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-^gjstein - Loter Nuptials
Rudely Interrupted.
mgM T Jr fm a Couple o"
Sobs Bride, Lamcnt
| 0 Dinner.
■ •


Uttle Aliens
''* a •' ■■■■' fthaS mako
"»*oa ? a,,. „, ;h( . vli!1 , ta ,()V, ()V . Jr; .
Bi you ""
£***• ■ ' ' ;i " ; -- *• I bjh h from
Ur^ '• • ■ . ■• im th«ir
** IVI ' ■ Ml T! • v r:n* mid
. tb« ti",.-s the
' vr ' a '■ • • ■.'!;,* imfl rdla
lllu-!.j1..i. $I^o,
\ A Remarkable Sew Novel M' the Author of
I "The Martyrdom (jf an Empress"
A story, intensely dramatic, set in the brilliant
European diplomatic end social world so intimately
known to the author. A young Count and a Mar
quis, brother officers, ,-c both in love with a Prin
cess, a beautiful young widow. Discovering the
Count's infatuation, , Grand Duchess, his former
friend, contrives to have him sent on a mission to
the Caucasus. Others become involved in the plot,
and the story never halts in its march to the : dra
matic end The novel has i:re and force and the
literary finish always present in this authors work.
Illustrations in color from water-color drawings
by the author. Post Bvo. Cloth. $1.50 net
offer you my sympathy." raid Mi Kocnlff.
"Se-e she city clerk.*"
It -.va« uildnlcht. P. J. SouJiy. the city
j clerk. wes j n f,,^ j^ lr Scully was kind.
I lut what iflu'.d lie d-> nt that liour? Jacob
i Wrung bSa han<l«. "Write a letter to the
| rahlii that !t k!:rII be all rljcht for Jacob
jto marry !:!» !tr»*:e." l"!ut Mr. f»ei:Hy said
, really | ho enly thins to be done was for
i Jacob nnd RnsJe to call at th« City Hall
1 «'ti MonJay morning.
While turning pancakes at her limne. at.
No. 127 Ooertk rtr^ct. last nißht tho x'rac
! ti<al l>rJJo-Miii-tf»-l»r. v ■!»> is trim, neat
j end twenty, mid:
"Tho mipner it »-ost m*» f ;ao. Ain't it a
I'Usirirj-s for the ci*>? Suppose '.Take'
would l>c sore now? What hold would I
. Imvf on lifm? Wo was to l»e married a
; year n?o, hut l.J* mother oied. And that
: <lerl; b« take tin for a pair ..f Wnjid?"
"H.tvc you »:oen hltn to-<lay?" she MM
> asked
"No. be*a workln'."
"*A\i!! vnu i>« tnarrW-d on Monday?"
"Unw do I know? m^iv the City Htfil
; cVrk'll «ay f<«r to tint! Rannono first.
T!ioy sny Mr. and Jlrc. H.itinom was mar
: »Ir<i i-.y Jrwlsh name?. How do I know?
i TTi.Tt <lon't urt me hark aeain my two
hundrod, doos It? It Ml me a lot of
I work to cot that two hundred. I know it.
I The <"ity Hall doni know St. 'Jake*
known it."
"Will you j?o early to the City Hall on
j "Them fellas whet mnltrs mistakes In
| the City Hall ,iont have to pret to it early.
1 <lo they? I don't m:iko mistakes. I get
there when the doors cpen."
"Will "Jake" pci with you?"
"No, he ij* worUin' then. Maybe I>*>
work them for another lironse — Jewish
lircr.so this time." Jacob's address is No.
323 Mreet.
It Ik thonitht in the ItaJian quarters
tl'.at the Ilannonos have pt>ne Wcrt.
Man Caught at Ferry Terminal
Charged with Stabbing.
As a Hamilton avrnue ferryboat was
about tr» leave tho Snuth Ferry t> rminv.l
f<n* Brwddjm early yesterday morninj?
Pktrotmaa IMlunc rufhf-d down the Flip
and call« d out to the dorkhand? not to
Jonpe the ral^s until he had mad** i
■earth of the cabin?. Within a few min
utes he left the boat with Ynlman Mal
b^rp. a Bailor, known as the "Hisr J>wed«\"'
vhom he charg:* felonious assaul*.
• >n hla way t<» tho John Ktreet Ft at ion
Pflunp tonk Malbergr to the corner «if
Maiden Lane tHI Soul ftreet, where
James R. Pmallry. a tujrboat engineer.
v as bf !np placed in a Gouverneur UN*
pital ambulance. He was almost uncon
prious from a stab wound in the breast.
The surgeon aroused Smalloy Bafflde&Ujr
fr.r him to paze into the face of Malberp,
while a lantorn was hold before him.
"Thafu him. th<> "HiR Fwede 1 ; he (
stabbed rr.f." capped Smnll^y. as he col
lnyipr-ri. Mnllx rp hud nothing to pay :
when locked up. Ptiunp paid he had
learned that tho two men hid pp»nt
Saturday evenlns together, but could
1' am nothing: <»f what had pone on be
tcrpen th< m.
Halters later was hrid in \lj%m in the
Tonilis court for further examination. It
v.is stated that BflSaUey would probably
r< -cover.
Their Club Will Be Much Richer
as Result of Benefit.
Tt ivas newsboys' night l^st nipht and
ear'.y this morninjr at Tlie Ne>w Theatre, j
where the big lienef.t for the Newsboyp' I
Hume Club was Riven. This club was i
founded by "Jr.ck" Sullivan. "Klnt;" of
the newdea, and if ct N». ]74 East 4th
Jn onlcr to give tie boys' cub a sub
stantial boost, every act that appeared on
the lonp bill bad been advertised ns
?;» 44-ii in jlCrj 1C r conr. pood, end none of them
faiW'd <>f tho mark. All scats ar.d boxes
w<tc occupied, ar.d the prices paid for l>oxe.
ran .'is l;;ph :is ftT\ while seats hold fur
<-orroKj.ondir.g ficurrs.
"Jack"' Sullivan was there, radiant in "full
dress." ar.d hobnobbed with jwliticians.
i!< :ors and men of Wall Street. "Jack" also
wore a smile as wM<* as his short bosom
—and that xva.< wider than his face— as ho
saw the etwds continue to posh and shove
their way into the theatre. Visions of a
now luildinc. with all the best of fittings,
floats before "Jack's" eyes, and he almost
j.o;ijv <1 off a couple of thirt buttons as
bis ample chest swelled with pride.
Borne of the octora and actresses who
Old th<ir hest for the benefit of the news
boys wort: Clarice Vance, Joe \Y« !-••
J;.ir.«:s K. llackett and & M. Holland.
Lawrence Irvine and Mabel Hackney, and
May !>'> Pousa a;id Harry GQfotL The bill
w.is so laree that many in the audience
prepared to stay through the Kreatcr jiart
e.f the ni^ht rather than miss any of It.
Nt> accurate cstimat*' «f the amount
taken in at the Coor could l>e had last
Rl£tzt, ;i^ the treasurer was still busy sort
ir:R the «lin*< rent kinjs of currency at ;<n
early bow this naornlns, but it is said that
the Kewsboya* Home flub will be like ;«
mfittonalrc*' dub when t'.ie money is
turrn-d over to It.
T*o of Separate Attempts at Suicide
Philadelphia Successful.

. 1 ■
■ I

. J
Big Piers Hum with Sound? of
Rollers Day and Night.
Herr Seheidler Wins Pik atf
German Fair and H.isn't
Cast Anchor Yet.
"A k«rl.> on dor foot is vorth five In drr
gfcaor vlndow" In a maxim that loft port on
Fatnrrtay on thp Hnmhurp-AtnTiran tin«*r
Kalsrrin Aiifrufte Victoria. When it s^roari*
about Hamburg and . ppnftrates into the
mnnufacturinK centres or th*» falhrriand
tills. |iort may look for bin shipments of
ball beat-in* roller *>Knt«-!« l»oarlnß the mark.
Mart* in CJ«Tmany." In short, th«» stew
ar.i» on the Kal^rln AtuniPto Victoria have
b««*n Fkato mad ever .«in<^ H»»rr Adolph
SrheMkx visited the Tafelmuslk Verein, in
Hofonken, and won a pair of skates. I
Horr Bchoidler pin." the hiirß'-st instru-'
tr.rni In th- Kals.<rln> band, And when not;
Civlnp breath to the biff *.*Deut»Che hazzorT"
li*- employ? his time ok a deck stewaxd.
serving broth. lemonade and Mun^hrier to
smsiek travellers. Ho has sailed the B«7ren
Sens and has the roving temperament, 'but
since lie won the prize at the Tafelmnsik
Verein l.< ha? hnd a skate on continuously,
and. ■:rh to the delight of the oborsle - w
ard. rolled day and night 01. the ?ton<>«floor
of the HamlrjrK- American pier.
Surh a fine example for th£ entire crew
was file winning of the. Fkates at the TVfM
musik. Ach! it was the best thins that
could have happened, for now, instead of
wnnflerinp away from port and givinK th*«
nnni-vya.nce of uncertainty to M^rr Kapltlvn
is<t, the stewards have invested in
«kat*s. and their enjoyment ashore is
bounded by the walls of th*» Hoboken piers, j
llerr Fch^ldler ptruKKl^d with the roller
fort aprmdacop for several days l>efore ho,
let hlmji^lf out before the pane, of his fellow
stewards, bat when he did. ach! you should,
have pecn Mm Rlide. and pint?:
I'r vo en. unii fl°«n >«» ft .
Fum«11m»'«« fa>d unl «<um<llm*>s »Vwr.
n»oe mitt up, und race mitt k«"K»
It's tin* to (tli.i- \>»? No?
His -No. /' feet became .-<> fkilled in the
art of carrying the MR Herr Scheidler
about the pier that he could n*ana«e a
Fkat" while he Flept. His fellow workers
vrer© m delichted at <■■ him drink
four half-litres of Pfteener in one lap
round the pier without spllllnu a drop that
the S'j'iTic district of Hoboken was ran-
Mrked. and sixty pairs of skates, the en
tire stock of the city, were bought up and
hroupht aboard the Kaiserln.
Stewards, of course, will visit cne an
other, .and d.tachments of the clan came
from the north to Bee Herr > ii.-vii. r do
hi? marathons. The performing steward
was joined sonn by his fell. .we. and it was
found that four half-litres in one lap
was not such a feat, and within three days
the supply of niser.er was exhausted on
the Kaisertn. Steward* from the North
G«rnian Lloyd Line and the Holland-Amer
ica Line rushed to the department stores
of Manhattan, and it is expected when th.'
Kaise r "VViihelm der <;r..^^' and tbe Rot
terdam leave HoVoken oa Tuesday that at
Last three hundred pairs of American |
skates «rill l-,. to Rotterdam and men.
The skating iraze »1.«" has hit the crews
of the, Mg steamers lying in the Chelsea
district, and old football pames that made |
the old '•Farm." between Piers 43 and .'m. ■
famous have become a thins of the past.
The preat length of the new piers and
the smooth concrete floors have made a
w-rles of admirable skating rinks for the
crews of the British liners.
Barrel of Gasolene Works Havoc
at Glendale, Long Island.
An explosion in the bowling alley of the
Glendale Bcbentsen Park, ct Myrtle and
Woodhavon awnur-?, Glondale, last night
Bel fire to the other buildings In the park
and jumped across to the plant of the
Greater New York Amusement Park. Be
fore the flames wore unJor control practi
cally all the buildlnp? in both parks had
1--. d destroyed. The damape was estimated
at 115,000.
A barrel of gaaolsae. which was used In
the torches that lighted the park. .-■ sup
l<osed to have been the cause of the explo
sion. In the iKiwllnf? alley at the time were
several hundred persona att«>ndins a picnic
of the Orpvndorfer Uidies' Society, of
Brooklyn. They were panlcstricken. but
wer e escorted out of the building i: safety
b/ employes of the park. Four alarms of
lire were pent in and one fire company came
a distance of right mile? to tiKht the flames.
While the blare was at it.« height (lustav
Netitnan. foreman of the Glend&le company,
was din-ctlnK hia men in the dancing pa
vl.ion of the Oreater New York Park. A
ercakinj? v.arned them, .ii.'l they ru*hed Mil
of tho bulMinK just in time to avoid beinß
burled under the debria ( iwed by the fail
ing in of the roof.
A Intvro crowd .•■••! to witness th«*
flip. rnmlrK In automobile* und other >• -
h<<*i»!=. an<i thr> f>oli<-o r«'scrv«»s of four pre
cincts W<er« rfqutrod to maintain IIM lire
Reptiles That Prey on Disease
Spreading Rodents.
Animal «>xnfp*raiinn Mat Ha height
ycrtwiay nt Broaa Park, for th«* nrin and
rold ha<l tpoiiwi ■ day's outinK for nil th"
rliar>.'< s of Cumtor Ultmar^. an<l they VI lit
rrt thfir impatienro In a din of not.so. It
whs a Mcak ■•] . and *>nly the ducks and
srnculls onjoy<-<l It
A < r»n««l«rTini'nt of South Anwif-an
Mink»s vhtdi t>r«*y on rat" that Fpr*nd
Jh* htihonir plajfiic haft b<*>n lyccUwd at
Hmnx IVirk. TUrse ■ ar«» valued m
highly 'in t-omo of the South American
<<.tititrl<'F thin thoy are protocfd l.y law
With atIMM that it. % ..ii .t—iMi.r ro
rffnt«, they arc to |M lnrludf<i "i .1 specfsl
«»x!nhiti«n slioulnK th«» rats and n»ic»* that
spread dl»e«»« h:;.I destroy AaMl This ox
!;iMtlr>n. besfn&llUl this weak, will last h!)
fiusnmrr. and will bo arranged •■ fift>
ca;-fp ■ii thr rojitlle liousew Tho Pr.akp*
xvliicn are tb« • m* rel«»Tit)o*B d.-troycrs of
i he bubonic rat Include th*? «Tit.... whip
tail, tl.-ck rat, Indinn rat and t!;«- North
American n*.t.
St. Paul. April 17— Fearing that tho rati
rna'l I*lXl now jwivllni; boforo ContrroHP tnny
invalidate itM (wn-r<T.t pmfflgtf far*- and
commodity fr«ifrht rate lawa paaaed by the
Mln.-s^sota I>opl.»la*i2rf- t t'iK«-thor ■■•■••
mtrilia.idJre fulßht rat*"." tad practically
all oth«.-r r^Kulruioiis ibltstM 'i iv t),..
Siato Raiin.a«i and Warehouse Commission,
<•..imr.iKs-.fir.or «'• P. Btaploi left hurriedly
!aH rslsht i-»r IVashinffton to consult with
iaiin>a<l oommiaxioncn of othrr states utwm
Ira i: v neaota
.■ i .1 .1 v ;■ ■
. • . ■.
For tboM v ).o tr* Una!.!* to walk up and
down itaira.
Are prwtlMl. «»fe "'"1 comparatively ln«i
*p»n». Eaclly install*-'!.
Many Attend McAnley Mission
,\ to Hear Reuben Johnson.
Services were ■ . •:•! In the McAuley Water
' ! Street Mission yesterday afternoon nml
: evening to celebrate the r.inpllcth blrthtlay
| anniversary of Rennen Johnson, who was
j converted nt the famotm miPs!«>n twenty
I'yr-nrt ;ijr<\ nftor l).ivin(t k-d th* life of a
I drunkar»i for forty years. Mai 1 rlcrgynirn
land e\i;!i»;»!!!'ts wore anionß tho numU>r
i Who went to hear t!'- 1 old man toll Ml own
I story.
"Undo Rube." bf !i«» is called. VU l^rn
at the corner of 1-udlow and Walker (now
I Canal) streets, and nt the npo of ronrteen
•ho found employment In the pressroom of
i'"The Journal of Commerce."' Subsequently
j|he worked in the ptest=ro<im of "The Sun,"
i|"The Herald." "Tho New "Th* Sun. *
•Th«> HorHl.l. ' N>w York I,»^K»>r'
in-1 "The. Tim«? '
' "Every time I changed my employment,'"
ho said yesterday, "it was for the better.
j»and the more my wages iMMMI the moro
lil drank."
In the heyday of his caroor hs a press
man the <>1.1 man was selected with five
others to take the pioneer Iloe. web perfect
ins press to London and pet it up In the
offices of "Lloyd's Weekly."
"It was on the Fourth of July. MS ho
said, "nil— the press was ready for Its first
trial. The pressroom was crowded with
authors, Journalists and publishers and
printers Eenerally. The American press
work' without a mishap of any sort and
practically revolutionised tin- printing; busi
ness on the other side of the water."
Clergymen and Others Heard in Dis
cussion of Educational Problem.
Nemo clergymen and other? lateral in
the* educational problem of their rare met
yesterday afternoon at BothaaMa Church.
No. 112 West 133 d street, to address .i mass
meeting. ti»- speakers were the Rev. W.
\V. Beckett, secretary <>f missions lor the
African Methodist Episcopal Church; the
Her. Dr. W. M. Gilbert. pastor of th.- Mount
Olivet !!;i|.tlst Church; Miss Cora It. .Tack
son, secretary of the Young Women's
Christian Association in New York; the
Rev. It. c. Ransom, pastor of the Bethel
African Methodist Episcopal Church; the
Rev. Frederick i.. Butler, pastor of St.
Marks Methodist Episcopal Church, in
Mont- lair, an.l the Rev. Richard D. M m-
Bon. financial commissioner of Morris Brown
College, la Atlanta. The meeting was held
under th<« auspices of the industrial depart
■MM of tho collcKe, which was damaged by
lire on Jnnunry 11.
. Th«» Ho Mr. KIMMI advocated inde
pendence, although he r-allz. l tho neces
glty lor out^l'lo liHp. He saM thiit whilo
then were things the* Prr.«=l«lent nn<l < on
prf-s.-' mtßjjt rto "to encoumga «n<l help us
p.h a raoo. >.-( our help 11' -s laruoly albng
tho MtMfl of'our moral and Intellectual do
vclopmi nt for KM y«ii- to come."
Dr. Hyde's Trial. However, Is Sched
uled to Begin To day.
Kansas City, Mo , April 17.— The case of
Pr tt C Hyde will X" on trial to-morrow.
Bald Prosecutor VJrKll • v>nk!lriK to-ni«lit.
The plan was to h»v»» th" State deliver ,
its openlnc Matement hi the cane yeMer- j
riiy, but not knowing the exact condition j
of Dr. »; T. Twyman. one of the Mate's \
witnesses, who was stricken with »Rat« ,
Oiverttcutltls yesterday, the prosecution
refused to make the address. Grave fours
are entertained to-day rcfiardlnß his re-
COvery. In the event that I»r. Twyman
could not bf used as a witnos.s ■ vlr ( ' llllk '
ling Bald he wanted to know exactly what
Witnesses hp could doprnd upon before he
began 11,.- trial for murder.
•1 shall proceed with the trial even
though half „| ib« Mate's witnesses be
dead." added Mr Conklinp.
Frank P. Walsh, chief • " "'■- for wr.
Hyde, will Insist upon the witnesses for
th« State testifying In order, and ho will
not present a witness for the defence until
the tut man has taken the * 1 *'" 1 for the
Dr. Hyde is anxious to ro to trial. He
believes he has ■ fair Jury, and besides
the tost of the case :s enormous. In the
Jive, days spent In feeurlnx " }"«>' his »•''
Dographer i"-- amounted to a lrill« «or«
titan $••<)"
I>r. J. It. Hull. wh<« hi under Indictment
with Mr.- Aims Vaughn on a charge of
poisoning the woman'n husband. Professor
.1 t. Vaughn, of Ulrkavllle, Mo., intro
duced himself to Di Hyda In the court
room yesterday. Th.y chatted for a few
1,,.. 111. 1.1:- regarding commonplace subjects,
1..,, ti . \|.i' • ••: pleasure at meeting it'"
Two more memberi of the Swops family,
the M!:-- • Margaret anil Lucy Lee Swop*.
tstora Of Mrs. Hyde, came to the criminal
court building for the tirnt time yesterday.
Neither spoke to Mr«. II- •!• Kach *uld
•she Intended to take the stand Hgulnst the
: l.rother-ln-l«w\ Dr. 11 M Perdue, a local
scientist, has been ««Je<l to Dr.'llyde'n list
Of medical expert*, 11 woui announced yes«
Of Interest to XDomen
— .
It Threatens to Supplant the
Directoire Figure.
In ."j-.:to of the npprori<*h *>f warm
Tvoathor tho new rvrnlnit gowns arc to he
(iixnruM with heavy hrond trtmminp. o*l
of th« very nrn^vt tthhlH* in an uptown
sh«-p mad*' of whito ««atin IMM a corsage
and atMTM of I'ltie and •IhfW rut b«*ad!«
somewhat liko the pown in '•'•'l""- : plct
ur»». The skirt, hpw»>vcr, matchM the
corsnt,'*, being v olch« % >! nown with tnor^
hoads on I a)n>ut eiKht*>cn Inchon wi<l«".
On*» would hardly . profi<Mirr*» this (T"wn
h^autiful, for It Hi too sngpestive of armor
to b* frminlno or ■••fill.
Th»» touch of flower decoration s»-en in
tills <-.vn In this Illustration, on the other
hand. is distinctly femimno. Here two
larpe satin flowers nrr> used as a sort of
caboohon to catch the tunic at one side.
In other new sowns sin flowers are MMI
on the corsage to catch it To the belt or
to finish the .11. is of the tichu. A charm
ing; little frock for a debutante had a row
of rosebuds outlining • bodice that was
draped on the bias on the Ml .-:<!• The
left I've, to carry out the one*Slded
effert. had a parland of buds a- a finish,
while the right one was left jiaiii and un
Other debutante frocks have garlands of
arbutus and for^ef-me-nots or violet* trail
ing over the skirt or clustered about the
hern. This give* a decidedly girlish touch
to a costume, for do not the poets always
liken maidens unto buds?
The tunic; instead of loginc in favor. Is
Kaininß steadily. Now. Instead of fallincr
gracefully from hip \m hem, it is caught
In panniers at the sides at any helsht to
s^lit the wearer or knotted carelessly at
th« knee line. As the twuffant effect in
the middle of thr skirt «/ontinu»>s to tea in
In favor, it s=eems as though "hunches"
and puff.* on skirts worn actually to sup
plant the lone, unbroken *lim line? of the
Dlrectolra ngure, which has so lob| been
do rißeur.
Knife handles that are likely to he loos
'"•■•l or discolored by water should never
,ko into the ordinary dlshpan. It is a pood
plan to put them Into a i,iir. with Just
enough water to cover the blades, awl
afterward to rub then with ■ cloth. With
the help of the f,, the blades can be rinsed
■a often as .i.sit.,l with the hottest el
water without any injury to tho handles.
The latter ran be well wiped with a cloth
«nifiK out of warn water.
A housekeeper sometimes has the mis
fortune to makn an unsightly hole In one
of her wails by trying to drive In a nail,
which, after ■ severe strufrnle. pn«<ltively
rafWMe to po In far enough to become firm,
beeaaae it lias come In rontart with a brick
or some other Impenetrable body. A «ar«l
way to avoid sik-Ii a catastrophe In first
tv pi«-rce th» will with ■ .1. mini; ne«>dle
to «n.l th,- crevice l^tween the hrirk*. and
th. to drive in th.- nail.
Wii.-n disfiguring marks that r.nnnot bo
removed in any way appear on the wall
paper they can be nn i t—fniij covered
with a piece of ■ IBM r to match which has
been roughly torn s litrlo Ltrjcer tfian the
defect that is tr. 1... •>.|- ■'. T.ar ','■■. paper
without any definite shape, ami past.- care
fully. Th-> Irregular, torn f.lif,. of the
patrh will alm«>st defy defection.
Oh. nay the day that April brings.
Wlit-n a I nbout the wide air rings
With melody of whistling winjn»;
With rnyfJinic water!*, nnd the >teh
Of orinrpus branches far and r.i;li.
Whrrc the he»» murmur* a.« he Hlngs;
Whil* up and down the «la»4 winds strew
Th« rijsy *now r>f apple blow.
':- ' —Harriet Prescctt SpoffonJ.
The annual meeting and luncheon of the ■
Tribune Sunshine Society on M-»y 10 will
be held at the Hotel As tor, an In previous
years. The buatsaM se*«|on will begin at
10 n. tn.. In the small ballroom, and the
lurcheon will b«* served at 1 p. m.. in th ■
larue ballroom. Th» musical programme
will be In charge; of Mai Anson D. Bram
ttalL Prominent .«■•.» ;ik-rs will address the
mcetlnc. The luncheon tickets will be $2
and may be obtained by writing to the gen
■ r.tl ofllce. Tribune r.trildinu. The branches J
and others desirous of securing tables for
six or eUht will please notify the secretary J
at the general office
A Sunshine Ball.
The first charity ball given by jthe Kirn
City Branch of thr» T. S. S. was held at the
Auditorium In New Haven on April 1. and
proved to bo one of the most successful so
cial events of the reason. About three hun
dred and fifty joints attended the ball. The
.Auditorium was transformed Into a charm
ing ballroom by the artistic decorations,
which carried out the scheme of the Sun
shine colors. White buntlnt? covered th*
entire wnll and celling, th» latter divided
Into eauarcs. and th*» bunting gathered
toward the centre and fastened by yellow
rosettes. Green lntt:..«. covered with smi
lax Mi yellow chrysanthemums, formed a
pretty background for the thirty-six boxes,
which were draped with yellow and whit?,
while the floors were covered with fine. rugs.
a voluntary loan from one of the large
firms of ' th« city. A tine musical pro
gramme of effclit numbers was irir^n iiur
in« the arrival of the guests, many of the
selections bein? from the latent operas, and
after Mayor Frank J. Rica had escorted
Mrs. Halsey W. Kcll'j*. the. chairman of
the ball committee, to her box the d.ir.olriK
b'-can. The handsome gowns worn by the
women adued much to the attractiveness of
the scene. Th«» financial result was decidedly
satisfactory, as **» was added to the
branch treasury "with which," as on* m»-m
tttt expressed It, to purchase "sunshine"
to distribute among: unfortunates on their
"rainy days" this summer.
MM Rollin I Woodruff. Mrs. F. B.
Walker. Mrs. William P. Tuttle, Mrs. W. A.
GranvilK Mr- Theodore H. Micdor.aM,
Mrs. W. I* Allen and Mrs Halsey XV. Kel
ley. chairman, were the committee in
di »rue.
Amonc the out-of-town fruests were Miss
Borisht. of Chatham, K. V.; Mr.- Ada
Garde, of Hartford. Conn.; Mr. and Mrs.
X"rri« Ltppltt. of Nor-wlch. Conn.: Mrs. J.
I. Welles, of Bloomfleld. N. J., and Mrs.
Kenneth Warren, of Quebec
A Free Hospital.
The ld«a that a free emergency hospital
was needed in St. Petersburg; Fla., struck
a responsive chord in kindly human hearts,
and now th- idea has become a tanplMe
reality. It was natural that Dr. John E.
Enni.% a well known Sunshine member in
tit* South, should take an active Interest In
this matter. Th*» Institution will he named
the Samaritan Emergency Hospital, and
will be under the direction of an incorpo
; rat*l board of trustees*. Its purpose will
b<? the care of cases callinß for quick re
lief and cases of destitution and will be
charitable In purpose.
The board of trustees will consist of a
representative from each of the eight
churches and two at lane* 1 — Dr. Ennis and
[,«\v K. Brown. When organized a wom
an's auxiliary committee will be appointed
to co-operate and assist in the manage
At first the trustees thought only of an
out-of-the-way lot and a modest building
in which to carry out their Rood Intent, but
owing to the public spirit and generosity of
the city and its people a handsome and
commodious hospital, with the mest up
proved equipment, la now assured. Last
week the City Council granted the board
of trustees two fine lots in an i.l-.d loca
tion and well fitted for hospital purpose?
Aireadv 53.3G0 has bern voluntarily prr.m
:s-t1 toward the building. also the Income
from $10.f«T0 as an endowment fund from
K^neroua men who believe the hospital will
be a perpetual blessing to the needy sick.
A "true friend of Sunshine" at Balti
more has sent {10 as a thankofferin* to be
used for emergency case?.
Special Needs.
The president asks special consideration
for the following worthy cases, where sun
shine is needed: A self-supporting woman
ha* Ken ill with neurasthenia for so Jons;
■ time that her little savings are exhausted.
It can be arranged t<> ml her in a com
fortable home for a few weeks at *4 ■
week. Liter the president will send her
to the country, where stie ran do some lisht
work until she is strong again. A few
weeks .if absolute rest is what she needs.
A boy who li the chief support of hi.-<
widowed mother has m»>t with an accident
that will prevent him from working: for a
few weeks. In the mean time if the rent Is
not paid the family will be dlsposseKS-d.
A little Rlrl ten years old in Avenue A
branch is most unhappy because che ha.-*
no shoes . and ennnot dt to school. The
father is out of work, and the only present
Income for this family li $4 * week earned
by on« of the boys. The smalt * lim " *^
will provide the shoes and make the child
The nip of cold water do*>s not rrrju!r*
to M translated for ■ foreigner to under
stand It.— O. W. Holmes.
Mrs. C (• Flodeett. of F»«-'->n«1t<1o. Cnl..
i: P. 2. asks if any of the Sunshine mem
l>»>rs .•i *iv»> her information about a pt*»« - >»
of FV» s ter music entitl»»<l *Th« Veil of the
Temple Was Rent In Twain." ■ Al - > •*•»■
slio ran obtain the music of an old ttn
nndp. the first lirje of the chorus bein^
Our cost insurance form of
contract guarantees a maximum
cost and a minimum cost !
Sounds like a contradiction,
yet nothing is more simple.
It guarantees the maximum
cost by an ironclad provision.
And by limiting our fee, pro
viding for competition in all
lines of work and diverting to
the Owner all economics, it
insures a minimum of cost. '
Cost Insurance makes our
interests and those of jthe
Owner identical.
RiriKl'.ng Construction
Fifty-One Wall Street
"FMstrirb not my slumbers." " the latter
Is In a took. Instead of Ml form, and th»
owner is wiirins tr> sf>n«l !t to Mm. Btrwlseft.
it will to carrfuliy returns* an.l all ex-
I)€nsf!« paid.
A srvrins machine Is preatly needed •♦
an Ea«t SMo Settlement house. wh»r# a
*!::•, ,'; • . branch meocs to mnfco farm*ntl
for th» destitute children r>f that locality.
Will soir.e of the members ptffase contribute
articles for a maternity b.i» to b*» •*-■*•< In
n horn* v.hf>re t^e mother is too poor to
n-!.ik« proper provision for th* expected
Alia «»t»3. Prrw>klvn. will fonvard "Th*
Youths Cnmrani^n" to I.ola Orn. of Log^n.
Qlito. and aft^r It. is r^ad by this family *ii
chiMr^n it tvlll bo passed on to ei^ht oth^r3
In the r.ottshborhoo<l. Mrs. 31.. of Boston,
will furnish magazines for a helpless In
valid Tvhr>s<» only enjoyment i 8 rea<Sln4C. A
member of No. 3 branch i.-» cheering a
young woman who la convale«-ins from a
fever tiith Sunshine greetings. Miss Alice
Cf.v»rt. of \V;it*-rford. N. V.. has sent pict
ure puzzlfs to amuse th? sick girl at Volga*.
\V. Va.: ilr?. r... of Manhattan, has con
triiuted a wrapper for the invalid woman
in Ninth avenue- and old linen for another
n*ed. and a friend at Rld^ewood. N. 1 .
has sent souvenir postals for the acrapbvok
One pioce garments are a fad of th»
present season, and aprons are much liked
mad* in this- way. This mode! is «ta
pliclty it.-^lf. Only on** button and button
hole are required to keep it in place, and
it can b»* slipped on and off in the tra
ditional Jiffy. It is made with con
venient patch pockets, and in addition to
thPF" practical advantages it I pretty
and becoming. On© of the inexpensive
printed wash fabrics i» the material illua-
trat*><l. The-r materials are greatly u"<»d
for aprons of \ho kin<!. but cinjrham.*, lin^n.
lawn and. iml*>ed. all materials that ar*
uimhl tor aprons ar»» appropriate.
Tho apron is ma!o tn one piec«*. an«l !■
flttotl by means of ilarts at th« und«^
arms. Tbp pntrh p<iok»*t3 are arransred
on intliratpti linfs an«l the back* arw fx*
tended ti> form pointed tab^ tit th*» n*ck
e'lgp. and it is at this point that th»» closlni?
is made.
Tl'.f quantity of maf^rial required for th*
np<liutr> slzo H tHr«><» nv<\ oni»-eii;Mh yard.*
21 i>r T* trii'hps wid«». or two and three*
fourth yarifs .".2 or 'Si inrh«>s wWp.
Th»* pattern. N<>. S.^-f. Is cut In thrp*
sizps; small. "2 or M bust measure; mMI«
um<. ?* <>r ."< inch**.-* hiist •■ |mi and
large. ♦'» cr 42 inches b\i.«t measure, and
will N« mailed to any ««Kt!*M on receipt
of I<> rent.*.
I *nirry

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