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Literary JVetas and Criticism
Some New Stories by Eden
Phiiipotis and Others.
rm TKiEF < -i'" VTHTT'E. TVr Fdfr. VYSl
pott* :r--.0. pp 4.1 T'-.« John I^n«*
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woman 1 . R»- Mk^-ioi Cor 12mm. rp.
<U The i>Bßfe i Wtxna'.ls Ccrnp=ny.
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«:ha:iibe-!B niwUated 1n rCJor Vy %'\
mur.il t-r.-arrti V :;t-, ; ... v ... 'JR.
D. Appleto.i A Co.
Co!.ec»rd bT Thl — ins A .I«rv ler Illus
tr:.:<fl w»h s:x pirtures V' Walter Ay
rJ*»!o;i «. laxk »r.i wfta ihotcgTanh* of
ti!ac<». »-.0. rr iv 1 ;-. IM. lla-. per *•
THAN" Ry TA*'r. B*Mi>»r-TV|lliani
MacT!*is "l\;rtratr<l b> WiHam Obf
hard: bBM p;,. :/„;. Kor'on: Sm*!',
ajsywavd & «*o.
Mr. Phillpotts l.mg a J r. -- <-orrcctc.l the
f.aw- that qualified his mc-ccs* in h:.s
earliest novels, a certain inadeq^nry of
plot which caused tsaaMßdknis conse
e.u#nres as flow "f-rtxtj trivial sssja. '
The etrenajahTmit nf his liit^r v.-rk in
Thl* regard his ber:i cttain^d by a stead* !
l'\ proving apprei ia'mn of the artisr">
• * lue of }■ dire'-t relation between ac
tion and « hara'jler. one. bc^ng determined '
t>> the her. which. :r. it» tutn. l,as
%oen condition' j>n f 3 •-■'apM in his
ftpri«!» by itp en- "timfnt, the «.t'rn.
bJtsJrjr ■-' "fJ pran-Jeur r f Dartmoor.
This \jnlt\- of place, character and plot
*htch huh f:\vrn us "Th" Tort Reev '
and "Th" Ser re; T», .-.man" now p;vcs us
' The Thier or V;it U e.- Mr. Phillpctts's
•jooha prow- in d"p'!i and understanding.
On* mirht «nrti call him ■ psychological !
r^ r ''. i t afM bshaTpma ualtttaal tnßaaai]
Battaia «« It r.-}ar:ff>ts itsf'.f in unvary- '
j'.r. r.trenfly diro(.t:i;i UMj ««'nflriip.g »ur- ■
rounding*. The fundament*! weakness ,
r* a corfident jim-I Btfal of his (
'•-encth is a sutj. • I that — ■■fflf *ji
j»»if to Una BVfboßi iir raUuaa to it
h-r» «nd oppose^ to it a woman of ha*
:-;'o^*t ■]* paspoaaj ?elf-re!jant. ■ -■•nii-
Xainrd. IllWllttrtji complex nr\d !ny6tcr:ou^
Velo^- th-- sr>r»ri't!t niiT<p;i'-it.v of he;- life.
Her h"»4 ru>B h<i heari. it rules the '.
tnan MM she marries ir..m ambition.
1 ri:;cs thr^ ]„\rr whom eh" mieses
Urf en-^ut!: ta eaafbii bar to rc<aii bba
for ncr r<<\ ;i unmoral purr I"**-,1 "**-, the lover !
ho first bßfaa Ua4 en-. ;pf. then pitie*
9V.6 DMB lo\<s his mCBCaaM rival. She 1
Baxaaffll IB her undertaKins. v. hir'i is to
fr.riv from life the material am"
moil thrt t!ie lonely, isolated r.»e»or can
affjar. *...] cat pffa thai is ji;nd for it
«M ir. not |ba ;<ru-r of h<-r strength but
nf h- husband's wcaknpp ajid her
lover's re.HT Bjaaaaas, nUslOßa BOBaxaaaa
lieef she is a;i b*taTCattfn§ audition f>
Ih* gallery of studies >>f <>men in cc-:i ■
temporary fiction Th«- two ran Bfjcaa
;u-te are interwo\cn -th bora at a •
leas '■•'■11 drat<n. an there i;- a fourth
character worth uiciusoning. «n old >
woman returned to the mooi after h°r
oellbeTßte vent .-■ ;r,!'» the world witi -
rut benefit cf citrg;-'. v - ho observes
acutely and safely a>mmcn'«. Of Mr.
rhlllpotta's •w■orkman^hlr'. of his lan-1
•cape an'? th" minor fly— Ii" places in
It notiilng neefl be «a.id at this la*" day.
"The Thief of virtu* 1 bj - rej arambte
j-iace rf work, ard one of 'i* heat n'>->cls
Ihua far.
TeAirmsly verbose "The Crowds and
the VoMed T^man " contains a ppkndid
Mea whose presentation i- lulistlaslj
iJe.lajxd by a mass cf unnecepsary intro.
duetory material und wlvae ♦■nding is
tiot "at long ' bui pimply nhiiseatinc.
*'V!et 4 'n< nf <jcr rwoi t we all are." says
th« theorist of thie ttor; . in one of Ins
taaarminat • mono]..|rues . "from infinities
they call as into th. ir petty, deae md
rrampe'-i <-ocr> ■h"i:ic a lajßaro beie
allowed of DO l|dlPjlLltlea. Th- :•
fjsajtna all th" work of • satH mc th" iri.
01%'Muattty win . ■• 1 ipßdi uutßMe aalt
to ftaoh D Ob 1 • Eatattiea t.. p.tip;?"
Th" theorist baa SOI I "hiflding a
j o-.anjj natßier ttom Ihe lavaDhaj te«
Baanoi of bean mid ihi crowd itooe
rhll(Jh''^'l ■ ' ■ z 1 I to hfid con
\er«* ottbj :Ui I ; .' 'w.iilj ITOBtI I
♦uipc]"- hi Ihrir Inuuorlai wutfaa. And
tiov ih* \ .»;jih ;^ raadj to ptwwe hta
;.,«-iit«i « 'b,.,,- ,>y paintii-c lite i
«•" th" V»«|rd V\ - f>ma'n. » •<• c rd, in;. sl*t-
Ima •■ ■ •: ■ pref«ented « it 1 ! .--.Ti 'mc
> < ; . ! ;. conn - •■■ • ' ■ • •
1 ; ef the foul tt th* "r ':-ter«
• ■ . bs abaer ... of latelle« ar.d
1 r-.r.'i lecjf. . ' '■ r . lt -| ih!« th<or'T,rc
r •.■,! . ■ '■ .• 1 1 . n,llt«1« "T ■• f 1 '
' r-. • •- ha^e him. aivi .i.fr.i
ii, »h» en^i ih» author baa talanti
Ixoastnatlfin. ■wtataanty. and fh« tiiink?
<.. r bwaajg The conirs 1""1 ""' '"■ " BaOon of
Viet - to !.T( 1; of te. hni' al
fraf^Baant; »h^ us boi kearoad to con*
<If>» <-i r-. •'<■-, 1 . .inn She would put
*i\ thK hes ta my ano cne 000k. "•■»
rmtwithstanflmaT lt«. «*riona »hortoom
1-»rs. "h* ■ tadl RtteattOß. It is
v.ith <<-u*Ar.S witi, IodMOOB •sl;u.|.i!ic "
Tb» « ' ■ ■ • • • . ■ i error
al ;afte Si. h ;•'■ ird | > ■■'■ le IS N OVb
»tret;.<-' jjivi "candeiat>ntsr tn« ■ Benon
rrfle. r> ■ •,••■■! the ptojafrea4*i
•tr C^iambera hae prudtmed in "Tv«
«;re»n Itooai ■ ' ■ ' ■•■ blta of nre*
Wjnitlßfhh J' ; ■ ■ - •■!• 11
bjtajd • ■ ' ■ -,■•«•■.':■..■•
€ P !-.iniFe". 1 \.r rt . bj on tn
r rntion ;:i t!.r book ]!<-»• v< \„■„ *- an
*-.th»»r ptatty girl <ii:.jing to th« badi of
a rcjaadataj bejaa :n titm v*rv eafjl th*
' . > I ' nig tnan. down on
tiif Ijck. apfnjr* ROB Ins 'Ejection to
►a*. e • . rfaaf Eraan n asdaatly death
Mary S. YVatlS*S new novel
A broad picture, Icisureiy drawn, as thorough as
Thackeray, as sunny as its own Ohio valleys. The
book ib full of the color and movement of real life,
and constantly sets the reader smiling over some
irresistibly human loach. An uncommonly enjoy
«bic book in whxh to lone ones self is
By Mary S. Watls Cloth, $1.50
llt we are to jud?e from current fiction
this e^rt «r t!.;?:c; 0.-r-rs co frequently
!!n Central Park that the authorities
nn;iU be j .st;fi>.! !n ex"luiiirig ail rid*
;A*i: bi |1 BJster how the MraemaMa
lasKi tba Cijuincis manage ta keep ocrt « r
i the mag c : ihe cloud* of *i'.J aetasa, be
sre.-hlng dr.lr.relß and imperturbable,
j uncannily resc.urcefu! swain*. Hut per
haj»s this partteaSar nmawasr tatasaa^ai
rn'v aaii af Mr. «'hn:nber»'w fun. a
Etia..!i "f faktaal ■ • m.» flung in to make
i • 'The- Grcr:i 11008** Mm more amusing.
llt :s all AaflaJhtfttßy 1 drop. t,nd. Into the
l>arjcaln. very pretty in Its sentiment
Th* Idea of a machine small enough to
i be carried r. the waistcoat pocket and
potent enough to discover for its owner
th" on" woman In th" world he Is meant
to BUM <s good In itself, and the author
ftaya with It tngeri-v.isly. letting him.-e!f
po Bl i perfect burst of high spirits. His
tharactrrs are all Ingratiating, includ
ing ninr'm the cat. Mr. Frederick's
■vivacious iJluiitrations p^■o^ ide just the
'right accompaniment for a charming
?erie« of absurdities.
Hr faarter. whs has written a num
ber of eM( rtaininr bc«oks, has neverl<?"n
liaan tormnata than In the case of his
•■T^er*>*i«;.' of the (it? of Mexico." In
fir*,*. Blnce the exquisite "Fray Antonio
of the <;i. rdens" he ha« done nothing
quite 50 beguiling as these brief tales of
romance and till f He says that
they arc »»f his finding, not of his mak
inf. M to tp.ke them for artel he calls
I them, genuine folk stories, need not lis
pen our appreciation of the art wtth
which he has handled his picturesque
iliemee. From th" native lips to which
l:e refers with gratitude these stories
could not have fallen more effectively
than the; fall from his own skilful pen,
Shftfal and very subtly pymrathetic.
The imagination Is touched by any one
of his motives even baldly stated— by
the story of the tall nun. obedient not
only in llf<? but In death, *<> that she ac
commodated her body to an undersiied
coffin by the etory of the Mulata of
<-ordrt\*. who tailed out of prison in her
magic ehir«. mv! by that of th". woman
w!,o vas bad, to her death, like a mule.
Ft under Mr. Janvier s touch these
trtiin fancies are mad" doubly awesome;
they are enveloped in the right atmos
phere and they give the reader a chillier
thrill. There is humor, too. in this book,
th" cha*tlin"BB at which never becomes
t<»o horrible to be borne. The full page
illustrations, by the Izte Walter Apple
ton Clark, go most appropriately with
BM author's weird and nbsorbing te\t.
Th" beat compliment we can pay to Mr.
lam lcr bj to say thai we wish Hi book
were thre» limes as thirk as it i«.
Thr author* of Th«- A'hi«vrments of
Luther Trant have almost but not quite
tiucceedrd In making a first rat" contri
h-it^n to the f-tlon of rrim» and it« de
•tertio--!. . Their ■hertocs Holm"?? la n
yams acavatlai who develops in the pay*
I .^f.lopical l.'.l>oratcry a method of de
t< rtir:g » criminal that is ssi miaajty
miraculous In the aettlenie«< cf each
ease thai hi devised for him h* laakee
! elaborate explanation?, from which *••
ay to infer that this method ; «. ?ft"r
al". simplicity Itself, but. unfortunately.
, his kc< rets are discioecd after be lias
solved his problem as <i b> that tim" the
i-.i<-;<rs hXtereat la« bt >n n exhausted
Hi's EBrteaHy should >>•* fed as the n^r
r.:tivo pocs along and completely satis-
M*-'i • hen n »civ» B DKidBM hi cl«-i»c<l. To
; enter ln"» long ■ latMUfeejs then Is to,
i *<p' M ;.t;ti-> limnx >V« r^grrt the non
I thai thaan tal-* ar<" defovtlta in form
j btcasae in every one of ■ been the authors
1 d'-'il 1 th «ii aOurtaS problem.
How It Is Interpreted by M.
Firmin Roz.
L'EXEBGfB AMKRKAtNi; p^' rirniin
Ros Daaa, rr- i. BL ratt^. Krr»"«t
Klanii.iHi ion.
Thr aotber of this bjitertathsj study
•«*»ir- to b« irrrr<-cn.ited with th» en
,em of whirh h« w rite? TI» deocrfbfi
Ii • •'■■rU parenthetically as ' i". olution
deg lltat* I "nip. " Pfjaathly th" ?»mpl"r
I< mi "cror. th" muM be BCtlCf. for h*
i« t(." ihtir of a doctitaaaire to tatcraroJ
thr \ari^d sjt' exuberant dev"lopiT»"nt of
America , BordMaj to an' rigid ocleiitWe
formota. Of this de\elopment. m evor,
he haj riven m intelligent Slid thorough
■■■ ,i • «!im lit« cgsar- is not 1111
wctth> of 1 .lrnparison with the more am*
c works Of De To<q|ij"\ lite and
Bnee. There l« ju?t enough history la
it to nail any reader unfamiliar ith
the past eppre<iate th" present and
: probable fulma of ti'« sited states, m.
R..7. . r.ri<-iders firs' th" origin-; of the
v erteaa natloa *nl its arflffa or *-n
\ironm«nt H" ih"n passes in rapid r<*
• )«••■ t' 1 * p^y'•hoJn)r^• of th* A;iicrica»:.
thr i-haratter of American ■odety. ti;"
ataci ' eeoaoosacal aovelopnMßi and
. . • lion, the lacnaae of ipd'iH'ffffffn
.tiid th» cnflK-t l%#tween capital and
Other f"< tions n< ih" boot deal
the ... ii»- a i ;in d brteOectual
BVototloa Bare the author re\lcws and
-•••ill' if -s American education aHio: relig
ioua Inatttojtaona, th< aaMe of intellect
■ BBd atl •id faith Me thea discusses
ith" p'.'iti(dl evotutlOß of the. nation, par-
Ueulaity with lafereoca to proMsaai
1 ■•]■"!! ha\" onsen since the Civil and
ItlHlllltl war*, cjuestions s.jrh as those Of
MB if airy and relations
I with Bwith amertran \mu . M Ros
' hat presentrj neither a flippant caries.
i tare aof an »n«iiscrln-.inate eulogy. Hi
iknowa the past haatory nn " "****^* of
j the United State*. «nd h.-s apparently ;»
! more (ban ■ooadl liani BCQualntanca
1 artth the present. Ho has accepted with
1 P?ri-.aps too great reodtoeai the ideas of
certain 'yellow' writers who paint th.«
FBFttaUtt at a demon and the working
I ;nan as a alnve. But hi has taken the
'pain- to read n batter and more repre
v-mative kind of literature It is tru«
i th^t he has an exaggerated idea of po
litical corruption in America, and his
I criticisms of It come strangely from ■
'■ Frechman who knows the history of
invents In the Third Republic from th«
1 days of the Panama scandals until now.
It, Rot, has a clear and forcible way of
expressing truth* even when these are
ii. particularly aaeoj. Writing of th«
prrjit economical expansion in America,
h. thus refers to its effect in Europe:
! The in.-rea»" Of American production may
not only diminish cur ability to fell; It
dimlntfhes our power of manufacturing
Th« I'r.lon, In proportion aa it exports more
n.an'ifax-tured products, rvport." le*« raw
. m iterhil. Brery day it need? more, to teed
ir. workshop.-; It «pin» and weaves its cot
1 ton. it transforms It.- leather i«..to ham<»i>«
aid \:or*. More than this. It go.-« to aeah
]il<l"» nnd wool* in the mßrk'ta of I* Plata.
■rb#r« we ar« customers our*e!ve»: it de
m«n4a rubber In Brazil, raw pilk in Japan
and China. It Haama the quantity at our
'ii^ioKa! «nd provoke.* a rise of prlc"*-. '
is the rnoie.rn roltdarity of th« different
markets of the world, the Old and the
] New. the Occident and the Orient. In Una
new rhar» of economic history- he "ntry
of tIM United States upon the seen".
emerging from their Isolation, is a chapter
wln.h must be written with the utmost
The religious liberty in America nat
urall; excites the author'? admiration as
he compares It with th" attitude of
! modern France. In the United States
; th- neutrality of the state 1f not &
1 hostile indifference, but an "equitable
' benevolence." Profoundly religious, the
! American people leaves to all de
: nomination? the most perfect liberty,
"the opposite of our policy, which is at
! once irreligious and Intervention! •»»." By
hoisting a.- 1 he does upon the importance
1 attached to utility in th" American edu*
! catlnaal ideal. at Roz hardly docs Jue
1 ties to the extensive work in science
i for its own sake that has given such
• prestige to the graduate and professional
■ departments of our loading universities.
Doubtless the American attaches less
\alue to a purely literary education than
the Baraaaaa d..«. 5. But M. Iloz goes
too far in declaring that nothing In
j America resembles the French ideal of
i ThoaaMa hommc," a literary man of
1 Ihe world "prepared for leisure, for the
i i:rbanity ami cleganc" of a yocial life
) which the salons are to complete."
1 Americans, h" thinks, do not undertake
that stow, patient, complex and haT»
moniou? v oik where taste, scholastic
I training, scientific tradition and refined
'• surroundings co-operate. The Burapsaa
education, li«» continue?, is serviceable
1 for evcrythins. but MflteaWt for noth
j ing, "or. rather, sufficient for its object.
1 whi< h is to give to the man of the world
ail his value and to social Intercourse
all It? price " r»n the ermtrprv. America
po. k«« •hastily to arm tat Individual and
' equip Vim Mjuimaril;-. Amr-riran edu
cation la nothtasj if not utilitati;in and
practical It would be truer to my
that whil* n utilitarian and practical
' education was to be had hi all our uni
! \rrjitie". education for its own sake
1 was demand^! by those who could af
i tord to have it, and was to be had here
! quite as readily as at Oxford or Paris
or Merlin. Nor Is there historical justi
fication for the author's opinion that the
: American nnlv"rviti"s are a Fort of
' exotic grow th "superimposed upon the
! nation and not an emanation from it."
th^t "the ordinary law of historical d<"
; velopment Is rrvrrsfl and the Americans
j count on the organ to create the func
( t . • •1 1 " Oa th*> contrary, it was to ac
1 QonmodatC themeehrei to their eavtroa
. rr'n 1 that the older American univer
! nt'>s were compelled to d».v<Oop a more
advanced education and a "lrchrr cult
ure, otherwise men BOW r»njraß*d in
gradoatc • oufaaa mtobM iii . b;td to •_- ■•
to Kuropc instead of reniainini: in the
I iMiiwrinpeoed uulvcralty."
in .-« chapter deputed to "iniperaliMni"
'M n^r not free the vapid uhansjve in
I Ainct-tc-ap T'lreign policy, chiefly during
ith« ItcKtllley BSd Rooeeveit s4minv>trs>
rttona In - few lucid paragraph? hi
detnooatfatCal ii'iv. Impesaihta M was that
j th* nation should remain fixed in the
1 limited r/itfrr of the original OoaStltU'
•i<->n American iniperMli^m la often
1 represented »s an explosion of national
Kiitlwwni prod ik ed by th" BpanJan war
a»id the exploit , '' the arms and n«vy.
But, according to the auth"r. 'it is the
r".-ult ■■' m -or 'ii . 1 or t^tHi evolution of th"
' Monre." Doctfiae," "whence the n"e"s
tep -. of conquerinß the h"semony of the
Pa<"itV. Of entering Into conflict with the
Old World, of r-»- "mine a lltai ;• sad
naval power. Tli' <-*> are the, links 1 ( .411
Iron 'i -tin Inflexibh a? losical necesalt]
; Itself. ' An mi impartial critic, M. n.'J!
i? 1 In «> 1 ipatbjr with the RcpttbUOßn
party and its potldu at hi: Instrument
i«i the e'.Mluijou «>f the ignited State*
toward Ms aarJoaal Meal The old Dem
ocratic rioKmn of State's rights ' ;ip. ho
thinks, lost atoei of its adherents ■ Tli"
: politi<al education Of a people has n<
better master than the force of thine*.
I Th« people, of th" United States hn\e
, l.cen le.j to this • oni i<tion that it i.«
, nuen more master of the federal sr.,v
•mnwni than of the Mate goi ernments.
1 A .'lit. in of opinion can act far more
lotfocthruty in impelling the on- federal
activity tl:nn upon authorities numeroui
and tii*pets"d Has II SSS of the states."
Th*» author thinks that socialism Is
ii..? to naka greal headway In American
I national life, and thai it has far less
! cbaive of saeeeaa here than it lias "Is"
v her». fVhai the American desires Is
.1 fr* 1 - field for the exercise of his OOWOII
' with h. minimum of state Interference.
a hen mi ialism if altea to a p'->i ■:•
■ whi< 11 puts in the first rank freedom fo r
i "\cr> mati "to try Mb rtianfa «nd run
his risk. Amerltun asoialhau is a con
i tradfi tion In term?" Inasmuch :\n the
i chief nntinnal rharactei i - v biojant
; optimism, tner.i i* .1 dtapOßttioa to trust
Ila Individual reliance and <i... ror. M.
[ 1:07. BUBM up h:« <t*tl' lllHtiW Of the lnlt«1
j Btatee by a warm tri!>uU t> the natloaal
i ideal. The Interpretation of the facts
itcacl.es »is. lie «nys. "the \aii^ of In
i dividual iniU.-iti.e, tht baaaai Of flherty,
'the unajiprerial-lo en" ness of the
\ national Meal 'i Ms Meal all the living
• forces of the country i:i«j.ire themselves
'■ vlth and aspire to. U Is truly th« gui<i
! ing Idea of ilia Buc!al eraanism. it
I (Tt-Ater, conserve* and ssaaaas It. Whai '
; this orpanism Bhoald be, to What form 1
1 it should t. ad and pretend if It would i
' develop ail Its possibilities of power and I
: happiness, wo read very clearly in the !
efforts of the greatest psopss Of saodara
I Unas to 1 ; come and remain a nation "
The ScriunerF a«»! bringing out a new j
■ t'ohuae of the Men. of the Ducbesjsi
jit Din •. This cr,\ . r« t!»ft p-aftri 1838-
I IS4O and the ..... amuslßf I
1 cAi>eiifnces In PrUUIaV
Current Talk of Things Present
and to Come.
Ha article of particular interest to
Americana has aeea contributed by Mr.
r. C How* to the forthcoming" number
.;f ■lllkajlH" It dealt with "City
Buildinr in Gfrniany." a mbject which,
aii 111 1 1 1 man are lrarninit. hi »turllrd with
remarkable results In that country.
It Is a *rie*oua thing that Mr Thorns*
Hardy, who If not m poet. ahould con
tinue to write aa. filed verse. He hai
just published a poeir» in commemora
tion of "minbume. the flrat atinz* of
■Meh runs thiw:
In this fair nlch<» above th« unslumberln»
That ataUja up and down all nifht. all
rrom ewe tr> promontory. from ne*a to
The V>ifea liava fitly hidden that he
•hould b»
Pillowed eternally.
now ran a man of genius, *' Hardy
undoubtedly is. consider thlt true
A history of our Civil War— a "com
prndiona and scientific «c»ount of the
■whole war"— has been written by John
Formby. an Englishman, and 'a no'v on
the Kcribner press. Its contents inc'ud*
many plans of battles.
it is stated that in the lately discov
ered first draft of Goethe's "Wilhelm
Metoear H there are two hundred »<4rea
which are absolutely new. Th» remain
ins four hundred ar«» tho»» which are
now known to th* reader. Many of
theaa MV pages are \aluable In the
tense that they are autobiographical.
shedding: light on the author's mind in
his early youth. Th« manuscript is In
process of editing and will be published
in due time.
The portly volume, entitled "Oriental
Carpets, Runners and Rugs, and Some
Jacquard Reproductions." " hlch we
bare received from the Macmillan Com
pany in surely one of the. oddest produc
tions we have encountered in a long"
time. It in luxuriously printed, it is
freely Illustrated with good reproduc
tions In color and with other plates, It
contains several pages of bibliography
and has a most carefully prepared in
dex. Handsomely bound in white and
sold, and With decorative end papers.
its external appearance suggests that
ilie author. Mr Sydney Humphries, has
something to say which he considers de
serving; of exceptional form. As a mat
tor of fact, this turns out to be a kind
of <«Tapbook irto which the author has
thrown a quantity of miscellaneous
notes about all sorts of things that have
interested him— the story of Jason, the
picture galleries of Italy, the old violin
niakerc. the- life of Colbert, the French
engravings of the eighteenth century,
Knglish painters. I>ord Byron, and so on
through a veritable Jungle. There are
also pome pages on Jaequard, th* in
ventor of the loom which bears his
nHiii' t . A patient examination of the
ex;riiurdinaril> <lHcursiw> observations
in the volume has revealed nothing of
any moment whatever, and the char
a't^r of the author* Ptyl» may he
fudged from thin sont»»nc«». "WHhowl
wishing to give any invidious distinc
tion, it may be remarked that of all
British Artists there is not one of whom
it .an be more truthfully said that the
impressionist Nature schools of all na
tions owl as much to John Constable a«
Art generally does to the example of the
classical masters. tak*n individually."
We gather that Mr. Humphries like?
beautiful things and likes to talk about
them, bill in spit" of thlp we «re at »
Ins* to perceive Just why he has made
this book.
Tho Berlin Society liar the Promotion
of Jew Ml S- ienr* ha* published a vol
ume "ii The Principles of Systematic
Jewleh Th«o!oa:v and Tb«ir Ml««toriral
Lx.'velnpmrnt."" by th" Rev. r>r Kauf
mann Kohler, prealeleal of th»» Hebrew
I'niou College, at «*incinnati. It offer*
a iprehenaire ranrey and position
of the beliefs and dottrin»s of Judaism.
There is an agreeable rspe«-t of the
Earl that th" descendants of famous
p<>»ts who lattty dined tr>seth"r in T.o - n
<i< «ti at' IncapaMe of writing poetry
IbenadTMi "The P'indf" Advertiser"
montions It: "A rer<*m poet complained
thai the prontablp prsrtjee. of th* art I?
bapDMibta in th*si» days bberts t the
new »"»n hav# to compete with the o!4,
who ?t<ll go on gettinc printed. If th*.
thitiK ran in the family th» nation in
sHf-d"f"nce. would have to make vers;!
fyin^ a misdemeanor."
Th« curiovi customs of country «o
clety in I'nsrland in the early ream of
th*> ninpt«»nth oetltarjr are n^t forth in
th« just pabllsbad blojrraphy Of |g*a
Sherwood, the atttbor of "The Fairchiia
Famllj ■" ft is said that it was a com
mon p.istmi* of an evening for the
y.'linii daughter* of the »<iutrp to sit Mt
the top nf a Mttipa*o oa « larc«» »h*»nt,
which th" ><>iinc geatletaea pulled from
below, bringing as many as possible of
the jfoaas hWHoa hige'edy piggl^dy down
to their own level. Here Is one of Mm
Sherwood s reuiiniscetH es:
One Jay »he\ w»>r« about la n* down to
dinner im>- motli»r and Mr and Mr«
Ann«sle] th"v h*.-ani* '.ord and Lady
Valentin s li'ti^ later). tliQ table, th.>^rii
•mall. l>e»nir el»)tani|v arri«ne"d. as it w."',t
t>f for peraow el their description, with
delicate rtapery, Rla»R and cl.ltia. silver and
llpht.d candles and dishes of hot viands
with tnelr over? Mra AamesJey, when
they enter»«i the dinlna; room, took her
l>la<-", a* ueual. at th" lea and her hut
hand at the bottom of th" table; and. look
ma: a? him. she said: "Come, Vet us Marti.
Mra. Hutt: pull tk\\n\'" and ea.-h took one
end of t!i<» tab!", w hlch »»piirat"d In the
>-fi)t!». and down v ent plat*»«, <!t«h«-.'-.
r.itidl^* sx>"ons, RlasF. roast. boll«d and
>«t"wed in one fearful ruin.
Miss Harri-tte a Keys^r's tribute to
th" memory of "Bishop Potter, the Peo
pl»'s Vriend" (Thomas Whittak"r. Inc.*.
Is an a •■ ount of th«» late Bishops ac
tivities in Industrial arbitration «nd as a
prophet of social reform, chiefly in ins
relations to the Church Aaaodatlon for
the Advancement of the Interests of La.
bor. During the years of Dr. Potter's
presidency Miss Kev«»-r wan secretary
of the association, and she has been ahj».
therefore to make use of the records in
preparing the present admirable sketch.
Am. .up Blahap Potter* utterances at the
flr«»t supper of the association he ever
atteadjod, Miss Keyser quotes the fol
I wan wuikinc in one o.' the downtown
i>t:-ue.ta th»» other day, an.l us i i.T»*ii by
t»vo ;;uii boys one Bald to tna „( ) "r
"There noes the Blah; be' I no chump.''
NOW, 1 don't know wrhal fhe word ". hump"
mean*, but 1 am RratiriMi th«t the hoy
x«as ahla :o Identify me.
Neurasthenia — lapeieaaat word —is
largely the mihject of th» book entitled
"Mamma Ktnt,:a. Their Nature and
Causes •• by Professor Pan! Dahoaa, of
the Datvartlt: of Btrne. The author
<lerlnai thai the health* of iner. m .iy
baCOOM neurasthenic, fntiifue l.rln^ins
on psychic debilities -and the roaa and
A STORY FROM MR. CHURCHILL'S PEN."—P hiladelphia Record,
grind of modern life certainly do make j
fatigue Inescapable.
Th" English "Author " open* Ua col- ;
umns to many complaints of the dealings
of English periodical editors. Her« is
a story told by one contributor:
To get ca»h out of some editors tfl like
setting gold out of doughnuts. Until they
are absolutely convinced that ypa mean 10
have your money they will pat every OO»
titaeln In the way of your geitirjf M Oc-
C4?<iona!ly this cla*a of editor in* 1* usually
the proprietor an well) makes curious offers
to persUtont .contributors. Quit© recently
one suggested to me that a bound volume
of his magazine was adequate remunera
tion for half a dozen articles I had* written.
Wh»n I declined it he offered me a. »har*
in the (entirely imaginary* profits of .an
advertising agency thai h» ran. Not <1oir:a:
a deal here, he next proposed, and witn
similar results, that payment should tak"
the form of a box or clicars, or. failing
that, a bottle of walshey. "What on car*!)
is It that you want, then?" he demanded.
"Money." I replied. Th* editor he a \<-l ,1
heavy sljrh. and then, with an air of mar- j
tyrdom, wrote out a '•heck "It's people .
like you." h* said bitterly, as he hlott"d his
signature, "that mako It so difficult for
editors to run their papers nowaday*." !
might have retorted that it «raa editors i
like this on* who mad© it so difficult for
Journalist? to conduct their business Hoy .
ever. I rained. H* mi?'!* not r-av« likcri
It. Besides, he was bieper than I.
Miss Evelyn Bmalley has compiled a
"Hots? James Year Book' in which that
Anglo-American novelist is shown at his
best, it has •■ introduction by Mr.
James and ■ portrait, R. «v Mpr, ■»*
Boston. will bring out the hooVc.
The same publisher has Just brought
out the authorized translation of Ibsen's
l jJpr'"-h' > nnd New Letter*.' Th* edi
tion is limited to fly*, hundred eeasoa M
Philippe MonniT'B study of "Venie* in
the Eisrht^f-nth Century" will be DJBnad
by Mr. Radptr in May.
Th* a;reat French naturalist. Henri
Fahrr— once called the "Heater of th"
Insects" by Victor Hugo- reached hi?
eighty-seventh l.irthday recently, and
the OOCaatoß wag . elebrntcd by th*. visit
of some »>f the most distinguished ni» ri
of Fritir* to th* little PnWnQBl 'll
\*gr> in Which he ha? always lived. Fabr#»
deUsts publicity, and in M much a re
cluse that " '..en he. has had to go to a
neighboring hamlet be has I. <*«!•.■ a Ion.;
detour fee "void th* main street of hi*
own village. "To the society of men, "
!«;iys 1 « ipondrnt ••* th»> f.«->ndr»n
"Globe.*" "h- his prefprr^d that of in
s#»rts and animals, and v» hil» oUMfI
h<*\" thought it T>err.->i«ary t-> t"rnir«> and
immola^ th»ir i^ubjocts ho has nadi
them liik friend*. Instead of impalini:
th» fr;icilr» and beautiful rrffl'ur*'" of
th» air and »ti<Vin^ tlvin on curd
board, h* bai StlKWed th«»Tn with r kind
ly CJT*; -<nd his pro'id^«t >"<f»?»t i? t^a»
wbil9 others di^«'"t th«>ir ihllllUl h*
k»>»r" thntn alive; v hi!" others »rk 111
a laboratory of torture b. A «<*rutinizes
th« lif»» and habitr of th«» anirnnl 1
without d^?tro\tn« th*«ni "
Fabro v an th«» MM of an art'?an and
iraa practically Mlf'teasM area Cr^k,
Latin and nljefbra b* 1 learned l<y hinifl^'f
— and h+, brcatn«i In tim«» a professor at
Arlgnoa pi I eminent an a rh^mlst
Wbrd tb^ Minis«trr of PnbOe Instruction.
M. Victor L'nruy, vinltcl Avicn^n b
■OOSht out the retiring ynung Ban in
his laboratory and paid him ||tTP|r*i lad
honors Six months aff^*- this \i.-it
Fabie received an official letter in^itinK
i,i)n to Paris:
But h» tH 1 rot ni." <» Wlr. VbeoU bfl
u,!;«t»» lit., tlm»>? Thru tlirrf ctlM another
lo«trr from the mtatoter: If y«>u nr*" not
lit-i« In forty -eight bptm, I'll uxm you ar
rested by in- K?tularrn«.- " Twrn'ty-fiMir
hours after 1 alrc \v«;« In th» bureau "of M
Daruy. •n»"M'l thnt.'' hr raid, handing htm
w ■■•l. of th^ "lfoniteur." Th« \l^ltor
looked, and read hi* nomination to th^ <11-
tlni-t|.<n of \hf r.*Kif>n of Honor Bpctth-
I<>«:s frith ■Ul|>rl«». th» pvoftMOf «tH'nttior«''!
hla thanks. "Cobm nerc " fail t!ie mini*
ter, •jo that I may Kivf you th» accolaQ>
I "til bo our >p<>ii>,,r I know ,■>•, " And,
pinning l!i« ribbon <«> bis bfNMt h*» kt*!^ !
him warmly on »=irh cheek. "flnld on. '
»i« s«ai'i. 'that > net all. Th« jonrtif y « hioh
1 ob!tg'*d you to take mxtft net h^ al roor
eiptiiM. Tnk«« thto." hmidinr ' ■•■■ £:»>. •'and
if Mit* 1^ tnore than ■ufflct^nt, apply it in
your laboratorj T«k« it. or 1 II Im \*. - r
niiK: And to- it..-, I hit) to pfttnt
1 '"I to the BlUlMlur. Not a word- th-»
slightest att»mpt at r'-hellton. an I I «il|
call in mv f.-^nd«rm»s.*'
In I* any wonder that r man v.\.n proved
an refractory to the honor.* ho m^>nt^ 1 -..
well should h«\^ remained unknown t.i th«
Bieat maaa of ;n.s romputriots?
A ?ale of ?omr \incnmnionjy \aii:.ible
1188, i* ajmoejDced In I.c> d..n These in
clude th«» original maty signed m o».to.
ber. I.M;:. »•>' the RagMU of a) otland
and Henri TVj,*. by th» t»rm3 of nhic;:
the ten*mi nths-old Mary •.'•••• ■ of S.-,,ts
■mi betrothed t.» the s.. n of th. >„ ,„ n
Kir.p. and »h-> letter v:.:,(i •^r.(r^.
tWcnt]r-M»V«fl years later. »roC« tr..;u
her nglaah prison to her broth* r-»n
'"• •h.irlea IX. ».rK K inK for his later
eceaton with BUsabeth. Another -.. m h
th.« ■It Rißn.'.j i.y Bthambetfe for ibt
paymenl of "tin Mood money.- tVXk to
hit John PoDham, the «r..wu eeacei vbe
...iidu.tr, 1 Marys trial vi FoihrrlnßHy
a fiiam. v. -i»ti.-.«ii\- ne—nHiinajiaij let
ter In Elizabeths graoofnl dUnßgiapaq
iv uddrfs^ed le Uih DM d« HoatßOSlMr:
My roaaln •!!■ rtog the tepM i^\% si
v<..,.- imnl in PhiMl«r . - rannol restrain
niv ptn from «!r> !iu-i:iit t,-> > 011 tlie Jo* mi. l
contentment .wWrt, 1 r. . -u » ,....., putting
y..u lv !<• nrst rank « . ii.h ,n..^ f rt u) lf .l
friend a:nl mail ajsured IMm^ that ' hat*
evwr W • ..
your ■'."ii.. ..f ,h,, h , rwult of rmir „,,,'K
Awl l am 1 urc that tot mi In.m In so h.n -
••' Ihta ■ Malion as one Wnowi YOU t.. 1,.
stall no 4 wiern your rmown mor* ttan
hli 1 jw« my^ll raostmni wltta re K »rd to
!l1 ' «■■ ' •• 'U you ■■» is icb. \ -;d for
mv own part, for having ih« bom
iiif Wiov. 11 you op vx.M! b ti.\ r- ;l rr, 1
promi .. Y ou thai rou maj r««ard bmT .
Ma of jroor nearosl rrUttona *>«, ■rill
Hunk lier^lf happ) wh*n men an 1 r
• null eeeaa to m .11 win- ti I can dl , >ou th«>
Winston ChurchiiFs
A Modern Chronicle
By the author of "Richard Carvel," '
Crisis," "Comston," etc., etc. Cloth, $
"Th ; s book is literature ani I •• i b* so ad
judged by readers of widely differing literary tastes
and ethical inclinations. . . . There i% no doubt of
its bigness and brilliance."— rd-H*r
"It will naturaliy make an appeal wider than any
of his other creations. . . . Honora is one of the
mo«st vital women in medern fiction."
The Little Knight of the X Bar B
Illustrated by MAYNARD DIXON. 51.30
Thu is, as its name lagfjsjJ a novel of raocfi He 1-" i ••'- -a a
\V"i»tern woman who kaoan her grOßfld thotouutrj Me- ri-- -
ol the ranch and" the prairie UUBITy arc photograph* n the II a d U |
her dialer* and characters are those ol re 4? people, not lettttlj*
The «tory 1- *<> much oot of the ordinary tttal hard B ISt DC Übj hrar: ;t
cannot tcuch. and d'i'l the mind it CSBBOI interest
The Arch-Satirist
Frontlspieco in Color by CHARLES COPELAND Si V
A ktriksag rove!. It is filled vim quairt hum^r a I
many a pare m<->re pungent r||ittP" tnan a r( " fr> " •' -,• - :
length of the aTcnsjt nord Clever, atittj, brQ&asi aa .■- ■- I
AT .M.I. Bl»OK-»TORK- 't.M) »OR I Rrr i OMThLTZ i \I\LOO
honour e,f «om" signal ••-non *» fho* the
joy t have that mv very dear icourim is we
honoured by ■ Princ* wlx i" *o r.^ar pr.<i
agreeable to him. And «" >' ha?- p>a*~l
• ;->i to honour you with on* Duchy. 1
\. if,*) you ji dojen. esteemins y; very
worth? of them a. Ood ta»W Aftff >•• "-
Itic very aff«"-t;r»rmt»ly r*e-nmm"iicle«! my
self to -"ir aor».i Braeeet I pray God to ho"1
\on ... In Hl» holy keeping — Your \ery
•" surH frlen#l ar *' 1 uzAwrrn R
THT B("'K Of PANIFT. PREVT .« •ilirnpa*
..f th« fc-is!<-'ioi:l<l-T»»'i n?»im« frem
ths >nald* By Baucis wm>' l-m«. pp
• ia • Ta«- A '
Mr Whtt« '■as •<!it»'l th- papers T«ft hv
Sir Dm »r*.\ pu' them into cnnnfct'l
fmrr* Tli-v vnvmr t!i» r . ,-inrl of t'« T'vc»l
Rtsa tn Sew r*r* .-•■•": t-'' >■' T; > •Jowld
aa»| !rl»» sLr.it^iri :n». tl-.» »mmm an'J '■■-
■totta of JiiTi" Xt»«. »h» ' 'onna aiti t m
r:r»~ Railr-»Ji-l. , : * «.,,-. .>' •; ■ tnatd* hl»
ton »f Wall . r-»<-t. Th« nT-nio-.rs Inelud'i
th« «i -i- of T'-pi 1 Dr»« 1 carer- an rattta
maynat-- and founder al th« Dm
Till ■lag t< 11 S»rintr;-.
MKxnxscnojca ov \ raaacp uw b:
■ ;«.>rT» t'jrr Kcslratocv !■> T.fir^f' -
Th« B'l'li'f <1«» "• 1" « -»riinls--^:.-*-s b «■•'<
m t^-* »ith»»-r -»,.r»-»« aiM his «n»^:-.;-:
rhapters d»»crtb» the co'intry at thaf It8»*
Thsn follow »n a-'.'->iir;' .-f •ii 1 ' «»r- tr» •■;
th" ..•■.-.• jri him Mnn'-'t^n
wt»»l -Th- N>nr Tcrfc X- aninc ft -'
■ t .'niTi-rcal A lverti**r " »" 1 ' ' Tfc«
WerM ' Ti.»r» ■■<• man an* •£***> ewn
iwniin pr.-«n'n«n« m»n nf thx last half
1 auhfa r>iaio*tir 9 «v aifjiati»M ■■< ■*.:
<Th« .Vhn La - «aaa*i I
nix p«i>«r« m "Thi» alil» "f *b m tttSi
*Mwkl. ' "rph»n ii' Rum' ' "Oh Kn°"ii
«b'r "" "Alwl t1?t 1 ?- ?.-><rUl QMSftM*.* 1 "T!-."
•pMtoal I if»" hmO t>>- t ■«• <-• th* Smil '
THE rtiv.»pr or TfTH n»KATJ»I tnd
ntr.-r prii<irt»i »f Jr»Tnatl« rrtttelSß) "
rteytm »lam::'nn f.'n" pr !■> IRffSV]
ftnlr * 0.1
..-...,• ifif ».)'«•»>-»« tfOSt*4 •"• T^*
r»> '•^olnJ^ of rh»«tr» .^u«l'*»'.' ■•!■ '
»«*»'»r Ami th* r»r.im» Tra*e'l> and MH"
tfran ■ t'tmi?: " n<^ Fa""»». Prams*'-- A»1
and Tv-o-. • Bi«ln»«: th« Kff»ct »f Fl»\»
T -•• »h^ P'iMlr. »n! r!"ssa'U aa4 In
awaaaM rta;-»
?. *TTf.\y HVRK] By M*r-. 5 rratu ttna
rp I 1 iO iTi" BkbOlh i' n mr«i: •
\ T»'a'ti i~ian> utorv of hr* I1f».
Pour:*.-' a»aailcii l*t« i;»*'i tv ••itn
,■ .■:, > l-ir.«. m "••■.'> iT -* CVaIUJ
• ' 'TTipiir I
, - . 1 --. ,f|ri
rf two men «n<l *'«o no-irn
TIIK SkTlIU'. !lv Tl-n:- Mtrh«»l' V«*O*M
fflMlnltii ISnot py. Jl4 iT<» Ctst
<v>mp»' ■ •

» -4 rrfu^(»i» ft -m "Ivllliafi^n ll» :' '-
*itrn»*lf » " ins iiiac^i!'^ Mini Tj'h Ir g'i»-i
f.> lh« Arc» -..• «tMa Tb-<-<» ti«> BBatt '•
•TaTiltht*: <»f a losl »<p!nn"
t M>> MKRTOV, « OT.ONTST P • •
Mumphr; ai.l rroi -i«p»«f» )■• AIS-r,
S*->rTi»r i;.n>>. iv 81, « r»<>uV»cla; ,
P»frf * •' >
''anaria 'iipplif» tii« feairkswuDd f<*r this
rr>- . t -whf.-h ntii»w» t h ." arv
I .'•( KUxabatt M>rt'in v>;i»n »li- DB*«4f .4
nii«n who i^ ,!'itn< rt^ne^r unrlt :n i>i<
vaal Ncri v 'm NUktV]
nio nn:i> VTVBO& Ry rn^n tr«r. . tft»
\Tlth Itlnati atl"n» by F" •' >.>lin I2RM
>•!■ m. ■'•.'S iU'»f.n 1 'i'» Brown &
( o >
Tlt leta ••»' a man « •!« •■•'ion. tkM
•»rrl»y hl'n Ii t » t>-* i!h:-c * cf a n*i«sU"
•'erst •<>«•!et^
JUST BBTWCE.X TMEM.«Ef.vp^ a he«l«
at>r.'.;r DtahMAorg D»- Vnn» Warn-"
rr.>rt»Tp|r-» In .••>!, »r *v XK'VI Qtmt* l-'m^.
np 21* iT'.i'it.m t :rr!o. Tlrnvtn A C» >
IK« trl.iln an.l tr!hu'a»!->n.« that koJM
a hou«« party of »i^ b»-n» on lia- • « ■
en-. 1 titn^ !t th-« !lnl# i>rnun tow 11 ai
THK and atOCSS n. Robert w r^,»m
h* » ll'ustrat-il in .•■»lr>r b\ T T"r»,lr!i.h
ISma pv >i:i. --■ I v Ai>p>t«a .♦
- *!•»<••* In eaeeai eateajM
TIIK \M> I'HOVII'KME M. rr»rt*T.rV
vt.rr Un.i'. Pr» .;r> »t: i j •>;■;! LaBM
t'om^iny •
A it.'rv o» t!-» seat !»nd of r'.l>u»:»r »Iji:.»
tn th* •evK!u**tith < *■ :> r tit .
mm \M> QOU> tiv i>i.n «'lavt«n <'a!
ibtM lltaatratad ISaaa pp ».>i < Th^
1 ; \\ DUUasbaa Coaapaju 1
!l"» t'rxi.- . librae. -r win» out «« 1 ■■»
antrvitrul prl.V-. »ocial i-r»9tiice ana bn
• ■ nii.>--..i!:t • la •:...«■! m ••-.!- ...\ ; whion
Bat taf Ra t'!..t th^ '.»\^ .- an KttSltaH
noblamaa for a »'ad»» f,i>orit».
r , 1 r t \m - »)T n;iv.! V S! \-i. .4 ncv*t.
r:. lu-n !■»... 1 T\ .«m> 1 ,ir ItiWllßllaaal tj
I" ' Muf<-him.n r.'m •. pr» ,H>:» rTh<» f;
\\ l>i'iiiiig!iAni ronip.in' . •
ft rountin* tho » nti.r»» .if a p»rt\
four frea iratfaaa in th- IluUson ,: .
V.IIV DU) wk ba ■»•. H»rr.snJ rap*n.
l-'nio. pp. .; :r, 1 B^aatM
THK i:n> ti.m: ji- .;.-.. rv ... übm
PP ttlT. (Th.i C. W DOBaaaaaH Cmuwny.l
Turn »tor\ pf I ttrtk.* in Ik* t.ehranc
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<•- novel
By Rene Barm 5t.00
Iheaat el of the dar :a Cnclaad in-J rnaca
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>•• Louis M. tlshemus, * •■
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STATED or v. ttliaffW
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