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Suffragists Deny Responsibility
for Hissing.
After Disposing of That Incident;
Convention Proceeds to Busi
ness — Progress of Cause.
.Tr-mi Tlif Tiilrun* Hirr«"«u 1
ngt*»n asMni 1.".. - Th* MMMI «' \
fw«vrtent Taft si la?t nUrt.f" srsrfon «»f the
National American VMMBI S'lfft^it. Araocl
«t:<'t put *:i sfhet vd&t*nn mto BM back
srro-.nid :o-d»y mitfl'ilTf Bsi MB*onjjßn,
vi:ir<ri 1:- hrinp l'.ela al "-T- ArtingMs BMst.
Twr^'Jed for the nost p.irt EhC BOM and |
«ch«'lnlo»i teii^r of it> WOT* BJsl b-rteath th* j
Mrtfai"!* it ***<r>e<l with m hurled emotior.*. j
«r.i! bt^hTe the official l>oard determined on j
formal repudiation of all r«»«i>onsn>llity for ;
the lilKsVn* tlierr hnd op<»a much wirepull- j
injr ajid h eartbuntlnjt.
A- 8 matter <if tact, tlie liis.t#s= represent- ',
■<] th<> -ejCf f^eljuir or mBTV of th* women. ;
Mfl th ■»«"*' ; opc:ily statn^J. Mrs 1.. Qt
Harl^r. of •TaMMMifMsVi "ho i- attcn.linp
tne .~<oni'. but Is not a d« legate, .said ;
the vaV |tt3 Bsf Prr«id«m wns hissed, nnd j
XT:;- Tiarcucrite Ju P..TIT T.ce. at IfMßa> !
ir?-e:;. !( roiiFhi <if .fiatrt*- dn Pnnt. v :♦-;
aT^iinft a Jeft< of MViORO- to The rt*SJ- |
dmr. !»pf J+STrirt Maty Mil!?. vlce-pr»-«1
tir-nt of the MMM V..iK <**tf A*«*cmtKtn, j
ii pjgi not axt<rmrU'J« SB |MMBM> trt«> his Finis, :
tt-.i-nif '■♦ there was cai:pe for st. an<f one
rfelrgate <>f pm>mi!"icn< % dMtrad 1 {hi ;
rr f^rcnri^ to tTir poMShiltry of ffic <uff' raß*r aR*
'r^njr r\f-r**?*d >r me KaM. 4crira>lc .-lass
of -»r.fn*n nit iw4rig. in »•>* lleht of Ma- j
. *rtr«\ "nuri'avi^us.** 11 war tht* r*WßPra: ;
U<irt c»n<w-<1 ail th* BMMMBM. BST it BMM eon- j
-:rt«*>exl » rrf«w«nc* to the Cr»l*.vjkln situa- .
tion, bul Mary <iarTctt Ila>. << ' Xew j
T«rK. rxpreff"^ tb* opinion of another
botOm dl !V 6nn*Mni whtii ■:.• -«.tl
t!:ST f?+- mn l "frii''u^r, way cr.tire!-. :thoiif |
Som* C*M It "Anti" Trie*.
TUe ii»*ni»\. bowfver «as general";? f»lt !
■ h«« it nrH"taar<». nrwi no onf «•» trilling ;
♦ ■•% »i*ry^\ th«H tli* d<-iej»nt<v< li.-yd Mr^'tMrrs- '
to <V» «rOi It .- tm* 1 deeia-MT that B Mni \
•n ••«T!ti tiHt. !m*TwJ*v* '.*> di*rre.Ut fhe i
r*Vr#c. s«d <*th*-* even dWM t« tbm IMsffi]
of* flfedartnc fTlat : •■ I'ifpsc.* c-aiae from
r:jTKiii* MM •■ 'i •"' *. A* PMMM MM ■
•tr* Mir rt'»tfHn*e «- .1 rMMsatfJ f|o«t*r* dwn
'rvrn mi CSBJBBSi li'at On i-.earTna before;
*»i^«rr*««i t« ;♦•« iiif-»>ty !^ >•• e«-nc«r,*iri. tb* 1
r^riv r.ppos«'fl 10 t' <■ a< i ■ ir ~ lot;dlh* ,
••ornp*^rrre4 that thr mSataM wou'.d -arocitj
•"h* »pl*tkm i-fT;n<*«.hinß had ■>* he asMMt J
Tr* '■«^ol'jt>rirp crmimiirpe *a? rte^tily wjm- {
■(Mnt^B. »txJ the cnrrr*.nft'>r.. when it a»- j
SMbsIMA. *at a.<-k>»rf to ind-^ne th«» foil<rw- .
lit KsmUJtl'ii whwJl tt did o4a op* r>r I
''W*w, T-.» Piwafleiil or rM FatiM
ia «relcotn<nir ili» tony-sec- i ..1 an
:.-ihi con\;*t!l*>n of r>v» Nat!,-,n«i American
Woman Bnflfrace AwKictatfan. h.-is take-, urn
'•'irs-orir paeitton of h*ins th» nrst Ingom
b*«i «f V;i* ofTf" to poneahtne <if>ici«ih mrj
to pr"i;r«- A ■■orrirletc j]*mrt»-
»cv. rb»T<»h: Tertifyinjr h:« eoolctlew Ait
tm ;*c power anri BrserCb: »no.
'A h«T»"^-. IJ|« srr!n-,;<.ne»<*. Ti#>n*!''\- gruT
'■'• •■"'neps .n^^»»rte.i \vTi*i mUfti* h*re
bed an empty form 'nt« an orfj.Mal eonJT
■' ■ ■ hlKtorfr aiiki for him and f«r ■»'
•*«*re # rrr*. N^ <T
rr«-«otvPfl. Trult *.- ennr*y to Pr« ; f}r-;T
yPtea M Tf. r t tbe thnnlts anrt fpprecm
•toa of tiii*< r-r>pv*ntiop for hie welconw,
nCTtrrtnjt lilwi af tn* same tirn* th«« the
•. • '!«>ri »nd pvbtte j-p'rit of tti<^ n-ornev
* IftAft a fnf*nH to ■ale th*rnvei\«.s
W< in 'h* c<^a oti->tt»*t:» nf « lik^i h* h tl-.*.'t 1 -.*.'
• r ,-,ri bea4, end tnaf at no ftfltsJM date.
sr'.;i th* 1 ojipohitk»n •«•*« nil satlpftwl TM !
■^•"li3*nt "bf net one that oswßtd be ifi^rnd, i
•hfy ijaertnaj Mi MdMsi n>on«l edjfee ewtl
t'i« ln»<iJ» h»it an rn^uaiif.ed apology, and '
-a m-icv, pMHMP>> erws sroaoJM Ml fear en;
■ ' raecm ■ • Hroi i isiriep^ of •)■»
afternoc Ihe. hswXfsJßJ of .-> MOW was
«.?c. to th« rre«ri,Vnt. wh eh wa.« ordn-^d
fo bd '-h i" '.'ni a!<'Tj: nth Th* cnr!ir-r
T>* ♦« trir rr r »»n-f)r: t r\as rtirned j-y
I'rart'e* ttMfV v^.f- ooTraaponalns *t
•'•»". mI Msi Bl MBows:
Tfl* I|if-lr»ir-5 rr-r,l;,t!n'i irtro'l'l ■ •*<! hr »I^'
•fiTi^nfc' mniriii'TP. „., «~,, r \f-T.tJon .^-,.1.)
fl'i"s v«e pA.*Fs-d ir inlmo';«-h by the V«.
'ir.rflt ApK-'ini rinfoi SufTrj-a' 1 A^«-'><-'»-
Mrtn tn-flav At m> "f'-i us of it.-i niointn*
T B^l f'l°trjc«.>fj tr- TIV un*!!imr,iiv vnit of
f»-<» r.ffl^4Jl Boar* an.l o' tho O*I>CAT«I ri^
ineml Hi ' • • y«m ■rttn U»* conv*t»
' rpmmanict ii<t, ;
Th« offltttl boartl MJ4 Ortefstei wrr*
!■■■' I ■ ■ "' ''" ■■•' land sutlicr-
Ins To f.j»r \-.Tir r-<r -<( "**nir >«•♦ "vpthmc. BAli
• ■ th« national rm\» » »»msafvf» «■• •w. N ,
♦triT.wi v. nrnj»r > v * -{ic*- A««of-iati.>»i «h*r*
- fP*> fT WHM 'l«1 ,-<r^' o"*
pf*B*T»?. * t'-,r- „,..rr-f«-T nf , njr . .»"e.T-' i»»t lofi
•>r auteMer. -' •• ' ! '1 have, !nt*fTas4Pd (vor
''j'ir*^' I" 1 •' ■ \ ■ . ■ ..f ;,. r.,, n^! foi]-
Ik and ft>*v |ipt»w ' til '.- ■■ '-;
hj;ft«- -rrr • < i,ji oi«>.rrii|il :ot, n:.| BOSi ■•••'-
«'•<• pt;< •'■«• <.f ;y ( r- »>■.?<■> -]..!] ..* I'Aiel :*: *
Rptrtt '■ ** vi^t it !•- :v.: v. i
T K .r «tnl!f n;.nn?;;'--ir t-> tfli!" »ctf«»n W«*
fat nf Mfo i.»*. «hm m%Brfnttd] Ml fl
• n»*»»n »-iafem»nt tn tTic platfoT'n t<i th«
•tTe^ that rti* *ra.« ?»*»♦ * H^M-Kiti*- »r.d hart
„„ «.,»., t)i* i;f»- v«ro a-k»'i for l»e
• .^' »-'.'■ " h.- htkJct Uc. Ir.iprespion t':at
CM. op-!iion of - i' Mdn an.":-, n •• \va«
« BSttC
'i h MMfOM «• tte iftetnoea ofsohm of
Hw Mh«Ojw80B IM Hi Anna T?o»ar<l
Shaw. tTi« vr^rioWit of Jhe !i«wl^ . <»s«i.i that
Iff «f lit* M»'i1 r .«t hours" >^* ha<l » \ »*r
•r»*r.t At a national convention \v;ic last
» I bh >-BKI iliat - ■'■..<• <■: t!.e offlcru
»ny rcvponsiiiilit . r ' *■ t;.<- man ' I
■ •- If n •• •■■ ■ eras exhttdMfl
:.irfl to » prtr» *■•: tho rVOsMMft
•nd «^lk ;:oj>.-<1 thai :.••!. .it t^e .Je>cr-t
ipiv! hwr nrty if-'ic-mfiit niiv Phe> fltd iHit i •■-
!t*-V» tin- \v.-<>> if«j>on*it le- for the
**in<nt+ l tutiun, and. »!..:. i' v.a« i:. ;;..■.■..- ."1*
■ .T-<1 all who ni.^: ' ntu-nd iii<' mect
i. •■:• \'-r\\-.r'\. .- -. tl ft&f ii,<-- Chtty of the
'it*) izx'lxi t< «■ ■ Its MMI at i!ie
:• • '• ■ • ■ ■ ~*i ".^l.l<r,t of -he
M Mste« ■ ■-, or-f— i.i v*- U)*ir sue.-t
An Optn Air Symposium.
Ihi eonotntssa than ppj ntiad
Do-I'jm hi np^T* alf me^tlr* arid licAr.j fro ii
• ■ • * T>ropagaii.l;i nugiU T" »>* r.ip; jn ••>. .
■-■• • bt Mm so obi si ■■- (nseod aU the
** =:■ xr* .ti dsM M.ir»«- ii Bhs4anel (hoy
.-* nr»t it appearii. s>".d p*>oj>le tl.ror\ t'lTn
»■ BH HflpSi "' dw) «i:ffr«g*n*>- V*t this I
r :*:«i!an'-<- i» not wholly «]i*a«i\ant L«*rnjN. I
. 4. • .• .r- .jti-v s\ i ■
; .> • •.• bj spni .' ' ' • vt - •.•;• ; - ■• I <i. i
.Hit>i: unii< ' • ■ ' .i of V 1V 1 Battfei
r .■ sa ta ttca, H:.t).<r'- anto
.' f>• !tb luejef :• litah av*
v ■ ' • ■ i •■*'.. I l,i» OJ i*lo;.,
■ th' tr i.v thud ■ i] 'is ••'•- <■;• ■
" .- ' .•< : • I,, ■--,« -,' j ,-. i; j
end •" • ■ m * steajdard Dot ih*
nw4bl K-iffraLjr" ?->i,
; •• . ' ■ .... . .nf-ijuoti ".h- 4
■ ...- •I ' • - hi • r ' • ' '
i by " ■ Harriet Taylor iv- ■ • •• .
•• "to. alCh BXhs BUtnhHn Hars.»n, ■ f
: 1 -I
Natural Laxative
I Water
g Recommended
f by Physicians.
F Refuse Substitutes
■ li you have never used !t
I ?>chx», »r i NOW lor
New Tor*. aa eorTecpondinc secretary, and
; Mr.-, nil* Kevrart, of Chicago, as txeas
> mMI Professor France* 3qutre rotter r. -
' fu."*<l to accept Oal nomination for tii*
, presidency, as she previously refuse>l to r:"i
'again far the offi< •• of orrf spending seer:»-
ItasT. Alt 1-r ret'.'-eTn**nt from the lat»*r
1 office after a year's service has been tM
i MMM ef much itpecalation. she made the
■ f./li"\vi::K espsßnatisa to-day:
"The. theme of 00-operatlon now in opera
! tMM at th* national h«"adfiuarte>r» in Xew
j York entail** a large waste aC ttrr.e and
: enerpy. Instead of doing one's own work.
I on* is practically carrying other people?
! burden*. Patronage is bad for any organi
! ration. An organization. like an individual,
i cannot live T«*j-ond ff»i mean"! and retain Rf
<»if-re!*pcct or tl c re«<p*ct of ofhMK Such
« condttl.»n In bonnd fo engender hHrt*^-'
' MMM or wer^e. I do not m*»o this «*
i deroaratary to Mr-. O. H. P. U«imot.:. nor
.].. I wish Is minimise th.* help sly lias M
I K«nerously siven It MB no personal asf
Some of the Addresses.
M;«. 1 IMaaa>WMaMBV« of Kentucky.
j whoo* grandfather .-Mid grea4-uncle drafted
joitnly the first bill ever drawn on the
American continent to MEBrl to marrl*>«l
PJm control of Dssf prorrrty. declared
that **»• intemled to try to vote at the next
MtetMn, and. »f d<'rtr«fn*«l. to carry the
<ju«»*:tkm to the Tutted States Supreme
Susan W. Fit**erald. of Boston, declared
tiv* thing* essential to the "mcoessful oat
of-door «■?»>« ker in tt»- cause of e«>»>al
franchise. They were. A dogged determlna
tton tv :riake jrocd, no matter what occurs;
OMBBI of ?i.>od carrying power: an under
stMsßnaj of the audience, m power of men
tal ari.li:«tm*Ti« and a *ense of horoor.
Mary N. > lasaa, presidom of the New
H»uTrp«=U<re Woman Suffrage Aeaociation.
PMMBMI ■ r*port showing fhe cl-.ief eTfort
of the year in New HamjwTilre. fn addition
\< se. urine natn^n to tin* national petition,
had been i)*e |»ractiral conrer&lon of the
*ta.te eraxipe to woman suflfr»«srr
Alice Paul, speaking on woman suffrage ;
;n Qraa< Rrltairi. declared that th" ea-jpe
has hern misrepresented aid distorted by
th* j.-r.*-- .■♦ BasjaMßai a^d c"rr»p«r*<i the
rrlfkirm of Ml n>ffrsirl»f« th*re to that of
the abolitionist j: In th»» T'nlfed State«.
IM report of th*» Oklahoma Woman
Suffr**-* Association, pre*^nted by Presi
de/it Kate v. Bia-irers, showed that the
women of IMS new state are leading ,i de
termine I flgl.t. A poSMt bearing nearly
V'fP»\ cfßnatvrr*. to strike the word,
'rrral''" MB the *fat* con*fltntion ha?> heew |
i>r«7*i»ref? »rd a«k* MMH UPJ rp>**tton be
MhnttMf to tM Tnt#r«r at Th" next «p«i-lal
<rr -"«r'!^ eiectfon in BM
flarn-ier Taylor I'pton. the treasurer. pre- j
Msttd MT icport. showing the total re- ,
e*"rpt* for the year I^S« to !wv« h*«n i
J21.4C605. Th* d>!»b«rspm«nts were Jl?,&l».v>.
At to-ni«rbfs toss;,.,, Carrie Chapman
Catt. reMMsnM of Eft* International Suffrage
Mtianee, /<ddre<«*>.f iii*» convention. The
MstO^Hnl fn^rifPfd a motion by Dr. Shaft*
♦ her iiaTM be prtnt*d «n«< s*nt t«
ev»ry Ml twklnc pArt fry tT>* B*v»rnm'»r,l
of •"<■ T'nifed States. inc!u»sln« the r-<»s-t
**em Mr«. «"att r»ferr»-<l to the «*bjecttr»n
v< "TTffr»e». t*:;?t all women do j.ot seek it.
a* m •'fallacy that should be punctured '
'A'l The nbjr-cf ionti of the f.S S," MM "-aid,
leeeni eonc*itrat*d in this argument. The
[BM| BMK hj laaiMMnafjMM. but if cafries an
bntuenco which i? r"»rSTT'>'rS to «nr Tni'-r-
MM " (
» , I.
Johns Hopkins Surgeon Says They Did
th« Proper Thing.
i c^- "• r-ir v "> fart TrtHr^e '
«-."ii. aM, Ajsrti i& — Thar t\r- «:i)ffra«rtstji
t»-hn braved Pr*«td»nt Tuft dHi the prrtper
ii'i-tR f« the or«in««n *xprr««-*<l by Dr. Howard
A. K*-;i*>>. one .if th« stircons who helped
iv.ake John* Hopkins Hospital famous. He
paid: "Th* bi-««inß was only an outspoken
eXprjejatOD Of their fee!<rngs of disappfrtv^T
T nm #WMJpi glad sB *** r»*orl* e\rrfs«(ng
dsett I • .it! fe»llr,ge Thts i' an a«5« of
smi nf '''.rr 1 . Th* tin: for
MTtnothins thing*- over 1-.^^ psr-seii. and
WOBsM as OMB x- 5 m< n are learning that
the <.iily "a- to s~-ijr» what th»y want v
If fxnrcvic MMMjfMtai af evicting con<sl
: Mori?
• TV* un<l'-«i ra os«» .i rrn^ llt MM «-hAw«
■HM^tftMlls ■ a tnfefeM in til*} halTof in (M
V'*t, and •-• ■ tn c«,«»jt wnerr «rp a n fnf>-
,MI ha i^ni dweii N has -had no p,>w»-.
M any <ne MM any «■ :il<-!,' of thr
■r'raWf f'emcr.fp interest i- »-'iff»-aßr*!?
\, -t ot MenPssty ■''■ruin that tMj b»*t
sromen W0! •»•-•■ Jn poll
ri--. and tiir. BaraMsa *I*-rv*nt srM ig
h " ltbertO« the aTTairs of Mitr?"
Chicago Suffraijipt R*s?ntß Mr. T»ft>
(•>• T^ ■ *-afh t« Th- Tr)b>ir" |
Chieasje, >pni 15.-Mi». Minon» ft ntt*.
Jon*r d*<-lar*d to-(1«!v the stiffrarl'ts MMmM
rather kM«« PVmmmmmi T«ft aren't mcm
»h«i> m inve liis lialf-heeried »ui>i».ir«. Sh«
lanststod thai if she '..^i mm hi BMBBMB>
■ • "■ :M ha«o i..!r.*>d ■ the hhnot
; that rr*^t<vt Bal PlnsMMt 1 ! sMOCh.
• '""*-'■■ • • T ,'■ ha* bans Hvlnir m Jh
.'e>.i past v Itli I;l« mould;, law books." she
( said. He views th* sIMBtMB with Judicial
I rilnd on (TpinloitA Uid down in th* past.
H. <l',.- n«t look IMMM IBM ?uffr«i;e tup*,
tion ii «s a determined Executive, . ■..) hat*
aol shown ekoonttvi fajmftlj
"Laaytft-Uke, tf rroijrh, the problem on
or r «MM id a MMSMMJ manner, ami therj
I wei«liM it a««tr, .»n ill* other side In a
Mttmer pl<-.irin« tn the opVo-ition. arriv
t'lir at n»> MMCSO • : OTM-1'!*.,.,!
Mi- iris;nu»tJoi> that a- <• ;,rf not fit for
j wlf-iroveT!,rne!it yin mi OMparsj wmmm ««
ag forth sons, but rather to re ret the
'liirth of a pon. f<lnce he «.- to grow up into
• d bond ••■ BdMuhi i |n own Bsothor."
Oaivaoton, April i.V- BBBaoteUaau <icnoun<
in^- the utterance „< pr^sMent Tim yes
terday tO the dHetraU-s of the National t?uf-
Ahuoi lAtioi) •»*■»-*, adopted to-«lay by
IM Tpv;i« F>deTfitlon of l^alK>r. Miss Bfn
<roldsr:nth, ric*-p>r**iden< of Ism MOSMtSM
Uaaet Cownefl, neeSarod that the i- ■ Moaakt'a
we-»- an in.«u!t to American ■» .irking
Colored Women Then Swear Out War
rants for Five Georgians.
Ichh rfl ■i< i Mft NVttf* ..f DM kill-
Inn of ltr» DWjra met; m«r Ani»^>>. "biMit
' '■ !:•• - t i. "f h'-re, n-• bad ti..«< place
T- .-<la > i ..•< db in 'tie Uaj rrant c "vcr*
•aoiii - ; ! two .i'-Rro v.orneu. charging
'.;:>• promtnenl >».';it<' men srtth lynehmy.
T".;*> '■ (Me !■ i«ai«l to h;»\» tari*u OVOT
.<... l.ere about "\o we«-ks ago.
. •; Mcfcaattj one »>' sii« aeojroos, aras j
IflfJlVd n: HaM time, chrvF»-d rlth th*
crfttWj mi wan re'.-B- ■•. an ... •)-. other
mji ■ aJ sfl Bbayal. ■ ••■<!. i t bave rtgnod
•'.. ;^.- •! ©f tii«- «■< . **.i l.irtD rii.- two
Beojtwe Ibl »-.'Jd. Uceun to openiy boa»-t '
„f ihe loed Hsi ki!i.j|i i: -aid to bata]
Ground Rent and Stumpagc Duca In '
creased — Fire Rangers' Payment.
T' ....'.. Anni B An !t«f.or»fcnt irsep for
0 i sonoerenflM of tn the province
<f Ontaiio v i»i> taken tA .'..■ by th» fifo- i
•in- Ml «oven.m*nt Stwnipage due* on All .
■ i bnj hay« l>»-«ii tiii i<-a.*-eii ;/» cents a thou- !
fan<t r*«t. m .l meaSui. Ground i-rnt l« I
Increafel irom f.. in f. m riiile The>«" Ml
■J:*» vi ■;■•(.■■;■ '»i years
Oa?Mfi ot timi-'r mnfts T.iu^t pay
IMsT o«ti fiie r?.:,g r* 7hi ifsETtShni i<"'
. • < - he i> »»in * * H bt a'^o-it $;'/t.W
NfcW . Y OR* IUII.Y TlillMM'. SATIRDAV. AI'HII. I,. If.ln.
I Favors National Control. Accom
panied by Publicity.
; Trouble Not in New Business
Methods but Abuses Which
Have Crept In
, CaaMsrtMM, Matt* April 8.-Ooor«e W.
I Til tin, a member of f. P. Morgan • I *>..
!of New York. spok- beMn Urn Graduate j
. School of Administrative Science of Har- ,
yard Fill Mil ill J to-day. Be ssscaaasi mm ■
vital thin*:- in refjaiM to MMMMMS In the j
j l.*nite<j Rfate* to-day, making a MMM for th* ;
national control of corporation?. accOßa- ;
i panied by p*iHi<-)t\ Mr. lVr*hi!> MM\ In
I art:
Without doubt tii* (nances mat save
b*«Ji wriiMflit tn bMtnOM method's in the ,
! United States In recent years have amount
;*d to a business revolution. Scarcely any
i line of business Is conducted to-day, or
could be conduct*^ to-day, alon« tb>- h;tm»
: lires that it was twenty-rive years a^o.
i Whife. fhe.«a« (rr*«t chans*" bsjee be"Ti m
progress the oountrT hi*)? prospered, Its m»i
i rertnl wealth ha« mstrr increased, labor
hae been employed alaroal constantly, ha-*
1 e*>n better P<v;.-;«rl. litter clothed, and
[ r.a«es have tr». r»\!s*>d.
<oiucident with k!1 tin* has COMM the
rxtsfnee and development of large cor
pft-.itsrmm. whirl) have not. after all. brought ,
; ruin and disaster to the people, but int»to>»d
■ hav<» plven to the bushiest of the country
a stability that i« so MtMMaary »f limes
! for its protection, and, furthermore, have
1 made it poaefbte to orcanise business— to j
j .VFtematfte. it. sty as to pivc tbo waste and
: n.inlmla*? failure?.
Vfhai has caused rtiese ctfUl rh*njfea In ;
Bostneas metb.«d«" One would think, from
! much of the talk Indulged In durlne re
; rent years, that they have Been hroifcht
■ about by trie, marhhTi"stfctn«! of .i rompan*
; tlvejy few men. «vll-nimd«-l men. t»-nt on
pelf-atrprandtzement. by methods that uttl
i ma.t«}y will ruin the entire country a.nd ■
: pauperise the v€»ople: that these same evil- ;
: ininded men. endowed by the Almlshty with ;
| .«e)-rk«r brains, would have accomplished
Their purpose but lor th«: timely nnd w>ur
.iceotisr interference; of wvrtnT Individuals :
who have mad* heroic. disinterested eftTorra ;
to «>ave th» couiurv from such ruin and :
dfsirra>*«. This \-ien- had certainly bOtfl i
tb<»rou«rhb' pr*>sented. nrt doiibt presented i
: often by people who have been holiest in
th*ir belief In It. but. 1 renrure to =ay.
who have bcti*v*tt It bMiii«* they did not
: think deeply enough, dWI not investigate. |
I bin acre-pt"d and acted cm fiperTlcial study
of cause?.
! ask you to think, seriously, whether M !
■ lia» r^»n M much th^ tnu china of i
; wtcked nr-n that have hroujtbt us wHer«i «• |
i«re, or the Invention? an>l discoveries of the
i age—inventions which, In themselves, bave
! be>n *rc»*frruvl and applauds as (treat
[ achievements. M'ero these Inventions simply
i to be- 1»M *vrs*y on a shelf. <rr «fer« they to
W. pin to pr*»'tk-al us«? Was CM tone dis
tance telephone to be a plaything or a prac
tical iriMrum-nt of commerce? Why ap-
I plaud the" inventor and bci"at*» th" MMTt
Inventions Have Helped Business.
Mr. PerVtlr? mH that there MOOM be no !
I J»ra;« MOhsfM co>i<«»rns :tn'} that the Md*
' try wtrulrt nof be tTMtinl with Mans of tb* '
j busln*)>^ qiwstk»ni now <»nffaarinsr public at
! tention If with one. IMMMJ of the h)»nd t\v*
; inventions and di*eovcrio of the ast MMM
i b* ■wiped sot and the country put back into
th" Condition under wnlßfl bdsmesl had to
Ibe trar«act<-.l fifty year? ago. He con-
The trotjr'e ii*% nof t^ren in the new
l>ti<:sne<.> methods adrptod in recent year*.
! b'tt r«»th~r fit the «biiF*>« thft! hare crept
' Into business- flr»<t. mAhmbn of a *clri«h d* I
».tr>! on the part of *om«( to get an undue
( »<lvsinfa|r* »-htPh unu*u*t opportnnltif s on
: der our n'\r cndltitfr^ have offered; •*•■••
I odd, beCaWM of mistakes v hich, in pome
j rs(=«-f» r4tira h«.v* I>e"Tt avoided, nnd in
i otl;«r r*fp« MuM not have been, on account
of the rapidity w itli which -w dericss and
methods have b»en tr.troduced in bostness.
)#) # A large p-rc»ntage of our lawmaker*
nave n«ver bsen business men; scarcely
I »ny <■<* our btMtnOM men have ever b»en
lawmaker-. It hue b^er. lilt* two ho»tll*
armies arrayed against each other. Aj tha
lawninkTs hare be"n the anee«nntaken',
! Th«>tr f.*d« of the »*ai^ ha? b*en e»n"<tantlr
I prenented to the public. Th<« batlttOli men
! nave not b^^n ppef^ h makers, \rlth hut rare
I *xc»-ptlfjn«, and only In the last few jngin
: ha? anyth>nK on their side of th«- <-««•
Ihe en Bam; and In tMs one-^ided wny the
eace has eon« b*for<- the public.
It s«»ems< to ni» the trouble is that in
■ alfcrlne n!<3 I^tt<- and hi tnikti'.ir new la*»\«
, ron««rnlnc trad* conditions i«»*iieiatorg have
i not -•allt*Ml what ha« caused the great
i chance? In tr;» romtnerctal world: fh«y
have enti»i»3'»»*>.i re<ults more than they
i have studH <1 ■.■«use!«, they have not realized
■. that a Btapend«tm< ••hpns;''. 'hro'iirh natural
, ' au»*?. bas been truths; pjai-f. tn** do not
isa that, tbr"U«ch natural r;t\i«ef. «bo «oil"l
uvejr, iarff*> MiMnerf roncrnj arc t.»kinC
th« placf* of email r»n»>.*- for no on* man.
no flrnn no xmaU romrany, could provide
I ih" capital or tbe ni7.«»i"ii nectary
to ■ ■.■* n-ith th» netr cojvl(Mon«. on (h*
other I »nl. hll^lne!^■ man, in ma- »n
|tanoes« ha- •• not been ■■ iifinaj '• have
any '-•-^ )«mn t«h«p*-ii or »tty oM lavM»
altered: th< ■ li»v 'alt-> the po^fMon tha,t
1 bu?in'.-« •;.. ltd ••«■ let • • a'nnc; tlia!
; It wmn no affair of the piiMi.\
Glaring Abuses in Business Methods.
Th people had KMMMMi erlarlrg abuse? In
bttstMM methods, said the «-praicrr Tliey
bad mflerod asMfer thc«e far many year",
j and ha<* '• Mi ' ■•* r*m*"<ly, bavinp been told
, that the«;e (bMCJ CatMM about larpf-|\ l>e-
I eanee of the size t,. which eertala bueineas
i enterprises had frown "ltow nn-.\mert
j can to be «fraM >f a thkMj bOCnMe H in
■ larß**" Mr NrtUM sßi<i. P'l.liri:
, Tn* true AJheHCan, he whO think* dee.i-
I ly, loaicaUy, uaa no such fear or betted
;It ban the ioa# that I;, fears; It i- : .-••
t»i"tRo<I»» rollo«>4. Be fears f!ii» DOB*
i ac^ni'iit <if a Ktant enlorpriae that i* *;c
j rrettve. that <!■'•■ not fospeei public opin
: lon, that dov.. not r»aiiz« tb»tt •.• hen it*
i s-hf)r*-« are oWMOd 1<:- the public It* BsM*
iiK^rs ar< substAQtuUly public «•■) ants
Hh rears the method* nf in« hltnd r<">l •
that is all. He wants to know, and li, ii t ,ip
a lent to know, from dlsltiter*«t*d t!.; r .i
!>artl«*. whAt la being don<' I •. i» .'•••.■ tr^si
; n*m* entemrii»e in which his .. •!:«>• ia
Iliiveste.]. •■; which fv handling a comtned-
H* that afTecto his <\u\\\ life. Th*> offlc*Ta
iox i^r'-at corporation* should realize that
sucfi concerns ar- more ne»rlj public In-
J stltuti«NM than private property. I firmly
|b*U«Vc that aubalaiiltai projrreM in this „i-
|r*ctlon is being made, while the agita
tion ..f the l»t«t few year* l:a« b«»en mfalr
! and harmful In many Instuiii-. •*, ..., die
other harnl i* lias sat btumess men think
. Ins iia* awakened the bustnesa conscience
and bun brought a new realisatl .r, „f the
, fact that it Ik as true of busmem an it i
lof. the individual that lh*n is no pernia
; i!«ju occesa anleas it is bH.~,ed onoa | n
learrity ..f character
Let those >.f urn who are in bOmCai be
j fair with the people and the people v.iii be
fair with v«: let us ate and accept ,],,. ten .
\ dency of the limes; let uk realize oar r»»
i »pon«>lbllttle<«. and our problem? will be far
; *asler of solution.
Tee i»-al quastiop i- not "Shall we am. nj
: th» Sherman nntl-trn.«t law*- but rather
, "Shall we rCStttn the use ot iteam and
flectrl. ity? ■ Kleotri.ity In the hands of
1 MM la th« rreatoy ,if all modern Corpora- j
ttot!.i. Are .we willing to Mmtl thai w*
cannot conool air. gtren corporation when
wo ,an control Midi a dangeroii" Btraiwr
a» electricity? If n lot of »o<l people «ri;i|
think .• little n.or#> and talk a little le.,* if
the* v.!!' i« legseal. they win have t. „,,. !
etode that even a literal enforcement of the!
I Blnnnaii ant!-trum la» would not aceotn-l
; rll?*". tll-!r d<rlr*« What they really want
, In arda to aotuall] n'ta'n th*>ir end*. I* a i
BOW lv» which ill! make It a penal affencA
10 use steam or 'b-otrielty. .In-t a simple
iltti* law liU that would put u« out ..f nil'
oui preseal • .i.l.* Indeed, what the**
same frirn.l* thhlk they would do with our!
(treat nniee*us, if they could lay hands on ■
t. .••:.,. IS difficult to inia»ini»>
Those who ask the pnbij*- to In rest money I
j in an enterprise »r<- tn honor bound to kits :
Ithe public at mated Intervals, evldenee
tan bustoee* in qoetUon is ably ;iiid
honestljf noted; and they RQOBI4 be not
' ot.iy a-llltng bul glad that some authority,
I property constttoted l»v out Korernment.
! should •.. stockholders ami the public '
1 :mm time t'> thne that tl.*> m«naK»rni n:* i
reports and method* «.f bustoeaa ai< , „i- 1
X.l. They siiould be -viliiii^ tO do thii- !
for their own rellrf of mind. «me«- tlie „ -. )
sponstbtltty of the management of •« iai-K<» '
r..rf«»r«t<on tfi M great that the men In i
control should ba glad to hay». it ».iiar*d i
■: proper public ofTicia' 1 - r«prt>s#ntlng the'
l^*»r»U 111 a go' erumenta! .-apaelty.
Not a Menace if Managed Rightly.
Mr. l'erkln> doCmTOd tt.at BMMM eorjMira- I
lloiia would be not » nunncr. but a £r»-at
public b»neiit. if tnaiiMp-'l under hu. tiiat '
would compel bropof BMbsVftj Hud puhlsh
aShwrs ror bnpropei methodi continuing
! ■ saM:
How cart this bf dcrle? Hero is thai
problem for us all to think about. For i
my part, out of the multitude of sugges
tions Haifa saems to ba but one possible '
cou'ss— viz., nations; control, accord- '
nanied by publicity. State control is ir« '
te»»»>blt b»e»'ii» asvMjl *n»< MoetHeity
[have largely wiped out »ta*a li«MI *
commercial i.ndertakmß*. -ddre«t« t
; a Utti» over two year*; •»*". «n an » ""r .
raUr^TdVn by pronv.t.nil !».«» O- .
«ur mo*t rttfflrrtlt rstilronr nW^JO"' * r I
I «UMD)f: If we had at S, ".^f^rtT W«"e
rata board of control, and 2***2l™^^
composed of practical ratlr<*.! ««.
; not m-ml.ershJp In such a b«af< m Ol •_
gradually to be tM «oal of ra"^ gft
! And do«l any one for a mo ™"'^. J* or
1 that ff such a board were c«WfMMd«r
i Practical railroad M It «' l "''t ** Wl
r-falfy partial to railroad interest?. -■ -
tninl.r not."
Publicity Great Safegu**"**-
Properly r-auUt-d pnl.li.ify tBW *»* j
Jure any legitimate bQSiIKSi und« r t.iK iik.
! an.l Is. in itself, tho K re«t^t «f =•"/ t*
I tkai and .-af<«<t>Hr.K it Is. , in fact, aUnrt
I all that the public wants; for. it at r«U
larly Ptrtt*fi tnt^rvals the miWh i;< f<irnisl.»-.I ,
I atMaSctenl information Khout a civen b'l^l- !
n»!>«, public opinion will d«. th« rest. ;
i Th* .question of how the bualnew •( Th\«
I country shall be conducted In th" future
is. In its way, almost as itreat a qticstio.i
now as was "the question <•!" slavery priori
Ito th« war. Sonic of us -vho believ- that 1
boom substitute must bo found CM In*
ruthl^« competition that Is "0 deadly »"
cJo!**-range HglUhniJ in hu!»in*~.« have "*■*■» ;
1 endeavorlns to build a bHdirfl from old
method* to new, *r«.ni harharot'«> comt^tl
; tton la human** . «i-op.-fs»ti«>n Wh'tlif r '«
: not we will succeed and the structure sale.- ,
, ly carry «>nlr time can te!l.
If. mm many of us holler*. ro-<jperation in
: business must takv »nd I? t^kins; th* plac« j
of rumwia rompotitJon: if It H letter T'<t
capital, it muuf bo b»«tt»>r for fh< r^irn'r
and better for labor if it Is to endure. I ;
i.*li- v»« that be n-bn thlnK!« th« problem otU ;
car»:fully. taking information from all >W»*. ]
will be forced to th» i-oncl'ision tlr-it th« :
1 principle of ...-.->!> . rat must largely t*V>.
TIM |>l»r<» ot <-om petition, and that ■••• ;
' oporation in it? Wealthiest, jnost useful :
form <-*»n be much more »(Trcx\\ prac
j tlsed by ifr«lt corporations than .•insll '<>m- \
panics or firms — first. bCCBOM the offlt-ers
are more apt to regard tIMJIUCIrCI a EM*
vants and not as owners: second, kMUM
the relation of the preat corporation to Its
i,t!>or is ati entirely different relation from
that of the small Corporation or the (inn to
its latK>r, in that the otiicers Of a l»Mt
cf>rp«''r»tion ir^tlnctively in?* <:Ijrht Of the .
1 interest of any one individual, and work
for a hat to th* nr<Jadest. mo?t endurini; mi
i tT^st of tho many.
It stains M tje "that the future ha? its :
\ choice of thr^^ method?: First, C©-operm- •
tion through tlie medltim of ror;-tr»tton.« '
with federal reculation and control: second. ;
, *f'v»>ritm«ntaj (nrnershlp and maniiJ'Wnt ; 1
; third. aoetollsMk. rrnl^r the method of '
: l*r|TP corporations regulated and cji«i \i.-» -t '
, by federal a-ithority. with widely «I».«tribii-
«1 owrver>hip, ami "with labor MMMi la
tT.r. business, you have all the safeguards '
f>n*% a.'.\ -au !».-.--■ that the most ardent ad
1 vocate of governmental ownership could d#
[ sir- In broadly distributed ownership
, »tnon? the public and labor. > '«v distribute
I profits to the people, and retain for th» ■
I benefit of the business that one great nects- ■
I 5-Sfy factor whfctv has done *r> mu<h Mr ;
American industry. vi».. individual Initia
tive-. You feave to men the goal of achieve. ,
ment; y6u leAVe th^Jr Htnbftion ••i- ;
Vi'f can bark and fHI. we .-an talk and I
•roll. «« can threaten and nhns*. yet th<r« !
; will b<^ but one titlm*te result, v i* , prog- .
r*.«« and growth.
Alleged Frauds in Consolidated
Casualty Company.
Charleston, W. Va.. April 15. -That HM :
active managers of the Consolidation '
Casualty Company before Its- r^organlza- '
[ tion here this w^^k under OK direction Of '
. the Insurance Department of \Ve«t v»r- ,
j glnfa collected 1737.1H fn on*- year atM niti*» •
j month*, of which only Jljn.fia; remain*, and ]
■ that they made fa!«C entries on th«s books j
• of the company and false returns to th<» ;
i Insurance Department of th's state, ara
. MMM of the charpes contained in the ra
1 port made to (he ffat* 1 Insurance Dcpaft
'■ ment by John K. Roche, of New York, con
; «ultincr MtUMfy. The report «TM rnide
; public to-day.
Th*> actuary f^jnd that th»« entire man- ,
. ft^ement of the company van In the hand*
of HobTt H. Armstronp. pfwMeMt; C. H. i
• Burr;*?, vice-president, ,md A. 8. Mitchell.
I secretary and treasurer. m onVera, ami
! Afm^tronjT. Burra^ and Mitchell D Folar..^-
I bee. a* th" executive committee.
Th* actuary's report stales that the .-on- 1
1 dltion of the company*! books wa* «'i*n :
: that a correct audit i« almp«t »mpi»»atbl» s . '■
, It ctMMMM that In December. If l^. I\. W. '
1 Huttitc. of Jlusratin*. lowa, hMUtad th^ 1
j company « BOM for j>. iV »'. and r| note
, Qm company ibotTM* a? an a^s^t in its '
I ttatCHMM to the Insurance I>«parttncnt.
uml lh« OMftl toot oath to that eff«N%.
>"!.iraD\ April 15. Replying to ehaiMM
of i,ii!>t'-aiinK 'm. and teMflMtiafl of ac- .
; col (s made kSaJuat Robert n Aiinslnmi. 1
former prMM of the «*«>nsoiida?»d Cam* j
,-,•• ■ Company, by John r. R«che, a ttvm j
I Yoril Mtttmfy, at ClatfMflfM, W. V» , ;.»
jd.iy. Mr. AnMstvaMfj to-nlffht MNMI ■ ttne*
1 ment. sa;-tn« in part :
'The report of Mr Koch* P>fl«.ti. the. MM*
• tiiity which the company ha* encountered
fiorn its inception. For practi<:al!\ •<■ -
j-eara there had been apparently an atsan-
Ized efTort to . nominate tne company TIM
BfOjliMl of OM MlOty company. BMMkCf
of tii<- Htiroty Trust told m- that tlw nn!"
j ii^i^ that th" OoaaotMatod ji.-,d la ntinu
■ fie in bMBMfI was to fata th- mwml I » '
lanctatlna.I anctatlna. otiMrwiso known *.■= Urn Etarcty
Tiu.-I More recently I haVe beCB warned '
mil DSI failure M) inalntsin rut** WOOM '
: rr.«.in annaMkitioa of Ike CoMOiMaMA
'The .-I't'm'nt of Mr lasrfM la liiitruc
and nitsleadinir in many partlcu>>ir«. WltlK- '
; out '...'inn accaai to Die records. I xliould ■
| say mat the ItCMI of income was aMWOBi
! ii.;t. i cotrod Th«» laaprcastoii i- pi\.!i
I that 1!;e SMCtI Of the <-c-mpany WOM
j otoatpated until only $l?l.«»»> mnamed This
la palpably Mjftrve. The latter figttra in or- '
, rived at by ■eaMH] down mhssi Mad throw* i
' Ing out of consideration l>:mk aocwitita and ■
otlMf koo<l asaot*. Th« assets at th«- 0..m- j
pany are Konif placa between IMMM and '
. |sn\«MX and the dlffercme between t!ii» !
j figure ai..i the income la represented by '
•ii- ■ hi ftn.nts property accounted for. That '
] the management BMM (ah entries in tho
' bMkf of iii»* oompaay { >- also antlMs. An ,i '
likewise is the statement that CUM returns
; ere made to the IMOMTMMM DopattßMM ..f
, \\»^t Virginia.
"Am to the Chare* that bonds rilniaal by
j the < Bpanj as assets Man pot owned
until after the statement was filed ti;i- is I
j absolutely untrue."
' Musician Arrested M Bigamist on Coin- ;
plaint of Number Two
With the aid of one a| bl - alhg.,l thre* j
■rival Mvoohl;, n detectives ItM svenlMj hr- '
rested Lloyd <;ibb«. twenty -nine yean eld, i
In Ifanhattan Rase Kl'ln. twenty year*!
tiiii. • •tit t" me DrooaJni i '.-t. , t; . nu- J
reas After Ma arrest and rhargod him wttll
hojajny. Siw- aM QtbtM tormeri] was ■
; CSmathH in the !<th T{<»iflni.<nt.
Rose Klein. ari says -is the <-«•',, : v]
[wife, told the •.oil..- ski «nu n>«rr 1 •..
I QlbM Is. H'«rouj;ri Jlall. Brooklyn, M June
I». MMj si Alderman DsMner, ..■ .1 thai tliey ■
I went to Irfe la West Mth :.tr»ot. Manhat- i
iMM A month latOr, she said <;n.r.,« ,1,.. I
iaftfed her. In hunting for him sha learned. '.
she lid that nix fr-«t wtfa. with their I
three chlMren. liver' H t .No. :t*.? \\ ».^f m« n !
atroi t The third ■!:•> the <!efe. !i v ,. M sa> ;
llv» « in Mount Vsfihmi
Ros« Klein recoiled a lettti from <;ibl.s
I yesterday, Muag iier t-. m».-t iiin, | M , t
• veiiiii>r mi Mstti Hv-mi- and --th etrOM !
Bhe told th*> ,tejev«M\es. and when <:ii.b-.!
appoatod the> arMoted Ma
Mi.- l'H\e||»- il . Koimtze. who secured a
leef«e <■( .iiv..i ••■ Prom Jack \v Bwrttn
dale and a year nan married Aiiku-.' I"
KOMMMB, of the bankliiß r.rni 01 KovttM ■
Mi.. . eMalncd tl • afMMsntastM si a rer
efOi In the **:;|ir»<'.<»" OMti yesterday to]
determine lor tffT t "fl1hltl to have her
dUorce no amended that Mart!nd.»le wovld
M floMftai irmn >eeliijr Ma < i«ht ■ < .1: ,i|,|
sea Leslie Mm k..u' Ui»..i bet appD
,-at|..i. SM the iDajpnioa that ber fotiaer
liii»hund ■ «.- hsMMag M iruiii-n.il lit, Hit:- ■
lintlalt aacwsred that the ..- : srtio , llf
Mn Koun.ir vrrr "fa!?e. in^llcluiH an I 1
onfevodod.** Iff *al«i • i .'♦ • ? i, r wanted t. '
•»i - tneta boy w tvmpt erltti her,
Prominent Men Will Seek Par
don for Young Englishman.
Verses First Printed in Minne
sota Prison Paper Accepted
by Eastern Magazines.
1 f Oy T"\*ir*rt-' M fM Tr!t>uti». |
Bt PmaX April i.%,— Th« »rr"*-»i •€ B«*«rt
Cndenreod Johnson, •! N>«* York, for a
pardon for -John <'»rt«r." the "prison
peat," -nil! I- I '■ar.l by the St»t« ..•a..1..n
Eoard to-jnorrov.
i i.»-f Jusil«o Star. who JJ 1 * ■ mernb*r
< f 'rh«« board, has received a letter from
c : i'f«r'.« mother. Jn !»rxJ. who cmdu th
■ woman I.*1 .* s*rho«l n »r». ■*•!>•• flri Judg^
John \V. Wlfiaf, «bO a rri^ llit«t— In
carter's caw >• reading hi* pewm* in t!
state prison paper, "The ilirror." Will act
a.- « *artfr"s .'ittorn«>y.
Partly .-is UM rf?»ult of ardvity in 1 i?
bltetf on rh»» part of th«» Mftor= of »«■
York mnKa.rln^j» •*• h«v«» Wte4jt»6 hH
•MM* M ••*m« lik*ly thm *+"• v»nnK
Kngitstiman wilt t>»« r«!i»a?<Hl froTn tn^ M»n
n»>^>ta ppnlt^ntlarj'
''art»-r if twenty-four y«»r« old. »nd Vs
scrvins; a l<n f— f MMMM for br«K»l*insr
into ■ rallv>a«l station ai*«l st^alin* lit
Iff says be BVWff »to"" NM until *Lx
months d«o. •MO he resort*-'! to ft to rp
lf<«rr> dM monotony of pris"T) Iff MM
wrttfrts:>- first app*?»r»^ In "Th* Mtrrnr." thf*
prt«oti p»fw>r. and ban IMJMM9 teal »<"
r:p;.t»vl by "Th*> •>T>tury. > "Harper's .V.«c»
■W" «nd #tli*r MM roonthH^y.
Inctd*>ntally. Carter, who r^fu-w- to Rir?
bM r«al MM. If Ml i* pardoned li*
vil! write no Ml \» i r««'. but wil' devote
btaßWlf to mu?ir, f->r which M a : so has a
•'Tiv B^llmnn. 1 ' .>f Mtnnearwll?. pnMI.-h^d
tho followlnjr po^m by Oart^r MM monfh
under th* rttic "Balladi* of mtrf and
■MM! fac»a aa.: tr*mhHnir MMa<
K.vo^ that »hin«? \»trh a weaklinc'i ha'».
IJp« that mnrf«r t'l^ir Dlaspftei
M'ir«{»r»uy h»ir»» fh.it 4*rKlr <»lit.
TTi'-!'> Wtrc toty ■» h-> «v"r? itv^n «.'f U»*»
FT to IMM » plonth or * •»»<].
If I ;r;ty. r thu «•!] will p*a«tra'e.
f!»T«> pn>- <w these, my •omrai'*^, I/7r".
r-<-t* gtn* aY HI at th*> Ml
la t»^'l»r• T«r«l «nd 4*!t/**
Or far> and : laaifold asonirs
l.trtl^ '►-•— kiw<r o^ wh*» fh-r pra*»
«>Ut Ol thi* ■>'.'••!>•>•, p;.«i'ir.il>
fkrnxlii « 4*ep*t, n wfUtt cMvft
If Ml - b*M<i »h-"'ieh IIM narr^-s- er*r*,
Hay- r.lty on UM*, my co:rra.l^s, I>ird.
iT^irvr. fh»f •«*» «f Ml <JH*»n» J»r**?*.
PtTrtn* ov» r t^»f rlosr barrel ftat».
Kr»tjitht with t»<rtnrtnir memori***
Of "(■>-'« that ktn-ll'! and .'■-
All' t» tNr l *>\ .M oi-.»n .i#-»" ! af».
■^Vho«« «n«nU«h ■» If „»n p^n r»r-onl.
ir TTitu ' • rfutj i onipas<Tor<«tp.
Hay« pity on th'ie. r.17 -irnr*<J*«. l/>rl.
TMH sr« MM »►»' tlv» tan 4 nf f»:-~
(.'arclfwa *w»»ps from the .■h»» - kirbiiird.
T^ . t!.«f krorrirt H th» fur.- h<» «fr.-ii^r'
Have pltr on th*»*. my comr3i»« Lord
OtHrr po^ms in the same strain harp ap
peared in Kast<*rrt publication?.
A po»m published tn "The Ontury Ma«-
Azln?." under the title 'Ton Sordini," fol
Tt"rc f» hut •fi«n<-». v«t in "vwt ■ I h'^r'!
T"h .l^«f»-rat^ .-hnrd? •>.' »h^t Wild f' 1 "*'*".
Ttvi si»fh «f rttopUt'n '--;? Mnrr'U,
A* oro >r a tmti|nfu«W a nvjurnf'i! haz*
Ftnt.' dM tft'- d\-;nc 'r»rr. r^»» <1»a.1 m»r»** caii».
WTir. Hi; t!v» pageantrx- <*f r»r ««« tt,»
''ani and »tan tar!. rnin*4 hearth >MIH
T>*» nrifi*-! r^\} of <fr«»ftt. IflUBpH MM
AnJ 1> r'!\ nan, n.ut«- i;i IMMHMJi 'iA»v** -
,V»v, tni« ',» CtMTOMI h»«r ■» DM taH
<>;• to li»r Ivwtf In *h*> Mavtti n'<ht '
S--rtftl>-, ibou puppw!> ii»T'->. f.'u* rtTi MeM,
Inf. vith blood rad •« t!-.- iMSTta'l • '.lgbt.
•:.' '-r. »h«- BMfIW, Trisfir. thoil **.ti\l f?»frt;
T.i^- * «rt {jre4o»»me.i fn K>n^lln««* *t-i pita.
Thy <*.;ian' Arm. Invincible f-.r right.
Vpral'-.l in tvtt MBfOra nor a«stn.
?o'?r. in thin»> ecr shr r");ir!i MI-|ftMßMd MOf
In v«ln
Th» ■»lo!ln» mr» hMIK4; » tombf '•nor-?
Sl»il'r» IIM i.m <atb«<iral; lr«mMiri*;v
I>-jt* Poyi«h vote- <i »upt»llcat»> tlj»-!r Lord.
ntlug • dJrsn'irk-' minor rifliv!;-.
"Ii Harriott <• ■••r'. r»ni'"nb»rt»!j QM
•> Zlan" .' . . but dMy knot» n«?t what ♦h'-y
"Out r-t <h* §tfiOm, o Tr>ry ... r*it 'h«y
an fKM,
Ar<l t^r«T^llh rbrfr •»•-- th* Tif>t b'iNvi rlrtinc.
A»»un*« dMV •-*!•• '.-■■ MHti M ni»'!rU-il» of
T» »H,f >- ay » taniM IM "»!M»m«« '.' not
<^f >t»nr nro-n niir ..:tr.-i«v ir.v T dMHi
I bar* rot. tp ■• flarkaaaa ?i»ri« fi«* --■•I'-i
i >••!*'* tl>^ " of r<>ij» *<r''M fta/n*
T"i»rf '• no ;■<■••• -i it »^i>nv >f •ban>»
T rt baa at* from »b# • •■■■ rro-Jrn»'l h»Uht» ■< • hot'l.
In <Jc«p^«i •Iton I ma;- hear th »ara-:
t'n*»»rthlv rr'j^l thai ' M*«d tf 'I!'! .
1 i-rave t>n .!o!«. r»^'> <irv from .•». r«i "f w«»it?!
A py«»m p»ht'«hM in "H»rp»r « WMUJT,'
• I^-.ix i TaMtrta, ' b ai follow j.
At the '••■■ - cni ; O'lr Isrrp f* lit.
Ari r ?ria: WJlfltf api ?lji.i of {♦.
Th.« f • 'irrij i" r ol »' ••■<■« O h»«»rt'3 *»- ! r».
Put «•)• *f «h» lant»rn*i »'»a!fii*' «I#*n
In M«mf>*t a«rkn?*a I "-eavr me a Ma
Th«- !ini» form* »«51»ru: . >h*r» H n.i *oun.l
a sharp vot.--» DM m.»rs t««i F"r»sr»l,
nvir^h' '
TV iirtufTlnfr f»"-t CTt*p c.--»arl ♦^-.111 tha
I,o<-fc« clatter. R.i in w»artn«*i -four 1
M«M Mnk HMMJacltai to 4 <trf»rnl»s« s!o»r>
Whi 1 .. noil •* f-~re thr.">uftl »lv nlßht lonjr i<i:
TAMth the WBffeN ;'iir nlai llf*«i .l<-.Tr,
Ami I tliaf nr.l" »<*' mi' h.-.»r.
Valmtj 1 arp« Urn wtsd la Hm tfra
Tti»t .< />r »: * «<>r« fti-'-.-,tr.pant#'»
But .■•;! ■■' t'K >i*rriir>ny inr.->inciet«
I wm' ■ an Hnth»rn 4 rr«i»». ■ • . g •»•
Ah «» :l,At kuoT- »h<- hftt r r fr'Tn f^• MM
Our •;• -■ i.T -rut p^y a fhoimatvifol.!.
Tn moumlnir g^r+> v>m* ' .v «v- 'ovM of old,
Ab4 MOM nwp «(l»r,Tl> . (>.it oh*-» rur«.>.
V- !; ll A hr- ••up: why s!:ou!.i ■ •■■ DM th'n.
drk I
The «o;.!» ar« Just, ovir whi;; : . ...
»hi Ir.k.
f.ut tti* Ur\p'» allef.t. Bad •: •• Mfar. proii.l «onft
SMS i««. )i to fh-' thr..n^ if iin,\ •-.• |Ar*
TIM n!«ht must ins.-. »n.| a ttrmMfi nn» ilana
Iturst Up rt tVl.l ;«;>.! .-.ij.s* ar..l ii«n.
Voi . .tit M th.' w.i "f «hano an-*. MM
I w»a« « dM Joy ■■>? the •••-•i,:: | •• r:«r«.
The pari.h-n l>.»ar.l will takt np G>TtCf*l
CUOt imniodldtely upon i:i»»tt:i«r }M 4 i ■••-
t'.r»- noon, hi. 'l If H '•' Ml arranifpil i^arrrr
Hill M fr»-«'d at Ml and. a> soon a^ a «utt
of strert kMMDMJ ran be MJfctaMd will l,«
bfWIlhl M St. PMC *rMMf« ■ iJ.mor.st-a-
UOB )H.r.l«r(nK "ii :> r<»o?ption MM MM :ir
ranged •• '>' liini. ile will l>e the ;n-s; u f
Jodpc Wftlla.
offers of employment !.;i'. r h.-^rt p^iuring
In l.v mail and ■\li-f \. us(m|» r-. mac.i -
/.:n'>. vaudeville MMM, on-!ie«tr«s hiul
various inii^i>-«l ••rr;>iuii»t'.i"i< .n.- aft^r
him. T'» all of the MMMMJ qwrks M W9*
I'li^-. "I am still I ptMMH W lit irrttll I
am firorl. Th. -i I v til ta'k MtMA l?ut
Ml ii!!!;! thfii."
Depnties to Guard Paper Mill* at South '
Glens Falls.'
Tt.»v M V , April I.V ' Mara \\>r- i •i. i »-»l
to-nlgl .lire, tinn ■ «M| Mjj A. J.i K.«cl- i
iimiii. N •:. X. V.. t.> rfiui ii from Oavteth,
t»here it ii« 1..011 doln;; -iutj tv.. «i-.-u>
in .-.tn 11l II Tilth ft - hatCTMMi P«,>-r ;
• ".<ii ■ n > rik^, and MM dSrwrttßg t'.in? ,
pan\ I 4 Saint. Ml tnove froni Bmitt
QI»M I'iill-* la <'.'rii»'h kMVMMJ th*> nulls
..t 5..11111 «;itns Kit ll* In M pr<>t- -ff.l f.y
d.'putl* -. M. Ml will tie jMJHUMM
t«> mown niorntntr #M*ntng tliref Mem
and :Ui\ HiMJMi in- ..i '"oifpany m '
M.».sl.k Kails. ••> »»U»< r..m|>any K. go I
• lut> ;u Po.t i:,M\Mid
■ a -
Sperry. Who Took Girl from Newburg, i
Unable to Get Ball.
N. -m us.- K. V.. April ;;. W FT If. ;
rip<iT\. or .M.itto.t\«un. a.i^ anaifrnei in'
tiic H»<-.. r .1. 1 x rmjii i.» da; >>n th.- < hargo j
of kldnappl Ambmli p«op*r, twH»|
• ■ old. t<( N.->v i. Ml who \»a> fount ..»
oOecri with Si>»rr\ in Infill ■II <'.<nrit>. 1
?<l»errj UraJcl entity .m.l «*- hrl.l f,.r the j
piiuid Jury. II- »M gstMa t'» E' t ball UM '
'• ••- i—k<«il up Tm uiri v.i- ntanMd
i-\- '• .'Hi in '. ■ Hi «i the .ii i mtm *itl>
• im ■ mindly. j
< onHnii"! from fir.t !»•«;•
the MeataaMj to Jamej» 9. Clarkson will
b*r a man fitted by character and ability
to carry on the g.xxl work already "M
Mr. Wickcrsham Co-epara' --i
Mr M«'icV.:;irh ll also an><yin« th*
loyal peration of th" Attorney fs»n
»r.i:. who l« civlnir this aa«sjssi the.
rl»vnf>sf per««r>nsl attentu>n. snsi •« edvts
in>f with the R*>rr#tary of th* Treaaury
And th«« Pre«ld»nt to the end th»t the
moat aasMßtfM system may be a<i"pt«d
thrrttifhoiit the niiitonw saVVIMI
Th^r* 1 i« reason to b*M#ve that the ln
v*«tlara'l..n mi th* AppraJsipr's office will
r»ve;tl **vUl<»n<eM ..f fraud rrhi. ;i exr«md
h*y-.n<! th* Importation < f "i«..r. but it
Is to<> . . - u> AHrcxim* Jit public that
pha*«e of th»» bnrestljcatlon. both liwausi
of the in«i,mpl**ten»»s!» of the data thus
far ..brained srvl because it t* not wts*
tn real to th..*" under !nr<?.<>?l*:iti«in
th<^ *xt*nt of fh* evidence -rhich ha*
b^^n ril»crtv«»re<3. ThCr*! la r»a^n to t>r
l!*»v<». how<n«-r. that rnnr«» or !e-«s s*n
■wtlonal results will folJ<.'v the Jnvesti
aati'.n ->f this *<H:tlon of th.** rervic*. ,-il
thoueh th^r may not •'oT>?i < »t of th«r In
rlJ*-tm^nr -.f fa? particularly high «>f-
Just how much of rhe^o farts thf
Pr*sid*nt will trttpart to Concre^s »n his
rej.lv to the Fiue*»rald resolution has
not at been determined, but Jt Is as
sured that t\C will disrlrr^r tifHcient to
satisfy nil reasonable. m*mb«»ri' «>f Oon
cress that an iuve*ti«atlon by if „f the
aftstlrs •! OM s'ngar Trust - otild h-» III
adv!?ab!«? at this Urn*. This is what
Mr. Tart told Rcpre^nfatlv WU Ml Hi
re,rr,r rail nt IsM Whiff? assMBM),
at th rt irn^ 1 ttme he nre**i Mr. fHH M
report and obtatn tb* r>*«*sr» of th
r<-solution in order that h*» mfg^it iM
r.» r.-ir-* Chi national HgfMsliMl (n ofTT<?tAl
r-.rni the hf^hiy grntfl>fJhS r r «^«T # *«
VnlCtl ha« been made, by rhi* adffltntetra.
it is th- purpo" 1 *** ♦*>• member.<* at
r.-.nfr^^ to tind^rtalt* 1 an Investigation
' ripfl mni wh-n th* (Vpartnxcnt CZ
Justice has '•.-•mpletM it* prisccntKm.
wtjMt pfMjMjMnstT, Mi r>* d>f«rr<rd f<Jr
rr.mr trm«*.
Thorough Housecleaning in Or
der Here Among Employes.
Two fac's came out yesterday hi con
nection with th« *overnin*yrr« exprwsaJ
'lerermfnatlon to jive tbi-< port a thorough
hoModenntaa; Th» (km was that Bnq
L ?tir.i«on. Urn "pe^al iNMnssJ for the
j Department of Jnsffle fn tit- suarar fraud
i case?, has received inr'ntction* to -xt*nd
i his work into ?vory branch •! the *»me*.
i -o tn£t *v<?ry arovernrrwnt empioye: r':tUy
of rime in connection with hfs w*»rk mar
I M rftn«>vi»d or punished.
The Mn9M fact f<» IMM Herrrr A. \r\*».
" the United Hates Attorney. ba.» b*>en »n
j ftrtictM to find Indictment * !n r^nn^^'iOT
with h ; - fnrf«ttx<irion of IMI ?ugar rorr?
i tart*< under th<* r^'rman anrl-tm« act. If
i possible. The one ; n3l irtt*nti<>n was to
i tririg a ctvil sutt for an tnjunction Mjofhil
j th« so-ca\]r>l trust If th" ■ 'enr*. war
. ranted it. •
TT!t>3 rrvn n*w rno-r^Tnerits *t* •*-•- re
sults of tit* rfc««nt decision at ln»ton
to rnak* th<* clran-up h-TT" a tMor.">ush on*.
.Mr. BUMaMI ir was said r^stTdar. r-onfd
a!-..> hay*» _'har?e of rh» drawbacks l»Ma>
! tfzatlon In all fine of Import-ntton*. ThU
i will, ho^rc-.fr. ejcp»-v>ja!!r apply rr) th
! American Pu^ar n<?firtingr Comrar.y. It was
i raid rhat evidence had b«en dJs=rorer«"i tn
; th« hooK« Mai p»r*" o* tM" c^rnrwr!^ to
■ warrant !>ueh an inve«tiafr»t|i>n.
Every cape of conspiracy a?afnst CM
i gfOTernment trt^d in Um> sMt several yn^r
i will be overhauled In ord»r M f^t af 'We
! government o(Ticer!» ■i' yet proceed-"!
■ «eain^f. Many of t;-.*» ia't<«r r«*- * Ma| rro"i
! i«-» of immurtty ard retention In th* atr
l vi.199 for aidiri<; th« I*nif»rl ?t»te* Att<»r
' ney. Th?ir »ta*j? will be examined. There
I have ly«»n confessions whV'h we^e n.-r fol
. lowed by prosecution on th* s'-^'ind f *iat
| dM fntty ■MSMMM/g mtgh? b* of MVIfM Bfl
t<-« cMiifM TIMM MMM will h« r*consi<l
Ten S» -"• MfVM men «re MfVMJ Mhl
th* records of th" men in th* ciaasoMM)
eaßpiOTßMnt Actions that se«"ni •=uspt'?ious
1 WfU have to b« cxslaln»U.
The *p»vial federal VMs)* f'trv '•txU'i fjpj
, Mr. <•'■.- ■•- ■ 'J.*i Wffl hoH AdtJ ....
I tbroasjho'it !tn term. «o s;reat is the mass
of evidence that will n»vc to be thr.lsnexl
j out. Indictments will oe found risrht alon^.
bur the>» will ?v ?ea!pd until the ■■"urinjc
of laM port Paa MM PMoOßbßji OMsfMN
Big Undervaluation Conspiracy
Charged by Customs Men.
. >:i inforrnatinr frw abroad mil ■ corn
plalnt made here br j»olon L. Saasi a
eMMns] inspector. Tnited RiMi deputy
MMttSMaW jresterda) arrested John M P».«
iat ana" ,i -hn •;. BCeOSOr, of la* dr - -
nnporthsj firm ••( »'<->n.«t i SCeeaer, .No. 9
«;rorn«- street. ,nd James ■; Jommm and
Thomas W. Johnson, nf Janiejt »;. T man ii
I Co. millinery. %9 •■'..'. Broadway. The
charge -was conspiracy, bes:i;n on May :.
V"V. to undervalue drj kwnl j imported fr"r.i
France by ni*-at uf talse ar.d fraudulent
Tho bnaottattM bmmml •>. the chaiw
n;i<" a consignment <<f silk —T««U and Mil}*
pl!:s=h from l.y .ins. Kr.in- t, "n rr.e Msßß>
ahip Hhl!ade!pl;ia <^n June ;'.. i>-».
The (bo Johnson-* rleaded n->t grullty, an»l
were hafj in IMM Ml] each l>r >mml?-
SMMMi Shield* Ponc#t «HMI held hi t:.>»>
nnd Xoasst in $i.«*»». The> s .> pl^a>: . , •
KUi!t>. Hail \\.,< f':rt';-hed by all four
•Tame? »;. Johnson !■ pre.^ldent of th«»
eeoapany and Hro-svsoatsni nn.| ;i trnst^?
• f UM rtni»rrnnf TndustrU! Savings Bank.
In fHiniMII *tre»'t. '?}>•> company »5 c<\^
itaOned al PJMUM After ttie »rn»ißnm»r.t !
■•: dM two MMM, Henry A. sUhtttOi OOBttMl
for th.» company, "•id
"Just %I>> Jataes O. Johnson *• <',> were
tr->uslit Into this affair I om unabl* to l
aotenani. l"he b"i;se is „: , ^ gg tn> . i > i^ < » st
i>tnj meal reQatl • hi ihi baatnoaa Thti
'v .-re ,-inipiv parehMeri ->f nodht md if
there v „ ,-,, ■ -,«, rtnIMMM s< mtrchM
'Use JmBM 01 JMmnM * <*v wool not
parttH !«• it."
D« T M h Vnytar, mat] toe rumn and I
Wai of iMfl t!) it tr;e\ M n ,i acted tn thhtl
matter with Mttfl tf"-Hl fhOM hffjd
been no unj«-rvaluati.':i. b) the fcnow!nlpc
of Ills .-li.-tit«t. If Taylor MM The values
OB the pHKIH wer>' made .iNroa.i. and tr>.*» I
sunte ibjaree we,- o pmcad >■!> iheja «:,fn re. *
celled here, tbe caanav! .!'c:.»r*«).
ACOOTdBng ti< me CMMMBbMJ miirf Hrrr.^t^
mn to follow, it was *at.i at the PwdMßj
Buikflt that the |n.., -jii^s «,>rc only '
bjp) .... th- result «>f Inforr.u
"'i recorrod ■bsmsmj mm bwaMai al
bnaotiKMsi Urn mbmbjl harrol hi the
IVMMM ««> >.»id t-> he „v»-r S*"..<*<i>.
AlNanv. April l.". -Th- \«.«f. T nt.tv to-day
pasMd 'he bQ "t V"fmMyin.in Short t a%>
propruitlns J3Bk«»»» it the actjulstticr. of
Uie eld aaassaM holl>* en Ht.»t.»n 1.-land for
museum pwpoava.
Tiie S.nntr .id\.in--,j o :,urn^er of •Ills Of
minor importa ner. f...t rtld not take u\f th«»
tMrd rr.-»»ilne chl. ruiar. Th« s»«na«-» Codes
• •ommirtO'- sjfHM the Whitney bill pro
vldlrs more ■! | tflOJ l 111 penalti^n asjahsM
i mmM ooTlrted of i-arrvtng un the "Srhit*
ktere" traftl- Hi rommtßec a!.«> i *porteU
W. It. HEARST on union
League May Unite with Oemc.
cratic Party.
Attacks Tammany and It***.
Means and Says Insurgents
Are Really Independents.
; ■
ia-'i to «r.««aJc frtr th- i-., . t
• '•■• • 0-r*>orv.i op'nl,,ri -^2»
vry ! irk- ' • ■ • ; TmiZL
•;■•'•" ..,-..-..
tiiauttr lit VV» ,irrf»:^n wh»n . ;,-,;j. .
•ulit-.rtal wflt»r •■ ■.. •■: | •
U a g<:<><\ rhtnj; f r '. ; ■
laf«r» h»>»i .• ' <••• -• •
sCttutt !.».* h)4^9*iu! - ...
.'imTT-tr orc.-»ni-4-rrfr»n«.
Air. Ur«v«a «in«* im»i pf^fTxi u» 4o »
'••■rt;.mi7 fdo nor «j»Hrn< ■ • .
Ua.ihini,'f>n .-.n-j-i^- .>.'
his j)«T!«7naJ oCltnofl, sad wl
nothfof of w-har a;
It- »<> -civ. r nrrvt ,'■
** <-rpr»-~--' I if * v
•- prtn< !??<•- •. • • .
p»n*i^ur •. ot«ri— b** w.-t rh»- 4 .v> .iwj«^*
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House Passes Bill Preventing; Crass***
Except on Trac*?
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