It reached
the met ••! Kckert str. >-t and MeClur.*
avenue, and when he was but ■ st.,> bs
hind the leaden be pressed ■ revolve? to
i SkahVa head and Bred twice. The bul-
I. ts t-»ok effect In the Jaw and temple,
i and th litor fell dead In th. midst of
his followers. •
Oay, who threv. np hi riKlit hand as
ii to ward off the wi apon. .is StTUCk
Mrsi In the thumb, and then a second
bullet was buried in iii.- head. He fell
unconsrioua acrosa the lifeless body of
. liis . otleague
For .-.-. • ral aiomenta th
sto,,,i over hi- two viitinis in a atrangv
contemplatii n ol the deed, nou
hla revolver, while the panicstrlckea
crowd i!'"I to shelter behUMl posts and
d«torv aj s.
The assassin «as Jan }:...• \ itch. :i
charactei known to most ol the mission
for his shiftless habit" »lovenlj dres*
and radical Inions. A inomeni before
he had meekly read from juv«nile leaf
j leta In the Sunday achooL led by ■.-'k; !a.
previousSy be bad sat In a back pen of
the church irins the regular o rmon.
and at the beginning of '.':.■ aervk i
i Bkala had shaken, his hand '.;; greeting.
In all this Radovitcfa had given :;•■ wartt-
Ing ot hla tnurderottd Intent.
There v.«.r- no police In light when t.i •
murdi r waa done, the churcn people
were t.. ■ frigMentd to capture the jis
sasst:i. and Lift-r the wild flourish of h; s
weapoc snd stamping his fool on tiv
bodies, he made o;T d*»wn the avenue to
thy Fort Wayne flaiiruad tiuck.; and
.> !S am n : •.-• to vi.-v A large arm* <.!
I poaan of i. lice, dciectivea snd cburcn
j people waa vtx'n in pursuit, but up to n
lit. hour to-night they !;a-: found do
tru< • . ■:' Mm.
After the osaassln'i dhmppearano - 'i
tnis.^:..:: crowd reassembled about th> ir
fallen leaden snd passionately mourned
their loss. Skala't bod) was removed
to an undertaker*i ■.•■■■!n> i . and <!ay ■aa
; taken to St. Jobi Hospital. Hfal
wound i ■■ dangeroua one, bui :t bi bt
lieved at the hospital thai be will r.
Skats nas prominent locally ■ t mis
.siou worker and sssoclata idii<:- ot The
Bohemian Christian Journal/* which h'
.in.i tt:. i{. \ Jsmea Lcsa published ;•!
CorsAtpoUt He waa a Freabyterlan, but
Lad Oiled the pulpit ai the Congrega<
tional muanon bouse aa a aubatltute t-«
day, aa hi had often dene before.
The R< v. Mi Loss waa ronnwo I to
>h.- tind< rtaklng rooma soon lef the
tragedy, and m violent emotion be d.
livered a funeral m rmon over the bod]
while hundred followers wept aloud.
N. iii- of the church workera believes
that then area any method in Rado
rltch'a na.liit s.- . H- was* .i man wh >
bad lived si Ihe Salvatton Arm] bar*
sucks and at a charitable pai lt< .i ■ -
where, but waa always al variance witn
lite t achlnga of !ii ; . Chri Uan -
It i.s doubtful :-f: -f he had ever seen Sk;ila
liefore to-day. !i<- is said t.. hay« i fen
detain* <i my c st a bos|!- i .
ti. .n int.. ..is mental ronditkm but to
ha\<- been released nftci a briel ti;
He wore ragged coata, with >>.m patrbi
sown with c.fir.-c uicti- thread
It is belli • by aonn of !!•.• congrc
cation that •!■.' sermon hi>..:.i preached,
with It.,- emphatic declaration that •.»»:•
nioiii.nl God WOUld '.'..Hit in > lit. 1 aiii
reudy to i.i\ my llf< ilown," bad llrred
thi i. : . Ignei to teal h ; b < 'bi Istl n kdsl
Ity. Bkala bad t i!. n for hla t (t "1 .i n
the bread nf life," and had prcachcJ
upon ihi uidtii.u noartyrsi
Dr. Eliot's Position Regarding
Suifering Patients.
18, v.i .-,: i. -:■ : -
♦ '.imliriilec. Masj., April 1" The
Ktatemeni made by r»r Cbarlea f:. Rasa
mcck some lima ago, thai Dr. Charta
v. KM.it spvroved of deprtvfaig sbmbb
belnga of Dfe wbo«ara hi urabrjf dhv
eased, n denied by Barvard*i fwiHtfWi
emerltos. i>r. Flior bolda that tt dots
iiot m:itt>r much, however. In a hopeless
case if a patient's life is cut short by j
Burnt hours provided ha b relieved from i
jam. H>- raya h>- btanseU would wish, if
!:•• wen in i bopelesa condlttoa aad raf- :
1- nne extreme pain, that su--h a courst
should bt administered to him. He doss
not believe thai bny one baa tf..' ri^ht to I
kill another in order to j.^r a fering I
I at:- : I out of esdstcnce, but that if the
beneflctel snodynsi uhi- h usluia pro* i
\ !<!..< were emptoyed they would brneffl
greatly, even U they ahould aervs to
■bort< n Dfc
Peace Patched Up by Father of
Packing Millionaire.
Loa Augdea. .V;»r:l 1 » Joha P.
Cwdahy la -«!i Wa way to Kansas City
snd n reconcfflatlon with hi-; v- Ifc b in
tight, tbe estrangement canst d by hi-<
assault ••" Jers S. LIU -. th< Kansas City
banker, having been patcjbed us h> th'
young man't father, atlchaul Codahy.
Thai bßformatioa was disclosed rtater
r!;:y by flleudt Of the Cwdsby f.tmilv. fa|<
lowing tli*- departure of Mr. Codahy last
Bight from Pasadena
Richard L. Kyle, of Jersey City,
Struck at Crossing.
I ; _r i; j •■■ 1
BomervtDe, N. J. April WL— Blcbard 1»
Kyle, a wealthy cattla dealer an. l mem
ber of the tirm of Newton A Co* of J^r
aey City, v as instantly killed test night
n\ the eaaHnwimi Buffali ■ ■■ ■ - al the
Hin»born i r. sstng of the I>hith Vm •
Railroad, thre- ml!ea fr re i re. Mi
;<yi • was in a bugsT, on bfa^wai ta cli
farm, near W I ntn t > m ■■
occurred. There a r<- no eyewitn wi
The rngtoi . r " tht train statct that lv
y. t v nothbuj bbead until bt heard al
erase.. kK Btopped bfaj Un -••■ n as '.
- ". crew, on goin^
r- •tin.'. Kyle'a mangled body ':inu od the
trncs His her I n ki'.Ui!
and t.»- \ . iwi ked
The train Tew placed Mr. Kysr*i bony
In tbc RlOsboro station, snd it waa re- ■
moved ti Ike Kyle residence, la Jersey
i '.t> . to-day
Count] Physician Loss, bas ordci
icQueal to !.< held to-nx rrow, ..::■: It bi
rSpected th.v th.' Swaeisel Grand Jury.
which n •>■!.: or-. Tuesday, wU
to consider an = 1 1 « 1 1 rmecK ..^..;.si the;
Lehlgl" Valley Railroad tm kavtaj fi
trcsslnji unguarded si r.i^l't. Tb< ■
ir.K la guarded during U ■ day.
Ffistl While Administering
Communion and Head Is Out
Troj . N. f . April n» Bishop Wlltfaun
Croswell. Do do, • I tbi .\ b • Bpl i pal
I-., rse, waa >• i/.< -I wltb a fainting.
nhlle .i'i:nii:isi . ri: :•. tn rttt of com*
munlon to a rlasi a( s r . .' .h.r ici
in this city, to-d.
Btahos Doanc ta a man of l ■:•...• frame
and is \. • 'i .i lon ,tn . >■■ rt b
sttu.k hi. : ii.. I nn the atoae t!o*»r of th^
chancel and wm aeveml] > !:t. He wat
knunedlater; removed t-> St J ■'■ n
lory, ' •'..;, tbc 1 1 ia: • • 11.1 1 . v h r ■ m •'•-
cal aid « is called In i. tei Di E ::
Hunn and lion nr.i Van Ret
Albanj . '•■ •: '■ sunnre i • ' i 1 '
Mr>s. Gardiner, ■<( N. • i ia n.»ti
iieii by trtegraph, ami >'. ■•• eamc ta Troy.
Bishop i >■•:.- will i •■ ; ■
The i ' le that bis condition
! I Hi
Will Bbcrw Farrjovj What C?rcf.a
Breeding of Coramcu Stock Will Do.
. N N ■ ■ A ■ •■• I
. ■ ■ • .i
fai -ii t'iini « hlcfi 1 1 • i ■• i a. i
Acficultnrc « ill run o k .
■ o ran • ib» tts i • i
i . .i • • ■
.1 •n: ill . v,.. . :
' -t.u t frotn t. •- ■ ■ I rll M mJ stop
.ii .ill i r 1 1 • i in. .In.. c •■: '- \ I -.\ • ii tlit'.e
■ an. i Buffalo aojd BslsnuiDjca a ball daggs
CorotU professan trttl loctura
: 5162.000 TO CHURCH
Doubles Every Delia? Taken in
Fiftn Avenue Baptist
Other Pledges in Response to
the Appeal of D*-. Aked
Range from S3 to
Fifth ATeane BaptNt. IfJIO •:'.:i.MO '
t»r»«"«? f harrh. '{nthwlni Memo
rial, 1310 . IfM.lOtt
(■rt •■#■ htir>-l>. Ka»>r r»l!*rl
iau« . 1.W.000
IJ«. \. B. tmmm H Orrhanl.
Mr.. t«TO ir>.««»
Prr«i!> t^ri.:n nl-«U)n». 199 ft . lld.Bo* ;
I)i .'.. K. Vinip-.in. I jrn»si<- Hull.
1 *!>A . .... ii.;.nf,o i
Th»- ;a-«p>it chuica rofl rdoa oc
erd, fSUMHt was tubserlbrd tfl '■"■■r.y
t'ij;hi minutes yastUdSJ nii.;r..nc by the
rongiegatlaa of tbi itfl Avsnta P.a;j
ti^t churehi in mponsi to <-.n appi I
tbt pastor, thi Rsr. I>r. C. r*. MM I
fSOOIOOO v it!i whirfl t<. y :::>! a n*w
chnwß Tba consrcsatJoa promjssd
flfßLOQOand .i .. Di Bo krfrQn . i
this sum.
The congregation was stim-jlated »o
-..niis-ai ismwTfj by r>r. Ake4
after r»-T'frr!.'is; to an (Jd wash' r I tfl
wh>» had ghrtu the Brat ooQaJ i bud
tamed dolfau t> the fund Cos tba an*
»-:it adtfJ •-. b) 1963 a> l !
"I v.ar.r all th- i r.ncr ?:il ■ •• >n
•• We ds not dastn ibi rmnco f o
be the cift of n handful of rich me and
\.iw rl'-nt waM M pat yon pasr^ r ir. lbs
position of !.»ir_ ; ...
thr>>- ri.h m^n. N'> astf«p i
ist. r would pr—ca fas Bw mb ttes
und< r s'i'h conditions."
And th»> mrmben of the '-.•n^ > -^r • o
raspoodM with a WSI ":■ ir: rr: an
prompt.'! th^ altk>l*l r>i •-■ was al n •••!.
n^twren two .<."».ih*» s ■ i bsfTtprJosa was
nn^ for |B from {.. .^. hr.: ; .:r. sflrf then
w» r^ many to >•"• sad 9tQ (| n^ sab>
S'-ri; tion \v;is signed "A Jew."
Tt;^s>' subscriptions, large and srr;V.
amnunfil |» >lf."J.»'><>- ■ n.-hnlf tba ' I
sum. Th>' other ha!f was r.>r.frii.':»r-<! 1 v
John Iv Knrkf "■er. who had pfOmSMd t
<i"!^!r for every d"!iar subscribed ':;> to
•Sii"^ ».•■•»».
int»r»st in Qm (otnd sou DSt casftead
to Hi B rtsArOer, bowvvar, to ms wtfi
subsrrlbad fUOOOt his son fTVfflh Mr?.
J.-hn l» MsctnaMssj; Jr.. >1.««»> an.l
A. P. Prentiss fSUIOQ
A «25,CC0 Contribution.
T>i» l.irgest ccntrlNtitior oth'-rwise was
that "f Eilgnr T. Marat *vtv\ Is ms
name snd that of his family, rsntrl
*.!'.".• •»>«». Mr. Marston is president of Qta
1-o.ir'i of trustosa t'ol^arp fJSfI am! t!i"
faastrj of the mta T. Boratis BbjeSsw
= a\.' fICUOOOeaeBL Barry IfnTiwsii] ahn
contributed ftOjQOQ wbfll Kra HuMwrd
added fIjOOQ
Several mem&en gave .>.">.< nn » rach, to
cludlng Bdward A. Alstn, sfn .i ir.iyes.
.r f Cbmey and family aad a. B
Walk r, and thsrs stn scorea <>t .-on-
MbttthMai of from .<:'..*mk» to .<!"•>.
Tbt next largest church eofjarttafl to
that of yestofdwy wa- roßtrlbatsd Issl
Esstei at Qracs Chorea am! to . I |
♦ , S|«-.i».«nm> [r was used t . ray in part
for thi plot of sro..n-l adjoining tn»*
church which will bi thj attt of 'h>-
Huntington Memorial. In POQ tbi
Esstef coOtctloa at Qnct Ctaxcfi
amounted to more thin $ir«S.»a»!> nl
was apiTt'iiriated for the same B i", offS)
Os April 14. l '«»'.>. rYesbytarma satii
• re.l :n th • Fit'f: 1 . AVOSUH IHtSUj tethUl
Church contributed SUoiOOO t.> the worl
of tbt t'hurcn rxtmalaa committee; after
.it: TTrttlilfftTtrf PSH 'y th" P.tv. I>r. W
II .-'rri;ii. No churchman ever hu-J
git att r auccesa i*i if***wj ktfga sums of
money than the Itev Dr A. I.. RmpSßOt
in iv>'.». si •>:■'. Orchard Be-, at raised
s:^i>.' i-• : ■ : ... missionary «
• :. Alliance Society, ar.d in 1"»!>*
■■ ' in rarntitt BsO ffßflfff
les the aamt purpbaa
Partcr Gave Week's Notice.
There was sa s* I uijTttn of ssnscs*
umi :;i Dr. Absdri church who
;n. ■;:-. in_r s. rvic began yesterday. Dr.
Ak< «i !mu ..nr.ounccil 88 Iht i>Tf\ iv i«
Sunday that ba would ask for f3oUtfm
and masq ayea had bought out v.'.*> \<"W
«c< ,i;ii. .1 • y J.'h:: I>. Bod -
T; . pecood ayms waa ■>
tration.' i>ne couplet •>! whi*:li ■as) as)
l>r. Aksd*i sppsal tor aatdgss) -.vaa pro
..-.!.-: bj a Mrm.'ii on th^- folluwins text
... tbi Dtcund DOok >.f Bamttal, sv...
•J. t -Ami tht k;r:t' ?«aiil ants Ari.in.i.i.
Na\ bui i wQ auretj ay tt of I ts
i rice: nettbet win ! ollar burnt *nV
,::.:■• : i Lord ■ ■ ' ■ : ;
. • . »: r.ir nothing." H.
I-, >n . ■ ■ rbfes from thi t .
, • UsvM d m ;•• lbs sv
dw«l -■ ob th. -i nil thai • •
.;• - lOd tit ■■ ;■•!•» ..''.I 1 :
fcftjßS t» pS ' ■• '■ I
, , ' ■■ • ' !•! • ' ' I . ■
\. . rk."'
•This is coctrarj i
bs said
■ . . .-\\ . .: t.. • • ■
■rrhttreta snd 1 1 w b f ta •
Mi.;.! 1 .. Agoi la nba small • - :• -
rjven i"' 1 . yw«
. . i , ■ . : .-..■-■ i not:i
u baa bees i I thai
get si i • ■ • '
s Of* to sfj ' ■ - •■• •■•''-
',■ i■. .• : ..> ska is »nd .- , If am
1 acquit oursrlvcs gall I t|tfi

, .n: t\ But wot U i"-i »h- I . i
gi-t i ... i. ■ ! ■ Itnnr^n;
• ■ . . tktuted --- ««>cU't! ■.■.■*.•!»:.
.. :.-. t ,s brgttlnakjto, but there a.r^
. , when ■• oughl t. athmi nmssl— s
| |h« rostrj laxurj of rttaxßßg thsst
$ .Itaun moacln thai «■ t .i
1 .iild fat, anU al-io j;i\«; oOracf«ej uy la

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