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Baseball £ Soccer <* Golf & Cricket jH Marathon Run .# Boxing J* Other Sports
Mo Lack of -Calamity Janes" in
Baseball World.
News and Views on Live Topics
of the Day, Amateur and
WS«n the N>»- Y«.rk Giant* lo*t the flrat
two arum** of the Mtiuon to the Beaten
Dot-**, who ar- centra" l\ considered the
•wlr^ tewn in the National I^eacue, the
weak-kneed "Valamity Jane*" could be
found on •'■n-r\ .vner. John J. MrT.ra*
dM not know his bnalnuai . John T. RruFh
«ti tryinr to make a few paltry dollar*
at OV expense «if buying player* to
»treritthen hi* team; Peymour. I>oyle. I>ev-
Ha and other* were back number*; there
«•• not a player on the tenm who could
he depend*^ upon to hit the ball in pinches,
and no on and no on \Vh*-n the CMavnts
wen two irarne* from th« Reeton Due* at
the Polo Ground* last week tl>*«ee same
person* were the first to shout their praises
and predict in loud ton?* that the i>ennant
would be flying over the Polo Grounds- next
October The inconsistency of the averape
haoeball rooter hi beyond understanding,
but if 1t «ar otherwise, perhaps, much of
the interest and «ntttnalaani would he lost.
It require* wmwthttic UJUft than a perfunc
tory i-;tere>!t ir arvthlng to had to fault
finding, wnile bitter criticism -one nipht
even say abi;se is one way ■■' letting off
Mo«Ri flTid eaKtnc the tension of over
wrouptrt ner\es It dors not do em pood,
hut neither dor* it do any gieat amount of
At> ■ r^Rfrr of fa-t. "hn I M<^i»w,
than m'-.om !!■*■ ar*> f'-w if ar > k»»r"»^i .
•harper m•rlaK*•r^. is working with might
■nd maiM la turn ■ -i:t :t »-irtninK t«»jiTn: John
T Briifh hap spared neither motvey aai
patrse to .ctr^npih<'n hi* team, but the other
«i%Ticr« ir* 1 working to the sam* 1 end. and
no stars r>a\e »»••• n a* will be on th*- mar
ket. Seymour. r>oyle. I<evTln and th«» oth*r»
may r*> veterar.P of the Ram*, but thry
ar» fa*t. hearty hall player?. and have not
outlived th< uwfulnef? by several sr;i
son* The ability to hit the ball when hits
m««r runt may be la. k'.ns. but it ir- f;ir too
early ai> y^-t to paw lu(let,<t,i T'nore is no
»r>od reason to hail the Giants us am
pions, but neither ie there any reason to
condemn them to the ■"■! ■eH with
out a f^ir trial T>,.- sea*on is young and
the rac* is not Hiway* to th« RWtft.
Thoinaf- .1 I.>-noh, president of the Na
tional League, did w»;i :n wamlne J"h^ .1
Kline, the brilliant <at< her of th<- <'!.ica«o
Cubs, whf <n.'.y :»■«.•■!. «a> NttMtttti Jf
th« National ■ •>rrtTT-- that he could
rot make a MBSaVH of the national panic
b> arpeajmp In vaudeville <me we. k lor
the sake ol earning enough to pay hie rtne
of JT'Vi K'.lng ha> lost many frionds la
the laM tmm MMXI by BMOB| last nnd
lo.tj-. «Sb rharl.-s W, Murphy and ft!
Ka;<or« OaOlSdMftea. f 1 '" 1 B is ' il *»' i ' 1 t'tne
that th.'sf in :c;^or!ty sho\ild ru' » n "A
If po**lb!.-. lo lis being a press at-M" t"r
hi* billiard room in Katiow <"ity at 'he tx
penw of the «T*>rt Ma pari^ can pet
alone vrv »e;i without fcfcß .1. Kin«.
Jlikt- I>..ulir and flay, rs of that s:a«ojt
Unfortunately, nothiuj? ran prevent K'.tr.g
,:omg an th»- aw t>r >w w*«k, or •'•»• :1
he report!" to Charles W Murphy, and the
latter iFlv>e» l.i» oonaant. hut it it- hapnt thai.
he win think l»en.-r of ft* (MB and cancel
Ms f>onua^t. ■ a -onvait l.is been made.
Aa rot ■■*■ T'" '" ''" !-""■>■ ::<>TTI '"p" p
We*:' 1 1 . ;» t he had applied for reinstate
ment t-ounciK like one last whirl f<">r pub
licity T fl< " xime has pas»*-<J u» accept
eeiiouFly anything he «say» or dot* hi tnt
bawbai. wa»-
The pitchers of the- N< • V< I* OkEßtt are
dolm? more than th«-lr fair si arf "f tho
work li wlnninn pan- and. strance to
a •" not only by th«ir i>it< hm«. l'"t by th.ir
■ hitting H» > >.••:'!. mi 1n BMAMI ■*•
f t\-- the firm game won by N>w V<ik.
Vllts.- BMM in M« runs ■■ MpAMßiai
with a rr«sf,iTiK MM 'hut h. '.i.od a lot in
taming u«- I>"\.> M..-.; .i;i'i "i^noi the
we for two run^ on Thursday with a time
ly twu-b«s»:> r. arid '>anda'.l came to the
l-e»cue on S:.t'.:rd« i ' 1 his f:im out
with a lons drive Ma th- aft BaH hl«-»ch
♦r»—• hit that sjh'.lihJ vi<t<»ry. I'itrhert are
not strong hlttflrs. as a suit, but I en an
bap »-xi-»i>ti":i>
William* Otfh | iii>;«ars to be a thorn
la the fidr- of PMBoatoa h ML «'•"•" te
Tipers won the mtfroolkciat^ ■'» * ll
championship, ■ -called, the William* nine
took th.lr measure ! ■■ ■ f"tM -
\j»m. winter, wh.n Pri? •; n won t!.<- inter
colleßiate hock, y championship, th< team
fell a vi'-tim t ■ the fast Willia- wvon in
* preliminary T!:e haschall tram*
of the t»-o inMitutions" did not nx-et last
»eai>on. but <ni Wednesday Williams de
feated MBOatSB in a LrMhatit thirteen
inning Ftrug»:le b> a soore. of 2 to 0. The
victory was the Mara crtdita'ile aKinu<"h
a* it was the «!r-« pai:i< <>t the nr-ason for
the WUMaaaa nine. ■ liifi Princeton had
played eleven games, and furthermore had
2»ad the distinct advantage of two ■ thr..
«-f^lcf. practi<>«' with the AHiar.y t.am of
thr- New York S?:ite I>>apuc. the manager
of which wa* acting as coach for the
Prt?x«*^or hai« a ntror>*. «01l developed
team th»» voar. a? »w clearly shown in
the pal »-|th th»- Yankees nt Amrrican
I>'acue -Park, rnnorrninir which auuf Thine
was •.nd in t> is <«.!uTnn laFt week <>n thin
line the Wil:::its r.ine. if it •*« on as It
haf bej-un. should make a Mmng hid fo?
th#» hor.ors this v.ar Tho r»:1of BBBBsi 'or
the victory owr Prim ■•-ton belnaaa to
Tempi- 'or,, afja. hj the pray, pitched Wlll-
Jam* to vi<tor> over th<- Titr^ri- t» v.-^rs
a** In Wod'i«""la> s Siirr- ho rtmck out
thirty*!, men. cave thr«-e haaea on halls
aim! allowed r>! ,!> I H BB was nppoeed
IB the bOX hj P \ Wh:t»-. !'r:mtf.n«
star p!»-her a var a«o
fv-t-i- »-: Aw* :*••' a ■■ *•*<■ m rorVJaBsV
Wo is m. eaTa ff tbi .i-r^t by oßtaa>
> , to <■«». b* arrrj.ted *r a fue litie while
Corr.e!:. »''m .akin*- a po^ imr>re^io n
on the SoutCif-rti v:j :•: -«.<) '"- •' ■"•»■
si*?* r : '*■■ '■'■■*■ - victim rty " ewwe af 5
tc 1t- Ball Creaa, » te*ui 'v m anaaanl
OafiMi by at- <n~ nf M^ I Ya"e hi al-
KIMI pmt* srtiie, <]n»n. but peJpeblc
weak i • tn 'he »>•■« n.aJtea » l e r.:i,,.0k
none too bright for a < hampSo:- Vp l.^m
Brown. «lthrnM;h »h-jt out t : Piin.-eton on
6«tur<J«>. :"»<i Dartmo'tth ate joir-it j.long
Jair] . wei: ruing j-«*.>mls'' of
mtrmrs'^. ■Wbi lasflMeal afl ••* *• hard
team la beat. .-«• • ' i.-Ov oiiii Mr "jre :n
th« ii^x. w 'n-i. 1:1 r'> opinion, i.- ..ne. «>r tt..'
r>e*t PsaVaasfl in 1I,.» BBsssfJi ».»rlll. i.u<*
haVft-i !<■ k:i'.;,^. »n<i < .in bo**? of a r-riMiarjt
pitch'-r . ".:. >rry. m"1 tl.o vi t..r. oeajr
Columbia an aTestaaaaßa* *J»I <ounl aha
the frnai Burrmjii* Bf i»" mart. At tht*
%»ritrn«. hcucvn Piiaoetoi ilarvar.j aiuj
WlJJlami *v;fnr ?<. :-tan<l out nhnve ih*
othen.. an/1 vi ::ll :•'■■' iM!»f »'■'■— will '""
,►..... ■■• -ij:':: -t o :t ■•,; th- co called
]t t^dne to tenk ii» if the Anvr^tti t-;rf
xvoi.in • • nnfiti in two year-old* tits
year thxn wo« tho ma lust season riti-T:en
and trainers hana not aassVMeai iMfe bsfJ
yimnai«ter». hi yet. and will r.<-'t d-. *■> until
th* TneeV'ip ;<• Dalfliont Park, but those
u-hJCi :i*v«- r«c»<l have shown well «oeo«i*
to '».(•!■ ate .-learly that the crop will !•" a
ton* ana H T Wilson p 'f. On«ce». th.
::<-w an.:« m«u« r « k*>**.. a. t Gtnmtn
eeatprolut miA rat l>aiu»e> Ciaab au*> oei
■ he |x>inted to. porhar*. ■■> hnr»o* of ;r.uch
i class, hal they hove done what ha* been re
1 quired hi a nap that a*M BVpnaalve aajaaaaj
Ito point the aajaaJL All thine* oonaidrrort.
' the racing at Aqueduct last week *»» quite
up to the nan lard for this time of the
BMkanaV It ha? been tvirtlcularly free from
'■ rouch and foul ridin«r. which I* cause for
! conKfetulatlon.
I Gamer and Tap'in nre Retting; a good
I ntart on the other Jockoy*. and it I* all
Uk» plain that their service* are In demand
'and that they ure Rettln* the pick of the
mount!". <;arr"»r must work to overcome
notne sio«-neai at the post, which appear?
to Y»> hie chief fault otherwise the boy Is
ridlnit In ssWeOaal f.--rtn Vincent Powers.
who headed the list of winning Jockey*
: last year. ha« not been jrottiiiK many
mounts, and .VI rot rid.- his first winner
until Saturday K. Imaan is nqt In the
1 umf demand ns he was a year a*o. which
Is rather »=urprl=ln»r. while But well ha."«
! trade » poor Man The three last named
j are clever, car"' ''' hoy*, however, who will
( he heard from before the meeting is much
older one thins in pure, there I* no lack
of pood rider*.
In answer to a number of queries, would
' n»y that the official score of the. ?ame
: played between tho Pt. I»uls and Chicago
' clubs .if the National l>«'apue en April 3D
ma* 4 to 2. It peems that the teams had
! agreed to stop play at a certain time in
order that the Cuba might catch a train,
and "Harik" Ol>ay. the umpire* remem
berlns hi* cvperirnre in Brooklyn la? t year,
wn^n h« allowed a came to co beyond the
specified tim.\ which led up t.» a protest,
' called it on Thursday to the minute. It
' worked a harishp on St. Ixhils. too. for.
with the »-<-.. r»- sto I, the bases full and
only one .--it. the chances w*-r«» in favor
of th<> «'ar.l!ii.-ils l->o>itiiiK 'ho ruba. I'nder
the rules, the score reverted to the pre
i vious lnniriK. a* 4 to 2, although It was not
so reported In me of the news dispatches
from the Wet-t
Th* New York Yankees are grins along
in good style right on the heels of r»etrolt.
The, fans" are rooting hard for them to
hold the pace.
The members of the football rule? com
mittee will meet in Philadelphia on Friday
to continue ani perhaps wind up the work
af raejMng tha rul*-<s. so well begun.
Ppe.-ikin* of fnoihall. < > t»in Palmer E.
Pierce, president of the Intercollegiate Ath
letic Association of the Vnit.-d Ptates.
write? me from Fort L<Favenworth :
••It seems to aM that the su£ce«ted
i lieiajrg will make th« f«mi> Bknea s^for.
sjner and. I hope, more Interesting to the
a\. rage (spectator. The prohibition neainM
nnpglne or pushing or pulling a player 18
most radical and will have more eff e< t
than many give credit for now. I am s-:re
we can all conj?mtulate ourselves that the
foot5.«Il rii'os oommitteo in making purh
strenuous efforts to obtain riffled changes
in the rules of play. I am hoplnp that the
c nll»»Ke world will see the necessity now of
a permanent organization such as ours.
thmupii which such needed changos can be
euaajefcted as occasion rr-ci'iire^.' 1
Ootf«rs may come and «nlfer§ may go.
' it Walter J. Trnvii- poos on forever One
must neada admire his wonderful skill and
remarkaMe consistency HERBERT.
Yale and Harvard Plan to Send
Track Athletes Abroad.
[R\ T. lejrraph to The Tribune ]
New Haven. April 14 —Yale and Harvard
nave begun a discussion Into the plan of
sending a Joint track team to England to
meet Oxford and Cambridge. A Yale
graduate, who is in England, has boon re
eweaead to take up the matter with the
Raicllfh universities. No challenge as yt
has been s*nt to the Kngllsh universities.
Champion's Good Spirits Please
Host of Followers at the Camp.
Hen Lomond. Pal.. April 24. In the pres
ence of a crowd of critical tight followers
Jeffries gave a physical culture exhibition
to-day that more than satisfied The visitors
His condition, compared with his physical
trim when ha began training, shows a re
n.arkaMe improvement, and for the first
time he frolicked around the gymnasium
with his oldtime rxuhoranre of spirits.
The morning's workout consisted of a
j-ossion with the chest weights, followed by
a fart mix-up with the medicine balls and
the punching bag. (in led up to the losing
bout by a preliminary exhibition of shadow
boxing, finishing with three fast roun<s«
with Ilob Armstrong and two moro rounds
of roughing it with •Ti.r" Burns.
"Tex" Ku-ksr.l ; nd J*fTriess friend, r)nr
ence ivrry, expressed surprise at J.-fTries's
mark*A improvement. Ho played with P.erry
nftrr his bouts, frisking about like a young
I,ipi»opo<amuK. apparently not in the least
faticued by his gymnasium work and Ms
Un-milo run on the road In the *arly
lurry was no well pV-asod with .lef»rio<;'«
showing tha! !-o averted he was willing to
; ii. n nsc tdi aata aa ii^' battle of July 4to
Hi. k.ird requostfd Iter»rer to go to San
Franrlsco a week from to-d:iy. when the
promoter proposes to popt an additional
IMrW of the pur.-- moiwy. Rick ird then
will have post.-d $.V>.<«n) of the amount to
the fighters. Tl.<- remaining PMH will not
be due until forty-^lght hours before the
Champion Cyclist Injured in Mix-
Up with Two .Other Riders.
Frank L. Kramer hart a bad tumble yep
teMay afternoon xt the \'ai|i«biir»f cyclo
tra- k. 1n Newark, wben he nr-cidentallv run
into Tommy Smith who rode In front of
him In the third mil* of the five-mi). open.
Fmith fell affr Kramer struck I.lm. and
Root, who was following, rode over both
men and then tumbled Kramer was
Mtinrod anil wat* • arrle«i off.
With him out of the naoe I^wscn and
n»h!r, tho Australian, wero loft to fight it
out iJiwrence led at th» heil. with I.aw
«on arm Hohtr at hi». herl? lanolin took
the lend on the last t;ir'.. and «a* never
headed, though Hehii wan only *>■■•>■
hind at aha 'a.,.'- Mahal n*-«-<J««1 oi.lv two
h~.-.'« !n whl< h to lapwea of Mm He«ir.|j
in thojr half-mile mat' h ra- e. leading al
th« way it. aneh S««1
Tt c or»»- nile handicap fiirr;s.h*<l Dim*
ddusurl features. Referee Valentine flnei
V. ..t f.fj Sfotn tr ea< ri for lo«»1r<« 1n tho
flrvt "»t. arid ho dlwj'ialifle/1 \V»!!s. who
finished first In the an*', 'or accepting pno
f'-om Hnlmer Ferry I^awr«-nre iiipp«-.|
Trlel^-l at th« ta[.e frr sex ond. and re
,»l\e<l nrM \--.j+ through the «I!K<jija!'nca
tlon 0/ Well*
New League Opens Season —
Police Stop One of the Games.
New York Otv » *i».-t strictly local l*se
i..iii i« *jrij«* f.n'i !i« "pMiiig paaeMesv] aflai
neaa. « hal Hi' first i;«ni'f wore |BB*ad Bl
Tho Rrotix K«ht«iri •a. Ie At the Pro
tectory a*ownd« the Bnwi « ld* def<a the
l'ui.l-l;]i< In n fast <oritr-!tt l»> a acore >.f
4 h| 1. iit Weal < tot.t the Cbetrfa and
tiie paßaten lndult;r.i In a mintry laltl.-,
whlc?i was w<>r. Ij> the ialt.j. 22 It 11
At th'- Van Haa] <»\ai, where the van
N«M> ati«J Went- hey*. t ra were itchcdukj to
play, It ««»• divided to make a to»t case
■nd after the third nnlog the (MM »«>
siopp.il hy tho ;••!:■• an-i th< tlck't p*l|
rrt »fn- tak<-n to the station liouif, where
th" were revised on bail •■ i trial it.
Lite JJyiu»4«ii^ court this uiwinin*.
m:\y-york dvit.v tribune, mondav. apkil 25. nno.
yachting Match Assured
Preliminary Announcement of Conditions for
Spanish-American Races at Marblehead.
Boston, April 24- Bonder clasp sailor? I
in -t.in, New York. Philadelphia and
elsewhere will recelv«' .lay an oflheaal
circular announcinß the conditions for the j
Spanish-American yachting match to ha '
sailed off Mnrhlehoad in September.
Arrann«monts for the match have been ,
In proKross for some time. Some weeks
ago th« Spanish-American xace committee I
of the Ijistcrn Yacht Club sent the Span
ish yachtsmen a copy of the conditions in
• h<- C,crma»-Am«Tican race of last year
and i sked what chances, if any. would lx»
■■■■■< ••■<1 The rcpl> from Spain, written
ly tl" s<crotar\ of tba 1 ■'• i Ittoa of
Spanish Yacht Clubs, states that the terms
are entirely BBTaaahM to the Spanish
yachtsmen without chance. Final d. tills,
such as the time and BMtbed of BtartlaS
the races. .latt-8, etc.. will be settled after
the arrival of th<- Spanish yncbtaaaea in
this country in August.
The Spaniards will send three haata of
the BBttder class, which will be met by j
three American boats of the same class. [
Standings in "Baseball "Race
AMERICAN 1.E.»r.1T. „\>ll> TO-ItAV.
Nr«' York at U'«»hlnrton.
»"hi> ..I. !■,•!•: i at llo.ton.
Cbiraco at « 1.-v.-lond.
1-. :•.•■• Ht m, I^>ii>
ChlruKo T*. M. Ix>ul» (cold weather).
.!...!..,■! v". I»etr..H (wet RroiiniH).
AMKICICAN i » m.i * VI umm.
B7.ivr.cj "f. i r. r
TVtrolt . 5 * .714 Cleveliind. . . 4 4 ">««»
New York J» 2 .«H> ■». I<mil« 'i - ••»<«»
rhiln«lrlph«!« 5 4 .*»•%« n.hincton 3 5 •«.%
no-ton 4 4 .<v»»rhHtigo .... 1 4 .200
St. Louis Uses Four Pitchers and
All Fare Badly.
Cincinnati. April 24. -The CimMnnati team
Bad little trouble winninß to day's BBnM
from Pi. I>ouis hat a score of It to 6. Tho
visitors 'is«*d four pitrhers, ami they faro.l
about filially Anderson, t<>r ("fncinnatt,
wns wild. pivir.R four banes on balls and
allowing a Bftattoa to the lirst five men.
The : ■ ore follows:
r lb p ' a o r U po .t c
- If : 2 : " ojHucslßa, 2h 1 i s 2 n
Labert :ih 2 2 0 5 0 ' Ilil •' 0 0 II " 0
HoKzell.ih 2 IIS 0 MOtkM <f.. I 2 2 a 0
Mitchell. cfO -2 1 0 1 1 Kmetrhjr.tb 0 <> ■< " 0
Esan. 2h 2 1" ." elEvana. rf . .• 1 I © 0
V' I ■«!»■ rf 1 2 1 O »! Pr^-n.ihan..- - .'! 7 2 "
Paskert. if <> 1 0 ii •' Huns. r. >.- 1 2 1 4 O
Downey f! 12 12 ©I llowrey. 3b 1 l©3o
McLean. 9* I 4 1 <> Rl»cr. r <> «»««<>
Anl'-rf«n,p 0 .. .i 0 01 HtSKtaa. p. " I © 3 0
Puggs, p.. 0 0 0 4 <• ■;• ■■" . p.. 0 0 0 <• 0
Lsaa p.... 0 0 1 0 0
t ■Vaaiae ... • 1 o o o
Tnts's. .10 IS 27 IT l! Totals ft 12 24 13 •
•B»tt*-d for G»y»r in flxth ir.r.inc
Cin.-innstl 2 ■■■••• -'t I ♦ 1 x— lo
M. i.. aaj ..1 • 1 • • 2 2 • •— • i
Two tvase hit Brana fSjet BMi hits Lo
b«-rt Mitchell Home run — Robert. Hits— off
Sicks. 12 In R2.1 Innlru*. <'fT Kleper, '• In -
i lnrln - off Hl|ntln«. 4 <n 2 l-.'< Inninus; 00 j
i Geyer. 2 In 2-S Inning; <fT I.ush. 3 In .1 Innings.
■tecrl&ca hits -n^^—. Mftrhoii s«"'-n
I Hoblltz*--!! ESca IKmbl«> play I/OlrfTt. Mol.'an
! atri HohJiT*. 11 Left ■■ n l.nsr« Bt. Is ■■■:•>•. 11.
! Cincinnati « First ba?" -n halls— Off An i-rfen. |
4 off >ii»TK» 2. off Rif^er. 2 off Kins. 2; i ft
; I,ush 1 Hit hy r'itfh'r' \i\ Rlfii^r ip..»n"y>:
lv UMh iHnMitze!l>. struck 00l Pv Bleaer. 1.
bi Hl««ini 1 . l.y •;•.••■ 1. hv Una, 2. Time -
212. OaHjeM '">nav nni ?<r.'nnr»n".
Exciting Finish Marks Open '
Novice 'Cross-Country Run.
' A rin«e and ex<-lt!na; finish marked the '
■ml arm'; ii apaa aevlee 'm --< ■■••mtry inn
of th«» Morris Athletic Association over a
tlir''e and three-quarter miles rourso ii The
Rronx yestprday. Thomas Hayrs. of the
New Jersey Athletic club, won tl.o • v. at
hy a wonderful sprint at the finish, nosing
at PVanh Cnmey, of H6I Cross I.vir-r.m.
l-y two fe«t. in th«» fast BBC <if M) Bttnotee
Th> peronds. J. J. Williams, of the Mobasaa |
Athletic CM llniFhcd third. <m the l sell
of <"arn<y.
1 laaatta the lateness of tho poas^n f^r ;
s-ii h a contest. spvonty-tiiru> athlete*, rr-p- t
r<"!=ontin<r two Aoaca ctabe of tho local dls- I
trict, eeaaneeei and furnished th<> bo.-t
str':Rgl<> wltnesT^d in :■■!:.•> time. At tiio '
out«=ot, a hot fieht w.ss in artdenee to as
sume the lf-a«l. :i!cl after tl;o B>fMe Will- I
iams showed In front, with Urn pack rtlUßg
out. Ho maint.iirn-il his place tor t!iro<"- j
:i.iles. when carnoy ;m<i H:iy« s appeared i
and wr«-stt-d th<- paceOßaklßS from him. |
Williams follow, I <lns.lv, witli S. Oat, of
the Harlem Kvt niriK High Bchool, ;it i.i.s
It was a stiff tussle between tho quartet
for the r< maimlor of the distunr.. BOt
twenty yards s«'p;ir:it!!;ii th.m. i"arn<y
looked liki' ■ probable nner until Bra
yards fr"in the tape, v. •,■ n ll;ivi-s sprung I
the Fiirprlse. Carney being caiißht un
kiw an • tnehee aßparated manjr of the nfO
and dale, runners to '.;;•:.. aad the oOcjiala
liad a dilll<-ult task timins them. B. New- .
!..,ui was the Oral Mums runiii i to linish, ■
BjCttssl in irtn.
I'lfltl.tn. Nam.. a;i.l eMh, Tiini'. |
1 Tarn IIb>«>!«. New .!• •-. y A. C 2<<;."r<)
2 F. Oarrx .11 !j i i ss Lyceum 3U:61
»— J. J. Wllllains. M !.. m n a C li»:.'C
4—B. <>' HartMi Brctsasi H. 8. .... :.■•...;
Jl — L» Marlln. Acorn A. A 1".:1">
6^ -J. I'anarano. BaVOI A. C 21:14
7 " imtM, Mm ffavea A. C U:CT
* C i;r.-i.. ..:!,".! ... :: ; .-■!
• v I*. -1.1. ii! :i. 1:. stnhmn \ «• II JS
1" A. 1'"m:. M-.fia\. k ' <• . . 21 -M '
I Patrolman Stops Runaway on
Upper Speedway in Nick of Time
A runaway which tix»k place <.m {]*,>
: oppar apaafjray stretcn y< st« r«iav rnlnc
: naejal ha^*• provirl flaaatl<oae to mor»- than !
one turnout if it iii aCMUied i little
, *«rll'-r In the flay, ■ ii« it the dri\o \\;»s;
CfßVaaa! arHa i>nri!<ipants iti the impromptu '.
' A1 1 '1 f-i-t rat < >
l.nrkiiv <;.->M. n PftSKerald wiis the
: Bteajnted patroim in ■tattooed '-n the Bppet
s'retrh. ins', ad of unc of tho n<\v r»c riiirs
I who have rti < n\\y l«-«n s»-nt to the speed
C .1 Fen rit an ClUlUg a litro. powor
ful are «:• klinjf, ul,«-n foaf above Wash- !
ln«rton nndce the hors.- t. ok th. hit In ii,= '
i.i'h .iti-i st;irt«d down tiio drhre at a '
terrOc pn<-» Wsxereki «■«■; aOer him in ;
I a -< ■ •••- I, atM HlthnuKh fie so..n manaiced to
| pah the hridlo of the ruii.iv. as it w :is
. HMOHsT •■„i" r to ih.< k his Ipeed, and
bacai and reeooet iallapod aide by t-ide.
. Hag tor ■oprenacy for a oaartei of -t
milo. wh»n the avUtag w.. ■ v.\, ,ll\ ,< .
itito tho earb a; i,i taec4& t.» t.«,,.i -un
Th»T'- bmjn tare tat tacea acbedttlH t.,i \
! \ r^ter.! monit.K. »-n» jj M .ih „t them r.-
mained tnflrii!»h>d. for nettner areal in
| htmiKht h*-ats. and the ireather ■ ■
!, aM th«t the tiorvf-M •■!■ n.it ut th. irUsi.
Ijeaepa Mbboni bad •■ mi t.i tn-.-t famee
!a atTuntlj with in- i i;; rlwstnol pacer
, i lar'. <:ii',i. arhtca &ae def< -t..i man]
| (ic|ilr<iiß t 'l«' whi-.li rs. Mr. Muinhv pinned
Mi faith t<> in* tittle pern Ooa*l Maria
<? ii'«i, an.i as rroata proved the <■ .i ■
were i-> wen DMtched thai •u< Ii «.%M..-r
j claimed a licit In tlii- Hi t ii-.-i! Hi. !n.,i..
aa hi olio el the ■ i 1 ■ -•• | tUta Of t!,t- ,J ; ,y,
IbfHui the Mi *• I'tin.c b] half the kngth
ji f her Bbapely Badl
T»i«- othet m •>« .li!|. • race vac i^twr-en
If H Wolfn Minnie All.ert .i „; . • . . topbef
i u.icki'tt'M Who Knowe <J WS4), and aore
mI--i the limii..|> v.-i. divided bfbinie ai-
I .•- 1 1 won Urn nr.st bail hjf U-yr n teofth,
i. m who Kirn** i ■ ..Hid not he denied .1 r..i
fame lo the front ih the mtoikl h<ut, uicst
' ing the sßorehj fioiu lit U uli and b|l
I lavull*.
■elected after trial rmee* by tho Eastern
Yacht club from »■■■■ the twenty-odd
candidates for th<* honor.
The ,l«to tor the ImlllltllH of the trial
race* is now „.,:• ■ ..1 as Mornlay. Au *
Kiisi IS, The races wi'l bo sailed off Mar
riflflMll Boats from nearly a dozen At
lantic coast tl'ibs will compote.
Tlu- BpnaJnrda, who raced in their own
Wiiton* tl. • American t»-nm sent to Kurope
ir 1 !•«»:. ail (l did fairly well, have sustained
■ low la the last winter that may affect
their nrrtnnei here in the death of their
beat li'lmsman, Jos€ A. Araiia, who with
his sonder class bont Cheat* last year
won in Spanish waters the BOld challenge
cup araaeated to the Spafljsli yachtsman
by Commodore F. Lewis Clark of the East
ern Yacht <'l u b. Mr. Arana "as president
of the Koyal Sporting Club, of Bllhaa, and
was deeply interested in the proposed tf
forts at the y.nlitsm.n of his country in
AneHcaa waters.
The entries for the American trial races
will <■]<•>-.• on July 16.
1 .l • !.i«i> nt Meal Vnrk.
!•...-!.■!! lit l-hll ..1.-11.1.l I.
St. !■•.■■- Ht • .... ir.«..tl.
l-ii'-t.nrc nt Chicago-
BBSOLn <»| (IAMKs Vi;sTKK».\V.
( i':. ■.IKI..I;. 10; St. I>»wK 6.
I'ittHhur* v*. Chicago (rain).
W. I. »•.<-' W. I* P.O.
ri.il ..I. !;.i.i i 6 1 .BS7rinrlnnatl. . 3 3 .500
riHshnrß... ■ 1 .»m Brooklyn. . . 2 S -2»«
« hi. ago 4 2 .««7 i».»ii..n .2 » .2««
Nrw \-.rk 4 3 Ml St. Lenta. . . l 1 .12*
Pennant Winners Take Game
After 3 Successive Defeats.
■entaeal nt Newark.
Km" .:■. hi .l.r-rv rity.
|..r<Kl|n nt I', il'imnrr.
Ro<h«'*ter at Providence.
m.sn.Ts or ..\mi~ m»ih(ii\v.
Him hrMer. 5; Newark, 4.
Jersey City, 3; Montreal. 1.
Toronto, I: IVovWenro, •.
r..\STKit\ !,vai;i:i' STANDING.
W. I- P. C. W. i.. p. C.
Montreal .. I 1 .'*<* Toronto 2 2 ••*»©
\e«ark ■• 1 *•"« Buffalo 2 2 .500
PrnvMrnre 2 2 .500 Jersey City . 1 8 .M©
Hnltimnrr. . I I .500 K.x-hoMer 1 3 .250
Newark lest its first gam© of the season
to Rochester in Newark yesterday, when
lee htrGtnnity, with his "Iron Man"
lawr*fSj was obliged to retire In the seventh
inniiii;. Rochester wen by the score- of 5
to 4. The game was won in the eighth In
ning, whin 'Kid" Mueller relieved his boss.
When the "Iron Man" quit yesterday
matter*, wen even but th* Brancoa got to
Mm. 1!< t In the eighth and tallied three runs.
At that, the locals trade a spectacular bid
for the game In the ninth. With two runs
across and one out Captain Schlafly and
Gettman attempted a double steal. The
foruer was caught. Louden fanned and
tbe tame was over.
Tho aoara follows:
r la po a c! r lb po a *
Anl>on. If « 1 1 0 oMpy«r. rf. -' 1 3 o 0
latf... -b 1 2 1 1 0, Kelly. If . . . 1 1 2 0 0
Unborn of l l & 0 0 .-■■-., iv. 2b. 0 2 0 4 1
lulnr.' 11). 1 3 •» - - Oettmaa. .f 0 1 0 0 0
Al'man. .Ib 2 2 3 O 0 l>udon. sa. 0 1 3 1 1
Batch • ' .. 1 .1 1 >< 1 Ztmnian. 3b «> 2 4 10
IL.ily. aa.. f 1 « •• . Agl^r. lb. . O 1 0 0 0
lUatr c. .001 0 0 Crisp, c <> 0 6 3 0
! ■ pii O 1 2 »• M<ilr. - ty. pO 1 0 0 0
Bstler '. o<» I ••*. 1 afiM ller. p. O<>n O 0
LaJitte. p. i» 0 0 0 V Parkins, p. « 0 0 1 0
•Oanley ...00000
tllrnrn* .. 0 »> 0 0 0
[tHawkJaa .10 0 0 0
Totals. . .5 XI 27 » B| T..ta1«.... 41027 10 2
•l'.nt'.-d for M'-'iir.r.lty In the seventh innin«.
♦ I v«tt. .J fur Parkin In the ninth Innlni; :llaw
k:ns ia'i foe Hmim in Ihl ninth Inning.
X • i .«t<-r 0 i l 0 0 0 O 3 0 5
N(W ;, r | C 0 0 it • 0 0 2 0 - 4
Stn>n fnr«es llmmenun, Agl- r. Vf-yr,
Schlafly Ke!l>. -a. rifi •• hit Patt.>e. Two-
Las, "hits M.->.t. H.-llv. ix-lnlnarr I^uhlo
play* HoOr. an.ir-si.«tel; Rat' h nn<l Hiitl«-r. i
Mils OfT M. <lin:iltv. 7 In 7 laalaaa; «>■ Mueller. !
] In S innlni;; qiß Holme*. •« in *• Innings . .
Btracft <ut r>y MrOtnattr. 2; l.y MoeDer, 1. of
Il.'lin.s. !; !v Lafltte, 1. Hasp on balls -Oft !
M.'.ipnlty .i. oft" Mueller, 1; off H>lmes. 7.
raawii ball Ortap. Time <.f puae 2-J<v fTm
|)ii»s llal!l».-an .in.l Hyron Attendance -laVM*.
JciOEjl City ancceeded in besting the hoo
doa y< -t. rd.-iv on th. :i own grounds, and put
a game in the WOO 'mm after cnntribut
ii« tblCO t«» the l"st On*. Montreal was
defeated by ;i non <>f 3 to 1. It was the:
j.i. il of the opening series, and the
lirst re.crs.' for the Royals.
Ti •■ bone tram ■con d in the first inning.
< "I. !:i<!.t and afoellef walk. •!. Bath were
advanced i>v Stanford*! sacrifice, and doni
eni CTOSMd Urn ; late on I-oudy's fly to Cor
■ ••liii. The <Uts added another inn in
QM aßCond. Merrill siriKltd to nc litre, wont
to second on Hannifan'a aacrttcc, Wilson ''
Ito CockUL ('list's fly to Hummers ad
j \.m<-< d Urn rtinn.r to third, and he soon d
when Button*! Rroumior went thiout;h wii- '
■oa. The Skeeter* made their third and
list run in the seventh on Hanford's long
drift ••! >■• -it !•• for the circuit.
Montreal averted =» shut-out by scorinß in
th«> • nth. Corcoran singled to left, was
forced i" second when lCornmeirt was hi:
l>y ;i pitched hall, and came l>omo on Oackr
ills suf.- hit to .if". < • ..-kill had his bat
tine armor on, iiuikniK four liits.
The BOON follows:
jkiiskt rmr ! MONTREAL
r lb j><> a *>' r 11' p.i a B
<■!•!!, .:;t. :f I <> 2 i> (i ,•••-< ss rt O 2 l 1
Mueller cf • I " 0 0 .i"\i-. if... <• <i 2 <> o
Hanf-'M.tf I •_• " •• 0 V^.-iR-r, Bta 0 1 2 2 0
bawdy. Bj 0 0 - •"• 0. i-..r<-i.mn. if l 2 1 0 0
\ -„ i ! ::i, i> ii <> 7 1 1 k inm.rs.f ft <> 2 0 0
M.rnt!. 11. 1 1 IT 1 o|< .H-kili. P. <• 4 0 10
Han'«aa.aa <> • 3 • 1! Smith :i>. . 0 <• 1 2 0
Cfrtet, , • <> 1 i f« Purtta r. . . <"* ip 4 2 <>
Sltton .. i» '• '• 3 «. Wilson, v . 0 o n i i
Hoeh. p 0 it l 2 (*
•JOOM 0 0 • 0 O
T m:s I«-7 11 2 Totals 172411 2j
•t n-s batlei lei Wllfrn In Ike thlni innlnK
' iv . 1 1 ft 0 ft 1 0 0 *— 3
M,,!.tr, Hi ' " O II O 0 0 1 0 0 1
First base k| »rt«rs M.-ntr»»B!. 1. tor*.- »'lty.
I 2 Ltri "ti b«aaa Moartraal, 7. Janag «'it>. .1
I firs* bUM -n l.alis ' >iV Sit*.<n 1 . off Wilson. 1
iSi 1 11 -k fut ll\ Huh, ] Home iun ItanfaiM.
>. rifle* Hit « Smith, llnnfrrd. ?.«. ij.lv and Han
I nitaa Bi '• ?i i ■.-.■•■ Manfort Dovbla play*
: If.; i. ml HWTttl hi ■! 'ilst, Stlton. li.inntfan
: ;> r. 1 M.irni Hit iv plt.her Hy sltton (Kofn
mTU Tmi»> <>f <Mm. 1 M Impiii-i Hum!
I aai Klntu ran
Scottish-Americans Lose Closely
Contested Soccer Match.
Bjf deflating the crack leatthni .\nu»ri
ihuh. af N-waik. at Harrison ( tval by the
■-„.•••■ <f L tn I yr.-»!»-vday Hft.Trioon.
Ike il'\»n nt th'- Tiiionv K-m.II ;»!l Club, of
I'liHuii'liihia, winner of the rmnsylvanta
Sj it>- Laasoe < -huini lot, ship. t<ok tin' cup
at t!..- Vln«:i..i'i }■'•> .tl.;ill As-«o«iatlon to
■ iKei cit. for the first tim«« in n!n<
' n> Five t'...i.. -.hi. l [m 1 |ii. m Itaeaaed the
Una) rim Ik match, whlcli vaa cloeeijr coo
l. st- .1 from Btaii to nnlah
Tli. Him up Mlows:
Tlmiiv X C i^t. I'oxltlnns s. ..m |ai«f ilk
•alms .....i K*|>li n
Vmatl IttKlit back . Tomaa
All. il I'M »m. 1% Mui. r
I'-'tl" 11 half K..rf»r
Uorrtoan Onlr* lalf^at»«ai| I, apt (
i in. • !.• ft half 11..in.
)• ml Ovtßlea it«rht llul-.-n
Kemp InMil- right FVnwl.-k
M. Ihinalil n\i|.t I «>nti» (tailey
li 14* left . rat*
• i Hmith . 'xii. left Montlrth
i(. f. i.-. l.ihn si.ii. 1 l.ln»-im»n Mraara.
*.'■ iii»..-Tii.-i \ ii .1 V\h»i. Qe^la Mi-I»<>nnltl
mihl M..:i.»..ti, Ti,..r\ y. •'. «nit Itpwart.
■rottteli aiikiUjus. Tim«- lldl\«a of ii mm
Defeats Crowley in Fast Match
Marathon .Run.
Many Fellow Countrymen of the
Swede Cheer Him on to
Thure Johaiison. a rn^m>- ■•? 'h.- u >- :•>
HJertberg stable of Marathon runners,
easily defeated James Crowley In a match
Marathon race over the regular distance of
» miles 3* yards, at OMMi F'n'k. I^>ag
Inland i ity, yesterday. The Swede, after
running a remarkahlo rate In the face of
a wind that retarded his efforts on the
bark stretch, won by two and a half mllee
In the fast time of 2 hours 39 minutes *- *-5
seconds. This was a little less than rtve
minutes slower than th*> re< ord perform
ance of (} ..<ta I.JuDgPtrom In winning the
Marathon iH-rby at the Polo Grounds re
The victory of the Swed« was an oppor
tune one, as the majority of the ten thou
sand persons present were hi" country
men, and It must be admitted that the
Swedes ruled the pastime ground* of the
Irishman for the first time in several
crowley ran a rathT disappointing race,
never being in tho llmollght after the
Hghteonth mile, when Johanson pa.sped his
opponent to "et hi* own pace, which
Ckwwtojr could not hold.
Previous to the time the runner from
across the water passed his opponent the
lead chanced considerably, with the world's
1 record never In Imminent danger. It was
' the third meeting between the men, .Tohan
f=on gaining a victory over his rival In
doors and Crowl^y one over his opponent
outdoors. Yesterday's meeting was planned
to decide the superior athlete for good and
Loud cheers greeted the runners as they
come on the track. After some briff
preparations Pat Conway, president of the
American Club, sent the Marathon
ers off on their long Journey. Johanson
Jumping into the lead, with Crowley at
his heels. The Swede turned the first mile
in 4 minutes 20 4-5 seconds, which was
6 4.5 p.-ronds low*r than the worlds rec
ord, established by Henri fct Y^ves at the
Polo Grounds last year. Johanson quick
ened his pace slightly during the second
mile, being only 3 2-5 seconds behind St.
! Yvfp's record.
The pace gradually Blackened during the
1 nest three miles, Crowley passing his
, rival two laps after the fourth mile. He
' went out by orders and set a fast pace.
having a ten-yard lead at five miles,
passed in 27 minutes 31 2-5 seconds.
' Spurred on by the plaudits of the blf
crowd, which had by this time completely
, circled the field, standing many feet deep,
Johanson passed the nfteen-mlle mark in
1 hour 26 minutes 3 3-6 seconds, which
• was 1 minute 21 2-5 seconds behind Hol
: m^r's time, but 20 seconds better than
' that hHu up by St. Yves in the first Mara
! thon* Derby. The lead again changed dur
! ing the next three miles, when Johanson
| went out and set a fast pace. Crowley
I failed to accept the challenge of the for-
I eigner, who "lowly but gradually drew
! away from him.
The summary follow?:
Position T'^*^
I..Jenanaoa »:|KJ
2. Johanson J2'?-«J
3. .Jnhanson I?: 1 .?
! •..JMMUMcm S.st«!
; 5. .Crowley ?4 V i
>loy 33 12
■ 7 Crowley 2 : 22
I B..Johan»on tX'XXI
1 9 Johanson JO *■;**
: lO.Johaneon , «> »
ill Crnwlev 1 OT:»TV
ijllcrowler •• \ '.'
lTlOowley JLV-Si
14 oowi«y ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: f^
»..Oowley , r S^ S
li-Cro-to V&£m
17. .prowler » 3. 5>H
is .Crowley J :^«^.
!J> Johanscn 15225
SO. . Johanson i :^S : 22J
21..Johanaon 2 02 :3«*»
TT rmaillllll 2:O0:0O»ii
I'a.Jfhanaon H : i.,f?^
M..jobaaaaa 22-:ls*i
-:... rohfins.<n TM:n%
ta. . Johai.«on 2 : 2 : !i3l
Vinlah. .Johar.s.in 2.30:42*4
Ci'itchleys, of Brooklyn, Defeat .
League Leaders in Fast Game.
The Critchleys, of Brooklyn, took the
Clan .McDonalds by surprise in the semi
final round mi the New York State Foot
ball Association cup tie at Mi-Donald Kl^ld
und defeated the Amateur League leaders
by a score of 2 goals to 1 after on* of
the best games of the season. With the j
wind in the first half. X. Agar centred to j
Hjmton, Who found the net within the first j
fiv.- minutes, but the point was disallowed
ry A. H. Dale, the reiavea. N. Agar and
P. Hiiro each Bhot a goal fur the Critch
l«-vs befdM half-time.
In the aaconei period the ball was rushed
through by the Clan McDonald forwards
and in a mix-up W. 01.,-n found the m-t.
rive minutes before time a penalty was
givea against the Crltchleys, nnd tho shot
for goul on the part of J. Ross gave the
opportunity to \Y. Small, goal keeper of
the Critchleys, for one of the finest saves
Of the, season.
The line-up follows:
Crltrhleya O. Positions Can McDonalds «1).
Small Goal ...! Wilson
poll KlKht bsrk Baal
Hyn.i I>ft back Hulnw
CTHara Illßht half..- lloyle
Nell Centre half.;* Ho*>?
BanM U-tt half Hart
A*..r OttaMa itaht MacCullorh
Talt Inside right Lyth*<>«
Hysi v „ ...Centra "'en
It-war ...inaMa I^ft lU«tle
ll.tlli.lay OutFl.l,. I" Rom
H. f-r- • A. 11. I>ale. l.ir-- J M,-l'on
!aM Jenaetona; «'inn MeOona ka an.i .1. »;i;lette.
| Crltrhl>>ii. «;oal» Air«r an.i O'Uar*, Crltrh
i leys, and Olea. Clan McDooalda Tli:i>- -Halves
of li'rty five mlnul«s.
The members of the Maaj York liiants,
along With Jim <"row!»<\. Oontt f.j'.ing.^trom
and Thure Johanson, will l*» th* gueats of
the Irish-American Athletic Clal» at its
annual ball, whirh will tie M. ; i t.i-ni^ht at
the UashHJlaa <">p»>ra Huiim', iSth street and
Lexington avenue. The pffeefdi will be
d«:votf-d to fitting up the club's new home.
FIRST HACK Selllrc, f. : three >ear- %M m and
upward, foe adead .-> ana h half rurlo n «a
•P<n-lell.in 11H. <'■*., iiKt,
<"ami>algner lISIIMIj Bultinan i«i«
*Clunpeon 112;«lia Mastf:i n ..W0
Kinio rankle. 1 1
SECOND HAi'E Selling; for ma'.itrn^ t»i» years
old; $»in» u,|.1.-.l Four an.l it half furlonifs.
.\H a warn . MMMara .102
Sinn Kelnn i.-, H.it- -ii.- Frances .1V,. 1V ,
limpet l'X. Kirn 1.1 i.rj
County airman l'<> Mumo 102
Lula M3j*WatM \\'.>ol . . . 25
»;i.ld of i)phlr I 18 'Mprrv Ui.l . . . 100
Zool I. -' •. Miss I >..:.-> it?
l!u»v Mtsa 102|«l't< aaaina) •■:
THIRD K\< X II in.li. up lac thr«e->ear oMs
an.i upward; $:**> ndd»-d Six furlnngs.
Prin. » Cad 114 l'.ilir>'i'i jftj
Uesom . Mi>|Hl«ht»asy 104
Kay«tt« l«H*!Meiaphor 111 S
Kin* c.bali lua KllUacranala . : . *;
!{.- ky i) llrlen Mi
Also rllKit
rirf<>t..ii ■ I. 1 '; .le.«nne IV Arc .. 108
»■■••< aaa ill
POI'KTH RAO! TIIK r.N'|i>N. »ellln<; ».,
thn-f y»r nl.ls. Kunranteed gruaa \al.n- |1.
i«»» .-. ..mi furl..n»»
■■••«■ lO.tr Frank Purrell 101
•!.l. |„vul 1"'1.*C,.i||,. % s:.l\.- J-
Krpulveda I"-" «|,. «i ..n.r.ii »l
Mylis «i<-..nnrli ... 101 1
rum HACK f. r two year old*, non winners
at this meeting 1 ; $*»,. added. Kour ml a
half furloeai «
rraah Mullens ... l"l>! I ..va Oure ioa
.Sheriff Hr...il. v m | ,, n + '.'.'.'.'. „. ..
<;.>|iien .S«iui . . 1021
BIXTII HACK X..i n ,|.|.in three »ear» |t(«
add.d. in- litrltn«i
Hll **""< I* loha KrMKl.m MS
«"»»tu« 10*lM Camh.>n 105
hufl racist KM|Te«B| lirlle |U1
Thames |o« Kl.ra.llan* 10s
lUUhton l*<V;sha\»a«« 103
I *Ai'9icotK*« •.JI«.'W»IK»,
Spring Tourney at Atlantic City
to Begin on Thursday.
Date Fixed for Annual Metropol
itan Open Championship
• From lAkewond to Atlantic City to the
*h!?t which trolfers have in prospect th!.-»
week. On Thursday. Friday »nd Satur
day the annual spring open tournament
win command attention at th« South Jer
sey resort, and a high c!a.<«* field is already
assured Among the early entrants are
Ebon M. Byers. of Alleghany. a former
national champion, and W. C. Fown»-s».
Jr.. the nakmount amateur, who has
gained several noteworthy victories over
Walter J. Travis. There Is some doubt as
yet whether the. last named, as well a*
Findlay Douglas and Fred DBllliehiiff. will
be able to attend.
Conditions call for an e!ghteen-hr>le
medal play qualifying round on Thursday,
contestants to classify themselves Into six
slxteens. according to th« merit of their
scores. There will hm beaten eight sets In
MI divisions, and on Saturday the usual
aaJMaa»4Mai medal play handicap will b*>
decided. Entries for the main event will
close on Wednesday evening with Walt* r
■ Ed«e, the secretary, of the Country Club
of Atlantic City.
As suggested In this column some time
aRO. It has been decided to hold the metro
politan open championship tournament
over the links of th* P«-al Golf and Coun
try Club on August 25 and 28- The date 13
not likely to conflict with any other at
traction, which is more than can be said
of the last metropolitan open at Wykagyt.
whinh took place the same days as the.
W. stern open. This course, at Deal cover*
a playing length In th« neighborhood of
5, too yards, and is recognized as the most
difficult -coring proposition In this part of
th« country.
The executive committee of the Metro
politan Golf Association announces several
other sanctions for tournament date*-. such
as May 5. d and 7 at the Garden City Golf
dun. programmes for which have already
been published. On July 13. 14. 15 and 16
the Brooklyn- Park Golf Club will
hold a tournament, while on October •>. 7
and 8 the Nassau Country Club will enter
tain. Last season Nassau ran Its tourna
ment off In th« spring.
Although the season has hardly bee-un.
the rearranged course of the Inwood Coun
try Club, at P*r Rockaway. 1« In «cai
lent condition. The eighteen -hole circuit
now covers a playln* length of 5.371 yards,
and th« par \* 7=>. The third hole, a mat
ter of a hundred yard*, has been pro
nounced as one of th« beat one-shot holes
to be found anywhtre in the Bast. It Is
an Island hole, or nearly so. as water sur
i..'inds the gr*en on three sides.
Unlers something unforsee.n happens the
Rumson Country Club will have its new
eightten-hole course r«ady for play some
time, in July. The club is the outgrowth )
of the Seabright Golf Club, the Rumson j
Polo Club, the Meadow Yacht Club and the
1 Seatwight Tennis Club. It owns its own
property and any quantity of extra land
in the vicinity of Peahright. with ample
water frontage on the Shrewsbury.
The course will measure. *b<"it u,SQi>
var.;s, th« outjourney being more than
3 ?i 0 and the homeward a trifle morn
1 tnan l.see yar»l*. There are three \rat-r
hazards on the course, a pond to be
crossed on the approach to the fourth, an
other going to the fifth and still another
to the home hole. A wide sand hazard at
the. eighth hole furnishes a pleasant vari
Staten Island Cricket Club Out
of Metropolitan League.
With a club match on Saturday. May 7.
the members of the Statin Island Cricket
and Tennis Club will open thtir cricket
schedule for the season of 1910. which gives
promise of affording more than the average
amount of sport and entertainment. For
the first time since the organization of the
Metropolitan Cricket League, the famous
Richmond Borough organization will not
b« identified with that body, of which it
had been a charter member for nearly
twenty years. Instead, its first eleven will
play in the series arranged ha the newly :
formed New York and Nvw Jersey Cricket j
Association, with which the Crescent Ath
letic Club, New York Veterans, Benson- )
hurst ar.d Bellevue, of Muntolair. also are
cennecud. The task of getting out the
Stat*>n Island schedule has fallen to F. K.
Kelly, whose tireless efforts on behalf of
cricket like-wise produced those of the Met- )
ropolltan League, the New York an.l Hani
Jersey and the New York Veterans" i
Cricket associations. The schedule follows: !
Data. Opponents. Grounds.
May 7— Club match LJvingstnn
May 30— •• N. Y. Veterans Uvinttstun ■
June 4— *Cr«jc«nt A. C I.t\ truest, n !
Jun« 11 — »N. I Vet-rac*. . . .West N>w Brt«ht>>u ,
June — fN. T. Veterans v». All-
Phlla.lelphta Veterans L:\lna*t«nj
Jim* 1* ♦Kl.hni.r.il County i' «' Llvinirston '
Jui>< 23- -t New York an«l New Jersey
C. A. vs. All Philadelphia Livingston l
Juno £v -*H*!l*vue <\ <• if. Montoialr
July 2- 'New York Juniors .. . Livingston !
July 4— •♦%" Y. Junior* . ..Weal New HrUhton I
July 7- t.«chen«-ta<lv ... IJ\lnß.«t<'u
July 1* — 'B^nsonhurst IJ\lr>n!iti>n
July '.1 — Mitnhattan Mvtas>ti>n '
July ■ -tPlttsburir Field flub MvtnK.it. in ;
July »► -tNt-w York an.l N,ow Jersey
>' A. vi< Ottawa . I.l\inaM«a<!
Ann «- 'I'rescfnt A. C Bay in*
Auk II •BatlwtM I.lvin^sf.in
Auir iS^ *Hen*.>nh'ir»t .llm- I arlt
Au«. 27 tß*ilmont iHhllaile!phla> I.l\ iricst. n '
Sept. I— N. V \vterans . Llylnn»t«-n :
Sept. 5— -N a York and New Jersey
C A. vs. PMla.telphin «\ C. . I.lvlnxsttin
Sept. — tNew York and N<»w Jersey
C. a, v>. QenaaMewa C C. Livtncston
•New York and Now Jersey championship
games. tGamea scheduW for II a. m
Th» grounds of the Cre»rent Ath'et «'luh
in Hay Ridkre will be the scene of a #*ana
crl' ket matches this season, most of th*"Mi
during July and Auc'tst In M.iv an.l the
early part of June the «*r«»scent eleven will
play its games away from home. on* of
the best fixtures of the year Is 'hat af
June 22. on which day an ah New Y.»rk
team will play against the rntversity .-f
Pennsylvania eleven at Ray X ■'. Teams
representing the Sch-ne,-tady CrU-ket Club
and the Ptttsburg Ktel.l Club will also via.t
Bay fUdge, both in July.
l*u opponents O rounds
May m— X. V Veterans West N«w BrUbton
May »v *!len*<>nhurot llm-r l«r*
Julia t- 'Statrn Island I mn/^t.r.
Mine II •l{k-hm«vn.l bounty \Ves« New [Irtshtoa
Jun« !>• -*R«l!evU€> C 0.... Bay Mda*
| Jim* 22 All New York vi V. ..f V Bay X;.:»<«
, I'ii-.- ■ \" Nrw York v*. All l"hl! i
•lelphla l.lttncstnn
Tun- 'IS- *.V. V. Veterans . ... West New ISrUhi.-n
July i Kir** County.. | :,, Pu !c-
I July » .-«.hn». u,lv (lav RfctM
t July tA *Rti-hm«n<l County fla> Ui <..
I July Si *V. Y. Veterans lUv Rhtcs
July SO nttahurii F. •* Rnv Rldsa
'■ Auc. * *St<»t>-ii Island |ii\ f'u.l*»
Au». ii linx>klyn C •' H»\ Rkaai
Vu« 30 Kir** i'..iinl> »t.» v KMiC«*
An*. C 7 *n«*nj>«nhur«t j:«> Rfcß|i
S.(.i .» •Belletue <• i- . irprr Mont lair
h»( •'« All New York \» Phlla.lel
pa ... Uvinsston
Sept 10 I nton County Hay l;; ;*»
•New York and New Jersey CrUket Assn. lt«
. tlnn i hatnplonahlp «amr« All h,. .,,ptoiw»hi»
: »i«n..» start at 2:3 i) p in . *l'h th.- ri^pti.-n o(
! HaS M ■'i' 1 th- ,reprrsrntatl\« gamesi, whl> h
begin at II a m.
At Providence.
Toronto ?•>«*»•«>.> <v. , 5 0
Providence ... **•*••• •>#>-«» 3 <
r^«tt«rle»-Toronto: Newton and Vander
k,rtft. I'rovtdenr*. Barry «nd IVtcrsuii
fnijitrva-StanotU *nd Murray.
Secretary Meyer Has Approved
Plan for Purchasing Supplies.
[From Th« Tribune C-it-ti. ]
Washington. Aprtl 4.
r.1.-SINEFS ME7HOM Ft >il NAVY.-
Th*> Secretary of the Navy has ■ »o
important chanty la the nfthrt of obfaftv
Ins bids an<l makin? awards for -he sup
ply Of # fresh provision*. ;.-.• and other
perishable articles rianiria* in the navai
Kvery year th»^e contents have bans
made after considerable controversy wiuj
the competitive bidders. Tl.o ordera hav#
been piarf il annually, tr.d they ar<; i,f 4
volume .ml Involve a sum >f money aofla*
rtent to arouse heen ln'»-ri»st am<;nj» th*
bidders. It hna bow been anßhM m ; laen
tho contracts on .i a ;.ii*. - . basis and •»
conilne the coropetiti'in to <lealera la Him.
vicinity of the oary yar.la and statJona at '-
which th.c «>llv:rtps are t>. t.» rr:a«le.
In thin way „•> . <"inp»-tri.in wiU %
avoided and the •!!>: idva::?*!;'-* «,f taat sys
tTn overcome. It t.aj bo»-n the prri' t;c.> of
haiiw bidders so to aewjaaa thrlr 8881 m u>
make th» m, tn tho aajavi | ! > ->wsal>
Thai Is accomplish*.! by making a iait
price ridiculously low <>n • rrtam articles off
which a very *»m.ill <\ ...-.• hi c a i:e<l for.
and a correspondingly hiKh.T price on tha
articles certain to b<» caK'd fur in laraa
quantities. Tho average obtained in this
Ingenious fiction has established what i»
known as fictional bids.
In addition to this, :..e firms whl^h sub
mit Droposals are o^iajeaV under the .:.:i
system, to anticipate the prn-» of provlalots
for a whole year, and as the bills are sui>
mltt'.-d in advance of <%■ fidcaj year '.
tlrlp«tlon must be for even mor* than
twelve months. There Is a great fluctua
tion In some of the artideaj and I treat
amount of speculation hi .' --i MJ .1 la.
A contractor who r.r.ds himself loam? ts
apt to give th« Navy Department consider
able trouble by trying to g*t out of ttk
contract, to which end he makes one cf ir.-
Cuence, or «ls* he f urn !sh»s articles not
in accordance with »pectflcation>. It re
i.iniia. therefore, much vlsUaace en th«
part of the ißSgecStDOj officers to protect the
.service fixm dtta irre^ui^rlty on t-io port
of the losing '/or.tr.j..
Secretary ileytr believes that a morn
bustnesalik* system should to adopted r.r.d
that it Is unreasonable to expect iriy f.rra
to anticipate price* for fresh meats, tee.
etc.. f..r more than a year. It this is don*
In a perfectly le^ltiro.i.te. way. the govern
meat must in do «-r»«l pay tor the risk In
curred by the contractor. It is. therefore,
decided that the annual contract shall no
lant-er exist, but that cOl shall be awarded
every three months.
ORDERS ISSUED.— Th» following orders
have been issued.
Colon«l WILLIAM V.'. UOBUMfX Jr^gj*
on the retir«l list, with ran* ot bngail**
■•nrral. „ .
The ,wtn» oncers have k »« !p-i:."'. n »nttr
the n-xtn -xt '■lass at th*. Army War v>..-c?. Jtai
mil r-port to th, pr-slie..? of •-..- c •:•>>«• tt
Washington ->n the da:--s .*p«-^s^ : li
— Li^urHnant f/o-'ooel CHAIUJE9 • '. TREAT.
4th Field Arti;ier> : Majors A ;J\-T S P.
Blocksoii *th Cavalry; JA''7* O. G.vL
ERAmi *:;i L^xvl:^^ r.EOR.'.F; H -
lOth Cavalry U F\:^'N. -*:a. In
famry. *r..i JAMES* U M'RaE ;:; :r ft In
fantry Captain.^ MARTS V rROXIX. »t!l
In'ar.try T \ME.-» T L>EAN. 100 Inran*r>-;
EPWIN'V. BOOKMII.LER, fi'h Ir.fan;:y;
JOHN U. WHOI.LKY. 2d Infantry, i *
ORRIN R- wr.LtK. SM tafaatry. Aasjut
13— Captaiii. CDOROB D Mju«>R£. i«^
far.try. .TEN - BLOGK. 2SU» tnfantrj HOW
ARD R. HICKOK. BHn t'avalrj CAJff-
BELL XIN'J. Ist Infantry; OEOROB \
H. MOSELLT. r.;h Cavairy; WILLIAJJ H
PENCE, cooj: art!!' ■ Hsuko« *
xn;EXT. coa*t urti:;«rr. /;;;; :n v! r -.7"
Cap'3ln OLIVER L. SPWUV:S<,, Jr. Ra
ftfcBAMS H. ErRTTTJ J.-'h .infantry,
anl Captain TU^iIAS E lIEKRT..L. Om
erjl Staff, drrallerl t.-, »tr?n«l wnwr jwf'>
er.c- of officers at Si' W ' --.Mart..
Captain I'LAREX.T 11. M NQT. coast .
to t"mp«>r;irv duty !r. •■■ ■ :fl r e of t»» c*««
of coast nrttil<n ■ "* : : - M^' ..
Captain THOMAS F. DWTI'EH. a* .rtU.«T.
P rtVtafle« to fill vacancy ia quarter:...
e^tpar'n-.en*. _
First Lieutenant DONALD D HAT. from «•
to 2Tlth Infantr>' _ .
First LJ*uU:nant < AMPDELL E. HUDOE.-. Iran
rtntUearenant JACOB tr S. WCEST. ftsa
BCb M .T»>th IrfanTv
First Lieutenant KLITAHD r VPORZ. ~i
of ■miiMin ttcm a •■' ■" uw - f af
fiwln^r*. Miy I^. '•• I'"*- -„-. :■ , _'<
to Lieutenant Colonel HENRY C. NCW
i OXER, r- r; s t er^ine*^.. fo* \::y tunf
Ms Imni^'l'nt. ordnr".
First Lieutenant SHTELET A. v..\1.~T.5. ISta
Infintry. fot:n,l incafaoirar^! la -•
L«a-.e<» of a!>*-i • -M XJi >R KKNKST L. Rt KF
KCR. medical mrp*. two munt!a: raptaa
iroCSm 3 D WARFtEiO. .V!i F.- fV;
tntcry t^.rce rr-.^ntn.^ fr«ra. Nor«tnbCT I: nrst
IJputerant GEOHGE C MARSHALL, '" •
'J4th Infantry, f.^ir monrhj iip<-n p?..p. f lOl3
array st-rv!.-v ataaata F-.rt L*av-n» rii.
N \VT.
Captata W. aY HEN.^'N. detach-1 r.avaJ " l3!^,
Ir.in* an i retlrtae iea»J». WisMnstor.. J
command the M ->* ' **"'.
Comn^nder J. X i UWKV. •- 0M BBS) *»™»
Rnrton. is captain «t the • irl.
romm:injer J. H. sSHIFLKY. .••■■' ?
•Bee *ff saval »ai - ■ • " " ni * ax
•CbMtM nt T. Xi» aiKl r*k.l. ..
Ueutirant t*nm:r. in.i'r H. ! ' !»■■ • .
rach#>«! fr>'m !••■ Michigan to i!m bureau «
orfin.m " Navy I-. '' ' . • • •
Lleuter.ant \V X. JEi'VEiy*. :• :•» "• I ■ l -*
In«tlana: oomo, awiit or.U'rs.
LJ^ut-nan- H E. SHOEMAi«» *■■?..- <
th.. Ai..ntar.a; to th* c.i.al Bssatßl ■ ■ ■
IMmniW.l wiriTKHT ■• ieta<-5
tho Indiana, t" th* mw var.r. N'f », -^
Enai K n .1. I' SI-MITER 2,**
ptua. Bar* Istam!; ■•^•<- ' — '■ *
tato v c !-\i;:.; i ■ t * ut^
-il. M IB* !»lau .:
Fn-I^n A s t'Aßyril \r ■ ■ ,f*
HrsU-- T M SMiCAI.I.- : I - , v-
MUshtptnan \V. >' OWKN
M.v •■. land . to •'■■ ■* , _ —
from th.- naval bnspi: i:. Mar,- 1 . ■ -•
AfUtant Sunt-nn r. ,T U- -LVX? J
from :h- lr!s: t> <Jt;tv I n wu "
nttir« aM Uks >• ■ t ■■■
.\9iili.t.ir.t S»urit«on K. V VV ■
xar:. rww— O. i-J a»ao««al '■■> x
ra.«s».l Assist mt Vayrrantcr B - \-. to ■•
N.:va! .V-a<!>- .:-
lowmsr movements <f \. -•• *• IV * ***
roportfj t» tho Na\> L>«y»-u»«nt.
Arri! 22 The Wt*on»tJl. a? [ l*Rrf4
rtuMtr. •■-■■ l him -. « • '-• ' ■
an : th.- »t K.\ \\>*t.
MILI '■' - ft*
■ - • ...
lanttc f»«t in Southern *n k<
at <>!onaapa
Good Scores Made. However, a*
Larchmont Yacht Club
l> s;i tt.- th^ f.».t that : w|" d 6 jj*
ri.'.f In th.-ir fur-«. makii 4 i
t- Itf rxtr^nu-Iv rttffl.-ult. Iho tr • ' ' ■
t' ht . 1...r.h:-....nt Vi.ht «■«,.:
..-..n-s at th»tr ■■■» Wfl 'V^'J?
H^ >roW.. Im. blu«Mli out .-< * ••""••"l
„,. a!s o wot UM :-c . . imutat^
, c .1 ,; BUttraaa *>^ -» ' '
«:»* s^-<>n,» h«->t ..! th« hi^'> « i:k :n ;^
X i: BooMr and W ' Kin.- t'< - r
„et .-r.u.h contest «... w,«. &X t
utt. an.l •■..■ also ■ " *7*
„ bom CttOtM prtH Ifci W »*»■
Bi Aontaa ctap »■>■ * rtn r '^ v> - J "
„-„! J «J i:r.i.!\ w.1.1 hm ■■ "SJ3.
i..v th,- April ■* ill Th« ten wr»*
,ont#>.-t » i. w.»n ■ \ I w t;attfix»»-
At Aqueduct
BVKKY \\£V\ I •»» N .\ l V U m XT IS "
Spe.-.al «o. »r»ia« wUh I'-*; • •;. V'.o V ' *
1 1
«vc an.l X..M > «*tU»u», i'<#il«* eea
nwt* »UI» Kings Cv*. "U

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