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A Luncheon at the Home of
Ambassador Jusserand.
The Programme To-day — News
papers Highly Praise Speech
at the Sorbcnne.
Par*. Apr I. T«-Mr Roosevelt passed a
tuaiparathaii quiet Sunday In Paris Ac
compatdad by Ambassador Bacon, he at
trnded service this morning at the Ameri
can < l.jrcn in th» Rue de Herri nd listened
to thr> w rmnn e>f the Rev." »*hauncey W.
(•oodrl. h. who preached fi-om the «r»ospel of
Ft John, chapter an ii. ver«e 1.",. Mrs. ■aa»>
• • :. BBBjaaaad b| Cera and Miss
I'Micl. attended the American church in the
Avenue de t'Alma.
■ff nnrt Mm. Roosevelt were gu< s?s at
luncheon of M baaaaflay and Mme. Ju^se-
TRnd. the otiwr >:;:cNts Including Premier
Hriand. M '<xrth.ni Minister of JuMice:
I'onsul «;e;i^r.il Mason. Ana..... I. rov-
Nh Allxrt ise i'o,;bertln. Co.:nt de
l.nneyrie and «'ou*it de I rtale* In tlie
■■in here w«* an aa^aaaaafli nj;> to
F! (Jermaln, ■ H»re Mr. Roo«e\elt visited
the ch.'iie;iii of Henri 1 V In the evening
•. Rnnpeveltn .lined quietly with Amhaaaa>
ajar anil M-s I'.m< on at the Annri.-an Km
Although the g. nor^l election* were held
to-day in !>:■.:. i Mt I'.oosev.'.: .1. 1 all
he trouble tr» ■* - . •- i t t!-.e voting booths.
t ilint he had not time to Investigate
twitter* which did not c.mcern him .iir*vt-
M<« he BBJP -• -1 That the election
pihi hinery of France was neithei »w-ner nor
w .irs. tmmm that in tho t'niied St^it-s
Mr RoowveJt will be the guest of the
r palitv >>f T'«ris to-morrow. Tlie city
: l wMI lent** him a' DM Hotel <1c
' ■ « licrc luncheon «i!l ba serve.) In his
■ ■ r, after which he will Hen l-.ls nam*>
. • IXaV which tonta!ii>i the
ttgnat re» of nil the monarchs and nott^'le
ive l»-en the guests of the
ritv It: the evening Vf will dine with
rjene'-al Ilrugere. atid from there will go
•r> thr ojiria. where he will occupy the
Prudential liot "Sajome" was to hi\e
> BteaßV but I>> Mi Hoosevelt's express
■ Be ''Si• ts «■ H- rnsun et Delilah"
•t produced with briilM
>s< Of M- n-.osr\eUs lecture
. | • . ;■-■■■•■'&. BBBaa aaa in the
caShry tdaaal, bafl thi> ra>s-.i Baajatteei
Iti t.ie npfilauM It hut sin<-e lieen learned
thai th^ man was an Kgyptian. who lat.i
» ■ • f desired to piotept in this
T\a> ap;'ir;st jh< speech aMca the ex
| !,t delivered nt «^»iro. This lecture
• -«ate<i ■ ti-emenflous impression in
Th< n^wspai^ers. in spite of the
lad tha' Hm electoral campaign closed last
Tight. <)rvoie ere it space t o it aj '"
Rumwidl'e Ooincs.
\\ it:, ih* rx-eption of some mocking criti
| baa lances, such as Henri Roche
• Staor of • I^ l'atrle.'an.i ltrnest .ludet.
. i:>-la!r." ti.f jiai'e-v ,if ;,■; BBadaa at
■ rtea with a|>proval at the faCMaai
mori-.'.it.v rxpoundetl r>\ the ex-Presi
g me >>f the ultra-* athoii. organs are
. • • ..•)'•- .]«•!] rs!>e,-.r>!'\ «n Mr
1; <!.:■ v .]rflr.i:ion Bf the rights of th^e
. .
Vli* irn:p«" s;v* that the lmjiro»«1on
| d bO ' " rrea:er BBBBaal Mr.
• [Id not Jl'Sf-IT theories v icb. tie
ad, t.ut experiener-s which li" aadl
;. It flnrt* msr.v laaaßßJ there:P
.• •<■ . an.l ( <>n< hide, with an fippr-al o
•!<m. to bjR "the aavaoa af an honest
■tjaai <^eeri. and life dwring tl-.lrtv
• • ars qufTify him te »p<^ak.'
r:i«l <!• .- EaflMtaf m;s • .it Mr.
.'•v v ..n>s are the .-.-ha of the ol<j
Pwrltan spirit Baddß made « Del Bjaßftal
Baataaaf. and bear ■.ma* BaptfSaaaaa when
• ■ • is x Mil. «n<l v igr>r>>,.s if # . of
'•,f <s Tt.r embodiment, to *.<> many
BBBSlaajndl pMBS^ i>rc.t>it\ Tn politician*
an<l common sense U» thoee « h;> are paefc
lr.g aflai r rt.>r;; (
• Bsaai BBBaKaataaV* wy th»> p«r«»-r,
"*ai« exp.-rlni« lit*. J-'rorn th^ they
• ward .orruptirin. Roosevelt's sin>
ajßßßJßl | l«r.gu;iir» i* IBM af H-,
armed iv>i v. it ri a club liut a bro<irr.
Bj th.- d..<<r of Bat Augean »tT;:b!»-"
■ I -a IJtH-rte.' under tlie caption of "A
■ --ri). ' *wn\s "W. have few
nt»ii in f~r»-,<- with eaecajr eaaa] *■> M-
■ •'■ r, bui thouf I* on thous - ands

i asea of
Many References to Triteness of
Mr Roosevelt's Themes.
! ; - <!?(- S'irbotiii' address is
• ••' :• :•• H«-|ti«<h -new sp«;»ers. .lnd lv
. -„ <-t of mu'-h editorial conim.T I A'i
' ■ •■> the triteness of the ex
■ ■s. which T:.' <t;indatd"
•■ •••■• v ;; ;ieri for a platform audl
' ' U |BJ :he flow < i ff I'ar.suiri intel-
At tbe aaaai daasj all oaac ■>
"' ' ' • s'ljnii j»nd healtiiy gospel If doubly
'•. «h "The r>a!!v Or:>[ jen-.ark-.
■ • aa*M i«-- w.-'k;ng to t!ie eaa
e« f •• ;> ' ■ and moral tnvaajer
■ • • caa eaa aatlßfjr."
Tn tr:r sunie strain 'The < "hroni'-le" <li<=
■ .■* <if R osevelt's unqti«-f—
;»'«f and influeii.e. II f=a\s "He
* i t m t-u rt'i tl.ink^T. f>i:t knows thai • I
r.tv ot tiiatikind like to beaf tlie « t. r
nul ve-i*..> • .ler»*d at ilirm through a
R ; ll«- kT...v\s hN'i «'.;.t ills • ■« ,c..
k-ernelly practised, would mean
' A aaatC nrid a larg. part at
•* ■ • . piiKiiK-e c-:mcts from t ' •
That n.dtsevelt do» s practice
• prenchew ;iii<l thai t!i<- <4\i:il!tle<! h-;
' • \At he hai« liims. if display 4 br
n> rvm with astounding r< suits. **
Round of Entertainments for the
President .
1 ti. April io naaaaaaa Be
» .-• . bfflt on May l«. ati<l on that
•• :;i .iir>«- at iK>r.» ; . st.-r Baaaa with
-«.i<r aril Mr* r;< I<l and the staff
■ . . - »; li' will « r<-. . )\< .1 I v
Kl'-g l..'p.»r(] nn the foliomiftg <lay. arid
■ . fltaan afl aa te OaJatdL eTtava
■ i ; i iw BBVffltaaaad i^ 0m \)■ <-«*haii
t <" \\"^rr<r». preeldcai at Ma«-
aa vi holarn.
v • > • • •
Some people "trust to lock " eboat
t ties ar.d spend a little money to tevc
htm h:st:j> "looked over" Instead
of a little more to have them guaran
teed, the '.rouble with "trtstlr.g Jo
uck " Is That lick ft ir«li> goes your
•> t \ wt.en you ere already troi».
/. h:n things go w on Uncyoj nerd
to re's: roenry or. )Ot;r real ts'a c,
then it will be "just joar luck" ;o
Una your tit tad. Why ro 1 be sur.-7
C* our pcllcy wten you tuy.
Capita! and Surplus, - $14,000,000
|7t C •• «• N. T. 1 73 rrmsrr St. fiaira.
+J*j ruAoti a - JofluiCA.
and th* Romanes lecture Mr RooM-velt
«i:i then be driven to Nunfham Park. Ox
ford. to lfjH the Right Hon. I>w]« Har
court and Mr* Harc<Mjrt He will rcmalu
until 'he following evening, going from
t»- r< to Hackwood. Ba?lnc»toke. the seat
ot Lord Curzon of Ke«lKston. the former
Viceroy of India.
On his return to I«>n<lon. on May 20. the
ex -President will be the gue*t of honor at
the Klng> dinner at Hucktnghatn Palace.
He will g<> the following day to Wrest
Park as the g-.iest of Ambassador and Mrs.
Reid, and aM spen three dayn at this
beautiful ou;niry rtmt. King Edward has
Invited Mr aaaaavaM to a. company him to
Ald«Tf«tio; ahtia a review of the troops
will be fetid on May N. which is still ob
served loyally aa Queen Victoria's birth
day. Queen Alexandra and other members
of the royal fanily mill alfo attend the re
vl« w .
«>n May P Mr. Hex sev.lt win Ik- re
ceived at the luildhall. and will receive
an address in a gold cask* t. In the even-
Ing he will leave for Cambridge, and on
the morning of the ne\t day the university
wi!! ■r;f*>r on him » doctor's degree.
Th. form, : lY.«i,l.ii will proliably at
tend ■he court at Hucki'igham I'als.f on
May r:. and m May 9 he will go to
<"be.)i.. Court. r. rkl-.ichamshlrc. to
FP« nd the wck-entl wi-.h Aitluir H. l^e»*.
who was military attarhl with the Ameri
can army <lurir:p the Cubes M Ma will
remain at «"hpqurrn Court <ivcr Sunday
Th" Royal Ooograph!r«l Society will ent.r
tair> him on Monday, May at, smd t»>« fol
lovinj: «la\ 5« an open dntc June 1 has
}*tn s. ■*<•«, ii tat the bDßdwea of the Xa
tionalist part* In honor of Mr. Itooscvelt,
Ind J;:ii- *". for the dinner mhi. ri has !»oen
BBBBBjaf by t'i»: came baajtera and natt;ral-
Ists. ';. twe. n two baadred an.l tl-.re.- h:iu
.]i.<i tr.n vh.< h i\r Bneara areeMaa on the
tr*i' and in th. ticlii will meet on thU o<
caaton. an.i Colonel ];•-■• I looks for
war.l .ap.riv la ih;> gal I:- ring
The fom-.cT i*re«:i(i<iiT baa a- accepted
an MVttattaO to .llli.- with I, rd Clurlcs
BorrsTord. !"■ meet the mm ml-, rs of the
l-,i,,j;St j>«ri\. while Sir K<lwar<l «;re>-.
the Fotelgii Se.r.tary. and other high ot!i
.■i.iis have imlted Mm to their country I
Second Performance of American
Opera Better Received in Berlin.
Bartla. April 2«. — The Baaai • has or
dered tint Arthur N'evin's Indsaa ojie*";
•Pola," I* given at the Royal Opera in honor
at ex-I'r si.l.nt ■en lt during h's vist
.at the cnstle. Croem Man Fieflert<"U
William nnd th. Cruvn Princess and Prin. ■■
ad Pltaeaaa August William saw to-niglit's
p« rforrr.a'ic. of (far opera. w!iic!i was move
wan lecdvad thaa it w.-«s last nici^t.
wit 1 r. f< i-ence to "Pnla." the "foetal A"
7c\k- i" says "The opera is not • <>r;h whi 1 "
'evening on.'s se'.f about. The !« »-•• ada re
<;i!i German folklore. The music, apart
f'l.m tt.. ln.li.m n> !"<](■ s. reminds one of
1 ."-"trai;s« nr\<\ Verdi in th«lr weak.r Ba»
' ment«."
The "Tageblatt" Bays "We cm ayeak
«>nlv- wit i BBHVBI of the production of
p.-ia.' "
The Motajei Peaf sa\s "Why should
thrre r«e any excitement out 'Poia.' wtil. 1
hi i,\. «,-;'c\ \ ■.•.lift, rent ;in<l nr.lntej.sttng '
The Baajae is nothirik- except platitude* "
"T' . work is harmless." is the verdict >f
th. "Vns^:«c!n /.<■!•, ::ig." hot it goes «>n \'>
fay that the sijigeis never sang so .<>ll\
The "Seateea Courier" Is hitter, saving:
"Ti;- aaaae i< daaaai iMitrii. with oaaanand
; r'-niiniscenc s nf V\ 'Hr\> r " The "Natiom!
ZciV;ik," howe\er. f.nds the music ■ i>art*
< harming in mei.Hiv , rhythm and instru
Artillery in Action — Loans to
Cover Turkish Deficit.
C"n«tantin<.p>. April 24. -S< riou? flchr
ing has hern r*iM>««(| in Albania, in th»
I»emni( 7.-A district. vvhrie incessant ar
tillery fire 15 heard. The Albanians h.iv»
cut n« nrl? all the V graph line?.
Kxj laining the budgft in th*' chamlwr
of I><ji;;ties t«<-da\. the Finance Mln
lst.r. I»ja\id P.ey. annonnce-d that the
deflcM wo ild \>r BSjnOUOOUj Turkish <a
Turkish pecflad is iaal to about M 4d|,
ir.s-t.a.l <>!" £4. .*.<•« t.< *»■•. hs estimated. This
would !►»• covered b) the iysue <>f a loan,
and further lnans\ he BBM. would bo
r>eeded for B<>nie vejajfß, to < over the ordi
nary exp' n>< s
T).<- minlst*-! h««< er, was optimistic
«'\er the c.c,jntr\> finances, and the crop
pmspects this ycjir Indi< ated an extraor
dinarily abundant harvest.
Portuguese Steamer Uses Fittings to
Make Port.
combustible qualities ..f n,o fitting* <<f
the Portugi.'-e p;c 88l steamer Pe«md<<r
] ; .'i imtnigr.-iTits v. iio took passage on the
stiam^r from t!.e <";i;ie Verd Islands owe
their safe arrival here to-.Ja> l"<>r *he
last three d.is. s!:.- •■ t!ie Boater CBS] sup
ply gave out. the pes< a-lor's engines have
».«-en fed with BjeadaßJ partitions, much of
the below deck Jittings and parts of the
wooden low- deck iiself
Tl.:s fuel kept Hie engines running until
an anchorage lx side Hen and Chicken*
Ugi.t raaaal araja Baactad last night When
j, BfM «as i>i. k« «: i:j> tbere re day it ■bo
ne. .ss.iry iig.nin t<> ifs»« to tlie immi
grants' baaka for fuel. oad tae ste;im gen
erated was aafladeal to i.nng the Piaeadac
u> ;>ort
Prosecutor in Hyde Trial Says They
Were Taken from Assistant's Pocket.
K;.i.*.is cit;.. Hol. April M Pnaecatae
■ Virgil OaafeUaej ai eatlafled that the Ki.i'i.l
j:iiy notes, which I>r. Hyd»"s counsel pro
.'. „.-,i in court ■-■ ITedaMada i . ■«« stolen
ft.itn Rub) H. <I«rrett, an assistant pro*e
. utor
Th«» gtand Jury notes were stolen." Mr.
<-<>iikllng Bat They were boa from the
]... ke; at Mi OaiiejM aa - • irday, April
;«,. while he ».,?■ riling on » street. In
the ciiun* of time aiipi oiiriate 8.-tlon will
I* i;iken. but jiist ■i* the trying of the
eaai BBjaaaal ii\.i- is k^^jiing m. aM i<ws>
to atti ii BB| ■UaW work"
J'..li;<- 1- ?f!iaw sdi.i to-night be odad
t,, i.n\e t.. t!,. haaacaaar t!»- whole in
vestlgatlon of the {«■>•» of the notes
■Yaaai P aTaaaa, leaa^aaaataßi i*r M\<le.
will resume his «-rnss-*»xamlnatlon of Miss
Atin.-i Houlih.i:.. ;i mirs •. when the trial la
renumcd to -morrow
Twelve Firemen Overcome Fighting
Department Store Blaze.
PbQaaMptoa, ftnrll M IW.I- . Bream
v ,,, „< . |..ii.< !■■. BOBefcl t->-<l.n wlill« ri(?lil
lin^ .. B*c ui,i'-ti <i<-tio\..i th.' Mn.ei.t
Mcm-r of Oeeßfjii B DawtadrCa, MCbatvaM
■n<i l«atMaacai aveaw
■ ■
w. i- „!• iphfci : - aalaaatad
M t } 1 •;■ .<i" .i The
iikn.-w ti
lin '!*• l<*:r*i'h t« The Tr.uun. 1
rtatar tattV. April :i-Mr^ Anna <*•!
vert. *e\ «'jit> -1 *o jtjrn old. of Bayoaaa.
>". J.. who airload hi this eftty >ei>terday
t., \i>lt bfl .IdLightfT. Mil- i*h«rle« ilumr.
ui.t ralkltis (ioiji the ii. orn to her
padjreaai this rn«rr.lng. *'• ■« ■:■ »-h* tripled
Hlld ft il ti. .ullolit- do-Mi i.i*- -Willr Sic
uatatord ■ fmrturcd *k-ii tad uinj ■ ttm
ltuuia aftor*
Conspiracy in Cuba Promptly
Checked by Force.
Sixty Mm To Be Tried — Peace
ful Conditions Reported
from Pinar del Rio.
Havana. April 24. — Further arrests are
being made in various parts of the island
of ni'irws suspected of being implicated
! in th" conspiracy to organize a move
, m«nt against the government, but no dis
1 turbance of the peace is anywhere re
pagtajfl. The turbulent negro element ap
parently is rrlhV«l by the prompt action
'■ <<: the government and the display of
military forte in the dispatch of regulars
and rural guards to Santa Clara and
the -a*t«rn province*. Prisoners from
j nil sections are being brought under
I strong gunrd to Havana for trial before
the special court, and there is every r.->a
j eon to believe that the movement Ms
been completely crushed.
Senor Pasalodos. secretary la Presi
dent <Jomez. speaking for the President
| to-night, said that the government bid
! early inlormation that a small number j
of the Radical leaders and members of j
the Independent Party of Color had j
planned simultaneous uprisings with the I
j intent to op. n war against the whites I
, and overturn the government. In eon-
MqWOOt of the prompt action of the au
thorities, all the leaders, he said. hn<!
, l>oen arrested They number about sixty.
| and will be promptly tried according to
' law
The government has reason to suspect.
I nor Pasalodos continued, that the
movement has the support of certain
j • lementa not openly affiliated with the I
| rreroes. and this matter is now the sub
| ject of close investigation. There li no
doubt. th« secretarx added, that .in
armed uprising was intended, but it is
not known how many of those impli- i
cated in the movement had weapons. An |
activ." search is being made for concealed :
A-ivi. < from the western end of Pinar '
del Rio abo« that the blacks were on the I
verge of an uprising wh*n th« news of
the arrests came, whereupon confidence
was restored. Rumors of wholesale dis- j
charges of negro members of the mil I
guard ate denied, the loyalty of that
force not being doubted. The excitement i
in Havana is rapidly subsiding
Tells Life Underwriters Present
. Is Period of Protest.
Buffalo. April Willia-n H. Hotchkiss,
State Puj.eriniendr nt of lnsv ranee, who has
been so active of late unearthing Insurance
■caadala, addiaaead the Lift Underwriters"
Association af HaCahl lasL, iiirht He pre
dicted ■ "p<-ai '^ful revolution" In corpora
linn affairs, but made no specific reference
In l:is recent investigations. He said:
The pr.s.nt is a period of protest. Meth
ods* • f business, of politics, one* universal.
MM out of date. To some, the various
ft .!, lattona of our ».»atjwiia comnwrclal.
gwvernmertal, even notal aicn iliakea; to
«.tliei<, tii< -■ w!io voi< «• ii,. prate*! are but
lh«f blind leading tb« blind. The truth is
that the ht.'.r l.a- struck— knell or a peal
ji:*t us i th* 1 point of mow
You gentlemen of tl,< life UtldTwritin^
, i ..f.-. — i<.n r*>' oenlze what in happening. He
fore I*6 it was too often a n>ld-»hall 1 Bay
it'— of bnauata ami bluster. Then HUM
the <la> of protest, of reckoning, of revola-
Uoa. The old tilings paaaed away an.i In
their «tead are compa.nie« which brast not
so much their MgMM as toaaaHaaco with
thr tea
Meanwhile your profession has taken on
if» dignity. T*istina. once encourajied bjr
th" men liicher up. is now frowned on l.y
ml an.l i-ondeiTine*: by the law You talk
f;i< t*. ii"? tic ti'?i. I roosratotate you on
m r r«-\ol;jtlon »<nd the results already at
In (loving Mr Hotrhkiss paid a tribute to
the PCVML (he press, when free Mini non
lisall." said he, "Is covernment in<».->'
• feitUe wooaon Kxamlners may some
times »if fooled Of be iv doubt, but the
pr^ns gatta the public mind toward the
( < rrect con. lusion.''
Dutchess Fire Directors May Re
sist Hotchkiss Demand.
•i' T<-'« «■■«: to The Triliun". ]
PdhghliMpaSc, N V . April -*■ — The
charges of mismanagement made by Will
iam H Hot. likiss. State Insurance Surer
i:.t<! • .it. aC* loot L«»tl H Vail, president
"•f the aM I>u;.h»'.-s insurance Company,
were denied in toto yesterday in a statement
booed l»v Mr. Vail. Th» directors associ
ated with Mr Vail In the management ai
the company and the directors of the new
Dutch* Fire Insurance company, formed
after the San Francisco disaster, will, it
seems niobabU. resist the State Superin
tendent demand for the retirement of Mr.
Vail from hath companies. This matter
will come t>» fore the old board at a meet
ing to t.«* held next Thursday. In case the
Superintendent is defied he must have re
course to the OJfta to get control of the
i iaa|iaaj Allison Hints, counsel for Mr.
Vail, laid last night that he would welcome
this contineency, for it would Rive him the
ri^ht to .re.-s-examlne the witnesses. which
he says was denied him at the hearings
rondiK-t.-d by the Insurance Superintendent.
Icom «;raham. axuatoty. who. it is said,
niitOe Jl«e most dnmttgliiK etatSM against
M Vsil. Is a brother-in-law of James K.
Sacue. I'ublii- S«r\iie Commissioner, who
Ip a Kto khaldcr an- 1 director of the new
toaajaajr, but not of the old company, in
which Mr. «Jrahnm aad Mr. Hague's mother
have small interest.*
Prartieally all of Mr. all's fellow dl
r«ctors in the old company, which tnetoidei
three bank presidents, indorse his ni.uiaiv
ment of Its affairs, and say they were
familiar with the acts of which Mr. Hot. h
kiss complains, and believe Mr Vail dl.l
what was ticht.
The <(u«stion regarding the 2.'. pei cut
commission whi<!i was brought out by the
State Superintendent sp-tctureo of th,<*
tnl^slnK minute |hm< k leaf was explained
\.-ti.la\ i.v Milton A. Fowler, vi. e-pr.Nl
dent of the old company, as follows:
■\\"ltl: i.I.T.iH.- to the .piestion as to
wli'tll.r the i\ruthi committee of the
l»utchess rii<- Insurance Company ever
IMiss.'l ■ r« solution to pay the trustees of
ii, I .'!•■-»- Insuiatn-e (■oinp;Miy a com
misvi'.n of -•*• P*r cent. I .tin perfectly clear
in my recollection, in which I am sustained
by th« thr««- othci n»i-nil»er» «if the exeoiis
t|\c < otliiillttt c. th-*' DO sin It revolution
v it- .\ei |.i . -. i.t.-.l l.y me or was MM
■| ha % . < also stated, as have several
iiK > mb*»> of «;i< ■ ol the Joint . iiiinnitt. • -
«l '< 111 1 vMffO iipiHiint. <l to .it; i . i ii|xin a com
in— l m to be paid, that li. HRieein. 11l fur
tin- payment <if coiiunlstlon was ever
i. nc 1,,<1 until K.hiuar 1 . l'.tio. when the
a>;r< < tin nt tor the i .Mir.- in of 15 per cent
mi vi.u i .« ■ !•! • and MM liftll net. .1 upon."
In a st.ii' iii-ni given out last night Mr
\ all *.<y tliHt his use of certain urltlea
.if the compani In til*- Stork market netted
■ profit of flO.j<W. till if Which was given to
the company. i "iinieil ah the ricks."
tie MML aad would have met ever) obliga
tion out of Hi own pocket ll' the event of
I'm- It iraa don.- with in. full consent and
lino* lt-dK«- of the .ii:;.-i.ii- of tlie <onipMl)>
He added th. ,1 the pace cut out of the
minute t«>"k wuh rt'iiiovd :.t>lcl> be<HUhe of
a mUt^kr and Uk removal ami ie«arded at
iqc time m « matter uf no lm;>orunc«.
I ..ntlnued from flr«» PWr
i have the work done by some on* else at
his exprnse or may proceed upon the
bond and tring »>ilt for specific per
j forma rue or for damages. The .'on
rtruction of the railroad includes sta
. tions, side track*, switches, cross-overs
and storage yards The contractor must
protect buildings along the route, as well
.-•s elevated roads or other subways,
water mains and gas pipes. Real os
tate necessary for stations, etc.. will be
! acquired by the city, but at the cost of
' the contractor.
The chief engineer of the commission
will inspect the work throughout construc
tion. nni every three months, on or about
the first days of January. April. July lad
i October, he. will determine the cost of the
work up to that date. If either the on
i tractor or commission is dissatisfied with
such determination an objection must be
filed within twenty days. The engineer
shall reconsider his determination and
Mate his conclusions with his report on
the next quarter. If they are not satis
factory then, an arbitration may be -ie
manded within twenty days. Three
month- after the delivery of the contract
the commission nnd the contractor shall
each appoint a disinterested civil en
gineer These two. within thirty days,
must ngrep upon a third. In the event
of their failure to do so such engineer
shall be appointed by the executive com
mittee of the Chamber of Commerce, or.
If that committee fails to act. by the ex
ecutive < ommittee of the Bar Associa
tion. These three engineers will form
the board of arbitration.
To Finish Contracts in Four Years.
Work must be begun within sixty
days after the execution of the contract,
and the work completed within 'our
years The contract contains provisions
for the use of the streets during the
work. All work in Manhattan and T!:e
Bronx, hx-low 138 th street, and in Brook
lyn, with the exception of east of Bed
ford avenue, will be tunnel or cut and
cover work, while in the other portions
open trench work may he <fone.
Equipment must be begun when the
work is half corrpleted Cars mu--' be
Of ■ted, and the service when the tubes
r.re completed must be sufficient for op
trating ten-car trains at a speed of
fwenty-rlve mll^s an hour for express
trains and fifteen miles an hour for locaj
trains, including stops in both case?.
The contractor will have the use of the
tracks on municipally maintained r:«ii
roads fot five vf-ara. The % OOtractOf will
have to pay to th*« Controller a .-sum
eejaaj to the interest and sinking fund
on the bonds Issued for the Fourth ay. -
nue subway and the cost of the munki
"pally maintained road In Manhattan, and
is relieved from maintaining n depreda
tion fund for the first three years?, but
must keep such a fund thereafter; must
pay such percentage of construction as
may be necessr-ry for amortization °ach
quarter; rrust provide a fund for the
discount on stocks and bonds; must «»et
aside ] per cent for contingent reserve
until such fund pqaaja | per i ent of fh"
cost of coristru( ti«»n and equipment, and
mu«t set aside sums necessary for 'the
payment of interest and dividends ;;nd
divide Urn balance equally with th* city.
Five Cent Fare Provided.
A flat rate of five cents fare is pro
vided for on all the system, unless nn
; other rate is fixed later by the commis
sion. No part of the road or stations
may b^ used for advertisements, aad
only such things as newspapers and pe>
rlodirah viii be allowed to be sold
I the stations Trackage rights for other
companies are ulso reserved on such Nf
tiorts of the system OS are not used to
their full rapacity by the contractor
In his dissenting opinion Commission- r
tl points out thai the contract im
"ii th ntractor a lone haul 1n
| the Bnmx and South Brooklyn lines. o n
| the basis that five ami ■ half mile* is
the longest haul that pays a company to
operate, he argues that the eatabltsh
ment Of rack conditions as* ■ five cent
fare makes the propoatd contract una*
trnctive. Besides, he argues that the two
branches in The Bronx and the two in
South Brooklyn should be balM by the
assessment plan, and as that would :n
voive farther hearings, these sections
should not he included in the proposed
contra< t
Says Fusion Is Possible Under
Bill Bearing His Name.
[Bj TViegraph u> The- Trlhin. )
Kinghamton. \ V . April :» -Senator
Harvey I) Hinman. when asked yesterday
for his opinion of the amendments to the
Hlnman-Green primary bill proposed by
Republican leader*, fald.
Until 1 have gone over the proposition
printed In to-day's dispatches thoroughly
and compared the propuoed changes with
the orixinal bill I could not nlve a full opin
ion as to the advisability of adopting the
propooed changes, but from a cursory read
las of the proposition it strikes mV that
one of the points aimed for Is the retention
of the city convention In order to permit
fusion nominations it has been erroneous
1 m ited that the present rllnawn-Orecfl
bill does not permit this. There were whis
perings about the Capitol to that effect
this week.
As a matter of fact, the point is co\ ered
in the bill. If is nectaaary that <-itie-. in
choosing officers, ignore party lines that
best results ma\ he otlfalaod The t.irlfT
and gold standard hay** no place in a
municipal election, ami the beat form af
municipal government to-day woaM he
obtained by a return to the old town moei
inß ay at— when Republican and I>t-rno
cratic tructeea were chosen Indiscriminate
ly, reKnr«lless Of party lines, lu-c.mse . *
their worth. In a national campaign the
national convention is a neceaaity; the
parly must formulate Its platform and de
■ Me on its |tolicies.
The Mihmis-lon of the preoent praaaal
tlon by these representative cltiiens place*
the matters squarely before the people, it
irlve« us ;• working basin, and it will b^
possible now to confer with these Kentle
men or their rapreoeatativca, ko <>v»>r coa
<litton>« carefully, thraah the naattaf oat
fully and give the people of the state an
equitable and satisfactory primary law.
Philadelphia Men Lost in Delaware
River While Out Rowing.
I |lv Tolritrnph »•• lat Trll'.iine |
• Gloucester, N. .1 . April 24 . — Joseph I'.or
neinan, of I'hllndeiphla, .nine to the l>oat
bovjae colony here this morntne to visit
bin Mend aad aohjhhor, John Itlley. In
the afternoon, when the DtlaiWl was
lashe.l by ■ northeast gale, they decided
to go out for a row in a skiff
Wiley fell over hour il. find It. > I T . rii.it)
1 1 id 1 I overboard In ■■ effort 10 save
him. Both men were drowaed despite the
effort* of a nnrty that put out from shore
In a launch to rescue them The bodJW
were not recovered
\v iinridK* H. Taft. son of Henry W. Tuft,
of No 36 "■-: <■;'. street, an. l nephew of
PlWetdMM T«f'. who was arrt-<t«il In Queens
on awtafdaj M a charge of automobile
si < • -...;. appeared In the J.imalca police
court yent»Tdny and exchanged his (fold
watch which he left us »c i rit\ on Satur
day* for « i- .i. »-tat» I. .hi. l, fnrnittied by
hii father, who appeared in person M.n;l ■
•rat« Fitch, hetore wh. m the tranauctluii
took placet mid the eM<r Taft were law
KtiuJ clAMniales ana hud a ylttisufu chat.
Between New York
Hard Coal!
Safety! Comfort!
A two-hour train every hour on the hour, from 7A. M. to % H P. M. from Lib«rty Street, :n
addition to other trains. Ten minutes before the hour from West 23d Street-
Parlor cars on all trains. Dining cars morning, noon and ni^ht. Sleepers on midnight tram.
Colonial Series watches are a new type
of thin model Waltham watches for men.
• They may be had in several grades. These
watches are cased and timed at the factory.
Sold by all jewelers. Guaranteed by the makers.
State Commission's Report
Shows Growth of System.
Albany. April 24. — The annual report if
the State Probation Commission, to be
transmitted to the Legislature to-morrow,
states that more than eleven thousand ••!
fenders were under the cnr»> of probation
officers In this state last year, more thin
nine thousand "o^inK placed on probation in
1909. The report shows that an increasing
number of courts are using the system, an.!
that the standards of probation work ar»
improving, and aaad results are I* ins ob
tained, i . I
The commission recommends among other !
things that probation be used more a;«'neri«l
l> - in rural sections; that greater use be,
made of probation as a means of obliging
offenders to make restitution for losses „r
damages caused |»y their offence; that chil
dren In Juvenile courts be examined by phy
sicians, so far as practicable, to learn
whether their delinquency Is dne to physical
defects which can be remedied, and that
more careful Investigation* be %nade of th
character and history of defendants befoi >
being placed on probation.
The system wan used In 1909 in the Su
preme .-mil county court* of twenty-seven '
counties, and in the inferior courts of twen
ty-four towns and villages and thirty cltie.-. i
I % ;ild officers were employed for the first j
time last year In the Auburn Kecorde •'.<
court and the Rochester police court, and
In the county court* of Krte, Kssex. Mont
■jeeaery, Oowaam, Otaeaja ami Warren coiin*
ties More than fly" hundred per-ons, most
of whom were volunteers, acted as aroba
tlon»ortlc.rs In the state in l? 0!». There are
now sixty-five "probation <^tlc*'rs paid und« r
thai title from public funds.
Of the 2.7% children under probationary
oversight during the year 2.066 were put on
probation tr. I**lO. The mo.<! common of
fences for which boys were convicted and
placed on probation were larceny and
truancy, and the principal charges against
girls were being disorderly or ungovern
able or without proper guardianship.
About three-fourths of the children passing
from probation, according to estimates of
probation otllcers, were benefited.
The commission favors, so far as is prac
ticable, the hearing of children's cases In
Juvenile courts by civil procedure, Instead
of by criminal procedure. I'nder a law
which became affective this year children
in the Kuffalo Children's Court, Instead of
l-elng convicted, are adjudged to be In
need of the care ami protection of the
state. Thai practice spares them the sttgm.i
which attaches to ■ conviction.
I Miring the last year 1.^71 persons— of
whom about IjM were guilt) if felonies —
Were placed under the care of probation
officers in the Supreme and county courts
of t\\eiit\ -M'ven c Mint I*. Many of these
were young men ne\er convicted before.
Tin- commission Indorses the practice
now use. l in BOVOraJ courts of requiring
offenders to in. ike restitution or repara
tion to the aggrieved parties for losses or
damages eaaaaj by their offence
The principal duties of the State Proba
tion Commission are to exercise general
supervision over the work of proMitloa offi
cers. ai:i l to ni'curi the effective uppllca
tlon of the probation sysiem and the en
fon i iiii-nt cf the probation law In all i«it«
of the state As nie*ns to these eajdji the
commission U*t year collet-ted monthly re
port*' from probation officers; viatteil
tytouKh it* Mc;etnry a Ur^e number of
the iiurtst ualns prubNtlou; made •ii«»-i
[tlunj and rccuimucuilutluna tv eji
' ficers, and in three .(ties to Judses; held .
I a conference of probation officers and a con
i ference of city magU-tratns published five
i pamphlet? on the operations »nd advan
| tages of the probation system, and distrib
ute" a lance amount of literature; supplied
more than »lfty thousand forms to proba
tion officers for their records, and assisted
; in holding Civil Service examinations for
1 probation officers
The reoort lays special stress on the jm
uortanee in probatior. work of intelliKent
methods and thoroughness. Success in the
' use Of the system Is declared to depend
chiefly en these requisites:
r -irst-That courts select competent and
faitiifij! probation otfl<^rs
Se, ond-Tliat court- seW-ct for probation
ary treatment suitable defendants.
third— courts keep persons on pro
bat inn sufileiently lonK
Fourth— That probation officers keep clos. -
lv informed regarding the conduct of those
under their care.
Fifth— That probation officers use pff-c
tiv. means to improve the habits of thoso
""si'th— persona on probation provtnc
unfit for such treatment be returned to
court for other treatment.
: .
Wants Water Power Disposed of
Under Competitive Bidding.
Albany April J4.-Holdlnjf that water pow
er created by the barge canal should r-e
disposed of under certain conditions which
'will permit of competitive. so that
| the state may receive for Its natural re
sources, developed by the expenditure of the
state's money, an adequate return for IU
Investment State Kneineer Williams has
registered a protest with the Lejctslaturw
asrainst the enactment of the I 111 of Sen
ator <;rnttan and Assemblyman Waters
I granting extensive powers and privileges
i to th» t'ohoes company in connection witn
! the construction of the Crescent dam across
j the Mohawk River. Just above the Oohatl
| Falls. Representatives of the company con
tend that the additional water is needed
properly to operate the various mills in
Cohoes during the dry season,
k The- bill is betnK opposed by various state
(1. ( artment* and boards charged with the
jc< nstruction of the barge canal The ob
lections of State Kn^lneer Williams are
Kiven in the- April barite canal bulletin. Just
Issued. "On broad Krounds of state pol
icy." says the State Knctneer. "I do not
relieve that any water power created by
the. baaaj anal should be disposal of. ex
cept under a general law which would cov
ier all casea." He adds:
I believe that such powers should be. dl.«
! posed of under conditions which will per
mit of competitive biddtnK. *> that the state
may receive for Its natural resources, de
veloped by the expenditure of the states
I money, an ndro.u»te return for its Invest
! rn.-nt. ami that these resources m <l*-vel
op«Ml may accrue to th. I eneft: of all the
„. ..,,le of the- state, rather than to one or
two Individuals «>r cor|«»ratlons.
I further believe that the pOßJeia thus
I created should not be disport of except .
un.l.r lease for a limited per., d of years
| The- annual Income from the sale of pow
j er Is shown to be at least $HX'.«««». while rh
tain to the company of about »».«• a v>r
over and above .*. per cent Interest on th.«
investment, or about rtft^-n times the nomi
nal rental offered. Is Indicated by the fig
ures of an expert as among the result* of
th» pas»ace of the bill. Mr. Wtiliuma con
i tinues:
Th* i ahoes company proposes to pay
from HOOD to rr>« a year for water power
created by the state at an expense for
i itructures. rlKht of *•>. floo»l damage
etc.. of approximately J.ui.uu. to say noth- .
I ing >>f the land which i» already held in j
! title by the state, Including the present \
t.r.l of the rj-t* Canal, which the > 'ohoea
' company propose* to hay* turned over to it :
j for the location of intake works, power .
; g*>n«ratln*i plant and headrace The extent
I of the market for ;«»rr In the vlctolty of
the dam U scir*evlilent, *:: : toe Jtiuaaa
CARPET J. * J W. ftlLUllS
TMI 3CC <v>lurr.hu» E»t. 1*73.
CLEANING X 3 west 54th st
for power In ' oho** is pointed out in a
letter from the ■ "on. • i-jmyany >.o the
Sr«t»- Engineer.
It would seem very m.j< h is though th«
income derived from the i«>»er treated l*y
tht- <l.«rr. at » 'rescent could well pay tIM
lntTest <>n the investment np th»- part of
the state, an.! ?>vrhaps add somerhtir.l to
the sinking fund.
Mother Turned on Gas Because She and '
One Child Were Invalids.
Chicago. April 21. — Despondent becaiaaa
she and one daughter were invalids. Mrs.
Margaret Collins. twenty-six years old.
killed herself ard her tr.o liuie daughter*
early to-day. Apparently waiting until her
u!*iest <-hiiu. Mary, six years old. was
a«leep. Mr* Collins turned on all the (a*
iff* in her home and then lay down in *
The dead woman was found with her
fourteen month*' old daughter. Ana Ma*!*,
Hasped In her arms The bodies aw dis
covered by the husband ami father. Thom
as Ct Collin*. .mi engineer, employed it
night, upon hi* return from wurk
Ka*t Grange. N J. April ti <J|HM, fall.--
Po'.ice S. ant Will;.. H. O'.Veill. of tt\M
city. whose il!r..sH with starlet fever aa»
cessltated 'lie postponement of the Snea.4
trial frrm Apri! 11 r.» May Hi. that h>»
mmht testify, will be aWe la appear on
Wednesday in the habru* corpus pr«Ht idlinct
bmtttut-'o for M:- M.i-v W Snead. Ho
reported 'or duty to-. lay O'NVtll . said (•
have obtained from her -he «l;es"d admis-
ion that she was in Baal Oaaaaji short:*
before the body of •>» • > Sneud w;s>« fouri
here. M*l contention is Mai she never •>•
In the *t..t«-
Alkaline Water
Us£ii at meals
prevents D*» ■?
pepsia and re
lieves Gout and
Ask your Physician

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