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Hippopotamus Meat v Expected to Humble the Beef Trust
Bf> 'Beasts WtU Aid
'" J^QsJigation as
Th?y Feed.
A broki* gWL ♦""" I ..''<l by *wp r--f:riv^.
pJMai tj-.rousii tlie dutk ea a nay*""" '■-**: •'
ana bt*>o; In the l>o» a wh.te tnan
croucho. »«i'.'.i « iin'.v Hfle ntSi BCJ M bll
k?J««a. He i» n-" « f-->l«ll'r. :er hi* k».«^!
clatlier are made with the l>i-<tt.<
tC'-isreiiris* of n . mnent uti!fort». Th*
m\~»rf ■ rrfcc": aUcud ■.• M*nio«t « "•«•." t>.
• . '■• that lean Kh a pr I -*«•.>■ fr»»ni Hu I.enk*.
Jn tii*- narrow laasC of water ano". ,\»t BhiaV
aa>| boat appears, and tho rkiff Hinfi 10
tlMe under the Trailtng bough*
liardl> bi it <o\«-r.ii arhaa a fi-T* 5 !! af fkr*
)cta downward from ibe l«oat a!i^;i.i l*ive
timeii it ataha at Urn aanmr artSk bs^dnaraag
awiftneaa. and the coughing voice of tha
mom*-.!' raaa Bm(> ""* " vrT 1l " ""***■
M "nr r'ungc the r.esrrots li*\e drhen th<
tlciff free from the ttre^.
It KWim as if t'K- Bherti had « ;r i i%fr a
submarine tnin'-. A mound af water bu'.Ki*
up with a r^ar like thnt af reaping BBBam
•nd in c writer af mud and flying spray .i
>aFt.f»»rm rears MseJT. It baata "> p ssatar
"<\ith d^rk. un««in'\ K»» : 1 1 i on . with an
nf-rr steam'ike roar, i* wallows with m«
uaH». Fperd for a form fo clumsy *mhjart
at the shadowy boat.
The »kiff }.hf drawn n'-«r«.T Ti mm in
1» Fe>r a prc-at BSBSZBI BBmWl «nd bßßka
liook*d o\er the irunwu'e of the «>:lirr boa*
ci« Ita two men «rr> Magarertaa; cuerborird.
Thr monstrni:fi a;ep r*os«* with a f-runc'iins j
ef «O«ii Tin- '..•«-: toftßP<« the l>oat *sid«
•i--;. our <-T\e^p o* his head riTid l::r)Re« tow
«.rd the two !nen 'n the water. The wh;te
man ?«:*• s Bai itfle, The Ihgßg f!io:s 8881
*o qu;. ilia •!»<» rattle of ma aagatj
cl:f:i* is hrard us they fall In tii* bottom
n' !hf skiff. laSBSI Bl ono lamTRgBBBBI of UM
tilack bod?, nnd then It itocs *i!en:;y with
o\.: a urupftn a>~-ros« ih« l.a>oti. carried
*h\ the imp-- «;f As nifh. and pinlw o .• of
»lKht in t!-< wnrer lieneath tl.e it..- :.--
"t»on't yon try thht.' tb« n:in wi;h Thr
rif.r ea>s »;!iarp!\.
lie ia *rpe«Uinir to one of the two yount
ni m in th- water wlio it tryitiK i< «»ver
tuSß tiir skiff w ilii i is aaonamr;
■'■<■;• slirct? off your Kkyplane mi BBS,
•••itiJ. ba '■••titinur^. i:-;nt ih* BBMBBSSIC
► lung of ibe ds>- to rvprr** •'[our years in
j'i!so?. "Oat MO red-handotl BSBtlaß fi>\-
rrnmrnt hippopotasn if. .\u you .-an t e\en
f«l Xt . ijrlit Th.-Ms n hut tl;e«e new-
Jatislrii utttortiat c»< <:<> for marksniammip '
Th" piisi'tirrs ;ire l.andc-jflfed ti'id laid in
the bottom of UN i-kilT, Bad UM BBaCS? The '.a
ihe <Ir;ni hippopot ■■ - ■* Ik marked Wtth
m hue: l»^^rinK The sipn of the rniT^J St.it* t
Mhiaaa s- the i-;t<k of a B*:zzi>- bear
:n BBf BB a whim pro::n.l An bSBT Inter
the t«o yii,;n(t men a-e in Xhr lok-.]> I.'
Urn * - ■ "iie af Hal padVOaartßECl ti\»~
l«>al« • ''. <;»m<- S» :\1 ■<\ vt-;<!i Bel
Bmansl la * trrr - A brai mflal balaai
Next <•„ tIM Bkmi bcrai | I.?-- ';;>
the bfO' ST the ti* «.J btPPOeOtSSBCB.
amnmi baa floated ne^enogM <me at
■the aeT;.'a:Ks i« niov.,l 1.. Tnak' voom
Tor ;t on :h^ after d*-. k Ti-.<- arro-
ma have bwn '.'jtnl nxeTteni f<>r
•lay BBBBttBS. bm the . ■a r t :.:■ Btn i.."
noe» •'< mUow ■ •• ■ -'eal «»n pna«'ti*rf
i;t»«»r»> Th« hippopotamus i>- . ■
ihe nient in ihf •• trice- at injr
j-oorn. a; A a* tl-e Hisoti niHk": her r\.i>-
Th.. • V rt9K 11 th* l»»you fh»- Iph\«* a trail of
teivifvir.p <fior from the fat. » hi'-h i^ trv
Can Cure DrunKards
*By Hypnotic Suggestion
The Hex). *Dr. 'Bctren De
clare* He "Does It and
They Stay Cured. Too.
Attention, ye slave* af ..rink SM are
accust'T.ied ta •. v ;1 «i>iiut'- to Kiiic ales'
y-.o 11 Ikassj la base rot pea? Tlm stand]
tippler «nd Che accasftanal trhacer <^:i ie>
Jnice. l-jef-a-i^e 1 he»-e if h tsute CSSO Bat th«-n;
BSBSXCnag to lb» Ma'ement of « immbfr of .
tdr Nev\ fork Mfijrv Thin . . • - not
r uid 'D <!r:gs. Bar hi B found la hot
n>';-.r- igdl Kactcv matfCates; ;>Lit it t»
• .•.<! Bl a bjmotir e\e and in * mental
H; # in<ul«n. n^ • r.ire for rtlcoSnmßßl Bl j
not :i thfi-y hut h f*«t. Si tasdißg bB ttie'
€\i*r iniriu-- maie in UM Btar^Dl 1/otitic
\\ Battaa, rectoi ef Si. Uark'a I'rotesunt
j;pfit<opal <'hijrch. ;u No. 2ZZ K;.^t lltb .
»•-.<•. ;n dm Donna at lbs ami |e*a .-ears •
Jff }.:• - i.r-e!) M. HIJC-essf uJ :tl <•'.;■ illE • .t«»-S
Of alcoholism llmt. he <a .-.•.. „ £•.■*>; ' ;: !* ot
(.- fWgn aejrk wfll ba m i^ectanamsj
drunkaniti hy |-,yf-notJfm. I •• . Katt<-n has
br-»-n rxjifr ,nx nTing it>! m Mag UmO artth
jk> ,i f.-t h« ■ ; ,|.«-i;;;. tsmWBMM f"' Bmar**
XIT+ ;-nd he sa \ s that lie !.ai- ♦-v.'ixed a
metti«>d w r::< h b> tafi • B»tm* caeca
r.*y take n 1< .t.t»-i i.m. and .« moj« *Jifli- j
« ..:: •■■ ■ as than attars, bm" •'Mi.ti^ taw
c.ft'hai'Sfd j»* \ieuT ;- ti<.->- ar«- n<< liack
a fiammo leamreM bmmbl IM Uattasi a
"husv niars hi hi- utuo> at UM charck t«-<-
tory. Hort« ol ;.«tl.nts »;.. tbona • \ «-i >
<Im\ ia bh k hi* lt*atme:it. aaU ±iuuutt ihos»
Who t"e«-U it-lift I'i.m tl.. <-vil Bl •!' EBB l>e
reckoned the j.i of<-s.«-.otial n. :i :::.•] the !*.
l rei , *ht Ti<h and iii< i""... n; n aaal
"In h>pn<;tl»m « s-..)•s -..)•- < vi» i..: the draadl
urti" " aiaa ttte Brat BaaatAaa Urn anasnai
ajfipf of J>- BBtsaa.
■paan ■••».• ." aat ih« t*>ji > it •
j,'"\er f-»li». U^t. fif Baajrae, ttw Uast it
ajajai Ir. «■ ;re a pallet. 1 ftapgßit ' t ...t. h.
mind fend camtassar. r^raaaa »itii Msoaaij
wuj po»n rasjaSra sati « f*« :ifj>t*n*'ntj'.
while th<*«! »ho ;.re <\eak:i!.p- xrid Bho]
t.i< It «1 fli' tilt hj -■■•:•' tbt «;;i.n.K BM
ll'j-j'»r> n"«fi i»\*ra • •••atmect «■ ;«'■•«• I • -.
arr **->'«■ to at* Tf from UM) cia>' «•!
••\ l 'i.<> :•■ the bm ■ eosfl rurod, Urn
V- 'ual drutikiirci ■ IBS oil* v ti<> ii-k**- .. Blp
«ml> no* *:<i I-..:. 'k»Kj t> WttSBT.
1 fmd Imm man - •• •• ■ ■ •* ■' las • I
who Is a.aacai s*i . at D
Hkiir:. . ' * at is. . .. •at t»K" «/■ ••■ -s
in make Mm ; • ' •
1tl» man w!. >.' de .. • c
Tk" «p*.V Tt c i^-trr • ■ ■ .t ta BO" ,
€»tsie ■ l<a< iva 'id-i «!.< n th* last (or orink I
return* !• tc«t )i!«- flgh:.: s Bbaaßpa and '
tUClitbt ftanilii 1
"To rU* saa a • ■ : ■• !.a: *!.e
JUJT Of 1 *■■■'-'•■ • ' ' ■ " "'■
tl«f o::»- ■ J<*-e umona" '■■ •■ ■ bat I have
cur*<l. liere v.a> a m^ti \» . •■ took •' '•!«- T| '
off to ceiei-r.'.: e, and j.iT..rt in im- a l>a< k
allßer. after fr.- «i* <iii'-.« pr'.i .;:,.'•.! . ur« 1
"nea-Zi-S l•J^ rsl!. l)<me\«r, (• ■.ti.'- i.a« W !
to rr.o tftei the sassa I.- • »•• •• i
tißf . < ' ' ■ ■ - ■'■..' t
he wciH a*»a> in
bit.} >...•••;• 1 ;.-••• ' ■ ■■•
a »!roj. p| Uq im "dm •
■■•i\it n I ■ ■ • • ■ ■ 1 i.
!,»<„- ... • ■ . ■■' •■'■• ' ; ' ■ • ■ "'
» »nt t;ti ■ .. • ■ • . ■
.... •
j, ,„...; -i Lament, a.-i ai Urn i corod
i-.nn so a and * UuM >■• ' ■ -'•■' oat
».^ t .i <>f • Make) and t)i» ■•■• •
Tuo'esardt emoai lataj pathmts dmrtas; j
(r , ;i „..,-. .•: i:c«!m<-tit bi Urn ram" aaan
t<.j cf •■ • . ■■ ■ ■• ■ ihe
'.nt out rather badly In h»r "pedal firebox.
'Next day Khe ties up at the levee »t New
'OileanK. and th«re her commander turn*
over h!« prisoners la tha Mml courts
j BBai *end« a tho'.iaaav psnaia af »>rime Inp
; popotamuf meat, a lii le rather badly . -ut
' uj. with IcdM rr.ark)«. a tab af "il and *
heavy hrap «>f Nines and Ivory la the Game
I Service warehouse
, ■aajaUnml like Omi i* 1 wh;it «'oncrossnian
BBBtti V r.-v.:««»''1 of Louisiana fotrsee«
a? a common :i!s!'< adl Silt Bra in h-.K <llc '
trict not very •>• fan the fut ;;re— say ha t lie
year 1?1?. Bsl \IA* is only mi in.-iilrnt.
I Among other itiinai" h<- Fee* those ware
boaaaa af Urn mm unborn Qamo awrifloagsaV
i:;r mm aid of « Btintea feaaa (> • i-.'ppo; ■•>»■
CBBB niea: anr* year in the .|»^n market.
Bja ggag UM hrredine. rta«afh*arbag bik'
matketlns of tho l-upe h«aft? MMMM to
lack pooii anraoaa by the rovernment m«»
nopoly •* to «"cnd trcsh mrat in ample ajpaa
utie* Bam accry rttjr af the iia.ion. makitip
• iian<is.>ni- pror":! for the covernment. yet
j. • i - st^es ito low H to shear thr iMI
Tn:si af it:- rstacttonata latuiaa. ne aaaa
too. the *1 "pjrish stre:i:i;s of Ms state and
->f ihe Florida marsho!« swept < Icar of the
tro.ible«om vatrr MMa that have rlopßed
I'lirm until navigation and fishing ere alike
almost lmp< psible th*re.
Mr. Braaaaari i»<- eeaaa Ba far arlth haa
vision that he haa intmd-.»ed » bill In «Y>n
prpf«!« ca'liMK for KJO.OOO erttfc arhjch t<» ini
liort hip;>oj>ctami, water l.uffalo and a tuni
hor of other aiirn ariinit'« for Mockinp Ihe
waste lands af the Soutii »nd ■eaKhwaat.
Mr. RroufsardF Mil In its turn haa paae
so far a< to BgCVS BOCB laughed »t a trood
d^al and thea to havr bai .crtain of its
. provision? tatea Baciaaali> hy the laugher?
,on poi*"- srcntid tl'.oucl'.t.
NVw. Mr. Broussard's ml, erne Bl a viror
ous appeal to th.» Imagination, and sonif ef
ins BBnaarmra ha\e embroidered il with I
ornai. • fr 'Is "r whkh lie hims'-lf docs
..ot «tand sponsor. One frif-nd. for in
stance. Van >po«ed that hippopotaaal Ye
, domesticated nnd tinfd a? da.ry .-attle. s-t
as t« aaaatgja the nation > stipriy of n»ilk
and butter. A cood many f. lk^ know, and
ithe others Mght to. ;hat a i. ppaajataaaaa
twelve fert lor.r has> an eleven foot
1 BsMBMh. arhj li baMa raih»r mara than
:ne bnaaem af maamr. Any female bies!=*'<i
with a dUreMion like that, tl.e friend ar-
Rued. n;:jrht to 1. c.ad te Rive BVaanl a
bathtub MD rif BBtQk m ■ — ■,c arui eveninp. 1
a ncaaary artth a Ftaff «<f a UMSJkaad ;
ffnial* BlgflMSßataißl PBttM make n ship- j
l.iad < f batter ■ day. tl the taaaerr
■^c- Btwßesrrjr pcared oti tne Mi««is«ir.'i ;
r i«>'.i« iiii« antntd <«-,j'd he 1 arri-d l>v a i
WtlM ..f f;<M BIW lIWIWm UTlVttf
si N*>w York Rffy m< mmc. n«- t!-.<» f r';it
boats <!<"» now <i«ri'ic 1 1 • • • banana «^a«'>n.
Tti s wi'ii I .] beOd r;> *.hr \ ■.■.••! inrr
c» int nriM fbl ma> >-.i;.jiopfM.im» could
IllflUlJl pMtt tOI lIM (ffMBMTI bßf v.v'.;
|BS Tr"a«inr,',N. which wmiid bSso rivi* them
rxfvr)'-< 1 H -ph t.« k'*i> then in (?t>od

bapravcA, i I aw Tilppo*"' could »•♦
j .■•<], :ifil t \- . f ;-s !hb as,i:;\ ilwcvr niT»
> <~t yffii. The AmmMlc < <>v. ksa <.n v lia'if
hW 1 '" rtM wli«-Ti c)-(. (irsi BMI UN
n'qi:iin:anr»» <«f eIvQIUIIOB.
■ \\> BM4 BMVC CftttCn in IMI '■< ■jnir>."
Mr. Bl ssard *-a:-1. n explaining Mr
■CbtflM tUt V|M Tt:li,;:i.. "Jol rla.n r.-,i
t»>r« K<t mi tl Ui ■•■;• Ira&Arcd iwt
nt rmtaei Uvtc ?n:nir.'« tor mar pnn
<l;.a' nif»t >•.: : ■ rattle. *hp«>p and «\>!n<-.
A' lra?1, ■* Jx-M»v«» v> c >Ub»1»1 'ti tIMM
thrpo. I Hin MM ihat \jnw:t; tig;> w r oft'-n
cat hors*- n r-t and the fl'sli of a .'mailer.
Rector of St. VarV's Protestant Episcop I
aa hom«-. n-, aaa de ar>!~ t.. reaM
t*o or Ifesva aajoona, 1 ■*-t iii»- chanoea a;
ttiey mu-^t pas- a SCOCO BT more. VVh. 11
rjbtrj i«-*«-.i Urn tenth <-r tw.-iftri Urn poarer
of atttsHßVfjgaatloa that oomaa bom tha
<.].. n boots ..f be 1 .in saMpa la retjr strong,
aaal Ism rt-sult Is that th.;. I it- the pat'-nt-"
»llt.i!l ' •
l>r VutW. t*»:;iii hi* w..rk ••: ettHttg i"
eteaUaa after he rtsttsd tao Bow*n ltb>-
Mot, t^ou . rcara Bt» Be raadaad thai
»«>m*-thin»! m-^t be assM to s*\«* UMSO
\« lioup will iM.w>-r hal bOCB Pkait>r»d bj
taaaaatvi am af <iij:.k. Tlm aoctor bl
• tn» of uronc pe.-gonaMty. *•*"! '' 11'"1 1 '"
M-nt* an iti.fo«inp BCurC lli« fa :e reveal"
d'-tfTTji ination und rharactss Hi- eyes are
Urge and fi:ll. und 1 h« -\ «r«- cjrea '.-.a' aaßßj
t>. rr>nd Urn rarj nsoaghta of 1 1.< person
b4 , srhom be la laltlng Tto* esact
method of h pr.otlsm h^ employ* i;i |.llt
• . . i-n on th^ >Aii:e: BraSMßi *«» BUtUnod
! lam •.■« use reporter a* f..i;..vi
i |, ,- -, ■ ..- ■ • al - m a IteM i.- ciioi..
ata • • s >.:S' > ' words, iSo asl pal thorn
... - ... .. h ran < '; • Hie awnk*- at all
•11 • - and al* csaMKsSns af my '«);> and
anjjasMlaaa i* la » case af ■tresmoos
BMtaJ • bm moro laaa aaytateg ems, I
baafl \< '•• DBsm ■>< ' ■■•■ • lanajnaaa *»nd
acr the situation they a'e
!n. I Hwtlllglj pertray to tliem .he iaaaara
of alOohoUam *tA tfco BsrM end that ajay
a»a/ them \>y the neaaalvt itae af drink*
B* BBfjty impr< *x BPBBJ t!:»-lr n.n.d<«
• , • ... -^ji S ,t ;. f;f wi'listai.'llt.K the • aaaav
t ion O? I ''♦• •- i« «•«* <!»-\<-!o;.iii|; th««
paojoj thai anakaaa Uaam to lafuss aflarod
tasßßi Tt •• i-ir ii af msa i« Urn luitnu
:ii.d it i- ii«- -.-••■>iM y to arouse this
• „ eg RfJoo in 'i iti'h-ii 1. 1.' •• < [
■in,*- thai « ■ aatrtmeatal la Urn hjwtima
l««lv a 1 <i mi
••>:,,>, . ' • -.oii t liat I
„ . .. Bf ■ .-I IIS d :.L. -.I"!
v. bHa la ll oondlUon (afan bato »
; „ , ■ ■■ awd bs ro Mm • ■!■■••.! oox s
1 loai thai
, ai. Ibo ■!'>... v ••* ■«• tags, la ba ba tn ited
Urn i^'ieni most ba aaoar snoagn t -
„/.-. it»M . • 1. I am f«>i • UMJ 8808
\im I 1. •.. ! r .„•-. Ml".. Bg] in t tii
r- ■ •
... .:<■■ - ,t « ..1.1 tn . i.ie • pa
ti. tit? a-ki-J U« ;«^"it. 1.
Who ask* Congress to import Hippo
potami, elands, water buffalo, dik
diks and othe strange creatures
to clear the S = ui"iern rivers of
water weeds and to curb the Beef
< •npyrißl-.t. I'.'n*. liy I!arri< & K*inK.
fvfn more faithful fri^ml of man when ••
in \-.<it coosclou of th" fact.
"At any i:ito. ;iil tho animals I ba\<»
DWBtkMMd were Imported (Nn Europe. I
j -„;.,»,. t«i tanpori s«'nip other etttieri ami
h.iji out <■ ■: decresatag meal mppljr. w«»
, :i realise 1 1 at tba ni»'at qoesttoa li ooe of
Ibe mo<=t bnpertant of the <!«> i beOev*
tiiat in the Booth we iiavo ih*> sreatesl un
o\*-i«>;>o<i rcsouri <^s iha country bai left.
titrinc ill lIM vast WItIfICMUMI ii"J 110
"Thai depeoda up<-n..«' lf ' eonoiaon oi me
.l-unkarM." answered i> Batten. "Tha
I bbbbl coarse requires si\ to twelw lessons
lor k caasse <>f BMBths. II takes, of coarse,
looser to ears, a pattern artUi a. weak arlll
jii. an ane <>^ .-. .-ti-.T^- mind. 1 have bad
j cafe* where, one or I aro treataaeaitf wonid
,1.. v • fick. And la any case, results he
cin to show after ii.'- Brsl lroatment« The
' fir«=t hypnoUc snssestloa I brteg to ttifir
1 m.nd ■trfkes home a teUteg blow for Urn
1 bettering ci tbeta condition.*'
i -('an rou take a iraakard aad core him
• aeai! -.M his wii!?" arms toe BCSi «]ii»'.-iU-n
-u.-.i i-: The Tribono'a representative
N... tiiat .annot i>e done," replk the
I doctor "The patient mast li:m.- a desire
jto he cured n. ti. •:*: i»- Billing and hi 1
• mm.i mtsst ii^ open to avggestlonsj other-
I %. jye hr •.- .-. bopi less case "
"Iki •■in advise your patients to a ht<talii
j f-n;ii ii.jtj.'T abraptl) or to a ran themselves
j giaduallj. aad 1- tii»-r«- am- daager. as
I ii.iii. Fay. lr shutting off liquor BU«ldenlj
I from' & :i habitual drmkerT^ as\> 1 tbc re
! parter.
I ■• 1 never l«-t * patleol touch ■■< drop after
I atari to rure :i:i!." .^:nd t!:<- ministfi ;
I "and W is a wrong hnpressloß t:;a: people
• havo about hll oM Inebrbtto, frnav4iuuui
drink la suddenly snut off. M:« constitution
uiil noi y'.rr.:- ati> in mi. ii ,i ease, and 1
bare bad confirmed drunkards who -••'
hioriv f-i! and were <*ured, alibouajli t":i*'\
pat a sadden terntmatlon to llirlr drink
: tnx."
"When a patleal ::n>- taaen rotar lij i>
notic treatssent «io. ■it In an) ■>• ■• weaken
' liis mill. l for the rCSi »t his l:f. V" was
"afaar. a* here,** sai.i Dr. Batten; "sup*
jios.- >«»ii ha\»- COBM to Illf f6l ti.aitm-nt
; and \»iu 1:m- 1. -.-n pCOttOUncod «;:r.'ii ii.v
bjrpoothan. Then m:i>i»'.-«- jroti w.-iik .I'.wn
UM BtfCCt i! n«1 ar»- m!.|o to p;«.*s naloon after
>-»«!o«it! nitboul being drawn msKle for ii
c!as.« of bCjer. Now. if you An- aMe lo ■■■•
tfcuv d>. yn; I .-.. aalder yourself as hairtng .1
w.'iike: „• "h atroager Blind tht before?"
The re patter a^as «:'!;tiß t<. .-nimit thai if
padei l BOCh e-ondit:on<i li.- was ahl<» to i.s-.st
th* ifianlaliaii of n Coaming Knootanr, and
\ Turn -a i!<if far to ihf <-h II of tiio rum shop.
h<- would \>f po««»ssefl of a i>!.tt; atrong
■n-iw. there roa an," conUnued l»r. Bal
ten, in le^iKitivo to tin- ai!ini**ioii. • P.l \ ol|
•hink t!.e pBtMaKS '»niH •■ r of this t •-.■:* t -
men! ■ «-»-k minded? < >|. no. whe i id. > »Tf
ri:t»-.| '„••. h.iv a Stronger mind UM «-\ i r
nn-l 1 het »t«- '• .-I poaltlaa to be «>f better
11*. •.. them*alves »n«i othsri Urn remaining.
■•f IlieJr livejc "
"Has ,'nf bjrpnoUc treatnien; the af«
■ I "ii Women »•» iaa 1 in^n. .-irt.l >\ ■ tu.itiy
of tii'- maker ?«x OBBM to >„ti MfklllSJ f'>r
1 a «-ur*-?' «iu.-ri.'d Urn raporter.
"Yen, the eaTei liixin r. union ( s th" :- ;i mi<\"
eontinded t>r . Batten. - a aroman '. •!£*••- pi
, readily ■* i. man t.. luggesUons/and it :<•■
quln - «!»<»'. t the, same time to cure !> -r «.r
' ba Hanoi habit, lla . e/osaon come *o bm
iitnimis to be cared «.f aJeoboUsm, md it la
viri.|»ifi:l wl'H .1 I -..:. to matlon t iKi s
jiiHi-. in Mime oi these cases, after I ii.-i\.
11..i.i h girl abstain from liquor her -oitii
■. tuty i< tin :i - .hi 1 (he 100 l ■ ii..- .1 i.
ereatsd voomfl Her eyi : . pin ■ . • .
1 v ith the hll lusi ■•• of Uf«, „ „,.1, . „.
■ n .',-,..• , and her wbote
1 BM • ..• 1 • ii ■ ; ... ;.• 1 .-:i. i.ii 1 .
rafts • ; I- I-.- been produced I-, in
ir.eni.. ■ ol
"Aft< 1 <!■'• patients n ><.\i of your pros*
I•lKedo \ol Ii t.< cv ri v paWOI om r t li< m
gad trj to control iheli d.^nt;" 5 . «■« If rou
n.-d<- ma of telepathy •" i!,.- raportei asked
• N'u 1 do not." answered ti,- cleri n»*a
, Hum t>.'i i- nl I- •< . • DM ho or ul;e la
Veterinarian and pathologist of the
New York Zoe'onical ParU, who
«>ays the hippopotamus and wat«r
buffalo would thrive in our South
ern States.
bayous, lakes and i»>tu!:< that lie between
"There are asveraJ animals that vmoM
Uarhrc ; hei Poreroeot are the blppopota
mi^ ;'nd the water buffalo, I think thai by
BtMsfnaj these are can «lly add UMBJOI
tons ..;" in.. it ..nil ar to our anpnly. Tl •■
food for ihe hippopotamus Is going to
w.ist' down there; i; b ahnost ruining tru
river vfl!aaea bj stopping up the streams
and jxin. l -.
The Man in Bed (waking up suddenly
and discovering h:» fellow lodger drink
ing his whiskey I—'Ere.1 — 'Ere. Mulligan! What
sre yer doin' with that whiskey?
Mulligan (with much nresen^e of mind)
— Whist, man. whist! I'm walkin' in me
- Vlif. SW.t.li
outside of my sphere (■■:• I 'I" *o1
: try t>> hold ibeni . . rni«-r my influence ernDe
: t!.f\ are airay. T .-• lunwustons 1 ithre iii> m
... presence musi beai upon •p--w '
actions rftrrward. They "; •• «*t U urtjf to
th,. and do \v!i:it in.-, arlll Bui it should
• ■ .- jjiii.'i. <i » t .*. » .1 bypnptlc ettaVMtton
Rsenerally muains i;i the ni'H'i and tiuveins
Hi" ;i :ion* of in.' IndiTldual. V/ben ' ■•■
11 pg . refrain from i- vi hinn in the way
01 .in alcoholic beverage he will rbtkvw this
:..!■.;<.•. v.it.i the result the.l In the -ml be
win entirely lain from th<- dm of
■•<\>i:i.i ywi iiKiitiou a few aaecfße cases
where patients ay« h "en cured of alco*
bplina?" ;isk<-.| the irrlt<
"I 1 • .not •!•■ I tat." replied i»r Patten.
"When m ■, i-r ■omen conw to me for
■ treatment they ■; o i-.oi m isli i<> have their
', names jri\rn to thr public. It is a vital
111. i:t with ii>cni, aid I Btusi consider their
w'>iii«--. Ti.-i- 1 I ';-:'ti.>t atve \>>u t!i"ir
name* .i.i.i addressee.* 4 •
Tiio rhargea baade >■' ihe doctor for lha
• re:ttm«-'!it s are graded In accordance nitn
ii... iii. .ills of Urn patients. S' Marks
Qhnrcb m.i>fitain« .1 Bwsaloa arboae purpoae
i-: to rescue dfuakards*, an«l th»> fees from
the patients cured by the it-. -tor to the
Mlji|.i-1 t of 1 hi.- miMtoo.
"Would 11 he :•'!' ham t.> deceive h*i
about Tir. a«*T* Inquired the cUerly 111 I
1-III.! It I
"Probvblv not."
■ 1 tn ,1 v lion WOU '! it do to confess
to BftyT'
•■' thtaa your rhan es would bi :»tt<r
wtth her <f v..ii claimed seyent] Bra.
Wasl.m^ton H.i.
"Tbej aaj thai music please ■ the cowai
U*| .-- !:i- 11. r 1^ 1 more milk."
•| wronder if Hteniture wouldn't Interest
•■■ ,-•*:' I thli in re ... mine iha mat - '
1.. 1 |. ,■ •. " vv - hlnß*ton !!• r«!.|
\\ '•■. do ■" 1 ra'.l . ;i -. ir the li CSSI
plutoi 1 ■ ••< ■!•• •'■ ihe nmi in- ill 11,.. joor ,
!:•• <r >■ 1 w\i-\ «-i. t..i anyihlns but
■ .-!. i iik ..■ " explained th. one nutshte,
• \ Bffß lilt iwa* Buffalt r.> i>i . •
••She ma-ie horrible break Bl Green's I
■ inn. -1 1 1.1 1 1 ) !!•• «>lii--. ntjial ■
"What wi 11 ""
■•< i.it i 11. iMMtcra i.\ !\. 1 arst husband's
I tuuue.' l»«'ti..jt 1 raa l*i. 1
Moses. Barnum 4 Bailey's big fel
low, is mostly sm-les at the sug
gestion that he should be turned
out to pasture on ths Louisiana
water hyacinths.
"The Louisiana strA:«m- are fearfully
dogged irttli watef hjracfath. The flshir.t;
Industry is hMiie rwisieri: UM w..t*r Is pol
lit-il inn! n;ivicM!i«->n is ba<lly liamporpd. If
\.iti bare !(w.kf>'l at BJ " f the pi'-tur»» or
ullil Afrii a JTOO «iU IN that nearly all th»
rive-s arf I lean. Ii i- BOlj in |lM s'-.i'Ji«f«'
rtmun thai Dllca c-""\' •■< in P»»tl from
h ma ha* baatencd fM b<-nsts. Thl«
i« he ansc th< WppopoUWß MM the aquatic
plants.- I
ThinKs yietors Set One
Example for Churches
Encourcgc Simplicity in
Funerals. JVot E,jctra-V
agance. Says F. F.
A/ ackjay '
Haml-t's ftunom ri.;>;oqt.y nrs'.it i.ivf i
been amendad bad ba lived] .i; .\»-^ York
City im v. ■!'.». PcibatM ba would not »o .
pklloßophlrally bare Instated that "to he or
no: ta J><" was the qtmtiOßi lor hand i.i
band v.ith t!ie hi-h pi Ke of living lias , MM
UM UgH pri. o of d/tBJIt Rti.l for i man
of Hamlft'i pomp and clremastaaci 1 i
sliout.l IMak tiiat n., thins tm than i $?.*>>► _
•OtOtDObCU fuatnU CCCM tor «>r.^ in.-tan; i>«
c i n1 nnxiSatcdL
N"'.. it i- possible t.. J;f in \. v York. ;
i>» anbaltncdL provided wttta :i •••»•(> black,
rlotta cowrad "iiiri and a 'arijiai i>ine i
evtcr l)o\, ric.tiier arlth a pmrttttiy _■■ 1
triavp in ;' perfectly rtapectatth i» iii* > if'"> .
v.ith tr;iii-i" by train •n»- \\*\ and bUmBIM
;!t;«l <-;r. r: !.-.-s BBlttag itf th«- i « tiler*. ta
|o to tb< i;nivi>. To* th» nn>.>»'«; y-irn of s '.,*>
- th;>t i». if >•>'! >;o t.. \nv i»«ht naOertaker. .
il i posßibfc . I mi-, ••• iii<- in Qathaai fo -
Tii" medcsi sum ■•! *•'."•. rxtflusfVi of tloe •
tors* bills. !'.it if >.»u »1 1 »-tii |>5 BBCa ■ tiilM
in all piol>a;>:!it.\ ti>»- jifi;:i.h.,fs will fa*ff
Bl yuiir f;i!nil'. tot br.ux ".-un^>" apd >\"
.:«it> i ha > • \i jrcra pioi'-i.iy a B'tnimci
around tin rwittrr aa*rwß3 aadV ibai yottf
wif.- aad childteii wic only • ••> Jjla.l tl>
t;.-i rid of ;«>,i.
ll niijilii be better for you »o t:y .1 •soe
rial" complete a. in!? funeral fov l*>— I
marked down, preaiunably, fii-m fP) I 4tit
r..,t QUite sure of Brbai y..ii arfil afcH I'or •"■>!>.
i.lt it learea the uelgbtjoia leia ooßortuatty
foi nnfi v..i :ilile >.nnn< II!
For $.<"•> a boaatifu] • t . ;cm Kanlaan
1111 Urn Btauraen and .>ii •• i>i»-a«i:iK ai-ivn
aorMi ire pio\!,l(d t<> ataka upto you for
bf-in^ il« .ni
Btlt hi apeafe Ntrioosiji <>n liber a Mi
oils sui«i.:i. ihe*re lti»s i.'.-^M 'iiihli talk
latel) of thp h.uii <•">» of ih inn. aad, im
fitiiifici-.. Urn eo«t pf dytai hw Iff (>.*•■•
There h if »>een .1 fie^ueatly beari
thai iia<lf 1 1 Bif 1 - "rer* rxtttftlbnato in tiiej
prtcea. thai m..\ '«.k a^Yantaajc •■ r the :
tii'-f •■! th»- bereared aavl t.-r.r d^atrc .-•
<io hoiio {„ tiiri- deaoT *" piU oa lac I
CBBTCaa, anii Uihi »-\»-ii in ih«- «a!«e if til. 1 I
\>t\ 1. ... arhere Inert wa« InfciiTinrf it
\\^.>« »li eatCfl u<i in ill.- <\ .) l-> la* un-
Mr rupuln mne*a and rapacity "i toe oadei
it Is never >ai«- ta base a^doetloaa on
mere ntnalaea, >t> 1 tmM la mm < t>ts i->t
peratloß t.iai -iind'-rtav.'-s' in Wen ssd
afreet, la <:.!.-r 10 find out aaaßatstas abouj
pi ;i <•-.
'l"l.<- m. vi. ««.-> -hi.; i>r..:l. t'i 1: tbc < iuirse
\an»<i; taal BBtnraUji ihe lar^er.-establlsn*
l arhlla loey could proytde m- r,
mon espoaahre and ahowy focartkla, . .>.. l I j
;tl<«,» pn.i.,l. ihaapOl fttaarabJ, btCMM tba ,
hn.i so mv n mere < ilaiurn aad eoold bo
materials BMte eneapty,
The i--~> faaeral 1 deatrritied is the cbeapast j
price r>>r in. rial if cTCflttUloa is oMadfad ;
tiist.a.i Urn in.- ti.n»-i .1! «iii oaat .''. t'»«r j
crematlnf atone eoattac *-'••
\\ »■ Btoppc^l .t nontoi bI tiiis poJat 10
!■ ination Urn pra Uratal arhlca bi
trow • -. nptdpr, averaslai ■'■•> pet . -m .>r
Ins v ii.de, .m a^.iiuM M not <•■■.; Bra < r
t' 11 ycari .I^,. l niVsd btaa a haji |h< i- 1.1
•i>:l o»ij. rt.on to it w;i- tllr.l \% . .:.. i,1,..l
iii.it H was 1 <-.-i expressed bj the averase '
peraoa'i ihtret tad remark: "I Just east I
beai the tboogbt «'f it"
1 kii>-\\ iimt tit.- ■revoome reretaaa] *.
■ • creanators u^ed t-> > hin and Barrlfy ;
people atnen the beloved bod] eras t.«i.en !
«'tu of .1 "I'ln aad i>"* in.'' ti"- crccaatory, !
I. m thai la 1.0 loasjei done, aad Hit c«ra>|
moB) hi M akaphj m M Uaj pin,
Mr. 8.-"t:s«ard would have the importing
and trfefflne of theblppopofsm:* m.ir.ag'd
by the Agricultural Pepartment «> n ,-e th*
anlm...« c3ta*>M«he'l bi Ibe • •• ""■
acres of amp and rn«r<ib land <>f h!s -•.<•.-.
he would have a r-«u!^r «ervi<- -stabltsh-1
In the d'eoartment t'» IVSiaei th-m from
en-mi<"«. Jinri i«t»r. when the;- h.ul mulli
ptJoa «t:fncl-nt!y. 10 ili-e-t UM rnarketlaaj of
their fle^h. s
The water hyaointh whi •> IIM hippopota
mus 1. to flEht and f-ed upon I* a graceful,
pa la' b:un flower hh h grows etQMf aflont
on tha water or in laa m.:d ••' ■ river l>artk.
The stem rlsaa four or fire Inches in the
air ani t.h» rcote reach down in a tangled
mass for from c; ht<— n le twenty-four
lnch-s belo-v th» nurfs^e. Within a f»w
months a single- plan' will reproduce B» as
to cover severa! square rods of water wl;h
a knHted coverlid of growth. Pma!l boate
cannot make tnelr way through »t. and
power craft, even of large size, are, stopped
by the anarls which wind nbojt th-'r pro
pellers or Tedse In their padd> wheels.
The water hyacinth firsr appeared In tliis
country In la rue laattttai In th- • John*
River in Florida. In I»*> It Is now auch a
pest along all the South Atlantic and Gulf
coast str-ami that th- « er merit appro
prlatei $*».O") a year to combat it.
Captain Frit:: Pun-:esr.e. who Brasf up in
Bouth Africa and for.?ht in th- Boer army
fl^Ml the British, vouches '• perso» for
the fine, flavor an.l nourishing Qia • af
hlppopotam HIM
"Th»re was nolhiiu BVSaOSrat* abo;;r Umj
Boeis." he s^id. "an.J UM9 lived on hippo
potamus most of the time The m-at Is
good, wholesome and **r«l»r if tre animal
Is killed at the roper tltne. It taVes rather
more like beef than like pork. The -hippo-
Is easily domesticated, bt *» a* trentle as a
lamb; you can lead !: m around arfOl a hal
ter He wou'.d laWrre in the Southern
swamps, for they are full of the food h
Dr. W. Reid B!alr. Iha veterinarian ar<l
patnologlst of tha Bronx Zoo. says the
hippopotamus would praaper In tl.e South,
but has his doubts about I ■■ animals *ami>
like qualities.
'"The water hyacin'l.s ar» taacOjl h>
food the hippopotamus wor.'d like.*' ■• said.
••When we feed Pet-.' o-ir h:ppo her- in the
park, we give him ■ hundred poind« of
hay. six loaves of area iia'.f s doz»n
apples and six or sevei msn»K-<. "hi h a.-"
beets weighing about imm pasmsw each
That i» his breakfa*:. Durinsr the day h«
gets another hundred pounds <t Uay. six
big cabbage heads and a bucketful or 10 of
cth-r vegetables. I>own in the swamps he
would make away with a good many water
hyacinths in the cour»« of a week.
• I hav<» no do»bt 'hat th* hippopotami;*
mould do famously ri«vwn there. Th- a!ll-
BYuors miKht make tt« iWa for Iki young
onep. but In Africa they have the 'im« dißJ
culty In escaping from th- crooo<ii'e«. The
only objection to Importing th- hlppopot^
mu. a? I see it. Is the ddn«er that he
would overrun the eauatrj around. I.OOU
at Pete's f»-t and ills moiiTh and" majtne
■what would happen if h» CBtad to »am>r
Into a field of sugar .-an- T> expense of
lmpo'rtinr hippopotami. •>' ISUfSS, wouUl b
enormous. The market price for » liv
*p*cimfn Is from tV** tn tl'J*\ Two aaafJ*
and four or hve f-ma!es aaanfi be th
nnialle!«f «tock w;h which such an experi
ment «hould be und-rtak^n. "
Aawtk*f man who lOMWi a creaf d-al
aaaaji the way* af Usa laiaasajataafcaa and
athca stranjre kmmtl is John H. Tatterson.
"The Church has .'!-• <-, ' fostered er
■"Ai:d." th»^ nWnaifr kaUL ' II paapli li*ve
■ r*a\ ■♦^ntinit'rs* dm ihe aubjvrt, *h«» mlMji
■ a.n hlw<«>-!< b«« wi-;, tli«i:i. it •■• not Uk»*
Itir- gravr. vi. ,1 MM ■iMBB' MM .tr.'t
•aMcli b only |oa aftt* ;i:i"»O'i hi Ml im >
aaajaal '
W* wftit l>a«'k •■• th.- ilis ■-.:.<•». i>n r>f ».- • ■■••.
A poor «fy>r!*on i-<»»I«l »>»' adequately burial
for $>. l»«- BBML Th^ i!.«-»rt! •iiii-e"' funeral,
with .» IMM :< n.! four . .» Tias^". c<>s:-»
*>•'. and from that thr prloes run on up
into th.- thou^an.t* fte ;»!;*. IBoMkl f-.;n»ra!-»
ul.ii nil <»«irt.'» *hi « iin<i .i:>«pl.iy. Th«*
prl< • ..f «ra\ \*rlrsi from *l*" •■■ J.**i m :
mr pin;* from «" ii< h!f^ h* m»u v, ;-i. t..
KO. iVUIn« iwi from Jt. .«» an.) .a»k^t-«
from *:.'. n{> Into tde h hi. i •.!«.
I fe'.t l.> thlß Mm- t»u* mj ••■>»i> n;» =
ri'l»»d w th vn CBBnBOa nm- tint .•' c-w
••■Ml) practical CMtS< <*.> I thartk-tj m\ tn
f.'MiMtit ami \\-«nt ;«\\ |]
Oa m> way alaßt -* ->-r»».-t i i ••.•
iasion i<> -i«.i> In t<» «• c st.m»> ><v? in a>
firm nhirh hai l.irs^ i!in|. with UM
•Mjallkj I n>.-ii':..r-r-i m; f«CCBI '•xp^ri
••in-«\ .in.l th# man '.» w noin |il ; tlkitiv;
loM BM of „ ma:i vkh> i»<i i^'-.v.'.ir tftdi
Inftal hr« •«t»f in \*rv t> *• I fOBfC TjMVI
\« ■••-„ ih>> tftintr]
penny t .f Data OMMMj v.i- I ■>> ih»
rvocrai iMrtm tij» AmM •■a"* BMtJMi
ai—iimij rt— ifiuu
I HfP.I on «U»w titon n !.• <i. QaMga'a
<*hi:r«-h. In Ka*t 1»»;h >treei. ta MA <irthr-
Ml UM -Hiiif tUhJiU with the ratter, ihe
I., v Hu«l» Mlnk'iead.
l* r . Hir«-W!i<.»<! *,\ <t v,» <lii.ii>,> •■ •; ■•:
■Imm haMvate n umosbl ibb! $■•» **•■•
aaMMjB: to BMMJi on the fuiseral .>f ■ p>>oi
plta»Bi ill ! be l"ke\\ i-. a»U aa I aogsi
»h* rich •M Ml .<•> exarop!* tai the
, ••'• in mlmmUcMt, nd i..- mint* irt Uav
■tapiaj (juut htamiai tbt mi Hit .ia>.
I t"-'..-\|. tl) -<..ii'r »a«rttl i- in iK-h •< •■•
on r.:,< ;>.irt of t!;e !'.\i. i;.;/ i.c \V •
are *l*»u\s iwti.>- r. ■; t>. • •.:•.....■» «o
i.i-il.i BM I t»«>n t :>»-lie\e |» (On i-i--.- ..
uu <•<•' kdag a-«".!n»f«t. Vfbaß a (MMX I
appWßctMa ■«t«Matlan it- m, >■ aptr.i la
ua-Cbftsttaa In lb- *'.>. ..it :t im "t itei
«• lich i* n:e:e!y mortal :hat \. >h *a >.:i
mortal i, fo;rfoii.-n. ,*i .: ( .. -.. •. - trm
•Kirn from sufferln; i> !.«*« - 1 »j r^. » a| in .«
Cr;e\ms o.er th rt t \\h ; . .i i. i,i<-.)\ ma:.
rial." With i ii- •'•'HTtfWjtiiminH of BM >
drrtakvra v* iiad hud lUtbj pcnaoal ».
I tiicnte.
Chetu Vp'Bother 40rn9
Water Hyacinth si n
Southern "Ri\Jcr
I the |-iuilluliiia\Ul «f ihe animal .I^,
m-nt of the Ffc«rn'im • Bailej rtrtia
"I think 'hippos rou . „ , ., , n
: pCaeS pr-ffv wel! If th.y i,, d .n^J"*
eat.* he «a.d M »xper|o n -. has
that they win raapt a f, :ir . , !tf
it is a f»n'» Ctodßaaatrj a h pp,>- v ,"*''*
I natural fe!'ow and will f{o a , j<t #f( **
know mi on* pair «tta a cJrros -x n^ \
ke-p*r l-ad* around th- i r ».), »f th , /^
! of the parnrte every nighr.
"But the nippo' ia easily ,-, : ,,j
i get info a panfr at ;i 9rn .-i;i anrmyl
; Ih-n he loaea %in head an.] b--«me, ,j an
ols. H- can jifan-l a ?-••..! ,«.«,; „
1 without oa»nd!n« It. and »:i.) ;re, ,^.
rrmfor*" of trav»llir.^' i n K r.,| ,„,, _.
of e,ijn* di-'i a f-w- rr'.rr:.» aa-. .- : s^
of thirty-seven. Ff- bee-
In the show b'isinesj. •
Thereupon t^e fup»rinrer.»ieut y^ n
nation »O fh- n^e of Mi>». r,» — j»« v.
"hippo" to find out wha- he t.-ouKht 0 ; , v
Broassard sch-me. M.>«« wi^ idb ast
i wlUlnsr to he Interviewer*. j. wr) ,j. ""*
th- T«n -n--i.-an l^natCTS .„ r^,^j'
answer In f>ill. .*• far as H ,-.-, he »^-_
in black and white. Mose« paaj . iaaAaas
1 In the picture on this page.
But Mr. Broussard 3 plan im 1 ;ri». . ,
: porta".ioi» of man-, att ■ arrim.r* he^t*. ts»
' hippopotam-js. Anv>n* ti»m are tlr»
j «*;Vdik. water huTalo. ..-n-: and artri
j i*ome of rhe«e. th« at»ihori»es «a^ wo^y
thrive h-r» and some wo: d m-. l*t utair
legfSCfgnjl .-.pprovd ■•' CM .-np-irtation »«
the. « ater I ;!Ta!o.
*'Th- animal !s hn-n . strong ht» t- _
!or.< domentJcate l. i.< ex^-11-nt fn r
»nd »lalr> p»:rpo.«e« in.i maket s<^ mn* •
h* said. "Ir i> aatai » rren: deal ;n; n bj^-.
and In<lia. and aaM <•' Its varet.es la ta>
rarahao. th" princip.i! »ir^rr ar.injs! af o»
: PhiJippin-s It ran w.»rk in »..•: <:„,,
too aret for an-.- athet •i'>:i-!« T i a'»«l aaai
I • ■•.!'. proba'.>'y do well in \r.m g., . ...
' states - Ha milk i« n?.id to '-c ptegCfstajl
; very rl.-!'.
"Tr-e sebr » ha« r» v »r heen «<;rre«f^
1 domesticate-:. Ono aert ba* b»w tralsM!!;
the African farmwrs »• do • farta twt,
bat i aaOova n h always hirmmi i
tfSJXU* besti? r.o*-s*s or m:;!«. Sill, J
mi«hf he '"•' useful •. - - .» 1; . „
. ireful bre»diir. T - | ■> SMI
thri-.e wild in the S^BTBhWOSI ft :• 1 la^
animal, »" tall ».• a horse, Bgbjßmjma
j !••■ to 1. j««> p«'.; •
Forfre** Monroe. Va . A: • T ■.»*>.•,
■Mai aajja expected nn Frda . id rrn v
rive until Monday ,-i »•■•>-"•. ■ ..- Ml -i» aar
dinner parties which bad BSSB annaf «
baafld. the favaami warsftii - rot da *m
«.nd na<! to be pontpone.l. w.rJi the r»ailt
that Lie days and r.'.z**-* i•» not las;
rnou^h for all the f»«t-\ .::»>
Mr. and Mrs. Booth Tnrkins*"". «rhoh»m
been ■ foyifiu life a: the H"»»l < >ama»
lin for 0M IMI f>w weeks. «*•!•• KUM»<f
honor, with Mrm H P. I-0.-kT* <J. dl
Brooklyn. on board the Frankiin °n 3a
day for luncheon, «*aptain Hirlow *Mt3S*Ss
Mr. and Mrs WMMi •'. rak»r und HH
3. •*. Brndiev »ntertr<:ref! -\ r dinner •tn 9eh
day night at the Charaber'a::".
I id now talk^i ♦•> thr— r»-«m». aa*
while dMtf all MM fune- p i* ** &*
.iui.tx! al rwiiuM" ex;er"»e ;i-y *!' fcirf
admin* (' that more ofte- ttiej" were m>'. i
had talked to an undertake a hanker asi
a preacher; still rere «a.« -• :n-»'hin; r*
t .>.->. t ! 1 Bdn t sot. The Actors* Kfcnil ia*»JS
tr.T.i my miml. anil wirti i: a mesial '>*•"•*'
ct-m 1 - "f F. I" M.ickS ' •• k-o«n >
many m* the dean of t! • res r "%J :-*^ rs *
? ; on. who is p» rnwted w:d
IB* I : I
•Til «•» to see .\T- Stacks: I --"Id t»
■g Ntl
I foumi him in his .1: i
.01 ner>.l MM .«* >"•■•».
"Mi Macfcaj. i <«-* ■ aiart*"
an Act -irs' K;in.l I . .•- ■ ■-•
"From *Z" t>> $75. '■ "St"*""?
■Mffl "
I* !ii «t . n re f ;•'<•' i "'
"It i« .. i|:-mfi-.: -i!'. ■ :.. I«•
n>> m. c v. i:.-n ■
■ w i:.'.r amM if pas
•T-.:e u-»»l»l rlbßi I ' ■• ■• !MtfS *
;»n-' i ntf ■•: :«...<■., ■ •«• ■"* rv:i
B* th* >*':(> Ml ' ' *JM trt " (
„n.I iwM ta the A' tors ' . ■'' ia •*
M. M „-k ■ ■ t - ■ ■ '
BCtee who C« arttbo ■ • I -v>ar> tew
I:.:. doesn't it •"
"But «iipprrft> an at • '
bad m .itt ie nit n»- ■ • i lo'""- *** *
JT^. but no mn;f. \Vh;»! (
■\v;i> . Urn hxad -
BBSBJ UM »aroe kmd ■ -* : "
same coat, Tlm :.. : ' ' •
>.at].i..- Urn hi aty, ■• • •.>.». m. <•** ,■■
gladD • send the i ,n.. to v
t»ker '
■.\ii^ ! aMMA Bta • .
e.| to 4sk !•-.,•
th«ii ilfu.i,
itWUdHS shouldn't .!•■ • •
•Vi i.nnW r.«.
•You km.\* • 1 >•• -'a-C "
been I'requeni \ m, „;.- ■ . ' " m
oadSTtaker was f.u •••• i " ' „'
p:i-sh. it. l tint ••- f- .'
in :v- rh-irrh people - I "

n'. f.-rf.-oti „
1! . i . . X "<"*' * : " .
t >i- \. . . ■■'.'.
TIM rr..;r.r of hit.- It ' .
wmn.th «nn »i! ■ ' -j
\ ••;•>••: •■ • ' k^^»
IBS. Mr *mU+d « '^ji
tannaj thf ocbn ■ tint"* ,
111 tom«r*d .ar- •:• • '" t-,it -,i
■a tdict ..r t: r Ruou i *
tt-.H .l;i»^»^ -«.<ii!^ !wn'> "'•' <t- * ; jj^j
!hMf M fOMOj " ... ; ■
lh'*r >•■ -::.tn- II bl '
••• • •! »..»^ „
"T« rr * M t!up*
• ■ :'.!. ll;r •■'•
1 .■ • i > l<■ '"• '"' „| ltl, .
. • -, >utut:on. I' '■ '
■'•-■■ •< -' ' ' J i-H*^
l»j« I tart wl «hk • «
i itasa. I . n '" " \" ,
R ' ' ■' ' ' „ a *>•
i ir.i.-.-n,-- i:.. 1 . v . l lf -j :•
ii.-a: |ta *■ !■ - - • ' im { b<«*
use cuaaaua wimi .i . ■ ~ ' g>
Kt«> ..\ tbr . w : , :i - ', ,
,• „..i \ m.. •» .. i n !„•' tw^'
M ni\»- tfea Mcaaw: „ t^* I**1 **
Ittjj i.H, k ,,. -....-M .. ■• ; ; ,^
lh.> .»•».» i>«
,-. sai
Bui , r.trra n»u . „*«
a.,'.,,- • ***.
„f tnt thinj i.i- > '"'■' 1 " !Ult *iW
;.,. „. ;n . .. it •aou-'d '- ' '
.rinch .-•• .■>•-. -^ •• ii "": h :,; B; t^* v
i-> • ■ ,: -iv'^^

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