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Three Witnesses Defend Secre
tary Ballinger.
Interior Department Officials j
Say Their Chief Never In
fluenced Procedure.
Trom Th* Tribune Bur*«'- 1
*hin«tor.. April la.— Three witneaaea >
•eetined before the Rallln«rer-P!nchni com
mittee to-<J«>. and each of them flatly <x»n
tradicted *T*t»ment!« made by I. R. <;iarl».
th* prlncijial crttlc of Secretary Kallitiejer.
Thee* 1 witnew»ei« were the Interior depart
ment official* who had aaaat a* do with
aY «""unr.iriph:ini coal «ace«. aasi they in
forme<i the committee that Mr. Bflllinirer
bad never attempts. «lir*-i tU or indirectly.
««• Inlli:*ric# ti.e course of pror^lure that
*h<»ul4 ht- follows r«>pectinp thene caj«^»
The artaaaaaM were j'rarik lierce. First Af
nlineii iMreea of the Jut riot; Kran<-i*
VI CaaMaaaat bat a*M?tant attorney 1..r
the Interior lii|iatt:i:»i.t and Maajfal '*.
r.i:n* > aaaawsnt tv the Secretary of the
Tl»e M«e«lon to-day wa* eu!ivem-d by a
•harp c"Uoqu> w fieri Judce Yertrocs fin
bh^ h]^ direct r?.amlnatinn of istant
B««rretary HaTaa and turned th»» witness '
o\»>r to Mr. Pr«n<Wii for ■ ru^-i \amina
tion. Mr Krandels jamonnc«-d that he did
not desire to rroj^-f-xamine .Mr. Pierce
until after Secretary HaUinßrr had teFti
f.ed. .Ui&p- Wrtree* «'tjter»-d iin «miihatic
P>Jectlon Member* of the i-omm::t • l>o
eame Involved In v discussion which ended
*h'n Senator I'ur.-*-'! fujrci-ftml t';at .i de
cmmc be pustj»on«-d until the yuesti^.n oould
be :»*>' U? b> the full < omriittoe mot
ro» BefiaU>r K<N.t armour that if Mr. .
nerc» «4ih f-xousetJ to-day he should not :
SBfa to recall him for crust* -ex aml nation !
• t • later time unlrs* a rood aad specific '
reaeoa for !0>- recall mi. f'imisi.ed. When
the dire'i examination <-r Mr. Elements '
•■a? f*ni«^ea Mr. Hrandeis mum ■ that •
at — aj : not be r«vidy to cross-rxainine •
the •n«»ii* ud' ba Bsafll DsKßoaarieata
ejWJi Glavi<>. wli.. i- norn on the I'acific '
'"oapt. Mi Flnner was BaM called Jo the '
•tanfl. Til" direct examination tK-im; nearly
■jimlii fl when adjournment until to-morrow
m-*r taken.
Class's Charge Flatly Denied.
Much of the teatfleaon)' to-«lay related t ■>
the proet^urc followed in subtnlttin? to the
Attorney lieneral i<>r ruction the
Alaska c«al law. known M tt.e act of Ma
**. IMb. In ho» letter to rreelfent Ta i\
tackinc Srrrftar>- ■aaaaajaT OaaVai chanted
that Mr. lulling r. instead of submittin?
Ba Ebß Attorney «;rr;eral lii» ((;ia\-i»i>) let
ter askine; for a construction of th<- coal
i*». referr^.i the 1.-ti. r to AM>iMant *»e~re- '
tary I1««ri c. Mr. Oaaeai told t>i«- < ommlt- J
tee that Asslvtant S*cretar>- Pierce »er.t
tor !iim. told him daM Mr. ■MMawar had
r#iqucKt#-(] him to handle tii« I'unnitiphanj
<e»ee and that g.-retary DallitiKW h.» 1
handed him for a- opinion the OhaTj let
ter re; attar to tl.t- r-osl .<*. Mr. Iler ■.•
«Stly denied th. >•• »■• to- M*. He
•ilavMir statrments aaM I conferrr-d
•ith him in recurd la sin optnkm. that thr
*t^nUm. ready for nay w^naiurt, was hand
ed me »>y Secretary Balllnger an«! that
l!>i!]ine;er rpoke to him about the matte;
•re entirely untrue. I never mad** pucii
«tß'emetiti« t» <;i«vi*. thai or ri any oth^r
time I Old nrt for Glavis to confer.
!(*<*. not s»y to <;irivis that Secretary
Ruliinirei had stated la roe that 1 was to
r»riaer the opinion. I had only <>n* conver
aaeian with <;!■=■ vij> and tiiat was several
month* f.rior to thls« "
Mr. *lar«e*e AsaaMMM wa«- confirmed by
>1< -srs ("Icmcnts aii-I ' "int •;..)•■ of
whom have be. i Interior Uejianment em
ployen fur n:ati> y«*ars :iiml t!o .'I.IZM'I
BSBaMs "n land :*w> Mr. I aaßßßaa *%ai<i
tti»t Dm «jin\i> )■ tt« : rasjM ta bba flu i m*i
ttif :js-.:^l rhanT»» > It dM not i«»«m to him
1" Involve , .••!■: ions that iruide Its refer
ents to the Attorney *^n»Tal necefsary. At
tj" time Mr. <"leniertf said^. did <;i«\:^ pur
«e« that he wanted Ike l«*tifr to »:. to tl'e
Attornr;. (i'-nrral 1<»! ;.n o;»;nion.
The vitnet-n sail t!:at Mr. Itellinjter had
neaar talked to htm recardMiK t ii*" opinion
he nhnuld aive o: llw <J!:u> Mt.r. He Md
not kno» r th.n Mr Baßbaßn ban* any
»hlnc at>out it. Bar did Oaßvaa aw ttli lutn
that l;f !.ad an atTan#Tei!icij' with thf Be<-
retarjr that th» Attorney Oaaiaai *'»► bl
raw on thkv quertiou.
Mr. Ftntjey f^)rrohaie«i Hi «lement»f
• tatement. lie aa;d ''.at n- frit t!;« lav.
«fTtr*T* r.r »lv Interior DapartsaaM wcr
frilly aaMaaai at paaaani on the aaaaMJ
aaaaaditxi hi Ossaal a^eaaeaaai b< BSBI
t l '* Calvin mernorardun. to .Mr Qbaeßttl
Gif>vi» war present \>h»-. Mr « "••::ier.ts <iif
•*refl 4iti> opinl'ir in r»r:y. and wos prrj-nt
*ln, with him »I>»t Awl'^m S"~retar7
Pi' re »ir» ■ tM» reply Neither V.>»n nor
• • any otbej t :n* nid Clavw BMBSjBB OBat
♦her* wan ar >md*n»tan«ln« that th* matt r
*** to if. t«» tIK- Attorney <r»ti«'ral.
Repiiet to PincHot's Criticisms.
Ml. rin:iey '.fn BMM '.:j> Mr. riivho* 'f
rr.'.icisso- ! ißtSßtßty BbJUBbW f(<r Mi *'■'
titud* iiiaiiT'lif naa> pnntr ult'v He
k«io tlifct .-«r:> ir. 1b- «dijiiniMiat!on Mr.
B*ilmK«r b**i talked erfth hint on the wib
.-• -t "1 the lepai power Bt th*. J*i • «i<3» t.i Bl
»i;|t<lra* paaak Jai-<1- !:■■!.■ <-i:ir-. M?.
BbSbbsW Ml i - ivi " liiit '' Ivav ■■ i"' 1*""*
•r vlthcJrftw fr<nn eritrv r«T»-« r «ite» ponding
aaanaj by • I - Mr. )t»i!in«< r f«w a
€Itr»rrri'*- W«"-n •> pTmsmiit withdraw^:
et»^ a «ewnw»rar»- -withda«»i until wcr>^t
•t-*-ti!<l make ih« »<-m;iora!> < rdei 7*TTnati''-t
«*■ afloj* aeaae <*!;• r \.\nr. )<• I :i.K »<■ tli» dl-—
fiota! of »>,. land vi.:<lr«i-- Tlie wjtne*f
••♦Mft^i llm' ha had aesnaa lene letterp
o',«-t»-(1 bl ♦'' i«3* n"e b> cou # .f*-l for M I'ir.r
cli«»t r*f>lyinK lv v Si n^:o« »b<» Inquired
r«cardtnß r* ¥ rtain aaaal aVtl had lw-< n
l*f-t*»red •'' entry. Tl»e»< k-ttrr* «er«- «%B«d
by Mr rj'!!n|: r w» r»- written t> Mr.
T';rrej- Ttit •»!:.•■,»»•■ aaid I .: v wet-»- i>! r>^
r>;y to bjfscn • ] i » < t obbbb bi bm soft bi dsl
C-li.' »:<i i|> !■. ■ •"■• »fat.-d tti< f:.. ta Wilt.
rn<- conitultinK Mi Mr iir'K.r. «nd wrote
OH i T.ii** In Ihß BBJBBBf aSBtsB .if hu^i
ri'>- ll.ry went t M- I! i ".v.vr's <i- sk fos
ritrr Mure, ar.d jr >t«at .:> ■•■ Mjaaf BttVaol
BSSBBHI Be* i j ataAeaw cr.ntniTi<>d .n
••-'•c leiti r> BBJB tr-jf
BefefTßßJ '" '''*■ BhSBBJBtIBB '•' thl • ■>-
apt -»' ««rr»* ifv-n* !«-tw««>ti ii- 1n.11.-ir,
• fCW and "i r Ptosßßi f^r\tr*, Mr. PIBSMj
-»h» a»ai M' BBdßasjar van ba tha cr«at
■has •' I «u---'.- ■ I aaa Bbragasai, thi •:
.). i.'-t T> ■ ' BJBBBtJOI S-<-etaty
n»-rce Mi riajaq eoostaßfll tria« '-• *•«
"", -r.- [,)» • ... Ii ■..:.<: I .:.•; :r;. .. - : .
•h. ■■ftjto I •: ' ■ '•••- '.•■♦'-ativ,
••• Tfr>- rmlv n.it^iUri involved rva? t
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Star tim« in tea whea the liver m rijbt the
aMasaca end bo*"it are ngiu.
irafty but firmly coin^JB
pel • t*7> livrr lo^-H
Gar ' '• .rSSvSn
<ndiffr» M&f^^F\
Sic* *^ ***■
B mil'-.
H«.o*eci«. and D»»tr«*» alter taUng.
SmmD P»11. 5o»*Il D««. *•»•■ *****
G Cntlin C «o* Wai ifoatuf • «
t-'iotn Th»- Tritiun*- nur»-au 1
AVa^hlnKtor,. April In.
no question more frequently a*kel than. I
"What will he the attitude of Mr Roose
velt toward the Taft administration" and
none to which there are more divert an
i?wer*. Curiously enough, too. men who
pass as friends of the rx-Pre^ldent can be i
found who inrt«t thfit he will repudiate the .
administration of his aneeeaaar, win j>m.- ,
rounce it reactionary and will have none !
o," i» Tho«e who advance these views have |
short memories and little appreciation of |
the character of Theodore Boosevelt. Ac- ,
cording to his real friend? in Washington, ,
one of whom called the attention of the ]
writer to-day to Mr. Roosevelt* •aetßim- i
tfon of his attitude toward Mr. Taft at J
Cambridge on June 22. 1!*OC. On that occa- j
sion Pre^kirnt Roosevelt dwelt at length j
on the Frrvice rendered to the country by i
William H. Taft. Klihu Boot and Leonard j
Wood. H«> told of the sacrifice Judge Taft
had made in relinquishing his place on the ]
bench a! d j.-oiriK to the Philippines, of bis
further sacrifice in putting aside an ap
pointmrtit to the Supreme Court that he
n;ight further mt\< tiie Filipinos, and in
ron<iuFlon he said: "These three men have ,
rendered Inestimable service to the Ainerl- .
can -■;■!• ] can do nothing for them. |
I can show my appreciation of them in no .
way save the wholly insufficient way of j
standing up for them and for their work, I
and that I will do as Ion;; a* I have tonmie
'<• speak " Mr. Roosevelt's "friend remarked i
to-day "It occurs to me that there are .
few either of Mr. Roosevelt's friends or
of hi* enemies who doubt that he *tlll •
has a tnneut- to speak, and I venture to '
aaaert that no true friend or Theodore
Roosevelt believe* him capable of jrolnp '
back o:: the words he uttered then. It is
not true, iherelore. that Mr. Jtoowvelt hat
said nothiii^ to indicate where he will stand j
in his relations to th aft administration j
when lie returns to America."
Roo.«e\>-lt'« conception of the difficulties '
which n*ust beset every rVaaasaal />f the ;
Unltf-d States is strikinrly eet forth in an
article he wrote for "The Youth's <"om- ;
pajdaaf khaaji the time he made his ad- :
ores* at < 'ambridice. He lh'-n said: "The i
asaaaaal critics <»f a l*r«"; " Tt> policy Ma !
apt To be not those who know mo?t about I
what is to i>e done and of the limitations :
nnder which it must be done, but thoee
who know the least. In the ap/iregat^
T.;ile as much wronj? is committed by im- '
jiroper denunciation of public servant* who I
do well as by failure to attack those who
do 111." This thought was even more strik
iiißly • xpressed in a subsequent public ad- ■
dnesM, iii which he t-.aid. t;ro«s and re<*k- ;
lea« aaatauio on chara«ter. whether on the '
stump or in aaaasaafMr* magazine or book, !
• .:■ a morbid aii<l vicious public ?enti- '
ment. and hi the fame time act a? a pro- '
found d« torrent to able men of normal sen- :
rttlvene-;s and tend to prevent them from !
entering the puMlo strvice at any price," ■
Ir tliU he referred to the fact that even
within <*on^:esB Honest public officials were
;.;•; to be eict>os«Hi "to utterly recklesi aa- ,
ssultp on their character and capacity."
A BRAVi: raTTflf ft TOir -Representa
tive Wiley, of New Jersey. In the opinion
nf ills colleapucs, is one of the most !
courageous men iri ('(insress, but some of 1
them liar that he carried hi* bravery tod'
far to-ilay. when hi declined the request of |
.. New Jersey suffragist to Introduce iti '
■..(..- a |*-tiiion for action to proBMO)!
the cause of female suffrage. Mr. Wiley i
took th« irtoiind that the suffragists insult- '
le»al one. and he and Assistant Attorn- •■ :
Cumal I-iWlrr. afftar a full svj-Jy of th I I
<i-.f-r-. came to tl'.e conclusion that the agTc-e- 1
;.i«*nt was illeiral and r< c-.nitii'-nded Its ahro» :
Ration to M Pfcm
Martin Wants Administration to "Take
the Lid Off."
Washington. April ir»— Representative :
afartte, of OahwajßOj who for weeks has
i« SB endeavoring to show that the friar
Ltuxls of the Philippines are being seized
I' tin Su«rs.r Trust with the acquiescence
of Attorney • ',•■::'■: \Vick*>r?=ham and the
V.'rir I»epartment, to-night jjave out a
StasSßMßt in whldi lie assails the povern
inent official m alleged to be Involved.
< i.Higes tl.ut information which OJOfIM
preoa ha Dewteattacn b i*;n(r withheld by
I the War In jiartn-.erit. m.l -rc-s a full In
quiry by <"onpTess.
'J liav«- charged the aln:n! ration.*' he
a\i-. "with having Iwpui: « peawy of (in
iUuful *-xr!oitation in t!i» Phmpfdaeß, and
. nary AeveespsMßt X r K-p "•• • - t.-ilili-- tiie
i trutli of the chwrpe. If Ihe administration
baa beaa (alsely accused, lei it tak*- eft
Wai l>ej*rtn»rtit ofTi' ials ii*"-lared to
, n;«ht that t!ie BtataaeM of ':■ j t. .;iti:tive
M.-irtiii was not wf.rth\- nf serl<-us consid
sntfOßa as ba had BBjMaf the fact?. It
■ wa--- sal i tV.it U.<» records furnished •„, th«»
Insular Cen>naltte« jr..-. that the depart
: BJMBI liad sCtsi with !» rf«( t propriety.
jMr MacVo-agh Asks for Construction
of Law.
Wai«hinßton. April !".. — Secretary Mac-
Veacn lia> ask- the artment of laa>
tie» for a construction ef the law povern
i ir.c ruch raf*s ;i« that of Richard Parr,
wbo has s clnim acainst the povrmment
f<.r rrward Bar scrrkße which r» suites in
tlie rer-ov« ry of a latee amount of moii<-y
i oti ar-r-ouni of s'iear fraud*. The depart
, n rut was rioi asVed to tiat". on iho merits
•>f Mr i'arr.s service*. The Secretary arm
I pars Ml that questiori In datcnntatßg tba
amount of m«»n*-y which should be awarded
to him. The now turn In the case win
I d«'lay M'tiletnrnt for pome t:tu<-

Chauffeur Arrested After Men He Had
Been Driving Ran Away.
Thro auaidi Breetdyattea i • rented v
'(a'iff'iT :nim asßafasel reatasday after
hi* nuinmnMli- had n:n over Mh»"-i : rune
tv<!\<- '.;u> <.'d. of N'v "> I'e.tll i reel
V.n stlyw. Th«* rJsßOfJfcor, ll^rr? Klein.
t m i.i> -ti\. . <;irs old. who ■• i:- arreatedJL
s.-.id be v -is eajpteyed '. : JktraanArr B
Sh.iw. of \ !" Went <lrt -»re<l Two
BMB ■ •• ■ iit i:i tlif- uuc}ii;i, al the tiric
. i tjj- ;« . i.i.nt iiun[^d out aad raa vwvjr.
Rlcfa nitrtm bhi BMChtee from
lehttSea itliel Into iv.irl. whea th»- rißh'
> ■•■ ■■. i:,i, ii|. on tlit- f-ldr-walk. Tna
ji'l vaii ManditiK there, and t»i» foi naial
■ ■!■■'■] s!:-.i'k h» r. Her .ta« WBfl !i;ntiin<l
si,, waa '.iKeu to Ibe Brooklyn IKwiillal
(V'bea I--- naen In ihe ma Woe Bed, Klein
u.i- rtfislnni b> Frajih Halford. Mart la
Uulthnn ;<T,d Qeorsje Btakaey. an s4 No
r. i , street, wtio called Urn peOße.
Lehigh Valley Gives Seventy Acres
at Flemington, N. J.
Ithaca N V. Apti! II • K.i< ke.l i: ili«ir'
.^i.t . •• tiv «tu:b men ;»> Oeersja J. QoaJd,
ij>;.,\.in.ir Siok> > <;••.. i noi i-or* of New
Isrscj mid RassfADa W MaMa, klx
<;»-<irr< Jui ior Ref»uhllc \,<,\ •• stid two gtr^
afl ban t.,.r,i^ht !•. estahtlsß ;> ju\entle
reputiJlc. j>.Mi'rn«-<J after the Pr»-evill«' m-
MUution. at. FJeminiMoii. N. .1
The J.Ut. Valley ftj.l]rc«<l roiTipany
has fanil*»h«-d a farm of «.-\entv-flte acr*»>
upon «h!r-h th»y will build The r*-|mhllr
«i)i |pc (hj BtOOJDtt i>< I chain of like iii
aVSttBMI ml, if i, the f"und»-i WJtHam k '
jirepu.'f^ t'< Mifh in «-v«Ty
ftate ia the- Union.
Ed the President when they liips'd him
la«t nfpht. and po declined to have anything (
to do with their movement. Hi» colleagues, j
however, rail attention to the fart that j
prominent «uffras:iMs now att.ndinp the
convention in 'Washington have determined j
to abolish babies— or, at least. SO per cent ,
of them, that they have abolish*^ "the J
undesirable element" In society— or. at least,
resolved that It does not exist, and Mr. !
Wlleys companion? in the House fear that j
these good ladle?" will formally resolve j
that lie does not exUt-or. at least, that
as a member of «he Houp« h? should be
President Taft has profited by the experi
ence pained In his effort? to determine
• what I<> whiskey" is shown by the fact '■
that, after ccn^lderinp with the. members ;
of his Cabinet to-day the status of elec- |
ttlcally bleached flour under the. pure food j
'aw, h«> I: s<u<«d instructions to the BsCVs* !
:;iry of AaJleaUare and the Attorney Gen- j
era! to take such Meal as may be Btcea :
sary to enforce the law. which, beinK In- j
terpr*>ted, means that this problem will be
referred to thf courts by a te*t <ape. ,
The Southwestern millers maintain that .
lHa.hed flour cannot be regarded as adul- .
terated, as it Is merely subjected to an j
electrical treatment, which renders it white, j
like that mad" from the hard wheat of the ,
Northwest, and that this In no way de- ■
tracts from its flavor or food value. The ;
Northwestern millers, on the other hand, ,
maintain that bleached flour Is adulterated j
and should, at least, be so labelled.
echo of the Boxer insurrection was heard j
in th" House to-day, when a bill was ;
passed awarding to the firm of Fearon. ;
Daniel & Co.. of New York and Shanghai,
JS.S6TI7. with Interest thereon, as a result
of damages growing out of the insurrec
tion, it la provided that this sum is to be
paid out of the $2.<X»>,<>oo reserved to meet
MM* caees when this government restored ,
to «*hina two years agro a large portion of I
the indemnity awarded the United States j
by tii-* international commission which ad- ;
Justed the Baser claims. It appears from !
the report of the Foreign Affairs Com- ;
mittee, made by Mr Foster, of Vermont. I
thct the *rr«»at.>r |»ortlon of the claim of j
this llrm wa* denied by the American com- i
misfioners on the ground that two of the I
members thereof were not citizens of the .
United State*. Ihe committee says it has ,
satisfied Itself that Mr. Fearon. formerly j
a British subject, had lared his Inten
tion of becoming an American citizen two <
years before the Boxer uprising, and that j
In the case of the other partner, Mr. j
Wriphtson, he relied on the British prac- 1
tice of allowing the claims of otlfbr than I
nationals where a majority of the claim- !
ant firm «■«•!« British ■aajaess.
zrll— not the Representative from Pennsyl- i
vania, but chairman of the Taxation Com- ;
mittee of the Minnesota Legislature— de- '
Clares that the Psyne tariff bill Is dally be- .
( omiiiK asera popular in Minnesota, and
that it M not Representative Tawney. who j
voted for the bill, but thOM BMeaben who j
voted mralnst it. who will experience dlffl- 1
culty in the campaign for renomtnation. |
Mr. Dalzell says the farmers of Minne- I
■eta were never so prosperous, and It Is 1
Impossible to persuade them that the high '
cost of living is an occasion for renr<-t, or ,
that tlie Payne tariff bill Is not In lart;e i
measure responsible for the prosperity l
they are now enjoying. Mr. Dalzell pre- j
diets that Minnesota will send the tisual ]
number of Republicans to the House.
G. O. H.
.___ i
River and Harbor Bill Taken Up
in Senate.
Washington. April 11.— Mr. Burton oc
cupied most of the time hi the Senate to
day with a speech Sharply antagonizing the
present system of making rivor improve
ments. Senators generally pave respectful
consideration to the apatch. but co many
of them are interested in the river and
harbor bill that he made little If any head
way against it
Mr. Burtons strictures related rather to
UM system than to the amount involved,
He did not canaster th.- sum large, but felt
' that under present methods many inju
dicious, and wasteful prefect* were sure to
be laetaaed with many meritorious ones.
He was especially sever* in his comments
on the continuing or piecemeal plan, and
declared that the country had pone wild
oxer the construction of lock* and dam*.
Mr. Bui ton became hrratred In tontre
iVMSjei with senators Pa«re. Ix)rimcr, Oal
liiiKer. Biiiley »nd others. la reply to Mr.
Oalltncer, the Ohio Boaator admitted that
b*lwe»ll *2«. iiii«,H<»il and $30,000,000 had
beer expanded on the development of navi
(BtSM on Urn Ohio sine he 1 Mr. Burton*
hnd Beaac chairman of dip House «'otnmit
bse en Rivers and Harbere He ri«ii< >ii 4
the •■■* that ships eoajM go through canal
■nd nvir ami **-v to New Orleans and t'>
[BoroßV'. He nrlvo<-ni<il a system «>f water
' way Improvements under wtneß local com
manities. should s'.are the cos! (if the woti?.
WiMil th* pHTagrspli aopropriatinjc ll"n -
(»0i» toward Us) const ruction of the barber
••: icftaje .it Sandy Bay, Cast Ann, Wat
reached, Mr. Burton miivd to strll:e it eat.
• Vr. IfX resisted, and said that if the hai
l^or I ad been completed the steamer Port
lain: ir.lpht have 1-. ■• m eared. Th* motion
to Strike out was derated.
; Can Take Reinstatement Case to
Court of Appeals
a dodstan that seensj to exhaust the
efforts soiißlit for six years by James ■;.
IcaOtaa to r«gatn Urn job of Kuj»er!:it»-ndf;:it
I of Highway* was rendered reaterdajr by
)]< Appellate DfVIBWB of «i... ■apTCBM
I <'..ijrt Daroosjh Prcsid>-!i: MeAneiiy aiM>!
jsh^il the ottiee aft<*! ('ollini" took forcible
possession of it on I>ecembai 2» under ■
mandamus. The court decided thai the city
• ...i,«.' n.it hi compelled to perform any
iit;Mev which the BoroowJi rVeaMaai akaae
1 w.tf aajUwrssad to ptrforajai and that the
j i-lt>. t '-refote. Bjas DOl a pro|« r part] to
Urn action.
• Tlie Appellaie I>ivi«i<in denied yesterday
: «o PtfWlH ,«a\<- Is aaaaaJ on this point la
the ■ ■■!• of Apaeals. This iio- > not affect
Collins*" cliJm tor $.:■ M back mlei j
To Be Established by Catholic Church
for Work in the South.
Baltimore. April 1.*>.~ Th. Rev. John K.
Bui He. of New York, with the approval of
< 'anlioal Oibbons, announce.) to-day that
th« ■»• !i-.|l. Board of Mission Work
Among «"«»U.rr-d l*e«»i>le has ri»cid»-l to ps.
t«l.|i>h an industrial peetaal in th" South.
The action was taken at ;. meeting at the
•"ariiir.ai s lejaMaawoaj a: which there OTOre
preaOßt, beaaaea th*- Caraaaal and Father
Burke. Arelibisliop l"arle>. ot New York.
ArrliliiMtiop Hyati. of Philadelphia: Bishop
Allen, "f .Mobile, ami Bihbop Byrne. «.t
N.i-ii-. ill.'
nan for rat«inr furt.|- will baajHi at
fincf-, and if the co-operation al On Cath
olic.*- in the Unlt«d States Is obtained, the
.lint nmy start within a >• .■:
Havr«\ April If..— Th* Kr-nrh l.me »te«nvsr
I a l,orraine, which arrived her» to-dny
fiom Nf » York reports that on Hm mi'iti-
Irip "1 April % v Tjrralaaa paaeaaaar, I>onil
n'r*o J'oniaii. luniped into «he **v Kfforta
M mi c him mere Crojdess.
Twenty-one American Battle
ships on Atlantic.
Secretary Meyers Plan Contem
plates More Compact and
Formidable Organization.
[From The Trihun- Bureau I
TT I. Hi 111 April I.V-A eomprel, ->n,.ve
change in the lormation and organization
of the Atlantic battleship tle.M has N en <V
rected bt Secretary Meyer, after repeated
conferences with the foremost tactical of
ficers of the navy. Mr. Meyr has long
leall^d that the constant ad.liiion of new
and more powerful ships t« th- s,ua.!ron C.
flKhters now in the Atlantic would make it
necessary that some plan be il'-vised which
would weld the fleet into a more compact
and formidable unit.
The feral change wi:i c,>n; early in Ma >-
when the monster ships the Ddawara, the
North Dakota, the South Carolina and the
Michigan will be assigned to the battleship
fleet, to replace four of ike aMar SBJP^
erMca have not yet been selected. The fleet
will continue to be divided into four dl
vision, but each division will have Its
home port. At presrnt the ships scatter to
various port? when not with the fleet, but
hereafter reuuUr anchorases will be as
sumed. The first division, with the flagship
Connecticut, will harbor at New York, the
second at Norfolk, tte third at Boston and
the fourth at Philadelphia. Thin plan will
r» main operative until July, mi. when the
Important part of the change will become
On that date the fleet will be increased
from sixteen to twenty-one battleship*.
with the Connecticut still the flagship, but
with each division composed of five vessels
instead of four, as at present. There will
also be added a division of four armored
cruisers— a type which is not now attached
to the Baa}. These cruisers will ho the
North Carolina, the Montana, the Washing
ton and the Tennessee.
It Ih also contemplated by the Secretary
that one. ship out of each division shall be
placed in drydock. This will insure a unit
of four ships in each division at all times.
As the older ships are replaced by more
modern vessels four will be kept continually
In reserve and flvr» out of commission.
Those In reserve will, of course, retain a
major part of their complement.
On April 1, 1!'12, another important
chanpe will be made. The Wyoming will be
made the tlapshtp. This vessel is now
building-, and when completed her 3>.riOO tons
will make her one of the most powerful
craft in the world. Her sister ship, the Ar
kansas, will iilso i.c ready by that. time.
The four divisions will be retained, hut the
reserve fleet wll! be Increased t.i tt-n battle
ships, which will I*- kept at Philadelphia
because of the deep harbor and BtrataajM
advantage i
Secretary Mryer realizes that to carry out
i.is plan with aaacaaacjr und dispatch lie will
have to ask <*->nKress to incre.-ise th;» per
sonnel of the navy, both as NBjßfaß' officers
and men. This he will do in the nrar future.
Chancellor MacCracken In
dorsed at Athletes' Dinner.
Chancellor "racken of New York
I'niversity ami his administration were
strongly indorsed l:*Ft nipht at a dinner of
the College AthUtic Association, heM at the
Hotel St. Denis. The chancellor ami pres
ent, and appeared to enjoy iba praise be
stowed upon his work in connection with
th« university. 11.- also made a speech
summarizing the athletic pattcjr of the roj-
Icse durinp his chancellorship.
I>r. MaeCraefeea s:«id it was ualaaaly that
he would ever meet the number* t>* the
athletic tea.ns of the university again In
the capacity of chancellor.
He asserted that attar before had New
York rniver.-ity occupied BO DfejaatßeM a
place in athletics as now. Much had !>• • n
a<(.oniplished. be said. despite lbs fact that
the poverty of the institution had been a
»rreat handicap. In ending his talk, lh«
chancellor said:
"\v< have do permanent gymnasium, n«>
boathoose, not a dollars endowment for
cur athlete directorship or for any part of
our aiMetli work. We have nothing, that
we arc inclined to boast OC Nit are have
striven to «lo three tliin£s--to <lo physical
;.-ixxi to cvtry vciunt mail. t«> value hon
est, manly behavior toward our CSBBBStftsn
M a aajrjMr price than .1 \lrtorj ow them
on Ohio Field, and to male the record of
student conduit to whatever college our
athletes may no j-uch as to brins no hint
nor even a blush to thr friend.-? of New
V<m l'ni\ <-; .lit > . "
taSJMS X Sullivan was a nuest ,«t the din
ner. nn<] spoke oa Mimnicr It. - .■>• <". It
J*>hn P. Mimn nave- the . limit" .
Tells Police She Said She Would Kill
Kirn If He Complained.
While making a complaint against Harry
Fucrster. twenty-ftve jnaan old, who .said
ii»» li\ed In i:.'.-t Kb Mice. Manhattan, ,
yesterday afternoon, in the Brooklyn \>c- I
t • •• 1 i -» » ■ Bureau, Israel Gokfberg< treasurer
ot the Star Ice Cream Company, • r No. M
Watklna street. HrownsviUt-. was called to
»h» telephone. After a short conversation
ii- 111 I ■Hill ••x-:t.il ;, 7:• i dropped th. re
ceiver. He toM the desk lieutenant tn.it a
woman had ie|fT>tionc.i him that if he
didn't drop the cni-f BSStnvi P^himci she
would kill him.
P*UCIM«r was arrested aa Urn result of an
effort by the Broufcljß police to break >ip
11 canp of horse pehWMMrs, Known 11- the,
"A, M. f '■.«." A few days apo l.nir :.11>^>.'
members o{ th» qarm \ver<- nrr»>«t'i. Oold
ben say* that Fnerster had offered him
and 1,1- partners *:**> it they would with
draw »he faff aajajasi the prisoners
McAncny Gives Him th« Money It Re- !
fused to Vote.
Prealdepl Mlti '••! of the Beard of Alder- |
1.1 •„ showed satetes] tlmt he was not .1. . ,
pesjdesii upon ihe aMersaea lor the ji:,.on(» '
aipioprintioii to pay For proponed new at*
tarhe* of Ms ofiic... Th.- Board of KsttiTiai" >
unwnliiimalji p-:^.s«.<i ■ resolution transfer* ■
rir.^, from the otter <»f Roroiis;! Presjd"!il
Mi Anetiv of Manhattan 11. 111. tee n^c»-.n- >
•-■:iy to pay t!:< s.ilari- , .if the avopsoid „.,.
potataea for the reFt Of thfe \ ••a ,
T:.' Board el AMermesj thouejhi ->:, Tues- :
day that it bad played ■ sharp nick mi
Pi. slii. tit MHrhel when it eatabdsbad the
■Vadai of the five nan placea ask.d by Mm. i
but failed la appropriate Hi.- money to pay
til • appointees. PteaMeal HrAaeny, who >< ]
.1 a*ad friend of PrcsMcM kfltchfl, looked '
o\er his appcwpeiattßaa and found $n.:."r,
Ki*en to him to pay inspector* of paving. '
which be did not nci-<i. Bo be consented :• !
UN traaaftt t<> Prt-sldent Mttdwl'i office.
Boaton. April II After an animated dl-- !
c use bin. Urn Mtafrksj seaakatlaa .1 beaa
adapiad lv "'«• Stasaachuai - . „. „,, \
Itreuived. That the Oeatrml < .11111 „r
M.t-.o tusetti hereby r«apt ifn||j ma^m
l»ir DOBftliai of the United Bt&tM to adopt
11 rcsolmioa that this nation will not i,,
ci«-ane It.- urilluti !•> conquest that th.
Congress rrqacsi and empower the »'r«««i
d- tit lo IfiHtru t the Sectetar. ,• stut.- i,,
tr:iii*nilt *>> th.- third tnternattonal peace
conference the •nfornmtion that sura p
r« solution has been adopted, ini.j Uuit • >tti- r
xv.'if be Invited to take •.1114^1 action
Gas Kills Young Catholic Soon !
After Ordination.
At the v.ry outset of bis career in the I
priesthood thf Rev. Klaonislaun Pox- :
nalskl. a native of Poland. 4W last
night in the parish house r>t th* Koman i
Catholic Church of Our L^ily ol Mount ;
CaVaaH East 01 street. Bayonne. from |
the effects of inhaling tent. He was ]
tventy-tight years old and hnd been in [
the Dated States only four years, com
ing here to study for the priesthood and
being graduated from Scton Hall College,
three week? ago. II" s«id his first mars ,
in St. Patrick's Cnth«Hiral. Newark. on j
BaataT, and vbs then asl«n«?d to FJay- j
Thursday mnrnirs; he did not appear
to say the f. o'clock mass, and a servant
disc..vcrpd that there was an odor of
gas coming from his room. She informed
another priest, who found that his su
perior was unconscious and called a
physician. It was thought that the priest
would recover, but he failed to respond
to treatment, and died at 10 o'clock
last night. It Is believed that he failed
to turn the gas completely off when he
retired on Wednesday.
Fourteen-Year-Old Boy to Meet
Yale in Debate.
| i:y IMeasapa M The IHe i . 1
<'imbrld^«». Mass, April I.V-A A.
Rerlc. Jr., has been chosen, -with 11. B.
McOill and S. M. Seymour, to represent
Harvard freshmen In their annual do
lute with Yale .it KM Haven on April
lit), iv-rle is one of the younir.en fresh
men that has entered Harvard. He is
fourteen years old, and Is the youngest
debater that ever represented the uni
Harvard will delate the negative side
of "lUanhreal That the United States
■baadd adopt a system of subsidies other
than our present mail subsidies for the
encouragement of our merchant marine."
"Beantown" Real Estaters Stir
Up Things on Astor Roof.
'•Honey" Fitzcerald. Mayor of Bavtaa
tour, who san? Mi way Into the CHj Hall
of that dour l»'irlUin stronghold, stood up
last niKht at dM dinner of real estate
brokers on the Astor ro<if and In a power
ful and mellow --nor rendered "Sweet Ade
line," "Yip I Addy I A>>" and Th« Wear
iv.K of Hal Green." All the two hundred or
more diner?, representing tiie Ma."sachu
•SttS Real Mill Kxchanpe. th*> Real Ks
tate Board of Brokers of New York, the
Real Kstate Kxfhanre of I-onjc Island and
the New Jersey-New York Real K"ta.te Ex
< *i*"f. Bjaapad at Ike Innovation and then
Joined In the choriv"'es with a will.
After that the spirit of cheer bordered on
the hysterical. "And to think that It took
a bunch from Beanville to wake up little
o'ii New York!" Thar comment, emanat
ing from more than one wa^irins head, lent
the only touch of sadness to the occasion.
All this happened some tim» befor* 1 the
sj>«>«ohes and added to the enthusiasm with
which they were received. John Purroy
ilitchel, President of the Hoard of Alder
men, nave a somewhat technical explana
tion ot the subway situation here, with
great promises for the near future. Thun
derous cheers! John J. Martin, president of
the Massachusetts Real Kstate Exchange,
boasted about Boston until he wad purple.
Majrniticent applause; And then Mayor
Fitzpeial.l "aid the real e«>tatersi of the two
citlrs oufftit to get together. I'nprecedented
Mayor Gajraar, who had bfen expected, to
attend the dinner, wasn't there. He was' !n
St. James, Ijong Island, Instead. He has
«aid repeatedly that he has no ear for
Alleged Slayer Then Empties Pistol at
Policeman. Without Effect.
After hp had *hot and mortally wounded
I^wr.>!iCf i!as.-", tarcnt]r«tkree years old. a
laborer, of No. M neaaaaK avenue, John
Alinco. twenty-two years old. a marl.l«»
<urt»r. of No. Ml BaMaal avrnu*. fired four
?hot.«« la.«t niKht at Patrolman Collins, who
sought to arrest him. <'oll!ns. who wax
unhurt by the fusillade, finally made a pris
oner of Alinco and hart to hurry him Into
■ drag store to save th* man from a mob
si i;acsii> frlen<!s. Oaaaa ili»'«l before th«
arrival of ■ surgeon.
Aiir.io. according to the j>olice. van set
upon '.iy <:isso nttfi f>»v«-ral >>? finj.-n «
friend? at USth s«ire«t nnd F^oond »vemir.
Altoeo, it i" ekaraaa\ drew a ratal and
-hot «iiif>«<> in th»- breast.
A« CeOtaa cam*- up Alin<o h*>ran firing
Bl him. Oaaaaa threw »v!« aaSMaHeal b<?-
Iweea thf iaataaj man > le«s ard he fell.
Tli*- policeman pounced upon him and hel-1
him. Alinco whs taken »•■ Mai K>i-( ij»;th
etrai t BtatSaß an a .'harge of homi«i«l*.
WiKi;.in Pit! is really entitled la the :
ere. 'it .!( iri«tlt>;tirf; the Income fax proper, '
which hje did la I7M, In order »•> defray
th. tSpfMBI of list war with Frnnce. This'
t-i\ m repealed in 1* ■:. but the following
yeftr a property t.t.\ was imposed, to be '
»han«?i»iirr| in IRK. .«ft<«r Napc.'»>on hid been '
«<v< rti.rown mil |>»-ac»> s«-c>i.> •!. F->r fwen- '
tv- ix aleeaed years Kntrliin-I esi tn* fr«>m
an !nr«>me ta«c. but tlif-n .Sir Kofc^rt P-'l
Ml • .ij.» :;.-.i to ssake BM wt it a pain in
IMS. and hf commenced with thr healthy
sum <<( s«\enpe:ue. F(>r several years |hj
bweaeae las re» rose higher than ei^jit
pence, and i:» 1 ■s">rt tt was pesjeresjsly ex
tended to Ireland. Th< Mknrhsj year thr
tax hMßpfd up to one shffltas and twopence,
owing to the Crimean War. and it still
further advanced la one shilling an.i four
poiicc. but ilini.'iK the Indian mutiny only ;
!i\>j'«r..- wa'ii.iinmlfd. "T. P.'tF Wc(kl>.
Recent investigations hy the- Geological '
Surve\ at th»» Yellowstone Hot Pprmcs
.■■how that Urn travt-rtiii or the undent ler
raea contains little radium a.* compared '
with thnt timmt In the tcrrftcc.-- of tater '<
furrnntion. The reason Is Ihoiighl t I bl
that the hot water has separated th.- r:i
dnim from tlu- uranium In th.' rucks an I '
depeatted i: in lisa terraces, a hen it Krad
eaßj decays, and disappears when not le
i la.-. .1 by fresh sujpiies from beneath. ■
BOOM «>t '•"• travertin terraces are ovrr
teJn by ,1 il bowMens an.i Han Meoie •
aae S< -lilundt think that this fa- 1 offers n
Beam uf er-tliiatlnß the date »,f th last
Rlacial Invasion of the nejssa of the y.-i- !
lowstonc Park. Assumlnc * uniform action ;
•«i the -prlnj;?, tliey make tali dat< twenty '
thousand years ,-■•■ Youths 'onipuiiion
"A Two-Mile Walk m Every Rott."
*^"^^^*^^a^^^^e iraultiDK Iroiu ||I (
dlni.era, .ik»r» or o\er Indulgence J;oin anr \
'■ 'm' " ' ' mtm^***"^^* it ■ •ticnuUnt an i
C. I A W ! •• •<iu*l M a two. '
„ ,- ,_ ' rM\m walk without
}RF.TAVw?I g^sTSTauS: i
■■e*ssss»sssaaßßßssssssa. no habit - forming
Uiu»». juai •►„!» trrutnl wafer K«e
;.iuutcit.lr<l by tbr Imkliu« ih>»l. lana ami -v,..
, M to idr teat .tub*, butrta and aoctat*
J»nple in New York
Ni 1 n laaattv*. Mottled in «(>ilt* only
'M t.> Acber, Mrtiail i r. ndii. aiM 4' th.
first • >»* l»inic»lr i t« Hofelii Olu^. i'afta Of '
th« l;«liw nitor Co. 15 hlt«h»ll tt . Cttr.
Bill to Make Him Lieutenant
Genera! Defeated.
TFr<>fn Th» Tribune Fsrsii 1
tVa'hinirton. April li.— The House refuted
to make Major General DmM E. Sickles
a lieutenant general to-day by a decisive,
vote. It was » pet "«"heTTi* of Representa
tive Sulzer'n tha» one of the two s»irv|r«nc
corps commanders of the rtvil War should
be thus honored, and the N"e«v Yorker made
several exhaustive sp^»ches on th»» subject.
After the debate, however. nepr^sentatWe
Prince, of Illinois, moved to strike the en
acting clans* from t'i^ bill, and this was
carried In the committee of the whole by
*; to A I>at»^r th« House on >» rollcall
affirmed this action. lf> to •*. There was
no party alignment.
R«pre*tentatrv»- Parker, of Ne-w Jersey, ex
plained Mi opposition to the hill on the
prounri th«t to pass rporlal |e<lslat»on In
favor of an officer would have * tendency
to make the army and navy an aKKr»nnt'«!i
of loribyifts. He declared tint he hail s«;«8n
General Sickles on the floor «>f tii» Hois*.
and Intimated that th" veteran was wcir'it
inn for the hill
Representative Weeks, of M«.«sachus*<ts,
created 5 im»>fhlnr of a stir »h»n he as
serted that General Sickles made .-» irr»at
tactical mistake at i;*>.tyshursr -vhich n>i«;ht
have cost the Union Army th«- fight He
said that th*> general left Round Knot, un
protected at a desperate time in th* con
flict, and was b*lnir cut to piemen hr I^aesj
etre<!t *h*-n reinforcements arrived.
Representative Prlr.ce pointed out that
only three men who served in the irivil
War roue to the rank of lieutenant <r«neral.
Th#:y were Grant. Sherman and Bhwidjus.
The former two became generals.
Representative falser made his usual
patriotic speech. He advocated honoring
the living Instead of the dead, and threat
ened that the old soldier* of the country
would rise en mu*se tv smite any me who
dar^d vote against the hill.
A hill wa.s passed d"Clarin» that Major
General Frederick D Grant was mustered
into Ike service of the United States on
April ?>. Met when, at th- a^'- ••: thirteen,
he served as aid to his father at Vicksburp.
By this action General Grant Is made
eligible to membership In the T^>val T.«esjior..
Reprej"*ntativ»» I^cnnet, of New York.
made a point of order against the state
ment in the speech delivered hv repre
sentative Ralriey yesterday, which charged
that Mr. Rennet had Inserted a letter from
the Attorney General in the record In vio
lation of the rules. Th» Speaks over
ruled the point of order or. the ground
that Mr. K»«nnet was pre~*-nt when the
speech was mad* and dii not th»n make
the point.
The House passed a hill makins; <"ap
taln John K. liartor. now on th.' retired
list of the navy. fn«it;e<-r in chief tr»tire«l).
with the rank of far admiral

Washington. April 15.— An operation was
performed to-day on Senator Porter J. Mc-
Cumber, of North Dakota, fcr in internal
Store Ready a* 8:15 A. M.
Directly on the Interborcugh Subway.
M t B*w;«re mt the math
I if /^ —fur", la the brartai
/li ■«>■ . >•..>* /.* »ir of the WaaasMksr
/II Wyty r Wy V /Qf phone (TWO i.nm^
M 9 and wnr w«a«« win
U I '*•! tor y<mr far*.
' I Htm York. April 16. 1910
Home Cookin?
in the Quiet
Tea Roorr.
In the Women's Store
BLACK silk top coats at $14 — never before July have we sold
such excellent quality at a like price. Seven styles. 54
inches long. Sometimes braided or embroidered.
Second floor. Old Building.
jt.t.ORE". splendid suits at 5 17. 75. Nearly every fabric of thf
ITI season. Styles many. Linings of excellent quality.
means conservatively two suits for the usual price of one
Second floor. Old Building.
SAMPLFi lingerie waists wvth insertion, plaits and hand-em
broidery. $3.75. $4.50. $5. $6 and $^ ) -
Third* floor. Old Building.
CHAMOIS glove that we know win wash satisfactorily.
1 button chamois. Si; 2-butt^n. $1.25. Both cut we!!.
Natural or wh'te.
Washable mocha gloves — slightly lighter in weight. $1.50 l
Natural and white. Women's Glove Store. Main floor. O'd Bidf,
FLUFFY marabou boas at $3.75 because of our large order
to the maker. Four-strand, black and natural.
Main floor. Old Building.
SUMMER silks—
Double-width polto-d°tted foulards—- ~ O sr sought-for
combinations of navy blue and black-and-wbitr . :
Wanamaker water- -*pot-proof foulsrJs — in numerous design!
and colors: 2^ in.. 68c yard.
26-Inch all-sil* rough pongee—many colors, including natural:
58c a yard.
26-inch checked and striped *urah silks — conservative, but
modish. Combinations of black, navy-blue, gray and white. 6Sc yard.
27-inch Japanese wash ?ifks — white, of course, of extra heavy
quality. 50c a yard.
i-atin striped marquisette— for draped gowns and over-bbuses.
31-inch. 6*c a yard. First floor. Old Building.
EMBROIDERED black lisle stocking* at only 35c a pair:
C three pairs for SI. Main floor OM Bu . ldicg .
LACH all-overs at 75c a yard— remarkably good imitations of
Chantilly -black and colors. 45 inches* wide.
First floor. Old Building.
NEW lace Veils. 50c to 525 Glace chttfon veils for
motoring. $1.55. n ain floor, Ofd SuiMing.
SPECIAL millinery at $12. because v c secured the importer's
_ sample untrimmed hats of leghorn and hemp Trimmed
in our own workroom, sometimes with wreath* 01 pretty
flowers or Watteau-like garlands ot rosebuds. Also tailored hats
of Paris inspiration. Millinery Salons. Second floor. OM Buil**
THESE specially-priced watch.- nre not like the
old Scold feUlMj'l clock, 'no fpHJ enough to rrttch :i
train by, «>r that sort »>' Hung, but ml t'nou.l lo jd op*
breakfast wi!" Because it secured specially low-priced
cases we can sell men's and women's watches with Khrin or
Waltlmm niovcinents, gaaWIII .er^nl timekeepers, •• -J
to XI 1-:J per cent, less than market value.
14-kt. gold case. 7 jewels, open face. $14.75.
Gold-filled cases. 20-year guarantee. 7 jewels, open face. $3«
hunting case. $9.
won: n watches
14-kt. gold case. 7 jewels, open face. 1.50.
Gold filled cases. 20-year guarantee, 7 jewels, open face. $3.50;
hunting case, $9.50.
Monogram will be engraved without charge, if desired.
Main floor. Old Building.
jti L
Former., Al f/1 /] /tftf/f KCJ > FoSS^^
A. T. Stewart &Co UU \A^A\Julf\*j *7 & ■»« :J Tea *
Chicago's Abattoirs, Wr,^
Draft Animals Are Killed.
I Chicago. April V,. -Tie '.\s~nvvr: ,«j.
horses «r» b»:tns butchered m Cook Com*.
■ for human food ha* led M a series nt hv
vest!i?at!ons> on the par*. r>f til* Rise'"
; Food • 'ommlsninn <<» >«am wh<- the •?#*,
.is sold. In tpit* of me *tm «f pj
' horse ktl>r* that »h*,r product '. .!,_
i ported to Copenhagen. Denmark. lasavttar
| Ilc»y. of the commission, give* h!j ocfeio,
I In an official report fo»l bmmlv tftat per*
jof the horse meat at l*«a.«r. 13 «. ( • , ...,,^
; saajsjeajHsti and rr»* ;-n -h «*:oon« m c;- H .
I caco.
The !nv»sflsratinn resulted n rh# It**»».
cry of two horse Ma j^hf<T h*>u»r«. on* v
1 v.hfch Mi In op«r3r|on when visits la.
I sjf-'tur Hoey The proprietor ma 4» ---...
! MM« that he wrvs b':rrh^rln» airrr^-
I bat horse!", hut ln.«i*tM r!-.- rrr%t * M fjr
■ itrruses ;ini| for e-*;i.ir*. Thirty b«rr*ta ■]
' n.re'j and taltr-1 hors«- mmt wer<» fOQ^
: at Ms pta*-*
Ta« herse packtnr plant *>i|rh —in rbm^
1 tn Operation in oti fr.e I',-e of the
I fMca^n elerrri^ railway, ane m!!»( w»»{ „
th<! city 'imir*. at Arrher av*nu». [• t
easjli '
to his •tiT^nr.enf. kills flft«».T hr>rw* x
' week.
The other plant had he.en «asnr»<t Hr
' IValf»r .I«hai' .ird Baa Ore aril^i -»♦
•of I'unnlnK. ir had h»en a'wiTvlon* w*^
j visit*' 1 , an 1 t. ; - proprietor had aee< f 0
• n«"w location < n th» P»«;>la:r,.'!« R'ver.
9atisa«<* ••s»«injts m.id» from horses t*(^
fr und at the f>i?el pirtr.r Th» propr*«i»-
Insisted t.^.a' they. too. wi>r» rrp<mt4 »i>
I>enrmrk. but Johane^ .«a|,j horse Mllen
1 frequently -lirpo^.l ..r rh- - sa«jj »(» ,
' inaage maker's supply ho:iw» In *T,i?a^.
Beige* admit' he fu-n!:*h»«l her»» me
to hi; neii»hhor». farmers l!vin~ <»jf?it(l* ttj,
I cttv !!m.'.«. r'it said he .iid ror arr.pt g» .
bb ■ >*j for it. He. bo;mt«*l that he hart rtmj
: turn<-'i a po.r person <iw.« v »mpty yi.ir.,«»«} •
The fo«*l In-'p^Ttor h;i-«e.| hts itH'un^n
. that hors* m«»at was hetn* 'l»:tr»r*l •<
' 'heap restaurant.* anil ."^'.i^ :~.a upon aav?.
vations nr.a«ir by hfmxeif diririsr a *f\n
of trips to *h" vtrfntty of • -irse paefc.
ins; hou!»»- a:: ! upo: the »v!denn of p»f.
I MHW with whyn h«* t.tike<l .Jur.n^ t»>i»
> trips, a «!<livery vaflDn baa r;~» .Ot>
1 p.i'-kin» house r.adi> fr»Ti«>nt Tlsltj'|i>
' saloon* <>n the West Side. he said.
><•■ Mmd evid-r. 1 "'- f na* (he wa con aim
. ma.ie Tins to a i.oa.r<!: .-; . i?hNir
hood In HTimmit. 111., trher* .\ i-"r*-i ~rr
\ ployed in th»« quarries nerir ny live. r>»i»
: l>oar.l:ni? houses, iie reporr«»l. '*Masjsi
, meat at •? cents a poumi. while th? pr>
[irl-'or of 1 n.irkff in that tow. -<>«.
(■la!n»"<l that 0m U'W»"<t prW r«i rrr::!
• n:ak» 011 beef *■<** '• <e ntx a pound.
TtM re;>. rt of Inspector Hc*y wij rr;j(j»
to the, State Fool <"omml3}'l'>n"antj r««>B>
m<*nd»-<l l»*g;is! ifion whi<-ii wtl! enabit 0:»
1 «lep«rrrT!.- '■, .-..ntrol the killing of i-.tnn
. in Illinois. It *-:nbru>-»-.^ a *erlfs of \wtm
tijratlor.s a. rear ago and net **
I computed.
Itiuln^ss waj< cood af irtes ssls»i<
j horse alaughtej house. Bcliters ttaxtyttm
I the inspectors turn from OtM tout tawarrt
' the «lau?ht»r house and '•Jtm; to or
1 fh-m. The v'sir-'rs ln««iHt,-d on b«in« aten
the plant ar.J tli« s-i.-.-y r luctaatiy optaal
, the duor.
pressed meat from •»-••• Ttorse^ «•§
han^in^ in the cooling room. Thirty tar
rela fUMI with ■.' ' r • meat, readr
fur shipment, w-r" fooud In the pi ■*. -:
r -iom. I?. TIM pnnciual vvo'-nrooin 1
Itettta "■ hoi water g over ■ •"••
whei^ i:-.>-n Hi toe* preparing casino it
• b*- used on sausaejee.
Eight Car Lines
Each Way to Stort,

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