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:tments in Realty Supply
Funds fo r Great Work.
New Church Edifice. Too, To Be
Brill — Seh'-Sustiinmg for
Ail Time.
—v * nMr.M j6r,-,;cht tar many year? by tri*"
Rev. Alir«d v Wlttn»eyrr r*ctor slnr* I*T9.
t • .' i\ Hal Mfllaai of the Wt*r" » l-^'i««-o
pal Church «a Sajiit Esprit. In ITth strt-ft.
Jaaft w< st of Fourth avenaa, »ill •■*" be
Bsatlaat. Jt »a». the buildiiiß rf two lai>;.
m. v •• .< *t>T i|ed Frcrnhmen a.nd the
otin r for ac^d Pr< :n li»o:nca BO some tsuit
«Me ?U* ov. Mar.!i^-t:iv. -.and. both to be
t-t-'i sufctair.lns tor all time.
No Baajnaa sCßadßl have hrcn left to
the rhurch In recent r.oars. nor ha?- nomt?
lursr K'.rt bopn mafli- to make po^nlble the
cit«::.: RBI Of ttt» a!n. In fa.-l. the censro
pation is neither numerically larjro nor rtoh.
N.'.ih. r hn» the sum oT the Sunday collec
tions !*. n carefully hoarded up. for the
tr;.:;, i.- ih.t MCBV paOßf af tta Sunday
r<.: . -'.ciui- ha* been pi\fn away lmmediatc
1> in v .or French men and aooaaaa who
anu«ht rhfltei .n.i MMM comfort under
ftaj f or Uu old church ea-h Sunday
111 '" • 1
EMa nrt the oj-.lv hriman tervlcr j
«-!'.:ch r!;e dHDSCb has rertormed BW many I
y* ;i rf. In t!ie central West Sidf It DM
tnn'r.tained a home for French irr.micr.ir.t
f!r!>. and there they are cared pW until
th< y ;;rr acruMnraed to the He of thoir
r« » < :rrounillnKf an-i are ■*•■ to earn
rnouph to properly support thrmai M
• ba« liecn a COBJCBBS outprurir.j: oT
la-?- hiot of money from the ttaaWQr of •
Bai dnKB pCaaaffSpttjai dM *■** 1 ' : " 1
rrifi" ;. turn aaaVftaa* to found and perm« ■
rndn* the proponed two homes an.l
t • --aln a h BMpI rnr.r.r a house >f
vo«-«!.!;. In thlf city, besides continuing it*.
<>]i • •». writable work.
Wise Investments in Realty.
How it ha* done fo other churchep. struK
plir.K ftlor.p to ma.ntaln .-.l'-porate laaaaaa.
may learn with profit. Somf yrara apo the
church had a '• «• thousand dollar* In th<»
treasury. At the present time It mipht
turn 1T« rfal and r*r>»o nal property into
■ iiiaillnß nearly ll.*»''.<« Vl
\earF ago 'he church rcid\«d
eevera' lrpacies of money and land.
but i'.h rx;>ensef and Income usually bal
anced Not lour ap<» it we*, decided to
curtail rii. expenses and to invert, if P**- J
*llile. ... of the Income The rector
and the tnataaa aaaa ta«acaM| nMi I
aj e>ta*.t- a* a safe Investment, and
the money wa« t^per.t In buying rhoi-e
- ;•■ iflM on Manhattan IMand. The rapid
• -ealry values In many casrs w"f
than doubled and trebled the real property
holdinps of the church, and Ms investments
In Qfla form now total a fum ■UtWrtiHt
for thf rector and trustees to tak. (■'tf^
for the busl('.ms of the two hm^'f and f«.«r ;
tiieir immanent endowment Not one cent
Er«m out.Mde sources will be neccpsary to
■ •— vrUndid charitable Bfttj I
The ill 1 1?| aj out of t!ir plar.> to BMMrMi
homes for aped French man and women
will r<;-uit in brlnpin*- to an et»d the r. all y
Invertmrr.ts of the church and the removal
of the >rrrgatton of the r!miih from
rTih Ktreet to a more central and better
location for church purposes. The ramous
French church pror^rty in J7th Btm I ".-- to
Da sold, and j>art at the monoy Is to be
tai to iiuiid'.i.p a Daai adttca in
DBrt of the city, to tbm • stab'.if-r.i- :.t at
ih<- ].'oi^M-ri homey and for ti ■ ■•...•.■>•>
of a second fund for the ;.ornancin ni.-:ln
tenanre of the new church building a:;d its
c!»antaMf- bHttUOIDBB.
Episcopal Church Since 1804.
In ICIC a PkßßCfe chun !i was cataMMb^i
on M:i:i!.:iti:)!i Island. It r< pr^
■•vf Hucu. not >-' .• : N-w V«>r«-
a- sadi B •■■or i ;j'vi' (i bbXO LtM. aAra B '"-
came n:i IC; ".soopal ohurf}:. n wlii'li form it
Btm aajaa :n th- paaaßd Pfeaacß Ctatx 0 dv
■oeartSßS i" ii;!-t'irlan». thr
frst IHwuea di\:- taUtSUI BI New- Ar;:
•'■.v. and from the sam*
. ► - it is HBtßai that am i:g those exilvs
I fr,' . BsVastJOat sake were OBBBBa 0a \i-\
jw-M. ani :.is wilf- <".Tta'lna Tti.-o. v.!io?e
d:!UCiiT<r Sarah. lMirn in IC2S. w.is The fit>t
it mal' < a ;!!.i of I:.--,.. :■ partntac* l«.::i
in New Netheila:ids.
Ainnnp tl: HiiKii'- '--t r. fi:'_-.es w!-o < ai:i
h°r> ta tba q . ics7 maa thr n. i .
J'l< i r. '' • ' ■• artsotß hH >:.p> th< b tio
©I li;i- ni: '• ' tii. immediate r <t\r.. :
th. ■•...• • ! v.-< !. In Now York Ir th<
foiiouir.K paat !i. BBeßaadai i:: aaßenaa] ih"
<l->! . <SHY < .\. • ;>■• ■■>!. d to I'!.-' ■:
• ■ ■> •< <'. i-i •!!.- sir««-t «•<"»!i-.
mnnl\ X: ■■-.*!! ■> PVttl "■'• LBDBj BBV M.t
: ' ■ ■ • | \*-n I »
lUWh i.« tiow -oMje.l hy t'x N- •..
fl rk ! ■ • ' i.-. • ►;■ In l«l : tint BS
»;i- - . !)> w e.;iiii-<- built iii Pin
ajbiaßl, • \.^v aaxaai in ITM :.;'ii araa
881 ■ BaT sMhsC BsMftßa BBtt itSL «»:i Se: -
t< ::,:-■ . •:. - ;■•■•'.:'. ••hi.' - : .
to.X ;• ' sters iow ml e-nforrtiuuf wjih
t!* !:;;.-■••;•!>' • '! .:.!■ '.. ;.t.d on M;.\ ?,», 1^":!.
• • . ?.-- . r.iv-.! ac -oruhis to :l s e
•'-•••■ KpiK.opal ••[njr<-h tkc thiid
«-«i!fio<- of »!i.- «(•<•!. :\ wnr- taacaai id PtauA
lin aiid CbaKa Bttaett. <»f Pinir nui
1 • '■ v - .^->^:K'-I 1 . ;. fir. »i:i«-h «le
■Oßfl <1 1 ..:.. ■ ■ . : ■ .-■ . i ■ o-.inc it
Cl .«•'■ -Jitr:i;l ( . : .' '- • Ir: 1 *<",?. X'.tr r\,\:u !.
I 'rom I'ratikliii stre- t »r. W. st :":<'
i baSjf to :;> pn | ■ - ■•• :• i.a':
• : . . t
Little Brooklyn Girl Terribly Burned
While it Play.
"'■•< ar!)\ :>. - t *;:.s <M. of No

■r a Ik>h; M \«-Hi-d>v BaS Into
• ::)<■!> n»-r j. •• arvaasaal in
; tat tun ::i.l; vlm w< l> |ia».KlnK
ij '„ut i.i.t oatil ---■ •
i •. n-.i :\ • r:.'-! KailaJi ««* cafttta]
I . • • !:< :, h»-r !:!■.•' •
I . < t*- arjif- frjtnt'.. TaJ ... ■ •
*^r Irntn tbe RM I* BMtber van t.i tba
: District i(.».-ji:tal. ti.r. < t,io<k>i
] c ••'.:• r iiurn* a:i4
. • • to f-T «* !.<■' nt Up
•:,( • •:• ;.t?ii«Mi' Thl«- II *
•.. .1 .i. and tuuk th. !.!.■:
European Columns
of th»
Xc n - York Tribune
a reliable guide to the best
Uiops, htJtcls and resorts.
Consult ThctC Columns
Before Sailing
and much valuable time will
be saved for seeing.
Many Sermons Preached in Be
half of Movement.
Dr. Manning and Dr. Aked.
Among Others, Urge Hearers
to Join Crusade.
The ministers have taken up the fiffht
against the white pLaßue. and yesterday
many preached sermons to their conKrejri
tton« In regard to the-CBBM and prevention
of tuberculosis, saying it Ml the duty >f
Christians to help in the war against the
dread disease. It Is expected that the mtUX
of the clergy into the crusade will do more
to k'.p down th. mortality record <>! PE-
Ti-uloßifi than ;.iiv ot!j r similar agency.
I»reac:;l::g yesterday morning In Trir.it >
Church, the Rev. Dr. William T. Manmr.<
!•!•• ke of the progress of the campaign an 1
urped his congrt-gation to give their must
sctlve sympathy and support to the mu>i
n.f nt.
I>r. Manning f>liited th.it twenty thousand
copies of the pamphlet "How to Avoid Con
tumptirm." issued by tlie <*harity «>rgantza
tlon Society, were :«■ ing distributed' or.
Sunday throughout the churches and Sun
day schools of Trinity Church.
The minister started his srrmon by •?.> •
ing the Christian r«-!iKicn is a region -.ot
only of gentleness and patience, but jf
force, strength and power.
"Our faith in Christ.' he said, "ought ••>
rr.akp u» more efficient mm and «omor.
nore rr-ady and aM* to BBtfajtakß n.i Ac- !
complish the ta>i of t:.is i:> <;<-. • «lyH I ]
net »rl\e Di the rißl't to exiiect Him t> Afl
for us those tilings which He |HM put It In
our power to do.
No Right to Expect Miracles.
"<;i>'l (.::i sort miracle? to-iiay if Hi j
wfaaei- to do so. out ««• have n<> ripht or |
reason to expect Him to work miracles u> '•
■aye u« from the eonaequ'-nce* of our own '
dfsltxrat«- Indolence atnl ca l < W mm i 1
dM present flpi-.t against the spread of tv- j
b. rcul'isis Ocxl has fli r I(I the is?ue In oar ,
own hands. II • kno»- now that It is ptv- !
■• • : t !:c ajid tunable, nnJ that Mi can pu: '
.: •Bi to it if t\.- will.
We who aaj . and say truly, that is was
tIM teaching of J. -su« Christ which first
tausht nicn to care for tjie poor and tIM :
sick, that every hospital in the world
owes its rxistttue to the ■i-tian ra
liftion. cannot fail to I><- interested and to
!.«i\.- cur active part in mj» h a movement
as this.
"This movement in..: s ttS apical to us
Hi th* pround >>f s«lf-jir« st rvaiioii. of pro
tacttoa for <>ur families u!<l homes, as i
well a> on the score of pottle PBlkj and \
int.-llißt ::t cit irenship. l:i New York ten
thousand persons fail a prey •• this dit>
♦ •aPf each year, and a very '.arc-- propor
tion of them ai-e the w.'ttr<- • !i.-i> if their
hi MblUt Th»- ftufTcniu; a;.] di sj.air
which it t>rtnc*> ea« - !i year must appeal to
Jew and Christian, to t'atlinlU- an. l Trot
aatMjfl ' DMB <f e\erv (Mi and men
who imagine that they ha\e none."
In the Fifth Avenue Maptist <'hur«h the
Rev. I»r < - harles V .M-...1. the pastor,
pMBCIMi ?-!>e.-ially on the "white plague "
Amm . Other tulips '.k- sai.l:
"< ''■tiMinij>t!i>ii la not Merely prevent
able: it is curable. This la^t of itie | e.-ts
tl-.nt remain with hum;in:ty is tba Boat
amUi af ■Baeaaca All ti.:it v BMcdad to
fresh air and sunshine. If 1 eooM .-nly
teach tliat I would rm ianra into history
a* the baflcfßCßar <>f n. unkind.
"Some pfiipV crowd their rooms with
; furniture i-i-i Uh:ik heavy rtalaa that
kfej, <mi* t.i«- ,n: -ii.ii t-uiilitlit They don't
I ! ; ke fre«-!i air, and are afrniil of draft*.
They nf ;:fra:d th<- MBBUcM may f;ide
their wiilljx-per and tl.-^it < .ir^ts. What if
• o i.-u't thai _ bettor • ..in suing
their « hil<lr<-n consumption?
"tVopte m<> aftaaM "f ttmth a'r ■- mo
tion. They « ■:ill it rir.-if:^ They are
! afraid they MrfU atdl IoU They can't
! (Hich cold 1n fresh a;r It is from hreath
i ins hot air. lad and laden with • -\x»'l I
vmiik*-. that Daldt hm- .huz'.X.
"I was once hs stupid M that I would
n^t think at bsvtas a ■luttUW open X"! 1!
tr.e tiien raoM ha\e tn.id<» me ojifn a win
: doTi it n>i!"d a re\ehition from heaven
!to t*»a-h mm I had an Dtecsa !>y which I
| wa« . .mfir"--i Tv m\ 1-ed for fif'eeti RMOftIHL
< I MM to the mountains, an! Ih< re tiie «sun
and the air brought me hack to health "
Urges Federal Help.
I>r > ; >- Pratt <dMM the MfcjMt .'Scl
<-n< *• -inrf Hf^ili" Ph t!-<- WlT|)nl «f M is s-r
m<n in All BMriTl l-ipisc..; r.i < •f.-.jrcii. Uttß
.■-tr«»-t and St Nit hol.o kMUIK, \ rn!ay
He condemned <"liristian Scienca a< balBC
rexponslbl ■ for retardinp true s' lentiflc
work in the pr>vrntiin of thf spread of
, IlifcrltrtUsTb. H< K'at.d that t!,e Cnite.l
S:at.s sp<-nds man< mjllicnj of doll irs
•Mty rear Bpr the protMttoa of anim.ii!*
and ciopf< *nd for ".lie builiitu; of a i.n:i.t.
!iuv>. hut hi ) :rT.:.!it. >iH-nt praeti< ally
nothitip He <!..-«d his mot it!, a i tea
to t'.,e BSJOSnaVtlaa to work for appropria
tions r> J.-.I toward the am i-tuli< ; ul. Ms
It B a ■.< 'j hus K.io;.f. proCsaaar of
■ pht! .lKlo'i.rr:'.; > of the New York I*<.M-
r. Hi Masttcal Hosp:;al. in an aMmi
..t ;!.. < l.uid: i.f tbm Maaafabb I 'ark av< iiue
Kb .-;r. <t. \.st«r«la\ s-ai<i tiii! taker*
l< -:- i.i :i ♦ radiciteci tij the <oiuhined
pSaru at ttaa dwrdi anal the aaattcal ara
•i-- .hi VLffJUg in ty:nj>jthy.
He maHwi . 'i.c Doasraajßtißfj bay t.i
jifvuii an J .-vi«- uj: er«i:l<i.-is. and It
\.n<- the riuti ol .-,!(!; and every man anl
woina.i in the en;, t.i lake u"J> the li^ht
tlie com mo ii enemy.
Many Clergymen Recognized
Tuberculosis Sunday.
Baataa. April :m t\ ■.*■ Boapel af health
was ;.r.-;i.-li< .1 ft..':: .. |.u!p:t« ef m«ny
DBBtaa casarcbat t..-.i;iv in cawaacctlae with
• . Baaajaai in .!•:•■ i.y the KaUaaal Aaßada*
ttaa f'>r tba Btatf] ••;•! i'i<\.at.on >-.t Tu
»>«-'<iil<>" - f«»l r« . • nvM :■!]! l,\ BSBtsMV of
Oh ».iik ui.ik .. na in ;.i.\«nt ti.e sacaad
i'r<>i M '■' ear* af ti : . i...... anal battar liv
liir eaaaßtfaaa a«n . /■ : .-is tba i« ft
paaaai <>t a««aifaaj Urn "arbtta pfcasoa,** and
■ ■ ■ ark i < iiu: 'ion,- bjr llaaaa
| . : > . •1 1 - t ulmi >i:l.. ,s Mn.'ti.-s iv« in
. .Ill'l Mili'll ,isk«-<l
it. atbai Bai tCasstead dtAei alaa Baa
■ ■ • • .• tba ni.i\« -
tn«t)t ag asf ' •..;.i<fj> tb« irrtijatl -.r
■< ran oa
•! st»»t«
ti in. ti

■ I
f |li
• I
PlttabUTC. Ap'H SI -1 'ii» .'!'!<• mi merit
of • 1 i i aattrmal abaaj ium ■ i
ttllirrtltt ■■< "TuJi» r< tilokln Sunday" m
■ ■'.< BjaaJMti to t:i< bbobbm »!il'h Bttaaaiad
«ontil»iutloi.» tnkeii bara a year ago and
tfebl ln>t J.iiu.ai\. HtMldliaj «<» «h»- Tui^r
culoala Leaarue lie«dyuart«ra t>»-d»i>
H«-v«ial thousand dollurn wa» ral»<«-d
duilng tha U=t uu yc*r», and toi liint
FT MONDAY. ©tibtntt. APHTL 25. 1910.
Stern Brothers
direct attention to their exceptional facilities for the
Dry Cold Air Storage
in the most modern and approved methods with insurance against damage
by moth>, theft and tire.
During the Sprinjj at Special Concessions from Regular Rate?.
Estimates Submitted and Articles Called for Upon R<.r i 1
and Stored Free of Charge During the Summer Months.
West Twenty-third Street
— I
rea«on only half a dozen churches were .
• ailed upon to-day "for contribution**. At
these addresses were delivered by league i
officials, and generous contrihutions were j
received The amount had not been -im- j
puted to-night.
Philadelphia. April 24 Ti-'.icr.jlo^i- Sun
day was generally oloeiveri here today by j
ohunh. s of •!«!!> tit nominations. Several i
clergymen took aecaatai to joint out to J
thdr uHHiaaaHQM ti:r dancers of the d:s
. im and toid la their sermons of methods
!y whi<h its spiead Maj ba prevented.
In ■ miiority of the cMrcba ciic.ilars
•.spued by the Boctatj for the Study and :
Prevention of the BpMad of TuberculosN ,
w.re distributed and ;.n urstnt appeal araa
mad* for contributions to the cause.
Wentz Syndicate Said to Have
Bought Tract in Virginia.
Bristol. Tcnn . April M -While no mem
ber of the Wentz UmAcaM would « onfirm
to-day the rumor tint the Wentr inter«sts
hi\e obtained oaartral'of the k .-.;.»■«- Con
solidated Coke property in I.cc County.
Va.. men in a position to know about such
matters! say that >'i< h a deal, fnvolvin;;
millions of dollars, was completed ■ month
ago. '
The purchase trf the I^oe County interests
gives •he Wentz syndicate control of the
most important c. kins section in Virgini i
aside from the (•'.inchrt.Kl i to; .erlie.-, ai;d
makes- that qraidlcata master of the prop
evues of one of the most important coking
RStoßfl in the South.
The CM that the South* in Railway had
made Daaaectlca with theaa coal Adda on
■ direct north and Math !in.- adds ma
terially to the tnqtartaaoa of the deal.
There r.n n^w :iho;.t all tbotiaaad eke
ov«-!is in Wise and \y c ountles. V^.. M
IH-r MM <>! win are la opemtioa.
I Conferences of Committees and Rail
road Officials Begin Wednesday.
I The grand ofICBI of the trainmen and
cr-nductois made the MBWUCi inert last
e\.-ning that the 't-r> n.-.s LWCca th<-
Blum i niitti-i*. of the Men and rail
road officials will begin <>:; Wednesday.
j These rrad>= include among other* the rhila
j d.-l;)hi:t I Reading, the Central Railroad of
.\" --w Jerswy. tlie Krie. the Pennsyi\ ania, th*
i New York, »»nt.-"i" a.- W% stern, the Vaii-
I i'alia, the MMMOBjalMta, aivl '' ie tr I****"1 ****"
! ,v North. ;i>t' in.
| Grand Master Lee of the tiaiurnen said
I that a stiik rate is m ing taken t>v
! the traini.nn and cunductors of the Plarra
'M.ir.Hi. and the < 'mi inn.it*. HauiMton -v
I l>ayton ro.i<Js. the ii'K laiion- with tlics
toads i>\er tlie deOMUMBI of tin- men lia\ i:u'
i failed. The aifitlaHiMa balWUlll tb< eOCD
i i:iitte.- af the Branca eC the Kri and <;■ n
lanl M "T* Stuart <>f tlvat road are
s.ill ML
Sunrif. hXO. buiifet. ' ■*'.'. i.iuun rtOM &:07;.
1 tn<y n'« <•«• H
A M. \' M.
Smi.lv Hi«'k B:U 11:21
c;ov.ln«n> |sia»4 H:¥> *• •""
, Hell .;«;.- I<«.^» 1<»:4 '
T!.« CMrf . l. ■;."!!•■, rfS ":;■• MOM taut of S.Mi.iv
Mask a' i ii '" >'M«r«la>. i* e\l*< tt d to li'i^k
tUi ni'.:n.::>., !"K ptTITHttlnK
T!.»- Dan '.••ii«.a. r<p»^rte,l a» 1" Mill.*
BMrtbcMt "f •sar.ijy ll.nik M i. ■ >:i rterrtaj, is
i.\j*>«'] tv iloi-k 'I.l* mornsri;;. tog j-»i mittiujt.
:'h^ Mltin* tonka. r» |«irt. .; as J»-« Mliaa *■ i>t <if
gaadi Hwoli ml :< ; tu. >«.sterUa>. Is tMfmt*t4 iv
•■ ■ ■
*.>fc*t-; . IMBi lAnt.
Trim fttt*r"T~* vin^.^ Aprii 1"* Hutu Am ■
I 'rotMipni Bauardam. April i« Man Am
•M.«- ;i n i■> 1.. ■ .:..>!.., Ajirll 1* l;. i li
•l»-i:n>.Ulan U-ir:iuila. April —< .. . >.>-. i.-.>.
• -ua.i... fen Juan. Ajrl! 9M S V A: I' It
*.\.i\an.e < •i'-'i.l.al. April In . Panama
H^:'»»< »iui.i!»ii;k. Ap.l! I.
tndi.tu.. Unfp— l. \}.iil 7 . - -
Im. dl 1 .. i" Nil ;• ■ Apt i 1.; Italian
Kft- 'us ... I-il.ri. »|.iii 1".... !;i ».-i tn
Y.-.p..:rl «'.■ ufu« «■.». A;.rl! :• War,l
Xro-.r.l.ind \r.t«erji. April I<i... lt.-<i Stir
Mtaaetcaka. Laataa. April M ..AtiTr..n»
r%]caco Havre. April M l"r- R Ii
t.tva im-MOdB. April Si . |{ M |I'
• 'oiiius New ork-aiis. April "0 So rac
rCB*DAY. Mini. I*o.
•Ki"ii;Tlnx W.. Htm • Apti! » N <; I.luy<l
• la > si. a naiana. Ai.ill SI Ward
•Mar.wlja<- 'i rir.i.a.i. April i:< . ..t> \V I 1I 1
.i . <i. .i '.iii''U, ABtfl IS \u«(il.in
Knnsm • lly . Ksaasfc, Ar.ril 1^ .!<!i»t..l
■ RirUM PiokP •.. April \s YA»:-d
1 ilHa • . . <;nl\«i-tnn. April SO ..So J'stc
, < i;> of •"••hiinbun s.i\ar.ni!i. April 22 .^a.annuh
•Artnatl.- ■VMtfcMftJftoa, April m AVh Star
•Atra:« Kinr^t 11. April 8. Ie M !- P
•fftbtrla Kli.prion. April "Jl Hams Am
Kilnl* Ail-rt «;il.m!tar. Api Is N .; \Jfif4
san ';i •»*• N •; •!• • April 13 Italian
Nu' • - t;«i>.H"n. April 1-1 Ma;:..ry
*OHaO Man
to : \v
Kail v>swi
l*«asl K«r I.in« <:•».> ii.§
i ;■ n ■ •■•:•'. rintnt....llJn«M :t "'> 1 "'
i .-•.Tln.iiii- liMiinarll ... liWl.ll ;»l» n, |.t« t. in
Bm vi'iiaiu Nt't. 1 '- Ralteai. . — V.' id 111
'. I ! siivv APRIL •-*
' X', rin.:-^'lii <". BfMsM, N< ;I. «;::;< a in IMan 1
' vii :<n I'rin. -. i:i" •!• j PfrtnttlSaa) a .1 .1 hi am
«; i i ■!,•■■ r'n'tntiU'-'i. ilia ■ i^.iki in :« mi pin
I; ii.). in I -■ - .t i • r-luiii. II.!; Am - In INI 11 hi
i.iii|.!. " ipl - l-» V. ■• • - 1. «• in
, M«!.r-in>i:«. i i. nfn- c<.». W«r. 12 on in
'(•c.f Aihititi. SiMiiinat,. Bar.. — - .Vi«> 1 m
::..i.. I\.k.1 \.k. tockaoavUtr, 1 ly«». Isaopal
n boxesoat. li:l|. a
i am; •». Ma Uvacpaat. ' in 11.] .*. M I in •• <«i a m
Km|Mltr. ~.»ut •.;■ ini.i-i. \>. s -" .. ta !. .!<> «in
1 .. i .ii;:.ii ii HrrinulM. yuf.. ■ -... H, n 1 ... a v I
KrmiaoU (»■■ Uum*co. <'i\'i 10 v tan l:onpm|
i lj.uiH rrtratc. AstUiaa.. lani' in
.11. .1 DtTOsßda It M 8 P In; •» «in
i \ num. h». JarkaMivUlF. ' "ll ■!•■ - i <>.i p 111
Kb hi Tvimpa Matton tjini ■
<• lf*a. Pali itaii. HaOan " i\: •»> m
Clo»«> in \. r.
i rstinal on an . -'• an.or P.M ,
J»l . ■ •■.n:i. > Inn:.. l*btltppMe I"
«n. ■ ivfea Tii... inn Ti. <>in» Maru To <!a>. « *;•»
II arail Jai> > <'i<)i an.i • h.na ivta
S..i, I'iiii. ik.oi ihlMi Maiu . . April SI I I
Ju;mii. i.'na. "hint l«rta -..■!!.,
K'iih.-m. April .- ,; in
.I,;.!. ..r..i. «-Mna. I'liSlti in.- Ul
i"i.lr iv la Vari.iiiiv.it EklßfMa ■(
fapaa Ipttl vi I .;'•
, llauuil. Daana. I'hlKpi !«»•■ l»lan.'.N
. ;.. San I r.iri.l-. <X U X Tian»
j-.it April an. r.an
Port of New York, Sunday, April 24, !
BtrainM « ir. -' r.mii I'uit" Mai 0 * pi !. - an.l
. lUiaj. ;;... 17, iv t!i« AiuviUau Hawaiian Lin*. j
•EW Ycpk- LF«ni<r, th «TR ». »• • nncF=«-" v
EMPIRF B-way an« 40th St Ev.» via
10-M<;ilT AT S:U
ALL I start* Ttmrntm. a P. Hmltley. Kisip
STAR F.rcuson. Edv.in Ard> a. Orahaan
<A>T Brown.. MauA Mtttea. Julian H-»«-<
In T \V Hob. rtsons fs A Cl T F
Famous i omidy. V*/ A*a O ■ *■
RfißßlPk' 3oth S-t .nr D«ay Evi VlJ
UMn^lLr^ Mat Hat»rday only. »:t*
Audi, ii.-.- lauehfd until *ld. * ach« d. —H< raid
CHARLES CHEfiRY <• Nm i ->i riay.
thftHLrS CHknKi mi. kpitork.
<'.i«t lactades: Rath uarrll<r< . B. .1. Bat
r!irf'-. 1 >za Waldrop. Rosa Ran 4 ami others
nuu»_U!V M a t*. n>(l ;.„,! sS t . Nt .13
II (HK>>|ON \l. m.\ti.vi;k to-mokhow
The Spesidt/rifl
CRITERION ; v. ! ' :2a
".\» i-iidrr :i« l.lttle lord FauntlrroT
FlifiKSIS \^(LSO^ rtiUP
IIIK F»\< UK! ')i> S K\BY.
riI!CKER3CGKEr n Mat sat. Only. 2.
last n. *t of aii Masleal PI <v".
w^k,i TH; QOL'JR rRINO:S^
<tl KIKS I>II I IX.lt \ I Vnntrmn^ry
fM fIDC B"«aj \— liilhSt. ami Stnnr
OLUn - ?.<-f.*\- in TIIK OLD
Itata. Wod anj Bat. .it ■ 1." I TOWN.
Hatlaee Wedne«*ajr, I HEVRT V. - « VAUC
n< fi Brata li.saj mir*n %«■
NEW YOPK- a i~-th i:-» ■:!«,
Ntn Tdh?V >uta wri :,nd s>»i . 2 15.
RM.IWIM. To-M<;irr. 8:15.
Liberty '^' t st *- A Street Xv» t r 5
-IJ--i' I • Mnt? WV.i. an.l Bat. at J
"Itoii'l n»l«* It nt nii> «-«i*-t."" — Kvr. »iin
'^V^'n TO-MORROW NIGHT v™u ™
'•Hl-lit: Ylp->kr-Zip-n;>oni-n«ni:"
DIjCC'IA DILL l>«in* Hla Farewell Ena«l only
BUrr-aC DILI „, N , w v , rk r\u- oa*, «il»
: fl.an. ■<■ to ace the DM 5 ■•'it In lIM Middle, leading
Ml tow in Anurnis own anl nii'y historical
nati n,il ilt;iina. I'M. Wm. X Oadj Pw— *•
(BUFFALO .: .;,-;-_
WILD &M. *&r FAR
iiidM'i Chtofa thai f.'-jfti t .>■< Mood staln*<l
fi-lds. r,,,\)i.n f-nts !.\ in. who actually live
on tin- nuti; i:.'u«r.! Kii.r« who dan Aaaavr
ai..l part! ■••!' th.- til'!.. DazzliiiK. PCtattlHttaC,
brilliant act* fr n> tbi orient: artillery, infan
ttv sind ra\alry f«»-i!!< it ions. ■ i\ •>'. pti-turrs of
past <vm;s iani»«d with !! «>' a*4 blood : Skil
ful, ma.nl 5 trata nf supr-ma.-v b iwmi »1! na
tion*. <"<>wi.ir!<i rosy rlir. krd. f<*iif aa*t im, In
bnsrdOM ImMHI full: la* Rbada R*jrai
S. h<. ■■! of Thoroojrbbrrda: th* Thnntpaoßa. with
•Jo<- -> Bailey and "IrTna". flir only ro.imln~
'<•.•: of, mioo-a«'-ti< utr-l Uilf7;«l.>c»; Mri.ntal
*p|< mlnr, ri'-hi!- -«. ten* of silks. mUm JearoJa
from tb< ••• siii.ini Far East ■!»■ it* Arab*
Ptdoalaa. liiMiifhK. camels; "! u«ic i 1i 1 Ele
phant* in Inatrvmentai LancciU No iifnWss.
pcrfaaeton hippodrome raera. All reatNts
■r« BtllTM to llaMFllj) !.- prld- of victor;.
Xvi rylSiltiK r..i! Hon. st ..:'.! in . arnrst. Bach
mil) •»» men of brawn, bratna, m rvi an.! f ar
111 1 filial can cnaU'lfi \,>r rzcrrne. Tiif ajtaal
H.l'lr -f "»tnnii.i' Si»rtn Bi»B i» In all its breath tak
,.,- r<f-!it>. 1 ii ..I nun. voani and haratl
y..um: mmi Don't Bo >V. m |fi all I ■•••
moved to M.i<li-on Snuai.- Garden <;.> thrrr
l»-mi«rrii-.» nislit. "Shy (fOOdbjr M Buffalo BUI "
s< ni< of l'ik'» CalKry. •'■'■• : ptitr.-iiii-. . -.'Tt!!
st „,,; .-.■.. ml Bal >n Me.; eatraaev, "»>th
M only. Firai !'.•!• -..I)' . :•"• Arms, $1. Him I
rnnr. *1. ,11 f-mrinr.-. M i.!ik>;i nvf only. First
ti< r it .\ ■* if. aratst. *'•. aad \..iii Baapa 14
B.at>i. *i.'i; . nt-aiicf, M;i'lif"ii •«. only, Cbtl
.l. ■ n half prtea to ■..». al] . to all parts
■if ! ... Eoaaa ■ * ri rt aall ry
wish maai Axrlrtd lit tin par ;ii 1:2" ai"
Ptfanwr SSarai ■ <Bn TrlnMad April M and
CiVuiia 17 to the Tr.n! :ad Shipping and Trad
lag «... with 15 ; a--. ■■•• if. malla an 4 aadai Ar
r.\.-l at Uv* Har at I 4! a m.
•t..nu.-T Rssaaraa (Non, Mai iwii April Hi. to
iluKn K«llv *: Cm, »i,h isUgar Anl\«J at the
Hai at lan a in . .
I Uimct St 1' i'- S> mhr.in. ton an. l < *h. n-'iiri:
Airil It", to :h> Aowrtcaji LJa*. v itn in^ cabin
.in : '.'' -'<•• i:iti paai ■••*■ ••■ ni.'.-t. anlwai
.•I Ok Bat :<t •«:»<• ■'' ;i
<ttnm-r i- r Ttetren i!>.-tn». i'op»nhait»n April
'! rhrtstlanla 12 Mad < *Jiri.-.tlan--nti.l M, Jo Kum
Bdy< 1 -- : •• \x '•''• If".: rahis and tM* 5t.-rra«.- paa
•caccn und H. i. Arrived at thr Bar at iII
& ni
Maaawr CawiniWa IBrV Claajoa »M Mc->\iili»
\pril 1". lo HftMNvaoa Bfo»b**». with -' .iibin
„,,) ".'.> itrru^r i is-:i.--if and n.dx Arrli •■•!
.-.1 th. Bar .it S 13 x m
StratmT Murt:i l.turn il'ort). \. '. H«dfor.l
Airil -■; t ., A - O.uva * <<>. In ! altaai Left
Quanintlnr at 12 .'". a in
v, Vi iii Ptortda .Mill «;.n..a April •*.. Palermn
■ aad XapW <... t.> <• II Rh*haf4 • •■'■■. with •-•-•
cabin mi. ! I. ;'.'■• M**rtan i ■•■ mtvri and m.ls.-.
Anivd r.l th- par hi r ■
Steamer <?■•■. r^. Washtnirtoa M ;. n. Br men
Airil i<; ->nd BoathantptMi an.) Catraoaf 17. to
, . , . ' . ,>.- 1 ii. ulth |WH»«nr>t» ml in ;».• l*a>ffil
Kir.- l«lnrd it •'. W> !■ in in MM f"C
<;,, B( Prim jtaiamoad •':■ ii l'i.«.|. n. 'a
nuiiia. April "' loth* Hambont- \m*rlcaa Liua.
with |.;i«-m.-'l- .Mi nvl*# Mi. lor.-. I ■■:. rcot
lan.l l.lßht«Ml> lit 7 :m> •• in owing t • draac fw
-;i.-init-r i:i Xtont-. iJnl.-Kt.'n \;.rii I*, In tin
.-. mt li. ■ I'^.-in. > "o. : It" in.lw. Paa ■■! In
„ .,,,,.-.. it ll i: a m.
ctramrr Alamo M..M!. Apiil 18, Tampa 19 an I
!<••> W. st •.'<'. to '1.. MaMon Si O». •< ith r»-«
••liLMis aad .ii.!>- Paaard hi QaaraataM at I
v-,, „,^r ■Hi ••? Altaata. Bavaaaaa Arrii 3%,
tn th< n, „iir -. . '«. , |th paaa B«*r« and in.**.
1 „.., ,i ia Ottarantlac jit 4:BN it m
>i. uner ''imn- .■■•-. Jarkvoarlllc \ ill '.'I mil
.•hMii -• >n "' '•• "" ''i"« - k •'" aita paaara
„•l-, ..,| 11 i-> PaaaH i" i."i.ii.iiillii.- mi .i .vi
' Mriti-i.r l«l M'> KJii<-ld« April 11. to Philip
Ruprcrbt. in halawl Ann.d at th. liar at I'M
P m
.' toimrr !-'Ht«!>dln. OoTK'towa, s <•. April -.1
(„ Mil- MlitU- (■o:»^t l.nni' »r <"•■. ■•■ ;t'i luml . i
I .1 f- d Ii .."M. fi :•■ f I •-'<• a m
fftranwr HamUtoa, Krwporl v . v - and Nay
folk •" th« < 'Id [Mwntnl 11 with ••:i>.-'<iih. i
u,,^ „. ,>■ !•.»«. iti '.'u.-nntlti nt JElp m.
Si.-Mfi VnilHm I'hla ..In wlt»i ■>» harm
\- • •••.„« ». ,ll •■•_■ for ri'!.. , AacaOfOd
li. Randy ffo..k r.i. ror r-«n..r •.» •.' 47 p vi
St. nnr I'.law.ir. l'hi|:td.«lj :ila. to tti. rtyta
Sji i> v. I", nils. IVr-'d .ii QaaraatlM i-
I I .ii m.
pjaaunm Patrrsra fl*rt f " r '"»">. ate; Tapafaa
,Pi 1 >•• i-i i'iil.m. o »«•. ; TM r.i iN'oti Tit \ n
1. .. t .. .In i'i> M< •"•♦•• It- ■• 'I-. KiKMtun
.%".,i i Ki-iiwi" 1 " I ary ai "I--' \ irperl N>«i
laiwtomn K^rmOi iad Nrwaan \.»»
•j-,,,,1, u.m.k N .! April 34 !•■■»<• p tn Vrtad
MM. «lroii« Ir.-i ..r ralnln: i:nd f< >.1,. . roti«h ata
■aatbamatflav April '.'* ■' Loabv NMi Tarti » i »
Plymouth «nJ cihprtouri
r j . . p. >..' April - ' ■ «r<»iiia dirt. N»v> Y-.rk
! « <j wnatoa n
I!.: '..«t. Apri< '-'4 3 aft p at- h..:u illri. N«w
\orli for Mvert*»l.
lames McCreery & Co,
23rd Street Z4th Street
SILK DEPARTMENT*!. In Both Stores.
••McCreery Silks"
FaiUOllfl over half a Century.
Complete j^soitnicntH ot Ihe latest
weaves ami colors in Plain and Novelty
Iks always in stock.
Exeln»iTe <l«'"iirMs In Printed Foulard^
■tandar;] qualities.
Sin"'!*- width <»"><• to l."><> per ><».
Doable •• .... 1.00 - 4.0 i) - «
On Monday and Tuesday,
April the 85th mmi 26th.
Sale of Fifteen Thousand yards, heavy
Faille cord. Rough Shantung Homespun
Pongee. Complete assortment of Hip
most fashionable colors, also Ecru, White
and Pl— '4*» inches wide. ."».">«• per yard.
value *"
On Monday and Tuesday,
April the SMI and 26th.

Unusual Sale of French Dress Linen.
IS.OOO yards Linen Suiting, consist iiij;
of Diagonal Xatte, Tussor and plain
weaves. A complete assortment of the
latest French colors and white. 4*5 Inches
wide. *"'<• per yard
fnnnrr prlcr* *'•••. " '"• •"«! 83c
French Cotton Ores- Voile, white
only. "»4 inches wide. 48c per yard
aaaal «"• ■
White Klaxon, linen finish. Plain or
corded checks, in various sizes. :i? Inches
wide. -!<' l>er yard
On Monday, April the 85th.
All wool Diagonal Suiting, sponged
and shrunk. All the desirable Sparing
shades and black. 55« per yard
value t.OO
English Black Stripe Mohair and Plain
Sicilian, bright lustre ftni>h. 44 inches
wide. lie per yard
Jcmes McCreery & Co,
23rd Street 34-th Street
James McCreery & Co,
23rd Street 34-th Street
On Monday ami Taesdayi
April lIM '^."»th and U<>Hi.
Domestic Kugs at jrreatly reduced
lOx 14 ft. Imported Bfoarxoab Hucr-i 18.00
'i«iul prire 2t.CH
*.} x It ft. Tapestry Bl ■>—!■ lIu«J:^ 1 CjOCI
iimiml prior ld.oo
1> i IS fl. Axniinster Rug* •» ■>.*><»
inn. i! prior* .'.0.00 anil 55.00
«> x IS ft. Wilton Knjrs g&IMI
• i - 1; it prlr^ S7.AO
ilx IS ft. all wool 3lission Ktij;-*, tliscon
tinutMl patterns. lo.o;>
n*ual price I.! '■'■>
'.) x IS ft. "Martha \V.i>liiiiijto:r' Hag Km:-.
1 ">.<»)
Tlllu^ z:—
Carpet*! Linoleums and MalttlaagSj
LINEN DBPTS. In Both Store*.
Household Linens, suitable for coun
try homes.
Doable Damns'; Table Cloths
IVM\ 4.H0, 5.0J1 ami ."».r»0
■Mil prices 4 00. S.OO. «.f>o am] d.VI
Napkins to match
;>.."»0 and S.OO per do/.
usual aatraa i..v» in. l «..\a
."»1)O dozen Iris.j Llnea Huckaback
Towels, hemni((l or hemstitched.
'-.!»!) per do/.
uhuil price too
Madeira Tea Napkins, — hand*acalloped
and embroidered* v i/e 1-4 Inchesi
6LIMI per dozen
«,«al price IM
James (Victory & Co.
2 3rd Street 34-th Street
Sy I \V. I Ml, St Fv.< »:t»
TUTVsf*%N I Ha* Thiir- ft S:it.. _• I .
n' 1 "! kOk'Cx fir. \ mci:. IM St f.v. f*m
UtLHUVII! Matt W..1 vii.l Rii . -• i««.
IQIfiUP > 1.-.1?!- •rfa*! T.niKht i*. rf «■.
InflfxU for !•>. i.- v.>tk«'..i. mi. • i.iii.
,•l, .« X Rtm ill.- nrfll Mil H.-lnhanlfs
THKAI'ItK. ..,.■, -iii "In- «ur«w M»rdel."
MTV THEATRE ' '"' Sl • "•'»' lrUnK '''• Fv -
ct> tmbo w o;'r
ri>nn mih. \|>r(l .'' I :t » n in K»l»-rln Au«u»te
VI, 1, 1 1., KXrrl N«"» YiU f«>i 1 "'i."l. ui| •ml
II ml.urn
aibraltar. April "4. « \> m I'annor.U illri. N>w
\pk for NaptM Mi
QaaaßjHMns, April M, i^ »>• p m Cacaaiaai
.1.11 tttm \-ir» I .'■.' i. m. Arabic «hr>.
N>» Yoih
M ■>• 1' •• April "I )'ulr<l'nu il'.n. from 'iUn*...»
for K«« V»rk
Lux i April .'« MaMB (lien, N«w York fur
AQTno nvxi.-.rhst rrtn WalaTTil
ItOIUll .1 Sit, . U \v.,| Mat .W ■«1 -..•
\. . Iria; „f u »lr. t'.o.<<| K.s'\ .1 S>- it-•'.••>
1)1 ' * 1.,,, , rk
To-night. Ton Siit M«hi, .« \V,-,1 M.«« .
i I'm. ii. \\V,I. K\. . Tlir Writing on th«>
Wall. Thuri. H>, 1 lie X. .m.l Mr- I in
i|iirrn>. Pi i SuM « Sit. M.«t.. «'nnilllr.
i<'iM i.ai: imii«-i:s Mali wr.i ,* aai •.•
Nr\t \»r«-U — n»r lion unil Ihr vJoom
Mill i. U-. K» si.V Mats. \\>rt A Sal . .'IS
H. B.Warner ■» A/t<j Jimmy Valentine
raULUiIIML Krr. man 1 «•.»., -)„...! Hoy.
*'■> m.m -••>< x t;iri!,. t.,, n iiurk* A Ulr -. j
A I '« I«j DiM < M ' ~ " »i Ki:Tnl* l» E
lIL.-flrt DnA iioki\h\>
ImU\ Mv ' '"■ ! an, | i,i „thrr r.nirur^*
Keith £ Pr»rl»r'* Crloov K«J«h. llo»
STU IUC li>»^>. * >i»#th. llrltni ri»>l
IH*|.i jMth Pi .rick. WllLir.l Hlmm*.
"_***i_ls*"* -•* !"• >h«rlott» Hurry. oth*r»
HinmtnilElll 9 inn EVA FAT
liflle UUnche, Italne* & YuK-vi*. C*tb«r»-
It's easier to have a Spring
overcoat handy than to make
good as a Weather Prophet.
Abo safer.
In fact, all Summer long in
this climate a light overcoat is
liandv. 'specially for evenings.
Cloths «rrave and £ay.
Spring o\crcoar>. $!*« t» %V>
It you object tt) the air-ti^ht,
iiot-air tendencies of ruhbMueJ
I raincoats— a woolen raincoat ■
ready for you.
Of our own, tine woolens—
mooted by the real "C'ravenette
.-rrln- raincoats. SB to $35.
When rainy days make
trousers knee out. then separate
striped trousers are needed
more than ever.
Have you a good pair'
Separate stripe I trousers. $."< to Jl«>
Spring fancy vests wash!
So are practical.
»3 m it
We're three times as exc-lu
sive as most hatters —
The "Stetson Special" Der
by, the pride of the Stetson
shops, can be had only from as
in New York.
The "Knapp-Felt Preferred"
Derby can be had only from a
in New York.
The "Victor Jay" London
Derbies can be had only from
us in New York.
All *•■> hats.
Other mighty gtxvj Derbies M 13. S3.M
and J4
Imagine this!
Sixty -seven miles of black
Keiser- Barathea silk a yard
ll ide.
IJ'.nv'd you like the job of
Hitting that up into scarfs!
A small task for the Keissr-
Barathea makers, for that is
only one year's yardage for
Keiser- Barathea scarfs in black
♦">:* other shades in this pop
ular weave.
Me.. $1 and 11 3* rjua!iti»n.
A few extra buttonholes are
responsible —
For laW extra comfort in
'Delpark" athletic undenvear.
One of the extra buttonholes
on the athletic shirt catches the
top button of the knee drawers
i — so they "lock-in-; >ne. '
"Celpark" aaiMoaai Hi x- $2.
Plaiting the plaits of a nesr
lii^e shirt is no cine!:
But K. ,V W. plaited shirts
are made from patterns t>pc
jeially designed for plaited
I shirts, and are calculated to the
fraction of an inch.
That why they're perfect.
E. it W. spring nee!!*-*. »l '*> '' 3 - 5 *
Who said "low shoes":
Low black >hoes.
Low russet >hoes.
Low white shoes.
For «v<rry foot.
Bo pn Pkkt & Company.
Three Broadway Stores
at at M
Warren st. 13tb it >*'^ *
taat Wvaai. Svba »s»* ■*•» W<K| -- ""Sliai
RrNMir I'KKIURM *~_ _
Thur».:.n atari— ■ ■* • ■ > ' .
\l l« I in HHMI IMV '
Entire 1V....W. rt:h M*. »•-■! M ».«; >1 $ ; 5t5 t . v)l
Daiiv M»t :. rw«t s...it* « — •• :
Cattan nwaafcrl *Trtp *U^ .^"STi*
.-.•> I ltt> FV'M'l'- ' «'• J'l'"J 'I'" '
l> Al/l -h. !: «., * ..• - Till BHP VI KJ*;
OaWQlf HOrPEH '".^."•ilSBS
39 ;IMC11 !
. „ mi.!* -rf >'" < "•"
: '
GRACE ■■tA-iii.T-W
•I it*! F\ "* "* l> M.*t« Wi*<l .* !*•'
»•♦ C. * 13 Mat* Wad. ***
ie. nSS ' ■ ',:„. .
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